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SKU1004812: MCEWAN, IAN - The Comfort of Strangers - 1st Edition/1st Printing
SKU1004811: MCEWAN, IAN - The Imitation Game: Three Plays for Television
SKU1004817: MCEWAN, IAN - Or Shall We Die? : Worlds for an Oratorio Set to Music by Michael Berkeley
SKU1013745: MCEWAN, IAN - On Chesil Beach
SKU1004983: MCEWAN, IAN - Atonement
SKU1007458: MCEWAN, IAN - Amsterdam
5000375: IAN MCEWAN - Atonement: A Novel
SKU1004816: MCEWAN, IAN - The Cement Garden
SKU1005474: MCEWAN, IAN - Saturday: A Novel
SKU1016557: MCEWAN, IAN - On Chesil Beach
5008112: MCEWAN, IAN - Saturday
8506317: MCEWAN, IAN - Solar
SKU1004815: MCEWAN, IAN - The Child in Time
SKU1009177: MCEWAN, IAN - Amsterdam
1006740: MCFARLAND, DENNIS - Prince Edward: A Novel
SKU1015236: MCFARLANE, BRIAN - One Hundred Years of Hockey
SKU1001358: MCFETRIDGE, JOHN - Let It Ride
SKU1007143: MCGAHERN, JOHN - Amongst Women
1002166: MCGARRITY, MICHAEL - Everyone Dies
5000190: MCGARRY, TERRY - Illumination
SKU1014635: MCGEE, MICHAEL R. - Technaissance : An Optimist's Guide to the New World
SKU1002935: MCGINLEY, PATRICK - Trick of the Ga Bolga
5008994: WILLIAM MCGIVERN - Soldiers of '44
1020389: MCGOWAN, KATHLEEN - The Expected One: A Novel (Book One of the Magdalene Line)
8502035: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Martha Peake: A Novel of the Revolution
5008639: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Spider: A Novel
5008640: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Dr. Haggard's Disease
SKU1013443: MCGRATH, ALISTER; MCGRATH, JOANNA COLLICUTT - The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine
5001702: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Port Mungo
1005881: MCGRAW, ROBIN - Inside My Heart
9507909: MCGRORY, BRIAN - The Nominee
SKU1013114: MCGUINNESS, MARCI LYNN - Speedway Kings: Of Southwestern Pennsylvania & Region
SKU1004003: JOHN M. MCILVEEN - The Monster's Corner: Stories Through Inhuman Eyes
5010195: MCINERNEY, JAY - The Last of the Savages
SKU1006663: MCINERNEY, JAY - Story of My Life
1005884: MCINERNY, RALPH - Emerald Aisle
5009721: MCINERNY, RALPH M. - The Seventh Station: A Father Dowling Mystery
1008378: MCINERNY, RALPH M. - Judas Priest: A Father Dowling Mystery
5009720: MCINERNY, RALPH M. - The Grass Widow
1005886: MCINERNY, RALPH - The Book of Kills
5009716: MCINERNY, RALPH M. - Getting a Way with Murder
5009719: MCINERNY, RALPH M. - Second Vespers
8504906: MCINTYRE, VONDA - The Crystal Star (Star Wars)
SKU1007753: MCKAY, AMI - The Virgin Cure
SKU1007748: MCKAY, AMI - Mckay, Ami the Virgin Cure Signed Cdn Sc Arc Nf
SKU1007749: MCKAY, AMI - Mckay, Ami the Birth House Signed Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1007751: MCKAY, AMI - The Birth House
SKU1007754: MCKAY, AMI - The Virgin Cure: A Novel
SKU1007752: MCKAY, AMI - The Virgin Cure
SKU1007750: MCKAY, AMI - The Birth House
8505479: MCKENNA, MARTIN - Fantasy Art Now: The Very Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art & Illustration
SKU1002402: RUTH MCKENZIE - Mckenzie Captain Bayfield's Survey Journals 1829-1853 Vol I Cdn Ltd Hc 1st/1st Nf
1005888: MCKERNAN, VICTORIA - Osprey Reef
1020429: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - The Eye of the Hunter
8505839: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Once Upon an Autumn Eve
SKU1003587: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Shadows of Doom: Book Two of the Iron Tower Trilogy
8505838: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS - Mckiernan, Dennis Into the Fire Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st F
8505440: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - The Dark Tide: Book One of the Iron Tower Trilogy
8505840: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Red Slippers: More Tales of Mithgar
8505841: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS - Mckiernan, Dennis Silver Wolf Black Falcon Signed Us 1st/1st Nf
8503613: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Into the Fire (Mithgar)
SKU1012776: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Silver Wolf, Black Falcon
8503577: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - The Eye of the Hunter
8503581: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Into the Forge (Mithgar)
8503895: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Shadows of Doom: Book Two of the Iron Tower Trilogy
9508446: MCKIERNAN, DENNIS L. - Once Upon an Autumn Eve
8503897: MCKILLIP, PATRICIA - Solstice Wood
1006416: MCKILLIP, PATRICIA A. - Solstice Wood
SKU1006874: MCKILLOP, A. B. - Contours of Canadian Thought
SKU1006881: MCKILLOP, A. B. - Disciplined Intelligence
SKU1015214: MCKINLEY, MICHAEL - Hockey: A People's History
SKU1003454: ADRIAN MCKINTY - Mckinty, Adrian Fifty Grand Us Sc Arc Nf
8502037: MCKINTY, ADRIAN - Mckinty, Adrian Fifty Grand Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
5009723: MCKINTY, ADRIAN - Hidden River: A Novel
5009722: MCKINTY, ADRIAN - Dead I Well May Be: A Novel
SKU1003236: MCKINTY, ADRIAN - Fifty Grand: A Novel of Suspense
1009304: MCKITTERICK, MOLLY - Murder in a Mayonnaise Jar
SKU1006682: MCLAIN, PAULA - Mclain, Paula the Paris Wife Cdn Sc Arc Nf
SKU1010691: MCLARTY, RON - The Memory of Running: A Novel
SKU1016517: MCLAUGHLIN, MARK - Mclaughlin, Mark Pickman's Motel Signed Ltd & Num Us Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1005790: MCLEAN, RUSSEL D. - The Lost Sister
SKU1008981: MCLEAN, RUSSEL D. - The Lost Sister
SKU1014607: MCLEOD, MELVIN - The Best Buddhist Writing 2005
SKU1012257: MCLIN, JON B. - Mclin, Jon B. Canada's Changing Defense Policy 1957-1963 Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1001555: JENNIFER MCMAHON - Mcmahon. Jennifer the One I Left Behind Sc Arc Nf
1009006: MCMAHON, NEIL - To the Bone
8503317: MCMANUS - Into the Twilight Endlessly Grousing
8504018: MCMANUS, JAMES - Cowboys Full
9507814: MCMANUS, PATRICK F. - Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs
SKU1003451: MCMANUS, JAMES - Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker
SKU1000669: PATRICK F. MCMANUS - Real Ponies Don't Go Oink
1002182: MCMILLAN, TERRY - How Stella Got Her Groove Back
5010273: MCMULLEN, SEAN - Glass Dragons (the Moonworlds Saga)
5010283: SEAN MCMULLEN - Voidfarer: A Tale of the Moonworlds Saga
5010284: MCMULLEN, SEAN - The Time Engine: The Fourth Book of the Moonworlds Saga
8500982: SEAN MCMULLEN - Voidfarer: A Tale of the Moonworlds Saga
5009724: MCMURTRY, LARRY - The Colonel and Little Missie: Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, and the Beginnings of Superstardom in America
1006686: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Loop Group
1006852: MCMURTRY, LARRY - The Wandering Hill (Berrybender Narrative, Bk 2)
5000134: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Boone's Lick
9508782: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Anything for Billy
5010186: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Telegraph Days: A Novel
1009663: MCMURTRY, LARRY - When the Light Goes
8052854: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Late Child
SKU1014672: MCMURTRY, LARRY - The Wandering Hill (Berrybender Narrative, Bk 2)
1005898: MCNAB, ANDY - Last Light
SKU1010779: MCNALLY, D. R. - Irish Wonders
SKU1002790: MCNALLY, T.M. - Until Your Heart Stops
9508374: MCNAMEE, EOLN - The Navigator
8504706: MCNEIL, BILL - Voices of a War Remembered: An Oral History of Canadians in World War II
SKU1011001: MCNEIL, CHERYL; HEMBREE-KIGIN, TONI L. - Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (Issues in Clinical Child Psychology)
SKU1004706: MCNISH, CLIFF - Silver World (Silver Sequence (Hardcover))
8504465: MCPHEE, JOHN - Silk Parachute
5007660: MCPHEE, JOHN - Table of Contents
9508670: MCPHEE, JOHN - Giving Good Weight
SKU1005791: MCPHERSON, CATRIONA - Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder
SKU1005792: MCPHERSON, CATRIONA - Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains
SKU1006139: MICHELLE WALKS AND NAOMI MCPHERSON - An Anthropology of Mothering
8506221: LINDA MCQUAIG - It's the Crude, Dude: War, Big Oil and the Fight for the Planet
1008135: MCQUILLAN, KARIN - Deadly Safari
8504051: MCRAE, DONALD - Last Trial Clarence Darrow
8507727: MCREYNOLDS, GLENNA - Prince of Time
SKU1008232: MCROBERTS, KENNETH - Beyond Quebec: Taking Stock of Canada (and Development; 7)
1002195: MCSHERRY JR. , FRANK D. -WAUGH, CHARLES G. AND GREENBERG, MARTIN H. - American Mystery Stories
SKU1005947: MECHELE, TONY; FIDDY, DICK - The Saint
SKU1007440: MEE, ARTHUR - Lincolnshire (King's England)
SKU1013850: MEEK, JAMES - Peoples Act of Love
1009199: MEEK, JAMES - Peoples Act of Love
1005902: MEIER, LESLIE - Birthday Party Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 9)
1005904: MEIER, LESLIE - Star Spangled Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries, No. 11)
SKU1006738: C. A. MEIER - The Meaning and Significance of Dreams : The Psychology of C.G. Jung (V. 2)
SKU1014247: MELANDER, JAKOB - Melander, Jakob the Scream of the Butterfly Cdn Sc Arc Nf
8502963: MELKO, PAUL - Walls of the Universe
SKU1000916: MELTON, BUCKNER - A Hanging Offense: The Strange Affair of the Warship Somers
