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29759: GORDON, W.J. - Round About the North Pole. With Wooducts and Other Illustrations By Edward Whymper
44879: GORDON, JOHN - Winged Sentries. Sentinelles de L'Air. Illustrator Claude Rousseau.
24502: GORDON, JOHN FRAZER - The Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Giving the Origin and History of the Breed, Its Show Career, Its Points and Breeding: Giving the Origin and History of the Breed, Its Show Career, Its Points and Breeding
48405: GORDON, L.L., MAJOR (EDWARD C. JOSLIN) - British Battles and Medals. Fourth Edition Revised By Edward C. Joslin. With a Foreword By David F. Spink
41332: GORDON, ERNEST - When the Brewer Had the Stanglehold
32276: GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon. Arranged By Douglas Sladen
32286: GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon
44071: GORDON, CHARLES W. (RALPH CONNOR) - The Life of James Robertson D.D.
44868: GORDON, JOHN - Of Men and Planes. Volume I: World War I. Volume II: Fighters (World War II). Volume III: The R.C. A.F. (3 Volume Set)
47941: GORLITZ, WALTER - The Kaiser and His Court: The Diaries, Note Books and Letters of Admiral Georg Alexander Von Muller Chief of the Naval Cabinet, 1914-1918
26236: O'GORMAN, FRANCIS [JOHN RUSKIN] - Late Ruskin: New Contexts
22763: GORMAN, THOMAS K. - America and Belgium. A Study of the Influence of the United States Upon the Belgian Revolution of 1789-1790
39658: GORREN, ALINE - Anglo-Saxons & Others
33384: GOSLING, CECIL - Travel and Adventure in Many Lands. With Twelve Illustrations By Maximillian Von Poosch.
46258: GOSNELL, MARIANA - Ice: The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance
18258: GOSS, WILLIARD - The Isle of the Lake. An "Outing" Story for Boys.
45246: GOSSE, ROSE GOURLAY - Those Grey Stone Walls
31636: GOSSE, PHILIP HENRY, F.R.S., 1810-88 - Sacred Streams: The Ancient and Modern History of the Rivers of the Bible. With Forty-Four Engravings and a Map. A New Edition, Revised By the Author.
45326: GOSTICK, RON, 1918- 2005 - The Architects Behind the World Communist Conspiracy, By Ron Gostick, Editor, the Canadian Intelligence Service
43821: GOTLIEB, PHYLLIS - O Master Caliban !
42538: GOTLIEB, PHYLLIS - Within the Zodiac
43218: GOTSHALL, JACK - Pappy- and the Promised Land
44312: GOTTLIEB, SAMUEL HIRSH - Overbooked in Arizona: A Novella. Cover Art and Illustrations By Joe Servello
46500: GOTWALD, WILLIAM H. - Army Ants: The Biology of Social Predation (Cornell Series in Arthropod Biology)
20889: GOUGH, RICHARD - The Escape from Singapore.
47702: GOUGH, HUBERT, GENERAL SIR - The Fifth Army (Inscribed)
46333: GOULD, JAMES L. - Ethology: The Mechanisms and Evolution of Behavior
47102: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Hedgehog, the Fox, and the Magister's Pox: Mending the Gap between Science and the Humanities
47103: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin
47105: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms: Essays on Natural History
47100: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Lying Stones of Marrakech: Penultimate Reflections in Natural History
26331: BARING-GOULD, S., 1834-1924 - A Book of the Pyranees. With Twenty-Five Illustrations
46279: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Dinosaur in a Haystack: Reflections in Natural History
46902: STEPHEN JAY GOULD, GENERAL EDITOR - The Book of Life: An Illustrated History of the Evolution of Life on Earth
46330: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle: Myth and Metaphor in the Discovery of Geological Time (Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures)
46332: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History
48345: GOULD, R W - Epic Actions of the First World War
47098: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - I Have Landed: The End of a Beginning in Natural History
31039: GOULD, ED - All Hell for a Basement
46086: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
46341: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Bully for Brontosaurus: Reflections in Natural History
45679: GOURLAY, J.L. - History of the Ottawa Valley : A Collection of Facts, Events and Reminiscences for over Half a Century
8836: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Between Men (Proof Copy)
42894: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery and Other Stories
39562: GOW, KENNETH, LIEUT., 1888-1918 - Letters of a Soldier. . . Introduction By Capt. Kenneth C. Wilson. . .
12604: GOWDY, BARBARA - Mister Sandman. A Novel.
12517: GOWDY, BARBARA - The White Bone
5702: GOYEN, WILLIAM - The House of Breath
7513: GOYEN, WILLIAM - A Book of Jesus
7907: GOYEN, WILLIAM - The Fair Sister
28305: CADZOW, GRACE & NOLAD WRIGHT, COMPILERS - Charlton in the Vale of the Avoca
28889: O’GRADY, JOHN, 1907-1981. - Gone Troppo / [By] John O’Grady ; Illustrated By Benier.
9604: DE GRAFT, J.C. - Sons and Daughters
48417: GRAHAM, DOMINICK - The Price of Command: A Biography of General Guy Simonds
44891: GRAHAM, HARRY ["COL. D. STREAMER"]. - Across Canada to the Klondyke. Being the Journal of a Ten Thousand Mile Tour Through the "Great North West," July 19th - October 13th, 1900.
