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20045: GOSS, JOHN - Blaeu's the Grand Atlas of the 19th Century World
7862: GOSSE, PHILIP - Geschiedenis Van de Zeeroverij
10858: GOTTLIEB, WILLIAM P. - Table Tennis
10561: GOTTLIEB, WILLIAM P. - Space Flight and How It Works
8885: GOULD, CECIL - The Complete Paintings of Giorgione
4444: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Golden Age
7920: GRANT, FRANCIS J., EDITOR - The Manual of Heraldry
31127: GRASS, GUNTER - Inmarypraise. Gunter Grass
5693: GRAW, DAVY - El Escandalo Del Canal de Panama
30753: GREEN, BARBARA - Spectacular Confessions
2308: GREEN, GERALD - The Stones of Zion, a Novelist's Journal in Israel
5147: GREENWOOD, JOHN T., EDITOR - Milestones of Aviation, Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum
10613: GREER, MARIA J. - My Mother's Diamonds
3778: GREGG, ALAN - The Furtherance of Medical Research
6701: GRENFELL, RUSSELL, R.N. - Jagd Auf Die Bismarck
10046: GREY, HOWARD AND GRAHAM STUART - The Victorians by the Sea
11022: GRIFFET, HENRI. EDITOR - Recueil de Lettres Pour Servir D'Eclaircissement a L'Histoire Du Regne de Louis XIV. 8 Volumes
6922: GRIMM - King Grisly-Beard
6937: GRIMM - King Grisly-Beard
10771: GRIMM, JACOB AND WILLIAM/ BLANKENHORN, M.B. - How the Shoes Were Danced to Pieces
5389: GRODZICKI, AUGUST AND ROMAN SYDLOWSKI - Theatre in People's Poland. Teatr W Polsce Ludowejt. Theatre en Pologne Populaire
8937: GROSSMANN, F. - Pieter Bruegel, Complete Edition of the Paintings
3669: GRUBRICH-SIMITIS, ILSE - Back to Freud's Texts: Making Silent Documents Speak
7878: GUILLAUME, MONIQUE - La Grande Cuisine Toute Simple
30239: GUILLY, PAUL - Duchenne de Boulogne
9761: GUIZOT - History of Civilization in Europe
6283: GUNN, DREWEY WAYNE - Mexico in American and British Letters
5181: GURNEE, JEANNE (EDITOR)/ BASTABLE, JOAN T. - Historic Homes in Closter
6708: GURZA, JAIME - Logic, Roosevelt and the American People
2268: GUSTAFSON, ZADEL BARNES - Meg: A Pastoral and Other Poems
9827: HAAS, IRVIN - Historic Homes of the American Presidents
6364: HABE, FRANCE - Postojna Caves
31045: HABER ,HENIZ - Man in Space
8413: VON HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN, G. AND A. VON SOLODKOFF - Faberge, Court Jeweler to the Tsars
2229: HAFTMANN, WERNER - Painting in the Twentieth Century
10047: HAGAN, PATTI AND JOE CODY - The Road Runner's Guide to New York City
6710: HAGARTY, D.A. - Houdini Magical Hall of Fame
9188: HALEVI, JUDAH (YEHUDA HA-LEVI) - Sefer Ha Kuzari/ the Book of the Kuzari
5080: HALL-QUEST, ALFRED LAWRENCE - Kappa Delta Pi: 1911-1936
8058: HALL, JOYCE C. AND CURTISS ANDERSON - When You Care Enough
3210: HALL, JOYCE C. AND CURTISS ANDERSON - When You Care Enough
10893: HALLER, ALBRECHT VON (ALBERTO VON HALLER) - Bibliotheca Chirurgica Qua Scripta Ad Artem Chirurgicam Facientia a Rerum Initiis Recensentur Two Volumes
9001: HALLER, MARGARET - Collecting Old Photographs
10394: HALLINAN, LINCOLN - British Commemoratives Royalty, Pollitics, War and Sport
10171: HAMER, RED - The Four Seasons of Chester County, Volume III (3)
8931: HAMMACHER, A.M. AND RENILDE HAMMACHER - Van Gogh, a Documentary Biography
10044: HANBURY-TENISON, ROBIN - A Pattern of Peoples, a Journey Among the Tribes of Indonesia's Outer Islands
30206: HANFF, PETER E. & GREENE, DOUGLAS G. - Bibliographia Oziana a Concise Bibliographical Checklist of the Oz Books by L. Frank Baum and His Successors
9596: HANNA, JUDITH LYNNE - To Dance Is Human, a Theory of Nonverbal Communication
6366: HANNAS, RUTH - Thorns Are a Style
30337: HANNAU, HANS, W. - . New York City 5 Original Photos/ American Views
91002: HANRAHAN, JOYCE Y. - Works of Maurice Sendak Revised & Expanded to 2001
8031: HANSER, ADOLPH T. - The Christmas Song Book
31017: HANSON, DAVID A. - Photographs in Ink
4802: HARBIN, E.O. - Phunology, a Collection of Tried and Proved Plans for Play, Fellowship, and Profit
30266: D'HARCOURT, CLAIRE - Du Coq a L'Ane. Les Animaux Racontent L'Art
10027: HARDY, THOMAS - The Three Strangers
8410: HARKINS, BRIAN - Crossing Borders an Exhibition of 20th Century Japanese Art
10193: HARLEY, J.K. - A History and Geography of Montgomery County, Pa.
