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184665: AMY CHUA - Day of Empire: How Hyperpowers Rise to Global Dominance--and Why They Fall.
123089: AMY S. WEINBERG,JAY L. GARFIELD - Modularity in Knowledge Representation and Natural-Language Understanding.
166349: AMY CHUA - Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.
111308: AMY LANGSTAFF,DAVID JAMIESON,MICHAEL ADAMS - Fire and Ice: The United States, Canada and The Myth of Converging Values.
109253: AMY KARLINSKY,LOUISE W. MAY,WENDY GELLER - That Which Cannot Be Contained.
157430: AMY WILLANS - Haunted By Blue.
192142: AMY S. GREENBERG - A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln, and the 1846 U.S. Invasion of Mexico.
182511: AMY VEDDER,BILL WEBER - In the Kingdom of Gorillas : Fragile Species in a Dangerous Land.
126948: AMY FRIEDMAN - Nothing Sacred: A Conversation With Feminism.
166691: AMY V WILSON - No Man Stands Alone.
114091: AMY RUTH KELLY - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings.
150177: AMYN B. SAJOO - Civil Society in the Muslim World: Contemporary Perspectives.
136608: AMYN B. SAJOO - A Companion to the Muslim World.
136605: AMYN B. SAJOO - Muslim Ethics: Emerging Vistas.
126666: AMYN B. SAJOO - Muslim Modernities : Expressions of the Civil Imagination.
37016: AN ACCOUNT OF REMINGTON'S WORK,MARTA JACKSON - The Illustrated Frederic Remington, with a Commentary By Owen Wister.
197938: ANA CANNAS DA SILVA - Lectures on Symplectic Geometry (Lecture Notes in Mathematics).
171104: ANA SILJAK - Angel of Vengeance: The Girl Assassin", the Governor of St. Petersburg, and Russia's Revolutionary World.
100595: ANAIS NIN - The Illustrated Delta of Venus.
194007: ANAIS NIN - Incest: From a Journal of Love : The Unexpurgated Diary of Anias Nin, 1932-1934.
109244: ANAND MENON - Europe : The State of the Union.
121322: ANAND GIRIDHARADAS - India Calling : An Intimate Portrait of a Nation's Remaking.
163241: ANAOYOK ALOOKEE,EVA STRICKLER - Inuit Dolls: Reminders of a Heritage.
158510: ANAS-TRISSA KHATCHADOURIAN,DOMINIQUE AVON - Hezbollah: A History of the Party of God".
185379: ANASTASIA SHKILNYK - A Poison Stronger Than Love: The Destruction of an Ojibwa Community.
190372: ANATOL LIEVEN - The Baltic Revolution: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Path to Independence.
85985: ANATOLE FRANCE - At the Sign of the Reine Pedauque.
171454: ANATOLI BOUKREEV - Above the Clouds: The Diaries of a High-Altitude Mountaineer.
140055: ANDERS WESTENHOLZ - The Power of Aries: Myth and Reality in Karen Blixen's Life.
194339: ANDERS RYDELL - The Book Thieves: The Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritance.
195206: ANDR KUKLA - Mental Traps.
140006: ANDR· SOUBIRAN - The Good Dr. Guillotin : and his strange Device.
180336: ANDRE ZBIEGNIEWSKI,JACEK NOWICKI - CAC Boomerang and CAC Wirraway.
R00426: ANDRE BERNAND,FRANCK GODDIO - Alexandria: The Submerged Royal Quarters.
184990: ANDRE SPICER,CARL CEDERSTROM - The Wellness Syndrome.
139255: ANDRE GALLANT - Destinations A Photographer's Journey.
178109: ANDRE DESROSIERS,ANDRE VACHON,VICTORIN CHABOT - Taking Root: Canada from 1700 to 1760.
119503: ANDRE DUPEYRAT - Mitsinari, Twenty-One Years Among the Papuanswith a Preface By Paul Claudel, Translated from the French By Erik and Denyse De Mauny.
173115: ANDRE CORVISIER - Armies and Societies in Europe, 1494-1789.
136951: ANDRE BERNARD - Rotten Rejections.
148246: ANDRE ZBIGNIEWSKI - 345 BG: v. 1.
158090: ANDRE CHARBONNEAU - The Model of Quebec.
196733: ANDRE P. GRACE - Growing into Resilience: Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Canada.
132561: ANDRE ALEXIS - Childhood.
155311: ANDRE FAUTEUX - Andre Fauteux : Recent Sculpture, September 16 - October 4, 1989.
195195: ANDRE PRATTE,JONATHAN KAY - Legacy: How French Canadians Shaped North America.
