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33535: Abe, Kobo - Kangaroo Notebook.
33563: Abraham, Henry J. - Justices & Presidents a Political History of Appointments to the Supreme Court.
31291: Adams, Henry - History of the United States of America During the Administrations of James Madison 1809- 1817.
31375: Adams, Frederick B. , Jr. - Radical Literature in America an Address by Frederick B. Adams, J. To Which Is Appended a Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Grolier Club in New York City.
31036: Adams, R. J. Q. - The Great War, 1914- 1918 Essays on the Military, Political and Social History of the First World War.
33625: Adedeji, Adebayo (Ed. ) - Comprehending and Mastering African Conflicts the Search for Sustainable Peace and Good Governance.
33629: Akurgal, Ekrem - Ancient Civilizations and Ruins of Turkey . From Prehistoric Times Until the End of the Roman Empire.
33727: Allen, Susan Heuck - Finding the Walls of Troy Frank Calvert and Heinrich Schliemann at Hisarlik.
33695: Allen, Judith A. & Hallimeda E. Allinson & Andrew Clark-Huckstep & Brandon J. Hill & Stephanie A. Sanders & Liana H. Zhou - The Kinsey Institute the First Seventy Years.
33450: Allen, Erin - Mango Inn Bed & Breakfast Cookbook: The Best of the Best From the Kitchen of the Mango Inn.
33705: Andorka, Rudolf & Tamás Kolosi & Richard Rose & György Vukovich - A Society Transformed Hungary in Time- Space Perspective.
31433: Andreas, Osborn - Joseph Conrad a Study in Non- Conformity.
33752: Andreyev, Leonid & Olga Andreyev Carlisle (Trans. ) - Visions Stories and Photographs.
27483: Anon. - Oath of Allegiance to the State of New Hampshire and to the United States, 1776.
25965: Anon. - The Dalai Lama in Switzerland, 2005.
31151: Anonymous - Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia Malaysian Sign Language.
20041: Anonymous - Miniature Essays: Manuel de Falla.
20109: Anonymous - Miniature Essays: G. Francesco Malipiero.
31141: Ansah, P.A.V. - Going to Town the Writings of P.A. V. Ansah.
33710: Arruda, Suzanne - The Leopard's Prey a Jade Del Cameron Mystery.
31139: Asamoa, Ansa K. - On Social Change in Sub- Saharan Africa: A Guide to the Study of the Process of Social Transformation.
33557: Attagara, Kingkeo - The Folk Religion of Ban Nai: A Hamlet in Central Thailand [Doctoral Dissertation].
33707: Authors, Various - The Marine Number of Cassier's Magazine.
31372: De Azevedo, F - Brazilian Culture an Introduction to the Study of Culture in Brazil..
31133: Babovic, Toma - Leipzig.
33570: Bach, Albert B. - The Principles of Singing a Practical Guide for Vocalists and Teachers.
33460: Abdu'l-Baha - Promulgation of Universal Peace Talks Delivered by Abdu'l Baha During His Visit to the United States and Canada in 1912.
33485: Bain, F. W. - A Draught of the Blue Together with an Essence of the Dusk.
33661: Baldwin, James - Just Above My Head.
27798: Barnes, Jairus B. / Meals, Moselle Taylor - American Furniture in the Western Reserve, 1680- 1830.
33748: Barolsky, Paul - Giotto's Father and the Family of Vasari's Lives.
20112: Barrette, Denise - Nocturne and Other Poems.
31127: Barritt, Leon - How to Draw: A Practical Book of Instruction in the Art of Illustration.
33723: Barthelme, Donald - Forty Stories.
28439: Bartlett, Richard C.; Williamson, Leroy - Saving the Best of Texas: A Partnership Approach to Conservation.
33706: Basso, Ellen B. - Native Latin American Cultures Through Their Discourse.
33650: Bastos, Augusto Roa - I the Supreme.
33434: Baudelaire, Charles - Les Fleurs Du Mal Et Autres Poemes.
33802: Beach, Captain Edward L. - Run Silent, Run Deep.
33662: Beckett, Samuel - That Time.
20033: Beddingham, Philip, Et Al - Concerning Booklabels.
33737: Behrman, S. N. & Saul Steinberg - Duveen.
22990: Bell, H. E. , Ed. - Historical Essays, 1600- 1750, Presented to David Ogg.
33491: Bell, J. Bowyer - Terror out of Zion Irgun Zvai Leumi, Lehi, and the Palestine Underground, 1929- 1949.
