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36447: [California Poetry]. Whitaker, Robert [1863 - 1944] - MY COUNTRY And Other Verse
37120: [Cookery]. Whitcher, Mary. Miller, Amy Bess - Contributor - MARY WHITCHER'S SHAKER HOUSE-KEEPER. [caption title]
45626.11: White, Minor (1908 - 1976) - Editor - APERTURE MAGAZINE 16.3
12666: White, William L. - REPORT On The ASIANS
32192: White, Gladys - Editor - The GIRLS HIGH JOURNAL. June, 1915
12618: White, Theodore H. - The MAKING Of The PRESIDENT 1972
36841: [Aviation Event Program]. Grahame-White, Claude [1879 - 1959] -Aerialist. Keith, B. F. - Event Promoter - B. F. KEITH'S GRAND EDUCATIONAL DEMONSTRATION Presenting MR. CLAUDE GRAHAME-WHITE. The Famous English Aviator. Saturday, September 24th, 1910. Harvard Aviation Field. Atlantic, Mass. Issued with the Compliments of the Christian Science Monitor
30802: White, Ramy Allison - SUNNY BOY And His BIG DOG. The Sunny Boy Series #10
51026: White, David A. - Compiler - NEWS Of The PLAINS And ROCKIES 1803 - 1865.; Original Narratives of Overland Travel and Adventure Selected from the Wagner-Camp and Becker Bibliography of Western Americana
29918: White, James [d. 1825]. Veterinary Surgeon to His Majesty's First, or Royal Dragoons - A COMPENDIUM Of The VETERINARY ART; Containing an Accurate Description of All the Diseases to Which the Horse is Liable, Their Symptoms and Treatment; the Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse's Foot. Observations on the Principles and Practice of Shoeing, on Feeding and Exercise, the Stable, &c
49696.1: [Adventist Literature]. White, Ellen Gould [1827 - 1915] & White, James Springer [1821 - 1881] - CoFounders - LITTLE WILL.; Sunshine Series for Little Folks
28331: White, Stephen - COLD CASE
27915: White, Stewart Edward [1873 - 1946]. Saxton, Eugene F. - GOLD
27220: [Chess]. White, Alain C. Hume, George - Editor - The PROPERTIES Of CASTLING
26250: White, Gwen - A BOOK Of DOLLS
49813: White, Arthur L. White, Ellen G[ould. 1827 - 1915]. - Subject - ELLEN G. WHITE. The PROGRESSIVE YEARS. 1862 - 1876. Volume 2
49812: White, Arthur L. White, Ellen G[ould. 1827 - 1915]. - Subject - ELLEN G. WHITE. The LONELY YEARS. 1876 - 1891. Volume 3
35701: White, Enrique Uribe. Recasens, Josep de - Illustrations - HORAS De TOTA. 1 Versiones. HORAS De TOTA. 1 Versiones. Textos de los Poemas Traducidos. Fuentes. Notas. Versiones de Otros Traductores a Titulo de Comparacion - Vocabulario Nautico. Two Volumes
49222: White, Minor (1908 - 1976) - Editor - APERTURE 16:1. Photographs of Peru
49218: White, Minor (1908 - 1976) - Compiler - OCTAVE Of PRAYER. An Exhibition on a Theme. Aperture 17:1; Compiled with Text by Minor White
18065: White, William Allen [1868 - 1944] - The STORY Of AQUA PURA
16852.1: White, David A. - Compiler - PLAINS & ROCKIES 1800 - 1865
17347: White, Lewis F. - The ART Of The BOOK. A Talk by Lewis F. White Given under the Auspices of the Type Directors Club of New York City
16287: White, Theodore H. - BREACH Of FAITH. The Fall of Richard Nixon
45626.9: White, Minor (1908 - 1976) - Editor - PAUL CAPONIGRO.; An Aperture Monograph
