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1001662: JAN KARON - Light from Heaven
8052810: KARP, MARSHALL - The Rabbit Factory: A Lomax & Biggs Mystery
8500601: KASH, PETER MORGAN; LOMBARD, JAY - Freedom from Disease: The Breakthrough Approach to Preventing Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, and Depression by Controlling Insulin
5008027: KASTURI, SANDRA - Stars As Seen from This Particular Angle of Night (Bakka Collection)
1001664: KATA, ELIZABETH - Kagami: A Novel
SKU1005581: KATZ, SIDNEY M - The Divided Woman
SKU1009204: KATZ, JON - The Father's Club (Suburban Detective )
1001665: KATZ, ROBERT - Ziggurat
SKU1009203: KATZ, JON - Death Row
SKU1009224: KATZ, JON - The Family Stalker
SKU1008978: KATZ, JON - The Last Housewife
8501522: KATZENBACH, JOHN - Day of Reckoning
8506482: KATZENBACH, JOHN - The Traveler
8505810: KATZENBACH, JOHN - State of Mind
15007296: KATZENBACH, JOHN - In the Heat of the Summer
SKU1002465: KATZENBACH, JOHN - The Analyst
SKU1003601: KATZENBACH, JOHN - The Traveler
1001666: DAVID A. KAUFELT - Silver Rose
SKU1001957: KAUFMAN, THOMAS - Drink the Tea: A Mystery (Willis Gidney Mysteries)
SKU1002012: KAUFMAN, THOMAS - Drink the Tea: A Mystery (Willis Gidney Mysteries)
1005596: KAUFMAN, PAMELA - Banners of Gold
SKU1014395: PAUL L. KAUFMAN - Introductory Grammar of New Testament Greek
SKU1013922: KAUZ, HERMAN - The Martial Spirit
SKU1004128: KAUZ, HERMAN - A Path to Liberation: A Spiritual and Philosophical Approach to the Martial Arts
8501983: KAVA, ALEX - Split Second (Maggie o'Dell Novels)
SKU1000415: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Lord of Emperors: Book Two of the Sarantine Mosaic
SKU1003951: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - River of Stars
SKU1010888: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Last Light of the Sun (Canadian Ed)
SKU1001327: GUY GAVRIEL KAY - The Wandering Fire: The Fionavar Tapestry, Book Two
SKU1005527: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Last Light of the Sun (Canadian Ed)
SKU1016416: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Kay, Guy Gavriel Lord of Emperors Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015050: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Sailing to Sarantium (Sarantine Mosaic, Book 1)
SKU1016002: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Kay, Guy Gavriel Lord of Emperors Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1011720: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Kay, Guy Gavriel Lord of Emperors Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
8503295: PENMAN SHARON KAY - Dragon's Lair
8501534: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Kay, Guy Gavriel Sailing to Sarantium Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
5009069: KAY, TERRY - The Runaway
8503289: PENMAN SHARON KAY - Cruel As the Grave
8503854: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - A Song for Arbonne
8503288: PENMAN SHARON KAY - Falls the Shadow
SKU1016474: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL. - Tigana.
SKU1001723: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - The Last Light of the Sun (Kay, Guy Gavriel)
SKU1003121: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Ysabel
SKU1016417: GUY GAVRIEL KAY - Sailing to Sarantium (the Sarantine Mosaic Ser. , Bk. 1)
8502581: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Ysabel
8503853: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Sailing to Sarantium
8503860: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Ysabel
8506378: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Kay, Guy Gavriel Under Heaven Signed Cdn Sc Arc Nf
8506377: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Kay, Guy Gavriel Under Heaven Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016418: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - A Song for Arbonne
SKU1003547: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - The Darkest Road (Fionavar Tapestry, Book 3)
SKU1009149: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Kay, Guy Gavriel Lord of Emperors Cdn Hcdj 1st/3rd Vg+
SKU1011133: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Ysabel
SKU1015880: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - A Song for Arbonne
SKU1008697: KAYE, DAVID - The Book of Grimsby: The Story of Borough, Town, and Port
SKU1012772: KAYE, M.M. - Kaye, M.M. Death in Kenya Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
9508875: KAYE, M. M. - Death in Kashmir
8504699: KAYE, M. M. - Shadow of the Moon
SKU1002134: KAYE, MARVIN - Bullets for Macbeth
SKU1014349: KAYE, M. M. - Kaye, M.M. Death in Cyprus Revised Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004151: M. M. KAYE - Kaye, M.M. The Far Pavilions Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
95090215: KAYE, M. M. - Death in Kashmir
SKU1011112: KAZMIERCZAK-STUBLER, THERESA - Kazmierczak-Stubler, Theresa the Canadian Rockies Signed Ltd Num Cdn 1st/1st Nf
SKU1000253: JAMES KEASOR - Leasor, James Mandarin Gold Companion Book Club Edition Uk Hc Nf
5009633: KEATING, H.R.F. - The Body in the Billiard Room
1009898: KEATING, H. R. F. - A Detective Under Fire: A Mystery
5010072: KEATING, H. R. F. - Dead on Time
SKU1005675: KEATING, MARK - The Pirate Devlin
5009585: HERVEY; KEATING - Into the Valley of Death
5009635: KEATING, H. R. F. - Mrs. Craggs: Crimes Cleaned Up
5009636: KEATING H. R. F. - Bribery Corruption Also
15007164: KEATING, H. R. F. - Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker
5007165: KEATING, H. R. F. - The Underside
5007322: KEATING, H. R. F. - Murder Must Appetize
8503207: KECK, DAVID - In a Time of Treason
SKU1010962: KEDWARD, RODERICK - Occupied France: Collaboration and Resistance 1940-1944
SKU1001932: JANICE K. KEEFER - Travelling Ladies
SKU1001936: JANICE KEEFER - Thieves
SKU1001945: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - Constellations
5007624: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - Rest Harrow
SKU1005044: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - The Paris-Napoli Express
SKU1005035: JANICE KULYK KEEFER - Under Eastern Eyes: A Critical Reading of Maritime Fiction
SKU1005043: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - Keefer, Janice Kulyk Transfigurations Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
5007625: JANICE KULYK KEEFER - The Green Library
SKU1014878: KEEGAN, JOHN - Keegan, John the Second World War Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016619: KEEL, PHILIPP - Look at Me
SKU1015286: KEENE, BRIAN - Scratch (Cemetary Dance Signature Series, 7)
SKU1015284: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian the Girl on the Glider Signed Ltd Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016217: J. F. GONZALEZ; BRIAN KEENE - J.F. Gonzalez; Brian Keene Clickers III Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016373: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Jack's Magic Beans: The Sneak Peek Edition Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016207: J. F. GONZALEZ; BRIAN KEENE - J.F. Gonzalez; Brian Keene Clickers II Deluxe Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015301: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Urban Gothic Signed Ltd & Num Us Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015300: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Castaways Signed Ltd & Num Us Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015298: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian a Gathering of Crows Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015297: BRIAN KEENE - Kill Whitey
SKU1015296: BRIAN KEENE - Take the Long Way Home. Limited Edition.
