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187750: FORSTER ROY - Woodland Garden.
169435: FORT GARRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Fort Garry Remembered.
213647: FORT PITT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Fort Pitt History Unfolding 1829-1985, History of the Hudson Bay Post and the School Districts of: White Eagle, Rock Bottom, Harlan, Onion Lake, Frenchman Butte, Fort Pitt.
204974: FORT MCMURRAY LOCAL - Mark of the Metis: Traditional Knowledge and Stories of the Metis People of Northeastern Alberta.
208288: FORT MCLEOD HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - Fort MacLeod - Our Colourful Past II.
111153: FOUAD AJAMI - The Foreigner's Gift: The Americans, the Arabs, and the Iraqis in Iraq.
211909: FOUNDATION FOR INNER PEACE - Concordance of A Course in Miracles.
193829: FR. THEOPHANES CONSTANTINE - The Spiritual Road of Repentance.
155935: FRéDéRIC BOILY,JULIAN CASTRO-REA - Le fédéralisme selon Harper : la place du Québec dans le Canada conservateur.
153608: FRAIDIE MARTZ - Open Your Hearts: The Story of the Jewish War Orphans in Canada.
198529: FRAN GAGE,MICHAEL RECCHIUTI - Chocolate Obsession: Confections and Treats to Create and Savor.
199822: FRAN BARNES - Canyon Country: Prehistoric Rock Art.
176386: FRAN MASON - Historical Dictionary of Postmodernist Literature and Theater (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts).
185973: FRAN DOEL,GEOFF DOEL,TERRY LLOYD - Worlds of Arthur: King Arthur in History, Legend & Culture.
U00413: FRAN MOORE,WINNIE MOORE - Across the Smoky.
198144: FRANçOIS CROUZET - The First Industrialists: The Problem of Origins.
184690: FRANCA IACOVETTA - Such Hardworking People: Italian Immigrants in Postwar Toronto.
202539: FRANCE LEVASSEUR-OUIMET - Leo Piquette a struggle for Francophine rights in Alberta.
136306: FRANCE V. SCHOLES,RALPH L. ROYS - The Maya Chontal Indians of Acalan-Tixchel.
111009: FRANCE GASCON,JOSEE BELISLE,LOUISE LETOCHA - Dix Ans de Propositions Geometriques: Le Quebec, 1955-1965.
212089: FRANCE ROYER,RICHARD DICKINSON - Plants of Alberta: Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, Ferns, Aquatic Plants & Grasses.
192030: FRANCES RIDLEY HAVERGAL - Life Mosaic the Ministry of Song and Under the Surface.
192301: FRANCES GIES,JOSEPH GIES - Life in a Medieval Castle.
129418: FRANCES SWYRIPA - Wedded to the Cause : Ukrainian-Canadian Women and Ethnic Identity.
142698: FRANCES H. STEINER - French Iron Architecture.
212928: FRANCES FRASER,HUGH DEMPSEY - Bear Who Stole the Chinook : Tales From the Blackfoot.
102149: FRANCES GIES,JOSEPH GIES - Life in a Medieval Village.
172080: FRANCES MAYES - Under the Tuscan Sun.
185093: FRANCES BURNETT - A Little Princess.
180606: FRANCES BACKHOUSE - Women of the Klondike.
167928: FRANCES KLATZEL - Natural history handbook for the wild side of Everest: The Eastern Himalaya and Makalu-Barun area : a concise guide to trees, shrubs, birds, and mammals.
118469: FRANCES MAYES - Bella Tuscany : The Sweet Life in Italy.
126972: FRANCES ITANI - Pack Ice.
187373: FRANCES SPALDING - Magnificent dreams: Burne-Jones and the late Victorians.
114725: FRANCES TREANOR - Vibrant Flower Painting.
148998: FRANCES ASHCROFT - Life at the Extremes.
A00694: FRANCES FYFIELD - Staring at the Light (SIGNED).
144524: FRANCES STONOR SAUNDERS - The Devil's Broker : Seeking Gold, God, and Glory in Fourteenth-Century Italy.
194982: FRANCES K. JEAN - More Than Oil Trappers, Traders & Settlers of Northern Alberta.
87080: FRANCES WEAVER - The Girls With the Grandmother Faces: A Celebration of Life's Potential for Those over 55.
191420: FRANCES WILSON - How to Survive the Titanic.
133405: FRANCES GIES - Joan of Arc: The Legend and the Reality.
189144: FRANCES GIES,JOSEPH GIES - A Medieval Family: The Pastons of Fifteenth-Century England.
U00882: FRANCES ITANI - Deafening (SIGNED).
131948: FRANCES KERSHAW - Bobbie and Birdie: Or, Our Lady's Picture.
