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21686: LENIN, VLADIMIR - On Workers' Control and the Nationalisation of Industry.
30550: LENIN, V. I. - Alliance of the Working Class and the Peasantry.
22591: LENT, JOHN A. - The Asian Newspapers' Reluctant Revolution.
30342: LENTZ, CAROLA - Ethnicity and the Making of History in Northern Ghana.
19990: LEON, MANUEL VELAZQUEZ, ET AL - A Textbook on the History of the Usa Up to World War 1.
24977: LEONTIEF, WASSILY & HERBERT STEIN - The Economic System in an Age of Discontinuity: Long Range Planning or Market Reliance?.
30671: LERNER, GERDA - Teaching Women's History.
24288: LERSKI, JERZY - Emisariusz "Jur".
29854: LESNIKOWSKI, WOJCIECH - East European Modernism Architecture in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland between the Wars.
25755: LETHBORG, HEATHER - Reflections Tasmania.
28139: LETKEMANN, PETER - The Ben Horch Story.
29267: LEVIN, GAIL - Edward Hopper: An Intimate Biography.
31389: LEVIN, HARRY - Power of Blackness Hawthorne, Poe, Melville.
24489: LEVINE, SARAH - Mothers and Wives: Gusii Women of East Africa.
17662: LEVINE, GEMMA - Faces of British Theatre.
28546: LEVINSON, BORIS M - Pets and Human Development.
19230: LEWALD, HERALD ERNEST - Antologia: De Veinte Poetas Postmodernistas Latino Americanos.
31301: LEWIS, GEORGE CORNEWALL & CHARLES F. MULLETT - Remarks on the Use and Abuse of Some Political Terms..
29463: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Babbitt.
30491: LEWIS, NORMAN - A View of the World Selected Journalism.
19374: LEWIS, ELISHA J. - The American Sportsman: A New Edition Revised by Arnold Burges.
21361: LEWIS, CHARLES B. & QUAD, M. & BROTHER GARDNER - Brother Gardner's Lime- Kiln Club: Being the Regular Proceedings of the Regular Club for the Last Three Years: With Some Philosophy, Considerable Music, a Few Lectures, and a Heap of Advice Worth Reading. Not Compiled in the Interests of Congress, or Any
27580: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - The Prodigal Parents.
25967: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Hitler Youth: The Hitlerjugend in War and Peace 1933- 1945.
31327: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - W.E. B. Du Bois the Fight for Equality and the American Century 1919- 1963.
23982: XIAOJU LI - English- Chinese Dictionary of Newspaper Terms.
20328: LI, YING-CHE / SPEER, BLANCHE, EDS. - Readings in Teaching Chinese.
30288: LI, KUO-TING - The Experience of Dynamic Economic Growth on Taiwan.
19465: LI, RUTH PAO YU - American Talk: English Conversation.
21866: LI, TIEN-YI, ED. [MAO TSE-TUNG] - On the People's Democratic Dictatorship.
23628: LIBBY, JANE - Twelvemonth.
28936: THE LILLY LIBRARY, INDIANA UNIVERSITY - Guide to the Lilly Library.
26968: THE LILLY LIBRARY, INDIANA UNIVERSITY - The First Twenty- Five Years of Printing, 1455- 1480 an Exhibition.
23197: LINDA HALL LIBRARY - Three Centuries of Science and Scientists in America: A Bicentennial Exhibit.
26953: THOMAS FISHER RARE BOOK LIBRARY, UNIV. OF TORONTO - The Early History of Medicine; an Exhibition of Books Selected From the Jason A. Hannah Collection.
31092: LILLY LIBRARY - British Bookbinding Today / with an Introduction by Edgar Mansfield.
27552: INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF JAPAN LIBRARY - A Guide to Reference Books for Japanese Studies.
27043: LIEBMAN, CHARLES S. & ELIEZER DON-YEHIYA - Religion and Politics in Israel.
