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203272: KEN MCGOOGAN - Celtic Lightning: How The Scots And The Irish Created A Canadian.
161262: KEN PARKER - Civilian at War.
120155: KEN SMALL - The Forgotten Dead: Why 946 American Servicemen Died Off the Coast of Devon in 1944---And the Man Who Discovered Their True Story.
199063: KEN TINGLEY - The Last Best West: Glimpses of the Prairie Provinces from the Golden Age of Postcards.
186226: KEN TINGLEY - Ride of the Century The Story of the Edmonton Transit System.
214397: KEN COHEN - Way of Qigong.
206766: KEN COATES - North to Alaska.
168346: KEN TINGLEY - The Strathcona Dream: A Photographic Impression 1891-1920.
152598: KEN OPPEL - Silverwing.
188016: KEN TINGLEY - The Path of Duty, The Wartime Letters of Alwyn Bramley-Moore.
199142: KEN MCGOOGAN - 50 Canadians Who Changed The World.
213782: KEN MCGOOGAN - Lady Franklin's Revenge : A True Story of Ambition, Obsession and the Remaking of Arctic History.
120495: KENDALL C SANFORD - Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways and Predecessor Airlines.
77751: KENDRA LANGETEIG - The New Asian Home.
214311: KENEVA KUNZ - Travelling Passions : The Hidden Life of Vilhjalmur Stefansson.
206532: KENJI WATANABE,SUMIE JONES - An Edo Anthology: Literature from Japan's Mega-City, 1750-1850.
076916: KENN HARPER - Give me my fathers body: The life of Minik, the New York Eskimo.
155013: KENN HARPER - Christmas in the Big Igloo True Tales from the Canadian Arctic.
188684: KENN HARPER - Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo.
200053: KENNETH MACKINNON - Love, Tears and the Male Spectator.
203210: KENNETH MACKSEY - Tank Versus Tank: The Illustrated Story of Armored Battlefield Conflict in the Twentieth Century.
214118: KENNETH TAYLOR - Truth and Meaning: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Language.
178834: KENNETH H. ROGERS - Warp and Weft The Somerset and Wiltshire Woollen Industry.
147140: KENNETH R. JOHNSTON - The Hidden Wordsworth.
213011: KENNETH HOPKINS - Book Collecting for the Financially Unstable.
185190: KENNETH HEUER - City of the Stargazers.
204666: KENNETH TANN - Alberta District Our Heritage; History of the German Branch in Alberta of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.
196169: KENNETH M. SYLVESTER,KENNETH MICHAEL SYLVESTER - The Limits of Rural Capitalism: Family, Culture, and Markets in Montcalm, Manitoba, 1870-1940.
184933: KENNETH BAGNELL - Little Immigrants the Orphans Who Came to Canada.
195126: KENNETH NEAL - A Wise Extravagance: Founding of the Carnegie International Exhibitions, 1895-1901.
187021: KENNETH CLARK - An Introduction to Rembrandt.
144501: KENNETH CLARK - Landscape into Art.
172184: KENNETH C. DAVIS - A Nation Rising.
190101: KENNETH W. FORD - 101 Quantum Questions: What You Need to Know About the World You Can't See.
U01035: KENNETH COATES - Interpreting Canada's North: Selected Readings.
162525: KENNETH GRAHAME - Dream Days.
183485: KENNETH G. BAIRD - Letters to Harvelyn: From Japanese POW Camps--A Father's Letters to His Young Daughter During World War II.
70627: KENNETH R. ANDREWS - English Privateering Voyages to the West Indies 1588-1595 Documents Relating to English Voyages to the West Indies from the Defeat of the Armaa to the Last Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, Including SPanish Documents Contributed By Irene A. Wright.
137155: KENNETH PATCHEN - What Shall We Do Without Us?: The Voice and Vision of Kenneth Patchen.
168142: KENNETH J. CARPENTER - Beriberi, White Rice, and Vitamin B: A Disease, a Cause, and a Cure.
181694: KENNETH MACKSEY - Rommel Battles and Campaigns.
94490: KENNETH P. EMORY,LES GORHAM,WENDY UNFREED - Archaeology of Nihoa and Necker Islands.
169912: KENNETH R. TRAPP - The Arts and Crafts Movement in California: Living the Good Life.
212640: KENNETH MCGOOGAN - Lady Franklin's Revenge : A True Story of Ambition, Obsession and the Remaking of Arctic History.
185053: KENNETH MORGAN - Birth of Industrial Britain: Social Change, 1750-1850, The.
148327: KENNETH R. MILLER - Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution.
