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4698: ROGERS, PAT - Henry Fielding: A Biography
4059: ROGERS, BETTY - Will Rogers: The Story of His Life Told By His Wife
003496: ROGERS, E. S. - New Guinea: Big Man Island
006781: ROGERS, BRUCE - Paragraphs on Printing Elicited from Bruce Rogers in Talks with James Hendrickson on the Functions of the Book Designer with Occasional Notes and Illustrations
002586: ROHMER, RICHARD - Patton's Gap: Mustangs Over Normandy
000136: ROHMER, RICHARD, CAMP, DALTON AND JEANNERET, MARSH - Canadian Publishers and Canadian Publishing: Royal Commission on Book Publishing
000135: ROHMER, RICHARD, CAMP, DALTON AND JEANNERET, MARSH - Royal Commission on Book Publishing: Background Papers
005816: ROLLAND, ROMAIN, & MONCURE-SIME, A. H. - Some Musicians of Former Days & Shakespeare: His Music and Song
4187: ROLLESTON, JAMES - Rilke In Transition: An Exploration of his Earliest Poetry
4033: ROLLYSON, CARL - The Lives of Norman Mailer: A Biography
4062: ROLPH, C.H. (EDITOR) - Does Pornography Matter?
002234: ROME, DAVID - Recent Canadian Jewish Authors and La Langue Francaise
007800: RONALDSHAY, THE EARL OF - The Heart of Âryâvarta: A Study of the Psychology of Indian Unrest
3912: ROPER, ALAN - Arnold's Poetic Landscape
008691: RORER, ABIGAIL - Abigail Rorer: A Selection of Engravings with an Introduction By the Artist (Endgrain Editions Two)
000461: ROSCOE, S. & BRIMMELL, R. A. - James Lumsden & Son of Glasgow: Their Juvenile Books and Chapbooks
4578: ROSE, PHYLLIS - Jazz Cleopatra: Josephine Baker In Her Time
007184: ROSE, ALFRED (COMP.) - Register of Erotic Books: Vel (sub hac specie) Dubiorum: Opus Bibliographicum et Praecipue Biblothecariis Destinatum (Two Volumes)
000439: ROSENBACH, A.S.W. - A Book Hunter's Holiday: Adventures with Books and Manuscripts
009325: ROSENBAUM, S. P. - Victorian Bloomsbury: The Early Literary History of the Bloomsbury Group, Volume 1
008362: ROSENBERG, MARGOT AND MARCOWITZ, BERN - The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New: A Simple Repair Manual for Book Lovers
4631: ROSENBERG, JOHN D. - The Darkening Glass: A Portrait of Ruskin's Genius
002786: ROSENBERG, LOUIS - Chronology of Canadian Jewish History
002734: ROSENBERG, STUART E. - The Jewish Community in Canada. Volume 1: A History
002733: ROSENBERG, STUART E. - The Jewish Community in Canada. Volume 2: In the Midst of Freedom
001674: ROSENBERG, LEAH - The Errand Runner: Reflections of a Rabbi's Daughter
001677: ROSENBLATT, JOE - Greenbaum
001678: ROSENBLATT, JOE - Doctor Anaconda's Solar Fun Club
006959: ROSENBLATT, JOE - Brides of the Stream
005466: ROSMOND, BABETTE - Robert Benchley: His Life and Good Times
005163: ROSS, ROBERT H. - The Georgian Revolt: Rise and Fall of a Poetic Ideal 1910-1922
001851: ROSS, CLIFFORD - Phantasmagorey: The Work of Edward Gorey
007586: ROSS, ALEXANDER M. - William Henry Bartlett: Artist, Author, Traveller