SKU1015295: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Tequila's Sunrise Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015294: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Ghost Walk Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015293: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Ghoul Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015292: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Earthworm Gods Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015291: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Dead Sea Signed Ltd Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015290: KEENE, BRIAN - Fear of Gravity
SKU1015289: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian the Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World Signed Ltd Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015288: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian the Rising Death in Four Colors Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015287: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian the Rising Deliverance Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015851: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian Kill Whitey Us Sc Advance Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1015859: KEENE, BRIAN - Keene, Brian the Cage Us Sc Advanced Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1012055: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Liberty: A Lake Wobegon Novel (Lake Wobegon Novels)
8504684: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Wobegon Boy
SKU1012056: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon (Lake Wobegon Novels)
5009018: KEITH, DON - The Forever Season: A Novel
SKU1005105: KEITH, W. J. AND SHEK, B. Z - The Arts in Canada, the Last Fifty Years
SKU1012529: KEITH, BERRIEDALE - Keith, Berriedale First British Empire Uk Hc 1st/1st Vg+
1007061: KEITH, DON - Wizard of the Wind
8500112: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Straight Into Darkness
8500100: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Burnt House
8500104: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Jupiter's Bones: A Novel (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels)
8500108: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Sacred and Profane
8500110: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Sanctuary: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Mystery (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels)
8500111: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Stalker (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels)
5010453: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Prayers for the Dead: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Novel (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels)
5010456: FAYE KELLERMAN - The Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights
5008968: KELLERMAN, FAYE - The Burnt House
SKU1010626: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Kellerman, Faye Garden of Eden Signed Sc Arc Nf
8506421: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Butcher's Theater
5010482: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Stone Kiss (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus)
SKU1010623: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Kellerman, Faye Street Dreams Signed S/C Arc Nf
5010454: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Serpent's Tooth: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Novel (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels)
8500113: KELLERMAN, FAYE - The Mercedes Coffin
SKU1004288: JONATHAN KELLERMAN - Jonathan Kellerman : Two Complete (Alex Delaware) Novels : Devil's Waltz / Bad Love
SKU1009904: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Survival of the Fittest: (Alex Delaware Novels)
5009640: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Dr. Death
5009641: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Clinic
SKU1009901: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Bones (Alex Delaware, No. 23)
SKU1009899: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Monster: A Novel
SKU1009900: JONATHAN KELLERMAN - Flesh and Blood
SKU1008914: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Murder Book
8503127: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Monster
1007062: KELLERMAN, JESSE - Sunstroke
SKU1000504: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Straight Into Darkness
SKU1009890: JONATHAN KELLERMAN - Rage (Alex Delaware)
SKU1009893: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - A Cold Heart: An Alex Delaware Novel
SKU1004168: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Silent Partner (Graphic Novel)
SKU1009903: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Gone (Alex Delaware Novels)
SKU1010625: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Kellerman, Faye Sacred and Profane Signed Sc Arc Nf
8501984: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN; KELLERMAN, FAYE - Double Homicide: Boston / Sante Fe
5009120: KELLERMAN, JESSE - Sunstroke
5010455: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Stone Kiss (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus)
SKU1010624: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Kellerman, Faye Straight Into Darkness Signed S/C Arc
8506422: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Time Bomb (Alex Delaware, Book 5)
95090710: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Compulsion
SKU1010627: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Kellerman, Faye Milk and Honey Signed Sc Galley Proof F
5008944: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Over the Edge
8500101: KELLERMAN, FAYE - False Prophet
8501986: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - True Detectives
8504587: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Self Defense
8505598: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Private Eyes
5010481: FAYE KELLERMAN - Serpent's Tooth
9507819: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Grievous sin: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Mystery (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels)
SKU1010192: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - When the Bough Breaks
8503125: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Clinic
SKU1013701: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Silent Partner
1005604: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Moon Music: A Novel
5008967: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Serpent's Tooth: A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Novel (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels)
8503347: KELLS, SUSANNAH; CORNWELL, BERNARD - A Crowning Mercy
5000661: SUSANNAH KELLS - The Fallen Angels
8503200: KELLS, SUSANNAH - The Aristocrats
95090570: SUSANNAH KELLS - The Fallen Angels
SKU1005056: KELLY, M. T. - Kelly, M.T. A Dream Like Mine Cdn 1st/1st Nf
SKU1008508: KELLY, GARY - English Fiction of the Romantic Period, 1789-1830 (Longman Literature in English Series)
SKU1013019: KELLY, JOHN - Roostertail: The Miss Supertest Story
SKU1013016: KELLY, GRAHAM - Green Grit: The Story of the Saskatchewan Roughriders
SKU1016408: RONALD KELLY - Hell Hollow
SKU1009413: KELLY, JACK - Mobtown: A Novel
1010639: KELLY, SUSAN - The Gemini Man
5008028: KELLY, JIM - The Coldest Blood
5007975: KELLY, JIM - The Skeleton Man (Philip Dryden Mystery)
9508719: KELLY, IAN - Casanova
SKU1013341: KELLY, GRAHAM - History of the Grey Cup
8502822: KELMAN, JAMES - Kieron Smith, Boy
1009164: KELNER, TONI L. P. - Mad As the Dickens: A Laura Fleming Mystery
8504926: KELTON, ELMER - Kelton, Elmer Ranger's Law Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
85001298: KELTON, ELMER - Texas Sunrise: Two Novels of the Texas Republic
5007815: KELTON, ELMER - Hard Trail to Follow
5007977: KELTON, ELMER - Sandhills Boy: The Winding Trail of a Texas Writer
5008211: KELTON, ELMER - Many a River
SKU1011246: KEMP, H.S.M. - Kemp, H.S. M. Northern Trader Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1015180: STEVE KEMP - Building Napoleonic Dioramas - Focus on Modelling Techniques
SKU1012995: DAVID KEMP - The History of Independent Baseball Leagues 1993-2002
SKU1010534: KENDRICK, MARTYN - Writing Lifestories: A Book About Natural Creativity, Original Expression and the Transformative Power of Stories
1008119: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Flying Hero Class
5009643: KENEALLY, THOMAS - A Victim of the Aurora
1009899: TOM KENEALLY - Bettany's Book
8501235: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Blood Red, Sister Rose
5007629: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Cut Rate Kingdom
SKU1010479: KENEALLY, THOMAS - A Victim of the Aurora
1005619: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Riding the Yellow Trolley Car
SKU1004996: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Roscoe
SKU1011094: KENNEDY, JOHN CHARLES - People of the Bays and Headlands: Anthropological History and the Fate of the Communities in the Unknown Labrador
1005623: WILLIAM KENNEDY - Very Old Bones
1005621: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Siren's Lullaby
1010640: KENNEDY, WILLIAM J. - The Flaming Corsage
SKU1014886: KENNEDY, HUGH - Mongols, Huns and Vikings: Nomads at War (History of Warfare)
8505612: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Roscoe
8502855: KENNEDY, JOSEPH P. - Hostage to Fortune: The Letters of Joseph P. Kennedy
1005622: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - The Flaming Corsage
1008329: A L KENNEDY - Paradise
SKU1012513: ROBERT F. KENNEDY - Robert F. Kennedy: Promises to Keep Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
5007454: KENT, ALEXANDER - Richard Bolitho-Midshipman
1010821: KENT, ALEXANDER - Passage to Mutiny (Richard Bolitho Series Books)
5007463: KENT, ALEXANDER - Colours Aloft!
1005627: KENT, ALEXANDER - Success to the Brave
5000556: BILL KENT - Street Hungry: A Mystery (N.S. "Shep" Ladderback and Andrea Cosicki Mysteries)
5007451: KENT, ALEXANDER - Sloop of War
85001300: KENT, ALEXANDER - Stand Into Danger
5007459: KENT, ALEXANDER - The Inshore Squadron
8500428: KENT, BILL - Street Fighter: A Mystery
95090131: KENT, ALEXANDER - A Tradition of Victory
8500116: KENT, ALEXANDER - Success to the Brave
85001301: KENT, ALEXANDER - Second to None
8502465: KENT, ALEXANDER - Bolitho: "with All Despatch", "Honour This Day", "Only Victor"
SKU1012075: KENT, GRAEME - Devil-Devil: A Sister Conchita and Sergeant Kella Mystery
SKU1008081: ALEXANDER KENT - Second to None
8505195: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Kenyon, Sherrilyn Night Embrace Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
8502257: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Kenyon, Sherrilyn Sword of Darkness Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
95090782: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Bad Moon Rising: A Dark-Hunter Novel (Dark-Hunter Novels)
8507696: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Born of Shadows
SKU1015932: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Born of Fury (the League: Nemesis Rising)
SKU1001967: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Born of Shadows (the League)
8503863: KENYON, KAY - Prince of Storms
9507998: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Retribution
9508025: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Retribution
8507698: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Invincible
8502260: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Bad Moon Rising: A Dark-Hunter Novel (Dark-Hunter Novels)
8507694: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Bad Moon Rising
95090781: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, Book 11)
5010074: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter, Book 10)
SKU1000001: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, Book 11)
5007892: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Bad Attitude (B.A. D. Agency)
8505082: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter, Book 10)
8505196: KENYON, SHERRILYN - No Mercy
1005630: KENYON, MICHAEL - The Rapist
8507695: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Born of Shadows
8507697: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Invincible
9508716: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter, Book 10)
9508388: KENYON, SHERRILYN - Kenyon, Sherrilyn Infinity Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1001074: KENYON, SHERRILYN; FURTH, ROBIN - Lords of Avalon: Knight of Darkness
SKU1008189: PAT; KEOUGH; ROSEMARIE KEOUGH - The Nahanni Portfolio - Nahanni Portfolio Series Volume 2
SKU1008250: KEOWN-BOYD, HENRY - The Boxer Rebellion
SKU1001181: KEPLER, LARS - The Hypnotist (the Joona Linna Series)
SKU1004093: LARS KEPLER - The Hypnotist: A Novel (Detective Inspector Joona Linna)
1005633: KEPPEL, CHARLOTTE - I Could Be Good to You
5007569: KERLEY, JACK - The Hundredth Man
1005636: KERLEY, JACK - The Death Collectors
5001057: KERLEY, JACK - A Garden of Vipers (Carson Ryder)
SKU1008322: KERMODE, FRANK - Kermode, Frank the Living Milton Uk Sc 1st/4th Vg+
85001304: KERNER, IAN - Sex Detox
5007168: KERR, PHILIP - Esau
5009186: KERR, PHILIP - The Grid
SKU000000000000076: KERR, P. B.; KERR, P.B. - Children of the Lamp #1: The Akhenaten Adventure
SKU1006886: KERR, D. G. G. - Kerr Sir Edmund Head: A Scholarly Governor Cdn 1st/1st Vg+
1020184: KERR, SIMON - The Rainbow Singer: A Novel
9508671: KERR, PHILIP - A Philosophical Investigation
SKU000000000000070: KERR, PHILIP - Philosophical Investigation
SKU000000000000074: KERR, PHILIP - The Second Angel
5009645: KERR, P. B.; KERR, P.B. - Children of the Lamp #1: The Akhenaten Adventure
SKU000000000000069: KERR, PHILIP - March Violets
SKU1003553: PHILIP KERR - Kerr, Philip Esu Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU000000000000068: KERR, PHILIP - The Grid
SKU1003376: KERR, KEVIN - Unity (1918)
5007169: PHILIP KERR - Gridiron
SKU1002878: P. B. KERR - Kerr, P.B. Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten Adventure Us Sc Arc Nf
8502432: PHILIP KERR - The Shot
SKU1002464: PHILIP KERR - Kerr, Philip a Five Year Plan Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1008902: KERSHAW, VALERIE - Funny Money (the Travellers' Comp)
1005644: KESEY, KEN - Sailor Song
SKU1008018: KESSEL, DMITRI - On Assignment: Dmitri Kessel, Life Photographer
8503864: KESSEL - Baum Plan Financial Independence
11005645: KESSEL, JOSEPH - They Weren't All Angels
5008325: KESTERTON, DAVID - The Darkling
SKU1013000: HANK KETCHAM - Hank Ketcham Dennis the Menace: Pocket Full of Fun No 34 Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016457: KETCHUM, JACK - The Lost
SKU1016206: JACK KETCHUM - Old Flames
SKU1016257: KETCHUM, JACK; LEE, EDWARD - Sleep Disorder
SKU1016204: KETCHUM, JACK - The Crossings
SKU1016368: KETCHUM, JACK - Ketchum, Jack Weed Species Signed Sc Advanced Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1016201: KETCHUM, JACK - Ketchum, Jack Red Signed Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016202: KETCHUM, JACK - Ketchum, Jack Ladies Night Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016203: JACK KETCHUM - Weed Species
SKU1015769: KETCHUM, JACK - Peaceable Kingdom
SKU1016191: KETCHUM, JACK - She Wakes
SKU1016194: JACK KETCHUM - Cover - First Signed Limited Edition
SKU1016198: JACK KETCHUM - Joyride (Aka Road Kill)
SKU1015770: KETCHUM, JACK; JOHNSON, MATT; CLARK, ALAN - The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard
SKU1015412: KETCHUM, JACK; LEE, EDWARD - Ketchum, Jack; Lee, Edward Masks Signed Ltd & Lettered Us Hc 1st/1st F
SKU1016562: KETCHUM, JACK - The Girl Next Door
SKU1011495: KETTLE, JOHN - Big Generation (Oxford)
SKU1012554: KEY, JOSHUA - The Deserter's Tale: The Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq
SKU1001842: KEYES, MORGAN - Darkbeast
1008029: KEYES, MARIAN - Anybody out There?
