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101693: KUROKI - Seems Like Only Yesterday; 1892-1980
128731: KURON, JACEK; MODZELEWSKI, KAROL - A Revolutionary Socialist Manifesto
112979: KURT, FRANKLIN T. - Water Flying; Everything a Pilot Should Know About Sea Planes and Flying Them
124372: KURZ, IRVING - Policing the Central Peace; A History of Law Enforcement in the Spirit River Detachment Area
100412: SHADY NOOK, BURNT LAKE, CENTERVILLE, PINE HILL, MARIANNE, KUUSAMO AND EVART - Along the Burnt Lake Trail; A History of Shady Nook, Burnt Lake, Centerville, Pine Hill, Marianne, Kuusamo and Evarts
105841: KYBA, PATRICK - Alvin; a Biography of the Honourable Alvin Hamilton, P.C
120043: RUDNYC'KYJ, JAROSLAV B. (COMPILED BY) - U.M. Slavic Studies; "25", 1949-1974
116813: RUDNYC'KYJ, J.B - An Etymological Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language; Volume II Parts 1-5
101045: RUDNYC'KYJ, J.B - Thomas Bilous: Ukrainian Canadian Flute Player
100331: NORTH PEACE. KYLLO, EDITH - The The Peacemakers of North Peace; Hudson's Hope Section
125393: MERRIAM, ROBERT L. ET AL. - The History of the John Russell Cutlery Company 1833-1936
109039: WILSON, M.L. ET AL - Report of Commission Appointed to Report on the Lethbridge Northern and Other Irrigation Districts in Alberta
102668: ABU-LABAN, BAHA - An Olive Branch on the Family Tree: The Arabs in Canada
127027: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE - A Small Sound of the Trumpet: Women in Medieval Life
105845: LABISSONIERE, JEAN - Providence Trail Blazers
203908: LABORDE, E.D. - Tales of the Wind King; a Story Book for Children
129390: SASKATCHEWAN FEDERATION OF LABOUR - Saskatchewan Labour Volume 1, Number 2 May 1976
129391: SASKATCHEWAN FEDERATION OF LABOUR - Saskatchewan Labour Volume 1, Number 3 National Day of Protest Special Issue
127157: EPHEMERA; ONTARIO FEDERATION OF LABOUR (RESEARCH DEPARTMENT) - Ontario Federation of Labour; Facts and Figures
107959: SASKATCHEWAN. DEPARTMENT OF RAILWAYS, LABOUR & INDUSTRIES - The Hudson Bay Route and the Port of Churchill in the Centre of Canada
105847: LACASSE, PIERRE ZACHARIE - Difficulté scolaire de Manitoba par Questions et Réponses á la Portée de Tous
126943: LACEY, LAURIE - Mi'kmaq Medicines; Remedies and Recollections
201182: M'LACHLAN, ALEXANDER - Lyrics
114410: LACKENBAUER, P. WHITNEY - Battle Grounds: The Canadian Military and Aboriginal Lands
119999: LACKENBAUER, P. WHITNEY; MANTLE, CRAIG LESLIE (EDITORS) - Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian Military: Historical Perspectives
111422: .[LACOMBE, ALBERT]; UNE SOEUR DE LA PROVIDENCE - Le Père Lacombe; "L'Homme au Bon Coeur"; D'Après ses Mémoires et Souvenirs
105851: CREE; LACOMBE,ALBERT - Petit Manuel pour apprendre a lire la Langue Cris. Small Manual to Learn the Reading in the Cree Language
128272: LACOMBE, BRIGETTE - Forward: Twenty Years of TimesTalks
125925: LACOMBE, ALBERT - Dictionnaire de la Langue Des Cris (Bound With) Grammaire de la Langue Des Cris
124033: LACOURSIERE, ALLAN - Les Trente-Six Mois: The Life and Times of Nicolas Rivard Sieur de Lavigne
121822: LADUKE, WINONA - Recovering the Sacred; The Power of Naming and Claiming
127114: EPHEMERA; LAFARGUE, PAUL - Socialism and the Intellectuals
125723: LAFFAL, KEN - Vivolo and His Wooden Children
124378: WOOD RIVER; WOODROW VILLAGE; LAFLECHE - Memoreis of the Wood River District 1940 - 2000
123966: LAFOND, MIKA - Nipe Wanin; My Way Back
119924: TURPEL-LAFOND, M.E. - Maskêko-Sâkahikanihk: 100 Years for a Saskatchewan First Nation
129604: LAHRING, HEINJO - Water and Wetland Plants of the Prairie Provinces
124937: LAING, WILLIAM; THE NICKLE ARTS MUSEUM - William Laing; A Journey
120027: LAING, G. BLAIR - Memoirs of an Art Dealer 2
116598: LAIR, JACK - Bad Company; Photoplay Title of "Put on the Spot"
112643: LAIRD, JOHN - Mind and Deity; Being the Second Series of a Course of Gifford Lectures on the General Subject of Metaphysics and Theism Given in the University of Glasgow in 1940
124961: LAISHLEY, ELIZABETH; COHEN, LEONARD - Homage to Leonard Cohen; A Celebration of Paintings by Elizabeth Laishley Inspired by the Songs of Leonard Cohen
119018: LAJEUNESSE, MARTIN - Monseigneur Charlebois Et Les Saintes Règles
119343: IDDESLEIGH, ATLEE, JENNER, TIDE LAKE & BINGVILLE - Prairie Crucible; 1891 - 1991 Roads of History