006891: ROSS, STUART (EDITOR) - Surreal Estate: 13 Canadian Poets Under the Influence
4166: ROSSI, VINIO - Andre Gide: The Evolution of an Aesthetic
002083: ROSTENBERG, LEONA AND STERN, MADELEINE - Bookends: Two Women, One Enduring Friendship
000035: ROSTENBERG, LEONA & STERN, MADELEINE - Old Books, Rare Friends: Two Literary Sleuths and Their Shared Passion
006283: ROTENBERG, ROBERT - Old City Hall
005941: ROTH, PHILIP - Portnoy's Complaint
001681: ROTH, PHILIP - The Ghost Writer
001680: ROTH, PHILIP - Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories
000295: ROTH, PHILIP - I Married a Communist
006101: ROTH, PHILIP - Reading Myself and Others
005615: ROTHCHILD, SYLVIA (ED.) - Voices from the Holocaust
001097: ROTHENBERG, JEROME - Poland/1931
000521: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Summer's Lease: Autobiography 1901-1938
005213: ROUD, RICHARD - A Passion for Films: Henri Langlois and the Cinematheque Francaise
002475: ROWAN, CARL T. - South of Freedom
005100: ROWE, WILLIAM - Clapp's Rock
005101: ROWE, WILLIAM - The Temptation of Victor Galanti
005099: ROWE, WILLIAM - Clapp's Rock
005810: ROWSE, A. L. - Shakespeare's Southampton: Patron of Virginia
005740: ROWSE, A. L. - The Poet Auden: A Personal Memoir
005569: ROWSE, A. L. - The England of Elizabeth: The Structure of Society
009399: ROY, ROBERT H. - Management of Printing Production
006569: RUBIN, DAVID S. (ED.) WITH MORGAN, ROBERT C. & PINCHBECK, DANIEL - Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art Since the 1960s
006985: RUETER, WILLIAM - A Little Fantasy on Women in the Graphic Arts
001684: RUKEYSER, MURIEL - The Orgy
006039: RUPRECHT, TONY - Toronto's Many Faces: A Guide to the History, Museums, Restaurants, Shops, Festivals, Monuments, Media & Prominent Citizens of More Than 60 Cultural Communities in the City
004926: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Enchantress of Florence
005566: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses
003833: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - East, West
003217: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses
001675: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Is Nothing Sacred?
4559: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Crown of Wild Olive: Four Lectures On Industry and War
4558: RUSKIN, JOHN - Queen of the Air
4063: RUSKIN, EFFIE (LUTYENS, MARY, ED.) - Young Mrs. Ruskin In Venice: Unpublished Letters of Mrs. John Ruskin written from Venice 1849-1852
003031: RUSKIN, JOHN - Sesame and Lilies: Three Lectures
001693: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ethics of the Dust
007629: RUSSELL, SEAN - The One Kingdom: Book One of The Swans' War
005819: RUSSELL, JOHN - Shakespeare's Country
000495: RUSSELL, LEONARD (ED.) - Parody Party
007795: RUSSELL, THE RIGHT HON. GEORGE W. E. - Collections and Recollections (Series II.)