28209: Bell, Josephine - Double Doom.
33682: Bell, Daniel - The Winding Passage Essays and Sociological Journeys, 1960- 1980.
33790: Bell, Roger T. - Sociolinguistics: Goals, Approaches and Problems.
33713: Benner, J. A. - Lone Star Rebel.
33456: Berelson, Bernard - Content Analysis in Communication Research.
33581: Bergman, Robert & Toni Morrison - A Kind of Rapture.
33646: Bierce, Ambrose & S. T. Joshi (Ed. ) - Ambrose Bierce the Devil's Dictionary, Tales, & Memoirs : In the Midst of Life (Tales of Soldiers and Civilians) / Can Such Things Be? / .. . / Selected Stories (Library of America).
31187: Birkin, Andrew - J.M. Barrie & the Lost Boys the Love Story That Gave Birth to Peter Pan.
33612: Birringer, Johannes H. - Theatre, Theory, Postmodernism.
31161: Bissell, Claude - The Imperial Canadian: Vincent Massey in Office.
33628: Blackwell, Stephen (Ed. ) - In Other Words: Studies to Honor Vadim Liapunov.
33481: Blatty, William Peter - The Exorcist.
28188: Blume, Friedrich (Ed.) - Die Musik in Geschichte Und Geganwort: Allgemeine Enzyklopadie Der Musik (14 Vol. Set).
33478: Boll, Heinrich - Missing Persons and Other Essays.
27809: Boswell, Jessie P. , Comp. - Index to the Journal and Debates of the Indiana Constitutional Convention 1850- 1951.
33574: Bourjaily, Vance - Brill Among the Ruins.
20243: De Bovet, Marie Anne - Charles Gounod: His Life and His Works.
33615: Bradley, Michael - Grail Knights of North America on the Trail of the Grail Legacy in Canada and the United States.
31295: Breisach, Ernst - Classical Rhetoric and Medieval Historiography.
32189: Briggs, Katharine Mary - A Dictionary of British Folk- Tales in the English Language Incorporating the F.J. Norton Collection, Part a Folk Narratives, Vol. I.
31319: Brinkley, Christie - Timeless Beauty over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great.
31146: Broadhead, Susan Herlin - Trade and Politics on the Congo Coast 1770- 1870.
31113: Broadhead, Susan Herlin - Trade and Politics on the Congo Coast 1770- 1870.
20584: Broeg, Bob - The Pilot Light and the Gas House Gang.
33788: Brooks, Philip Lee - Fields of Greed.
33457: Brown, June D. - Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Land Records, 1711- 1749.
33685: Brown, Mary Ellen, Ed. - Neo- Paganism a Feminist Search for Religious Alternatives.
33622: Brown, Deming Bronson - Soviet Russian Literature Since Stalin.
33739: Brown, Rex - Rational Choice and Judgment Decision Analysis for the Decider.
33480: Brown Jr. , Tom - Tom Brown's Field Guide to Nature and Survival for Children.
27856: Brucker, Roger, Ed. - Hi- O- Hi [Oberlin College Yearbook] 1950.
33639: Brunnemer, James - Distinction without Pretension the Little School That Did.
31030: Brunsden, Denys, Ed. - The Unquiet Landscape.
33445: Bryan, William Lowe - Farewells.
27854: Buchner, Alexandre - Les Instruments de Musique a Travers Les Ages.
33774: Bukharin, N. I. , Needham, Joseph & P. G. Werskey - Science at the Cross Roads Papers Presented to the International Congress of the History of Science and Technology Held in London From June 20th to July 3rd 1931.
31444: Buranelli, Francesco & Maurizio Sannibale - Etruscan Treasures From the Cini- Alliata Collection.
31142: Burckhardt, John Lewis - Arabic Proverbs; or the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians.
33645: Burgett, Donald - The Road to Arnhem a Screaming Eagle in Holland.
33701: Burnford, Sheila Every - The Fields of Noon.
33810: Busch, Charles & Marjorie Quennell - Red Scare on Sunset.
33699: Cranmer-Byng, J. L. - A Lute of Jade Being Selections From the Classical Poets of China.
33505: Byrd, Cecil K - The Westbound Pioneer: Overland Emigration to Oregon.
30120: Byrd, Cecil K - The Westbound Pioneer: Overland Emigration to Oregon.
