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24315: EASUM, CHESTER VERNE - The Americanization of Carl Schurz.
21506: EATWELL, JOHN, ET AL, ED. - The Invisible Hand: The New Palgrave.
29140: EBENER, WILHELM & ANNE-MARIE EBENER, ET AL - Illustrierte Walliser Sagen.
30151: ECHERUO, MICHAEL J. C. - Joyce Cary and the Novel of Africa.
29695: ECKARDT, WOLF VON & SANDER L GILMAN - Bertolt Brecht's Berlin: A Scrapbook of the Twenties.
28915: ECO, UMBERTO - Foucaultovo Kyvadlo [Foucault's Pendulum].
31096: ECO, UMBERTO & RICHARD DIXON - The Prague Cemetery.
28266: INSTITUTE OF ECONOMICS, ACADEMIA SINICA - Essays on the Population of Taiwan.
29423: EDEL, MAY & ABRAHAM - Anthropology and Ethics.
29393: EDELMAN, GERALD M. - Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On the Matter of the Mind.
30631: EDGECOMBE, RODNEY STENNING - Two Poets of the Oxford Movement: John Keble and John Henry Newman.
30577: EDITIONS, INC. - South Africa at a Glance 2010- 11: History- Politics- Economy- Trade- Tourism- Statistics.
30029: YEARBOOK STAFF & ANNETTA KERR & MINA JEAN MILLER (EDITORS) - Rig Veda 1951 Yearbook (Illinois College, Jacksonville, Il).
23271: EDITORS, THE OUTLOOK - The Outlook, Published Weekly with Illustrations: Vol. 110, No. 3 May 19, 1915. The Lusitania Massacre: What Shall America Do?.
22761: EDMUNDS, JOHN - Hesperides: Fifty Songs to Texts by Robert Herrick and Many Earlier and Later Poets.
14234: EDUCATIONAL, COMMITTEE, THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS ASSOCIATION, INC. - Essential Facts in Regard to the League of Nations, the World Court, and the International Labor Organization.
18263: EDWARDS, PHILIP L. - Sketch of the Oregon Territory, or Emigrant's Guide.
29093: EDWARDS, DUVAL A. - Spy Catchers of the U.S. Army in the War with Japan: The Unfinished Story of the Counter Intelligence Corps.
26651: EHRET, CHRISTOPHER - An African Classical Age: Eastern and Southern Africa in World History, 1000 B.C. To A.D. 400.
19188: EHRLICH, GRETEL - Drinking Dry Clouds; Stories From Wyoming.
30891: EICHSTAEDT, PETER - Consuming the Congo: War and Conflict Minerals in the World's Deadliest Place.
26541: EISNER, ROBERT - Travelers to an Antique Land: The History and Literature of Travel to Greece.
31310: EKEBERG, GUSTAV & INGEMAR HASSELBLAD - Vastmanland Ii Lasebok for Skola Och Hem.
29771: EKHTIAR, MANSUR - From Linguistics to Literature.
31387: ELBERT, SAMUEL H. & NOELANI K. MAHOE - Na Mele O Hawaii Nei 101 Hawaiian Songs.
29412: ELIADE, MIRCEA - Das Mysterium Der Wiedergeburt.
28474: ELIAS, NORBERT (MICHAEL SCHROTER, ED. ERIC DUNNING & STEPHEN MENNELL, TRANSLATORS) - The Germans: Power Struggles and the Development of Habitus in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.
30139: ELIOT, T.S - The Cocktail Party.
30510: ELIOT, T. S. - Four Quartets.
28622: ELIOT, T. S. - Complete Poems and Plays, 1909- 1950.
28667: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Mill on the Floss (Leatherette).
20341: ELISSEEFF, SERGE, ET AL - Elementary Japanese for College Students: Part Iii: Romaji Text.
19192: ELKINS, AARON - Curses!.
28046: ELLER, DAWN-MARIE - Always Onward: Barnum, Minnesota 1889 to 2002.
30217: ELLIOTT, MARGARET S. & KENNETH L. KRAEMER - Computerization Movements and Technology Diffusion: From Mainframes to Ubiquitous Computing.
30925: ELLIS, BRET EASTON - Lunar Park.
27425: ELLIS, JOSEPH J. - George Washington (in Slipcase).
23378: ELLIS, RICHARD N. - The Western American Indian Case Studies in Tribal History.
25160: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Volume Vi. Sex in Relation to Society.
27492: ELLISON, HARLAN - Edgeworks 4: Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled; the Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World.
27516: ELMAN, JEFFREY L. & ELIZABETH A. BATES & MARK H. JOHNSON & ANNETTE KARMILOFF-SMITH & DOMENICO PARISI - Rethinking Innateness: A Connectionist Perspective on Development.
29692: ELST, J. VAN DER - L'age D'or Flamand.
30842: EMERSON, WILLIAM CANFIELD - The Seminoles: Dwellers of the Everglades; : The Land, History and Culture of the Florida Indians.
27245: EMERTON, J. A. , ED. - Congress Volume: Leuven 1989: Conference Proceedings.
29553: EMILIO, GENTILE - La Democrazia Di Dio. La Religione Americana Nell'era Dell'impero E Del Terrore [the Democracy of God, Religion and American Empire in the Era of Terror].
26144: EMMISON, F.G. - Elizabethan Life. Vol. I: Disorder.
26145: EMMISON, F G - Elizabethan Life: Home Work and Land.
31148: ENDICOTT, KIRK MICHAEL - An Analysis of Malay Magic.
29069: ENDICOTT, STEPHEN LYON - Red Earth: Revolution in a Sichuan Village.
27497: ENDO, SHUSAKU - Scandal.
31499: ENGEN, RODNEY K. - Randolph Caldecott.
24748: ENGLAND, THEORA C. - Theatre of the Word: The Lively Art of Group Reading.
