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33596: - Esquire: The Magazine for Men. Volume Lv, No. 6, Whole Number 331. June, 1961
43074: - Icones Biblicae Veteris Et Novi Testamenti. Figuren Biblischer Historien Alten Und Neuen Testaments Von Melchior Küsel
46882: - "Frame of Film the. . " (Opening Line)
43536: - Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Summary of Equipment
41027: - Penlake II: Along the Shores of Peninsula Lake
42508: - Five- O'Clock Shadows: George Amabile, Leonard Gasparini, Seymour Mayne, Ted Plantos, George Swede
43561: - 1836-1986. A Tribute to Canada's First Railway on Its Sesquincentennial
44743: - The Story of a Man and the Company He Build
42700: - Bicycle Ephemera - Receipt, Buffalo, Ny
47266: - An Appeal to the Membership of the Socialist Party. By the Revolutionay Policy Committee, March 1934
28274: - 1946-7-8 Reference Manual. Chevrolet Passenger Cars
41004: - The R.C. A.F. Overseas. The First Four Years. . .
22427: - Evergreen Review No. 18
32226: - Transport Requirements for the Growth of Northwest North America. . . Vol 2. Research Report By Battelle Memorial Institute on an Integrated Transport System to Encourage Economic Development on Northwest North America.
43709: - Eastern Air Lines, Inc. Annual Report 1948
45316: - Rapport de Comité Permanent D'Immigration Et de Colonisation de la Chambre Des Communes
45278: - Down By the Bay: A History of Long Point and Port Rowan 1799-1999
45148: - Canadian Society of Military Medals and Insignia 1965-1995. 30th Anniversary Membership List
45150: - The Story of the Bluenose
45153: - Heraldry in Canada 1966-1986 L'héraldique Au Canada
13859: - The Army List for December, 1878.
25682: - Historical Review of the Town of Durham
47233: - Chums 1913
47232: - Chums 1915
47231: - Chums 1918
45018: - Torontonensis. The Yearbook of the University of Toronto 1933. Volume XXXV
36778: - Canada: Her Natural Resources, Navigation, Principal Steamer Lines and Transcontinental Railways. The 12th Congress of the Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses
24549: - Eaton's Christmas Annual. Authors May Heward, Ethel Talbot, Olive Chandler, Constance Heward
16101: - Tables of the Trade and Navigation of the Province of Canada, for the Year 1856. Compiled from Official Returns. . .
8775: - Gudrun. A Story of the North Sea. From the Mediaeval German.
29231: - Views of Ithaca and Cornell University (Third Edition)
29771: - London and Its Men of Affairs
47788: - The Encyclopedia Britannica. Supplements to the 11th Edition (to Make the 12th and 13th Editions)
33534: - La Première église de Saint-Joachim, 1685-1759
41384: - Came to Believe: The Spiritual Adventure of A.A. As Experienced By Individual Members
37462: - Regulations for the Medical Department of the Army
8543: - Canada at the Universal Exhibition.
40494: - Fencelines and Furrows
28319: - The Rolliad, in Two Parts; Probationary Odes for the Laureatship; and Political Eclogues and Miscellanies: With Criticisms and Illustrations. Revised, Corrected, and Enlarged By the Original Authors. The Twenty-Second Edition
39501: - The Girl's Own Annual (Vol. 9)
20603: - The History of Oneida County
44013: - Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War I. Foreword By John W.R. Taylor
19338: - The Daisy. A Journal of Pure Literature. Amusing and Instructing Reading for Every Member of the Family. January-June 1877. Seventh Thousand.
45357: - Guide Touristique Du Club Des Automobilistes de Montreal / Touristic Road-Guide of the Montreal Automobilist Club
45358: - Zion Congregational Church Montreal. 78th Anniversary October, 1910, and 1st Anniversary of the Opening of the Richard Miles Memorial Organ
31751: - The Girl's Own Annual Volume XXI
44845: - The Good Things of Life. Fourth Series
43390: - Metropolitan Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association: Centennial Book
44894: - The Presbyterian Record for the Dominion of Canada. And St. Andrew's Church Notes
44843: - Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly
44844: - Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly
25857: - First International Congress of Africanists, 11th-18th December, 1962
43493: - Locomotive Advertising in America 1850-1900
43440: - Grand Trunk Railway System. Maintenance of Way Department. Report of Annual Inspection October-November 1915
47226: - Lettre Adressée à MM. Les Députés de la Noblesse (Drop Title)
44615: - Paoli Car Shop Log Book
44970: - The World Book of Wonnacotts
45011: - The Golden Years of Trucking. Commemorating Fifty Years of Service By the Ontario Trucking Association.
23059: - Ontario County Gazetteer and Canadian Cyclopaedia. . .
36103: - The R.C. A.F. Overseas. The First Four Years. . .
26096: - Report of the Proceedings of the Sixty-Fourth Annual Convention of the Trades and Labor Congress of Canada Held at the City of Calgary, Alta. September 15th to 23rd (Inclusive), 1949.