005431: RUSSO, RICHARD - Empire Falls
007714: RUSSO, RICHARD - That Old Cape Magic
009475: RUTLEDGE, F. L. (ED.) - Monotype, A Journal of Composing-Room Efficiency: Volume Nine, Number Five, October, November, 1922
005944: RUZICKA, RUDOLPH - Studies in Type Design: Alphabets with Random Quotations
008036: RYAN, W. F. - Russian Magic at the British Library: Books, Manuscripts, Scholars, Travellers (The Panizzi Lectures, 2005)
000498: RYBCZYNSKI, WITOLD - The Most Beautiful House in the World
006379: RYBCZYNSKI, WITOLD - My Two Polish Grandfathers: And Other Essays on the Imaginative Life
000548: RYDER, JOHN - Printing for Pleasure
009329: RYGA, GEORGE - Hungry Hills
009621: RYRIE-BIRKS LIMITED DIAMOND MERCHANTS - Toronto The Holiday City: What to See, Where to Go
009686: S. D. WARREN COMPANY - The Influence of Paper on Color Printing, Bulletin No. 2
009697: S. D. WARREN COMPANY - How to Plan Printing
009684: S. D. WARREN COMPANY - Varnish Techniques: Bulletin #6
009688: S. D. WARREN COMPANY - Black Halftone Prints, Bulletin No. 3
009689: S. D. WARREN COMPANY - Wet Ink Trapping, Bulletin No. 4
008563: SAARINEN, ALINE B. (ED.) - Eero Saarinen on His Work
4671: SABATINI, RAFAEL - Fortune's Fool
4668: SABATINI, RAFAEL - Venetian Masque
4477: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Banner of the Bull: Three Episodes in the Career of Cesare Borgia
4476: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Life of Cesare Borgia of France, Duke of the Valentinois and Romagna, Prince of Andria and Venafri Count of Dyois, Lord of Piombino, Camerino and Urbino, Gonfalonier and Captain-General of Holy Church: A History and Some Criticisms
002181: SABINE, GORDON AND PATRICIA - Books That Made the Difference: What People Told Us
002709: SACHS, MARILYN - Class Pictures
001379: SACKS, OLIVER - The Island of the Colorblind and Cycad Island
3964: SACKVILLE WEST, ERIC - A Flame In Sunlight: The Life and Work of Thomas De Quincey
001691: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. - All Passion Spent
001687: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. - English Country Houses
000262: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. - Family History
000061: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. - No Signposts in the Sea
000079: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. AND NICOLSON, HAROLD (COMPILERS) - Another World Than This...An Anthology
4479: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Forlorn Sunset
4478: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Privilege: A Novel of the Transition
4102: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Trollope: A Commentary
007426: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Desolate Splendour
008269: SAGAN, FRANÇOISE - Aimez-vous Brahms...
4427: SAGAR, KEITH - D. H. Lawrence: Life Into Art
007101: SAGE, LORNA - The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English
005442: SAINE, THOMAS P. - Georg Forster
005200: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - A Last Vintage: Essays and Papers
005198: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - A History of English Criticism: Being the English Chapters of a History of Criticism and Literary Taste in Europe Revised, Adapted, and Supplemented
004821: SALE, MEDORA - Sleep of the Innocent
005635: SALINGER, J. D. - Franny and Zooey
001685: SALINGER, MARGARET A. - Dream Catcher: A Memoir
008104: SALISBURY, LANEY & SUJO, ALY - Provenance: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art
002042: SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - Without Fear or Favor: The New York Times and Its Times
005838: SALSBURY, EDITH COLGATE (ED.) - Susy and Mark Twain: Family Dialogues
005820: SALTER, ELIZABETH - Edith Sitwell
4070: SALTER, ELIZABETH - The Last Years of a Rebel: A Memoir of Edith Sitwell.