13684: ENGLISH, DR. JAMES DOUGLASS - To the West in 1894: Travel Journal of Dr. James English of Worthington, Indiana.
14312: ENGLISH, DR. JAMES DOUGLASS - To the West in 1894: Travel Journal of Dr. James English of Worthington, Indiana.
30114: ENNIS, LAMBERT - Thackeray: The Sentimental Cynic.
26793: ENTWISLE, DORIS R. - Early Schooling: Cognitive and Affective Outcomes.
31546: EPSTEIN, JASON - The Great Conspiracy Trial; an Essay on Law, Liberty, and the Constitution.
29623: EPSTEIN, LEE - Conservatives in Court.
31274: ERD, RICHARD C. & SEYMOUR S. GREENBERG - Minerals of Indiana Indiana Department of Conservation Geological Survey, No. 18.
22508: ERIKSEN, E. VEGUSDAL - Atterklang Fra Gammeltida: Folkeminne Fra Beiarn I.
30266: ERTUGRUL, MUHSIN - Theatre in Turkey (No. 3).
30126: ESMAN, MILTON J - Landlessness and Near- Landlessness in Developing Countries.
30125: ESMAN, MILTON J - Landlessness and Near- Landlessness in Developing Countries.
21869: ESTELLE, PATRICIO - La Controversia Chileno- Norteamericana de 1892- 1892.
22095: ESTEVE, JUSTO CONDE - Historia de Los Mundiales de Baloncesto: Argentina 1950 - España 1986.
17319: EVANS, GEN. CLEMENT A. , ED. - Confederate Military History (Vol. 1, Part 1) a Library of Confederate States History.
27128: EVANS, E. ESTYN - Ireland and the Atlantic Heritage: Selected Writings.
30778: BROTHER ANTONINUS [WILLIAM EVERSON] - The Crooked Lines of God.
26036: EZCURRA, ANA MARIA - Doctrina Social de la Iglesia: Un Reformismo Antisocialista.
22195: FADELY, JAMES PHILLIP - Thomas Taggart: Public Servant, Political Boss, 1856- 1929.
27575: FAGE, J. D. , WITH WILLIAM TORDOFF - A History of Africa (2 Volume Set in Slipcase).
29941: FAGUET, EMILE - Balzac.
28050: FAILEY, MAJIE ALFORD - Forgive Us Our Press Passes.
21898: FAIRFIELD, ASA MERRILL - Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County California Containing Everything That Can Be Learned About It From the Beginning of the World to the Year of Our Lord 1870.
30737: FALKNER, WILLIAM - Snopes a Trilogy- The Hamlet / the Town / the Mansion.
27494: FALLS, CECE (CECELIA) - Seen .. . Felt .. . Observations on Love.
27495: FALLS, CECE (CECELIA) - Rising.
31343: FARGUE, LEON-PAUL (SUBJECT); MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD (PREFACE); BEUCLER, ANDRE (AUTHOR) - The Last of the Bohemians Twenty Years with Léon- Paul Fargue.
31100: FARIELLO, GRIFFIN - Red Scare Memories of the American Inquisition : An Oral History.
31144: PADRE ANTONIO LOURENCO FARINHA - D. Afonso I, Rei Do Congo.
22598: FARKAS, FERENC - 50 Csardas Enekre Es Zongorara Osszeallitotta Es Zongarakiseretet Irt Hozza / Fur Gesang Gesetzt Und Mit Klavierbegeleitung Versehen.
20485: FARNSWORTH, CHARLES H. / SHARP, CECIL J. , EDS. - Folk- Songs, Chanteys and Singing Games.
13587: FARQUHAR, S. EDGAR, ED. & H. HORTON SHELDON, ED. IN CHIEF - The Progress of Science: A Review of 1940.
27234: FARRELL, JAMES T. - When Time Was Born.
30738: FARRELL, JAMES T - Studs Lonigan; a Trilogy Containing Young Lonigan, the Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan, Judgment Day (Ml G41).
30210: FARREN, ROBERT - How to Enjoy Poetry.
24207: FARRINGTON, DORIS E. - Fireside Cooks & Black Kettle Recipes.
23350: FAST, HOWARD - The Unvanquished.
31579: FAULKNER, WILLIAM; DEWEY, KENNETH FRANCIS (ILLUS. ) - The Sound and the Fury (Leatherette).
30768: FAUROT, JEANNETTE L. - Chinese Fiction From Taiwan: Critical Perspectives.
23642: FEDER, STEVEN - It Had to Be You (Original Screenplay).
22023: FEDORENKO, N. P. - Optimal Functioning System for a Socialist Economy.
24758: FEI, HSIAO-TUNG & MARGARET PARK REDFIELD, ED. - China's Gentry: Essays in Rural- Urban Relations.
24838: FEIERMAN, STEVEN - The Shambaa Kingdom: A History.
31460: FEIN, JOHN M. - Toward Octavio Paz a Reading of His Major Poems, 1957- 1976.
31357: FELBER, LYNETTE - Gender and Genre in Novels without End: The British Roman- Fleuve.
26286: FELDMANN, HARALD - Mimesis Und Wirklichkeit.
23440: EDICAO DA COMISSAO DA CONDICAO FEMININA - A Mulher Poder: Comunicacoes de Um Seminario; Lisboa, 13 a 15 de Novembro de 1985.
21041: KUO-FENG, HUA - Let the Whole Party Mobilize for a Vast Effort to Develop Agriculture and Build Tachai- Type Counties Throughout the Country.
25555: FENNELL, FRANCIS L. - The Fine Delight: Centenary Essays on Gerard Manley Hopkins.
21290: FERENC, BONIS - így Láttuk Kodályt : Harmincöt Emlékezés.
18582: FERENC, DR. WEISZ - A Szent Istvan Bazilika.