SKU1005386: DAVID BALDACCI; LAWRENCE BLOCK; JAMES CRUMLEY; BRENDAN DUBOIS; TIM GREEN; COLIN HARRISON; DENNIS LEHANE; MIKE LUPICA; BRAD MELTZER - The Mighty Johns: 1 Novella & 13 Superstar Short Stories from the Finest in Mystery & Suspense
8502969: MELTZER, BRAD - The Zero Game (Meltzer, Brad)
8505275: MELTZER, BRAD - The First Counsel
8506119: MELTZER, BRAD - Dead Even
SKU1006616: O'MELVENY, REGINA - O'Melveny, Regina the Book of Madness and Cures Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1007861: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick (Arcturus Paperback Classics)
95090749: MEMO, JOE - The Great Perhaps
SKU1013724: MENARY, DAVID - Terrier Town: Summer of '49
8500678: MENDELSOHN - How Beautiful It Is and How Easily It Can Be Broken
SKU1009660: MENEN, AUBREY - Menen, Aubrey the Stumbling Stone Uk 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009661: MENEN, AUBREY - Menen, Aubrey the Abode of Love Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009630: MENEN, AUBREY - Menen, Aubrey Shela Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1006782: MENITOVE, MARCY - Menitove, Marcy Portraits: Paintings and Photographs by Rick Hill Cdn Sc
SKU1006917: MENUHIN, YEHUDI; CURTIS W. DAVIS - The Music of Man
SKU1012693: MENZER, JOE - The Wildest Ride: A History of Nascar (or How a Bunch of Good Old Boys Built a Billion Dollar Industry out of Wrecking Cars)
SKU1015204: MENZER, JOE; CONDOR, BOB - The Carolina Panthers: The First Season of the Most Successful Expansion Team in Nfl History
SKU1009985: MENZIES, GAVIN - The Lost Empire of Atlantis
SKU1010547: MEREDITH, CAROL - Eclectic Style in Interior Design
SKU1014899: MEREDITH, MARTIN - The Fate of Africa: From the Hopes of Freedom to the Heart of Despair
SKU1010279: MEREDITH, ALDEN G. - Meredith, Alden Mary's Rosedale& Gossip of Little York Cdn 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004594: MERICI, FRANCO - Merici, Franco African Children: Art of Dreams Italian Imitation Leathe Hcdj Nf
SKU1010695: MERRIAM, SHARAN B; MERRIAM, SHAREN B - A Guide to Research for Educators & Trainers of Adults
SKU1010377: BOBBS MERRILL - Housman, Laurence the Unexpected Years Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1008231: MERRILL, DENNIS; PATERSON, THOMAS - Major Problems in American Foreign Relations: Documents and Essays: Volume II (Major Problems in American History Series)
SKU1011406: MERRIMAN, CATHERINE - Fatal Observations
SKU1005374: MERTZ, BARBARA - Mertz, Barbara Temples Tombs and Hieroglyphs Uk Bce Vg+
5000376: MERTZ, BARBARA - Temples, Tombs & Hieroglyphs: A Popular History of Ancient Egypt
8505843: BARBARA MERTZ - The Sea King's Daughter
11007151: MERTZ, BARBARA - Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs
5009727: MERTZ, BARBARA - Red Land, Black Land
95090944: MERTZ, BARBARA - Temples Tombs & Hieroglyphs
SKU1004160: MERULLO, ROLAND - Fidel's Last Days: A Novel
SKU1016492: MERZ, JON F. - Merz, Jon F. The Fixer Signed Ltd & Num Slipcase Nf
SKU1004578: MESSENGER, CHARLES - "Bomber" Harris and the Strategic Bombing Offensive, 1939-1945
SKU1016285: MESTA, GABRIEL - The Martian War: A Thrilling Eyewitness Account of the Recent Invasion As Reported by Mr. H.G. Wells
SKU1002287: MESTA, GABRIEL - The Martian War: A Thrilling Eyewitness Account of the Recent Invasion As Reported by Mr. H.G. Wells
SKU1014668: MEYER, DEON - Dead at Daybreak
SKU1002891: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Twilight (the Twilight Saga, Book 1)
SKU1002083: MEYER, DEON - Heart of the Hunter: A Novel
85001372: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Eclipse (Twilight)
8503321: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Meyer, Stephenie the Host Us Hcdj 1st Nf
8052824: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Breaking Dawn
8505334: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Eclipse
8507728: MEYER - Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
95090260: MEYER, DEAN - Trackers
95090316: MEYER, DEAN - Devil's Peak
1002202: MEYERS, JEFFREY - Somerset Maugham: A Life
SKU1014723: MEYERS, MARILYN - Through Fire and Sea: Adventures on the Mercy Ship
SKU1004258: EDWARD C. MEYERS - Thunder in the Morning Calm: The Royal Canadian Navy in Korea, 1950-1955
5009728: ANNETTE MEYERS - Tender Death
SKU1013007: MEZRICH, BEN - Seven Wonders
5009533: GEAR KATHLEEN & W. MICHAEL - Bone Walker
8505847: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Here I Stay
5008645: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Other Worlds
SKU1010048: MICHAELS, ANNE. - Fugitive Pieces.
SKU1003152: BARBARA MICHAELS - Michaels, Barbara the Grey Beginning Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012321: MICHAELS, SEAN - Us Conductors
8504155: MICHAELS - Michaels, Barbara Prince of Darkness Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004897: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Someone in the House
SKU1004755: MICHAELS, ANNE. - Fugitive Pieces.
5001704: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Black Rainbow
8505844: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Someone in the House
SKU1002585: BARBARA MICHAELS - Michaels, Barbara Ammie Come Home Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
5008810: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Smoke and Mirrors
SKU1003840: MICHAELS, ANNE - The Winter Vault
8505842: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Master of Black Tower
8505846: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Wings of the Falcon
5008809: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Search the Shadows
95090727: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Stitches in Time
SKU1006713: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Houses of Stone
SKU1014389: MICHAELS, SEAN - Us Conductors
8505023: MICHALSON, KAREN - Hecate's Glory
SKU1009829: LAGARDE ET MICHARD - Collection Litteraire Xixe Siecle
SKU1005959: ROLAND MICHAUD; SABRINA MICHAUD - India of One Thousand and One Nights
1000525: MICHELET, CLAUDE - Firelight and Woodsmoke
1002206: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Mexico
1002213: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Michener Miscellany: 1950-70
SKU1000406: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Legacy
1002219: MICKLEM, SARAH - Firethorn
SKU1016584: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN; MIDDLEBROOK, MARY - The Somme Battlefields: A Comprehensive Guide from Crecy to the Two World Wars
SKU1012061: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN AND MAHONEY, PATRICK - Battleship: The Loss of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse
SKU1015509: MIDDLETON, JESSE EDGAR - Middleton, Jesse Edgar the Municipality of Toronto: Vol 1-2-3 Cdn 1st/1st Hc Vg+
SKU1009602: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - Two Brothers
SKU1016309: CHINA MIEVILLE - Kraken
SKU1000947: MIEVILLE, CHINA - Kraken
SKU1012068: MIEVILLE, CHINA - Embassytown
SKU1014224: MI╔VILLE, CHINA - Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories
SKU1012034: MIEVILLE, CHINA - Embassytown
SKU1014704: MIEVILLE, CHINA - Un Lun Dun
SKU1000946: MI╔VILLE, CHINA - Railsea
SKU1015508: MIGNOLA, MIKE; GOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER - Baltimore,: Or, the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire
SKU1001708: MIGNOLA, MIKE; GOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER - Joe Golem and the Drowning City: An Illustrated Novel
SKU1012650: MIKA, NICK; MIKA, HELMA - Mika, Nick; Mika, Helma the Settlement of Prince Edward County Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012644: MIKKELSEN, GLEN - Checkered Courage: Chuckwagon Racing's Glass Family
SKU1014955: MILBERRY, LARRY - The Canadair Sabre
SKU1011145: MILBERRY, LARRY - Aviation in Canada
SKU1011142: MILBERRY, LARRY - Aircom: Canada's Air Force
SKU1005524: MILFORD, NANCY - Milford, Nancy Zelda Us Hcdj Bce Vg+
8504726: DE MILLE, NELSON DEMILLE - Word of Honour
5001557: NELSON DE MILLE - Cathedral
SKU1009445: MILLER, JOHN A. - Cutdown
SKU1005502: MILLER, A. C. - Definitely Deadly: The Deadlies
SKU1000770: MILLER, KAREN - The Prodigal Mage (Fisherman's Children)
SKU1009443: MILLER, JOHN A. - Causes of Action
5000484: MILLER, KENN - Tiger the Lurp Dog
1010145: MILLER, STANLEY - Mr. Christian!: The Journal of Fletcher Christian, Former Lieutenant of His Majesty's Armed Vessel Bounty; a Novel
8503250: MILLER, JOHN - Tropical Heat
1020430: MILLER, ELLEN - Like Being Killed
8501256: MILLER, STEPHEN - Field of Mars
8500282: MILLER, SUE - Family Pictures: A Novel
SKU1006929: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman
1009609: MILLER, SUE - The World Below
8052850: MILLER, KAREN - Prodigal Mage
11006515: MILLER, JOHN RAMSEY - Inside out
9507967: LARRY MILLETT - Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders: From the American Chronicles of John H. Watson
5000631: MILLGATE, MICHAEL - Thomas Hardy: His Career As a Novelist
SKU1007821: MILLGATE, MICHAEL - Thomas Hardy
1002225: MILLHISE, MARLYS - Killer Commute
1002226: MILLHISE, MARLYS - Rampant Reaper
1009305: MILLHISER, MARLYS - Murder at Moot Point
1009306: MILLHISER, MARLYS - Nightmare Country
