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34444: TYLER, ANNE - A Slipping-Down Life (Review Copy with Photo)
34838: TYLER, ANNE - The Tin Can Tree
712: TYLER, ANNE - Celestial Navigation
27013: TYNDALL, JOHN - Hours of Exercise Inthe Alps
7570: TYNES, MAXINE - Borrowed Beauty.
7578: TYNES, MAXINE - Woman Talking Woman.
43731: TYRE, ROBERT - Douglas in Saskatchewan: The Story of a Socialist Experiment
40738: TYRWHITT, R. ST. JOHN, REV. - A Handbook of Pictorial Art. With a Chapter on Perspective By A. Macdonald. Second Edition
44463: TYS, YURIJ - Marquise: Short Stories
49877: TYSON, IAN, WITH JEREMY KLASZUS - The Long Trail: My Life in the West (Signed)
31391: TYTELL, JOHN - Naked Angels: The Lives and Literature of the Beat Generation
46375: UDVARDY, MIKLOS D.F. - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Western Region
22772: ULLMANN, VICTORIA - Dewdrops
44950: ULLYETT, KENNETH - British Clocks and Clockmakers
45361: NURA (NURA WOODSON ULREICH, 1899-1950) - The Buttermilk Tree (Inscribed to Clifton Fadiman)
38959: SILBERRAD, UNA AND SOPHIE LYAL - Dutch Bulbs and Gardens. Painted By Mima Nixon
42719: UNDERHILL, MIRIAM, 1898-1976 - Give Me the Hills
10330: UNDERWOOD, JOHN J. - Alaska. An Empire in the Making.
28048: INTERPARLIAMENTARY UNION - Interparliamentary Union: Xviith Conference, Geneva, September, 18-20th, 1912. Resolutions Voted and Elections Made at the Conference. Circular to the Groups
44459: UNITAS, TONY - Hit Man North
19263: WILLIAMS, (ROBERT R[UNNELS]. AND TOM D. SPIERS). - Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) and Its Use in Medicine.
38612: UNRUH, JOHN DAVID - The Plains Across: The Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-60
34515: UNSWORTH, BARRY - The Partnership
34546: UNSWORTH, BARRY - Mooncranker’S Gift
25526: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit Redux
41604: UPDIKE, JOHN - Museums and Women and Other Stories
46836: UPDIKE, JOHN - Telephone Poles and Other Poems
41032: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Music School: Short Stories
41610: UPDIKE, JOHN - Problems and Other Stories
41599: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit Redux
27902: UPFIELD, ARTHUR - The Battling Prophet
13838: UPWARD, EDWARD - The Night Walk and Other Stories.
15545: URBAHNS, ESTELLE - Little Susie Sleep Ears and Molly the Rat. Two Stories. . . Illustrated By Pamela Mori Tighe.
48934: URBINA, JOSÉ LEANDRO - Lost Causes. Translated By Christina Shantz
5958: URQUHART, JANE - Changing Heaven
6924: URQUHART, JANE - The Underpainter
14735: URQUHART, JANE - The Whirlpool
42302: URQUHART, JANE - Changing Heaven
42457: URQUHART, JANE - Away: A Novel
49322: USMIANI, RENATE - Gratien Gélinas
41603: USTINOV, PETER - House of Regrets: A Tragi-Comedy in Three Acts
7178: USTINOV, PETER - The Loser (Inscribed)
40985: UTTLEY, ALISON - Grey Rabbit's May Day. Pictures By Margaret Tempest
41966: UTTLEY, W.V. (BEN) - A History of Kitchener, Ontario.
47643: UTTLEY, W.V. (BEN) - A History of Kitchener, Ontario. Reissued with an Introduction By Gerald Noonan
5275: UXKULL, BORIS - Arms and the Woman. The Intimate Journal of a Baltic Nobleman in the Napoleonic Wars. With Historical Notes, Foreword and Epilogue By Detlev Von Uexkull. Translated By Joel Carmichael.
