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174630: JOHN DUNNING - The Bookman's Wake.
195021: JOHN PEASE BABCOCK - Peace River Joe.
187936: JOHN ROBERT COLOMBO - More True Canadian Ghost Stories.
129430: JOHN RUSSELL-TAYLOR - Edward Wolfe.
171059: JOHN SADLER - EL ALAMEIN 1942: The Story of the Battle in the Words of the Soldiers (British Battles).
124182: JOHN CAMERON - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918 Volume XII: The Copper Eskimos, Part C: Osteology of the Western and Central Eskimos, Including a Special Report Upon the Dentition By S.G.Ritchie and J. Stanley Bagnall.
123695: JOHN GOSS - Ballads of Britain.
178001: JOHN. F. DUE - The Intercity Electric Railway Industry in Canada.
153322: JOHN T. WALBRAN - British Columbia Coast Names.
85586: JOHN GRIBBIN - Stardust : The Cosmic Recycling of Stars Planets and People.
161795: JOHN RAINES - Wild Geese Passing, Poems.
86984: JOHN HOWISON - Sketches of Upper Canada, Domestic, Local and Characteristic: Practical Details for Emigrants of Every Class.
137989: JOHN BYRON,ROBERT PACK - The Claws of the Dragon: Kang Sheng-The Evil Genius Behind Mao and His Legacy of Terror in People's China.
198973: JOHN WHYTE - Homage, Henry Kelsey.
111147: JOHN GIMLETTE - Panther Soup: A Journey Through the End of the War.
112020: JOHN LYMAN - John Lyman.
129759: JOHN W. LEONARD - The Gold Fields of the Klondike : Fortune Seeker's Guide to the Yukon Region of Alaska and British America.
R01445: JOHN AND BRUKOFF FOWLES - The Enigma of Stonehenge.
147530: JOHN STUART MILL - Collected Works of John Stuart Mill: Writings on India.
194235: JOHN G. DIEFENBAKER - One Canada.
129884: JOHN KING FAIRBANK,KATHERINE F. BRUNER,ROBERT HART - The I. G. in Peking: Letters of Robert Hart, Chinese Maritime Customs, 1868-1907.
61106: JOHN M. REID - All Those Other Guys And Me.
103978: JOHN W.R. TAYLOR - The Avro Vulcan.
193350: JOHN A. IVERACH - Chronicles of a Nervous Navigator.
161102: JOHN D'OLIVEIRA - Vorster: The man.
171839: JOHN MILTON - Milton's Paradise Lost.
152799: JOHN POLLOCK - Kitchener: The Road to Omdurman (History and Politics).
89796: JOHN VANCE SNOW - These Mountains are Our Sacred Places.
185931: JOHN FULTON - Bullfighting An Illustrated Guide To The History, Practice, and Art of the Corri.
178543: JOHN L. FINLAY - Social Credit, The English Origins.
161723: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume VII: Poems, 1697-1700 (Works of John Dryden).
A01523: JOHN C. RIELY - Rowlandson Drawings from the Paul Mellon Collection.
108703: JOHN CORNWELL - Breaking Faith: The Pope, the People, and the Fate of Catholicism.
109892: JOHN W. WELCH - Chiasmus in Antiquity: Structures, Analyses, Exegesis.
194967: JOHN STANAWAY - Mustang and Thunderbolt Aces of the Pacific and CBI.
198965: JOHN VAILLANT - The Golden Spruce – A True Story of Myth, Madness, and Greed.
93923: JOHN MAN - Battlefields Then & Now.
150319: JOHN LUKACS - Five Days in London : May 1940.
105972: JOHN BUCHAN,LORD TWEEDSMUIR - Hudson's Bay Trader.
161327: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume XVII: Prose, 1668-1691: An essay of Dramatick Poesie and Shorter Works.
177778: JOHN BRUIN - Homo Interrogans: Questioning and the Intentional Structure of Cognition (Philosophica).
190431: JOHN FIRTH - Yukon Quest: The 1,000 Mike Dog Sled Race through the Yukon and Alaska.
194856: JOHN D GODFREY - Edmonton Beneath Our Feet.
42802: JOHN ALLEN PAULOS - A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper.
42486: JOHN BARNES - Kaleidoscope Century.
102799: JOHN WEAL - Junkers Ju 87 Stukageschwader 1937–41 (Combat Aircraft).
187: JOHN BRUCE COWAN - Number Five Cheyne Row, A Biographical Play in Four Acts.
128653: JOHN CLEGG - The Freshwater Life of the British Isles, A Guide to the Plants and Invertebrates of Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Rivers, with an Additional Chapter on the Vertebrates.
