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48941: [Fine Press]. Morris, William [1834 - 1896]. Briggs, R. C. H. - Contributor - A HANDLIST Of The PUBLIC ADDRESSES Of WILLIAM MORRIS To Be FOUND In GENERALLY ACCESSIBLE PUBLICATIONS
38299: Morris, Charles - BOB ROCKETT, The CRACKSMAN; Or, Driven to the Wall. "Beadle's Half Dime Library." Vol. VIII. No. 189
44438: Morris, Robert T. - NUT GROWNING
44405: [Salesman's Sample / Canvassing Book]. Morris, Prof. Charles - QUEEN VICTORIA Her Reign and Diamond Jubilee
14292: Morris, Richard - PLAYS
48527: [Kansas History]. Morris, Capt. Charles A. - ALBUMEN CARTE - De - VISITE [CDV] PHOTOGRAPH Of CAPT. C. A. MORRIS' RESIDENCE, Ft Scott. Kan
13545.1: Morris, Mary McGarry - VANISHED. A Novel
13544: Morris, Mary - VANISHING ANIMALS & Other Stories
13545: Morris, Mary McGarry - VANISHED. A Novel
13543.1: Morris, Mary - The BUS Of DREAMS
13543: Morris, Mary - The BUS Of DREAMS
48451: Morris, Charles [1833 - 1922] - FRED HALYARD, The Life Boat Boy; or, The Smugglers of the Inlet. A Story of the Lower Beach.; Beadle's Half Dime Library. Vol VIII. No. 187. February 22, 1881
29937: Morrow, Kay; Hemminger, Hazel; Dubin, Pauline; Sondheim, S. Claire - Editors - 'ROUND The WORLD COOKERY
41382: Morrow, W. C. - SOUVENIR Of The HOTEL Del MONTE. Monterey, California
14332: Morrow, Bradford - GIOVANNI'S GIFT. A Novel
13586: Morrow, Bradford - The ALMANAC BRANCH. A Novel
30841: Morse, David - HIGH VICTORIAN CULTURE
35298: Morse, Edward S[ylvester. 1838 - 1925] - "Observations on the Terrestrial Pulmonifera of Maine, including a Catalogue of all the Species of Terrestrial and Fluviatile Mollusca known to Inhabit the State." [as published in] JOURNAL Of The PORTLAND SOCIETY Of NATURAL HISTORY. Vol. I. - - No. 1
37944: Morse, George Henry - PLUCKY NAT; or, A Bright Boy's Adventures in Texas Golden Hour Library of Choice Reading for Boys and Girls. Vol. II. - No. 36. March 15, 1888
38694: Mortimer, Chapman - YOUNG MEN WAITING
31031: Mortman, Doris - TRUE COLORS. A Novel
43181: [History of Technology]. Morton, Prof. Henry - REPORT Of PROF. HENRY MORTON On The STORAGE BATTERIES Of The ELECTRICAL POWER STORAGE COMPANY, Limited of London
48539: Morton, Thomas [1764? - 1838]. Fitzgerald, T. W.; Andrews, M. P. - Contributors - A CURE For The HEART- ACHE; A Comedy, in Five Acts, As Performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden; Prologue written by T. W. Fitzgerald, Esq. Spoken by Mr. Macready. Epilogue written by M. P. Andrews. Spoken by Mrs. Mattocks
25294: Moschetti, Andrea - PADOVA
40753: Moseley, H[enry]. N[ottidge. 1844 - 1891] - OREGON: Its Resources, Climate, People and Productions
19350: Moseley, John J.; Dunagan, W.A. - HISTORY GEOLOGY Of The CARLSBAD CAVERNS
43093: Moser, Barry [b. 1940] - Designer & Illustrator - The HOLY BIBLE Containing All the Books of the Old and New Testaments. King James Version.; The Viking Studio Edition of the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible
29694: [Moser, Barry]. Steinberg, Sheila. McGuigan, Cathleen - RHODE ISLAND. An Historical Guide
50987: Moshfegh, Ottessa - MY YEAR Of REST And RELAXATION
17131: Moskin, J. Robert - MR. TRUMAN'S WAR
29246: Mosley, Walter - BLACK BETTY
37545: Motley, Willard - WE FISHED ALL NIGHT
43489.1: [California / Automobiles]. Motter, Tom - A HISTORY Of The OAKLAND SPEEDWAY 1931 - 1941; Volume 1, Tracks of the West
43488: [California / Automobiles]. Motter, Tom - INDOORS!; Volume 3, Tracks of the West
43487: [California / Automobiles]. Motter, Tom - SACRAMENTO. Dirt Capital of the West.; Volume 4, Tracks of the West
13114: Moullin, E. B. - RADIO AERIALS. International Monographs on Radio No. 2
41381: [Bishop George Jehoshaphat Mountain] - The JOURNAL Of The BISHOP Of MONTREAL, During a Visit to the Church Missionary Society's North-West America Mission. To Which is Added, by the Secretaries, an Appendix, Giving an Account of the Formation of the Mission, and its Progress to the Present Time
39078: [A Grolier Club Publication]. Mourek, Anthony F. - FAMOUS, INFAMOUS & FORGOTTEN. Political Cartoons from the Collection of Anthony F. Mourek. Exhibited from 14 November 2013 through 10 January 2014
44771.1: [Poster - Haight Ashbury]. Mouse, [Stanley] - KEEP HAIGHT STRAIGHT In SEVENTY SIX.; United We Stand
42997: [Temperance Movement] - 19th CENTURY TEMPERANCE JOURNAL / SCRAPBOOK
40257.1: [Social Movement] - FLYING SQUADRON. Temperance Songs
48578: Mowbray, Dr - The REPORT Of The GENTLEMEN APPOINTED By The GENERAL COURTS Of The CHARITABLE CORPORATION,; Held The 19th of October, the 18th of November, and the 21st of December last, to inspect the State of their Affairs, &c. As the same was given in to the General Court of January 12, 1731 - 2. To which is added, A List of the present Proprietors of the said Corporation, together with the Copy of their Petition to the Honourable House of Commons, the State of their Case, &c
31651: Mowry, Jess - SIX OUT SEVEN
14485: Mowry, Jess - WAY PAST COOL. A Novel
15124.1: Moyes, Patricia - NIGHT FERRY To DEATH
13804: Moyes, Patricia - A SIX-LETTER WORD For DEATH
47750: Mrak, E[mil]. M[arcel. 1901 - 1987].; Caudron, D. C.; and Cash, L. - CORROSION Of METALS By MUSTS And WINES.; [Reprinted from Food Research, 1937, Vol. 2, No. 5]
50275: Mruakami, Haruki. Rubin, Jay - Translator - AFTER DARK. A Novel
50346: Mueenuddin, Daniyal - In OTHER ROOMS, OTHER WONDERS
5681: Muir, P[ercy]. H. - BOOK COLLECTING As a Hobby. In a Series of Letters to Everyman
50371: Muir, W[illiam]. Blake, William [1757 - 1827] - Inspiration.  - ODE To SEA - SICKNESS.; With Aplogies to R. Burns, A. Pope and W. Blake. 1 April 1884
37913: [Muir, Malcolm, Edward W. Barrett, Chet Shaw, Joseph B. Phillips, Fred Vanderschmidt, Edwin Stout - Contributors] - NEWSWEEK MARCH 4, 1946. Volume XXVII, No. 9. The Magazine of News Significance. Florida Frenzy: See National Affairs
28409: Mukherjee, Bharati - LEAVE IT To ME. A Novel
15401: Mukherjee, Bharati - JASMINE. A Novel
37731: Mulbach, L[uise (also Louisa). Pseudonym of Mundt, Clara (also Klara). 1814 - 1873] - The EMPRESS JOSEPHINE. An Historical Sketch of the Days of Napoleon. Translated from the German, By Rev. W. Binet, A. M.