1010656: MILLHISER, MARLYS - Death of the Office Witch (Charlie Greene Mystery)
1010658: MILLHISER, MARLYS - Murder at Moot Point
95090915: MILLS, KYLE - Storming Heaven
SKU1015252: GEOFF MILLS - Painting, Detailing and Converting Ancient and Medieval Figures (Focus on Modelling Techniques)
SKU1006975: MILLS, KYLE - Free Fall
SKU1005941: MILNE, COURTNEY - Prairie Light
SKU1007524: MILNE, JAMES - English Country Houses: Baroque, 1685-1715
SKU1014486: MILNE, COURTNEY; MILLER, SHERRILL - Visions of the Goddess (Penguin Studio Books)
1006582: MILNER, MARC - Canada's Navy: The First Century (History)
5008847: MILNER, DONNA - After River
SKU1013092: MILTON, STEVE - Figure Skating's Greatest Stars
8501114: MINA, DENISE - Garnethill
5011173: MINA, DENISE - Deception: A Novel
5011022: MINA, DENISE - Deception: A Novel
5011023: MINA, DENISE - The Dead Hour: A Novel
8506562: MINA, DENISE - Deception: A Novel
95090658: MINA, DENISE - Mina, Denise Exile Signed Uk Hcdj 1st/2nd Nf
SKU1006790: MINA, DENISE - Resolution (Garnethill Trilogy)
8502604: MINA, DENISE - The Dead Hour
SKU1010628: MINA, DENISE - Mina, Denise the Last Breath Signed Us Sc Uncorrected Proof Nf
8504946: MINA, DENISE - Slip of the Knife
SKU1005526: MINA, DENISE - Still Midnight
5011175: MINA, DENISE - Field of Blood (Paddy Meehan, Book 1)
8502392: MINA, DENISE - Garnethill: A Novel of Crime
8502391: MINA, DENISE - Garnethill: A Novel of Crime
5011024: MINA, DENISE - Slip of the Knife
SKU1000861: MINHINNICK, JEANNE - Early Furniture in Upper Canada Village : 1800-1837
SKU1007333: MINNIS, A.J. - Chaucer and Pagan Antiquity (Chaucer Studies)
8505281: MINOTT, RODNEY - Fortress That Never Was
SKU1013219: MINTON, ERIC - Paranoia Stuff 2: The Gray Subnets
SKU1010733: MIRANDA, MEGAN - Miranda, Megan Fracture Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1010710: MIRVIS, PHILIP H.; AYAS, KAREN; ROTH, GEORGE - To the Desert and Back: The Story of One of the Most Dramatic Business Transformations on Record
SKU1010203: MISIAK, ZIG - Misiak, Zig War of 1812: 200th Anniverary Edition Signed Cdn Revised Sc F
SKU1006130: MISIAK, ZIG - Misiak, Zig Tonto: The Man in Front of the Mask Signed Cdn Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1004370: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Family Matters
SKU1010586: MISTRY, ROHINTON - A Fine Balance
SKU1005067: ROHINTON MISTRY - Such a Long Journey
SKU1009744: MITCHAM, GILROY - Mitcham, Gilroy the Full Stop Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1002228: MITCHARD, JACQUELYN - Twelve Times Blessed
1010851: MITCHELL, JAMES C. - Choke Point: A Brinker Mystery (Brinker P.I. )
SKU1002241: RANDELL; FREDERICKS; MITCHELL - An Exhibition on Science Fiction and Fantasy Us Sc Booklet Nf
8501600: MITCHELL, SHANDI - Under This Unbroken Sky
SKU1009905: MITCHELL, DAVID - Black Swan Green
95090491: MITCHELL, DAVID - Black Swan Green
SKU1008913: JAMES C. MITCHELL - Lovers Crossing
8503565: MITCHELL, DAVID - Ghostwritten: A Novel
5009736: MITCHELL, W O. - For Art's Sake
SKU1008822: MITCHELL, JAMES C. - Choke Point: A Brinker Mystery (Brinker P.I. )
SKU1008823: MITCHELL, JAMES - Dead Ernest
SKU1003367: MITCHELL, SUSAN K - Jack Black (Today's Superstars (Library))
SKU1008827: MITCHELL, JAMES - Dying Day
SKU1011666: MITCHELL, DAVID - Black Swan Green
8501601: MITCHELL, SHANDI - Under This Unbroken Sky
8503569: MITCHELL, DAVID - Number 9 Dream Number9dream
SKU1002767: MITCHELL, DAVID - The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
8503568: MITCHELL, DAVID - Cloud Atlas: A Novel
SKU1003609: MITCHELL, SHANDI - Under This Unbroken Sky: A Novel
SKU1009585: TIMOTHY MO - The Redundancy of Courage
SKU1009622: MO, TIMOTHY - The Monkey King
SKU1013611: MODAN, RUTU - Exit Wounds
8504101: MODESIT, L. E. - Modesit, L.E. Viewpoints Critical Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
8506005: MODESITT, L. E. - Mage-Guard of Hamor
SKU1007126: MODESITT, L. E. - The Shadow Sorceress (Spellsong Cycle, Book 4)
8507733: MODESITT, L. E - Imager's Intrigue
9508809: MODESITT, L. E. - The Lord-Protector's Daughter (Corean Chronicles)
95090144: MODESITT, L. E. - Imager's Intrigue
SKU1001747: MODESITT, L. E. - Lady-Protector: The Eighth Book of the Corean Chronicles
SKU1002284: L. E. MODESITT - The Magic of Recluce (Tor Fantasy)
5007428: MODESITT, L. E. - Viewpoints Critical: Selected Stories
5008038: L. E. MODESITT JR. - Darksong Rising (Spellsong Cycle, Book 3)
SKU1003592: MODESITT, L. E. - Darknesses (Corean Chronicles, Book 2)
8507731: L. E. MODESITT JR. - Darksong Rising (Spellsong Cycle, Book 3)
SKU1002285: L. E. MODESITT JR. - The Spellsong War (Spellsong Cycle/L.E. Modesitt, Bk 2)
1002236: MODESITT, L. E. - Shadowsinger (Spellsong Cycle)
1006641: MODESITT, L. E. - Ghost of the White Nights (Ghost Trilogy)
1020102: MODESITT, L. E. - Natural Ordermage (Saga of Recluce, Book 14)
SKU1010572: MODESITT, L. E. - The Elysium Commission
SKU1010574: MODESITT, L. E. - Cyador's Heirs (Saga of Recluce)
SKU1016103: L. E. MODESITT JR. - The Magic of Recluce
SKU1011776: MODESITT, L. E. - Madness in Solidar: The Ninth Novel in the Bestselling Imager Portfolio (the Imager Portfolio)
SKU1001750: MODESITT, L. E. - Arms-Commander (Saga of Recluce)
SKU1011773: MODESITT JR., L. E. - The Chaos Balance
SKU1011694: MODESITT, L. E. - Modesitt, L.E. The Soprano Sorceress Signed Sc Uncorrected Proof Nf
8502414: MODESITT, L. E. - Soarer's Choice (Corean Chronicles, Book 6)
5009738: MODESITT, L. E. - Cadmian's Choice (Corean Chronicles, Book 5)
8503212: MODESITT, L. E. - Darknesses
SKU1010573: MODESITT, L. E. JR. - Antiagon Fire: The Seventh Book of the Imager Portfolio
5008036: MODESITT, L. E. - The Lord-Protector's Daughter (Corean Chronicles)
5008039: MODESITT, L. E. - Ecolitan Enigma
5008045: MODESITT, L. E. - The Shadow Sorceress
SKU1011775: MODESITT, L. E. - Lady-Protector: The Eighth Book of the Corean Chronicles
SKU1012133: MODESITT, L. E. - Wellspring of Chaos (Saga of Recluce)
SKU1001749: MODESITT, L. E. - Mage-Guard of Hamor (Saga of Recluce)
SKU1013954: MODESITT, L. E. - Heritage of Cyador (Recluce)
SKU1010570: MODESITT, L. E. - Rex Regis: The Eighth Book of the Imager Portfolio
SKU1001854: MODESITT, L. E. - Empress of Eternity
SKU1010571: L. E. MODESITT - The Magic of Recluce (Tor Fantasy)
8505364: MODESITT, L. E. - Elysium Commission
8505361: MODESITT, L. E. - Modesitt, L.E. Scepters Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1001748: MODESITT, L. E. - Imager's Challenge: The Second Book of the Imager Portfolio
5001428: MODZELEWSKI, MICHAEL - Inside Passage: Living with Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, and Kwakiutl Indians
SKU1014927: MARTIN A. MOE - Martin A. Moe Project Phoenix Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
9508838: J.R. MOEHRINGER - The Tender Bar
SKU1002053: MOFFAT, ALISTAIR - Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms
SKU1006345: MOFFETT, SAMUEL E. - Americanization of Canada (Social History of Canada)
SKU1008015: MOLDEA, DAN E - The Hoffa Wars: Teamsters, Rebels, Politicians, and the Mob
SKU1011603: DAVID COOK; TOM MOLDVAY - The Isle of Dread (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure, No. X1)
SKU1009917: MOLER, LEE - Baltimore Blues
SKU1015028: MOLESKINE - Moleskine City Notebook Washington Dc
SKU1015022: MOLESKINE - Moleskine City Notebook - Paris, Pocket, Black, Hard Cover (3. 5 X 5. 5) (City Notebooks)
SKU1006510: MOLINARI, GUIDO - Guido Molinari, 1951-1961: The Black and White Paintings : Vancouver Art Gallery, January 25 to March 27, 1989, Art Gallery of Windsor, August 19 to... Of Ontario, June 29 to September 3, 1990
SKU1004569: SUSIE MOLONEY - The Dwelling
SKU1011357: MOLONEY, SUSIE - The Thirteen
5000824: MOLONEY, SUSIE - A Dry Spell
SKU1016291: MONACO, RICHARD - Parsival: Or, a Knight's Tale
SKU1014319: MONAGHAN, PATRICIA - Seasons of the Witch: Poetry & Songs to the Goddess
SKU1007028: MONK, RUSSELL - Amusing World Volume Two
SKU1008192: MONK, LORRAINE - Monk, Lorraine Canada: A Year of the Land Cdn Slipcase 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004357: MONKMAN, LESLIE - Native Heritage: Images of the Indian in English-Canadian Literature
SKU1005396: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Monsarrat, Nicholas the Master Mariner: Running Proud Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
11002259: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Time Before This
11002258: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The White Rajah
11002255: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - A Fair Day's Work
11002252: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Pillow Fight
11002248: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Richer Than All His Tribe
SKU1012642: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Monsarrat, Nicholas Richer Than All His Tribe Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
9508863: MONSARRAT - The Master Mariner: Book 2: Darken Ship Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016485: MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU, EDWARD JOHN BARRINGTON DOUGLAS-SCOTT-MONTAGU - More Equal Than Others: The Changing Fortunes of the British & European Aristocracies,