31402: ALFRED LIEF, ED. & OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - The Dissenting Opinions of Mr. Justice Holmes.
31394: LIFAR, SERGE - Ballet, Traditional to Modern.
31533: LIGON, J. S. - Upland Game Bird Restoration Through Trapping and Transplanting.
26972: LILLY, JOSIAH KIRBY; RANDALL, DAVID A. - Medicine: An Exhibition of Books Relating to Medicine and Surgery From the Collection Formed by J.K. Lilly..
22241: YU-LIN, YU - Political Implications of Teng Hsiao- Ping's Military Rectification.
28712: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Partners of the Tide.
20571: LINCOLN, F. S. - Charleston: Photographic Studies.
28255: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - Lincoln: Speeches and Writings: Volume 1. 1832- 1858; Volume 2. 1859- 1865 [Each in Slipcase].
16952: LINDAMOOD, JEAN - Road Trips, Head Trips, and Other Car- Crazed Writings.
29792: LINDAUER, DAVID L. & JONG-GIE KIM & JOUNG-WOO LEE & HY-SOP LIM & JAE-YOUNG SON & EZRA F. VOGEL - The Strains of Economic Growth: Labor Unrest and Social Dissatisfaction in Korea.
14763: LINDEN, H. VANDER - Belgium: The Making of a Nation.
25211: LINDQUIST, EMORY KEMPTON - Hagbard Brase: Beloved Music Master.
29154: LINDSTROM, JAMES DAVID - Metaphoric Structure in the Verse Fables and Horatian Imitations of Jonathan Swift.
26071: COMMITTEE ON LINGUISTICS, STANFORD UNIVERSITY - Working Papers on Language Universals 10.
31247: LIPSET, SEYMOUR - Rebellion in the University. -.
29517: LIPSKI, JOHN M. - The Language of the Islenos: Vestigial Spanish in Louisiana.
31039: LIPTON, LAWRENCE - The Holy Barbarians.
30218: LISIUS, PETER H & RICHARD GRISCOM (EDS. ) - Directions in Music Cataloging.
25946: LIST, GEORGE - Stability and Variation in Hopi Song (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society) (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society).
29848: LISTENBERGER, DICK - Winners Winning Recipes From the Junior League of Indianapolis.
27009: LITTLE, JUDY - The Experimental Self: Dialogic Subjectivity in Woolf, Pym, and Brooke- Rose.
30776: LIU, JAMES J.-Y. - The Interlingual Critic: Interpreting Chinese Poetry.
30777: LIU, JAMES J.-Y. - The Interlingual Critic: Interpreting Chinese Poetry.
27288: LIU, WU-CHI, ET AL, EDS. - Kuei Hsing: A Repository of Asian Literature in Translation.
29002: LIU, JAMES J. Y - Major Lyricists of the Northern Sung, A.D. 960- 1126.
29012: LIU, JAMES J.-Y. - Chinese Theories of Literature.
27847: TATE GALLERY LIVERPOOL - Minimalism [Exhibition Catalog].
30084: LIVINGOOD, PROFESSOR PATRICK - Mississippian Polity and Politics on the Gulf Coastal Plain: A View From the Pearl River, Mississippi.
31413: LIVINGSTON, JULIAN - The Gallups of Spencer a 19th Century Owen County, Indiana Family with Roots in Woodstock, Vermont.
31479: LIVINGSTON, JULIAN - Serious Business the Livingston- Hazel Connection, Great Britain to Virginia, to Kentucky, to South- West- Central Indiana : The History of the .. . And Even More Ancient and Noble Origins.
29480: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID & L. SCHAPERA, ED. - Livingstone's Missionary Correspondence, 1841- 1856.
26060: BAHA'U'LLAH, & ABDU'L-BAHA - The Divine Art of Living: Selections From the Writings of Baha'u'llah and Abdu'l- Baha.