126245: FRANCES WOOD - Did Marco Polo Go to China?.
129698: FRANCES K. POHL - In the Eye of the Storm: An Art of Conscience 1930-1970 Selections from the Collection of Philip J. & Suzanne Schiller.
132119: FRANCES THOMAS - Golden Moments in the Memory of a Town: Hope, British Columbia, 1929-1979.
206358: FRANCES SWYRIPA - Ukrainian Canadians: A Survey of Their Portrayal in English Language Works.
126937: FRANCES ITANI - Truth or Lies.
191956: FRANCES DONALDSON - P.G.Wodehouse, The Authorized Biography.
133874: FRANCES WOOD,SANPING CHEN,VICTOR H. MAIR - Chinese Lives: The People Who Made a Civilization.
208144: FRANCES A. YATES - The French Academies of the Sixteenth Century.
207126: FRANCES GIES,JOSEPH GIES - Life in a Medieval Castle.
127246: FRANCES W. KAYE,MARK KEARNEY - Hiding the Audience: Viewing Arts & Arts Institutions on the Prairies.
207125: FRANCES GIES,JOSEPH GIES - Life in a Medieval City.
202914: FRANCES HILL - The Salem Witch Trials Reader.
187029: FRANCES BROOKE - The History of Emily Montague.
121071: FRANCES ITANI - Deafening (SIGNED).
207055: FRANCES STONOR SAUNDERS - The Devil's Broker: Seeking Gold, God, And Glory in 14th Century Italy.
206552: FRANCES BACKHOUSE - Once They Were Hats.
214093: FRANCES SWYRIPA - Storied Landscapes: Ethno-Religious Identity and the Canadian Prairies (Studies in Immigration and Culture).
194851: FRANCES ANDERSON,TERRY JAMES - In Praise of Oxen.
154118: FRANCES STONOR SAUNDERS - The Devil's Broker Seeking Gold God and Glory in Fourteenth Century Italy.
176628: FRANCES GIES,JOSEPH GIES - Life in a Medieval City.
197449: FRANCES ELMA GILLESPIE - On Stormy Seas, The Triumphs and Torments of Captain George Vancouver.
185892: FRANCES GIES,JOSEPH GIES - Daily Life in Medieval Times.
213811: FRANCESCA GINO - Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life.
98068: FRANCESCA M. WILSON - Muscovy:Russia through Foreign Eyes, 1553-1900: Russia through Foreign Eyes, 1553-1900.
179888: FRANCESCA BORRI - Syrian Dust: Reporting from the Heart of the War.
155862: FRANCESCO LORIGGIO - The Last Effort of Dreams: Essays on the Poetry of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco.
107685: FRANCESCO SCAVULLO - Scavullo: Photographs 50 Years.
128459: FRANCESS HAWLEY SEYSSEL - Chinese Folk Designs: A Collection of 300 Cut-Paper Designs Used for Embroidery Together With 160 Chinese Art Symbols and Their Meanings.
110600: FRANCESS G. HALPENNY - Dictionary of Canadian Biography: 1821 To 1835.
123428: FRANCINE PROSE,JOHN SINGER SARGENT - The Lives of the Muses: Nine Women & the Artists They Inspired.
212466: FRANCINE PROSE,KAREN FINLEY - Master Breasts.
127997: FRANCINE SAILLANT,SERGE GENEST - Anthropologie Medicale.
183784: FRANCIS MINEKA,JOHN STUART MILL - Collected Works of John Stuart Mill: The Earlier Letters, 1812-1848.
203432: FRANCIS L. M'CLINTOCK - A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions: The Voyage of the 'Fox' in the Arctic Seas.
108240: FRANCIS FIKE - Underbrush.
209561: FRANCIS CROSBY - The Luftwaffe in World War II: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War).
214270: FRANCIS K. SMITH - Andre Bieler in Rural Quebec.
214098: FRANCIS JEFFRY PELLETIER - Kinds, Things, and Stuff: Mass Terms and Generics (New Directions in Cognitive Science).
110271: FRANCIS HARPER - Okefinokee Album.
108213: FRANCIS FIKE - In the Same Rivers.
97596: FRANCIS HERBERT BRADLEY - Appearance And Reality: A Metaphysical Essay.
208547: FRANCIS EDWARDS - The Gunpowder Plot. The Narrative of Oswald Tesimond Alias Greenway.
137257: FRANCIS PARKMAN - The Oregon Trail.
120881: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG - Black Roses.
91466: FRANCIS G. WINSPEAR - Out of My Mind.
163115: FRANCIS FUKUYAMA - The Great Disruption: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order.