37729: Mulbach, L[uise (also Louisa). Pseudonym of Mundt, Clara (also Klara). 1814 - 1873] - GOETHE And SCHILLER. An Historical Romance. Translated from the German, By Chapman Coleman
37728: Mulbach, L[uise (also Louisa). Pseudonym of Mundt, Clara (also Klara). 1814 - 1873] - The MERCHANT Of BERLIN. An Historical Romance. Translated from the German, By Amory Coffin, M. D. [bound with] MARIA THERESA And Her FIREMAN. An Historical Novel. Translated from the German
37695: Mulbach, L[uise (also Louisa). Pseudonym of Mundt, Clara (also Klara). 1814 - 1873]. Coleman, Chapman - Translator - MOHAMMED ALI And His HOUSE. An Historical Romance. Translated from the German, By Chapman Coleman
37201: "Oliver North" [pseudonym for Mullen, W.] - RAMBLES AFTER SPORT; or, Travels and Adventures in the Americas and At Home
32138: Muller, Marcia - EYE Of The STORM. A Sharon McCone Mystery
28254: Muller, Marcia - ASK The CARDS A QUESTION
46445: [World War I]. Muller, E. - Image Copyright Holder - FOLDING VIEW BOOK Of UNITED STATES NAVY
19047: Muller, Marcia - WOLF In The SHADOWS
36789: Mulock, Miss [Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock. 1826 - 1887] - JOHN BOWERBANK'S WIFE. A Novel. The Leisure Hour Library. New Series. Vol. I. No. 68. March, 1885
49236: Mulock, Miss [Dinah Maria (Mrs. Craik 1826 - 1887)] - A NOBLE LIFE. The Arm Chair Library. No. 10. March 11, 1893
50832: Mumby, Frank Arthur. Peet, W. H. - Contributor - PUBLISHING And BOOKSELLING: A History from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.; With a Bibliography by W. H. Peet. Revised by F.A.M.
19975.1: Mumey, Nolie - A STUDY Of RARE BOOKS.; WIth Special Reference to Colophons, Press Devices and Title Pages of Interest to the Bibliophile and the Student of Literature
27076: Munari, Bruno - WHO'S THERE? OPEN The DOOR!
27072: Munari, Bruno - The BIRTHDAY PRESENT
1188: Munby, A. N. L. - ESSAYS And PAPERS.; Edited, with an Introduction, by Nicolas Barker
37570: Munby, A. N. L. - The HISTORY And BIBLIOGRAPHY Of SCIENCE In ENGLAND: The FIRST PHRASE, 1833 - 1845. To Which is Added a Reprint of a Catalogue of Scientific Manuscripts in the Possession of J. O. Halliwell, Esq
6127.2: Saki [Hector Hugh Munro] - The SHORT STORIES Of SAKI (H. H. Munro). With an Introduction by Christopher Morley. Modern Library No. 280
15055: Munro, Neil [1864 - 1930] - CHILDREN Of TEMPEST. A Tale of the Outer Isles
50357: Munroe, Kirk [1850 - 1930] - The WHITE CONQUERORS Of MEXICO: A Tale of Toltec and Aztec
22943: Munroe, Kirk & Catherwood, Mary Hartwell., editors - SCHOOL And COLLEGE DAYS
27313: Murdoch, Iris [1919 - 1999] - The GREEN KNIGHT
32860: Murphy, Pat - The CITY, NOT LONG AFTER. A Novel
43035: Murphy, Richard [1927 - ] - HIGH ISLAND. New and Selected Poems
50994: Murphy, Richard - The MIRROR WALL
43232: Murray, Hon. Charles Augustus [1806 - 1895] - The PRAIRIE - BIRD. Library of Select Novels. No. 34. Price Twenty-five Cents.; By the Author of "Revelations of Russia."
30719: Murray, Elizabeth - PAINTERLY PHOTOGRAPHY. Awakening the Artist Within
50237: [Maritime Fiction]. Murray, Lieutenant [pseudonym of Ballou, Maturin Murray. 1820 - 1895] - The NAVAL OFFICER: or, The Pirate's Cave. A Tale of the Last War
29396: Murray, Lynne - TERMINATION INTERVIEW
28550: Murray, Lindley [1745 - 1826] - The ENGLISH READER: Or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Selected From the Best Writers. ... With a Few Preliminary Observations on the Principles of Good Reading
28322: Murray, Lynne - At LARGE. A Josephine Fuller Mystery
26479: Murray, Albert - TRAIN WHISTLE GUITAR
40053: [Comic Book]. Murray, Doug - The NAM. Volume 1. No. 4. "Six O'Clock News."
40051.1: [Comic Book]. Murray, Doug - The NAM. Volume 1. No. 2. "Dustoff."
