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001306: GRUEN, JOHN - The Party's Over Now: Reminiscences of the fifties- New York's Artists, Writers, Musicians, and Their Friends.
002496: GRUNWALD, HENRY ANATOLE (ED.) - Churchill the Life Triumphant: The Historical Record of Ninety Years
005336: GUÉRARD, ALBERT LÉON - Five Masters of French Romance
006306: GUERARD, ALBERT JR. - Joseph Conrad (Direction, One)
001585: GUINNESS, JONATHAN AND CATHERINE - The House of Mitford: Portrait of a Family
005811: GUITON, MARGARET - La Fontaine: Poet and Counterpoet
009567: GULICK, LUTHER M. - Public Administration as a Profession: An Address Delivered at the First Annual Banquet of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada at the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, Monday, October 3rd, 1949
009241: GULLAND, SANDRA - Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe
007126: GUNDY, H. PEARSON - Early Printers and Printing in the Canadas
005026: GUNDY, H. PEARSON - Early Printers and Printing in the Canadas
002389: GUNDY, H. PEARSON - The Spread of Printing: Western Hemisphere, Canada
007382: GUNDY, H. PEARSON - Bliss Carman's Comic Muse
005057: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Selected Poems
005042: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Theme and Variations for Sounding Brass
4613: GUSTAFSON, ALRIK - A History of Swedish Literature
001397: GUSTAFSON, RALPH (ED.) - Anthology of Canadian Poetry (English)
001358: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Ixion's Wheel
001334: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Rivers Among Rocks
001326: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Sequences
006254: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Landscape with Rain
006255: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Tracks in the Snow
006262: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Directives of Autumn
006263: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Visions Fugitive
006264: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Selected Poems
006265: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Conflicts of Spring
006126: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Flight Into Darkness
007385: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Poetry and Canada: A Guide to Reading
006725: GUTERSON, DAVID - East of the Mountains
007802: GWYNN, STEPHEN (ED.) - The Letters and Friendships of Sir Cecil Spring Rice: A Record, Volume I
001341: GZOWSKI, PETER - The Private Voice: A Journal of Reflections
007473: H. R. H. PRINCE PHILIP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH - Presidential Address By His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Edinburgh, 8th August 1951
008446: HA-'AM, AHAD (ASHER GINZBURG) - Selected Essays
005649: HACKETT, PAT (ED.) - The Andy Warhol Diaries
008869: HACKETT, ALICE PAYNE - 70 Years of Best Sellers, 1895-1965
009258: HACKLEMAN, CHARLES W. - Commercial Engraving and Printing: A Manual of Practical Instruction and Reference Covering Commercial Illustrating and Printing By All Processes
005177: HAECKEL, ERNST (WERNER, JOHANNES, EDITOR) - The Love Letters of Ernst Haeckel Written Between 1898 and 1903
4248: HAEDRICH, MARCEL - Barrack 3 Room 12
003468: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Stella Fregelius: A Tale of Three Destinies
005752: HAINES, HELEN E. - Living with Books: The Art of Book Selection
002339: HAINES, FRANK AND KETTON, HOWARD, EDS. - "Do You Sell Books?" (or is the Customer ALWAYS Right?)