U01051: ANDRE LAROSE - Les Registres Paroissiaux Au Quebec Avant 1800: Introduction a L'etude D'une Institution Ecclesiastique Et Civile.
182781: ANDRE KATYI,TRANS. JUDI SIMMS - Angels on Devil's Island.
126863: ANDRE MAJOR - The Winter of the Heart.
181294: ANDRE GIDE - The Theism of an Atheist.
128519: ANDRE MALRAUX,MADELEINE MALRAUX - Andre Malraux: Messages, Signes & Dyables 380 Dessins Inedits, 1946-1966.
107910: ANDRE JUNEAU,CLAUDE A. SIMARD - Claude A. Simard.
111088: ANDRE SIEGFRIED - Les Etats-Unis D'Aujourd'Hui.
126939: ANDRE MAJOR - A Provisional Life.
110446: ANDRE MENARD - Des Mille Manieres.
137987: ANDRE AGASSI - Open: An Autobiography.
157079: ANDRE KLARSFELD,FREDERIC REVAH - The Biology of Death: Origins of Mortality.
173215: ANDRE DRESSAY,CHRISTOPHER ALCANTARA,TOM FLANAGAN - Beyond the Indian Act: Restoring Aboriginal Property Rights.
112230: ANDRE A. VELICHKO - Late Quaternary Environments of the Soviet Union.
134500: ANDRE JARDIN - Tocqueville: A Biography.
194133: ANDREA HOPKINS - Most Wise & Valiant Ladies.
88028: ANDREA HOPKINS - Harald the Ruthless: The Saga of the Last Viking Warrior.
199217: ANDREA MOST - Theatrical Liberalism: Jews and Popular Entertainment in America.
R01099: ANDREA HOPKINS - Chronicles of King Arthur.
197026: ANDREA MANDEL-CAMPBELL - Why Mexicans Don't Drink Molson: Rescuing Canadian Business from the Suds of Global Obscurity.
180110: ANDREA MCNICHOL,JEFFREY NELSON - Handwriting Analysis : Putting It to Work for You.
167494: ANDREA TONE - The Age of Anxiety: A History of America's Turbulent Affair with Tranquilizers.
137054: ANDREA PRESS - World Expo Rome 2002.
194980: ANDREA GUARELLI - Okinawan Kobudo: The History, Tools, and Techniques of the Ancient Martial Art.
24307: ANDREA NYE - Feminist Theory and the Philosophies of Man.
86907: ANDREA LYON - Angel of Death Row: My Life as a Death Penalty Defense Lawyer.
170708: ANDREA DI ROBILANT - Venetian Navigators.
158369: ANDREA BALOSKY - Transitions: Unlocking the Creative Quilter Within.
195707: ANDREA FUMAGALLI - Crisis in the Global Economy - Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios (Semiotext(e) / Active Agents).
196870: ANDREA CAGAN,GRACE SLICK - Somebody to Love? : A Rock-and-Roll Memoir.
151469: ANDREA MARTIN - Lady Parts.
187324: ANDREA GABOR - The Capitalist Philosophers: The Geniuses of Modern Business Their Lives, Times, and Ideas.
137796: ANDREA BAYER - Art and Love in Renaissance Italy.
170596: ANDREA MOORHEAD - Morganstall.
18708: ANDREA CAGAN,VICTORIA JACKSON - Make Up Your Life : Every Woman's Guide to the Power of Makeup.
156301: ANDREAS SCHROEDER - The Ozone Minotaur, Poems.
A02423: ANDREAS SCHROEDER,RUDY WIEBE - Stories from Pacific & Arctic Canada: A Selection.
134813: ANDREAS SCHROEDER - Carved from Wood Mission BC 1861-1992.
195217: ANDREAS SCHROEDER - The Late Man.
177310: ANDREAS SCHROEDER - Shaking it rough: A prison memoir.
184177: ANDREAS GRASPOINTER - Archaeology and ethnohistory of the Milk River in southern Alberta.
177948: ANDREAS RUPPRECHT - Dragon's Wings: Chinese Fighter and Bomber Aircraft Development.
162087: ANDREAS CAMPOMAR - Golazo!: The Beautiful Game from the Aztecs to the World Cup: The Complete History of How Soccer Shaped Latin America.
148658: ANDREAS J. KOSTENBERGER - A Theology of John's Gospel and Letters.
104797: ANDREE PARADIS - 16 Quebec Painters in Their Milieu.
110445: ANDREE DUCHAINE - Video Du Quebec.
161620: ANDREI LANKOV - The Real North Korea: Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia.
88076: ANDREI MAKINE - Dreams of My Russian Summers.
168197: ANDREI CHERNY - The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America's Finest Hour.