211097: KENNETH M. SAYRE - Cybernetics and the Philosophy of Mind (International Library of Philosophy).
139536: KENNETH SOONG - Urgings of the Id.
214787: KENNETH E. KIDD,SELWYN DEWDNEY - Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes.
122471: KENNETH MACKSEY - Military Errors of World War Two.
214497: KENNETH BAGNELL - The Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came to Canada.
170786: KENNETH W HARL - Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor.
059382: KENNETH MCDONALD - His Pride, Our Fall: Recovering from the Trudeau Revolution.
209730: KENNETH BAGNELL - The Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came to Canada.
103945: KENNETH MUNSON - The Vickers Viscount 700.
180454: KENNETH ROBINSON - The way and the wilderness.
198974: KENNETH SHERMAN - The Cost of Living.
209815: KENNETH A WARK - A Report on Alberta Election 1905-1982.
194900: KENNETH PEACOCK - Twenty Ethnic Songs from Western Canada.
103954: KENNETH MUNSON - The English Electric Canberra Mk 1 & IV.
103975: KENNETH MUNSON - The Sud Caravelle 3 & 6.
107404: KENNETH F KESSEL - The Wild Apple Tree: a Collection of Poems.
U00115: KENNETH SALTMARCHE - Tomtu H Roberts Early Canadian Artist (1859-1938).
202829: KENNETH GOOD - Into The Heart: One Man's Pursuit of Love and Knowledge Among the Yanomami.
212095: KENNETH SOLWAY - The Story of the Chestnut Canoe: 150 Years of Canadian Canoe Building.
164742: KENNETH KENICHI TANAKA - Ocean: An Introduction to Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism in America.
170334: KENNETH MCDONALD - His Pride, Our Fall: Recovering from the Trudeau Revolution.
170811: KENNETH J HAMMOND - From Yao to Mao: 5000 Years of Chinese History (Great Courses) (Teaching Company) (Course Number 8320).
175016: KENNETH O. MORGAN - Consensus and Disunity: The Lloyd George Coalition Government 1918-1922.
213812: KENNETH MACKSEY - Panzer General: Heinz Guderian and the Blitzkrieg Victories of WWII.
184234: KENNETH SALTMARCHE - Tribute Frans Masereel An Exhibition of Paintings, Watercolours, and Graphics.
214268: KENNETH PEACOCK - Songs of the Newfoundland Outports (three volumes).
214139: KENNETH A TAYLOR - Reference and the Rational Mind (Csli Lecture Notes).
111077: KENNETH LEE PETERSEN - Climate and the Dolores River Anasazi: A Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction from a 10,000-Year Pollen Record, LA Plata Mountains, Southwestern Colora (Anthropological Papers).
147575: KENNETH B. NEWMAN - Newman's Birds of Southern Africa.
209533: KENNETH NEBENZAHL - Mapping the Silk Road and Beyond.
104889: KENNETH SEWELL - Red Star Rogue: The Untold Story Of A Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt On The U.S..
181135: KENNETH BEST - War Diaries: A Chaplain at Gallipoli: The Great War Diaries of Kenneth Best.
153302: KENNETH C. DEWAR - Charles Clarke, Pen and Ink Warrior.
126831: KENNETH SHERMAN - Jackson's Point.
135828: KENNETH BAGNELL - The Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came to Canada.
73729: KENNETH DYBA - Lucifer & Lucinda (SIGNED).
203648: KENNETH R. CILCH,KENNETH R. CILCH JR. - WYATT EARP, The Missing Years -- SAN DIEGO In the 1880s.
166305: KENNETH INGRAM - The Twentieth Century Memoirs of an Unknown.
162167: KENNETH J. PERKINS - Qaids, Captains, and Colons: French Military Administration in the Colonial Maghrib, 1844-1934.
208809: KENNETH R. HAMMOND - Judgments Under Stress.
114573: KENNETH ANGER - Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon II.
204010: KENNETH J. MUNRO - The Maple Crown in Alberta : The Office of Lieutenant-Governor.
92911: KENNETH HEUER - The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley.
112107: KENNETH REXROTH - The Signature of All Things, Poems, Songs, Elegies, Translations and Epigrams.
183875: KENNETH BAIN - The Friendly Islanders, A Story of Queen Salote and Her People.
170883: KENNETH RADU - The Devil Is Clever: A Memoir of My Romanian Mother.
114783: KENNETH JAMES NELSON - Spitfire RCW, The Wartime Exploits of Wing Commander Royce Clifford Wilkinson, O.B.E., D.F.M., & Bar, C. De G. (France)..
119942: KENNETH MCGOOGAN - Lady Franklin's Revenge : A True Story of Ambition, Obsession and the Remaking of Arctic History.