8503089: MONTALBANO, WILLIAM D - Powder Burn
5009743: MONTALBANO, WILLIAM - Basilica
8505445: MONTALBANO, WILLIAM D.; HIAASEN, CARL - A Death in China
8504209: MONTELEONE, THOMAS F. - Night of Broken Souls
1002260: MONTELEONE, THOMAS F. - The Resurrectionist
5008113: MONTELEONE, THOMAS F. - The Resurrectionist
SKU1011343: MONTGOMERY, E. S. - Montgomery, E.S. The Bull Terrier Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1011631: FIELD MARSHAL MONTGOMERY - The Memoirs of Field Marshal Montgomery Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1009208: MONTGOMERY, BRIAN - A Field-Marshal in the Family
SKU1014025: MONTGOMERY, DAVID R. - The Rocks Don't Lie: A Geologist Investigates Noah's Flood
5009744: MOODY, SUSAN - Mosaic
5009577: WILLIAM LEAST HEAT-MOON - Prairyerth
SKU1000927: MOON, ELIZABETH - Victory Conditions (Vatta's War)
SKU1008665: WILLIAM LEAST HEAT-MOON - Prairyerth
8503531: MOONEY, TED - Easy Travel to Other Planets
SKU1007399: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Moorcock, Michael Blood: A Southern Fantasy Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1015886: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Moorcock, Michael the Sword of Thr Dawn Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1015751: MICHAEL MOORCOCK - Count Brass:
SKU1016593: MICHAEL MOORCOCK - The Jewel in the Skull
5007560: MICHAEL MOORCOCK - The Ice Schooner
SKU1011675: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Oak and the Ram
SKU1015750: MICHAEL MOORCOCK - The Fortress of the Pearl: An Elric Tale
SKU1015788: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Runestaff, the (History of the Runestaff / Michael Moorcock)
SKU1011676: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Opium General
SKU1013887: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Breakfast in the Ruins
5007496: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Fortress of the Pearl
SKU1011394: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Elric: Song of Black Sword (Hb) *Op (Eternal Champion)
SKU1015743: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Moorcock, Michael the Stealer of Souls Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1015744: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - The Sleeping Sorceress
SKU1015745: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Moorcock, Michael Stormbringer Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
5007448: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - The English Assassin
1005930: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Dreamthief's Daughter
SKU1015749: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - Sailor on the Seas of Fate
SKU1002375: MOORE, KELLY - Cube Chic
SKU1016303: MOORE, JAMES A. - Moore, James A. Cherry Hill Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1005081: MOORE, BRIAN - Fergus
SKU1006314: MOORE, BRIAN - Moore, Brian the Emperor of Ice Cream Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1005082: MOORE, BRIAN - Moore, Brian I Am Mary Dunne Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1004439: MOORE, DAVID S. - The Basic Practice of Statistics, Third Edition
SKU1007282: MOORE, LISA - Degrees of Nakedness
SKU1015049: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - A Dirty Job: A Novel
SKU1005053: MOORE, LISA - Open
SKU1006948: MOORE, LISA - Open
SKU1005080: MOORE, BRIAN - Moore, Brian the Feast of Lupercal Us Hcdj 1st/2nd Vg+
SKU1013324: MOORE, GEORGE EDWARD - The Elements of Ethics
1003364: MOORE, BRIAN - The Mangan Inheritance
SKU1009188: MOORE, WILLIAM - The Last Surprise: A Washington Mystery
1006520: MOORE, HARKER - A Mourning in Autumn
8502044: MOORE, BRIAN - Emperor of Ice Cream
8502046: MOORE, LORRIE, - Moore, Roger My Word Is My Bond
8504281: MOORE, DOROTHEA - The Young Pretender
SKU1005071: MOORE, BRIAN - Moore, Brian the Luck of Ginger Coffey Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1013591: MOORE, GARY - The Guitar Style of Gary Moore*
SKU1005084: MOORE, BRIAN - The Doctor's Wife
8504898: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - Risk of Infidelity Index
SKU1004077: MOORE, LISA - Alligator
SKU1011084: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - Great Harry's Navy: How Henry VIII Gave England Seapower
8502874: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - Apples in the Snow: Journey to Samarkand
8503534: MOORSON, SASHA - Shadow of the Paradise Tree
1002270: MORAN, RICHARD - Earth Winter
1009397: MORAN, DANIEL KEYS - The Ring
SKU1010389: MORAN, BRIDGET - Stoney Creek Woman
SKU1010745: MORASSUTTI, WILLIAM - Imagining Canada: A Century of Photographs Preserved by the New York Times
SKU1014800: MORAY, GERTA - Unsettling Encounters: First Nations Imagery in the Art of Emily Carr
SKU1008272: MORDECAI, MARTIN - Blue Mountain Trouble
5000283: SIMON MORDEN - The Lost Art
SKU1004459: MORE, THOMAS - More: Utopia (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)
SKU1010366: MORENO, ANTONIO - Moreno, Antonio Jung Gods and Modern Man Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1012844: MORETTI, VALERIO - Moretti, Valerio Grand Prix Tripoli, 1925-1940 Italian Hcdk 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009221: MORGAN, D. MILLER - A Lovely Night to Kill
SKU1015212: RICHARD K. MORGAN - Woken Furies
SKU1015213: MORGAN, RICHARD - Market Forces
SKU1009222: MORGAN, D. MILLER - Money Leads to Murder
SKU1016268: RICHARD MORGAN - The Steel Remains (Gollancz S.F. )
5000825: MORIARTY, MICHAEL - The Voyeur: A J.C. Kaminer Mystery
SKU1000831: MARCEL MORING - In Babylon: A Novel
8506415: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Old Bruin
SKU1002334: MORITZ, THERESA - The World's Most Dangerous Woman: A New Biography of Emma Goldman
SKU1006121: MORIYAMA, RAYMOND - In Search of a Soul
SKU1005974: MORLAND, NIGEL - Morland, Nigel a Rope for the Hanging Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1015059: MORLEY, JOHN - Morley, John the Life of William Ewart Gladstone Volumes 1 & 2 Cdn Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1007237: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - Katharine Hepburn: A Celebration
1003388: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID - The Feast of Fools
95090586: MORRELL, DAVID - Scavenger
SKU1006765: MORRELL, DAVID - Morrell, David First Blood Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
5009747: MORRELL, DAVID - The Covenant of the Flame
8502857: DAVID MORRELL - Assumed Identity
8502047: MORRELL, DAVID - Double Image
SKU1006892: MORRELL, W. P. - Morrell, W.P. British Colonial Policy: In the Age of Peel and Russell Uk Vg+
1002274: DAVID MORRELL - Assumed Identity
1002287: MORRELL, DAVID - Double Image
1005937: MORRELL, DAVID - Long Lost
5000487: MORRELL, DAVID - Long Lost
SKU1015961: MORRELL, DAVID - Morrell, David First Blood Signed Ltd & Num Slipcase Nf
8505851: MORRELL, DAVID - The League of Night and Fog: 2
1020431: MORRELL, DAVID - Burnt Sienna
95090571: MORRELL, DAVID - The Fraternity of the Stone
5007668: MORRELL, DAVID - Desperate Measures
5007669: MORRELL, DAVID - Burnt Sienna
SKU1002045: MORREN, RUTH AXTELL - Wild Rose (Wild Rose Series #1) (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #15)
SKU1009493: MORRIS, JAN - City to City
SKU1009494: MORRIS, JAN - Morris, Jan Journets Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1003477: MORRIS - The Life of Queen Victoria: And the Story of Her Reign Us Hc Illustrared Vg+
8505498: C. J. CHERRYH; JANET MORRIS - The Gates of Hell
SKU1014242: MORRIS, THOMAS V - Francis Schaeffer's Apologetics: A Critique
SKU1006808: MORRIS, CHARLES - Morris Queen Victoria and the Story of Her Reign Us Illustrated 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1001584: HENRY STEELE COMMAGER & RICHARD B MORRIS - Commager; Morris the Spirit of Seventy Six Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1008282: MORRIS, ROGER - Partners in Power: The Clintons and Their America
SKU1014503: MORRIS, SKIP - The Art of Tying the Dry Fly
SKU1006384: MORRIS, STAN; PAINTER, GEORGIA M. - The Front Page: 100 Years of Port Dover News Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
95090976: C. J. CHERRYH; JANET MORRIS - The Gates of Hell
8505470: MORRIS, WRIGHT - The Fork River Space Project
SKU1001579: MORRIS, ROGER - Haig : The General's Progress
1002289: MORRIS, MARY MCGARRY - Songs in Ordinary Time
SKU1006991: MORRIS, MARY MCGARRY - A Hole in the Universe
8502948: MORRIS, M. E. - The Icemen
9507928: MORRIS, MICHAEL - Slow Way Home: A Novel
SKU1010505: MORRIS, PAULA - Dark Souls: A Novel
1002290: MORRISON, TONI - Beloved: Gift Edition
SKU1005785: MORRISON, BOYD - The Vault
SKU1008172: MORRISON, TONI - Morrison, Toni a Mercy Us Sc Uncorrected Proof Nf
SKU1008009: MORRISON, SCOTT - Hockey Night in Canada: My Greatest Day
SKU1012978: MORRISON, HERBERT - Morrison, Herbert Government and Parliament Signed Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1013121: MORRISON, THELMA - Morrison, Thelma Wasaga Saga: A History of Wasaga Beach Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
5007376: MORRISON, TONI - Tar Baby
1010854: BLAKE MORRISON - Justification of Johann Gutenberg, the