5009647: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - I the King
SKU1013569: KHADRA, YASMINA - The Sirens of Baghdad: A Novel
SKU1002331: KHAN, ABU TALIB - The Travels of Mirzah Abu Taleb Khan: In Asia, Africa, and Europe, During the Years 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, and 1803 (Broadview Editions)
SKU1012871: KHAYYAM, HAKIM YAMA; KHAYYAM, OMAR - Omar Khayyam Revisited
SKU1003705: KHIM, P'NG CHYE - Shaolin: An Introduction to Lohan Fighting
SKU1012156: KHOURY, RAYMOND - Rasputin's Shadow
85001305: KHOURY, RAYMOND - The Sign
8502583: KHOURY, RAYMOND - The Sanctuary
SKU1004092: KHOURY, RAYMOND - The Templar Salvation
SKU1012757: KICZEK, GENE - Forgotten Glory: The Story of Cleveland Barons Hockey
SKU1013012: KICZEK, GENE - High Sticks and Hat Tricks: A History of Hockey in Cleveland
SKU1006512: KIDD, MARTHA; TAYLOR, LOUIS - Historical Sketches of Peterborough
95090511: KIELTY, BERNARDINE - Masters of Painting
5001669: KIENZLE, WILLIAM X. - Masquerade
5009649: KIENZLE, WILLIAM X - Shadow of Death
9507887: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Copy Kat
1006673: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Katapult
9507853: KAREN KIJEWSKI - Kat's Cradle: A Perfect Crime Book (a Kat Colorado Mystery, No. 3)
SKU1003554: KAREN KIJEWSKI - Kijewshi, Karen Copy Kat Signed Sc Arc Nf
SKU1003555: KAREN KIJEWSKI - Kijewski, Karen Wild Kat Signed Sc Arc Nf
1006674: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Katwalk (Kat Colorado Mystery)
8052831: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Alley Kat Blues
8504982: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Katapult
1005649: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Wild Kat
SKU1010074: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Copy Kat (Perfect Crime)
SKU1015853: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Kijewski, Karen Wild Kat Us Sc Arc Vg+
SKU1005327: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - Kilbourn, William the Elements Combined Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007554: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - Intimate Grandeur: One Hundred Years at Massey Hall
SKU1016017: KILBOURNE - Toronto Observed
SKU1014642: KILHAM, CHRISTOPHER S. - The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power
SKU1015076: KILPATRICK, JAMES A. - Kilpatrick, James a Atkins at War: As Told in His Own Letters Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1003663: DAESHIK KIM - Kim, Daeshik One-Step Fighting Korean Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1011048: KIMBER, STEPHEN - Sailors, Slackers and Blind Pigs: Halifax at War
SKU1007174: KIMMETT, DEBORAH - Miracle Mother
SKU1009003: KINCAID, D. - The Sunset Bomber
SKU1013598: KINDER, GARY - Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea
5007435: KING, LAURIE R. - With Child
SKU1014378: KING, STEPHEN - Selected Works
SKU1007759: KING, DAVID - Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris
8506651: KING, LAURIE - Language of Bees
95090270: KING, LAURIE R. - A Darker Place
95090276: KING, LAURIE R. - Keeping Watch
5008328: KING, FRANK - Night Vision
8500118: KING, JOHN ROBERT - Bruno Lipshitz and the Disciples of Dogma
5010352: KING, JOHN R. - The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls
SKU1002675: KING, LAURIE R. - Night Work: A Kate Martinelli Mystery
SKU1008648: KING-HELE, DESMOND - Shelley: His Thought and Work
SKU1015151: KING, DAVE; DUHATSCHEK, ERIC - King of Russia: A Year in the Russian Super League
SKU1012999: STEPHEN KING - Wizard and Glass (Dark Tower) (Vol IV)
SKU1001850: KING, STEPHEN; STRAUB, PETER - The Talisman
SKU1014448: KING, RICHARD - Melanin: A Key to Freedom
95090287: KING, JONATHON - Eye of Vengeance
1007063: KING, JONATHON - A Killing Night (Max Freeman Novels)
1009082: KING, TABITHA; MCDOWELL PH.D., MICHAEL - Candles Burning
SKU1016555: KING, STEPHEN - The Dead Zone
SKU1003281: KING, ROSS - Domino
8501454: KING, STEPHEN - Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower)
SKU1000129: KING, JAMES (RE: MARGARET LAURENCE) - The Life of Margaret Laurence
8501992: KING, DAVE - The Ha-Ha: A Novel
SKU1016403: KING, LAURIE R. - The Moor: A Mary Russell Novel
95090432: KING, LAURIE - King, Laurie a Grave Talent Signed Uk 1st/1st Nf
8502584: KING, JONATHON - Shadow Men: A Max Freeman Novel
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SKU1003878: RUFUS KING - King, Rufus Murder in the Willett Family Us Crime Club Edition Hc Vg+
SKU1015925: STEPHEN KING - Blockade Billy
95090271: KING, LAURIE R. - Night Work: A Kate Martinelli Mystery
SKU1015618: KING, STEPHEN - King, Stephen the Secretary of Dreams: Vol I & II Signed Ltd & Num Us Slipcase Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
95090279: KING, LAURIE - Touchstone
SKU1006135: KING, LAURIE R. - The Bones of Paris (Stuyvesant & Grey)
95090801: KING, STEPHEN; MORGAN - Insomnia
95090273: KING, LAURIE R. - Folly
95090280: KING, LAURIE - Pirate King
SKU1015637: STEPHEN KING - Blockade Billy
SKU1002690: KING, LAURIE R. - The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries)
SKU1016477: KING, ROSS - Defiant Spirits: The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven
5007419: KING, LAURIE R. - To Play the Fool
SKU1016469: KINGSBURY, DONALD - Psychohistorical Crisis
5008607: KINGSBURY, DONALD - The Moon Goddess and the Son
8501996: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
SKU1002129: KINKADE, THOMAS - A Village Christmas: Personal Family Memories and Holiday Traditions
SKU1014158: MARJORIE KINNAN - Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan the Yearling Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
8501123: KINNEY, DAVID - The Big One
1010828: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - Shopaholic & Sister (Shopaholic Series)
1005686: KINSELLA, W. P - Box Socials: A Novel
1005688: KINSELLA, W. P - Brother Frank's Gospel Hour & Other Stories
1005690: KINSELLA, W. P - The Winter Helen Dropped by: A Novel
SKU1001326: W.P. KINSELLA - Kinsella, W.P. The Further Adventures of Slugger Mcbatt Cdn 1st/1st Vg
SKU1000258: W.P. KINSELLA - Kinsella, W.P. The Further Adventures of Slugger Mcbatt Cdn 1st/1st Vg
1005687: KINSELLA, W. P. - Box Socials
1005689: KINSELLA, W. P. - Red Wolf, Red Wolf
8504617: W. P. KINSELLA - The Dixon Cornbelt League and Other Baseball Stories
95090728: KINSELLA, W. P - If Wishes Were Horses
SKU1004492: KINSELLA, W. P. - Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa
5001324: KINSELLA, W. P. - Shoeless Joe
8501880: DESAI KIRAN - Desai Kiran Inheritance of Loss Signed Uk Sc Arc Nf
SKU1014432: KIRBY, PEADAR - Introduction to Latin America: Twenty-First Century Challenges
SKU1008144: KIRBY, JACK - Kirby, Jack Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth Vol I & II Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
1005693: KIRCHNER, BHARTI - Sharmila's Book
SKU1007563: KIRKEGAARD, MATT - The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia
SKU1012751: KIRKLAND, TOM; THOMPSON, DAVID - Darlington International Raceway, 1950-1967
SKU1002595: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (the Walking Dead Series)
SKU1000677: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
SKU1008591: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part One (the Walking Dead Series)
SKU1008592: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part Two (the Walking Dead Series)
SKU1010533: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part One (the Walking Dead Series)
SKU1009951: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (the Walking Dead Series)
SKU1008815: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (the Walking Dead Series)
SKU1002593: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