9816: Murray, Nicholas [1802 - 1861] - The PRIVILEGES And DUTIES Of YOUNG MEN.; An Introductory Lecture Delivered on the 25th Nov. 1842, before the Young Men's Association of Troy
18228: [World War I]. Murray, Gilbert - The UNITED STATES And The WAR.; Reprinted from the Westminster Gazette
37736: Murray, William Henry [1790 - 1852]. [A. L. Beckett & Victor E. Harlow, Contributors] - The SPEECHES Of WILLIAM HENRY MURRAY, GOVERNOR Of OKLAHOMA. President of Oklahoma Constitutional Convention, Speaker of First Legislature of Oklahoma, Congressman from Oklahoma
32991: Murry, John Middleton [1889 - 1957] - Editor; Lawrence, D[avid]. H[erbert. 1885 - 1930]; Mansfield, Katherine [1888 - 1923]; Tchekhov, Anton [1860 - 1904]; Koteliansky, S[amuel]. S[olomonovich. 1882 - 1955]; Tomlinson, H[enry]. M[ajor. 1873 - 1958]; Sulli - The ADELPHI. Vol. I, No. 1. June 1923
32609.1: Murry, John Middleton [1889 - 1957] - Editor. Lawrence, D[avid]. H[erbert. 1885 - 1930] - Contributor. Mansfield, Katherine [1888 - 1923] - Contributor. Wells, H[erbert]. G[eorge 1866 - 1946] - Contributor. Gorki, [also Gorky] Maxim [pseudonym for Aleksey - "Poems" "Indians and an Englishman" [as published by] The ADELPHI, Vol. 1. No. 6. November, 1923
37624: Musatti, Jeanete. [1944 - ] - SONHOS DO PONDJI
18352: [Gutenberg Museum] - [A Contribution Solicitation from The American Friends Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz World Museum of Printing]
34845: Asian Art Museum - ASIAN ART MUSEUM. Selected Articles from Orientations
28070: [Songster / 19th C. Music] - "LEETLE BABY MINE". Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library. No. 32
28071: [Songster / 19th C. Music] - "The OLD ARM CHAIR". Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library. No. 22
40463: [Temperance Sheet Music and Song Books - Various] - COLLECTION Of TEMPERANCE SHEET MUSIC. 4 Articles of Sheet Music Praising the Temperance Movement from 1882 to 1959
24705: [Music] - A SELECTION From The OLD SONGS & DITTIES Of MERRIE ENGLAND (1500 - 1800). The Rose Library No. 6
46629: [Record/Vinyl] Dickens, Charles - Based on the Novel by; Oliver, Stephen - Music and Lyrics by - The ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY PRODUCTION Of The LIFE And ADVENTURES NICHOLAS NICKLEBY.; Music from the Original Television Soundtrack
50633: [Fore-edge Painting]. de Musset, Alfred [1810 - 1857]. Fosdick, Gertrude Christian - Translator. Carr, Adelia R. - Former Owner - ROMAN CONTEMPORAIN. The Two Mistresses. Emmeline. The Son of Titan. Frederic and Bernerette. Pierre and Camille.; This Edition of the NOUVELLES Has Been Completely Translated by Gertrude Christian Fosdick
42533: Myers, Frank - SOLDIERING In DAKOTA, AMONG The INDIANS, In 1863-4-5
45009: Myers, William R. - Subject - An AUTHENTICATED REPORT Of The TRIAL Of MYERS And OTHERS, for the Murder of Dudley Marvin Hoyt.; With the Speeches of Counsel, and the Letters in Full, with Explanatory Notes, Which Furnish a Clear and Complete History of the Case. Drawn Up by the Editor of The Richmond Southern Standard
4917: Myers, John Myers - San Francisco's REIGN OF TERROR
38472: Myers, L. H. - STRANGE GLORY
9639.1: [Theology]. Myers, Jacobe M. - Translator - The ANCHOR BIBLE. I CHRONICLES. The Anchor Bible Volume 12.; Translated, with an Introduction and Notes, by Jacob M. Myers
36114: Myrtle, Lewis [pseudonym for Hill, George Canning. 1825 - 1898] - CAP SHEAF. A Fresh Bundle
50177: Boswamy, B. N. and Fischer, Eberhard - PAHARI MASTERS. Court Painters of Northern India
49662: Morri n, Adriaan. Leigh-Loohuizen, Ria - Translator - The USE Of A WALL MIRROR.; A Selection from Mothers and Sons (1962) and The Use of a Wall Mirror (1968). Translated from the Dutch by Ria Leigh-Loohuizen
23966: Nabokov, Vladimir [1899 - 1977] - The EYE
19432.1: Nabokov, Vladimir [1899 - 1977] - NABOKOV'S QUARTET
36408: Nadeau, Remi - FORT LARAMIE and the Sioux Indians
13826: Nadolny, Sten - The GOD Of IMPERTINENCE. A Novel.; Translated from the German by Breon Mitchell
36821: Nagle, J. C. - IRRIGATION In TEXAS. U. S. Department of Agriculture. Office of Experiment Stations -- Bulletin 222
40925: Naipaul, Shiva - LOVE And DEATH In A HOT COUNTRY
1167.1: Naipaul, V.S. - AMONG The BELIEVERS: An Islamic Journey
34966: Nambisan, Kavery - MANGO- COLOURED FISH
29984: Van Name, Mark L. - ONE JUMP AHEAD
29984.1: Van Name, Mark L. - ONE JUMP AHEAD
48272: [Napier, Macvey. 1776 - 1847]. Grahame, James [1790 - 1842] - Sometime Attributed to - HYPOCRISY UNVEILED, And CALUMNY DETECTED: in a Review of Blackwood's Magazine
33752: Napier, Nina - LIBRARY LEVITY
7851: [Napoleon] - NILES NATIONAL REGISTER. Vol IX, No 3. Sept 16, 1815
14352: [Napoleon] - The COURT And CAMP Of BONAPARTE. Harper's Family Library No XXIX
44397: [Salesman's Sample / Canvassing Book]. Nasby, Petroleum V. [pseudonym of Locke, David Ross. 1833 - 1888]. Sumner, Charles - Contributor - The STRUGGLES (Social, Financial and Political) of PETROLEUM V. NASBY.; Introduction by Honorable Charles Sumner
30690: Nash, Ray - Editor - PAGA. PRINTING & GRAPHIC ARTS. Volume VII. 1959
30691: Nash, Ray - Editor - PAGA. PRINTING & GRAPHIC ARTS. Volume VIII. 1960
30692: Nash, Ray - Editor - PAGA. PRINTING & GRAPHIC ARTS. Volume IX. 1961
30688: Nash, Ray; Hitchings, Sinclair H. - Editors - PRINTING & GRAPHIC ARTS. Volume V. 1957
45619: Nash, Ray. Rogers, Bruce - Design - PRINTING As An ART
5472.3: [Nast, Thomas. 1840 - 1902]. Dickens, Charles [1812 - 1870] - PICTURES FROM ITALY, SKETCHES BY BOZ And AMERICAN NOTES
49931: Nath, Aman & Wacziarg - Editors - ARTS And CRAFTS Of RAJASTHAN
3137: Nathan, Robert [1894 - 1985] - ROAD Of AGES
30729: Nathan, Robert [1894 - 1985] - JONAH
11372: Nathan, Robert [1894 - 1985] - The SEA-GULL CRY
11021: [Nation, Carry]. Written by Herself - The USE And NEED Of The LIFE Of CARRY A. NATION