007099: SALTER, STEPHAN - From Cover to Cover: The Occasional Papers of a Book Designer
005258: SAMPSON, HENRY (ED.) - Jane's World Railways, 9th Edition
002944: SAMPSON, GEORGE - The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature
009245: SAMRAJ, ADI DA - The Spectra Suites
000138: SAMUEL, MAURICE - I, The Jew
006889: SANCHEZ, THOMAS - Rabbit Boss
4480: SANDBURG, CARL & ANGLE, PAUL M. - Mary Lincoln: Wife and Widow
4014: SANDERS, SCOTT - D. H. Lawrence: The World of the Major Novels
006475: SANDWELL, B. K. - The Privacity Agent and Other Modest Proposals
005591: SANJEK, RUSSELL & SANJEK, DAVID - American Popular Music Business in the 20th Century
4481: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Life of Reason or the Phases of Human Progress: Reason in Religion
001827: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Last Puritan: A Memoir In the Form of a Novel
003832: SARAMAGO, JOSE - The Stone Raft
001695: SARAMAGO, JOSE - Blindness
000072: SARNA, LAZAR - The Man Who Lived Near Nelligan
001694: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - The Human Comedy
006121: SARRE, F. - Islamic Bookbindings
001702: SARTON, MAY - As We are Now
006231: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Vigils
4196: SAUNDERS, BEATRICE - John Evelyn and His Times
002912: SAUNDERS, THOMAS - Red River of the North & Other Poems of Manitoba
000748: SAUNDERS, J. W. - The Profession of English Letters
005230: SAVAGE, CATHERINE - Roger Martin Du Gard
007094: SAVAGE, GEORGE - Forgeries, Fakes and Reproductions: A Handbook for the Collector
005125: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER - The Continual Pilgrimage: American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960
005115: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER - The Continual Pilgrimage: American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960
008995: SAYRAFIEZADEH, SAÏD - Brief Encounters with the Enemy
006315: SCAMMELL, MICHAEL - Koestler: The Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth-Century Skeptic
4593: SCARFE, FRANCIS - Auden and After: The Liberation of Poetry, 1930-1941
4482: SCHAAR, CLAES - Some Types of Narrative in Chaucer's Poetry
007448: SCHACHNER, ERWIN - Step-by-Step Printmaking: A Complete Introduction to the Craft of Relief Printing
002898: SCHAEFER, CARL - 12 Farm Drawings 1927-1932
005411: SCHEFFAUER, HERMAN GEORGE - The New Vision in the German Arts
4727: SCHERMERHORN, ELIZABETH W. - The Seven Strings of The Lyre: The Romantic Life of George Sand 1804-1876
008950: SCHIFFRIN, ANDRÉ - The Business of Books: How International Conglomerates Took Over Publishing and Changed the Way We Read
008016: SCHIFFRIN, ANDRÉ - Words and Money
4065: SCHINDLER, MARVIN S. - The Sonnets of Andreas Gryphius: Use of the Poetic Word in the Seventeenth Century
007058: SCHLESINGER, CARL - The Biography of Ottmar Mergenthaler, Inventor of the Linotype: A New Edition, with Added Historical Notes Based on Recent Findings
005211: SCHMIDT, DR. ALEXANDER - Shakespeare-Lexicon. A Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet. (2 Volumes)
005454: SCHNEIDER, BART - Blue Bossa
006962: SCHNEIDER, PETER - The Wall Jumper
006487: SCHNITTKIND, HENRY T. (ED.) - The Poets of the Future: A College Anthology for 1916-1917
4585: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - None But The Brave
4584: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Fraulein Else
4583: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Beatrice