172680: FRANCIS CHICHESTER - Gipsy Moth Circles the World.
137538: FRANCIS SELWYN - Sergeant Verity and the Blood Royal.
197077: FRANCIS HALL - Travels in Canada, and the United States, in 1816 and 1817..
152305: FRANCIS RUSSELL - The Shadow of Blooming Grove Warren G. Harding in His Times.
A02085: FRANCIS X. ATHERTON - Tuppence Ha'penny is a Nickel.
103972: FRANCIS MASON - The Hawker Hunter F 6.
198753: FRANCIS BECKETT - Stalin's British Victims: The Story of Rosa Rust.
213825: FRANCIS JEFFRY PELLETIER - Parmenides, Plato & the Semantics of not–being.
213827: FRANCIS JEFFRY PELLETIER - Kinds, Things, and Stuff: Mass Terms and Generics (New Directions in Cognitive Science (Hardcover)).
195053: FRANCIS MANAPUL - The Flash (The New 52): Gorilla Warfare: 3.
122507: FRANCIS JAQUES - Difference and Subjectivity: Dialogue and Personal Identity.
204200: FRANCIS CECIL WHITEHOUSE - Plain Folks. A Story of the Canadian Prairies.
161738: FRANCIS BOUVET - Bonnard: The Complete Graphic Work.
135844: FRANCIS MEYNELL - Fleuron Anthology.
113250: FRANCIS STEEGMULLER - A Woman, a Man, and Two Kingdoms: The Story of Madame D'Epinay and the Abbe Galiani.
87842: FRANCIS H. KAKUGAWA - Mosaic Moon: Caregiving Through Poetry Easing the Burden of Alzheimer's Disease.
202220: FRANCIS MORRONE - New York (Memories of Times Past).
121053: FRANCIS MANSBRIDGE,IAN MCGILLIS - A Tourist's Guide to Glengarry.
145201: FRANCIS G. WINSPEAR - Out of My Mind.
103966: FRANCIS MASON - The Hawker Hurricane IIC.
103977: FRANCIS MASON - The Hawker P 1127 and Kestrel.
127641: FRANCIS M. CARROLL - A Good and Wise Measure: The Search for the Canadian-American Boundary, 1783-1842.
197868: FRANCIS THOMPSON,LEE SELLECK - Dying for Gold: The True Story of the Giant Mine Murders.
73236: FRANCIS OWEN - The Ravens of Wodan (SIGNED).
148903: FRANCIS GALTON - Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry into Its Laws And Consequences (Great Minds Series).
208093: FRANCIS BACON - The Essays or Counsels Civill and Morall.
212405: FRANCIS M. NEVINS - The Mystery Writer's Art.
209099: FRANCIS S COLLINS - The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.
177536: FRANCIS RUITER - Out of My Mind: In Love with Life.
194672: FRANCIS HARPER - Land and Fresh Water Mammals of the Ungava Peninsula.
158065: FRANCIS H S KNOWLES - Physical Anthropology of the Roebuck Iroquois.
152472: FRANCIS K. MASON - The Hawker Hurricane Described.
187036: FRANCIS OWEN - The Germanic People Their Origins,Expansion and Culture.
184496: FRANCIS TREVELYAN MILLER - The World's Great Adventure, 1000 Years of Polar Exploration.
111791: FRANCIS K. SMITH - Andre Bieler in Rural Quebec.
172332: FRANCIS RUSSELL - The Shadow of Blooming Grove Warren G. Harding in His Times.
155179: FRANCIS CRICK - What Mad Pursuit : A Personal View of Scientific Discovery.
191994: FRANCIS MEYNELL - Fleuron Anthology.
162984: FRANCIS PRYOR - The Birth of Modern Britain: A Journey Into Britain's Archaeological Past: 1550 to the Present.
199921: FRANCIS SCHüSSLER FIORENZA - Political Theology: Contemporary Challenges and Future Directions.
180774: FRANCIS ROBINSON - The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World (Cambridge Illustrated Histories).
137674: FRANCIS H. KORTRIGHT - The Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America A Vade Mecum for the Naturalist and the Sportsman.
158269: FRANCIS PARKMAN - Montcalm and Wolfe.
208607: FRANCIS FLEMING - Southern Africa: A Geography and Natural History of the Country, Colonies, and Inhabitants from the Cape of Good Hope to Angola..
103946: FRANCIS K. MASON - The Hawker Sea Hawk.
137985: FRANCIS PAUL PRUCHA - Atlas of American Indian Affairs.
119504: FRANCIS HUTCHESON - Illustrations on the Moral Sense.
154985: FRANCIS K. MASON - Archive - Hawker Hunter Mk 1-5.