17573: [Society of Friends]. [Native American Indians]. [Seneca Nation] - PROCEEEDINGS Of The JOINT COMMITTEE APPOINTED By The SOCIETY Of FRIENDS, CONSTITUTING The YEARLY MEETINGS Of GENESSEE, NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA And BALTIMORE, For Promoting the Civilization and Improving the Condition, of the SENECA NATION Of INDIANS
46761: [Scrapbook - U.S. Navy] - ARCHIVE OF ROBERT J. GIVEN. Letters and Ephemera
428: Naylor, Gloria - LINDEN HILLS
398: Naylor, Gloria - BAILEY'S CAFE
398.1: Naylor, Gloria - BAILEY'S CAFE
50541: [CA Local History - Oakland]. O'Neal, Edgar [d. 2008] & Edward. Stephens, Helen J. H. [1929 - 1914]. Reems, Ernestine C[leveland. 1932 - 2021] - EVENT PROMOTIONAL BROADSIDE. The Famous O'Neal Twins, Peacock and Savoy. And Helen J. H. Stephens and The Voices of Christ Community Choir. Coming to Oakland, California. Dec. 4, 1971
45750: Neander, Augustus. McClintock, John & Blumenthal, Charles E. - Translators - The LIFE Of JESUS CHRIST in Its Historical Connexion and Historical Developement.; Translated from the Fourth German Edition by John McClintock and Charles E. Blumenthal
38570: [Childrens' Chapbook]. 'By Uncle Ned' - STORY For The FOURTH Of JULY, An Epitome of American History, Adapted to Infant Minds. Second Series. - No. 7
28012: [Neel, Louis-Balthazar] - VOYAGE De PARIS à Saint-Cloud par mer, et retour de Saint-Cloud à Paris par terre. Nouvelle édition, corrigée et augmentée d'une notice sur l'auteur
50110: [California Benefit Cookery Book]. Neely, Mrs. Wendell - General Chairman - ASSISTANCE LEAGUE'S PLEASING FOOD. Long Beach, California [Cover title].; Members of The Assistance League of Long Beach ...present... Favorite Recipes and Tea Room Delicacies
16472: Neff, Donald - WARRIORS At SUEZ. Eisenhower Takes America into the Middle East
45742: Negley, Glenn - UTOPIAN LITERATURE.; A Bibliography with a Supplement Listing of Works Influential in Utopian Thought
21771: [Kamandi] O'Neil, Denny - KAMANDI. The LAST BOY On EARTH. No. 50
21769: [Kamandi] O'Neil, Denny - KAMANDI. The LAST BOY On EARTH. No. 47
12508.1: O'Neill, Eugene [1888 - 1953] - MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA. A Trilogy
26113: O'Neill, Rose [1874 - 1944] - The GOBLIN WOMAN
49651: O'Neill, Eugene - The LONG VOYAGE HOME. Seven Plays of the Sea
20295.1: O'Neill, Eugene [1888 - 1953]. Trilling, Lionel [1905 - 1975] - Contributor - ANNA CHRISTIE - The EMPEROR JONES - The HAIRY APE. Introduction by Lionel Trilling. Modern Library #146
45682: O'Neill, Patrick - GERMAN LITERATURE In ENGLISH TRANSLATION.; A Select Bibliography
13579: Neimark, Jill - BLOODSONG
27250: Nelson, Edward G. - ASSIGNMENT In JAPAN
0784: Nelson, Randy F. - The ALMANAC Of AMERICAN LETTERS
36320: Neruda, Pablo [1904 - 1973] - EIGHT POEMS. Featured in the Motion Picture THE POSTMAN (Il Postino)
32674: Nesbit, E[dith. 1858 - 1924] - The RAINBOW And The ROSE
35378: Nettlefold, J. S. - PRACTICAL HOUSING
47998: Nettleship, John T. Browning, Robert [1812 - 1889] - Subject - ESSAYS On ROBERT BROWNING'S POETRY
45106: [Resort - Sanitarium Brochure]. Never, Otto E. - Proprietor - PASO ROBLES HOT SPRINGS.; Most Noted Mineral Spring Resort and Sanitarium in America. Located on the Famous Coast Line
48626: Nevin, Martha Jenkins [1805 - 1890] - MANUSCRIPT DIARY. Daily Journal for 1878.; Containing a Blank Space for Every Day of the Year
30593: Nevins, Allan - ORDEAL Of The UNION
48256: Newcastle, Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of [1693 - 1768]. Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham [1708 - 1778] - The COALITION: or, an Historical Memorial of the Negotiation for Peace, Between His Hightiness of C----M----T and His Sublime Excellency of H---Y---S.; With the Vouchers. Published by the Authority of One of the Contracting Powers
24349: Newcomb, Ambrose - The SKY PILOT'S GREAT CHASE. Sky Detective Series #4
4037.1: Newcomb, Ambrose - WINGS OVER The ROCKIES
16341: Newell, Nancy Peabody & Richard S. Newell - The STRUGGLE For AFGHANISTAN
1411: Newhall, Beaumont - Contributor - PHOTOGRAPHY. 1839 - 1937.; With an Introduction by Beaumont Newhall
50848: Newlove, John - The CAVE
50848.1: Newlove, John - The CAVE
38165: [Newman, Alfred W. - Presenter] - HOW ANTIQUE MAPS And PRINTS Were PRODUCED. Brochure
17323: Newnham, Anthony. [Hopkins, Kenneth] - A CHECK-LIST OF KENNETH HOPKINS
45226: [Mid-19th C. American Newspaper] - The BOSTON POST. Tuesday Morning, August 17, 1858. Vol. LIII. Number 40
5420.3: Newton, A. Edward [1864 - 1940] - ASCOT
5420.2: Newton, A. Edward [1864 - 1940] - ASCOT
8411.3: Newton, A. Edward [1864 - 1940] - TEMPLE BAR. Then and Now
2679.2: Newton, A. E[dward. 1864 - 1940] - A REPRIMAND And WHAT CAME Of IT
26411: Newton, Rosamond - LONDONDERRY HEIR
46056: Newton, A. Edward. (1864 - 1940) - MR. STRAHAN'S DINNER PARTY.; A Comedy in One Act with Prologue and Epilogue by A. Edward Newton and a Note by Edward F. O'Day
3880.2: Newton, A. Edward [1864 - 1940] - STAFFORDSHIRE
1767: Newton, A. E[dward. 1864 - 1940] - DOCTOR JOHNSON A Play
4771.1: [Newton, A. Edward. 1864 - 1940] - CATALOGUE NUMBER EIGHT - A. Edward Newton A Collection of His Works
34434: Newton, A[lfred]. Edward [1864 - 1940]. Chapman, Robert William [1881 - 1960] - Recipient of 4 Inscribed Christmas Booklets - LOT Of 13 CHRISTMAS BOOKLETS [plus] 'Thank You for Expression of Sympathy' Printed Notecard [inscribed by (?) Newton]
13136.1: [Newton, A. Edward]. Hay, Henry Hanby - CREATED GOLD And Other Poems
14743: Nezelof, Pierre - NAPOLEON And His SON.; Translated from the French by Warre Bradley Wells
47582: [Hotel Menu - Nice, France] - HÔTEL WESTMINISTER - NICE.; Lunch - Diner
33204: Nichols, Ross [1902- 1975] - SEASONS At WAR. A Cycle of Rhythms
16771: Nichols, John - The NIRVANA BLUES
37821: [19th C. Advertising Leaflet]. Nichols, F. H., C. B. & Q. Passenger Depot, Chicago - IVORY THAT GROWS ON TREES. Great Natural Curiosity!!
