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117380: - Snap-Shots of Tenterden
117304: - Heritage Park Memory Album
117300: - Garage
117808: (RED RIVER) - The Red River Flood of 1950
117789: (ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS) - Alcoholics Anonymous; The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism
118041: COOKBOOK. NAIT DENTAL ASSISTING CLASS OF 1994 - Our Favourite Recipes
101526: ELFROS R.M. 307 - From Prairie Trails to the Yellowhead
114049: (READERS) - Highroads to Reading Book Four
119186: (READERS) - The Canadian Readers Book V
118567: - Chisel and Brush / le Ciseau Et la Brosse
119071: (OJIBWE / SAULTEAUX) - [Two Lines of Syllabics] / Oshkimasina'ikan Kaaanihshinaapemoomakahk
118787: 113984 - The Bauhaus; Weimar, Dessau, Berlin, Chicago
113333: - Duel; Collection of Poetry, Drawings and Short Fiction.
113327: - The Cofeld Judaic Museum of Temple Beth Zion; An Illustrated Catalog of the Collection
113207: - The Apocrypha
113032: - How to Read Character: A New Illustrated Hand Book of Phrenology and Physiognomy, for Students Adn Examiners; With a Descriptive Chart.
112264: (BASEBALL) - World Series 1961: New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds - Official Program
110792: (SOUTH SEAS) - Dit Is Die Kaerte Van Dne Sund...
110444: (READERS) - Second Reader
109718: (COMMONWEALTH AND EMPIRE LAW CONFERENCE) - Record of the Commonwealth and Empire Law Conference; London, 20th-27th July, 1955
109697: (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS) - The History of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales 1880-1965 and of Its Founder Accountancy Bodies 1870-1880; the Growth of a Profession and Its Influence on Legislation and Public Affairs
109696: (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS) - A History of the Chartered Accountants of Scotland from the Earliest Times to 1954; Written and Published on the Occasion of the Centenary of Their Institute
109646: (NEW TESTAMENT) - Testament Newydd; Ein Harglwydd A'n Hiachawdwr Iesu Grist
102112: RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF THE GAP #39 - Builders of a Great Land; History of the R.M. Of the Gap No. 39, Ceylon and Hardy
110081: (SURTEES, ROBERT A.) - Jorrocks's Jaunts & Jollities; the Hunting, Shooting, Racing, Driving, Sailing, Eccentric and Extravagant Exploits of That Renowned Sporting Citizen, Mr. John Jorrocks
113486: - Dediche Della Trivulziana Alla Communita Europea
119152: - Our Air Force
119154: - My Very First Book
114050: (READERS) - Highroads to Reading Book Five
113361: - Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of Canada
112340: (DICTIONARY) - The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary; Complete Text Reproduced Micrographically
110375: (MAP) - The Tourist's Route Map of England and Wales. For All Cyclists and Roadmen; with the Routes of Thirty Tours Specially Indicated and Marked in Red
110198: (BURNHAM, CATHERINE LYDIA) - Can and Can't Series
109719: (COMMONWEALTH AND EMPIRE LAW CONFERENCE) - Record of the Second Commonwealth and Empire Law Conference, Ottawa, September 14-21, 1960
116971: - La Commedia Di Dante Alighieri; Il Testo Wittiano Riveduto
115949: - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume
119187: (READERS) - The Canadian Readers Book IV
118714: (VARIOUS) - History of the Narka Area
119784: (READERS) - The Canadian Readers Book II
203293: (NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA) - Wind Effects on Buildings and Structures; International Research Seminar, Ottawa, Canada, 11-15 September 1967
115610: - My Own Years
116467: - Our Story; Aboriginal Voices on Canada's Past
120615: (READERS) - Highroads to Reading Book Five
121205: - Picturesque Word Origins; With Forty-Five Illustrative Drawings
121236: - A Flight Through Time (Volume I)
121388: 121250 - A.J.Casson; His Life and Works / A Tribute
202258: (POPE, A.?) - Characters and Observations; an 18th Century Manuscript
202467: (TELECOMMUNICATIONS) - How to Build Rural Telephone Lines
202477: (MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD) - Lucy Maud Montgomery, "The Island's Lady of Stories"
202511: (ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS) - Alcoholics Anonymous; The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism
202520: (DAVENPORT ACADEMY) - Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences
202524: (SCHWEIZER ALPENCLUB) - Jahrbuch Des Schweizer Alpenclub; Neunundvierzigster Jahrgang 1913 Bis 1914
202571: (ONTARIO) - Peterborough; Land of Shining Waters - an Anthology
202636: (ARCHITECTURE) - Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentery, and Building; a General Reference Work on Architecture, Carpentery, Building, Superintendence, Contracts, Specifications, Building Law, Stair-Building, Estimating, Masonry, Reinforced Concrete..