SKU1003750: J. A. MORRISON - Morrison, J.A. Martin Luther: The Lion-Hearted Reformer Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1014775: MORRISON, SCOTT (INTRODUCTION BY R. ALAN EAGLESON) - The Days Canada Stood Still: Canada Vs Ussr 1972
SKU1014495: MORRISS, RICHARD K. - Railways of Shropshire: A Brief History
SKU1014496: MORRISS, RICHARD K. - Rail Centres
SKU1014497: MORRISS, RICHARD K. - Shrewsbury (Rail Centres)
8500479: MORROW, JAMES - Philosopher's Apprentice
1002295: MORROW, BRADFORD - Giovanni's Gift
8501064: JAMES MORROW - The Last Witchfinder
SKU1008234: MORSON, IAN - Falconer and the Great Beast
SKU1006702: MORTIMER, JOHN - Rumpole and the Angel of Death
1005940: MORTIMER, JOHN - Summer's Lease
SKU1004724: MORTIMER, JOHN - Dunster
SKU1004457: GRENFELL MORTON - Morton, Grenfell Victorian and Edwardian Newcastle Uk Sc 1st/1st Nf
8504930: MORTON, BRIAN - A Window Across the River
SKU1002411: W. L. MORTON - Morton Begg's Red River Journal Cdn Ltd Num Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016610: MORTON, DESMOND; GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - Marching to Armageddon: Canadians and the Great War 1914-1919
SKU1011941: JOHN CREASEY AS ANTHONY MORTON - The Baron and the Missing Masters
SKU1005786: MORTON, CARSON - Stealing Mona Lisa: A Mystery
SKU1011792: J. L. GRANATSTEIN; DESMOND MORTON - A Nation Forged in Fire : Canadians and the Second World War 1939-1945
SKU1014979: MOSES, WILSON JEREMIAH - The Golden Age of Black Nationalism, 1850-1925
5001706: MOSLEY, CHARLOTTE - The Mitfords: Letters between Six Sisters
1005941: MOSLEY, WALTER - 47
1010076: MOSLEY, WALTER - Bad Boy Brawly Brown (Easy Rawlins Mystery)
SKU1015488: MOSLEY, WALTER - Devil in a Blue Dress
SKU1015492: WALTER MOSLEY - Gone Fishin' (Easy Rawlins, Book 6)
8504958: MOSLEY, WALTER - Rl's Dream
9507945: MOSLEY, WALTER - The Long Fall
9508355: MOSLEY, WALTER - When the Thrill Is Gone
SKU1015685: MOSLEY, WALTER - Blue Light
8502608: MOSLEY, WALTER - The Wave
8502609: MOSLEY, WALTER - Walkin' the Dog
SKU1010556: MOSS, ROGER W. - The American Country House
SKU1003808: MOSS, ARMAND - Disinformation, Misinformation, and the "Conspiracy" to Kill Jfk Exposed
1002304: ROBERT MOSS - Death Beam
1002307: MOSS, ROBERT - Death Beam
SKU1013622: KATE MOSSE: - Labyrinth--Illustrated Edition
SKU1000768: MOSSE, KATE - Sepulchre (Languedoc)
SKU1014759: MOSTERT, NOEL - The Line Upon a Wind: An Intimate History of the Last and Greatest War Fought at Sea Under Sail: 1793-1815
SKU1012852: MOTION, ANDREW - Silver
SKU1014066: MOTIUK, LAURENCE - Thunderbirds at War: Diary of a Bomber Squadron
SKU1012807: MOTT, JASON - The Returned
SKU1005936: DE LA MOTTE, ANDERS - De la Motte, Anders Buzz Sc Arc Nf
SKU1014910: MOTTER, TOM - Motter, Tom Sacramento: Dirt Capital of the West Vol 4 Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
5001212: MOUNT, FERDINAND - Of Love and Asthma
SKU1009584: MOUNT, FERDINAND - The Liquidator
5001213: MOUNT, FERDINAND - Of Love and Asthma
SKU1012606: FERDINAND MOUNT - Jem (and Sam) a Revenger's Tale
95090217: MOWAT, FARLEY - Canada North
1002313: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Farfarers
SKU1016525: MOWAT, FARLEY - Tundra: Selections from the Great Accounts of Arctic Land Voyages: With Illustrations and Maps
SKU1001186: MOWAT, FARLEY - Eastern Passage
SKU1004021: MOWAT, FARLEY - Otherwise (Globe and Mail Best Books)
SKU1009934: MOWAT, FARLEY - Mowat, Farley Never Cry Wolf Cdn Hcdj 1st/6th Vg+
SKU1016534: MOWAT, FARLEY - My Discovery of America
SKU1011534: MOWAT, FARLEY - Mowat Boxed Set Classics
95090839: FARLEY MOWAT - A Whale for the Killing
8505852: MOWAT, FARLEY - Sea of Slaughter
SKU1011031: FARLEY MOWAT - Death of a People (Boxed Set)
SKU1002201: MOWAT, FARLEY - The World of Farley Mowat
1005945: FARLEY MOWAT - Virunga the Passion of Dian Fossey
8505077: MOWAT, FARLEY - The World of
8504716: MOWAT, FARLEY - My Discovery of America
SKU1004954: MOWAT,FARLEY. - Ordeal by Ice. The Search for Northwest Passage
SKU1013689: MOWBRAY, WILLIAM W - Powerboat Racing on the Chesapeake
SKU1013621: BILL MOYERS - The Language of Life: A Festival of Poets
5009754: MOYES, PATRICIA - Black Girl White Girl
SKU1012300: MOYES, PATRICIA - Moyes, Patricia Dead Men Don't Ski Signed Uk Crime Club Edition Vg+
SKU1013519: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Muggeridge, Malcolm Chronicles of Wasted Time: Vol 1 & 2 Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1014327: THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD - Message to the Blackman in America
SKU1014451: MUHAMMAD, ELIJAH - How to Eat to Live, Book 1
SKU1010250: MUIR, ALLAN - Building the Chateau Montebello
SKU1007390: MUIR, KENNETH; WELLS, STANLEY - Aspects of King Lear
SKU1009470: CLARK BLAISE; BHARATI MUKHERJEE - Days and Nights in Calcutta
SKU1002703: MULLER - The Changing Countryside (a Margaret K. Mcelderry Book)
5008811: MULLER, MARCIA - There Hangs the Knife
5007672: MULLER, MARCIA - Trophies and Dead Things
5009755: MULLER, MARCIA - Till the Butchers Cut Him Down
SKU1005512: MULLER, MARCIA - The Broken Promise Land
1009607: MULLER, MARCIA - The Dangerous Hour: A Sharon Mccone Mystery
SKU1010817: MULLER, MARCIA - City of Whispers (Sharon Mccone Mysteries)
SKU1000643: SPIKE MULLIGAN - Milligan, Spike Puckoon Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg
SKU1004689: MULOT, JEAN-PIERRE - Mulot, Jean-Pierre Profile: A Collection Od Drawings and Paintings Us Sc 2nd/1st Nf
SKU1012874: MULRONEY, BRIAN - Memoirs: 1939-1993
SKU1012647: WIL MUNCEY - Winningeset
SKU1002454: MUNICH, ADRIENNE AUSLANDER - Queen Victoria's Secrets
1006421: MUNN, VELLA - Wind Warrior
8506324: MUNN, VELLA - Spirit of the Eagle
SKU1009991: MUNRO, ALICE - Moons of Jupiter: Stories
SKU1007293: MUNRO, ALICE - Lives of Girls and Women;: A Novel
SKU1006211: MUNRO, ALICE - Runaway
1002323: MUNRO, ALICE - View from Castle Rocl
SKU1009552: MUNRO, ALICE - The View from Castle Rock
8504559: MUNRO, RAYMOND - Sky's No Limit
SKU1008078: MUNRO, ALICE - Love of a Good Woman
SKU1011459: MUNSON, KENNETH - Munson, Kenneth Flying Boats and Seaplanes Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016604: MUNTZ, A. J. - At the Ragged Edge: Hydroplane Racing and the Sport's Most Famous Competitors
SKU1006605: MURDOCH, IRIS - Henry and Cato
SKU1014053: MURDOCH, IRIS - Acastos: Two Platonic Dialogues
1009701: MURDOCH, DERRICK - The Agatha Christie Mystery
11002333: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Nice and the Good
SKU1004891: MURDOCH, IRIS - Murdoch, Iris the Bell Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
8502051: MURKOFF, BRUCE - Waterborne
SKU1013303: MURRA, NICHOLAS - Life of Matthew Arnold
SKU1012567: ANNE MURRAY - Anne Murray: Words Music Souvenir Photos Cdn Sc 1st/1st Music Book Vg+
SKU1012418: JOSEPH E. PIZZORNOJR. & MICHAEL T. MURRAY - Pizzorno; Murray Textbook of Natural Mrdicine Vol 1 & 2 Us Slipcase Hc 3rd Nf
SKU1007928: MURRAY, JOAN - Best Contemporary Canadian Art
SKU1013617: MURRAY, JOHN - A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies: Stories
SKU1007468: MURRAY, PETER - Renaissance Architecture (History of World Architecture)
SKU1010492: MURRAY, PAUL, & DIEMER-LOUISE, JAY - Mirrored Souls. A Study of Paul Murray's Art
SKU1014418: MURRELL, NATHANIEL SAMUEL - Chanting Down Babylon: The Rastafari Reader
SKU1004164: MURRILL, RAY W. - Mars Attacks #2: War Dogs of the Golden Horde
SKU1003788: JOAN MURRY - Murray, Joan Ron Baird 1984 Cdn Sc Ring Binding Nf
SKU1007918: MUTTART, DAVED - Empirical Gap in Jurisprudence: A Comprehensive Study of the Supreme Court of Canada
SKU1016300: MYERS, GARY - House of the Worm
1020192: MYERSON, JULIE - Something Might Happen: A Novel
SKU1016044: MARGARET LAYCOCK; BARBARA MYRVOLD - Laycock; Myrvold Parkdale in Pictures: Its Development to 1889 Cdn Sc
SKU1001380: MYSTERY WRITERS OF AMERICA, INC. - Mystery Writers of America Presents the Prosecution Rests: New Stories About Courtrooms, Criminals, and the Law
SKU1014875: 353825N - The First World War
5009756: NABB, MAGDALEN - Marshal's Own Case
5000136: NABB, MAGDALEN - The Marshal Makes His Report
1007076: NABOKOV, PETER - Where the Lightning Strikes: The Lives of American Indian Sacred Places
8502611: NADEL, BARBARA - Dance with Death
8502612: NADEL, BARBARA - Deadly Web
5007354: NADER, RALPH - The Seventeen Traditions
SKU1014515: NADLER, JOHN - A Perfect Hell: The True Story of the Fssf, Forgotten Commandos of the Second World War
SKU1011497: NAGORSEN, DAVID - Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia (Rbcm Handbooks Series)
8507917: BLACK; NAIFEH - Good Neighbors: Book #3
SKU1009663: NAIPAUL, V.S. - Among the Believers
SKU1012046: NAIR, KAMALA - The Girl in the Garden
SKU1009673: NAITO, MICHIRO - The Red Earth of Alabama
1005953: NANCE, JOHN J. - Saving Cascadia: A Novel
95090912: NANCE, JOHN J. - Pandora's Clock
8504655: NANCE, JOHN J. - Skyhook (Nance, John J)
5000727: NANCE, JOHN J. - Blackout: A Novel
8504654: NANCE, JOHN J. - Turbulence
1009941: NANCE, JOHN J. - Saving Cascadia: A Novel
SKU1014297: NANTANBU, KWAME - Africa for the Africans: Selected Speeches of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Malcolm X and Nelson R. Mandela