000460: HAINES, JOE - Maxwell
4450: HAINING, PETER (ED.) - A Thousand Afternoons
002962: HALE, ROBERT D.: MARSHALL ALLAN & CURWEN, GINGER - A Manual on Bookselling: How to Open and Run a Bookstore, Fourth Edition
002287: HALE, ROBERT D., MARSHALL, ALLAN, & SHOWALTER, & CURWEN, GINGER, EDS. - A Manual on Bookselling, Fourth Edition: How to open and Run a Bookstore
002286: HALE, ROBERT D., MARSHALL, ALLAN, & SHOWALTER, JERRY N., EDS. - A Manual on Bookselling, Third Edition: How to Open and Run Your Own Bookstore
006478: HALE, KATHERINE - The White Comrade and Other Poems
005168: HALKIN, SIMON - Modern Hebrew Literature: Trends and Values
003259: HALL, N. JOHN - Max Beerbohm: A Kind of Life
001445: HALL, NOR - Mothers and Daughters: Reflections on the Archetypal Feminine
006258: HALL, DONALD - Kicking the Leaves
006074: HALL, DONALD - The Museum of Clear Ideas
006814: HALL, DONALD - Willow Temple: New & Selected Stories
006488: HALL, DONALD - Unpacking the Boxes: A Memoir of a Life in Poetry
008538: HALL, MAX - Harvard University Press: A History
007377: HALL, PHIL - Killdeer
000879: HALLAHAN, WILLIAM H. - The Ross Forgery
000433: HALLER, MARGARET - The Book Collector's Fact Book
005519: HALLIDAY, F. E. - Shakespeare in His Age
005514: HALLIDAY, F. E. - The Cult of Shakespeare
005351: HALLIDAY, F. E. - The Life of Shakespeare
4209: HALLIDAY, F. E. - Robert Browning: His Life and Work
000087: HALLIDAY, DAVID - Murder
000280: HALLIWELL, STEVEN (COMPILER) - Alan Clodd and the Enitharmon Press: A Checklist of His Publications, 1967-1987 and Private Printings, 1958-1998
000742: HALPENNY, FRANCESS G. (ED.) - Editing Twentieth Century Texts: Papers Given at the Editorial Conference University of Toronto, November 1969
4149: HALPERT, STEPHEN WITH JOHNS, RICHARD (EDS.) - A Return to Pagany: The History, Correspondence and Selections from a Little Magazine 1929-1932
003608: HALSEY, ROSALIE V. - Forgotten Books of the American Nursery: a History of The American Story- Book
006050: HAMADY, WALTER - Two Decades of Hamady and The Perishable Press
005502: HAMBLIN, DORA JANE - Ten Modern Short Novels
000665: HAMBLIN, DORA JANE - That Was the LIFE
4254: HAMEL, FRANK - Jean de la Fontaine
005296: HAMILTON, IAN - Robert Lowell: A Biography
007462: HAMILTON, L. & SCOTT, N. J. (EDS.) - Torontonensis 1965
001211: HAMILTON, GEORGE ROSTREVOR - Essays By Divers Hands: Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, New Series Volume XXVII
000765: HAMILTON, ROBERT M. (COMP.) - 1956-1958 Canadian Book-Prices Current. Volume 2
008919: HAMILTON, JOHN MAXWELL - Casanova Was a Book Lover: And Other Naked Truths and Provocative Curiosities About the Writing, Selling, and Reading of Books
008700: HAMILTON MANUFACTURING COMPANY - Printing Plant Equipment, Catalogue No. 20
000182: HAMMERMILL PAPER - Printing Gets Things Done
001853: HAMMERTON, SIR JOHN, ED. - War in the Air: Aerial Wonders of Our Time- A Pictured Story of Flying Past Present and Future
002265: HAMPDEN, JOHN, ED. - The Book World
4381: HAMSUN, KNUT - The Women at the Pump
4379: HAMSUN, KNUT - Vagabonds
009969: HANCOCK, GEOFFREY (ED.) - Canadian Fiction Magazine, Number 39 (1981)
005453: HANFORD, JAMES HOLLY (ED.) - A Restoration Reader
4041: HANFORD, JAMES HOLLY - John Milton, Englishman
4211: HARDEN, EDGAR F. - Thackeray's English Humourists and Four Georges
003576: HARDIE, MARTIN - English Coloured Books
