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8504262: SHAW, BERNARD - Black Girl in Her Search God
9508827: JOHNNY SHAW - Dove Season (a Jimmy Veeder Fiasco)
SKU1002940: BERNARD SHAW - Shaw, Bernard the Rationalization of Russia Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1010670: SHAW,SCOTT - Advanced Taekwondo (Tuttle Martial Arts)
85001350: SHEA, JOHN "RED" - Rat Bastards: The Life and Times of South Boston's Most Honorable Irish Mobster
SKU1008183: SHEARER, CYNTHIA - The Wonder Book of Air: A Novel
1020063: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Dark As Day (Cold As Ice Book 2)
5000293: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - The Amazing Dr. Darwin
1002846: SHEFFIELD, ROBYN - The Parting
8500441: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Summertide I (the Heritage Universe, Book 1)
1002847: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Summertide I (the Heritage Universe, Book 1)
SKU1012561: SHEFFIELD, GARY - Sheffield, Gary the First World War in 100 Objects Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1006666: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Nothing Lasts Forever
SKU1014017: SHELLEY, SIDNEY - Shelley, Sidney Bowmanville Break Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1011526: PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY - Poetical Works of Shelley (Cambridge Editions)
SKU1006409: SHELTON, ANTHONY ALAN - Shelton, Anthony Alan Luminescence: The Siler of Peru Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1006410: SHELTON, ANTHONY ALAN - Shelton, Anthony Alan Luminescence: The Silver of Peru Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1008825: SHELTON, CONNIE - Honeymoons Can Be Murder: The Sixth Charlie Parker Mystery (Charlie Parker Mysteries)
SKU1008903: SHELTON, CONNIE - Small Towns Can Be Murder (Charlie Parker Mysteries)
SKU1014648: SHENG YEN, CHAN MASTER - Zen Wisdom: Conversations on Buddhism
SKU1013752: SHENK, DAVID - The Immortal Game: A History of Chess, or How 32 Carved Pieces on a Board Illuminated Our Understanding of War, Art, Science and the Human Brain
SKU1016129: LUCIUS SHEPARD - Vacancy & Ariel
SKU1013823: SHEPARD, LUCIUS - The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter
SKU1016148: LUCIUS SHEPARD - The Taborin Scale
5008369: SHEPARD, LUCIUS - Kalimantan
SKU1006615: SHEPHERD, LYNN - Shepherd, Lynn the Solitary House Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1001637: SHEPHERD, DAVID - The Man Who Loves Giants: An Artist Among Elephants and Engines David Shepherd's Autobiography
SKU1014769: STEPHEN SHEPPARD - Hydromania a History of the Diamond Cup by Stephen Sheppard
SKU1012253: SHEPPE, WALTER - Sheppe, Walter First Man West Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg
SKU1007479: SHER, JULIAN - "Until You Are Dead": Steven Truscott's Long Ride Into History
SKU1002238: LISA FORD; THERESA SHERMA; M. SHERBRING - Ford; Sherma; Sherbring a Veiled Reference Vol 100 Us 2nd Sc Nf
SKU1009231: SHERER, MICHAEL W. - An Option on Death: An Emerson Ward Novel
SKU1008557: SHERER, PAMELA - Dolls
SKU1006494: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - Sheridan the Rivals: Brodie Books Number Eighty-Seven Uk Booklet Vg+
SKU1009557: SHERIDAN, MICHAEL - Romans/Their Lives and Times
SKU1009248: SHERMAN, STEVE - White Mountain Murders
SKU1012808: SHERMAN, ED - Babe Ruth's Called Shot: The Myth and Mystery of Baseball's Greatest Home Run
1010894: SHERMAN, JOSEPHA - Exodus (Star Trek: The Original Series--Vulcan's Soul Trilogy, Book 1)
SKU1006540: SHERWOOD, ROBERT - Sherwood, Robert There Shall Be No Night Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1002138: VASYL SHEVCHUK - Blood Brothers
SKU1001596: M. P. SHIEL - Shiel, M P This Above All Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1000676: M.P. SHIEL - Shiel, M.P. The Young Men Are Coming
SKU1004342: SHIELDS, CAROL. - Swann; a Mystery
8502135: SHIELDS, CAROL - Various Miracles - 1st Edition/1st Printing
SKU1004343: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Collected Stories
SKU1004363: SHIELDS, CAROL - Unless
SKU1010103: SHIELDS, CAROL - Shields, Carol the Box Garden Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1012816: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Collected Stories
95090101: SHIELDS, GILLIAN - Betrayal
95090126: SHIELDS, GILLIAN - Immortal
8504685: SHIELDS, CAROL DIGGORY - Dressing Up for the Carnival
8504721: SHIELDS, CAROL - Dressing Up for the Carnival
8502134: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Stone Diaries
8504720: SHIELDS, CAROL - Larry's Party
SKU1001931: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Stone Diaries
SKU1010108: SHIKES, RALPH E.; HELLER, STEVEN - The Art of Satire
SKU1016165: LEWIS SHINER - Collected Stories
SKU1001061: SHARON SHINN - Dark Moon Defender (the Twelve Houses, Book 3)
1009231: SHIRLEY, JOHN - Demons
SKU1016127: JOHN SHIRLEY - The Other End
SKU1012603: SHIRLEY, IAN - Meet the Residents: America's Most Eccentric Band
SKU1006355: SHORE, MARLENE - The Science of Social Redemption: Mcgill, the Chicago School, and the Origins of Social Research in Canada
SKU1013367: SHOWELL, JACK - U-Boat Command and the Battle of the Atlantic
1006701: SHREVE, SUSAN RICHARDS - Miracle Play
85001351: SHREVE, ANITA - The Weight of Water
SKU1009590: SHRINER, LARRY - Epilogue for Murder
SKU1005104: SHRIVER, MARIA - What's Wrong with Timmy?
9508650: SHULER, LINDA LAY - She Who Remembers
SKU1003838: MILTON SHULMAN - Shulman, Milton Kill 3 Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1011836: SHUMAN, M. K. - Shuman, M.K. Deep Kill Us Sc Advanced Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1011817: SHVARTZ, ALEXANDER - Russian Transnational Entrepreneurs: Ethnicity, Class and Capital
SKU1007664: JOSEPHA SHERMAN; SUSAN SHWARTZ - Vulcan's Forge (Star Trek: The Original Series)
1003396: SHWARTZ, SUSAN - Second Chances
SKU1013418: SIBLEY, BRIAN - The "Lord of the Rings" Official Movie Guide
SKU1015000: SIBLEY, BRIAN - Peter Jackson: A Film-Maker's Journey
SKU1004607: SIDDONS, ANNE RIVERS - Islands
1009037: SIDOR, STEVEN - Bone Factory
8501708: SIDOR, STEVEN - Skin River
SKU1005733: SIEGEL, ANDY - Suzy's Case: A Novel
5008256: SIEGEL, JAMES - Deceit
5007707: SIEGEL, BARRY - The Perfect Witness
1009059: SIEGEL, JAN - The Witch Queen
SKU1010563: SIEGEL, ROSALYN - Country Floors' Decorating with Tiles
SKU1007555: SIEGEL, FREDERICK F. - The Roots of Southern Distinctiveness: Tobacco and Society in Danville, Virginia, 1780-1865
8507776: SIEGEL, SHELDON - Incriminating Evidence
5007245: SIEGEL, BARRY - Claim of Privilege: A Mysterious Plane Crash, a Landmark Supreme Court Case, and the Rise of State Secrets
SKU1012409: JAVIER SIERRA - The Lost Angel: A Novel
SKU1011757: JAVIER SIERRA - The Lost Angel: A Novel
SKU1013860: SILBERNAGL, STEFAN; LANG, FLORIAN - Color Atlas of Pathophysiology
SKU1003846: SILCOX, DAVID P. - Painting Place: The Life and Work of David B. Milne
SKU1010085: SILEIKA, ANTANAS - Buying on Time
SKU1011403: SILEIKA, ANTANAS - Sileika, Antanas Woman in Bronze Cdn Sc Arc Nf
1009600: ANTANAS SILEIKA - Woman in Bronze
5008871: SILJAK, ANA - Angel of Vengeance: The "Girl Assassin," the Governor of St. Petersburg, and Russia's Revolutionary World
5007225: SILJAK, ANA - Angel of Vengeance: The "Girl Assassin," the Governor of St. Petersburg, and Russia's Revolutionary World
8504692: SILLITOE, ALAN - Life Goes on
8501014: SILVA, DANIEL - Silva, Daniel the Secret Servant Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1013764: SILVA, DANIEL - Silva, Daniel the Kill Artist Us Sc Advanced Reader's Edition Nf
SKU1006178: SILVA, DANIEL - The Defector (Gabriel Allon Novels)
1009708: SILVER, MITCH - In Secret Service: A Novel
SKU1012703: SILVER, JIM - Thin Ice: Money, Politics and the Demise of a Nhl Franchise (Basics from Fernwood Publishing)
1020208: SILVER, DON - Backward-Facing Man
SKU1001127: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Star of Gypsies
95090149: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Silverberg Tom o'Bedlam Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1001138: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Lord Prestimion (Prestimion Trilogy)
SKU1001139: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Starman's Quest
SKU1013879: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Silverberg, Robert the Gate of Worlds Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
8505225: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - New Dimensions 6
1002863: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Longest Way Home
8500180: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The New Springtime
8500196: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Starborne (Bantam Spectra Book)
8505701: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Valentine Pontifex
8500205: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Valentine Pontifex
SKU1003147: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Star of Gypsies
8500178: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Project Pendulum (Millennium Book)
