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30164: R. N. - The Indiana Wordsworth Collection.
29464: AADLAND, DAN; CARPENTER, NIK - Sketches From the Ranch: A Montana Memoir.
17519: AARNIO, INKERI, ET AL - Music of Finland.
19810: ABBEY, EDWARD - Desert Solitaire.
19090: ABBEY, EDWARD - The Fool's Progress.
23157: ABEL, RICHARD E. & LYMAN W. NEWLIN & KATINA STRAUCH - Scholarly Publishing: Books, Journals, Publishers, and Libraries in the Twentieth Century.
29555: RANGEL DE PAIVA ABREU, ALICE - O Trabalho Invisivel Estudos Sobre Trabalhadores a Domicilio No Brasil [the Invisible Work: Studies of Homemakers in Brazil].
22608: ACTON, WILLIAM - A Complete Practical Treatise on Venereal Diseases and Their Immediate and Remote Consequences : Including Observations on Certain Affections of the Uterus, Attended with Discharges.
21321: ADAMIC, LOUIS & GARTH SHERWOOD JEFFERS (FOREWORD) - Rj: Robinson Jeffers, a Portrait.
31291: ADAMS, HENRY - History of the United States of America During the Administrations of James Madison 1809- 1817.
31328: ADAMS, HENRY - History of the United States of America During the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson.
31375: ADAMS, FREDERICK B. , JR. - Radical Literature in America an Address by Frederick B. Adams, J. To Which Is Appended a Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Grolier Club in New York City.
22661: ADAMS, DAVID - A Handbook of Diction for Singers: Italian, German, French.
30492: ADAMS, JOHN - Remarks on the Country Extending From Cape Palmas to the River Congo; with an Appendix Containing an Account of the European Trade with the West Coast of Africa.
31036: ADAMS, R. J. Q. - The Great War, 1914- 1918 Essays on the Military, Political and Social History of the First World War.
26573: ADJARIAN, MAUDE - Allegories of Desire: Body, Nation, and Empire in Modern Caribbean Literature by Women.
28649: ADJEI, MIKE - Death and Pain: Rawlings' Ghana - The Inside Story.
27355: ADLER, FELIX - The Punishment of Children.
22332: ADLON, FELIX O. / SLAKEY, LAURA - Eat Your Heart out [Original Screenplay].
23779: NASA - NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION - Proceedings of a Conference on Results of the First U.S. Manned Suborbital Space Flight.
23780: NASA - NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION - Apollo- Soyuz Test Project: Preliminary Science Report (Tm X- 58173).
24849: NASA - NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION - America's Spaceport: John F. Kennedy Space Center.
24913: CENTRE D'ETUDES DES RELIGIONS AFRICAINES - Cahiers Des Religions Africaines (Vol. 24, No. 48).
21096: AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE (AFSC) - Toward Nonviolent Social Change Books and Articles Available Through the Afsc.
21097: AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE (AFSC) - Toward Peace in Vietnam Books and Articles Available Through the Afsc.
23755: AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE (AFSC) - Conscientious Objection and the Draft: Books and Articles Available Through the Afsc.
30271: AGBODEKA, F. - Ghana in the 20th Century.
30393: AGBOSU, LENNOX - Customary and Statutory Land Tenure and Land Policy in Ghana.
17454: SOFIA-PRESS AGENCY, SOFIA, ET AL - Roads to Victory.
25467: AGNEW, SIR FULQUE & GED MARTIN, ED. - Witness to the Partition, India and Pakistan 1947- 48: The Letters of Sir Fulque Agnew of Lochnaw Bt.
30259: US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Twelfth and Thirteenth Annual Reports of the Bureau of Animal Industry for the Fiscal Years 1895 and 1896.
30448: AGYEKUM, GEORGE - Yendi Chieftaincy; Trials of 1987: A Clash Betweem State Amd Traditional Norms Conflict Resolution Through Judicial Action.
30482: AHANOTU, AUSTIN M. - Religion, State and Society in Contemporary Africa Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Zaire and Mozambique.
21498: AIKEN, CONRAD - The Coming Forth by Day of Osiris Jones.
30363: AKYEAMPONG, EMMANUEL KWAKU - Between Sea & Lagoon: An Eco- Social History of the Anlo of Southeastern Ghana C. 1850 to Recent Times.
