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123744: THOMPSON, DAVID; MOREAU, WILLIAM E. (EDITOR, INTRO.) - The Writings of David Thompson; Volume II; The Travels, 1848 Version, and Associated Texts
123743: THOMPSON, DAVID; MOREAU, WILLIAM E. (EDITOR, INTRO.) - The Writings of David Thompson; Volume I; The Travels, 1850 Version
101147: THOMPSON, JOAN T. - Petit Pettitt; Biography of a Brandon Oldtimer
123531: FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION; THOMPSON, HUSTON [CHAIRMAN] - Report of the Federal Trade Commission on the Grain Trade; Vol. VI; Prices of Grain and Grain Futures; September 10, 1924
108633: THOMPSON, ERNEST E. - The Birds of Manitoba
108641: THOMPSON, JOHN SPARROW DAVID - The Execution of Louis Riel; Speech of the Hon. John S.D. Thompson, Minister of Justice, Delivered March 22, 1886
108629: THOMPSON, DAVID; BELYEA, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Columbia Journals; David Thompson
108632: THOMPSON, ELIZABETH - The Pioneer Woman; a Canadian Character Type
108626: THOMPSON, DAVID; GLOVER, RICHARD (EDITOR) - David Thompson's Narrative; 1784-1812
108081: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag; And 60 Drawings
108087: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - Lives of the Hunted, Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds and Three Birds, and, In Elucidation of the Same, Over 200 Drawings
116816: THOMPSON, DONALD W.; WAGNER, NORMAN E. - Emerging Saskatchewan; The Postal History of Territorial Assiniboia 1882-1905
116396: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Fear and Loathing in America; The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist 1968-1976 (Being Volume Two of the Gonzo Letters)
116226: THOMPSON, TOM; THOM , IAN - Tom Thompson
125113: THOMPSON, TED; HOROWITZ, ELI (EDITOR) - Noisy Outlaws, Unfriendly Blobs, and Some Other Things That Aren't As Scary, Maybe, Depending on How You Feel About Lost Lands, Stray Cellphones, Creatures from the Sky, Parents Who Disappear in Peru, a Man Named :ARs Farf, and One Other Story We Couldn't Quite Finish, So Maybe You Could Help Us Out
102956: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY - The Silver Princess in Oz
102932: THOMPSON, JUDY - Preliminary Study of Traditional Kutchin Clothing in Museums
121560: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Gonzo
128725: THOMPSON, W.P. - The University of Saskatchewan; A Personal History
129683: THOMSON, JANE - The Victorian Gift Boxes
127652: THOMSON, COLIN A.; PRINDLE, F. LEE - Sounds Like Alberta 1754 - 1905
203798: THOMSON, BASIL - The Dartmoor Enigma
128867: THOMSON, COLIN A. - The Romance of Manitoba Settlements
112221: THOMSON, DAVID CROAL - Life and Labours of Hablot Knight Browne, "Phiz"
101152: THOMSON, ROBERT BURNS - The Poems of Robert Burns Thomson
123655: THOMSON, J. J. [JOSEPH JOHN] - The Atomic Theory
108651: THOMSON, JAMES SUTHERLAND - Yesteryears at the University of Saskatchewan 1937-1949
123115: THOMSON, COLIN A.; THOMSON, RODNEY G. - The Romance of Saskatchewan Settlements
122937: THOMSON, COLIN A.; THOMSON, RODNEY G. - The Romance of Saskatchewan Settlements
128203: THOMSON, COLIN A.; THOMSON, RODNEY G. - The Romance of Saskatchewan Settlements
127813: THONNESSEN, WERNER; DE BRES, JORIS (TRANSLATION) - The Emancipation of Women; The Rise and Decline of the Women's Movement in German and Social Democracy 1863-1933
117972: THORBURN, DANIEL - Seven Regina Photographers, 1985
110437: THORNBERRY, RUSSELL - Trophy Deer of Alberta
126190: THORNDIKE, JOSEPH J. [EDITOR] - Horizon; A Magazine of the Arts; Spring, 1968; Volume X, Number 2
126189: THORNDIKE, JOSEPH J. [EDITOR] (EDITOR) - Horizon; A Magazine of the Arts; Winter, 1968; Volume X, Number 1
123699: THORNLEY, RICHARD - The Dark Clarinet
128918: THORNTON, EDWARD - A Little Book of Animal Stories
201908: THORP, JACK; CLARK, NEIL MCCULLOUGH - Pardner of the Wind
203650: THORPE, BENJAMIN (EDITOR) - Yule-Tide Stories; a Collection of Scandinavian and North German Popular Tales and Traditions from the Swedish, Danish, and German
117934: THORPE, NATASHA; HAKONGAK, NAIKAK; EVEGETOK, SANDRA - Thunders on the Tundra; Inuit Qaujimajatuquangit of the Bathurst Caribou