3986: HARDING, JAMES - Sacha Guitry: The Last Boulevardier
008329: HARDSTAFF, STEVE - Cover Versions
005123: HARDY, THOMAS (PORTER, PETER ED.) - Landscape Poets: Thomas Hardy
000189: HARDY, THOMAS - The Dynasts: A Drama of the Napoleonic Wars, in Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, & One Hundred and Thirty Scenes. Part First
007364: HARDY, A. C. - The Merchant Navy at War (Britain at War Series)
007427: HARDY, W. G. (ED.) - The Alberta Golden Jubilee Anthology (1905-1955)
000706: HARMAN, ELEANOR (ED.) - The University as Publisher
008541: HARMAN, ELEANOR (ED.) - The University as Publisher
002531: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - A People's Art: Primitive, Naive, Provincial and Folk Painting in Canada
000796: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Early Painters and Engravers in Canada
006171: HARPER, HENRY HOWARD - Library Essays: About Books, Bibliophiles, Writers and Kindred Subjects
007939: HARPER, J. RUSSELL & TRIGGS, STANLEY (EDITORS) - Portrait of a Period: A Collection of Notman Photographs, 1856-1915
007658: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Krieghoff (Limited Edition)
007424: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Canadian Paintings in Hart House
007863: HARRINGTON, RICHARD & CARPENTER, EDMUND - Padlei Diary, 1950: An Account of the Padleimiut Eskimo in the Keewatin District West of Hudson Bay During the Early Months of 1950
007853: HARRIS, NEIL & EDELSTEIN, TERI J. - The Chicagoan: A Lost Magazine of the Jazz Age
005438: HARRIS, FRANK - The Man Shakespeare and His Tragic Life-Story
004972: HARRIS, FRANK - The Man Shakespeare and His Tragic Life-History
4728: HARRIS, FRANK - Oscar Wilde
4138: HARRIS, LEON - Upton Sinclair: American Rebel
4203: HARROLD, WILLIAM E. - The Variance and the Unity: A Study of the Complementary Poems of Robert Browning
005408: HART, LIDDELL - 'T. E. Lawrence': In Arabia and After
002805: HART, ARTHUR DANIEL (ED.) - The Jew in Canada: A Complete Record of Canadian Jewry from the Days of the French Regime to the Present Time
4433: HART, LIDDELL - Colonel Lawrence (of Arabia): The Man Behind the Legend
002348: HART, HENRY - A Relevant Memoir: The Story of the Equinox Cooperative Press
002080: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT, EDITOR - The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters: Correspondence of George Lyttelton and Rupert Hart-Davis. Volume Two 1956-57
002078: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT, EDITOR - The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters: Correspondence of George Lyttelton and Rupert Hart-Davis. Volume Three, 1958
002077: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT, EDITOR - The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters: Correspondence of George Lyttelton and Rupert Hart-Davis 1955-56.
000299: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT - Hugh Walpole: A Biography
001428: HARTE, BRET - Condensed Novels, Second Series: New Burlesques
000192: HARTE, BRET - East and West Poems
006232: HARTER, EVELYN - Printers as Men of the World
002354: HARTHAN, JOHN - Books of Hours and Their Owners
002049: HARTHAN, JOHN - The History of the Illustrated Book: The Western Tradition
006000: HARTLAND, E. S. - Popular Studies in Mythology, Romance & Folklore, No. 7: Mythology and Folktales: Their Relation and Interpretation (Second Edition).