31347: ALBEE, EDWARD - Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf? a Play.
30903: ALBEE, PARKER BISHOP & KELLER CUSHING FREEMAN - Shadow of Suribachi: Raising the Flags on Iwo Jima.
21016: ALCOCK, NORMAN - The Logic of Love.
16998: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - The Romance of Casanova.
27231: ALDRIN, EDWIN E. "BUZZ" & WAYNE WARGA - Return to Earth.
11800: ALEKSANDROV, NIKOLAI - Two Leaps Across a Chasm: A Russian Mystery.
30841: ALEXANDRE, VALENTIM. - Origens Do Colonialiso Portuges Moderno [1822- 1891].
28753: ALGRA, N. E. & H. R. W. GOKKEL - Fockema Andreae's Rechtsgeleerd Handwoordenboek.
31445: ALINSKY, SAUL D. - Reveille for Radicals.
31424: ALKER, HAYWARD R. - Rediscoveries and Reformulations Humanistic Methodologies for International Studies.
31224: ALLEN, JAMES - As a Man Thinketh.
27683: ALLEN, RICHARD & ABSALOM JONES - A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Black People During the Late Awful Calamity in Philadelphia in the Year 1793.
31104: ALLEN, THEODORE W. - The Invention of the White Race, Volume Two the Origins of Racial Oppression in Anglo- America.
30543: ALLEN, EDWARD - Stone Shelters.
21359: ALLOWAY, MRS. CLEMENT - Crossed Swords.
29430: ALMEDINGEN, E M - Tomorrow Will Come.
30885: ALSHAWI, HIYAN, ED. - The Core Language Engine.
25829: ALSTYNE, WILLIAM W. VAN - Freedom and Tenure in the Academy.
30929: ALVAREZ, A. - The Biggest Game in Town.
26373: ALVAREZ, R. MICHAEL - Information and Elections.
30943: ALVAREZ, A. - The Biggest Game in Town.
22465: ALVER, BRYNJULF - Torleiv Hannaas: Og Hans Arbeid Med Forledikting.
31005: STEHLIN-ALZADJALI, JULIA M. - The Traditional Women's Dress of Oman.
27326: AMBERS, CLIFFORD P - The Role of Carbonate Bedrock in the Formation of Indianaite Halloysitic Clays.
28595: AMBLER, ERIC - Journey Into Fear (a Black Widow Thriller).
28737: AMBROSIUS, JOHANNA - Gedichte.
28883: AMEREDES, HARRY - The Fantastic Book of Canes, Pipes, and Walking Sticks: A Sketchbook of Original Designs for Collectors, Woodcarvers and Artists.
29035: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - The Cubbing Guide Book: A Handbook of Workable Information.
25790: SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE [UNITED STATES OF AMERICA] - Report of the Secretary of Agriculture, 1890.
29187: AMI, BEN - Between Hammer and Sickle.
23327: AMIS, KINGSLEY - A Look Round the Estate Poems 1957- 1967.
31168: AMPUERO, ROBERTO - The Neruda Case a Novel.
28948: BERNARD AMTMANN - The Canadian Prairie Provinces, Part One; Les Prairies Canadiennes, Premiere Partie. Catalogue 24.
29014: NAI-AN, SHIH - Water Margin (2 Volumes in One).
12855: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - A Story Teller's Story.
27518: ANDERSON, VIRGIL L. - Design of Experiments: A Realistic Approach.
24289: ANDRADE, SILVIO - Ilusão Vista (Portuguese Edition).
22973: ANDRASKO, KENNETH / - Alaska Crude Visions of the Last Frontier.
31433: ANDREAS, OSBORN - Joseph Conrad a Study in Non- Conformity.
24851: ANDREWS, SHEILA BRISKIN & AUDREY KIRSCHENBAUM - Living in Space: Operation Liftoff. Elementary Space Program. Book 1. Levels a, B, C (Ep- 222).
29667: ANDRZEJEWSKI, STANISLAW - Military Organization and Society.
21010: ANGELL, J. WILLIAM / BANKS, E. PENDLETON, EDS. - Images of Man: Studies in Religion and Anthropology: Lectures by Distinguished Visiting Scholars at Wake Forest University.
