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10849: STARZYNSKI, OPRACOWAL JULIUSZ - Aleksander Gierymski
8983: STEFANIK, ERNEST C., JR. - John Berryman. A Descriptive Bibliography. Pittsburgh Series in Bibliographyy
31077: STEHLING, KURT R. - Project Vanguard
8547: STEIN, LOUIS - Beyond Death and Exile, the Spanish Republicans in France, 1939-1955
4149: STEKEL, WILHELM - Impulshandlungen
8228: STERNFELD, A. - Interplanetary Travel
2996: STERPELLONE, LUCIANO - La Medicina Etrusca. Demoiatria Di Un'Antica Civilita
20012: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Body Snatcher
20195: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped. Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751
20194: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Black Arrow. A Tale of the Two Roses
3488: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Sire de Maletroit's Door
6609: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Familiar Studies of Men and Books
11095: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
5375: STEWART, ANNA BIRD - Enter David Garrick
9791: STEWART, SIR JAMES - The Index or Abridgement of the Acts of Parliament and Convention
4419: STICKNEY, HELEN FRITH - Abigail's Sampler and Other Poems
10231: STIKER, MEYER - Yiddishe Landshaft. / Yiddish Landscape
1326: STILES, HENRY REED - Bundling, Its Origin, Progress, and Decline in America
7712: STILTZ, HARRY L., EDITOR - Aerospace Telemetry
8136: STINE, G. HARRY - The Space Enterprise
2271: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - A Story-Teller's Pack
2722: STODDARD, FRANCIS HOVEY - The Evolution of the English Novel
31095: STOIKO, MICHAEL - Project Gemini. Step to the Moon
30587: STONE, WILBUR MACEY - Lankes, His Woodcut Bookplates
30294: STONE, HEERBERT STUART - First Edition of American Authors. A Manual for Book Lovers Compiled by Herbert Stuart Stone with and Introduction by Eugene Field
8711: STOTT, WILLIAM - Documentary Expression and Thirties America
20357: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Harriet Beecher Stowe Autograph Note, Signed H.B. Stowe.
7841: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Three Novels.
9599: STRINGHAM, RAY - Magna Carta, Fountainhead of Freedom
30304: STRYKER, WILLIAMS. - Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the CIVIL War. Volume I. Original Edition
9743: SULLIVAN, WILLIAM - The Secret of the Incase, Myth, Astronomy, and the War Against Time
5813: SUNDBORG, GEORGE - Opportunity in Alaska
31121: SUTTON, ANN, AND MYRON SUTTON - The Appalachian Trail, Wilderness on the Doorstep
3236: SWARZ, SAHL, AND F.G. WINTER - Ilse Erythropel
5278: SWEENEY, JOHN A.H. - Grandeur on the Appoquinimink
20209: SWIFT, JONATHAN - An Argument to Prove That the Abolishing of Christianity in England May As Things Now Stand, Be Attended with Some Inconveniences, and Perhaps Not Produce Those Many Good Effects Proposed Thereby.
1654: SYLVESTER, ROBERT - The Second Oldest Profession
10651: SZABADI, JUDIT - Rippl-Ronai
10452: SZATHMARY, LOUIS - American Gastronomy
11146: SZYK, ARTHUR - Title Pages for Visual History of Nations Series
10999: TABASCO, EVANGELINE & WIENER, SAM - Splendors of the Sohites
1974: TARKINGTON, BOOTH - Beauty and the Jacobin, an Interlude of the French Revolution
20235: TASSO, TORQUATO - Aminta Favola Boschereccia
8184: TAYLOR, L.B., JR. - For All Mankind, America's Space Programs of the 1970s and Beyond
7078: TAYLOR, DWIGHT - Some Pierrots Come from Behind the Moon...
31085: L.B. TAYLOR, JR. - Liftoff! the Story of America's Spaceport
4779: , ILLUSTRATED BY TEAGUE, W.D. - The Lord of Telephone Manor
10887: , ILLUSTRATED BY TEAGUE, W.D. - Two Centuries of American Medicine `1776- 1976
20238: ILLUSTRATED BY TEAGUE, W.D. - American Artist. Special Paper Issue.