171257: ANDREI SINYAVSKY - For Freedom of Imagination, Essays by the Imprisoned Soviet Critic on Pasternak, Yevtushenko, Akhmatova, Robert Frost, and Other subjects.
148573: ANDREI SAKHAROV - Memoirs.
125017: ANDREI TSYGANKOV - Russia's Foreign Policy : Change and Continuity in National Identity.
151403: ANDREI LANKOV - The Real North Korea : Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia.
69758: ANDREJ DUGIN,OLGA DUGINA - Dragon Feathers.
161197: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent.
154578: ANDREW DAVIDSON - A Doctor in The Great War: Unseen Photographs of Life in the Trenches.
165240: ANDREW FEENBERG - Transforming Technology: A Critical Theory Revisited.
188038: ANDREW COHEN - Extraordinary Canadians Lester B Pearson.
178987: ANDREW BROOKES - RAF V-Force Operations Manual.
169039: ANDREW WESTOLL - The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary : A Canadian Story of Resilience and Recovery.
118165: ANDREW DALBY - Rediscovering Homer : Inside the Origins of the Epic.
194004: ANDREW MOTION - Philip Larkin a Writer's Life.
193458: ANDREW SWANSTON - Waterloo: The Bravest Man.
170820: ANDREW C. FIX - Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Rise of Nations DVDs: The Teaching Company (The Great Courses).
127345: ANDREW HURLEY,NADINE GORDIMER,VIKING - Loot : And Other Stories.
195627: ANDREW SOLOMON - The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression.
105124: ANDREW LAMB - 150 Years of Popular Musical Theatre.
147141: ANDREW GURR,JOHN ORRELL - Rebuilding Shakespeare's Globe.
194613: ANDREW SNEDDON - A Is for Atheist: An A to Z of the Godfree Life.
179843: ANDREW J OKO - The Frontier Art of R.B.Nevitt Surgeon, North-West Mounted Police 1874-78.
132516: ANDREW HUNTER,IAN M THOM,VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Gordon Smith: The Act of Painting.
188703: ANDREW NEWBERG - Why God Won't Go Away : Brain Science and the Biology of Belief.
133788: ANDREW HIND,MARIA DA SILVA - Muskoka Enchanting Stories from Ontario's Cottage Country.
140158: ANDREW SINCLAIR - The Discovery of the Grail.
161986: ANDREW ELFENBEIN - Romanticism and the Rise of English.
90664: ANDREW H WILSON,ANDREW WILSON - Ukrainian Nationalism in the 1990s: A Minority Faith.
155481: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - The Energy of Slaves : Oil and the New Servitude.
157306: ANDREW MCEWAN - Repeater.
83409: ANDREW FRASER - A Political Profile of Tokushima Prefecture in the Early and Middle Meiji Period 1868 - 1902..
125331: ANDREW GEORGE LATTA MCNAUGHTON,MARIA ERNST - The Copper Bay Cookbook: Recipes from the Queen Charlotte Islands.
102280: ANDREW BARR - Drink: A Social History of America.
174027: ANDREW GEROW HODGES,DENISE GEORGE - Behind Nazi Lines: My Father's Heroic Quest to Save 149 World War II POWs.
195308: ANDREW SCOTT COOPER - The Oil Kings: How the U.S., Iran, and Saudi Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the Middle East.
173171: ANDREW LOWNIE - John Buchan: The Presbyterian Cavalier (Biography & Memoirs).
161894: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Pandemonium : Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, and Other Biological Plagues of the 21st Century.
151479: ANDREW LANG - Cock Lane and Common-Sense.
155860: ANDREW JAMES - Kingsley Amis: Antimodels and the Audience.
182741: ANDREW PHILLIP SMITH - A Dictionary of Gnosticism.
193995: ANDREW RODEN - Flying Scotsman: The Extraordinary Story of the World's Most Famous Locomotive.
198705: ANDREW LAMBERT - Franklin: Tragic Hero of Polar Navigation.
195435: ANDREW ROBERTS - A History of the English-Speaking Peoples since 1900.
95966: ANDREW CUNNINGHAM,ROBERT RANKIN,TAKESHI OBATA,TSUGUMI OBA - The Japanese Devil Fish Girl and Other Unnatural Attractions.
195596: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Empire of the Beetle: How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are Killing North America's Great Forests (David Suzuki Foundation Series).
175596: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Pandemonium: Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and Other Biological Plagues of the 21st Century.
95442: ANDREW ROBERTS - What Might Have Been: Leading Historians On Twelve 'What Ifs' Of History.
139755: ANDREW GARROD,COLLEEN LARIMORE - First Person, First Peoples: Native American College Graduates Tell Their Life Stories.