29953: Byrd, Cecil K. - Searching for Riches: The California Gold Rush.
33459: Cain, Noble - Choral Music and Its Practice 1942 Revised Edition.
33786: Caldwell, Erskine - God's Little Acre (Ml #51).
31304: Callaway, Barbara J. - Muslim Hausa Women in Nigeria: Tradition and Change.
33521: Calvert, Greg & Carol Neiman - A Disrupted History; the New Left and the New Capitalism.
33633: Cameron, A. D. - Slate From Coniston a History of the Coniston Slate Industry.
31155: Cameron, D. - Arabic English Dictionary.
33721: Cannon, Cornelia James & Marian Cannon (Illus. ) - The Fight for the Pueblo the Story of Onate's Expedition and the Founding of Santa Fe, 1598- 1609.
33755: Capote, Truman - Breakfast at Tiffany's a Short Novel and Three Stories.
33667: Carlyle, Thomas - Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, Vol. 3 Collected and Republished First Time, 1839; Final, 1869.
27582: Carter, Leverett E. & Helena Sexauer (Illus. ) - Connecticut Shore Lines.
31300: A Lima de Carvalho - Reflexoes Para Uma Analise Dimensional Da Estrutura de Mocambique.
31288: A. Lima de Carvalho - Angola: Diferenciacao, Estratificacao E Mobilidade Social Alguns Problemas Introdutorios Fundamentais.
27855: Cascella, Pietro - Pietro Cascella.
28374: Cassou, Jean - Campigli. Avec Un Texte de L'artiste.
23013: Cate, Fred H. , Dennis H. Long, & David C. Williams, Eds. - The Court- Martial of George Armstrong Custer.
31237: Caute, David - The Demonstration.
27852: Cavada, Enrico, et al - Alle Sorgenti Del Benaco.
31317: Chapel, Charles Edward - Guns of the Old West.
33580: Chapelle, Howard I. - The History of American Sailing Ships with Drawings by the Author and George C. Wales and Henry Rusk.
20575: Chappell, William [Wooldridge, H. Ellis] - Old English Popular Music: A New Edition with a Preface and Notes, and the Earlier Examples Entirely Revised by H. Ellis Wooldridge (3 Books in One Volume).
33448: Chekhov, Anton - Best Plays of Chekhov the Sea Gull, Uncle Vanya, the Three Sisters, the Cherry Orchard.
33619: Ching, Julia - Mysticism and Kingship in China the Heart of Chinese Wisdom.
33681: Cieraad, Irene - Fetishism (Etnofoor Magazine Volume 3 Number 1 1990).
27865: Clark, Thomas Dionysius - The Rampaging Frontier: Manners and Humors of Pioneer Days in the South and the Middle West.
20621: Clark, Thomas D. - Indiana University: Midwestern Pioneer. Vol. Iii. Years of Fulfillment.
23050: Cleary, Jon - Pride's Harvest.
33549: Clements, Barbara Evans - Bolshevik Feminist the Life of Aleksandra Kollantai.
31230: J. M. G. Le Clezio - The African.
33637: Coetzee, J. M. - Foe.
27481: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram - Maine Ballads.
33642: Cohen, William B. - The French Encounter with Africans White Response to Blacks, 1530- 1880.
31263: Cole, Bruce - Italian Art, 1250- 1550 the Relation of Renaissance Art to Life and Society.
27844: The Senior Class Of Wabash College - The Wabash 1937 [College Yearbook].
26328: National Association Of Railway Commissioners - Proceedings of the Twenty- Sixth Annual Convention Feb. 17- 20, 1914.
31033: Epoch Yearbook Committee - The Epoch '63 [Northside Junior High School, Columbus, Indiana].
20507: Ch'eng Wen Publishing Company - A Classified List of Reference Books in the Reading Rooms of the National Library of Peiping.
33618: Coogan, Tim Pat - The Ira a History.
31119: Cook, Bob - Finally, the Bob Cook Book on Bo Mcmillin.
33797: Corbett, Jim - Man- Eaters of Kumaon.
31294: Correa, A. A. Mendes - Notas Antropológicas Sôbre Os Luangos Da Regiao Dos Dembos.
33534: Cottle, Basil - The Triumph of English 1350- 1400.
31297: Couto, Carlos - Os Capitaes Mores Em Angola No Seculo Xviii Subsidio Para O Estudo Da Sua Actuacao.