181315: KENNETH RING - Heading Toward Omega: In Search of the Meaning of the Near-Death Experience.
116841: KENNETH MILLER,MAIA SZALAVITZ - Choices in Breast Cancer Treatment: Medical Specialists and Cancer Survivors Tell You What You Need to Know.
194711: KENNETH A. FERRIS - The Rockies: An Artist's View.
212093: KENNETH P. BURNHAM - Model Selection and Multimodel Inference: A Practical Information-Theoretic Approach.
99034: KENNETH P KIRKWOOD - In Gardens of Proserpine.
139150: KENNETH F. DUDLEY - An Arctic Settlement: Pangnirtung.
170744: KENNETH W HARL - Ancient & Medieval History, the World of Byzantium, Part 1 &2.
198844: KENNETH A WARK - A Report on Alberta Election 1905-1982.
212267: KENNETH MEADOWS - Earth Medicine: Explore Your Individuality Through the Native American Medicine Wheel.
206140: KENNY MOORE - Bowerman and the Men of Oregon: The Story of Oregon's Legendary Coach and Nike's Co-founder.
156395: KENNY KEMP - Flight of the Titans: Boeing, Airbus and the Battle for the Future of Air Travel.
214158: KENT BACH - Linguistic Communication and Speech Acts.
116764: KENT R. WEEKS - The Lost Tomb.
88600: KENT HARUF - Plainsong.
78198: KENT V. FLANNERY - Guila Naquitz Archaic Foraging and Early Agriculture in Oaxaca, Mexico.
185320: KENT SEAVEY - Carmel: A History in Architecture (CA) (Images of America).
154711: KENT E. NEUPERT,ROBERT M. GRANT - Cases in Contemporary Strategy Analysis.
158043: KENT LADD STECKMESSER - The Western Hero in History and Legend.
121817: KENT GOODERHAM - I am an Indian.
201900: KENT GOODERHAM - I Am An Indian.
143600: KENTON L. SPARKS - Ancient Texts for the Study of the Hebrew Bible : A Guide to the Background Literature.
204206: KENZABURO OE - Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness: Four Short Novels.
209807: KERI HULME - Lost Possessions.
103073: KERRI SAKAMOTO - The Electrical Field.
139258: KERRI SAKAMOTO - One Hundred Million Hearts.
115535: KERRI SAKAMOTO - The Electrical Field.
91274: KERRIN JOHN LEA - A Geography of Scotland.
213842: KERRY BROWN - CEO, China.
202534: KERRY PITHER - Dark Days: The Story of Four Canadians Tortured in the Name of Fighting Terror.
178979: KERRY DOWNES - Sir John Vanbrugh.
213491: KERRY WOOD - A Corner of Canada: A Personalized History of the Red Deer River Country.
171156: KERRY WOOD - Birds and Animals of the Rockies.
165336: KERRY WOOD,STEPHAN G. STEPHANSSON - The Icelandic-Canadian Poet: Stephan Gudmundsson Stephansson, 1853-1927, A Tribute.
163994: KERRY WOOD - Birds and Animals in the Rockies.
196957: KERRY WOOD - The Queen's Cowboy James McLeod of the Mounties.
206328: KERRY BROWN - China's World: What Does China Want?.
193699: KERRY WOOD - This Smiling Land.
193702: KERRY WOOD - The Sanctuary.
170136: KERRY WOOD - The Creek.
118795: KERRY WOOD - A Nature Guide for Farmers.
196347: KERRY WOOD - Birds and Animals in the Rockies.
136209: KERRY P. REDMAN - Unfinished Journey : A World War II Remembrance.
193762: KERRY WOOD - A Time for Fun A Guide to Hobbies and Handicrafts.
154546: KERRY WOOD - A Corner of Canada: A Personalized History of the Red Deer River Country.
167594: KERRY MORAN,RUSSELL JOHNSON - The Sacred Mountain of Tibet:On Pilgrimage to Kailas.
120466: KERRY BROWN - The Rise of the Dragon: Inward and Outward Investment in China in the Reform Period 1978-2007 (Chandos Asian Studies Series).
155857: KERRY POWELL - Acting Wilde: Victorian Sexuality, Theatre, and Oscar Wilde.
155628: KESLER E. WOODWARD - Sydney Laurence, Painter of the North (Anchorage Museum of History and Art).
196487: KEVIN DOCKERY - Compendium of Modern Firearms (Edge of the Sword Vol. 1).
75893: KEVIN PATTERSON - Consumption.
169243: KEVIN P. TIMONEY - The Peace-Athabasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem.