006704: SCHOEMPERLEN, DIANE - Our Lady of the Lost and Found
005818: SCHOENBAUM, S. (ED.) - Renaissance Drama , VII
005610: SCHOFIELD, CAREY - Jagger
000694: SCHREUDERS, PIET - The Book of Paperbacks: A Visual History of the Paperback
000131: SCHREYER, ALICE D., EDITOR - Rare Books 1983-84: Trends, Collections, Sources
005109: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - The Ozone Minotaur
005108: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - The Late Man
005085: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - File of Uncertainties
4560: SCHULBERG, BUDD - The Harder They Fall
006784: SCHULBERG, BUDD - Across the Everglades: A Play for the Screen
002161: SCHWARTZ, LYNNE SHARON - Ruined By Reading: A Life in Books
001386: SCHWARTZ, DELMORE - Shenandoah
000754: SCHWARTZ, DR. JACOB - 1100 Obscure Points: The Bibliographies of 25 English and 21 American Authors
000664: SCHWED, PETER - Turning the Pages: An Insider's Story of Simon and Schuster 1924-1984
001117: SCLATER, WILLIAM, LIEUT.-CDR., S.B., R.C.N. (R.), RET'D. - Haida
007947: SCOBIE, STEPHEN (ED.) - Who's Who in The League of Canadian Poets
004838: SCOTT, PAUL - The Chinese Love Pavilion
4180: SCOTT, DIXON (BEERBOHM, MAX, INTRO.) - Men of Letters
003831: SCOTT, F.R. - The Dance is One
000253: SCOTT, DUNCAN CAMPBELL - The Magic House and Other Poems
006818: SCOTT, DUNCAN CAMPBELL - Selected Poems
006250: SCOTT, F. R. - Events and Signals
006179: SCOTT, W. S. - The Fantasticks: Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, Vaughan
006430: SCOTT, DUNCAN CAMPBELL - In the Village of Viger
007347: SCRIBBINS, JIM - The Hiawatha Story
000112: SCRIBNER, CHARLES JR. - In the Company of Writers: A Life in Publishing
004807: SCROGGINS, MARK - The Poem of a Life: A Biography of Louis Zukofsky
007558: SEALE, WILLIAM - The President's House: A History (Two Volumes)
000459: SEARS, VAL - Hello Sweetheart...Get Me Rewrite: Remembering the Great Newspaper Wars
002700: SEBALD, W.G. - Austerlitz
005817: SEBOLD, RUSSELL P. - Colonel Don José Cadalso
005036: SECKER, MARTIN (D.H.LAWRENCE) - Letters from a Publisher: Martin Secker to D.H.Lawrence & Others, 1911-1929
005577: SEDARIS, DAVID - When You are Engulfed in Flames
000689: SEEBOHM, CAROLINE - The Man Who Was Vogue: The Life and Times of Conde Nast
005985: SEEGER, ALAN - Poems
006022: SEEGER, ALAN - Poems
010083: SEIZ, JOHANN CHRISTIAAN - Het Derde Jubeljaar Der Uitgevondene Boekdrukkonst, Behelzende Een Beknopt Historis Verhaal Van De Uitvinding Der Edele Boekdrukkonst;...
004811: SELF, WILL - My Idea of Fun: A Cautionary Tale
006616: SELICK, ABEL (ED.) - History of B'nai B'rith in Eastern Canada
006544: SELIGMANN, HERBERT J. (ED.) - Alfred Stieglitz Talking: Notes on Some of His Conversations, 1925-1931
000033: SELLAR, WALTER CARRUTHERS & YEATMAN, ROBERT JULIAN - 1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England
009045: SELVADURAI, SHYAM - Cinnamon Gardens
006817: SELWYN, VICTOR (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - More Poems of the Second World War: The Oasis Selection
002978: SENDAK, MAURICE - King Grisly-Beard
002146: SENDAK, MAURICE - Catalogue for an Exhibition of Pictures By Maurice Sendak at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, December 16 to February 29, 1975-1976
009259: SENEFELDER, ALOIS - The Invention of Lithography
009722: SENIOR, OLIVE - Discerner of Hearts
007664: SERPER, ARIE (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - Encyclorama of Israel (7 Vols.)