SKU1001010: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Invaders from Earth: Science Fiction
SKU1001017: ROBERT SILVERBERG - Silverberg, Robert the Conglomeroid Cocktail Party Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1001011: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Earth's Other Shadow
8505047: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Capricorn Games
8500207: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - World's Fair, 1992
SKU1001128: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Hot Sky at Midnight
SKU1008139: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Sorcerers of Majipoor (Prestimion Trilogy)
8500203: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The New Springtime
8500175: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Kingdoms of the Wall
SKU1001126: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - At Winter's End
SKU1001147: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Star of Gypsies
1010684: SILVIS, RANDALL - An Occasional Hell
5008261: SILVIS, RANDALL - An Occasional Hell
SKU1013664: SIM, STUART - Introducing Critical Theory
8503488: CLIFFORD D. SIMAK - The Fellowship of the Talisman
SKU1013633: SIMCOE, ELIZABETH - The Diary of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe
1002870: GEORGES SIMENON - Maigret and the Toy Village
SKU1006414: SIMMINS, GEOFFREY - Fred Cumberland: Building the Victorian Dream
SKU1016163: SIMMONS, DAN - Darwin's Blade
SKU1006276: SIMMONS, DAN - Fires of Eden
SKU1016185: SIMMONS, DAN - Prayers to Broken Stones
SKU1016161: SIMMONS, DAN - Children of the Night
SKU1016162: SIMMONS, DAN - Summer Sketches
SKU1007776: SIMMONS, DAN - Darwin's Blade
SKU1016157: SIMMONS, DAN - Fires of Eden
SKU1016158: SIMMONS, DAN - The Hollow Man
SKU1016196: SIMMONS, DAN - Lovedeath
SKU1016197: SIMMONS, DAN - The Crook Factory
5000507: DAN SIMMONS - Ilium
SKU1015505: SIMMONS, DAN - Worlds Enough and Time: Five Tales of Speculative Fiction
SKU1004524: SIMMONS, LYNDA - Island Girl
SKU1015620: SIMMONS, DAN - Carrion Comfort
SKU1016189: DAN SIMMONS - Ilium
SKU1014661: SIMON, O.E. - Strength from Within
SKU1004618: SIMON, EDITH - Anglo-Saxon Manner: English Contribution to Civilization
1020084: SIMON, JAMES F. - Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney: Slavery, Secession, and the President's War Powers
SKU1013539: SIMONHOFF, HARRY - Simonhoff, Harry Jewish Notables in America Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1006430: SIMPER, PAUL - Saint
SKU1005958: SIMPER, PAUL - The Saint: From Big Screen to Small Screen and Back Again
SKU1014640: SIMPSON, LIZ - The Book of Chakra Healing
SKU1008126: SIMPSON, LEO - The Peacock Papers;: A Novel
SKU1007140: ANNE SIMPSON - Light Falls Through You
SKU1007175: ANNE SIMPSON - Light Falls Through You
SKU1013452: SIMPSON, THOMAS WILLIAM - Simpson, Thomas William Full Moon over America Us Hc Arc Nf
1002878: SIMS, STACY - Swimming Naked: A Novel
SKU1013175: WIZARDS RPG TEAM; DAVID NOONAN; ROBERT J. SCHWALB; CHRIS SIMS - Martial Power: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement (D&D Rules Expansion)
SKU1008893: SINCLAIR, MURRAY - Sinclair, Murray Goodbye L a Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1009297: SINGER, SHELLEY - Spit in the Ocean (Jake Samson Mystery)
SKU1009299: SINGER, SHELLEY - Free Draw (a Jake Samson Mystery)
SKU1009294: SINGER, SHELLEY - Samson's Deal
SKU1009295: SINGER, SHELLEY - Full House: A Jake Samson Mystery
SKU1008884: SINGER, SHELLEY - Suicide King: A Jake Samson Mystery
SKU1009049: SINGERMAN, PHILIP - Prancing Tiger
SKU1014559: DEBORAH MORRISON; ARVIND SINGH - The Law of Attraction: Making It Work for You!
8500252: SINGLETON - Great Pictures Described by Great Wrters
1009124: SINGULAR, STEPHEN - Unholy Messenger: The Life and Crimes of the Btk Serial Killer
SKU1005302: SISLER, REBECCA - Sisler, Rebecca Aquarelle Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1006039: SITTENFELD, CURTIS - American Wife: A Novel
8506579: SITWELL, OSBERT - On the Continent
SKU1011373: SKEAT, FRANCIS W. - Stained Glass of St. Albans Cathedral
SKU1006199: SKELTON, ISABEL - Skelton, Isabel Life of Thomas a'Arcy Mcgee Cdn Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1010908: SKEMP, SHEILA L. - Judith Sargent Murray: A Brief Biography with Documents (Bedford Series in History & Culture)
SKU1011316: SKEMP, SHEILA L. - Judith Sargent Murray: A Brief Biography with Documents (Bedford Series in History & Culture)
8505911: SKIBBINS, DAVID - The Star: A Tarot Card Mystery (Tarot Card Mysteries)
SKU1005510: SKIBELL, JOSEPH - A Blessing on the Moon
SKU1007091: SKILLING, GORDON H. - Skilling, Gordon Canadian Representation Abroad Cdn 1st/1st Vg+
1009986: SKINNER, KIRON K.; ANDERSON, ANNELISE; ANDERSON, MARTIN - Reagan's Path to Victory: The Shaping of Ronald Reagan's Vision: Selected Writings
SKU1016128: JOHN SKIPP - The Long Last Call
SKU1013573: JOSEF SKVORECKY - Ordinary Lives
SKU1016344: JOSEF SKVORECKY - Ordinary Lives
SKU1004385: SKVORECKY, JOSEF - The Engineer of Human Souls
SKU1014174: SKVORECKY, JOSEF - Skvorecky, Josef the Engineer of Human Souls Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1013614: JOSEF SKVORECKY - An Inexplicable Story, or, the Narrative of Questus Firmus Siculus
SKU1013613: SKVORESKY, JOSEF - Sins for Father Knox
SKU1016097: SLADE, MICHAEL - Death's Door
1020402: SLADE, MICHAEL - Evil Eye (Special X)
SKU1008350: SLADE, MICHAEL - Slade, Michael Red Snow Cdn Sc Arc Nf
SKU1004784: SLADE, MICHAEL - Bed of Nails
SKU1000247: SLADE, MICHAEL - Hangman
SKU1016095: SLADE, MICHAEL - Evil Eye (Special X)
SKU1016104: SLADE, MICHAEL - Hangman
SKU1006804: SLADE, MICHAEL - Bed of Nails
5007708: SLADE, MICHAEL - Bed of Nails
SKU1016102: SLADE, MICHAEL - Headhunter
SKU1016099: SLADE, MICHAEL; (PSEUDONYM OF JAY CLARKE) - Primal Scream (Special X, 6)
1009195: MICHAEL SLADE - Swastika
8505648: SLADE, MICHAEL - Swastika
95090068: SLADE, MICHAEL - Ghoul
SKU1016096: SLADE, MICHAEL - Bed of Nails
5008135: JOHN SLADEK - Bugs
SKU1014947: SLATER, KEVIN - Slater, Kevin Trolley League Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
1006133: SLAUGHTER, FRANK - Code Five
8502139: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Indelible: A Novel
8502273: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Faithless
9508386: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Kisscut
9508387: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Broken
9508394: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - A Faint Cold Fear
9508395: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Indelible: A Novel
8503247: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Fractured
9508420: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Fallen
9508423: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Blindsighted
SKU1004010: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Fallen: A Novel (Will Trent)
9508529: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Broken
11002888: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - The Mapmaker
8500262: SLEDGE, LINDA CHING - Empire of Heaven: A Novel of Nineteenth Century China
SKU1010164: SLESSOR, JOHN - Slessor, John These Remain Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1008449: SLETHOLT, ERIK - Wild & Tame
SKU1004634: LANA SLEZIC - Forsaken
SKU1012721: SLOAN, MICHAEL - The Equalizer: A Novel
1008235: SLOAN, SUSAN R. - Guilt by Association
SKU1007190: SLOCHOWER, HARRY - Mythopoesis: Mythic Patterns in the Literary Classics
SKU1012797: SLUYTER, LIAM - A Game of Three Halves: British Ice Hockey's Changing World
SKU1014002: SMALL, E.; CATLING, P.M.; CAYOUETTE, J.; BROOKES, B. - Audubon: Beyond Birds: Plant Portraits and Conservation Heritage of John James Audubon
SKU1006008: JANE SMILEY - The Greenlanders
5001725: JANE SMILEY - Duplicate Keys
9508686: SMILEY, JANE - Ten Days in the Hills
SKU1013811: SMITH, GEORGE HENRY - Smith, George Henry Druids World Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1011687: SMITH, WILBUR - The Angels Weep
SKU1012334: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Stalin's Ghost: An Arkady Renko Novel (Arkady Renko Novels)
SKU1006939: SMITH, MURRAY - Smith, Murray Stone Dancer Us Sc Arc Vg+
SKU1002027: SMITH, LARRY - Iwo Jima: World War II Veterans Remember the Greatest Battle of the Pacific
SKU1015970: SMITH,MICHAEL MARSHALL - What You Make It: A Book of Short Stories
SKU1006392: SMITH, GOLDWIN - Smith, Goldwin Lectures and Essays Uk Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007907: SMITH, DR. EDWARD A. W. - Smith, Dr. Edward A.W. Hamilton's Doctors Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1014400: SMITH, WOLFGANG - Cosmos and Transcendence: Breaking Through the Barrier of Scientistic Belief
SKU1012277: SMITH, MARK ALLEN - The Inquisitor: A Novel
SKU1016178: SMITH, BRYAN - Smith, Bryan Depraved Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1004684: SMITH, HARVEY H. - Smith, Harvey H. Shelter Bay Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007868: ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH - At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances
SKU1014067: SMITH, BRAD - One-Eyed Jacks