129106: RABBIT LAKE, MEETING LAKE & MULLINGAR - Fond Recollections; Rabbit Lake, Meeting Lake, Mullingar
101880: NORTH GULL LAKE - From Prairie Trails to Pavement
127628: GULL LAKE - Centennial Chronicles; Gull Lake 100 Years of Progress
100963: OAK LAKE - Ox Trails to Blacktop
101386: BLAINE LAKE AND DISTRICT. CROWDER, BLANCHE (ED.) - Bridging the Years: Era of Blaine Lake and District 1790-1980
101601: GULL LAKE - CARMICHEAL AND DISTRICT - Yesteryear History of Our Pioneers: Stone Pile, Alpine, Grassy Hill and Carmichael
101543: FIFE LAKE, CONSTANCE, LITTLE WOODY - Gathering of Memories
110951: RED LAKE AND DISTRICT - Warm Prairie Winds; Brooksfield, Camlachie, City View, Quincy, Newberry, Ranch, Red Lake, Thomson's Lake Districts
120628: YELLOW LAKE AND DISTRICT - Treasured Memories; Arroyo, Beverly, Dunelm, Montford, Pleasant Hill, Seward, Seward Hill, Shaner, Silver Craig, Simcoe, Spring, Swinton and Wilhelmina
123227: QUILL LAKE AND DISTRICT - From Lally Onward; A Potpourri Quill Lake and District 1903-1980
122891: MANITOU LAKE - Big Manitou Country, 1905 - 1980 Volume I I Only
128422: MANITOU LAKE - Big Manitou Country, 1905 - 1980 (2 Volumes)
128424: MIDDLE LAKE - The Vintage Years
128045: SLAVE LAKE, ASSINEAU, CANYON CREEK, WIDEWATER, WAGNER, MITSU, NORTH SHORE - Pioneers of the Lakeland: A Homespun History of Slave Lake and Surrounding Communities
125923: EMERALD LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN - Emerald Lake; Saskatchewan's Hidden Gem
121988: EIGHT MILE LAKE, HIGHGATE, TULIP, WINDING RIVER - Between Two Rivers; Eight Mile Lake, Highgate, Tulip, Winding River (Includes Thunderchild and Moosomin Reserves)
124777: LALANDE, JEFF - First Over the Siskiyous; Peter Skene Ogden's 1826 - 1827 Journey Through the Oregon - California Borderlands
117195: LALIBERTE, RON F. - Expression in Canadian Native Studies
122416: LALLEMAND, HENRI - Manet; A Visionary Impressionist
101382: BJORKDALE. LALONDE, ALEX - A Valley Town Grows; History of the Bjorkdale Valley, 1900-1960
114369: LALONDE, MEIKA; LACLARE, ELTON - Discover Saskatchewan; A Guide to Historic Sites
123145: LALONDE, SHIRLEY BYERS - Never Sell Your Hen on a Rainy Day; A Handbook of Weather Signs, Rhymes and Reasons
122330: LALONDE,CHRISTINE; RIBKOFF, NATALIE - Itukiagatta!; Inuit Sculpture from the Collection of the TD Bank Financial Group
203945: LAMB, CHARLES - Mrs. Battle's Opinions on Whist
202564: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia
124017: LAMB, JAMES B. - Jingo; The Buckskin Brigadier Who Opened Up the Canadian West
128592: LAMB, RUTH S.; MISURACA, SONIA - Cuentos Misteriosos
129192: LAMB, DR. FRANK W. - Indian Baskets of North America
118916: LAMBERT, DAVID - The Story of West Coast Designs; On Hand-Made Pottery with 40 Authentic Stories & Myths of the Coast People
102254: A TRANSLATION BY LAMBERT AND TILLIE SCHNIEDER - St. Joseph's Colony 1905-1930
118174: LAMBERT, RICHARD S. - North for Adventureg
115840: LAMBERT, RICHARD S. - Franklin of the Arctic
121139: LAMBERT, GARTH R. - Dethroning Classics and Inventing English; Liberal Education and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Ontario
113875: LAMOND, ELIZABETH - Walter of Henley's Husbandry
128622: LAMOTHE, M. H. DE - Excursion au Canada et a la Rivière Rouge du Nord
120707: LAMPMAN, ARCHIBALD - Hans Fingerhuts Frog Lesson; A Fairy Tale
103548: BUFFALO CHILD LONG LANCE - Long Lance: The Autobiography of a Blackfoot Indian Chief
109590: BEETHOVEN; LANDE, LAWRENCE - Beethoven & Quebec
109593: LANDE, LAWRENCE - Confederation Pamphlets; A Check-List
125764: CASTELEIN DE LA LANDE, A. - L'appel Du Grand Nord
120521: LANDE, LAWRENCE; COLLARD, EDGAR ANDREW (INTRODUCTION) - The Lawrence Lande Collection of Canadiana in the Redpath Library of McGill University; A Bibliography
125514: CASTELEIN DE LA LANDE, A. - L'appel Du Grand Nord
109340: LANDER, J.R. - The Limitations of English Monarchy in the Later Middle Ages: The 1986 JoAnne Goodman Lectures
119637: LANDER, TIM - Except That You're Here
115236: LANDISCH, BOHUMIL - Praha: Matka Mest
128653: LANDON, FRED - Western Ontario and the American Frontier
119026: LANDRY, AUGUSTE CHARLES PHILIPPE - Speech by Hon. P. Landry on Manitoba Boundaries, Ottawa, Monday, March 25, 1912
119027: LANDRY, AUGUSTE CHARLES PHILIPPE - Speech of the Honourable Mr. Landry on Province of Alberta Autonomy Bill; Ottawa, Wednesday, July 12, 1905.