SKU1008814: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (the Walking Dead Series)
SKU1008813: KIRKMAN, ROBERT; BONANSINGA, JAY - The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part One (the Walking Dead Series)
8506573: KIRST, HANS HELLMUT - Heroes for Sale
SKU1009531: KISHON, EPHRAIM - Kishon, Ephraim Wise Guy Solomon Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009665: KISHON, EPHRAIM - Kishon, Ephraim Noah's Ark Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1006749: KISSLING, FRED - Kissling, Fred Sell and Grow Rich Us Ltd Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1014425: KIT, WONG KIEW - Complete Book of Zen (Tuttle Martial Arts)
SKU1008499: KITTO, H. D. F. - Greek Tragedy: A Literary Study (University Paperbacks)
SKU1014999: KIVY, PETER - Osmin's Rage: Philosophical Reflections on Opera, Drama, and Text
8503867: KLAGES, ELLEN - White Sands Red Menace
8504318: KLAGES, ELLEN - White Sands Red Menace
8503866: KLAGES, ELLEN - The Green Glass Sea
8505042: KLAGES, ELLEN - White Sands Red Menace
SKU1012618: KLARWEIN, ABDUL MATI - Milk N' Honey
SKU1011221: KLAUSE, ANNETTE CURTIS - Klause, Annette Curtis Blood and Chocolate Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1012798: KLAVAN, ANDREW - Werewolf Cop: A Novel
5010980: KLAVAN, ANDREW - Dynamite Road (Klavan, Andrew)
8504572: KLAVAN, ANDREW - The Uncanny
95090634: KLEIN, ROBERT - The Amorous Busboy of Decatur Avenue: A Child of the Fifties Looks Back
SKU1013760: KLEIN, R.E. - The History of Our World Beyond the Wave: A Fantasy
SKU1006606: KLEIN, EDWARD - The Kennedy Curse: Why Tragedy Has Haunted America's First Family for 150 Years
1005694: KLEIN, DON - Implant
SKU1001228: KLEIN, EDWARD - All Too Human: The Love Story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy
SKU1006230: KLEIN, EDWARD - Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died
SKU1011671: KLEIN, MAURY - History of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad (Railroads of America)
5007630: KLEMPNER, JOSEPH T. - Shoot the Moon
SKU1007295: KLIEN, A. M. - Klien, A.M. The Second Scroll Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1012628: KLIMA, JOHN - Bushville Wins!: The Wild Saga of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves and the Screwballs, Sluggers, and Beer Swiggers Who Canned the New York Yankees and Changed Baseball
SKU1014253: KLINE, CHRISTINA BAKER - Bird in Hand
SKU1007417: KLOPP, CHARLES - Sentences: The Memoirs and Letters of Italian Political Prisoners from Benvenuto Cellini to Aldo Moro (Toronto Italian Studies)
SKU1013349: KLOSINSKI, EMIL - Klosinski, Emil Pro Football in the Days of Rockne Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
8506256: KNAAK, RICHARD A. - Night of Blood (Dragonlance: The Minotaur Wars, Vol. 1)
1005695: KNAAK, RICHARD A. - Night of Blood (Dragonlance: The Minotaur Wars, Vol. 1)
1005696: KNAAK, RICHARD - Knaak, Richard the Minotaur Wars Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1010491: KNAPP, SANDRA - Plant Discoveries: A Botanist's Voyage Through Plant Exploration
8501997: MATTHEW KNEALE - English Passengers
SKU1014071: KNEPLER, GEORG - Wolfgang Amadé Mozart
SKU1009434: KNICKMEYER, STEVE - Cranmer
SKU1015304: KNIGHT, BRIAN - Feral (Five Star Speculatvie Fiction)
SKU1008509: KNIGHT, S - Knight the Poetry of the Canterbury Tales Uk Sc 1st Vg+
SKU1007310: KNIGHT, STEPHEN - Knight, Stephen Rymyng Craftily Au Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009762: KNIGHT, ADAM - Knight, Adam Kiss and Kill Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
8504977: KNIGHT, E.E. - Valentine's Exile (Vampire Earth, Book 5)
SKU1002336: ROLF KNIGHT - Along the No. 20 Line
SKU1008979: KNIGHT, PHYLLIS - Shattered Rhythms
SKU1008980: KNIGHT, PHYLLIS - Switching the Odds/a LIL Richie Mystery
SKU1007196: KNIGHTS, L. C. - Selected Essays in Criticism
SKU1005134: KNISTER, RAYMOND - Knister, Raymond White Narcissus Cdn Hc 1st/1st Vg+
1006493: KNOPF, CHRIS - Two Time
5000123: KNOWLES, JO - Lessons from a Dead Girl
SKU1000050: KNOX, ELIZABETH - Dreamhunter Duet 01 Dreamhunter
5008858: KNOX, TYLER - Kockroach
SKU1012519: KNUCKLE, ROBERT - In the Line of Duty: The Honour Roll of the Rcmp Since 1873
SKU1012518: KNUCKLE, ROBERT - In the Line of Duty: The Honour Roll of the Rcmp Since 1873
SKU1002478: KOALA, KID - Nufonia Must Fall
8503537: KOCH, ERIC - Hilmar and Odette: Two Stories from the Nazi Era
SKU1008351: KOCH, ERIC - Man Who Knew Charlie Chaplin, the
SKU1011439: CRIS KOHL - The 100 Best Great Lakes Shipwrecks Volume I (Second Edition)
SKU1002857: HELGE KOKERITZ - Shakespeare's Comedies Histories & Tragedies Us Hc Nf
SKU1007578: KOLB, DAVID A - Organizational Psychology;: A Book of Readings (Behavioral Sciences in Business Series)
8504453: KOLLIN, DANI & EYTAN - Kollin Unincorporated War Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
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SKU1000994: KOLLIN, DANI; KOLLIN, EYTAN - The Unincorporated Woman (the Unincorporated Man)
SKU1010680: KOLLIN, DANI; KOLLIN, EYTAN - The Unincorporated War (the Unincorporated Man)
SKU1016468: KOLLIN, DANI; KOLLIN, EYTAN - The Unincorporated Man
1005703: KONRATH, J. A. - Rusty Nail: A Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mystery (Jack Daniels Mysteries)
1005705: KONRATH, J. A. - Whiskey Sour (Jack Daniels Mysteries)
SKU1003321: J. A. KONRATH - Konrath, J.A. Whiskey Sour Signed Us Sc Arc Nf
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SKU1008423: KONRATH, J. A. - Cherry Bomb (Jacqueline)
5007861: KONRATH, J A - Fuzzy Navel
SKU1002628: J. A. KONRATH - Konrath, J.A. Dirty Martini Us Sc Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1007265: KOONTZ, DEAN - Relentless: A Novel
1010645: DEAN R. KOONTZ - Three Complete Novels (the Servants of Twilight / Darkfall / Phantoms)
8505854: LEIGH NICHOLS; DEAN KOONTZ - The House of Thunder
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8500122: KOONTZ, DEAN - Strangers
5010953: DEAN KOONTZ - Dark Rivers of the Heart
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SKU1012676: KOONTZ, DEAN - Brother Odd (Odd Thomas)
SKU1016413: KOONTZ, DEAN - Intensity
SKU1011075: DEAN R. KOONTZ - Nightmare Journey
1005298: KOONTZ, DEAN - Hideaway
5009208: KOONTZ, DEAN - Midnight
8501172: KOONTZ, DEAN - Your Heart Belongs to Me
8502869: KOONTZ, DEAN - Relentless
8504005: KOONTZ, DEAN - Darkest Evening of Year
8504255: KOONTZ, DEAN - Strange Highways
8506088: KOONTZ, DEAN - Breathless
SKU1008050: KOOP, WANDA - Koop, Wanda in Your Eyes Books 1-3 Cdn Sc Catalogue Nf
SKU1007837: KOOP, WANDA - Koop, Wanda Sightlines Cdn Sc Art Gallery Catalogue Nf
SKU1011829: KOPAS, CLIFF - Packhorses to the Pacific: Wilderness Honeymoon (Classic West Collections)
SKU1014118: KOPPELMAN, CHARLES - Behind the Seen: How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain Using Apple's Final Cut Pro and What This Means for Cinema
SKU1013513: KORDA, MICHAEL - Another Life: A Memoir of Other People
8506350: KORMAN, GORDON - The Twinkie Squad (Scholastic Hardcover)
8503432: KORMAN, GORDON - The Twinkle Squad
9508781: KORMAN, GORDON - Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood (Bruno and Boots)
SKU1001285: KORYTA, MICHAEL - So Cold the River
95090869: KORYTA, MICHAEL - So Cold the River
5001059: KORYTA, MICHAEL - Sorrow's Anthem (Lincoln Perry)
SKU1010091: KORYTA, MICHAEL - So Cold the River
SKU1001281: KORYTA, MICHAEL - The Cypress House
1006546: KOSAR, RICHELLE - A Streak of Luck
5009665: KOSINSKI, JERZY N. - The Hermit of 69th Street: The Working Papers of Norbert Kosky
SKU1007517: KOSTOF, SPIRO & CASTILLO, GREG - The City Assembled: The Elements of Urban Form Through History
8506673: KOSTOVA, ELIZABETH - Swan Thieves
SKU1004834: KOSTOVA, ELIZABETH - The Swan Thieves: A Novel