4382: HARTLEY, L. P. - The Go-Between
006967: HARTLEY, L. P. - A Perfect Woman
4026: HARTMANN, CYRIL HUGHES - The Cavalier Spirit And Its Influence on the Life and Work of Richard Lovelace (1618-1658)
000768: HARVEY, TERRY - Everyday Lettering and Printing
007480: HARVEY, SIR PAUL (COMPILER & EDITOR) - The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
008093: HARVEY, KENNETH J. - Blackstrap Hawco
009134: HARVOR, BETH (ELIZABETH) - Women & Children
000207: HARVOR, ELISABETH - If Only We Could Drive Like This Forever
000177: HARWOOD, LEE - Landscapes
4253: HAUPTMANN, GERHART - Atlantis
001843: HAVEMEYER, HENRY MITCHELL - A Collection of Mitch's Ads 1968-1975
4383: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Fables
000357: HAWKINS, WILLIAM - The Gift of Space: Selected Poems 1960-1970
007213: HAWORTH, ERIC - Ink: Provincial's Paper, Volume 29, No. 3, 1964
007815: HAWTHORN, CLYDE - The Sunnyside Murder Mystery
000266: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIAL - The House of the Seven Gables
004885: HAY, ELIZABETH - Garbo Laughs
006570: HAYES, DEREK - Historical Atlas of the North American Railroad
006572: HAYES, DEREK - Historical Atlas of the American West with Original Maps
4622: HAYMAN, RONALD - Proust: A Biography
007120: HAYNE, DAVID M. (ED.) - Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada/Cahiers De La Société Bibliographique Du Canada, III
007831: HAYNES, GROVER (ED.) - Beards and Brown Bags
005335: HAYWARD, MAX & CROWLEY, EDWARD L. (EDS.) - Soviet Literature in the Sixties: An International Symposium
4242: HAYWOOD, CHARLES - A Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong. Volume Two: The American Indians North of Mexico, Including the Eskimos
003503: HEALD, TIM, ED. - The Best After-Dinner Stories
006463: HEALEY, ROBIN - Hopeful Travellers: Italian Explorers, Missionaries, Merchants and Adventurers from the Middle Ages to Modern Times
006458: HEALEY, ROBIN - From Aquinas to Atwood: Celebrating Gifts in Italian Studies to the University of Toronto Library, 1890-2003
005696: HEAPS, LEO - The Rebel in the House: The Life and Times of A. A. Heaps, M. P.
003455: HEATH, THOMAS L. - A Manual of Greek Mathematics
006982: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN (ENITHARMON PRESS) - Christus Natus Est - Christmas 1973
008839: HEATH, TERRENCE - The Truth & Other Stories
007555: HEATHCOTE, BLAKE - A Soldier's View: The Personal Photographs of Canadians at War 1939-1945
009513: HEATON'S CANADIAN STANDARD GUIDES - Toronto: An Encyclopaedia with Maps and Street Car Directory
003653: HEAVYSEGE, CHARLES - Jezebel: A Poem in Three Cantos
003651: HEAVYSEGE, CHARLES - The Dark Huntsman (1864 & 1876 texts)
007706: HÉBERT, ANNE - A Suit of Light
4384: HECHT, BEN - The Sensualists
000505: HEIGHTON, STEVE (GEN. ED.) - Quarry Magazine: Volume 40, Numbers 1 & 2, Winter and Spring, 1991. Fortieth Anniversary Issue.
007688: HEIGHTON, STEVEN - The Address Book
004890: HELBERT, CLIFFORD L. (ED.) - Printing Progress: A Mid-Century Report
007228: HELBIG, HENRI - Analysis of the Claims of Strasbourg and Haarlem to the Honor of Being the Birthplace of Printing: An Argument in Support of the Claims of Mainz as Written in 1855
006633: HELLER, ELINOR RAAS; MAGEE, DAVID & MAGEE, DOROTHY - Bibliography of the Grabhorn Press, 1915 - 1956 (Two Volumes in One)
4385: HELLMAN, LILLIAN - Three: An Unfinished Woman, Pentimento, Scoundrel Time
002455: HELWIG, DAVID - The Names of Things: A Memoir
007204: HELWIG, DAVID - The Hundred Old Names