105864: LANDRY, AUGUSTE CHARLES PHILIPPE - Le Bill d'autonomie des Provinces d'Alberta et de Saskatchewan devant les Chambres Hautes; Discours ...Prononce le 12 Juillet, 1905
119646: LANDRY, AUGUSTE CHARLES PHILIPPE - Speech of Hon. Senator Landry and Debate on the Manitoba School Question; Ottawa, Tuesday, June 12, 1900
129325: LANDSMAN, ANNE CHEEK - Needlework Designs from the American Indians; Traditional Patterns of the Southeastern Tribes
101582: GOVAN. LANDSTROM, OSCAR - Pioneer Homestead Stories; from 1868 to Present Time
121319: LANE, JOHN - Return Fare
113906: LANE, PATRICK - Woman in the Dust
119167: LANE, PATRICK - Old Mother
203458: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM - The Thousand and One Nights, Commonly Called, in England, the Arabian Nights' Entertainments
202735: LANE, BENJAMIN I.; ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN - The Mysteries of Tobacco. & the Conscript: A Tale of the French War of 1813
101708: LANE, GRACE - Saskatchewan's Sturdy Strands of Faith
123527: LANE, PATRICK - For Rita - in Asylum
129807: LANE, PATRICK; MCLEAN, BONNIE (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Milford & Me (includes original typewritten poems, as well as a hard and soft cover copy of the published book)
105866: LANE, PATRICK; UHER (CROZIER), LORNA - No Longer Two People
105869: LANE, PATRICK - Passing into Storm
105870: LANE, PATRICK - Beware the Months of Fire
105871: LANE, PATRICK - Unborn Things; South American Poems
105874: LANE, PATRICK - The Measure
105876: LANE, PATRICK - Old Mother
105877: LANE, PATRICK - A Linen Crow, a Caftan Magpie
105878: LANE, PATRICK - A Linen Crow, a Caftan Magpie.
105879: LANE, PATRICK - Selected Poems
128073: LANE, PATRICK - Red Dog Red Dog
119571: LANE, PATRICK - Mortal Remains
119570: LANE, PATRICK - The Bare Plum of Winter Rain
114850: LANE, GRACE - Brief Halt at Mile "50"
125498: LANE, PATRICK - Unborn Things; South American Poems
120361: LANES, SELMA G. - The Art of Maurice Sendak
127834: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Red Fairy Book
124412: LANG, REG; ARMOUR, AUDREY; ENVIRONMENT CANADA - Environmental Planning Resourcebook
127312: LANG, ANDREW - The Brown Fairy Book
127313: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Crimson Fairy Book
101709: LANG - Lang Syne; A History of Lang, Saskatchewan
113225: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Poet's Country
111962: MANITOBA. LANG, S.E. - Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee 1870-1930
110883: LANG, KENNETH R. - Astrophysical Data: Planets and Stars
123584: RUSSELL, LANG & CO - Glimpses of Winnipeg, Manitoba: Photo-Gravures
114374: LANG, ANDREW - The Blue Fairy Book
122550: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Red Fairy Book
122552: LANG, ANDREW - The Blue Fairy Book
122073: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Violet Fairy Book
122074: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Green Fairy Book
121889: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Yellow Fairy Book
121265: LANGDON, JOHN E. - Clock & Watchmakers and Allied Workers in Canada 1700 to 1900
201075: LANGDON, JOHN E. - American Silversmiths in British North America, 1776-1800
118004: LANGDON, STEVE J. - The Native People of Alaska
116745: LANGDON, JOHN E. - Guide to Marks on Early Canadian Silver; 18th and 19th Centuries
105883: LANGEVIN, LOUIS PHILIPPE ADELARD - Memoire Confidentiel sur la Situation Religieuse et Statistiques de la Population Catholique de l'Archdiocese de Saint-Boniface
122155: LANGEVIN, ANDRÉ - L'élan D'amérique
110432: LANGLOIS, W.J. (PUBLISHED BY) (EDITOR) - Sound Heritage
116436: LANGMAN, UNO - Early Canadian Watercolours
100839: LANGRUTH - Langruth Along the Crocus Trail
123667: LANKESTER, RAY - Diversions of a Naturalist
129284: LANNOO, MARIE (ARTIST); NASGAARD, ROALD (ESSAY); VARGA, VINCENT (DIRECTOR) - Marie Lannoo: Through and Through and Through
111153: LANSDOWNE, J.FENWICK; LIVINGSTON, JOHN A. - Birds of the Eastern Forest
102530: LANTIS, MARGARET (EDITOR) - Ethnohistory in Southwestern Alaska and the Southern Yukon: Method and Content
102531: LANTIS, MARGARET - Eskimo Childhood and Interpersonal Relationships: Nunivak Biographies and Genealogies
112626: LAPOINTE, RICHARD; TESSIER, LUCILLE - The Francophones of Saskatchewan; A History
105885: LAPOINTE, RICHARD - La Saskatchewan de A a Z
105886: LAPOINTE, RICHARD - Saskatlas
119611: LAPOINTE, RICHARD; TESSIER, LUCILLE - The Francophones of Saskatchewan; A History
109342: LAPONCE, J.A. - Languages and Their Territories
126412: LARCOM, LUCY - The Poetical Works of Lucy Larcom
202978: LARGE, HECTOR - Le Costume Militaire a travers les Ages