7640: HARMAN, PINCKNEY J. AND MALCOM B. CARPENTER - Volumetric Comparisons of the Basal Ganglia of Various Primates Including Man
31067: WHEELOCK. HAROLD J. - Mariner Mission to Venus
5960: HARPER, ANDREW AND GEORGE MCAULAY - Michael Moorcock: A Bibliography
4203: HARPER, HENRY HOWARD - Oliver Goldsmith (an Essay)
9400: HARPER, H.H. - Prospectus for the Romance of Charles Dickens and Maria Beadnell Winter
30068: HARPER, HENRY H. - The Genius of Henry Fielding (with Selectons from His Works).
9962: HARRIS, L.L.D., EDITOR - The Advanced Quarterly, International Series, Vol. XIV, No. 3
81007: HARVEY, ELLEN - New York Beautification Project
30760: HARWOOD, MARY - A History of Lake Waramaug
10456: HAUGHTON, BRIAN AND ANNA - The International Ceramics Fair and Seminar
9054: HAVILAND, VIRGINIA AND MARGARET N,. COUGHLAN - Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a Centennial for Tom Sawyer, an Annotated, Selected Bibliography
30072: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Dawn of the Gods
10592: HAWORTH, PETER - An Elizabethan Story-Book, Famous Tales from the Palace of Pleasure
4182: HAY, JOHN H., JR. - Vietnam Studies: Tactical and Materiel Innovations
8792: HAY, JOHN H. - Poems by John Hay, Brown, 1858
4281: HAYES, JOHN, ED. - Portraits by Graham Sutherland
8297: HAYES, NICHOLAS J. - Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, Facts and Regulations for Consumers of Water
9237: HAYNAL, ANDRE AND MIKLOS MOLNAR AND GERARD DE PUYMEGE - Fanaticism, a Historical and Psychoanalytical Study
1818: HEER, JEAN - World Events 1866-1966, the First Hundred Years of Nestle
7007: VON HEIDENSTAM, VERNER - The Tree of the Folkungs, I: Folke Filbyter
7581: HEILBRUNN, RUDOF M., EDITOR - Max J. Friedlander, Reminiscences and Reflections
10907: HEINE, L. - Die Krankheiten Des Auges IM Zusammenhang Mit Der Inneren Medizin Und Kinderheilkunde
2769: HEINTZELMAN, ARTHUR W. - Watercolor Drawings of Thomas Rowlandson
9326: HELLER, LOUIE R./ ANDRE CHENIER - Andre Chenier, a Memorial
10390: HENDERSON, IAN T. - Pictorial Souvenirs of Britain
9593: HENDERSON, JOHN - Gotham Turnstiles, a Visual Depiction of Rapid Transit in the New York Metropolitan Area from 1958 - 1968
31013: HENNEQUIN, DANIEL/ LEONARDO DA VINCI - Le Nombril. The Navel. L'Ombelico
20063: HENRY, M(ATHEW) S. - History of the Lehigh Valley
8197: HEPPENHEIMER, T.A. - Lost in Space, What Went Wrong with Nasa?