48285: JOHN CORNWELL - Hitler's Pope - the Secret History of Pius XII.
30382: JOHN SZWED - Private Cutures and Public Imagery Interpersonal Relations Ina Newfoundland Peasant Society.
150315: JOHN ENGLISH - Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Volume One: 1919-1968.
164506: JOHN KLOPPENBORG - Shape of Q: Signal Essays on the Sayings Gospel.
140151: JOHN G. DONKIN - Trooper in the Far North-West : Recollections of Life in the North-West Mounted Police, Canada, 1884-1888.
139524: JOHN STOKES - Resistible Theatres:Enterprise and Experiment in the Late Nineteenth Century: Enterprise and Experiment in the Late Nineteenth Century.
99426: JOHN STANAWAY - Peter Three Eight: The Pilot's Story.
U00754: JOHN BOSWELL - The Kindness of Strangers: The Abandonment of Children in Western Europe from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance.
161592: JOHN BULLOCH - No Friends But the Mountains.
170736: JOHN BRECK - Told at Twilight Stories Mostly About Nibble the Bunny.
162077: JOHN FURLONG - Patriot Hearts: Inside the Olympics That Changed a Country.
125900: JOHN FILLION,LOIS STEEN,MARGARET RAND - John Fillion Thoughts About My Sculpture.
178704: JOHN SHELBY SPONG - Jesus for the Non-Religious.
151336: JOHN WILSON - CB: A life of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.
182033: JOHN KEEGAN - A History of Warfare.
62312: JOHN C. WAUGH - Surviving the Confederacy: Rebellion, Ruin, and Recovery--Roger and Lara Pryor During the Civil War.
U01318: JOHN FRAIM - Spirit Catcher: The Life and Art of John Coltrane.
197417: JOHN MOSIER - Verdun: The Lost History of the Most Important Battle of World War I.
190694: JOHN NORRIS - 88 Mm Flak 18/36/37/41 & Pak 43 1936-45.
186347: JOHN LE CARRE - The Honourable Schoolboy.
143381: JOHN EADIE - Greek text Commentaries - Ephesians.
148864: JOHN KEEGAN - The First World War.
182035: JOHN REWALD - Maillol.
198617: JOHN KOBLER - Capone: The Life and World of Al Capone.
185307: JOHN A. WHITTAKER - Early Land Surveyors of British Columbia (P.L.S. Group).
61756: JOHN OWEN SMITH - All Tanked Up... : Canadians in Headley During World War II.
110371: JOHN PASKIEVICH - A Voiceless Song Photographs of the Slavic Lands.
144385: JOHN BOSSY - Under the Molehill: An Elizabethan Spy Story.
R02155: JOHN A. JONES - Pope's Couplet Art.
157372: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume XIV: Plays; The Kind Keeper, The Spanish Fryar, The Duke of Guise, and The Vindication.
139451: JOHN C STUMPF - Renaissance Prose & Poetry - History Of English Literature Series.
161619: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume IX: Plays: The Indian Emperour, Secret Love, Sir Martin Mar-all.
178004: JOHN FOWLES - Mantissa.
162903: JOHN NORRIS - Historic Nelson.
42325: JOHN GRAHAME DOUGLAS CLARK - The Earlier Stone Age Settlement of Scandinavia.
60438: JOHN POLLOCK - Early Cultures Of The Clearwater River Area.
161618: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume VIII Plays.
102251: JOHN SERGEANT - Maggie.
199747: JOHN E. DRABINSKI - Sensibility and Singularity: The Problem of Phenomenology in Levinas (SUNY series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy).
102241: JOHN R. BRADLEY - Saudi Arabia Exposed Inside a Kingdom in Crisis.
174724: JOHN BAILEY - The Lost German Slave Girl: The Extraordinary True Story Of Sally Miller And Her Fight For Freedom in Old New Orleans.
42159: JOHN UNRAU - The Balancings of the Clouds: Paintings of Mary Klassen.
197381: JOHN PACKER - Some Common & Interesting Plants of San Miguel De Allende.
52168: JOHN D GODFREY - Geology of the Fort Chipewyan District, Alberta, Earth Sciences Report 78-3.
183832: JOHN CASTAGNO - Artists as Illustrators.
119345: JOHN MCPHEE - Rising from the Plains.
107981: JOHN R. BOCKSTOCE,ROCHFORT MAGUIRE - The Journal of Rochfort Maguire, 1852-1854: Two Years at Point Barrow, Alaska, aboard HMS Plover in the Search for Sir John Franklin.
117428: JOHN LAUBER - Making of Mark Twain: A Biography.