47228: - Chums 1922
44949: - Workshop Receipts for Manufacturers and Scientific Amateurs: Volume I. Acetylene Lighting-Drying
46028: - Work for Chimny-Sweepers Or a Warning for Tobacconists. With an Introduction By S.H. Atkins. 1601
46457: - The Wonderful Discoverie of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower, Daughters of Joan Flower Neere Beuer Castles; Executed at Lincolne, March 11, 1618
33679: - Pioneers to the Present: Biddulph Township Sesquicentennial History Book
42545: - End of the World Speshul
25088: - Mcgill Fortnightly
47557: - Poëtes Prisonniers. Cahiers Spécial de Poésie 44. Tome II
44717: - Cookbook Dalhousie Yacht Club (Cover Title)
43638: - Souvenir of Mauch Chunk, Glen Onoko & Switch Back R.R.
23662: - Through the Evangeline Country to Halifax. Containing over Sixty Views of Nova Scotia from Yarmouth to Truro.
37214: - Brampton's 100th Anniversary As an Incorporated Town 1873-1973
45431: - Souvenir of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
34389: - The Marprelate Tracts (1588-1589)
45115: BIBLE. N.T. APOCRYPHAL BOOKS. ENGLISH. 1820. - The Apocryphal New Testament, Being All the Gospels, Epistles, and Other Pieces Now Extant, Attributed in the First Four Centuries to Jesus Christ, His Apostles, and Their Companion, and Not Included in the New Testament By Its Compilers. . . .
43514: - Transit in Toronto: The Story of the Development of Public Transportation in Toronto, from Horse Cars to a Modern, High Speed Subway System
43628: - Canada's First Subway: A Cavalcade of Progress 1921-1954
45529: - Northward Journal: A Quarterly of Northern Arts. Number 23
31011: - Souvenir of Your Old Home Town North Bay Ontario Canada. For Your Photo Album (Cover Title)
45539: - Canadian Book of Printing. How Printing Came to Canada and the Story of the Graphic Arts, Told Mainly in Pictures.
43350: - Funny Wonder and Jester (5 Issues)
44641: - Bible and Gospel History, in Saulteux
30389: - Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School
43306: - Scenic Perce, Route 6, P.Q. , Canada / Perce Scénique, Route 6, P.Q. , Canada (Cover Title)
45567: - As All Our Fathers Were: The Presbyterian Church, Whitby, 1833-1975
39556: - Elora Heritage Festival Saturday, February 15, 1975
45866: - The Thunder Bay Historical Society: Fifth Annual Report. Papers of 1914
48160: - Images of the First World War: A Photographic Anthology
42811: - Secrets of Master Magic
43621: - Railroads on Parade: Book of the Pageant Presented at the New York World's Fair 1939 to Do Full Tribute to the American Railroad
47494: - Recueil de la Correspondance Saisie Chez Lemaître, Et Dont la Convention a Ordonné L'Impression
45017: - History of the Rideau Waterway
44251: - Simple Poultry Remedies
45201: - The Canadian Merchantile Almanack for 1847: Including "Ten Reasons for Emigrating to Canada" & Additional 19th Century Advertisements
45200: - Peterborough. Land of Shining Waters. An Anthology.
45195: - Historical Glimpses of Lennox and Addington County. Compiled By the Brochure Committee of the Lennox and Addington Historical Society.
45190: - Commemorating 100 Years of "Peace, Plenty, Progress" in the County of Ontario. June 30 - 1955
7815: - Centenaire de la Societe Chimique de France (1857-1957).
26082: - Ross Dowson V. Rcmp. A VIVID Episode in the Ongoing Struggle for Freedom of Thought and Social Justice in Canada . Foreword By Clayton Ruby
29685: - Statement Respecting the Earl of Selkirk’S Settlement Upon the Red River, in North America; Its Destruction in 1815 and 1816; and the Massacre of Governor Semple and His Party. . .
47606: - Poëtes Prisonniers. Cahiers Spécial de Poésie 43. Tome I
42732: - Rupert [1979 Annual,Export Issue)
45846: - The Tenth Annual Year Book Published By the Students of Hamilton Normal School June 1925 (Hamilton Normal School Year Book 1924-25 - Cover Title)
36685: - The Board of Trade City of Toronto Annual Report 1906
44231: - Ideas and Beliefs of the Victorians. An Historical Revaluation of the Victorian Age
26099: - Chefs-D'Oeuvre Des Arts Indiens Et Esquimaux Du Canada / Masterpieces of Indian and Eskimo Art from Canada
43439: - Grand Trunk Railway System. Maintenance of Way Department. Report of Annual Inspection October-November 1914
33038: - The Discovery & Mapping of the Great Lakes 'Sweet-Water' 1522-1703. An Exhibition Held at the Royal Ontario Musem March, 1954
40891: - Greater Toronto and the Men Who Made It
44761: - Société Générale Métallurgique de Hoboken, 1908-1958
43529: - Modern Travel in Canada
33581: - Esquire: The Magazine for Men. Volume Lv, No. 6, Whole Number 331. June, 1961
45862: - Manotick's Centennial Year Souvenir Book, 1859-1959 : Containing the Manotick Story. Illustrated. A Record of the Development During the Past One Hundred Years, of "Manotick" As the Indians Named It. - to Descrie "Forest Covered Land in the River" -. . .
47835: - The Western Front Then and Now
40326: - The Craigflower Schoolhouse
25180: - The British Almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, for the Year of Our Lord 1855 [Bound with] Companion to the Almanac; Or Year-Book of General Information for 1855. . .