119694: THORPE, ROSA HARTWICK - Curfew Must Not Ring To-Night
110685: THORSTEINSSON, R.; TOZER, E.T. - Western Queen Elizabeth Islands, District of Franklin, Northwest Territories; 78, 79, 88, 89, 99 Parts of (Descriptive Notes)
110683: THORSTEINSSON, R. - The History and Geology of Meighen Island, Arctic Archipelago
110684: THORSTEINSSON, R.; FORTIER, Y.O. - Report of Progress on the Geology of Cornwallis Island, Arctic Archipelago, Northwest Territories
110682: THORSTEINSSON, R. - Cornwallis and Little Cornwallis Islands District of Franklin Northwest Territories
122706: THORVALDSON, EVELYN K. (EDITOR) - Betel Home Foundation 1915-1995; 80 Years; Gimli Selkirk Winnipeg
127413: THRAVES, BERNARD D., ET AL. (EDITOR) - Saskatchewan: Geographic Perspectives
108657: THREINEN, NORMAN J. - A Sower Went Out; a History of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan District of Lutheran Church-Canada (Missouri Synod)
127635: MAKOTI THRESHERS, INC. - Makoti Threshers, Inc. Annual Show - Oct. 7 & 8, 1972
110645: THRUPP, SYLVIA L. - The Merchant Class of Medieval London [1300-1500]
117310: EDMONTON ART GALLERY; THURBER, KATHLEEN (EDITOR) - Three Alberta Sculptors: Ken Macklin, Isla Burns, Clay Ellis
116626: THURBER, JAMES; BERNSTEIN, BURTON - Thurber; A Biography
116445: THURBER, JAMES - Credos and Curios
121197: THURBER, JAMES; THURBER, HELEN (CO-EDITOR); WEEKS, EDWARD (CO-EDITOR) - Selected Letters of James Thurber
121196: THURBER, JAMES - Let Your Mind Alone!; And Other More or Less Inspirational Pieces
126347: THURBER, JAMES - The Genius of James Thurber
129052: THURBER, JAMES; WHITE, E.B. - Is Sex Necessary?, or Why You Feel the Way You Do
120436: THURBURN, R. G.; ARMY MUSEUMS OGILBY TRUST - Index to British Military Costume Prints, 1500-1914
113993: THURSTON, HARRY - Barefaced Stone
116360: THWING, WILLIAM C. - Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, 1891-1981
108659: TIBBITS, ETHEL BURNETT - On to the Sunset
118090: TICASUK, BROWN EMILY IVANOFF - The Roots of Ticasuk, an Eskimo Woman's Family Story
115958: TICHENOR, HAROLD - The Blanket; An Illustrated History of the Hudson's Bay Point Blanket
108660: TIEFENBACH, ARNIE - Say It Again, Sam!; Life in and Beyond the Richardson Curling Dynasty
124258: TIFFANY, ORRIN EDWARD - The Relations of the United States to the Canadian Rebellion of 1837-38
123857: VAN TIGHEM, KEVIN; LEMESSURIER, ANDREW A. (DRAWINGS) - Birding; Jasper National Park
108661: TIHANYI, EVA - An Approach to the Study of Regional Labour Absorption, the Case of Saskatchewan, 1941-61
107462: TILDEN, FREEMAN - Following the Frontier with F. Jay Haynes; Pioneer Photographer of the Old West
113029: TILLENIUS, CLARENCE, LOCH ART GALLERY - Paintings from the Wild
116151: TILLENIUS, CLARENCE - Clarence Tillenius
112542: TILLY, CHARLES (EDITOR) - Historical Studies of Changing Fertility
123595: TILNEY, PHIL - This Other Eden: Canadian Folk Art Outdoors
121376: TILNEY, PHIL - This Other Eden: Canadian Folk Art Outdoors
120115: THE TIMES - The Times Comprehensize Atlas of the World
117513: TIMLIN, MABEL F. - Recent Changes in Government Attitudes Towards Immigration
117515: TIMLIN, MABEL F. - The British Economy in the World of Today
108666: TIMOTHY, H.B. - The Galts: A Canadian Odyssey; John Galt 1779-1839
108667: TIMOTHY, H.B. - The Galts: A Canadian Odyssey; Volume 2 - Alexander Tilloch Galt 1817-1893, Elliott Torrance Galt 1850-1928
127961: TIMPSON, ANNIS MAY (EDITOR) - First Nations, First Thoughts; The Impact of Indigenous Thought in Canada
121881: TIMPSON, ANNIS MAY (EDITOR) - First Nations, First Thoughts; The Impact of Indigenous Thought in Canada
103341: BLACKFOOT. TIMS, JOHN WILLIAM - Grammar and Dictionary of the Blackfoot Language in the Dominion of Canada
122273: TINGLEY, KEN; DISTAD, MERRILL (INTRO.) - The Last Best West; Glimpses of the Prairie Provinces from the Golden Age of Postcards
112181: TINLINE, M.J. - Hay and Hay Making in the Prairie Provinces
122615: TINNING, GEORGE CAMPBELL - The War Art of George Campbell Tinning
201910: TIPPETT, MARIA - Emily Carr; a Biography
116114: TIPPETT, MARIA - Stormy Weather, F.H. Varley, a Biography
122339: TIPPETT, MARIA - Emily Carr; A Biography
126987: TIRRO, FRANK [DUKE UNIVERSITY] - Jazz; A History