3324: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - The Foolscap Rose
30080: HERMAN, JAN - The Old-New Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery/ Staronova Synagoga a Stary Zidovsky Hrbitov
30251: HERRERA, HAYDEN - Mary Frank
30593: HESHKA, RYAN - Ryan Heshka's ABC Spookshow
30423: HESS, MYRA - Myra Hess Letter Signed
8587: HEUER, KENNETH - City of the Stargazers
2253: HEWLETT, MAURICE - Artemision, Idylls and Songs
60102: HICKS, REBECCA - The Metaphysical Ponderings of Dogs
40206: HIGGINS, KATHLEEN MARIE - Nietzsche's Zarathustra
8199: HIGHLAND, HAROLD JOSEPH - Encyclopedia of Space Science. Two Volumes
7970: HILL, EVAN - A Greener Earth
10387: HILLS, LAWRENCE D. - The Propagation of Alpines
7703: HIRSCH, RICHARD AND JOSEPH JOHN TRENTO - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
8104: HLASTA, STANLEY C. - Printing Types & How to Use Them
30473: HODGES, GRAHAM - Black Resistance in Colonial and Revolutionary Bergen County, New Jersey
9354: HOELTERHOFF, MANUELA - Cinderella & Company, Backstage at the Opera with Cecilia Bartoli
20103: HOFMANN, GINNIE - The Runaway Teddy Bear
6712: HOGGSON, THOMAS - The Squire's Home-Made Wines As Describ'd and Set-Forth in the Journal of Thomas Hoggson, Gent. , 1765
20080: HOHNEL, LIEUT. LUDWIG VON - Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and Stefanie - a Narrative of Count Samuel Teleki's Exploring & Hunting Expedition in Eastern Equatorial Africa in 1887 & 1888 by His Companion . Two Volumes
30398: HOLLAR, WENCESLAUS - The True Maner of the Execution o F Thomas Earle of Stafford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Upon Towerhill the 12th Day of May 1641. Engraving
8435: HOLTHUSEN, HANS EGON - Rainer Maria Rilke, a Study of His Later Poetry
3898: HOOD, GRAHAM - American Silver: A History of Style, 1650-1900
9517: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins in the Country
4654: HOPKINS, KENNETH - Portraits in Satire
9274: HORDER, MERVYN - In Praise of Cambridge
31129: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - Victoria Regina, a Dramatic Biography
7692: HOWARD, WILLIAM E. AND JAMES BAAR - Spacecraft and Missiles of the World 1966
3634: HOWE, MARK DEWOLFE - Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Shaping Years 1841-1870
7843: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Novels, 1875-1886
30354: HOWLAND, WILLIAM - The Wagon-Boy or Trust in Providene
8140: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Space Dealers, a Hard Look at the Role of American Business in Our Space Effort
11115: TAO-CHING HSU - The Chinese Conception of the Theatre
8047: HUBBARD, ELBERT - The Boy from Missouri Valley, and Other Good Things
6385: HUBER, RICHARD M. - Big All the Way Through, the Life of Van Santvoord Merle-Smith
10791: HUDSON, W.H. - Green Mansions
10275: HUET, PIERRE-DANIEL - De Interpretatione Libri Duo: Quorum Prior Est, de Optimo Genere Interpretandi: Alter, de Claris Interpretibus
4967: HUGHES, MARGARET - Les Lauriers Sont Coupes...
10565: HULLTEN, PONTUS & CELANT, GERMANO - Italian Art 1900-1945
4206: HUMPHREYS, A.R. - The Augustan World, Life and Letters in Eighteenth-Century England
10427: HUMPHREYS, ARTHUR L. - The Somerset Roll. An Experimental List of Worthies Unworthies and Villains Born in the County
7650: HUNAULD,(FRANCOIS-JOSEPH) - Observations Sur la Structure Et L'Action de Quelques Muscles Des Doigts (from) Memoires de L'Acadamie Royale Des Sciences
5379: HUNEKER, JAMES - On Music and Musicians
30461: HUNEKER, JAMES - Steeplejack. Two Volumes
40215: HUNNISETT, BASIL - Steel-Engraved Book Illustration in England
31051: HUNT, LINDA - Secret Agent
6141: HUNTER, ANNA, COMPILER - Star Turns in the Kitchen
7614: HUNTINGTON, GEORGE S. - The Significance of Muscular Variations, Illustrated by Reversions of the Anti-Brachial Flexor Group
9192: HUTCHISON, JOHN A. - Living Options in World Philosophy
10681: HUTTEN, ULRICH VON; RUBEANUS, CROTUS - Epistolarum Obscurorum Virorum, Ad Dn. M. Ortuinum Gratium . Volumina II & de Generibus Ebriosorum Et Ebrietate Vitanda. /
10584: HUTTON, LAURENCE - Talks in a Library with Laurnece Hutton
8739: HUYGHE, RENE - Watteau
8341: HYDE, MARY - The Thrales of Streatham Park
9533: HYOBU, NISHIMURA, ET AL. - Tagasode: Whose Sleeves... Kimono from the Kanebo Collection
11101: HYRTL, JOSEPH - Cryptobranchus Japonicus. Schediasma Anatomicum, Quod Almae Et Antiquissimae Universitati Vindobonensi
31411: WERNHER VON BRAUN AND FREDERICK I. ORDWAY III - The Rockets' Red Glare. An Illustrated History of Rocketry Through the Ages.
11042: INGVOLDSTAD,FREDERICK W., EDITOR - Red Shoes and Other Poems
31403: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL - Gemini. America's Historic Walk in Space
5898: IRELAND, W. ADAMSON - Hameland Dreams
71118: IRVING, DAVID - The German Atomic Bomb
1402: IRWIN, WILLIAM WALLACE. - On the Slope of Montmartre.
11033: ISAAC-JOSEPH BERRUYER, LE PERE - Histoire Du Peuple de Dieu Depuis Son Origine Jusqu'a la Naissance Du Messie Tiree Des Seuls Livres Saints Ou le Texte Sacre Des Livres de L'Ancien Testament Reduit en Un Corps D'Histoire 15 Volumes .