28922: FERENCZI, SANDOR - Final Contributions to the Theory and Technique of Psychoanalysis, Vol. Iii in the Selected Papers of Sandor Ferenczi.
25706: FERGUSON, VICTORIA - Straw Hammocks.
29896: FERNANDES, FLORESTAN - The Negro in Brazilian Society.
26941: FERRABY, JOHN - All Things Made New: A Comprehensive Outline of the Bahá'í Faith.
25356: FERREIRA, EDUARDO DE SOUSA, ED. - Conflict and Change in Portugal 1974- 1984: (Conflitos E Mudanças Em Portugal 1974- 1984).
25637: FERREIRO, EMILIA - Atualidade de Jean Piaget.
20048: FETIS, F. J. - How to Play From Score: Treatise on Accompaniment From Score on the Organ or Pianoforte [How to Play From Score].
21376: FFORDE, JASPER - The Eyre Affair.
21360: FIDFADDY, FREDERICK - The Adventures of Uncle Sam in Search After His Lost Honor.
28964: FIECHTER, JEAN-JACQUES - Le Socialisme Francais: De L'affaire Dreyfus a la Grande Guerre.
28677: FIELDING, HENRY & ROWLANDSON, THOMAS (ILLUS. ) - The History of Tom Jones - - a Foundling (Leatherette).
31069: FIELDING, HELEN - Bridget Jones's Diary.
21767: FIELDS, ALBERT J. - Lawrence County Centennial Book: Official Program of the Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of Bedford [Indiana] in Conjunction with the Tribute to Lawrence County, Which Was Founded in 1818.
20512: FILATOV, V. P. , ED. - Russian- English Dictionary of Socio- Political Terms.
29197: FINCHER, BOBBY - A Very Short Calculus.
21180: FINCK, HENRY T. - Gardening with Brains: A Readable Guide for Lovers of Choice Flowers and Juicy Vegetables.
22843: FINE, RICHARD - James M. Cain and the American Authors' Authority.
23866: FINGER, THOMAS N - Christian Theology: An Eschatological Approach (Volume I).
17991: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters.
17988: FINLEY, MARTHA - Grandmother Elsie.
17990: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Womanhood.
17986: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Vacation and After Events.
17983: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Kith and Kin.
17984: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Children.
31281: FINN, JAMES - Protest Pacifism & Politics.
30641: FINNEGAN, RUTH - Oral Literature in Africa.
28472: FINNEGAN, RUTH - Oral Traditions and the Verbal Arts: A Guide to Research Practices.
30326: FINNEGAN, RUTH - The Oral and Beyond: Doing Things with Words in Africa.
29157: FISCHER, JOHN IRWIN - The Echoic Poetry of Jonathan Swift: Studies in Its Meaning.
28791: FISHER, GEORGE - The Instructor, or Young Man's Best Companion to Which Are Added the Family's Best Companion; and a Compendium of Geography and Astronomy; Also Some Useful Interest Tables.
23102: FISHER, JOHN - The Australians From 1788 to Modern Times.
26092: FISIAK, JACEK - A Short Grammar of Middle English, Part One: Graphemics, Phonemics and Morphemics.
26056: FLAGE, DANIEL E. - Berkeley's Doctrine of Notions: A Reconstruction Based on His Theory of Meaning.
31299: O'FLAHERTY, LIAM - Insurrection.
27545: FLAMINIEN, JEAN - Soste, Fughe: A Cura Di Marica Larocchi.
31091: FLANDERS, RICHARD E. & DAVID A. ARMOUR & MARY ELIZABETH GOOD & BENSON L. LANFORD & REINDER VAN TIL & GORDON L. OLSON - Beads: Their Use by Upper Great Lakes Indians; an Exhibition Produced by the Grand Rapids Public Museum and the Cranbrook Academy of Art.
28590: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Bouvard and Pécuchet: A Tragi- Comic Novel of Bourgeois Life (2 Vols. ).
26158: FLEINER, TAMÁS - Stable and Crossing Structures.
31063: FLEMING, KATHLEEN ANNE - The Jazz Age Murders.
26897: FLEMING, JOHN V - The Roman de la Rose: A Study in Allegory and Iconography.
22377: FLEMING, DENNA FRANK - The Treaty Veto of the American Senate.
30253: FLORIDI, LUCIANO - Philosophy and Computing: An Introduction.
26299: FODOR, JERRY A. - Psychosemantics: The Problem of Meaning in the Philosophy of Mind.
26278: FODOR, JERRY A. - Representations: Philosophical Essays on the Foundations of Cognitive Science.
26021: FODOR, JERRY A. - A Theory of Content and Other Essays.
25080: FOLEJEWSKI, ZBIGNIEW, ET AL., EDS. - Canadian Contributions to the Viii International Congress of Slavists: Warsaw, August 21- 27, 1973.
31454: FONER, PHILIP - The Black Panthers Speak.
31334: FONG, GRACE S. - Wu Wenying and the Art of Southern Song Ci Poetry.
15393: FORBES, LESLIE - Bombay Ice.
30465: UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCES - March Field Air Base Historical and Pictorial Review.
30202: FORCHE, CAROLYN - Blue Hour: Poems.
31059: FORDHAM, MICHAEL - The Book of Surfing the Killer Guide.
30834: FORSTER, E. M. - The Hill of Devi: Being Letters From Dewas State Senior..
28609: FORSYTHE, DIANA E.; HESS, DAVID J. - Studying Those Who Study Us: An Anthropologist in the World of Artificial Intelligence.
24197: FOSCOLO, UGO - Prose E Poesie: A Cura Di Luigi Russo; Nuova Edizione Accresciuta.
29356: FOSTER, R. F. - Paddy and Mr. Punch: Connections in Irish and English History.
22802: FOSTER, F. APTHORP (ED. ) & NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Vital Records of Lincoln Massachusetts to the Year 1850.