48725: UZOIGWE, GODFREY N. - Britain and the Conquest of Africa: The Age of Salisbury
35295: LANTZEFF, GEORGE V. AND RICHARD A. PIERCE - Eastward to Empire: Exploration and Conquest on the Russian Open Frontier to 1750
25876: SCHOLES, FRANCE V. AND RALPH L. ROYS - The Maya Chontal Indians of Acalan-Tixchel. A Contribution to the History and Ethnography of the Yucatan Peninsula
49908: V, DEBASHISH - Spin Glasses and Other Frustrated Systems
29691: AKRIGG, G.P.V. & HELEN B. AKRIGG - British Columbia Chronicle 1847-1871: Gold and Colonists
48389: VACHON, GEORGETTE - Goggles, Helmets and Airmail Stamps. Translated By Mary Downey.
44199: VACHSS, ANDREW - Strega
5857: VACULIK, LUDVIK - The Axe. Translated for the Czech By Marian Sling.
17917: VAGTS, ALFRED - A History of Militarism
50430: VAIHINGER, H. - The Philosophy of 'As If': A System of the Theoretical, Practical and Religious Fictions of Mankind. Translated By C.K. Ogden
45329: VAILLANCOURT, EMILE - Is Canada a Plantation ?
45490: VAILLANCOURT, EMILE - The History of the Brewing Industry in the Province of Quebec
23278: VAILLANCOURT, EMILE - Knifed and Thrown Away Like a Dead Cat
45330: VAILLANCOURT, EMILE - Strange Loyalties: A Practical Lesson in Canadian History. With an Introduction By M.J. Coldwell, M.P.
43633: VAJTA, VILMOS, EDITOR - The Gospel As History
46174: VALENTINE, JAMES W. - On the Origin of Phyla
20236: (VALÉRY, PAUL, LÉON-PAUL FARGUE, AND VALERY LARBAUD, EDITORS - Commerce. Cahiers Trimestriels
20235: (VALÉRY, PAUL, LÉON-PAUL FARGUE, AND VALERY LARBAUD, EDITORS - Commerce. Cahiers Trimestriels
49987: VALIEV, KAMIL A. - The Physics of Submicron Lithography
44834: VALLANCE, AYMER - Old Crosses and Lychgates
49990: HOVE M.A. VAN AND S.Y. TONG, EDITORS - The Structure of Surfaces
37999: VANCE, JACK - The Gray Prince
39548: VANCE, LOUIS JOSEPH - Joan Thursday: A Novel. With Illustrations By Oscar Cesare
43059: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Trouble with Heroes and Other Stories
47736: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - A Good Man
3968: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - My Present Age
49447: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - Homesick (Proof)
12863: VANDIVER, FRANK E. - Mighty Stonewall.
49743: (VANE, HENRY, SIR, 1613-62) - The Tryal of Sir Henry Vane, Kt at the King's Bench, Westminster, June the 2d. And 6th, 1662. . .
44248: LE VANE, ETHEL / J. PAUL GETTY - Collector's Choice: The Chronicle of an Artistic Odyssey Through Europe
10850: VANSITTART, JANE, EDITOR - Lifelines. The Stacey Letters, 1836-1858.