30575: JACKSON, ANDREW - Boundary with Mexico. Message from the President. Subject of the Treaty with Mexico
30076: JACKSON, ANDREW - Message of the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the Second Session of the Twenty-Third Congress. December 9, 1834
10478: JACKSON, JR., HENRY AND PARKER, JR., FREDERIC - Hodgkin's Disease and Allied Disorders
9164: JACKSON, MASON - The Pictorial Press, Its Origins and Progress
10351: JACKSON, JOSEPHINE - Fired for Royalty
7683: JACOBS, HARRY L. - The Lack of Bearing Contact and the Problem of Weightlessness: The Effect of Past Experiences on Human Performance on a Free-Rotating Low-Friction Turntable
9341: JAFFREY, MADHUR - Madhur Jaffrey's Far Eastern Cookery
30359: JAMES FRASER, EDITOR - Phaedrus. An Internation Journal of Children's Literature Research Vol. VII. No I
31010: JAMES FRASER, EDITOR - Phaedrus. An International Journal of Children's Literature Research. Vol II 1985
31009: JAMES FRASER, EDITOR - Phaedrus. An Internation Journal of Children's Literature Research 1982
3753: JAMES, T.G.H. - Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
30357: JAMES FRASER, EDITOR - Phaedrus. An Internation Journal of Children's Literature Research Vol. V No. 2
312011: JAMES FRASER, EDITOR - Phaedrus. An International Journal of Children's Literature Research Vol 10. 1984
31000: JAMES FRASER, EDITOR - Phaedrus. An Internation Journal of Children's Literature Research 1981
30475: JAMES FRASER/ TAYO SHIMA, EDITORS . HIRANO - Hirano: Lithographs. A Catalogue of an Exhibition 16 May to 17 September 1993.
10892: JANSEN, MURK - Feebleness of Growth and Congenital Dwarfism. With Special Reference to Dysostosis Cleido-Cranialis
30406: JANSSON, H.W. - The Sculpture of Donatello
50106: JANVIER, JEAN - L'Amerique Divisee par Grands Etats
50107: JANVIER, JEAN - Les Isles Britanniques Comprenant Les Royaumes D'Angleterre, D'Ecosse Et D'Irlande Divises en Grandes Provinces Dresses Sur Les Observations Astronomiques
30495: M. JAUJARD - Dedie a Elegance
7656: JEDLICKA, R., G. KRATZENSTEIN AND W. SCHEFFER - Atlas Der Normalen Und Pathologischen Anatomie in Typischen Rontgenbildern
3063: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - In This Wild Water ---the Suppressed Poems of Robinson Jeffers
9734: JENKINS, DONALD - The Ledoux Heritage: The Collecting of Ukiyo-E Master Prints
10972: JENNINGS, LOUIS J(OHN) - The Croker Papers. The Correspondence and Diaries of the Late Honourable John Wilson Croker Volume 1 of 2 Vols.
3358: JERABEK ,L. (LUBOMIR) - Der Alte Prager Judenfriedhof
10812: JESSUP, MRS. HARRIET E. DODGE - A Lamp for the Feet
9737: JOHNSON, HUGH AND PAUL MILES - The Pocket Guide to Garden Plants
7879: JOHNSON, HUGH - Wine
6381: JOHNSON, JOSEPH FRENCH - We and Our Work
10894: JOHNSON, LIONEL - Two Poems
2084: JOHNSON, LOUIS - New Zealand Poetry Yearbook. Volume 10
9924: JOHNSON, MERLE - High Spots of American Literature, a Practical Bibliography and Brief Literary Estimate of Outstanding American Books
20085: JOHNSON, LIONEL - Three Poems
10093: JOHNSON, JACK - Stories of Cape Cod
30596: J. STEWART JOHNSON - The Museum. Silver in Newark. Newark 300th Anniversary Study
20071: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
20011: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - A Dictionary of the English Language in Which the Words Are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations by Examples from the Best Writers. To Which Are Prefixed, a History of the Language, and an English Grammar. 2 Vol
1976: JOHNSTON, MARY - To Have and to Hold
4047: JONES, F. AVERY, EDITOR - Modern Trends in Gastro-Enterology
10039: JONES, E. WILLIS - The Santa Claus Book
9665: JONES, MICHAEL - Ducal Brittany, 1364-1399, Relations with England and France During the Reign on Duke John IV
40200: JOSEPH R. THOMAS, EDITOR - The American Gas Light Journal / Original
1076: JOST, HANS ULRICH, BRANDON BRAME FORTUNE, AND WILLIAM HAUPTMAN - From Liotard to le Corbusier, 200 Years of Swiss Painting, 1730-1930
9212: JOUFFROY, THEODORE - Melanges Philosophiques
30755: JOYCE, JAMES - Pomes Penyeach
20212: JUSTINIAN, GODEFROY, DENIS; LECONTE, ANTOINE; CUIAS, JACOB; BROSSE, PIERRE - Volumen Legum Parvum (Paruum) Quod Vocant, in Quo Haec Insunt: Tres Posteriores Libri Codicis D. Justiniani. . Authenticae, Sue Novellae Constitutiones Eiusdem Principis... Feudorum Libri Duo. Constitutiones Friderici II,. Henrici VII. Tractatus. Two Volumes.