44593: - Tweed: A Centennial Mosaic
41328: - Official Programme of the Fourth Annual Meet of the New York State Division, League of American Wheelmen
45437: - Through a Century with Streetsville 1859-1959
44268: - Ajsreview. Volume Two 1977 [Ajs Review]
30910: - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Ninety-Ninith Session 1878-79. Vol. 1 - New Series
45138: - History of Rob Roy School : S.S. 10, Osprey, 1860-1965
12646: - The Pelican Annual
36152: - History of St. Paul, Alberta, 1909-1959
25657: - Balloons and Ballots. The Inside Story of Robert Stanfield's Victory. Compiled and Written By the News Staff of the Telegram [Cover Title]
30524: - Regulations for the Dress of General, Staff, and Regimental Officers of the Army. Adjutant-General's Office, Horse Guards
44739: - Four Parts Sand
45874: - The Life and Times of Wellington Square United Church
45353: - A Red Sea Rising: The Flood of the Century
45438: - Picton's 100 Years, 1837-1937 : A Historical Record of Achievement, Official Souvenir Book Issued By the Committee
46027: - Present Remedies Against the Plague Etc. With an Introduction By W.P. Barrett
24142: - Fairly-Cum-Forelands; and Other Village Tales and Sketches
45068: - City of the Rivers. Illustrations By Wilhelm Kaufmann, Winnipeg
44945: - Hepplewhite Furniture Designs from the Cabinet-Maker and Upholster's Guide 1794. With a Preface By Ralph Edwards, F.S. A.
41951: - Album of Views of Weymouth
43557: - Ireland: Gem of the Sea. Touring for Health and Pleasure on the Great Southern Railways. Guide to Dublin & Wicklow Section (Cover Title)
47119: - New American Review. 21 of the 26 Numbers
47120: - New American Review - 5 Hardcover Issues
44383: - Voix Des Poètes
28537: - The Daring Adventures of Kit Carson and Fremont, Among Buffaloes, Grizzlies and Indians Being a Spirited Diary of the Most Difficult and Wonderful Explorations Ever Made, Opening . . . The Great Pathway to the Pacific.
42877: - Souvenir Folder Containing 16 Photographic Views of Burlington, Ont.
26684: - Réponse Aux Prétendus Griefs Des Catholiques Irlandais Du Canada Contre Les Catholiques Français Du Même Pays, Ou, Réponse à Un Mémoire Irlandais Adressé D'Ottawa, 17 Juin 1905 à Son éminence le Cardinal Merry Del Val, . . .
44264: - Sparrow 37-48
45341: - Souvenir de la St. Jean-Baptiste de 1874. Offert Des Différentes Associations Canadiennes-Françaises Du Canada Et Des états-Unis Par "la Minerve"
37526: - Little Dots: A Collection of Stories & Verses and How-to-Make Pages. Fifty Fourth Annual Volume
11891: - A Symposium on Andrew Furuseth.
36470: - The Girl's Own Annual (Volume 28)
35261: - The Owl, a Monthly Magazine Published By the Students of the University of Ottawa. Vol. X. September 1896 to September 1897
45048: - Polyphony: The Bulletin of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario. Toronto's People. Spring / Summer 1984. Vol. 6, No. 1
44719: - Welland Hydro Golden Jubilee
47498: - Un Mot Sans Réplique, Ou Defense Des Employés Contre Les Critiques Qui Ont Parues Contre Eux
41884: - Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario 1781-1981
47656: - Parthenon 1964-64
47657: - Parthenon 1962-63
43319: - A Lakeshore Study of Haldimand & Norfolk Counties
33230: - Le Processionnal Romain à L'Usage Du Diocèse de Québec. Nouvelle édition, Revue, Corrigée, Et Augmentée
39973: - City of London, Ontario, Canada: The Pioneer Period and the London of to-Day
9338: - A Pictorial Booklet. San Francisco in Ruins. The Spirit of '06 [Cover Title].
3977: - Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records. Vol. XXIII.
45768: - Woolworth's First 75 Years; the Story of Everybody's Store, 1879-1954
45386: - Bowmanville History Project
41956: - History of the County of Middlesex, Canada. Introduction and Correction to the New Edition By Daniel Brock. Index By Mrs. Muriel Moon
28170: - Chininum: Scriptiones Collectae Anno MCMXXIV Editae
45494: - The First Fifty Years: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43
47122: - New American Review 9
47230: - Chums 1926
43982: - A Selection of Proved Recipes for Use with Radiation "New World" "Rugulo"- Controlled Gas Cookers
42471: - Arts Revealed, and Universal Guide : Containing Many Rare and Invaluable Recipes and Directions for the Use of Families from the Best Authorities : . . .
47242: - Chums 1930-31
47241: - Chums 1914
47240: - Chums 1927-28
13088: - List of Casualties in South African Field Force, from 11th October, 1899, to 20th March, 1900.
44250: - Poultry Houses Coops & Equipment
44023: - German Prisoners in Great Britain
45934: - Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology (Volumes 1 and 2)
22440: - Evergreen Review No. 19
22434: - Evergreen Review No. 7
43463: - The Ferrymead Railway
22436: - Evergreen Review No. 21
45310: - Mason Jar Centennial 1858-1958
45308: - The Development of Painting in Canada / le Developpement de la Peinture Au Canada, 1665-1945
45303: - Orientals in Canada: The Story of the Work of the United Church of Canada with Asiatics in Canada
44752: - 127 Years in the Making
47260: - Cadillac Participation in the World War. Illustrated with Photographs from the Battle Fronts and at Home. . .
