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35704: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Road to Oz. Illustrated By John R. Neill
49966: BAUMBERG, SIMON; HANS KRUGEL; DIETER NOACK, EDITORS - Genetics and Product Formation in Streptomyces
49750: BAWDEN, WILLIAM - Dom Boc. A Translation of the Record Called Domesday, So Far As It Relates to Yorkshire. Including Also Amounderness, Lonsdale, and Furness, in Lancashire; and Such Parts of Westmoreland and Cumberland As Are Contained in the Survey. . .
41496: BAWDEN, NINA - Walking Naked (Proof Copy)
15923: BAWDEN, NINA - The Solitary Child
35606: BAXTER, CHARLES - Shadow Play (Inscriberd Arc)
29817: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Collected Plays. Edited By Howard Mcnaughton
29247: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Fire and the Anvil: Notes on Modern Poetry
29253: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Iron Breadboard: Studies in New Zealand Writing
35509: BAYARD, LOUIS (EDGAR ALLAN POE) - The Pale Blue Eye
21427: BAYLEY, JOHN - The History and Antiquities of the Tower of London. With Memoirs of Royal and Distinguished Persons. . .
43713: BEACHLEY, CHARLES E., COMPILER - History of the Consolidatation Coal Company 1864-1934
39259: BEADLE, D.W. - Canadian Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Gardener. A Guide in All Matters Relating to the Cultivation of Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables, and Their Value for Cultivation in This Climate
50619: BEAHM, GEORGE. EDITOR (STEPHEN KING) - The Stephen King Companion
50618: BEAHM, GEORGE (STEPHEN KING) - The Stephen King Story
42962: BEAMES, JOHN - An Army without Banners
43131: BEAR, GREG - Eternity
29293: BEARD, H. ALLEN - Companions of the Bush
39860: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY [JOHN GLASSCO] - Under the Hill, Or the Story of Venus and Tannhäuser. . . Now Completed By John Glassco
43879: BEASLEY, W.G.ST - The Meiji Restoration
32724: (BEATLES) - John Lennon. Volume I, No. 1 (John Lennon: A Memorial Album - Cover Title)
32725: (BEATLES) - Lennon Photo Special
32726: (BEATLES) - Lennon: A Memory: A Complete Photo Album
32727: (BEATLES) - John Lennon: A Tribute. Yesterday and Today (Cover Title)
32728: (BEATLES) - John Lennon: All You Need Is Love
32729: (BEATLES) - Memorial Issue. John Lennon 1940-1980
32730: (BEATLES) - Teen Bag’S Tribute to John Lennon
32732: (BEATLES) - John Lennon and the Beatles: A Loving Tribute
12827: BEATTIE, ANN - My Life, Starring Dara Falcon (Signed)
50508: BEATTIE, KIM - Dileas. History of the 48th Highlanders of Canada 1929-1956.
44652: BEATTIE, OWEN; GEIGER, JOHN - Frozen in Time: Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin Expedition
46980: BEATTIE, DAN - Brandy Station 1863: First Step Toward Gettysburg
50392: BEAUCHEMIN, YVES - The Alley Cat. Translated By Sheila Fischman
44365: BEAUCHEMIN, NÉRÉE - Choix de Poésies. Préface de Clément Marchand
50391: BEAUCHEMIN, YVES - The Alley Cat. Translated By Sheila Fischman
49420: BEAULIEU, MICHEL - Visages
50299: BEAUMAN, NICOLA (E.M. FORSTER) - Morgan: A Biography of E.M. Forster
43609: BEAUMONT, RALPH - Steam Trains to the Bruce
48194: BEAUMONT, ROBERT - The Railway King: A Biography of George Hudson
45222: BEAUMONT, ROBERT - The Great Horseshoe Wreck
43378: BEAUMONT, RALPH - Cataract and the Forks of the Credit: A Pictorial History
47580: BEAUPRAY, CHS.HENRI (BEAUPRÉ, CHARLES HENRI, 1919-) - Les Beaux Jours Viendront. Illustré de 16 Gravures Par M. Ls-Philippe Langlois
50396: BEAUSOLEIL, CLAUDE - Une Certaine Fin de Siècle. Tome II, Poèsie. Avec Des Collages de Célyne Fortin
1016: BEAUVOIR, SIMONE DE (PATRICK O'BRIAN) - Old Age. Translated By Patrick O'Brian (Proof Copy)
48043: BEAVER, DANIEL R. - Newton D. Baker and the American War Effort, 1917-1919
45045: BÉBOUT, RICHARD - The Open Gate: Toronto Union Station. A Collection of Essays and Photographs
22937: BECKE, LOUIS - Louis Becke Set (30 Volumes in All, 19 Being First Editions)
41176: BECKER, LAWRENCE C. - On Justifying Moral Judgments
41198: BECKER, ETHEL ANDERSON - Klondike ’98: Hegg’S Album of the 1898 Alaska Gold Rush
32647: BECKETT, SAMUEL - All That Fall. A Play for Radio.