30378: JUSTINUS, MARCUS JUNIANUS - Historiae Philippicae. Justinus: Cum Notis Selectissimis Variorum Berneggeri, Bongarsy, Vossy, Thysy, &C
30240: KADAR, BELA - Dies Irae/ Huszonnegy Tollrajxz
3681: KAHAN, JACOB - Sein Un Zusamensein
9717: KAHANE, CHAS., EDITOR - Torah Yesharah, a Traditional Interpretative Translation of the Five Books of Moses and an Introduction to Each Haftorah (Vol. 2)
10359: KALINSKY, GEORGE - Rabbis. The Many Faces of Judaism
30290: KALTENBORN, H. V. - We Look at the World
30202: KANDAOUROFF, PRINCE DIMITRY - Postmarks Card and Covers: Collecting Postal History
2304: KANDINSKIJ, VASILIJ (KANDINSKY) - Testo D'Autore E Altri Scritti Russi
8825: KANE, JOHN AS TOLD TO MARIE MCSWIGAN - Sky Hooks, the Autobiography of John Kane
30786: PATRICIA E. KANE - Colonial Massachusetts Silversmiths and Jewelers
8707: KANIN, GARSON - Cordelia?
1936: KAPLAN, DONALD M., AND ARMAND SCHWERNER - The Domesday Dictionary
40103: KAPLAN, MITCHELL M. - Panorama of Ancient Letters
30374: KAPLAN, MITCHELL M. (MIKAL KAPLAN) - Gezamlte Shrfiten. Collected Writings.
30805: KARODE, ROOBINA - Open Doors. Art from the Knma Collection
8057: KATZ, LASZLO - The Art of Woodworking and Furniture Appreciation
7242: KAUFFMAN, HENRY J. - American Copper & Brass
2352: KAYE, GERALDINE - Great Day in Ghana, Kwasi Goes to Town
2081: KEEP, ROSALIND A. - Fourscore and Ten Years, a History of Mills College, California
10881: KEITH, SIR ARTHUR - Menders of the Maimed. (Unique Copy)
10071: KELL, TOM AND JAY FRIEDMANN - Oriental Rug Price Guide
3252: KELLNER, ABRAHAM A. - Sunset at Mid-Day
81001: JEFF PERROTT/ELLSWORTH KELLY - Ellsworth Kelly Plant Lithographs 1973-1997
7418: KENDALL, ALAN - Music, Its Story in the West
9983: KETCHUM, ALTON - Uncle Sam: The Man and the Legend
11050: GUALTERUS HARRIS / VINCENTIUS KETELAER - Morbis Acutis Infantum / Commentarius Medicus de Aphthis Nostratibus.
1918: KEYAN, ROSTAM - Poetics
30567: KHACHAPURIDZE, G. - Bolsheviks of Georgia in the Battle for the Victory of the Soviet Authorities.
9357: KIDDER, J.E., JR. - Japan Before Buddhism
30238: KIKUCHI, SADAO - A Treasury of Japanese Wood Block Prints Ukiyo-E
5210: KILMER, ALINE - The Poor King's Daughter and Other Poems
7467: KILPPER, C.G. - Wie Der Chinese Spricht Und Schreibt
20145: KIM, WONSOOK - Wonsook Kim
8788: KING, MARIAN - A Gallery of Mothers and Their Children
9871: KING, ALEXANDER AND DR. HANS FROMHERZ - German-English Chemical Terminology
9010: KING, RONALD - Botanical Illustration
9900: KINGMAN, LEE AND JOANNA FOSTER AND RUTH GILES LONTOFT, EDITORS - Illustrators of Children's Books, 1957-1966
30752: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho!
8191: KINSLEY, MICHAEL - Outer Space and Inner Sanctums: Government, Business and Satellite Communication
30547: KIPLING,RUDYARD - The Gipsy Trail (the Gypsy Trail)
9857: KIRBY, DAVID K. - American Fiction to 1900.
4394: KIRIKAE, ICHIRO - Collection of Paintings. Ichiro Kirikae
8123: KIRK, JOHN AND TIMOTHY JACOBS, EDITORS - The Golf Courses of Robert Trent Jones, Jr.
