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196773: JERZY MOSCINSKI,PRZEMYSLAW WILCZYNSKI - Radzieckie Krazowniki [Cz.I] Krasnyi Krym Czerwona Ukraina Krasnyj Kawkaz.
196903: JERZY MOSCINSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Brytyjski Pancernik Barham Part III the British Battleship Queen Elizabeth Class.
155763: JERZY N. KOSINSKI - Devil Tree: Newly Revised and Expanded Edition.
197009: JERZY MOSCINSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Brytyjski Krazownik Przeciwlotniczy HMS Delhi - the British Antiaircraft Cruiser Delhi.
196935: JERZY MOSCINSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Brytyjski Pancernik HMS Queen Elizabeth The British battleships Queen Elizabeth Class part II.
196936: JERZY MOSCINSKI,PRZEMYSLAW WILCZYNSKI - Radziecki niszczyciel Taszkient The Russian Destroyer Taskent.
196927: JERZY MOSCINSKI,PRZEMYSLAW WILCZYNSKI - Brytyjski pancernik Royal Oak the British battleship Royal Sovereign Class.
155758: JERZY KOSINSKI - Being There.
155759: JERZY KOSINSKI - The Devil Tree.
196954: JERZY MOSCINSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Radzieckiciezki krazownik krasnyj kawkaz The Soviet Cruiser Krasnyi Kavkaz.
166715: JERZY N. KOSINSKI - Passion Play.
197016: JERZY MOSCINSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Brytyjski pancernik HMS Malaya the British battleship Queen Elizabeth Class Part IV.
154947: JERZY B CYNK - P.Z.L.P.37 Los.
112532: JERZY NEYMAN - The Heritage of Copernicus: Theories Pleasing to the Mind.
197022: JERZY MOSCINSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Niemiecki ciezki krazownik Admiral Hipper The German Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper Class.
188641: JESSE JAMES FELDMAN - Jacob's Trail-The Legend of Jacob Waltz's Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.
204750: JESSE VENTURA - Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto.
137418: JESSE MCDONALD - Pablo Picasso.
127579: JESSE D. JENNINGS - Ancient Native Americans.
206547: JESSE ZIEGLER - Riding Through Life with Bud Colbow.
130355: JESSE SHEIDFLOWER - The F-Word.
206910: JESSE GLENN BODYAN - Skull Riders and Blue Hands.
77748: JESSE DAVID HOLLINGTON - Ipod and Itunes Portable Genius.
195038: JESSE VENTURA,RICHARD MCGREGOR - The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers.
199580: JESSICA STERN - The Ultimate Terrorists.
137360: JESSICA SPEART - Winged Obsession: The Pursuit of the World's Most Notorious Butterfly Smuggler.
143326: JESSICA WOLFE - Humanism, Machinery, And Renaissance Literature.
168780: JESSICA MANN - Out of Harm's Way.
154598: JESSICA WARNER - Craze: Gin and Debauchery in an Age of Reason.
198767: JESSICA VALENTI - Sex Object: A Memoir.
208183: JESSICA BENJAMIN - The Bonds of Love: Psychoanalysis, Feminism, & the Problem of Domination.
140101: JESSICA STERN - Terror in the Name of God : Why Religious Militants Kill.
209122: JESSICA VALENTI - Sex Object: A Memoir.
201162: JESSICA STERN - Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill.
160044: JESSIE LOUISE BEATTIE - The Log-Line: The Adventures of a Great Sailing Captain.
181867: JESSIE LOUISE BEATTIE - A Walk through Yesterday: Memoirs of Jessie L. Beattie.
162355: JESSIE L. BEATTIE - A Season Past: Reminiscences of a Rural Canadian Childhood.
202377: JESUS SEMINAR - The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus.
143109: JETSKE IRONSIDE - Spaces & Places, Eight Decades of Landscape Painting in Alberta.
102942: JETSKE SYBESMA - Lines of Sight 2003 / Confluent Visual Cultures at the University of Alberta.
209282: JETZE TOUBER - Law, Medicine, and Engineering in the Cult of the Saints in Counter-Reformation Rome: The Hagiographical Works of Antonio Gallonio, 1556-1605 (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions).
181434: JEWEL PALOVAK,TIMOTHY TREADWELL - Among Grizzlies: Living With Wild Bears in Alaska.