22439: [BECKETT, SAMUEL) - Evergreen Review No. 15
22438: [SAMUEL BECKETT] - Evergreen Review No. 10
46686: (BECKETT, SAMUEL) - Evergreen Review No. 62
23327: BECKETT, (SAMUEL) - Malone Muere. Traddución de Ana Maria Moix
27002: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Comédie Et Actes Divers
41344: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Mercier Et Camier
54: BECKETT, SAMUEL - As No Other Dare Fail. For Samuel Beckett on His 80th Birthday By His Friends and Admirers. (#35/50)
48035: BECKETT, IAN F.W. - The Great War: 1914-1918
45114: BECKWITH, ISBON T. - The Apocalypse of John: Studies in Introduction with a Critical and Exegetical Commentary
2325: BECKWITH, (JULIA CATHERINE) - St. Ursula's Convent Or the Nun of Canada
50395: BEDNARSKI, BETTY (JACQUES FERRON) - Autour de Ferron: Préface, Traduction, Altérité. Preface de Jean-Marcel Paquette
44269: BEEBE, WILLIAM - The Arcturus Adventure: An Account of the New York Zoological Society's First Oceanographic Expedition. With 77 Illustrations from Colored Plates, Photographs and Maps
44270: BEEBE, WILLIAM - Jungle Peace
31322: BEECHING, JACK - The Chinese Opium Wars
45059: BEEDELL, SUZANNE - Windmills
46351: BEEHLER, BRUCE M.; PRATT, THANE K.; ZIMMERMAN, DALE A. - Birds of New Guinea (Handbook
10379: BEER, PATRICIA - Loss of the Magyar and Other Poems.
9994: BEER, PATRICIA - Friend of Heraclitus
35485: BEERBOHM, MAX - Observations
47891: BEERBOHM, MAX - Zuleika Dobson. Illustrations By Michael Kirkham
30640: BEERBOHM, MAX - Seven Men
15223: BEERBOHM, MAX - Zuleika Dobson, Or an Oxford Love Story.
50576: BEGBIE, HAROLD (1871-1929) - The Conservative Mind. By a Gentleman with a Duster (Pseud. )
41495: BEHAN, BRENDAN - The Scarperer
50379: BEHRENS, PETER - Night Driving: Stories
48045: BEIER, ULLI, EDITOR - The Origin of Life and Death: African Creation Myths
42517: BEISSEL, HENRY - New Wings for Icarus: A Poem in Four Parts, Illustrations By Norman Yates
47646: BEKEN, PAUL; JONES, STEPHEN - Dragon in Exile: The Centenary History of London Welsh R.F. C.
47597: BÉLANGER, JEANNINE - Stances à L'éternel Absent, 1935-1940
45003: BELFORD, KEN - I Come to the Meeting. . .
39538: BELL, J.J. - Wee Macgreegor: A Scottish Story
44781: BELL, CLIVE - Victor Pasmore
25442: BELL, DON - Pocketman
38523: BELL, CHARLES, SIR - The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression As Connected with the Fine Arts
46468: BELL, CHARLES, SIR - Engravings of the Brain and Nerves. Ncluding Facsimiles of the First Editions of the Anatomy of the Brain, Explained in a Series of Engravings. (1802); a Series of Engravings, Explaining the Course of the Nerves. (1803); on the Nerves of the Face (1829)
28731: BELL, NEIL (PSEUD. OF STEPHEN SOUTHWOLD) - The Disturbing Affar of Noel Blake
29558: BELL, GEO. W. - Mr. Oseba's Last Discovery. . .
31687: BELL, DEL - The Drug Scene
48203: BELL, F. MCKELVEY - The First Canadians in France. The Chronicle of a Military Hospital in the War Zone. Illustrated By Christopher Fulleylove.
48053: BELL, RALPH W., CAPT (D. 1918) - Canada in War- Paint
40540: BELL, JULIAN ((JULIAN HEWARD BELL, 1908-37) - Still Life and Other Poems
23855: BELL, SIR H. IDRIS - The Nature of Poetry As Conceived By the Welsh Bards
48204: BELL, F. MCKELVEY - The First Canadians in France. The Chronicle of a Military Hospital in the War Zone. Illustrated By Christopher Fulleylove.
44746: BELL, MARTIN L. - A Portrait of Progress: A Business History of Pet Milk Company from 1885 to 1960
31902: BELL, MADISON SMARTT - The Washington Square Ensemble
47602: BELLEFONTAINE, MARIA DE, 1900-1963 - Un Amour
38536: BELLOC, HILAIRE - This and Than and the Other. Fourth Edition
38535: BELLOC, HILAIRE - On Something. Sixth Edition
47400: BELLOMO, NICOLA; PREZIOSI, LUIGI - Modelling Mathematical Methods and Scientific Computation
32456: BELLOW, SAUL - More Die of Heartbreak
29986: BELLOW, SAUL - Humboldt's Gift (Arc)
46945: BELTZ, ELLIN - Frogs: Inside Their Remarkable World
39449: BOVA, BEN AND A.J. AUSTIN - To Save the Sun
50432: BENBOW, COLIN - Boer Prisoners of War in Bermuda
47479: BENCIVENGA, ERMANNO - The Discipline of Subjectivity: An Essay on Montaigne
47642: BENDER, ROBERT M., EDITOR - Five Courtier Poets of the English Renaissance
32963: BENDER, HAROLD S., AND OTHERS - Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History. No. 5. Ohio Memonnite Sunday Schools
29349: BENDRODT, J.C. - Nine O'Clock. Illustrations By John Baird[
37985: BENFORD, GREGORY - Furious Gulf
39714: BENFORD, GREGORY - Timescape
49992: BENHABIB, SEYLA - Critique, Norm and Utopia: A Study of the Foundations Critical Theory
9624: BENIANS, JUNE - Bright Leaves Fall and Other Poems
48183: BENJAMIN, RENÉ - Private Gaspard: Soldier of France
45351: BENN, CARL - Historic Fort York 1793-1993
24280: BENNETT, ARNOLD - From the Log of the Velsa. Pictures By R.A. Rickards and a Frontispiece By the Author
3936: BENNETT, ARNOLD - Dream of Destiny, an Unfinished Novel, and Venus Rising from the Sea.