45405: - Old Home Week. August 11-17, 1974. Souvenir Programme [Cover Title]
10652: - The Battle of Fort Sumter and First Victory of the Southern Troops, April 13th, 1861. Full Account of the Bombardment, with Sketces of the Scenes, Incidents, Etc. Compiled Chiefly from the Detailed Reports of the Charleston Press.
47764: - The Widening Gyre
44138: - Freedom's Triumph: The Why, When and Where of the European Conflict (Cover Title)
45489: - Dictionary of Canadian Biography (First 13 Volumes + Index)
39184: - Cobourg Sesquicentennial 1837 - 1987
45067: - Large Lithographed Map of Downtown Toronto 1888
42608: - Tales of Sweden and the Norsemen
45694: - Nassagaweya Centennial 1850-1950: An Historical Volume of Nassagaweya Township in Halton County Published By the Township Council and Including the Early History of Nassagaweya As Written By the Late Joshua Norrish an Early Settler
44947: - Price List of Chisels, Plane Irons, Gouges, Carving Tools, Nail Sets, Screw Drivers, Handles, &C Manufactured By Buck Brothers, Riverlin Works, Millbury, Mass
44174: - List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force 1914
44884: - The Girl's Own Annual (Vol. 20)
45400: - Nostalgic Memories of Bygone Toronto. At the Waterfront
43989: - Voices of Victory: Representative Poetry of Canada in Wartime
44168: - Ypres and the Battles of Ypres
43642: - The New Testament. Persian Urdu
31032: - Annual Report of the Harbour Commissioners of Montreal for the Year 1923
45382: - Epistaxis ( 4 Issues for 1936-39)
45321: - Six Chapters from the Chronicles of Canada. Reprinted for Private Distribution
41748: - Dedicatory Program. Baker Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, East Aurora, New York, September 2nd to 7th, 1918
45170: - Upper Saugeen Valley Conservation Report 1953. Summary
43780: - The Adopted Daughter; Or, the Trials of Sabra. A Tale of Real Life. Third Edition - Revised and Amended
45919: - The Canadian Numismatic Journal
46541: - Evergreen Review No. 24
14151: - Cuban Poetry 1959-1966.
42296: - Here and Now. Vol I, No. 3
37221: - The Master Detective, Oct. 1933
24345: - Awful Exposure of the Atrocious Plot Formed By Certain Individuals Aganst the Clergy and Nuns of Lower Canada, Through the Intervention of Maria Monk. With an Authentic Narrative of Her Life, from Her Birth to the Present Moment. . . .
22873: - Arabian Nights Entertainments: Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories, Told By the Sultaness of the Indies, to Divert the Sultan from the Execution of a Bloody Vow. . .
26217: - The Krondstadt Rebellion. With Map of Kronstadt and a Facsimile Page of the Kronstadt Izvestia
23932: - Scandals at Cairo in Connection with Slavery. Published with the Sanction and Under the Auspices of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. To Whom the Documents in Proof of the Statements Made, Have Been Submitted. By an English Resident at Cairo.
35517: - Olympia: A Monthly Review from Paris
30433: - Beatles. Vol. I, No. 1
40178: - British Polar Year Expedition. Fort Rae, N.W. Canada 1932-33
31050: - Lost Paradise. Symbolist Europe
31182: - Ramparts Magazine for October 1967
31349: - Cavalcade Magazine for Jan. , 1963
42948: - Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Degrees from the 4° to the 32° Inclusive Under Ths Supreme Council 33° of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales, and the Dependencies of the British Crown. . .
31887: - Us: A Paperback Magazine (#1,2, & 3)
32590: - The Black Troopers and Other Stories
33559: - The Table. Vol XIV
32771: - Scribner’S Magazine Vol. Lxxxi, No. 1, January 1927
33358: - Rags 4, September 1970
35334: - Telephone Pioneers of America. Charles Fleetwood Sise Chapter No. 26
33597: - Esquire: The Magazine for Men. Volume Lxx, No. 4, Whole Number 419, October, 1968
33615: - The Hasty Papers: A One-Shot Review
33848: - Poets of the Cities: New York and San Francisco 1950-1965
31861: - Eco-Catastrophe. By the Editors of Ramparts
46525: - La Littérature Canadienne de 1850 à 1860. Publiée Par la Direction Du "Foyer Canadien". Tome II
37223: - The Master Detective, Nov. , 1933
35072: - The Work of Cram and Ferguson Architects, Including Work By Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson. With an Introduction By Charles D. Maginnis.
42866: - Souvenir Booklet Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of St. Patrick's Church, Niagara Falls, Ontario. June 10,11,12, and 13, 1945
42037: - A History of Peel County to Mark Its Centenary As a Separate County 1867-1967.
45979: - The Nature Companions Sharks and Whales
45951: - Le Carrousel
45559: - Existing Buildings Study: The St. Lawrence Area
37105: - Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Chains, Chain Cables, &C.A. D. 1634-1866 (at Head of Title Page Patents for Inventions.