191456: JID LEE - To Kill a Tiger: A Memoir of Korea.
148076: JIE PEI ZHU - Yamamoto (Chinese Edition).
206312: JIEUN BAEK - North Korea's Hidden Revolution: How the Information Underground Is Transforming a Closed Society.
208437: JIGME LINGPA,TUKLU THONDUP RINPOCHE - Steps to the Great Perfection.
208325: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - I'll Never Marry a Farmer: Lois Hole on Life, Learning & Vegetable Gardening.
142353: JILL LEVER - Architects' Designs for Furniture.
193933: JILL MASON - The Hare.
214185: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - I'll Never Marry a Farmer: Lois Hole on Life, Learning & Vegetable Gardening.
194970: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Perennial Favorites.
92050: JILL ROBERTS - Finders A Century of Fossil Hunting in Alberta.
157201: JILL FREDSTON - Snowstruck: In the Grip of Avalanches.
193511: JILL BOLTE TAYLOR - My Stroke of Insight A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey.
163227: JILL E OAKES,JUDY HALL,SALLY QIMMIU'NAAQ WEBSTER - Sanatujut: Pride in Women's Work : Copper and Caribou Inuit Clothing Traditions.
202416: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Herbs and Edible Flowers : Gardening for the Kitchen.
212331: JILL DOWNIE - Storming the Castle: The World of Dora and the Duchess.
136213: JILL ALLIBONE - Anthony Salvin: Pioneer of Gothic Revival Architecture, 1799-1881.
204949: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Vegetable Favorites.
167721: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - I'll Never Marry a Farmer: Lois Hole on Life, Learning & Vegetable Gardening.
194739: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Tomato Favorites: Share Lois's Tomato Facts and Folklore.
181080: JILL PATON WALSH - The Late Scholar.
128676: JILL SHEFRIN - Fables and Other Short Poems.
214681: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Vegetable Favorites.
214964: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Northern Flower Gardening - Bedding Plants.
136188: JILL BOLTE TAYLOR - My Stroke of Insight A Brain Scientist's Perosonal Journey.
118922: JILL FALLIS,LARRY G. JACOBSEN - Leaning into the Wind: Memoirs of an Immigrant Prairie Farm Boy.
203736: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Tomato Favorites: Share Lois's Tomato Facts and Folklore.
116024: JILL M. ROBINSON - Seas of Earth: An Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Literature as It Relates to the Environment.
127281: JILL R. WEBSTER - Els Menorets: The Franciscans in the Realms of Aragon from st Francis to the Black Death.
214076: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Perennial Favorites.
188658: JILL NOVACK LYNCH,KATHLEEN MCDONOUGH,LYNN DOWNEY - This Is a Pair of Levi's Jeans: The Official History of the Levi's Brand.
194578: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Northern Flower Gardening Bedding Plants : A Guide for Cooler Climates.
211151: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Perennial Favorites.
206764: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Northern Flower Gardening Perennial Favorites.
190463: JILL DOWNIE - Storming the Castle: The World of Dora and the Duchess.
123334: JILL SILSBY - Inland Birds of Saudi Arabia.
208849: JILL D SWEET - Dances of the Tewa Pueblo Indians: Expressions of New Life, Second Edition (Paperback).
147955: JILL FALLIS,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Rose Favorites: 148 Roses for Scent and Splendor.
196451: JILLIAN SCOTT MCINTOSH,LEWIS VAUGHN - Writing Philosophy: A Guide for Canadian Students, Canadian Edition.
127132: JILLIAN CAVANAUGH - Living Memory: The Social Aesthetics of Language in a Northern Italian Town (Wiley Blackwell Studies in Discourse and Culture).
207160: JILLIAN SCOTT MCINTOSH,LEWIS VAUGHN - Writing Philosophy: A Guide for Canadian Students, Canadian Edition.
193553: JIM LACEY - The First Clash: The Miraculous Greek Victory at Marathon and Its Impact on Western Civilization.
164280: JIM MESKO - Hummer: Humvee in Action (ARMOR).
188635: JIM CARRIER - The Ship and the Storm: Hurricane Mitch and the Loss of the Fantome.
195658: JIM GOODALL - B-2 Spirit In Action.