9198: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Plain Man and His Wife
48663: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Old Wives' Tale. Introduction and Notes By John Wain
48052: BENNETT, GEOFFREY - Naval Battles of the First World War
36985: BENNETT, HUGH GARNER - The Manufacture of Leather
50173: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Gates of Wrath: A Melodrama
44745: BENNETT, CHARLES O. - Facts without Opinion: First Fifty Years of the Audit Bureau of Circulations
44538: BENNETT, HAL - Lord of Dark Places
852: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Night Visitor and Other Stories.
22396: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Honeymoon. A Comedy in Three Acts
47601: BENOIT, PIERRE, 1906- - Le Sentier Couvert : Roman
50380: BENOIT, JACQUES - The Princes: A Novel. Translated By David Lobdell
39335: BENSON, STELLA - Tobit Transplanted
5552: BENT, ARTHUR CLEVELAND - Life Histories of North American Flycatchers, Larks, Swallows, and Their Allies. Order Passeriformes.
31240: BENTHAM, JEREMY - Jeremy Bentham's Economic Writings. Critical Edition Based on His Printed Works and Unprinted Manuscripts, By W. Stark. Volume I (Only)
34812: BENTLEY, E. CLERIHEW (E.C. BENTLEY) (G.K. CHESTERTON) - The First Clerihews. . .
34814: BENTLEY, E. CLERIHEW (E.C. BENTLEY) - The Complete Clerihews. . . With an Introduction By Gavin Ewart
14756: BENTLEY, PHYLLIS - Some Observations on the Art of Narrative.
40578: BENTON, JOHN - Debs, Dolls and Dope
35042: BÉRANGER, P.- J. DE (PIERRE-JEAN DE BÉRANGER, 1780-1857) - Oeuvres Complètes. Tome V. Supplément. Chansons érotiques
22645: BERBER, F. J., EDITOR - Locarno: A Collection of Documents, with a Preface By Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Ambassador of the German Reich.
50449: BERCHEM, F.R. - Opportunity Road: Yonge Street 1860-1939
44993: BERCUSON, DAVID J.; HERWIG, HOLGER H. - Deadly Seas: The Story of the St. Croix, the U305, and the Battle of the Atlantic
48715: BERCUSON, DAVID J. - The Patricias: The Proud History of a Fighting Regiment (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, 1914-2000)
30647: BERG, MARI-ANN (PATRICK WHITE) - Aspects of Time, Ageing and Old Age in the Novels of Patrick White, 1939-1979
48182: BERGER, CARL - The Writing of Canadian History. Aspects of English-Canadian Historical Writing: 1900 to 1970.
45097: BERGER, CARL - Honour and the Search for Influence: A History of the Royal Society of Canada
4291: BERGER, THOMAS - Reinhart in Love
46705: BERGER, THOMAS - Nowhere (Proof)
48180: BERGERCARL - Sense of Power: Studies in the Ideas of Canadian Imperialism, 1867-1914
42791: BERLAND, SAM - Berland's Twenty Tricks with Wiztax
47430: BERMAN, ELAINE R. - Biochemistry of the Eye
20095: CHANDLER, S. BERNARD AND J.A. MOLINARO EDITORS (DANTE) - The World of Dante. Six Studies in Language and Thought.
47572: BERNARD, HARRY - Les Jours Sont Longs: Roman.
37712: DARWIN, BERNARD AND ELINOR - Oboli, Boboli, and Little Joboli
34290: AARONSON, BERNARD AND HUMPHRY OSMOND - Psychedelics: The Uses and Implications of Hallucinogenic Drugs
43886: BERNHARDI, FRIEDRICH VON - How Germany Makes War
44390: LAPERLE-BERNIER, ALBERTINE - Le Château Des Illusions: Roman
47963: BERNSTEIN, SAMUEL - Auguste Blanqui and the Art of Insurrection
30638: BERRIGAN, DANIEL - The World for a Wedding Ring: Poems
40599: BERROUARD, LEON - The Green Damsel and the Silver Doctor
44929: BERRY, DAVID, 1945- (JOHN NEWLOVE) - Pocket Pool. Photographs By Rolf Lockwood
30637: BERRYMAN, JOHN - "the Imaginary Jew", a Short Story Contained on Pp 529-39 of the Kenyon Review, Vol. VII, No. 4, Autumn, 1945
39037: BERRYMAN, JOHN - The Dream Songs
38013: BERRYMAN, JOHN - Homage to Mistress Bradstreet, a Poem. With Pictures By Ben Shahn.