202934: (JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE) - The Fern Manual: Being a Description of All the Best Stove, Greenhouse, and Hardy Ferns, Cultivated in British Gardens; with Instructions for Their Cultivation and Treatment Both on a Large Scale and in Fern Cases
202983: (ANON.) - Poetical Chronology of Ancient and English History; with Historical and Explanatory Notes
203032: (SCAFE, JOHN) - King Coal's Levee, or Geological Etiquette... And the Council of Metals
203115: (MONTANA) - Constitution of the State of Montana As Adopted by the Constitutional Convention Held at Helena, Montana, July 4, A.D. 1889 and Ending August 17, A.D. 1889; and Also an Address to the People
203136: (GREIFSWALD) - Festschrift Zur 500-Jahrfeier Der Universitat Greifswald 17.10.56
203150: (CLOTH BOOK) - Routledge's Everlasting Alphabet
203152: (MOVABLE BOOK) - My Paint Book; 144 Pages to Paint and Color
203155: (CLOTH BOOK) - Jolly Alphabet
203157: (CLOTH BOOK) - Goosie Gander Rhymes
203203: (ODD FELLOWS) - I.O.O.F. Catalogue
203205: (TRADE CATALOGUES) - Fireplace Equipment
203214: (ANON.) - Watts's Hymns
203225: (ANON.) - Frank Russell; or, Living for an Object
203292: (WINNIPEG ART GALLERY) - The Development of Canadian Silver
203317: (BUFFON) - Buffon's Natural History of Birds
203341: (RED CROSS) - The Canadian Red Cross
203350: (CHILDREN'S READERS) - The Canadian Children's Treasury of Pictures and Stories; No.Ix
203403: (TWAIN, MARK) - Mark Twain Catalogue One
203445: (ANTHOLOGY) - More Songs by the Fighting Men; Soldier Poets: Second Series
203547: (READERS) - The Canadian Readers Book V
203548: (READERS) - Highroads to Reading Book Six
203670: (READERS) - A First Primer Based on the Phonic System
203839: (CANADA) - The Canadian Record; a Permanent Record of Canadian Men and Matters in 1937-8
203843: (UKRAINIAN) - Jubilee Book of the Ukrainian National Association in Commemoration of the Fortieth Anniversary of Its Existence
203870: (ANON.) - Learning to Act
203883: (ANON.) - Danny's Secret
203907: (AESOP) - The Favourite Book of Fables
203936: (ANON.) - A Visit to the Sea Side
203937: (LE ROUX, L' ABBE?) - Lettres sur la Maniere de Former le Caractere des Jeunes Gens
114504: SILVERMAN, ROBERT A. AND MARIANNE O. NIELSON (EDITORS) - Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian Criminal Justice
114488: CUMMING, PETER A. AND NEIL H. MICKENBERG (CO-EDITORS) - Native Rights in Canada
114100: LORSONG, J.A AND M.A. WILSON (EDITORS) - Oil and Gas in Saskatchewan
113489: KABZEMS, A. AND C.L. KIRBY - The Growth and Yield of Jack Pine in Saskatchewan
113338: STINETORF. LOUISE A. - White Witch Doctor
105346: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. SHERBININ, MICHAEL A. - The Galicians Dwelling in Canada and Their Origin
116632: CODY. H.A. - The Touch of Abner
113976: P.F.R.A. - South Saskatchewan River Project 1958-1967
105353: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. STEWART, DAVID A. - Early Assiniboine Trading Posts of the Souris-Mouth Group, 1785-1832
102081: REGINA. SWALLOW, D.A. & T.J. BURNS - A Study of Noise in Regina; Pollution Probe at Regina
100725: GILBERT PLAINS. BROWN, O.A. & C. FINNEN - Settlers of the Plains
113618: P.F.R.A. - P.F.R.A. - 60 Years of Achievement
103985: CHRISTIANSEN, E.A. ET AL - Fort Qu'appelle Geolog; The Valleys - Past and Present
120359: AACH, HANA K. - Impressions: Stories of the Nation's Printer
121231: AACH, HANA K. - Impressions: Stories of the Nation's Printer
120138: AARON, DANIEL - Writers on the Left; Episodes in American Literary Communism
120343: AARONS, ANITA (CURATOR) - New Perceptions: Landscapes
203304: ANITA AARONS (EDITOR) - Allied Arts Catalogue
114041: ABBEY, LLOYD - Selections 1959-1989
118286: ABBOTT, ELISABETH (TRANS.); SUSSAN, RENÉ BEN (ILLUS.) - The Fifteen Joys of Marriage (Various authors have used this byline. This title is attributed to Antoine de La Sale. Also released as: (as by Les Quinze Joies de Mariage).)
114027: ABBOTT, ELEANOR HALLOWELL - Little Eve Edgarton
200002: ABBOTT, MAUDE E. - Francis John Shepherd, M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S., Edin. And Lon. (Hon.) Anatomist and Surgeon and John George Adami, C.B.E., M.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., Hon. D.Sc., Hon. Ll.D
200003: ABBOTT, MAUDE E. (EDITOR) - Sir William Osler Memorial Number; Appreciations and Reminiscences
202641: ABBOTT, MAUDE E. (EDITOR) - Sir William Osler Memorial Number; Appreciations and Reminiscences
203894: ABBOTT, JACOB - Willie and the Mortgage, Showing How Much May Be Accomplished by a Boy
119832: ABELLA, IRVING; TROPER, HAROLD - None Is Too Many; Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933-1948
102667: ABELLA, IRVING; TROPER, HAROLD - None Is Too Many; Canada and the Jews of Europe 1933-1948
120215: ABELLA, IRVING MARTIN - Nationalism, Communism, and Canadian Labour; The Cio, the Communist Party, and the Canadian Congress of Labour, 1935-1956
119357: ABERDEEN WITH SUPPLEMENT - Aberdeen 1907-1981 with Aberdeen Supplement 1907-1985
101299: ABERDEEN - Aberdeen 1907-1981