8506580: SMITH, WILBUR - River God (Egyptian Novels)
8506581: SMITH, WILBUR - Warlock
9507833: SMITH, WILBUR - Assegai (Courtney Family Adventures)
8500458: SMITH, SUSAN ARNOUT - Timer Game
8501709: SMITH, SUSAN ARNOUT - Timer Game
8502142: SMITH, PETER MOORE - Ravelling: An Act of Deadly Entanglement - 1st Uk Edition/1st Printing
SKU1010101: SMITH, RUSSELL - Noise
SKU1009451: WILBUR A. SMITH - Falcon Flies
95090621: SMITH, WILBUR - The Triumph of the Sun (Courtney Family Adventures)
SKU1015211: SMITH, WILBUR - Vicious Circle
SKU1003303: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Analogue Bullet
1002899: SMITH, HAYWOOD - The Red Hat Club
SKU1005079: SMITH, RUSSELL - How Insensitive
SKU1007134: SMITH, L. NEIL - Crystal Empire
1008194: SMITH, PETER MOORE - Los Angeles: A Novel
1009058: SMITH, SARAH - A Citizen of the Country
SKU1008520: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Kalahari Typing School for Men
SKU1009460: SMITH, JULIE - Louisiana Lament: A Talba Wallis Novel (Talba Wallis Novels)
SKU1000252: WILBUR SMITH - Smith, Wilbur Eagle in the Sky Companion Book Club Hc Uk Edition Nf
SKU1009050: SMITH, DAVID ALEXANDER - In the Cube: A Novel of Future Boston
1008148: SMITH, JULIE - The Sourdough Wars
1006153: SMITH, WILBUR - Golden Fox
SKU1007834: SMITH, MARK EDDY - Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues : Exploring the Spiritual Themes of the Lord of the Rings
SKU1006737: SMITH, DAVID B - The Roaring Game: Memories of Scottish Curling
1006157: SMITH, WILBUR - The Triumph of the Sun
5000934: SMITH, TOM ROB - Smith, Tom Rob Child 44 Signed Sc Arc Nf
5001463: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - December 6: A Novel
SKU1003639: SMITH, JULIE - Louisiana Bigshot: A Talba Wallis Novel
SKU1003820: SMITH, RAY - A Night at the Opera
SKU1012315: SMITH, RUSSELL - How Insensitive
1009587: SMITH, WILBUR - Time to Die
1009421: SMITH, TAYLOR - Innocents Club
8502141: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Havana Bay
SKU1009296: SMITH, RICHARD C. - Wild Justice
SKU1010614: SMITH, TOM ROB - Smith, Tom Rob Child 44 Signed Sc Arc Nf
8505130: SMITH, JULIE - Louisiana Hotshot: A Talba Wallis Novel
SKU1011390: SMITH, ANNA - Spit Against the Wind
1006144: SMITH, BRAD - Busted Flush: A Novel
SKU1011325: SMITH, WILBUR - The Triumph of the Sun (Courtney Family Adventures)
SKU1008145: SMITH, D. A. - Smith, D.A. The Forks of the Grand Vol I & II Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
5009903: SMITH, WILBUR - Wild Justice Cry Wolf a Sparrow Falls
SKU1004502: SMITH, BRAD - Busted Flush
SKU1000009: SMITH, WILBUR - The Triumph of the Sun
1002894: RICHARD GORDON SMITH - Ancient Tales and Folklore of Japan
SKU1010989: WILBUR SMITH - Wilbur Smith Box Set When the Lion Feeds, the Sound of Thunder, the Sparrow Falls Uk Sc Nf
SKU1012305: SMITH, DONALD A. - Smith, Donald A. At the Forks of the Grand Cdn Hcdj 1st/3rd Vg+
SKU1016176: SMITH, SCOTT - The Ruins
SKU1008521: ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH - Blue Shoes and Happiness (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency)
5000158: SMITH, JULIE - Mean Woman Blues (Smith, Julie)
SKU1007522: CHARLES SAUMAREZ SMITH - Eighteenth-Century Decoration: Design and the Domestic Interior in England
SKU1009453: SMITH, WILBUR A. - Men of Men
SKU1000753: SMITH, L. J. - The Vampire Diaries: Shadow Souls (the Return: Vol. 2)
1002897: SMITH, JULIE - Louisiana Hotshot: A Talba Wallis Novel
8505525: SMITH, WILBUR - Hungry As the Sea
SKU1000201: SMITH, WILBUR - Power of the Sword
5007384: SMITH, WILBUR - The Burning Shore
1006529: SMITH, APRIL - Good Morning, Killer
1010011: SMITH, WILBUR - The Quest
1010896: SMITH - Good Husband of Zebra Drive
5009904: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Right Attitude to Rain
8500213: SMITH, EDWARD - Children of the Lens
8502144: SMITH, WILBUR - The Courtneys
8502644: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Company of Cheerful Ladies
8502645: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Friends Lovers Chocolate
8502646: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Full Cupboard of Life
8502647: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Good Husband of Zebra Drive
8502648: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Good Husband of Zebra Drive
8502649: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Heavenly Date
8502652: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Miracle at Speedy Motors
8502653: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Miracle at Speedy Motors
8502657: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Sunday Philosophy Club
8502658: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Tea Time for Traditionally Built
8503955: SMITH, ZADIE - Autograph Man
8505345: SMITH, CHARLIE - Canaan
8506291: SMITH, L. J. - Return of Shadow Souls
8506582: SMITH, WILBUR - Blue Horizon
8507778: SMITH, MARTIN - Three Stations
9508354: MARTIN CRUZ SMITH - Red Square
9508463: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Charming Quirks of Others
1010897: SMITH, JULIE - P.I. On a Hot Tin Roof: A Talba Wallis Novel (Talba Wallis Novels)
5009906: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Wolves Eat Dogs
SKU1014834: ANDREW SMITH - Indianapolis Hockey (in) (Images of Sports)
SKU1009447: SMITH, JULIE - Louisiana Bigshot: A Talba Wallis Novel
SKU1009298: SMITH, RICHARD A. - A Secret Singing
SKU1015642: SMITH, MICHAEL MARSHALL - Smith, Michael Marshall This Is Now Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015633: MICHAEL MARSHALL SMITH - The Vaccinator
95090558: SMITH, WILBUR - Golden Fox
SKU1002143: SMITH, HEDRICK - The New Russians
8503005: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Stallion Gate
SKU1015742: SMITH, MICHAEL MARSHALL - Only Forward
1020212: SMITH, WILBUR - The Quest (Novels of Ancient Egypt)
SKU1013778: SMITH, PATTI - Patti Smith Complete: Lyrics, Reflections, and Notes for the Future
1009593: SMOLENS, JOHN - Cold
SKU1004254: COL. M. SMYTHE - Smythe, Col. M. When the Going Gets Tough Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
8502145: SMYTHE, PAT - Spanish Adventure
SKU1011437: SNELLING, JOHN - The Buddhist Handbook : A Complete Guide to Teaching and Practice
SKU1003866: LEMONY SNICKET - Snicket, Lemony the Beatrice Letters Us Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1003891: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Trouble Begins, Movie Tie-in Edition: A Box of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-3 (the Bad Beginning; the Reptile Room; the Wide Window)
SKU1007352: SNIDER, C. H. J. - Snider Annals of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club 1852-1937 Cdn 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007851: SNIDER, BOB - On Songwriting
5010161: SNODGRASS, MELINDA - The Edge of Reason
SKU1000919: SNODGRASS, MELINDA M. - The Edge of Ruin
SKU1010879: SNODGRASS, MELINDA - The Edge of Reason
8503956: SNODGRASS, MELINDA - Snodgrass, Melinda Edge of Reason Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
8505912: BRADLEY SNOW - Andy
SKU1001903: BRADLEY SNOW - Snow, Bradley the Jenny K Affair Signed & Lined Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1009686: SNOW, C. P. - Snow, C .P. Strangers and Brothers Vol 1, 2, 3 1st/1st Vg+
1020406: KATHLEEN SNOW - Night Waking
1011113: SNOW, C. P. - Last Things
11006161: SNOW, C. P. - The Sleep of Reason
SKU1012051: GERALD S. SNYDER - The Royal Oak Disaster
SKU1014098: SOAMES, MARY - The Profligate Duke: George Spencer Churchill, Fifth Duke of Marlborough, and His Duchess
8506610: SOAMES, MARY - Speaking for Themselves
8505634: SOARES, JOSE EUGENIO - A Samba for Sherlock
8504672: SOARES, JOHN - Loaded Dice - the True Story of a Casino Cheat
SKU1006993: BINBROOK HISTORICAL SOCIETY - History & Heritage of Binbrook 1792-1973 Cdn Hcdj 1st/3rd Nf
SKU1005261: BRUCE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Bruce Township Laneways and Landmarks Cdn Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1005183: CULROSS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - All Our Yesterdays: A History of Culross Township 1854-1984 Cdn 1st Nf
SKU1006239: SODERBERG, ALEXANDER - The Andalucian Friend: A Novel
5000294: SODSOOK, VICTOR - True Thai: The Modern Art of Thai Cooking
SKU1014650: SOENG, MU - The Diamond Sutra: Transforming the Way We Perceive the World
SKU1008254: RYAN SOHMER - Looking for Group Vol. 1
9508406: SOKOLOFF, ALEXANDRA - The Unseen
5007410: SOKOLOFF, ALEXANDRA - The Price: A Novel
85001353: SOKOLOFF, ALEXANDRA - The Price: A Novel
8500429: SOKOLOFF, ALEXANDRA - The Harrowing
9508372: SOKOLOFF, ALEXANDRA - Book of Shadows
SKU1002719: SOKOLOFF, ALEXANDRA - Book of Shadows
SKU1006455: SOLLOWAY, I. W. C. - Solloway, I.W. C. Speculators and Politicians Cdn Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1014324: SOLOMON, ROBERT C.; HIGGINS, KATHLEEN M. - The Philosophy of (Erotic) Love
SKU1009062: SOLOMON, BRAD - The Gone Man
SKU1014315: SOLOVYOV, VLADIMIR - Lectures on Divine Humanity (Esalen Institute/Lindisfarne Press Library of Russian Philos)
SKU1014184: ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN - Victory Celebrations: A Play
