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16696: - Smith's New Map of London.
16689: - Portfolio of Maps of Spofford's New Cabinet Cyclopaedia Containing Large Scale Colored Maps of Each State and Territory in the United States, the Provinces of Canada, America's New Possessions, Etc.
16152: - Discus Thrower, Vintage Bronze Finished Book Ends, Circa 1920. $175.
16581: - Man and Woman on Horseback. Heavy Metal, Copper Coated.
11751: - C. IVIII Caesaris Quae Exstant. Ex. Emend. Ios: Scaligeri Iul: Caesaris Filii. Ex Museo Ioh: Isaci Pontani.
17176: - Buddha. His Life and Teachings.
9326: - Metal Figural, "Art Deco Kneeling Nude Bookends"
17236: K & O ( KRONHEIM & OLDENBUSCH CO.) - "Knowledge" Bookends.
12532: - La Pendule Francaise: 1re Partie: De L'Horloge Gothique a la Pendule Louis XV. 2eme Partie: Du Louis XVI a Nos Jours. 3me Partie: Les Provinces Francaises Horloges Et Pendules Etrangeres. (3 Parts Bound As One)
16217: - Bookends: Female Swimmers
11072: - The Constitution and Laws of the Cherokee Nation Passed at Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, 1839-51.
11481: - Chicago. A Strangers' and Tourists' Guide to the City of Chicago Containing Reminiscences of Chicago in the Early Day; an Account of the Rise and Progress of the City; Description of Public Buildings, Churches, Schools, and Objects of Interest; Etc.
17005: - Lady on a Sofa, Metal Bookends with a Bronze Finish.
17007: - Metal Elephant Bookends with a Shiny Black Finish.
17093: - Smithsonian Guide to Historic America. Complete in 12 Vols
16113: - Art Deco Bronzed Metal Bookends. Two Nude Dancing Girls. With Sash. $225.
16102: - Pair of Trojan Warriors with Horse Cast Iron Bookends. $75. 00
9208: - Copper, "Woman with a Mirror" Bookends
16245: - The Chief Bookends.
16600: - Kneeling Golfer with Golf Club. Heavy Bronze Finish.
16226: - 1920's Hubley Football Player Bookends.
16225: - Bookends: Cowboys on Bucking Horses, Bronze/Copper Finish.
16207: - Bookends: Cowboys on Bucking Horses, Bronze Finish.
16227: - The Chief Bookends.
17295: - Bookends: Cast Iron Nude Male Wrestlers.
17289: - Guide Indicateur Des Rues de Paris, Avec Les Stations Du Métropolitain Les Plsu Proches. Autobus-Métro. Renseignements Utiles.
16319: - "Maiden's Fountain" Bookends.
17304: - Mixed Metal Bookends. Book Stack and Pocket Watch.
17306: - Mixed Metal Bookends. 3 Race Horses and Jockeys.
16808: - Art Deco /Art Nouveau Nude Ladies Back Bending, Bookends
17244: - Lincoln-Gettysburg Addr.
17240: K & O( KRONHEIM & OLDENBUSCH CO.) - Bookworm on a Stool
17053: - The Standard Code of the American Railway Association. Train Rules Adopted by the Mexican International Railroad Co. January 1, 1897.
16806: - The Library Monk Bookends. (Ronson Metal)
4199: (ANGUS, D. C.), - The Eastern Wonderland.
16327: - Amish Couple Cast Iron Bookends.
16206: - Vintage Solid Brass Nude Male Bookends
16224: - Steeplechase Bookends. Hubley #415 Entitled "Whipper. "
17054: - Rules for the Government of the Transportation Department of the Mexican Central Railway Company (Limited). To Take Effect July 15th, 1895.
16196: - Heavy Bronze-Tone, Cherub Reading a Book Bookends. 1920s.
9551: - Metal Figural, Peacock Bookends.
16126: - Loie Fuller Dancing Girl Bookends. Bronze Clad Spelter. $165. 00
16151: - Lady Jester or Troubadour with Mandolins. $175.
17242: - Crouching Indian Bookends
16318: - Ronson Reading Monk Bookends
17003: - Bronze Bookends. Frog Reading While Sitting on Two Large Books.
17025: - Seven Volumes of Pocket Books Collector's Edition: Nana, the Pocket Book of Greek Art, Moll Flanders, Famous French Short Tories, Abraham Lincoln, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Tess of the D'Urbervilles.
17274: - End of the Trail.
17258: - The Emblem; a Gift for All Seasons with New and Elegant Illustrations.
13146: - Los Angeles Bench and Bar. Centennial Edition 1949-1950
16569: - Cast Iron Football Bookends.
17106: - Harvest of Memories (Farrell Lake District)
16235: - Vintage Verona Art Neuveau Dancing Lady Cast Iron with a Brass Finish Bookends
17238: K & O( KRONHEIM & OLDENBUSCH CO.) - Colonial Scholar Bookends.
16972: - Young Girls in Period Dress Painted Metal Bookends.
17237: K & O-( KRONHEIM & OLDENBUSCH CO.) - Bronze-Polychrome. Shoemaker. "Han Sachs" Stamped on Bases.
16119: - Art Deco Dancing Nude Female Bookends. $250. 00
3663: - Metal, Multi-Colored,Figural, "Pierrot"
16342: - Pair of Soccer Player Bookends, Cast Iron
16343: - Pair of Drama Type Heavy Brass Bookends.
7249: - Metal Figural, "Three Muskateers" Bookends
12522: - Pacific Coast Club: Inaugural Volume. MCMXXVI.
11547: - Our Own Country. Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial. (4 Volumes).
11583: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CVIII. July--December, 1870.
11584: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CXV. January--June, 1874.
11326: - The Bench and Bar of Los Angeles County. 1928-1929,
16768: - Bronze Book Ends. Man Reading Book. G.S. Allen Armor Bronze
13480: (NO AUTHOR) - Notable Nevadans: Snapshots of Sagebrushers Who Are Doing Things.
9370: - Metal, "Hold Those Books". Man Holding a Stack of Books, All on Marble Base $95. 00.