108242: ABERHART, WILLIAM - Social Credit Manual; Social Credit As Applied to the Province of Alberta
113079: ABERNETHY - Waiting for the Train; Abernethy Area Farming, 1882 - 1912
101300: ABERNETHY - Dance on the Bridge. A History of Abernethy and Area
102961: ABERSON, JANE L.; VANDERVENNEN, ROBERT E. (EDITOR) - From the Prairies with Hope
200007: ABERT, J.W.; GALVIN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Western America in 1846-1847: The Original Travel Diary of Lieutenant J.W. Abert Who Mapped New Mexico for the United States Army
200008: ABHEDANANDA, SWAMI - Mystery of Death: A Study in the Philosophy and Religion of the Katha Upanishad
115592: ABLASSER, GOTTFRIED - Farm Real Estate Sales in the Prairie Provinces 1963-1967
102965: ABLEY, MARK - Glasburyon
102963: ABLEY, MARK - Beyond Forget; Rediscovering the Prairies
118033: COOKBOOK. ABRAHAMSON, FREDA (EDITOR) - The Leif Eriksson Icelandic Club: Recipes
114368: ABRAMS, GARY - Prince Albert: The First Century 1866-1966
102966: ABRAMS, GARY - Prince Albert: The First Century 1866-1966
102969: ABRAMSON, JANE A. - Adjustments Associated with Migration from Farm Operator to Urban Wage Earner
102967: ABRAMSON, JANE A. - Rural Non-Farm Communities and Families; Social Structure, Process and Systems in Ten Saskatchewan Villages
101302: ACADIA, BICKLEIGH, KILDARE - Our Heritage History. Acadia, Bickleigh, Kildare
102973: ACHARD, EUGENE - Le Vainqueur du Rodeo
115539: MENDEL; ACHJADI, DIYAN; TANG, BRENDAN; LAMBERTSON, KRISTEN - Diyan Achjadi & Brendan Tang: Sugar Bombs
115981: ACKERKNECHT, ERWIN H. - The Eskimo; Ciba Symposia
203485: ACKLEY, EDITH FLACK - Paper Dolls: Their History and How to Make Them
113591: ACTON, JAMES (PUBLISHED BY) - Toronto
112632: ACTON, WILLIAM; FRYER, PETER (EDITOR) - Prostitution
110478: ACTON, B.K.; SPENCE, C.C. - Pioneer Farming and Municipal Finance in the Sangudo-Winfield Area of Alberta 1941
102974: ACTON, D.F.; ELLIS, J.G. - The Soils of the Saskatoon Map Area 73-B Saskatchewan
200011: ACTON, JAMES (EDITOR) - Canadian Book of Furniture
102669: ADACHI, KEN - The Enemy That Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians
120496: ADAIR, JOHN - The Navajo and Pueblo Silversmiths
117376: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - Mostly Harmless
117976: HEMPLEMAN-ADAMS, DAVID - Walking on Thin Ice, in Pursuit of the North Pole
117360: ADAMS, ALICE - Rich Rewards
119261: ADAMS, BRYAN - Made in Canada
113502: ADAMS, ANDY - Egyptian Scarab Mystery
119889: ADAMS, RICHARD - Watership Down
111979: ADAMS, GARY - York Factory National Historic Site Archaeology
102977: ADAMS, GARY - The Estuary Bison Pound Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan
119688: ADAMS, RICHARD - The Plague Dogs
112403: ADAMS, AGNES - Ella of Berry Farm
111992: ADAMS, GARY - End of 1981 and 1982 Seasons: York Factory National Historic Site
111980: ADAMS, GARY - End of Season Report: York Factory National Historic Site
111971: ADAMS, GARY - End of Season Report: York Factory National Historic Site
110915: ADAMS, A. LEITH - Field and Forest Rambles, with Notes and Observations on the Natural History of Eastern Canada
110833: ADAMS, JOHN - A Short Guide to Canadian Genera of Seed Plants
109242: ADAMS, JOHN COLDWELL - Sir Charles God Damn; the Life of Sir Charles G. D. Roberts
107551: RADISSON. ADAMS, ARTHUR T. (EDITOR) - The Explorations of Pierre Esprit Radisson
102978: ADAMS, GARY - Prehistoric Survey of the Lower Red Deer River, 1975
102976: ADAMS, GARY; FORSMAN, MICHAEL R.A.; MINNI, SHEILA J. - Archaeological Investigations: Writing-On-Stone N.W.M.P. Post
116876: ADAMS, ROBERT J. - Beyond the Stump Farm
121045: ADAMS, W. DAVENPORT - Famous Statesmen; Or, The Men at the Helm
121519: ADAMS, HENRY - The Education of Henry Adams
200014: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy 4
200016: ADAMS, J. - Medicinal Plants and Their Cultivation in Canada
200018: ADAMS, RICHARD - The Plague Dogs
200019: ADAMS, W. DACRES - A Book of Beggars
203106: ADAMS, (HENRY) - Portfolio Containing Twenty-Four Plates to Accompany Volume on Building Construction
203402: ADAMS, LUCILLE; TWAIN, MARK - Huckleberry Finn: A Descriptive Bibliography of the Huckleberry Finn Collection at the Buffalo Public Library
203872: ADAMS, CHARLOTTE - William Woodland
121070: ADAMSON, JUDITH - Graham Greene and Cinema
117875: ADASKIN, HARRY - A Fiddler`S World; Memoirs to 1938
113187: ADDAMS, JANE - A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil
113186: ADDAMS, JANE - The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets
113185: ADDAMS, JANE - Newer Ideals of Peace
116586: ADDISON, OTTALINE; HARWOOD, ELIZABETH - Tom Thompson; The Algonquin Years
121456: ADDISON, OTTELYN; HARWOOD, ELIZABETH - Tom Thompson; The Algonquin Years
120313: ADLER, DENNIS - Dennis Adler's High Country Prints Book
118556: ADMIRAL - Admiral; Prairie to Wheatfields
113676: ADMIRALTY, ENGINEER-IN-CHIEF'S DEPT. - Engineering Manual for His Majesty's Fleet
121163: .[THE ALERT ADVERTISING] - Map and Street Guide, Edmonton, Alberta.