213342: KEVIN BALES - The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today.
169092: KEVIN VAN TIGHEM - Wild Animals of Western Canada (Altitude Superguides).
172735: KEVIN CROSSLEY-HOLLAND - At the Crossing Places.
192157: KEVIN O'LEARY - Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life.
174947: KEVIN E PERCY - Alberta Oil Sands, Volume 11: Energy, Industry and the Environment (Developments in Environmental Science).
148883: KEVIN LYLES - U S Airborne Vietnam.
204335: KEVIN TAFT - Democracy Derailed: A Breakdown of Government Accountability in Alberta - and How to Get It Back on Track.
209249: KEVIN MAJOR - As Near to Heaven By Sea: A History of Newfoundland And Labrador.
124080: KEVIN MAURER,S. W. C. PACK - The Wager Mutiny.
209350: KEVIN INGRAM - The Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond: The Morisco Issue (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions: Converso and Morisco Studies, 2).
201103: KEVIN O'BRIEN - Oscar Wilde in Canada: An Apostle for the Arts.
166999: KEVIN BALES,ZOE TRODD - To Plead Our Own Cause: Personal Stories by Today's Slaves.
206252: KEVIN BAZZANA - Wondrous Strange: The Life and Art of Glenn Gould.
144884: KEVIN TRUDEAU - More Natural Cures Revealed.
188604: KEVIN O'LEARY - Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids and Money.
142925: KEVIN MAURER,MARK OWEN - No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden.
142906: KEVIN VAN TIGHEM - Birding: Jasper National Park.
120748: KEVIN EUDALY - Santa Fe 1992 Annual.
213140: KEVIN VAN TIGHEM - Our Place: Changing the Nature of Alberta.
199243: KEVIN O'LEARY - The Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women and Money.
117411: KEVIN VANTIGHEM - Bears.
125237: KEVIN CALLAN - A Paddler's Guide to Quetico and Beyond.
212419: KEVIN P. GALLAGHER - The China Triangle: Latin America's China Boom and the Fate of the Washington Consensus.
167292: KEVIN SHANNON,STEPHEN WRIGHT - One Night in June: With the Glider Pilots During the Invasion of Normandy.
199431: KEVIN KELLY - The Silver Cord.
209372: KEVIN INGRAM - The Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond: Departures and Change (Studies in Medieval & Reformation Traditions) Volume 1.
U02149: KEVIN MCGEOUGH - The Romans: New Perspectives.
183337: KEVIN PHILLIPS - Wealth and Democracy : A Political History of the American Rich.
197689: KEVIN P. GALLAGHER - The China Triangle: Latin America's China Boom and the Fate of the Washington Consensus.
144885: KEVIN TRUDEAU - Natural Cures They" Don't Want You to Know About.
113071: KEVIN BAZZANA - Wondrous Strange : The Life and Art of Glenn Gould.
161166: KEVIN MCMAHON - Arctic Twilight: Reflections on the Destiny of Canada's Northern Land and People.
193599: KEVIN LIPPERT - War Plan Red: The United States' Secret Plan to Invade Canada and Canada's Secret Plan to Invade the United States.
152839: KEVIN BAZZANA - Lost Genius: The Story of a Forgotten Musical Maverick.
190654: KEVIN RUSHBY - Eating the Flowers of Paradise : One Man's Journey Through Ethiopia and Yemen.
166177: KEVIN RUFFNER - Luftwaffe Field Divisions 1941–45 (Men-at-Arms).
172833: KEVIN HADDICK-FLYNN - Orangeism: The Making of a Tradition.
174910: KEVIN MAJOR - Ann and Seamus.
213792: KEVIN EDSON JONES - City-Regions in Prospect?: Exploring the Meeting Points between Place and Practice (McGill-Queen's Studies in Urban Governance).
150411: KEVIN CHONG - Neil Young Nation: A Quest, an Obsession (and a True Story).
214492: KEVIN BOYLAN - Valley of the Shadow: The Siege of Dien Bien Phu.
208840: KEVIN TAFT - Oil's Deep State: How the Petroleum Industry Undermines Democracy and Stops Action on Global Warming - in Alberta, and in Ottawa.
147223: KEVIN BALES - Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy.
212980: KEVIN BOYLE - Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age.
184381: KEVIN TAFT - Shredding the Public Interest: Ralph Klein and 25 Years of One-Party Government.
A00827: KEVIN CHONG - Baroque-A-Nova (SIGNED).
198626: KEVIN DONOVAN - Secret Life: The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation.
190256: KEVIN PAGE - Unaccountable: Truth and Lies on Parliament Hill.