165003: JOHN E. MALMSTAD - Andrey Bely: Spirit of Symbolism (Studies of the Harriman Institute).
095050: JOHN AMATT - Straight to the Top and Beyond : Nine Keys for Meeting the Challenge of Changing Times.
190597: JOHN FIRTH - River Time: Racing the Ghosts of the Klondike Rush.
178974: JOHN WESTERN - Outcast Cape Town.
178083: JOHN MARCUM - The Angolan Revolution. Volume I: The Anatomy of an Explosion (1950-1962)..
186560: JOHN E. SUNDER - Joshua Pilcher, Fur Trader and Indian Agent.
158777: JOHN UPTON TERRELL - Apache Chronicle: The Story of the People.
190888: JOHN MILBANK,SLAVOJ ZIZEK - The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic? (Short Circuits).
128664: JOHN GALSWORTHY - Maid in Waiting.
147528: JOHN M. ROBSON,JOHN STUART MILL - Collected Works of John Stuart Mill: Miscellaneous Writings.
109403: JOHN COLLINS - Post-Impressionist Masterworks from the National Gallery of Canada.
182089: JOHN WARD,SARA STEVENSON - Printed Light: Scientific Art of William Henry Fox Talbot and David Octavius Hill with Robert Adamson.
150156: JOHN PETER - The Oral History of Modern Architecture: Interviews With the Greatest Architects of the Twentieth Century/Book and Cd.
155627: JOHN BURDICK - William Morris.
173243: JOHN ALLEN PAULOS - Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up.
144363: JOHN L. FEIRER - Carpentry and Building Construction.
134402: JOHN H. LIENHARD - Inventing Modern: Growing Up With X-Rays, Skyscrapers and Tailfins.
133668: JOHN MILSOM,PETER CHAMBERLAIN - Allied Combat Tanks.
157942: JOHN J. GROSS - Shylock: A Legend and Its Legacy.
182767: JOHN STRONG - The Montaukett Indians of Eastern Long Island (The Iroquois and Their Neighbors).
180618: JOHN J HUNT - The Waters of Comfort.
A01162: JOHN BISHOP BALLEM - The Barons.
A02583: JOHN MARLOWE - Perfidious Albion: The Origins of Anglo-French Rivalry in the Levant.
R00739: JOHN DREYFUS - A History of the Nonesuch Press.
R01881: JOHN R. PORDER - Living in Style: Fine Furniture in Victorian Quebec.
133989: JOHN W. DE PAUW - Winning the Peace: The Strategic Implications of Military Civic Action.
180783: JOHN MCMANNERS - The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity.
189075: JOHN M. GRAY - White Stone Day.
191465: JOHN H. VANDERPOEL - The Human Figure (Dover Anatomy for Artists).
111933: JOHN WEEKS,UWE FEIST - World War II Small Arms.
135118: JOHN IRVING - The Fourth Hand.
196364: JOHN WHELPTON - A History of Nepal.
128225: JOHN SCHREINER - The Refiners: A Century of BC Sugar.
113502: JOHN CHEEVER - The Stories of John Cheever.
170352: JOHN WESLEY POWELL - The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons.
127473: JOHN STUART MILL - Principles of Political Economy with Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy, Introduction By V.W. Bladen, Textual Editor J.M.Robson.
127474: JOHN STUART MILL - Collected Works of John Stuart Mill: Principles of Political Economy with Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy.
98408: JOHN A MAGNUS - Orbital Cellulitis in a Baby Caused By Acute Osteomyelitis of the Maxilla.
169327: JOHN SACK - The Butcher The ascent of Yerupaja.
191448: JOHN C. CHARYK - Those Bittersweet Schooldays.
108226: JOHN WILSON - Sloan.
68738: JOHN S. BURNETT - Where Soldiers Fear to Tread : A Relief Worker's Tale of Survival.
161360: JOHN SLOANE - John Soane, Architect: Master of Space and Light.
187096: JOHN MORGAN GRAY - Lord Selkirk of Red River.
135280: JOHN S KINGSNORTH - Come Back Africa.
187171: JOHN EDWARD WEEMS - Peary: The Explorer and the Man.
98265: JOHN BROOKE,SIR LEWIS NAMIER - Charles Townshend.
190621: JOHN F MILSOM - Russian BT Series.
136052: JOHN ACORN - Damselflies of Alberta: Flying Neon Toothpicks in the Grass (Alberta Insects Series).
152176: JOHN BURFORD - C-141 Starlifter in Action..
125214: JOHN A. VASQUEZ - The Scientific Study of Peace and War: A Text Reader.