33540: Cowell, Adrian - The Heart of the Forest the Exciting Story of an Expedition Into One of the World's Last Remaining Unexplored Regions, the Fantastic Xingu Jungle of Amazonia.
33471: Cox, Archibald & Mark Dewolfe Howe & J. R. Wiggins - Civil Rights, the Constitution, and the Courts.
31171: Crawford, F. Marion - Mr. Isaacs; a Tale of Modern India.
33438: Cruikshank, Kate - The Art of Leadership: Birch Bayh a Companion to an Exhibition From His Senatorial Papers.
31359: Cudahy, Brian J. - Under the Sidewalks of New York the Story of the Greatest Subway System in the World.
33475: Cumbler, John T. - Working- Class Community in Industrial America Work, Leisure, and Struggle in Two Industrial Cities, 1880- 1930.
33770: Cummings, E. E. - E.E. Cummings Collected Poems.
17037: Cumston, C. G. - The History of Medicine From the Time of the Pharaohs to the End of the Xviiith Century.
31173: Curtis, Alice Turner - A Yankee Girl at Richmond.
33532: Curwood, James Oliver - The Black Hunter a Novel of Old Quebec,.
33525: Dal, Erik - Dansk Folkedigtning.
33765: Dana, Richard Henry Jr. - Two Years Before the Mast; a Personal Narrative of Life at Sea.
33757: Dancocks, Dan - Welcome to Flanders Field.
33670: Daniels, George H. - American Science in the Age of Jackson.
33439: David, Linda - Children's Books Published by William Darton and His Sons.
31252: Davidson, Carl - The New Radicals in the Multiversity and Other Sds Writings on Student Syndicalism.
33679: Davis, David Brion - Inhuman Bondage the Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World.
27860: Davis, Jerome - Character Assassination.
31120: Debons, Anthony, Ed. - Information Science: Search for Identity. Proceedings of the 1972 Nato Advanced Study Institute in Information Science Held at Seven Springs, Champion, Pennsylvania, August 12- 20, 1972.
33592: Deeping, Warwick - Two Black Sheep.
33513: Delevoy, Robert L. - Symbolists and Symbolism.
31184: Denny, George H - The Dread Fishwish, and Other Tales.
33825: Dettman, John W. - Applied Complex Variables..
33610: Dien, Albert E. (Ed. ) - State and Society in Early Medieval China.
33610: Dien, Albert E. (Ed. ) - State and Society in Early Medieval China.
28114: Dipietro, Robert - Linguistics and the Professions: Proceedings of the Second Annual Delaware Symposium on Language Studies.
31218: Dixon, Stephen - I..
31434: Dobbie, Elliot Van Kirk - Beowulf and Judith.
33756: Dobie, J. Frank - Cow People.
33638: Doering, Bernard - Jacques Maritain and the French Catholic Intellectuals.
28135: Kos (Baroness Dombrowski) - Boga the Elephant.
33796: Dopp, Katharine E. - The Later Cave- Men.
33651: Doris, David T - Vigilant Things on Thieves, Yoruba Anti- Aesthetics, and the Strange Fates of Ordinary Objects in Nigeria.
33602: Dove, Rita - Sonata Mulattica Poems.
33738: Ducrocq, Albert & Oliver Stewart (Trans. ) - Victory over Space.
33743: Dumont, Louis & Mark Sainsbury - Homo Hierarchicus the Caste System and Its Implications.
22986: Durand, James R. & George Sprague Brooks, Ed. - James Durand, an Able Seaman of 1812; His Adventures on "Old Ironsides" and As an Impressed Sailor in the British Navy.
33764: Earle, Swepson - The Chesapeake Bay Country - A 1923 Reissue with 275 Photographs and Maps.
28193: Earp, J. R - Geology of the Country Around Clitheroe and Nelson.
31096: Eco, Umberto & Richard Dixon - The Prague Cemetery.
33822: Eickelman, Dale F. - The Middle East and Central Asia an Anthropological Approach.
31310: Ekeberg, Gustav & Ingemar Hasselblad - Vastmanland Ii Lasebok for Skola Och Hem.
33703: Elliott, Peggy Gordon - The Urban Campus Educating the New Majority for the New Century.
27425: Ellis, Joseph J. - George Washington (in Slipcase).
33676: Ellis, P. Berresford - The Story of the Cornish Language.
33677: Ellis, Alexander J. - Speech in Song. Being the Singer's Pronouncing Primer of the Principal European Languages for Which Vocal Music Is Usually Composed.