45588: - St. Philip's Church: 150 Years Beside the Humber. 1828-1978
44173: - The Work of the Royal Engineers in the European War, 1914-19. Military Mining
45346: - Shakespeare in Vancouver 1889-1918
25505: - Actes Du Congrès International Des Mathématiciens, 1970. Publiés Sous la Direction Du Comité D'Organisation Du Congrès (3 Volume Set)
41026: - Penlake: Reflections on Peninsula Lake
23478: - The School of Salernum. Regimen Sanitatis Salerni. The English Version By Sir John Harington
47212: - Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology. Second Edition. Volume 4 Only
41987: - Brown's Toronto General Directory. 1856. . .
41065: - The Pembroke Centennial Souvenir Book. Produced By the Centennial Committee Commemorating the Centennial of Pembroke's Incorporaton As a Village in 1858. During the Week of July 6-12, 1958
45318: - Programme. The Junior League of Montreal Presents Leap Year Lapses - Orpheum Theatre, Feb. 26th-Mar. 1st [Front Cover]
35694: - The Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments & Constructions of Scotland. Eleventh Report, with Inventory of Monuments and Constructions in the Counties of Fife, Kinross, and Clackmannan
44011: - With the First Canadian Contingent. Published on Behalf of the Canadian Field Comforts Commission.
46684: - Evergreen Review No. 38
45633: - Belizean Poets
45634: - Belizean Poets Volume Two (Cover Title)
45019: - A Gulf Islands Patchwork: Some Early Events on the Islands of Galiano, Mayne, Saturna, North and South Pender
21972: - Santa Catalina Island
41870: - A Literary Map of Baltimore, the Almost Athens of the Upper South. , 1729-1969
26121: - Statutes and Conditions of Affiliation of the Communist International, As Adopted at the Second Congress, Moscow, August, 1920
48138: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Von Richtofen and the Flying Circus
27621: - Index to British Military Costume Prints 1500-1914
47571: - Variations Sur Trois Thèmes.
43469: - Pennsylvania Railroad Standard Maintenance of Way Plans
45787: - The Canadian Who's Who. . . 1948
44736: - New Provinces. Poems of Several Authors.
30538: - The Canadian Monthly and National Review. Volume Five, January to June (and) Volume VI. July to December
44816: - The Farmer's Advocate and Home Magazine. Vol. Xlviii, 3 Jul. - 25 Dec. ,1913
46683: - Evergreen Review No. 37
40163: - Royal Air Force Journal
34893: - Historical Review. Ontario Bicentennial Edition 1984
36234: - After the War, What? : Work Or Want?, Homes Or Hovels?, Garden Cities Or Slums?, Freedom Or Dictatorship?
46166: - The Centennial : Glen Morris Church, 1849-1949.
30539: - The Canadian Monthly and National Review. Volume I, January to June (and) Volume II. July to December
44814: - Touro Synagogue of Congregation Jeshuat Israel Newport, Rhode Island
45057: - Regional Municipality of Durham. Department of Planning and Development. Official Plan
45092: - Clarke & Clarke Leathers. . . 1950 Catalogue
37106: - Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Milking, Churning, and Cheese-Making. A.D. 1777-1866 (at Head of Title Page Patents for Inventions.
22596: - Transactions of the Inverness Scientific Society and Field Club
45607: - Columbus Through the Years: A History of Columbus Community United Church 1835-1995
45795: - Art Architectural Metal Work. Catalogue 18 Z
30261: - Annie Carr: A Tale of Both Hemispheres. By the Author of "Adventures in the South Pacific". With Coloured Illustrations
33863: - Album of New Zealand Views (Cover Title)
31709: - The Canada Lancet: A Monthly Journal of Medical and Surgical Science, Criticism, and News
45299: - Annuaire de L'Institut Canadien Pour 1867. Celebration Du 23me Anniversaire de la Fondation de L'Institut Canadien le 17 Decembre 1867
44673: - Northrop & Lyman Co. 's Family Almanac, Guide to Health, and Recipe Book
44631: - The Murder of Delicia
31167: - The Girl's Own Annual Volume IX (9)
22433: - Evergreen Review No. 17
33576: - Memorial Record of the County of Cuyahoga and City of Cleveland, Ohio
47229: - Chums 1919
41005: - The R.C. A.F. Overseas. The Fifth Year.
37104: - Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Bridges, Viaducts, and Aqueducts, A.D. 1750-1866 (at Head of Title Page Patents for Inventions.
45879: - History of Simcoe County: A Collection of Winning Essays Gathered from Simcoe County Historical Association's Essay Contests During 1974-1976
45803: - British North America Act and Amendments. . .
45221: - Six Chapters from the Chronicles of Canada. Reprinted for Private Distribution
45065: - The Spirit of Place
43822: - The Canadian Rose Bud Song Book. Containing All the Popular Songs of the Day.
22200: - Statutes Specially Relating to the City of Toronto. Compiled By Order of the Special Committee Appointed By the Municipal Council to Consolidate the City By-Laws.
47223: - Chums 1939 (Vol. 46)
20422: - The Annual Register, Or a View of the History, Politicks, and Literature of the Year 1760.
45935: - Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology . Second Edition.
47224: - Vie Privée Et Politique Du Roi Isaac Chapelier, Premier Du Nom, Et Chef Des Rois de France de la Quatrième Race, En 1789, Louis XVI étant Roi Des François. PréCéDée D'Une Introduction, Et Ornée Du Portrait de Sa Majesté
45786: - Who's Who in Canada 1985
45362: - Girls and Boys with Games and Toys
46023: - The Life and Death of Gamaliel Ratsey, a Famous Thief, of England, Executed at Bedford the 26th of March Last Past. [Together with] Ratsey's Ghost Or the Second Part of His Madde Pranks and Robberies
31761: - The Girl's Own Annual (Vol. 20)
45460: - Wheels of Progress. A Story of the Development of Toronto and Its Public Transformation Services.