108402: JOHN ROBERT YOUNG - The French Foreign Legion: The Inside Story of the World- Famous Fighting Force.
125873: JOHN BEMROSE - The Island Walkers.
167049: JOHN CORNWELL - Hitler's Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil's Pact.
161226: JOHN ENGLISH - Just watch me : the life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1968-2000.
108201: JOHN RIDLAND - Elergy for My Aunt.
108203: JOHN RIBOVICH - The Rake to His Daughter.
108614: JOHN HOUSTON - Pangnirtung 1977 Prints/estampes.
108615: JOHN HOUSTON - Pangnirtung 1978 Prints/estampes.
108855: JOHN TYLER BONNER - The Evolution of Culture in Animals.
168092: JOHN L. BROWN - The Crypt of Academe.
170568: JOHN SMITH - Midnight Found You Dancing.
130825: JOHN JULIUS NORWICH - Shakespeare's Kings.
164111: JOHN RUSSELL - Reading Russell : On Ideas, Literature, Art, Theatre, Music, Places and Persons.
195142: JOHN L. ALLEN - Opus Dei: An Objective Look Behind the Myths and Reality of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church.
156392: JOHN KEEGAN - Warpaths : Travels of a Military Historian in North America.
122711: JOHN F. A. SAWYER - Semantics in Biblical Research: New Methods of Defining Hebrew Words for Salvation.
157298: JOHN GRIBBIN,JOHN R. GRIBBIN,MICHAEL WHITE - Darwin: A Life in Science.
144576: JOHN DOMINIC CROSSAN - The Birth of Christianity: Discovering What Happened in the Years Immediately After the Execution of Jesus.
187076: JOHN SELBY - Seven Masters, One Path: Meditation Secrets from the World's Greatest Teachers.
128118: JOHN A. BROWN,MYRON EELLS,ROBERT H. RUBY - Myron Eells and the Puget Sound Indians.
194774: JOHN DAY - The Medieval Market Economy.
175624: JOHN HAMMOND MOORE - The Faustball Tunnel: German POWs in America And Their Great Escape.
182169: JOHN HAGEE - Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change.
157371: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume XI: Plays: The Conquest of Granada, Part I and Part II; Marriage-à-la-Mode and The Assignation: Or, Love in a Nunnery.
119831: JOHN RAVEN,MAX WALTERS - Mountain Flowers.
176154: JOHN WEIER - Ride the Blue Roan.
124090: JOHN DAVID HAMILTON - Bob Friday's Other Eye and More Outrageous True Tales of Canada's Northern Frontier.
173398: JOHN HERMAN RANDALL - The Career of Philosophy, 2 Volumes.
69756: JOHN WILLIAMS - Sex: Portraits of Passion.
122429: JOHN MACLEAN - The Warden of the Plains and Other Stories of Life in the Canadian North-West.
169644: JOHN CHEEVER - The Wapshot Chronicle.
180620: JOHN MAN - Marco Polo: The Journey that Changed the World.
144033: JOHN BIERMAN - Dark Safari : The Life Behind the Legend of Henry Morton Stanley.
175555: JOHN KISER - The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria.
115657: JOHN SHELBY SPONG - A New Christianity for a New World: Why Traditional Faith Is Dying and How a New Faith Is Being Born.
196564: JOHN MCLEAN,W S WALLACE - John McLean's Notes of a twenty-five year's service in the Hudson's Bay Territory.
169129: JOHN HAYWOOD - Chronicles of the Ancient World: 3500 BC - AD 476.
198105: JOHN H. PRYOR - Geography, Technology, and War: Studies in the Maritime History of the Mediterranean, 649–1571 (Past and Present Publications).
141029: JOHN IRVING - A Widow for One Year.
163489: JOHN ROBERT MOORE - Daniel Defoe, Citizen of the Modern World.
170576: JOHN NEWLOVE - Lies.
175819: JOHN GOODERS,TREVOR BOYER - Ducks of Canada and the Northern Hemisphere.
111158: JOHN MCKAY - The Hudson's Bay Company's 1835 Steam Ship Beaver.
111179: JOHN MACK - The Art of Small Things.
170598: JOHN NEWLOVE - The Green Plain.
190733: JOHN DANIEL - The Far Corner: Northwestern Views on Land, Life, and Literature.
196424: JOHN READER - Cities.
164843: JOHN PARKER - Desert Rats: The Inside Story of the Desert Fighters.
180196: JOHN EDGAR PARK - The dwarf's spell: A Christmas Play.
168625: JOHN NEWLOVE - The Cave.