27440: LLEWELYN, JOHN - Seeing Through God: A Geophenomenology.
25478: LLEWELYN, JOHN - Appositions of Jacques Derrida and Emmauel Levinas.
26188: LLOSA, MARIO VARGAS - Diario de Irak [Iraq Diary].
31572: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Stringtown on the Pike.
30791: LLOYD, ROSEMARY & MARIA KREBS - The Century Was Two Years Old le Siecle Avait Deux Ans: Victor Hugo, 1802- 1885.
20221: LO, C. H. - 10,000: A Dictionary of New English: English- English English- Chinese.
31632: LOAF, MEAT & DAVID DALTON - To Hell and Back an Autobiography.
26068: LOAR, PEGGY A - Indiana Stoneware (Exhibition Catalog) April 17- May 26, 1974.
30360: LOCKE, DAVID & ABUBAKARI LUNNA - Drum Damba: Talking Drum Lessons.
31527: LOCKWOOD, GEORGE BROWNING - The New Harmony Movement. With the Collaboration of Charles A. Prosser in the Preparation of the Educational Chapters.
23026: LOEB, JACQUES; FLEMING, DONALD - Mechanistic Conception of Life.
31309: LOGGHE, JOAN - Twenty Years in Bed with the Same Man.
25201: LOMAN, BENGT - Conversations in a Negro American Dialect.
27250: LOMBARDY, WILLIAM & DAVID DANIELS - Chess Panorama.
21452: LONG, J. P. M. - Aboriginal Settlements: A Survey of Institutional Communities in Eastern Australia.
12902: LONG, JUDITH REICK - Gene Stratton- Porter.
28707: LONG, GEORGE - The Folklore Calendar.
31620: LONG, CAROLYN MORROW - A New Orleans Voudou Priestess the Legend and Reality of Marie Laveau.
27121: LONG, ELEANOR RICE - Wilderness to Washington: An 1811 Journey on Horseback.
24012: LONGMAN - The Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal: December 1835 .. .. January 1836, Vol. Lxil.
29767: LONGMORE, LAURA - The Dispossessed. A Study of the Sex- Life of Bantu Women in and Around Johannesburg.
22285: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA - Antologia Poetica.
29212: LORD, ALBERT BATES - Beginning Bulgarian.
28644: LORDE, AUDRE - The Black Unicorn: Poems.
23066: LOTI, PIERRE - An Iceland Fisherman.
29749: LOTI, PIERRE - Egypt (la Mort de Philae).
21312: LOUBSER, JAN J. , ET AL (EDS. ) - Explorations in General Theory in Social Science: Essays in Honor of Talcott Parsons (Vol. One).
30664: LOUIS, ROGER AND JEAN STENGERS - E.D. Morel's History of the Congo Reform Movement.
19255: LOWELL, ROBERT - For the Union Dead.
26681: BERNARD QUARITCH LTD. - A Selection of Interesting Books on a Great Variety of Subjects (1948, No. 657).
29420: TU-LUC, THICH - Tinh Dao, Nghia Doi.
29438: LUCARDA, ANTONIO - Venice: Watercolours.
29657: LUCAS, RICHARD - Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany.
30927: LUCAS, E. V. - A Wanderer in Paris.
24366: LUCE, PHILLIP ABBOTT - The New Left Today: America's Trojan Horse.
27967: LUCENTE, GREGORY L. - Italian Criticism: Literature & Culture.
27499: LUCONI, STEFANO - La Politica Dello Scandalo Negli Stati Uniti: Un Limite Alla Sovranita Popolare? Scenari Dello Scontro Tra Partiti Dopo Il Watergate.
30496: LUDWIG, EMIL - The Son of Man: The Story of Jesus.
23817: LUMBRA, ELAINE & RUDY POZZATTI - More Hoosier Cooking.
24809: LUNDBERG, ERIK - Instability and Economic Growth.