29443: FOSTER, DENNIS A. - Confession and Complicity in Narrative.
24308: FOULKE, WILLIAM DUDLEY - Lucius B. Swift, American Citizen: A Biography.
28189: FOULKE, WILLIAM DUDLEY - Lucius B Swift: A Biography.
21065: HISPANIC FOUNDATION, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - National Directory of Latin Americanists: Biobibliographies of 1884 Specialists in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
24405: AUTOMATIA MUSICA FOUNDATION - Invisible Musicians.
28152: FOX, GEORGE & RUFUS M. JONES, ED. - Autobiography (Volume 1).
24603: FOX, JEROME, ED. - Proceedings of the Symposium on Modern Network Synthesis (New York, April 13- 15,1955).
26129: FOX, USMC (RET.), COL. WESLEY L. - Marine Rifleman: Forty- Three Years in the Corps.
28612: FOX, RICHARD G. , ED. - Recapturing Anthropology: Working in the Present.
30765: FOX, JACK C.; PHOTOGRAPHS, ILLUSTRATED WITH - The Indianapolis 500. A Pictorial History of the Greatest Spectacle in Automobile Racing..
29046: FRANCIS, OLIVE D. COLEMAN & CLAY CITY CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE - Clay City and Harrison Township, Clay County, Indiana: The Centennial Edition of Their History.
28786: FRANCK, HARRY A. - Roving Through Southern China, Illustrated with 171 Unusual Photographs by the Author with a Map Showing His Route.
28908: FRANCK, HARRY A. - Vagabonding Through Changing Germany.
29310: FRANCKE, PH.D., KUNO - Social Forces in German Literature: A Study in the History of Civilization.
22835: FRANKLIN, R. L. - The Search for Understanding.
21406: FRANZ, DONALD G. - Grammatical Relations in Universal Grammar.
20283: FRASCA, RALPH - The Rise and Fall of the Saturday Globe.
15563: FRASER, JOHN FOSTER - Australia: The Making of a Nation.
31404: FRASER, RONALD - 1968 a Student Generation in Revolt.
30545: FRASER, DOUGLAS & HERBERT M. COLE - African Art and Leadership.
31226: FRAYN, MICHAEL - Noises Off - A Play.
30789: LILLY LIBRARY & ARTHUR FREEMAN - George Gissing, 1857- 1903 an Exhibition of Books, Manuscripts, and Letters From the Pforzheimer Collection in the Lilly Library.
22432: FREEMAN, W. H. - Sixth Annual Report of the State Board of Forestry, 1906.
17833: FREMONT, JOHN CHARLES - Geographical Memoir Upon Upper California: An Illustration of His Map of Oregon and California.
29065: FRENCH, WILLIAM - Recollections of a Western Ranchman.
24428: FRENKEL, JAMES, ED. - Bangs and Whimpers Stories About the End of the World.
24613: FRENKIEL, F. N. & P. A. SHEPPARD, EDS. - Atmospheric Diffusion and Air Pollution: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Oxford, August 24- 29, 1958.
25457: GILLEBERT DE BERNEVILLE & KAREN FRESCO - Les Poésies Edition Critique.
27274: FRETAG, GUSTAV (TRANSLATED BY MACEWAN, ELIAS J.) - Freytag's Technique of the Drama: An Exposition of Dramatic Composition and Art.
29576: FREUD, LUCIAN & CATHERINE LAMPERT - Lucian Freud: Recent Work.
26521: FRIEDBERG, MAURICE - A Decade of Euphoria: Western Literature in Post- Stalin Russia, 1954- 64.
30083: FRIEDBERG, ERROL C - The Writing Life of James D. Watson.
29332: FRIEDMAN, DANIEL J - White Militancy in Boston: A Reconsideration of Marx and Weber.
31395: FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE J. - Identity's Architect a Biography of Erik H. Erikson.
31464: FRIEDMAN, SUSAN STANFORD (ED. ) & H. D. & BRYHER - Analyzing Freud Letters of H.D. , Bryher, and Their Circle.
29961: FRIEDMAN, BERNARD - Notes on Intrinsic Calculus, Parts I and Ii (2 Volume Set).
26896: FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE JAMES - The Traveling Psychoanalyst.
27468: FRIES, ADELAIDE L., ET AL - Moravian Bicentenary Pamphlets Nos. 1- 6, Bound in One Volume.
29863: FROSTMAN, OTTO - Potentiel D'equilibre Capacite Des Ensembles Avec Quelques Applications a la Theorie Des Fonctions.
20849: FRY, BERNARD M. / WHITE, HERBERT S. - Publishers and Libraries: A Study of Scholarly and Research Journals.
30147: FUERTES, LOUIS AGASSIZ - Album of Abyssinian Birds and Mammals From Paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes.
31385: FUGARD, ATHOL - Tsotsi a Novel.
30524: FUGMANN, ROBERT - Subject Analysis and Indexing Theoretical Foundation and Practical Advice.
18505: FUHRMANN, WALTER / VOGEL, FRIEDRICH - Genetic Counseling.
28337: FULLER, ROBERT W. - Stairways to Heaven: Drugs in American Religious History.
20191: FULTON, KENNETH - Democrats in Convention 1972:.
30873: FURON, RAYMOND - Geology of Africa.
19963: GAARDER, JOSTEIN - Sophie's World a Novel About the History of Philosophy.
29291: GABOR, ARON - Az Embertol Keletre.
31303: GABRIEL, MANUEL NUNES - Angola Cinco Seculos Cristianismo.
30418: GADZEKPO, AUDREY - When the Watchman Slips: Media Accountabilityand Democratic Reforms in Ghana.
26424: GAILEY, CHRISTINE WARD - Dialectical Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Stanley Diamond. Vol. 1. Civilization in Crisis; Anthropological Perspectives.