SKU1003129: KOTANI, ERIC; ROBERTS, JOHN MADDOX - Legacy of Prometheus
5010143: KOTANI, ERIC; ROBERTS, JOHN MADDOX - Legacy of Prometheus
8505284: KOTLOWITZ, ROBERT - Before Their Time
SKU1008992: KOVACS, ED - Storm Damage
SKU1016400: MARY ROBINETTE KOWAL - Scenting the Dark
1006496: KOWALSKI, WILLIAM - The Adventures of Flash Jackson: A Novel
8505689: KOZHINA, ELENA - Through the Burning Steppe: A Wartime Memoir
5007635: KRAFT, ERIC - Taking Off: A Novel (Flying: A Trilogy)
SKU1005628: KRAMER, JULIE - Shunning Sarah: A Novel
SKU1005126: KRAMER, KATHRYN - Handbook for Visitors from Outer Space
SKU1007274: KRAMER, EDWARD E.; GAIMAN, NEIL - The Sandman: Book of Dreams
SKU1005629: KRAMER, JULIE - Killing Kate: A Novel
SKU1010424: KRANTZ, STEVEN - Calculus Demystified : A Self Teaching Guide (Demystified)
SKU1013732: A. M. KRASNER - Krasner the Wizard Within Us Sc 3rd Printing Nf
SKU1012175: KRAUTHEIMER, RICHARD - Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture (Hist of Art)
SKU1005027: KREISEL, HENRY - Kreisel, Henry the Betrayal Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1005036: KREISEL, HENRY - Kreisel, Henry the Rich Man Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1010632: KRESS, NANCY - Steal Across the Sky
5010253: KRESS, NANCY - The White Pipes
5010244: KRESS, NANCY - Crucible
8507701: KRESS, NANCY - The Golden Grove
SKU1004852: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Studhorse Man
SKU1008543: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Kroetsch, Robert the Studhorse Man Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1005032: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Kroetsch, Robert Badlands Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1005024: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Kroetsch, Robert the Words of My Roaring Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1002295: KROETSH, ROBERT - The Man from the Creeks
1010830: KROHN, CHARLES - The Lost Battalion: Controversy and Casualties in the Battle of Hue
SKU1010020: KROLLER, EVA-MARIE - Canadian Travellers in Europe, 1851-1900
5000124: KRONENWETTER, MICHAEL - First Kill
SKU1000744: WILLIAM KENT KRUEGER - Krueger, William Kent Boundary Waters Signed Sc Arc Nf
SKU1012085: KRUEGER, WILLIAM KENT - Krueger, William Kent Ordinary Grace Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1005626: KRUEGER, WILLIAM KENT - Northwest Angle: A Novel (Cork o'Connor Mystery Series)
SKU1003347: JOSEPH WOOD KRUTCH - Krutch; Porter Baja California and the Geography of Hope Us Sc Nf
SKU1004520: KUCHABSKY, VASYL - Kuchabsky Western Ukraine in Conflict with Poland and Bolshevism Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012876: KUNDERA, MILAN - Testaments Betrayed: An Essay in Nine Parts
SKU1010110: UTAGAWA KUNIYOSHI - An Exhibition of the Work of Utagawa Kuniyoshi Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1006429: KUNKEL, MIKE - Herobear and the Kid Volume 1: The Inheritance (V. 1)
5009167: KUNZ, KATHLEEN - Murder Once Removed
8502001: KUNZRU, HARI - The Impressionist
SKU1001913: KURELEK, WILLIAM - To My Father's Village
SKU1011887: KURELEK, WILLIAM - To My Father's Village
SKU1014320: KUROKAWA, KISHO - The Philosophy of Symbiosis
5008620: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The Harrowing of Gwynedd (Volume 1 of the Heirs of Saint Camber)
5008618: KATHERINE KURTZ - The King's Justice (Histories of King Kelson)
5008619: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The Quest for Saint Camber (Volume III of the Histories of King Kelson)
5008629: KURTZ, KATHERINE - King Kelson's Bride: A Novel of the Deryni
5008630: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The Bishop's Heir (Histories of King Kelson / Katherine Kurtz)
5009668: KURTZ, KATHERINE; HARRIS, DEBORAH TURNER - The Temple and the Stone
SKU1006762: KATHERINE KURTZ - The King's Justice (Histories of King Kelson)
8505242: KURTZ, KATHERINE - Death of an Adept
5008617: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The Bishop's Heir (Histories of King Kelson / Katherine Kurtz)
5008631: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The Harrowing of Gwynedd (Volume 1 of the Heirs of Saint Camber)
8502002: KURTZ, KATHERINE - Saint Camber (the Legends of Camber of Culdi, Vol. 2)
5008609: KURTZ, KATHERINE - Dagger Magic (Book 4)
5008612: KURTZ, KATHERINE - St. Patrick's Gargoyle
8505109: KURTZ, KATHERINE - Two Crowns for America
8505099: KURTZ, KATHERINE - Camber of Culdi (the Legends of Camber of Culdi; V. 1)
5008613: KURTZ, KATHERINE - In the King's Service (Kurtz, Katherine)
5008625: KURTZ, KATHERINE - The Legacy of Lehr: Katherine Kurtz (Millennium)
SKU1007724: KURTZ, KATHERINE - Kurtz, Katherine Two Crowns for America Signed Sc Arc Nf
9508647: KURTZ, KATHERINE - St. Patrick's Gargoyle
SKU1013124: KURTZBERG, BRAD - Shorthanded: The Untold Story of the Seals: Hockey's Most Colorful Team
5008966: KURZMAN, DAN - Day of the Bomb: Countdown to Hiroshima
SKU1014269: KUSHI, MICHIO; JACK, ALEX - The Book of Macrobiotics: The Universal Way of Health, Happiness and Peace
SKU1011264: KUTTNER, HENRY - Kuttner, Henry Mutant Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004592: KUWABARA, SEISHO KINA - Kuwabara, Seisho Kina Ikebana and I Cdn Hc Nf
1009193: KUZNETSOV, EDWARD - Prison Diaries
8506597: KWA, LYDIA - The Walking Boy
SKU1000153: LABERGE, MICHAEL - Final Phase: Book One of the Struggle
SKU1011886: LACEY ROBERT; LACEY - Aristocrats
8505683: LACEY, PETER - The Wedding
SKU1005457: CAMILLA LÄCKBERG - The Ice Princess
SKU1007959: CAMILLA LACKBERG - The Lost Boy (Patrick Hedstrom and Erica Falck)
8506369: LACKEY, MECEDES - Lackey, Mecedes Trio of Sorcery Signed & Lined Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
8506220: LACKEY, MECEDES - Lackey, Mecedes Invasion Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1001704: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Gwenhwyfar: The White Spirit (a Novel of King Arthur) (Arthurian Novel)
SKU1011066: MERCEDES LACKEY - Winds of Fury (Mage Winds, Bk. 3)
SKU1002306: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Sanctuary: Joust #3 (Dragon Jousters)
SKU1000360: LACKEY, MERCEDES - The Serpent's Shadow (Elemental Masters, Book 1)
8506163: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Exile's Valor (Valdemar Novels)
8506181: LACKEY, MECEDES - Foundation
8506184: LACKEY, MERCEDES - The Gates of Sleep (Elemental Masters, Book 2)
8506218: LACKEY, MECEDES - Intrigues
8506266: LACKEY, MERCEDES; DIXON, LARRY - Owlsight (Darian's Tale)
SKU1001673: LACKEY, MERCEDES; MALLORY, JAMES - The Phoenix Endangered: Book Two of the Enduring Flame
SKU1001686: LACKEY, MERCEDES; GELLIS, ROBERTA - ILL Met by Moonlight (the Doubled Edge, Book 2)
SKU1001689: LACKEY, MERCEDES; EDGHILL, ROSEMARY - Beyond World's End (Bedlam Bard, Book 4)
SKU1001702: MERCEDES LACKEY - The Robin and the Kestrel: Bardic Voices II
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SKU1013938: MERCEDES LACKEY - Brightly Burning (Daw Books Collectors, No. 1150) (Valdemar)
8506273: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Phoenix Unchained
SKU1001688: LACKEY, MERCEDES; GELLIS, ROBERTA - By Slanderous Tongues (the Doubled Edge, Book 3)
8506302: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Sacred Ground
SKU1001687: LACKEY, MERCEDES; GELLIS, ROBERTA - This Scepter'd Isle (the Doubled Edge, Book 1)
SKU1001699: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Beauty and the Werewolf (Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, Book 6)
SKU1001701: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Aerie
SKU1001692: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Unnatural Issue: An Elemental Masters Novel
SKU1002108: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Jinx High: A Diana Tregarde Investigation