45981: BERRYMAN, OPAL LEIGH - Make It on Temple Street
262: BERRYMAN, JOHN - Homage to Mistress Bradstreet and Other Poems.
44442: BERTIE, LORD, OF THAME (FRANCES LEVESON BERTIE, 1844-1919) - The Diary of Lord Bertie of Thame 1914-1918. Edited By Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox. With a Foreword By Viscount Grey of Fallodon
42779: BERTON, PIERRE - Seacoasts. Photographs By André Gallant
44976: BERTON, PIERRE - Vimy
45473: BERTON, PIERRE - The Last Spike: The Great Railway 1881-1885
48476: BERTON, PIERRE - The Mysterious North
48507: BERTON, PIERRE - The Secret World of Og. Newly Illustrated By Patsy Berton (Who Was There)
48691: BERTON, PIERRE - The Invasion of Canada 1812-1813 [with] Flames Across the Border 1813-1814. Two Volumes
14749: BESANT, WALTER (FRANÇOIS RABELAIS) - Readings in Rabelais
39446: BESANT, WALTER, 1836-1901 - Herr Paulus, His Rise, His Greatness, and His Fall
47965: BESSEL, RICHARD - Germany After the First World War
50370: BESSETTE, GÉRARD - The Brawl. Translated By Marc Lebel and Ronald Sutherland
50371: BESSETTE, GÉRARD - Incubation. Translated from the French By Glen Shortliffe
50372: BESSETTE, GÉRARD - Not for Every Eye. Translated from the French By Glen Shortliffe
32985: BESSIE, ALVAH - The Un-Americans
44189: BEST, GEOFFREY, AND WHEATCROFT, ANDREW, EDITORS - War, Economy and the Military Mind
29081: BESTALL, ALFRED - More Adventures of Rupert
44644: BESTON, HENRY - The St. Lawrence. Illustrated By A.Y. Jackson
45549: BESTON, HENRY - The St. Lawrence. Illustrated By A.Y. Jackson
29622: BETHUNE, W.C., EDITOR - Canada’S Eastern Arctic: Its History, Resources, Population and Administration
17853: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Symbolic Wounds. Puberty Rites and the Envious Male.
41943: BEVAN, SAMUEL - Sand and Canvas: A Narrative of Adventures in Egypt, with a Sojourn Among the Artists in Rome
3273: STENDHAL [PSEUD. OF HENRI BEYLE]. - The Green Huntsman. Being the First Book of Lucien Leuwen. Translated from the French By H.L. R. Edwards.
49693: BEYLE, MARIE-HENRIE (" STENDHAL") - La Chartreuse de Parme [the Charterhouse of Parma ]. With Thirty Illustrations By V. Foulquier Etch By G. Mercier. Translated from the French By E.P. Robins. In Three Volumes
47444: BHADURI, RAJAT K. - Models of the Nucleon: From Quarks to Soliton
49920: BHATTACHARYA, RABI N.; WAYMIRE, EDWARD C. - Stochastic Processes with Applications
50591: BIARD, F. (FRANÇOIS-AUGUSTE) - Deux Années Au Brésil: Ouvrage Illustré de 180 Vignettes Dessinés Par E. Riou D’Après Les Croquis de M. Biard
44183: BIBBY, JOSEPH, EDITOR - Bibby's Annual: An Uncovential Journal for Country Readers. 1918-1922
42731: BICE, CLARE, 1909-76 - Jory's Cove: A Story of Nova Scotia
27067: BICKERSTETH, ELLAL - The Bickersteth Diaries, 1914-1918. Edited By John Bickersteth
23232: BIENEK, HORST - The Cell. Introduction By Daniel Berrigan. Translated from the German By Ursula Mahlendorf
47253: BIERCE, AMBROSE - The Devil's Dictionary. Introduced By Miles Kington. Illustrated By Peter Forster.
41850: BIERSTADT, EDWARD HALE - Enter Murderers ! : Eight Studies in Murder
47957: BIGELOW, POULTNEY - Prussian Memories 1864-1914
36726: BIGGAR, E.B. - The Canadian Railway Problem
4598: BIGNOLD, ROBERT, SIR - Five Generations of the Bignold Family 1761-1947.
45456: BILESKI, KASIMIR - Some Canadian Stamp Errors
33846: (BEATLES) BILL, HARRY, EDITOR - Mersey Beat: The Beginning of the Beatles
20695: BILSON, GEOFFREY - A Darkened House: Cholera in Nineteenth-Century Canada.
47958: BINDER, POLLY - The Truth About Cora Pearl
48964: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - Alton of Somasco: A Romance of the Great Northwest
50187: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - The Long Portage. With a Frontispiece in Colors By Arthur Hutchins
41226: BINDMAN, DAVID (WILLIAM BLAKE) - Blake As an Artist
9743: BINGHAM, SALLIE - After Such Knowledge
43624: BINNS, RICHARD M. - Montreal's Electric Streetcars: An Illustrated History of the Tramway Era: 1892 to 1959
10210: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Sirens. An Ode.