208124: FRANCIS S COLLINS - Belief: Readings on the Reason for Faith.
135907: FRANCIS FUKUYAMA - Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution.
209448: FRANCIS JAMES CHILD - The English and Scottish Popular Ballads: Volumes 1-5.
133899: FRANCIS S COLLINS - The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.
158553: FRANCIS FUKUYAMA - The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution.
166914: FRANCIS RUITER - Out of My Mind.
124320: FRANCIS RUITER - Journal of a Dutch Immigrant.
214446: FRANCIS M. CARROLL - A Good and Wise Measure: The Search for the Canadian-American Boundary, 1783-1842.
155236: FRANCIS PARKMAN - The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life.
154399: FRANCIS JR. PARKMAN - Montcalm and Wolfe: The French and Indian War.
210254: FRANCIS FUKUYAMA - The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution.
208489: FRANCIS CROSBY - The Luftwaffe in World War II: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War).
213787: FRANCIS PARKMAN - The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life.
211319: FRANCISCO J. VARELA - The Embodied Mind – Cognitive Science and Human Experience.
196781: FRANCO GAY - Cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni (Anatomy of the Ship).
144811: FRANCO KNIRSCH,PIERLUIGI PORTINARO - The Cartography of North America, 1500-1800.
154115: FRANCO FERRERO - White Water Safety and Rescue.
120361: FRANCO PROSPERI - Vanished Continent an Italian Expedition to the Comoro Islands.
153392: FRANCOIS - MARC GAGNON - Paul-Emile Borduas 1905-1960.
130215: FRANCOIS LE TARGAT - Marc Chagall.
165036: FRANCOIS LARUELLE - Philosophie et non-philosophie (Philosophie et langage) (French Edition).
213615: FRANCOIS MANDEVILLE - This Is What They Say: A Story Cycle Dictated in Northern Alberta in 1928.
187587: FRANCOIS VERLINDEN - War Machines No.12. ; MLRS Mulitple Launch Rocket System.
187589: FRANCOIS VERLINDEN - Warmachines No. 5 - M2/M3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Cavalry Fighting Vehicle.
187592: FRANCOIS VERLINDEN - Warmachines No. 4 - Israeli M4 Sherman and Derivatives.
187593: FRANCOIS VERLINDEN - Warmachines No. 3 - M60 A3.
187594: FRANCOIS VERLINDEN - Warmachines No. 2 - M113/A2, M106 A1/A2, M577 A1/A2.
187595: FRANCOIS VERLINDEN - M108-M109-M109 A1/A2 Self Propelled Artillery Vehicle (Warmachines, No. 1).
155139: FRANCOIS AVRIL - Manuscript Painting at the Court of France, 1310-80.
101799: FRANCOIS DE LANNOY - Afrikakorps, 1941-1943: The Libya Egypt Campaign.
199619: FRANCOIS DOSSE - Empire of Meaning: Humanization of the Social Sciences.
188414: FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET VOLTAIRE - Candide and Zadig.
187588: FRANCOIS VERLINDEN - Warmachines No 9 : M163 A1/A2 Vulcan M901 A2 Tow M48 A2 Chaparral.
113375: FRANCOIS BAUDOT - Salvatore Ferregamo.
108465: FRANCOIS TREVES,PAULO D. CORDARO - Hyperfunctions on Hypo-Analytic Manifolds.
165226: FRANCOIS VALENTIJN,SINNAPPAH ARASARATNAM - Francois Valentijn's Description of Ceylon.
175393: FRANCOIS MANDEVILLE - This Is What They Say.
199097: FRANCOIS BONNEVILLE - My Years of Her Melancholy.
163379: FRANCOISE HERITIER - Two Sisters and Their Mother: The Anthropology of Incest.
115522: FRANCOISE SAGAN - The Unmade Bed.
199850: FRANGOIS CROUZET - Britain Ascendant: Studies in British and Franco-British Economic History: Comparative Studies in Franco-British Economic History.
187723: FRANJO TUDJMAN - Horrors of War : Historical Reality & Philosophy.
203537: FRANK YEIGH - Through the Heart of Canada.
170252: FRANK V. DE SISTO - Cn7067 - German Half-Tracks of World War Two Volume 2 (Armor at War Series).
163916: FRANK R. STOCKTON - A Bicycle of Cathay.
183828: FRANK VER BECK,HELEN BANNERMAN - The Little Black Sambo.
132788: FRANK C. MCCARTHY - The Western Paintings of Frank C. McCarthy.
167832: FRANK W. ANDERSON - The Rum Runners.
140036: FRANK BIRD LINDERMAN - Recollections of Charley Russell.