171531: ANDREW HEINTZMAN - Feeding the Future: From Fat to Famine: How to Solve the World's Food Crises (The Ingenuity Project).
89861: ANDREW BIRKIN - J.M. Barrie and the Lost Boys.
188975: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Slick Water: Fracking and One Insider's Stand against the World's Most Powerful Industry.
174118: ANDREW STEPTOE - Genius and the Mind: Studies of Creativity and Temperament.
85622: ANDREW HORRALL - Bringing Art to Life: A Biography of Alan Jarvis.
177727: ANDREW MUELLER - I Wouldn't Start from Here: A Misguided Tour of the Early 21st Century.
176708: ANDREW CLARK - A Keen Soldier: The Execution of Second World War Private Harold Pringle.
198328: ANDREW MORLAND,MARK BALDWIN - Classic American Farm Tractors (Osprey auto colour series).
113247: ANDREW ROBERTS - What Might Have Been: Leading Historians On Twelve 'What Ifs' Of History.
157807: ANDREW ROBERTS - Love, Tommy: Letters Home, from the Great War to the Present Day (General Military).
134902: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - The Fourth Horseman: A Short History of Epidemics, Plagues, Famine and Other Scourges.
125984: ANDREW KING - Pen, Paper and Printing Ink.
123857: ANDREW SUKNASKI - The Land They Gave Away: New & Selected Poems.
196456: ANDREW HODGES - One To Nine: The Inner Life of Numbers.
93293: ANDREW PYPER - The Killing Circle.
A02288: ANDREW WREGGITT - Man at Stellaco River.
183570: ANDREW WREGGITT - Man at Stellaco River.
197778: ANDREW NAGORSKI - The Nazi Hunters.
139746: ANDREW HARVEY - Light upon Light: Inspirations from Rumi.
170369: ANDREW RODEN - The Duchesses: The Story of Britain's Ultimate Steam Locomotives.
180355: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Saboteurs: Wiebo Ludwig's War against Big Oil.
154792: ANDREW JOHN BAYLY JOHNSTON - Defending Halifax: Ordnance 1825-1906.
120001: ANDREW BURGESS - Ra- Ha-La-hi-ko.
195574: ANDREW MOLLO - Uniformen der Waffen-SS.
98840: ANDREW ROBINSON - Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts.
143040: ANDREW HERMAN,JOHN M. SLOOP - Mapping the Beat: Popular Music and Contemporary Theory.
184759: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Saboteurs: Wiebo Ludwig's War against Big Oil.
180081: ANDREW MORTON - 17 Carnations: The Royals, the Nazis and the Biggest Cover-Up in History.
187058: ANDREW W. NUGARA - A Beginner's Guide to Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies.
104255: ANDREW LANDALE DRUMMOND,JAMES BULLOCH - The Church in Victorian Scotland, 1843-1874.
105330: ANDREW SHARP - The Discovery of the Pacific Islands.
193962: ANDREW LOWNIE - John Buchan: The Presbyterian Cavalier.
164394: ANDREW J HARDING - 50 Years of Malaysia: Federalism Revisited.
199958: ANDREW LAMBERT - The Challenge: Britain Against America in the Naval War of 1812.
95587: ANDREW WHITE TUER,JOY MELVILLE - Old London Street Cries and the Cries of Today: With Heaps of Quaint Cuts.
193659: ANDREW MICHAEL CHUGG - The Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great.
187026: ANDREW CROFTS,TOM FREEMAN-KEEL - The Disappearing Duke : The Improbable Tale of an English Family.
55306: ANDREW WILTON,J.M.W. TURNER - Turner and the Sublime.
137363: ANDREW ROBERTS - The Storm Of War.
194294: ANDREW SORKIN - Too Big To Fail.
128485: ANDREW FRIEDMAN,LUONGO PINO,MARTA PULINI - LA Mia Cucina Toscana: A Tuscan Cooks in America.
187252: ANDREW C. ROSS - David Livingstone: Mission and Empire.
152675: ANDREW COHEN - The Unfinished Canadian: The People We Are.
167545: ANDREW POWELL - Heirs to Tibet: Travels Among the Exiles in India.
145089: ANDREW S. BROWN,MAUREEN ALEXANDER - Bamberton : From Dust to Bust and Back.
154032: ANDREW ROBERTS - Masters and Commanders the Military Geniuses Who Led the West to Victory in WWII.
123069: ANDREW KING - Estevan: The Power Centre.
185293: ANDREW EDE,LESLEY B. CORMACK - A History of Science in Society: From Philosophy to Utility.
191992: ANDREW KING - Pen, Paper and Printing Ink.
167565: ANDREW STEVENSON - Nepalese Journey: The Essence of the Annapurna Circuit (Mountain Photography).