7124: TEBBEL, JOHN - The Compact History of the American Newspaper
10685: TENNYSON, ALFRED - A Chronological List of the Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson with Tennysoniana .
7002: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Queen Mary, a Drama
30131: THACHER, JAMES - Military Journal of the American Revolution from the Commencement to the Disbanding of the American Army; Comprising a Detailed Account of the Principal Events and Battles . To Which Is Added the Life of Washington
10429: THACHER, JAMES, M.D. - American Medical Biography. Or Memoirs of Eminent Physicians Who Have Flourished in America
30412: THOMAS BROWN, THE YOUNGER/ THOMAS MOORE - Intercepted Letters or, the Twopenny Post-Bag. To Which Are Added, Trifles Reprintd (with 2 Bookplates)
5312: THOMAS, SHIRLEY - Men of Space, Volume 8
10510: THOMAS, MARY EDITH - Medieval Skepticism and Chaucer
30534: J. THOMAS AND T. BALDWIN, EDITORS - A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of the World
1922: THOMAS, GILBERT - John Masefield
6682: THOMER, EGBERT AND JURGEN RHADES - Jahrbuch Der Deutschen Marine 1966 - 10 Jahre Bundesmarine
6683: THOMER, EGBERT AND JURGEN RHADES - Jahrbuch Der Deutschen Marine 1968 - Dritte Folge
5148: THOMPSON, PHILLIPS B. - Invitation to the Brook Club to George Crawford Clark
11077: THOMPSON, KAY - Eloise
9421: THOMPSON, VICTOR H. - Eudora Welty: A Reference Guide
10866: THOMPSON, KAY - Eloise a Noel. (Eloise at Christmas Time)
4231: THOMSON, CHILTON - Old Timbers
6706: THOMSON, WILLIAM O. - Poems
2588: THOMSON, DAVID - Gonorrhoea
3053: THOMSON, A.A. - Let's See the Highlands
11124: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - CIVIL Disobedience
11004: TIBULLUS, ALBIUS - Carmina Libri Tres Cum Libro Quarto Sulpiciae Et Aliorum. Novis Curis Castigavit Chr(Istian) G. Heyne
7415: TICHI, CECELIA - High Lonesome, the American Culture of Country Music
5560: TILTON, GEORGE PRESCOTT - The Life and Services of Benj. Franklin and a Catalogue of the Benj. Franklin Pattern of Sterling Silver Tableware
9511: TITCOMB, CALDWELL, EDITOR - The Art of Fine Words, Offerings in Honor of Arthur H. Hopkins
9884: TODD, JANET - A Dictionary of British and American Women Writers, 1660-1800
8004: TOLL, DAVID - Arizona
30170: TOLSTOY, LEO NICOLAI - The Three Bears / in Russian/Pop-Ups
30532: TOLSTOY, LEO NICOLAI/ JOSEPH ELIJAH TROWISCH, TR. - Milhamah V'Shalom. ( War and Peace)
9838: TOMPSON, FRANCES AND TONY TOMPSONQ - Synthetic Dyeing for Spinners, Weavers, Knitters and Embroiderers
6917: HARADA-TOSHIAKI - Social Organizations for the Village-Deity Cult of Japan
30190: TOUCHY, FERDINAND CHRISTIAN/ GAUDICH, C. F., EDITOR - Auf Dreysigjährige Erfahrung Sich Gründender Praktischer Unterricht Der Ganzen Landwirthschaft Zur Belehrung Nicht Nur Für Anfänger in Der Oekonomie, Sondern Auch Für Unerfahrene Landwirthe. 2 Volumes
11051: TOURTELLE, ESTEVEN (ESTEBAN) - Elementos de Hygiene o Del Influxo de Las Cosas Fisicas y Morales en el Hombre y Medios de Conservar la Salud Volume 1
8849: TOYE, FRANCIS - Rossini, a Study in Tragi-Comedy