11405: - Lettres Critiques Sur Divers Sujets de Litterature Ou Nouvelles Litteraires Critiques Et Amusantes. (Two Volumes).
11586: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CXLVII. January--June , 1890.
10123: - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translation Diligently Compared and Revised.
11610: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CXIX. January--June, 1876.
11611: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CXXXIIII. January--June, 1883.
11613: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CXLI. January--June, 1887.
11614: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CXLIV July--December, 1885.
11616: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CXIX. January--June, 1875.
11602: - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. CX. July--December, 1871.
17024: - Art Deco Seated Nude Female Bookends.
16232: - Abraham Lincoln, Bronze Clad Bookends by Paul Beneduce.
13102: - Contemporary American Archtects: Raymond M. Hood.
16645: - Map of Westmoreland.
12520: - The History of Southern & Central Africa: Its Topography, Geography, Natural Productions, Etc. Also the Life, Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries of David Livingstone, LL. D. , and the Explorations of Barth, Speke and Grant, Baker, Schweinfurth, Moffat, Stanley, Cameron and Distinguished Travellers of an Earlier Period.
11622: - The Spirit of the Pilgrims for the Year 1828 and 1829. (Vols. I and II).
16606: - Het Nieuw Testament Van Onzen Heere Jesus Christus, Vertaelt.
5307: - The Utah Survey: A Magazine Devoted to Social, CIVIC and Religious Questions.
16523: - Cast Iron Nude Lady Scarf Dancer Bookends
17243: - Father Knickerbocker
16973: - Male and Female Beach Goers Cast Iron Bookends.
17018: - French Bronze Musician Bookends.
3715: ADAMS, RAMON F., - Six-Guns and Saddle Leather.
12496: ADE, GEOGE, - Circus Day.
15539: ADLER, MORTIMER J., - The Four Dimensions of Philosophy: Metaphysical, Moral, Objective, Categorical.
13242: AGNEW, FRANCES, - Motion Picture Acting: How to Prepare for Photoplaying, What Qualifications Are Necessary, How to Secure an Engagement, Salaries Paid to Photoplayers.
16917: ALBEE, EDWARD, - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
11213: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY, - The Poems of Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
7650: ALIGHIERI, DANTE, TRANSLATION BY HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW. - The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. 6 Volumes, Complete.
16585: ALIGHIERI, DANTE, - Inferno and Purgatory and Paradise. 2 Volumes. (Dante's Divine Comedy)
17251: PUBLISHED BY LEAVITT & ALLEN. - Memory's Gift.
1629: DELANO ALONZO. - Alonzo Delano's California Correspondence: Being Letters Hitherto Uncollected from the Ottawa (Illinois) Free Trader and the New Orleans True Delta, 1849-1852.
3727: ANDERSON, ALEXANDER D., - The Silver Country or the Great Southwest.
5780: ANDERSON, ALEXANDER D., - The Silver Country or the Great Southwest.
8839: ANDERSSON, CHARLES JOHN, - Lake Ngami; or Explorations and Discoveries During Four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa with an Introductory Letter by John Charles Fremont.
13414: ANGEL, MYRON F., ED., - History of Nevada, 1881, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers.
1855: I"ANSON, MILES. (L'ANSON) - The Vision of Misery Hill. A Legend of the Sierra Nevada and Miscellaneous Verse.
15535: ARENS, MOSHE, - Broken Covenant: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis between the U.S. And Israel.
3732: ARGYLE, ARCHIE (ANNIE ARGYLE), - Cupid's Album.
11568: ARKENHOLTZ, JOHANNES, - Historie de Gustave-Adolphe Roi de Suede. Tome Second.
16195: ARWAS, VICTOR, - Art Deco. 15
10635: ASHLEY, MR. D. R, - Sutro Tunnel. : Report Submitted by Mr. D.R. Ashley, (from the Committee on Mines and Mining).
5626: ASHLEY, MR. D. R, - Papers Submitted by Mr. D.R. Ashley, (from the Committee on Mines and Mining) Consisting of Letters from the Secretaries of the Treasury and the Interior, Relative to the Sutro Tunnel.
16003: ATKINSON, RICK, - The Long Gray Line.
14993: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES, - Birds of America. (Five (5) Volumes)
13548: AUSTEN, JANE, - Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion (Three (3) Volumes).
17040: NO AUTHOR (CHARLES NORDHOFF) - Man-of-War Life: A Boy's Experience in the United States Navy, During a Voyage Around the World, in a Ship of the Line
10241: NO AUTHOR ( DUKE CIGARETTES) - The Heroes of the CIVIL War.
9433: NO AUTHOR - The City of the Saints Containing Views and Descriptions of Principal Points of Interest in Salt Lake City and Vicinity. Also Brief Sketches of the History and Religion of the Latter-Day Saints.
17280: NO AUTHOR. - Masters in Art. A Series of Illustrated Monographs. (Romney, Fra Angelico, Watteau, Raphael's Frescos, Donatello, Gerard Dou, Carpaccio, Rosa Bonheur, Guido Reni, Puvis de Chavannes, Giorgione, Rosetti)
17278: NO AUTHOR. - Masters in Art. A Series of Illustrated Monographs. (Stuart, David, Bocklin, Sodoma, Constable, Metsu, Ingres, Wilkie, Ghirlandajo, Bouguereau, Goya, Francia)
11729: NO AUTHOR - Constitution, by-Laws and Rules of Order of the Virginia Exempt Fire Association Together with a List of Officers and Members. Organized November 26th, 1876.
1973: AXELROD, ALAN, (ED.) - Ranching Traditions. Legacy of the American West.
1099.1: BACKUS, ANNA JEAN, - Mountain Meadows Witness. The Life and Times of Bishop Philip Klingensmith.
2647: BAIRD, ADAM, - Autobiography of Adam Baird.
1037.1: BAIRD, NEWTON AND ROBERT GREENWOOD, - An Annotated Bibliography of California Fiction 1664-1970.
17169: BALZAC, HONORE DE, ILLUSTRATIONS BY GUSTAVE DORE. - Droll Stories Collected from the Abbeys of Touraine.