000261: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
006819: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Later Collected Verse
007958: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Ploughman of the Moon: An Adventure Into Memory
007636: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
006697: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
4708: SEVAREID, ERIC - This Is Eric Sevareid
4490: SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN - Rudyard Kipling
4128: SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN - Robert Graves: His Life and Work
008564: SHACKLETON, SIR ERNEST, C.V.O - The Heart of the Antarctic: Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 (Popular Edition, New and Revised with Illustrations in Colour and Black and White)
002504: SHADBOLT, DORIS - The Art of Emily Carr
007676: SHADBOLT, DORIS - The Art of Emily Carr
009996: SHADBOLT, JACK - Act of Art: The Image-Making Process
002196: SHADWELL, WENDY J. - American Printmaking: The First 150 Years
005873: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedie of Julius Caesar (New Variorum Edition)
005872: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Othello (New Variorum Edition)
005866: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - As You Like It (New Variorum Edition)
005812: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Pericles
005510: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Macbeth (New Variorum Edition)
005497: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Maurice Evans' G. I. Production of Hamlet By William Shakespeare: Acting Edition
4598: SHAKESPEARE, NICHOLAS - Bruce Chatwin
009012: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Sonnets
005867: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Love's Labour's Lost (New Variorum Edition)
005319: SHANKS, EDWARD - Rudyard Kipling: A Study in Literature and Political Ideas
4495: SHAPIRO, KARL - Essay on Rime
002605: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - The Sixth of June
001708: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - The Sealed Verdict
001707: SHAPIRO, KARL - The Younger Son
001704: SHAPIRO, KARL - Edsel
001706: SHAPIRO, KARL - Trial of a Poet and Other Poems
001703: SHAPIRO, KARL - Essay on Rime
000630: SHAPIRO, KARL - Adult Bookstore
000631: SHAPIRO, KARL - White-Haired Lover
006117: SHAPIRO, CHARLES (ED.) - The Lithographers Manual (Fifth Edition)
000869: SHAPIRO, L. S. B. (LIONEL) - They Left the Back Door Open: A Chronicle of the Allied Campaign in Sicily and Italy
002223: SHARF, ANDREW - The British Press and Jews Under Nazi Rule
003374: SHARPE, TOM - The Midden
000137: SHATTOCK, JOANNE AND WOLFF, MICHAEL, EDITORS - The Victorian Periodical Press: Samplings and Soundings
005289: SHATTUCK, CHARLES A. - The Shakespeare Promptbooks: A Descriptive Catalogue
000696: SHATZKIN, LEONARD - In Cold Type: Overcoming the Book Crisis
006115: SHATZKIN, LEONARD - In Cold Type: Overcoming the Book Crisis
005267: SHAUGHNESSY, JIM - Delaware & Hudson: The History of an Important Railroad Whose Antecedent Was a Canal Network to Transport Coal
005251: SHAW, BERNARD (CROMPTON, LOUIS, ED.) - The Great Composers: Reviews and Bombardments By Bernard Shaw
4699: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Saint Joan: a Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue
4497: SHAW, IRWIN - Lucy Crown
4498: SHAW, IRWIN & SEARLE, RONALD - Paris! Paris!
4496: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
4179: SHAW, ROBERT - Robert Shaw's Work in Progress: A Collection of His Poetry Written in the Years 1965 - 1974
001709: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Too True to be Good, Village Wooing & On the Rocks
000063: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Quintessence of Ibsenism
008101: SHAW, PAUL - Helvetica and the New York City Subway System: The True (Maybe) Story
4499: SHEED, WILFRID - The Blacking Factory & Pennsylvania Gothic: A Short Novel and a Long Story
001713: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE & SHELLEY, ELIZABETH - Original Poetry By Victor & Cazire
000053: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - The Esdaile Notebook: A Volume of Early Poems.
005632: SHEPHERD, JOHN - Tin Pan Alley
005009: SHERARD, ROBERT HARBOROUGH - The Life, Work and Evil Fate of Guy De Maupassant (Gentilhomme de Lettres)
005579: SHERWOOD, JAMES - Stradella (Revised Edition)
006676: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Orange Fish
005463: SHIELDS, CAROL - Larry's Party
005076: SHIELDS, CAROL - Swann
004984: SHIELDS, CAROL - Collected Stories
006663: SHIELDS, CAROL & CATHERINE - Fashion, Power, Guilt and the Charity of Families
006662: SHIELDS, CAROL & HOWARD, BLANCHE - A Celibate Season
006659: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Republic of Love
005980: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Stone Diaries
002016: SHIKES, RALPH E. AND HARPER, PAULA - Pissarro: His Life and Work
002914: SHIMPEI, KUSANO - frogs &. others.