164970: JIM FOREST - Living With Wisdom: A Life of Thomas Merton.
86511: JIM CALDER,V. MAMNGUQSUALUK - Keeveeok Awake : Mamnguqsualuk & the Rebirth of Legend at Baker Lake (Boreal Institute for Northern Studies: Occasional Publication ).
163394: JIM HOLE,LOIS HOLE - Roses: Practical Advice and the Science Behind It (Question & Answer Series, 3).
197222: JIM MESKO - M2/M3 Bradley in Action.
203591: JIM HOLE - What Grows Here? Indoors.
204375: JIM AL-KHALILI - Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Physics.
215080: JIM WALLACE - A Trying Time: The North-West Mounted Police in the 1885 Rebellion.
215092: JIM HOPE - Those Beautiful 'C' Liners: A Photo Album of 'C' Liners in British Columbia.
215105: JIM COPPERMAN - Everything Shuswap: A Geographic Handbook, Volume 1.
85710: JIM NICOLL - The Poetry and Prose of Jim Nicoll.
215022: JIM RIKHOFF - Hunting The World's Mountains Volume II.
204601: JIM POLING SR. - Tecumseh: Shooting Star, Crouching Panther.
212930: JIM HOLT - Why Does the World Exist? – An Existential Detective Story.
170976: JIM SULLIVAN - F 6 F Hellcat in Action.
165590: JIM HOLE - What Grows Here? Indoors.
214637: JIM MARRS - The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America.
197902: JIM ARNDT - Art of the Buckle.
136636: JIM POLING - The Canoe An Illustrated History.
206372: JIM B TUCKER - Life Before Life A Scientific Investigation of Childrens Memories of Previous Lives.
208086: JIM TAYLOR - Wayne Gretzky: The Authorized Pictorial Biography.
196991: JIM KRAUSE - Type Idea Index: The Designer's Ultimate Tool for Choosing and Using Fonts Creatively.
110481: JIM RISING,TRUDY L. RISING - Canadian Songbirds and Their Ways.
137554: JIM TAYLOR,RICK HANSEN - Rick Hansen: Man in Motion.
181433: JIM WINCHESTER - Modern Military Aircraft.
A02006: JIM CRACE - Six.
187829: JIM COLLINS - Film Theory Goes to the Movies (AFI Film Readers).
204588: JIM AL-KHALILI - Quantum : A Guide for the Perplexed.
194390: JIM BUTLER - Alberta Wild Life Viewing Guide (Wildlife Viewing Guides).
180131: JIM RIKHOFF - Fair Chase.
101673: JIM GOODALL - F-117 Stealth in Action (Aircraft in Action).
202915: JIM WOODRING - The Frank Book.
212661: JIM MORONEY - The New Bridge.
105807: JIM MCGUGAN - Josepha.
169076: JIM LANG - Papa X-Ray.
195757: JIM BLATHERWISK - HMCS Discovery 60 Years on Deadman's Island 1943 to 2003.
150303: JIM GIBBS - West Coast Windjammers : In Story and Pictures.
188146: JIM LOTZ,KEITH MACKENZIE - Railways of Canada.
167771: JIM TAYLOR,WALTER GRETZKY - Gretzky: From Back Yard Rink to the Stanley Cup.
185701: JIM SULLIVAN - F4U Corsair in Action.
199465: JIM DEFEDE - The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland.
208240: JIM MARRS - Rule by Secrecy: Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids, The.
151299: JIM LOTZ - Canadian Pacific.
167171: JIM CHRISTY - Strange Sites: Uncommon Homes & Gardens of the Pacific Northwest.
186089: JIM MESKO - M3 Half-Track in Action.
136495: JIM MESKO - Ground War Desert Storm.
201290: JIM MESKO - M551 Sheridan in Action.
121610: JIM MCLOUGHLIN,JOHN BRUNING - One Common Enemy: The Laconia Incident a Survivor's Memoir.
119490: JIM CRACE - Six.
163418: JIM MESKO - M1 Abrams in Action.
158531: JIM MORONEY - The New Bridge.
135862: JIM DEFELICE - Rangers at Dieppe.
188304: JIM HOLE - What Grows Here? Volume 1: Locations.