006961: HELWIG, DAVID - Figures in a Landscape
008884: HELWIG, DAVID - Jennifer
001449: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Old Man and the Sea
4653: HEMLOW, JOYCE - The History of Fanny Burney
008952: HENDEL, RICHARD - On Book Design
000436: HENDERSON, BILL (ED.) - The Art of Literary Publishing: Editors on Their Craft
002385: HENDRICKSON, ROBERT - The Literary Life and Othe Curiosities
002819: HENIGHAN, TOM - Home Planet: Poems
005185: HENNESSY, JAMES POPE - Robert Louis Stevenson
005004: HENNESSY, JAMES POPE - Anthony Trollope
009511: HENRY, HON. GEO. S. - Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway, 1902-1932: Moosonee, Ontario's Sea Port on James Bay
008380: HENSHAW, MARK & SIMERAN MAXWELL - Birth of the Modern Poster
007900: HERBERT, FRANK - The White Plague
004829: HERBERT, A. P. - Look Back and Laugh
010297: HERBERT, FRANK - Dune
006484: HERBIN, JOHN FREDERIC - The Marshlands (Second Edition) and The Trail of the Tide
009685: HERCULES POWDER COMPANY - The Paper Maker, June, Nineteen Thirty-Eight: Man Up in the Air & the Summer Number
002014: HERDEG, WALTER (ED.) - Photographis 85: The International Annual of Advertising and Editorial Photography
000153: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Hugh Walpole: An Appreciation Together with Notes and Comments on the Novels of Hugh Walpole
008420: HERRING, ROBERT (ED.) - Life and Letters To-Day Continuing the London Mercury and Bookman, Volume 45, May, 1945, No. 93
000761: HERRMANN, FRANK - The English as Collectors: A Documentary Chrestomathy
008020: HERRMANN, FRANK - Low Profile: A Life in the World of Books
000263: HERSEY, JOHN - Hiroshima
002800: HERSHFIELD, LEIBLE - The Jewish Athlete: A Nostalgic View
4143: HERTOG, SUSAN - Anne Morrow Lindbergh: A Biography
4595: HESSE, HERMANN - Autobiographical Writings
007637: HESSE, HERMANN - Tales of Student Life
006100: HEWITT, GRAILY - Lettering for Students and Craftsmen
005822: HEWLETT, DOROTHY (ED.) - Keats-Shelley Memorial Bulletin: Rome, No. XIX
001448: HEWLETT, MAURICE - Maurice Hewlett: The Augustan Books of Modern Poetry
001444: HEWLETT, MAURICE - The Little Iliad
001443: HEWLETT, MAURICE - The Song of the Plow: Being the English Chronicle
4197: HEYMANN, DAVID C. - Ezra Pound: The Last Rower, A Political Profile
4387: HEYWARD, DUBOSE - Jasbo Brown and Selected Poems
3969: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Making of Charles Dickens
003828: HICHENS, ROBERT - Bella Donna
006785: HIEBERT, PAUL - Willows Revisited
007762: HIGGINS, JACK - Day of Reckoning
000788: HIGHAM, DAVID - Literary Gent
4214: HIGHET, GILBERT - People, Places, and Books
000741: HIGHET, GILBERT - People Places and Books
008955: HIGNITE, TODD - In the Studio: Visits with Contemporary Cartoonists
009492: HILL, JOHN C. - History of the Conventions
002376: HILL, BRAD SABIN - Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica: Five Centuries of Hebraica and Judaica, Rare Bibles , and Hebrew Incunables from the Jacob M. Lowy Collection, Exhibition Catalogue
008049: HILL, HEYWOOD & ANNE - A Bookseller's War
002738: HILLEL, SHLOMO - Operation Babylon
002355: HILLIER, JACK - The Art of Hokusai in Book Illustration
005272: HILTON, GEORGE W. - The Night Boat
4388: HILTON, JAMES - The Story of Dr. Wassell
000223: HILTON, JAMES - To You Mr. Chips
005979: HINCKLEY, HELEN - Rails from the West: A Biography of Theodore D. Judah
000217: HIND, HENRY YOULE - Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857 and of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858. Two Volumes in One