24927: ANGLE, BARBARA - Rinker.
30243: ANGMOR, CHARLES - Contemporary Literature in Ghana 1911- 1978: A Critical Evaluation.
30847: ANON. - Kur'an- I Kerim Ve Türkçe açiklamali Meali.
20930: ANON. - A Chinese- English Textile Dictionary.
28068: ANON. - Piccola Guida Di Bolgheri.
25749: ANON. - Sri Basavesvara: Eighth Centenary Commemoration Volume.
26905: ANON. - An Exhibit to Commemorate the One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Beginning of the War of 1812..
26909: ANON. - An Exhibit of Seventeenth- Century Editions of Writings by John Milton.
27483: ANON. - Oath of Allegiance to the State of New Hampshire and to the United States, 1776.
25965: ANON. - The Dalai Lama in Switzerland, 2005.
27083: ANON. - Exhibition on the Occasion of the Transfer of Public Papers of the Honorable Joseph W. Barr to the Lilly Library.
29490: ANON. - I Musei Dell'ateneo Pisano [the Museum of Pisa].
28272: ANON. - Agriculture, Horticulture, Live Stock, Mining and Oil Section: The Rocky Mountain News Sunday, Dec. 28, 1924.
20928: ANONYMOUS - An English- Chinese Dictionary of Man- Made Fibres.
30830: ANONYMOUS - Nupela Testamen: Bilong Bikpela Jisas Kraist.
31151: ANONYMOUS - Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia Malaysian Sign Language.
22206: MR. ANONYMOUS - The Scourge of the Sea: A True Account of My Experiences in the Hsia- Sa Village Concentration Camp.
20041: ANONYMOUS - Miniature Essays: Manuel de Falla.
20109: ANONYMOUS - Miniature Essays: G. Francesco Malipiero.
20108: ANONYMOUS - Miniature Essays: Alfredo Casello.
19097: ANSA, TINA MCELROY - Baby of the Family.
31141: ANSAH, P.A.V. - Going to Town the Writings of P.A. V. Ansah.
29992: ANTOLINEZ, GILBERTO (XUHE) - Hacia El Indio Y Su Mundo - Pensamientos Vivos Del Hombre Americano - Etnologia, Mitología, Folklore.
29437: ANTONI, KLAUS J - Der Weisse Hase Von Inaba Vom Mythos Zum Marchen : Analyse Eines Japanischen "Mythos Der Ewigen Wiederkehr" Vor Dem Hintergrund Altchinesischen Und .. . Ostasiatische Studien) (German Edition).
30032: APPLEMAN, PHILIP & RUDY POZZATTI (ILLUS.) - Darwin's Ark: Poems.
25060: APTER, ANDREW - Black Critics and Kings: The Hermeneutics of Power in Yoruba Society.
30752: APUSIGAH, AGNES ATIA - Studies in Gender and Development in Africa Journal of the Gender Programmes Unit University for Development Studies (Vol. 1, No. 1, September 2007).
20165: ARAGO, JACQUES - Mémoires D'un Petit Banc de L'opéra.
28942: INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SOCIAL CODE - An Index to the Literature of Chinese Archaeology (1949 - 1966) : A Bibliography.
27294: ARDIZZONE, TONY; SERVOSS, ALLAN - Larabi's Ox: Stories of Morocco.
27689: COMMISSION ON THE OCCUPIED AREAS - Occupied Areas Handbook: Useful Information Concerning Cultural Relations with the Occupied Countries, Including a Directory of Participating Organizations.
31326: M. L. RODRIGUES DE AREIA - L'angola Traditionnel Une Introduction Aux Problemes Magico- Religieux.
27968: ARELLANO, JOSE PABLO - Inflacion Rebelde En America Latina.
27129: ARENAS, M. NUÑEZ DE & M. TUÑÓN DE LARA - Historia Del Movimiento Obrero Español.
28342: ARENDT, HANNAH - On Revolution.
28573: ARISTOTLE - Rhetoric and on Poetics (Leatherette).
22099: ARMSTRONG, CHARLOTTE - The Albatross and Other Stories.
27825: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT G. , ED. - The Traditional Background to Medical Practice in Nigeria. Institute of African Studies Occasional Publication No. 25.