3746: BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE, - History of Arizona and New Mexico.
3363: BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE, - History of Washington, Idaho and Montana.
17276: BANKS, CHARLES EUGENE AND OPIE READ, - The History of the San Francisco Disaster and Mount Vesuvius Horror.
16573: BAPTISTE, MARC, - Intimate: Nudes by Marc Baptiste
11646: BARBIERI, FRANCO, - Vicenza: Citta Di Palazzi.
1198: BARNES, DEMAS, - From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Overland, a Series of Letters.
10941: BARTHELEMY, ABBE, LATE KEEPER OF THE MEDALS IN THE CABINET OF THE KING OF FRANCE AND MEMBER OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF INSCRIPTIONS AND BELLES LETTRES. - The Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece During the Middle of the Fourth Century Before the Christian Era. Translated from the French. (in Six (6) Volumes)
17281: BATES & GUILD, PUBLISHERS. - The Brochure Series of Architectural Illustrations. Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, Each Year's Publications Bound in 8 Volumes.
17016: BAUER, ROBERT, EDITOR AND COMPILER. - 100 Years of Michigan Football (1879-1979)
16323: BAUM, L. FRANK, - The Marvelous Land of Oz.
16835: BAUM, L. FRANK, - The Marvelous Land of Oz.
16837: BAUM, L. FRANK, - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
16322: BAUM, L. FRANK, - Ozma of Oz.
10912: BEAUMONT, FRANCIS AND JOHN FLETCHER, - The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher in Fourteen Volumes with an Introduction and Explanatory Notes by Henry Weber, Esq. (Three (3) Volumes of the Fourteen Volume Set.
1244: BELL, MAJOR HORACE, - On the Old West Coast. Being Further Reminiscences of a Ranger, Major Horace Bell.
17267: BELL, ERNEST A., - Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls or War on the White Slave Trade. (Salesman's Sample or Dummy Copy)
1247: BENJAMIN, MARCUS, - John Bidwell, Pioneer. A Sketch of His Career. .
1248: BENNETT, JAMES - Overland Journey to California, Journal of James Bennett Whose Party Left New Harmony in 1850 and Crossed the Plains and Mountains Until the Golden West Was Reached.
1249: BENNETT, WILLIAM P. - The First Baby in Camp: A Full Account of the Scenes and Adventures During the Pioneer Days of '49.
8100: BENNETT, WILLIAM P. - The First Baby in Camp: A Full Account of the Scenes and Adventures During the Pioneer Days of '49.
8101: BENNETT, WILLIAM P. - The First Baby in Camp: A Full Account of the Scenes and Adventures During the Pioneer Days of '49.
10571: BERENDT, JOHN, - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story.
13266: BERRY, WARNER BOTT, - Scotsman's Dream
16440: BEVERIDGE, THOMAS J., ARCHITECT, EDINBURGH, - English Renaissance Woodwork. 1660-1730.
15783: BICHAT, XAV. OF THE SOCIETIES OF MEDICINE, MEDICAL AND PHILOMATIC OF PARIS; OF THOSE OF BRUSSELS AND LYON. - A Treatise on the Membranes in General , and on Different Membranes in Particular.
1256: BIDDLE, ELLEN MCGOWAN. - Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife.
10827: BIDDLE, NICHOLAS, EDITOR, - The Journals of the Expedition Under the Command of Capts. Lewis and Clark to the Source of the Missouri, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean, Performed During the Years 1804-5-6 by Order of the Government of the United States. (Two (2) Volumes).
1258: BIDWELL, JOHN. - Echoes of the Past: An Account of the First Emigrant Train to California, Fremont in the Conquest of California, He Discovery of Gold and Early Reminiscences.
11631: BIERCE, AMBROSE, - Write It Right: A Little Blacklist of Literary Faults.
11639: BIERCE, AMBROSE AND G. A. DANZIGER, - Can Such Things Be?
16561: H. P. BLAVATSKY, - The Secret Doctrine. The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy. (Two Volumes)
17168: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - The Decameron: Volumes I and II (Complete). Limited Edition. In a Beautiful Decorated Leather Binding.
1272: BODDAM-WHETHAM, J.W. - Western Wanderings: A Record of Travel in the Evening Land.
13484: BOGERT, FRANK M., - Palm Springs. First Hundred Years.
13586: BOGERT, FRANK M., - Palm Springs. First Hundred Years.
1273: BOGGS, MAE HELENE BACON. - My Playhouse Was a Concord Coach: An Anthology of Newspaper Clippings and Documents Relating to Those Who Made California History During the Years 1822-1888.
17023: BOILEAU-DESPREAUX, NICOLAS - Oeuvres Diverses Du Sieur D*** [Despréaux]. Avec le Traité Du Sublime, Ou Du Merveilleux Dans le Discours, Traduit Du Grec de Longin. Et Les Reflexions Critiques Sur Ce Rheteur : Où L'on Répond Aux Objections Faites Contre Les Anciens. Nouvelle édition, Reveuë & Augmentée. Volume 1.
10427: BOMBAUGH, C. C. - Gleanings from the Harvest-Fields of Literature. A Melange of Excerpts, Curious, Humorous, and Instructive.
1279: BONWICK, JAMES. - The Mormons and the Silver Mines.
17002: BORDEAUX, HENRY, - Les Yeux Qui S'Ouvrent (Eyes That Open)
16542: BOSSERT, HELMUTH TH. - Farbige Dekorationen Beispiele Dekorativer Wandmalerei Vom Altertum Bis Zur Mitte Des 19 Jahrhunderts (Colored Decorations Examples of Decorative Wall Painting from Antiquity to the Middle of the 19th Century)
13456: BOSWELL, JAMES, - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Including a Journal of His Trip to the Hebrides. ; by James Boswell, Esq. To Which Are Added Anecdotes by Hawkins, Piozzi, Murphy, Tyers, Renolds, Seevens, Etc. And Notes by Various Hands. (Ten (10) Volumes).
14894: BOUILLY, J. N. (JEAN NICHOLAS), - Les Encouragemens de la Jeunesse.