R02542: JIM BUTLER - Dialog with a Frog on a Log (SIGNED).
200118: JIM MAAS - F2A Buffalo in Action.
204512: JIM BABALA - The Arizona Desert King and I.
188854: JIM KJELDSEN - The Mountaineers: A History.
124067: JIM F. C. WRIGHT - All Clear, Canada.
206903: JIM WELLMAN - The Deadly Sea: Life and Death on the Atlantic.
213377: JIM R.SALT,W. RAY SALT - The Birds of Alberta.
051288: JIM MCGUGAN - Josepha.
208759: JIM R.SALT,W. RAY SALT - The Birds of Alberta.
180370: JIM HOLE,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Favorite Bulbs: Better Choices, Better Gardens.
97028: JIM SLOMINSKI - The Wind Is a Tall Man Striding.
204577: JIM DAVIS - We Remember...Pete Knight.
149647: JIM SULLIVAN - F4U Corsair in Action.
185257: JIM AL-KHALILI - Pathfinders: The Golden Age Of Arabic Science.
210216: JIM LACEY - The First Clash: The Miraculous Greek Victory at Marathon and Its Impact on Western Civilization.
162484: JIM CARPENTER - Reports on the Last Indian Battle Project #15.
214603: JIM REYNOLDS - Aboriginal Peoples and the Law: A Critical Introduction.
137946: JIM MOCHORUK - Formidable Heritage: Manitoba's North And the Cost of Development.
212676: JIM HARDING - Canada's Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System.
199436: JIM WADDINGTON - In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven.
177110: JIM HOLE - What Grows Here?: Favorite Plants for Better Yards Problems Volume 2.
180200: JIM COLLINS - Uncommon Cultures: Popular Culture and Post-Modernism.
U00301: JIM NICOLL - Jim Nicoll: Paintings and Poetry.
162282: JIM LOTZ,KEITH MACKENZIE - Railways of Canada.
179360: JIM BROWN - Hubbard: The Forgotten Boeing Aviator.
166964: JIM RING - Storming the Eagle's Nest: Hitler's War in The Alps.
188034: JIM HOLE,LOIS HOLE - Bedding Plants: Practical Advice and the Science Behind It.
110640: JIM POLING - Waking Nanabijou: Uncovering a Secret Past.
162249: JIM NELSON - Bear Encounters Tales from the Wild Side.
152708: JIM MANN - Pioneer History of Penhold (Alberta, Canada).
149639: JIM SULLIVAN - F4U Corsair in Action.
91115: JIM SULLIVAN - Bent and Battered Wings: USN-USMC Damaged Aircraft 1943-1953.
187401: JIM KINNEAR,STEVEN J. ZALOGA - Soviet Tanks of the Great Patriotic War.
91909: JIM MESKO - F3H Demon in Action.
210144: JIM SAMSON - Chopin (Master Musicians Series).
194429: JIM KJELDSEN - The Mountaineers: A History.
211126: JIM MESKO - M8/M20 Armored Cars Walk Around Book.
204869: JIM FOREST - All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day.
214075: JIM HOLE,LOIS HOLE - Lois Hole's Favorite Bulbs: Better Choices, Better Gardens.
188312: JIM JENNINGS - Qua Quei or How the Buffalo Were Saved.
128490: JIM WINCHESTER,ROBERT JACKSON - Dog Fight - Air Combat Adversaries - Head to Head.
199816: JIM MCDOWELL - Father August Brabant: Saviour or Scourge?.
163022: JIM MESKO - B-57 Canberra in Action.
A02535: JIM GREEN - Beyond Here.
208120: JIM COBB - Prepper's Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary.
212122: JIM R.SALT,W. RAY SALT - The Birds of Alberta.
211496: JIM STOODLEY - Jim Stoodley's Uncensored Private War An Autobiography.
209462: JIM LEACH - Film in Canada.
184446: JIM TRELIVING - Decisions: Making The Right Ones, Righting The Wrong Ones.
208501: JIM HENKE - The Jim Morrison Scrapbook.
206142: JIM MARRS - Population Control: How Corporate Owners are Killing Us.
209108: JIM HOLT - Why Does the World Exist? – An Existential Detective Story.
209557: JIM GIBBS - Pacific Square Riggers: Pictorial History of the Great Windships of Yesteryear.