SKU1014183: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR - Prisoners: A Play
SKU1013755: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR ISAEVICH; SOLZHENITSYN, YERMOLAI - The Russian Question at the End of the Twentieth Century: Toward the End of the Twentieth Century
8505913: SOMMERVILLE, DONALD - Monty
1010014: SOMOZA, JOSE CARLOS - Zig Zag: A Novel
95090845: SOMPER, JUSTIN - Somper, Justin Vampirates Signed & Lined Us 1st/1st Nf
95090967: SOMPER, JUSTIN - Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean
8506464: SOMPER, JUSTIN - Vampirates: Tide of Terror
1008150: SOMTOW, S. P. - Valentine (Tor)
1008151: SOMTOW, S. P. - Vanitas: Escape from Vampire Junction
SKU1016177: SOMTOW, S. P. - Vampire Junction
5007709: SOMTOW SUCHARITKUL; S. P. SOMTOW - Forgetting Places
SKU1000330: SOMTOW, S. P. - Moon Dance
SKU1011822: SOMTOW, S. P. - Somtow, S.P. I Wake from a Dream of a Drowned Star City Signed Ltd Trade Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1007263: SONGER, DONALD R. - The Transformation of the Supreme Court of Canada: An Empirical Examination
SKU1011638: SUTTON AND SONS - The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers from Seeds and Roots Uk Hc 13th Edition Vg+
1006163: SOOS, TROY - Island of Tears
1002908: SOOS, TROY - Murder at Fenway Park
5009910: SOOS, TROY - Murder at Ebbets Field
SKU1008679: SORENSEN, TED - Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History
SKU1005275: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Raymond Souster: Selected Poems Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1007195: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Collected Poems of Raymond Souster 1991-93
SKU1013770: SOUTHALL, BRIAN; LENNON, JULIAN - Beatles Memorabilia: The Julian Lennon Collection
SKU1006696: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - Southey, Robert Thalaba the Destroyer Uk Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1006465: SOWARD, F. H. - Soward Canada in World Affairs: From Normandy to Paris 1944-1946 Cdn Vg+
SKU1012688: SOWARD, STUART - Soward, Stuart Hands to Flying Stations: Vol II Cdn Hcdj 1st F
SKU1012692: SOWARD, STUART E. - Hands to Flying Stations: V. 1: Recollective History of Canadian Naval Aviation, 1945-1954
SKU1010285: SPALDING, WILLIAM - Spalding, William the History of English Literature Uk Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1002317: SPANER, DAVID - Dreaming in the Rain: How Vancouver Became Hollywood North by Northwest
1008216: SPANOGLE, JOSHUA - Isolation Ward
SKU1009527: SPARK, MURIEL - The Finishing School
SKU1009523: SPARK, MURIEL - Reality and Dreams
SKU1009670: SPARK, MURIEL - Symposium
SKU1009528: MURIEL SPARK - Aiding and Abetting
SKU1009524: SPARK, MURIEL - Territorial Rights
SKU1002711: SPARKS, NICHOLAS - The Last Song
SKU1005137: LINDA SPARROWE - Yoga - a Yoga Journal Book, Beaux Arts Edition Large Coffee Table Size
SKU1014857: SPATZ, LYLE; STEINBERG, STEVE - 1921: The Yankees, the Giants, and the Battle for Baseball Supremacy in New York
SKU1007582: SPEAR, T. G. P. - The Oxford History of Modern India: Being Part III of the Oxford History of India (Pt. III)
SKU1007430: SPEAR, PERCIVAL - Spear, Percival the Nabobs Indian Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007429: SPEARING, A. C. - The Gawain-Poet: A Critical Study
SKU1010881: SPECTER, MICHAEL - Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threa Tens Our Lives
SKU1009242: SPENCER, ROSS H. - Death Wore Gloves
8506642: SPENCER - Shattered Dreams
SKU1015045: SPENCER, CHARLES - Battle for Europe: How the Duke of Marlborough Masterminded the Defeat of the French at Blenheim
SKU1000862: AUDREY SPENCER - Spencer, Audrey Spinning & Weaving Cdn Sc 1st/2nd Nf
SKU1008965: SPENCER, ROSS H. - The Fedorovich File
5007471: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - Out of the Deep I Cry (Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries)
SKU1003640: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - To Darkness and to Death (Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries)
SKU1005715: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - All Mortal Flesh (Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries)
SKU1005716: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - I Shall Not Want (Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries)
SKU1008863: SPENCER, ROSS H. - Kirby's Lastccircus
SKU1009274: SPENCER, ROSS H. - Spencer, Ross H. Monastery Nightmare Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1009279: SPENCER, ROSS H. - The Fifth Script
SKU1012477: SPENCER, DAVID - Transit Progress Derailed: Ontario Hydro's Radial Electric Railway Scheme
SKU1009275: SPENCER, ROSS H. - The Devereaux File
SKU1006449: SPENCER, ROBERT A. - Spencer, Robert Canada in World Affairs 1946-1949 Cdn Hc Review Copy 1st Vg+
SKU1007187: SPENDER, STEPHEN - Eliot (Fontana Modern Masters)
SKU1010415: SPETH, JOHN D. - Bison Kills and Bone Counts: Decision Making by Ancient Hunters (Prehistoric Archeology and Ecology)
SKU1009341: SPICER, ERNEST EVAN; PEGLER, ERNEST C. - Spicer; Pegler Practical Auditing Uk Hc 3rd Vg+
1002915: SPIEGELMAN, PETER - Black Maps (John March Mysteries)
1007163: SPIEGELMAN, IAN - Welcome to Yesterday
SKU1011004: SPIEGLER, MICHAEL D.; GUEVREMONT, DAVID C. - Contemporary Behavior Therapy
SKU1009314: SPILLANE, MICKEY - Spillane, Mickey I the Jury Cdn Sc 1st/1st Vg+
8504574: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The Killing Man
SKU1001008: GREGORY BENFORD; CLIFFORD D. SIMAK; NORMAN SPINRAD - Threads of Time: Three Original Novellas of Science Fiction
95090489: SPINRAD, NORMAN - He Walked Among
SKU1016483: SPITZ, LEWIS WILLIAM - The Protestant Reformation 1517 - 1559: The Rise of Modern Europe
SKU1007719: SPOCK, BENJAMIN - Spock, Benjamin the Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care Us Bce Vg+
1009230: SPRING, MICHELLE - Nights in White Satin
SKU1008976: SPRING, MICHELLE - In the Midnight Hour
1009102: SPRING, MICHELLE - Running for Shelter: A Laura Principal Mystery (Laura Principal Mysteries)
SKU1009563: SPRING, MICHELLE - Nights in White Satin
SKU1009381: SPRING, MICHELLE - Standing in the Shadows
SKU1011189: SPRING, CHRISTOPHER - African Textiles: Library of Style
SKU1009191: SPRUILL, STEVEN - Paradox Planet
SKU1015277: SPRUYT, HENDRIK - The Sovereign State and Its Competitors: An Analysis of Systems Change (Princeton Studies in International History and Politics)
SKU1002423: IRENE M. SPRY - Spry the Palliser Papers 1857- 1860 Cdn Ltd Num Hc 1st/1st Vg+
8505535: ST. JAMES, IAN - The Killing Anniversary
SKU1003155: STABENOW, DANA - Blindfold Game
5009913: STABENOW, DANA - A Deeper Sleep (Kate Shugak Mysteries, No. 15)
SKU1008664: STABENOW, DANA - Though Not Dead: A Kate Shugak Novel (Kate Shugak Novels)
5009221: STABENOW, DANA - Blindfold Game
8504069: STABENOW, DANA - A Grave Denied: A Kate Shugak Novel
9508357: STABENOW, DANA - Prepared for Rage: A Novel
SKU1004074: STABENOW, DANA - A Night Too Dark: A Kate Shugak Novel (Kate Shugak Novels)
5009916: STABLEFORD, BRIAN - Serpents Blood: The First Book of Genesys
8500360: BRIAN STABLEFORD - The Way to Write Science Fiction
5000295: STABLEFORD, BRIAN - The Omega Expedition (Emortality)
5009915: STABLEFORD, BRIAN - The Empire of Fear
5008266: STABLEFORD, BRIAN - Angel of Pain
SKU1011709: STABLEFORD, BRIAN M. - The Werewolves of London
SKU1007038: STACE, WESLEY - Stace, Wesley Misfortune Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1005116: STACEY, COLONEL C. P. - Stacey Six Years of War: Vol I Cdn Hcdj 1st/4th Vg+
SKU1003411: STACEY, C. P.; WILSON, BARBARA M. - The Half-Million: The Canadians in Britain 1939-1946
SKU1016499: STACKPOLE, MICHAEL A. - Star Wars: I, Jedi
8506064: STADLEY, PAT - Autumn of a Hunter
SKU1013186: GAMES WORKSHOP STAFF - Paths of the Damned: Ashes of Middenheim (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) (V. 1)
1002974: SUZUKI; GORDON STAFF - It's a Matter of Survival
SKU1013377: FANTASY FLIGHT STAFF - Seafarer's Handbook: Sourcebook of Ships, Oceans, and the Beasts Therein (Legends & Lairs, D20 System)
SKU1006674: STAFF, FRANK - Staff, Frank the Penny Post 1680-1918 Uk Hcdj 1st/2nd Vg+
SKU1002406: COLIN READ; RONALD J. STAGG - Read; Stagg the Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada Cdn Ltd Num Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1000185: STAHL, NORMAN - The Assault on Mavis a
SKU1009379: STAINCLIFFE, CATH - Dead Wrong
SKU1009376: STAINCLIFFE, CATH - Missing
SKU1009593: STAINCLIFFE, CATH - Go Not Gently
SKU1009400: STAINCLIFFE, CATH - Stone Cold Red Hot (Sal Kilkenny Mysteries)
1002926: STAMBAUGH, SARA - Sign of the Fox
9508328: STANDIFORD, LES - Deal to Die for: A Novel
1002929: STANDIFORD, LES - Havana Run: A John Deal Novel
SKU1002717: STANDIFORD, LES; MATTHEWS, JOE - Bringing Adam Home: The Abduction That Changed America
SKU1003154: STANDIFORD, LES - Bone Key
SKU1008905: STANLEY, KELLI - City of Dragons (a Miranda Corbie Mystery)
95090304: STANLEY, MICHAEL - A Carrion Death
SKU1012270: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN - Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold, D.D.