50494: VARKARIS, JANE ; JAMES E. CONNELL - Early Canadian Timekeepers
36725: VAUGHAN, WALTER (SIR WILLIAM VAN HORNE) - The Life and Work of Sir William Van Horne
50447: VAUGHAN, JOHN, LIEUT.-COLONEL, COMPILER - A Short History of the Xth (P.W. O. ) Royal Hussars
49475: VEENSTRA, COBY - Sing a New Song
43413: VEEVERS, JOHN W., REV. - The Mobilization of Total Abstainers: A Call to Arms
41345: VEGA, LOPE DE - The Discovery of the New World By Christopher Columbus. A Comedy in Verse. Prose Translation By Frieda Fligelman
39552: VEITCH, SOPHIE F.F. (SOPHIE FRANCES FANE VEITCH, 1858-1912) - James Hepburn Free Church Minister
49271: VELDEKE, HENDRIK VAN - The Season of the Roses: Eighteen Minnesongs Selected and Translated By Willem Campschreur
47473: VELLEMAN, J. DAVID - Practical Reflection
34132: HERNDON, VENABLE AND ARTHUR PENN - Alice’S Restaurant: A Screenplay Based on Arlo Guthrie’S “the Alice;S Restaurant Masacree”. With a Forewrod By Venable Herndon and Arthur Penn
27127: VENNER, NORMAN - The Perfect Imposter
48767: VENTURI, FRANCO - Roots of Revolution: A History of the Populist and Socialist Movements in 19th Century Russia
3889: VERMANDEL, JANET GREGORY - Dine with the Devil
3888: VERMANDEL, JANET GREGORY - Dine with the Devil (Inscribed)
35308: VERNEDE, R.E. - The Fair Dominion: A Record of Canadian Impressions. With 12 Illustrations in Colour from Drawings By Cyrus Cuneo
18307: VERNON, C.W. - Bicentenary Sketches and Early Days of the Church in Nova Scotia. With an Introduction By the Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia and a Chapter on King's College By Rev. Canon Vroom, D.D.
47598: DESJARDINS-VERSAILLES, GERMAINE - Je Suis Marie, Ou, Celle Qui Vient : Poèmes. Préface de Roger Brien
12388: VIAN, BORIS - Théâtre. Les Bâtisseurs D'Empire. Le Goûter Des Généraux. L'équarrissage Pour Tous. Préface de F. Billetdoux.
44413: VIAU, ROGER - Au Milieu, la Montagne. Roman
44455: VICARS, VICAR (PSEUD. OF TED MANN) - Crimes: Or, I'M Sorry Sir, But We Do Not Sell Handguns to Junkies
25493: VICKREY, WILLIAM S. - Microstatics
47402: GUILLEMIN, VICTOR & MASAKI KASHIWARA & TAKAHIRO KAWAI - Seminar on Micro-Local Analysis
44527: VICTOR, E.A., EDITOR - Canada's Future: What She Offers After the War
19017: VIDAL, GORE - The Season of Comfort
12532: VIDAL, GORE (FRIEDRICH DUERRENMATT) - Romulus. The Broadway Adaptation. And the Original Romulus the Great By Friedrich Duerrenmatt. Preface By Gore Vidal.
19019: VIDAL, GORE - Dark Green, Light Red
18996: VIDAL, GORE - A Thirsty Evil. Seven Short Stories.
18991: VIDAL, GORE - Messiah
19015: VIDAL, GORE - The Judgement of Paris
44197: VIERECK, PETER - Conservatism Revisited: The Revolt Against Revolt 1815-1949
29738: VIETH, FREDERICK HARRIS D. - Recollections of the Crimean Campaign and the Expedition to Kinburn in 1855
39936: VIETS, ROGER. (CHAMPLAIN) - Person & Place: A Canadian Garland. With a Foreword By John Alden
48929: VIGNEAULT, GILLES - Tales Sur la Pointe Des Pieds. Translated By Paul Allard.
27160: VILHJÁLMSSON, THOR [GEORGE JOHNSTON] - Faces Reflected in a Drop
48740: VILLA, BRIAN LORING - Unauthorized Action: Mountbatten and the Dieppe Raid. New Edition
46772: VILLIERS, MARQ DE - Water
34541: VILLIERS, GEORGE, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM (1628-87) - The Rehearsal. (Edited By) D.E. L. Crane
50238: VINE, RICHARD ALLAN - John Barth: An Annotated Bibliography
48756: VINING, CHARLES (R.T.L.) - Bigwigs: Canadians Wise and Otherwise. With 37 Illustrations By Ivan Glassco
45959: VINING, KEITH - Keep Running
48745: MILTON, WILLIAM FITZGERALD, VISCOUNT AND WALTER BUTLTER CHEADLE - The North-West Passage By Land. Being a Narrative of an Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific. . .