194062: JOHN MELADY - Heartbreak and Heroism: Canadian Search and Rescue Stories.
157374: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume XII: Plays Ambboyna, The State of Innocence, Aureng-Zebe.
166507: JOHN STANTON - Running Start to Finish.
128482: JOHN L. SCHMIDT - Big Game of North America, Ecology and Management A Wildlife Management Institute Book.
190792: JOHN A. LIVINGSTON - Rogue Primate: An Exploration of Human Domestication.
190796: JOHN SEAGRAVE - The Hudson's Bay Boy: From Cabbagetown To Rupert's Land.
190193: JOHN BALZAR - Yukon Alone: The World's Toughest Adventure Race.
183904: JOHN ILIFFE - Africans: The History of a Continent.
98409: JOHN A MAGNUS - A Case of Pseudo-Glaucoma.
98410: JOHN A MAGNUS - Unilateral Folliculur Conjunctivitis Due to Molluscum Contagiosum.
178758: JOHN V. ROSSI,ROXANNE ROSSI - Snakes of the United States and Canada: Natural History and Care in Captivity.
194249: JOHN R. SEARLE - The Construction of Social Reality.
184085: JOHN BISHOP BALLEM - The Moon Pool.
189037: JOHN ENGLISH - Just watch me : the life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1968-2000.
170054: JOHN WEIGHTMAN - Masterworks of the French Cinema (Icon Editions).
185232: JOHN NOBLE WILFORD - The Mapmakers, Revised Edition.
199016: JOHN LUKACS - The Duel: 10 May-31 July 1940, the Eighty-Day Struggle Between Churchill and Hitler.
167322: JOHN MUNRO,MICHEL MIELNICKI - Bialystok to Birkenau.
147189: JOHN BERENDT - The City of Falling Angels.
199415: JOHN G WILLIAMSON - Williamson: Karl Helfferich 1872¯1924: Economist Financier Polititian.
177394: JOHN D. BARROW - The Artful Universe Expanded.
165351: JOHN R. ELLIS - Philip II and Macedonian Imperialism.
148838: JOHN DAVIDSON - The Honest John in Canadian Service.
166553: JOHN BOWLT - Rukhin.
186302: JOHN MICHELL - Eccentric Lives, Peculiar Notions: True Tales of Flat-earthers, Head Drillers, Ufologists, Frantic Lovers, Welsh Druids, Finders of Lost Tribes and Other Obsessed Individuals.
175939: JOHN GARDAM - Ordinary Heroes.
115049: JOHN SUMMERSON - Classical Language of Architecture.
187364: JOHN LUKACS - At the End of an Age.
167536: JOHN FROST TENER - Calling All Free Men.
186044: JOHN W CHALMERS - Exotica: John Chalmers.
191471: JOHN SEAGRAVE - The Hudson's Bay Boy: From Cabbagetown To Rupert's Land.
187819: JOHN HOWARD GRIFFIN - Black Like Me: Library Edition.
153995: JOHN W JACKSON - Success in Prone Target Shooting Skills and Coaching Aids.
183347: JOHN PARKER - SBS-The Inside Story of the Special Boat Service.
181823: JOHN HANNAVY - The Victorians and Edwardians at Play (Shire Library).
180727: JOHN KEEGAN - The First World War.
127423: JOHN E. VOLLMER - Dressed to Rule, 18th Century Court Attire in the MacTaggart Art Collection.
121091: JOHN O. STEWART - Drinkers, Drummers, and Decent Folk: Ethnographic Narratives of Village Trinidad.
198321: JOHN A. PRICE,JOHN PRICE - Indians of Canada: Cultural Dynamice.
196972: JOHN AULDJO - Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc on the 8th and 9th August, 1827.
65864: JOHN CRAIG - The Long Return.
158625: JOHN G KNEALE - Volcano Rising an Ambassador's Diary.
128317: JOHN STEFFLER - The Wreckage of Play : Poems.
128359: JOHN E WILLIAMSON - Accidents in North American Mountaineering.
125944: JOHN A. RUSH - The Twelve Gates: A Spiritual Passage Through the Egyptian Books of the Dead.
182840: JOHN DEMONT - The Last Best Place: Lost in the Heart of Nova Scotia.
124798: JOHN BUCKLEY - Air Power in the Age of Total War.
171482: JOHN MCDOUGALL,THOMAS BREDIN - Parsons on the Plains.
145144: JOHN PRADOS - Islands of Destiny: The Solomons Campaign and the Eclipse of the Rising Sun.
147524: JOHN STUART MILL - Public and Parliamentary Speeches, Volumes 1 and 2 (XXIX and XXVIII)).
