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30113: WATTS, ISAAC - Watts' Divine Songs
2028: WAX, MARVIN - Mystique of the Missions
8061: WEAVER, MURIEL PORTER - The Aztecs, Maya, and Their Predecessors, Archaeology of Mesoamerica
9028: WEBER, CARL G., EDITOR - The First Hundred Years of Thomas Hardy, 1840-1940
8025: WEBSTER, SIR CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Founder of the National Home
10985: WEBSTER, MARY MORISON - To-Morrow. A Book of Poems (Tomorrow)
2459: WEBSTER, GRAHAM - Practical Archaeology
6845: WEEKS, JEANNE G. AND DONALD TREGANOWAN - Rugs and Carpets of Europe and the Western World
9889: WEGELIN, OSCAR - Early American Fiction, 1774-1830
6747: WEI, KATHERINE AND TERRY QUINN - Second Daughter
30351: WEINTZ, BOB - Tarzine Vol 2 No 4
9836: WEISS, JOHN - Care & Cooking of Fish & Game
10735: WELCH, CHARLES - History of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers of the City of London 2 Volumes
6149: WELLS, JOHN - Masterpieces, a Dab at the Sixties and Seventies
7714: WELLS, ROBERT - Electronics, Key to Exploring Space
7818: WELLS, OLIVER, EDITOR - An Anthology of the Younger Poets
30605: WESTERVELT, FRANCES A. - The Final Century of the Wampum Industry in Bergen County New Jersey
40102: ANNE STEVENSON HOBBS & JOYCE IRENE WHALLEY - Beatrix Potter. The V & a Collection
31452: WHEATLEY, WM. - The History of Edward Latymer and His Foundations Including the Life of William Latymer
9015: WHEELER, MONROE - Modern Painters and Sculptors As Illustrators
9575: WHELEN, MAJOR TOWNSEND - The Care and Cleaning of Modern Firearms
31420: WHITE, GLEESON - English Illustration. The Sixties 1855-1870
10568: WHITE, E.B. - A Tribute to E.B. White. Manhattan Theatre Club.
31115: WHITLOCK, HERBERT P. - The Story of the Gems
4493: WHITNEY, CHRISTINE M., ED. - Bermuda Garden
2809: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Tent on the Beach and Other Poems
2731: WIDOR, CHARLES M. - Vielles Chansons Et Danses Pour Les Petits Enfants
20107: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Village Watch-Tower
71127: EDWIN WIGGIN - Commercial and International Developments of Atomic Energy
71125: WIGNER, EUGENE P. - Symmetries and Reflections. Scientific Essays.
7861: WILD, J. HENRY - Jack Und Fred Reisen Durch Die Schweiz / Jack and Fred Go to Switzerland
30613: WILDER, THORNTON - Autograph Letter Written and Signed by Thornton Wilder
6507: WILDMAN, JR.,FREDERICK S. - Cheese Notes Plus a Cheese Wheel
8329: WILHELM, DONALD - Your Son and Six Fighting Admirals
3414: WILHELM, KATE - Listen, Listen
20147: WILLIAMS, VAL - Ida Kar. Photographer 1908-1974
8538: WILLIAMS, ROGER L. - Manners and Murders in the World of Louis Napoleon
9342: WILLIAMSON, R.J. T. AND J. LAWSON WHALLEY - History of the Old County Regiment of Lancashire Militia
30643: WILLIS, BAILEY. EDITOR OF GEOLOGIC MAPS - Geologic Atlas of the United States. Nevada City Special Folio California
9719: WILSON, CHARLES MORROW - Corn Bread and Creek Water, the Landscape of Rural Poverty
30756: WILSON, ROBERT A. - Gertrude Stein a Bibliography
1511: WILSON, WOODROW - Address of the President of the United States
2585: WOODROW WILSON - The Free Life
30467: WISE, THOMAS J. - A Bibliography of the Writings of Joseph Conrad (1895-1921)
30525: WISE, THOMAS J. - Letters of Robert Browing. Collected by Thomas J. Wise
5302: WITT, C. - Myths of Hellas or Greek Tales
30556: WLLIAM OTIS WYLIE. JAMES F. MORTON, JR. - The Hub-Bub Vol I No. I
30511: BELKNAP. WM W. - Modoc War. Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting Reports of the Quartermaster General and Commissary-General of Subsistence, Giving in Detail the Costs to Those Departments of the Modoc War
9513: WOLF, HUGO - The Music Criticism of Hugo Wolf
6622: ENGLEWOOD WOMAN'S EXCHANGE - The Exchange Cook Book
7872: MONTCLAIR YMCA WOMEN'S DEPARTMENT - A Book of Favorite Recipes
10305: WOOD BULLWINKLE, CHRISTENE (CHRISTINE) - Near to the Heart of Things
30306: WOOD, ORIVLLE - Theory and Practice of Printing
30275: WOODRESS, JAMES - American Fiction 1900-1950
50125: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER - Western Union Telegram
9299: WOOLLEY, MARY E. - Lida Shaw King, an Appreciation
30599: BETTY SCHMELZ. CHARLES B. SZEGLIN. KEVIN WRIGHT ET AL. - The Tree of Life. Reflections from Bergen County Folk Art
10861: WRIGHT, H.T. - The Matthew Tree
31440: WRIGHT, ROBERT - Non Zero. The Logic of Human Destiny
5255: WULF, JOSEPH - Yiddish-Gedichte Aus Den Ghettos 1939-1945
6197: WULLING, EMERSON G. - A Comp's-Eye View of Cat. S
30520: MARK DOYLE AND WYLAND - The Art of Wyland
9891: WYLIE, ELINOR - Collected Prose of Elinor Wylie
5951: WYSS, DIETER - Der Surrealismus. Eine Einfuhrung Und Deutung Surrealistischer Literatur Und Malerei
30645: YEH YUNG-CHING, EDITOR - Chinese Folk Songs
34464: YORKE, MALCOLM - Eric Gill. Man of Flesh and Spirit
7700: DE YOUNG, RUSSELL, J., EDITOR - Nasa Conference Publication. Second Beamed Space-Power Workshop
10817: YOUNGER, JOHN - On River Angling for Salmon and Trout. The Abercrombie & Fitch Library.
8383: YOYOTTE, JEAN - Treasures of the Pharaohs, the Early Period, the New Kingdom, the Late Period
1961: YUNKEL, RAMAR - El Retorno
31455: L. YURYEV, V. LVOV, ET AL. - On the Track of Discovery. Riddles of Outer Space. Scientists Unravel Mysteries. Secrets of History. Series 2
31059: ZAEHRINGER, ALFRED J. - Soviet Space Technology
10261: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Gaiety Theatre. We Moderns
8164: ZAREM, LEWIS - Careers and Opportunities in Astronautics
9709: ZEGGER, ROBERT E. - John Cam Hobhouse, a Political Life, 1819-1852
9993: ZEMPEL, EDWARD N. AND LINDA A. VERKLER, EDITORS - Book Prices: Used and Rare 1996
30561: VLADMIR YEFIMOV. MAXIM ZHUKOV - Kyrillitsa. International Type Design Competition
9573: ZIEL, RON AND GEORGE H. FOSTER - Steam in the Sixties
8390: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Prints and Their Creators, a World History
2931: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Six Centuries of Fine Prints
11041: LOUISA SMITH & JACK ZIPES - The Lion and the Unicorn / Struwwelpeter
8879: ZURCHER, BERNARD - Vincent Van Gogh, Art Life and Letters
30106: ZUSSMAN, EZRA/ BEZEM, NAFTALI (NAPHTALI) - Naftali Bezem. Lamentationsl
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