5696: HEATHER [PSEUDONYM OF JOYCE MARY VIVIAN) - Riding with Reka. A Tale of Horses and Ponies. Illustrated By Lionel Edwards, R.I.
48721: VIVIAN, E. CHARLES (PSEUDONYM OF CHARLES HENRY CANNELL 1882-1947) - The British Army from Within
12527: VIZENOR, GERALD - Chancers
35663: VIZENOR, GERALD - Wordarrows: Indians and Whites in the New Fur Trade
48928: VIZINCZEY, STEPHEN - Truth & Lies in Literature: Essays and Reviews. Selected and Introduced By Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson
47289: ANTHONY W. KNAPP; DAVID A. VOGAN - Cohomological Induction and Unitary Representations
40067: VOGEL, H.B., 1868-1947 - A Maori Maid
43064: VAN VOGT, A.E. - Rogue Ship
46846: VOLLMANN, WILLIAM T. - You Bright and Risen Angels
46847: VOLLMANN, WILLIAM T. - Thirteen Stories and Thirteen Epitaphs
47314: MUELLER-VOLLMER, KURT, EDITOR - The Hermeneutics Reader: Texts of the German Tradition from the Enlightenment to the Present
45389: DE VOLPI, CHARLES P. - Nova Scotia- Apictorial Record Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia Canada 1605-1878
43727: DE VOLPI, CHARLES P. - Toronto: A Pictorial Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the City of Toronto Province of Ontario, Canada, 1813-1882
19744: DE VOLPI, CHARLES - The Niagara Peninsula. A Pictorial Record.
33669: VOLTAIRE, FRANÇOIS AROUET DE, 1694-1778 - Candide, Ou L'Optimisme, Traduit de L'Allemand de Mr. Le Docteur Ralph, Par M. De V.
24415: VONDEL, JOOST VAN DEN, 1587-1679 - Bespiegelingen Van Godt En Gotsdienst. . . Den Tweeden Drück. . . [Bound with Four Other Works]
26636: VONDENVELDEN, WILLIAM, AND LOUIS CHARLAND, COMPILERS - Extrait Des Titres Des Anciennes Concessions de Terre En Fief Et Seineurie. . . De. . . Bas-Canada. . .
31693: VOS, J., C.D. VAN LOONI, AND G.J. BOLLEN, EDITORS - Effects of Crop Rotation on Potato Production in the Temperate Zones. . .
44504: VOTAW, JOHN F. - The American Expeditionary Forces in World War I
47738: VOTICKY, ANKA - Knocking on Every Door
46249: DE VRIES, PETER - Sauce for the Goose
46250: DE VRIES, PETER - Madder Music
46297: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - Into Your Tent I'Ll Creep
46253: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - The Vale of Laughter
46301: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - The Tunnel of Love (a Novel)
46254: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - The Cat's Pajamas & Witch's Milk
46255: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - Consenting Adults, Or, the Duchess Will Be Furious
46298: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - The Prick of Noon
46299: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - The Blood of the Lamb
46304: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - Reuben, Reuben
46251: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - Slouching Towards Kalamazoo
46252: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - Angels Can't Do Better
46302: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - Mrs. Wallop
46303: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - The Mackerel Plaza
46300: DE VRIES, PETER (DEVRIES) - Comfort Me with Apples
48784: DE VRIES, LEONARD, COMPILER - Flowers of Delight: An Agreeable Garland of Prose and Poetry. . .