29199: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF - Toward a Psychology of Art.
29525: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF - Film Essays and Criticism.
30113: ARNOLD, ELEANOR - Party Lines, Pumps and Privies.
29756: ARNOVE, ROBERT - Education and Revolution in Nicaragua.
29191: ARON, RAYMOND; HECKSCHER, AUGUST - Diversity of Worlds: How the United States and France Look at Their Joint Problems.
30879: ARON, RAYMOND (EDITED BY RUTH NANDA ANSHEN) - Marxism and the Existentialists.
29923: THE ALLIANCE OF THE INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART - Indianapolis Collects and Cooks.
26906: ART, INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF & SNITE MUSEUM OF ART & BRUCE COLE & ADELHEID M. GEALT - Piranesi: Prints From Indiana Collections. Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, January 15- March 2, 1986 ; Snite Museum of Art, Notre Dame, September 21- November 16, 1986.
27611: MISSOURI FRIENDS OF THE FOLK ARTS - Frontier Folklife Festival 1979.
30374: ARYEETEY, ERNEST, ET AL - The Organization of Land Markets and Production in Ghana: Technical Publication No. 73.
30447: ARYEETEY, ELLEN BORTEI-DOKU - Legal and Institutional Issues in Land Policy Reform in Ghana Technical Publication No. 74.
31139: ASAMOA, ANSA K. - On Social Change in Sub- Saharan Africa: A Guide to the Study of the Process of Social Transformation.
12191: ASCIONE, ERRICO - Monti D'italia: L'appennino Meridionale [Mountains of Southern Italy].
26225: ASHER, JOHN A. - A Short Descriptive Grammar of Middle High German, with Texts and Vocabulary.
21974: ASIMOV, ISAAC, ED. - Great Science Fiction Stories by the World's Great Scientists.
30746: ASIWAJU, A.I. - West African Transformations. Comparative Impacts of French and British Colonialism.
24466: ASQUITH, P. D. & I. HACKING, EDS. - Psa 1978: Proceedings of the 1978 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association: Volume One: Contributed Papers.
21047: UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION OF THE U. S. A. - Controlling Conflicts in the 1970s: A Report of a National Policy Panel Established by the United Nations Association of the United States of America.
22434: AMERICAN RAILWAY ASSOCIATION - Rule Book of the American Railway Association: August 1914.
24892: COMMITTEE OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION - Readings in Business Cycle Theory.
27603: CALIFORNIA REDWOOD ASSOCIATION - California Redwood: Its Physical and Mechanical Properties in Comparison with Other Woods Based on U.S. Government Tables and Its Record of Service.
30694: ATHERTON, PAULINE (INTRO. ) - The Value of Information: Collection of Papers Presented at 6th Mid- Year Meeting.
30234: ATKINS, HELEN BARSKY & BLAISE CRONIN - The Web of Knowledge: A Festschrift in Honor of Eugene Garfield.
27782: ATTAGARA, KINGKEO - The Folk Religion of Ban Nai: A Hamlet in Central Thailand [Doctoral Dissertation].
28417: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Collected Stories of Louis Auchincloss.
28571: AUDEN, W. H. & NORMAN HOLMES PEARSON (EDS. ) & EUGENE KARLIN (ILLUS. ) - Romantic Poets From William Blake to Edgar Allan Poe (Leatherette).
31028: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES AND REV. JOHN BACHMAN - Selected Birds of America [with] Selected Quadrupeds of North America. Two Volume Set.
30456: AUGE, MARC - Pouvoirs de Vie, Pouvoirs de Mort: Introduction a Une Anthropologie de la Repression (French Edition).
25680: AUTHORS, VARIOUS - The Anchor, Company 215.
25679: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Arbutus, Vol. 110, 2003 [Indiana University Yearbook].
29330: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure Vol. 28, 1973.
29331: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure Vol. 25, 1969. Melanges de Linguistique Offerts a Henri Frei. Tome 1..
30193: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Xlvi, July- December 1839 (New American Edition, Vol. Ix).
12640: NATIONAL RADIO INSTITUTE (VARIOUS AUTHORS) - Practical Radio Television (Two 5- Inch- Thick Binders, 60 Booklets).
23153: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Rahvuslane (August 1965) No. 2.