SKU1005606: STANLEY, KELLI - The Curse-Maker (Arcturus)
SKU1005608: STANLEY, KELLI - City of Secrets (a Miranda Corbie Mystery)
SKU1009116: STANLEY, KELLI - City of Secrets (a Miranda Corbie Mystery)
85001377: STANLEY, MICHAEL - A Carrion Death
SKU1005607: STANLEY, KELLI - City of Dragons (a Miranda Corbie Mystery)
SKU1004600: FRED H. COLVIN; FRANK A. STANLEY - Standard and Emergency Shop Methods
SKU1009198: STANSBERRY, DOMENIC - Chasing the Dragon
SKU1004995: STANSKY, PETER, AND ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM. - London's Burning : Life, Death and Art in the Second World War
SKU1015176: STANTON, SCOTT - The Tombstone Tourist: Musicians
SKU1008734: CARLOS KASTRO; TOM SKULAN; ERIC STANWAY - Night of the Living Dead Signed Us 1st/1st Vg+
1009592: STARK, PETER - Last Breath
5000509: STARLING, BORIS - Visibility
8052921: STARR, JASON - Fake I.D.
8052922: STARR, JASON - Cold Caller: A White Collar Noir (Norton Paperback)
8052923: STARR, JASON - Lights out (St. Martin's Minotaur Mysteries)
95090258: STARR, JASON - The Pack
8052909: STARR, JASON - Lights out (St. Martin's Minotaur Mysteries)
8052914: STARR, JASON - The Chill
8502783: STARR, JASON - The Follower
8052924: STARR, JASON - Hard Feelings: A Novel
9508364: STARR, JASON - The Chill
SKU1015385: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - A Wizard in War: The Third Chronicle of the Rogue Wizard (the Rogue Wizard Series, No 3)
1020345: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - A Wizard in Chaos: The Fifth Chronicle of the Rogue Wizard (Chronicles of the Rogue Wizard)
SKU1015383: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - Stasheff, Christopher to the Magic Born Signed Us Bce Vg+
SKU1015389: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - A Wizard in Bedlam
SKU1015381: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - Stasheff, Christopher the Warlock Enlarged Signed Us Bce Vg+
8503493: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - The Oathbound Wizard
SKU1015382: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - Stasheff, Christopher Odd Warlock out Signed Us Bcd Vg+
SKU1015380: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - Stasheff, Christopher the Warlock's Night out Signed Bce Nf
SKU1015384: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - A Wizard in Peace (Chronicles of the Rogue Wizard)
SKU1012276: STASI, LINDA - The Sixth Station
9508533: STAUB, WENDY CORSI - Hell to Pay
9508513: STAUB, WENDY CORSI - College Life 101: Zara: The Roommate
SKU1000237: BEN STAUL - Staul, Ben Blackbeard's Ghost Signed & Doodled Us Sc 1st/9th Vg+
SKU1007441: STEAD, C. K. - Stead, C.K. The New Poetic Uk Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012182: STEARN, COLIN W.; CARROLL, ROBERT L. - Paleontology: The Record of Life
SKU1013204: STEELE, BRYAN - Babylon 5: The Final Flight of Santiago
SKU1013213: BRYAN STEELE - Babylon 5: Merchants, Traders & Raiders (Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game Rpg)
SKU1013205: BRYAN STEELE - Babyon 5: Ship Plan - Hyperion
SKU1009640: STEELE, JON - The Watchers (the Angelus Trilogy)
SKU1016246: EDWARD LEE; ELIZABETH STEFFEN - Edward Lee; Elizabeth Steffen Dahmer's Not Dead Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1007416: STEIG, JEANNE - A Gift from Zeus
SKU1013952: STEIN, SARA - Great Pets!: An Extraordinary Guide to Usual and Unusal Family Pets
SKU1006266: STEIN, GARTH - How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets
SKU1006264: STEIN, GARTH - Stein, Garth Racing in the Rain Signed Us Sc Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1006265: STEIN, GARTH - Stein, Garth How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets Signed Sc Arc Nf
SKU1015763: STEIN, GARTH - The Art of Racing in the Rain
SKU1015451: STEIN, DAVID B - The Guide to Larry Niven's Ringworld
SKU1013933: B. STEIN - B. Stein International Model Railways Guide German Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1015762: STEIN, GARTH - The Art of Racing in the Rain
8505666: STEIN, SOL - The Husband
SKU1006260: STEIN, GARTH - Stein, Garth Raven Stole the Moon Signed & Lined Us 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1006262: STEIN, GARTH - The Art of Racing in the Rain
1006169: STEINBERG, RICHARD - The Gemini Man
SKU1014246: STEINER, GEORGE - Steiner, George Heidegger Uk Sc 1st/3rd Nf
SKU1010030: STEINHAUER, OLEN - Liberation Movements a Novel
8506089: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Bridge of Sighs: A Novel
8506349: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Tourist
8502275: STEINHAUER, OLEN - Victory Square (Eastern Europe Thrillers)
SKU1011683: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Confession (Eastern Europe Thrillers)
SKU1000321: STEINHAUER, OLEN - Victory Square (Eastern Europe Thrillers)
8502368: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Confession
8502364: STEINHAUER, OLEN - Victory Square (Eastern Europe Thrillers)
8501138: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Tourist
SKU1011682: STEINHAUER, OLEN - 36 Yalta Boulevard (Eastern Europe Thrillers)
SKU1015600: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Bridge of Sighs: A Novel
SKU1011680: STEINHAUER, OLEN - Victory Square (Eastern Europe Thrillers)
8502369: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Vienna Assignment
8503959: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Tourist
8504477: STEINHAUER, OLEN - Nearest Exit
8505914: STEINHAUER, OLEN - The Tourist
SKU1011665: STEINHAUER, OLEN - Liberation Movements a Novel
SKU1002388: STEINHAUER, OLEN - An American Spy (Milo Weaver)
5009917: STEMPLE, ADAM - Singer of Souls
SKU1013260: STENDHAL - Stendhal the Red and the Black Franklin Library Leather Us 1st/1st Nf
SKU1013602: STENSON, FRED - The Great Karoo
SKU1012492: REED STEPHENS - Man Who Killed His Brother
SKU1010312: STEPHENS, REED - The Man Who Tried to Get Away
SKU1010321: STEPHENS, REED - Stephens, Reed the Man Who Killed His Brother Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
8506240: STEPHENS, REED - Man Who Tried to Get Away
15007767: STEPHENS, PETER JOHN - Battle for Destiny
SKU1002105: STEPHENSON, NEAL - Anathem
SKU1014139: NEAL STEPHENSON - The System of the World (the Baroque Cycle, Vol. 3)
SKU1014024: STEPHENSON, NEAL - Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing
SKU1014192: STERBENZ, CAROL ENDLER - The Gnomes Book of Christmas Crafts
5000639: STERLING, BRUCE - Zeitgeist (Bantam Spectra Book)
SKU1005303: STERN, ALEC - Stern, Alec Etchings: The City by the Golden Gate Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1013106: STERNBERGH, ADAM - Near Enemy: A Spademan Novel
SKU1008626: STETLER G. - Cities and Urbanization
SKU1003193: GARFIELD REEVES-STEVENS - Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Nighteyes Signed Sc Arc Nf
SKU1006022: THOMAS B. DUGELBY; R. BLAKE STEVENS - Death from Above: The German Fg42 Paratroop Rifle
1008152: STEVENS, DAVID - White for Danger
9508797: STEVENS, TAYLOR - Stevens, Taylor the Informationist Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st F
SKU1011413: STEVENS, PAUL; GRANATSTEIB, J. L. - Stevens, Paul Canada Since 1867: A Bibliographical Guide Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1001884: STEVENS, GARFIELD - Dark Matter
SKU1005673: STEVENS, TAYLOR - The Doll: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel
5009826: GARFIELD REEVES-STEVENS - Nighteyes
SKU1006733: STEVENS, GERALD - Early Canadian Glass
SKU1006559: STEVENS, PAUL; SAYWELL, JOHN T. - Stevens; Saywell Lord Minto's Canadian Papers: 1898-1900 Vol I Signed Ltd & Num Cdn 1st Vg+
SKU1003157: STEVENS, CHEVY - Never Knowing
SKU1006026: R. BLAKE STEVENS - Spiw: The Deadliest Weapon That Never Was
SKU1000373: STEVENS, CHEVY - Still Missing
1002941: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Poet in Paradise
SKU1009208: STEVENSON, RICHARD - A Shock to the System: A Donald Strachey Mystery
SKU1009607: STEVENSON, RICHARD - Ice Blues
SKU1000844: LESLEY STEVENSON - Stevenson, Lesley Gauguin Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
5009918: STEVENSON - Master of Ballantrae Kidnapped
11003299: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Works of Robert Louis Stevenson
SKU1009236: STEVENSON, RICHARD - Tongue Tied: A Donald Strachey Mystery
SKU1009606: STEVENSON, RICHARD - Death Trick: A Mystery
SKU1013505: STEWART, ALLAN - Stewart, Allan the Phantom Ship Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1002944: EDWARD STEWART - Ariana
SKU1010263: STEWART, DAVE - The Musician's Guide to Reading & Writing Music
SKU1002895: MARY STEWART - Stewart, Mary This Rough Magic Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007487: MICHAEL STEWART - Blindsight
5007341: STEWART, MARY - The Prince and the Pilgrim
SKU1011879: STEWART, SANDY - Stewart, Sandy a Pictorial History of Radio in Canada Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1010016: MARY STEWART - The Last Enchantment