41392: - Our Foothills
43997: - An Airman's Letter. With Drawings By Thomas Derrick
36636: - World Cruise of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Sailing from New York January 7th Returning May 31st
45016: - Canada 1812-1871. The Formative Years. Illustrations By C.W. Jefferys
40584: - Evergreen Review Volume 5, Number 18. May-June 1961
45887: - Toronto and Early Canada: A Catalogue of the Toronto and Early Canada Picture Collection in the Toronto Public Library. Landmarks of Canada, Volume 3
10115: - The Rules of Work of the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia 1786. With the Original Copper Plate Illustrations. Annotated, with an Introduction, By Charles E. Peterson. . .
42846: - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume Lxxxvi (86), December 1892 to May, 1893
21469: - Woven Wire Screens, Their Selection, Application and Use. Catalogue 70-C.
46024: - Battle of Nieuport 1600. Two News Pamphlets and a Ballad . With an Introduction on News in Elizabethan England By D.C. Collins.
44706: - Transactions of the Eighth Prague Conference on Information Theory, Statistical Decision Functions, Random Processes Held at Prague, from August 28 to September 1, 1978. Volume B
44700: - Narcotic Identification Manual
44698: - Transactions of the Canadian Institute Volume VI. Semi-Centennial Memorial Volume 1849-1899
37107: - Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Safes, Strong Boxes, Tills, and Similar Depositories. A.D. 1801-1866 (at Head of Title Page Patents for Inventions.
39123: - History and Manufacture of Floor Coverings
39014: - The Sunbeam Minx de Luxe Series VI Owner's Handbook
40637: - "Brookfield", Weston, Bath
45212: - A Toronto Album: Glimpses of the City That Was
45079: - Arctic Gallery 1978
45080: - The Hello: The Annual Publication of the Student Body of the Brantford Collegiate Institute and Vocational School 1954
43563: - The New York Central Railroad Company, Rochester Division, Time-Table No. 56. For Employes Only
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41417: BALDWIN, JAMES - Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone
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42332: BARKER, CLIVE - Weaveworld
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36951: BARLOW, PETER, F.R.S. - An Essay on the Strength and Stress of Timber, Founded Upon Experiments at the Royal Military Academy. . . Preceded By an Historical Review of Former Theories and Experiments. . . Also an Appendix on the Strength of Iron, and Other Materials
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25659: BARNES, MICHAEL - Gateway City. The North Bay Story
32947: BARNES, HARRY H., JR - Roughness Characteristics of Natural Channels. Color Photographic and Descriptive Data for 50 Stream Channels for Which Roughness Coefficients Have Been Determined
32553: BARNES, DJUNA - Ryder. With Illustrations By the Author
45163: BARNES, LYNNE - Daytrips on the Backroads: The Best Kept Secrets of Southern Georgian Bay Revealed. Recipes By Keri Roberts. Illustrated By Beverley Smith
45306: BARNES, MICHAEL - Fortunes in the Ground: Cobalt, Porcupine and Kirkland Lake
41166: BARNES, JULIAN - Staring at the Sun
43865: BARNES, LESLIE W.C.S. - Canada and the Science of Ballistics 1914-1945
45224: BARNES, MICHAEL - Link with a Lonely Land: The Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway
45401: BARNES, MICHAEL - Gold Camp Pioneer: Roza Brown of Kirkland Lake. Illustrated By John Slater
16893: BARNES, JULIAN - England, England
39650: BARNETT, EDITH A. - A Wilderness Winner
38823: BARNETT, URSULA A. - A Vision of Order : A Study of Black South African Literature in English (1914-1980)
46216: BARON, STANLEY - The Desert Locust
48055: BARON, SALO WITTMAYER - Modern Nationalism and Religion
41165: BARR, AMELIA E. - The Hallam Succession: A Tale of Methodist Life in Two Countries
44314: BARR, JOHN - The Officina Bodoni. Montagnola. Verona. Books Printed By Giovanni Mardersteig on the Hand Press 1923-1977
30915: LA BARRE, WESTON - The Peyote Cult. Fourth Edition Enlarged
12023: BARRÈS, MAURICE - Autour de Jeanne D'Arc
23542: BARRETT, ANTHONY A. - Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia: Architecture and Challenge in the Imperial Age
39592: WILSON-BARRETT, ALFRED ALFRED WILLIAM BARRETT, 1870-1945, AKA ALFRED WILSON BARRETT) - The French Master. Frontispiece By F.H. Townsend
45105: BARRETT, C.K. - The Gospel According to St John: An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text
46186: BARRETT, HARRY B. - Lore & Legends of Long Point
8750: BARRIE, J.M. - The Admirable Crichton. Illustrated By Hugh Thomson.
41164: BARRIE, J.M. - Sentimental Tommy: The Story of His Boyhood. With Illustrations By William Hatherell
41162: BARRIE, J.M. - Letters of James M. Barrie. Edited By Viola Meynell
16638: BARRIE, J.M. - A Window in Thrums. Illustrated in Colour By A.C. Michael.