33469: Emmet, Dorothy M. - The Nature of Metaphysical Thinking.
31148: Endicott, Kirk Michael - An Analysis of Malay Magic.
27497: Endo, Shusaku - Scandal.
33640: Ennis, Merlin - Umbundu, Folk Tales From Angola, Collected & Translated by Merlin Ennis.
31274: Erd, Richard C. & Seymour S. Greenberg - Minerals of Indiana Indiana Department of Conservation Geological Survey, No. 18.
33461: Evans, M. Stanton - The Future of Conservatism; From Taft to Reagan and Beyond,.
33526: Everett, Franklin - Memorials of the Grand River Valley.
33789: Faenzi, Carol - The Stonecutter's Aria.
27494: Falls, Cece (Cecelia) - Seen .. . Felt .. . Observations on Love.
27495: Falls, Cece (Cecelia) - Rising.
31100: Fariello, Griffin - Red Scare Memories of the American Inquisition : An Oral History.
33550: Farjeon, Jefferson - The Compleat Smuggler a Book About Smuggling in England, America and Elsewhere Past and Present.
27234: Farrell, James T. - When Time Was Born.
31357: Felber, Lynette - Gender and Genre in Novels without End: The British Roman- Fleuve.
20048: Fetis, F. J. - How to Play From Score: Treatise on Accompaniment From Score on the Organ or Pianoforte [How to Play From Score].
33712: Field, Eugene - Echoes From the Sabine Farm.
33769: John V. A. Fine - The Early Medieval Balkans a Critical Survey From the Sixth to the Late Twelfth Century.
31281: Finn, James - Protest Pacifism & Politics.
33671: Fitzgerald, F. Scott - The Crack- Up, with Other Uncollected Pieces, Note- Books and Unpublished Letters. Together with Letters to Fitzgerald From Gertrude Stein, Edith Wharton, T.S. Eliot, Thomas Wolfe and John Dos Passos and Essays and Poems.
31299: O'Flaherty, Liam - Insurrection.
31063: Fleming, Kathleen Anne - The Jazz Age Murders.
33430: Flinn, Alfred Douglas; Weston, Robert Spurr; Bogert, Clinton Lathrop - Waterworks Handbook.
33474: Forman, Henry James - Guilt a Mystery Story.
33762: Foster, David - The Philosophical Scientists.
33488: Fowler, Edward - The Rhetoric of Confession Shishosetsu in Early Twentieth- Century Japanese Fiction.
20283: Frasca, Ralph - The Rise and Fall of the Saturday Globe.
33428: Fraser, J. T. - The Voices of Time a Cooperative Survey of Man's Views of Time As Expressed by the Sciences and by the Humanities.
26305: Frauenfelder, Uli H. & Lorraine Komisarievsky Tyler, Eds. - Spoken Word Recognition.
31226: Frayn, Michael - Noises Off - A Play.
33523: Frenz, Horst (Ed. ) - Asia and the Humanities - Papers Presented at the Second Conference on Oriental- Western Literary and Cultural Relations Held at Indiana University..
33473: Fried, Morton; Harris, Marvin; Murphy, Robert (Eds. ) - War the Anthropology of Armed Conflict and Aggression..
33830: Frost, Robert & Edward Connery Lathem, Ed. - The Poetry of Robert Frost.
33805: Fugard, Athol - The Road to Mecca.
33735: Fuson, Robert H. - Legendary Islands of the Ocean Sea.
33823: Galbraith, John Kenneth - American Capitalism: The Concept of Countervailing Power.
20660: Gallagher, Patrick, Ed. - Third Degree: James Joyce Centenary Number; Number 6.
33447: Ganshof, Francois L. & Gaston Zeller & Andre Fugier & Pierre Renouvin - Tome Premier le Moyen Age & Tome Second Les Temps Modernes de Christophe Colomb a Cromwell & Tome Troisieme de Louis Xiv a 1789 & Tome Quatrieme la Revolution Francaise Et L'empire Napoleonien & Tome Cinquieme le Xix Siecle.
33591: Gardner, Erle Stanley - The Case of the Screaming Woman.
30877: Garfield, Jay L. , Ed. - Modularity in Knowledge Representation and Natural- Language Understanding.
27942: Gehring, Stephen P. - From the Fulda Gap to Kuwait: Us Army, Europe and the Gulf War.
33468: George, Hermon - American Race Relations Theory a Review of Four Models.