9777: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD - Lectures on the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century in England, Popular Addresses, Notes and Other Fragments
20184: THOMAS HALE/ JEAN CHRISTOPHE DUPUY DEMPORTES TR. - Le Gentilhomme Cultivateur Ou Corps Complet D'Agriculture . Traduit de L"Anglois de M. Hale Et Tire Des Auteurs Qui Ont le Mieux Ecrit Sur Cet Art. Complete in Four Volumes
8542: TRENCH, CHARLES CHENEVIX - The Road to Khartoum, a Life of General Charles Gordon
9260: TRILLING, DIANA - We Must March My Darlings, a Critical Decade
8639: TRUMBULL, ROBERT - Tin Roofs and Palm Trees, a Report on the New South Seas
31050: TSIOLKOVSKY, KONSTANTIN - Beyond the Planet Earth
8874: TUCCI, DOUGLASS SHAND - Built in Boston, City and Suburb, 1800-1950
9268: TUDOR, TASHA - 1 Is One
3342: TUGBY, THOMAS - Tugby's Illustrated Guide to Niagara Falls
10237: TUPPER, H. ALLEN - Columbia's War for Cuba
10638: TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUHAR - The Poetical Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper
9417: TURNBULL, LAURA SHEARER - Woodrow Wilson, a Selected Bibliography of His Published Writings, Addresses and Public Papers
5882: TYE, ARTY - Dramatic and Other Poems
7148: TYLER, GEORGE C. AND J.C. FURNAS - Whatever Goes Up - the Hazardous Fortunes of a Natural Born Gambler
5261: UMINSKI, SIGMUND H. - Poland Discovers America
4549: URY, PETER - The Kiss of the Judas
9289: US DEPT. OF INTERIOR, BUREAU OF MINES - Minerals Yearbook, 1966, Volume I-II, Metals, Minerals and Fuels
7909: VAJDA, MIKLOS, EDITOR - Modern Hungarian Poetry
3461: VALLIER, DORA - Henri Rousseau
4870: DE VALLIERE, CAPITAINE - Le Regiment Des Gardes-Suisses de France. Les Suisses en Italie (Campagne de Marignan)
7395: VANDEN HEUVEL, JON - Untapped Sources, America's Newspaper Archives and Histories
20025: VEEN, OTTO VAN (OCTAVIUS VAENIUS); & - Le Theatre Moral de la Vie Humaine Representee en Plus de Cent Tableaux Divers Tirez de Poete Horace par le Sieur Otho Venius Et Expliquez en Autant de Discours Moraux par le Sieur de Gomberville. Avec la Table Du Philosphe Cebes.
4988: VERDET, ANDRE - Atlan (Jean Pierre)
9960: VICKERY, HUBERT BRADFORD - Rudolph John Anderson, 1879-1961, a Biographical Memoir
10299: VICTOR, MRS. FRANCES FULLER - The River of the West. Life and Adventure in the Rocky Mountains and Oregon;.
30182: VIGNOLA, IACOMO BAROZZI DA - Regola Delli Cinque Ordini D'Architecttura
3803: VINCENT, GEORGE E. - Some Italian Authors and Their Works
11028: VIRGIL (PUBLIUS VIRGILIUS MARO). - P. Vergilii Maronis Opera
2409: VIRTUE, C.M. - Company Administration Including Supply and Mess Management and Personnel Records
6777: VITEZ, MIHALY CSOKONAI - Negy Szinjatek/ Four Plays
5042: VIVIANI, M. RENE,AND MARSHAL JOFFRE - Addresses in the United States
11082: VOGEL, FRANZ-ADAM - Les Privileges Des Suisses, Ensemble Aux Villes Imperiales Et Anseatiques Et Aux Habitans de Geneve, Residens en France Avec Un Traite Historiques Et Politique, Des Alliances entre la France & Les Treize Cantons, Depuis Charles VII Jusqu'a Present. 2 Vol.