17296: MARCI ZUERII BOXHORNII, - Marci Zuerii Boxhornii Epistolae & Poemata. Novae Huic Editioni.
1446: BOYD, F.A. ( MRS. ORSEMUS BRONSON). - Cavalry Life in Tent and Field.
16075: BRADBURY, RAY, - When Elephants Last in the Dooryard Bloomed.
15594: BRADLEE, BEN, - A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures.
15515: BRAGG, CHARLES, - Asylum Earth.
15514: BRAGG, CHARLES, - Asylum Earth.
16185: BRANT, IRVING, - The Fourth President: A Life of James Madison.
8986: BRASSEY, MRS., (ANNE) - A Voyage in the "Sunbeam": Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months.
17214: BRILLAT-SAVARIN, JEAN ANTHELME, - The Physiology of Taste or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy. Fine Custom, Leather Binding.
15527: BROKAW, TOM, - The Greatest Generation Speaks: Letters and Reflections.
14378: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE, EMILY AND ANNE, - The Works of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte in Twelve Volumes.
16230: BROUGHTON, THOMAS. - Bibliotheca Historico-Sacra : Or, an Historical Library of the Principal Matters Relating to Religion, Antient and Modern;... The Whole Compiled from the Best Authorities, and Digested Into an Alphabetical Order, Volume II.
10009: BROWN, REV. JOHN, - The Most Superb Folio and Self-Interpreting Bible Containing Old and New Testaments with a Paraphrase on the Most Obscure and Important Parts, Explanatory Notes and Evangelical Reflections. (Brown's Bible).
14892: BROWN, CAL, - The Vintage Club.
1313: BROWNE, JOHN ROSS. - Crusoe's Island:... . with Sketches of Adventure in California and Washoe.
1319: BROWNE, J. ROSS. - Report on the Mineral Resources of the States and Territories West of the Rocky Mountains-1868.
7994: BROWNE, CHARLES FARRAR (ARTEMUS WARD). - Artemus Ward: His Travels 2.
11158: BROWNING, ROBERT. EDITED BY HORACE E. SCUDDER. - The Complete Poetic and Dramatic Works of Robert Browning.
16642: BROWNING, ROBERT, - Asolando: Fancies and Facts.
16816: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN, - The Flood of Years.
10954: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN, - Poems of William Cullen Bryant Collected and Arranged by the Author.
1332: BUCHANAN, JAMES. - Message from the President of the United States Transmitting a Memorial of the Citizens of Carson's Valley Asking for the Establishment of a Territorial Government over Them.
16930: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F., JR., - Saving the Queen.
10797: BUELL, AUGUSTUS C., - Paul Jones: Founder of the American Navy. A History. (Two (2) Volumes).
16815: BULWER LYTTON, SIR EDWARD, - Pelham; or, Adventures of a Gentleman. And Pilgrims of the Rhine. (2 Volumes Bound As One)
15928: BUNYAN, JOHN, (EDITED BY REV. CHARLES H. H. WRIGHT). - Bunyan's Allegorical Works, or the Pilgrim's Progress and the Holy War; Together with His Grace Abounding, Divine Emblems and Other Poems.
17045: BURCH, JOHN P. - Charles W Quantrell : A True History of His Guerrilla Warfare on the Missouri and Kansas Border During the CIVIL War of 1861 to 1865.
16853: BURGESS, ANTHONY, - The Kingdom of the Wicked.
4681: BURNS, GEORGE. - Dear George: Advice & Answers from America's Leading Expert on Everything from a to B.
17165: BURNS, ROBERT, - Burns Poetical Works.
1334: BURTON, RICHARD F. - The City of the Saints and Across the Rocky Mountains to California.
12890: BURTON, SIR RICHARD, TRANSLATOR. - The Arabian Nights Entertainments.
10251: BURTON, RICHARD F. - The City of the Saints and Across the Rocky Mountains to California.
16070: BURTON, RICHARD F., EDITED BY HIS WIFE, ISABEL BURTON. - A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome with Notices of the So-Called "Amazons", the Grand Customs, the Yearly Customs, the Human Sacrifices, the Present State of the Slave Trade, and the Negro's Place in Nature. (Two (2) Volumes Complete)
15455: BUSH, BARBARA, - Barbara Bush: A Memoir.
16679: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH, - Zigzag Journeys in the Western States of America. The Atlantic to the Pacific.
16678: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH, - Zigzag Journeys in Northern Lands. The Rhine to the Arctic.
16995: BYRON, LORD (GEORGE GORDON). - The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley.
16105: CALEF, ROBERT, - More Wonders of the Invisible World: Or, the Wonders of the Invisible World, Displayed in Five Parts.
6531: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: - El Rodeo 1944. (Usc Yearbook)
14953: CAPOTE, TRUMAN, - Other Voices, Other Rooms.
16558: CAREW, HAROLD D., - History of Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley (3 Volumes, Complete)
1361: CARSON, CHRISTOPHER. - Kit Carson's Life and Adventures from Facts Narrated by Himself.
16786: CARSWELL, DONALD, EDITED BY, - Trial of Guy Fawkes and Others (the Gunpowder Plot).
1374: CASEBIER, DENNIS G. - The Battle at Camp Cady.
1371: CASEBIER, DENNIS G. - Reopening the Mojave Road. A Personal Narrative and Guide to the Mojave Road
1370: CASEBIER, DENNIS G. - The Mojave Road. Tales of the Mojave Road Number 5.
16374: CATTON, BRUCE AND WILLIAM B. CATTON. - The Bold and Magnificent Dream: America's Founding Years, 1492-1815.
16088: CERVANTES, MIGUEL, - Nouvelles de Michel de Cervantes.
6567: CHAMISSO, ADELBERT VON, - Adelbert Von Chamisso's Werke (4 Volumes).
1384: CHAPMAN, ARTHUR. - The Pony Express. The Record of a Romantic Adventure in Business.
16961: CHEKOV, ANTON, - Two Plays of Anton Chekov: The Cherry Orchard; Three Sisters.
16792: CHIPMAN, GENERAL N. P., - The Andersonville Prison Trial. The Trial of Captain Henry Wirz.