26821: GAINES, ERNEST J. - A Lesson Before Dying (in Slipcase).
20660: GALLAGHER, PATRICK, ED. - Third Degree: James Joyce Centenary Number; Number 6.
31377: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES, INC. - The Celebrated Collection of Americana Formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter. Volume Three. The Old Northwest Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Mississippi Valley Tennessee Kentucky Missouri Iowa Wisconsis Minnesota.
23165: GALLIN, BERNARD - Hsin Hsing, Taiwan: A Chinese Village in Change.
31549: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - A Modern Comedy.
28693: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Flowering Wilderness.
31397: GANS, HERBERT J. & ERICH LINDEMANN - The Urban Villagers Group and Class in the Life of Italian- Americans.
24342: GARBIS, CHRISTER - The Cognitive Use of Artifacts in Cooperative Process Management: Rescue Management and Underground Line Control.
19708: GARCIA, CRISTINA - Dreaming in Cuban.
30544: GARDENFORS, PETER, ED. - Cognition, Education, and Communication Technology.
25781: GARDIN, JEAN CLAUDE - La Logique Du Plausible: Essais D'epistemologie Pratique.
25130: GARDINER, O. C - The Great Issue; or, the Three Presidential Candidates, Being a Brief Historical Sketch of the Free Soil Question in the United States, From the Congresses of 1774 and '87 to the Present Time.
28390: GARDINER, JOHN A - Theft of the City; Readings on Corruption in Urban America.
23322: GARDNER, JOHN - Jason and Medeia.
31280: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Screaming Woman.
23768: GARDNER, NANCY RILEY AND ROBERT W. - China's Population a Review of the Literature.
26053: GARDNER, HOWARD - Developmental Psychology an Introduction.
14283: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Cautious Coquette.
26310: GARDNER, HOWARD - The Quest for Mind: Piaget, Levi- Strauss, and the Structuralist Movement.
14280: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Negligent Nymph.
14281: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Hesitant Hostess.
26062: GARDNER, HOWARD - The Mind's New Science: A History of the Cognitive Revolution.
29850: GARDNER, ERIC - Major Voices the Drama of Slavery.
30877: GARFIELD, JAY L. , ED. - Modularity in Knowledge Representation and Natural- Language Understanding.
22997: GARFIELD, VIOLA E. - Symposium on Community Studies in Anthropology: Proceedings of the 1963 Annual Spring Meeting of the American Ethnological Society:.
31503: GARGI, BALWANT - Folk Theatre of India.
27347: DE GARMO, CHARLES - The Essentials of Method: A Discussion of the Essential Form of Right Methods in Teaching : Observation, Generalization, Application.
29429: GARTON, CHARLES - Personal Aspects of Roman Theatre.
26549: GASCHÉ, RODOLPHE - Inventions of Difference: On Jacques Derrida.
24114: GASIOROWSKI, STEFAN, ET AL - Bibliografia Historii Polskiej Za Rok 2002.
22284: GASKELL, AUGUSTA - Whence? Whither? Why?.
29870: GASSON, ANDREW & CATHERINE PETERS - Wilkie Collins an Illustrated Guide.
25079: GATES, AARON AVERY, ED. - My Belief in Immortality.
30287: GAUNTLETT, DAVID - Video Critical Children, the Environment, and Media Power.
30976: GAUSS, M. AND C.W. - Smasher and Kickup.
23046: GAUTIER, THEOPHILE - Captain Fracasse.
27087: GAY, JOHN. - Trivia: Or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London. Introduction by W.H. Williams.
31373: GAY, PETER - The Naked Heart the Bourgeois Experience, Victoria to Freud.
21414: GAZDAR, G. / PULLUM, G. / SAG, I. - Auxiliaries & Related Phenomena in a Restrictive Theory of Grammar.
21401: GAZDAR, GERALD / PULLUM, GEOFFREY K. - Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar: A Theoretical Synopsis.
26276: GAZZANIGA, MICHAEL S. , ED. - Handbook of Cognitive Neuroscience.
26084: GEDULD, HARRY M. , ED. - Authors on Film.
26072: GEDULD, HARRY M - Lecherous Limericks a Collection of Per- Verses.
28167: GEHRING, WES D. - Personality Comedians As Genre: Selected Players.
27942: GEHRING, STEPHEN P. - From the Fulda Gap to Kuwait: Us Army, Europe and the Gulf War.
22199: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGISTS - Jurassic of the Gulf Coast I: Regional Stratigraphy.
22198: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGISTS - Jurassic of the Gulf Coast Ii: Local Stratigraphy and Deposition.
28558: GEPPERT, T. - Kanjirin: A Handbook for the Systematical Study of Chinese- Japanese Characters.
21547: PRESS AND INFORMATION OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT [OF WEST GERMANY] - Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: German Attitude and Contribution: Documentation.
26302: GESCHWIND, N. - Selected Papers on Language and the Brain.
31496: GESKE, NORMAN A. & PEGRAM HARRISON & NANETTE ESSECK BREWER - Rudy Pozzatti: A Printmaker's Odyssey.
30756: BIBLE SOCIETY OF GHANA - Naawuni Kundi Palli.
31414: GHANA - State Regalia of Ghana Together with a Recent Portrait of President Nkrumah Republic Day, July 1 1960.
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30275: KELLY, PAUL J. & MAX L. WEISS - Geometry and Convexity: A Study in Mathematical Methods.
31244: KELMAN, STEVEN - Push Comes to Shove the Escalation of Student Protest.
25802: KELMAN, JAMES - A Disaffection.
18450: KELMAN, JAMES - Busted Scotch: Selected Stories.
29481: KELMAN, JAMES - Translated Accounts.
22379: KELMAN, JAMES - The Good Times.
28792: KELMAN, JAMES - Busted Scotch: Selected Stories.
23793: KELMAN, JAMES - The Good Times.