25711: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Indiana Historical Society Publications Volume 2.
28432: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Twenty- Two Illio - 1922 College Yearbook for the University of Illinois.
25214: AUTY, MARTYN & NICK RODDICK - British Cinema Now.
28561: ST. JOHN'S WOMAN'S AUXILIARY - Gourmet of the Delta.
28559: ST. JOHN'S WOMAN'S AUXILIARY - Gourmet of the Delta.
28393: AXELROD, DAVID ET AL. ( KEROUAC ) - Street Magazine Volume I Number 4.
30630: AXELSON, SIGBERT - Culture Confrontation in the Lower Congo From the Old Congo Kingdom to the Congo Independent State: With Special Reference to the Swedish Missionaries.
30713: AXELSON, ERIC - Portugal and the Scramble for Africa 1875- 1891.
30673: AYE, JOSEPH - Deepening Democracy in Ghana. Vol. 2.
29078: EL-AYED, SALEH BEN HUSSEIN - Les Droits Des Non- Musulmanes En Terre D'islam.
30876: AYEE, JOSEPH R.A. - Deepening Democracy in Ghana. Vol. 1. Politics of the 2000 Elections. Thematic Studies.
30052: AYITTEY, GEORGE B.N. - Africa Unchained: The Blueprint for Africa's Future.
12295: AYRES, RUBY M. - The Second Honeymoon.
31372: DE AZEVEDO, F - Brazilian Culture an Introduction to the Study of Culture in Brazil..
30732: AZIMI, NEGAR & ISOLDE BRIELMAIER & MICHKET KRIFA & WIM MELIS - Nazar: Photographs From the Arab World.
30118: AZIZ, PHILIPPE - Doctors of Death Volume #2 Joseph Mengele, the Evil Doctor.
30117: AZIZ, PHILIPPE - Doctors of Death Volume #3 When Man Became a Guinea Pig for Death.
25464: AZNAR, JUSTO & FRANCISCO ESPAÑA, EDS. - Protein C Pathway.
28492: BAAZ, MARIA ERIKSSON & MAI PALMBERG, EDS. - Same and Other: Negotiating African Identitity in Cultural Production.
24498: BABINI, JOSÉ - Para Una Bibliografía de Aldo Mieli.
31133: BABOVIC, TOMA - Leipzig.
24246: BACHELLER, IRVING - Vergilius a Tale of the Coming of Christ.
21464: BACHMAN, RICHARD [STEPHEN KING] - The Regulators.
29681: BACON, ADMIRAL SIR R.H. - The Life of Lord Fisher of Kilverston. Admiral of the Fleet. Volume 1..
28040: BADEN, LINDA, ED. - Master Drawings From the Vincent Price Collection.
26662: BAECHLER, CHRISTIAN - L'allemagne de Weimar 1919- 1933.
23128: MEYER-BAER, KATHI - Liturgical Music Incunabula; a Descriptive Catalogue.
30324: BAHELELE, JACQUES N. - Kinzonzi Ye Ntekolo Andi Makundu.
29664: BAILEY, F. G. - Caste and the Economic Frontier; a Village in Highland Orissa.
24975: BAILEY, RICHARD W. & DELORES M. BURTON - English Stylistics: A Bibliography.
22356: BAILEY, DAMON / TROGDON, WENDELL - Damon: Living a Dream.
30556: BAILEY, ADRIAN J. - A Longitudinal Analysis of the Migration of Young Adults in the United States.
29482: BAILEY, DAMON & WENDELL TROGDON - Damon - Living a Dream.
26520: BAILLIE, HUGH - High Tension: The Recollections of Hugh Baillie.
24391: BAIRD, JOHN - The Power of One.
23121: BAKER, THOMAS N. - Sentiment and Celebrity: Nathaniel Parker Willis and the Trials of Literary Fame.
14455: BAKER, RONALD L. - Hoosier Folk Legends.
28535: BAKER, DEBORAH - A Blue Hand: The Beats in India.
24239: BAKERMAN, JANE S. , ED. - And Then There Were Nine .. . More Women of Mystery.
18692: BALL, BERNICE M. , ED. - Chester County Pennsylvania: Chester County Day.
28400: BALLS, MICHAEL & A. E. WILD, EDS. - The Early Development of Mammals: The Second Symposium of the British Society for Developmental Biology.