113211: INDIAN AND NORTHERN AFFAIRS - Central Cree and Ojibway Crafts
115208: DEPARTMENT NORTHERN AFFAIRS AND NATIONAL RESOURCES - Annual Report of the National Museum of Canada for the Fiscal Year 1954-55
114326: (CANADA) MINISTER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND - Outstanding Business; A Native Claims Policy Specific Claims
114325: (CANADA) MINISTER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT - In All Fairness; A Native Claims Policy Comprehensive Claims
114269: CANADA, DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT - Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Final Agreement Between the Government of Canada, the Champgne and Aishihik First Nations and the Government of the Yukon
114084: DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Report of the Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs 31st December 1878 (And) 31st December, 1879
113009: DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT - Indians of the Prairie Provinces (An Historical Review)
113007: DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT - Linguistic and Cultural Affiliations of Canadian Indian Bands
119800: CANADA. DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Schedule of Indian Reserves in the Dominion; Supplement to Annual Report of the Department of Indian Affairs for the Year Ended March 31, 1913.
114260: CANADA. INDIAN AFFAIRS - Annual Report of the Department of Indian Affairs for the Year Ended 30th June 1899
113632: DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND NORTHER - Socio-Economic Impact Model for Northern Development
201223: MAP. SOUTH AFRICA - Bartholomews Reduced Survey Map of South Africa Coloured to Show Height of Land
202937: AGATE, JAMES E. - L. of C. (Lines of Communication); Being the Letters of a Temporary Officer in the Army Service Corps
200023: AGEE, JAMES - A Death in the Family
118008: AGNEW,EDITH J. - Leo of Alaska
114384: MANITOBA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Kah-Miss-Ahk; Report of the Progress of the F.R.E.D. Programs and Projects Up to Jan 15, 1969
113617: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - P.F.R.A.: The Story of Conservation on the Prairies.
103003: ALBERTA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Annual Report of the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Alberta for the Years 1934-38
103002: ALBERTA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Annual Report of the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Alberta for the Years 1925-32
103783: CANADIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURE - The Farmers' Platform; a New National Policy for Canada
103768: CANADA. AGRICULTURE AND COLONIZATION - Select Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization: Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence and Report in Respect to the Consideration of, Including Protein As a Factor in the Statutory Definitions of Contract Grades of Wheat and Its Effect on Existing Methods of Inspecting and Grading, Together with the Subject of Storage, Mixing, Inspection and Grading of Grain, Generally, and of the Administration of the Canada Grain Act
103767: CANADA. AGRICULTURE AND COLONIZATION - Select Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization: Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence and Report in Respect to the Consideration of the Subject of Immigration, the Immigration Act and Regilations and the Work of the Department of Immigration and Colonization - Session 1928
103001: ALBERTA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. - Annual Report of the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Alberta 1918-24
103000: ALBERTA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Annual Report of the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Alberta, 1913-14
102999: ALBERTA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Annual Report of the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Alberta, 1910
115159: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - P.F.R.A. - a Record of Achievement; A Report on Activities Under the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act for the Eight-Year Period Ended March 31, 1943
115017: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Weeds and Weed Seeds: Illustrated and Described
103785: CANADIAN FEDERATION OF AGRICULTURE - Manifesto of the Canadian Farmer. As Presented to the Cabinet of the Government of Canada on January 27th, 1941, by a Delegation of 22 Representatives from the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
121396: MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE - Save the Crow: The Saskatchewan Solution
115034: THE CANADIAN SOCIETY OF TECHNICAL AGRICULTURISTS - Proceedings of the World's Grain Exhibition and Conference, July 24 - August 5, 1933, Regina, Canada (Volumes 1 and 2)
102991: AHENAKEW, FREDA (EDITOR) - Cree Language Structures; A Cree Approach
119404: AHENAKEW, VINCE - Nêhiyawêwin Masinahikan; Michif / Cree Dictionary
102988: AHENAKEW, FREDA; WOLFART, H.C. (EDITOR) - The Counselling Speeches of Jim Ka-Nipitehtew
102990: AHENAKEW, FREDA (EDITOR) - Stories of the House People / Waskahikaniwiyiniw-Acimowina
113872: AHENAKEW, FREDA; SHIRLEY FREDEEN - Our Languages: Our Survival
119406: AHENAKEW, VINCE - Nêhiyawêwin Mitâtaht; Michif Ahci Cree
112329: AHENAKEW, FREDA; WOLFART, H.C. (EDITOR) - Our Grandmothers' Lives As Told in Their Own Words
115999: AHENAKEW, FREDA (EDITOR) - Stories of the House People / Waskahikaniwiyiniw-Acimowina
102987: AHENAKEW, EDWARD; BUCK, RUTH M. (EDITOR) - Voices of the Plains Cree
102986: AHENAKEW, EDWARD; BUCK, RUTH (EDITOR) - Voices of the Plains Cree
115119: AHENAKEW, FREDA (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Wâskahikaniwiyiniw-Âcimowina; Stories of the House People (Told by Peter Vandall and Oe Douquette)
115109: AHENAKEW, FREDA (TRANS. AND EDITOR); LITTLECHILD, GEORGE (ILLUS.) - Napesis Ekwa Apakosis Acimowinis
115663: AHENAKEW, FREDA (EDITOR) - A Preliminary Check-List of Plains Cree Medical Terms