186256: ANDREW MOTION - Wainewright the Poisoner: The Confession of Thomas Griffiths Wainewright.
195951: ANDREW LOUTH,FRANCES YOUNG,LEWIS AYRES - The Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature.
155015: ANDREW STEVEN,PETER AMODIO - Waffen-Ss Uniforms: In Colour Photographs.
178871: ANDREW WESTOLL - The Chimps Of Fauna Sanctuary.
183829: ANDREW SOLOMON - The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression.
181703: ANDREW NIKIFORUK,PAT WISHART - The Land Before Us : The Making of Ancient Alberta.
119215: ANDREW LAMBERT,MARC MILNER - War at Sea in the Age of Sail: 1650-1850.
175836: ANDREW POTTER - The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves.
48165: ANDREW CARNEGIE - Triumphant Discovery or Fifty Years' March of the Republic.
167082: ANDREW HADFIELD - Amazons, Savages, and Machiavels: Travel and Colonial Writing in English, 1550-1630: An Anthology.
126680: ANDREW COHEN - While Canada Slept: How We Lost Our Place in the World.
199930: ANDREW CHANDLER - The Moral Imperative: New Essays On The Ethics Of Resistance In National Socialist Germany 1933-1945 (Widerstand: Dissent & Resistance in the Third Reich).
139122: ANDREW STEPTOE - The Mozart-Da Ponte Operas: The Cultural and Musical Background to Le Nozze Di Figaro, Don Giovanni, and Cosi Fan Tutte.
139743: ANDREW HARVEY - The Essential Mystics: The Soul's Journey into Truth.
134900: ANDREW STEWART,WILLIAM H.N. HULL - Canadian Television Policy and Board of Broadcast Governors, 1958-1968.
197128: ANDREW SINCLAIR - The Sword and the Grail.
182880: ANDREW F MAKSYMCHUK - Cops a Matter of Life and Death.
185565: ANDREW LYCETT - Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond.
171292: ANDREW TAYLOR - The World of Gerard Mercator: The Mapmaker Who Revolutionized Geography.
183936: ANDREW AMSTATTER - Tomslake: History of the Sudeten Germans in Canada.
111154: ANDREW DARBY - Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling.
164085: ANDREW WYETH - The Helga Pictures.
94818: ANDREW CALCUTT - Brit Cult.
84808: ANDREW,MERRIFIELD - The Wisdom of Donkeys Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World.
108045: ANDREW DAVID - The Malaspina Expedition 1789 to 1794: Journal of the Voyage by Alejandro Malaspina Cadiz to Panama, 3 Volumes.
194179: ANDREW NAGORSKI - Hitlerland.
181632: ANDREW HARVEY - Son of Man: The Mystical Path to Christ.
139485: ANDREW MEARNS,WILLIAM C. PRESTON - The Bitter Cry of Outcast London.
167047: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - The Fourth Horseman: A Short History of Epidemics, Plagues, Famine and Other Scourges.
194813: ANDREW FEINSTEIN - The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade.
119755: ANDREW J. STRATHERN,LINDA OBRIEN - Rope of Moka Big men and Ceremonial Exchange in Mount Hagen New Guinea.
A01823: ANDREW PYPER - The Killing Circle.
A02526: ANDREW PYPER - The Trade Mission.
165898: ANDREW GORDON - Labor and Imperial Democracy in Prewar Japan.
184178: ANDREW TAYLOR - Geographical Discovery and Explration in the Queen Elizabeth Islands.
182046: ANDREW J. CREIGHTON - Kingdoms of Experience: Everest, the Unclimbed Ridge (Travel).
157814: ANDREW CRABTREE,CHRISTOPHER MOORE,TRICIA DAYKIN - The British Columbia Court of Appeal: The First Hundred Years, 1910-2010.
118740: ANDREW RADFORD - Transformational Grammar: A First Course.
137845: ANDREW LIGHT,ERIC KATZ - Environmental Pragmatism.
181340: ANDREW CLARK - A Keen Soldier : The Execution of Private Harold Joseph Pringle.
188845: ANDREW RAWSON - The Real Game of Thrones: The Power-Crazed Medieval Kings, Popes and Emperors of Europe.
179691: ANDREW JOTISCHKY - The Crusades : A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides).
174611: ANDREW CAYTON,FRED ANDERSON - The Dominion Of War: Empire and Liberty in North America, 1500-2000.
164602: ANDREW OKO - Moon Nibbler the Art of Pat Strakowski.
152464: ANDREW HUSSEY - The French Intifada: The Long War Between France and its Arabs.
111865: ANDREW J OKO - Janet Mitchell.