108669: TISDALE, MARY ANN; JAMIESON, S.M. - Investigations at Wapisu Lake: 1972 to 1976
108670: TISDALE, MARY ANN - Investigations at the Stott Site; A Review of Research from 1947 to 1977
117536: TISDALLE, JOHN D. - Rhymes of Time
129409: TISSOT, JAMES JACQUES JOSEPH; MUSEUM OF ART; THE ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO - James Jacques Joseph Tissot 1836-1902; A Retrospective Exhibition
128857: TITLEY, BRIAN - The Indian Commissioners; Agents of the State and Indian Policy in Canada's Prairie West, 1873 - 1932
123803: TITLEY, BRIAN - The Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney
126407: TIVY, SANDRA [COORDINATOR] - Media Blitz
201911: TOBE, JOHN H. - Hunza: Adventures in a Land of Paradise
126128: SASKATCHEWAN WATERSHED AUTHORITY; TOD, ROBIN; RODENBUSH, SHARON - Getting to the Source; Upper Qu'appelle River and Wascana Creek Watersheds Source Water Protection Plan
128421: SUCCESS TODAY - Success; History of a District
128949: TODD, PAMELA - Bloomsbury at Home
108675: TODD, W.E. CLYDE - Notes on the Birds of Southern Saskatchewan
100458: TODD, BEATRICE (ED.) - Alberta Writers Speak: Overland to the Klondike and Other Human Interest Stories
128533: TOEWS, MIRIAM - The Flying Troutmans
112618: TOIBIN, COLM - The Story of the Night
124069: TOKION - Revolutionaries: Ten Years of Tokion Art
113321: TOLKIEN, J.R.R.; TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Silmarillion
125934: TOLKIEN, J.R.R.; TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Silmarillion
108679: TOLLEFSON, E.A. - Bitter Medicine: The Saskatchewan Medicare Feud
128320: TOLSTOY (TOLSTOI), COUNT LYOF N. (LEO) - Anna Karenina
126591: TOLSTOY, LEO - How I Came to Believe ("My Confession")
121189: TOMKINS, P. W. - The Birth-Day Gift or the Joy of a New Doll; From Papers Cut by Lady Templetown, Engraved and Published in London on 18 January 1796
201914: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Illusion: 1915
102297: TOMPKINS - Tompkins: Trials and Triumphs; Tompkins and Its Early Trading Area
120851: TOMPKINS, EDWARD (CURATOR); AXWORTHY, LLOYD (HONORARY PATRON) - Legends in Life and Art: The Portrait Photography of Roloff Beny from the National Archives of Canada
101766: MARGO. TOMYN, EARL ALVIN (ED.) - Margo Our Heritage; History of Margo and District
201915: TONGUE, CORNELIUS. "CECIL - Hunting Tours: Descriptive of Various Fashionable Countries and Establishments, with Anecdotes of Masters of Hounds and Others Connected with Foxhunting
120914: TOOLEY, R.V. (SERIES EDITOR); MAP COLLECTORS' CIRCLE - One Hundred Foreign Maps of Australia, 1773-1887
120915: TOOLEY, R.V. (SERIES EDITOR); MAP COLLECTORS' CIRCLE - Early Maps of Australia; The Dutch Period
203185: TOOLEY, R.V. - The Mapping of America
120230: TOOLEY, R.V. - Maps and Map-Makers
120236: TOOLEY, R.V. - The Mapping of America
116610: TOONDER, MARTEN - Tom Poes En de Laarzenreuzen
111167: TOPHAM, W.F. - The Lakes of England
203856: TOPPING, C.W. - Canadian Penal Institutions
123058: TORGERSON, BRONWYN FORREST - One Witch's Way; A Magical Year of Stories, Spells & Such
202845: TOROK, ERVIN; GERALD H. GROUT - Surgery of the Eye: A Hand-Book for Students and Practitioners
113968: ART GALLERY OF TORONTO - Loan Exhibition of Great Paintings in Aid of Allied Merchant Seamen
116659: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Canadian Art Addendum [Auction Catalogue] May 3rd and 4th, 1983
116660: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Canadian Art Addendum [Auction Catalogue] November 11th & 12th 1980
102298: TORQUAY - Our Prairie Heritage: Cambria 1902-1977
109426: TORRANCE, JUDY M. - Public Violence in Canada; 1867-1982
121278: TORVILLE, CHARLES - Song of My Soul
100460: TORVILLE, CHARLES - Poems
102299: TORVILLE, CHARLES - Song of My Soul
127226: TOUCHKOFF, SVETLANA ALEXANDROVNA - Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards
110190: TOUGH, FRANK - As Their Natural Resources Fail: Native Peoples and the Economic History of Northern Manitoba, 1870-1930
110524: TOURNEUR, CYRIL; NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (EDITOR) - The Works of Cyril Tourneur
122308: TOUSLEY, NANCY - John Hall's Still-Life Portraits; Imitations of Life