45626.8: White, Minor (1908 - 1976) - Editor - APERTURE MAGAZINE 13.1, 1967.; Paul Caponigro
45626.3: White, Minor (1908 - 1976) - Editor - APERTURE MAGAZINE 9:1 1961
45626.2: White, Minor (1908 - 1976) - Editor - APERTURE MAGAZINE 8:1 1960.; Alfred Stieglitz by Dorothy Norman
14544: White, William Allen [1868 - 1944] - The OLD ORDER CHANGETH. A View of American Democracy
48255: Whitehead, Mr. [Paul. 1710 - 1774] - MANNERS: A Satire
50364: Whitehead, Charles [1804 - 1862] - RICHARD SAVAGE. A Romance of Real Life. In Three Volumes
9553: Whitehead, Mr. [Paul. 1710 - 1774] - MANNERS: A Satire
39850: [Whitehead, George. 1636 - 1723]. Knight, Thomas - Former Owner - An ANTIDOTE AGAINST The VENOME Of The SNAKE In The GRASS: Or, the Book so stiled. And the Christian People Called QUAKERS Vindicated from its most gross Abuses and Calumnies. In certain Reflections, detecting the nameless Auhtor's Malice, Outrage and Persecution against the said People. Unto which is Annex'd, A brief Examination of the Author's second Book, stil'd, Satan Dis-rob'd. Also, Some Notice taken of his Discourse for the Divine Institution of Water-Baptism
19687: Whitehead, Barbara - The DEAN IT WAS THAT DIED
0325: Whitehead, John - THIS SOLEMN MOCKERY. The Art of Literary Forgery
42363: Whitehill, Dorothy - The TWINS' SUMMER VACTION. The Twins Series #5
23678: Whitlocke, Bulstrode [1605 - 1675 (or 76)]. Fiennes, Nathaniel [1608? - 1669]. Cromwell, Oliver [1599 - 1658] - MONARCHY ASSERTED, To be the best, most Ancient and legall form of Government, in a conference had at Whitehall, with OLIVER, late Lord Protector & a Committee of PARLIAMENT: Made good by the Arguments of Oliver St. Iohn, Lord Chief Justice. Lord Chief Justice Glyn. Lord Comm. Whitlock. Lord Comm. Lisle. Lord Comm. Fines. Lord Broghall. Mr. of the Roles. Sr. Charles Wolseley. Sr. Richard Onslow. Colonel Iones. } Members of that Committee
1897: Whitlocke, Bulstrode [1605 - 1675 (or 76)]. Penn, William [1644 - 1718]; Welwood, James [1652 - 1727] - Contributors - MEMORIALS Of The ENGLISH AFFAIRS, From the Suppos'd EXPEDITION of Brute to this Island, to the End of the Reign of King JAMES the First. By Sir Bulstrode Whitlocke, Lord Commissioner of the Great Seal, &c. Publish'd from his Original Manuscript, with some Account of his Life and Writings by William Penn, Esq; Governour of Pensylvania. And a Preface by James Welwood, M.D.
19332: [Whitman, Walt]; Frey, Ellen Frances - CATALOGUE Of The WHITMAN COLLECTION In The DUKE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY BEING A PART Of The TRENT COLLECTION Given by Dr. and Mrs. Josiah C. Trent
22747: Whitman, Walt - OLD AGE'S LAMBENT PEAKS [in] The New Century Magazine
21035.3: [Whitman, Walt. 1819 - 1892]. Lewis, Oscar - Contributor - A WHITMAN MANUSCRIPT From the Albert M. Bender Collection of Mills College.; Foreword by Oscar Lewis. "Whitman's Revisions" by Sidney L. Gulick Jr.
21035.1: [Whitman, Walt. 1819 - 1892] - A WHITMAN MANUSCRIPT From the Albert M. Bender Collection of Mills College.; Foreword by Oscar Lewis. "Whitman's Revisions" by Sidney L. Gulick Jr.