1396: CHURCH, JOHN ADAMS. - The Heat of the Comstock Lode.
17100: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S., - The Second World War.
17284: CICERO, SCOTT O'CONNOR AND EPICTETUS. - Three Volumes: De Amicetia (on Friendship); Motifs; Selections from the Discourses of Epictetus, with the Enchiridion.
10440: CICERO, - Marci Tullii Ciceronis de Philosophia Tomus Primus. Que Autem in Hoc Tomo Contineantur, Sequens Pagella Docebit. (Academicarum Quaestioneum Editionis Primae Liber Secundus; Editionis Secundae Liber Primus. De Finibus Bonorum & Malorum Libri V. Tusculanarum Quaestionum Libri V.
7763: CLAIRMONTE, GLENN, - Calamity Jane. The Toughest Gal in the West.
3612: CLAPPE, LOUISE AMELIA KNAPP, INTRO. AND NOTES BY CARL I. WHEAT. - California in 1851 and 1852: The Letters of Dame Shirley. (Two Volumes).
11191: CLARENDON, EDWARD EARL OF, - The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Chancellor of the University of Oxford: In Which Is Included a Continuation of His History of the Grand Rebellion. (Three Volumes)... A New Edition, Exhibiting a Faithful Collation of the Original Ms. , with All the Suppressed Passages.
1405: CLARK, WALTER VAN TILBURG. - The Watchful Gods and Other Stories.
16687: CLARK, WILLIAM B., - Gold Districts of California.
3138: CLARK, SUSIE CHAMPNEY, - The Round Trip from the Hub to the Golden Gate.
11175: CLAY, HENRY. EDITED BY CALVIN COLTON, - The Private Correspondence of Henry Clay.
17112: CLEMENS, SAMUEL L. (MARK TWAIN) - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
3035: CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE (MARK TWAIN), - The American Claimant.
1417: CLEMENS, CYRIL, ED. - Mark Twain: Wit and Wisdom.
2038: CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE (MARK TWAIN), OBO - Mark Twain: San Francisco Correspondent. Selections from His Letters to the Territorial Enterprise: 1865-1866.
16802: CLINE, PLATT, - Mountain Town. Flagstaff's First Century.
2290: PIOCHE COMMERCIAL CLUB, - The Heritage of the Desert.
2239: NEVADA SOUTHERN R.R. CO., - The Coming Paradise for Farmers, Mechanics, Clerks, Teachers, and All Who Want Small Homes in a Mild Climate and in a Soil That Is Unexcelled for Production.
13284: COBBETT, WILLIAM, - Cottage Economy
13285: COBBETT, WILLIAM, - Cobbett's Tour in Scotland and the Four Northern Counties of England: In the Autumn of the Year 1832.
4967: CODMAN, JOHN. - The Round Trip by Way of Panama Through California... Nevada... With Notes on... .
17275: DE COLANGE, PROFESSOR LEO, EDITOR. - A Tour of the World: Its Famous Cities and Strange Peoples: Their Histories, Religions, and Ethnology ( Volumes I - IV)
1426: COLE, CORNELIUS. - Memoirs of Cornelius Cole, Ex Senator of the United States from California. .
4096: M'COLLESTER, SULLIVAN HOLMAN, - Babylon and Ninevah Through American Eyes.
9981: COLQUHOUN, ARCHIBALD R., - Overland to China.
11325: COLVIN, SIDNEY, SELECTED AND EDITED, WITH NOTES AND INTRODUCTION BY, - The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson (Two (2) Volumes).
11041: THE CENTENNIAL COMMITTE. - The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884. The Celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagra with an Appendix, Containing a Copy of the U.E. List Preserved in the Crown Lands Department at Toronto.
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5149: RAE, W.F., - Westward by Rail: The New Route to the East.
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13457: U.S. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, - Report of the Commissioners and Evidence Taken by the Committee of Mines and Mining of the House of Represntatives of the United States, in Regard to the Sutro Tunnel Together with the Arguments and Report of the Committee Recommending a Loan by the Government in Aid of the Construction of Said Work.
13458: U.S. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, - Report of the Commissioners and Evidence Taken by the Committee of Mines and Mining of the House of Represntatives of the United States, in Regard to the Sutro Tunnel Together with the Arguments and Report of the Committee Recommending a Loan by the Government in Aid of the Construction of Said Work.
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4813: U.S. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, - Report of the Commissioners and Evidence Taken by the Committee of Mines and Mining of the House of Represntatives of the United States, in Regard to the Sutro Tunnel. Together with the Arguments, Etc. Included in Index to Reports of the Committees of the House of Representatives.
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17285: ROBINSON, WILLIAM AND H. W. LONG, M. D., - Two Volumes and a Brochure: 1. Sex Knowledge for Men Including a Program for the Sex Education of the Boy; 2. Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living and 3. The Safe Period or the Natural Method of Birth Control.
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3023: ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN DELANO, - F.D. R. His Personal Letters, 1928-1945. (Vols. I and II
5743: ROSCOE, THOMAS, - Wanderings and Excursions in South Wales with the Scenery of the River Wye.
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10220: ROUSSEAU, J. J. (JEAN-JACQUES), - Du Contrat Social Ou Principes Du Droit Politique. (Social Contract or Principles of the Political Right). With Esquisse D'Un Tableau Historique Des Progres de L'Spirit Humain (Outline of a Historical Table of Progress of the Human Spirit... Tomes I & II. (All Bound Together in One Volume).
17193: RUNES, DAGOBERT D., EDITOR. - Treasury of Philosophy.
17194: RUNES, DAGOBERT D., EDITOR. - Treasury of Philosophy.
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7681: RUSSELL, CAPT. JAMES C. AND CAPT. WILLIAM E. MOORE, - U.S. Official Pictures of the World War Showing America's Participation Selected from the Official Files of the War Department with Unofficial Introductory Photographs. (4 Volumes)
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2464: SABIN, EDWIN LEGRAND, - Kit Carson Days 1809-1868, "Adventures in the Path of Empire. "
2465: SABIN, EDWIN LEGRAND, - Building the Pacific Railway.