30484: KIRKPATRICK, D.L. - Twentieth-Century Children's Writers
10784: KIRSHNER, JUDITH RUSSI. OTTERNESS, TOM - The Tables, Tom Otterness
10915: KLEBELSBERG, R. VON / ARTUR GRAF VON WOLKENSTEIN RDENEGG - Schlern-Schriften. Nr. 17. Oswald Von Wolkenstein
7865: KLEIN, RUTH - Almanach Der Dame Auf Das Jahr 1955
10684: KLEINSCHMIDT, HANS J. & FREEMAN, PHYLLIS - Richard Huelsenbeck
30791: KLINE, ERIC CHAIM - Judaica Volume L a Compendikum of Rare and out of Print Books
30765: KLOS, DAGMAR - Dyer's Companion
50103: KNOX, THOMAS W. - The Boy Travellers in South America
5774: KOFLER, J. A. - Katholische Kirche Und Judentum
31053: KOHN, BERNICE - Communications Satellites/Messages Centers in Space
8212: KORDER, HOWARD - Search and Destroy
5715: KORMENDI, FERENC - Juniusi Hetkoznap (Weekday in June)
30789: KOSCHAL, STEPHEN - Collecting Books and Pamphlets Signed by the Presidents of the United States
9331: KOTZEBUE, AUGUST / THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, TRANSLATOR - The Stranger, a Drama in Five Acts
9592: KRAMER, FREDERICK A. - Across New York by Trolley, a Pictorial Review of the Third Avenue Railway System in Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester
10306: KRANTZ, ALBERT R., BYRON, BASIL GORDON AND COUDERT, FREDERIC RENE - America Speaks. A Library of the Best Spoken Thought in Business and the Professions
31438: KRASSOVSKY, V.I. - Results of Scientific Investigations Made by Soviet Sputniks and Cosmic Rockets
9591: KRATVILLE, WILLIAM W. - Little Look at the Challengers
10314: KRAUS, H. P, - The Eightieth Catalogue . Remarkable Manuscripts, Books and Maps Ixth to Xviiith. Century. H.P. Karus Catalogue
20093: KRAUSS, RUTH - Charlotte and the White Horse
7221: KRIBBS, JAYNE K., EDITOR - An Annotated Bibliography of American Literary Periodicals, 1741-1850
8005: KUHL, POLLY - The 49er
7724: KULJIAN, HARRY A. - Universe and Its Man
10687: KUNDERA, MILAN - Sovak. Retrospective 1980-1988
3900: KUNTZ, ALBERT - Visceral Innervation and Its Relation to Personality
31414: KURNOSOVA, L.V. - Artificial Earth Satellites. Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
8481: KUSKIN, KARLA - A Great Miracle Happened There - a Chanukah Story
10268: LABKOVSKI, D. - Shalom Aleichem and His Heroes
8001: LACINOVA, EVA - Hello Children! Anglictina Pro Skolacky
4063: LAINEZ, MANUEL MUJICA - Letra E Imagen de Buenos Aires
9403: LAMBECK, FREDERICK - Party, a Literary Nightmare
20188: LAMBERT, CLAUDE-FRANCOIS (M L"ABBE) - Histoire Generale, Civile, Naturelle, Politique Et Religeuse de Tout Les Peiuples de Monde 14 Volumes
1894: LAMPSON, ROBIN - Laughter out of the Ground
4640: LANE, JANE - Titus Oates
11162: LANES, SELMA G. - The Art of Maurice Sendak
8221: LAPP, RALPH E. - Man and Space, the Next Decade
30186: LARSSON, CARL - Our Home
8898: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES, AND ROBERT L. DELEVOY - Flemish Painting, the Century of Van Eyck and from Bosch to Rubens. Two Volumes
31118: LATHAM, CHARLES, JR. - The Episcopal Academy, 1785 - 1984
8604: LATIMER, LOUISE P. - Illustrators. A Finding List.