102533: LARGE, R. GEDDES - Drums and Scalpel: From Native Healers to Physicians on the North Pacific Coast
201077: LARIAR, LAWRENCE - The Man with the Lumpy Nose
113916: LARMOUR, W.T. - Inunnit - the Art of the Canadian Eskimo
116437: LARMOUR, W.T. - Eskimo Carvings Contemorary Period
105888: LARMOUR, JEAN - University Women's Club of Regina: A History
128874: LARMOUR, JEAN B.D - A Matter of Life and Breath; The 75 Year History of the Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League and the Saskatchewan Lung Association
117644: LAROCQUE, EMMA - When the Other Is Me; Native Resistance Discourse, 1850-1990
105890: LAROCQUE, FRANCOIS ANTOINE; BURPEE, L.J. (EDITOR) - Journal de Larocque, de la Riviere Assiniboine jusqu'a la Riviere "Aux Roches Jaunes" 1805
117809: LARSEN, JOHN; LIBBY, MAURICE RICHARD - Moose Jaw; People, Places, History
113445: LARSEN, CLARK SPENCER, ROBERT L. KELLY - Bioarchaeology of the Stillwater Marsh: Prehistoric Human Development in the Western Great Basin
118235: LARSEN, HENRY - The North-West Passage 1940-1942 and 1944: The Famous Voyages of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Schooner "St. Roch"
118234: LARSEN, HENRY - The North-West Passage 1940-1942 and 1944: The Famous Voyages of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Schooner "St. Roch"
118233: LARSEN, HENRY - The North-West Passage 1940-1942 and 1944: The Famous Voyages of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Schooner "St. Roch"
105897: LARSEN, VERNON W. - The Community Development Council: Case Studies in Success and Failure
105895: LARSEN, HENRY - The North-West Passage 1940-1942 and 1944: The Famous Voyages of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Schooner "St. Roch"
105896: LARSEN, VERNON W. - The Minister and the Church; an Exploratory Study of Some Characteristics and Attitudes of United Church of Canada Clergymen in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
101695: KYLE. LARSON, MARGARET - From Basket to Bridge 1905-1980; Kyle, White Bear & Matador Districts History
123016: KYLE. LARSON, MARGARET - From Basket to Bridge 1905-1980; Kyle, White Bear & Matador Districts History
128447: LARSON, FREDERICK - The The Epoch of Imperialism: The Theory of Decay and the Decay of Theory (Part Two)
105900: LASKIN, RICHARD - Voluntary Organizations in a Saskatchewan Town
112466: LASSELL, MARGARET - Wellington Road
123314: LASSWELL, DAVID [COMPILER] - The Celebrated Collection of Americana Formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter; Volume 2
113767: LATHAM, ANNA - Frost King Picture and Storybook for Little Folks
201078: LATHEN, EMMA - Pick Up Sticks
105901: LATTA, WILLIAM - Summer's Bright Blood
123182: LAUF, DETLEF-INGO; FORD, JOHN GILMORE - Verborgene Botschaft Tibettischer Thangkas; Bildmeditation Deutung Lamaistisher Kultbilder / Secret Revelations of Tibetan Thangkas; Pictire Meditation and Interpretation of Lamaist Cult Paintings
202490: LAUGHLIN, JAMES (EDITOR) - New Directions Number Seven, 1942
119676: LAUGHLIN, JAMES (EDITOR) - New Directions in Prose & Poetry, 13
113706: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Dance on the Earth; A Memoir
124338: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Diviners
118687: LAURENCE, MARGARET; ROY, GABRIELLE - Intimate Strangers; The Letters of Margaret Laurence & Gabrielle Roy
112863: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Dance on the Earth; A Memoir
111443: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Jason's Quest
111442: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Heart of a Stranger
111441: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Heart of a Stranger
123028: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Prophet's Camel Bell
105933: LAURENCE, MARGARET - A Bird in the House
105929: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Fire-Dwellers
105925: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Long Drums and Cannons; Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists 1952-1966
105927: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Fire-Dwellers
105920: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Tomorrow-Tamer
105907: LAURENCE, MARGARET (COLLECTED BY) - A Tree for Poverty; Somali Poetry and Prose
105910: LAURENCE, MARGARET - This Side Jordan
105911: LAURENCE, MARGARET - This Side Jordan
105913: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Prophet's Camel Bell
105915: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Prophet's Camel Bell
105916: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Tomorrow-Tamer
105905: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Margaret Laurence: A Celebration