008306: SHOESMITH, JOHN - A Death Greatly Exaggerated: Canada's Thriving Small and Fine Press
005111: SHORTER, EDWARD & HEALEY, DAVID - Shock Therapy: a History of Electroconvulsive Treatment in Mental Illness
4704: SHORTER, CLEMENT KING - George Borrow And His Circle: Wherin May Be Found Many Hitherto Unpublished Letters of Borrow and Friends
005210: SHOWELL, CHARLES - Shakespeare's Avon: From Source to Severn
006619: SHUCHAT, RABBI WILFRED - The Gate of Heaven: The Story of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim of Montreal, 1846-1996
006668: SIBUM, NORM - Loyal and Unholy Hours
002539: SILCOX, DAVID P. & WEILER, MERIKE - Christopher Pratt
003066: SILKIN, JOHN - Killhope Wheel
008619: SILKIN, JON & SMITH, KEN (EDS.) - Stand Quarterly (Incorporating the Three Arts Quarterly), Volume 6, Number 4
000647: SILLITOE, LINDA AND ROBERTS, ALLEN D. - Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders
000049: SILONE, IGNAZIO - A Handful of Blackberries
010313: SILVER, MARISA - Alone with You
000186: SILVERMAN, AL (ED.) - The Book of the Month: Sixty Years of Books in American Life
008960: SILVERMAN, AL - The Time of Their Lives: The Golden Age of Great American Publishers, Their Editors and Authors
006460: SILVERSIDES, BROCK; HOLLETT, MICHAEL & FRIEDMAN, DEBRA - NOW and the 80's: A Photographic Exhibition
006129: SIMENON, GEORGES - The Novel of Man
002170: SIMON, OLIVER - Introduction to Typography
008828: SIMON, OLIVER - Printer and Playground: An Autobiography
002779: SIMONS, HOWARD - Jewish Times: Voices of the American Jewish Experience
007710: SIMPSON, MILTON - Folk Erotica: Celebrating Centuries of Erotic Americana
4069: SIMPSON, EILEEN - Poets In Their Youth
002568: SIMPSON, CHARLES - The Harboro' Country
005829: SIMS, NORMAN (ED.) - The Literary Journalists
010084: SINCLAIR, GORDON - Will the Real Gordon Sinclair Please Stand Up
4501: SINCLAIR, UPTON - A World to Win
001718: SINCLAIR, UPTON - The Jungle
007635: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Stories for Children
002891: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Family Moskat
001090: SINGER, ISIDOR - A Religion of Truth, Justice and Peace: A Challenge to Church and Synagogue to Lead in the Realization of the Social and Peace Gospel of the Hebrew Prophets
000658: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Enemies, A Love Story
000669: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - A Tale of Three Wishes
000156: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Penitent
000098: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Manor
000100: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Collected Stories
000097: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The King of the Fields
000058: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Passions and Other Stories
000059: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Image and Other Stories
009431: SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. - Singer Souvenirs of Canada (Ten Photographs)
006620: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Seance and Other Stories
007606: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Yentl the Yeshiva Boy
005821: SITWELL, EDITH - A Notebook on William Shakespeare
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005379: WEBSTER, MARGARET - Shakespeare Without Tears
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001291: WEST, JAMES L. - William Styron: A Life
009476: WESTERN CANADA FLOUR MILLS, LIMITED - The Romance of Canadian Wheat: Compliments of the Millers of Hovis Flour
005331: WESTON, JESSIE L. - Popular Studies in Mythology, Romance & Folklore, No. 10: The Romance Cycle of Charlemagne and His Peers (Second Edition).