24819: LUNDBERG, ERIK - Income and Wealth, Series I..
28715: LUNDIN, C. LEONARD - Finland Och Andra Varldskriget.
30904: LUTKEHAUS, NANCY C. & PAUL B. ROSCOE, EDS. - Gender Rituals: Female Initiation in Melanesia.
13351: LUTZ, WILLIAM D. - The Cambridge Thesaurus of American English.
30706: LYNCH, MARY JO - Research Questions for the Twenty- First Century Library Trends 51.
28953: LYNCH, WILLIAM O. - The Westward Flow of Southern Colonists Before 1861.
21797: LYNCH, RICHARD E. - Winfield Scott: A Biography of Scottsdale's Founder.
30435: LYONS, CHARLES R. & PROFESSOR HARRY T. MOORE - Henrik Ibsen: The Divided Counsciousness.
22618: LYONS, ROBERT EDWARD - Indiana University News- Letter Vol. Xix, No. 3: The History of Chemistry at Indiana University 1829- 1931.
29239: LYONS, ROBERT EDWARD & LOUIS SHERMAN DAVIS - The Qualitative Analysis of Inorganic Bodies in Which the More Common Bases and Acids Are Represented.
28923: MACFARLANE, WILLIAM N - The Magic City of Egypt.
30454: MACGAFFEY, WYATT - Chiefs, Priests, and Praise- Singers: History, Politics, and Land Ownership in Northern Ghana.
30320: MACGAFFEY, WYATT - Art and Healing of the Bakongo, Commented by Themselves: Minkisi From the Laman Collection.
30536: MACGAFFEY, WYATT - Modern Kongo Prophets Religion in a Plural Society.
27988: MACH, ERNST - Popular Scientific Lectures.
25200: MACHABEY, ARMAND - Traité de la Critique Musicale: La Doctrine, la Méthode Anthologie Justificative.
30579: MACK, JOHN, ED. - Africa: Arts and Culture.
15564: MACKIE, R. L. - Scotland, an Account of Her Triumphs and Defeats, Her Manners, Institutions, Art and Literature From Earliest Times to the Death of Scott.
29900: MACKIE, ANDREW W. (ED.) - For Henry Kucera: Studies in Slavic Philology and Computational Linguistics.
17843: MACLEAN, BRIAN D. / PEPINSKY, HAROLD E. (EDS. ) - We Who Would Take No Prisoners: Selections From the Fifth International Conference on Penal Abolition.
23539: MACLEAN, BRIAN AND HAROLD E. PEPINSKY, EDS. - We Who Would Take No Prisoners: Selections From the Fifth International Conference on Penal Abolition.
21069: MACLEOD, FIONA [WILLIAM SHARP] - The Washer of the Ford: Legendary Moralities and Barbaric Tales.
31041: MACMEAL, HARRY B. - The Story of Independent Telephony.
16145: MADISON, JAMES H., ED. - Heartland: Comparative Histories of the Midwestern States.
29668: MADISON, JAMES H. - The Indiana Way: A State History.
12954: MADISON, JAMES H. - Eli Lilly: A Life, 1885- 1977.
13980: EDITOR, TIME MAGAZINE - Time Magazine April 4, 1969 [Eisenhower Obituary Issue].
12523: EDITOR, TIME MAGAZINE - Time Magazine January 2, 1950 [Winston Churchill].
12520: EDITOR, TIME MAGAZINE - Time Magazine February 1, 1982 [Franklin Roosevelt].
12518: EDITOR, TIME MAGAZINE - Time Magazine September 11, 1964 [Hank Bauer].
28895: MAGEE, GARY BRYAN - Productivity and Performance in the Paper Industry: Labour, Capital and Technology in Britain and America, 1860- 1914.
30426: MAHAMA, IBRAHIM - Ya- Naa, the African King of Power.
30423: MAHAMA, IBRAHIM - Ya- Naa, the African King of Power.