SKU1010891: STEWART, MARY - Crystal Cave
8503961: STEWART, MARY - Last Enchantment
1008367: STEWART, SEAN - Firecracker
8505915: STEWART, MARY - Touch Not the Cat
9508739: STEWART, IAN; COHEN, JACK - Wheelers
SKU1016358: STEWART, FRED MUSTARD - Stewart, Fred Mustard the Mephisto Waltz
1009252: STICKGOLD, BOB - Gloryhits
SKU1013459: STIEFVATER, MAGGIE - Stiefvater, Maggie Forever Us Sc Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1007460: STINE, R. L. - A Midsummer Night's Scream
SKU1003267: STINE, R L - Superstitious
SKU1001832: STIRLING, S. M. - The Council of Shadows: A Novel of the Shadowspawn
5010110: ANNE MCCAFFREY; S.M. STIRLING - The City Who Fought (Brainship)
5010168: STIRLING, S.M. - In the Courts of the Crimson Kings
SKU1003417: LILLA STIRLING - Stirling, Lilla Gretchen of Grand Pre Signed Cdn Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1001833: STIRLING, S. M. - A Taint in the Blood: A Novel of the Shadowspawn
95090561: STIRLING, S. M. - The Scourge of God
SKU1009908: STIRLING, S. M. - The Sword of the Lady: A Novel of the Change (Change Series)
SKU1010873: STIRLING, S. M. - A Meeting at Corvallis (Dies the Fire, Book 3)
SKU1010875: STIRLING, S. M. - The Sunrise Lands
SKU1007934: STIRLING, S. M. - The High King of Montival: A Novel of the Change (Change Series)
95090794: STIRLING, S.M. - In the Courts of the Crimson Kings
8502976: DOOHAN & STIRLING - The Privateer: Flight Engineer II (V. 2)
SKU1010444: S. M. STIRLING - The Rising (the Flight Engineer Volume 1)
SKU1001830: S. M. STIRLING - The Rising (the Flight Engineer Volume 1)
8505604: JOHN E. STITH - Reckoning Infinity
1006172: STITH, JOHN - Reconing Infinity
8502151: STOBEROCK, JOHANNA - City of Ghosts: A Novel
SKU1008228: STOFFMAN, DANIEL - Stoffman, Daniel Living the Canadian Dream Cdn Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012611: STOKES, PETER JOHN - Old Niagara on the Lake
SKU1016372: STOKOE, MATTHEW - High Life (Little House on the Bowery)
8502663: STOLLMAN, ARYEH LEV - The Illuminated Soul
SKU1011865: STOLPE, SVEN - Stolpe, Sven the Maid of Orleans Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1006173: STONE, MICHAEL - A Long Reach (Streeter)
1010018: STONE, JONATHAN - The Cold Truth (Julian Palmer Thrillers)
SKU1000472: STONE, CINDY - The Incidental Guru: Lessons in Healing from a Dog
5000738: STONE, NICK - Mr. Clarinet
SKU1009785: STONE, THOMAS H - Black Death
SKU1000069: STONE, DAVID - The Echelon Vendetta
8500454: STONE, NICK - King of Swords
SKU1009798: STONE, THOMAS H - Squeeze Play
8506455: STONE, DAVID LEE - The Ratastrophe Catastrophe (the Illmoor Chronicles, Book 1)
SKU1001823: STONE, ALEX - Beyond the Rim of Light
SKU1014627: STORL PH.D., WOLF-DIETER - Shiva: The Wild God of Power and Ecstasy
SKU1010588: STORR, ANTHONY - Dynamics of Creation (Pelican)
SKU1009131: STORY, WILLIAM L - Final Thesis: A Nick Toland Mystery
SKU1014944: STOTT, JON C. - Ice Warriors: The Pacific Coast/Western Hockey League 1948-1974
SKU1012997: STOTT, JON C. - Hockey Night in Dixie: Minor Pro Hockey in the American South
5009022: STOTTLEMYRE - Pride and Pinstripes
SKU1009319: IAN STOUT - Necessary Larceny
SKU1004401: STRAHAN, JONATHAN - The Starry Rift
1008280: STRAIGHT, SUSAN - Blacker Than a Thousand Midnights
SKU1016122: STRAND, JEFF - Pressure
SKU1016123: STRAND, JEFF - Strand, Jeff Gleefully Macabre Tales Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016130: STRAND, JEFF - Strand, Jeff the Sinister Mr Corpse Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1011957: STRANG, HERBERT - Strang, Herbert Early Days in Canada: The Pioneer Series
SKU1011989: STRANG, HERBERT - Strang, Herbert Early Days in Canada: The Pioneer Series Uk Hc 1st/2nd Vg+
8502277: STRATFORD, SARAH - Midnight Guardian
SKU1013274: STRATTON, W. K. - Backyard Brawl: Inside the Blood Feud between Texas and Texas a & M
SKU1010799: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Stratton-Porter, Gene the Keeper of the Bees Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1003925: STEPHEN KING; PETER STRAUB - Black House: A Novel
SKU1001852: STRAUB, PETER - Houses without Doors
SKU1001736: STRAUB, PETER - The Hellfire Club
SKU1008456: STRAUB, PETER - Mr. X
SKU1016151: STRAUB, PETER - Straub, Peter 5 Stories Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016152: STRAUB, PETER - Pork Pie Hat (Criminal Records Series)
8504231: STRAUB, PETER - The Hellfire Club
SKU1001731: STRAUB, PETER - The Throat
SKU1013485: STRAUB, PETER - Julia
SKU1001734: STRAUB, PETER - Floating Dragon
SKU1016153: PETER STRAUB - Pork Pie Hat
SKU1013805: PETER STRAUB - Ghost Story
SKU1001732: STRAUB, PETER - Mr. X
SKU1001735: STRAUB, PETER - Mystery
SKU1010594: STRAUB, PETER - Koko
SKU1006017: STRAUB, PETER - The Throat
8504328: PETER STRAUB - Under Venus
SKU1016565: STRAUB, PETER - 5 Stories
SKU1001849: STRAUB, PETER - Houses without Doors
SKU1004970: STRAUB, PETER - In the Night Room
SKU1003401: STRAUSS, GWEN - The Night Shimmy
1009232: STRAUSS, VICTORIA - The Awakened City
SKU1002944: STRAUSS, LUCINDA - For the Love of a Soldier Australian War-Brides and Their Gis
8504624: STRAYHORN, S. J. - Black Night
SKU1002106: STRECKER, JAMES - Bones to Bury
SKU1007349: STRECKER, JAMES & JACKIE WASHINGTON. - Talks with Jackie Washington.
SKU1004530: STREET, ROBERT - Street, Robert Modern Sex Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
8504427: STREIBER, WHITLEY - Omega Point
SKU1000262: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Melody Burning (Christy Ottaviano Books)
95090655: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - 2012: The War for Souls
SKU1004110: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - The Omega Point
SKU1000260: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Solving the Communion Enigma: What Is to Come
SKU1003642: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Lilith's Dream: A Tale of the Vampire Life
SKU1013807: WHITLEY STRIEBER - Night Church
SKU1000287: WHITLEY STRIEBER - Transformation: The Breakthrough
8502784: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Billy
8502800: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - 2012
8507782: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - The Forbidden Zone
SKU1000259: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - The Last Vampire: A Novel
SKU1000350: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Hybrids
SKU1000352: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Lilith's Dream: A Tale of the Vampire Life
SKU1000380: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Melody Burning (Christy Ottaviano Books)
SKU1004094: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Lilith's Dream: A Tale of the Vampire Life
8502792: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - The Grays
SKU000000000000081: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - The Omega Point
SKU1003644: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Majestic
SKU1012977: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Critical Mass
8502788: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Critical Mass
8507784: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Unholy Fire
SKU1002097: WHITLEY STRIEBER - Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?
SKU000000000000080: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Hybrids
SKU1016004: WHITLEY STRIEBER - Transformation: The Breakthrough
8502787: STRIEBER, WHITLEY - Strieber, Whitley Confirmation Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009801: STRIKER, RANDY - Striker Macmorgan: Assassin's Shadow Cdn Sc 1st/2nd Vg+
SKU1009770: STRIKER, RANDY - Macmorgan 6: Everglades Assault
SKU1001370: STROBY, WALLACE - Gone 'Til November
1002965: STROHMEYER, SARAH - Bubbles a Broad
SKU1008314: STRONG, ROY C. - The Renaissance Garden in England
SKU1000922: STROSS, CHARLES - The Clan Corporate (the Merchant Princes, Book 3)
SKU1000921: STROSS, CHARLES - Rule 34
5007313: STROSS, CHARLES - The Merchants' War: Book Four of the Merchant Princes
SKU1000923: CHARLES STROSS - The Trade of Queens: Book Six of the Merchant Princes
5010172: STROSS, CHARLES - The Hidden Family: Book Two of Merchant Princes
SKU1000971: STROSS, CHARLES - The Revolution Business: Book Five of the Merchant Princes
SKU1000972: STROSS, CHARLES - The Merchants' War: Book Four of the Merchant Princes
SKU1001003: STROSS, CHARLES - Saturn's Children
SKU1001004: STROSS, CHARLES - The Family Trade (Merchant Princes)
5001436: STROUD, JONATHAN - The Golem's Eye (the Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 2)
SKU1013648: STROUF, JUDIE L. H. - Literature Lover's Book of Lists: Serious Trivia for the Bibliophile
SKU1003364: STRUBE, CORDELIA - Teaching Pigs to Sing
5000858: STRUNG, NORMAN - To Catch a Trout
1009044: STRYKER, DEV - End Game
SKU1004489: STUART, HEATHER; ARBOLEDA-FLOREZ, JULIO; SARTORIUS, NORMAN - Paradigms Lost: Fighting Stigma and the Lessons Learned