1392: CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. - Eventful Narratives, the Thirteenth Book of the 'Faith Promoting Series. '
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17078: SEARS, STEPHEN, - To the Gates of Richmond. The Peninsula Campaign.
2317: SECREST, WILLIAM B., - Lawmen & Desperados. A Compendium of Noted, Early California Peace Officers, Badmen and Outlaws, 1850-1900.
17259: THE MEDICI ART SERIES. - Wonders of Italy. The Monuments of Antiquity, the Churches, the Palaces, the Treasures of Art.
17260: THE MEDICI ART SERIES. - Wonders of Italy. The Monuments of Antiquity, the Churches, the Palaces, the Treasures of Art.
17261: THE MEDICI ART SERIES. - Wonders of Italy. The Monuments of Antiquity, the Churches, the Palaces, the Treasures of Art.
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16044: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. GEORGE RYLANDS, INTRODUCTION. - The Comedies of William Shakespeare.
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17125: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - The Works of William Shakespeare in Ten Volumes (Complete)
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2511: SHAMBERGER, HUGH A., - Goldfield.
2510: SHAMBERGER, HUGH A., - Rawhide.
17303: SHANNON, PROF. T. W., - Natures Secrets Revealed. Scientific Knowledge of the Laws of Sex Life and Heredity or Eugenics.
10151: SHARFMAN, DR. I. HAROLD, - "Nothing Left to Commemorate" the Story of the Pioneer Jews of Jackson, Amador County, California.
17208: SHAW, BERNARD, - The Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw and Prefaces by Bernard Shaw. Two Volumes. Bound in Exceptional Custom, Decorated Leather.
17127: SHAW, BERNARD, - Prefaces by Bernard Shaw.
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4291: SHAW, GEORGE A., - Madagascar and France with Some Account of the Island, Its People, Its Resources and Development.
4294: SHAW, D.A., - Eldorado (El Dorado)... Or... California As Seen by a Pioneer, 1850-1900.
16106: SHERMAN, JOHN, - The Philosophy of Language Illustrated: An Entirely New System of Grammar Wholly Divested of Scholastic Rubbish, and Absurdity... . Designed for Colleges, Academies, and District Schools in the United States.
16715: SHIMEALL, REV. R. C. (RICHARD CUNNINGHAM), - Age of the World, As Founded by the Sacred Records, Historic and Prophetic; and the "Signs of the Times", Viewed in the Speedy Establishment on the Earth of the Millenial State, by the Second Personal, Pre-Millenial Advent of Christ.
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5153: SHINN, CHARLES HOWARD, - The Story of the Mine, As Illustrated by the Great Comstock Lode of Nevada.
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2438: SIMMONS, RALPH B., - Boulder Dam and the Great Southwest.
10068: SIMPSON, COL. HAROLD B., - Hood's Texas Brigade: A Compendium.
16799: SIMPSON, A. W. BRIAN, - The Mignonette Case. (Cannibalism and the Common Law. The Story of the Tragic Voyage of the Mignonette and the Strange Legal Proceedings to Which It Gave Rise.
16241: SLIMANE, HEDI, - Hedi Slimane.
4360: SLOAN, ROBERT W., COMPILER, - Utah Gazetteer and Directory of Logan, Ogden, Provo and Salt Lake Cities, for 1884. Containing a History of Utah, Her Resources, Attractions, Statistics, Etc. With Business Directories of the Four Principal Cities.
15927: SMITH, SOUTHWOOD, M.D., - A Treatise on Fever.
17248: SMITH, ROSWELL C. - Smith's Geography. Geography on the Productive System for Schools, Academies, and Families. Revised and Improved.
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16112: SMITH, JOHN, - A View of the Last Judgment.
7893: SMITH, FRANK MERIWEATHER, - San Francisco Vigilance Committee of '56 with Some Interesting Sketches of Events Succeeding 1846.
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2185: NEVADA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, - Sixth Biennial Report of the Nevada Historical Society. 1917-1918.
2186: NEVADA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, - Seventh Biennial Report of the Nevada Historical Society. 1919-1920.
2187: NEVADA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, - Eighth Biennial Report of the Nevada Historical Society. 1921-1922.
2188: NEVADA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, - Tenth Biennial Report of the Nevada Historical Society. 1925-1926.
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2205: NEVADA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, - Nevada Historical Society Papers, Vol. IV, 1923-1924.
2182: NEVADA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, - First Biennial Report of the Nevada Historical Society. 1907-1908.
8157: SOKAN, ROBERT, - A Descriptive and Bibliographic Catalog of the Circus & Related Arts Collection at Illinois State University.
5543: SPAMER, EARLE E., COMPILER, - Bibliography of the Grand Canyon and the Lower Colorado River from 1540.
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4727: SPEAR, CHARLES, - Essays on the Punishment of Death.
11412: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Various Fragments.
11414: SPENCER, HERBERT, - First Principles; Education: Intellectual, Moral and Physical; the Study of Sociology; Social Statics Together with Man Versus the State. (Four (4) Volumes).
11411: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Facts and Comments.
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2840: STACEY, MAY HUMPHREYS, EDITED BY LEWIS BURT LESLEY, M.A. - Uncle Sam's Camels. The Journal of May Humphreys Stacey Supplemented by the Report of Edward Fitzgerald Beale (1857-1858)
17081: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. - Sheridan in the Shenandoah : Jubal Early's Nemesis
17001: DE STAEL, MADAME, - Dix Annees D'Exil, Ou Memoires de L'Epoque la Plus Interessante de la Vie de Madame de Stael, Ecrits Par Elle-Meme Dans Les Annees 1810 a 1813 Publies D'Apres le Manuscrit Original Par Son Fils, Avec Des Melanges Et Poesies Inedites (Rough Translation of Part of the Title: Ten Years of Exile, or Memoirs of the Most Interesting Period in the Life of Madame de Stael, Written by Herself in the Years 1810 1813)
10955: STANHOPE, MRS. EUGENIA, - Letters Written by the Late Right Honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield to His Son, Philip Stanhope, Esq. Late Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of Dresden Together with Several Other Pieces on Various Subjects. (Four Volumes).