21899: KELMAN, JAMES - How Late It Was, How Late.
25741: KELMAN, JAMES - An Old Pub Near the Angel and Other Stories.
25744: KELMAN, JAMES - The Burn.
28798: KELMAN, JAMES - Greyhound for Breakfast.
29344: KEMAL, YASHAR - Seagull.
29705: KEMPER, THEODORE D. - Social Structure and Testosterone: Explorations in the Socio- Bio- Social Chain.
31257: KENISTON, KENNETH - Youth and Dissent the Rise of a New Opposition.
24910: KENKYUSHA - Kenkyusha's New Pocket Japanese- English Dictionary.
29314: KENNARD, PETER - Images for the End of the Century: Photomontage Equations.
27161: KENNETH, HAFERTEPE - America's Castle the Evolution of the Smithsonian Building and Its Institution, 1840- 1878.
18607: KENNETT, LEE - Sherman: A Soldier's Life.
17453: KENNETT, LEE - Sherman: A Soldier's Life.
29298: KENNEY, JEFFREY T. - Muslim Rebels: Kharijites and the Politics of Extremism in Egypt.
28947: KENNON, PROFESSOR DONALD R. - The Speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives: A Bibliography, 1789- 1984.
25111: KENT, ALLEN - Advances in Documentation and Library Science: Volume Iii Part 1. Information Retrieval and Machine Translation.
25113: KENT, ALLEN - Advances in Documentation and Library Science: Volume Iii Part 2. Information Retrieval and Machine Translation.
29130: KEONJIAN, EDWARD - Survived to Tell: The Autobiography of Edward Keonjian.
29645: KERMODE, FRANK - Forms of Attention.
17898: KERR, W. B. - The Saving Sense.
23955: KESSLER, LAWRENCE D. - K'ang- Hsi and the Consolidation of Ch'ing Rule 1661- 1684.
29874: KETT, JOSEPH F. - The Formation of the American Medical Profession: The Role of Institutions 1780- 1860.
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31489: AL-KHALESI, YASIN M. - Modern Iraqi Arabic: A Textbook.
31407: KHATCHADOURIAN, HAIG - Philosophy of Language and Logical Theory.
26648: KHAYYAM, OMAR - The Rubaiyat (Leatherbound).
29546: KHOMEINI, RUHULLAH - Imam Khomeini's Last Will and Testament.
24643: KHOUNDADZÉ, MICHEL - La Révolution de Février 1917: La Social- Démocratic Contre le Bolchevisme: Tseretelli Face à Lénine.
30513: KIMBWANDENDE KIA BUNSEKI FU-KIAU - African Cosmology of the Bantu- Kongo Tying the Spiritual Knot, Principles of Life & Living, 2nd Edition.
28011: KIEFER, WAYNE E. - Rush County, Indiana: A Study in Rural Settlement Geography.
23857: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN & WALTER LOWRIE - Training in Christianity and the Edifying Discourse Which 'accompanied' It.
28970: KIHLBERG, BENGT - The Lore of Ships.
28918: KILBY, PETER, ED. - Quantity & Quiddity: Essays in U.S. Economic History.
29928: KILVERT, FRANCIS & PETER WAIT WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC RE-CREATIONS BY TIM STEPHENS - Journal of a Country Curate - Selections From the Diary of Francis Kilvert 1870 - 1879.
29778: KIM, CHANG HAN - Soul Travel Painting.
31064: KIM, KEY-HIUK - The Last Phase of the East Asian World Order Korea, Japan, and the Chinese Empire, 1860- 1882.
29597: KIMURA, HIROSHI - International Comparative Studies of Negotiating Behavior.
23424: KINCAID, JAMAICA - At the Bottom of the River.
24080: KINDERMANN, HEINZ - Theatergeschichte Europas: Vi. Romantik.
23477: KING, WILLIAM M. - Going to Meet a Man: Denver's Last Legal Public Execution, 27 July 1886.
26090: KING, DR. W. F. - One Hundred Years of Public Health in Indiana.
29715: KING, JOHN ( EDITOR ) - On Modern Latin American Fiction.
22314: KING, CHLOE / RADFORD, MICHAEL / THOMAS, MICHAEL / ANDREW DAVIES - B. Monkey [Original Screenplay].
29232: KING, DEAN - Patrick O'brian: A Life Revealed.
29389: KING, STEPHEN - Bag of Bones.
31006: KING, EDWARD S - Write Malay! an Introduction to the Modern Written Language for English- Speaking Malaysians.
29128: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - The Lacuna.
15482: KINGSON, ERIC R. , ED. - Social Security in the 21st Century.
22265: KINKLEY, JEFFREY C. , ED. - After Mao: Chinese Literature and Society 1978- 1981.
19264: KINNELL, GALWAY - Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock..
29687: KINNEY, TROY AND MARGARET WEST ("THE KINNEYS") - The Dance: Its Place in Art & Life.
28773: KINZEL, DR. KARL - Kennst Du Das Land. Blatter Zur Erinnerung an Italien. Mit Uber 450 Originalaufnahmen Der Kunst- Und Naturschonheiten Italiens.
24616: KIRTLEY, JAMES MARION - Kirtley Kronicles: The Life and Times of James Marion Kirtley, M.D..
24617: KIRTLEY, JAMES MARION - Kirtley Kronicles: The Life and Times of James Marion Kirtley, M.D..
18906: KIZER, CAROLYN - Mermaids in the Basement: Poems for Women.
30006: KLAVEN, ANDREW - Face of the Earth.
30037: KLEIN, FELIX - Elementary Mathematics From an Advanced Standpoint. Arithmetic, Algebra, Analysis. Translated From the Third German Edition by E.R. Hedrick and C.A. Noble. With 125 Figures.
27678: KLEIN, ARMIN - Posture Clinics: Organization and Exercises.