50536: Nicholson, William [1872 - 1949]. Waugh, Arthur [1866 - 1943] - The SQUARE BOOK Of ANIMALS.; Rhymes by Arthur Waugh
50943: Nickerson, Catherine Ross - The WEB Of INIQUITY. Early Detective Fiction by American Women
28748: [Horticulture]. Nicol, Walter. Sang, Edward - Editor - The PLANTER'S KALENDAR; or the Nurseryman's & Forester's Guide, in the Operation of the Nursery, the Forest, and the Grove.; Edited and Completed by Edward Sang, Nurseryman
31255: Nicolson, Harold. Olson, Stanley - Editor - HAROLD NICOLSON. DIARIES & LETTERS. 1930 - 1964. Edited and Condensed by Stanley Olson
31259: Nicolson, Nigel - LONG LIFE
38595: Nida, Eugene A. - MORPHOLOGY: The Descriptive Analysis of Words. University of Michigan Linguistics Publications. Vol II
35040: Nielsen, J[ohannes]. M[aagaard. b. 1890]. FitzGibbon, J[oseph]. P[aul. b. 1903]. - Contributor. Freeman, Walter [1895 - 1972] - Former Owner - AGNOSIA, APRAXIA, APHASIA. Their Value in Cerebral Localization
40838: Niemi, John - WHAT'S A VIETNAM
26530: Nietzke, Ann - WINDOWLIGHT
34643.3: Nightingale, Florence [1820 - 1910] - NOTES On NURSING For The LABOURING CLASSES.; Price Sixpence
50995: Nightingale, Florence [1820 - 1910] - Subject - FRAMED MEMORIAL BROADSIDE. "In HONOUR & REMEMBRANCE Of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE."
50442: Nightingale, Florence [1820 - 1910] - Contributor. Verney, Ruth Florence [1879 - 1968] - Former Owner - ORGANIZATION Of NURSING. An Account of the Liverpool Nurses' Training School, Its Foundation, Progress, and Operation in Hospital, District, and Private Nursings. By a Member of the Committee of the Home & Training School.; With an Introduction, and Notes, by Florence Nightingale
36960.3: Nightingale, Florence [1820 - 1910]. Verney, Emily; Verney, Ruth Florence - Former Owner - NOTES On NURSING: What It Is, and What It Is Not
51111: Nightingale, Florence [1820 - 1910] - Des SOINS A DONNER Aux MALALADES [Notes on Nursing]. Ce Qu'il Faut Faire Ce Qu'il Faut Eviter. Par Miss Nightingale Ouvrage Traduit de L'Anglais avec L'Autorisation de L'Authur. Precede d'une Lettre de M. Guizot et d'une Introduction par M. Daremberg
51293: Nightingale, Florence [1820 - 1910] - Presenter. Burton, William John Princepp [1856 - 1940] - Recipient. Geikie, Sir Archibald [1835 - 1924] - TEXT-BOOK Of GEOLOGY
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38060: [Airlines Travel Poster] - HAWAII NOW, FLY UNITED AIR LINES JETS. United Airlines
38058: [Airlines Travel Poster] - HAWAII. United Airlines
38057: [Airlines Travel Poster] - CELEBRATE A PROUD LAND BORN 200 YEARS AGO. United Airlines
38056: [Airlines Travel Poster] - DENVER. United Airlines
38054: [Airlines Travel Poster] - The HISTORIC EAST. United Air Lines
38053: [Airlines Travel Poster] - HAWAII. United Airlines
38050: [Airlines Travel Poster] - SKI The WEST. United Airlines
38047: [Airlines Travel Poster] - KAUAI. United Airlines
38049: [Airlines Travel Poster] - SKI The WEST. United Airlines
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47670: Pryme, George [1781 - 1868] - JEPHTHAH, and Other Poems
50619: [Silver Centennial Publication] - DANVILLE. Portrait of 125 Years.; An Album of Photographs. Some Old, Most New -- Offering a Brief Look at Life Today in Our Town, Along with a Glimpse Into Our Past
45146: [WWII Publication] - AIR NAVIGATOR'S HANDBOOK.; Issued by Aviation Training Division, United States Navy. OPNAV 33-NY-32
41548: [LGBT Literature / Publication] - SPECTRE. Paper of Revolutionary Lesbians. Lot of the first 3 issues [March - April 1971; May - June 1971; July - August 1971]
49715: [Company Trade Publication] - ORIENTAL RUGS And CARPETS
40047: [Promotional Publication] - HOTEL OAKLAND. Oakland, California. [cover title]
39884: [California Fruit Growers Exchange publication] - FOR VIGOROUS HEALTH - SUNKIST RECIPES For EVERY DAY
39879: [Del Monte Fruit Book publication] - The DEL MONTE FRUIT BOOK. Publication No. 650. A Picked Collection of Recipes Covering the Best and Most Practical Service of Canned Fruits for Every Occasion
39877: [California Walnut Growers Association publication] - WIN NEW COOKING FAME With DIAMOND BRANDED WALNUTS. Here's Menu Magic in a Nutshell
39770: [Republican Neighborhood Association Publication] - A. B. C. For VOTERS In NEW YORK STATE
35498.3: [Needlework Publication] - MODERN EMBROIDERY. An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine Devoted to Home Decorations, Fancy Work and the Art of Embroidery. Vol. III. No. 2
39667: Wine Institute for the Wine Advisory Board Publication] - CALIFORNIA'S WINE WONDERLAND. A Guide to Touring California's Historic Grape and Wine Districts
35498.2: [Needlework Publication] - MODERN EMBROIDERY. An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine Devoted to Home Decorations, Fancy Work and the Art of Embroidery. Vol. III. No. 1
35498.1: [Needlework Publication] - MODERN EMBROIDERY. An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine Devoted to Home Decorations, Fancy Work and the Art of Embroidery. Vol. II. No. 4
35498: [Needlework Publication] - MODERN EMBROIDERY. An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine Devoted to Home Decorations, Fancy Work and the Art of Embroidery. Vol. II. No. 2
39643: [The ChapBook publication] - The CHAP BOOK THANKSGIVING NO. POSTCARD. Artist - Bradley
35494.5: [Fancy Work Publication] - HOME NEEDLEWORK MAGAZINE. July 1902. Vol. IV. No. 3
35494.4: [Fancy Work Publication] - HOME NEEDLEWORK MAGAZINE. January 1902. Vol. IV. No. 1
39532: [American Institute of Accountants Publication] - PIONEER LETTER SHEETS. A Souvenir for the Members of the American Institute of Accountants Fifty-Second Annual Meeting
39422: [Commissioner of Indian Affairs Publication] - ANNUAL REPORT Of The COMMISSIONER Of INDIAN AFFAIRS To The SECRETARY Of The INTERIOR For The YEAR 1887
39377: [Peter Koch Printers Publication] - EDITIONS KOCH & HORMONE DERANGE EDITIONS. Bookseller Catalogue. 2203 Fourth Street, Berkeley, California 94710
39372: [A Vitamin - Quota Publication] - VITAMIN QUOTA GUIDE BOOK. What You Need to Know to Get the Most for Your Money in Vitamins and How the Vitamin-Quota Direct-to-Home Plan Provides Supplements at Savings Up to 40%. Today's Forward Step in Vitamin Supplementation Brings "Vitamin Quota" Products. A Comprehensive Line of Vitamins and Minerals for Every Need at Lower Prices