183627: ANDREW DAVEY - Detail: Exceptional Japanese Product Design.
184848: ANDREW N. ADAMS - A Genealogical History of Robert Adams of Newbury, Mass., and his Descendants, 1635-1900.
188688: ANDREW SOLOMON - Far from the Tree Parents Children and the Search for Identity.
148165: ANDREW CORMACK - The Royal Air Force, 1939-45.
138006: ANDREW BROOKES - Fighter and Bomber Squadrons At War.
162217: ANDREW MRRAY DALE,EDWIN W SMITH - The Ila-Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia.
90636: ANDREW ROBERTS - A History of the English Speaking Peoples since 1900.
195961: ANDREW COHEN,J.L. GRANATSTEIN - Trudeau's Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
139350: ANDREW NIKIFORUK,PAT WISHART - The Land Before Us : The Making of Ancient Alberta.
197279: ANDREW THOMAS - Gloster Gladiator Aces.
197280: ANDREW THOMAS - Hurricane Aces 1941-45.
163557: ANDREW ROBERTS - Waterloo: June 18, 1815 the Battle for Modern Europe.
195625: ANDREW GOLDSWORTHY - Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature.
163028: ANDREW HUDGINS - Babylon in a Jar: New Poems.
185021: ANDREW W. TUER - Old-Fashioned Children's Books.
155162: ANDREW NIKIFORUK - Saboteurs: Wiebo Ludwig's War against Big Oil.
21929: ANDREW YULE - Picture Shows : The Life and Films of Peter Bogdanovich.
197900: ANDREW GRETA,BILL HAYES - The Anatomist: A True Story of Gray's Anatomy.
178693: ANDREW GREIG - Kingdoms of Experience: Everest, the Unclimbed Ridge.
196535: ANDREW SIMPSON - Wolves Unleashed.
132014: ANDREW DANSON - Unofficial Portraits.
175101: ANDREW WYETH,JOHN WILMERDING - The Helga Pictures.
157303: ANDREW THOMAS - American Spitfire Aces of World War 2.
52778: ANDREW H MALCOLM - The Canadians.
184618: ANDREW WHEATCROFT - The Enemy at the Gate : Habsburgs, Ottomans and the Battle for Europe.
197636: ANDREW GRETA,DONALD LUSKIN - I Am John Galt: Today's Heroic Innovators Building the World and the Villainous Parasites Destroying It.
149248: ANDREY POGOZHEV - Escape from Auschwitz.
155367: ANDREY KURKOV - Ukraine Diaries : Dispatches from Kiev.
143667: ANDREY BELY - The First Encounter.
165754: ANDRIY NAHACHEWSKY - Local Culture and Diversity on the Prairies: A Project Report.
113986: ANDRIY NAHACHEWSKY - Ukrainian Dug Out Dwellings in East Central Alberta.
189185: ANDRIY J. SEMOTIUK - A Promise Kept: A Tribute to a Mother's Love.
194830: ANDRZEJ M. KOBOS,PEKACZ JOLANTA T - Polonia in Alberta: 1895-1995, The Polish Centennial in Alberta.
56497: ANDRZEJ M. KOBOS,PEKACZ JOLANTA T - Polonia in Alberta 1895-1995 The Polish Centennial in Alberta.
187239: ANDRZEJ RAPACZYNSKI - Nature and Politics: Liberalism in the Philosophies of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau.
148674: ANDRZEJ GLASS,KRZYSZTOF CIESLAK,WOJCIECH GAWRYCH - Samoloty Mysliwskie Wrzesnia 1939.
97218: ANDY CAVE - Learning to Breathe.
188636: ANDY RUSSELL - The Life of a River.
199595: ANDY SAUNDERS - No 43 ‘Fighting Cocks’ Squadron (Aviation Elite Units).
198784: ANDY WAINWRIGHT - Moving Outward.
178892: ANDY PATTON,KIM MALTMAN,ROO BORSON - Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei.
176368: ANDY LAMB - Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest.
133049: ANDY WEBER,DALAI LAMA XIV BSTAN-'DZIN-RGYA-MTSHO,GLENN H. MULLIN - The Mystical Arts of Tibet: Featuring Personal Sacred Objects of the Dalai Lama.
123150: ANDY ADAMS - The Log of A Cowboy, A Narrative of the Old Trail Days.
177953: ANDY SUN - F-117A Stealth Fighter.
148655: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY - Hand to Earth: Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture 1976-1990.
187136: ANDY RUSSELL - Horns in the High Country..
180761: ANDY RUSSELL - Trails of a Wilderness Wanderer.
55344: ANDY DONATO - Chins and Needles Political Cartoons.
176531: ANDY RUSSELL - Trails of a Wilderness Wanderer.