115692: AHENAKEW, FREDA - Kiskinahamawakan-Acimowinisa / Written by Cree-Speaking Students, Edoted with a Glossary by Freda Ahenakew
120577: AHENAKEW, BETH; HARDLOTTE, SAM (COMPILED BY) - Nehiyaw A-Tayoka-We-Na / [1 Line of Cree Syllabics] / (Cree Legends) / Stories of Wesakechak
110488: AHLF, MARGUERITE - Edson - 75 Years; a History of the Town
112841: AHMED, SYED HABIB - From South Asia to North America: An Autobiography 1915-2000
116760: AICHISON, J.H. (EDITOR) - The Poltical Process in Canada; Essays in Honour of R. MacGregor Dawson
120976: AIKEN, CONRAD - Mr. Arcularis
100510: AIKENS, W.E - Homestead
120855: AIKIN, JOHN - The Lives of John Selden, Esq. And Archbishop Usher; With Notices of the Principal English Men of Letters with Whom They Were Connected
118477: CANADA. AIKINS, J.C. (SECRETARY OF STATE OF CANADA) - Report of the Secretary of State of Canada, for the Year Ending the 30th June, 1872
203879: AIMWELL, WALTER - Clinton: Or, Boy-Life in the Country
118592: AINSLIE, PATRICIA - Correspondences: Jack Shadbolt
119159: AINSLIE, PATRICIA - Inglis Sheldon-Williams
112101: AITKEN, J.R. - My Garden of the Red, Red Rose
115550: MENDEL; AKINSHA, KONSTANTIN;RING, DAM; HOLUBIZKY, IHOR - On the Margin: Contemporary Art of Ukraine
101304: ALAMEDA - From Dream...To Reality
202642: ALBEE, FRED H. - Bone-Graft Surgery
117700: ALBERS, PATRICIA; MEDICINE, BEATRICE - The Hidden Half; Studies of Plains Indian Women
114931: ART GALLERY OF PRINCE ALBERT - Convergance
106458: MAP. PRINCE ALBERT - Map of City of Prince Albert
202386: ALBERT, THOMAS - Histoire Du Madawaska; d'apres les Recherches Historiques de Patrick Therriault et les Notes Manuscrites de Prudent L. Mercure
116614: SOCIAL CREDIT BOARD ALBERTA - Prepare Now; A Suggested Policy for Post-War Reconstuction Embodying Features Essential to British Democracy
116615: SOCIAL CREDIT BOARD ALBERTA - The Record Tells the Story 1905-1936; 1936-1939
103012: ALBERTA - Alberta Facts and Figures. An Interesting Informative Compilation of Facts Pertinent to Alberta
100006: ALBERTA - The Bill of Rights: Introduction Summary...The Act...Questions and Answers
100002: ALBERTA - By-Laws for Incorporated Villages in the Province of Alberta
100004: ALBERTA - The School Act; the School Assessment Act. The Tax Recovery Act. The School Grants Act. The School Attendance Act and General Regulations of the Department of Education
117535: UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA - Information for Prospective University Students; Edmonton and Calgary; Session 1953-54
100511: ALBERTUS, GREGOR: (PSEUD.?) - Red Flannel Pyjamas: Stories of Sex, Sin and Crime in a Rooming House
120619: MEATH PARK, ALBERTVILLE AND DISTRICT - From Bush to Grain; A History of Albertville, Meath Park and District
120753: ALBERY, WILLIAM; BELLOC, HILAIRE (INTRO.) - A Parliamentary History of the Ancient Borough of Horsham, 1295-1885; With Some Account of Every Contested Election, and So Far As Can Be Ascertained, a List of Members Returned
110316: ALCOCK, F.J. - A Century in the History of the Geological Survey of Canada
112005: AN ALCOHOLIC - The Life of an Alcoholic; the Answer to Anyone's Liquor Problem
115191: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Flower Fables
113818: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Little Women
202154: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Jo's Boys, and How They Turned Out; a Sequel to "Little Men"
203223: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - May Flowers
117344: ALDEN, RAYMOND MACDONALD - The Forest Full of Friends
118552: ALDERGROVE. - The Place Between, Volume II; 1940-1970
110647: ALDINE - The Aldine, the Art Journal of America
110646: ALDINE - The Aldine; a Typographic Art Journal
103023: ALDOUS, DAVE - Barns in Saskatchewan
116595: ALDOUS, DAVE - Water
116564: ALEJCHEM, SCHOLEM - Der Fortschritt in Kasrilweke Und Andere Alte Geschichten Aus Neuerer Zeit
120167: ALÉS, ANATOLE - Bibliothèque Liturgique; Description Des Livres de Liturgie Imprimés Aux XV Et XVI Siècles
116650: ALEXANDER, COLIN - Angry Society
103024: ALEXANDER, MARY H.T. - Fort Prince of Wales
100007: ALEXANDER, W.H.; E.K. BROADUS; F.J. LEWIS; J.M. MACEACHRAN. - These Twenty Five Years: A Symposium
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121336: ANDERSON, RUTH - Discovering Newfoundland Through Stamps
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114013: [ANON.] - The Summer Sunshine Book
112107: ANON. - The General Class-Book, or, Interesting Lessons in Prose and Verse, on a Great Variety of Subjects; Combined with an Epitome of English Orthography and Pronunciation and Intended As the Third Book in a Course of Reading for the Use of Schools
110842: [ANON.] - Animals I Like
110501: [ANON.] - River Rampant
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102679: ANON - Chemical Biological Radiological Warfare Brings Doom Desolation
102680: ANON - Verses and Psalms for Children and Youth
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102676: ANON - Hymns: Manifestation for Peace and Disarmament. Dana (Sask.) Radar Base, June 27, 1965
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121020: ANON. - Striving for the Mastery
121103: ANON. - Four-Footed Friends
202646: ANON. - The London Dissector: Or, System of Dissection Practised in the Hospitals and Lecture Rooms of the Metropolis; Explained by the Clearest Rules for the Use of Students; Comprising a Description of the Muscles, Vessels, Nerves and Viscera of the Human Body, As They Appear on Dissection; with Directions for Their Demonstration
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117843: NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS - Narcotics Anonymous
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114187: ANTHON, CHARLES - A System of Greek Prosody and Metre, for the Use of Schools and Colleges; Together with the Choral Scanning of the Prometheus Vinctus of Aeschylus, and the Ajax and Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles. To Which Are Appended Remarks on Indo-Germanic Analogies.