SKU1014337: NAPARSTEK, BELLERUTH - Your Sixth Sense Activating Your Psychic Potential
SKU1012245: NAPIER, JOHN - Napier, John Bigfoot Us Hcdj Bce Vg+
9508757: NAPIER, MARY - State of Fear
5008116: NAPLEY, DAVID - Camden Town Murder
SKU1012845: NASCAR - Nascar: The Early Years
SKU1013679: NASGAARD, ROALD - Nasgaard, Roald Abstract Painting in Canada Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012987: KNOWLTON NASH - The Microphone Wars: A History of Triumph and Betrayal at the Cbc
SKU1004881: KNOWLTON NASH - The Microphone Wars: A History of Triumph and Betrayal at the Cbc
SKU1014590: NASH, GARY B. - Red, White and Black: The Peoples of Early North America
1011090: NASH, KNOWLTON - Visions of Canada
SKU1009375: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Mafia Diaries
SKU1009401: NASH, JAY ROBERT - A Crime Story
SKU1014311: TARIQ NASHEED - The Art of Mackin'
5008227: NASIR, JAMIL - The Houses of Time
SKU1012754: NASTI, THOMAS - That Magic Mile: The National Championship at Du Quoin, 1948-1970
SKU1006320: NATHAN, ROBERT - Nathan, Robert the Weans Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1013547: NATTEL, LILIAN - The River Midnight
1008438: NATTEL, LILIAN - The Singing Fire: A Novel
1002337: NAYLOR, CLARE; HARE, MIMI - The Second Assistant: A Tale from the Bottom of the Hollywood Ladder
SKU1012994: O'NEAL, BILL - The American Association: A Baseball History, 1902-1991
SKU1012990: O'NEAL, BILL - Pacific Coast League, 1903-1988
95090010: O'NEAL, REAGAN; JORDAN, ROBERT - The Fallon Blood
SKU1014368: O'NEAL, REAGAN; JORDAN, ROBERT - The Fallon Blood
SKU1014836: O'NEAL, BILL - International League: A Baseball History, 1884-1991
SKU1005966: NEALY, WILLIAM - Whitewater Home Companion: Southeastern Rivers
8502469: NEATE, PATRICK - Twelve Bar Blues
5007902: JAN NEEDLE - A Fine Boy for Killing
5001214: NEEL, JANET - Death on Site
8504140: NEGRON, RAY - Greatest Story Never Told Babe Jackie
SKU1013365: NEIBERG, MICHAEL; JORDAN, DAVID - The Eastern Front 1914-1920 (the History of World War I)
SKU1014850: MICHAEL NEIBERG - The Western Front 1914-1916: From the Schlieffen Plan to Verdun and the Somme (the History of World War I)
SKU1003854: O'NEILL, TERRY - Eltonography: A Life in Pictures
1005956: NEILSON, MELANY - The Persia Cafe
5010993: NELSON, RICK - Bound by Blood
SKU1006984: NELSON, JAMES CARL - The Remains of Company D: A Story of the Great War
SKU1012777: NELSON, DOUG - Hotcakes to High Stakes: The Chuckwagon Story
SKU1002452: NEMAT, MARINA - Prisoner of Tehran
SKU1008415: NEMIROFF, DIANA - Nemiroff, Diana Rolandpoulin Sculpture Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
5001082: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - Fire in the Blood
8502897: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - Suite Francaise
SKU1014289: HUI-NENG - The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch
SKU1002273: JO NESBO - Nemesis (a Harry Hole Novel)
9508986: NESBO, JO - Nesbo, Jo the Redbreast Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1002040: NESBO, JO - Nemesis
95090453: NESBO, JOE - The Leopard
8506757: NESBO, JO - Nesbo, Jo Redbreast Signed Sc Uk 1st/1st Nf
95090220: NESBO, JO - The Snowman
SKU000000000000077: JO NESBO - The Leopard
9508994: NESBO, JO - Nesbo, Jo the Redbreast Signed Us Hcdj 1st/2nd Vg+
8506648: NESBO, JO - Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder
SKU1003397: MARGARET TROWELL; HANS NEVERMANN - African and Oceanic Art
SKU1005131: NEW, WILLIAM H - Articulating West: Essays on Purpose and Form in Modern Canadian Literature
SKU1000602: NEWARK, PETER - Cowboys
SKU1009582: NEWBY, P. H. - Newby, P.H. A Season in England Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1009581: NEWBY, P. H. - Newby, P.H. Revolution and Roses Uk Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016294: JAMES NEWMAN - The Forum (Cemetery Dance Signature Series, Number 5)
SKU1016293: NEWMAN, KIM - The Bloody Red Baron
SKU1006016: NEWMAN, PETER C. - Newman, Peter C. Renegade in Power Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1016292: NEWMAN, KIM - The Night Mayor
95090293: NEWMAN, SHARAN - The Devil's Door
95090294: NEWMAN, SHARAN - The Wandering Arm (Catherine Levendeur)
1010857: NEWMAN, PETER - Canadian Revolution
5007418: NEWMAN, PETER - Titans: How the New Canadian Establishment Seized Power
SKU1016305: NEWMAN, KIM - Anno Dracula
SKU1002112: NEWMAN, SHARAN - The Witch in the Well: A Catherine Levendeur Mystery
SKU1010634: NEWMAN, PETER C. - Establishment Man
SKU1016297: KIM NEWMAN - Time and Relative (Doctor Who)
SKU1004542: NEWMAN, PETER C. - Newman, Peter C. A Nation Divided Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
95090295: NEWMAN, SHARAN - Strong As Death
95090296: NEWMAN, SHARAN - To Wear the White Cloak: A Catherine Levendeur Mystery
95090297: NEWMAN, SHARAN - The Difficult Saint: A Catherine Levendeur Mystery (Catherine Levendeur Mysteries)
95090300: NEWMAN, SHARAN - The Shanghai Tunnel
SKU1004132: SHARAN NEWMAN - Newman, Sharan the Dagda's Harp Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
1010663: NEWMAN, PETER C. - True North Not Strong and Free
9507933: DOUGLAS NEWTON - Masterpieces of Primitive Art (the Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection)
SKU1006136: LIK-FONG NG - A Loving and Thankful Trip for Fuhul and the Children of Liangshan Cdn Slipcase Nf
SKU1015195: NGOR, HAING S.; WARNER, ROGER - Survival in the Killing Fields
SKU1014620: NI, HUA-CHING - Entering the Tao: Master Ni's Guidance for Self-Cultivation
1002346: NICHOLS, LEIGH - Shadowfires
SKU1006780: NICHOLS, M. E. - Nichols, M.E. The Story of the Canadian Press Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
11005959: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Sunlight on the Lawn
SKU1007447: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Nichols, Beverley a Village in a Valley Uk Hcdj Re-Issued Vg+
SKU1006861: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Slaves of the Mastery
SKU1009339: NICHOLSON, J. LEE; ROHRBACH, JOHN F. D. - Nicholson; Rohrbach Cost Accounting Us Hc 1st/8th Vg+
SKU1009971: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Society of Others, the
1020193: WILLIAM NICHOLSON - Jango
1005960: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Seeker
SKU1011444: E NICKSON - The Monkey Puzzle
1002347: NICOL, ERIC & MORE, DAVE - Golf: The Agony and the Ecstasy
8506338: NICOL, JOHN - The All Red Route
1002348: NICOLSON, ADAM - Seize the Fire: Heroism, Duty, and the Battle of Trafalgar
1006521: NICOLSON, ADAM - Seize the Fire: Heroism, Duty, and the Battle of Trafalgar
SKU1002025: NIGEL NICOLSON - Nicolson, Harold the War Years 1939-1945 Us Hcdj Bce Vg+
SKU1014982: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH WILHELM - Why I Am So Wise (Ecce Homo)
5011034: NIFFENEGGER, AUDREY - The Adventuress
SKU1000162: NIFFENEGGER, AUDREY - The Time Traveler's Wife
SKU1003595: AUDREY NIFFENEGGER - Her Fearful Symmetry
SKU1008954: NIFFENEGGER, AUDREY - The Time Traveler's Wife
5011151: NIFFENEGGER, AUDREY - Time Traveler's Wife
SKU1001581: AUDREY NIFFENEGGER - Her Fearful Symmetry
5011035: NIFFENEGGER, AUDREY - The Three Incestuous Sisters: An Illustrated Novel
5011092: NIFFENEGGER, AUDREY - Niffenegger, Audrey Her Fearful Symmetry Signed Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
8506283: DEREK NIKITAS - Pyres
1020194: NILES, DOUGLAS - War of the Worlds: New Millennium
SKU1012962: NISSEN, HANS J.; HEINE, PETER - From Mesopotamia to Iraq: A Concise History
SKU1010224: NISSEN, THISBE - Osprey Island
SKU1000871: NISWANDER, ADAM - The Sand Dwellers
8503909: NISWANDER, ADAM - Niswander, Adam Hound Hunters Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
8503912: NISWANDER, ADAM - The Serpent Slayers: A Southwestern Supernatural Thriller (Shaman Cycle)
SKU1002224: NISWANDER, ADAM - The Sand Dwellers
8503908: NISWANDER, ADAM - Niswander, Adam Hound Hunters Signed Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
8503913: NISWANDER, ADAM - The Charm: A Southwestern Supernatural Thriller (Shaman Cycle)
5000975: NIVEN, LARRY - Scatterbrain
5000976: NIVEN, LARRY - The Draco Tavern
5000980: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - The Burning City
SKU1015341: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - The Gripping Hand
SKU1015348: NIVEN, LARRY - The Ringworld Engineers
SKU1002354: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - Burning Tower
SKU1015347: NIVEN, LARRY - Niven, Larry a World out of Time Signed Bce Vg+
SKU1004596: NIVEN, LARRY - Rainbow Mars
SKU1001122: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - The Gripping Hand
SKU1001119: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - Escape from Hell
SKU1015352: EDWARD M. LERNER; LARRY NIVEN - Juggler of Worlds: 200 Years Before the Discovery of the Ringworld
8506196: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - The Gripping Hand
SKU1015338: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - Escape from Hell
5001217: NIVEN, LARRY; BARNES, STEVEN - Saturn's Race
SKU1005228: NIVEN, LARRY; LERNER, EDWARD JUGGLER - Niven, Larry; Lerner, Edward Juggler of Worlds Us Sc Arc Nf
SKU1001115: NIVEN, LARRY - Ringworld's Children
SKU1016459: NIVEN, LARRY. - World of Ptavvs.