122052: TOUSLEY, NANCY; WHITE, PETER - A Sublime Vernacular; The Landscape Paintings of Levine Flexhaug
201846: DE PRADO Y TOVAR, DON DIEGO; STEVENS, HENRY N; BARWICK, GEORGE F. (EDITOR) - New Light on the Discovery of Australia: As Revealed by the Journal of Captain Don Diego de Prado Y Tovar
117821: TOVELL, ROSEMARIE L. - David Milne; Painting Place
203470: TOWN, HAROLD; SILCOX, DAVID P. - Tom Thomson; The Silence and the Storm
123885: TOWN, FLORIDA - The North West Company; Frontier Merchants
110200: TOWN, HAROLD; SILCOX, DAVID P. - Tom Thomson; the Silence and the Storm
120046: TOWNSEND, DOUGH (CURATOR); BUCHANAN, H. (TEXT); MILLS, J. (TEXT) - 100 Years of Homosexuality
126393: TOWNSEND, JOHN ROWE - Written for Children; An Outline of English-Language Children's Literature
114241: TOWNSHEND, NANCY - Maxwell Bates: Canada's Premier Expressionist of the 20th Century; His Art, Life and Prisoner of War Notebook
202419: TOYNBEE, PAGET - La Commedia Di Dante Alighieri; Il Testo Wittiano Riveduto
128861: TRACIE, CARL J. - Shaping a World Already Made; Landscape and Poetry of the Canadian Prairies
115582: TRACIE, CARL J. - "Toil and Peaceful Life" Doukhobor Village Settlement in Saskatchewan 1899-1918
118088: TRACY, J.P. - Low Amn on the Gill Netter
109427: TRACY, CLARENCE - A Portrait of Richard Graves
122174: TRACY, HONOR - Spanish Leaves
124442: TRAFFORD, TYLER - By Own Forces; The Biography of Jack Simpson, 1920-1984
118611: TRAFFORD, TYLER - By Own Forces; The Biography of Jack Simpson, 1920-1984
128329: TRAILL, WILLIAM EDWARD; MUNRO, K. DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - Fur Trade Letters of Willie Traill 1864-1894
113269: TRAILL, CATHARINE PARR - The Backwoods of Canada; Letters from the Wife of an Emigrant Officer
114773: TRAILL, CATHARINE PARR - The Backwoods of Canada; Letters from the Wife of an Emigrant Officer
126050: TRAINER, YVONNE - Landscape Turned Sideways; Poems !977-87
125660: FLEMING, MARJORIE; SIDGWICK, FRANK [TRANSCRIBED AND EDITED BY] - The Complete Marjory Fleming; Her Journals, Letters and Verses
126513: PLINY; RADICE, BETTY [TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY] - Pliny; A Self Portrait in Letters
111942: TRANTER, G.J. - Plowing the Arctic
118683: TRAVELOG, ANN - Keystone Travel Club
202846: TRAVERS, BENJAMIN - The Physiology of Inflammation, and the Healing Process
109428: TRAVES, TOM - The State and Enterprise: Canadian Manufacturers and the Federal Government, 1917-1931
101706: LANDIS, TRAYNOR AND WOLFE - The Landis Record
102302: TREGARVA - This Is Tregarva
102303: TREHAS, LUETTA - Buffalo Bean Stories
109429: TREHEARNE, BRIAN - Aestheticism and the Canadian Modernists: Aspects of a Poetic Influence
108689: TREHERNE, HAROLD - Murder, Inc.; In a Keg & Other True Stories
128987: TREMAIN, R.J. (POEMS); BRENDER À BRANDIS, G. (WOOD ENGRAVINGS) - Notes from Stone Voices
113422: TREMBLAY, EMIL - The Ukrainian Challenge
108696: TREMBLAY, EMILIAN MILTON - The Shadow of Riel
108698: TREMBLAY, EMILIEN MILTON - Le Pere Delaere et l'Eglise Ukrainienne du Canada
108699: TREMBLAY, ERNEST - Riel; Reponse a Monsieur J.A. Chapleau
122755: TREMBLAY, JOSEPH HENRI - Pioneer Memories; A Historical Account of Courval and Districts Since 1908.
110994: TREMEARNE, MAJOR A.J.N. - The Tailed Head-Hunters of Nigeria; an Account of an Official's Seven Years' Experiences in the Northern Nigerian Pagan Belt, and a Description of the Manners, Habits, and Customs of Some of Its Native Tribes
127513: TREUER, DAVID - Rez Life; An Indian's Journey Through Reservation Life
121820: TREUER, ANTON - Living Our Language; Ojibwe Tales & Oral Histories
117552: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - A History of England: England Under the Stuarts
108701: TREVENA, JACK - Prairie Co-Operation; a Diary
112362: TREVERT, EDWARD (EDITOR) - Electro-Therapeutic Hand Book; With Full Directions for Home Treatment of Nearly All Diseases That Can Be Cured or Relieved by the Application of Electricity
127679: RED MOUNTAIN TRIBE - Berkeley Tribe; Vol. 1, No.7, Issue 7; August 22-28, 1969
129146: CANADIAN TRIBUNE - Stop layoffs! Raise wages! Cut prices! Check the drift to depression! Fight for a policy of full employment!