30481: MAHAMA, IBRAHIM - Murder of an African King Ya- Na Yakubu Ii.
27731: MAHANEY, W. C. , ED. - Quaternary Environments: Proceedings of a Symposium.
30241: MAHANIAH, KIMPIANGA - Le Christianisme Dans la Vallee de Kimpese: E.P. I. 1908- 1980.
23971: MAHER, MARY - The Devil's Card.
26093: MAHGOUB, FATMA M - A Linguistic Study of Cairene Proverbs.
28977: MAIER, KARL - Angola, Promises and Lies.
31382: MAILER, NORMAN & TOM ADAMS; - An American Dream a Novel.
23061: MAILER, NORMAN - Barbary Shore.
26937: MAINZ, ELEAZOR OF - The Ethical Will of Eleazor of Mainz.
30813: MAIR, LUCY PHILIP - Primitive Government a Study of Traditional Political Systems in Eastern Africa.
29837: MALCOLM, JANET - Two Lives Gertrude and Alice.
29625: MALLARME, STEPHANE; COOK, BRADFORD (TRANS. ) - Mallarmé Selected Prose Poems, Essays & Letters.
23855: MALLOCK, W. H - The New Paul and Virginia; or, Positivism on an Island.
29320: MALMQUIST, EVE (ED. ) - Women and Literacy Development in the Third World.
26938: MALONE, DUMAS - Thomas Jefferson and the Library of Congress.
31487: MANCHESTER, WILLIAM - The Death of a President November 1963.
29229: MANCHESTER, HERBERT - Four Centuries of Sport in America 1490 - 1890.
14454: MANDELL, RICHARD D. - The Nazi Olympics.
29915: MANHOFF, BILL - The Owl and the Pussycat.
29216: MANNING, MAURICE - Bucolics.
13822: PRIVATE #19022 [MANNING, FREDERIC] - Her Privates We.
29185: MANNING, MAURICE - Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions.
31584: MANNING, MAURICE - Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions.
30307: PAIVA MANSO, VISCONDE DE - Historia Do Congo: Obra Posthuma Do Visconde de Paiva Manso (Documentos) (Portuguese Edition).
31118: MANUH, TAKYIWAA - An 11th Region of Ghana? Ghanaians Abroad.
27448: MAOR, ELI - E: The Story of a Number.
22393: MAOR, ELI - To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite.
30843: MARCH, JENNIFER R. , ED. & SOPHOCLES - Sophocles: Electra (Ancient Greek Edition).
30600: MARCHAL, HENRI - Art Et Mythologie (French Edition) Figures Tshokwe.
29188: MARCHESI, SALVATORE - A Vademecum for Singing- Teachers and Pupils.
31188: MARCHIONINI, GARY - Information Seeking in Electronic Environments.
26095: MARCUS, JACOB RADER & ABRAHAM J. PECK, EDS. - Studies in the American Jewish Experience: Contributions From the Fellowship Programs of the American Jewish Archives.
20667: MAREK, JACK (ARRANGED BY) - Harmonica County Hits.
31525: MARGOLIS, JACK S. - Child's Garden of Grass: The Official Handbook for Marijuana Users.
21530: MARGRETHE - After Confirmation: A Sketch of Modern Life in Norway.
26337: KREMER-MARIETTI, ANGÈLE - Les Racines Philosophiques de la Science Moderne.
24543: MARILLA, E. L. , COMP. AND ANNOTATIONS. - A Comprehensive Bibliography of Henry Vaughan.
19568: MARKS, MICKEY KLAR - Wax Sculpturing.
27371: MARKS, STUART A. - Southern Hunting in Black and White: Nature, History, and Ritual in a Carolina Community.
30764: MARKUSON, BARBARA EVANS, ED. - Libraries and Automation.
20915: MARKUSON, BARBARA EVANS, ED. - Libraries and Automation.
28501: MARLANTES, KARL - Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War.