41163: BARRIE, J.M. - The Greenwood Hat: Being a Memoir of James Anon 1885-1887. With a Preface By the Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, K.G.
21634: BARRINGER, LESLIE - Gerfalcon.
36135: BARRINGTON, GWENYTH - Women without Money
43882: BARRIS, TED - Juno: Canadians at D-Day, June 6, 1944. Foreword By John Keegan
43885: BARRIS, TED - Victory at Vimy: Canada Comes of Age, April 9-12, 1917
46412: BARRY, JOHN M. - The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History
45176: MATHER, BARRY AND MARGARET MCDONALD - New Westminster the Royal City
46861: BARTHE, ULRIC - Similia Similibus, Ou, la Guerre Au Canada. : Essai Romantique Sur Un Sujet D'Acualité. Illustré de Dessins Hors Texte Par Charles Huot Et L. Brouilly. Septième Mille
32491: BARTHELME, DONALD - The Dead Father
17398: BARTHELME, DONALD - Great Days
17383: BARTHELME, DONALD - Snow White
47509: BARTHOLOMEW, JAMES R. - The Formation of Science in Japan: Building a Research Tradition
48214: BARTLETT, JACK FORTUNE - 1st Battalion the Higland Light Infantry of Canada 1940-1945
47389: BARTLETT, FREDERIC, SIR - Thinking: An Experimental and Social Study
47966: BARTON, PTER; PETER DOYLE; JOHN VANDEWALLE - Beneath Flanders Fields: The Tunnellers' War 1914-18
4221: BASKERVILLE, PETER, EDITOR - The Bank of Upper Canada. A Collection of Documents.
44060: BASKERVILLE, PETER, EDITOR - The Bank of Upper Canada. A Collection of Documents.
47331: BASS, HYMAN; OTERO-ESPINAR, MARIA V.; ROCKMORE, DANIEL; TRESSER, CHARLES - Cyclic Renormalization and Automorphism Groups of Rooted Trees
13396: BASSETT, RONALD - The Guns of Evening
45586: BATA, THOMAS, WITH SONJA SINCLAIR) [TOMAS BAT'A]. - Bata: Shoemaker to the World
6720: BATES, H.E. (FLYING OFFICER X ) - There's Something in the Air
44733: BATES, MARSTON - The Forest and the Sea: A Look at the Economy of Nature and the Ecology of Man
32493: BATES, H.E. - The Poacher
32458: BATES, H.E. - Pastoral on Paper. Photographs By John Gay. Maps and Drawings By Leslie Haywood.
20561: BATES, MARSTON - The Nature of Natural History.
45791: BATT, ELISABETH - Monck: Governor-General, 1861-1868
43339: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Baudelaire's Cats. O Amiable Beast. Readings By Brad Robinson. Drawings By Alan Suddon
41395: BAUER, JAN - Alcoholism and Women: The Background and the Psychology
19463: BAUER, HERMANN - Reichsleitung Und U-Bootseinsatz 1914 Bis 1918. Zusammenarbeit Zwischen Politischer Und Militärischer Führung IM Kriege.
46146: BAUGHMAN, MEL, EDITOR - Reference Atlas to the Birds of North America
44471: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Emerald City of Oz
44896: (BAUM, L. FRANK) - The Hermes (First Three Issues)
44472: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Road to Oz
16743: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People. With Pictures By Frank Verbeck.
35710: BAUM, L. FRANK - Glinda of Oz. Illustrated By John R. Neill
35704: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Road to Oz. Illustrated By John R. Neill
48154: BAUMBACH, ROBERT W. - Look for the Dog: An Illustrated Guide to Victor Talking Machines with Price Guide
41496: BAWDEN, NINA - Walking Naked (Proof Copy)
15923: BAWDEN, NINA - The Solitary Child
35606: BAXTER, CHARLES - Shadow Play (Inscriberd Arc)
29817: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Collected Plays. Edited By Howard Mcnaughton
29247: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Fire and the Anvil: Notes on Modern Poetry
29253: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Iron Breadboard: Studies in New Zealand Writing
35509: BAYARD, LOUIS (EDGAR ALLAN POE) - The Pale Blue Eye
21427: BAYLEY, JOHN - The History and Antiquities of the Tower of London. With Memoirs of Royal and Distinguished Persons. . .
43713: BEACHLEY, CHARLES E., COMPILER - History of the Consolidatation Coal Company 1864-1934
39259: BEADLE, D.W. - Canadian Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Gardener. A Guide in All Matters Relating to the Cultivation of Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables, and Their Value for Cultivation in This Climate
42962: BEAMES, JOHN - An Army without Banners
43131: BEAR, GREG - Eternity
29293: BEARD, H. ALLEN - Companions of the Bush
39860: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY [JOHN GLASSCO] - Under the Hill, Or the Story of Venus and Tannhäuser. . . Now Completed By John Glassco
43879: BEASLEY, W.G.ST - The Meiji Restoration
32724: (BEATLES) - John Lennon. Volume I, No. 1 (John Lennon: A Memorial Album - Cover Title)
32725: (BEATLES) - Lennon Photo Special
32726: (BEATLES) - Lennon: A Memory: A Complete Photo Album
32727: (BEATLES) - John Lennon: A Tribute. Yesterday and Today (Cover Title)
32728: (BEATLES) - John Lennon: All You Need Is Love
32729: (BEATLES) - Memorial Issue. John Lennon 1940-1980
32730: (BEATLES) - Teen Bag’S Tribute to John Lennon
32732: (BEATLES) - John Lennon and the Beatles: A Loving Tribute
12827: BEATTIE, ANN - My Life, Starring Dara Falcon (Signed)
44652: BEATTIE, OWEN; GEIGER, JOHN - Frozen in Time: Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin Expedition
46980: BEATTIE, DAN - Brandy Station 1863: First Step Toward Gettysburg
44365: BEAUCHEMIN, NÉRÉE - Choix de Poésies. Préface de Clément Marchand
47440: BEAULIEU, CLAUDE-FRANÇOIS (1754-1827) - Mémoire Adressé à la Nation Pour Marie-Thérèse Charlotte de Bourbon, Fille de Louis XVI, CI-Devant Roi Des Français, Détenue à la Tour Du Temple [Texte Imprimé]. Suivi D'Une Opinion Adressée à la Convention Nationale Pour la Fille de Louis XVI. . .