122426: TROBRIAND, REGIS DE - Le Rebelle; Histoire Canadienne
128578: TROENDLE, YVES - Raven's Children
108703: TROFIMENKOFF, SUSAN MANN (EDITOR) - The Twenties in Western Canada
108704: TROFIMENKOFF, SUSAN MANN - Stanley Knowles; the Man from Winnipeg North Centre
126584: TROFIMENKOFF, SUSAN MANN; PRENTICE, ALISON (EDITOR) - The Neglected Majority: Essays in Canadian Women's History
113768: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An Eye for an Eye
201923: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Orley Farm
116203: TROPPER, HAROLD; WEINFELD, MORTON - Old Wounds; Jews, Ukrainians and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals in Canada
127764: TROTSKY, LEON - The Intelligentsia and Socialism
127759: TROTSKY, LEON - Strategy and Tactics in the Imperialist Epoch
127754: TROTSKY, LEON - Stalinism and Bolshevism; Concerning the Historical & Theoretical Roots of the Fourth International
127125: TROTSKY, LEON - The Platform of the Joint Opposition 1927
108707: TROTTER, BEECHAM - A Horseman and the West
102307: TROTTER, A.J - I Remember; Eighty-Five Years of Life in Canada
122165: TROVATO, FRANK; ROMANIUK, ANATOLE (EDITORS) - Aboriginal Populations; Social, Demographic, and Epidemiological Perspectives
119058: TROW, GEORGE W.S. - Within the Context of No Context
111753: TRUAX - Golden Memories of Truax and Districts
123208: TRUAX - Golden Memories of Truax and Districts
118990: TRUDEAU, PIERRE ELLIOTT; GRAHAM, RON (EDITOR) - The Essential Trudeau
118773: CANADIAN PRESS; TRUDEAU, PIERRE - Our Last Farewell: Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 1919-2000
123845: TRUDEAU, MARGARET - Beyond Reason
118941: MUSÉE DU QUÉBEC; TRUDEL, JEAN (INTRODUCTION) - Sculpture Traditionnelle Du Québec
120789: TRUDEL, MARCEL (EDITOR) - Collection de Cartes Anciennes Et Modernes Pour Servir À L'étude de L'histoire de L'amérique Et Du Canada
109075: WINNIPEG GENERAL STRIKE. TRUEMAN, W.H. - Russell Trial and Labor's Rights: Opinion: Examination and Statement of Law and Review of Mr. Justice Metcalfe's Charge to Jury, in Trial of R.B. Russell at Winnipeg, December, 1919
129344: TRUMBULL, JAMES HAMMOND - Natick Dictionary
117477: TRUSCOTT, MYRTLE E.; TRUSCOTT, WILF (EDITOR) - Directory of Prairie Hobbyists
120504: TRUSCOTT, MYRTLE E.; TRUSCOTT, WILF (EDITOR) - Directory of Prairie Hobbyists
129688: TRUSS, JAN - A Very Small Rebellion
111844: TSUZUKI, CHUSHICHI - The Life of Eleanor Marx 1855-1898; a Socialist Tragedy
126200: TUCHMAN, GAYE - Wannabe U; Inside the Corporate University
125789: FATHER TUCK - The Three Little Pigs
201926: TUCKER, PATRICK T.; COATES, GRACE STONE (EDITOR) - Riding the High Country
201925: TUCKER, CHARLOTTE MARIA - A.L.O.E.'s Picture Story Book
126615: TUCKER, GILBERT N.; AITKEN, HUGH G.J. (ED.) - The Canadian Commercial Revolution, 1845-1851
125091: TUCKER, OWEN - Waijiao
120152: TUER, ANDREW W. - Pages and Pictures from Forgotten Children's Books
117815: TULURIALIK, RUTH ANNAQTUUSI; PELLY, DAVID F. - [Syllabics] Qikaaluktut; Images of Inuit Life
123098: TUNIS, BARBARA LOGAN, B.N. - In Caps and Gowns;THe Story of the School for Graduate Nurses McGill University 1920-1964
108714: TUREK, VICTOR - Poles in Manitoba
120646: TURGENEV, IVAN; BILECK, MARVIN (ILLUS.); RODALE, J.I. (ED.) - The District Doctor and Other Stories of Turgenev
115260: TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers and Sons
128001: TURGEON, W.F.A. - Report of the Royal Commission on Transportation 1951
118001: TURK, JON - Cold Oceans, Adventures in Kayak, Rowboat and Dogsled
120698: TURNER, JOHN DAVENALL - The Artful Codger; Paintings, Verse, Cartoons, Humorous Paintings, Sculpture, Fables and Jottings of John Davenall Turner, Including Writings Attributed to Orpheus P. Chilblain
114029: TURNER, LILLIAN - The Perrygirls
108719: TURNER, JOHN PETER - The North-West Mounted Police: 1873-1893 2 Volumes
124446: TURNER, W. J. - The English Ballet
120380: TURNER, ALICE WILLARD - We All Own Canada
113721: TURNER, ROBERT D. (SOUND HERITAGE SERIES) - Railroaders: Recollections from the Steam Era in British Columbia
202522: TURNER, WILLIAM - A Contribution to the Craniology of the People of Scotland
201930: TURNER, W.J. - Miss America: Altiora in the Sierra Nevada
120312: TURNER, REED (EDITOR, PREFACE) - A Planting of the Lord; A Century of the Latter-Day Saints in Raymond, 1901-2001
124162: TURNER, JOHN PETER - The North-West Mounted Police: 1873-1893
124070: TURNER, R.C. - The Turner Story; 1866-1980
113146: TURNER, E.K. (TED) - Beyond the Farm Gate; The Story of a Farm Boy Who Helped Make the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool a World-Class Business
113063: TURNER, A. LOGAN - Story of a Great Hospital; The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh 1729 - 1929
118530: TURNER, BILL - How to Do Tricks with Cards
109922: TURNER, FREDERICK JACKSON - The Frontier in American History
129678: TURNER, JOHN PETER - The North-West Mounted Police: 1873-1893 2 Volumes
108721: TURNER, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Treasures & Traditions: Art from Ethnocultural Collections in Manitoba
108717: TURNER, C. FRANK - Across the Medicine Line; The Epic Confrontation Between Sitting Bull and the North-West Mounted Police
108718: TURNER, C. FRANK - Across the Medicine Line; The Epic Confrontation Between Sitting Bull and the North-West Mounted Police