35296: GRAHAM, STEPHEN - The Padre of St. Jacob's
33317: GRAHAM, GERALD S., EDITOR - The Walker Expedition to Quebec, 1711
29773: GRAHAM, W. H. - Greenbank: Country Matters in 19th Century Ontario
44067: GRAHAM, DONALD - Lights of the Inside Passage: A History of British Columbia's Lighthouses and Their Keepers
3252: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAME - Doughty Deeds. An Account of the Life of Robert Graham of Gartmore, Poet and Politician, 1735-1797, Drawn from His Letter-Books & Correspondence.
40302: GRAHAM, GWETHALYN - Swiss Sonata
41790: GRAHAME, KENNETH (E.H. SHEPARD) - The Wind in the Willows Frieze
10849: GRAHAME, GORDON (GORDON HILL GRAHAME) - Antoine, the Fearless
37284: GRAHAME, GORDON HILL - The Bond Triumphant
39300: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. - Canada 1957-1967: The Years of Uncertainty and Innovation
48748: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. - Canada's Army: Waging War and Keeping the Peace
48344: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. - Hell's Corner: An Illustrated History of Canada in the First World War
47617: GRANDBOIS, ALAIN, 1900-1975 - Né à Québec : Louis Jolliet : Récit
47548: GRANDPRÉ, PIERRE DE, 1920- - Marie-Louise Des Champs: Roman
48736: GRANFIELD, LINDA - I Remember Korea: Veterans Tell Their Stories of the Korean War, 1950-53
48342: GRANFIELD, LINDA - In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem By John Mccrae. Illustrated By Janet Wilson
5963: GRANT, GEORGE - Technology and Empire. Perspectives on North America.
36698: GRANT, GEORGE M. (SANDFORD FLEMING) - Ocean to Ocean: Sandford Fleming's Expedition Thrrough Canada in 1872. . . Revised Edition, Containing the Best Featuresd of the Two Former Editons, Published in 1873 and 1879
39484: GRANT, U.S. - Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant.
42789: GRANT, U.F. - Grant's Super Magic Secrets
28047: GRANT, W.L. (DENZIL HOLLES) - A Puritan at the Court of Louis XIV
44561: GRANT, JOY (HAROLD MONRO) - Harold Monro and the Poetry Bookshop
42831: GRANT, U.F. - Grant's Counterfeit Card Miracles
32097: GRANT, MAXWELL - Inherit the Sun
32281: GRANT, MAXWELL - Inherit the Sun
33681: GRANT, R.M.C. - The Story of Martintown
44602: GRANT, JAMES MACKAY - The Merchant of Marshy Hope
43221: GRASS, GÜNTER - The Meeting at Telgte. Translated By Ralph Manheim, Afterword By Leonard Forster
45937: GRATWICK, MARION, EDITOR - Crop Pests in the Uk: Collected Edition of Maff Leaflets
44473: GRAVES, ROBERT - But It Still Goes on: An Accumulation
3842: GRAVES, ROBERT - Watch the Northwind Rise
43208: GRAVES, ROBERT - They Hanged My Saintly Billy.
43076: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths. Introduced By Kenneth Mcleish. Illustrated By Graham Baker
45663: GRAVES, DONALD E., EDITOR - Merry Hearts Make Light Days: The War of 1812 Journal of Lieutenant John le Couteur, 104th Foot
3192: GRAVES, ROBERT - They Hanged My Saintly Billy. The Life and Death of William Palmer.
18154: GRAVES, ROBERT - But It Still Goes on. An Accumulation.
34763: GRAVES, ROBERT - Lars Porsena, Or the Future of Swearing and Improper Language
15838: GRAVES, ROBERT - Occupation: Writer
46720: GRAVES, CHARLES - Emblems of Love and War (Signed, Limited)
46074: GRAVES, ROBERT - Adam's Rib and Other Anomalous Elements in the Hebrew Creation Myth: A New View . . . With Wood Engravings By James Metcalf
48673: GRAVES, DONALD E. - Merry Hearts Make Light Days: The War of 1812 Journal of Lieutenant John le Couteur, 104th Foot
43998: GRAVES, ROBERT - Poems About War
28391: GRAY, ALASDAIR - Something Leather
46604: GRAY, CHARLOTTE (E. PAULINE JOHNSON) - Flint & Feather: The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake
21293: GRAY, LOUISA M. - Mine Own People
39361: GRAY, JOHN M. - Eight Photogravures from the Works of William Fettes Douglas, P.R. S.A. By Messrs. Boussod, Valadon and Company. With a Portrait After George Reid, R.S. A. And a Critical Sketch By John M. Gray
31557: GRAY, VIOLET GORDON - Margery Morris - Mascot. Illustrated By Ada C. Williamson
45552: GRAY, JAMES H. - The Winter Years: The Depression on the Prairies
33532: GRAY, ALAN - The Gentle Persuasion: Sketches of Scottish Life
48343: GRAY, RANDAL - Kaiserschlacht 1918: The Final German Offensive (Campaign)
47294: GRAYBEAL, JACK D. - Molecular Spectroscopy
26165: GRAYDON, WILLIAM MURRAY - With Boer and Britisher in the Transvaal
41541: GREBANIER, BERNARD (WILLIAM HENRY IRELAND) - The Great Shakespeare Forgery. A New Look at the Career of William Henry Ireland
40183: GREELY, A.W., MAJOR-GENERAL - The Polar Regions in the Twentieth Century: Their Discovery and Industrial Evolution
27648: GREELY, ADOLPHUS W. - Report on the Proceedings of the United States Expedition to Lady Franklin Bay, Grinnell Land. . . International Polar Expedition [at Head]
26474: GREELY, ADOLPHUS W. - Three Years of Arctic Service. An Account of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of 1881-84 and the Attainment of the Farthest North
29760: GREELY, A.W., MAJOR-GENERAL - Handbook of Alaska: Its Resources, Products, and Attractiions. New Edition, with Prefatory Chapter on Alaska in 1914 and a Map Showing Proposed Railway Routes
27964: GREEN, F.C. (JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU) - Jean-Jacques Rousseau: A Critical Study of His Life and Writings
41664: GREEN, JULIAN - The Strange River. Translated from the French By Vyvyan Hollland
47947: GREEN, F.C. - A Comparative View of French and British Civilization (1850-1870)
47943: GREEN, ABIGAIL - Fatherlands: State-Building and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Germany (New Studies in European History)
47942: GREEN, HOWARD - The Cockpit of Europe: Guide to the Battlefields of Belgium and France
12973: EVERETT-GREEN, EVELYN - Mrs Romaine's Household. New Edition.