32641: BINYON, LAURENCE - Tradition and Reaction in Modern Poetry
49755: (BIRCH, THOMAS, 1705-66) - An Inquiry Into the Share, Which King Charles I Had in the Transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan, Afterwards the Marquis of Worcester for Bringing over a Band of Irish Rebels to Assist the King in the Years 1645 and 1646. . .
50373: BIRD, WILL R. - Angel Cove
25199: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - Ontario Fraktur: A Pennsylvania-German Folk Tradition in Early Canada
50374: BIRD, WILL R. - The Misadventures of Rufus Birdy
50375: BIRD, WILL R. - Despite the Distance
50376: BIRD, WILL R. - Judgment Glen
50377: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Chrome Suite: A Novel
12511: WOOD, W. BIRKBECK AND BRIGADIER-GENERAL SIR JAMES EDMONDS - The Civil War in the United States with Special Reference to the Campaigns of 1864 and 1865.
42345: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Cow Jumped over the Moon. The Writing and Reading of Poetry.
42346: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Bear on the Delhi Road: Selected Poems
42147: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Strait of Anian: Selected Poems
43747: BIRNEY, EARLE - Now Is Time
42269: BIRNEY, EARLE - Memory No Servant
19814: BIRNEY, EARLE - Ice Cod Bell Or Stone. New Poems.
42216: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Collected Poems of Earle Birney (2 Volumes)
42347: BIRNEY, EARLE - Alphabeings & Other Seasyours
42543: BIRNEY, EARLE - Ice Cod Bell Or Stone. A Collection of New Poems.
42519: BIRNEY, EARLE - Rag & Bone Shop
50378: BIRNEY, EARLE - Down the Long Table
42144: BIRNEY, EARLE - Near False Creek Mouth
43002: BIRNEY, EARLE - Turvey: A Military Picaresque.
48023: BIRNEY, EARLE - David and Other Poems
43746: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Strait of Anian: Selected Poems
42531: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Strait of Anian: Selected Poems
42518: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Damnation of Vancouver. With an Introduction By Wai Wan Low
42348: BIRNEY, EARLE - What's So Big About Green?
42408: BIRNEY, EARLE - Fall By Fury & Other Makings
45900: BIRNEY, ALLAN N. - Oak Heights Neighbours 1800-1950
46470: BIRNEY, EARLE - Spreading Time: Remarks on Canadian Writing and Writers. Book I: 1904-1949
49869: BIRRELL, N. D. ; P. C. W. DAVIES - Quantum Fields in Curved Space
12191: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE (1850-1933) - Obiter Dicta
49964: BIRRELL, N. D. ; P. C. W. DAVIES - Quantum Fields in Curved Space
47997: BISHOP, WILLIAM AVERY 'BILLY' - Winged Warfare
31683: BISHOP, GEORGE - Witness to Evil
32138: BISHOP, JOHN PEALE - Selected Poems
48739: BISHOP, ARTHUR - True Canadian Heroes on the Battlefield
46214: BISHOP, SHERMAN C. - Handbook of Salamanders
44867: BISHOP, ARTHUR - Courage in the Air
48409: BISHOP, CHRIS - The Complete Encyclopedia of Modern Military Weapons - the Comprehensive Guide to over 1,000 Weapons Systems from 1945 to the Present Day
41767: BISSETT, BILL, EDITOR - The Last Blewointment Anthology. Volumes I and II
41768: BISSETT, BILL, EDITOR - The Last Blewointment Anthology. Volume I
41769: BISSETT, BILL, EDITOR - The Last Blewointment Anthology. Volume I
45654: BISSONDATH, NEIL - Doing the Heart Good
42138: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Digging Up the Mountains: Selected Stories (Signed Uk Proof)
50355: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Digging Up the Mountains: Selected Stories
6955: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - A Casual Brutality (Signed Arc)
7243: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - A Casual Brutality
49342: P'BITEK, OKOT - Song of Lawino
48024: BJORLING, JOEL - The Baha'I Faith: A Historical Bibliography
41422: BLACK, AYANNA - No Contingencies.
29937: BLACK, JOHN, REV. - "Cantate Domino: " a Hymnal and Chants for Public Worship. Music Composed By Rev. John Black. . . Revised By Geo. W. Strathy. Second Edition
31194: BLACK, KEN - Report of the Task Force on Illegal Drug Use in Ontario
22708: BLACK, AYANNA, EDITOR - Selections from Fiery Spirits
41331: BLACKADAR, BRUCE - Last Call: A Journey Into and out of Alcohol Addiction
48656: BLACKBURN, GEORGE - Where the Hell Are the Guns?: A Soldier's View of the Anxious Years, 1939-44
50247: (BLACKBURN, PAUL) - Rock Scissors Paper: The Poetry of Paul Blackburn. . .