119559: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Diviners
119560: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Diviners
122090: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Fire-Dwellers
105928: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Fire-Dwellers
122434: LAURENT, LAVAL; VILLENEUVE, J.M. RODRIGUE (PREFACE) - Québec Et L'église Aux États-Unis Sous MGR Briand Et MGR Plessis
115578: SOCIETE DE GENEALOGIE DES LAURENTIDES - Paroisse Sainte-Paule de Saint-Jerome 1946-1993; A a K, Naissances & Baptemes, Annotations Incluses
121779: LAURIN, CAMILLE; PARIZEAU, JACQUES (PREFACE) - Une Traversée Du Québec
111215: DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, HENRI; SANDS, W.H.B.; SCHIMMEL, HERBERT D.; CATE, PHIL (EDITOR) - The Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec W.H.B. Sands Correspondence
114922: LA GALERIE D'ART LAVALIN - Voies Intimes Voix Intimes
203820: LAVALLEE, OMER - Van Horne's Road; an Illustrated Account of the Construction and First Years of Operation of the Canadian Pacific Transcontinental Railway
111404: LAVALLEE, OMER - Van Horne's Road; An Illustrated Account of the Construction and First Years of Operation of the Canadian Pacific Transcontinental Railway
128386: LAVALLEE, OMER - Van Horne's Road; The Building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad
106407: MANITOBA SCHOOL QUESTION. LAVERGNE, ARMAND - Les Ecoles du Nord-Ouest. Discours prononce a Montmagny par M. Armand LaVergne, Depute, le dimanche 17 Septembre 1905
128779: LAVIGNE, BRAD; CHOW, OLIVIA (FOREWORD) - Building the Orange Wave; The Inside Story Behind the Historic ise of Jack Layton and the NDP
129065: LAVIOLETTE, MARY-BETH (CURATOR) - Alberta Mistresses of the Modern 1935 - 1975
125612: LAVOIE, GERMAIN O. - Maskikhiwino the Medicine Man; The Story of a Northern Doctor
106444: MANITOBA. LAW - Judgments in the Queen's Bench, Manitoba, 1875. Reported by Daniel Carey, (Clerk of the Crown and Peace)
129322: UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN / COLLEGE OF LAW - University of Saskatchewan College of Law Grand opening event: March 14, 2008
119310: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Plumed Serpent
203876: LAWRENCE, ROBERT - Aida; the Story of Verdi's Greatest Opera
202913: LAWRENCE, W.J. - The Elizabethan Playhouse; and Other Studies - Second Series
201100: LAWRENCE, FRIEDA; TEDLOCK, E.W. (EDITOR) - Frieda Lawrence: The Memoirs and Correspondence
201098: LAWRENCE, D.H.; SKINNER, M.L. - The Boy in the Bush
201099: LAWRENCE, FRIEDA - "Not I, But the Wind..."
201095: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine and Other Essays
201097: LAWRENCE, D.H.; ZYTARUK, GEORGE Z. (EDITOR) - The Quest for Rananim: D.H. Lawrence's Letters to S.S. Koteliansky 1914 to 1930
201091: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Kangaroo
201092: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Sea and Sardinia
201088: LAWRENCE, D.H. - St. Mawr: Together with the Princess
201087: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Look! We Have Come Through!
201084: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Touch & Go: A Play in Three Acts
120647: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Collected Poems of D.H. Lawrence (2 Volumes)
110846: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The "Emerald Isle" Album Series: Views of Belfast and the County Down; Seventy-One Platinatone Views with Descriptive Guide
108429: [LAWRENCE, KIM; STONECHILD, A. BLAIR] (EDITOR) - Survival of a People
125412: LAWRENCE, KATHERINE - Lying to Our Mothers
121403: LAWRENCE, BONNIE J.; LEIGHTON, ANNA L. - Prairie Phoenix; Lilium Philadelphicum, the Red Lily in Saskatchewan
129718: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Revolt in the Desert
118316: LAWS, RICHARD - Antarctica; The Last Frontier
118223: LAWS, RICHARD - Antarctica, the Last Frontier
121440: LAWSON, MARY - The Other Side of the Bridge
122686: LAWSON, C.D., Q.C., BRIGADIER W. J. - The Canadian Constitution; A Study of Our System of Government
129278: LAXER, JAMES - Centralism, Regionalism, Continentalism: Problems of Canadian Nationhood
105954: LAYCOCK, DAVID - Populism and Democratic Thought in the Canadian Prairies, 1910 to 1945
115806: LAYNG, T.E. - Sixteenth-Century Maps Relating to Canada; A Check-List and Bibliography
119332: LAYTON, IRVING - For My Neighbours in Hell
119318: LAYTON, IRVING - Dance with Desire
119319: LAYTON, IRVING - Wild Goosederries; The Selected Letters of Irving Layton
119314: LAYTON, IRVING - The Improved Binoculars
119316: LAYTON, IRVING - Fortunate Exile
119317: LAYTON, IRVING - The Darkening Fire
119313: LAYTON, IRVING - Taking Sides
119312: LAYTON, IRVING - Fornalutx