166341: KEVIN TAFT - Follow the money; where is Alberta's wealth going?.
167252: KEVIN CHONG - Northern Dancer The Legendary Horse That I inspired a Nation.
182862: KEVIN TRUDEAU - Natural Cures They" Don't Want You to Know About.
166078: KEVIN TRAINOR - Buddhism.
190823: KEVIN HANCOCK - Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse.
148477: KEVIN LYLES - U. S. Infantry Vietnam.
132161: KEVIN MAJOR - As Near to Heaven by Sea : A History of Newfoundland and Labrador (Provincial History Ser).
A03006: KEVIN ARMSTRONG - Night Watch.
209129: KEVIN PATTERSON - Consumption.
197651: KEVIN PASK - The Fairy Way of Writing – Shakespeare to Tolkien.
186533: KEVYN AUCOIN - Making Faces.
197064: KHALED HOSSEINI - And the Mountains Echoed.
194069: KHALED M. ABOU EL FADL - The Great Theft: Wrestling Islam from the Extremists.
136692: KHALETUN MAJUMDER,OLGA M. DEY-BERGMOSER - Many Faces--Many Spaces: Artists in Ontario.
207065: KHALIL AL-ANANI - Inside the Muslim Brotherhood: Religion, Identity, and Politics (Religion and Global Politics).
209400: KHAMBOLY DY - A History of Democratic Kampuchea 1975 - 1979.
204329: KHAN C AGA - Where Hope Takes Root: Democracy and Pluralism in an Independent World.
200116: KHARTIKA GOE - The Multidimensional Traveler.
183865: KHENCHEN THRANGU - On Buddha Essence: A Commentary on Ranjung Dorje's Treatise.
208430: KHENCHEN SHERAB,PATRUL RINPOCHE - The Nature of Mind: The Dzogchen Instructions of Aro Yeshe Jungne.
165409: KHENPO TSEWANG DONGYAL - Light of Fearless Indestructible Wisdom: The Life and Legacy of H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche.
212852: KHENPO YESHE PHUNTSOK - Vajrasattva Meditation: An Illustrated Guide.
206353: KHENPO YESHE PHUNTSOK - Vajrasattva Meditation: An Illustrated Guide.
208324: KIEF HILLSBERY - Empire Made: My Search for an Outlaw Uncle Who Vanished in British India.
169541: KILDARE DOBBS - Running the Rapids A Writer's Life.
183220: KILDARE DOBBS - Away from home: Canadian writers in exotic places.
96197: KIM HEACOX - Shackleton : The Antarctic Challenge.
154967: KIM MICHAELS - Beyond Religious Conflict.
117871: KIM SLOAN - Alexander and John Robert Cozens: The Poetry of Landscape.
139370: KIM BRADLEY - Quilting Designs to Stimulate and Inspire.
166345: KIM HOPPER - Reckoning with Homelessness (The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues).
116291: KIM JONES - Modeling Weapons & Accessories for Military Miniatures.
162428: KIM MORRISSEY - Clever Paint: The Rossettis in Love.
167955: KIM WüNSCHMANN - Before Auschwitz: Jewish Prisoners in the Prewar Concentration Camps.
197679: KIM SENGUPTA,PATRICK COCKBURN,ROBERT FISK - Arab Spring Then and Now: From Hope to Despair.
128248: KIM TETARENKO,LORNE TETARENKO - Ken Jones Mountain Man.
152010: KIM SARTOR - Wake Up Call.
209736: KIM SIGAFUS,LYLE ERNST - Wisdom from Our First Nations (First Nations Book for Young Readers).
196311: KIM MORRISSEY - Batoche.
187365: KIM F. HALL - Things of Darkness: Economies of Race and Gender in Early Modern England.
204617: KIM ONDAATJE - Small Churches of Canada.
195069: KIM MORRISSEY - Poems for Men Who Dream of Lolita.
139531: KIM TRUSTY - Darker Than Blue.
161128: KIM HUYNH - Of Word of Skin.
174259: KIM MALTMAN,ROO BORSON - Transparence of November Snow.
163052: KIM ECHLIN - Dagmar's daughter.
144639: KIM STANLEY ROBINSON - A Short, Sharp Shock.
147978: KIM CHERNIN - Everywhere a Guest, Nowhere at Home: A New Vision of Israel and Palestine.
192254: KIM SHERIDAN - Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends' Journey Beyond Death.
174209: KIM MORRISSEY - Poems for Men Who Dream of Lolita.
213718: KIM MACQUARRIE - The Last Days of the Incas.