40270: GREEN, HENRY - Back
47009: GREEN, ROGER LANCELYN, ANTHEA BELL, ELIZABETH NESBIT - Lewis Carroll. E. Nesbit. Howard Pyle. Three Bodley Head Monographs
8092: GREEN, ANNA KATHARINE - The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow. With Illustrations By H.R. Ballinger.
44553: GREEN, EDA - Pioneer Work in Algoma
21531: GREEN, ANNA KATHARINE - The Mayor's Wife. With Illustrations By Alice Barber Stephens.
30761: GREEN, WILLIAM SPOTSWOOD, 1847-1919 - Among the Selkirk Glaciers: Being the Account of a Rough Survey in the Rocky Mountain Regions of British Columbia
41673: GREEN, JULIAN - To Leave Before Dawn
21522: GREEN, ANNA KATHARINE - The Circular Study
35980: GREEN, H. M. (HENRY MACKENZIE GREEN, 1881-1962) - The Book of Beauty
35522: GREEN, RICHARD G. - The Last Raven and Other Stories
32122: GREEN, H. M. (HENRY MACKENZIE GREEN, 1881-1962) - The Book of Beauty
19143: GREEN, GEOFFREY - Kitty Godfree. Lady of a Golden Age.
39500: (GREENAWAY, KATE) - The Girl's Own Annual (Vol. 8)
36092: GREENAWAY, KATE - Marigold Garden. Pictures and Rhymes By Kate Greenaway. Printed in Colours By Edmund Evans
45146: GREENBERG, JUNE - A Sense of Time and Place
41665: GREENBERG, SAMUEL (ALLEN TATE) - Poems: A Selection from the Manuscripts Edited with an Introduction By Harold Holden and Jack Mcmanis. Preface By Allen Tata
47163: GREENBERG, ALVIN - The House of the Would-Be Gardener. With Drawings By John Tuska
43860: GREENE, GRAHAM - It's a Battlefield
40531: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Monster of Capri. Villa Rossaio Anacapri
40525: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Confidential Agent: An Entertainment
40524: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Lost Childhood and Other Essays.
41670: GREENE, GRAHAM - Ways of Escape.
41671: GREENE, GRAHAM - Doctor Fischer of Geneva Or the Bomb Party [Canadian Issue]
40790: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Living Room. A Play in Two Acts.
45785: GREENE, B.M., EDITOR - Who Was Who and Why 1921
40787: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Great Jowett
45784: GREENE, B.M., EDITOR - Who's Who in Canada 1928-29
46152: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Captain and the Enemy (Proof)
41912: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Human Factor
2876: GREENE, GRAHAM - May We Borrow Your Husband? and Other Comedies of the Sexual Life.
38688: GREENE, GRAHAM - Collected Essays
35929: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Human Factor
46011: GREENE, GRAHAM - Rumour at Nightfall
24421: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Potting Shed. A Play in Three Acts.
35266: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Honorary Consul
46944: GREENE, HARRY W. - Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature (Director's Circle Book of the Associates of the University O)
27973: GREENE, GRAHAM - A Sort of Life
2721: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Tenth Man (Proof)
2884: GREENE, GRAHAM - A Sense of Reality
46723: GREENE, GRAHAM - May We Borrow Your Husband? and Other Comedies of the Sexual Life.
45788: GREENE, B.M., EDITOR - Who Was Who and Why 1919-20
34457: GREENE, ROBERT - Robert Greene's Planetomachia and the Text of the Third Tragedy: A Bibliographical Explanation and a New Edition of the Text. Edited with an Introductioin and Notes By D F Bratchell
40796: GREENE, GRAHAM - It's a Battlefield
40785: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Complaisant Lover: A Comedy.