16317: STARR, KEVIN, - Endangered Dreams. The Great Depression in California.
16997: STEDMAN, EDMUND CLARENCE. - An American Anthology. 1787-1900. Selections Illustrating the Critical Review of American Poetry in the Nineteenth Century.
3513: STEELE, JAMES, - Old Californian Days,
7004: STEELE, JOHN, - Across the Plains in 1850.
16478: STEGNER, WALLACE, - The Big Rock Candy Mountain.
15326: STEGNER, WALLACE, - The Big Rock Candy Mountain.
16383: STEINBECK, JOHN, - Of Mice and Men.
17104: STENDAHL (MARIE-HENRY BEYLE) - The Charterhouse of Parma.
14670: STENDAHL, - The Red and the Black
12940: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS, - Treasure Island.
2459: STEWART, WILLIAM MORRIS, - "Speeches and Pamphlets. " of Sen. William M. Stewart of Nevada
13312: STEWART, JOHN, SUPERINTENDANT LIBRARY AND NAVAL WAR RECORDS, COMPILER, - John Paul Jones: Commemoration at Annapolis April 24, 1906.
7618: STIFFEL, FRANK, - The Tale of the Ring: A Kaddish.
16721: STILES, HENRY REED, M.D., - Bundling; Its Origin, Progress and Decline in America.
10257: STILLWELL, PAUL, - Battleship New Jersey: An Illustrated History.
16887: STONE, IRVING, - Depths of Glory: A Biographical Novel of Camille Pissarro
3892: STORER, JAMES SARGANT, - The Antiquarian Itinerary, Comprising Specimens of Architecture, Monastic, Castellated, and Domestic; with Other Vestiges of Antiquity in Great Britain. Accompanied with Descriptions. (Seven Volumes).
17058: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER, - Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands.
16097: STRICKLAND, AGNES, - Lives of the Queens of England from the Norman Conquest with Anecdotes of Their Courts. Now First Published from Official Records and Other Authentic Documents, Private As Well As Public. (Twelve (12) Volumes Complete).
2494: STROBRIDGE, IDAH MEACHEM, - The Land of Purple Shadows.
2492: STROBRIDGE, IDAH MEACHEM, - In Miners' Mirage-Land.
16782: STUART, A. FRANCIS, EDITED BY, - Trial of Mary Queen of Scots.
16372: STYRON, WILLIAM, - Lie Down in Darkness.
16452: STYRON, WILLIAM, - The Confessions of Nat Turner.
10517: STYRON, WILLIAM, - The Confessions of Nat Turner.
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1093.1: SULLIVAN, MAURICE S., - Jedediah Smith, Trader and Trail Breaker.
2497: SULLIVAN, MAURICE S., - The Travels of Jedediah Smith. A Documentary Outline Including the Journal of the Great American Pathfinder.
3233: SULLIVAN, MAURICE S., - Jedediah Smith, Trader and Trail Breaker.
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2542: SUMNER, CHARLES ALLEN, - A Trip to Pioche; Being a Sketch of Recent Frontier Travel.
2526: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Substitute for H.R. 1173. As Agreed on by the Committee on Mines and Mining. A Bill to Aid in the Construction of the Sutro Tunnel Form the Proceeds of the Sale of Mineral Lands.
2529: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - The Answer of the Sutro Tunnel Company to the Complaint of Divers Companies Working Mines on the Comstock Lode; to Which Is Attached a Copy of the Complaint, Exhibits, and an Appendix.
2538: SUTRO, THEODORE, - The Sutro Tunnel Company and the Sutro Tunnel Property, Income, Prospects and Pending Litigation.
2525: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - The Style of Warfare As Carried on by the California Bank Ring. Outrageous Attacks on the Honor and Integrity of Mr. Sutro. What Money Will Do.
2536: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - The Bank of California Against the Sutro Tunnel, Argument and Statement of Facts Showing Why the Amendments to Senate Bill 16 Adopted by the House of Representatives Should Be Concurred by the Senate.
2524: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - The Sutro Tunnel and Railway to the Comstock Lode in the State of Nevada.
13459: SUTRO, THEODORE, - The Sutro Tunnel Company and the Sutro Tunnel Property, Income, Prospects and Pending Litigation.
2534: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Sutro Tunnel. Remonstrance.
4957: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Closing Argument of Adolph Sutro on the Bill Before Congress to Aid the Sutro Tunnel, Delivered Before the Committee on Mines and Mining of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, Monday, April 22, 1872.
2514: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Closing Argument of Adolph Sutro, on the Bill Before Congress to Aid the Sutro Tunnel, Delivered Before the Committee on Mines and Mining of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, Monday, April 22, 1872.
2523: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Why Does the Bank of California Oppose the Sutro Tunnel? the Mystery Explained.
13461: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Closing Argument of Adolph Sutro, on the Bill Before Congress to Aid the Sutro Tunnel, Delivered Before the Committee on Mines and Mining of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, Monday, April 22, 1872.
2545: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - A Trip to Washoe.
2652: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Argument and Statement of Facts Showing Why the Amendments to Senate Bill 16 Adopted by the House of Representatives Should Be Concurred by the Senate.
2790: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Closing Argument of Adolph Sutro, on the Bill Before Congress to Aid the Sutro Tunnel, Delivered Before the Committee on Mines and Mining of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, Monday, April 22, 1872.
2530: SUTRO, ADOLPH, - Sutro Tunnel. Minority Report by Mr. Sargent Reviewed.
2498: SWAN, JOHN A., - A Trip to the Gold Mines of California in 1848.
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15180: SWIFT, JONATHAN, - Gulliver's Travels.
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16090: TAYLOR, ARTHUR, - The Glory of Regality: An Historical Treatise of the Anointing and Crowning of the Kings and Queens of England.
16714: TAYLOR, BAYARD, - Northern Travel: Summer and Winter Pictures of Sweden, Denmark and Lapland.
2560: TAYLOR, HOWARD AND STEVE GILLIS, - Mark Twain and the Old Enterprise Gang.