24734: BALZAC, H. DE - Droll Stories (Contes Drolatiques) : Collected From the Abbeys of Touraine (2 Vol. Set).
28678: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Pere Goriot (Leatherette).
29859: BANACH, STEFAN. - Théorie Des Opérations (Operations) Linéaires (Lineaires). Monografje Matematyczne Tom I..
29858: BANACH, STEFAN. - Théorie Des Opérations (Operations) Linéaires (Lineaires). Monografje Matematyczne Tom I..
19114: BANKS, RUSSELL - Trailerpark.
24123: BANNERMAN, R. LEROY - Norman Corwin and Radio: The Golden Years.
28856: BANNERMAN, LEROY & WILLIAM KINZER - Their Other World: A Series of Thirteen Documentary Programs for Radio on Bioastronautics (Radio Scripts).
12183: [BANNERMAN, HELEN] - The Story of Little Black Sambo.
25728: BANTA, R. E - Benjamin Fuller and Some of His Descendants 1765- 1958.
15079: BANTA, R. E. (EDITOR) - Hoosier Caravan : A Treasury of Indiana Life & Lore.
22141: BANTA, R. E. , THOMPSON, DONALD E. , COMPS. - Indiana Authors and Their Books 1816- 1916; 1917- 1966; 1917- 1966 (3 Volumes, Complete).
26460: BANVILLE, JOHN - Kepler.
28523: BANVILLE, JOHN - Kepler.
25147: DE BANVILLE, THEODORE; PETER J. EDWARDS; PHILIPPE ANDRES & ROSEMARY LLOYD - Oeuvres Poetiques Completes. Edition Critique. Tome Vi. Idylles Pressiennes, Trente- Six Ballades Joyeuses Rondels.
30041: BANVILLE, JOHN - The Sea.
30194: BARAC, ANTON & P. MILJUSKOVIC, TRANS. - History of Yugoslav Literature.
30313: BARATA, ÓSCAR SOARES - A Questao Racial: Introducao [the Racial Issue: Introduction] (Portuguese Edition).
21234: BARBAROUX, C. O. - L'histoire Des états- Unis D'amérique.
24935: BARBATO, TULLIO - Il Terrorismo in Italia Negli Anni Settanta: Cronaca E Documentazione.
20262: BARBER, JOHN W. / HOWE, HENRY - Historical Collections of the State of New York Containing: A General Collection of the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, Etc. Relating to History and Antiquities: With Geographical Descriptions of Every Township in the State.
27687: BARBER, JOSEPH - American Policy Toward Germany: A Report on the Views of Community Leaders in Twenty- Two Cities.
29814: BARCHET, MICHAEL, ET AL - Der Krieg Der Bilder Ausgewahlte Dokumentarfilme Zum Zweiten Weltkrieg Und Zum Vietnamkrieg (German Edition).
26628: BAREIKIS, ROBERT P - The Transition to Modern Germany: The Eighteenth Century : An Exhibition.
23863: BARGER, E. L. , WALTER M. CARLETON, E. G. MCKIBBEN, AND ROY BAINER - Farm Tractors and Power Units.
30561: BARK, WILLIAM CARROLL - John Maxentius and the Collectio Palatina.
12209: BARKER, A. J. - The War Against Russia: 1854- 1856.
31256: BARLOW, WILLIAM & PETER SHAPIRO - An End to Silence; the San Francisco State College Student Movement in the '60s..
21410: BARLOW, M. / FLICKINGER, D. P. / SAG, I. A. , EDS. - Developments in Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar: Vol. 2.
27798: BARNES, JAIRUS B. / MEALS, MOSELLE TAYLOR - American Furniture in the Western Reserve, 1680- 1830.
29409: BARNES, TED & HANS-PETER MORSCH (EDS. ) - Baryon Excitations: Proceedings of the Cosy Workshop Held at the Forschungszentrum Julich From May 2 to 3, May 2000.
30345: BARNETT, CLIFFORD ET AL - Special Warfare Area Handbook for Cuba 1961.
23737: BARNETT, ROBERT E. - Cosmos Club Poets Through the Years; an Anthology.
25173: BARNOUW, VICTOR - Dream of the Blue Heron.