39249: GREENE, GRAHAM - Doctor Fischer of Geneva Or the Bomb Party [Canadian Issue]
46162: GREENE, JOE (JOSEPH PERKINS GREENE, 1915-86) - House of Pleasure
48461: GREENFIELD, NATHAN M. - Baptism of Fire: The Second Battle of Ypres and the Forging of Canada, April 1915
40989: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - "C" Force to Hong Kong: A Canadian Catastrophe 1941-1945
48750: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - The Making of Billy Bishop: The First World War Exploits of Billy Bishop, VC
45054: GREENWALD, MICHELLE - The Historical Complexities of Pickering-Markham-Scarborough-Uxbridge. . .
32558: GREENWOOD, F. MURRAY - Legacies of Fear: Law and Politics in Quebec in the Era of the French Revolution.
43983: GREER, GERMAINE - The Female Eunuch
36138: GREEY, EDWARD - The Bear-Worshippers of Yezo and the Island of Karafuto (Sagkalin), Or the Adventures of the Jewett Family and Their Friend Oto Nambo.
27894: GREGG, JOSIAH (1806-50) - Commerce of the Prairies: Or the Journal of a Santa Fé Trader, During Eight Expedition Across the Great Western Prairies, and a Residence of Nearly Nine Years in Northern Mexico
26419: M'GREGOR, JOHN [JOHN MACGREGOR, 1797-1857) - British America
16705: GREGOROVITSH, (DIMITRY) [DMITRII VASIL'YEVICH GRIGOROVICH, 1822-99]. - The Fishermen. Translated and with a Preface By Dr. Angelo S. Rappoport.
47937: GREGORY, J.S. - Great Britain and the Taipings
48434: GREGORY, MICHAEL - Compendium of Canadian Regiments. A Civilian's Perspective
46000: GREGORY, LADY - Our Irish Theatre: A Chapter of Autobiography
22397: GREGORY, LADY [AUGUSTA GREGORY] - The Image and Other Plays
46721: GREGORY, LADY (ISABELLA AUGUSTA PERSSE GREGORY) - Selected Plays. Chosen and Introduced By Elizabeth Coxhead. (Advance Copy in Wrappers)
47381: GREINER, PETER CHARLES - Estimates of the Neumann Problem
41480: GRENDAHL, J. SPENCER - The Mad Dog Press Archives
42324: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON - Northern Neighbours
14967: WILLIAMS, (J. GRENFELL AND HENRY JOHN MAY). - I Am Black. The Story of Shabala. Illustrated By Willem Hendrikz.
40882: GREY, MRS. (ELIZABETH CAROLINE GREY, 1798-1869) - Lena Cameron; Or, the Four Sisters
27448: GREY, ROWLAND [PSEUD. OF LILIAN KATE ROWLAND-BROWN, 1863-1959] - Green Cliffs. A Summer Love Story
48690: GREY, ZANE - Stairs of Sand
47940: GREY, ELIZABETH (W.H. RUSSELL) - The Noise of Drums and Trumpets: W.H. Russell Reports from the Crimea
6907: GREY, MAXWELL [PSEUD. OF MARY GLEED TUTTIETT]. - The Silence of Dean Maitland. A Novel.
44461: GREY, ZANE - The Young Forester
41680: GREY, ZANE - "Nevada". A Romance of the West.
12829: GREY, VIVIAN - Impulsive Youth. A Love Story.
26153: GRIB, V. [HONORÉ DE BALZAC] - Balzac. Translated from the Russian By Samuel G. Bloomfield. Edited By Angel Flores
47874: GRIER, ELDON - Selected Poems 1955-1970
47869: GRIER, ELDON - Pictures on the Skin: Poems
47863: GRIER, ELDON - Selected Poems 1955-1970
43739: GRIERSON, JOHN - Grierson on Documentary. Edited with an Introduction By Forsyth Hardt
43334: GRIEVE, WALTER F. - The Queen Mary: Being the Story of Her Construction, Launch, Amd Completion Narrated in Pictures
47944: GRIEVES, KEITH - The Politics of Manpower, 1914-18
32239: GRIFFIN, GWYN - The Occupying Power
45735: GRIFFIN, FREDERICK - Major-General Sir Henry Mill Pellatt : A Gentleman of Toronto, 1859-1939. With a Foreword By Rt. Hon. Sir William Mulock
9057: GRIFFIN, JOHN HOWARD - Pilgrimage. Commemorative Edition of the Third Annual Griffin Festival.
47945: GRIFFITH, PADDY, EDITOR - British Fighting Methods in the Great War
45462: GRIFFITH, PADDY - Fortifications of the Western Front 1914-18 (Fortress)
13363: GRIFFITHS, (G.) - Representative Government in Western Europe in the Sixteenth Century. Commentary and Documents for the Study of Comparative Constitutional History.
24029: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - Persephone's Flowers and Other Poems
28663: GRIMM, HERMAN - Life of Michael Angelo. Translated By Fanny Elizabeth Bunnett. New Edition, with Additions. Illustrated with Photogravure Plates from Works of Art
45968: GRIMMETT, RICHARD; INSKIPP, CAROL; INSKIPP, TIM - A Guide to the Birds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives
23612: GRINDER, ROBERT E. - A History of Genetic Psychology. The First Science of Human Development.
45776: GRINDLAY, THOMAS - The Independent Telephone Industry in Ontario: A History
13899: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Brethren
47421: GRISWOLD, RALPH E. - Implementation of the Icon Programming Language
32712: GROGAN, EMMETT - Final Score
18127: GRONOWICZ, ANTONI - The Quiet Vengeance of Words. Poems.