110630: ANDY TAMAS - Warriors and Nation Builders: Development and the Military in Afghanistan.
197690: ANDY KEAL,JERRY JENKINS - The Adirondack Atlas: A Geographic Portrait of the Adirondack Park.
77581: ANDY RUSSELL - Andy Russell's Campfire Stories.
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194425: ARLENE BORGSTEDE - The Black Robe's Vision A History of St. Albert, in 2 Volumes.
198184: ARLENE J. FITZGERALD - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sorcery. But Were Afraid..
89054: ARLENE ALDA - On Set, a Personal Story in Photographs and Words.
176350: ARLENE CHAN - Righting Canada's Wrongs: The Chinese Head Tax and Anti-Chinese Immigration Policies in the Twentieth Century.
125158: ARLENE B. HIRSCHFELDER - Artistss and Craftspeople.
151017: ARLENE B. HIRSCHFELDER,PAULETTE MOLIN - Encyclopedia of Native American Religions.
180231: ARLETTE LAIRD - The Joy of Planting 2 Growing from Scratch.
168799: ARLETTE FARGE - Fragile Lives: Violence, Power, and Solidarity in Eighteenth-Century Paris (Harvard Historical Studies).
153355: ARMAND CLESSE - The International System After the Collapse of the East-West Order.
61610: ARMAND GARNET RUFFO - Grey Owl: The Mystery of Archie Belaney.
183282: ARMESTO FELIPE-FERNANDEZ - 1492 The Year the World Began.
97354: ARMIN ARNOLD - D.H.Lawrence And German Literature With Two Hitherto Unknown Essays.
84192: ARMSTRONG,W.V. - Southern Exposure: Canadian Promoters in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1896-1930.
132629: ARMY MUSEUMS OGILBY TRUST - Index to British Military Costume Prints 1500-1914.
A01400: ARNALDUR INDRIDASON - Arctic Chill.
112260: ARNAUD MAGGS - Arnaud Maggs an Exhibition of Selected Works 1981 -1983.
152359: ARNIE PATTERSON - Arnie Patterson : A Nova Scotian's Memoir.
197946: ARNIE FENNER,CATHY FENNER - Spectrum 5: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Spectrum (Underwood Books)).
118730: ARNIE TIEFENBACH - Say it Again! Sam Ife in and Beyond the Richardson Curling Dynasty.
174953: ARNIE TIEFENBACH - Say it Again Sam!, Life in and Beyond the Richardson Curling Dynasty.
126986: ARNIE NEUFELD,BEN EAST - Prairie Roots and Branches.
155191: ARNO KOPECKY - The Oil Man and the Sea: A Modern Misadventure on the Pacific Tanker Route.
142159: ARNO KOPECKY - The Devil's Curve: A Journey Into Power and Profit at the Amazon's Edge.
137249: ARNO KARLEN - Man and Microbes: Disease and Plagues in History and Modern Times.
199990: ARNO J. MAYER - Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?: The Final Solution in History.
136890: ARNO J. MAYER - The Furies: Violence and Terror in the French and Russian Revolutions.
85653: ARNO KARLEN - Napoleon's Glands: And Other Ventures in Biohistory.
189164: ARNO DENNIG,KUNO KNOBL - Tai Ki: To the point of no return.
147113: ARNOLD HAUSER - The Social History of Art: Naturalism, Impressionism, the Film Age.
171698: ARNOLD LUNN - Mountains of Memory.
166897: ARNOLD KRUPAT - The Turn to the Native: Studies in Criticism and Culture.
129728: ARNOLD EDINBOROUGH - Arnold Edinborough: An Autobiography.
144833: ARNOLD TUBIS,CRYSTAL ELAINE MILLS - Fun With Folded Fabric Boxes: All No-sew Projects Fat-quarter Friendly Elegance in Minutes.
113860: ARNOLD SCHWARTZMAN - Deco LAndmarks: Art Deco Gems of Los Angeles.
144099: ARNOLD WEINSTEIN - A Scream Goes Through the House: What Literature Teaches Us About Life.
181103: ARNOLD E. DAVIDSON,JENNIFER ANDREWS,PRISCILLA WALTON - Border Crossings: Thomas King's Cultural Inversions.
198631: ARNOLD H MODELL - The Private Self (Paper).
95216: ARNOLD SCHWARTZ,RICHARD PROSAPIO,STEPHANIE NAKACHE - Intuitive Tarot: A Pathway to Your Inner Teacher.
196079: ARNOLD G. VAN DER WALK - Prairie Wetland Ecology: The Contribution of the Marsh Ecology Research Program.
167574: ARNOLD J. TOYNBEE - Between Maule and Amazon.