19319: [Whitman, Walt] - The TRENT COLLECTION In the Rare Book Room of the Duke University Library
19320: [Whitman, Walt] - An EXHIBITION Of The WORKS Of WALT WHITMAN
19191: [Whitman, Walt]. Morley, Christopher - Contributor - MANUSCRIPTS, AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, FIRST EDITIONS And PORTRAITS Of WALT WHITMAN. [Catalogue for Sale No. 4251].; Foreword by Christopher Morley
15006: Whitman, J. Russell - SEDUCTION and HILL STATION NUMBER SIX. Two Plays
4373.1: Whitney, Eliot - The MYSTERY Of The BLIND LION. Rei-Lee Series of Adventure and Mystery Stories for Boys & Girls
40478: [Automobile Promotional Brochure]. Whitney, George Eli [1862 - 1963] - The WHITNEY MOTOR WAGON CO. Builders of Self-Propelling Vehicles of All Styles and for All Kinds of Service. 1897
46512: Whitney, J[osiah]. D[wight]. - State Geologist - The YOSEMITE GUIDE - BOOK: A Description of the Yosemite Valley and the Adjacent Region of the Sierra Nevada, and of the Big Trees of California
51194: Whitney, Eliot - The BULLY Of The FROZEN NORTH. Rei-Lee Series of Adventure and Mystery Stories for Boys & Girls
28842: Whittaker, Capt. Fred [1838 - 1889] - The WHITEST MAN In The MINES. A Story of Gold Fever. Beadle's Dime Library. Vol. XXVI. No. 326. January 21, 1885
31779: Whittemore, Reed - PURE LIVES. The Early Biographers
18537: [Whittier, John Greenleaf]. Warren, Robert Penn - JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER'S POETRY. An Appraisal and A Selection
10963: Whittier, John G[reenleaf] - LITERARY RECREATIONS And MISCELLANIES
50699: Whittier, John Greenleaf [1807 - 1892]. Untermeyer, Louis - Editor - The POEMS Of JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER.; Selected and Edited with a Commentary by Louis Untermeyer
13308: [Language]. Whymant, A. Neville J. - A MONGOLIAN GRAMMAR. Outlining the Khalkha Mongolian with Notes on the Buriat, Kalmuck, and Ordoss Mongolian
11399.1: Widder, William J. - The FICTION Of L. RON HUBBARD.; A Comprehensive Bibliography & Reference Guide to Published and Selected Unpublished Works
42760: "By the Authors of the 'Wide, Wide World,' 'Melbourne House,' &c." [Warner, Susan Bogert. 1819 - 1885; Warner, Anna Bartlett. 1824 - 1915] - The GOLDEN LADDER: Stories Illustrative of The Eight Beatitudes
25908: Wideman, John Edgar - PHILADELPHIA FIRE. A Novel
51257: Widmer, Carolyn - HERITAGE Of ACCOMPLISHMENT. The History of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing 1942 - 1981
12876: Wiegand, William - The TREATMENT MAN
35604: Wiener, Norbert [1894 - 1964] - Contributor. Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence - Editors - "The Harmonic Analysis of Irregural Motion" [as published in] JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. V, No. 3. March, 1926
22209: [Wiener, Norbert; Fabry, Charles] Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence., editors - JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. IV, No. 1
22210: [Wiener, Norbert]. Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence., editors - JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. IV, No. 4
22208: [Wiener, Norbert ] Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence., editors - JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. III, No. 2
22207: [Wiener, Norbert] Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence., editors - JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. III, No. 1
22206: [Wiener, Norbert] Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence., editors - JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. III, No. 3
22202: [Wiener, Norbert] Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence., editors - JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. VII, No. 2
22205: [Wiener, Norbert] Woods, Frederick; Goodwin, Harry; Keyes, Frederick; Moore, Clarence., editors - JOURNAL Of MATHEMATICS And PHYSICS. Vol. I, No. 3
21970: [Wiese, Kurt] White, Anne Terry - ALL ABOUT GREAT RIVERS Of The WORLD
10115: Wiesel, Elie - The OATH
42628: Wiggin, Kate Douglas [1856 - 1923]. Findlater, Mary [1865 - 1963]. Findlater, Jane [1866 - 1946]. McAulay, Allan [1863 - 1918] - The AFFAIR At The INN
30224: Wiggin, Kate Douglas [1856 - 1923] - PENELOPE'S IRISH EXPERIENCES
31234: Wilcox, Collin - DEAD CENTER. A Lieutenant Hastings Mystery Novel
31236: Wilcox, Collin - EXCEPT For The BONES
19564: Wilcox, Collin - LONG WAY DOWN. A Lieutenant Hastings Mystery Novel
13279: Wilcox, James - MODERN BAPTISTS. A Novel
10281: Wild, Peter - TUMACACORI