30810: MARNHAM, PATRICK - Fantastic Invasion: Notes on Contemporary Africa.
28418: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA; RABASSA, GREGORY (TRANS. ) - One Hundred Years of Solitude.
23611: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - Macondoban Hull Az Eso [Hungarian Edition].
23217: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - L'autunno Del Patriarca.
23578: MARSHALL, KEITH B. - Golf Galore.
31612: MARSHALL, RODERICK - William Morris and His Earthly Paradises.
27209: MARSHALL, DONALD. - Ra'ivavae, an Expedition to the Most Fascinating and Mysterious Island in Polynesia.
30678: MARTIN, PHYLLIS M. - Catholic Women of Congo- Brazzaville Mothers and Sisters in Troubled Times.
19984: MARTIN, JAMES W. / MORROW, GLENN D. - Taxation of Manufacturing in the South.
31344: MARTIN, TERENCE - Parables of Possibility the American Need for Beginnings.
22127: MARTIN, VICTOR & LEO MCCAREY - The Bells of St. Mary's.
25712: MARTIN, CHARLES ALEXANDER, ED. - Alumnal Record, Depauw University (1910).
31042: MARTINDALE, ANDREW - Gothic Art.
29539: MARTINET, ANDRE - La Linguistica Sincronica / Synchronic Linguistics (Brh. Manuales) (Spanish Edition).
31269: MANUEL ALFREDO DE MORAIS MARTINS - Contacto de Culturas No Congo Portuguès. Achegas Para O Seu Estudo..
25876: MARY, ANDRÉ - Le Défi Du Syncrétisme: Le Travail Symbolique de la Religion D'eboga, Gabon.
21377: MARYOTT, HAROLD B. - The Essentials of Harmony.
25289: MASON, BESSIE MARLIN - On the Hill.
25161: MASSON, RENÉ - Landru.
29289: MAST, GERALD - Filmguide to the Rules of the Game.
12190: MATANLE, IVOR - World War Ii: An Interactive Package of Image and Text.
31443: MATHER, CHRISTINE, ED. - Colonial Frontiers Art and Life in Spanish New Mexico : The Fred Harvey Collection.
31152: MATHESON, SYLVIA A - Persia an Archaeological Guide.
30783: MATHIEU, PIERRE-LOUIS - The Symbolist Generation: 1870- 1910.
29484: J, WAYNER MATTHEW - Thirst: 1st International Symposium on Thirst in the Regulation of Body Water.
19817: MATTHIAS, JOHN - Reading Old Friends: Essays, Reviews, and Poems on Poetics 1975- 1990.
25806: MATTHIESEN, PETER - Killing Mister Watson, Lost Man's River & Bone by Bone (Shadow Country Trilogy).
31282: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The Armada.
30293: D'ALMEIDA MATTOS, JOSE - O Congo Portugues E As Suas Riquezas [the Portuguese Congo and Its Riches] (Portuguese Edition).
20909: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Servant.
28628: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Selected Stories (Leatherette).
30567: MAURER, EVAN M. & NIANGI BATULUKISI - Spirits Embodied: Art of the Congo.
28684: MAWSON, DOUGLAS & RANULPH FIENNES - The Home of the Blizzard: A True Story of Antarctic Survival.
21400: MAXWELL, EDITH M. - A Study of Misarticulation From a Linguistic Perspective.
31351: MAXWELL, HU - The History of Barbour County, West Virginia, From Its Earliest Exploration and Settlement to the Present Time.
20531: DE MAY, BONNIE CECIL - Between Green Walls.
22388: MAY, EARL CHAPIN - The Circus From Rome to Ringling.
29635: MAYER, ADRIAN C. - Peasants in the Pacific; a Study of Fiji Indian Rural Society.
27691: MAYERS, DAVID - Wars and Peace the Future Americans Envisioned, 1861- 1991.