31543: KLEIN, ALEXANDER - Dissent, Power, and Confrontation.
30308: KLIMA, GYULA - John Buridan.
27411: KLINGELHOFFER, KIT - Indiana Basketball '92: Basketball Media Guide for 1992.
29825: KNIGHT, HARRY H - The Plant Bugs, or Miridae, of Illinois.
25642: KNOTT, JOHN R. & KEITH TAYLOR, EDS. - The Huron River: Voices From the Watershed.
26618: KNOWLES, JOHN - Morning in Antibes.
20729: KNOX, BARBARA S. - Effects of Values- Oriented Counseling on Leisure Attitudes, Career Preferences, and Self- Concept.
26446: KOCH, LARS-CHRISTIAN, ED. - Mit Haut Und Haar: Die Welt Der Lauteninstrumente.
30379: KOCH, HENRI - Magie Et Chasse Dans la Foret Au Camerounaise.
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29809: KONSTAM, ANGUS - Naval Miscellany.
29407: KOO, KIM YOUNG - A Pursuit of Truth in the Dokdo Island Issue: Letters to a Young Japanese Man.
23638: KOO, KIM YOUNG - A Pursuit of Truth in the Dokdo Island Issue: Letters to a Young Japanese Man.
22442: KOONTZ, DEAN - Dark Rivers of the Heart.
28589: KORN, DAVID A. - Assassination in Khartoum.
28027: KOROMISLOV, B. I. - Varnished Miniature From Mstera.
31198: KORSAKOV, NICOLAY RIMSKY & MAXIMILIAN STEINBERG (ED. ) - Principles of Orchestration Ii Musical Examples Drawn From His Own Works.
21050: KOSAKA, TORIZO - Boeki Yogo Jiten (Japanese- English Trade / Commerce/ Business Shipping Dictionary).
31055: HAKAN YESILOVA AND ALI KOSE - Al- Jawshan Al- Kabir: A Supplication of Prophet Muhammad.
31068: KOSINSKI, JERZY - Passion Play.
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26138: KOVEL, JOEL - The Radical Spirit: Essays on Psychoanalysis and Society.
31500: KOZLOFF, ARIELLE - Animals in Ancient Art - From the Leo Mildenburg Collection.
16030: KRAFT, DONALD H. - Operations Research for Libraries and Information Agencies.
28378: KRAUS, DOROTHY - The Hidden World of the Misericords.
26392: KREIS, JOHN F. - Piercing the Fog: Intelligence and Army Air Forces Operations in World War Ii.
28182: KRETZOI, CHARLOTTE, ED. - High and Low in American Culture.
27491: KRETZOI, CHARLOTTE, ED. - Americana & Hungarica.
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29604: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti to Himself: His Last Journal.
29669: KRISTOFFERSON, ROBERT B. - Craft Capitalism: Craftsworkers and Early Industrialization in Hamilton, Ontario, 1840- 1872.
29545: KROEBER, BURKHART - Zeichen in Umberto Ecos Roman "Der Name Der Rose".
29417: KRONVANG, BRIAN, ED. - The Interactions between Sediments and Water: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on the Interactions between Sediments and Water, May 2002.
29894: KROSKRITY, PAUL V. - Language, History, and Identity: Ethnolinguistic Studies of the Arizona Tewa.
29146: KUCZYNSKI, RITA - Wenn Ich Kein Vogel War: Erzahlung.
24673: KUKAL, ZDENEK - Atlantis, in the Light of Modern Research.
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29538: KUNITZ, STANLEY - The Collected Poems of Stanley Kunitz.
30979: KUNZ, P. D & D. A. LIND & W. E. BRITTIN - Nuclear Structure Physics.
28092: KUPER, ADAM - Wives for Cattle: Bridewealth and Marriage in Southern Africa.
31137: KURMEY, WILLIAM J. - Cobol Programs for Libraries.
26508: KÜRSTEIN, POUL - Barn I Flensborg 1890- 1920: Sydslesvigske Ar Og Dage.
29584: KURTHEN, HERMANN & WERNER BERGMANN & RAINER ERB, EDS. - Antisemitism and Xenophobia in Germany After Unification.
16680: KVIDELAND, REIMUND - The 8th Congress for the International Society for Folk Narrative Research. Papers Iv..
30606: KWADWO, OSEI - An Outline of Asante History.
25210: KYBURG, HENRY ELY - Philosophy of Science; a Formal Approach.
27154: LACEY, PETER - Nude Photography: The Art and Techniques of Nine Masters.
30322: LADOUCEUR, P. A. - Chiefs and Politicians: Politics of Regionalism in Northern Ghana.
28743: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - The Mind and Method of the Historian.
22078: LAFFIN, JOHN - Fedayeen: The Arab- Israeli Dilemma.
30686: LAING, ALLAN M. , COMP. & MERVYN PEAKE, ILLUS. - More Prayers and Graces: A Second Book of Unusual Piety.
29716: LAKE, ANTHONY - Somoza Falling: A Case Study of Washington at Work.
28907: LAKE, JAMES A - Law and Mineral Wealth; the Legal Profile of the Wisconsin Mining Industry.
30159: LAMB, CHARLES - Lamb's Tales From Shakespeare Every Child Should Know.
30643: LANCASTER, F. WILFRID & AMY J. WARNER - Information Retrieval Today: Revised, Retitled, and Expanded Edition.
30807: LAND, MARY - Mary Land's Louisiana Cookery.
25358: LANDMAN, CHRISTINA, ED. - Digging Up Our Foremothers: Stories of Women in Africa.
28200: LANDRINE, DR. HOPE & DR. ELIZABETH ADELE KLONOFF - Discrimination Against Women: Prevalence, Consequences, Remedies.
30881: LANDY, DAVID, ED. - Culture, Disease, and Healing: Studies in Medical Anthropology.