44980: GROOM, WINSTON - A Storm in Flanders: The Ypres Salient, 1914-1918: Tragedy and Triumph on the Western Front
42628: GROSBARD, HERTZ (A.M. KLEIN) - Readings from Poems By H. Leivick and Aaron Zeitlin (Lp Record)
32282: GROSS, RICHARD O. - A Collection of Sixteen Poems
32283: GROSS, RICHARD O. - Verses. [By] R.O. G.
15254: GROSS, GEORGE - Donald Jackson, King of Blades.
45487: GROSSMITH, J.T., EDITOR - Anecdotes of Olde Orillia: A Collection of the Works of Allan Ironside
44512: JEANNOT EMIL VON GROTTHUS) - Der Tûrmer. Kriegsausgabe. . .
44391: GROULX, LIONEL, ABBÉ - Paroles à Des étudiants
45963: GROUNDS, ROGER - Ferns
47914: ALBERTON HISTORICAL GROUP, ALICE GREEN, MAJOR WRITER - Footprints on the Sands of Time: A History of Alberton
11288: GROUSSAC, (PAUL, AND OTHERS). - Memoria Historica Y Descriptiva de la Provincia de Tucuman.
42639: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - In Search of Myself
8361: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - The Turn of the Year. Illustrated By C.M. Manly.
43019: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Settlers of the Marsh
18916: GROVE, (FREDERICK PHILIP) [FELIX PAUL GREVE]. - The Master Mason's House.
36585: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Consider Her Ways
19191: GROVES, P.R.C., BRIGADIER-GENERAL - Behind the Smoke Screen. With a Preface By Major-General Sir Ernest Swinton.
28052: GRUMBACH, DORIS - The Magician's Girl (Proof)
46717: GRUMBACH, DORIS - Chamber Music
46598: GRUNWALD, MICHAEL - The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise
22003: GUDYNAS, PRANAS - Lietuvos Tapyba
37961: GUERIN, THOMAS - Feudal Canada: The Story of the Seigniories of New France
30619: GUEVARA, CHE - Notes on Socialism and Man (Cover Title: Socialism & Man)
32731: GUEVARA, CHE - "the Diary of Che Guevara"
46111: LECOINTRE, GUILLAUME AND HERVÉ LE GUYADER - The Tree of Life: A Phylogenetic Classification
36864: GUILLEMARD, F.H.H. - The Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka & New Guinea, with Notices of Formose, Liu-Kiu, and Various Islands of the Malay Archipelago. . . Second Edition
47214: GUILLEMIN, JEANNE - Anthrax: The Investigation of a Deadly Outbreak
38425: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - This Man Hanged Himself ! a Study of the Evidence in the King Versus Newell. Twenty Illustrations
29502: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Pioneer Farmer and Backwoodsman.
35380: GUILLET, EDWIN C., EDITOR - The Valley of the Trent
32357: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Cobourg 1798-1948
45798: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Story of Canadian Roads
45756: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Great Migration. The Atlantic Crossing By Sailing-Ship Since 1770.
45759: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Settlements
35119: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - The Lives and Times of the Patriots: An Account of the Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837-1838, and the Patriot Agitation in the United States, 1837-1842
7798: GUILLET, EDWIN C., EDITOR - The Valley of the Trent.
35357: LE GUIN, URSULA (LEGUIN) - Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea
43147: LE GUIN, URSULA K. (LEGUIN) - Wild Oats and Fireweed. New Poems.
48233: GULBRANSSEN, TRYGVE - Ja Taamal Laulavad Metsad. Norra Keelest Tolkinud Agnes Antik
41602: VAN GULIK, ROBERT - Poets and Murder. A Chinese Detective Story. With Eight Illustrations By the Author in Chinese Style.
43762: VAN GULIK, ROBERT - Murder in Canton. A Chinese Detective Story.
46129: GULLBERG, JAN - Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers
35925: GULLÉN, JORGE - Cántico: A Selection. Edited By Norman Thomas DI Giovanni
48471: GULLICKSON, GAY - Unruly Women of Paris: Images of the Commune
42080: GULVIN, CLIFFORD - The Scottish Hosiery and Knitwear Industry 1680-1980
7944: GUNN, J.J. - Echoes of the Red. A Reprint of Some of the Early Writings of the Author Depicting Pioneer Days in the Red River Settlements. Illustrated By Herbert Joseph.
42061: GUNN, GERTUDE E. - The Political History of Newfoundland 1832-1864
43369: GUNN, TOM - The Sheriff of Painted Post
35928: GUNN, THOM - Jack Straw's Castle
44065: GUNN, J.J. - Echoes of the Red. A Reprint of Some of the Early Writings of the Author Depicting Pioneer Days in the Red River Settlements. Illustrated By Herbert Joseph.
35927: GUNN, THOM - My Sad Captains and Other Poems.