10675: VOGEL, ILSE-MARGRET - My Twin Sister Erika
30243: VOGT, ALFRED - Lehrbuch Und Atlas Der Spaltlampenmikroskopie Des Lebenden Auges
30518: CARL-ALEXANDER VON VOLBORTH - Heraldy. Customs, Rules and Styles
10839: VOLTAIRE, (FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE - Essay Sur L'Histoire Generale Et Sur Les Moeurs Et L'Esprit Des Nations, Depuis Charlemagne Jusqu'a Nos Jours. 8 Volumes
30121: VOLTAIRE - Lettres Choisies Avec le Traite de la Connaissance Des Beautes Et Des Defauts de la Poesie Et de L'Eloquence Dan la Langue Francaise Precedees D'Une Notice Et . Notes Explicatives Sur Les Faits Et Sur Les Personnages . Par Louis Moland. Two Volumes
6336: S. PH. DE VRIES - Judische Riten Und Symbole
11120: VULTURE, R.L - Hours of Devotion. Book of Prayer and Devotion for Israel's Women and Maids for Public and House Devotion As Well As for All Circumstances of Female Life
20192: WADDELL, MAJOR L. A. - Among the Himalayas
7022: WAHL, JAN - Pleasant Fieldmouse
30580: WALCOTT, CHARLES D. - Geologic Atlas of the United States. Yellowstone National Park Folio
3821: WALDBURG-WOLFEGG, JOHANNES GRAF - Das Mittelalterliche Hausbuch
9044: WALDRIP, LOUISE AND SHIRLEY ANN BAUER - A Bibliography of the Works of Katherine Anne Porter and a Bibliography of the Criticism of the Works of Katherine Anne Porter
20030: WALKER, A.H. - Atlas of Bergen County, 1776 -1876
3711: WALKER, JOHN - Bellini and Titian at Ferrara, a Study of Styles and Taste
20029: WALKER, A.H. - Atlas of Bergen County, 1776 -1876
9965: WALLACE, LILY MAXWORTH, EDITOR - Household Hand Book, Containing Reliable Hints and Suggestions for the Household
2464: WALLACE, PAUL A. W. - Lebanon Valley College, a Centennial History
30300: WALPOLE, HUGH - Handwritten Letter
31057: WALTERS, HELEN B. - Hermann Oberth: Father of Space Travel
8470: WALTERS, RONALD G. - Primers for Prudery - Sexual Advice to Victorian America
8286: WALTON, WILLIAM - The Evidence of Washington
1870: WAMPLER, VANCE - The Prince of Garden Hills
30429: WANDELL, SAMUEL H., AND MEADE MINNIGERODE - Aaron Burr. , a Biography Compiled from Rare, and in Many Cases Unpublished, Sources Two Volumes
8378: WARD, D. - New Original Ventriloquism Act
30148: WARD, LYND & MAY MCNEER - Autograph Letter Lynd Ward
10122: WARD, BARBARA - Spirit of '76 - - Why Not Now?
30504: WARD, ROBERT - Investment Guide to North American Real Photo Postcards
30336: WARD, ARTEMAS - Fame. Published in the Interest of Interborough Subway and Elevated Advertising
2074: WARHAFT, SIDNEY, AND JOHN WOODBURY - English Poems, 1250-1660
5013: WARNER, REX AND H.J. OLIVER - E.M. Forster and the Art of E.M. Forster (3 Booklets)
9947: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, EDITOR - Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. XXIX
9485: WARREN, GEOFFREY - All Colour Book of Art Nouveau
6371: WASHBURN, HENRY BRADFORD - Philip Mercer Rhinelander
6619: WASHBURN, EDWIN C. - Men or Cogs
3613: WATERMANN, HERMANN - Muskelmechanische Probleme
8440: WATKINS, RONALD AND JEREMY LEMMON - In Shakespeare's Playhouse, a Midsummer Night's Dream
31112: WATKINSON, RAY - William Morris As Designer
20243: PHELPS AND WATSON - Phelps and Watson's Historical and Military Map of the Border and Southern States
320244: PHELPS AND WATSON - Phelps and Watson's Historical and Military Map of the Border and Southern States