SKU1001892: LACKEY, MERCEDES; MALLORY, JAMES - The Phoenix Transformed: Book Three of the Enduring Flame
8506388: LACKEY, MERCEDES; MALLORY, JAMES - When Darkness Falls (the Obsidian Trilogy, Book 3)
SKU1001707: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Intrigues: Book Two of the Collegium Chronicles (a Valdemar Novel) (Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles)
8506395: LACKEY, MERCEDES - The Wizard of London (Elemental Masters, Book 4)
SKU1003294: LACOMBE, P. - Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Medieval Military Library)
5001187: LACY, AL - A Promise Unbroken: Battle of Rich Mountain / a Heart Divided: Battle of Mobile Bay (Battles of Destiny Collection, No. 1)
1005749: LAGASSE, EMERIL - Emeril's Tv Dinners: Kickin' It Up a Notch with Recipes from Emeril Live and Essence of Emeril
5000269: LAGASSE, EMERIL - Emeril's Tv Dinners: Kickin' It Up a Notch with Recipes from Emeril Live and Essence of Emeril
1005750: LAHAYE, JENKINS - The Indwelling
SKU1005478: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - Unaccustomed Earth
1005751: LAHR, JOHN - Sinatra: : the Artist and the Man
SKU1002691: MURRY LAIDLAW - Laidlaw, Murry Danger! Do Not Shake the Coconut Tree Signed Cdn Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016409: LAIMO, MICHAEL - Laimo, Michael the Demonologist Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016406: LAIMO, MICHAEL - Laimo, Michael Dark Ride Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012421: LAING, HAMILTON M. - Laing, Hamilton M. Allan Brooks: Artist Naturalist Cdn Sc 1st/1st Vg+
8502004: LAING, G. BLAIR - Memoirs of an Art Dealer - Signed 2 Vol Set
SKU1001855: LAKE, JAY - Endurance (Green)
5008216: LAKE, JAY - Escapement (Clockwork Earth)
SKU1008528: LAKE, JAY - Mainspring (Clockwork Earth)
SKU1002291: LAKE, JAY - Trial of Flowers
95090888: LAKE, JAY - Escapement (Clockwork Earth)
SKU1002290: LAKE, JAY - Pinion (Clockwork Earth)
8503443: VALERIE LAKEN - Dream House
SKU1010731: LAKOSELJAC, BIANCA - Summer of the Dancing Bear (Essential Prose Series)
95090182: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures
SKU1013595: LAMB, BRIAN - Booknotes: America's Finest Authors on Reading, Writing, and the Power of Ideas
SKU1015855: LAMB, WALLY - Lamb, Wally She's Come Undone Us Sc Advanced Uncorrected Proof Vg+
SKU1002941: LAMB, JAMES B. - On the Triangle Run
SKU1007849: LAMBERSON, GREGORY - Johnny Gruesome
SKU1005570: LAMBERT, ANDREW D. - Admirals
SKU1013375: LAMBERT, PROF. ANDREW - War at Sea in the Age of Sail (Cassell History of Warfare)
SKU1002514: LAMBKIN, DAVID - The Hanging Tree: A Novel
SKU1010428: LAMBOURNE, MAUREEN - The Art of Bird Illustration
9508776: DI LAMPEDUSA, GIUSEPPE - The Leopard
SKU1014844: LAMPHIER, BLAISE M. - Hockey in Rochester the Americans' Tradition (Ny) (Images of Sports)
SKU1012533: LAMPMAN, ARCHIBALD - Lampman, Archibald Lyrics of Earth: Sonnets and Ballads Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg
SKU1008065: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Lancaster, Osbert Mixed Notices Signed Uk 1st/1st Nf
SKU1003795: LANÇON, BERTRAND - Rome in Late Antiquity: Ad 312 - 609
8501265: LAND, JON - The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending (Michael Tiranno the Tyrant)
SKU1003135: LAND, JON - The Last Prophecy (Ben and Danielle)
1001846: LAND, JON - Keepers of the Gate (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea Novels)
1005767: LAND, JON - The Blue Widows (Ben and Danielle)
SKU1011715: LANDAY, WILLIAM - The Strangler
SKU1011679: WILLIAM LANDAY - Mission Flats
95090700: LANDAY, WILLIAM - Defending Jacob
SKU1005338: LANDAY, WILLIAM - Defending Jacob: A Novel
SKU1007496: LANDIS, DEBORAH NADOOLMAN - Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design
5009671: LANDIS, CATHERINE - Some Days There's Pie: A Novel
SKU1011642: CHARLES N. LANDON - The Landon School of Illustrating and Cartooning: Box of 25 Lessens Sc Vg+
5009017: LANDRETH, MARSHA - A Clinic for Murder (a Dr. Sam Turner Mystery)
SKU1012297: LANDSDALE, JOE R. - The Magic Wagon
8507921: LANDSMAN, ANNE - The Rowing Lesson
SKU1016342: LANE, PATRICK - Red Dog, Red Dog
SKU1009793: LANG, BRAD - Lang, Brad on the Loose Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1002999: KELLY LANGE - Lange, Kelly the Reporter Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1002982: LAWRENCE LANGER - Langer, Lawrence Know Stable Design and Management Us Sc Booklet 1st/5th Vg+
5008217: LANGFORD - Dragonhiker's Guide to Battlefield
8504938: LANGRISH, KATHERINE - Shadow Hunt
8505313: LANGRISH, KATHERINE - Troll Blood
1005770: LANGRISH, KATHERINE - Troll Fell
SKU1012290: LANGTON, JERRY - Fallen Angel: The Unlikely Rise of Walter Stadnick and the Canadian Hells Angels
SKU1005654: LANSDALE, JOE R. - Sunset and Sawdust
SKU1005827: LANSDALE, JOE R. - All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky
SKU1010848: LANSDALE, JOE R. - Bad Chili
SKU1005630: LANSDALE, JOE R. - Edge of Dark Water
1005777: LANSDALE, JOE R. - Captains Outrageous: A Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Novel
1005773: LANSDALE, JOE - Lansdale, Joe a Fine Dark Line Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1005652: LANSDALE, JOE R. - Leather Maiden
5008099: LANSDALE, JOE R. - Dead in the West
SKU1009145: LORI LANSENS - Rush Home Road
SKU1002493: DOROTHY I. LANSING M.D. - Lancing Medicine and Science in Early America Us Sc Nf
SKU1009053: JOHN LANTIGUA - The Lady from Buenos Aires: A Willie Cuesta Mystery
SKU1008342: LAPHAM, DAVID - Stray Bullets Volume 3 (Stray Bullets (Graphic Novels))
5000808: LAPIERRE, JANET - Grandmother's House: A Port Silva Mystery
8504976: LARBALESTIER, JUSTINE - Magic Lessons (Magic or Madness Trilogy)
SKU1009758: LARIAR, LAWRENCE - Lariar, Lawrence Friday for Death Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1006416: LARISEY, PETER - Light for a Cold Land: Lawren Harris's Life and Work
SKU1011570: LARKIN, DAVID - Larkin, David the Fantastic Art of Sulamith Wulfing Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1011218: JEAN PIERRE LAROCQUE - Jean Pierre Larocque: Clay Sculpture and Drawings Exhibition Catalogue 2006 Nf
SKU1009101: LARSGAARD, CHRIS - The Heir Hunter
SKU1006830: GARY LARSON - The Complete Far Side: 1980-1994
95090620: LARSON, STIEG - Larson, Stieg the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1014303: CYNTHIA SUE LARSON - Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success
SKU1015041: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium Trilogy)
SKU1000590: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Played with Fire: Book Two of the Millennium Trilogy (Millennium Series)
8502007: LASDUN, JAMES - The Horned Man
8502006: LASDUN, JAMES - Seven Lies
1009636: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Roosevelt and Churchill, 1939-1941: The Partnership That Saved the West
1005786: LASHNER, WILLIAM - Past Due
SKU1001207: LASHNER, WILLIAM - Blood and Bone
1020384: LASHNER, WILLIAM - A Killer's Kiss
1005785: LASHNER, WILLIAM - Past Due
SKU1010056: LAST, FIRST - Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn (Joe Barley Mysteries)
1010833: LATHAM, AARON - Code of the West: A Novel
1009119: LATHAM, AARON - The Cowboy with the Tiffany Gun: A Novel
SKU1007065: LATHAM, R. T. E. - Latham, R.T. E. The Law and the Commonweath Uk 1st/1st Vg+
8502588: LATOUR, JOSE - Outcast
SKU1002643: LAUDER, PETER - Noble Lord
SKU1005730: LAUKKANEN, OWEN - The Professionals (a Stevens and Windermere Novel)
SKU1010693: LAUMANN, SILKEN - Unsinkable
5008492: LAUMER, KEITH - Retief's Ransom (Jaime Retief Series #7)
5008493: LAUMER, KEITH - Retief's War
5008494: LAUMER, KEITH - The Shape Changer
5008495: LAUMER, KEITH, - The Star Treasure: A Science Fiction Novel.