16633: BARNSTONE, WILLIS - Sunday Morning in Fascist Spain a European Memoir, 1948- 1953.
28053: SAMUEL H. BARONDES, ED. - Cellular Dynamics of the Neuron. Symposia of the International Society for Cell Biology. Volume 8..
20112: BARRETTE, DENISE - Nocturne and Other Poems.
31217: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up [the Play].
31127: BARRITT, LEON - How to Draw: A Practical Book of Instruction in the Art of Illustration.
29336: BARRON, T. A. - Heartlight.
14508: BARRON, JOHN N. - The Language of Painting: An Informal Dictionary.
30274: BARROW, ISAAC & J. M. CHILD - The Geometrical Lectures of Isaac Barrow.
30615: BARROWS, ELIJAH P. - A View of the American Slavery Question.
30806: BARTH, JAMES R. & GERARD CAPRIO JR. & ROSS LEVINE - Guardians of Finance Making Regulators Work for Us.
28426: BARTH, JOHN - The Sot- Weed Factor (Revised Edition).
30900: BARTHELME, DONALD - Great Days.
28295: BARTHELME, DONALD - Come Back, Dr. Caligari.
29574: BARTHOLOW, ROBERTS - A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics (Half Leather).
28439: BARTLETT, RICHARD C.; WILLIAMSON, LEROY - Saving the Best of Texas: A Partnership Approach to Conservation.
19137: BASS, RICK - The Watch: Stories.
19143: BASS, RICK - Wild to the Heart.
19151: BASS, RICK - Where the Sea Used to Be.
20897: BASS, JAN K. STEWART - At Home in the Heartland: Seasons of Serenity.
19150: BASS, RICK - The Book of Yaak.
28637: BATEMAN, KATHERINE R. - Kentucky Clay: Eleven Generations of a Southern Dynasty.
31322: BATTERSBY, JEAN - Cultural Policy in Australia.
21408: BATTISTELLA, ED - The Revised Directional Application Theory.
30601: BATUKEZANGA, ZAMENGA - Le Refugie (French Edition).
30687: BATUKEZANGA, ZAMENGA - Luozi, 30 Ans Apres.
31231: BATUKEZARIGA, ZAMENGA - Sept Freres Et Une Soeur.
27681: BAUER, CLYDE MAX - Yellowstone- - Its Underworld; Geology and Historical Anecdotes of Our Oldest National Park.
29935: BAUER, MARK S - A Mind Apart: Poems of Melancholy, Madness, and Addiction.
28788: BAUM, L. FRANK & W. W. DENSHOW - The New Wizard of Oz [the 1939 Mgm Movie Version].
29952: BAUMANN, REBECCA & REBECCA CAPE (CURATORS) & JOSS MARCH - Conducted by Charles Dickens: An Exhibition to Commemorate the Bicentennial of His Birth.
30024: BAUMBACH, WERNER - Broken Swastika: The Defeat of the Luftwaffe.
23625: BAUSBACK, PETER - The Old and Antique Oriental Art of Weaving: Exhibition From 7th to 17th October, 1983.
28642: BAWER, BRUCE - While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West From Within.
31084: BAXTER, NORMAN - A Line on Texas.
20680: BEACH, REX - Big Brother and Other Stories.
19122: BEAGLE, PETER S. - I See by My Outfit.
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27795: CRAWLEY, PETER AND DAVID J. WHITTAKER - Mormon Imprints in Great Britain and the Empire, 1836- 1857; an Exhibition in Harold B. Lee Library in Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints in the British Isles.
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30980: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Next.
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30928: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Sphere.
30984: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Airframe.
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31016: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Tale of Two Cities. Illustrated by Rene Ben Sussan..
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30926: DIEHL, WILLIAM - Chameleon.
30991: DIEHL, WILLIAM - Eureka.
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27654: DILAMARTER, RONALD R. & SANDOR C. CSALLANY - Hydrologic Problems in Karst Regions.
30804: VAN DINE, S.S. - The Scarab Murder Case a Philo Vance Story..
28114: DIPIETRO, ROBERT - Linguistics and the Professions: Proceedings of the Second Annual Delaware Symposium on Language Studies.
29067: DIPRIMIO, PETE - Hoop Tales: Indiana Hoosiers Men's Basketball.