109184: JIM KEMP - Victorian Revival in Interior Design.
63642: JIM DAVIS - We Remember...Peter Knight.
174062: JIM SULLIVAN - F-8 Crusader in Action.
101869: JIM GOODALL - Ohio-Class Submarine.
204519: JIM WINCHESTER - Military Aircraft of the Cold War - the Aviation Factfile.
214074: JIM HOLE - What Grows Here? Problems: Favorite Plants for Better Yards.
198572: JIM HABERL - K2 : Dreams and Reality.
212355: JIM R.SALT,W. RAY SALT - The Birds of Alberta.
212563: JIM MESKO - M3 Half-Tracks in Action (Armour in Action).
212565: JIM HOLE - What Grows Here? Problems: Favorite Plants for Better Yards.
212566: JIM HOLE - What Grows Here? Locations: Favorite Plants for Better Yards.
212990: JIM BUTLER - Path through the Forest.
170158: JIMBO MATISON - So Crazy Japanese Toys! : Live-Action TV Show Toys from the 1960s to Now.
113117: JIMMIE LEWIS FRANKLIN - Born Sober: Prohibition in Oklahoma, 1907-59.
202296: JIMMY WEBB - Tunesmith.
208090: JIMMY CARTER - Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President.
152092: JIRI RAJLICH - Czechoslovak Spitfires in Detail - the History of Czechoslovak Spitfire LF.Mk.IXE from 1945 to Present - History Profile Line No. 2.
213117: JIRO MURAI,MARY BURMEISTER - Jin Shin Jyutsu Is. Know Myself it is. Cosmic Artless Art to Know (help) Myself Physio-Philosophy (Nature-the Effortless Reality): Book 2: Mankind's Safety" Energy Locks and Keys Basic Daily Tension Stress Releases for Myself.
211352: JITENDRA NATH MOHANTY - Classical Indian Philosophy: An Introductory Text (Philosophy and the Global Context).
181274: JO-ANNE CHRISTENSEN - Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan.
184910: JO DURDEN SMITH - Mafia the Complete History of a Criminal World.
209339: JO BATH,JOHN NEWTON - Witchcraft and the Act of 1604 (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions).
180221: JO MARCHANT - The Shadow King: The Bizarre Afterlife of King Tut's Mummy.
188549: JO MARSHALL - Glass Source Book.
203111: JO REGER - Everywhere and Nowhere: The State of Contemporary Feminism in the United States.
191483: JO-ANN SHELTON - As the Romans Did: Sourcebook in Roman Social History.
210236: JO STEFFENS - Unpacking My Library – Architects and Their Books.
193927: JO ANN KAY MCNAMARA - Sisters in Arms - Catholic Nuns Through Two Millennia.
182446: JO A. CREORE - Snow Camping: The Complete Guide to Enjoying the Back Country.
142404: JO VELLACOTT - From Liberal to Labour With Women's Suffrage: The Story of Catherine Marshall.
204136: JO-ANN MARVIN - Schaeffer creek Campsite ( MIV m-6) A possible cold season site in Southwestern old crow Flats.
135801: JO SELF - Flowers.
206953: JO NESBO - The Snowman (Movie Tie-In Edition) (Harry Hole Series).
213714: JO-ANN SHELTON - As the Romans Did: A Sourcebook in Roman Social History.
190765: JOACHIM C. FEST,JOACHIM FEST - Speer: The Final Verdict.
149113: JOACHIM DRESSEL,MANFRED GRIEHL - Luftwaffe Combat Aircraft: Development, Production, Operations 1935-1945.
101063: JOACHIM DRESSEL,MANFRED GREIHL - Bombers of the Luftwaffe.
179586: JOACHIM HOFFMANN - Stalin's War of Extermination, 1941-1945: Planning, Realization and Documentation.
100557: JOACHIM DRESSEL,MANFRED GRIEHL - German Heavy Bombers: Do 19, Fw 200, He 177, He 274, Ju 89, Ju 290, Me 264 and Others.
125085: JOACHIM FEST - Albert Speer: Conversations With Hitler's Architect.
197981: JOACHIM RADKAU - Nature and Power: A Global History of the Environment: 0 (Publications of the German Historical Institute).