157863: FRANK LAHIFFE - Seamus Brennan: A Life in Government.
193489: FRANK YEIGH - Through the Heart of Canada.
113519: FRANK CORSARO - The Love for Three Oranges.
97327: FRANK OPPEL - Tales of Old Florida.
204680: FRANK CLOSE - The Infinity Puzzle: Quantum Field Theory and the Hunt for an Orderly Universe.
213267: FRANK LEDWIDGE - Aerial Warfare: The Battle for the Skies.
208424: FRANK MCDONOUGH - The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler's Secret Police.
213663: FRANK VIOLA,GEORGE BARNA - Pagan Christianity.
209391: FRANK JACOBS - Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities.
179708: FRANK H. ELLIS - Canada's Flying Heritage.
133930: FRANK WADE - A Midshipman's War : A Young Man in the Mediterranean Naval War, 1941-1943.
174004: FRANK MACDONALD - A Possible Madness.
144800: FRANK J. DOLPHIN - Indian Bishop of the West Vital Justin Grandin 1829-1902.
A02268: FRANK BARNABY - Automated Battlefield.
171217: FRANK OBERLE - Finding Home: A War Child's Journey to Peace.
187665: FRANK W. ANDERSON - Riel's Manitoba Uprising.
163945: FRANK O. BRAYNARD - Picture History of the Normandie: With 190 Illustrations.
117769: FRANK LOWENSTEIN - Voices of Protest: Documents of Courage and Dissent.
162874: FRANK WADE - A Midshipman's War : A Young Man in the Mediterranean Naval War, 1941-1943.
197790: FRANK GOLDMANN - The Gimmix Book of Records An Almanac of Unusual Records, Sleeves and Picture discs.
137895: FRANK ILLINGWORTH - North of the Circle.
202223: FRANK WARREN - My Secret: A PostSecret Book.
192216: FRANK WATERS - Brave are My People: Indian Heroes Not Forgotten.
134473: FRANK B. LINDERMAN - American The Life Story of a Great Indian.
209965: FRANK GEORGE - Models of Thinking.
142709: FRANK DELANEY - Ireland: A Novel (SIGNED).
197456: FRANK ANDERSON - The Rumrunners: Dodging the Law During Prohibition (Great Canadian Stories).
195344: FRANK GILES - Napoleon Bonaparte: England's Prisoner.
203599: FRANK MCLYNN - Genghis Khan.
124037: FRANK W. ANDERSON - Oldtime Western Sheriffs and Outlaws.
203436: FRANK GILBERT ROE,J. P. REGAN - Getting the Know-How: Homesteading and Railroading in Early Alberta.
186309: FRANK BRITTON - English Delftware in the Bristol Collection.
208643: FRANK MCDONOUGH - The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler's Secret Police.
151016: FRANK C. LOCKWOOD - Arizona Characters A Biographical Sketch of 12 Individuals Who Left Their Mark on Arizona.
113565: FRANK HOUGHTON - The Cave at Cormorant Point.
183962: FRANK ISAAC - English & Scottish Printing Types 1501 - 35 *1508 - 41, and Volume 2: 1535 - 58 * 1552 - 58.
139409: FRANK RAHILL - The world of Melodrama.
158061: FRANK T. KRYZA - The Race for Timbuktu: In Search of Africa's City of Gold.
190387: FRANK J. DOLPHIN - Indian Bishop of the West Vital Justin Grandin 1829-1902.
198451: FRANK STELLA - Frank Stella: Fourteen Prints With Drawings, Collages, and Working Proofs.
178756: FRANK H. ELLIS - In Canadian Skies - 50 Years of Adventure and Progress.
163553: FRANK L. WILSON - French Democratic Left, 1963-1969: A Toward Modern Party System.
192253: FRANK DELANEY - The Celts.
154043: FRANK WALTON - Once They Were Eagles: The Men of the Black Sheep Squadron.
214901: FRANK VANDEN BERG - Abraham Kuyper.
103955: FRANK GREENE - The Grunman F4F-3 Wildcat.
197376: FRANK J. TIPLER,RICHARD WAGNER - The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the Dead.
213409: FRANK PRAGER - Mariano Taccola and His Book De Ingeneis.
168136: FRANK GEREIN - Outline History of the Archdiocese of Regina on the Occasion of Its Golden Jubilee Year 1961.
122920: FRANK SPALDING - 100 Years in the R.C.M.P. Saddle! Or, Stop the Musical Ride, I Want Off! Cartoons.
72053: FRANK ILLINGWORTH - Highway to the North.
213003: FRANK I. LUNTZ - Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear.
174238: FRANK DAVEY - Capitalistic affection!.