116166: TURNER, LUCIEN M. - Ethnography of the Ungava District; Indians and Eskimos in the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula
128846: TURNER, E.K. (TED) - Beyond the Farm Gate; The Story of a Farm Boy Who Helped Make the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool a World-Class Business
125997: TURNER, LUCIEN M. - Ethnology of the Ungava District, Hudson Bay Territory; Indins and Eskimos in the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula
128442: TURNER, VICTOR - Revelation and Divination in Ndembu Ritual
102642: TURNER, LUCIEN M. - Ethnology of the Ungava District, Hudson Bay Territory
128684: TURTLEFORD - Turtleford Treasures: Histories of Beaverbrook, Warnock, Vimy Ridge, Cleeves, Clayville, West Hazel, Turtle Grove, Handsworth, Hillhead
109225: TUSHINGHAM, A.D. - "Over the Rockies": The Discovery and Mapping of the Canadian West
126394: TUSKA, JON; PIEKARSKI, VICKI, WITH PAUL J. BLANDING (EDITOR) - The Frontier Experience; A Reader's Guide to the Life and Literature of the American West
203734: TWAIN, MARK; ROGERS, FRANKLIN R. (EDITOR) - Mark Twain's Satires & Burlesques
203731: TWAIN, MARK; ANDERSON, FRANK, SANDERSON (EDITOR) - Mark Twain's Notebooks & Journals
203728: TWAIN, MARK; GERBER, JOHN C; BAENDER, PAUL; FIRKINS, TERRY (EDITOR) - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Tom Sawyer Abroad; Tom Sawyer, Detective
203727: TWAIN, MARK; STEIN, BERNARD L. (EDITOR) - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
203726: TWAIN, MARK; BRANCH, EDGAR MARQUESS; HIRST, ROBERT H.; SMITH, HARRIET ELINO (EDITOR) - Early Tales & Sketches; Volume 1: 1851-1864
203409: TWAIN, MARK (PSEUDONYM OF SAMUEL CLEMENS) - The 1,000,000 [Pound Sterling] Bank-Note; and Other New Stories
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118067: WHEELER, ARTHUR OLIVER - The Selkirk Range
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203889: WHITE, E.B. - Stuart Little
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109436: WHITE, GRAHAM - The Ontario Legislature: A Political Analysis
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101192: WHITEHEAD - Whitehead Wanderings; 1883-1983
115605: WHITEHEAD, PAUL C. - Drinking Practioces and Attitudes in Sasaktchewan
118997: WHITEHORN, ALAN - The C.C.F. / N.D.P.: Fifty Years After
125551: WHITEHORN, ALAN - Canadian Socialism; Essays on the CCF-NDP
116020: WHITEHOUSE, FRANCIS CECIL - Plain Folks; A Story of the Canadian Prairies
120423: WHITEING, RICHARD - No. 5 John Street
203788: WHITEMAN, BRUCE - Recesses in the Heart: The Thera Poems
202048: WHITESIDE, DON (SIN A PAW) - Aboriginal People: A Selected Bibliography Concerning Canada's First People
128420: WHITEWOOD - Whitewood and Area 1892-1992 (Volume 1 Only)
126628: WHITFIELD, PETER - Cities of the World; A History in Maps
129742: WHITMAN, WALT; EWART, GAVIN (INTRODUCTION) - Specimen Days in America
125011: WHITNEY, PHYLLIS A. - Silverhill
123945: WHITNEY, SUSAN [CURATOR] - The Eccentric Vessel
121374: WHITTALL, ZOE - The Best Kind of People
118157: WHITTELL, GILES - The Story of Three Whales, a True Adventure
202053: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier
121160: WHITTON, CHARLOTTE - God's Good Tide
121159: WHITTON, CHARLOTTE - God's Good Tide
123399: MARQUIS WHO'S WHO - Who Knows - and What Among Authorities-Experts- and the Specially Informed; With a Roster of Selected General Authorities and a Locator Index 'keying' 12,00 Selected Knowers to 35,000 Subjects Chosen for Entry in It; The Revised Edition
128946: WHYBROW, MARION - Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell: A Childhood in St Ives
123866: WHYTE, JON - St. George's-In-The-Pines; The Anglican Church in Banff - a Centennial Celebration -
117691: WHYTE, JOHN D. (EDITOR) - Moving Toward Justice; Legal Traditions and Aboriginal Justice
108965: WHYTE, JON; HART, E.J. - Carl Rungius; Painter of the Western Wilderness
108966: WHYTE, JON - Gallimaufry
123146: WHYTE, GEO. H. - Rhymes of a Homesteader
108972: WICKENDEN, R.T.D. - Mezozoic Stratigraphy of the Eastern Plains, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
110447: WICKERSHAM, JAMES - A Bibliography of Alaskan Literature 1724 1924; Containing the Titles of All Histories, Travels, Voyages, Newspapers, Periodicals, Public Documents, Etc.
113121: WICKES, GEORGE - The Amazon Letters. The Life and Loves of Natalie Barney
127859: WICKHAM, E.T.; KNOWLES, SUSAN W. (EDITOR) - E.T. Wickham: A Dream Unguarded
203756: WICKHAM, Y.-L.; GRANDCLAUDE, CH.; ROUSSY; LEROUX; HUGUENIN, RENE - Etude Histologique des Epitheliomas du Col Uterin au Cours du Traitement par les Radiations
117876: WICKS, BEN - More Losers
129601: WICKWIRE, VIVIAN - Elevators of Saskatchewan; An Anthology in Water Colour
127591: WIDDIS, RANDY WILLIAM - Voices from Next Year Country: An Oral History of Saskatchewan
128121: WIDDIS, RANDY WILLIAM - Voices from Next Year Country: An Oral History of Saskatchewan
121261: WIEBE, RUDY - Getting Here; Stories Selected by Rudy Wiebe
118931: WIEBE, RUDY; LONECHILD, MICHAEL (ILLUS.) - Hidden Buffarlo
112062: WIEBE, RUDY - Peace Shall Destroy Many
112063: WIEBE, RUDY - The Scorched-Wood People
127210: WIEBE, RUDY - The Scorched-Wood People
127140: WIEBE, RUDY - The Temptations of Big Bear
129674: WIEBE, RUDY - Where Is the Voice Coming from?