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120612: CANMORE. APPLEBY, EDNA (HILL) - Canmore: The Story of an Era
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103096: ARCHER, JOHN H. - Saskatchewan: A History
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100441: STANDARD AND AREA - From Danaview to Standard
100113: CORONATION AND AREA - In the Beginning: A History of Coronation, Throne, Federal and Fleet Districts
100203: HAND HILLS AREA - Hand Hills Heritage
101749: MAIDSTONE AND AREA - Preserving the Past; A History of the School Districts of Carruthers, Cosy Nook, Flat Lake, Lilydale, Reading and Sumner
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102087: RICHARD AND AREA - Richard Remembers
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120233: VEGREVILLE AND AREA - Vegreville in Review: History of Vegreville and Surrounding Area 1880-1980 (Volume I Only)
120513: ALIX-CLIVE AREA - Pioneers and Progress & Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress (2 Volumes Complete)
121294: WYNYARD & AREA - The Wynyard Story : An Historic Journey of a Saskatchewan Community, Prehistory to 2013
119664: MINBURN AND SURROUNDING AREAS - Miles to Minburn
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120187: ARMYTAGE, W.H.G. - Yesterday's Tomorrows; A Historical Survey of Future Societies
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103120: ARNASON, DAVID - The Circus Performers' Bar
121033: ARNAUD, RAOUL - La Princesse de Lamballe, 1749-1792
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113035: ARNOLD, HUGH - Stained Glass of the Middle Ages in England and France; With 50 Plates in Colour by Lawrence B. Saint
119705: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Culture and Anarchy: An Essay in Political and Social Criticism
120414: ARNOLD, FRITZ - One Hundred Caricatures from Simplicissimus, 1896-1914
114418: ARNOT, JUDGE DAVID M. - Treaty Implementation: Fulfilling the Covenant
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121229: THE ARROWHEADS - Avro Arrow; The Story of the Avro Arrow from Its Evolution to Its Extinction
117318: EMILY CARR COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN - Untitled; Work by Emily Carr College of Art and Design Graduates: 1994
115254: THE ALBERTA COLLEGE OF ART - 10th Annual Calgary Graphics Exhibition
113931: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Les Fauves
113718: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Jacques Villon; His Graphic Art
115051: MUSEUM OF ART, WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY - Noritake Art Deco Porcelains: Collection of Howard Kottler
115032: THE MCMICHAEL CONSERVATION COLLECTION OF ART - The McMichael Conservation Collection
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110317: ARTHUR, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - Thunder Bay District 1821-1892; a Collection of Documents
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115163: BARRIE, J.M. - Courage
112108: BARRIE, JAMES M.; HUDSON, SUSAN - The Eternal Peter Pan; Selections from Peter Pan and Wendy
121056: BARRIE, J. M. - Auld Licht Idylls
200109: BARRIE, J.M. - Quality Street: A Comedy in Four Acts
112449: BARRINGTON, E. - Anne Boleyn
117873: BARRIS, THEODORE - Fire Canoe: Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited
103217: BARRON, F. LAURIE; WALDRAM, JAMES B. (EDITOR) - 1885 and After: Native Society in Transition
118508: BARRY, DICK - Magic with Class
118712: BURK'S FALLS. BARRY, LARRY J. (EDITOR); DOUGLAS, JANET (CO-EDITOR) - Memories of Burk's Falls and District.
118739: BARRY, BILL - People Places; Saskatchewan and Its Names
116183: BARRY, BILL, AND FAMILY - People Places Cookbook
113384: BARRY, BILL - Ukrainian People Places
112929: BARRY, ROBERT - Boo
112562: BARRY, BILL - People Places; The Dictionary of Saskatchewan Place Names
120618: BARRY, BILL - Geographic Names of Saskatchewan
101421: CANORA. BARSCHEL, J.F. PAUL - A History of Canora and District
203175: BARTH, JOHN - The Floating Opera
120994: BARTHOLOMEW, J. G. - A Literary & Historical Atlas of Europe [And] a Literary & Historical Atlas of America [And] a Literary & Historical Atlas of Asia [And] a Literary & Historical Atlas of Africa and Australasia
114477: BARTLETT, RICHARD H. - Aboriginal Peoples and Constitutional Reform: Subjugation, Self-Management and Self-Government of Aboriginal Lands and Resources in Canada
109252: BARTON, ANNE - The Names of Comedy
113373: BASHFORD, JAMES, W. - China; An Interpretation
121574: BASQUAIT, JEAN-MICHAEL; EMMERLING, LEONHARD - Jean-Michael Basquiat: 1960-1988