006096: HIND, ARTHUR M. - An Introduction to a History of Woodcut with a Detailed Survey of Work Done in the Fifteenth Century (Two Volumes)
001986: HINDUS, MILTON - Charles Reznikoff: A Critical Essay
005315: HINGLEY, RONALD - Pasternak: A Biography
4692: HINGLEY, RONALD - A New Life of Anton Chekhov
002883: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE - The Warner Bros. Story
007779: HITTI, PHILIP K. - The Arabs: A Short History
006936: HLYNSKY, DAVID (EDITOR) & SALLOUM, JAYCE (CURATOR) - Image Nation 26: New Canadian Photography/La Nouvelle Photographie Canadienne
000169: HOBSON, HAROLD; KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP AND RUSSELL, LEONARD - The Pearl of Days: An Intimate Memoir of The Sunday Times 1822-1972
4391: HOCHHUTH, ROLF - The Deputy
005396: HODGES, C. WALTER - The Globe Restored: A Study of the Elizabethan Theatre
4223: HODGES, JOHN (EDITOR) - William Congreve: Letters & Documents
004888: HODGINS, JACK - Distance
001459: HODGINS, JACK - The Invention of the World
001434: HODGINS, JACK - The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne: Or a Word or Two on Those Port Annie Miracles
001960: HOENICH, P. K. - The Road of Suffering: The History of the Jews in 13 Woodcuts
002387: HOFER, PHILIP - Baroque Book Illustration: a Short Survey from the Collection in the Department of Graphic Arts, Harvard College Library
008486: HOFFER, WILLIAM & FAWCETT, BRIAN - A Correspondence
009024: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 75: Canadian Literature. (a letter offering counterfeit money for sale)
009029: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 67: Canadian Literature. The South Sea Bubble
009022: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 77: Canadian Literature. Raven 7
009014: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 80: Canadian Literature. Stigma
009015: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 66: Canadian Literature. The Praise of Hell
009018: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 74: Canadian Literature
009023: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 4: Canadian Fiction. White
009017: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 46: Canadian Literature. Don't Talk About Troop Movements
009025: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 73: Canadian Literature. (pen-and-ink drawing of a tree by Hyde)
009021: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 56: Canadian Literature. CPR Yard
009027: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 66: Canadian Literature. In Praise of Hell
001962: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 67: Canadian Literature. The South Sea Bubble
009028: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No 58: Canadian Literature. (another cartoon of a golfer)
009030: HOFFER, WILLIAM (BOOKSELLER) - List No. 64: Canadian Literature. "In an unusual departure, ..."
002175: HOFFMAN, MIRIAM AND SAMUELS, EVA - Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books: Writings on Their Lives and Works
3991: HOGAN, ROBERT - After the Irish Renaissance: A Critical History of Irish Drama since The Plough and The Stars
001435: HOGG, ROBERT - Standing Back
001409: HOGG, ROBERT - Connexions
000172: HOHENBERG, JOHN - The Pulitzer Prizes: A History of the Awards in Books, Drama, Music, and Journalism, Based on the Private Files Over Six Decades