8475: LAUER, JOSEPH J. AND GREGORY V. LARKIN AND ALFRED KAGAN - American and Canadian Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses on Africa, 1974-1987
20351: LAUFFER - MI Buki de Bestia. Rima Pa Mucha
9257: LAWRENSON, DEREK - The Dream Ryder Cup
7684: LAWTON, RICHARD W., ET AL. - Bioengineering Problems in Early Manned Space Flight
11058: LAYARD, JOHN - The Lady of the Hare. Being a Study in the Healing Power of Dreams
7673: LEAVITT, GERTRUDE STEVENS - The Story of Frances E. Willard
8360: LECOMTE, EDWARD - Milton & Sex
30343: JAMES MONROE. J.C. CALHOUN. WM. LEE - Message from the President of the United States Transmitting the Information in Relation to Expenditures on the Ordnance Department, the Quantity and Description of Arms Now Belonging to the United States,. February 17, 1823
40213: LEE, BRIAN NORTH - British Bookplates a Pictorial History
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7727: PAGE, LOU WILLIAMS AND THORNTON PAGE - Apollo-Soyuz Pamphlet
7728: PAGE, LOU WILLIAMS AND THORNTON PAGE - Apollo-Soyuz Pamphlet
7729: PAGE, LOU WILLIAMS AND THORNTON PAGE - Apollo-Soyuz Pamphlet
7731: PAGE, LOU WILLIAMS AND THORNTON PAGE - Apollo-Soyuz Pamphlet
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11077: THOMPSON, KAY - Eloise
5148: THOMPSON, PHILLIPS B. - Invitation to the Brook Club to George Crawford Clark
9421: THOMPSON, VICTOR H. - Eudora Welty: A Reference Guide
10866: THOMPSON, KAY - Eloise a Noel. (Eloise at Christmas Time)
4231: THOMSON, CHILTON - Old Timbers
6706: THOMSON, WILLIAM O. - Poems
2588: THOMSON, DAVID - Gonorrhoea
3053: THOMSON, A.A. - Let's See the Highlands
11004: TIBULLUS, ALBIUS - Carmina Libri Tres Cum Libro Quarto Sulpiciae Et Aliorum. Novis Curis Castigavit Chr(Istian) G. Heyne
7415: TICHI, CECELIA - High Lonesome, the American Culture of Country Music
5560: TILTON, GEORGE PRESCOTT - The Life and Services of Benj. Franklin and a Catalogue of the Benj. Franklin Pattern of Sterling Silver Tableware
9511: TITCOMB, CALDWELL, EDITOR - The Art of Fine Words, Offerings in Honor of Arthur H. Hopkins
8004: TOLL, DAVID - Arizona
9838: TOMPSON, FRANCES AND TONY TOMPSONQ - Synthetic Dyeing for Spinners, Weavers, Knitters and Embroiderers
6917: HARADA-TOSHIAKI - Social Organizations for the Village-Deity Cult of Japan
30190: TOUCHY, FERDINAND CHRISTIAN/ GAUDICH, C. F - Auf Dreysigjährige Erfahrung Sich Gründender Praktischer Unterricht Der Ganzen Landwirthschaft Zur Belehrung Nicht Nur Für Anfänger in Der Oekonomie, Sondern Auch Für Unerfahrene Landwirthe. 2 Volumes
11051: TOURTELLE, ESTEVEN (ESTEBAN) - Elementos de Hygiene o Del Influxo de Las Cosas Fisicas y Morales en el Hombre y Medios de Conservar la Salud Volume 1
8849: TOYE, FRANCIS - Rossini, a Study in Tragi-Comedy
9777: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD - Lectures on the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century in England, Popular Addresses, Notes and Other Fragments
20184: THOMAS HALE/ JEAN CHRISTOPHE DUPUY DEMPORTES TR. - Le Gentilhomme Cultivateur Ou Corps Complet D'Agriculture . Traduit de L"Anglois de M. Hale Et Tire Des Auteurs Qui Ont le Mieux Ecrit Sur Cet Art. Complete in 4 Volumes/16 Books
8542: TRENCH, CHARLES CHENEVIX - The Road to Khartoum, a Life of General Charles Gordon
91001: TREVELYAN, LAURA - The Winchester the Gun That Built an American Dynasty
9260: TRILLING, DIANA - We Must March My Darlings, a Critical Decade
8639: TRUMBULL, ROBERT - Tin Roofs and Palm Trees, a Report on the New South Seas
8874: TUCCI, DOUGLASS SHAND - Built in Boston, City and Suburb, 1800-1950
9268: TUDOR, TASHA - 1 Is One
3342: TUGBY, THOMAS - Tugby's Illustrated Guide to Niagara Falls
10237: TUPPER, H. ALLEN - Columbia's War for Cuba
10638: TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUHAR - The Poetical Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper
9417: TURNBULL, LAURA SHEARER - Woodrow Wilson, a Selected Bibliography of His Published Writings, Addresses and Public Papers
5882: TYE, ARTY - Dramatic and Other Poems
7148: TYLER, GEORGE C. AND J.C. FURNAS - Whatever Goes Up - the Hazardous Fortunes of a Natural Born Gambler
5261: UMINSKI, SIGMUND H. - Poland Discovers America
40101: UNGAR, IRVIN - Collector's Haggadah Catalogue 1695 - Present
4549: URY, PETER - The Kiss of the Judas
9289: US DEPT. OF INTERIOR, BUREAU OF MINES - Minerals Yearbook, 1966, Volume I-II, Metals, Minerals and Fuels
7909: VAJDA, MIKLOS, EDITOR - Modern Hungarian Poetry
3461: VALLIER, DORA - Henri Rousseau
4870: DE VALLIERE, CAPITAINE - Le Regiment Des Gardes-Suisses de France. Les Suisses en Italie (Campagne de Marignan)
7395: VANDEN HEUVEL, JON - Untapped Sources, America's Newspaper Archives and Histories
20025: VEEN, OTTO VAN (OCTAVIUS VAENIUS); & - Le Theatre Moral de la Vie Humaine Representee en Plus de Cent Tableaux Divers Tirez de Poete Horace par le Sieur Otho Venius Et Expliquez en Autant de Discours Moraux par le Sieur de Gomberville. Avec la Table Du Philosphe Cebes.