102760: JOACHIM DRESSEL - Stuka! (Warbirds fotofax).
65212: JOACHIM ENGELMANN - Deutsche Schwere Morser.
210149: JOAN MURRAY - The Best of the Group of Seven.
184193: JOAN MURRAY - Origins of Abstraction in Ontario: The Abstracts at Home Show, 1953.
130978: JOAN BARFOOT - Dancing in the Dark.
141018: JOAN ITOH BURK - One Chrysanthemum (SIGNED).
112663: JOAN MIRO,MAX BILL - Wassily Kandinsky.
100807: JOAN SHERWOOD - Poverty in Eighteenth-Century Spain: The Woman and Children of the Inclusa.
172161: JOAN DIXON,TRACEY READ - Celebrating the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede: The Story of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.
115309: JOAN MICHENER ROHR - Memories of a Governor General's Daughter.
192124: JOAN FINNIGAN - Giants of Canada's Ottawa Valley.
194239: JOAN AND GLEN CARLSON - New Shoots from Old Roots.
106249: JOAN DUNNING - The Loon: Voice of the Wilderness.
108986: JOAN MURRAY - Twelve Canadian Artists: The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.
214950: JOAN WARD-HARRISS - More Than Meets the Eye : The Life and Lore of Western Wildflowers.
165466: JOAN ABSE - John Ruskin: A Passionate Moralist.
142858: JOAN HIND-SMITH - Three Voices :The Lives of Margaret Laurence, Gabrielle Roy, Frederick Philip Grove.
107900: JOAN SUTHERLAND BOGGS - The National Gallery of Canada.
186110: JOAN CLARK - Latitudes of Melt: A Novel.
123431: JOAN GIVNER - Mazo De LA Roche: The Hidden Life.
194159: JOAN MURRAY - Canadian Artists of the Second World War.
110442: JOAN STEBBINS - Points North.
92086: JOAN DIDION - A Book of Common Prayer.
203362: JOAN DIDION - South and West: From a Notebook.
152447: JOAN FINNIGAN - Tallying the Tales of the Oldtimers.
130772: JOAN BLAEU - Atlas Major Hispania Portugallia Africa and America.
U00706: JOAN LIVERSIDGE - Britain in the Roman EMpire.
96255: JOAN RYAN - Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the Fifth Annual Congress, 1978 No. 62.
213963: JOAN MURRAY - Beginning of Vision: The Drawings of Lawren Harris.
213400: JOAN M. JENSEN - One Foot on the Rockies (Calvin P. Horn Lectures in Western History and Culture).
111632: JOAN M. JENSEN - Loosening the Bonds: Mid-Atlantic Farm Women, 1750-1850.
174624: JOAN MURRAY - Best Contemporary Canadian Art.
184182: JOAN MURRAY - Alma Duncan and Men at Work 1943 to 1986.
186329: JOAN DONALDSON-YARMEY - Backroads of Southern Alberta.
184092: JOAN EVANS - A History of the Society of Antiquaries.
190133: JOAN CLARK - From a High Thin Wire.
214630: JOAN SANGSTER - One Hundred Years of Struggle: The History of Women and the Vote in Canada (Women's Suffrage and the Struggle for Democracy).
206736: JOAN DONALDSON-YARMEY - Backroads of Northern Alberta.
111915: JOAN STEBBINS - Ron Shuebrook Reliefs and Drawings.
204008: JOAN M. FRAYN - Subsistence Farming in Roman Italy.
186570: JOAN MURRAY - Home Truths: Celebration of Family Life by Canada's Best-Loved Painters.
077604: JOAN BORSA - four figurative artists from ontario.
136355: JOAN DIXON - Roberta Bodnar : The Exceptional Achievements of Canada's First Woman Astronaut.
112780: JOAN MURRAY - Isabel McLaughlin: Recollections.
192063: JOAN CLARK - An Audience of Chairs.
A01277: JOAN BARFOOT - Plain Jane.
174220: JOAN FINNIGAN - This Series Has Been Discontinued (Fiddlehead poetry books).
A01279: JOAN BARFOOT - Plain Jane (SIGNED).
174650: JOAN CARPENTER TROCCOLI - First Artist of the West George Catlin Paintings and Watercolors from the Collection of Gilcrease Museum.