003196: HOLBORN, JOHN BERNARD (ED.) - The Quarto: An Artistic, Literary and Musical Quarterly for 1896
002043: HOLLINDALE, PETER - Choosing Books for Children
002656: HOLLINGSHEAD, GREG - The Healer
005861: HOLLIS, CHRISTOPHER - G. K. Chesterton
007005: HOLLIS, MATTHEW - Now All Roads Lead to France: The Last Years of Edward Thomas
4392: HOLLO, ANSELM - America del Norte & Other Peace Herb Poems
001441: HOLLO, ANSELM - Faces & Forms
000546: HOLLO, ANSELM - Sojourner Microcosms: New & Selected Poems 1959-1977
3953: HOLLOW, JOHN - Against The Night, The Stars: The Science Fiction of Arthur C. Clarke
000683: HOLLOWAY, OWEN E. - French Rococo Book Illustration
005231: HOLMES, CHARLES S. - The Clocks of Columbus: The Literary Career of James Thurber
005307: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Bernard Shaw: Volume I, 1856-1898, The Search for Love
010075: HOLSTEIN, JÜRGEN (ED.) - The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic/Buchumschläge in Der Weimarer Republik
002241: HOLT, HENRY - Garrulities of an Octogenarian Editor with Other Essays Somewhat Biographical and Autobiographical
4042: HONE, JOSEPH - The Life of George Moore: With an Account of His Last Years By His Cook and Housekeeper Clara Warville
009957: HOOD, HUGH - Flying a Red Kite
008871: HOOD, HUGH - None Genuine Without This Signature
4172: HOOD, THOMAS (MORGAN, PETER F., EDITOR) - The Letters of Thomas Hood
000471: HOOD, DORA - The Side Door: Twenty-six Years in My Book Room
008202: HOOD, HUGH - Flying a Red Kite
009157: HOOD, HUGH - Dead Men's Watches (The New Age/Le Nouveau Siècle X)
007677: HOOD, ROBERT - To the Arctic By Canoe, 1819-1821: The Journals and Paintings of Robert Hood, Midshipman with Franklin
008963: HOOD, DORA - The Side Door: Twenty-six Years in My Book Room
010027: HOOD, HUGH - None Genuine Without This Signature
008749: HOOD, HUGH - Flying a Red Kite
005292: HOOPES, ROY - Cain
007486: HOOVER, CALVIN B. - The Economic Life of Soviet Russia
3992: HOPKINS, R. THURSTON - George Borrow: Lord of the Open Road
002401: HOPKINS, LEE BENNETT - Books are By People: Interviews with 104 Authors and Illustrators of Books for Young Children
002362: HOPKINS, LEE BENNETT - More Books By More People: Interviews with Sixty-five Authors of Books for Children
000494: HOPKINS, KENNETH - The Powys Brothers: A Biographical Appreciation
000493: HOPKINS, KENNETH - The Powys Brothers: A Biographical Appreciation
006848: HOPKINS, KENNETH - The Dead Slave and Other Poems of Martial: Some Versions from Book XV of Marcus Valerius Martialis Made and Introduced By Kenneth Hopkins
002873: HOPWOOD, PETER & VROOM, RICHARD - Ottawa: A Pictorial Salute
000190: HORGAN, PAUL - Of America East & West: Selections from the Writing of Paul Horgan
007889: HORN, WALTER & BORN, ERNEST - The Plan of St. Gall: A Study of the Architecture & Economy of, & Life in a Paradigmatic Carolingian Monastery (Three Volumes)
005625: HORNBY, NICK - A Long Way Down
008382: HORNBY, NICK - The Polysyllabic Spree
006109: HORNBY, NICK - Juliet, Naked
007896: HORNE, ALAN; LANDON, RICHARD & UPJOHN, GUY - Eric Gill: His Life and Art
008528: HORNE, DAVID - Boards & Buckram: Writings from Scholarly Books in America, 1962-1969
000685: HORNE, ALISTAIR - Harold Macmillan: Volume I, 1894-1956
000006: HORNE, ALAN & UPJOHN, GUY - Fine Printing: The Private Press in Canada
000008: HORNE, ALAN & LANDON, RICHARD - The Telling Line: Image and Text in Twentieth Century Britain
000009: HORNE, ALAN; LANDON, RICHARD & UPJOHN, GUY - Eric Gill: His Life and Art.