39015: [Woman's Home Mission Society Publication] - MISS LLOYD JESSUP Of SAN FRANCISCO WILL GIVE An AFTERNOON And EVENING At The RESIDENCE Of Mr. & Mrs. JOHN N. WOODS, 135 NORTH STANISLAUS STREET. Thursday, April 6, 1899
38804: [Zionist Organization Youth Department publication] - BUILDERS Of The HOMELAND. Second & Third Series. Ten Portraits and Biographical Notes [each]
49010: [Souvenir Publication] - CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL. 12 Real Photograph Camera Studies. Series 1.; Officially produced for the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral Christ Church Gate, Canterbury from photographs specially taken
49009: [Souvenir Publication] - HAMPTON COURT. 12 Snapshots for Your Album. Series No. 32
49007: [Souvenir Publication] - LONDON SNAPSHOTS. 12 Real Photographs for Your Album
38663: [Smithsonian Collective Publication] - ANTHROPOLOGICAL PAPERS NUMBERS 27 - 32. Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 136
49006: [Souvenir Publication] - VALENTINE'S SNAPSHOTS. 12 Real Photographs for Your Album. Cheddar
49005: [Souvenir Publication] - VALENTINE'S SNAPSHOTS. 12 Real Photographs for Your Album. Tower of London
38653: [Smithsonian Collective Publication] - ANTHROPOLOGICAL PAPERS NUMBERS 27 - 32. Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 136
38199: [Government Publication] - LIST Of PUBLICATIONS Of The BUREAU Of AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY. With Index to Authors and Titles. Revised December, 1932
40630: J. H. Butler & John Metcalf - Publishers - ADVICE To SABBATH SCHOOL CHILDREN
49371: [Stereoview Photograph]. Keystone View Company - Publishers - 9142 -- SHIPPING GREEN TURTLE, Key West, Fla., U. S. A.
39302: [Stereoview Photograph]. Keystone View Company - Publishers - SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Looking North Over Temple Square to the Capitol. 32794. 1118
39301: [Stereoview Photograph]. Keystone View Company - Publishers - INTERIOR Of MORMON TABERNACLE, Utah, U. S. A.
39300: [Stereoview Photograph]. Keystone View Company - Publishers - The TEMPLE Of ZION From The WEST RIM TRAIL, Zion National Park, Utah. 29038. 1124
45562: [Stereoview Photograph]. Keystone View Company - Publishers - HYDRAULIC MINING, ORE. 13795
44135: [Trade Catalogues / Publishing] - The MOSHER BOOKS. A List of Books in Belles Lettres Issued in Choice and Limited Editions. 1905 - 1908; 1909 - 1913
36093: Pugh, George E. - SPEECH Of HON. GEORGE E. PUGH, Of OHIO, On The KANSAS LECOMPTON CONSTITUTION; Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 16 1858
47091: [Cigar Box Label]. Pujol, D. Antonio - EL PROGRAMA. Fabrica de tabacos superiores ... D. Antonio Pujol, hermo y Ca
47271: Pulteney, William, Earl of Bath; Morris, Corbyn - Variously attributed to - A PROPER ANSWER To The BY-STANDER.; Wherein is Shewn I. That there is no Necessity for, but infallible Ruin in the Maintenance of a large regular (or mercenary) Land Force in this Island. II. That by keeping up a Standing Army for preventing an Invasion, we shall at last render it certain and successful. III. That Publick Credit is now upon a more stable Foundation than ever it was before the Year 1734, and can be ruined by nothing but bad Oeconomy, Temporary Expedients, and Loss of Trade. IV. That endeavouring to revive Parties or Factions long since extinguished, in order to divert the Attention of the People from present Mischiefs or Dangers, is a most wicked Attempt. And V. That the Weight of Political Power is now taken almost entirely from the Popular and thrown into the Regal Scale
48054: Puschkin [also Pushkin], Alexander [1799 - 1837]. von Guenther, Johannes - Translator - Der REITER Aus ERZ [The RIDER Of ERZ].; German by Johannes von Guenther
44468: Pye, John William - The 100 MOST SIGNIFICANT BOOKS PUBLISHED By TICKNOR And FIELDS 1832 - 1871. A Guidebook for Collectors
1108: Pyenson, Lewis & Susan Sheets-Pyenson - SERVANTS Of NATURE. A History of Scientific Institutions, Enterprises, and Sensibilities
31945: [Pyle, Ernie. 1900 - 1945]. Miller, Lee G. - The STORY Of ERNIE PYLE
38679: Pyle, Howard [1853 - 1911] - WITHIN The CAPES
33742: Pyle, Howard [1853 - 1911]. Pyle, Katherine - Contributor - The WONDER CLOCK. Or Four & Twenty Marvelous Tales, Being One for Each Hour of the Day.; Embellished with Verses by Katherine Pyle
36266: Pynchon, Thomas - VINELAND
35382: Quaife, Milo Milton - Compiler & Editor - The DEVELOPMENT Of CHICAGO 1674 - 1914. Shown in a Series of Contemporary Original Narratives
35246: Queen, Ellery - SHERLOCK HOLMES VERSUS JACK The RIPPER. A Novel
34380.1: Queen, Ellery - The DETECTIVE SHORT STORY. A Bibliography
21188: Quennel, Peter - The MARBLE FOOT: An Autobiography 1905 - 1938
18460: Quennell, Peter - The SIGN Of The FISH
21596: Quesada, Gonzalo de.; Northrop, Henry Davenport - The WAR In CUBA: Being a Full Account of Her Great Struggle for Freedom
49119: Quevedo, Don, Junior, Secretary to Aeacus, one of the puisne Judges of the Infernal Court. Fleury, André Hercule de [1653 - 1743] - Subject.  - A PARTICULAR ACCOUNT Of CARDINAL FLEURY'S JOURNEY To The Other WORLD, and His Tryal at the Tribunal of Minos.; Wherein Several Secret Transactions Relating to the Affairs of Europe, During his Administration, Are brought to Light, and canvased. With a Curious Description of the Infernal Regions and their Inhabitants
40928: Quillet, Claudius [Claude]. Rowe, N. - Translator. Bayle, Mr. - Contributor - CALLIPAEDIA. A POEM In Four Books with Some Other Pieces.; Written in Latin by Claudius Quillet, Made English by N. Rowe, Esq. To which is Prefix'd, Mr. Bayle's Account of HIs Life
33415: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - Judge. Buckingham, Joseph Tinker [1779 - 1861] - Defendent. Maffitt, John N. - TRIAL: Commonwealth vs. J. T. Buckingham, on an Indictment for a Libel, Before the Municipal Court of the City of Boston, December Term, 1822
33405: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - CONSIDERATIONS RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED To The CITIZENS Of BOSTON And CHARLESTOWN, on the Proposed Annexation of These Two Cities. By JOSIAH QUINCY, SEN