157958: KIMBALL T. HARPER,LARRY L. ST. CLAIR - Natural History of the Colorado Plateau and Great Basin.
182651: KIMBERLEY SENIOR CITIZEN HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE. - Mountain Treasures : The History of Kimberly, B.C.
85812: KIMBERLEY CORNISH - The Jew of Linz, Wittgenstein, Hitler and Their Secret Battle for the Mind.
114151: KIMBERLY MARSHALL - Rediscovering the Muses: Women's Musical Traditions.
108267: KIMBERLY MARSHALL - Rediscovering the Muses: Women's Musical Traditions.
194049: KIMBERLY MOLTO - True Tales of the Paranormal: Hauntings, Poltergeists, Near Death Experiences, and Other Mysterious Events.
158349: KINETTE CLUB OF DIDSBURY - Echoes of an Era.
208856: KING-KOK CHEUNG - Articulate Silences: Hisaye Yamamoto, Maxine Hong Kingston, and Joy Kogewa (Reading Women Writing).
117758: KING ABDULLAH II OF JORDAN - Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril.
208319: KINGSLEY BROWN - Bonds of Wire: A Memoir.
203370: KINO-NDA-NIIMI COLLECTIVE - The Winter We Danced: Voices from the Past, the Future, and the Idle No More Movement.
184999: KIP S. THORNE - Black Holes and Time Warps : Einstein's Outrageous Legacy.
170503: KIP THORNE - The Science of Interstellar.
207088: KIP THORNE - The Science of Interstellar.
166268: KIP CHRISTENSEN,REX BURNINGHAM - Turning Pens And Pencils.
200019: KIRA VAN DEAUSEN,KIRA VAN DEUSEN - Kiviuq: An Inuit Hero and His Siberian Cousins (McGill-Queen's Native and Northern Series).
171973: KIRAN DESAI - The Inheritance of Loss.
195701: KIRBY BRUMFIELD - This Was Wheat Farming : A Pictorial History of the Farms and Farmers of the Northwest Who Grow the Nation's Bread.
131260: KIRIN NARAYAN - Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels: Folk Narrative in Hindu Religious Teaching.
158271: KIRK VARNEDOE - Picasso: Masterworks From the Museum of Modern Art.
103071: KIRK MILES - The Last Six Minutes of Elvis.
98668: KIRKLAND H DAY - Camion Cartoons.
201914: KIRKPATRICK SALE - Rebels Against the Future: The Luddites and Their War on the Industrial Revolution Lessons for the Computer Age.
185222: KIRKPATRICK SALE - The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy.
180732: KIRKPATRICK SALE - The Fire of His Genius: Robert Fulton and the American Dream.
105089: KIRSTEN KOZA - Lost in Moscow: A Brat in the USSR.
162138: KIRSTEN WOLF - Writings by Western Icelandic Women.
182030: KIRSTIE MCLELLAN DAY,RON MACLEAN - Hockey Towns: Untold Stories from the Heart of Canada.
150102: KIRSTY E. DUNCAN - Hunting the 1918 Flu: One Scientist's Search for a Killer Virus.
123106: KIRSTY MCLEOD - Drums and Trumpets : The House of Stuart.
107142: KIRTLEY F. MATHER - The Permissive Universe.
202526: KIRTLEY F. MATHER - Science in search of God.
97256: KISHORE MAHBUBANI - Can Asians Think?.
212241: KISHWAR RIZVI - The Transnational Mosque: Architecture and Historical Memory in the Contemporary Middle East (Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks).
201119: KIT WILLIAMS - Out Of One Eye - the Art Of Kit Williams.
127904: KIT MINOR - Issumatuq: Learning from the Traditional Healing of the Canadian Iniut.
213934: KIT CASTLE,STEFAN BECHTEL - Katherine, It's Time: The Incredible Journey into the World of a Multiple Personality.
149335: KIT MAYERS - North-east Passage to Muscovy: Stephen Borough and the First Tudor Explorations.
157754: KIT PEARSON - This Land: A Cross Country Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers.
108987: KITTY BURNS FLOREY - Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History And Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences.
112778: KITTY SCOTT - Betty Goodwin.
157706: KITTY FERGUSON - The Nobleman and His Housedog : Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler the Strange Partnership That Revolutionised Science.
105949: KIYOSHIGE KOYAMA - Symphonic Suite Nomen.
215130: KLAAS DE JONG - Cauliflower Crown.
190511: KLARA FRAU MUNDT - Napolean and Blücher: an historical novel.
153143: KLAUS EPSTEIN - The Genesis of German Conservatism.
130292: KLAUS H. ALTGELT,MIECZYSLAW M. BODUSZYNSKI - Composition and Analysis of Heavy Petroleum Fractions.
