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41805: RHINELANDER, ANTHONY L.H. - Prince Michael Vorontsov
32080: RHOADS, W. M. (COMPILED BY) - Toasts. Drawings by Clare Victor Dwiggins
33547: RHODENIZER, VERNON BLAIR - Canadian Literature in English
35754: RHODES, R. E. - Photograph of Nova Scotian Church by R. E. Rhodes, c. 1900
31667: RHYS-ROBERTS, OLWEN - The Moving Finger Writes (an Autobiography)
19351: RIBEIRO, ALVARO AND BASKER, JAMES G.(EDITED BY) - Tradition in Transition Women Writers, Marginal Texts, and the Eighteenth-Century Canon
41496: RIBEYRO, CAPTAINE JEAN - Histoire De L’Isle De Ceylon, Ecrite par le Captaine Jean Ribeyro, & Presentee au Roy de Portugal en 1685.
9217: RIBNER, IRVING - Jacobean Tragedy The Quest for Moral Order
25792: RIBOT - The Psychology of Attention
41480: RICE, ANNE - The Feast of all Saints
18762: RICE, MARGARET S. - Sun on the River The Story of The Bailey Family Business 1856-1956
24278: RICE, JOE D. (ED) - The Shop Wisdom of Rudy Kouhoupt
26609: RICE, D. TALBOT (COMPILED BY) - The University Portraits
24616: RICH, DANIEL CATTON (DIRECTOR) - Van Gogh Paintings and Drawings A Special Loan Exhibition The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Art Institute of Chicago
33432: RICH, WALTER H. - Feathered Game of New England
26969: RICH, E.E. - The Fur Trade and The Northwest to 1857
39265: RICH, LEN - The Best of 'In the Woods'
32793: RICHARD, ALVIN - Une veritable paroisse cooperative La Caisse populaire du Village de Richibouchtou Ltee 1939-1989
1163: RICHARD, AGNES M. - Threads of Gold: Newfoundland & Labrador Jubilee Guilds Women's Institutes
37188: RICHARDS, PROF. C. S. (MANAGING EDITOR) - The South African Journal of Economics [Volume 27, No. 1]
37187: RICHARDS, PROF. C. S. (MANAGING EDITOR) - The South African Journal of Economics [Volume 25, No. 4]
12612: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - The Bay of Love and Sorrows
15340: RICHARDS,CAPTAIN JAMES AND MARLENE WITH ERIC HURST VEDT - The Sea in My Blood The Life and Times of Captain Andy Publicover
26733: RICHARDS, LEONARD L. - 'Gentlemen of Property and Standing' Anti-Abolition Mobs in Jacksonian America
32029: RICHARDS, LAURA E. (ET AL) - The Cheerful Cook and the Rainy Day
1050: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS. - The Coming of Winter
36454: RICHARDSON, DR. IAN - Laggan
1493: RICHARDSON, EVELYN M. - Desired Haven
5264: RICHARDSON, EVELYN M - Living Island
12043: RICHARDSON, EVELYN M - B… was for Butter and Enemy Craft
19444: RICHARDSON, A. H. - A Report on The Ganaraska Watershed A study in land use with plans for the rehabilitation of the area in the post-war period
29579: RICHARDSON, HENRY - Henry Richardson's Illustrated Guide to Greenwich
32498: RICHARDSON, MAJOR - Wacousta A Tale of the Pontiac Conspiracy
34065: RICHARDSON, MAJOR - Westbrook the Outlaw or The Avenging Wolf An American Border Tale
34249: RICHARDSON, DOROTHY - John Austen and The Inseparables
41021: RICHARDSON, WILLIAM (EDITED AND ENLARGED BY) - Hoppus's Measurer for Timber Stone Board Glass etc.
1132: RICHARDSON, EVELYN M. - My Other Islands Illustrations by Winifred Fox
3126: RICHARDSON, EVELYN, (COMPILED BY) - The Wreckwood Chair: Sagas of the Sea Told in Wood.
41767: RICHARDSON, JOHN - Richardson's War of 1812 with Notes and a Life of the Author by Alexander Clark Casselman
24457: RICHLER, MORDECAI - St. Urbain's Horseman
7349: RICHMOND, LEONARD. - The Art Of Landscape Painting in Water Colour, Oil, and Pastel.