33520: De Ghelderode, Michel - Théâtre. I. Hop Signor! - Escurial - Sire Hallewyn - Magie Rouge - Mademoiselle Jaďre - Fastes D'enfer.
33693: Gibbs, May - The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Including Little Ragged Blossom and Little Obelia.
33663: Gibbs, Jewelle Taylor & Ann F Brunswick & Michael E. Connor & Richard Dembo & Tom Larson & Rodney Reed & Barbara Solomen - Young, Black, and Male in America an Endangered Species.
33553: Gilbert, Dan - The Heritage of Hell: The Modern Dance.
31125: Gill, Sidney & D Humphriss - One Man and His Town.
32186: Ginsberg, Allen & Barry Miles (Ed. ) - Howl Original Draft Facsimile, Transcript & Variant Versions, Fully Annotated by Author, with Contemporaneous Correspondence, Account of First Public .. . Skirmishes, Precursor Texts & Bibliography.
33750: Ginzburg, Lev Solomonovich & Herbert R. Axelrod (Ed. ) - Prof. Lev Ginsburg's Ysaye.
33511: Ginzburg, Ralph. - Avant Garde #8 Picasso's Erotic Gravures..
20050: Globus - Russian Tiles [Carreaux Russes / Russische Kacheln].
33753: Glubb, John Bagot - A Short History of the Arab Peoples.
31441: Verlag Am Goetheanum - Das Rote Stiefelchen.
33611: Golden, Marita - Skin Deep.
33611: Golden, Marita - Skin Deep.
33624: Vazquez-Gomez, Juana - Dictionary of Mexican Rulers, 1325- 1997.
33607: Gordon, Karen Elizabeth - The Transitive Vampire.
33607: Gordon, Karen Elizabeth - The Transitive Vampire.
30555: Goss, Charles Frederic - The Loom of Life.
27810: Graham, Gordon - The Institution of Intellectual Values: Realism and Idealism in Higher Education.
33636: Green, David Bronte¨ - Blenheim.
33729: Greene, Merle - Ancient Maya Relief Sculpture.
31223: Greene, Graham - The Ministry of Fear an Entertainment.
33543: Grier, William H & Price M. Cobbs - Black Rage.
33736: Grunbaum, Adolf - Reply to Hilary Putnam's 'an Examination of Grunbaum's Philosophy of Geometry' in: Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science.
33621: Guardino, Peter F. - Peasants, Politics, and the Formation of Mexico's National State Guerrero, 1800- 1857.
31336: Guedes, Max Justo & Gerald Lombardi - Portugal/ Brazil the Age of Atlantic Discoveries.
32188: Photography by John Bower & Text by John Bower and Lynn Bower & Foreword by Lee H. Hamilton - The Common Good an Indiana Heritage Built with Taxes, Tithes, and Tuition.
27917: Hamm, Thomas D. - Earlham College: A History, 1847- 1997.
33589: Hammel, Bob - A Banner Year at Indiana.
28435: Hammel, Bob, Ed. and Larry Crewell, Photo Ed. - All the Way: Ncaa Indiana.
28013: Hammett, Charles Edward & Carl Leonard Lundgren - How to Be an Athlete.
31156: Hammill, Des - Coventry Climax Racing Engines the Definitive Development History.
33791: Hamp, Eric P. Et Al. (Eds) - Readings in Linguistics Ii. In English, German, and French.
33537: Hardy, Barbara - Particularities Readings in George Eliot.
33800: Hare, David - The Asian Plays: Fanshen; Saigon: Year of the Cat; a Map of the World.
33627: Harries, Karsten - Meaning of Modern Art.
33086: Harter, Christopher, Tedeschi, Anthony and Jodine Perkins, Curators - Places of the Imagination a Celebration of Worlds, Islands, and Realms & Imaginary and Constructed Languages (Exhibition Catalog).
33442: Harter, Christopher, Tedeschi, Anthony and Jodine Perkins, Curators - Places of the Imagination a Celebration of Worlds, Islands, and Realms & Imaginary and Constructed Languages (Exhibition Catalog).
33552: Harvester, Simon - The Bamboo Screen.
33771: Harwell, Richard & Douglas Southall Freeman - Washington an Abridgement in One Volume of the Seven- Volume George Washington by Harwell.
33507: Hashirim, Shir & Willis Barnstone (Trans. ) - The Song of Songs.
33576: Haslam, W. E. - Style in Singing.