10281.1: Wild, Peter - TUMACACORI
50132: Wild, Peter - SONNETS
50072: Wild, Peter [1940 - 2009] - MICA MOUNTAIN POEMS; Lillabulero Poetry Pamphlet Number Five
50069: Wild, Peter [1940 - 2009] - MAD NIGHT With SUNFLOWERS
50071: Wild, Peter [1940 - 2009] - THREE NIGHTS In The CHIRICAHUAS
31424: Wilde, Oscar [1854 - 1900]. Ellmann, Richard, et al. Ryscamp, Charles - Editor - WILDE And The NINETIES. An Essay and An Exhibition
31366: [Wilde, Oscar. 1854 - 1900]. St. John Ervine - OSCAR WILDE. A Present Time Appraisal
51329: Wilde, Oscar [1854 - 1900] - HELLENISM
46069: Von Wildenbrugh, Ernest (of the German Army); King, Captain Charles (of the U.S. Army) - NOBLE BLOOD: A Prussian Cadet Story And A WEST POINT PARALLEL: An American Cadet Story.; Translated from the German of Ernest Von Wildenbrugh of the German Army By Charles King, U. S. Army, and Anne Williston Ward
31451: Wilder, Thornton [1897 - 1975] - HEAVEN'S MY DESTINATION
17609: Wilder, Thornton [1897 - 1975] - AMERICAN CHARACTERISTICS And Other Essays.; Edited by Donald Gallup
7877: Wilder, Thornton [1897 - 1975] - The IDES Of MARCH
28143: [Civil War]. Wiley, Bell Irvin - The LIFE Of JOHNNY REB. The Common Soldier of the Confederacy
50103: [California Fiction]. Wiley, Hugh [b. 1884] - FO' MEALS A DAY
50102: [California Fiction]. Wiley, Hugh - The PROWLER
37803: [Wiley, Charles] - HISTORY Of The UNITED STATES, From Their FIRST SETTLEMENT As COLONIES, To The CLOSE Of The WAR With GREAT BRITAIN In 1815. To Which are Added Questions, Adapted to the Use of Schools
14230: Wiley, Richard - INDIGO
28160: Wilford, John Noble - The MYSTERIOUS HISTORY Of COLUMBUS. An Exploration of the Man, the Myth, the Legacy
50131: Wilk, David - For YOU / For SURE; Tuumba 9. April 1977
47551: Wilkes, John [1725 - 1797]- Subject - BRITANNIA'S INTERCESSION For The DELIVERANCE Of JOHN WILKES, ESQ. from Persecution and Banishment. To Which is Added a Political and Constitutional Sermon: and a Dedication to L*** B***; [Price One Shilling.]
47289: Wilkes, John [1725 - 1797].  - A LETTER To His GRACE The DUKE Of GRAFTON, First Commissioner of his Majesty's Treasury
39491: Wilkes, George - McCLELLAN: From Ball's Bluff to Antietam
49332: Wilkes, J[ohn. 1725 - 1797]. Murray, Fanny [1729 - 1778] - Subject - An ESSAY On WOMAN, by J. Wilkes, Esq
38454: 'By A Lady' [Wilkinson, Rebecca - Attributed to] - SERMONS To CHILDREN. To Which are Added, Short Hymns, Suited to the Subjects
37561: Will, George F. - BUNTS: Curt Flood, Camden Yards, Pete Rose and Other Reflections on Baseball
22562: Willard, Frances Elizabeth [1839 - 1898] - NINETEEN BEAUTIFUL YEARS; Or, Sketches of a Girl's Life.; Introduction by R.S. Foster
28790: Willeford, Charles [1919 - 1988] - COCKFIGHTER. CPH B-120
7271: Willeford, Charles Ray, III [1919 - 1988]. Et al. - The OUTCAST POETS
8202: Williams, Vinnie - I RESIGN YOU, STALLION
36986: Williams, John [1796 - 1839] - A NARRATIVE Of MISSIONARY ENTERPRISES In The SOUTH SEA ISLANDS; with Remarks Upon the Natural History of the Islands, Origin, Languages, Traditions, and Usages of the Inhabitants
31006: [Confederate Sheet Music]. Williams, Folkestone - Lyrics. Hatton, John Liptrot - Music - "GOOD BYE SWEETHEART, GOOD BYE". Favorite Ballad, with Piano - Forte Accompaniment
9798: Williams, David - MR GEORGE ELIOT. A Biography of George Henry Lewes
36812: Williams, W[ellington] - The TRAVELLER'S And TOURIST'S GUIDE Through the United States of America, Canada, Etc. Containing the Routes of Travel by Steamboat, Stage and Canal; Together with Descriptions of, and Routes to, the Principal Places of Fashionable and Healthful Resort; with Other Valuable Information. Accompanied by an Entirely New and Authentic Map of the United States, Including California, Oregon, Etc., and a Map of the Island of Cuba
45151: Williams, Tennessee [1911 - 1983] - HARD CANDY. A Book of Stories
29950: [Williams, William Carlos. 1883 - 1963]. [Moser, Barry - Illustrator]. Rapp, Carl - WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS And Romantic Idealism
36759: Williams, Thomas Benton - ORATIONS Of FAMOUS INDIANS
28301: Williams, Maslyn - The LAND In BETWEEN. The Cambodian Dilemma
36500: Williams, Ben Ames - CRUCIBLE. The Sunday Novel. San Francisco Examiner. Sunday, September 12, 1937
27615: Williams, William Carlos - A BEGINNING On The SHORT STORY [Notes].; The Outcast Chapbooks. Number XVII
49519: Williams, Jonathan - In ENGLAND'S GREEN & (A Garland and a Clyster)
35626: [Songster]. Williams, Jack - The CORKERS. Air - "Oh Susanna."