31425: BLACKLEDGE, W.J. - Hell's Broth Militia
46098: BLACKMAN, R. L.; EASTOP, V. F. - Aphids on the World's Crops: An Identification and Information Guide
32989: BLACKMORE, R.D. - Slain By the Doones (Uk Title: Tales from the Telling House)
2158: BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON - "About the Moravians", an Article Contained on Pp. 166-71 of the Methodist Magazine. . . W.H. Withrow, Editor, Volume XXXIII, Jan. -June, 1891
50234: BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON - Episodes Before Thirty
32990: BLACKWOOD, CAROLINE - Good Night Sweet Ladies
49849: BLACKWOOD, EASLEY - The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings
33457: (BLACKWOOD, THOMAS, 1701-67) (HOMER) - An Enquiry Into the Life and Writings of Homer. The Second Edition
344: BLACKWOOD, CAROLINE - For All That I Found There.
43571: BLAINE, WILLIAM E. - "Ride Through the Garden of Canada": A Short History of the Hamilton, Grimsby & Beamsville Electric Railway Company 1894-1931
50359: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Mad Shadows. Translated By Merloyd Lawrence
50360: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Tëte-Blanche. Translated from the French By Charles Fullman
50361: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - St. Lawrence Blues. Translated from the French By Ralph Manheim
50356: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - A Literary Affair. Translated By Sheila Fischman
45647: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - La Belle Bëte: Roman
50358: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange. Translated from the French By Derek Coltman
50337: BLAISE, CLARKE - Tribal Justice
50339: BLAISE, CLARK - A North American Education. A Book of Short Fiction.
50336: (BLAISE, CLARK) - New Canadian Writing 1968. Stories By David Lewis Stein, Clark Blaise, and Dave Godfrey
50335: (BLAISE, CLARK) - New Canadian Writing 1968. Stories By David Lewis Stein, Clark Blaise, and Dave Godfrey
50334: (BLAISE, CLARK) - New Canadian Writing 1968. Stories By David Lewis Stein, Clark Blaise, and Dave Godfrey
38974: BLAISE, CLARK - I Had a Father: A Post-Modern Autobiography
50362: BLAISE, CLARKE - Tribal Justice
45301: BLAKE, EDWARD - Speeches Delivered By Hon. Edward Blake, the Leader of the Liberal Party, and a Synopsis on the Debate on the Home Rule Resolutions in the House of Commons.
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30975: BOCKRIS, VICTOR (WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS) - With William Burroughs: A Report from the Bunker
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34104: BOLDREWOOD, ROLF - A Sydney-Side Saxon
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32958: BOOTHBY, GUY - Bushigrams
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5259: BOWLES, PAUL - Without Stopping. An Autobiography.
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38756: BRETTONE, RESTIF DE LA - Pleasures and Follies of a Good-Natured Libertine, Being an English Rendering of L'Anti-Justine Done By Pierallesandro Casavini
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43655: BRIGGS, JOHN C. - Francis Bacon and the Rhetoric of Nature
48798: BRIGGS, LILLA BRIGGS - The Sampson Family
42911: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - Unluck Wally Twenty Years on
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45907: BRIMACOMBE, PHILIP - The Story of Bronte Harbour
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6833: BRITTAIN, VERA - Thrice a Stranger
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46348: BYERS, CLIVE; OLSSON, URBAN - Sparrows and Buntings: A Guide to the Sparrows and Buntings of North America and the World
19746: BYERS, S.H.M., MAJOR - With Fire and Sword
50161: BYERS, WILLIAM R. - The Church on the Hill: A History of Holy Trinity Anglican Church Hawkesbury, Ontario, and Its People.
18564: BYRD, RICHARD E. - Little America. Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic. The Flight to the South Pole. With 74 Illustrations and Maps.
43425: BYRON, CARL; HEIMBURGER, DONALD J. - American Streamliner, Post-War Years
41306: BYRON, (GEORGE GORDON NOEL, LORD) - The Works of the Right Honourable Lord Byron; Containing English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers; the Curse of Minerva; and the Waltz, an Apostrophic Hymn.
29676: CARSON, JEANE C. WITH MICHAEL MACKENZIE - Where Once the Eagle Flew
26507: GEORGES, FRÈRE, F.E.C & DANIEL, FRÈRE, F.E.C - Sonnets évangéliques / Fr. Georges ; En Collaboration Avec le Fr. Daniel
39543: JENKS, GEORGE C. & ANNA ALICE CHAPIN - The Deserters
48537: CRANDALL, RICHARD C. AND SUSAN M. - An Annotated Bibliography of Inuit Art
29511: BRIDGES, R.C. & P.E.H. HAIR, EDITORS - Compassing the Vaste Globe of the Earth: Studies in the History of the Hakluyt Society, 1846-1996 with a Complete List of the Society's Publications
27304: MASTERS, DONALD C. AND MARJORIE W. MASTERS - Ten Rings on the Oak 1847-1856. Mountain - Nicolls Family Story
36722: BULL, J.C. & PETER WILLIAMS - Story of Gippsland Shipping. Discoveries of the Early Navigators, Lakes Steamers, Coastal Windjammers, Shipwrecks and Famous Captains
17850: CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, H.C. (WITH REGINALD DE KOVEN). - The Idle Born. A Comedy of Manners.
32711: LILLY, JOHN C. AND FRANCIS JEFFREY - John Lilly, So Far. . .