124851: WIEBE, RUDY; JOHNSON, YVONNE - Stolen Life; The Journey of a Cree Woman
108990: WIEBE, RUDY - A Discovery of Strangers
108979: WIEBE, RUDY; BEAL, BOB - War in the West; Voices of the 1885 Rebellion
108981: WIEBE, RUDY - First and Vital Candle
108982: WIEBE, RUDY - First and Vital Candle
108983: WIEBE, RUDY - The Blue Mountains of China
108984: WIEBE, RUDY - The Temptations of Big Bear
108985: WIEBE, RUDY - Where Is the Voice Coming from?
108988: WIEBE, RUDY - My Lovely Enemy
112673: WIEBE, RUDY; JOHNSON, YVONNE - Stolen Life; The Journey of a Cree Woman
128269: WIEBE, NETTIE - Weaving New Ways; Farm Women Organizing
128113: WIEGERS, WANDA; DOUGLAS, FIONA - Civil Domestic Violence Legislation in Saskatchewan; An Assessment of the First Decade
129343: WIELAND, JOYCE; THÉBERGE, PIERRE; REID, ALISON - Dessins Pour "The Far Shore" / Drawings for "The Far Shore"
128971: WIENER, NORBERT - Cybernetics or, Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine
126831: WIENER, JON - Professors, Politics and Pop
129045: WIENER, NORBERT - Cybernetics or, Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine
202055: WIENER, NORBERT - Cybernetics: Or, Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine
128958: WIENER, NORBERT - Cybernetics or, Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine
122989: WIESEL, ELIE - From the Kingdom of Memory; Reminiscences
113674: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
129668: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
120070: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rose o' the River
126018: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
120717: WIGHT, DARLENE COWARD (CURATOR); GIBSON, JENNIFER (TEXT) - Creation & Continuity; Inuit Art from the Shumiatcher Collection
119244: WIILSON, GARRETT - In the Temple of the Rain God: The Life and Times of "Irish" Charlie Wilson
108996: WILCOCKE, SAMUEL HULL (EDITOR) - Report of the Proceedings Connected with the Disputes Between the Earl of Selkirk and the North-West Company at the Assizes Held at Upper Canada, October 1818. From Minutes Taken in Court
124292: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poems
120011: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poems
119698: WILCOX, ELLA W. - Poems of Pleasure
126908: WILCZEK, FRANK - The Lightness of Being; Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces
102082: REGINA. WILD, BERNADETTE - Golden Jubilee of Sacred Heart Parish; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1927-1977
115646: WILDE, OSCAR; MASON, STURAT - Impressions of America
128909: WILDE, OSCAR HOLLAND, MERLIN (EDITOR) - Oscar Wilde (3 Volume Set)
118093: WILDER, EDNA - Once upon an Eskimo Time
101194: WILDER, JOSEPH E. - Read All About It; Reminiscences of an Immigrant Newsboy
123634: WILDER, MARSHALL P. - The People I've Smiled with; Recollections of a Merry Little Life
109976: WILDER, THORNTON - The Woman of Andros
108998: WILDER, JOSEPH E. - Lotions, Potions & Liniments Pure; A Look at the Drug Trade in Winnipeg in the 1900s
120461: WILDER, F.L. - English Sporting Prints
125633: WILDMAN, LAURA - Wiccan Meditations; The Witch's Way to Personal Transformation
129714: LEIPPI, WILFRED AND MONA - Leippi Lineage (Leippi Family History 1982)
109000: WILHELM, BERNARD - Lettres du Canada
102356: WILKES, FRED - They Rose from the Dust
102357: WILKIE, SUSIE SCHROEDER - Stepping Stones
102358: WILKIE - District of Wilkie Saskatchewan; Fifty Years of Progress
117971: EDMONTON ART GALLERY. WILKIN, KAREN (CURATOR) - Art in Alberta: Paul Kane to the Present
116284: EDMONTON ART GALLERY; KAREN WILKIN - Selections from the Westburne Collection
104532: EDMONTON ART GALLERY. WILKIN, KAREN - Painting in Alberta; an Historical Survey: Paul Kane to the Present
114559: WILKINS, CHARLES - The Wild Ride: A History of the North West Mounted Police 1873 - 1904
124164: WILKINS, CHARLES - The Wild Ride: A History of the North West Mounted Police 1873 - 1904
128355: WILKINS, KERRY (EDITOR) - Advancing Aboriginal Claims; Visions / Strategies / Directions
114961: WILKINS, CHARLES - Winnipeg 8: The Ice-Cold Hothouse
202925: WILKINSON, ANNE; SMITH, A.J.M. (EDITOR) - The Collected Poems of Anne Wilkinson and a Prose Memoir
118337: WILKINSON, DOUG - Land of the Long Day
126960: WILL, JOHN; STRIDE GALLERY - I (Heart) Me
116994: WILLETT, EDWARD - A Safe and Prosperous Future; 100 Years of Engineering and Geoscience Achievements in Saskatchewan
123222: WILLETT, EDWARD - Government House Regina, Saskatchewan: An Illustrated History
128394: WILLETT, EDWARD - Government House Regina, Saskatchewan: An Illustrated History
119479: WILLETT, EDWARD - Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw
101323: ARGAN, WILLIAM AND COWAN, PAM. - Cornerstones: An Artist's History of the City of Regina
105685: KELLY, WILLIAM & NORA - The Horses of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; a Pictorial History
126005: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART / WILLIAM, EDGAR; GARBISCH, BERNICE CHRYSLER - 101 American Primitive Water Colors and Pastels from the Collection of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch
122281: NOTMAN, WILLIAM (PHOTOS); [AND SON] - Specially Selected Views of the Canadian Rockies; On the Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway -48-
203943: WILLIAMS, FLORENCE WHITE - The Tale of the Tadwinkle Twins
119034: WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. - The Budget Debate, Session 1938; Speech Delivered by Mr. George H. Williams, M.L.A. (Wadena), Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan; Friday, February 18, 1938.