131241: JOAN STEBBINS - The Magical World of Elisabeth Hopkins.
174251: JOAN CRATE - Pale As Real Ladies: Poems for Pauline Johnson.
211490: JOAN SANGSTER - One Hundred Years of Struggle: The History of Women and the Vote in Canada (Women's Suffrage and the Struggle for Democracy).
A01141: JOAN BARFOOT - Duet for Three (SIGNED).
102312: JOAN CLARK - An Audience of Chairs.
122143: JOAN SHERWOOD - Infection of the Innocents: Wet Nurses, Infants, and Syphilis in France, 1780-1900.
A01967: JOAN CLARK - Eiriksdottir: A Tale of Dreams and Luck A Novel.
184467: JOAN M. VASTOKAS - Dialogues of Reconciliation: The Imagination of Tony Urquhart.
190752: JOAN GIVNER - Unfortunate incidents.
135822: JOAN MURRAY - Tom Thomson: Design for a Canadian Hero.
124186: JOAN SUTHERLAND BOGGS - The National Gallery of Canada.
183495: JOAN GIVNER - Scenes from Provincial Life: Stories.
126848: JOAN FERN SHAW - The Next Flamingo.
126908: JOAN FERN SHAW - Managing Just Fine.
183442: JOAN GIVNER - Unfortunate incidents.
116742: JOAN MURRAY - The Art of Tom Thomson.
204345: JOAN MARIE GALAT - Day Trips from Edmonton (Best of Alberta).
206996: JOAN DONALDSON-YARMEY - 50 Personal WW II Stories.
180446: JOAN C. CHRISLER - Variations on a Theme: Diversity and the Psychology of Women (S U N Y Series in the Psychology of Women).
A01142: JOAN BARFOOT - Some Things about Flying (SIGNED).
A01224: JOAN BARFOOT - Getting Over Edgar (SIGNED).
174721: JOAN BARTHEL,ROSEMARY CLOONEY - Girl Singer: An Autobiography.
198205: JOAN THIRSK,P R COSS,T H ASTON,CHRISTOPHER DYER - Social Relations and Ideas: Essays in Honour of R. H. Hilton (Past and Present Publications).
191995: JOAN MURRAY - Northern Lights Masterpieces of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.
209900: JOAN GRIERSON - For the Record: The First Women in Canadian Architecture.
206836: JOAN DONALDSON-YARMEY - Backroads of Northern Alberta.
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209801: JOHN M. ADAMS - The Millionaire and the Mummies: Theodore Davis’s Gilded Age in the Valley of the Kings.
201089: JOHN WILLIAMSON - The Oak King, the Holly King and the Unicorn: Myths and Symbolism of the Unicorn Tapestries.
204132: JOHN A. FLEMING - Canadian Folk Art to 1950.
131832: JOHN GOSSAGE - Dance Card Vol 2.
200036: JOHN METCALF - Kicking Against the Pricks.
196298: JOHN LOENGARD - Image and Imagination: Georgia O'keeffe by John Loengard.
204489: JOHN MARTEINSON - The Governor General's Horse Guards: Second to None.
147510: JOHN VAILLANT - The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness and Greed.
115210: JOHN W. RYAN - Where the Wind Carries Me--: The Life and Art of Judith Ryan.
208778: JOHN G STELFOX - Rambling thoughts of a Wandering Fellow 1903-1968.
161312: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume XVI: Plays: King Arthur, Cleomenes, Love Triumphant, and The Secular Masque and Other Contributions to The Pilgrim.
121069: JOHN A LONG - Palaeozoic Vertebrate Biostratigraphy and Biogeography.
204102: JOHN GRIFFIN - A Waltz on Stone.
141154: JOHN MCCORMACK - A Friend of the Flock: Tales of a Country Veterinarian.
158410: JOHN CALVIN REID - Bird Life In Wington.
196452: JOHN HERSEY - A Bell for Adano.
196455: JOHN PREBBLE - Glencoe and Culloden.
87835: JOHN SALLIS - Topographies.
2000001: JOHN MCDOUGALL - Opening the Great West: Experiences of a Missionary in 1875 -76.
211475: JOHN LOCKE - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke).
210229: JOHN BIERHORST - The Mythology of North America.