26321: GUNTHER, JOHN - The Golden Fleece
44883: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L. - Norman Rockwell Illustrator. Preface By Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Biographical Introduction By Jack Alexander
47883: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Flight Into Darkness
42355: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Landscape with Rain
47868: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Ixion's Wheel: Poems
42399: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Solidarnosc: Prelude
14728: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Rivers Among Rocks
42505: GUSTAFSON, RALPH, EDITOR - A Little Anthology of Canadian Poets
47881: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Collected Poems Volume I
42356: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Theme and Variations for Sounding Brass
47866: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Sift in an Hourglass
42440: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Flight Into Darkness
41878: GUSTAFSON, LILLIAN, COMPILER - Memories of the Chemanius Valley: A History of People
47884: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Rivers Among Rocks
47885: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Solidarnosc: Prelude
47886: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Lyrics Unromantic
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48645: HANNAY, JAMES - History of the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States of America
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44337: HARRISON, CHARLES YALE - Generals Die in Bed
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29063: HASLUCK, NICHOLAS - The Blue Guitar
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19778: HOUGH, E. (EMERSON) - The Girl at the Halfway House. A Story of the Plains.
48004: HOUGH, RICHARD - The Great War at Sea, 1914-1918
47805: HOUGH, RICHARD - The Fleet That Had to Die
7321: HOUGHTON, CLAUDE - Strangers
47806: HOUGHTON, WALTER E. - The Victorian Frame of Mind 1830-1870
44400: HOULÉ, LÉOPOLD - L'Histoire Du Théâtre Au Canada. Pour Un Retour Aux Classiques
22517: HOULT, NORAH, 1898-1984 - Time Gentlemen ! Time !
3721: HOULT, NORAH - Violet Ryder
296: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY - The Third Hour
24335: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - The Kind and the Foolish. Short Tales of Myth, Magic & Miracle
24337: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - The Sheepfold: The Story of a Shepherdess and Her Sheep and How She Lost Them
39286: HOWARD, ELIZABETH JANE - Something in Disguise
35554: LINDSAY, HOWARD AND RUSSEL CROUSE - Happy Hunting. A New Musical Comedy. Lyrics By Matt Dubey. Music By Harold Karr
45810: HOWARD, DAVID JAMES - The True Life Story of David James Howard
47182: HOWARD, LELAND O. - The Insect Book: A Popular Account of the Bees, Wasps, Ants, Grasshoppers, Glies and Other North American Insects Exclusive of the Butterflies, Moths and Beetles, with Full Life Histories, Tables and Biblographies
22181: HOWARD, RICHARD, COMPILER - The North-West Passage.
29163: HOWARD, TOM - Rim of Heaven
29164: HOWARD, TOM - All Possible Avenues
29165: HOWARD, TOM - Health Farm Murders
47999: HOWATT, J. REID, REV. - Agnostic Fallacies. Second Edition
45540: HOWE, RHODA E., EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Vox Collegii
41887: BERESFORD-HOWE, CONSTANCE - The Unreasoning Heart
27799: HOWE, JOSEPH - The Reciprocity Treaty, Its History, General Features, and Commercial Results; a Speech Delivered By the Hon. Joseph Howe, of Nova Scotia, on the 14th Day of July, 1865, at the Great International Commercial Convention, Held at the City of Detroit. . .
45724: HOWE, RHODA E., EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Vox Collegii
43250: BERESFORD-HOWE, CONSTANCE. - The Marriage Bed.
43249: BERESFORD-HOWE, CONSTANCE - Night Studies: A Novel
42416: BERESFORD-HOWE, CONSTANCE - The Unreasoning Heart
28479: HOWELLS, W.D. - Seven English Cities
41845: HOWELLS, WILLIAM D. - A Hazard of New Fortunes
41865: HOWELLS, W.D., INTRODUCTION - Pastels in Prose from the French. Translated By Stuart Merrill. With Introduction By W.D. Howells. Illustrated By Henry W. Mcvicker
28795: HOWELLS, W.D. (LOUIS FRÉCHETTE) - Une Rencontre : Roman de Deux Touristes Sur le Saint-Laurent Et le Saguenay. Traduction de a Chance Acquaintance de W.D. Howells [Par] Louis Fréchette [a Chance Acquaintance]
41733: HOWELLS, W.D. - Criticism and Fiction
27051: HOWELLS, W.D. - Annie Kilburn: A Novel
43155: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - The Leatherwood God. With Illustrations By Henry Raleigh
21766: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Miss Bellard's Inspiration: A Novel
45052: HOWGATE, BERNIE - Tales of a Travelling Man
42367: HOWITH, HARRY - Fragments of the Dance. Cover and Illustrations By William B. Kimber
47864: HOWITH, HARRY - Burglar Tools
48006: HOY, CLAIRE - Canadians in the Civil War
26061: HRYHORIJIV, N. - The War and Ukrainian Democracy; a Compilation of Documents from from the Past and Present
45046: HUBBARD, R.H. - Ample Mansions the Viceregal Residences of the Canadian Provinces
28098: HUBBARD, ELBERT - No Enemy But Himself, Being the Story of a Rich Man Turned Tramp for the Sake of Experiment and the Study of Human Nature
8356: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Forbes of Harvard
28757: HUBBARD, R.H. - Antoine Plamondon / 1802-1895. Théophile Hamel / 1817-1870. An Exhibition Organized By the National Gallery of Canada.
45825: HUBBARD, R.H. - Rideau Hall: An Illustrated History of Government House, Ottawa, from Victorian Times to the Present Day
30607: HUBBARD, ELBERT - The Cigarettist: Being a Preachment
44578: HUBBARD, B.F. - Forests and Clearings: The History of Stanstead County, Province of Quebec, with Sketches of More Than Five Hundred Families. The Whole Revised, Abridged, and Published with Additions and Illustrations
44115: HUC, (M.) [EVARISTE REGIS HUC, 1813-60]. - Souvenirs D'Un Voyage Dans la Tartarie, le Thibet Et la Chine Pendant Les Annees 1844, 1845 Et 1846. Deuxième édition
3867: HUCH, RICARDA (1864-1947) - Unconquered Love. Translated By William A. Drake.