30103: DE WATTEVILLE, VIVIENNE - Speak to the Earth. Signed Lindbergh Book
30113: WATTS, ISAAC - Watts' Divine Songs
2028: WAX, MARVIN - Mystique of the Missions
8061: WEAVER, MURIEL PORTER - The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors, Archaeology of Mesoamerica
9028: WEBER, CARL G., EDITOR - The First Hundred Years of Thomas Hardy, 1840-1940
8025: WEBSTER, SIR CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Founder of the National Home
10985: WEBSTER, MARY MORISON - To-Morrow. A Book of Poems (Tomorrow)
2459: WEBSTER, GRAHAM - Practical Archaeology
6845: WEEKS, JEANNE G. AND DONALD TREGANOWAN - Rugs and Carpets of Europe and the Western World
9889: WEGELIN, OSCAR - Early American Fiction, 1774-1830
6747: WEI, KATHERINE AND TERRY QUINN - Second Daughter
30351: WEINTZ, BOB - Tarzine Vol 2 No 4
9836: WEISS, JOHN - Care & Cooking of Fish & Game
10735: WELCH, CHARLES - History of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers of the City of London 2 Volumes
6149: WELLS, JOHN - Masterpieces, a Dab at the Sixties and Seventies
7714: WELLS, ROBERT - Electronics, Key to Exploring Space
7818: WELLS, OLIVER, EDITOR - An Anthology of the Younger Poets
10512: AESOP/ GLENWAY WESCOTT - 12 Fables of Aesop
30605: WESTERVELT, FRANCES A. - The Final Century of the Wampum Industry in Bergen County New Jersey
2451: WEYGANDT, CORNELIUS - Wissahickon Hills
31452: WHEATLEY, WM. - The History of Edward Latymer and His Foundations Including the Life of William Latymer
9015: WHEELER, MONROE - Modern Painters and Sculptors As Illustrators
9575: WHELEN, MAJOR TOWNSEND - The Care and Cleaning of Modern Firearms
31420: WHITE, GLEESON - English Illustration. The Sixties 1855-1870
31413: WHITE, IRVIN L. - Decision-Making for Space. Law and Politics in Air, Sea, and Outer Space
10568: WHITE, E.B. - A Tribute to E.B. White. Manhattan Theatre Club.
30147: WHITE, E.B. - E.B. White Letter Signed
31115: WHITLOCK, HERBERT P. - The Story of the Gems
4493: WHITNEY, CHRISTINE M., ED. - Bermuda Garden
2809: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Tent on the Beach and Other Poems
2731: WIDOR, CHARLES M. - Vielles Chansons Et Danses Pour Les Petits Enfants
20107: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Village Watch-Tower
7861: WILD, J. HENRY - Jack Und Fred Reisen Durch Die Schweiz / Jack and Fred Go to Switzerland
30613: WILDER, THORNTON - Autograph Letter Signed
6507: WILDMAN, JR.,FREDERICK S. - Cheese Notes Plus a Cheese Wheel
8329: WILHELM, DONALD - Your Son and Six Fighting Admirals
3414: WILHELM, KATE - Listen, Listen
20206: WILLIAM H. GOTTHARDT,WILSON JONES ET AL, EDITORIS - The Next Station Will Be Erie. Northern Railroad of New Jersey and Piermont Branch
20147: WILLIAMS, VAL - Ida Kar. Photographer 1908-1974
8538: WILLIAMS, ROGER L. - Manners and Murders in the World of Louis Napoleon
9342: WILLIAMSON, R.J. T. AND J. LAWSON WHALLEY - History of the Old County Regiment of Lancashire Militia
9719: WILSON, CHARLES MORROW - Corn Bread and Creek Water, the Landscape of Rural Poverty
1511: WILSON, WOODROW - Address of the President of the United States
2585: WOODROW WILSON - The Free Life
2543: WILSON, PHILIP WHITWELL; EDITOR. - The Greville Diary, Including Pages Hitherto Withheld from Publication . 2 Volumes