46247: DE VRIES, PETER - I Hear America Swinging
46248: DE VRIES, PETER - Peckham's Marbles
4450: SMITH, (EDWIN W. AND ANDREW MURRAY DALE). - The Ila-Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia (2 Volumes)
45218: CAMPBELL. FRANK W. - Canada Post Offices 1755-1895
49163: WELLS, HENRY W. & CARL F. KLINCK (E.J. PRATT) - Edwin J. Pratt: Rhe Man and His Poetry
49102: ANDRZEJEWSKI, B.W. AND I.M. LEWIS - Somali Poetry: An Introduction
49985: HAWKING, S.W. AND G.F.R. ELLIS (STEPHEN HAWKING) - The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time
46948: DENNY, MARK W AND STEVE GAINES , EDITORS - Encyclopedia of Tidepools and Rocky Shores
47330: HIRSCH, MORRIS W. AND BARRY MAZUR - Smoothings of Piecewise Linear Manifolds
43776: MAJOR, F.W. AND E.W. DAVIS - Manitoulin, the Isle of the Ottawas: Being a Handbook of Historical and Other Information on the Grand Manitoulin Island
31445: WEIGERT, HANS W. AND VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON, EDITORS - Compass of the World: A Symposium on Political Geography
50045: HAWKING, S.W. & W. ISRAEL, EDITORS (ALBERT EINSTEIN) - General Relativity: An Einstein Centenary Survey
18250: FELLOWS, (DEXTER W. & ANDREW A. FREEMAN). - This Way to the Big Show. The Life of Dexter Fellows.
46117: MARTIN, JOEL W. AND GEORGE F. DAVIS - An Updated Classification of the Recent Crustacea
35524: WAAGEN, MARY E. - The Wayside Cross
42503: WADDINGTON, MIRIAM - The Second Silence
42512: WADDINGTON, MIRIAM - The Price of Gold
42482: WADDINGTON, MIRIAM - Mister Never
41898: WADDINGTON, MIRIAM - Green World
42897: WADDINGTON, MIRIAM - Flying with Milton
15354: WADE, MASON - The French Canadians 1760-1945.
43541: WAGNER, BIRDELLA, EDITOR - Trolley Talk Volume VI
16842: WAGONER, DAVID - Dry Sun, Dry Wind
34994: WAIN, JOHN - Sprightly Running: Part of an Autobiography
36430: WAIN, JOHN (NORTHROP FRYE) - Essays on Literature and Ideas (Inscribed to Northrop Frye)
41606: WAIN, JOHN - Feng: A Poem
34944: WAIN, JOHN, EDITOR - Contemporary Reviews of Romantic Poetry
41607: WAIN, JOHN - Strike the Father Dead: A Novel
46233: WAIN, JOHN (GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS) - Gerard Manley Hopkins: An Idiom of Desperation
34946: WAIN, JOHN - Living in the Present: A Novel
40352: WAIT, BENJAMIN (1813-95) - The Wait Letters. Inrroduction By Mary Brown and Afterword By Michael Cross
45790: WAITE, P.B. - The Man from Halifax. Sir John Thompson, Prime Minister.
45796: WAITE, P.B. (SIR JOHN A. MACDONALD) - Macdonald: His Life and World
15471: WALD, (ABRAHAM). - Sequential Analysis.
47108: WALDBAUER, GILBERT - Insects Through the Seasons
47107: WALDBAUER, GILBERT - Insights from Insects: What Bad Bugs Can Teach Us
47114: WALDBAUER, GILBERT - What Good Are Bugs?: Insects in the Web of Life
38503: WALDEN, KEITH - The Papers of Harry Cassidy and Beatrice Pearce: The Courtship Years 1917-1925
50302: WALDER, DENNIS - Athol Fugard
47189: WALDOR, MATTHEW K, DAVID I. FRIEDMAN, AND SANKAR L. ADHYA, EDITORS - Phages: Their Role in Bacterial Pathogenesis and Biotechnology
19658: WALDSTEIN, BARON - The Diary of Baron Waldstein. A Traveller in Elizabethan England. Translated and Annotated By G.W. Groos. With 48 Illustrations, 4 in Colour.