22217: Williams, John - NIGHT SONG
2217: [Law]. Williams, Brad - DUE PROCESS. The Story of Criminal Lawyer George T. Davis
35209: Williams, Jesse Lynch - NEW YORK SKETCHES
38736: Williams, Earl [Willoughby. 1885 - ] - The COURT Of BELSHAZZAR
17079: Williams, Robert Chadwell - KLAUS FUCHS, ATOM SPY
38449: Williams, J. A. - MANUAL Of RURAL TELEPHONY
43414: [World War I Fiction]. Williamson, Henry - The PATRIOT'S PROGRESS Being the Vicissitudes of Pte. John Bullock
31758: Williamson, Thames - The FLINT CHIPPER. A Boy's Story of England in the Stone Age
34840: Williamson, J[ohn]. W. - The BATTLE Of MASSACRE CANYON, The UNFORTUNATE ENDING Of The LAST HUNT Of The PAWNEES: An Account of the Last Battle by Indians by J. W. Williamson. Genoa, Nebraska
14611: Williamson, Thames - On The REINDEER TRAIL. The Story of Two Boys in Alaska
32741: Willis, N[athaniel]. P[arker. 1806 - 1867] - POEM Delivered Before the SOCIETY Of UNITED BROTHERS, At Brown University, on the Day Preceding Commencement, September 6, 1831. With Other Poems
32573: Willis, N[athaniel]. P[arker. 1806 - 1867] - A L'ABRI Or The TENT PITCH'D
15583: Willis, John - JOHN WILLIS' SCREEN WORLD. Volume 25. 1974 Film Manual
15584: Willis, John - JOHN WILLIS' SCREEN WORLD. Volume 31. 1980 Film Manual
24847: Williston, Teresa Peirce - HINDU STORIES
33130: [Literary Magazine]. Willoughby, Frank - Contributor - "The Dying Californian" [as published in] The LADIES' WREATH And PARLOR ANNUAL
50126: [Bondage / Erotica]. Willows, Claire - MODERN SLAVES. A Profound Study of the Forces of Destiny
46066: [US Baseball History]. Willson, Marcius - The FIRST READER Of The SCHOOL And FAMILY SERIES
39182: Moore-Willson, Minnie - The SEMINOLES Of FLORIDA
32053: [Wilmot, Sir John Eardley, Knt. 1709 - 1792]. Wilmot, John [~1749 - 1815] - MEMOIRS Of The LIFE Of The RIGHT HONOURABLE SIR JOHN EARDLEY WILMOT, Knt. Late Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, and One of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council: with Some Original Letters
31212: Wilsey, Sean - OH The GLORY Of IT ALL
45183: Wilson, Charles - FIRST With The NEWS. The History of W. H. Smith 1792 - 1972
47396: [Literary Journal]. Wilson, Effingham - Publisher - The PARTERRE of Poetry and Historical Romance; with Essays, Sketches, and Anecdotes. Vol. V.