SKU1014791: STUBBS, LEWIS - Shoestring Glory: Semi-Pro Ball on the Prairies 1886-1994
SKU1010147: CANADIAN CENTRE FOR FOLK CULTURE STUDIES - From the Heart: Folk Art in Canada
SKU1016013: THEODORE STURGEON - Theodore Sturgeon a Touch of Strange Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1011766: SUAREZ, DANIEL - Kill Decision
SKU1009067: SUBLETT, JESSE - Sublett, Jesse Boiled in Concrete Us Sc Unrevised Proof Nf
SKU1009193: SUBLETT, JESSE - Rock Critic Murders
SKU1008877: SUCHER, DOROTHY - Dead Men Don't Marry
SKU1002189: HERMANN SUDERMANN - Sudermann, Hermann the Excursion to Tilsit Us Hc 1st/1st Vg
SKU1005692: SULLIVAN, MARK - Rogue (Robin Monarch Thrillers)
SKU1000881: W.S. GILBERT & ARTHUR SULLIVAN - Gilbert; Sullivan the Pirates of Penzance Uk Sc Play Vg+
SKU1009011: SULLIVAN, WINONA - Dead South: A Sister Cecile Mystery
8500280: SULLIVAN, JEANNE - Photographing the Nude
SKU1014922: PATRICK SULLIVAN - Brick by Brick: The Story of Auto Racing Pioneer Joie Ray
SKU1009110: SUMMERFIELD, LIN - Never Walk Behind Me
SKU1013719: SUMMERSCALE, KATE - The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher : Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective
SKU1015179: SUN, BINGSHAN - Chinese Paper-Cuts
SKU1001661: SUN, AMANDA - Ink
SKU1010736: SUNY, RONALD GRIGOR - The Soviet Experiment: Russia, the Ussr, and the Successor States
SKU1006608: DOUGLAS SUTHERLAND - The English Gentleman's Child
SKU1006633: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - English Gentleman's Mistress
SKU1006634: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - The English Gentleman's Wife
SKU1006632: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - English Gentleman
5007465: SUTHREN, VICTOR - Royal Yankee
5007559: SUTHREN, VICTOR - The Golden Galleon
5008511: VICTOR SUTHREN - The Black Cockade: Paul Gallant's Louisbourg Command
5008513: SUTHREN, VICTOR - The Golden Galleon
5009926: SUTHREN, VICTOR - Suthren, Victor a King's Ransom Signed Cdn 1st/1st Vg+
1002971: SUTHREN, VICTOR - Admiral of Fear
5008512: SUTHREN, VICTOR - The Black Cockade: Paul Gallant's Louisbourg Command
SKU1014763: SUTHREN, VICTOR - King's Ransom
SKU1014453: SUTTON, WILLIAM JOSIAH - The Antichrist 666, Book 1
5008375: SUZUKI, DAVID - Metamorphosis: States in a Life
1002972: SUZUKI, DAVID - Inventing the Future
SKU1015723: SUZUKI, KOJI - Spiral ('Ring' Series, Book 2)
SKU1011896: SALLY SWAIN - Great Housewives of Art Revisited
SKU1012129: SWAIN, ROBERT; SWAIN, MADELEINE - Out the Organization: Gaining the Competitive Edge
SKU1012722: SWALLOW, JAMES - 24: Deadline (24 Series)
1007165: SWALLOW, WENDY - Triumph of Love over Experience
SKU1006903: SWAN, SUSAN - Stupid Boys Are Good to Relax with
SKU1011426: SWAN, DEUTSCH; SWAN,AVANTHIA - Swan, Deutsch & Avanthia Canada Coast to Coast Cdn Hcdj Nf
SKU1006952: SWANTON, MICHAEL - Swanton, Michael Anglo-Saxon Prose Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1001081: MICHAEL SWANWICK - Swanwick, Michael Vacuum Flowers Us Hcdj Bce Vg+
5010173: SWANWICK, MICHAEL - Jack Faust
5010175: SWANWICK, MICHAEL - The Dragons of Babel (Tom Doherty Associates Books)
8503202: SWARUP, VIKAS - Six Suspects
5009928: SWEATMAN, MARGARET - When Alice Lay Down with Peter: A Novel
SKU1002068: SWEENEY, AOIBHEANN - Among Other Things, I'Ve Taken Up Smoking: A Novel
SKU1012619: SWEET, TONY - Fine Art Flower Photography: Creative Techniques and the Art of Observation
SKU1012475: SWEET, TONY - Fine Art Flower Photography: Creative Techniques and the Art of Observation
95090146: SWIERCZYNSKI, DUANE; HURWITZ, GREG - Swierczynski, Duane; Hurwitz, Greg the Punisher Signed Us 1st Nf
95090470: SWIERCZYNSKI, DUANE - Swierczynski, Duane Expiration Date Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
95090471: SWIERCZYNSKI, DUANE - Swierczynski, Duane Severance Package Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
95090239: SWIERCZYNSKI, DUANE - The Wheelman
5007300: SWIFT - Kennedys Amist the Gathering Storm
8502868: GEORGE GRANT; MICHAEL SWIFT - The CIVIL War (Defining Moments)
SKU1006884: SWINFEN, D.B. - Imperial Control of Colonial Legislation, 1813-65: A Study of British Policy Towards Colonial Legislative Powers
SKU1012892: SWITZER, KATHRINE - Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women's Sports
SKU1003159: SWOFFORD, ANTHONY - Exit a: A Novel
5008867: SWORD, WILEY - Courage Under Fire: Profiles in Bravery from the Battlefields of the CIVIL War
SKU1014239: SYKES, SAM - Sykes, Sam Tome of the Undergates Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012613: SYMONDS, JOHN - Symonds, John the Great Beast: The Life and Magick of Aleister Crowley Uk Sc Vg+
11002977: SYMONS, JULIAN - The Thirty First of February
SKU1002471: SHINGO SYOKO - Syoko, Shingo Sumi-E: The Art of Japanese Brush Painting Us Sc 1st/3rd Nf
SKU1005179: ZOLTAN SZABO - Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes: Advanced Techniques in Watercolor
SKU1008542: ZOLTAN SZABO - Zoltan Szabo: Artist at Work
SKU1013551: SZADO, ANIA - Studio Saint-Ex
SKU1014132: TABATA, KAZUMI - Tabata, Kazumi Poweer Karate Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1009546: ANTONIO TABUCCHI - Declares Pereira
SKU1006321: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - Rabindranath Tagore: Pioneer in Education Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009419: TAIBO, PACO IGNACIO - Some Clouds
SKU1009399: TAIBO, PACO IGNACIO, II - No Happy Ending
1008452: TAIT, HERBERT - Redwulf the Outlander
SKU1014553: TALBOT, MICHAEL - The Holographic Universe
1009428: TALLENT, ELIZABETH - In Constant Flight
1009429: TALLENT, ELIZABETH - Honey: Stories
95090118: TALLEY, MARCIA - Naked Came the Phoenix
1009170: KRISTY TALLMAN - The All-Soul's Faire
SKU1006783: TALMAN, JAMES J. - Talman Loyalist Narratives from Upper Canada Cdn Ltd Hc 1st/1st Vg+
1011237: TAN, AMY - Saving Fish from Drowning
1010685: TAN, AMY - The Joy Luck Club
8504968: TAN, AMY - The Opposite of Fate
1010023: TAN, AMY - Hundred Secret Senses
SKU1004876: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Counterplay
1006182: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Reckless Endangerment
1006183: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Hoax: A Novel (Tanenbaum, Robert)
8502156: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Falsely Accused
1020408: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Irresistible Impulse
8500493: TANENBAUM, ROBERT - Escape
SKU1004935: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Resolved: A Novel (Tanenbaum, Robert)
SKU1004944: TANENBAUM, ROBERT K. - Malice
1008180: TANNAHILL, REAY - Fatal Majesty: A Novel of Mary, Queen of Scots
1008368: TANNAHILL, REAY - Return of the Stranger
1008369: TANNAHILL, REAY - The Seventh Son 12cc Bin/Header
1002983: REAY TANNAHILL - Fatal Majesty : A Novel of Mary, Queen of Scots
SKU1007202: TANNENBAUM, LESLIE - Tannenbaum Biblical Tradition in Blake's Early Prophecies Us 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009417: TANNER, JAKE - Saint Louie Blues
SKU1009429: TANNER, JAKE - Old Black Magic
SKU1009071: TAPPLY, WILLIAM G. - Tapply, William G. The Marine Corpse Us Sc Uncorrected Advance Proof Nf
5001731: TARR, JUDITH - The Eagle's Daughter
5001732: TARR, JUDITH - Throne of Isis
1006184: TARR, JUDITH - White Mare's Daughter
5008516: TARR, JUDITH - Arrows of the Sun
5008518: TARR, JUDITH - Lady of Han-Gilen
5008521: TARR, JUDITH - The Hounds of God
SKU1009572: PETER TASKER - Samurai Boogie
SKU1009571: TASKER, PETER - Silent Thunder: A Novel
SKU1010291: TATE, AL - Tate, Al the Hair Styling Technical Picture Book Us Sc Vg+
95090968: TAYLOR, BALDWIN H. - The Duplicate
1002990: TAYLOR, DAVID - Ultimate Cat Book: A Unique Photographic Guide to More Than 100 International Breeds and Variations
SKU1011008: SHELLEY TAYLOR - Health Psychology
SKU1011163: ROGER JAMES BENDER; HUGH PAGE TAYLOR - Uniforms, Organization and History of the Waffen-Ss Vol. 4
SKU1000896: TAYLOR, CHARLES - Gretzky from Back Yard Rink
SKU1015258: TAYLOR, MR. PAUL - Dutch Flower Painting, 1600-1720
1009029: TAYLOR, SARAH STEWART - Mansions of the Dead (Sweeney St. George Mysteries)
8501969: TAYLOR, MILDRED D. - The Gold Cadillac
SKU1011223: TAYLOR, GRAHAM D.; BASKERVILLE, PETER A. - A Concise History of Business in Canada
95090604: TAYLOR, ANDREW - Death's Own Door
1002988: TAYLOR, G. P. - Wormwood
SKU1003282: TAYLOR, PATRICK - An Irish Country Girl: A Novel (Irish Country Books)
1010686: TAYLOR, G. P. - Shadowmancer
8505916: TAYLOR, BRAD - One Rough Man
SKU1016078: TAYLOR, A J - Origins of the Second World War (Pelican)
SKU1007982: TAYLOR, G. P. - Shadowmancer: Special Edition
8502157: TAYLOR, G. P - Curse of Salamander Street
8502158: TAYLOR, G. P. - The Tizzle Sisters & Erik (Bk. 1)
SKU1010755: TAYLOR, INA - Edwardian Lady: The Story of Edith Holden
SKU1003534: RICK HANSEN AND JIM TAYLOR - Hansen; Taylor Rick Hansen: Man in Motion Signed Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