119311: LAYTON, IRVING - The Gucci Bag
203647: LAYTON, IRVING - The Laughing Rooster
203431: LAYTON, IRVING - The Swinging Flesh
201104: LAYTON, IRVING; CAMERON, ELSPETH (EDITOR) - A Spider Danced a Cosy Jig
201103: LAYTON, IRVING - For My Neighbours in Hell
112535: LAYTON, IRVING - A Red Carpet for the Sun
109882: LAYTON, IRVING - The Whole Bloody Bird (Obs, Aphs, & Pomes)
122993: LAYTON, IRVING - The Swinging Flesh
122994: LAYTON, IRVING - Balls for a One-Armed Juggler
122846: LAYTON, IRVING - A Laughter in the Mind
122845: LAYTON, IRVING - The Improved Binoculars
122844: LAYTON, IRVING - Selected Poems
122842: LAYTON, IRVING - The Shattered Plinthes
122843: LAYTON, IRVING - Periods of the Moon
114149: LAYTON, IRVING; DAVID O'ROURKE - Waiting for the Messiah
121153: LAYTON, IRVING - The Pole-Vaulter
114105: LAYTON, IRVING - The Tightrope Dancer
109480: LAZAREVICH, GORDANA - The Musical World of Frances James and Murray Adaskin
201112: LEACH, CHRISTOPHER - A Portion of the Wilderness
110152: LEACH, FREDERICK - 60 Years with Indians and Settlers on Lake Winnipeg
114381: LEACH, ANGELA - Paintings
203374: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - National Problems of Canada; Ocean and Inland Water Transport
203372: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - National Problems of Canada; Reciprocal and Preferential Tariffs
201115: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Imaginary Persons
201116: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - My Fishpond
123648: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice
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118254: MACEWAN, GRANT - Portraits from the Plains
111487: MACEWAN, GRANT; EWEN, A.H. - The Science and Practice of Canadian Animal Husbandry
111490: MACEWAN, GRANT - ...And Mighty Women Too; Stories of Notable Western Canadian Women
111491: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Rhyming Horseman of the Qu'Appelle; Captain Stanley Harrison
127218: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Sodbusters
117871: MACEWAN, GRANT - Cornerstone Colony; Selkirk's Contribution to the Canadian West
117864: MACEWAN, GRANT - Heavy Horses; An Illustrated History of the Draft Horse
110358: MACEWAN, GRANT - Coyote Music; and Other Humorous Tales of the Early West
117119: MACEWAN, GRANT - Harvest of Bread
117056: MACEWAN, GRANT - Grant Macewan's West; Sketches from the Past
116990: MACEWAN, GRANT - ...And Mighty Women Too; Stories of Notable Western Canadian Women
116180: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Best of Grant MacEwan
116103: MACEWAN, GRANT - Hoofprints and Hitchingposts
106188: MACEWAN, GRANT - Highlights of Shorthorn History
106193: MACEWAN, GRANT - Heavy Horses; Highlights of Their History
106195: MACEWAN, GRANT - He Left Them Laughing When He Said Good-Bye; the Life and Times of Frontier Lawyer Paddy Nolan
106196: MACEWAN, GRANT - Colonel James Walker; Man of the Western Frontier
106197: MACEWAN, GRANT. FORAN, MAX (EDITOR) - Grant Macewan's Journals
106186: MACEWAN, GRANT - Illustrated History of Western Canadian Agriculture
106187: MACEWAN, GRANT - Metis Makers of History
106181: MACEWAN, GRANT - Cornerstone Colony; Selkirk's Contribution to the Canadian West
106183: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Rhyming Horseman of the Qu'Appelle; Captain Stanley Harrison
106175: MACEWAN, GRANT - Power for Prairie Plows
106173: MACEWAN, GRANT - Tatanga Mani: Walking Buffalo of the Stonies
106174: MACEWAN, GRANT - Harvest of Bread
106169: MACEWAN, GRANT - Entrusted to My Care
106171: MACEWAN, GRANT - Poking into Politics
106172: MACEWAN, GRANT - A Short History of Western Canada
106168: MACEWAN, GRANT - Fifty Mighty Men
115996: MACEWAN, GRANT - Between the Red and the Rockies
106166: MACEWAN, GRANT - Blazing the Old Cattle Trail
106167: MACEWAN, GRANT - Hoofprints and Hitchingposts
106163: MACEWAN, GRANT - Calgary Cavalcade; from Fort to Fortune
106162: MACEWAN, GRANT - Eye Opener Bob; the Story of Bob Edwards
106161: MACEWAN, GRANT - Eye Opener Bob; the Story of Bob Edwards
106158: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Sodbusters
106159: MACEWAN, GRANT - Agriculture on Parade; the Story of the Fairs and Exhibitions of Western Canada
106160: MACEWAN, GRANT - Between the Red and the Rockies
106155: MACEWAN, GRANT; FORAN, MAXWELL - West to the Sea
106157: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Feeding of Farm Animals
106152: MACEWAN, GRANT; EWEN, A.H. - The Science and Practice of Canadian Animal Husbandry
106153: MACEWAN, GRANT; EWEN, A.H. - The Science and Practice of Canadian Animal Husbandry