45674: WALFORD, JONATHAN - The Seductive Shoe: Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear
3073: WALKER, BARBARA - The Tidal Water (Proof Copy)
19855: WALKER, (ALEXANDER, 1764-1831). - An Account of a Voyage to the North West Coast of America in 1785 & 1786. Edited By Robin Fisher and J.M. Bumsted.
30372: WALKER, KATH - The Dawn Is at Hand: Poems
49599: WALKER, M. BENSON - "Skipper", the Story of a Dog
44532: WALKER, FRANKLIN A. - Catholic Education and Politics in Ontario: A Documentary Study
36898: WALKER, ALICE - In Love & Trouble: Stories of Black Women
7085: WALKER, ALICE - You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down. Stories.
46327: WALKER, GABRIELLE - Snowball Earth: The Story of the Great Global Catastrophe That Spawned Life As We Know It
32677: WALKER, DANIEL - Rights in Conflict: Chicago's 7 Brutal Days. A Report Submitted By Daniel Walker, Director of the Chicago Study Team, to the National Commission on Causes and Prevention of Violence
33860: WALKER, JAMES BACKHOUSE - Early Tasmania. Papers Read Before the Royal Society of Tasmania During the Years 1888 to 1899.
45366: WALKER, ALICE - Untitled Broadside from Revolutionary Petunias ("While Love Is Unfashionable" - First Line)
31080: WALLACE, W.S., EDITOR - Captain Miles Macdonell's 'Journal of a Jaunt to Amherstburg in 1801'
44842: WALLACE, W. STEWART - Murders and Mysteries: A Canadian Series
45857: WALLACE, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Blue Water. A Tale of the Deep Sea Fishermen.
49450: WALLACE, J.S.,1890-1975 - Night Is Ended: Thoughts in Lyric
43141: WALLACE, LEW - Ben-Hur; of, the Days of the Messiah
29370: WALLACE, W. STEWART - The Pedlars from Quebec and Other Papers on the Nor'Westers
11115: WALLACE, LEW - The Prince of India Or Why Constantinople Fell.
42920: WALLACE, W.S. - The Knight of Dundurn
47672: WALLACE, WILLIAM, EDITOR - Trial of the City of Glasgow Bank Directors
34697: WALLER, EDMUND - The Poems of Edmund Waller. Edited By G. Thorn Drury
41605: WALLER, MARY E. - The Woodcarver of 'Lympus
44325: WALLIS, ELLA BELL - The Exquisite Gift
24711: WALMSLEY, LEO - Sound of the Sea
21020: WALPOLE, HORACE, 1717-1797 - Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Second. Edited, from the Original Mss. With a Preface and Notes By the Late Lord Holland.
20227: WALPOLE, HUGH - Harmer John. An Unworldly Story.
27464: WALPOLE, HUGH - Above the Dark Tumult
48366: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. Number 12, Fall, 1982
48367: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. Number 14, Spring 1984
48368: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. Number 15, Spring 1985
48361: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. Numbers 16 & 17, Summer 1986
23035: WALSH, MAURICE - The Damsel Debonaire [Castle Gillian]
48359: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. No. 18 & 19, Fall 1987
48360: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. Numbers 6/7, Winter/Spring 1980
48364: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. Number 10, Fall 1981
48365: WALSH, JOY, EDITOR (KEROUAC, JACK) - Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. Number 11, Spring / Summer 1982
43129: WALSH, CHAD - From Utopia to Nightmare.
19105: WALTARI, MIKA - Moonscape and Other Stories. Translated By Naomi Walford.
48752: WALTER, GEORGE, EDITOR - In Flanders Fields: Poetry of the First World War
14406: WALKER, FRANK NORMAN, EDITOR (WALTER AND FRANCIS SHANLY) - Daylight Through the Mountain. Letters and Labours of Civil Engineers Walter and Francis Shanly. Research By Gladys Chantler Walker.