103224: BASRAN, G.S.; HAY, D.A. (EDITOR) - The Political Economy of Agriculture in Western Canada
115134: BASSENDOWSKI, SANDRA L. - Traditions and Transitions: A Photographic History of Nursing in Saskatchewan
119179: BASSWOOD - A Century of Living; Basswood 1878 - 1978
113229: BATEMAN, J.D. - A Day in the Arctic
117243: BATEMAN, ROBERT; TEXT BY RICHARD ARCHIBALD - An Artist in Nature and Natural Worlds (Two Volume Boxed Set)
112058: ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA. BATES, MAXWELL; THOM, IAN M. - Maxwell Bates; A Retrospective
112147: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY. BATES, MAXWELL - Maxwell Bates in Retrospect 1921-1971
115469: BATES, WALTER; FROST, SARAH; RAYMOND, W.O. - Kingston and the Loyalists of the "Spring Fleet" of A.D. 1783, with Reminicenses of the Early Days in Connecticut; A Narrative; With Appendix - the Diary of Sarah Frost
112903: BATES, H.E., WOOD ENGRAVINGS BY AGNES MILLER PARKER - Through the Woods; The English Woodland April to April
112405: BATES, CHRISTINA - Out of Old Ontario Kitchens; A Collection of Traditional Recipes of Ontario and the Stories of the People Who Cooked Them
200113: BATES, H.E. - The Purple Plain
202954: BATES, RALPH - The Fields of Paradise
103226: BATTEL, MILDRED E. - Children Shall Be First: Child Welfare Saskatchewan 1944-1964
119872: BATTLEFORD, SASKATCHEWAN - Home on the Hill; 25 Years at St. Charles Scholasticate
103228: BATTY, BEATRICE - Forty-Two Years Amongst the Indians and Eskimo. Pictures from the Life of the Right Reverend John Horden, First Bishop of Moosonee
200115: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES; CREPET, JACQUES; PICHOIS, CLAUDE (EDITOR) - Oeuvres Posthumes; Juvenilia, Reliquiae
202300: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Les Fleurs du Mal
114982: BAUKNECHT, PHILIPP - Oelbilder, Aquarelle, Grafik
119239: BAUM, L. FRANK - Ozma of Oz
119243: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Land of Oz
116670: BAUM, FRANK L. - The Wizard of Oz
111118: BAUM, L. FRANK; COSGROVE, RACHEL R. - The Hidden Valley of Oz
102949: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Magic of Oz; a Faithful Record of the Remarkable Adventures of Dorothy and Trot and the Wizard of Oz, Together with the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger and Cap'n Bill, in Their Successful Search for a Magical and Beautiful Birthday Present for Princess Ozma of Oz
102948: BAUM, L. FRANK - Phoebe Daring; a Story for Young Folk
102947: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People
202163: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Land of Oz; a Sequel to the Wizard of Oz
112655: BAXT, GEORGE - Burning Sappho
114150: BAXTER, BETTY - Daughter of the Coast Guard
101638: HUDSON BAY & DISTRICT - Valley Echoes; Prairie River, Greenbush, White Poplar, Veillardville, Reserve, Kakwa, Clemenceau, Etomami, Etoimami, Hudson Bay Junction, Erwood, Red Deer Lake
200468: DE BAYE, J. - The Industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons
100531: BAYER, MARY ELIZABETH - Responses
120355: BAYER, FERN - The Ontario Collection
116808: BAYNE, HUGH DEAN - A History of Charles William Bayne and Esta Rebeca Bayne, Prepared from Their Diaries and the Memories of Their Living Children
103231: BAYROCK, L.A. - Catastrophic Advance of the Steele Glacier, Yukon, Canada: A Report on Surveys Conducted on the Steele Glacier from August 20 to August 23, 1966
113595: BAZIN, RENE - Les Noellet
113596: BAZIN, RENE - Les Noellet (This, My Son)
120147: BEACH, SYLVIA - Shakespeare and Company
109588: REGINA BEACH - Right to the Point; A History of Regina Beach
117577: BEACHELL, ALAN (CHAIRMAN) - The First Hundred Years; 1893-1993; The Rural Municipality of Rosser
121289: BEADNELL, STAN - Boggeley Marsh
119919: BEAHEN, WILLIAM; HORRALL, STAN - Les Tuniques Rouges Dans la Prairie; Le Maintien de L'ordre Dans L'ouest Pionnier, 1886-1900
103232: BEAHEN, WILLIAM; HORRALL, STAN - Red Coats on the Prairies: The North-West Mounted Police 1886-1900
103233: BEAL, BOB; MACLEOD, ROD - Prairie Fire: The 1885 North-West Rebellion
117091: BEAL, BOB; MACLEOD, ROD - Prairie Fire: The 1885 North-West Rebellion
112879: BEALER, ALEX W. - Old Ways of Working Wood
103234: BEALS, C.S.; SHENSTONE, D.A. - Science, History and Hudson Bay
103235: BEAMES, JOHN - Army without Banners; a Vivid Social Comedy About Pioneering Life in the Northwest at the Turn of the Century
119842: BEAR, BEAVER BANK, CHEREMOSZ, EDEAVOUR, LILIAN, LILIAN RURAL, ET AL - Past Endeavours; Bear, Beaver Bank, Cheremosz, Endeavour, Lilian, Lilian Rural, Midland, Peerless, Rockford, Stoney Acre, Usherville, Veterans.