211479: FRANK JACKSON - Perception: A representative theory.
166977: FRANK BLAICHMAN - Rather Die Fighting.
133713: FRANK LEONARD - A Thousand Blunders: Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Northern British Columbia.
U00056: FRANK G. SPECK - The Double-Curve Motive in Northwestern Algonkian Art.
185106: FRANK HAKEMULDER,SONIA ZYNGIER,WILLIE VAN PEER - Muses and Measures: Empirical Research Methods for the Humanities.
171927: FRANK GIFFORD - The Glory Game.
84202: FRANK,SINGLETON - Then 1930 & 1965 Now.
125548: FRANK RYAN - The Forgotten Plague: How the Battle Against Tuberculosis Was Won-And Lost.
92589: FRANK O. COPLEY - Latin Literature From the Beginnings To the Close of the Second Century A.D..
204027: FRANK ZOELLNER - Leonardo da Vinci Sketches and Drawings.
214963: FRANK HUBBARD - Three Centuries Harpsichord Making.
184285: FRANK CAMP - Sea Solos and Horse Tales.
209045: FRANK H. EPP,T.D REGEHR - Mennonites in Canada, 1786-1920: The history of a separate people.
177716: FRANK CASSIDY,ROBERT BISH - Indian Government: Its Meaning in Practice.
204931: FRANK HURLEY - South with Endurance Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition 1914-1917.
168310: FRANK WARREN - A Lifetime of Secrets a Postsecret Book.
167870: FRANK FUREDI - First World War: Still No End in Sight.
208555: FRANK MCLYNN,HENRY MORTON STANLEY - Into the Dark Continent, the Travels of Henry Morton Stanley.
126952: FRANK THOMPSON - Journey to India.
131398: FRANK OBERLE - A Chosen Path: From Mocassin Flats To Parliament Hill.
187469: FRANK DE SISTO,MALGORZATA DE SISTO - Poland's Armed Forces in the '90s: The Decade of Change (Firepower Pictorials S.).
180431: FRANK BOWMAN SEAR - Roman Architecture.
A02122: FRANK H. UNDERHILL - In Search of Canadian Liberalism.
162989: FRANK PETRIE - As Far As Ever the Puffin Flew.
209701: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT - The Living City.
185384: FRANK CASSIDY,NORMAN DALE - After Native Claims: The Implications of Comprehensive Claims Settlement for Natural Resources in British Columbia.
214510: FRANK CASSIDY,ROBERT BISH - Indian Government: Its Meaning in Practice.
125200: FRANK J. TIPLER - The Physics of Christianity.
198378: FRANK WATERS - Pumpkin Seed Point: Being within the Hopi.
167469: FRANK W. ANDERSON - Hanging in Canada.
169580: FRANK GRAHAM RONALD EMBLETON - Hadrian's Wall in the Days of the Romans.
184571: FRANK EARLE SCHOONOVER - The Edge of the Wilderness A Portrait of the Canadian North.
212755: FRANK LEONARD - A Thousand Blunders: The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Northern British Columbia.
183902: FRANK THOMAS,OLLIE JOHNSTON - The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation.
126550: FRANK PARKER DAY - Rockbound.
172835: FRANK C. CRAIGHEAD,JOHN J. CRAIGHEAD - Hawks, Owls, and Wildlife.
152076: FRANK ANDERSON - Fort Walsh and the Cypress Hills.
131494: FRANK E. SYSYN,MYKHAILO HRUSHEVSKY - History of Ukraine-Rus: The Cossack Age to 1625 Volume 7.
195457: FRANK L. SALOMON - The Cord Keepers: Khipus and Cultural Life in a Peruvian Village (Latin America Otherwise).
185063: FRANK W. ANDERSON - Sheriffs and Outlaws of Western Canada.
98165: FRANK MCCORMICK - Sir John Vanbrugh: A Reference Guide.
143052: FRANK PARKIN - Middle Class Radicalism: The Social Bases of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
211967: FRANK S. TODD - Birds And Mammals of the Antarctic, Subantartic And Falkland Islands.
74613: FRANK NEWFELD,PIERRE BERTON - The Klondike Quest: A Photographic Essay 1897-1899 100th Anniversary Edition.
198593: FRANK LEDWELL - Crowbush and other poems.
130506: FRANK ANDERSEN - Imagine Jesus.
85470: FRANK K MCKINNEY - The Northern Adriatic Ecosystem: Deep Time in a Shallow Sea.
212121: FRANK B. GILL - Ornithology.
100759: FRANK ALEXANDER HERBERT - Memories of Childhood, Youth and a Medical Career (SIGNED).
96657: FRANK RAYMOND SECOY - Changing Military Patterns of the Great Plains (17th Century Through Early 19th Century).