195241: JOHN MARLYN - Putzi, I Love You, You Little Square.
135901: JOHN P. KAMINSKI,THOMAS PAINE - Citizen Paine: Thomas Paine's Thoughts on Man, Government, Society, and Religion.
182534: JOHN MAN - Kublai Khan.
171318: JOHN SUMMERSON - Victorian Architecture: Four Studies in Evaluation (Bampton Lectures in America).
152788: JOHN CAIRNEY - On the Trail of Robert Burns.
182936: JOHN BROCKE - John Brocke: Seven Paintings.
142288: JOHN RALSTON SAUL - The Unconscious Civilization.
182364: JOHN A LONG - The Dawn of the Deed: The Prehistoric Origins of Sex.
135526: JOHN BERESFORD - storm and Peace.
127399: JOHN DE BONDT - They Don't Make 'Em Like That Any More: A Picture-History of Canadian Cars 1932-47.
157029: JOHN SWETTENHAM - McNaughton, A Biography in 3 Volumes.
181323: JOHN KENNEDY TOOLE - A Confederacy Of Dunces.
67157: JOHN W. HALL - Studies in the Institutional History of Early Modern Japan.
177362: JOHN D. NAGLE - The National Democratic Party: Right Radicalism in the Federal Republic of Germany.
177611: JOHN O'BRIAN - Beyond Wilderness: The Group of Seven, Canadian Identity, and Contemporary Art (Arts Insights Series).
163446: JOHN GEIGER,OWEN BEATTIE - Frozen in time: Unlocking the secrets of the Franklin expedition.
143662: JOHN PERKINS - To the Ends of the Earth: Four Expeditions to the Arctic, the Congo, the Gobi, and Siberia.
162150: JOHN H. HUMPHREY - The Circus and a Byzantine Cemetery at Carthage.
161309: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden: Prose: The Life of St Francis Xavier 1688: Volume XIX.
126178: JOHN W. IVES - A Spatial Analysis of Artifact Distribution on A Boreal Forest Archaeological Site..
153687: JOHN STUBBS - Reprobates: The Cavaliers of the English Civil War.
132040: JOHN METCALF - An Aesthetic Underground: A Literary Memoir.
151100: JOHN HAROLD WILSON - John Franklin: Traveller on Undiscovered Seas.
157949: JOHN BIDWELL - Life in California Before the Gold Discovery.
67689: JOHN D. BARROW - The Book of Nothing: Vacuums, Voids, and the Latest Ideas About the Origins of the Universe.
181961: JOHN KINGSLEY BIRGE - The Bektashi Order of Dervishes.
199768: JOHN K DOWNEY,JüRGEN MANEMANN - Missing God?: Cultural Amnesia and Political Theology (Religion/Geschichte/Gesellschaft Fundamentaltheologische Studien).
199852: JOHN LLEWELYN - Seeing Through God: A Geophenomenology (Studies in Continental Thought).
198927: JOHN GRAY - The Soul of the Marionette: A Short Inquiry into Human Freedom.
198905: JOHN OUGHTON - The Gearing of Love: Poems.
198904: JOHN A B MCLEISH - The Far Shore Dimly Seen : Poems Chiefly Lyrical.
199147: JOHN DONNE - John Donne Poems.
199346: JOHN C. G. RöHL - Kaiser Wilhelm II New Interpretations: The Corfu Papers.
198542: JOHN BERGER - Twice Drawn: Modern and Contemporary Drawings in Context.
186447: JOHN MAN - The Mongol Empire: Genghis Khan, His Heirs and the Founding of Modern China.
198176: JOHN BLOCK FRIEDMAN,KRISTEN MOSSLER FIGG - Trade, Travel, and Exploration in the Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia (Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages Book 5).
194871: JOHN LITHGOW - The Poets' Corner: The One-and-only Poetry Book for the Whole Family.
200500: JOHN UPDIKE - More Matter: Essays and Criticism.
197764: JOHN MARTIN - Sport Climbs in the Canadian Rockies.
200094: JOHN COTTON - Old Movies and Other Poems.
200092: JOHN LINNELL - Youth and Other Poems.
198792: JOHN E O'NEILL - Memoirs of a Misfit.
194930: JOHN MARENBON - Later Medieval Philosophy.
194928: JOHN MORRIS - The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650.
199985: JOHN COTTINGHAM - How to Believe.
178785: JOHNNIE MOORE - Defying ISIS: Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and in Your Own Backyard.
194867: JOHNNY CASH - Man in White.
177177: JOHNNY GRUELLE - Raggedy Ann Stories.
188073: JOHNNY MARR - Instrument.