SKU1016310: LARRY NIVEN - The Best of Larry Niven
SKU1006816: EDWARD M. LERNER; LARRY NIVEN - Juggler of Worlds: 200 Years Before the Discovery of the Ringworld
5000981: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - Burning Tower
SKU1015345: NIVEN, LARRY - Playgrounds of the Mind
SKU1015346: NIVEN, LARRY - Ringworld Throne
SKU1015353: NIVEN, LARRY; LERNER, EDWARD M. - Fleet of Worlds (Known Space)
SKU1015350: LARRY NIVEN - Destiny's Road
8506293: NIVEN, LARRY - Ringworld's Children
8506539: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY; BARNES, STEVEN - Beowulf's Children
5000978: NIVEN, LARRY; COOPER, BRENDA - Building Harlequin's Moon
SKU1001116: NIVEN, LARRY - Scatterbrain
8506235: NIVEN, LARRY - Limits
9508493: NIVEN, LARRY - Ringworld's Children
SKU1011710: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - Oath of Fealty
9508492: NIVEN, LARRY - Scatterbrain
SKU1015342: NIVEN, LARRY; POURNELLE, JERRY - The Burning City
SKU1003596: LARRY NIVEN - Niven, Larry the Magic Goes Away Signed Us Illustrated 1st Nf
SKU1015459: NIVEN, LARRY - Ringworld: The Graphic Novel, Part One
SKU1015349: NIVEN, LARRY - Ringworld's Children
SKU1001824: NIX, GARTH - The Keys to the Kingdom #6: Superior Saturday
SKU1010296: NIX, GARTH - Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 5)
SKU1001834: NIX, GARTH - Drowned Wednesday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 3)
SKU1002288: NIX, GARTH; WILLIAMS, SEAN - Troubletwisters: Book 1
SKU1001745: NIX, GARTH - One Beastly Beast: Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales
SKU1012581: NIX, GARTH - Drowned Wednesday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 3)
SKU1007937: NIX, GARTH - One Beastly Beast: Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales
SKU1001751: NIX, GARTH - Sir Thursday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 4)
SKU1001752: NIX, GARTH - Sir Thursday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 4)
SKU1002904: NIX, GARTH - Grim Tuesday (Keys to the Kingdom (Pb))
SKU1001782: NIX, GARTH - Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 5)
SKU1001821: NIX, GARTH - The Keys to the Kingdom #7: Lord Sunday
SKU1001828: NIX, GARTH - Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 5)
1008214: NIXON, JOAN LOWERY - Murdered, My Sweet
SKU1008788: NO╦L, ALYSON - Shadowland (the Immortals, Book 3)
SKU1008789: NO╦L, ALYSON - Night Star: A Novel (the Immortals)
SKU1008790: NO╦L, ALYSON - Dark Flame (the Immortals, Book 4)
8503262: NOEL, ALYSON - Shadowland
8501603: NOEL, ALYSON - Noel, Alyson Evermore Signed Us Hcdj 1st/8th Nf
8502055: NOEL, ALYSON - Shadowland
9507925: NOEL, ALYSON - Night Star
SKU1016298: NOLAN, WILLIAM F. - Nolan, William F. Demon Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1009047: NOLAN, WILLIAM F. - Sharks Never Sleep: A Novel Featuring the Black Mask Boys : Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Erle Stanley Gardner (Black Mask Mystery Series/William F. Nolan)
SKU1009023: NOLAN, WILLIAM F. - The Black Mask Murders: A Novel Featuring the Black Mask Boys, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Erle Stanley Gardner
1002354: NONHEBEL, CLARE - Child's Play
SKU1011800: JAN P. NORBYE - Complete History of the German Car: 1886 to the Present
SKU1013556: NORCLIFFE, GLEN - Ride to Modernity: The Bicycle in Canada, 1869-1900
SKU1009781: NORMAN, EARL - Norman, Earl Kill Me in Tokyo Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1011835: NORMAN, GEOFFREY - Norman, Geoffrey Blue Chipper Us Sc Uncorrected Bound Galley Nf
SKU1000527: PHILIP NORMAN - 'the Life and Good Times of the ''Rolling Stones'''
1009948: NORMAN, MICHAEL - Haunted Homeland: A Definitive Collection of North American Ghost Stories (Haunted America)
SKU1010247: POLLY NORMAN - Dances Through Glass: A 25-Year Retrospective of Work by Photographer and Painter Polly Norman
SKU1006890: NORRIS, JOHN; PRANG, MARGARET - Norris, John; Prang, Margaret Peronality & History in British Columbia Vg+
SKU1013783: NORTHCOTT, CECIL - David Livingstone: His Triumph, Decline, and Fall,
SKU1011028: NORTHOVER, WALLACE - Northover, Wallace Affect and Action Cdn Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1014787: NORTHRUP, DAVID - Africa's Discovery of Europe: 1450-1850
SKU1001756: NORTON, ANDRE; LACKEY, MERCEDES - Elvenborn (Halfblood Chronicles, Book 3)
1002358: NORTON, ANDRE - Forerunner: The Second Venture
1002361: NORTON, ANDRE - Iron Cage
1002362: NORTON, ANDRE; MILLER, SASHA - Knight or Knave (the Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan; Book 2)
1002363: NORTON, ANDRE; MCCONCHIE, LYN - The Duke's Ballad (Witch World Novels (Hardcover Tor))
1009714: NORTON, ANDRE - Tales of the Witch World 2
SKU1013806: NORTON, ANDRE - Iron Cage
SKU1004796: NORTON, MARY BETH; SHERIFF, CAROL; KATZMAN, DAVID M.; BLIGHT, DAVID W.; CHUDACOFF, HOWARD - Cengage Advantage Books: A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, Volume II
1002359: ANDRE NORTON - Android at Arms
8507929: NORTON, ANDRE; MCCONCHIE, LYN - The Duke's Ballad (Witch World Novels (Hardcover Tor))
1009731: NORTON, ANDRE; CRISPIN, A. C. - Gryphon's Eyrie
1009401: NORTON, ANDRE - Tales of the Witch World 3
8506157: NORTON, ANDRE; LACKEY, MERCEDES - Elvenborn (Halfblood Chronicles, Book 3)
SKU1013891: NORTON, ANDRE - No Night without Stars
SKU1012838: NORTON, ANDRE; CRISPIN, A. C. - Gryphon's Eyrie
SKU1014815: NORTON, BRET - Eastern Erotica: Chinese, Indian, and Japanese Eroticism in Art and Literature (Essence of Erotica Series)
1005968: NORTON, ANDRE - Three Hands of Scorpio
8503921: NORTON, ANDRE - Imperial Lady
8503922: NORTON, ANDRE - Tales of the Witch World 2
5009766: NORTON, ANDRE; RABE, JEAN - Return to Quag Keep
SKU1011537: NORUSIS, MARIJA J.; SPSS INC., INC. - Pasw Statistics 18 Advanced Statistical Procedures
SKU1006554: DU NOUY, LECOMTE - Du Nouy, Lecomte Human Destiny Us Bce Vg+
SKU1013735: NOVAK, SKIP - Fazisi: The Joint Venture
SKU1014974: NOVAK, MICHAEL - The Experience of Nothingness: Revised and Expanded Edition
SKU1002549: NAOMI NOVIK - Victory of Eagles
SKU1007652: NOVIK, NAOMI - Black Powder War (Temeraire, Book 3)
SKU1014784: NOWAK, PETER - Humans 3. 0: The Upgrading of the Species
SKU1005052: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Nowlan, Alden the Mysterious Naked Man Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
8502974: NUNN, MALLA - Beautiful Place to Die
SKU1014421: I.M. NUR - The Meaning of Blackness
5001708: NYE, JODY LYNN - An Unexpected Apprentice
SKU1009619: OAKES, PHILIP - The God Botherers: A Novel
5010116: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Black Girl / White Girl
8502056: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Nightwalks
SKU1000163: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - You Must Remember This, a Novel
SKU1003258: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Goddess and Other Women
SKU1003259: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Childwold
SKU1003255: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Solstice
9508668: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Raven's Wing
SKU1003333: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Angel of Light
1008241: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - A Bloodsmoor Romance
8502615: OATLEY, KEITH - A Natural History: A Novel
SKU1004117: OBATA, TOSHISHIRO - Crimson Steel: The Sword Technique of the Samurai
SKU1014742: OBERMEYER, JEFF - Hockey in Seattle (Images of Sports: Washington)
5008502: OBRIEN, PATRICK - Blue at the Mizzen Uk
8501157: OCEAN, T. LYNN - Southern Poison: A Jersey Barnes Mystery (Jersey Barnes Mysteries)
SKU1016317: OCHSE, WESTON - Ochse, Weston the Golden Thread Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016318: OCHSE, WESTON - Ochse, Weston Recalled to Life Signed Ltd & Lettered Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1010575: ODA, MAYUMI - Goddesses
5010573: ODA, MAKOTO - The Bomb
SKU1002110: ODOM, MEL - Apocalypse Dawn, the Earth's Last Days: The Battle Begins (Left Behind Series)
SKU1015239: OFF, CAROL - The Lion, the Fox and the Eagle
5007398: OFFUTT, CHRIS - The Good Brother