114040: FRANK MITCHELL - Navajo Blessingway Singer: The Autobiography of Frank Mitchell, 1881-1967.
202161: FRANK WARREN - PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives.
R00371: FRANK GILBERT ROE - The North American Buffalo: A Critical Study of the Species in Its Wild State.
A01702: FRANK WALKER - Daylight Through the Mountain: The Life and Letters of Walter and Francis Shanly.
214177: FRANK DIGNUM - Issues in Agent Communication (Lecture Notes in Computer Science).
214200: FRANK C KEIL - Explanation & Cognition (A Bradford Book).
198054: FRANK A.J.L. JAMES,GRAHAM HOLLISTER-SHORT - History of Technology 1992: 14 (History of technology series).
185881: FRANK BARLOW - Thomas Becket.
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206865: GAVIN MENZIES,IAN HUDSON - Who Discovered America?: The Untold History of the Peopling of the Americas.
204800: GAVIN MORTIMER - The SAS in World War II: an Illustrated History.
197294: GAVIN MENZIES,IAN HUDSON - Who Discovered America?: The Untold History of the Peopling of the Americas.
121454: GAVIN MENZIES - The Lost Empire of Atlantis: The Secrets of History's Most Enduring Mystery Revealed.
213645: GAVIN MENZIES - 1421 : The Year China Discovered the World.
139666: GAVIN MENZIES - 1421: The Year China Discovered the World.
163543: GAVIN MORTIMER - The Longest Night.
162160: GAVIN MENZIES - 1434 the Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance.
167641: GAVIN WEIGHTMAN - Industrial Revolutionaries: The Making of the Modern World 1776-1914.
212991: GAVIN TURK - Me as Him.
183599: GAY ALLISON - Unravelling.
183482: GAY MORRIS - Moving Words: Re-Writing Dance (1995).
95589: GAY WILSON ALLEN - William James, The First Full-Scale Biography.
190211: GAY DALY - Pre-Raphaelites in Love.
183644: GAY ALLISON - Life--still: Poems.
157941: GAY SALISBURY,LANEY SALISBURY - The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic.
168379: GAYLE SIMONSON - Ever-Widening Circles a History of Stephen's College.
199188: GAYLE S. RUBIN - Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader (a John Hope Franklin Center Book).
167472: GCINA MHLOPHE - Nozincwadi Mother of Books.
199342: GDF FELDMAN - Feldman: Iron & Steel In The German Inflation.
102929: GEBHARD ADERS - Die Geschichte der deutschen Nachtjagd 1917-1945..
169921: GED BALDWIN - Frontier Justice.
212681: GEIRI JOHNSON - My Compass Points North; Memoirs of Geiri Johnson.
184464: GEMEY KELLY - Aileen Meagher: A Retrospective.
176243: GEMEY KELLY - Rockwell Kent: The Newfoundland work.
125439: GENA K. GORRELL - North Star to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad.
109407: GENE WOLFE - Exodus from the Long Sun.
211962: GENE FAX - With Their Bare Hands: General Pershing, the 79th Division, and the battle for Montfaucon.
202822: GENE CHURCH - No Man's Blood.
136476: GENE SMITH - Until the Last Trumpet Sounds: The Life of General of the Armies John J. Pershing.
198411: GENE LEES - Waiting for Dizzy.
179650: GENE COMBS,JILL FREEDMAN - Symbol, Story, and Ceremony: Using Metaphor in Individual and Family Therapy.
202672: GENE ALLEN SMITH - The Slaves' Gamble: Choosing Sides in the War of 1812.
143424: GENE FOWLER - Caring Through the Funeral: A Pastor's Guide.
212732: GENE WALZ - Canada's Best Features: Critical essays on 15 Canadian films (Cross/Cultures).
137826: GENERA MAJOR LOUIS MACKENZIE,LEWIS MACKENZIE - Peacekeeper : The Road to Sarajevo.
193581: GENERAL MOTORS - 1941-1942 Shop Manual: Chevrolet Paaenger Car, Chevrolet-Maple Leaf-G.M.C. Trucks.
164369: GENERAL G.A. CUSTER - My Life on the Plains or Personal Experiences with Indians.
214251: GENERAL EDITOR,SCOTT RAYMOND TAYLOR - Canada at War and Peace, A Millennium of Military Heritage.
196960: GENERAL STAFF WAR OFFICE - Field Service Pocket Book 1914 (Reprinted , with Amendments, 1916).
132955: GENESTA HAMILTON - A Stone's Throw: Travels from Africa in Six Decades.
A02543: GENEVIEVE LAPORTE - Sunshine at Midnight: Memories of Picasso and Cocteau.