169629: ARNOLD MEISNER,LEE RUSSELL - Modern American Soldier.
183254: ARNOLD TOYNBEE - Some Problems of Greek History.
100722: ARNOLD SCHWARTZMAN - Designage: The Art of the Decorative Sign.
196964: ARNOLD MEISNER - U.S Nuclear Submarines.
103753: ARNOLD MEISNER - United States Nuclear Submarines.
193956: ARNOLD MEISNER - Tarawa and Wasp Class General Purpose Amphibious Assault Ships.
147250: ARNOLD VICTOR HILL - Tides of Change a Story of Fishermen's Co-Operatives in British Columbia.
124945: ARNOLD HASKELL - Infantilia: The Archaeology of the Nursery.
114633: ARON RALSTON - Between A Rock And A Hard Place.
195399: ARON RALSTON - Between a Rock and a Hard Place: My Survival in Blue John Canyon.
195400: ARON RALSTON - Between a Rock and a Hard Place.
096856: ARON CROWELL,WILLIAM W. FITZHUGH - Crossroads of Continents : Cultures of Siberia and Alaska.
A02409: ARRAN FISHER - Static Mantis: A Long Poem for Amateur Entomologists.
180139: ART SMITH - Pavement's End.
180145: ART SMITH - Water's Edge, A Collection of His Hunting and Fishing Columns from the New York Herald Tribune, Selected from the Period 1964-1967.
179416: ART SMITH,MICHAEL AUSTIN - Back to the Family : Food Tastes Better Shared with the Ones You Love.
U01114: ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA,BARRY TILL,PAULA SWART - The Legacy of Japanese Printmaking: Le Rayonnement De L'estampe Japonaise.
R02521: ART PRICE - A Cross Section of Work By Art Price 1 & Happiness is Where You Find it 2.
88639: ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO,JAMES BORCOMAN,LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART,NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART (U.S.) - Magicians of Light: Photographs from the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada.
194877: ART HAGEN - I Once Was a Cowboy: Sixty Years a Canadian Ranch Hand.
194502: ART GALLERY OF BRANT - 'Heritage of Brant': A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings, Maps and Prints from Brant County selected to Commemorate Brantford's Centennial..
183131: ART BOERICKE - Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art.
96902: ART JENKYNS,GERALD W. HANKINS - The Flaming Arrow: The Story of Art Jenkyns, Founder of Operation Eyesight Universal.
190464: ART DOWNS - Paddlewheels on the frontier;: The story of British Columbia and Yukon sternwheel steamers,.
184476: ART DOWNS,FRANK ANDERSON - Tragedies of the Crowsnest Pass : The Frank Slide.
181824: ART TAVEE,CANDY PRATTS PRICE,JESSICA GLASSCOCK - American Fashion Accessories.
122184: ART DOWNS,F W ANDERSON - The Death of Albert Johnson: Mad Trapper of Rat River.
192265: ART MONTAGUE - Canadian Forces an Historical Salute to Those on the Front Line.
118595: ART DOWNS - Wagon Road North: Saga of the Cariboo Gold Rush.
197963: ART SPIEGELMAN,FRANCOISE MOULY - Maus II: A Survivor's Tale: And Here My Troubles Began: 002 (Pantheon Graphic Novels).
147076: ART DOWNS - Paddlewheels on the Frontier, The Story of B.C.Sternwheel Steamers, Volume One.
163580: ART DOWNS - Pioneer Days in British Columbia: Volume Two.
132097: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO,CATHARINE M. MASTIN,GLENBOW MUSEUM,THOMAS DILWORTH - The Talented Intruder: Wyndham Lewis in Canada, 1939-1945.
194385: ART DOWNS - Wagon Road North : The Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush in Historical Photos (Copy).
147351: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO,ARTHUR LISMER,DENNIS R. REID - Canadian Jungle: The Later Work of Arthur Lismer.
196722: ART CHILVER - Klondike Skillet Cookbook.
157759: ART DAVIDSON,BILL SHERWONIT - To the Top of Denali: Climbing Adventures on North America's Highest Peak.
199489: ART SPIEGELMAN - Maus I and II Boxed Set.
175332: ART DOWNS - Pioneer Days in British Columbia Volume 4.
38185: ART DOWNS - Wagon Road North : The Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush in Historical Photos.
197885: ART BELL - The Quickening, The: Today's Trends, Tomorrow's World.
188415: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO,DENNIS R. REID,JOAN M. VASTOKAS - From the Four Quarters: Native and European Art in Ontario, 5000 BC to 1867 AD.
198830: ART SPIEGELMAN,FRANCOISE MOULY - In the Shadow of No Towers.

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