188149: KLAUS-JURGEN SEMBACH - Art Nouveau.
102139: KLAUS J. PETERS - A Pictorial History of Fallschirm-Jager Rgt. 3 (Parachute Rgt.3).
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67900: LEONARD GUELKE - Historical Understanding in Geography: An Idealist Approach.
168787: LEONARD MLODINOW,STEPHEN HAWKING - A Briefer History of Time.
119697: LEONARD MLODINOW,OLIVE JOHNSON - The Sexual spectrum : Exploring Human Diversity.
202979: LEONARD MLODINOW,S. W. HAWKING,STEPHEN HAWKING - A Briefer History of Time: A Special Edition of the Science Classic.
215148: LEONARD MLODINOW,S. W. HAWKING,STEPHEN HAWKING - A Briefer History of Time: A Special Edition of the Science Classic.
143666: LEONARD J. ARRINGTON - From Small Beginnings: A History of the American Linnen Supply Conpany and its Successors and Affiliates.
211879: LEONARD EVETTS - Roman lettering: A study of the letters of the inscription at the base of the Trojan Column, with an outline of the history of lettering in Britain.
136345: LEONARD W. CONOLLY - The Censorship of English Drama, 1737-1824.
212100: LEONARD MLODINOW - Feynman's Rainbow: A Search for Beauty in Physics and in Life.
199548: LEONARD A. COLE - The Eleventh Plague: Politics of Biological and Chemical Warfare.
209946: LEONARD LINSKY - Names and Descriptions.
181110: LEONARD SHLAIN - Leonardo's Brain: Understanding Da Vinci's Creative Genius.
213384: LEONARD O'DETTE - Glimpses Glances Sideswipes of Dickinson Landing.
155641: LEONARD MITCHELL - Undercover Agent. How One Honest Man Took On The Drug Mob And Then The Mounties.
214591: LEONARD C JECK - Female Grizzly Rights. Grizzly Attack - A Seventeen Hour Ordeal.
213656: LEONARD PEIKOFF - Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand.
119753: LEONARD ROBERT PALMER - A Grammar of the Post-Ptolemaic Papyri. Vol. 1: Accidence and Word-Formation. Part 1: The Suffixes.
169982: LEONARD S. KRAVITZ - The Hidden Doctrine of Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed: Philosophical and Religious God-Language in Tension (Jewish Studies).
209915: LEONARD F. WHEAT - Hegel's Undiscovered Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis Dialectics: What Only Marx and Tillich Understood.
100675: LEONARD WOOLF - Downhill All the Way.
208998: LEONARD COHEN - Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs.
214472: LEONARD COHEN - Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs.
213695: LEONARD MLODINOW,STEPHEN HAWKING - A Briefer History of Time: The Science Classic Made More Accessible.
213869: LEONARD FRIESEN - Cows, cowboys, cattlemen, & characters: A history of the Calgary stockyards, 1903-1989.
102912: LEONARD M. HUMMEL - Clothed in Nothingness: Consolation for Suffering.
181219: LEONARD E. BARRETT - The Rastafarians: Twentieth Anniversary Edition.
163078: LEONARD LEWISOHN - Attar and the Persian Sufi Tradition: The Art of Spiritual Flight.
105092: LEONARD MARSH - At Home With Music, The Recollections and Reflections of an Unabashed Amateur.
178941: LEONARD C. BUTTS - The Novels of John Gardner: Making Life As a Moral Process.
206488: LEONARD KOREN - Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers: For Artists, Designers, Poets and Designers.
204833: LEONARD SHLAIN - Sex, Time, and Power: How Women's Sexuality Changed the Course of Human Evolution.
205095: LEONARD FLETT - From The Barren Lands: Fur Trade, First Nations, And A Life In Northern Canada.
199743: LEONARD LAWLOR - Imagination and Chance: The Difference Between the Thought of Ricoeur and Derrida (SUNY series, Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory).
170812: LEONARD MLODINOW - The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives.
207017: LEONARD COHEN - Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs.
202768: LEONARD MLODINOW - Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior.
209538: LEONARD COHEN - The Favourite Game.
199905: LEONARD SAX - Why Gender Matters, Second Edition: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the Emerging Science of Sex Differences.
212288: LEONARD COHEN - Selected Poems, 1956-68.
153432: LEONHARD. CARL WEHMER WAGNER - Leonhard Wagners Proba Centum Scripturarum. Two Volumes in Slipcase.
139933: LEONID TARASSUK - Russian Pistols In The Seventeenth Century.