129315: GENEVIEVE MCBRIDE - The Bird Tail.
190729: GEO F. TAKACH - Will the Real Alberta Please Stand Up?.
158318: GEOFF PEVERE,GREIG DYMOND - Mondo Canuck: A Canadian Pop Culture Odyssey.
195407: GEOFF MEGGS,ROD MICKLEBURGH - The Art of the Impossible: Dave Barrett and the NDP in Power, 1972–1975.
158037: GEOFF POWTER - The Canadian Alpine Journal.
103639: GEOFF BROCK,GEOFFREY BROCK,UMBERTO ECO - The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana.
204777: GEOFF NICHOLSON - The Lost Art of Walking: The History, Science, and Literature of Pedestrianism.
209069: GEOFF ANDREWS - The Slow Food Story: Politics and Pleasure.
170907: GEOFF HOLLISTER - Out of Nowhere: The Inside Story of How Nike Marketed the Culture of Running.
206380: GEOFFREY GIULIANO,JULIA BAIRD - John Lennon: My Brother.
143703: GEOFFREY GOOCH - Science, Policy and Stakeholders in Water Management: An Integrated Approach to River Basin Management.
190331: GEOFFREY REGAN - Great Military Blunders.
123236: GEOFFREY URSELL - Trap Lines.
213216: GEOFFREY HINDLEY - A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons.
147808: GEOFFREY CHAUCER,HELEN CORSA - The Physician's Tale.
140032: GEOFFREY ASHTON - Catalogue of Paintings at the Theatre Museum, London.
113060: GEOFFREY WOLFF - The Art of Burning Bridges: A Life of John O'Hara.
167249: GEOFFREY PYKE - To Ruhleben -- And Back (Collins Library).
171825: GEOFFREY CHAUCER - The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (Facsimile of The Kelmscott Chaucer). With an Essay by William S. Peterson on The Kelmscott Chaucer.".
137030: GEOFFREY CHAUCER - The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (Facsimile of the Kelmscott Chaucer).
104268: GEOFFREY BEARD,JUDITH GOODISON - English Furniture, 1500-1840.
58667: GEOFFREY MARCUS - Quiberon Bay.
92927: GEOFFREY PAYZANT - Glenn Gould, Music and Mind.
U02229: GEOFFREY ELTON - The English.
149124: GEOFFREY TILL - Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-First Century (Cass Series: Naval Policy and History).
182628: GEOFFREY SIMMINS - Frederic Cumberland an Exhibition of Architectural Drawings.
134795: GEOFFREY DOWDING - Finer Points in the Spacing and Arrangement of Type.
170562: GEOFFREY HAYES - Bear by Himself (A Little Dipper Book(R)).
164338: GEOFFREY URSELL - Perdue Or How the West Was Lost: A Novel.
174955: GEOFFREY WHITE - The Big Death: Solomon Islanders Remember World War II Bikfala Faet: Olketa Solomon Aelanda Rimembarem Wold Wo Tu.
152473: GEOFFREY PENTLAND - Wirraway & Boomerang Markings.
208186: GEOFFREY JAMES - The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee.
171823: GEOFFREY CHAUCER - Troilus & Criseyde.
187218: GEOFFREY MOLYNEUX - British Columbia: An Illustrated History.
129983: GEOFFREY ASHE - The Quest for Arthur's Britain.
161946: GEOFFREY PARRINDER - The Routledge Dictionary of Religious and Spiritual Quotations.
163095: GEOFFREY NUNBERG,UMBERTO ECO - The Future of the Book.
206897: GEOFFREY YORK - People of the Pines, the Warriors and the Legacy of Oka.
194227: GEOFFREY HAYES - The Lincs: A History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment at War.
193837: GEOFFREY HINDLEY - A Brief History of the Crusades: Islam and Christianity in the Struggle for World Supremacy (Brief Histories).
193867: GEOFFREY ROBERTSON - The Tyrannicide Brief: The Story of the Man Who Sent Charles I to the Scaffold.
142811: GEOFFREY SIMMINS,LINDA FRASER - Building a History Highlights of 20th Century Canadian Architecture.
162204: GEOFFREY JOHNSTON - Of God and Maxim Guns: Presbyterianism in Nigeria, 1846-1966 (Editions SR).
201070: GEOFFREY MOORHOUSE - Great Harry's Navy: How Henry VIII Gave England Seapower.
172153: GEOFFREY CHAUCER - The Canterbury Tales [with] The Golden Cockerel Press, The Canterbury Tales and Eric Gill, An Essay By Peter Holliday.
129386: GEOFFREY JAMES - Genius Loci.

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