005390: WETHERELL, DONALD G. & KENT, IRENE R. A. - Homes in Alberta: Buildings, Trends, and Design, 1870-1967
4531: WHARTON, EDITH & AKINS, ZOE - The Old Maid: Dramatized By Zoe Akins from the Novel By Edith Wharton
4532: WHARTON, EDITH - A Mother's Recompense
002201: WHEATLEY, HENRY B. - Prices of Books: An Inquiry Into the Changes in the Price of Books Which Have Occurred in England at Different Periods
000771: WHEELER, WILLIAM A. - An Explanatory and Pronouncing Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction
4533: WHIBLEY, CHARLES - Literary Portraits
002592: WHITAKER, DENIS & WHITAKER, SHELAGH - Rhineland: The Battle to End the War
002587: WHITAKER, DENIS & WHITAKER, SHELAGH - Tug of War: The Allied Victory That Opened Antwerp
005605: WHITE, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock
004833: WHITE, PATRICK - The Twyborn Affair
004832: WHITE, PATRICK (ED.) - Memoirs of Many in One By Alex Xenophon Demirjian Gray
002923: WHITE, KEN - Bookstore Planning and Design
002925: WHITE, KEN & WHITE, FRANK - Display & Visual Merchandising
000571: WHITE, BRENDA AND EWINS, MARITA (COMPS.) - Don't Tax Reading: The Case Against VAT on Knowledge
000332: WHITE, PATRICK - The Twyborn Affair
000327: WHITE, PATRICK - A Fringe of Leaves
007118: WHITE, GLEESON (ED.) - Book-Song: An Anthology of Poems of Books and Bookmen from Modern Authors
008240: WHITE, PATRICK - A Fringe of Leaves
006091: WHITE, WILLIAM CHARLES - Chinese Jews: a Compilation of Matters Relating To the Jews of K'ai-fêng Fu
005180: WHITEHEAD, JOHN - This Solemn Mockery: The Art of Literary Forgery
002434: WHITEMAN, BRUCE, (ED.) - A Literary Friendship: The Correspondence of Ralph Gustafson and W.W.E.Ross
007190: WHITEMAN, BRUCE - Lasting Impressions: A Short History of English Publishing in Quebec
008705: WHITEMAN, BRUCE - 10 Lessons In Autobiography
002037: WHITESIDE, THOMAS - The Blockbuster Complex: Conglomerates, Show Business, and Book Publishing
003025: WHITMAN, WALT - Complete Poetry & Selected Prose and Letters
005372: WHITMER, PETER O. - When the Going Gets Weird: The Twisted Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson, A Very Unauthorized Biography
007926: WHITTEMORE, REED - William Carlos Williams: "The Happy Genius of the Household"
007617: WHITTINGHAM, RICHARD - The Bears: A 75-Year Celebration
008697: WHITTINGTON PRESS (BOOK CATALOGUE) - Books to be Printed & Published at the Whittington Press During 1977
008696: WHITTINGTON PRESS (BOOK CATALOGUE) - Books Coming from the Whittington Press During 1981-2
000166: WICKER, TOM - On Press: A Top Reporter's Life in, and Reflections on, American Journalism
003003: WIDDOES, ELEANOR B. - 1972 Best Books for Children: A Catalog of 4000 Titles
005712: WIEBE, RUDY - First and Vital Candle
007686: WIEBE, RUDY - My Lovely Enemy
007476: WIELAND, JOYCE - True Patriot Love/Véritable Amour Patriotique
005192: WIGGINS, ROBERT - Mark Twain: Jackleg Novelist
002704: WIGGINS, MARIANNE - John Dollar
006872: WIGNEY, EDWARD H. (COMP. & EDITOR) - The C.E.F. Roll of Honour: Members and Former Members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Who Died as a Result of Service in the Great War, 1914-1919
3978: WILDE, META CARPENTER & BORSTEN, ORIN - A Loving Gentleman: The Love Story of William Faulkner and Meta Carpenter
4565: WILDER, THORNTON - The Eighth Day
000328: WILKINSON, ANNE - Lions in the Way: A Discursive History of the Oslers
000326: WILKINSON, ANNE - The Collected Poems of Anne Wilkinson and a Prose Memoir
008545: WILKINSON, CAROLINE ELEANOR - Poems That Appeal
006968: WILKINSON, J. R. - Canadian Battlefields and Other Poems

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