193351: JOIE DAVIDOW,RICHARD BOSWORTH - Rome (Memories of Times Past).
177513: JOINT ASSOCIATION OF CLASSICAL TEACHERS - The World of Athens (Reading Greek).
186190: JON. CATLEUGH - William De Morgan Tiles.
185092: JON WHELAN,R W SANDFORD - Every Other Day: The Journals of the Remarkable Rocky Mountain Climbs and Explorations of A. J. Ostheimer.
114017: JON WHYTE - The Fells of Brightness.
190558: JON DOVEY - Freakshow: First Person Media and Factual Television.
130340: JON E. GRANT - Impulse Control Disorders.
153029: JON C. ALTMAN,SEAN KERINS - People on Country: Vital Landscapes, Indigenous Futures.
117273: JON DUNN,NORMAN TEBBLE - British Bivalve Seashells: A Handbook for Identification.
175419: JON BOWERMASTER,WILL STEGER - Crossing Antarctica.
85156: JON COWANS - To Speak for the People: Public Opinion and the Problem of Legitimacy in the French Revolution.
171661: JON KRAKAUER - Eiger Dreams.
142669: JON GERRARD,YEON HEE PARK,YEON HWAN PARK - Tae Kwon Do: The Ultimate Reference Guide to the World's Most Popular Martial Art.
166413: JON WHYTE - Gallimaufry.
R01957: JON ERICKSON - World Out of Balance: Our Polluted Planet.
181406: JON KRAKAUER - Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith.
199950: JON LEE ANDERSON - Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life.
123193: JON KRAKAUER - Under the Banner of Heaven : A Story of Violent Faith.
90408: JON TURK - Cold Oceans: Adventures in a Kayak, Rowboat and Dogsled.
178917: JON LANGFORD - Skull Orchard Revisited: Art, Words, and Music.
194454: JON WHYTE - Jon Whyte: Mind Over Mountains.
198306: JON E LEWIS - A Documentary History of Human Rights: An Anthology of the Events, Documents and Speeches that have Shaped Western Civilization.
178933: JON P. KLANCHER - The Making of English Reading Audiences, 1790-1832.
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133596: JUSTIN KERR,LINDA SCHELE,MARY ELLEN MILLER - The Blood of Kings: Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art.
104343: JUSTIN WINTLE,PAUL LUNDE - A Dictionary of Arabic And Islamic Proverbs..
164168: JUSTIN O'BRIEN - A Meeting of Mystic Paths: Christianity and Yoga.
162072: JUSTIN KAPLAN - Walt Whitman: A Life.
193806: JUSTIN MAROZZI - Baghdad.
193505: JUSTIN FOX - The Myth Of The Rational Market.
180696: JUSTIN MAROZZI - The Way of Herodotus: Travels with the Man Who Invented History.
186074: JUSTINE PICARDIE - Chanel Her Life.
187924: JUSTINE PICARDIE - Coco Chanel: The Legend And The Life.
155976: JUSTO L. GONZALEZ - The Story of Christianity, Vol. II: The Reformation to the Present Day.
199094: K DEVRIES,M J DOUGHERTY - Battles of the Ancient World.
R02555: K. LAIDLER - The Divine Deception The Church, the Shroud and the Creation of a Holy Fraud.
199033: K.L. BILLINGSLEY - The Seductive Image A Christian Critique of the World of Film.
111960: K.G DAVIES - Letters from Hudson Bay 1703-40.
163112: K. THEODORE HOPPEN - The common scientist in the seventeenth century;: A study of the Dublin Philosophical Society, 1683-1708,.
195771: K C KANDA - Mirza Ghalib: Selected Lyrics and Letters.
131703: K.C. CHANG - Studies of Shang Archaeology: Selected Papers from the International Conference on Shang Civilization.
162085: K M HAIG - Colonel J B Mitchell for Whom a Winnipeg School is Named.
165788: K H WEDEPOHL - Elements La (57) to U (92) Handbook of Geochemistry.
165787: K H WEDEPOHL - Elements Kr (36) to Ba (56) Handbook of Geochemistry.
135876: K.G DAVIES - Northern Quebec and Labrador Journals and Correspondence 1819-35.
165785: K H WEDEPOHL - Elements H (1) to Al (13) Handbook of Geochemistry.
199844: K.A. BRODSKY - Mountain Torrent of the Tien Shan: A faunistic-ecology essay (Monographiae Biologicae).
188750: K. D. PRITHIPAUL - The Labyrinth of Solitude: A Comparative Exposition of Dharma As Ontology According to the Mahabharata (2 Volume Set).