120992: SUN BEAR AND WABUN - The Medicine Wheel; Earth Astrology
113904: BEARDSLEY, DOUG - A Dancing Star
115150: BEARDY, L. - Pisiskiwak Ka - Pikiskwecik
120569: VARIOUS. BEARDY, RUBY; THOMAS, JENNIFER; GOTT, JOAN A. - Cree Course Books [15 Titles]
202588: BEARE, W. - The Roman Stage; a Short History of Latin Drama in the Time of the Republic
112459: BEASLEY, HENRY - The Pocket Formulary, and Synopsis of the British & Foreign Pharmacopoeias: Comprising Standard and Approved Formulae for the Preparations & Compounds Employed in Medical Practice
200125: BEASLEY, DAVID - The Suppression of the Automobile: Skulduggery at the Crossroads
109538: DE BEATIS, ANTONIO; HALE, J.R. (EDITOR) - The Travel Journal of Antonio de Beatis, Germany, Switzerland, the Low Countries, France and Italy, 1517-1518
115989: BEATTIE, JESSIE L. - The Split in the Sky
200129: BEATTIE, JESSIE L. - A Walk Through Yesterday: Memoirs of Jessie L. Beattie
117902: BEATTTIE, OWEN; GEIGER, JOHN - Frozen in Time, Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin Expedition
117900: BEATTTIE, OWEN; GEIGER, JOHN - Frozen in Time, Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin Expedition
117901: BEATTTIE, OWEN; GEIGER, JOHN - Frozen in Time, Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin Expedition
117980: BEATTTIE, OWEN; GEIGER, JOHN - Frozen in Time, Unlocking the Secrets of the Franklin Expedition
109253: BEATTY, DAVID M. - Putting the Charter to Work: Designing a Constitutional Labour Code
115856: BEAUCHAMP, KENNETH P. - Land Management in the Canadian North
120102: BEAUMONT, WILLIAM - Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice, and the Physiology of Digestion
119632: CANADA; BEAUMONT, CHARLES - Part IX: Genealogy of the Families of la Beauce, P.Q. [With] Part X: Volumes Received from England and France [With] Part XI: List of Books, &C., Presented to the Archives with the Names of the Givers
100031: BEAUMONT - Beaumont: Histoire de Beaumont Et District, History of Beaumont and District, 1885-1960
202602: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W. - The Diaghilev Ballet in London; a Personal Record
101376: BIG BEAVER - Happy Valley Happenings. Big Beaver and District
121212: BEBEL, AUGUST; STERN, META L. (TRANSLATOR) - Woman: Past Present and Future
114336: BECK, EUGENE C. JR. - Cat Torture Device & 45 Other Etchings
112961: BECK, MARION - The Exorcism of an Albatross: The Story of a Very Special Relationship
103243: BECK, W.H. - A Guide to Saskatchewan Mammals
200130: BECK, L. ADAMS. (E. BARRINGTON) - The Way of Power: Studies in the Occult
115259: BEDARD, MICHAEL - Woodsedge and Other Tales
109861: BEDE, CUTHBERT (PSEUDONYM OF EDWARD BRADLEY) - Little Mr. Bouncer and His Friend, Verdant Green
111784: BEECHER, HENRY WARD - Plain and Pleasant Talk About Fruits, Flowers and Farming
119433: BEER, EILEENE HARRISON - Scandinavian Design
115455: BEERBOHM, MAX - A Survey
103247: BEGAMUDRE, VEN; KRAUSE, JUDITH (EDITOR) - Out of Place: Stories and Poems
103248: BEGAMUDRE, VEN - A Planet of Eccentrics
103249: BEGAMUDRE, VEN - Van de Graaff Days
119591: BEGAMUDRÉ, VEN - Sacrifices
103246: BEGAMUDRE, VEN (EDITOR) - Lodestone: Stories by Regina Writers
118452: BEGAMUDRE, VEN - Vishnu Dreams
103256: BEGG, ALEXANDER - Dot It Down: A Story of Life in the North-West
103255: BEGG, ALEXANDER - Dot It Down. A Story of Life in the North-West
119468: BEGG, ALEXANDER - History of the North-West
118786: BEGG, ALEXANDER - History of the North-West
103258: BEGG, ALEXANDER - History of the North-West
103254: BEGG, ALEXANDER - The Creation of Manitoba; Or, A History of the Red River Troubles
103251: BEGG, ALEXANDER; NURSEY, WALTER R. - Ten Years in Winnipeg; a Narration of the Principal Events in the History of the City of Winnipeg from the Year A.D. 1870 to the Year A.D. 1879 Inclusive
103250: BEGG, ALEXANDER; NURSEY, WALTER R. - Ten Years in Winnipeg; a Narration of the Principal Events in the History of the City of Winnipeg from the Year A.D. 1870 to the Year A.D. 1879 Inclusive
118784: BEGG, ALEXANDER - History of the North-West
200139: BEHAN, BRENDAN - Brendan Behan's Island: An Irish Sketch-Book
103259: BEHIELS, MICHAEL; ROMPKEY, RONALD; HARVEY, FERNAND (EDITOR) - Futures and Identities / Avenirs et Identites; Aboriginal Peoples in Canada / Les Peuples Autochtones au Canada
115579: BEIJER, G.; FRIJDA; HOFTEDE, B.P.; WENTHOLT, R. - Charecteristics of Overseas Migrants
203477: BEISSEL, HENRY (EDITOR) - Edge; An Independent Periodical
119726: BELANGER, RAY; RUMBALL, RON (EDITORS) - Sharing the Glory; A Review of Weyburn Red Wing History and the People Who Made It Happen
117467: BELANGER, ART J. - A Half Mile of Hell; The Story of Chuckwagon Racing
114919: BELANGER, LANCE - Tango
101069: BELANGER, ALICE - Notre Dame 1877-1977: We've Only Just Begun. A Chronological History of the Parish of Notre Dame, Formerly St. Michael. Selkirk, Manitoba, 1877-1977.
115527: BELANGER, SYLVIE; MILES, GEOFF - Fragments D'une Histoire
120056: BELASCO, DAVID - The Girl of the Golden West
118624: BELCHER, OLAUG (COMP.) - Norwegian Emigrants
103260: BELCHER, MARGARET - Birds of Regina
108269: SOCIETE HISTORIQUE DE SAINT-BONIFACE; BELCOURT, G.-A. - Mon Itineraire du Lac des Deux-Montagnes a la Riviere-Rouge
103261: BELEGAI, M.M. - Nauka Pro Upravu Zemli, Abo, Figak Upravliaty Zemlfig U V Kanadi I Steytakh Pislfiga Nainovidishodi Systemy I Dosvidu
102687: BELKIN, S. - The Labor Zionist Movement in Canada. 1904 to 1920

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