119033: WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. - The Budget Debate, Session 1937; Speech Delivered by Mr. George H. Williams, M.L.A. (Wadena), Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan; Wednesday, March 24, 1937
119031: WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. - Speech Delivered by Mr. George H. Williams, M.L.A. (Wadena), Leader of the Opposition in the Debate on the Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan; Monday, November 19, 1934
119032: WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. - The Budget Debate, Session 1936; Speech Delivered by Mr. George H. Williams, M.L.A. (Wadena), Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan; Monday, March 9, 1936
202928: WILLIAMS, VALENTINE - The Orange Divan
111623: WILLIAMS, RALPH D. - The Honorable Peter White; a Biographical Sketch of the Lake Superior Iron Country
111139: WILLIAMS, MARC - Flowers-By-Wire; the Story of the Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association
117635: WILLIAMS, PAUL - Indian Economic Development Handbook
123730: WILLIAMS, M. B. - The Heart of the Rockies
111343: WILLIAMS, ANGELINE; BLOOMFIELD, LEONARD (EDITOR) - The Dog's Children; Anishinaabe Texts
110086: WILLIAMS, HERBERT W. - A Bibliography of Printed Maori to 1900, and Supplement
116719: WILLIAMS, WALTER D.; DRIVER, DEANA J. - Prairie Pilot; Lady Luck Was on My Side
126992: WILLIAMS, MARTIN - King Oliver
129562: WILLIAMS, FRED C. - The Open Road and Other Poems
123597: WILLIAMS, M. B. - The Heart of the Rockies
109919: WILLIAMS, TREVOR I. (EDITOR); WITHERS, SONIA (ASSISTANT EDITOR) - A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists
109438: WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS E. - Truth, Hope and Power: The Thought of Karl Popper
109007: WILLIAMS, KATE - Saskatchewan Craftspeople
109009: WILLIAMS, M.B. - Through the Heart of the Rockies and Selkirks
109004: WILLIAMS, DAVID - The Burning Wood
109006: WILLIAMS, FRED C. - The Fifth Horseman; The Depression Story of Rodriders, Riots, and Relief
121433: WILLIAMS, M. Y. - The Canadian Rockies
129621: WILLIAMS, FRED C. - Poems
129180: WILLIAMS, SARA - Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo a Photographic History
128248: WILLIAMS, KAYANESENH PAUL - Kayanerenko:wa ; The Great Law of Peace
121792: WILLIAMS, T. CYPRIAN; WILLIAMS, JOSHUA - Principles of the Law of Personal Property, Intended for the Use of Students in Conveyancing.
128788: WILLIAMS, GREG (EDITOR) - Talking Back, Talking Forward Journeys in Transforming Indigenous Educational Practice; Selected Papers from the 6th International Conference on Indigenous Education: Pacific Rim Cairns Conference, Australia, 18-21 December 2010
121773: WILLIAMS, GARTH [ARTIST] - .[Original Illustration for the Chicken Book]
121774: WILLIAMS, GARTH [ARTIST] - .[Original Illustration for the Chicken Book]
119718: WILLIAMS, MARY E. - St. Lawrence Symphony
122778: WILLIAMS, M.B. - The Banff Jasper Highway
105475: HUDSON'S BAY RECORD SOCIETY. WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR (EDITOR) - London Correspondence Inward from Sir George Simpson 1841-42
105476: HUDSON'S BAY RECORD SOCIETY. WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR (EDITOR) - Hudson's Bay Miscellany 1670-1870
105474: HUDSON'S BAY RECORD SOCIETY. WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR (EDITOR) - Peter Skene Ogden's Snake Country Journals 1827-28 and 1828-29
121772: WILLIAMS, GARTH - The Chicken Book
125798: WILLIAMS, FRANCIS - What Are We Waiting for? A Call to Britain
125690: WILLIAMS, LORNA - Sima7 Come Join Me; A Teachers' Guide (For Alternatives to Racism)
125689: WILLIAMS, LORNA; LONGMAN, MARY [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Sima7 Come Join Me (For Alternatives to Racism)
121973: WILLIAMS, M.B. - Jasper Trails
120151: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE C. - The Miniature Collector; A Guide for the Amateur Collector of Portrait Miniatures
127136: WILLIAMSON, RAY A. - Living the Sky; The Cosmos of the American Indian
115375: WILLIAMSON, MARJORIE - Journey to the Sea of Grass
104878: GLENBOW-ALBERTA INSTITUTE; WILLIAMSON, MONCRIEFF - Through Canadian Eyes; Trends and Influences in Canadian Art 1815-1965
100494: WILLIAMSON, HECTOR (ED.) - Interface Tu; Ten Calgary Poets
100495: WILLIAMSON, HECTOR (ED.) - Interface; Four Calgary Poets
202065: WILLMAN, WARREN PAGE; JOHNSON, C.N. (EDITOR) - Periodontia

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