33401: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - A SPEECH DELIVERED In CONGRESS, On the 15th April, 1806. While the House, in Committee of the Whole, were Discussing the Bill for Fortifying the Ports and Harbours of the United States
33404: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - REMARKS On SOME Of The PROVISIONS Of The LAWS Of MASSACHUSETTS, Affecting Poverty, Vice, and Crime: Being the General Topics of a Charge to the Grand Jury of the County of Suffolk, in March Term, 1822
33400: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - An ADDRESS To The CITIZENS Of BOSTON, on the XVIIth of September, M DCCC XXX, The Close of the Second Century from the First Settlement of the City
33397: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864]. Curtis, George William [1824 - 1892] - Former Owner - ESSAYS On The SOILING Of CATTLE, Illustrated from Experience; and An Address Containing Suggestions Which May be Useful to Farmers
33398: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - An ADDRESS DELIVERED At The DEDICATION Of DANE LAW COLLEGE In HARVARD UNIVERSITY, October 23, 1832
33395: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - SPEECH Of The HON. JOSIAH QUINCY, in the House of Representatives of the United States, Delivered the 5th of January, 1813. On the Bill in Addition to the Act Entitled "An Act to Raise an Additional Military Force," and For Other Purposes
33393: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - SPEECH Of The HON. JOSIAH QUINCY, in the House of Representatives of the United States, Delivered the 5th of January, 1813. On the Bill in Addition to the Act Entitled "An Act to Raise an Additional Military Force," and For Other Purposes
29407.1: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - ADDRESS To The BOARD Of ALDERMEN, Of The CITY Of BOSTON, Jan. 3, 1829, by Josiah Quincy, on Taking Final Leave of the Office of Mayor
29407: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - ADDRESS To The BOARD Of ALDERMEN, Of The CITY Of BOSTON, Jan. 3, 1829, by Josiah Quincy, on Taking Final Leave of the Office of Mayor
33478: [Quincy, Josiah. 1772 - 1864]. Greeg, W. P. - Clerk C. C. - CITY Of BOSTON. City Document. -- No. 34. Report of the Joint Special Committee to Whom was Referred the "Act to Establish the Superior Court of the City of Boston."
33479: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - An ORATION, DELIVERED On TUESDAY, The FOURTH Of JULY, 1826, It Being the Fiftieth Anniversary of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE. Before the Supreme Executive of the Commonwealth, and the City Council and Inhabitants of the City of Boston
33480: [Quincy, Josiah. 1772 - 1864]. Blodgett, Geoffrey - JOSIAH QUINCY, BRAHMIN DEMOCRAT. [as published in] The New England Quarterly. December, 1965
33476: 'By a Citizen'. [Quincy, Josiah. 1772 - 1864] - REMARKS On "An Act to Establish the Superior Court of The City of Boston," Passed by the General Court of Massachusetts, at Its Last Session
33477: 'By a Citizen'. [Quincy, Josiah. 1772 - 1864] - SUPPLEMENT To REMARKS On "An Act to Establish the Superior Court of The City of Boston," Passed by the General Court of Massachusetts, at Its Last Session
33475: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864]. [Grahame, James. 1790 - 1842]. [Bancroft, George. 1800 - 1891] - The MEMORY Of The LATE JAMES GRAHAME, The Historian of the United States, VINDICATED From the Charges of "Detraction" and "Calumny" Preferred Against Him by Mr. George Bancroft, and the Conduct of Mr. Bancroft Towards that Historian Stated and Exposed
33455: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - MR. QUINCY'S SPEECH, in the House of Representatives of the United States, January 19, 1809, on the Bill for Holding an Extra Session of Congress, in May Next
33452: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - ADDRESS, DELIVERED At The FIFTH ANNIVERSARY Of The MASSACHUSETTS PEACE SOCIETY, December 25th, 1820
33453: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - SPEECH Of The HON. JOSIAH QUINCY, in the House of Representatives of the U. States, January 25, 1812. In Relation to Maritime Protection
33454: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - SPEECH Of The HON. JOSIAH QUINCY, in the House of Representatives of the U. States, February 25, 1811. On the Amendments Offered by Mr. Eppes to the Bill Supplementary to the "Act Concerning the Commercial Intercourse Between the United States and Great Britain and France, and Their Dependencies, and For Other Purposes." And Which Proposed to Revive and Enforce the Nonintercourse Law Against Great Britain
33421: Quincy, Josiah [1772 - 1864] - An ORATION, Pronounced July 4, 1798, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Commeration of the Anniversary of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE
20001: Quindlen, Anna - BLACK And BLUE
49486: Quintana, Leroy V. - The GREAT WHIRL Of EXILE
33207: Quintanilla, Luis; Hemingway, Ernest; Paul, Elliot; Allen, Jay - ALL The BRAVE
38637: Corns, Albert R. and Sparkem Archibald - A BIBLIOGRAPHY Of UNFINISHED BOOKS In The ENGLISH LANGUAGE. With Annotations
18481: Raban, Jonathan - BAD LAND
16892: Raban, Jonathan - HUNTING MISTER HEARTBREAK. A Discovery of America
17660: Rable, George C. - The CONFEDERATE REPUBLIC. A Revolution Against Politics
34828: Raby, Julian - Director - ASIATICA FS/G 2003
31100: Racine, L[ouis. 1692 - 1763]. Racine, J[ean. 1639 - 1699] - OEUVRES De Mr Racine. De L'Academie Royale des Inscriptions & Belles Lettres. Tome Primier. Tome Second. Qui Renferme Les Memoires Sur La Vie De Mr. J. Racine
27169: [Wine]. [Horse Racing] - "WINE In AMERICA And AMERICAN WINE" [in] Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Vol. XLI. No. 241. June, 1870
32059: Radcliffe, F. P. Delme - The NOBLE SCIENCE: A Few General Ideas on Fox-Hunting, for the Use of the Rising Generation of Sportsmen, and More Especially Those of the Hertfordshire Hunt Club
39891: Radcliffe, Woodward. Mary Lynn - Contributor - BONSAI: DWARFED BEAUTY In LIVING TREES
48059: Ragg, Thomas - HEBER; RECORDS Of The POOR; LAYS From The PROPHETS; and Other Poems
35390: O'Rahilly, Thomas F. - A MISCELLANY Of IRISH PROVERBS. Collected and Edited by Thomas F. O'Rahilly, M.A.