31220: MAYNARD, LEE - Crum.
31210: MAYNARD, LEE & MEREDITH SUE WILLIS - Crum the Novel.
20292: MAYNE, CAPTAIN REID - The Cliff- Climbers; or, the Lone Home in the Himalayas: A Sequel to "the Plant- Hunters".
26086: MAZZARO, JEROME, COMP. - Profile of William Carlos Williams.
26035: MAZZEO, MIGUEL & JOSE A. SANCHEZ - Religiosidad Popular Y Revolución Nacional.
22216: MCADAMS, A. JAMES - East Germany and Detente: Building Authority After the Wall.
29411: MCBRIDE, DAVID - Continuous Casting; Proceedings of Technical Sessions of the Iron and Steel Division Held in Detroit, Michigan, October 24, 1961.
17905: MCCARTER, MARGARET HILL - Vanguards of the Plains: A Romance of the Old Santa Fe Trail.
21930: MCCARTHY, GARY - The Last Buffalo Hunt.
28646: MCCARTNEY, ALISTAIR - The End of the World Book: A Novel.
30336: MCCASKIE, T. C. - Asante Identities: History and Modernity in an African Village, 1850- 1950.
30432: MCCLOY, CHARLES HAROLD - Philosophical Bases for Physical Education..
15823: MCCLURE, CHARLES R. / HERNON, PETER, EDS. - Library and Information Science Research: Perspectives and Strategies for Improvement.
29789: MCCLUSKEY, AUDREY - The Devil You Dance with: Film Culture in the New South Africa.
31189: MCCLUSKY, PAMELA & ROBERT FARRIS THOMPSON - Art From Africa Long Steps Never Broke a Back.
28751: MCCONNELL, FRANCIS JOHN - Democratic Christianity: Some Problems of the Church in the Days Just Ahead.
30160: MCCRARY, JOHN REAGAN - First of the Many, a Journal of Action with the Men of the Eighth Air Force.
29243: MCCRAW, CHARLES B - Scoreography.
31615: MCDANIEL, BILLY JACK & A'LETA MCDANIEL & CAROLYN STANFORD GOSS - Dead Man Breathing the Incredible True Story of One Man's Rise From the Flames.
26175: MCDANIEL, ETHEL HITTLE - The Contribution of the Society of Friends to Education in Indiana.
24655: MCDONALD, NEIL & ALF CHAITON, EDS. - Egerton Ryerson and His Times.
25372: MCDONALD, WALTER & JANET M. NEUGEBAUER - All That Matters: The Texas Plains in Photographs and Poems.
28828: MCDONALD, BILL - A Short History of Indiana Limestone.
25475: MCDOWALL, DAVID - The Kurds.
25508: MCDOWALL, DAVID - Lebanon: A Conflict of Minorities.
23741: MCDOWELL, JENNIFER AND M. LOVENTHAL - Contemporary Women Poets: An Anthology of California Poets.
28885: MCENTIRE, NANCY C., ET AL & LOTUS DICKEY - The Lotus Dickey Songbook.
29993: MCFADDEN, DAVID - Changing Hands: Art without Reservation.
27733: MCFARLAN, ARTHUR C. - Geology of Kentucky.
28241: MCGIVERN, JAMES GREGORY. - First Hundred Years of Engineering Education in the United States (1807- 1907).
27641: MCGONAGLE, TARLACH, ET AL, EDS. - Minority- Language Related Broadcasting and Legislation in the Osce: [Results of] Study Commissioned by the Osce High Commisioner on National Minorities.
21863: MCGOVERN, THOMAS - Priestly Celibacy Today.
25015: MCGUIRK, DAL - Afrikakorps: Self Portrait.
31468: MCKEE, MARGARET & FRED CHISENHALL - Beale Black and Blue Life and Music on Black America's Main Street.
13269: MCKEE, JOHN - The Enemy Within the Gate: The Catholic Church and Renascent Modernism.