100306: K. R. DARK - Theoretical Archaeology.
158248: K W NEATBY - Water Erosion of Soils in the Prairie Provinces Bulletin No. 3.
168664: K. M. BROOK - The Paltry Pioneers.
149391: K BEN BUSS - Ski Nordic.
131436: K.MERLE CHACKSFIELD - Armada 1588.
118618: K. M. BROOK - At Wit's End : A Prairie Memoir.
99033: K. CHU,W. A. SHERRIL - Astrology of I Ching.
195450: K.C. CHANG - Art Myth & Ritual - The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China (Paper).
181967: K.C.A. DAWSON - Algonkians of Lake Nipigon.
151500: K. HUSEYIN - Nonlinear Theory of Elastic Stability (Mechanics of Elastic Stability).
186520: K.D. BECKETT - Tides of Time, Book 3: In Time Saga.
187330: K.J. FRANKLIN - De Venarum Ostiolis 1603 of Hieronymus Fabricius of Aquappendente (1533? - 1619).
165786: K H WEDEPOHL - Elements Cr (24) to Br (35) Handbook of Geochemistry.
87083: K.M. MOLSON - Pioneering in Canadian Air Transport.
122446: K. MUNCH - Combat History of Schwere Panzerjaeger Abteilung 653, formerly the Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 197, 1940-1943.
188772: K. D. STROYAN - Introduction to the Theory of infiniteseimals, Volume 72 (Pure and Applied Mathematics).
170462: K P KIRWAN - The White Road.
165784: K H WEDEPOHL - Elements Si (14) to V (23) Handbook of Geochemistry.
170039: K. IOSIFIDIS - Mural Art: Large Scale Art from Walls Around the World.
165783: K H WEDEPOHL - Handbook of Chemistry.
165596: K.G. BROWN - Rembrandt: The Complete Etchings.
168392: KAFFE FASSETT - Glorious Colour.
157923: KAFFE FASSETT - Glorious Colour.
170124: KAFFE FASSETT - Glorious Needlepoint.
172347: KAI BIRD,MARTIN J. SHERWIN - American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer.
185993: KAI LYNGE - Scandinavian Connections - A Guide to Sites in Alberta.
195911: KAIRA JIGGS,RAMINDER MALHOTRA - Classic Cooking Of Rajasthan.
84181: KAISER,RUDOLF - The Voice of the Great Spirit: Prophecies of the Hopi Indians.
128409: KALERVO OBERG - Social Economy of the Tlingit Indians.
105779: KALMAN P. BLAND - The Artless Jew: Medieval and Modern Affirmations and Denials of the Visual.
162832: KAMAL AL-SOLAYLEE - Intolerable.
187752: KAMANTE GATURA - Longing for Darkness: Kamante's Tales from Out of Africa.
184424: KAMIL PECHER - Lonely Voyage: By Kayak To Adventure And Discovery.
U01371: KAMILA SHAMSIE - Kartography.
178972: KAMLA K. KAPUR - The Singing Guru: Legends and Adventures of Guru Nanak, the First Sikh (Sikh Saga).
187079: KANAI LAL HAZRA - History of Theravada Buddhism in South-East Asia.
104320: KANAN MAKIYA - Cruelty and Silence: War, Tyranny, Uprising in the Arab World.
133199: KANAN MAKIYA - The Rock: A Tale of Seventeenth-century Jerusalem.
164632: KANCHANA N RUWANPURA - Matrilineal Communities, Patriarchal Realities.
168111: KANCHANMOY MOJUMDAR - Nepal & the Indian Nationalist Movement.
156285: KAORI NAGAI - Empire of Analogies: Kipling, India and Ireland.
179786: KAREL JAEGER - The Little Banditta.
158273: KAREL CAPEK - The War with the Newts.
132302: KAREL KELDERMANS,LINDA KELDERMANS - Carillon: The Evolution of a Concert Instrument in North America.
109681: KAREN SCHOONOVER,PAUL SASSO - Dimensions 2007.
195924: KAREN E. CARTER - Creating Catholics: Catechism and Primary Education.
194389: KAREN ARMSTRONG - A Short History of Myth.
132586: KAREN X. TULCHINSKY - The Five Books Of Moses Lapinsky.
181691: KAREN ARMSTRONG - The Great Transformation : The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions.
174723: KAREN LYSTRA - Dangerous Intimacy: The Untold Story of Mark Twain's Final Years.
169187: KAREN BARNABY - Halibut: The Cookbook.
111152: KAREN BACHMANN - Porcupine Goldfields, Ontario, 1920-1935.
190616: KAREN ARMSTRONG - The Battle for God.

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