3887: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - Gallantry. Dizain Des Fetes Galantes. With an Introduction By Louis Untermeyer.
7534: CABLE, GEORGE W. - Gideon's Band. A Tale of the Mississippi.
3962: CAHEN, ALFRED B. - Houses of Ice.
48310: CAHILL, JACK - Forgotten Patriots: Canadian Rebels on Australia's Convict Shores
41327: CAHN, SIDNEY - The Treatment of Alcoholics: An Evaluative Study
42995: CAIN, JAMES M. - The Baby in the Icebox and Other Short Fiction. Edited By Roy Hoopes.
41375: CAIN, ARTHUR H. - Paul King's Rebellion
45557: CAIN, EMILY - Ghost Ships. Hamilton and Scourge: Historical Treasures from the War of 1812.
33306: CAINE, WILLIAM - The Irresistible Intruder
2635: CAINE, HALL - The Prodigal Son
28471: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Journeyman
28465: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Tragicky Kus Zeme [Tragic Ground]
47188: CALENDAR, RICHARD, EDITOR - The Bacteriophages (Volumes 1 & 2)
41874: CALESI, VASILE - Momentos de Alegria Y años de Amargura (Poemas)
24852: CALEY, (J.F.) - Palaeozoic Geology of the Brantford Area, Ontario
36643: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Passion in Rome
36595: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Time for Judas (Signed)
45167: CALLAGHAN, BARRY (MORLEY CALLAGHAN) - Barrelhouse Kings: A Memoir
40230: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Stories 2
43247: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Strange Fugitive
49584: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Native Argosy
49583: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Fine and Private Place: A Novel
36640: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - The Many Coloured Coat
1194: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Passion in Rome
38236: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Morley Callaghan's Stories
49585: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - They Shall Inherit the Earth
49582: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - That Summer in Paris. Memories of Tangled Friendships with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Some Others.
42462: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Passion in Rome
49569: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - No Man's Meat & the Enchanted Pimp
44799: CALLAHAN, JAMES MORTON - American Foreign Policy in Mexican Relations
20623: CALLBECK, LORNE C. - The Cradle of Confederation. A Brief History of Prince Edward Island from Its Discovery in 1534 to the Present Time.
42980: CALMER, EDGAR - When Night Descends
47495: CALONNE, CHARLES ALEXANDRE DE, 1734-1802 - Discours Prononcé de L'Ordre Du Roi Et En Sa Présence, Par M. De Calonne, Contrôleur Général Des Finances, Dans L'Assemblée Des Notables, Tenue à Versailles, le 22 Février 1787, PréCéDé Du Discours Du Roi
39465: CAMBRIDGE, ADA, 1844-1926 - A Humble Enterprise. Illustrated By St. Clair Simmons
49723: CAMDEN, WILLIAM, 1551-1623 - The History of the Most Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth, Late Queen of England; Containing All the Most Important and Remarkable Passages of State, Both at Home, and Abroad . . .
15502: CAMERON, THOMAS W.M., EDITOR [CHARLES DARWIN]. - Evolution: Its Science and Doctrine. Symposium Presented to the Royal Society of Canada in 1959. L'Evolution: Colloque Présenté à la Société Royale Du Canada En 1959.
46633: CAMERON, JOHN (ANDREW FARRELL) - John Cameron's Odyssey. Transcribed By Andrew Farrell. Drawings By Charles Kuhn
49083: CAMERON, ELSPETH (HUGH MACLENNAN) - Hugh Maclennan: A Writer's Life
31171: CAMERON, W.A., REV. - Not By Eastern Windows Only. Messages from Modern Prophets
35577: CAMOIN, FRANÇOIS - Why Men Are Afraid of Women: Stories
21198: CAMPBELL, C.T. - Pioneer Days in London. Some Account of Men and Things in London Before It Became a City.
34884: CAMPBELL, ROY - Roy Campbell
34895: CAMPBELL, ROY - Flowering Reeds
45752: CAMPBELL, KIM - Time and Chance: The Political Memoirs of Canada's First Woman Prime Minister (Signed)
44690: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Georgiad: A Satirical Fantasy in Verse
28412: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS - Mcgillivray. Lord of the Northwest.
34824: CAMPBELL, ROY - Nativity. Illustrated By James Sellars
45827: CAMPBELL, SUSAN - Fort William: Living and Working at the Post
34961: CAMPBELL, ROY - Adamastor: Poems
29717: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE CAMBELL - Niagara: Hinge of the Golden Arc
42402: CAMPBELL, WILFRED (RAYMOND SOUSTER) - Vapour and Blue: Souster Selects Campbell. The Poetry of William Wilfred Campbell Selected and Introduced By Raymond Souster
34905: CAMPBELL, ROY - Adamastor. With Preface and Seven Drawings
28705: CAMPBELL, R.W. (ROBERT WALTER CAMPBELL, B. 1876) - The Mixed Division (T. )
34899: CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA (ROY CAMPBELL) - The Surgeon of His Honour. Translated By Roy Campbell. With and Introduction By Everett W. Hesse
34898: CAMPBELL, ROY - Broken Record: Reminiscences
34951: CAMPBELL, ROY - Taurine Provence
44688: CAMPBELL, ROY - Adamastor: Poems
44689: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Flaming Terrapin
34688: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Wayzgoose: A South African Satire
34923: CAMPBELL, ROY - Talking Bronco
34906: (CAMPBELL, ROY) - Hommage à Roy Campbell. . . Choix de Poèmes, Traduits Par Armand Guibert
34911: CAMPBELL, ROY - Selected Poetry
34957: CAMPBELL, ROY (EDITH SITWELL) - The Collected Poems of Roy Campbell. Volume 3 (Translations). With a Foreword By Edith Sitwell
49573: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - Ian of the Orcades, Or the Armourer of Girnigoe. With Illustrations By Robert B.M. Paxton.