42627: [Vietnam Tour Memento Book]. Wilson, Col. Victor - Presentee. Oksman, SP5 Timothy - Editor - 20th ENGINEER BRIGADE ACHIEVEMENTS And REMEMBRANCES 1968 - 1969. Presented to Col Victor Wilson by the Brigade Staff
27935: Wilson, Edmund [1895 - 1972] - The SHORES Of LIGHT. A Literary Chronicle of the Twenties and Thirties
41490: Wilson, William - Topographer - The POST CHAISE COMPANION: Or Travellers Directory through Ireland. Containing a New & Accurate Description of the Direct and Principal Cross Roads, with particulars of the Noblemen & Gentlemen's Seats, Cities, Towns, Parks, Natural Curiosities, Antiquities, Castles, Ruins, Manufactures, Loughs, Glens, Harbours, &c. &c. Forming an Historical & Descriptive Account of the Kingdom. To Which is Added, a Travelling Dictionary, or Alphabetical Tables, Shewing [sic] the Distances of all the Principal Cities, Boroughs, Market & Sea Port Towns in Ireland from Each Other
51407: [Maritime Fiction]. Wilson, Capt. Thos. H. - The BOY MUTINEERS; or, Slavery or Death. "Pluck and Luck. Stories of Adventure." No. 509. March 4, 1908
27147: [Wilson, Sir Robert Thomas. 1777 - 1849].  - A SKETCH Of The MILITARY And POLITICAL POWER Of RUSSIA, In the Year 1817
11898: [Theology]. Wilson, Colin - RELIGION And The REBEL
44853: Wilson, Rufus Rockwell & Otilie Erickson - NEW YORK In LITERATURE. The Story Told in the Landmarks of Town and Country
24444: Wilson, Miles - LINE Of FALL. The John Simmons Short Fiction Award
51406: [Maritime Fiction]. Wilson, Capt. Thos. H. - LOST On The PIRATE'S ISLE or The Ship That Sailed on Friday. "Pluck and Luck. Stories of Adventure." No. 762. Jan. 8, 1913
49233: Wilson, Margery - CHARM
18099: Wilson, Patrick - STAYING At BALLISODARE
17556: [Wilson, Adrian]. Biggs, Donald C. - Director - INDEX To CALIFORNIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY QUARTERY. Volume One to Forty. 1922 - 1961
16867: Wilson, Edmund - MEMOIRS Of HECATE COUNTY
16263.1: Wilson, Angus - The MIDDLE AGE Of MRS. ELIOT
15476: Wilson, R. McNair - The KING Of ROME
15249: Wilson, John [1785 - 1854]. McKenzie, R. Shelton - Contributor - NOCTES AMBROSIANÆ.; With Memoirs and Notes by R. Shelton MacKenzie, D. C. L.
14834.1: Wilson, Edmund - Editor - The SHOCK Of RECOGNITION. The Development of Literature in the United States Recorded by the Men Who Made it.; With illustrations by Robert F. Hallock
37621: Wilson, Ernest H. - ARISTOCRATS Of The GARDEN. With Illustrations from Photographs Taken by the Author. Two Volume Set
19248.1: Wilson, Adrian [1923 - 1988] - Subject - The WORK & PLAY Of ADRIAN WILSON. A Bibliography with Commentary. Edited by Joyce Lancaster Wilson
18250: Wilt, Alan F. - WAR FROM The TOP. German and British Military Decision Making during World War II
36764: [Aviation History]. Wiltermood, Hal - Editor - "A SURVEY Of The PORT Of OAKLAND'S FACILITIES For The HANDLING Of AIR COMMERCE." [as published in] COMPASS. Port of Oakland. Vol. II. No. 10. October, 1933
40325: [Aviation History]. Wiltermood, Hal - Editor - COMPASS. Port of Oakland. Vol. I. No. 4. April, 1932
36137: Wiltsee, Ernest A. - GOLD RUSH STEAMERS Of The PACIFIC
47889: [Sammelband]. Wincester, Lord; Wallace, Rev. Alexander; Stirling, James - Subject; 'By a Prison Chaplain'; Jowett, Sergeant William; Caylery, George John; Roberts, Robert Wilson - Subject - MEMORANDUMS Of MY MAYORALITY: By Lord Wincester. MDCCCXXV [with] The GLOAMING Of LIFE; A Memoir of James Stirling [with] A YOUNG GAMBLER In JAIL!! With His Own Account of Himself. [with] DIARY Of SERGEANT WILLIAM JOWETT, of the Seventh Fusiliers. Written During the Crimean War. To Which is Added A Brief Memoir. [with] The SERVICE And The REWARD. A Memoir of the Late Robert Wilson Roberts, R.N.