4988: VERDET, ANDRE - Atlan (Jean Pierre)
30749: VERNE, JULES - Michael Strogoff
50100: ABBOT VERTOT - The History of the Revolution in Sweden, Occasioned by the Change of Religion Etc. With a Counterfeit George Washington Bookplate
9960: VICKERY, HUBERT BRADFORD - Rudolph John Anderson, 1879-1961, a Biographical Memoir
30182: VIGNOLA, IACOMO BAROZZI DA - Regola Delli Cinque Ordini D'Architecttura
3803: VINCENT, GEORGE E. - Some Italian Authors and Their Works
11028: VIRGIL (PUBLIUS VIRGILIUS MARO). - P. Vergilii Maronis Opera
2409: VIRTUE, C.M. - Company Administration Including Supply and Mess Management and Personnel Records
6777: VITEZ, MIHALY CSOKONAI - Negy Szinjatek/ Four Plays
5042: VIVIANI, M. RENE,AND MARSHAL JOFFRE - Addresses in the United States
11082: VOGEL, FRANZ-ADAM - Les Privileges Des Suisses, Ensemble Aux Villes Imperiales Et Anseatiques Et Aux Habitans de Geneve, Residens en France Avec Un Traite Historiques Et Politique, Des Alliances entre la France & Les Treize Cantons, Depuis Charles VII Jusqu'a Present. 2 Vol.
30243: VOGT, ALFRED - Lehrbuch Und Atlas Der Spaltlampenmikroskopie Des Lebenden Auges
30518: CARL-ALEXANDER VON VOLBORTH - Heraldy. Customs, Rules and Styles
10839: VOLTAIRE, (FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE - Essay Sur L'Histoire Generale Et Sur Les Moeurs Et L'Esprit Des Nations, Depuis Charlemagne Jusqu'a Nos Jours. 8 Volumes
30121: VOLTAIRE - Lettres Choisies Avec le Traite de la Connaissance Des Beautes Et Des Defauts de la Poesie Et de L'Eloquence Dan la Langue Francaise Precedees D'Une Notice Et . Notes Explicatives Sur Les Faits Et Sur Les Personnages . Par Louis Moland. Two Volumes
6336: S. PH. DE VRIES - Judische Riten Und Symbole
20192: WADDELL, MAJOR L. A. - Among the Himalayas
3821: WALDBURG-WOLFEGG, JOHANNES GRAF - Das Mittelalterliche Hausbuch
9044: WALDRIP, LOUISE AND SHIRLEY ANN BAUER - A Bibliography of the Works of Katherine Anne Porter and a Bibliography of the Criticism of the Works of Katherine Anne Porter
3711: WALKER, JOHN - Bellini and Titian at Ferrara, a Study of Styles and Taste
20029: WALKER, A.H. - Atlas of Bergen County, 1776 -1876
9965: WALLACE, LILY MAXWORTH, EDITOR - Household Hand Book, Containing Reliable Hints and Suggestions for the Household
2464: WALLACE, PAUL A. W. - Lebanon Valley College, a Centennial History
31057: WALTERS, HELEN B. - Hermann Oberth: Father of Space Travel
8470: WALTERS, RONALD G. - Primers for Prudery - Sexual Advice to Victorian America
1870: WAMPLER, VANCE - The Prince of Garden Hills
8378: WARD, D. - New Original Ventriloquism Act
30336: WARD, ARTEMAS - Fame. Published in the Interest of Interborough Subway and Elevated Advertising & "Chart-Talks" for Advertisers.
10122: WARD, BARBARA - Spirit of '76 - - Why Not Now?
2074: WARHAFT, SIDNEY, AND JOHN WOODBURY - English Poems, 1250-1660
70104: WARHOL, ANDY - Warhol Shadows
5013: WARNER, REX AND H.J. OLIVER - E.M. Forster and the Art of E.M. Forster (3 Booklets)
9947: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, EDITOR - Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. XXIX
9485: WARREN, GEOFFREY - All Colour Book of Art Nouveau
6371: WASHBURN, HENRY BRADFORD - Philip Mercer Rhinelander
6619: WASHBURN, EDWIN C. - Men or Cogs
3613: WATERMANN, HERMANN - Muskelmechanische Probleme
8440: WATKINS, RONALD AND JEREMY LEMMON - In Shakespeare's Playhouse, a Midsummer Night's Dream
31112: WATKINSON, RAY - William Morris As Designer
320244: PHELPS AND WATSON - Phelps and Watson's Historical and Military Map of the Border and Southern States
30103: DE WATTEVILLE, VIVIENNE - Speak to the Earth. Signed Lindbergh Book

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