15950: MCKEMY, KAY - Samuel Pepys of the Navy a Biographical Novel.
26559: MCKEON, RICHARD; OWEN, DAVID B. & DAVID B. OWEN & ZAHAVA K. MCKEON - On Knowing - - the Natural Sciences.
19271: MCKEOWN, TOM - The House of Water.
26210: MCKINLAY, ARCHIBALD - Reejin Archetypes: Book One of Duh Reejin, a Workaday Mythology.
29886: MCKINSEY, J.C.C. - Introduction to the Theory of Games. Rand Corporation. [Rand Corporation]. Mcgraw- Hill. 1952..
30501: MCKOWN, DELOS BANNING - Behold the Antichrist Bentham on Religion.
22884: MCLEAN, EDWARD, ED. - A Formula for Liberals Essays in Honor of George Lipsky.
29287: MCMURTRY, R. GERALD - My Lifelong Pursuit of Lincoln.
14171: MCNAB, NORA STANGLAND - Onion Avenue.
30283: MCNAUGHTON, PATRICK R - Secret Sculptures of Komo Art and Power in Bamana (Bambara) Initiation Associations.
30098: MCPHEETERS, D W - Camilo Jose Cela.
31391: MCROBBIE, ANGELA - In the Culture Society Art, Fashion and Popular Music.
29811: MCWILLIAMS, CAREY - North From Mexico. The Spanish- Speaking People of the United States.
28229: MEAD, HUNTER - An Introduction to Aesthetics.
13503: MEALEY, BARBARA, ED. - The Cocktail Party Cookbook and Guide, by the Faculty Women's Club of the Indiana University School of Medicine.
22654: SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY LAWS OF THE COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS - Administration of Social Security Disability Insurance Program: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on the Administration of the Social Security Laws of the Committee on Ways and Means of Representatives, 85th Congress.
30137: O'MEARA, BARRY E. - Napoleon in Exile; or, a Voice From St. Helena. The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon on the Most Important Events of His Life and Government, in His Own Words (Volume 2).
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12297: RIDDELL, FLORENCE - Can Women Forget?.
31110: RIDDLEBERGER, PATRICK - George Washington Julian, Radical Republican; a Study in Nineteenth- Century Politics and Reform.
25553: RIDENOUR, JAMES M. - The National Parks Compromised Pork Barrel Politics and America's Treasures.
28183: RIDLON, ELIZABETH J. & ROBERT W. RIDLON - Creation Science Made Easy.
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29077: AL-RIKABI, ZEINUL ABDEEN - La Grande Famille Prophetique le Prophete Muhammad, Frere Du Messie.
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28807: RINDERLE, WALTER & BERNARD NORLING - The Nazi Impact on a German Village.
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19721: RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS - This Strange Adventure.
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29638: SOTHEBY'S, SOTHEBY -; ILLUSTRATED, - Catalogue of Important Old Master Drawings Thursday 26 November 1970: The Property of the Rt. Hon the Countess of Powis, the Moriz and Elsa Von Kuffner Stiftung, Miss S.C. Ball and Others.
25834: SOTHEBY'S - Illustrated Books and Drawings Including Children's Books and Juvenilia, Continental and English Illustrated Books, Private Press Books, Posters and the Performing Arts.
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26080: SANDE, THEODORE ANTON - Industrial Archeology: A New Look at the American Heritage.
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31345: SARGANT, WILLIAM - Unquiet Mind the Autobiography of a Physician in Psychological Medicine.
30908: SARGEANT, WINTHROP - In Spite of Myself: A Personal Memoir.
22620: SARNOFF, BRIG. GENERAL DAVID - A Business Based on Research.
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25157: SAVIGNEAU, JOSYANE - Carson Mccullers: A Life.
29071: SAWER, MARIAN & MARIAN SIMMS - A Woman's Place: Women and Politics in Australia.

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