29043: [Railroad] - NOTES On The PRINCIPLES And PERFORMANCES Of The BALANCED COMPOUND LOCOMOTIVES. The Baldwin Locomotive Works. No. 53. Code Word - Recoquetis. 1905
28105.1: [Railroad] - EXHIBIT Of LOCOMOTIVES By The BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, Burnham, Parry, Williams & Co., Proprietors, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.; The World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, May - October, 1893
41488: [Railroad, Locomotive & Interurban Photograph Album] - NEW YORK STATE RAILROAD And INTERURBAN PHOTO ALBUM
40450: [Ocean Shore Railroad] - SET Of 2 MAP REPRINTS Of The ROUTE Of The OCEAN SHORE RAILROAD
40434: [McCloud River Railroad] - "McCLOUD - BURNEY FALLS SPECIAL" - 100 MILES With "STEAM". McCloud River Railroad Time Table No. 67
40433: [Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad] - CUMBRES & TOLTEC SCENIC RAILROAD. Timetable 5
37752: Rainey, George. [1866 - 1940] - The CHEROKEE STRIP
50641: [Lettersheet]. Raleigh, Sir Walter [1552 - 1618] - SIR WALTER RAWLEIGH'S [RALEIGH] HOUSE Youghi IRA
10506: Ramage, C. Kenneth - editor - PISTOL & REVOLVER HANDBOOK
48133: Ramsay, E[dward]. B[annerman. 1793 - 1872]. Handel, George Frederic [1685 - 1759] - Subject - TWO LECTURES On The GENIUS Of HANDEL And the Distinctive Character of his Sacred Compositions
13189: [Ramsey, Alexander]. Stanton, Edwin M. McClellan, Maj. Gen. George B. - LETTER Of The SECRETARY Of WAR, Transmitting Report on the ORGANIZATION Of The ARMY Of The POTOMAC, And of ITS CAMPAIGNS In VIRGINIA And MARYLAND, Under the Command of Maj. Gen. GEORGE B. McCLELLAN, From July 26, 1861, to November 7, 1862
48822: [Medicine]. Ranby, John [1703 - 1773] - An APPENDIX To The NARRATIVE Of The LAST ILLNESS Of The RIGHT HONOURABLE The EARL Of ORFORD: Occasioned by the Letter from a Physician in Town to Another at Bath
12121: Rand, Benjamin - SELECTIONS ILLUSTRATING ECONOMIC HISTORY Since the Seven Years' War.; With a Bibliography of Economics
39522: Rand, Rev. Edward A. - ART In EGYPT. Home College Series No. 10
42274: Randall, Homer - ARMY BOYS In FRANCE or From Training Camp to Trenches
48060: Randall, Samuel S[idwell. 1809 - 1881] - The COMMON SCHOOL SYSTEM Of The STATE Of NEW - YORK.; Comprising the Several General Laws Relating to Common Schools ... To Which is Prefixed a Historical Sketch of the Origin, Progress and Present Outline of the System
35826: Randall, Homer - ARMY BOYS In The FRENCH TRENCHES or Hand to Hand Fighting with the Enemy. Army Boy Series #2
15812: Randisi, Robert J. - NO EXIT From BROOKLYN. A Nick Delvecchio Mystery
36534: Randolph, Edmund [1819 - 1861] - ADDRESS On The HISTORY Of CALIFORNIA From the Discovery of the Country to the Year 1849. Delivered before the Society of California Pioneers at their Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the State of California into the Union
48915: [Rands, William Brighty ("Matthew Browne") 1823 - 1882] - LILLIPUT LEVEE. Poems of Childhood Child-Fancy and Child-Like Moods
38150: Ransom, Bill - SEMAPHORE
14347: Ransom, Will [1878 - 1955] - PRIVATE PRESSES And Their BOOKS
13822: Raphel, Chaim - MEMOIRS Of A SPECIAL CASE
40437: [Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway]. F. C. Chambers & A. R. Swem - Contributors - CEDAR RAPIDS And IOWA CITY RAILWAY TIME TABLE No. 35
10668: Ratchford, Fannie R. - Editor - LETTERS Of THOMAS J. WISE To JOHN HENRY WRENN. A Further Inquiry into the Guilt of Certain Nineteenth-Century Forgers
36189: [Rathbone, Hannah Mary. 1798 - 1878]. Cooper, Susan Augusta Fenimore [1813 - 1894] - Inscribed to - SO MUCH Of The DIARY Of LADY WILLOUGHBY, As Relates to Her Domestic History, and to the Eventful Period of the Reigh of Charles the First. Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading No. V.
42334: Rathborne, St. George - CHUMS In DIXIE or The Strange Cruise of a Motorboat. Canoe and Campfire Series #4
25180.1: Rathborne, St. George - The LEND-A-HAND BOYS SANITARY SQUAD or When the Fever Came to Blairstown. Lend-A-Hand Boys Series #2
51195: Rathborne, St. George - The LEND-A-HAND BOYS As WILD GAME PROTECTORS or The Little Four-Footed Brother in the Fur Coat
51205: Rathborne, St. George - The LEND-A-HAND BOYS Of CARTHAGE or Waking Up the Home Town. Lend-A-Hand Boys Series #1
4326.2: Rathborne, St. George - The LEND-A-HAND BOYS TEAM WORK. Lend-A-Hand Boys Series #3
16787: Raw, Charles & Page, Bruce & Hodgson, Godfrey - "Do YOU SINCERELY WANT To Be RICH?" The Full Story of Bernard Cornfeld and I.O.S.
30906: Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan [1896 - 1953] - CROSS CREEK COOKERY

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