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30430: LANG, SERGE - A Second Course in Calculus (Second Edition).
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26620: LANGLAND, WILLIAM & WALTER W. SKEAT, ED. - The Vision of William Concerning Piers Plowman, Together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, Et Dobest .. . The "Vernon" Text, or Text a.
30623: LANGOSCH, KARL - Lateinisches Mittelalter; Einleitung in Sprache Und Literatur (German Edition).
30607: LANGWORTHY, HARRY - Africa for the African the Life of Joseph Booth.
29147: LARNER, JEREMY - Nobody Knows: Reflections on the Mccarthy Campaign of 1968.
28986: LARNER, JEREMY - Nobody Knows: Reflections on the Mccarthy Campaign of 1968.
21008: LARSEN, CHRISTIAN L. - South Carolina's Natural Resources.
31512: LARSEN, JEANNE - James Cook in Search of Terra Incognita a Book of Poems.
30762: LASKER, EDWARD - Chess and Checkers, the Way to Mastership. Complete Instructions for the Beginner, Valuable Suggestions for the Advanced Player..
24378: LASKOWSKI, JOHN & STAN SUTTON - John Laskowski's Tales From the Hoosier Locker Room.
29619: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES - Miro: Biographical and Critical Study.
21631: LASSWELL, HAROLD D. , ET AL, EDS - Propaganda and Promotional Activities: An Annotated Bibliography.
30593: LATHAM, R. G - Two Dissertations on the Hamlet of Saxo Grammaticus and of Shakespear [Shakespeare].
15414: LATIMER, ELIZABETH WORMELEY - Europe in Africa in the Nineteenth Century.
30718: LATOUR, F. & VIEGA PINTO - Le Portugal Et le Congo Au Xix Siecle.
17062: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND, TRANS. [PINDAR] - Some Odes of Pindar in New English Versions by Richmond Lattimore.
29346: LAUFER, BERTHOLD - Introduction of Tobacco Into Europe; Tobacco and Its Use in Asia; Tobacco and Its Use in Africa (3 Volumes).
29694: LAUGHLIN, DENNIS E. BREEDLOVE & ROBERT M. - The Flowering of Man: A Tzotzil Botany of Zinacantan, in Two (2) Volumes [Vols. I & Ii].
27380: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Long Drums and Cannons: Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists.
29675: LAWALL, SARAH N. - Critics of Consciousness: The Existential Structures of Literature.
28069: LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH - Hoofbeats and Society: Studies of Human- Horse Interactions.
31376: LAZARE, EDWARD J. (COMPILED) - The Celebrated Collection of Americana Formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter Index: A Dictionary Check- List of the Seven Sale Catalogues October 1966- October 1969.
28868: LAZARUS, A. L. , ED. - The Indiana Experience.
14290: LAZARUS, A. L. , ED. - The Indiana Experience: An Anthology.
29414: LAZARUS, A. L. , ED. - The Indiana Experience.
28230: LEA, TOM - The Brave Bulls.
30348: LEACH, EDMUND & D. ALAN AYCOCK - Structuralist Interpretations of Biblical Myth.
29010: THE JUNIOR CHARITY LEAGUE, MONROE, LOUISIANA - Cotton Country Collection [of Recipes].
30557: LEATHERS, MILLIE - An Indiana Legacy; over 50 Years of Quilting Designs From One Indiana Family with Interpretations and Additions.
20170: LECLERC, IVOR, ED. - The Relevance of Whitehead: Philosophical Essays in Commemoration of the Centenary of the Birth of Alfred North Whitehead.
30535: LEE, KEUN-SANG - The 7th Seoul International Cartoon Festival (in Korean).
30060: LEE, DON Y. - Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works on China.
29173: LEE, ANDREA J. - Multiple Streams of Coaching Income.
28001: LEE, IRVING J - Language Habits in Human Affairs; an Introduction to General Semantics.
30736: LEFANU, WILLIAM R - Notable Medical Books From the Lilly Library.
20419: AMERICAN LEGION - Clay County's Answer: 1917- 1919: An Authentic Review of Clay Country's Participation in the World War.
25489: LEHMANN, MATTHIAS B. - Ladino Rabbinic Literature and Ottoman Sephardic Culture.
25686: LEIMBIGLER, PETER - Fast- Track Dutch [Book Only].
30312: LEITAO, HUMBERTO & VICENTE LOPES - Dicionario Da Linguagem de Marinha Antiga E Actual [Dictionaryof Nautical Terms, Past and Present] (Portuguese Edition).
21388: LELAND, CHARLES G. - Meister Karl's Sketch- Book.
25088: LELEAN, P S - Sanitation in War.
28269: LEMASTERS, PAUL W. , ED. - 1920 Census: Scott County, Tennessee.
21615: LENIN, VLADIMIR - Lenin: On Trade Unions: A Collection of Articles and Speeches.
21689: LENIN, VLADIMIR - The National Liberation Movement in the East.
21686: LENIN, VLADIMIR - On Workers' Control and the Nationalisation of Industry.
30550: LENIN, V. I. - Alliance of the Working Class and the Peasantry.
22591: LENT, JOHN A. - The Asian Newspapers' Reluctant Revolution.
30342: LENTZ, CAROLA - Ethnicity and the Making of History in Northern Ghana.
19990: LEON, MANUEL VELAZQUEZ, ET AL - A Textbook on the History of the Usa Up to World War 1.
24977: LEONTIEF, WASSILY & HERBERT STEIN - The Economic System in an Age of Discontinuity: Long Range Planning or Market Reliance?.
30671: LERNER, GERDA - Teaching Women's History.
24288: LERSKI, JERZY - Emisariusz "Jur".
29854: LESNIKOWSKI, WOJCIECH - East European Modernism Architecture in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland between the Wars.
25755: LETHBORG, HEATHER - Reflections Tasmania.

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