5008496: LAUMER, KEITH - The World Shuffler
SKU1004355: MARGARET LAURENCE - Laurence, Margaret This Side Jordan Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004683: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Heart of a Stranger
1010646: LAURENCE, JANET - Hotel Morgue
SKU1003562: JANET LAURENCE - Laurence, Janet Death at the Table Signed Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1013834: MARGARET LAURENCE - The Stone Angel
SKU1004628: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Laurence, Margaret the Fire Dwellers Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1009299: LAURENCE, JANET - Death a la Provencale
1009301: JANET LAURENCE - Recipe for Death
1009297: JANET LAURENCE - A Deepe Coffyn (Signed)
1009298: JANET LAURENCE - A Tasty Way to Die
1009302: LAURENCE, JANET - To Kill the Past
SKU1012815: LAUTIER, JACK; POLNASZEK, FRANK - Same Game, Different Name: The History of the World Hockey Association
SKU1011797: LAVALLEE, OMER - Van Horne's Road: Revised Edition (Railfare Books (Fifth House))
SKU1002023: LAMES LAVER - Laver Manners and Morals in the Age of Optimism 1848 - 1914 Us Hcdj Vg
SKU1012281: LAVIGNE, YVES - Hells Angels at War: Hells Angels and Their Violent Conspiracy to Supply Illegal Drugs to the World
SKU1008838: LAW, JANICE - Backfire
SKU1008868: LAW, JANICE - Cross-Check: An Anna Peters Mystery
8052816: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN R. - In the Hall of the Dragon King (the Dragon King Trilogy, Book 1)
5009103: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN R. - Scarlet (the King Raven Trilogy, Book 2)
8506550: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN R. - Hood (King Raven Trilogy, Book 1)
9507955: LAWHEAD, STEPHEN - Paradise War
SKU1008635: LAWLER, JENNIFER - Tae Kwon Do for Women
SKU1005973: LAWMAN, TONY - Lawman, Tony the Long Grass Signed Uk Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1008851: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - Ashes of Aries
SKU1012898: LAWRENCE, IAIN - The Buccaneers
1009187: LAWRENCE, CAROLINE - The Fugitive from Corinth (the Roman Mysteries)
5007266: LAWRENCE, DAVID - Down Into Darkness: A Detective Stella Mooney Novel (Detective Stella Mooney Mysteries)
SKU1001653: LAWRENCE, MARGARET - Blood Red Roses
5000372: LAWRENCE, CAROLINE - The Enemies of Jupiter (the Roman Mysteries)
1006499: LAWRENCE, IAIN - The Convicts
SKU1007618: PATRICIA BRIGGS; DAVID LAWRENCE - Mercy Thompson: Homecoming
SKU1008837: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - Murder in Scorpio: A Mystery
5000125: LAWRENCE, STARLING - The Lightning Keeper: A Novel
SKU1008841: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - The Cold Heart of Capricorn: A Mystery
SKU1001282: LAWSON, MIKE - House Rules: A Joe Demarco Thriller
1006407: LAWSON, MARY - The Other Side of the Bridge
SKU1009945: LAWSON, MARY - Crow Lake
SKU1012389: LAWTON, JOHN - A Little White Death
8503874: LAWTON, JOHN - Second Violin
SKU1016569: LAWTON, JOHN - Black out: A Novel
SKU1012388: JOHN LAWTON - Sweet Sunday
SKU1007184: LAWTON, JOHN - Old Flames
5007759: LAWTON, TERRY - Fly Fisher's Logbook
8502667: TRENT; LAWTON - Image Makers Hollywood
SKU1014767: LAYBERRY, ROSS; HALL, PETER; LAFONTAINE, DON - The Butterflies of Canada
SKU1010509: LAYBOURNE, EMMY - Monument 14: Sky on Fire (Monument 14 Series)
SKU1010504: LAYBOURNE, EMMY - Monument 14 (Monument 14 Series)
SKU1007379: LAYCOCK, MARGARET; MYRVOLD, BARBARA - Laycock; Myrvold Parkdale in Pictures Signed Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
8504189: LAYCOCK, GEORGE - Hunters and the Hunted
SKU1016390: LAYMON, RICHARD - Laymon, Richard Come out Tonight Signed Ltd Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015945: LAYMON, RICHARD - Into the Fire
SKU1015942: LAYMON, RICHARD - Among the Missing
SKU1015941: LAYMON, RICHARD - To Wake the Dead
SKU1015940: LAYMON, RICHARD. - The Travelling Vampire Show
SKU1015939: LAYMON, RICHARD - Bite
SKU1015938: LAYMON, RICHARD - Laymon, Richard Endless Night Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015943: RICHARD LAYMON - The Woods Are Dark
SKU1015651: LAYMON, RICHARD - The Stake
SKU1015652: LAYMON, RICHARD - The Quake
SKU1015649: LAYMON, RICHARD - Midnight's Lair
SKU1015650: LAYMON, RICHARD - Alarms: A Novel of Psychic Suspense
SKU1015944: LAYMON, RICHARD - The Midnight Tour
SKU1016391: LAYMON, RICHARD - Cuts
SKU1005402: LAYTON, IRVING - Layton, Irving a Red Carpet for the Sun Cdn Hcdj 1st/2nd Vg+
SKU1013589: LAZARE, GERALD & SETSUKO - Lazare, Gerald & Setsuko East Meets West Signed Sc 1st/1st Nf
1001894: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Canada the Foundations of Its Future
SKU1008840: LEAHEY, MICHAEL I. - The Pale Green Horse (a J.J. Donavan Mystery)
SKU1008848: LEAHEY, MICHAEL I. - Broken Machines (J.J. Donovan)
1010835: LEAHEY, MICHAEL I. - The Pale Green Horse (a J.J. Donavan Mystery)
5007664: LEAMER - King of Night-32dp: Tragedy Fl
SKU1006318: LEAMER, LAURENCE - Sons of Camelot: The Fate of an American Dynasty
SKU1014996: LEAR, LINDA - Beatrix Potter. A Life in Nature.
SKU1009265: LEAVITT, ALAN J. - Shame the Devil
SKU1016407: TIM LEBBON - Last Exit for the Lost
SKU1016412: LEBBON, TIM - Fears Unnamed: 4 Novellas
SKU1010697: LEBLANC, RICHARD; GILLIES, JAMES - Inside the Boardroom: How Boards Really Work and the Coming Revolution in Corporate Governance
SKU1012401: LECKIE, ROBERT - A Few Acres of Snow: The Saga of the French and Indian Wars
SKU1016256: EDWARD LEE - Haunted House: And Other Presidential Horrors (Signed)
SKU1016255: LEE, EDWARD - Monstrosity
SKU1003673: BRUCE LEE - Bruce Lee: Revenges Chinese Sc Magazine Nf
SKU1014645: SEUNG HEUN LEE - Healing Society: A Prescription for Global Enlightenment (Walsch Book)
SKU1016251: LEE, EDWARD - Stickmen
SKU1016226: LEE, EDWARD - City Infernal
SKU1013881: LEE, TANITH - Prince on a White Horse Lee T
SKU1016595: LEE, EDWARD JR. - Brain Cheese Buffet
SKU1012234: LEE, TINN CHAN - The Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan (Unique Literary Books of the World)
SKU1016596: LEE, EDWARD JR. - Carnal Surgery
SKU1016597: LEE, EDWARD JR. - The Innswich Horror
SKU1003674: BRUCE LEE - Bruce Lee: In "the Big Boss" Chinese Sc Magazine Nf
SKU1016233: LEE, EDWARD - House Infernal
SKU1003672: BRUCE LEE - Bruce Lee's Nunchaku in Action Chinese Sc Magazine Nf
9508536: LEE, PATRICK - Deep Sky
SKU1016235: LEE, EDWARD - Lee, Edward Gast Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016221: LEE, EDWARD - Infernal Angel
SKU1016254: EDWARD LEE - Golemesque
SKU1016222: LEE, EDWARD - The Bighead
1001897: LEE, STAN - Dunn's Conundrum
SKU1016223: LEE, EDWARD - Coven
1001901: LEE, TANITH - Forests of the Night
SKU1011240: CHILD LEE - Child Lee the Enemy Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1015917: LEE, EDWARD - The Backwoods
95090720: LEE, TANITH - Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island
SKU1016247: LEE, EDWARD - Messenger
1001904: LEE, GENTRY - The Tranquility Wars (Bantam Spectra Book)
1005812: LEE, TANITH - Wolf Queen
SKU1003675: BRUCE LEE - Bruce Lee: The Secret of Jkd & Kung Fu Chinese Sc Magazine Nf
SKU1016250: LEE, EDWARD; PELAN, JOHN - Lee, Edward; Pelan, John Family Tradition Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1008256: CHRISTOPHER LEE - The Killing of Cinderella, a Bath Detective Mystery
SKU1016230: LEE, EDWARD - Lee, Edward Incubi Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016231: LEE, EDWARD - Lee, Edward Pages Torn from a Travel Journal Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016252: LEE, EDWARD; PELAN, JOHN - Lee, Edward; Pelan, John Goon Signed Ltd Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016232: EDWARD LEE - The Ushers
SKU1007526: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Lees-Milne English Country Houses: Baroque 1685-1715 Uk Bce Vg+
SKU1012701: LEFKO, PERRY - Thoroughbred Racing's Greatest Day: The Breeders' Cup 20th Anniversary Celebration
8503165: LEGAULT, STEPHEN - Cardinal Divide
SKU1008720: LEGGATT, ALEXANDER - Ben Jonson: His Vision and His Art
5009209: LEGUIN, URSULA - Compass Rose
5009000: LEGUIZAMO - Pimps Hos Playa Hatas
SKU1015113: LEHANE, DENNIS - The Given Day (Coughlin, Book 1)
SKU1016267: LEHANE, DENNIS - Prayers for Rain
SKU1011466: LEHANE, DENNIS - Mystic River
85001437: LEHANE, CON - Death at the Old Hotel
SKU1012157: DENNIS LEHANE - Shutter Island: A Novel
5007396: LEHANE, DENNIS - The Given Day
SKU1004730: LEHANE, DENNIS - Moonlight Mile (Kenzie and Gennaro)
SKU1003246: LEHANE, DENNIS - Moonlight Mile (Kenzie and Gennaro)
SKU1014355: LEHMAN, KENNETH - The Legendary Whitby Dunlops
SKU1013497: HANS GRAF VON LEHNDORFF - Hans Graf Von Lehndorff Token of a Covenant Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016081: FRITZ LEIBER - Box Lot of 6 Fritz Leiber Signed Paperback Books Swords and Ice Magic, Swords Against Wizardry, Swords in the Mist, Swords of Lankhmar, Swords Against Death, Swords and Deviltry
SKU1009433: LEIGH, ROBERT - First and Last Murder
SKU1016607: LEINIEKS, VALDIS - The Plays of Sophokles
SKU1003856: LEIPP, EMILE - Violin: History, Aesthetics, Manufacture and Acoustics
SKU1006396: LEITCH, ADELAIDE - Leitch, Adelaide the Visible Past Cdn Hcdj Reprint Vg+
1009605: LEKICH, JOHN - King of the Lost and Found
SKU1010763: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY - Leland, Charles Godfrey the Alternate Sex Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1001247: ROBERT S. LEMMON - Lemmon, Robert Our Amazing Birds Us Hcdj Bce Vg