8506303: OGALI, A - The Juju Priest
SKU1011899: OGILVIE, WILLIAM G - Umty-Iddy-Umty: The Story of a Canadian Signaller in the First World War
SKU1013585: OHARA, HOUN - Creation with Flowers
5009773: OHIO, DENISE - End of the Empire
SKU1013777: OHKI, SADAKO - Tea Culture of Japan
8500157: OKRENT, DANIEL - Great Fortune: The Epic of Rockefeller Center
SKU1012720: OKRENT, DANIEL - Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
5007864: OKRI, BEN - Stars of the New Curfew
5007677: BEN OKRI - Songs of Enchantment
8502616: OKRI, BEN - Stars of the New Curfew
SKU1013690: OLDGATE, KARL - Karate (Play the Game)
SKU1007369: OLITSKI, JULES - Jules Olitski: Selected Paintings 1963-1990 Gallery One Catalogue Cdn Nf
SKU1009018: STEVE OLIVER - Moody Gets the Blues
SKU1008724: OLIVER, CHAD - Oliver, Chad Shadows in the Sun Us 1st/1st Nf
5000563: OLIVER, STEPHANIE, STOKES - Song for My Father: Memoir of an All-American Family
SKU1008725: OLIVER, CHAD - Unearthly Neighbors (Classics of Modern Science Fiction)
SKU1002607: OLIVER JENSEN, JOAN PATERSON KERR, MURRY BELSKY - Jensen; Kerr; Belsky American Album Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1008887: OLIVER, STEVE - Moody Forever
SKU1016367: J. F. GONZALEZ; MICHAEL OLIVERI - J.F. Gonzalez; Michael Oliveri Restore from Backup Signed Ltd & Num Us Sc
SKU1007209: OLLARD, RICHARD - English Education: A Perspective of Eton
SKU1016333: OLLIE, WILLIAM - Ollie, William Sideshow Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1016494: OLLIE, WILLIAM - Ollie, William the Damned Signed Ltd & Num Us Hc 1st/1st Nf
1009088: MARK OLSHAKER - The Edge
SKU1004894: OLSON, TOBY - Seaview
5008649: OLSON, KAREN E - Secondhand Smoke
SKU1006514: ONDAATJE, KIM - Small Churches of Canada
95090665: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
SKU1003849: ONDAATJE, CHRISTOPHER - Leopard in the Afternoon: An African Tenting Safari
SKU1002722: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
SKU1003005: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - Ondaatje, Michael the Collected Works of Billy the Kid Cdn Sc 1st/2nd Vg+
SKU1002732: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
SKU1007968: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Ondaatje, Michael the Collected Works of Billy the Kid Cdn Hcdj 1st/2nd Vg+
SKU1013716: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Cat's Table
SKU1002271: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Collected Works of Billy the Kid
8505464: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - English Patient
95090616: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Handwriting
SKU1010109: YOKO ONO - An Invisible Flower
SKU1006499: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO - Our Old Friend Rolly: Watercolours, Prints, and Book Illustrations by Thomas Rowlandson in the Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario
SKU1014419: ONYEANI, CHIKA - Capitalist Nigger
SKU1003195: OPPEL, KENNETH - Starclimber
SKU1000055: OPPEL, KENNETH - Half Brother
SKU1000179: OPPEL, KENNETH - The King's Taster
8507943: OPPEL, KENNETH - Skybreaker
SKU1013283: OPPEL, KENNETH - Oppel, Kenneth Silverwing Signed Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1003659: OPPEL, KENNETH - Skybreaker
SKU1013043: OPPEL, KENNETH - Peg and the Yeti
SKU1000054: OPPEL, KENNETH - Sunwing
95090834: OPPEL, KENNETH - Darkwing
SKU1000166: OPPEL, KENNETH - Firewing
SKU1000165: OPPEL, KENNETH - Darkwing (Silverwing)
SKU1000026: OPPEL, KENNETH - The Devil's Cure : A Novel
SKU1006739: OPPENHEIM, PHILLIPS E. - Oppenheim, Phillips E. Miss Brown of Oyo Us Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1002191: KALMEN OPPERMAN - Opperman, Kalmen Repertory of the Clarinet Us Hc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1011382: ORCHARD, MARJORIE M - Orchard, Marjorie M. The Himalayan and Its Genetics Us Sc 1st/1st Nf
SKU1012588: THE BARONESS ORCZY - The Baroness Orczy Eldorado Uk Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1012653: BARONESS ORCZY - Orczy, Baroness a Sheaf of Bluebells Us Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1013493: ORD, DOUGLAS - Tommy's Farm: A Novel
5000422: JAMES BURKE; ROBERT ORNSTEIN - The Axemaker's Gift a Double Edged History of Human Culture
SKU1006999: ORNSTEIN, MICHAEL; STEVENSON, MICHAEL D. - Politics and Ideology in Canada: Elite and Public Opinion in the Transformation of a Welfare State
SKU1014728: ORR, J. EDWIN - Orr, J. Edwin Full Surrender Uk Hcdj 1st/4th Vg+
SKU1014897: ORRELL, DAVID - Apollo's Arrow
SKU1004549: ORTIZ, VICTOR PEREZ-GALDOS - Ortiz a Man Who Acts As He Thinks Cuban Sc 4th Edition Vg+
SKU1002616: ORULLIAN, PETER - The Unremembered: Book One of the Vault of Heaven
SKU1012103: ORWELL, GEORGE - Orwell: The War Broadcasts
SKU1014444: NAIWU OSAHON - God Is Black (Never,Never,Never Again, Even If We Have to Burn Down the World. )
5009777: OSBORN, KAREN - The River Road: A Novel
SKU1007574: OSBORNE, ROBIN - Greece in the Making 1200-479 Bc (the Routledge History of the Ancient World)
5007363: OSBORNE-MCKNIGHT, JUILENE - Song of Ireland
SKU1008830: OSBORNE, DENISE - Murder Offscreen
SKU1014288: OSHO - Communism and Zen Fire Zen Wind
SKU1014455: OSHO - Osho on Zen: A Stream of Consciousness Reader
SKU1014463: OSHO - The Heart Sutra: Talks on Buddha
SKU1015101: OSTERBERG, JON - Osterberg, Jon Dragon Days Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1014971: YVONNE OSWALD - Keyspeech - 9 Keys to Inner Power
SKU1004289: OUELLETTE, PIERRE - The Deus Machine: A Novel
9508433: OUTLET - Library of World Poetrty: Great Mas LI Crp (the Great Masters Library)
SKU1003874: H. G. OUTWATER - Outwater, H.G. Designs for American Homes Us Hc Ex-Lib 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004103: OUZOUNIAN, RICHARD - Are You Trying to Seduce Me, Miss Turner?: Talking to the Stars
SKU1004709: OVERDUIN, J. - Overduin, J. Faith and Victory in Dachau Cdn Hcdj 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1014949: OVERFIELD, JOSEPH - Overfield, Joseph the 100 Seasons of Buffalo Baseball Signed Us Sc 1st/2nd Nf
95090917: OVERY, RICHARD - Why the Allies Won
SKU1007164: OVIDE MERCREDI, ET AL - In the Rapids
SKU1013647: OWEN, JAMES A. - The Search for the Red Dragon (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, the)
SKU1003196: OWEN, RANDY - Born Country: My Life in Alabama--How Faith, Family, and Music Brought Me Home
SKU1016316: OWEN, KELLI - Owen, Kelli Six Days Signed Ltd & Num Us Hcdj 1st/1st Nf
SKU1007405: OYAMA, MASUTATSU - Oyama, Masutatsu This Is Karate Us Hcdj 1st/2nd Nf
SKU1008186: HELEN OYEYEMI - The Icarus Girl : A Novel
SKU1010326: OZAKI, MILTON - Ozaki, Milton Murder Doll Us Sc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1014424: PA, YOGI TCHOUZAR - The Last Lama Warrior: The Secret Martial Art of Tibet
SKU1004979: PACEY, DESMOND - Pacey, Desmond Creative Writing in Canada Cdn Hc 1st/1st Vg+
SKU1004758: PACEY, DESMOND - Pacey, Desmond a Book of Canadian Stories Cdn Revised Edition Vg
5000610: PACKAGES - Defiance at Sea (World of War (Rigel))
SKU1014514: PACKARD, DAVID; LEWIS, DAVID KIRBY WITH KAREN - The Hp Way: How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our Company
SKU1011440: PADBERG, MARTINA - Art & Architecture Paris
1002400: PADFIELD, PETER - Salt and Steel
9508694: PADGETT, ABIGAIL - Blue
5008812: PADGETT, ABIGAIL - Turtle Baby
SKU1010738: PADGETT JR, MARTIN - Hummer: How the Little Truck Company Hit the Big Time, Thanks to Saddam, Schwarzenegger, and Gm
5009780: PADGETT, ABIGAIL - Moonbird Boy (Bo Bradley Mysteries)
1010863: JAMES PATTERSON; MAXINE PAETRO - The 6th Target
1005983: PAGE, KATHERINE HALL - The Body in the Lighthouse: A Faith Fairchild Mystery (Faith Fairchild Mysteries)
SKU1005712: PAGE, KATHERINE HALL - The Body in the Gazebo: A Faith Fairchild Mystery (Faith Fairchild Mysteries)
5007681: PAGE, KATHERINE HALL - The Body in the Kelp
5007682: PAGE, KATHERINE HALL - The Body in the Vestibule
SKU1005895: PAGE, KATHERINE HALL - The Body in the Bonfire: A Faith Fairchild Mystery
SKU1005714: PAGE, KATHERINE HALL - The Body in the Cast

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