43609: BEAUMONT, RALPH - Steam Trains to the Bruce
48194: BEAUMONT, ROBERT - The Railway King: A Biography of George Hudson
45222: BEAUMONT, ROBERT - The Great Horseshoe Wreck
43378: BEAUMONT, RALPH - Cataract and the Forks of the Credit: A Pictorial History
47580: BEAUPRAY, CHS.HENRI (BEAUPRÉ, CHARLES HENRI, 1919-) - Les Beaux Jours Viendront. Illustré de 16 Gravures Par M. Ls-Philippe Langlois
1016: BEAUVOIR, SIMONE DE (PATRICK O'BRIAN) - Old Age. Translated By Patrick O'Brian (Proof Copy)
48043: BEAVER, DANIEL R. - Newton D. Baker and the American War Effort, 1917-1919
45045: BÉBOUT, RICHARD - The Open Gate: Toronto Union Station. A Collection of Essays and Photographs
22937: BECKE, LOUIS - Louis Becke Set (30 Volumes in All, 19 Being First Editions)
41176: BECKER, LAWRENCE C. - On Justifying Moral Judgments
41198: BECKER, ETHEL ANDERSON - Klondike ’98: Hegg’S Album of the 1898 Alaska Gold Rush
22439: [BECKETT, SAMUEL) - Evergreen Review No. 15
22438: [SAMUEL BECKETT] - Evergreen Review No. 10
46686: (BECKETT, SAMUEL) - Evergreen Review No. 62
23327: BECKETT, (SAMUEL) - Malone Muere. Traddución de Ana Maria Moix
27002: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Comédie Et Actes Divers
41344: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Mercier Et Camier
32647: BECKETT, SAMUEL - All That Fall. A Play for Radio.
54: BECKETT, SAMUEL - As No Other Dare Fail. For Samuel Beckett on His 80th Birthday By His Friends and Admirers. (#35/50)
48035: BECKETT, IAN F.W. - The Great War: 1914-1918
45114: BECKWITH, ISBON T. - The Apocalypse of John: Studies in Introduction with a Critical and Exegetical Commentary
44269: BEEBE, WILLIAM - The Arcturus Adventure: An Account of the New York Zoological Society's First Oceanographic Expedition. With 77 Illustrations from Colored Plates, Photographs and Maps
44270: BEEBE, WILLIAM - Jungle Peace
31322: BEECHING, JACK - The Chinese Opium Wars
45059: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - Windmills
46351: BEEHLER, BRUCE M.; PRATT, THANE K.; ZIMMERMAN, DALE A. - Birds of New Guinea (Handbook
10379: BEER, PATRICIA - Loss of the Magyar and Other Poems.
9994: BEER, PATRICIA - Friend of Heraclitus
35485: BEERBOHM, MAX - Observations
47891: BEERBOHM, MAX - Zuleika Dobson. Illustrations By Michael Kirkham
30640: BEERBOHM, MAX - Seven Men
15223: BEERBOHM, MAX - Zuleika Dobson, Or an Oxford Love Story.
41495: BEHAN, BRENDAN - The Scarperer
48045: BEIER, ULLI, EDITOR - The Origin of Life and Death: African Creation Myths
42517: BEISSEL, HENRY - New Wings for Icarus: A Poem in Four Parts, Illustrations By Norman Yates
47646: BEKEN, PAUL; JONES, STEPHEN - Dragon in Exile: The Centenary History of London Welsh R.F. C.
47597: BÉLANGER, JEANNINE - Stances à L'éternel Absent, 1935-1940
45003: BELFORD, KEN - I Come to the Meeting. . .
45004: BELFORD, KEN - I Come to the Meeting. . .
39538: BELL, J.J. - Wee Macgreegor: A Scottish Story
44781: BELL, CLIVE - Victor Pasmore
38523: BELL, CHARLES, SIR - The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression As Connected with the Fine Arts
46468: BELL, CHARLES, SIR - Engravings of the Brain and Nerves. Ncluding Facsimiles of the First Editions of the Anatomy of the Brain, Explained in a Series of Engravings. (1802); a Series of Engravings, Explaining the Course of the Nerves. (1803); on the Nerves of the Face (1829)
28731: BELL, NEIL (PSEUD. OF STEPHEN SOUTHWOLD) - The Disturbing Affar of Noel Blake

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