31205: Havener, J. K. ; Stevens, Bob (Cartoons) - Army Air Force Lyrics: A Collection of Ww Ii U.S. Army Air Force Marching Songs, Poems, and Parodies to Popular Songs of the Period and the Past.
31149: Hawkins, Joyce M. - Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar - Inggeris- Melayu & Melayu - Inggeris.
31160: Hayden, Jennifer - The Story of My Tits.
33594: Head, Joseph & Cranston, S. L. - Reincarnation in World Thought.
33510: Hedgpeth, Don - Spurs Were a- Jinglin' a Brief Look at the Wyoming Range Country.
33524: Heinlein, Robert A. - Beyond This Horizon.
28094: Heiser, Joseph M. Jr. - A Soldier Supporting Soldiers.
33744: Henderson, Dan Fenno - Village "Contracts" in Tokugawa Japan Fifty Specimens with English Translations and Comments ).
33722: Hentoff, Nat - Jazz Country.
31066: Hentoff, Nat & Lewis Porter - At the Jazz Band Ball Sixty Years on the Jazz Scene.
33828: Herskovits, Melville J - Economic Anthropology; a Study in Comparative Economics.
33435: Hilbert, D. & Ackermann, W. - Grundzuge Der Theoretischen Logik.
33711: Hiroshige, Ando - A Shoal of Fishes.
28083: Hobson, Harold; Photos, - Ralph Richardson.
31440: Holliday, W. J - Western Americana, Many of Great Rarity; the Distinguished Collection Formed by W.J. Holliday .. . Sold by His Order.
31255: Holmes, Grace W. - Student Protest and the Law.
28110: Greene County Extension Homemakers - A Book of Favorite Recipes.
33696: Hooker, Kathy Eckles - Time Among the Navajo Traditional Lifeways on the Reserve.
33555: Horaz, Bruce - Southern Rose.
27880: Horowitz, I. A. (Ed. ) - Chess Review Annual: Chess Review, the Picture Chess Magazine (1967, Vol. 35).
31251: Horowitz, David - Counterculture and Revolution.
27881: Horowitz, I. A. (Ed. ) - Chess Review Annual: Chess Review, the Picture Chess Magazine (1965, Vol. 33).
27511: House, Ernest R. - Jesse Jackson and the Politics of Charisma: The Rise and Fall of the Push/Excel Program.
33678: Howells, William Dean - A Foregone Conclusion.
33632: Howells, W. D. & George N. Bennett (Ed. ) - A Modern Instance. A Selected Edition of W.D. Howells, Volume 10.
33656: Howells, W. D. - Indian Summer.
33785: Hsü, Kenneth Jinghwa - The Mediterranean Was a Desert a Voyage of the Glomar Challenger.
33740: Hughes, H. Stuart - The Obstructed Path French Social Thought in the Years of Desperation 1930- 1960.
31229: Hughes, Ted - Birthday Letters.
31349: Hurtado, Albert L. - Indian Survival on the California Frontier.
27830: Hutchens, Terry; Roethlisberger, Ben (Foreword) - Hep Remembered: Memories of Terry Hoeppner From Those Who Knew Him Best.
20005: Ikeda, Daisaku - The Flower of Chinese Buddhism.
33647: Iliff, Flora Gregg - People of the Blue Water a Record of the Life Among the Walapai and Havasupai Indians.
33777: Kšinan, Michal - Milan Rastislav ŠTefánik the Slovak National Hero and Co- Founder of Czechoslovakia.
33815: Jacobs, Diane - Her Own Woman the Life of Mary Wollstonecraft.
33593: Janik, Allan & Stephen Edelson Toulmin - Wittgenstein's Vienna.
33653: Jarves, James Jackson & Rowland, Benjamin (Ed. ) - The Art- Idea.
33827: Jeffers, Robinson - Jeffers Country; the Seed Plots of Robinson Jeffers' Poetry.
33506: Jennings, Jonathan & Dorothy Riker - Unedited Letters of Jonathan Jennings with Notes by Dorothy Riker.
27845: Johnson, David W. , President - Three Thirty Two (332) : The Yearbook of Harvard and Radcliffe 1968.
33751: Johnson, David & Andrew J. Nathan & Evelyn S. Rawski - Popular Culture in Late Imperial China.
33539: Jones, Ernest - On the Nightmare.
31307: Jordan, D. S. and H. Heath. - Animal Forms, a Text- Book of Zoology.
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