7666: TAYLOR, WILLIAM, - California Life. Illustrated.
15519: TAYLOR, GEOFFREY, - The Absurd World of Charles Bragg. Signed Limited Edition.
16993: TENNYSON, LORD ALFRED, - The Poetic and Dramatic Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson.
6852: TESHIGHARA, SOFU, - Ikebana.
11162: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE, - The Chronicle of the Drum.
11789: PLUTARCHUS (PLUTARCH) AND THEOPHRASTUS, - Plutarchus and Theophrastus on Supersitition; with Various Appendices and a Life of Plutarchus.
16819: THOMAS, J. PHILLIP. - Tarot de Paris.
2573: TILTON, CECIL G., - William Chapman Ralston, Courageous Builder.
17072: TOLAND, JOHN, - In Mortal Combat, Korea, 1950-1953
15871: TOLKIEN, J. R. R., - The Return of the King: Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings.
17257: TOOKE, ANDREW, - The Pantheon Representing Fabulous Histories of the Heathen Gods and Most Illustrious Heroes in a Short, Plain and Familiar Method by Way of Dialogue.
3083: TOOLE-STOTT, RAYMOND. - Circus and Allied Arts. A World Bibliography, 1500-1970. (Four (4) Volumes).
16107: TOWN, SALEM , A. M., GRAND CHAPLAIN, PRINCIPAL OF GRANVILLE ACADEMY. - A System of Speculative Masonry, in Its Origin, Patronage, Dissemination, Principles, Duties and Ultimate Designs, Laid Open for the Examination of the Serious and Candid... .
17256: TOWNSEND, EDWARD W., - "Sure". New "Chimmie Fadden" Stories.
7003: TRAVER, ROBERT (PSEUD. OF JOHN D. VOELKER) - Anatomy of a Fisherman.
15286: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The Life of Cicero II.
12524: MRS. TROLLOPE (FRANCES TROLLOPE). - The Vicar of Wrexhill. (Vols. I and II of 3)
2578: TRUMAN, BENJAMIN CUMMINGS, - Occidental Sketches.
6927: TRUMAN, BENJAMIN CUMMINGS, - Occidental Sketches.
16784: TUSA, ANN AND JOHN, - The Nuremberg Trial.
17069: TUTHILL, MRS. L. C., - The Boarding-School Girl.
4341: BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY: - Leroy R. And Ann W. Hafen: Their Writings and Their Notable Collection of Americana Given to Brigham Young University Library.
16905: UNTERMEYER, LOUIS (RETOLD BY), - The Wonderful Adventures of Paul Bunyan.
15317: UPDIKE, JOHN, - Rabbit Run.
16408: UPDIKE, JOHN, - Rabbit Run.
16840: URIS, LEON, - The Haj.
7936: URMY, CLARENCE THOMAS, - The Day That I Was Born. Being a Story of Old San Francisco.
2743: VAIL, F. ELLSWORTH, - Underground Wealth.
17026: VALEE, LEON, - Courtiers and Favourites of Royalty. Memoirs of the Court of France with Contemporary and Modern Illustrations Collected from the French National Archives. Six Volumes.
2619: VANDERBILT, CORNELIUS JR., - Ranches and Ranch Life in America.
16805: VARIOUS - Christian Herald Library. Eight (8) Volumes.
16965: VARIOUS, - Roger Tory Peterson Field Guides 50th Anniversary Edition 38 Vols.
16842: VIDAL, GORE, - Lincoln: A Novel.
2623: VIVIAN, H. HUSSEY, M.P., - Notes of a Tour in America. From August 7th to November 17th, 1877.
17183: VOLTAIRE, DE F. A. M (FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET DE VOLTAIRE, - Candide or the Optimist. Translated Into English with an Introduction by the Late Henry Morley... And Nine Full-Page Pencil-Drawings, Forty Line-Drawings, and Decorative Title-Page by Alan Odle.
17225: DE VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS MARIE AROUET , - Candide or Optimism. Translated from the French by Richard Aldington. With an Introduction by Paul Morand.
16988: VOLTAIRE, - L'Ingenu.
14910: VOLTAIRE: - Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire. (Five Volumes: Tomes: 16, 18, 24, 28 and 32.
16846: VONNEGUT, KURT, JR., - Galapagos
15289: VONNEGUT, KURT, - Slaughterhouse Five or the Children's Crusade : A Duty Dance with Death
16477: VONNEGUT, KURT, - Slaughterhouse Five or the Children's Crusade : A Duty Dance with Death
10198: WAGNER, HENRY R., - Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo: Discoverer of the Coast of California.
16747: WALDMAN, DIANE, - Roy Lichtenstein.
17264: WALKER, JAMES HERBERT, - The Johnstown Horror!!! or Valley of Death Being a Complete and Thrilling Account of the Awful Floods and Their Appalling Ruin.
2009: WALKER, DALE L. AND JAMES E. SISSON III, - The Fiction of Jack London, a Chronolocal Bibliography.
11750: WALPOLE, HORACE, - Reminiscences: Written in 1788, for the Amusement of Miss Mary and Miss Agnes B***Y. Also Includes Walpoliana.
10717: WALSH, WILLIAM S., - Handy-Book of Literary Curiosities.
2669: WALTON, CLIFFORD C., COMP., - Capitol's Who's Who for Nevada.
15862: WALWORTH, ARTHUR - Woodrow Wilson: I: American Prophet and Woodrow Wilson: II: World Prophet. [Two Volume Set].
15929: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH, - Finnegans Week.
15930: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH, - The Black Marble.
15931: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH, - The Glitter Dome.
15932: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH, - The New Centurions.
15940: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH, - Hollywood Station
15941: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH, - Fire Lover.
8546: WARD, AUSTIN N., - Male Life Among the Mormons; or, the Husband in Utah: Detailing Sights and Scenes Among the Mormons; with Remarks on Their Moral and Social Economy. Bound with: Mormonism: Spiritual Wife System.
2555: WARD, A,B. (PSEUD OF ALICE WARD BAILEY) - The Sage Brush Parson.

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