128797: MACEWAN, GRANT - Cornerstone Colony; Selkirk's Contribution to the Canadian West
115302: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Battle for the Bay; The Story of the Hudson Bay Railway
121311: MACFARLANE, GLENDA - Weird Places in Saskatchewan & Manitoba: Humorous, Bizarre, Peculiar & Strange Locations & Attractions Accross the Prairies
111493: MACFARLANE, R. - Notes on Mammals Collected and Observed in the Northern MacKenzie River District, Northwest Territories of Canada, with Remarks on Explorers and Explorations of the Far North
129452: MACFIE, JOHN - Up the Great North Road; The Story of an Ontario Colonization Road
124857: MACFIE, MATTHEW - Vancouver Island and British Columbia; Their History, Resources and Prospects
121059: MACGEORGE, D. ("MAC") - The Doctor's Daughter
106201: MACGIBBON, DUNCAN ALEXANDER - The Canadian Grain Trade; 1931-1951
116624: MACGOUN, H.D. PRESTON - Rob Lindsay and His School by One of His Old Pupils; A Reminiscence of Seventy-Five Years Ago
116625: MACGOUN, H.D. PRESTON - Auld Drainie and Brownie
114950: MACGOUN, H.D. PRESTON (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Elder and His Wife and Some Other Maxiebrae Folk
119185: NORTH NORFOLK-MACGREGOR - Through Fields and Dreams. A History of the Rural Municipality of North Norfolk and the Incorporated Village of MacGregor, Complete in Two Volumes
117861: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Senator Hardisty's Prairies, 1840-1889
117857: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Father Lacombe
119972: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Overland by the Yellowhead
106224: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Senator Hardisty's Prairies, 1840-1889
106223: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - John Rowand: Czar of the Prairies
106220: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Father Lacombe
106217: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - A History of Alberta
106218: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Overland by the Yellowhead
106214: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Edmonton; a History
106212: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - Edmonton Trader; The Story of John A. McDougall
106205: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - The Land of Twelve Foot Davis; a History of the Peace River Country
126062: MACGUIGAN, CAROL - Green Grows the Grass
203696: MACHARG, WILLIAM; BALMER, EDWIN - The Blind Man's Eyes
106228: MACHRAY, ROBERT - Life of Archbishop Machray, Archbishop of Rupert's Land (Etc.)
106226: MACHRAY, ROBERT; GARDINER, J.P. - A Manual of Family Prayers Compiled by the Lord Bishop of Rupert's Land, and the Rev. J.P. Gardiner, Incumbent of St. Andrew's, Red River Settlement
106227: MACHRAY, ROBERT - Life of Robert Machray, Archbishop of Rupert's Land, Primate of All Canada, Prelate of the Order of St. Michael and St. George
201189: MACINNES, COLIN - England, Half English
201188: MACINNES, COLIN - Mr. Love and Justice
106229: MACINNES, CHARLES MALCOLM - In the Shadow of the Rockies
118100: MACINNIS, JOE - The Breadalbane Adventure
106233: MACINTOSH, ROBERT M. - Boilermakers on the Prairies
122692: MACINTOSH, CLAIRE HARRIS - The Spirit of the Bluenose and Other Poems
128819: MACIOCIA, GIOVANNI - Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine Revised Edition
109836: MACKAIL, J.W. - The Parting of the Ways
124395: MACKAY, DONALD - Flight from Famine; The Coming of the Irish to Canada
120279: MACKAY, ALLAN (CURATOR / DIRECTOR) - Harvey A. McInnes: Recent Drawings
116720: MACKAY, DAVID N., EDITOR (EDITOR) - Trial of James Stewart (The Apin Murder)
106235: MACKAY, J.I. - The World in Canada
120572: CREE. MACKAY, J. A. (COMPILED BY / TRANS.) - Psalms and Hymns in the Language of Cree Indians of the Diocese of Saskatchewan, North-West America.
128730: MACKAY, REV. J.A. (COMPILED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Psalms and Hymns in the Language of Cree Indians of the Diocese of Saskatchewan, North-West America
129005: MACKAY, CHARLES (SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY) - A Thousand and One Gems of English Poetry
201192: MACKENZIE, DONALD - Nobody Here by That Name
201193: MACKENZIE, MURDO - View of the Salmon Fishery of Scotland: With Observations on the Nature, Habits, and Instincts of the Salmon; and on the Law As Affecting the Rights of Parties, Etc
112844: MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER - Voyages from Montreal on the River St Laurence, Through the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; In the Years 1789 and 1793. With a Preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of That Country. Illustrated with Maps.