161723: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of John Dryden, Volume VII: Poems, 1697-1700 (Works of John Dryden).
199369: JOHN A. KUMISKI - Flyrodding Florida Salt: How and Where to Catch Saltwater Fish on Flies in the Sunshine State.
168638: JOHN YOW,WYLAND - Wyland: 25 Years at Sea.
196599: JOHN KEAY - India A History, 2 Volumes.
170628: JOHN PRIGENT,RODRIGO HERNANDEZ CABOS - Panzerkampfwagen III (Modelling Manuals).
127121: JOHN LEWIS - John Nash: The Painter as Illustrator.
118443: JOHN MELADY - Pilots: Canadian Stories from the Cockpit.
153964: JOHN CALAM - Alex Lord's British Columbia: Recollections of a Rural School Inspector, 1915-1936.
143576: JOHN DOMINIC CROSSAN,JONATHAN L. REED - In Search of Paul: How Jesus's Apostle Opposed Rome's Empire with God's Kingdom.
201244: JOHN WEITZ - Hitler's Banker.
178942: JOHN RUSKIN - The Winnington Letters, John Ruskin's Correspondence with Margaret Alexis Bell and the Children at Winnington Hall.
109318: JOHN MILTON - Areopagitica and Other Political Writings of John Milton.
214902: JOHN HAYNES - Haynes Chevrolet and GMC S10 & S-15 Pickups' Workshop Manual, 1982-1993 (Haynes Manuals).
208414: JOHN STEVENS - Encounters:Early Images of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples From the Library Collections of the Geological Survey of Canada.
212090: JOHN ACORN - Butterflies of Alberta (Lone Pine Field Guide).
154031: JOHN KEEGAN - Winston Churchill: A Penguin Life.
139496: JOHN WALLER - Gordon of Khartoum: The Saga of a Victorian Hero.
182896: JOHN MASSEY - John Massey.
126770: JOHN D. ARNUP - Middleton: The Beloved Judge.
107402: JOHN L. OFFNER - An Unwanted War: The Diplomacy of the United States and Spain over Cuba, 1895-1898.
137373: JOHN H. BURGESS - Doctor to the North: Thirty Years Treating Heart Disease Among the Inuit.
160158: JOHN SCHMIDT - This Was No Picnic 2.4 Years of Wild and Woolly Mayhem in Dawson Creek.
153398: JOHN KENNETH ESLER,SUSAN FORD - 35 Years and 15 Minutes: Prints By John Kenneth Esler.
111455: JOHN O'HARA - Sermons and Soda-Water.
194549: JOHN L. FOSTER,LEWIS H. THOMAS - The Developing West : Essays on Canadian History in Honour of Lewis H. Thomas.
112184: JOHN GAY - The Beggar's Opera, to Which is Added the Music to Each Song.
209737: JOHN STECKLEY - White Lies About the Inuit (Teaching Culture: UTP Ethnographies for the Classroom).
161929: JOHN A. NAGL - Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam.
179174: JOHN WILSON - A New Introduction to Moral Education (Cassell Education Series).
206023: JOHN ROGERS - Dungeons and Dragons: First Encounters.
160004: JOHN RALSTON SAUL - The Doubter's Companion : A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense.
170702: JOHN COLAPINTO - As Nature Made Him : The Boy Who Was Raised As a Girl.
212415: JOHN D. HOSLER - The Siege of Acre, 1189–1191 – Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Battle That Decided the Third Crusade.
211884: JOHN P. DOURLEY - Love, Celibacy and the Inner Marriage (Studies in Jungian Psychology).
214679: JOHN CRAIG - The Long Return.
161632: JOHN MELADY - Pearson's Prize Canada and the Suez Crisis.
208940: JOHN WICHT YATES-BENYON - Lawrence Green: memories of a friendship.
208459: JOHN SZARKOWSKI,MARIA MORRIS HAMBOURG - The Work of Atget: The Art of Old Paris (Volume II).
208460: JOHN SZARKOWSKI - Atget.
A02552: JOHN ELIOT ALLEN,MARJORIE BURNS,SAMUEL C. SARGENT - Cataclysms on the Columbia: A Layman's Guide to the Features Produced by the Catastrophic Bretz Floods in the Pacific Northwest.

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