18037: HUDSON, STEPHEN [PSEUD. OF SYDNEY SCHIFF] [EDWIN MUIR]. - Tony. With a Note on the Art of Stephen Hudson By Edwin Muir.
40814: HUDSON, EDNA - The Romanesque Head Office of Confederation Life Association. . . Building with Assurance at 20 Richmond Street East, Toronto
47862: HUDSON, DUNBAR HIBBARD - Songs of a Cheerful Wayfarer, Some Serious and Some Not So Serious
507: HUEFFER, FORD MADOX [FORD MADOX FORD]. - Ladies Whose Bright Eyes. A Romance. By Ford Madox Hueffer.
48181: BENHAMOUT-HUET, JUDITH - The Worth of Art: Pricing the Priceless
42761: HUGARD, JEAN - The Magic Annual for 1938 and 1939. Magic and Illusions. . . Illustrations By Nelson Hahne
42770: HUGARD, JEAN - More Card Manipulations. Series No. 1. Illustrations By Nelson Hahne
42864: HUGARD, JEAN - Card Manipulations No. 5
42865: HUGARD, JEAN - Card Manipulations No. 3
42863: HUGARD, JEAN - Card Manipulations No. 1 and 2
42808: HUGARD, JEAN - Coin Magic
45782: FRASER, HUGH AND HERBERT E. BARNETT, EDITORS - Who's Who in Canada 1964-65
45374: MCCULLUM, HUGH AND KARMEL, EDITORS - The Dene: Land and Unity for the Native People of the Mackenzie Valley. A Statement of Rights
45783: FRASER, HUGH AND HERBERT E. BARNETT, EDITORS - Who's Who in Canada 1969-70
45789: FRASER, HUGH AND HERBERT E. BARNETT, EDITORS - Who's Who in Canada 1964-65
33053: HUGHES, JUDITH - To the Maginot Line: The Politics of French Military Preparation in the 1920's
44122: HUGHES, JAMES L. (1846-1935) - Stories and Musings
23507: HUGHES, THOMAS - The Scouring of the White Horse; Or, the Long Vacation Ramble of a London Clerk. By the Author of "Tom Brown’S School Days. " Illustrated By Richard Doyle
40632: HUGHES, TED - Winter Pollen. Occasional Prose. Edited By William Scammell.
39151: HUGHES, SAMUEL - A Treatise on Gas-Works and the Practice of Manufacturing and Distributing Coal Gas: With Some Account of the Most Approved Methods of Distilling Coal in Iron, Brick, and Clay Retorts, and of the Various Methods Adopted for Purifying Coal Gas. . .
46153: HUGHES, HELEN MACGILL, EDITOR - The Fantastic Lodge: The Autobiography of a Girl Drug Addict
39182: HUGHES, B.P., MAJOR GENERAL - Honour Titles of the Royal Artillery
37714: HUGHES, TED - Remains of Elmet: A Pennine Sequence. Poems By Ted Hughes. Photographs By Fay Godwin
37716: HUGHES, TED - Cave Birds: An Alchemical Cave Drama. Poems By Ted Hughes and Drawings By Leonard Baskin
41403: HUGHES, LANGSTON - Not without Laughter
25938: HUGHES, J. DONALD - The Story of Man at Grand Canyon
46156: HUGHES, GLYN - Neighbours: Poems, 1966-69 (1/100 Signed)
21851: HUGHES, TED - Gaudete (Proof Copy)
4782: HUGHES, GLYN - Love on the Moor. Poems 1965-68.
12873: HUGHES, EMMET JOHN - Report from Spain
36973: HUGHES, SAMUEL, F.G.S. - A Treatise on Waterworks for the Supply of Cities and Towns; with a Description of the Principal Geological Formations of England As Influencing Suppies of Water,. . .
41063: HUGHES, RICHARD - A High Wind in Jamaica
37724: HUGHES, TED - Gaudete
37791: HUGHES, TED - Poetry in the Making: An Anthology of Poems and Programmes from Listening & Writing
15812: HUGHES, LANGSTON - Tambourines to Glory
47861: HUGHES, ROBERT - Rhymes for the Times and Other Times
47807: HUGHES, JOHN MCKENDRICK - The Unwanted: Great War Letters from the Field
37258: HUGO, VICTOR - Ninety-Three. Translated By M. Jules Gray
37261: HUGO, VICTOR - Han of Iceland. Translated By John Chesterfield
37259: HUGO, VICTOR - The Toilers of the Sea. Translated By Mary W. Artois
43021: HUIE, WILLIAM BRADFORD - The Klansman
29476: HULBERT, WINIFRED - Down My Road
42805: HULL, BURLING - Sleights: Being a Number of Incidental Effects, Tricks, Sleights, Moves and Passes. . .
17651: HULL, WILLIAM - The Mastery of Love.
17652: HULL, WILLIAM - The Other Side of Silence.