23772: GEMINI SYSTEMS ENGINEERING DIRECTORATE, OFFICE OF MANNED SPACE FLIGHT - Description of Gemini Experiments, Flights Gt- 3 Through Gt- 7.
24976: DIRENZO, GORDON J. - Personality, Power and Politics: A Social Psychological Analysis of the Italian Deputy and His Parliamentary System.
21022: PEACE EDUCATION DIVISION, AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE - In Place of War: An Inquiry Into Nonviolent National Defense.
30027: DIXON, MARLENE; JONAS, SUZANNE - Contemporary Marxism: Journal of the Institute for the Study of Labor and Economic Crisis: No. 3; Revolution and Intervention in Central America [Summer 1981].
31218: DIXON, STEPHEN - I..
27606: DIXON, MARLENE, ED. - Contemporary Marxism (No. 1, Spring 1980) : Strategies for the Class Struggle in Latin America.
31434: DOBBIE, ELLIOT VAN KIRK - Beowulf and Judith.
20993: DODD, SUSAN - Hell- Bent Men and Their Cities.
30911: DOKSHIZER, TIMOFEI - The Memoirs of Timofei Dokshizer: An Autobiography.
29650: DOLLIMORE, JONATHAN - Radical Tragedy: Religion, Ideology, and Power in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries.
30647: DOLPH, HARRY A. - The Evader: An American Airman's Eight Months with the Dutch Underground.
25597: DOLPHYNE, FLORENCE ABENA - The Emancipation of Women.
29106: DOMANSKIEGO, HENRYKA - Zmiany: Stratyfikacji Spolecznej W Polsce [Changes in Social Stratification in Poland]: Polish Edition.
28135: KOS (BARONESS DOMBROWSKI) - Boga the Elephant.
30013: DONALD, HENDERSON HAMILTON - The Negro Freedman: Life Conditions of the American Negro in the Early Years After Emancipation.
31249: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Ginger Man.
27403: DONNELLY, JR., JAMES C.. [EDITOR] UNDERGRAD. STAFF/1942] - Dartmouth College Green Book for the Class of 1946 , Vol. Xxxii [College Yearbook].
29472: DOOLITTLE, JOHN - Don Mcneill and His Breakfast Club with Cd.
21804: VAN DOREN, MARK - Humanity Unlimited: Twelve Sonnets.
29913: DORMANDY, THOMAS - The Worst of Evils: The Fight Against Pain.
19177: DORRIS, MICHAEL - Morning Girl.
30934: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - In the Beginning.
17571: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - The Everglades: River of Grass.
21424: DOUGLAS, PAUL H. / HITCHCOCK, CURTICS N. / ATKINS, WILLARD E. - The Worker in Modern Economic Society.
28498: MALTI-DOUGLAS, FEDWA - The Starr Report Disrobed.
30382: DOUTRELOUX, ALBERT - L'ombre Des Fetiches Societe Et Culture Yombe.
23490: DOWDLE, JOHN - Back From the Dead [Full Moon Rising] : A Comedy in Five Acts (Original Screenplay).
27348: DOWLING, JOHN CLARKSON - Leandro Fernández de Moratín.
29570: DOWNARD, WILLIAM L. - Dictionary of the History of the American Brewing and Distilling Industries..
19560: DOWNS, ROSCOE IRVINE - This Fair Eden: A Novel of a Tropical Paradise.
28507: CONAN DOYLE, A - The Adventures of Gerard.
21032: DOYLE, LAUREN B. - Information Retrieval and Processing.
28476: DRAPER, ROBERT - Rolling Stone Magazine: The Uncensored History.
25286: DREES, WILLEM B. - De Mens: Meer Dan Materie? Religie En Reductionisme.
23869: DRIVER, HAROLD EDSON - Indians of North America.
14460: DROSTE, JOHN B. - Clay Minerals in the Playa Sediments of the Mojave Desert, California.
27325: DROSTE, JOHN B. - Atlas of Early and Middle Paleozoic Paleogeography of the Southern Great Lakes Area.
17148: DRUMMOND, A. M. / GARD, ROBERT E. , EDS - The Lake Guns of Seneca and Cayuga and Eight Other Plays of Upstate New York.

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