002205: HORNING, LEWIS EMERSON AND BURPEE, LAWRENCE J. - Bibliography of Canadian Fiction (English)
007326: HORNING, PROF. L. E. - A Critique of Canadian Writers: Canadian Literature of 1898, Acta Victoriana, Vol. XXII, No. 3, Toronto, December, 1898
002353: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. & JOHNSON, FRIDOLF - 200 Years of American Graphic Art: A Retrospective Survey of the Printing Arts and Advertising Since the Colonial Period
004843: HOSPITAL, JANET TURNER - The Ivory Swing
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002815: LOVEJOY, R.B. (ED.) - The Golden Dog Book of Fairy Tales & Animal Stories
005212: LOW, D. M. (ED.) - A Century of Writers 1855-1955: A Centenary Volume
004745: LOWELL, ROBERT - The Old Glory
004744: LOWELL, ROBERT - For Lizzie and Harriet
003263: LOWELL, ROBERT - The Mills of the Kavanaughs
003262: LOWELL, ROBERT - The Dolphin
001525: LOWELL, ROBERT - Day By Day
001517: LOWELL, AMY - What's O'Clock
004960: LOWENFELS, WALTER (ED.) - For Neruda, for Chile: An International Anthology
005316: LOWERY, ROBERT G. (ED.) - O'Casey Annual No. 4
000622: LOWRY, MALCOLM - Dark as the Grave Wherein My Friend is Laid
000195: LOWRY, MALCOLM - Story Magazine, September, 1934
003127: LOWTHER, PAT - The Age of the Bird
003645: LOWTHER, BARBARA J. - A Bibliography of British Columbia: Laying the Foundations 1849-1899
4444: LUCAS, E. V. - The Colvins and Their Friends
4016: LUCAS, ROBERT - Frieda Lawrence: The Story of Frieda von Richthofen and D.H. Lawrence Translated from the German by Geoffrey Skelton.
004855: LUDWIG, EMIL - Gifts of Life: A Retrospect
004742: LUDWIG, JACK - A Woman of Her Age
004740: LUDWIG, JACK - Above Ground
001526: LUDWIG, JACK - Confusions
002871: LUND, CHRIS & MALAK - Stones of History: A Photographic Essay on Canada's Houses of Parliament
007000: LUNDQVIST, JONAS - Under the Winter Sun
002418: LYNCH, BOHUN - Collecting
005350: LYND, ROBERT - Dr. Johnson and Company
002697: LYON, CAPTAIN G.F. - The Private Journal of Captain G.F.Lyon of H.M.S. Hecla During the Recent Voyage of Discovery Under Captain Parry 1821-1823
008098: LYONS, MARTYN - Books: A Living History
000347: M'CLINTOCK, CAPTAIN FRANCIS LEOPOLD - The Voyage of the "Fox" in the Arctic Seas: A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions
005568: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - William Shakespeare: Poet, Dramatist, and Man
000183: MACARTHUR, JAMES, (ED.) - The Bookman Literary Year-Book 1898
4058: MACCOMBIE, JOHN - The Prince & The Genie: A Study of Rimbaud's Influence on Claudel
001523: MACDIARMID, HUGH - Lucky Poet: A Self-Study in Literature and Political Ideas
005582: MACDONALD, ANN-MARIE - The Way the Crow Flies
4684: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - Barrier Island
4685: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - Free Fall In Crimson
4032: MACDONALD, DWIGHT (ED.) - Parodies: An Anthology from Chaucer to Beerbohm and After
007553: MACDONALD, ANN-MARIE - The Way the Crow Flies
007665: MACDONALD, J.E.H. & DUVAL, PAUL - The Tangled Garden
4707: MACEBUH, STANLEY - James Baldwin: A Critical Study
009059: MACFARLANE, DAVID - Summer Gone
006884: MACFARLANE, DAVID - Summer Gone
4002: MACGREGOR, MARGARET SCOTT - The Conflict of Europe and America In Henry James Until 1889
006222: MACINTYRE, LINDEN - The Bishop's Man
007329: MACK, MAYNARD - The Garden and the City: Retirement and Politics in the Later Poetry of Pope, 1731-1743
005383: MACKAIL, J. W. - The Approach to Shakespeare
007147: MACKAIL, J. W. - William Morris: An Address Delivered the XIth November MDCCCC at Kelmscott House Hammersmith Before the Hammersmith Socialist Society
005814: MACKAY, AGNES ETHEL - La Fontaine and His Friends: A Biography
4107: MACKAY, AGNES ETHEL - The Universal Self: A Study of Paul Valery

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