5010220: TAYLOR, G. P. - Shadowmancer Returns
8505086: TAYLOR, CORA - On Wings of a Dragon
8505983: TAYLOR, BRAD - One Rough Man
5009929: TAYLOR, G. P. - Shadowmancer
SKU1010293: TAYLOR, K. W. & MICHELL, H. - Taylor; Mitchell Statistical Contributions to Canadian Economic History Vol II Vg+
1002992: TAYLOR, G. P. - Wormwood
SKU1007886: TAYLOR, KATE - Taylor, Kate Mme. Proust and the Kosher Kitchen Signed Cdn 1st/1st Nf
SKU1002947: WIZARDS TEAM - System Guide to Aegis (Alternity Sci-Fi Roleplaying, Star Drive Setting)
SKU1002951: WIZARDS TEAM - The Killing Jar (Alternity Sci-Fi Roleplaying, Dark Matter Setting Adventure)
SKU1016588: WIZARDS RPG TEAM - Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide: Roleplaying Game Core Rules, 4th Edition
SKU1014745: TEDESCO, THERESA - Offside: The Battle for Control of Maple Leaf Gardens
SKU1016572: TEGNER, BRUCE - Tegner, Bruce Kung Fu and Tai Chi Us Sc 1st/3rd Vg+
SKU1014336: TEHRANIAN, MAJID; IKEDA, DAISAKU - Global Civilization: A Buddhist-Islamic Dialogue
SKU1014614: TELESCO, TRISH - Dancing with Devas: Connecting with the Spirits and Elements of Nature
SKU1016166: TEM, STEVE RASNIC - The Book of Days
1002995: TENNANT, EMMA - The House of Hospitalities
SKU1004509: TENNANT, VERONICA - Tennant, Veronica on Stage Please Cdn Reprint Vg+
SKU1013673: JOHN TENNANT - Rugby: The Golden Age: Extraordinary Images from 1900 to 1980
5000296: TENNEY, TOMMY; OLSEN, MARK ANDREW - The Hadassah Covenant
5001437: TERAN, BOSTON - The Prince of Deadly Weapons: A Novel
SKU1006220: TERRILL, ROSS - Australians in Search of an Identity
8505711: PRATCHETT. TERRY - Pratchett. Terry Wit & Wisdom of Discworld Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1007431: THALE, JEROME - Thale, Jerome C.P. Snow Uk Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1002784: THAYER, STEVE - Silent Snow
1003001: THAYER, STEVE - The Wheat Field
9507942: THAYER, STEVE - The Wheat Field
SKU1006710: THAYER, TIFFANY - Thayer, Tiffany Mona Lisa: The Prince of Taranto Us 3 Volume Box Set 1st Vg+
SKU1007409: THEBERGE, MARY - Kluane: Pinnacle of the Yukon
SKU1016533: THELWELL - Three Sheets in the Wind: Thelwell's Manual of Sailing
SKU1004685: THEROUX, PAUL - O-Zone
5011037: THEROUX, PAUL - The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia
5011069: THEROUX, PAUL - O-Zone
5011141: THEROUX, PAUL - Girls at Play
8505176: THEROUX, PAUL - Millroy the Magician
SKU1013608: THEROUX, PAUL - The Pillars of Hercules: A Grand Tour of the Mediterranean
SKU1009567: THEROUX, PAUL - Millroy the Magician
8506169: THEROUX, PAUL - The Family Arsenal
5011036: THEROUX, PAUL - Jungle Lovers
SKU1013536: THEROUX, PAUL - Jungle Lovers
8502160: THEROUX, PAUL - The London Embassy
9508682: THEROUX, PAUL - The Mosquito Coast
9508681: THEROUX, PAUL - World's End and Other Stories
SKU1009583: THEROUX, PAUL - The Consul's File
SKU1013844: THEROUX, PAUL - Sir Vidia's Shadow: A Friendship Across Five Continents
8505344: THEROUX, PAUL - Stranger at Palazzo D'Oro
9507815: THEROUX, PAUL - Sunrise with Seamonsters: Travels and Discoveries 1964-1984
8503002: THEROUX, PAUL - Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China
SKU1009603: THEROUX, PAUL - The Kingdom by the Sea: A Journey Around Great Britain
SKU1009625: THEROUX, MARCEL - A Stranger in the Earth: A Novel
SKU1005995: THERRIEN, LAURETTE - Therrien, Laurette True Love Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1014538: THIEL, ALBERT J. - Marine Fish and Invert Reef Aquarium: Advanced Techniques and Instrumentation
SKU1012747: THIELE, STEPHEN - Heroes of the Game: A History of the Grey Cup
SKU1012172: THOFT, INGRID - Thoft, Ingrid Loyalty Us Sc Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1002323: HUGH THOMAS - Thomas, Hugh the Story of Sandhurst Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1006807: THOMAS, AUDREY - Thomas, Audrey Mrs Blood Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg
SKU1016179: THOMAS, JEFFREY - Thomas, Jeffrey Thirteen Specimens Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1008146: CHARLES C. THOMAS - Rinalducci, Ralph J. The Japanese Police Establishment Signed Us 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007069: THOMAS, LEWIS H. - Renaissance of Canadian History: Biography of A.L. Burt
SKU1003565: NICK AFKA THOMAS - Teach Yourself Advanced Sudoku and Kakuro (Teach Yourself: Games/Hobbies/Sports)
1009260: THOMAS, D. M. - Ararat
1003028: THOMAS-GRAHAM, PAMELA - Orange Crushed: An Ivy League Mystery (Ivy League Mysteries)
1003392: THOMAS, D. M. - Lady with a Laptop: A Novel
1009259: D. M. THOMAS - The Flute Player
8505186: THOMAS-GRAHAM, PAMELA - Orange Crushed: An Ivy League Mystery (Ivy League Mysteries)
SKU1000182: THOMAS, LESLIE - Ormerod's Landing
SKU1000821: THOMAS, WARREN D - Elephant Midwives, Parrot Duets: And Other Intriguing Facts from the Animal Kingdom
SKU1007887: THOMAS, J. WILLIAM; THOMAS, WILLIAM J. - Malcolm and Me: Life in the Litterbox
8506477: THOMAS, ROSS - Out on the Rim
1006195: THOMAS, CRAIG - Jade Tiger
5008451: DISCH THOMAS - Getting Into Death
8500395: THOMAS, CRAIG - Sea Leopard
11003021: THOMAS, LESLIE - Orange Wednesday
SKU1009599: THOMAS, LESLIE - Thomas, Leslie the Love Beach Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1005060: THOMAS, AUDREY CALLAHAN - Blown Figures: A Novel
SKU1000236: WENDY THOMAS - Thomas, Wendy a Farley Mowat Reader Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1012148: THOMAS, ROSS - Ah, Treachery!
SKU1016168: JEFFREY THOMAS - Boneland
SKU1014808: THOMASON, ARLEN - Bugwater: A Fly Fisher's Look Through the Seasons at Bugs in Their Aquatic Habitat and the Fish That Eat Them
SKU1009570: THOMASON, DUSTIN - 12. 21: A Novel
SKU1003399: THOMPSON, RICHARD - Thistle Broth
SKU1006598: THOMPSON, ROBERT SMITH - The Missiles of October: The Declassified Story of John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis
5007330: THOMPSON, ELDON - The Obsidian Key (Legend of Asahiel, Book 2)
SKU1009810: THOMPSON, BRIAN - Imperial Vanities: Three Victorians, Their Friends and Enemies
SKU1002372: MARY G. THOMPSON - Wuftoom
SKU1001059: THOMPSON, ELDON - The Divine Talisman: Book Three of the Legend of Asahiel
SKU1012961: THOMPSON, JOHN - Thompson, John Hockey Night in Mildmay Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1007586: THOMPSON, DAVID FOREST - Thompson, David Forest Dune Shacks Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1000920: THOMPSON, ELDON - The Crimson Sword (Legend of Asahiel, Book 1)
SKU1013174: GARY ASTLEFORD; ROBERT J. SCHWALB; OWEN K. C. STEPHENS; RODNEY THOMPSON - Scum and Villainy (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)
SKU1009651: THOMPSON, CHRISTIAN - That Which Doesn't Kill You (a & B Crime)
SKU1014821: THOMPSON, TIMOTHY J. - Magicians on Ice: The Story of the Single Greatest Hockey Dynasty of All Time Volume #1
SKU1012494: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Thompson, Hunter S. Hell's Angels Cdn Sc 1st/2nd Vg+
SKU1009652: THOMPSON, CHRISTIAN - Sing No Sad Songs (Chris o'Brien Mystery)
1006196: THOMSON - Robert Frost
1008297: THOMSON, RUPERT - Divided Kingdom
SKU1009641: THOMSON, KEITH - Twice a Spy: A Novel
SKU1006650: THOMSON, KEITH - Once a Spy: A Novel
SKU1011216: TOM THOMSON - The Art of Tom Thomson Cdn Sc Exhibition Catalogue 1971 Vg+
SKU1009643: THOMSON, MAYNARD F. - Breaking Faith: Featuring Nason Nichols, P.I.
SKU1016214: THOR, BRAD - Path of the Assassin: A Thriller
SKU1012634: THOR, BRAD - Act of War: A Thriller (the Scot Harvath Series)
SKU1004014: THOR, BRAD - Full Black: A Thriller (Scot Harvath)
95090970: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Wild Fruits: Thoreau's Rediscovered Last Manuscript
SKU1007201: THORLBY, ANTHONY K. - Romantic Movement (Problems & Perspectives in History)
SKU1003646: THORNLEY, DIANN - Echoes of Issel
5008139: THORNLEY, DIANN - Ganwold's Child
SKU1014869: THORNLEY, STEW - The St. Paul Saints: Baseball in the Capital City
8502856: THORSON, ROBERT - Beyond Walden: The Hidden History of America's Kettle Lakes and Ponds
SKU1009604: THRASHER, L. L. - Cat's Paw, Incorporated (Brown Bag Mystery Series)
SKU1004557: THURSTON, HUGH - Thurston, Hugh Scotland's Dances Cdn Sc Reprint Nf
SKU1012514: THWAITE, LEO - Thwaite, Leo Porter's Progress of Nations: Alberta Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
8505267: TIDHAR, LAVIE - Occupation of Angels
SKU1010336: TIDYMAN, ERNEST - Tidyman, Ernest Shaft's Carnival of Killers Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
1009060: TIGERMAN, GARY - The Orion Protocol
SKU1014686: TILBROOK, BRIAN - Tilbrook, Brian Hong Kong Heritage Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1011496: TILL, BARRY - In Search of Old Nanking
SKU1003692: LEUNG TING - Ting, Leung Kwan-Dao Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1006875: TIPPETT, MARIA - Making Culture

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