161057: LEONID OUSPENSKY,VLADIMIR LOSSKY - The Meaning of Icons.
152573: LEONID MIKHAILOVICH STAROKADOMSKII - Charting the Russian Northern Sea Route: The Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition 1910-1915.
91664: LEONID SOLOVYEV - Adventures in Bukhara.
157093: LEONIE FRIEDA - The Deadly Sisterhood A Story of Women , Power, and Inregue in the Italian Renaissance 1427-1527.
135915: LEOPOLDO DURAN - Graham Greene: An Intimate Portrait by His Closest Friend and Confidant.
202400: LEORA BATNITZKY - How Judaism Became a Religion: An Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought.
073969: LEORA H. BURPEE - How Broad Was My Valley.
136874: LEROY THOMPSON - US Airborne in Action.
144719: LEROY THOMPSON - United States Special Forces of World War Two (Uniforms Illustrated).
214086: LEROY VICTOR KELLY - Range Men: Pioneer Ranchers of Alberta.
213149: LEROY W. DUBECK - Fantastic Voyages: Learning Science Through Science Fiction Films.
203085: LEROY VICTOR KELLY - Range Men: Pioneer Ranchers of Alberta.
185543: LEROY RADANOVICH - Yosemite National Park and Vicinity (CA) (Images of America).
183344: LES WILSON,SEONA ROBERTSON - Scotland's War.
212931: LES STROUD - Will To Live: Les Stroud Relives The Greatest Survival Stories Of.
181026: LES STANDIFORD - Meet You In Hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, And The Bitter Partnership That Transformed America.
188748: LES CHATER - Behind the Fence: Life As a P.o.w. in Japan, 1942-1945.
195861: LES CHATER - Behind the Fence: Life as a P.O.W. in Japan 1942-1945.
204488: LES PEATE - The War That Wasn't.
183980: LES GORHAM,THOMAS HEAD - Historical Resources Impact Mitigation Saahkomaapina (Boy Chief) - EeOv-68, ASA Permit No.94-055.
147507: LES ALLISON - They Shall Not Grow Old A Book of Remembrance.
198206: LES CHATER - Behind the Fence: Life as a P.O.W. in Japan 1942-1945.
199213: LESHU TORCHIN - Creating The Witness.
176197: LESLEY CHOYCE - The Top of the Heart.
188839: LESLEY HAZLETON - The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad.
168456: LESLEY TIERRA - Kid's Herb Book, A: For Children of All Ages.
209337: LESLEY K. TWOMEY - The Serpent and the Rose: The Immaculate Conception and Hispanic Poetry in the Late Medieval Period (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions).
188666: LESLEY BLANCH - Journey Into the Mind's Eye.
96371: LESLEY CHAMBERLAIN - Lenin's Private War: The Voyage of the Philosophy Steamer and the Exile of the Intelligentsia.
202436: LESLEY HAZLETON - Mary: A Flesh-and-Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother.
111175: LESLEY CHOYCE - The Coasts of Canada: A History.
190127: LESLEY CHOYCE - Nova Scotia : Shaped by the Sea: A Living History.
170047: LESLEY CHOYCE - Nova Scotia: Shaped by the Sea: A Living History.
144756: LESLEY FROST - New Hampshire's Child: Derry Journals of Lesley Frost (SIGNED).
199968: LESLEY REYNOLDS,LIESBETH LEATHERBARROW - Perfect Partners: Beautiful Plant Combinations for Prairie Gardens.
208218: LESLEY CHOYCE - Peggy's Cove: The Amazing History of a Coastal Village.
211935: LESLEY REYNOLDS,LIESBETH LEATHERBARROW - 101 Best Plants for the Prairies (Prairie Gardener).
209683: LESLEY HAZLETON - The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad.
179693: LESLEY HAZLETON - After the Prophet: The Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split in Islam.
111307: LESLEY HAZLETON,THOMAS HARREL - England, Bloody England: An Expatriate's Return.
129125: LESLEY MCDOWELL - Between the Sheets: Nine 20th Century Women Writers and Their Famous Literary Partnerships.
126825: LESLEY KRUEGER - Hard Travel.
178874: LESLEY REYNOLDS,LIESBETH LEATHERBARROW - 101 Best Plants for the Prairies.
164823: LESLEY KRUEGER - Foreign Correspondences: A Traveler's Tales.
184883: LESLEY CHAMBERLAIN - Motherland: A Philosophical History of Russia.
213927: LESLEY BRILL - The Hitchcock Romance: Love and Irony in Hitchcock's Films.
190034: LESLEY CHOYCE - Nova Scotia: Shaped by the Sea a Living History.

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