46537: CHAN, WALTON AND SIMON ROBINSON, EDITORS - Echelion. The Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy & Other Related Stuff. Issues 2 & 3, Vol. 2
42510: WALTON, GEORGE - The Wayward Queen
41892: WALTON, GEORGE - The Wayward Queen
40718: WALTON, ISAAK, 1593-1683 (ROBERT SANDERSON, 1587-1663) (RICHARD HOOKER, 1553 OR 4 -1600) - The Life of Dr. Sanderson, the Late Bishop of Lincoln. To Which Is Added, Some Short Tracts Or Cases of Conscience, Written By the Said Bishop
49870: WANG, HAO - Reflections on Kurt Gödel
48926: WANKOWICZ, MELCHIOR - Three Generations. Translated By Krystyna Cekalska. Preface By Benedykt Heydenkorn
40712: WARBURTON, R.E.E. - Hunting Songs and Ballads
8730: WARD, FREDERICK - A Room Full of Balloons. With Paintings By Jim Shirley.
33545: WARD, THOMAS, 1652-1708 - England's Reformation, (from the Time of K. Henry VIII. To the End of Oates's Plot). A Poem in Four Cantos
25591: WARD, ALAN - A Show of Justice: Racial `Amalgamation' in Nineteenth Century New Zealand
18596: WARD, MRS. HUMPHREY - Delia Blanchflower.
24870: WARD, MRS. HUMPHREY - A Writer's Recollections
41465: WARD, FREDERICK - A Room Full of Balloons. With Paintings By Jim Shirley.
50651: WARD, ROBERT PLUMER, 1765-1846 - Tremaine, Or the Man of Refinement. . .
45127: WARDLE, JANE (PSEUD. OF OLIVER FRANZ MADOX HUEFFER, 1876-1931) - The Artistic Temperament
32009: WARE, FRANCIS B., COLONEL - History of Cronyn Memorial Church, London, Ontario, 1873-1949
28978: WARE, J. REDDING - The Isle of Wight. The Photographic Illustration By Sedgfied and Frank M. Good. Second Edition
44931: WARGA, WAYNE - Hardcover
35518: (WARHOL, ANDY) - Forum: The International Journal of Human Relations
19414: WARK, K.R. - Elizabethan Recusancy in Cheshire.
43733: WARKENTIN, ABE - Reflections on Our Heritage: A History of Steinbach and the R.M. Of Hanover from 1874
44986: WARNER, OLIVER - With Wolfe to Quebec: The Path to Glory
329: WARNER, REX (OSWALD TRAIN. VIRGIL FINLAY) - The Aerodome: A Love Story (Oswald Train's Copy with Virgil Finlay Bookplate)
50241: WARNER, ALAN (WILLIAM ALLINGHAM) - William Allingham
41589: WARNER, SUSAN BOGERT - Trading: Finishing the Story of "the House in Town', &C
44164: WARNER, DONALD F. - The Idea of Continental Union: Agitation for the Annexation of Canada to the United States 1849-1893
44126: WARNER, PHILIP - The Battle of Loos
40069: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - Summer Will Show
44220: WARNER, PHILIP - World War One a Chronological Narrative
39654: ASHTON-WARNER, SYLVIA - Bell Call
31672: ASHTON-WARNER, SYLVIA - Spinster: A Novel
31677: ASHTON-WARNER, SYLVIA - Bell Call
50610: WARNER, PATRICK (PATRICK KAVANAGH) - Clay Is the Word: Patrick Kavanagh 1904-1967
22678: WARRACK, GUY [ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE] - Sherlock Holmes and Music
806: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Selected Poems 1923-1943
46808: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - The Circus in the Attic and Other Stories
50662: WARSI, Z.U.A. - Fluid Dynamics: Theoretical and Computational Approaches
44094: WARWICK, PETER - Black People and the South African War 1899-1902 (African Studies)
23420: WARWICK, JACK - The Long Journey: Literary Themes of French Canada
17084: HOPKINS, (E. WASHBURN AND CHARLES C. TORREY, EDITORS). - Journal of the American Oriental Society. Twenty-Fifth Volume, Second Half.
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