12125: Windle, John & Karma Pippin - MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT GODWIN 1759 - 1797. A Bibliography of the First and Early Editions with Briefer Notes on Later Editions and Translations.; Edited by Karma Pippin
10266: Wing, George - DICKENS
51336: [Advertising Broadside]. Wing, W. G. - Agent. Boynton, Nathaniel A. - Patent Holder - IMPROVED VENTILATING FURNACE. Air Warming and Ventilating Warehouse. No. 23 Broad Street, Providence
42568: Wingfield, Rt. Rev. J. H. D. - President. Breck, James Lloyd [1818 - 1876] - Founder - OFFICIAL REGISTER Of The COLLEGE Of ST. AUGUSTINE, Benicia, California.; Pro Ecclesia et Patria
37794: Winokur, Jon - The BIG BOOK Of IRONY
20933: Winship, Michael - HERMANN ERNST LUDEWIG: America's Forgotten Bibliographer.; Preface by Terry Belanger
6166: Winslow, Ola Elizabeth - Compiler - HARPER'S LITERARY MUSEUM
47925: Winslow, Hubbard - ELEMENTS Of MORAL PHILOSOPHY; Analytical, Synthetical, and Practical
23338: Winsor, Frederick - The SPACE CHILD'S MOTHER GOOSE
47790: Winsor, William [1786 - 1815] - The POETIC ART: A Poem, Delivered before the United Brothers' Society, of Brown University, on Their Anniversary, September 3, 1811
40754: Winston, Sergt. J[ames] - CORA O'KANE; or, The Doom of the Rebel Guard. A Story of the Great Rebellion. Containing Incidents of the Campaign in Missouri under Generals Fremont and Sigel, and the Thrilling Exploits of the Unionists under Major Zagonyi
27635: [Theatre History]. Winter, William [1836 - 1917] - The JEFFERSONS. American Actor Series
22699: Winter, William [1836 - 1917] - The TRIP To ENGLAND
50895: Winter, Robert - Text. Vertikoff, Alexander - Photography - AMERICAN BUNGALOW STYLE
20623: Winterbotham, F. W. - The NAZI CONNECTION
50366: Winters, Yvor - Editor - POETS Of The PACIFIC. Second Series
50030: Winters, Yvor - The GIANT WEAPON.; The Poets of the Year
1151: Wintle, Justin - ROMANCING VIETNAM: Inside the Boat Country
34720: Winton, Tim - The RIDERS
18177: Winward, Walter - HAMMERSTRIKE
42257: Wirt, Mildred A. - DAN CARTER And The GREAT CARVED FACE. The Dan Carter Series #5
13978.1: Wirt, Mildred A. - DAN CARTER And The CUB HONOR. A Cub Scout Story. The Dan Carter Series #6
30319: [Wise, Thomas J.]. Todd, William B. - THOMAS J. WISE. Centenary Studies
47327: Wise, Thomas J[ames. 1859 - 1937]. - Editor. Ruskin, John [1819 - 1900]. Cheneau, Ernest [1833 - 1890] - LETTERS From JOHN RUSKIN To ERNEST CHESNEAU. Edited by Thomas J. Wise
35573: Wise, Jennings C. - The RED MAN In The NEW WORLD DRAMA. A Politico - Legal Study with a Pageantry of American Indian History
32039: [Gold Rush / Civil War]. Wistar, Isaac Jones [1827 - 1905] - AUTOBIOGRAPHY Of ISAAC JONES WISTAR 1827 - 1905. Half a Century in War and Peace
13553: Wister, Owen [1860 - 1938] - MEMBERS Of The FAMILY
13118: Wister, Owen [1860 - 1938] - A STRAIGHT DEAL or The Ancient Grudge
43742: Witham, Ward - A BRIEF NOTICE Of The LIFE Of MRS. HANNAH KINNEY, For Twenty Years.; By Ward Witham, Her First Husband
50884: Withers, Hartley [1867 - 1950] - MONEY.; The New Library
38173: Withers, George - A CHRISTMAS CARROLL
32467: Witthaus, R[udolph]. A[ugust. 1846 - 1915] - GENERAL MEDICAL CHEMISTRY For the Use of Practitioners of Medicine
29858: Wodehouse, P. G. - PSMITH JOURNALIST. In One Volume. Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors Vol. 4776
29857: Wodehouse, P. G. - The HEART Of A GOOF. In One Volume. Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors Vol. 4741
9820.1: Woiwode, Larry - INDIAN AFFAIRS
49042: Wolf, Michele. Meinke, Peter - Compiler - CONVERSATIONS DURING SLEEP. Poems by Michele Wolf.; 1997 Anhinga Prize for Poetry. Selected by Peter Meinke
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