34666: CAMPBELL, ROY - Pomegranates: A Poem. With Drawings By James Boswell
33589: DANTE (ROY CAMPBELL) - Il Paradiso DI Dante: An English Version By T.W. Ramsey. With a Foreword By Roy Campbell
34098: CAMPBELL, DAVID - Selected Poems 1942-1968
46691: CAMPBELL, ROY - Talking Bronco
44261: CAMPBELL, C.A., EDITOR - The Glasgow Academy: The First Hundred Years
32657: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - The Beauty, History, Romance & Mystery of the Canadian Lake Region
34904: CAMPBELL, ROY - Sons of the Mistral
49572: CAMPBELL, KATIE - What He Really Wants Is a Dog: Stories
38499: CAMPBELL, JOHN - Journal of Travels in South Africa; Among the Hottentot and Other Tribes; in the Years 1812, 1813, and 1814. Abridged By the Author
42677: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - A Sheaf of Winter Lyrics
44964: CAMPBELL, HARRIET CHARLOTTE BEAUJOLOIS - A Journey to Florence in 1837. Edited with Notes By G.R. De Beer, F.R. S.
48308: CAMPBELL, ROBERT - I Would Do It Again: Reminiscences of the Rockies
50352: CAMPBELL, HENRY C - Early Days on the Great Lakes: The Art of William Armstrong
26793: CAMPBELL, THOMAS (1777-1844) - Gertrude of Wyoming; a Pennsylvanian Tale. And Other Poems
37008: CAMPIN, FRANCIS - The Practice of Hand-Turning in Wood, Ivory, Shell, Etc. With Instructions for Turning Such Works in Metal As May Be Required in the Practice of Turning in Wood, Ivory, Etc. Also, an Appendix on Ornamental Turning. A Book for Beginners
49680: CAMPION, THOIMAS - Songs and Masques, with Observations in the Art of English Poetry. Edited By A.H. Bullen (Works of Thomas Camption)
43771: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CANADA - The Inuit Print / L'Estampe Inuit
43287: CANE, MELVILL - And Pastures New: A Collection of Poems
32761: CANFIELD, E.J.. MRS. - Street Names of Woodstock. Supplement By Mrs. W.R. Ward. A Paper Given Before Oxford Historical Society 1932
11888: CANIN, ETHAN - Emperor of the Air. Stories.
33506: CANKAR, IVAN - Hlapci: Drama V Petih Aktih
43286: CANNAN, GILBERT - Windmills: A Book of Fables
46979: CANNAN, FERGUS - Galloglass 1250-1600: Gaelic Mercenary Warrior
14269: CANNIFF, WM. (DR. WILLIAM CANNIFF, 1830-1910) - The Medical Profession in Upper Canada 1783-1850. An Historical Narrative, with Original Documents Relating to the Profession, Including Some Brief Biographies.
6584: CANNING, VICTOR - Venetian Bird
2388: CANNING, VICTOR - A Delivery of Furies
44565: CANTON, WILLAM - A Child's Book of Saints. With 19 Full-Page Illustrations By T.H. Robinson
43734: CANUCK, JANEY (EMILY MURPHY) - Seeds of Pine
50426: CAPON, ALAN R. - Historic Lindsay: Including a Portfolio of Lindsay Portraits By John E. Boyd
17520: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - A Tree of Night and Other Stories.
17526: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - The Grass Harp
49570: CAPPON, JAMES (BLISS CARMAN) - Bliss Carman and the Literary Currents and Influences of His Time
6632: CAPUTO, PHILIP - Indian Country (Arc)
42977: CAPUTO, PHILIP - Horn of Africa. (Limited, Signed)
38020: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Speaker for the Dead
46912: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Ender's Game (Inscribed)
49576: CARDINAL, MARIE - The Words to Say It
50526: CARDOZO, CHRISTOPHER, EDITOR (EDWARD S. CURTIS) - Sacred Legacy: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian. Foreword By N. Scott Momaday. Essays By Christopher Cardozo and Joseph D. Horse Capture. Afterword By Anne Makepeace
48036: CARELESS, J.M.S. EDITOR - Colonists & Canadiens 1760-1867
45845: CARELESS, J.M.S., EDITOR - The Pre-Confederation Premiers: Ontario Government Leaders, 1841-1867
49673: CAREW, THOMAS, 1595-1640 - The Poems of Thomas Carew. Edited By Arthur Vincent

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