30467: WISE, THOMAS J. - A Bibliography of the Writings of Joseph Conrad (1895-1921)
30525: WISE, THOMAS J. - Letters of Robert Browing. Collected by Thomas J. Wise
8652: WISER, WILLIAM HENRICKS - The Hindu Jajmani System
5302: WITT, C. - Myths of Hellas or Greek Tales
30556: WLLIAM OTIS WYLIE. JAMES F. MORTON, JR. - The Hub-Bub Vol I No. I
30511: BELKNAP. WM W. - Modoc War. Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting Reports of the Quartermaster General and Commissary-General of Subsistence, Giving in Detail the Costs to Those Departments of the Modoc War
9513: WOLF, HUGO - The Music Criticism of Hugo Wolf
6622: ENGLEWOOD WOMAN'S EXCHANGE - The Exchange Cook Book
7872: MONTCLAIR YMCA WOMEN'S DEPARTMENT - A Book of Favorite Recipes
10305: WOOD BULLWINKLE, CHRISTENE (CHRISTINE) - Near to the Heart of Things
30306: WOOD, ORIVLLE - Theory and Practice of Printing
30275: WOODRESS, JAMES - American Fiction 1900-1950
9299: WOOLLEY, MARY E. - Lida Shaw King, an Appreciation
30599: BETTY SCHMELZ. CHARLES B. SZEGLIN. KEVIN WRIGHT ET AL. - The Tree of Life. Reflections from Bergen County Folk Art
10861: WRIGHT, H.T. - The Matthew Tree
31440: WRIGHT, ROBERT - Non Zero. The Logic of Human Destiny
8987: WRIGHT, WAYNE W. - Thornton W. Burgess, a Descriptive Book Bibliography
5390: FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT - An Almanack for Bostonians
5255: WULF, JOSEPH - Yiddish-Gedichte Aus Den Ghettos 1939-1945
6197: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of Cat. S
30520: MARK DOYLE AND WYLAND - The Art of Wyland
9891: WYLIE, ELINOR - Collected Prose of Elinor Wylie
5951: WYSS, DIETER - Der Surrealismus. Eine Einfuhrung Und Deutung Surrealistischer Literatur Und Malerei
34464: YORKE, MALCOLM - Eric Gill. Man of Flesh and Spirit
7700: DE YOUNG, RUSSELL, J., EDITOR - Nasa Conference Publication. Second Beamed Space-Power Workshop
10817: YOUNGER, JOHN - On River Angling for Salmon and Trout. The Abercrombie & Fitch Library.
8383: YOYOTTE, JEAN - Treasures of the Pharaohs, the Early Period, the New Kingdom, the Late Period
1961: YUNKEL, RAMAR - El Retorno
31455: L. YURYEV, V. LVOV, ET AL. - On the Track of Discovery. Riddles of Outer Space. Scientists Unravel Mysteries. Secrets of History. Series 2
31059: ZAEHRINGER, ALFRED J. - Soviet Space Technology
10261: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Gaiety Theatre. We Moderns
8164: ZAREM, LEWIS - Careers and Opportunities in Astronautics
9709: ZEGGER, ROBERT E. - John Cam Hobhouse, a Political Life, 1819-1852
9993: ZEMPEL, EDWARD N. AND LINDA A. VERKLER, EDITORS - Book Prices: Used and Rare 1996
30464: GEORGE SADEK AND MAXIM ZHUKOV - Typographia Polyglotta. A Comparative Study in Multilingual Typesetting
30561: VLADMIR YEFIMOV. MAXIM ZHUKOV - Kyrillitsa. International Type Design Competition
9573: ZIEL, RON AND GEORGE H. FOSTER - Steam in the Sixties
2931: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Six Centuries of Fine Prints
8390: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Prints and Their Creators, a World History
11041: LOUISA SMITH & JACK ZIPES - The Lion and the Unicorn / Struwwelpeter
8879: ZURCHER, BERNARD - Vincent Van Gogh, Art Life and Letters
30106: ZUSSMAN, EZRA/ BEZEM, NAFTALI (NAPHTALI) - Naftali Bezem. Lamentationsl

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