28925: HULME, KERI - The Windeater : Te Kaihau
28926: HULME, KERI - The Windeater : Te Kaihau
32416: HULME, KERI - The Bone People
35629: HUME, JAMES GIBSON (1860-1949) - Political Economy and Ethics
28870: HUME, FEGUS - Lady Jim of Curzon Street: A Novel
21807: HUMPHREY, JAMES MCGIVERN - The Golden Bridge of Memoirs
30340: HUNGERFORD, T.A.G., EDITOR - Australian Signpost: An Anthology
43033: HUNT, HOWARD (E. HOWARD HUNT) - Whisper Her Name
44665: HUNT, JOHN - The Ascent of Everest
2905: HUNT, KYLE (PSEUD.. OF JOHN CREASEY) - To Kill a Killer
46427: HUNTER, JOHN - The Natural History of the Human Teeth and a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Teeth
32955: HUNTER, JOHN D. - Memoirs of a Captivity Among the Indians of North America, from Childhood to the Age of Nineteen. . . The Third Edition, with Additions
22025: HUNTER, T.M., LT.-COL. - Marshal Foch. A Study in Leadership.
16582: HUNTER, KRISTIN - Guests in the Promised Land. Stories.
46467: HUNTER, JOHN - A Treatise on the Blood, Inflammation, and Gun-Shot Wounds. To Which Is Prefixed, a Short Account of the Author's Life, By His Brother-in-Law, Everard Hom
35644: HUNTER, WILLIAM S., JR. (1823-94) (WINSLOW HOMER) - Hunter's Ottawa Scenery, in the Vicinity of Ottawa City, Canada
47533: HUOT, MAURICE - Poèmes Et Satires
44711: HURNE, RALPH - The Yellow Jersey
20413: HUSE, NANCY [NOEL STREATFEILD]. - Noel Streatfeild
40407: HUTCHINGS, PATRICK. AE (KANT) - Kant on Absolute Value. A Critical Examination of Certain Key Notions in Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals and of His Ontology of Personal Value
31547: HUTCHINSON, A.F. - History of the High School of Stirling, with Notices of Schools and Education in the Burgh Generally. Eight Centuries of Scottish Education. With a Memoir of the Author By the Rev. J.M. Robertson
7213: HUTCHINSON, A.S.M. - This Freedom
29054: HUTCHINSON, HORACE G., AND OTHERS - Golf. With Numerous Illustrations By Thomas Hodge and Harry Furniss
15792: HUTCHINSON, SARA, 1775-1835 (WILLIAM WORDSWORTH]) - The Letters of Sara Hutchinson from 1800 to 1835. Edited By Kathleen Coburn.
48147: HUTCHINSON, ROBERT - Jane's Submarines: War Beneath the Waves from 1776 to the Present Day
48145: HUTCHINSON, ROBERT - Jane's Submarines: War Beneath the Waves from 1776 to the Present Day
43846: HUTCHISON, PAUL P., COLONEL - Canada's Black Watch. The First Hundred Years 1862-1962.
43043: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - What Are You Going to Do About It? : The Case for Constructive Peace
43041: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Eyeless in Gaza
43042: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Elder Peter Breugel 1528 (?)-1569. With an Essay By. . . And a Note By Jean Videpoche
43027: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Genius and the Goddess.
43040: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Time Must Have a Stop (Canadian Issue)
45648: HUYSMANS, J.K. - Down Stream (a Vau-L'Eau) and Other Works. Including Marthe, a Dish of Spices (le Drageoir Aux épices), Critical Papers (from Certains and L'Art Moderne), and a Twenty-Year-After Preface (to a Rebours). . . .
41639: RUST'HVELI, SHOT'HA - The Knight in the Tiger's Skin. Translated By Marjory Scott Wardrop. Supplemented and Revised By E. Orbelyani and S. Jordanishvili
45181: HVIDSTEN, J. PETER - Scugog: The Early Years. 1821-1899
48421: HYATT, STANLEY PORTAL - The Marriage of Hilary Carden
8684: HYATT, A.M.J., EDITOR - Dreadnought to Polaris. Maritime Strategy Since Mahan. Papers from the Conference on Strategic Studies at the University of Western Ontario, March 1972.
28068: HYDE, ROBIN (PSEUD. OF IRIS GUIVER WILKINSON, 1906-39) - Persephone in Winter. Poems
47718: HYMA, ALBERT (ERASMUS) - The Youth of Erasmus
34855: HYNE, CUTCLIFFE - The Lost Continent
48279: HYNES, SAMUEL LYNN - A War Imagined: Fhe First World War and English Culture
22960: HYPHOFF, ELISAEUS - Kort Inledning Til Den Gamla Och Nya Swenska Historien, Begynnarom Til Tjenst, Af de Trowa¨Rdigaste Skribenter, Samt a¨Ldre Och Nyare Handlingar, Sammandragen, Af ElisæO Hyphoff. Och Til Na¨Rwarande Tider Fortsat
43416: IAGO, FREDERICK WILLIAM PEARCE (1817-1892, A.K.A. JAGO) - Miscellaneous Papers and Treatises By Rev: W. Iago. B.A. Ls. S.A. Blight. F.S. A. Worth. &C. &C. On Cornwall. Devon. &C. [Printed on First Leaf]
45717: MACDONALD, IAN AND BETTY O'KEEFE - The Klondike's "Dear Little Nugget"

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