112659: MACKENZIE, DONALD - The Juryman
109353: MACKENZIE, DAVID - Canada and International Civil Aviation, 1932-1948
109355: MACKENZIE, SUZANNE - Visible Histories: Women and Environments in a Post-War British City
117341: MACKENZIE, JANE E.; KEENAN, ALISON (EDS.) - Weaving Between the Lines; BC Tapestry on the Edge
117017: MACKENZIE, OSGOOD - A Hundred Years in the Highlands
123427: MACKENZIE, IAN A. (MINISTER OF PENSIONS AND NATIONAL HEALTH) - Back to Civil Life; Prepared to Inform Members of the Armed Forces and Canadians Generally of Steps Taken for Civilian Rehabilitation of Those in Uniform
123425: MACKENZIE, A. W. N. - Wolf Cub Tests and How to Pass Them
121262: MACKEY, ALBERT G. - An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: And Its Kindred Sciences Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature As Connected with the Institution. The New and Revised Edition
121263: MACKEY, ALBERT G. - The History of Freemasonry: Its Legends and Traditions, Its Chronological History by Albert Gallatin Mackey - and - the History of the Symbolism of Freemasonry: The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and the Royal Order of Scotland by William R. Singleton with an Addenda by William James Hughan
121766: MACKEY, ALBERT G. - An Encyclopædia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature As Collected with the Institution by Alberts G. Mackey... This New and Revised Edition Prepared Under the Direction, and with the Assistance, of the Late William J. Hughan [And] Edward L. Hawkins
202528: MACKIE, CHARLES - Historical Description of the Town of Dundee
203781: MACKINNON, STUART - The Intervals
101742: MACKINNON, MURDOCH - The Imprisoned Splendour
117064: MACKINNON, DORIS JEANNE - The Identities of Rose Delmore Smith; Portrait of a Metis Woman 1861-1960
125684: MACKINNON, WAYNE E. - The Life of the Party; A History of the Liberal Party in Prince Edward Island
118738: MACKINTOSH, WILLIAM ARCHIBALD - Agricultural Cooperation in Western Canada
110959: CANADIAN FRONTIERS OF SETTLEMENT; MACKINTOSH, W.A. - Prairie Settlement: The Geographical Setting
117217: NORTH-WEST TERRITORIES. LAW. ORDINANCES; CHARLES H. MACKINTOSH (LT. GOV.) - Ordinances of the North-West Territories Passed in the First Session of the Third Legislative Assembly
116550: MACKINTOSH, CHARLES RENNIE, HOWARTH, THOMAS, AGO - Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1868-1928; A Memorial Tribute
106279: MACKINTOSH, WILLIAM ARCHIBALD - Agricultural Cooperation in Western Canada
126610: MACKINTOSH, W. A.; DALES, J. H. (EDITOR) - The Economic Background of Dominion-Provincial Relations
114438: MACKLEM, PATRICK - Indigenous Difference and the Constitution of Canada
101743: MACKLIN - Prairie Views from Eye Hill; Macklin, Abercrombie, Evesham, Twynholm, Hampton
106281: MACKLON, WILLIAM C. - The Fledgling Years
124064: MACLAREN, NEIL - National Gallery Catalogues; The Dutch School, 1960
119893: MACLAREN, IAN - Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
125008: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - When Eight Bells Toll
112441: MACLEAN, CHARLES - Observations on Quarantine: Being the Substance of a Lecture, Delivered at the Liverpool Lyceum, in October, 1824
111540: MACLEAN, JOHN - McDougall of Alberta; a Life of Rev. John McDougall, D.D. Pathfinder of Empire and Prophet of the Plains
106287: MACLEAN, JOHN - The Native Tribes of Canada
106286: MACLEAN, JOHN - The Warden of the Plains; and Other Stories of Life in the Canadian North-West
202307: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - Lincoln in This Day
113740: MACLENNAN, HUGH - Scotchman's Return
118247: MACLEOD, R.C. - The North-West Mounted Police and Law Enforcement 1873-1905
116574: MACLEOD, ALISTAIR - The Lost Salt Gift of Blood
106296: MACLEOD, R.C. - The North-West Mounted Police and Law Enforcement 1873-1905
106290: MACLEOD, JACK - Zinger and Me
106291: MACLEOD, MARGARET ARNETT - The Frozen Priest of Pembina
106292: MACLEOD, MARGARET ARNETT - Lower Fort Garry
123139: MACLEOD, ALISTAIR - The Lost Salt Gift of Blood
128403: MACLEOD, JACK - Zinger and Me
115274: MACLEOD, ALISTAIR - Island
100178: FORT MACLEOD - Fort MacLeod; The Story of the North West Mounted Police 1874-1904, Royal North West Mounted Police 1904-1920, Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1920 to the Present Time
114955: MACLEOD, ALISTAIR - No Great Mischief
202313: MACLEOID, IAIN - Am Measg Nan Lili; Tormad Sona a Bha 'n Siadair Bharabhais
119602: MACMASTER, MARION (EDITOR) - The Schools of the Glens
125902: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD; BELL JOHN [EDITOR] - At the Harbour Mouth
101744: MACMILLAN, D.A - Only the Stars Know
110978: MACMILLAN, ANNE; MCVEETY, MARION - Perky in Ever, Ever Land
116975: MACMILLAN, DON - The Field Guide to John Deere Tractors
106298: MACMILLAN, ANNE - Prince of the Plains
120774: MACNEILL, JAMES A. - Under the Sweetgrass Sky

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