SKU1008637: LENDT, C. K. - Kiss and Sell: The Making of a Supergroup Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1011581: LENNON, CYNTHIA - Twist of Lennon
5001684: LEON, DONNA - Uniform Justice: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery
5001682: LEON, DONNA - Doctored Evidence (Commissario Brunetti)
9508651: LEON, DONNA - Uniform Justice: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery
SKU1005010: ROOKE. LEON - Rooke. Leon the Magician in Love Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015828: LEONARD, ELMORE - Escape from Five Shadows
SKU1015825: LEONARD, ELMORE - Leonard, Elmore Hombre Signed Us Sc 1st/5th Vg+
SKU1015831: LEONARD, ELMORE - Leonard, Elmore Valdez Is Coming Signed Us Sc 1st/
1001922: LEONARD, ELMORE - Bandits
SKU1015824: LEONARD, ELMORE - Law at Randado
8506267: LEONARD, ELMORE - Pagan Babies
SKU1016284: LEONARD, ELMORE - Glitz
SKU1015826: LEONARD, ELMORE - Leonard, Elmore Mr Majestyk Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1015571: LEONARD, ELMORE - Rum Punch
SKU1016282: LEONARD, ELMORE - Freaky Deaky
SKU1016283: LEONARD, ELMORE - Riding the Rap
SKU1015830: LEONARD, ELMORE - Last Stand at Saber River
SKU1016277: LEONARD, ELMORE - Stick
SKU1015582: LEONARD, ELMORE - Leonard, Elmore Maximum Bob Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
1010838: LEONARD, ELMORE - Up in Honey's Room
SKU1016364: LEONARD, ELMORE - Rum Punch
SKU1016279: ELMORE LEONARD - Elmore Leonard's Double Dutch Treat: Three Novels - Moonshine War, Gold Coast, City Primeval
SKU1016280: LEONARD, ELMORE - Cuba Libre
SKU1016278: LEONARD, ELMORE - Elmore Leonard: La Brava; Cat Chaser; Split Images
SKU1016313: LEONARD, PETER - Quiver
8500611: LEONARD, PETER - Quiver
SKU1016276: LEONARD, ELMORE - Bandits
1001929: LEONARD, ELMORE - Touch
SKU1015569: LEONARD, ELMORE - Mr. Paradise
SKU1015573: LEONARD, ELMORE - Tishomingo Blues
SKU1015572: LEONARD, ELMORE - Pagan Babies
SKU1015568: ELMORE LEONARD - Pronto
SKU1015567: LEONARD, ELMORE - Leonard, Elmore Glitz Signed Sc Arc Vg+
SKU1009358: LEONARD, ELMORE - Up in Honey's Room: A Novel
SKU1015577: LEONARD, ELMORE - Be Cool
SKU1011278: LEONARD, ELMORE - Leonard, Elmore Mr Majestyk Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
9508338: LEONARD, PETER - Trust Me
SKU1016281: LEONARD, ELMORE - Touch
SKU1015575: LEONARD, ELMORE - Get Shorty
SKU1005403: LEONARD, ELMORE - Get Shorty
SKU1011953: LEPETIT, CHARLES - Lepetit, Charles Two Dancers in the Desert Uk Sc 1st/1st Vg+
9508680: LERNER, ERIC - Pinkerton's Secret: A Novel (John Macrae Books)
8506702: LERNER, EDWARD - Lerner, Edward Small Miracles Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
8506224: NIVEN; LERNER - Juggler of Worlds
SKU1013847: LESCOURRET, MARIE-ANNE - Rubens: A Double Life
8505993: LESCROART, JOHN - Damage
8500503: JOHN LESCROART - The Hunt Club: A Novel
8500505: LESCROART, JOHN - The Oath (Dismas Hardy)
SKU1007118: LESCROART, JOHN - Nothing But the Truth (Dismas Hardy)
8505122: JOHN LESCROART - The Second Chair
SKU1001171: LESCROART, JOHN - The Suspect (Dismas Hardy)
SKU1001179: JOHN LESCROART - The Hunt Club: A Novel
SKU1002243: LESCROART, JOHN - The Motive (Dismas Hardy, Book 10)
8500504: JOHN LESCROART - The Hunt Club: A Novel
SKU1001178: JOHN T. LESCROART - A Certain Justice (Abe Glitsky)
8505990: LESCROART, JOHN - Guilt (Abe Glitsky)
SKU1008854: LESCROART, JOHN - Son of Holmes (Auguste Lupa)
8500502: LESCROART, JOHN - The First Law: An Abe Glitsky/Dismas Hardy Mystery
8505989: LESCROART, JOHN - Nothing But the Truth (Dismas Hardy)
95090811: LESCROART, JOHN - Betrayal
SKU1005252: LESCROART, JOHN - The First Law: An Abe Glitsky/Dismas Hardy Mystery
8505120: LESCROART, JOHN - The First Law: An Abe Glitsky/Dismas Hardy Mystery
8505119: LESCROART, JOHN - Betrayal
8505988: LESCROART, JOHN - Damage
8500501: LESCROART, JOHN - The First Law: An Abe Glitsky/Dismas Hardy Mystery
SKU1008853: LESCROART, JOHN - Rasputin's Revenge (Auguste Lupa)
5009012: LESLEY, CRAIG - Burning Fence: A Western Memoir of Fatherhood
SKU1006411: LESLIE G. ELDENBURG, SUSAN WOLCOTT, LIANG-HSUAN CHEN, GAIL COOK - Cost Management: Measuring, Monitoring, and Motivating Performance
SKU1005149: LESSING, DORIS - The Story of a Non-Marrying Man and Other Stories
9508871: LESSING, DORIS - Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire (Canopus in Argos Archives)
SKU1012944: LESSING, DORIS - The Cleft: A Novel
95090211: LESSING, DORIS - Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire (Canopus in Argos Archives)
SKU1005150: DORIS MAY LESSING - The Grass Is Singing
8502011: LESSING, DORIS - A Man and Two Women
SKU1006117: LESSING, DORIS - The Sweetest Dream: A Novel
SKU1005129: LESSING, DORIS - Lessing, Doris the Habit of Loving Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg
8504134: LESSING, DORIS - Memoirs of a Survivor
8504694: LESSING, DORIS - Summer Before the Dark
SKU1009569: LESSING, DORIS - In Pursuit of the English
SKU1004969: LESSING, DORIS - Temptation of Jack Orkney Coll Stor Volume 2 (V. 2)
SKU1014913: LARRY LESTER - Baseball's First Colored World Series: The 1924 Meeting of the Hilldale Giants and Kansas City Monarchs
SKU1010803: LESTERMAN, JOHN - Lesterman, John the Adventures of a Trafalgar Lad Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016376: LESTEWKA, PATRICK - The Preserve
SKU1016509: LESTEWKA, PATRICK - Lestewka, Patrick Vehicles Signed Ltd & Num Us Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1008164: LETTERI, MARK; BARRY, VINCENT; RUDINOW, JOEL - Invitation to Critical Thinking
SKU1012260: LEUCHTAG, ERIKA - Leuchtag, Erika Erika and the King Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016371: CHARLOTTE LAUGHLIN; DANIEL J H LEVACK - De Camp: An L. Sprague de Camp Bibliography Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1006368: LEVESQUE, RENE - Memoirs
SKU1006581: LEVESQUE, RENE - Memoirs
SKU1009743: LEVEY, ROBERT - Levey, Robert Dictators Die Hard Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1015926: LEVIN, IRA - Levin, Ira Rosemary's Baby Signed Ltd & Num Slipcase Nf
SKU1008862: LEVIN, DANIEL - The Last Ember
SKU1007096: LEVIN, DAVID - Levin, David History As Romantic Art Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004823: LEVINE, NORMAN - Levine, Norman from a Seaside Town Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
5008497: LEVINE, PAUL - 9 Scorpions
5008499: LEVINE, PAUL - Fool Me Twice
SKU1004826: LEVINE, NORMAN - Levine, Norman the Angled Road Signed Uk Hc 1st/1st Nf
1002973: LEVINE, JOSEPH S - The Secret of Life: Redesigning the Living World
SKU1003563: LEVINSON, ROBERT S. - The James Dean Affair: A Neil Gulliver & Stevie Marriner Novel
5010570: LEVINSON, PAUL - The Pixel Eye (Phil D'Amato)
9508322: LEVINSON, ROBERT S. - Hot Paint: A Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner Novel (Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner Novels)
8500130: LEVINSON, ROBERT S. - The James Dean Affair: A Neil Gulliver & Stevie Marriner Novel
1001938: LEVINSON, ROBERT S. - Hot Paint: A Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner Novel (Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner Novels)
SKU1009430: LEVITT, J. R. - Ten of Swords
SKU1013009: LEVY, MARC - Replay
5009680: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Missing Woman: A Novel
SKU1009257: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Missing Woman: A Novel
SKU1009106: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Lewin, Michael Z. Hard Line Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1009256: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z - Called by a Panther (Albert Sampson Mysteries)
SKU1009246: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Out of Season
SKU1009264: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z - The Silent Salesman
SKU1009115: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Late Payments
5008637: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Underdog
5009007: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Late Payments
5009008: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - And Baby Will Fall
SKU1009107: MICHAEL Z. LEWIN - Eye Opener (Albert Samson)
8500421: LEWIN, MICHAEL - Hard Line
SKU1009249: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z - The Enemies Within
SKU1013924: LEWIS, PETER - Martial Arts
SKU1002919: ALFRED ALOYSIUS HORN & ETHELREDA LEWIS - Horn, Alfred Aloysius; Ethelreda Lewis Trader Horn Cdn Hc 1st/1st Nf
95090540: LEWIS, C. S. - The C.S. Lewis Journal
8500373: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew
9507940: LEWIS, JEFFREY - Meritocracy
SKU1004412: LEWIS, FLORA - Europe: A Tapestry of Nations
5010230: LEWITT, SHARIANN - Rebel Sutra
SKU1013356: LEY, WILLY - Ley, Willy Dawn of Zoology Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1003796: LIAO, JIMMY - A Chance of Sunshine (Creative Editions)
8500361: LICHFIELD - The Most Beatiful Women
8501078: LORRAH; LICHTENBERG - First Channel
8504959: LIEBERMAN, HERBERT - The Green Train
1006500: LIEBERMAN, NANCY - Admissions
SKU1005238: LIEBMAN, MARCEL - Liebman, Marcel the Russian Revolution Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
9508511: LIEF, KATIA - Next Time You See Me
SKU1006864: LIEF, KATIA - The Money Kill (Karin Schaeffer)
SKU1006685: LIFFLANDER, MATTHEW L - Final Treatment: The File on Dr. X

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