12669: RICHMOND, LEONARD - The Technique of Oil Painting
19478: RICHMOND, JOHN AND WEST, BRUCE - Around Toronto a Look at the City with John Richmond and Bruce West
25929: RICHMOND, JOHN - Discover Toronto John Richmond's Illustrated Notebook 1976
13800: RICHMOND, LEONARD - The Technique of Still Life painting in Oil Colours
13796: RICHTER, HARVENA - Writing to Survive The Private Notebooks of Conrad Richter
24927: RICHTER, H. DAVIS & LADY MARGARET SACKVILLE - Paintings and Poems
38277: RICHTER, ERNST FRIEDRICH(TRANSLATED FROM THE LATEST GERMAN EDITION BY JOHN P. MORGAN) - Richter's Manual of Harmony: a Practical Guide to Its Study,Prepared especially for the Conservatory of Music at Leipsic
38682: RICKS, BEATRICE (COMPILED BY) - T.S. Eliot: A bibliography of secondary works
38156: RIDEOUT, F. DAVID - History of Pentecostal Schools in Newfoundland and Labrador
11357: RIDEOUT, J.S.; OWEN, O.A. AND HALPIN, E. - Hillforts of Southern Scotland
27906: RIDER, PETER (ED) - Material History Bulletin Bulletin d'histoire de la culture materielle 28 Fall/Automne 1988
27911: RIDER, PETER E.(ED) - Material History Bulletin Bulletin d'histoire de la culture materielle 33 Spring 1991/ Printemps 1991
2138: RIDLEY, HILDA. - L.M. Montgomery. A biography of the author of Anne of Green Gables
19737: RIDLEY, CHARLES PRICE; GODWIN, PAUL H. B.; DOOLIN, DENNIS J. - The Making of a Model Citizen in Communist China
35166: RIEDLE, LUCILLE (PROJECT MANAGER) - Growing Up Female in New Brunswick 1970-2000
27210: RIESE, LAURE (ED) - L'Ame de la Poesie Canadienne Francaise
40070: RIETI, BARBARA - Making Witches Newfoundland Traditions of Spells and Counterspells
38906: RIGDEN, DENIS(INTRODUCTION BY) - Soe Syllabus Lessons in Ungentlemanly warfare in World War II
29680: RIGNEY, FRANCIS J. AND SMITH, L. DOUGLAS - The Real Bohemia
37352: RIGO DE RIGHI, A. G. - The Stamp of Royalty British Commemorative Issues for Royal Occasions 1935-1972
19933: RIKHEY, INDAR JIT - The Theory & Practice of Peacekeeping
20926: RIKHYE, MAJOR GENERAL INDAR JIT - Trumpets and Tumults The Memoirs of a Peacekeeper
22731: RIKHYE, INDAR JIT - The Theory & Practice of Peacekeeping
23008: RIKHYE, INDAR JIT; HARBOTTLE, MICHAEL; EGGE, BJORN - The Thin Blue Line International Peacekeeping and Its Future
25275: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - Down Around the River and Other Poems
27907: RILEY, BARBARA (ED) - Material History Bulletin Bulletin d'histoire de la culture materielle 19 Spring-Printemps, 1984
27908: RILEY, BARBARA (ED) - Material History Bulletin Bulletin d'histoire de la culture materielle 23 Spring-Printemps, 1986
27910: RILEY, BARBARA(ED) - Material History Bulletin Bulletin d'histoire de la culture materielle 20 Fall/Automne 1984
31425: RIMMINGTON, GERALD T. - Education, Politics and Society in Leicester 1833-1903
14769: RINALDIS, ALDO DE - Correggio Danae E La Pioggia D'Oro
41679: RINGEREIDE, MABEL - The Flourishing Tree
5525: RIORDAN, BERNARD - Francis Silver: 1841-1920 An Exhibition of paintings and murals by a Nova Scotian Folk Artist
5609: RIORDAN, BERNARD - C. Anthony Law: A Retrospective
5654: RIORDON, BERNARD - Joe Sleep Retrospective
12723: BERNARD RIORDON - Joe Norris Painted Visions of Nova Scotia
40325: RIPLEY, DON - The Roos of Bay Street
9201: RIPLEY, J.B. - Six Soundings:
19045: RIPLEY, DONALD F. - Thine Own Keeper Life at the Nova Scotia Sanatorium 1904-1977
30705: RIPLEY, GORDON; ANNE, MERCER - Who's Who in Canadian Literature 1987-88
4827: RIPLEY, DONALD F. - Bagman. A Life in Nova Scotia Politics
22203: RISENHOOVER, C.C. - Dead Even
22204: RISENHOOVER, C.C. - Satan's Mark
22205: RISENHOOVER, C.C. - Blood Bath A Matt McCall Mystery
22206: RISENHOOVER, C.C. - Wine, Murder & Blueberry Sundaes A Novel of Romance and Suspense
22207: RISENHOOVER, C.C. - Happy Birthday Jesus
22208: RISENHOOVER, C.C. - Final Four A Brian Stratford Mystery
22886: RISNER, ROBINSON - The Passing of the Night My Seven Years As a Prisoner of the North Vietnamese
23334: RISTAU, HARLAND - Time Sands Our Edges
624: RITCHIE, CHARLES - An Appetite for life: The Education of a Young Diarist, 1924-1927.
2516: RITCHIE, C. T. - The Willing Maid
5400: RITCHIE, CHARLES - My Grandfather's House Scenes of Childhood and Youth
16904: RITCHIE, CHARLES. - Diplomatic Passport More Undiplomatic Diaries, 1946-1962
22808: RITCHIE, ROY AND STEWART, RON - Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. Identification and Values
24615: RITCHIE, ANDREW CARNDUFF - Charles Demuth
39669: RITCHIE, DAVID F. - Edith Grace Coombs
24322: RITCHIE, ANDREW R. - Watchdog A History of the Canadian Provost Corps
35349: RITCHIE'S AUCTION - Hennok Estate The Library and Works on Paper From the Collection of the Late Jim Hennok [Sale No. 757]
36749: RITTER, E.A. - Shaka Zulu The Rise of the Zulu Empire
37498: RITZ, CHARLES - A Fly Fisher's Life
41302: RIVARD, GILLES(CHAIRMAN) - Competition in Transportation Policy and Legislation in Review (in 2 volumes)
6011: ROACHE, GORDON - A Halifax A B C
18993: ROBBINS, WILLIAM - The Ethical Idealism of Matthew Arnold A Study of the Nature and Sources of His Moral and Religious Ideas
38987: ROBBINS, J.A. - EP to LU Nine Letters Written to Louis Untermeyer
5424: ROBERT, GUY - Bellefleur: The Fervour of the Quest
15153: STEELMAN. ROBERT - Call of the Arctic
1987: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - By The Marshes of Minas
37286: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Jim The Story of a Backwoods Police Dog
37285: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Feet of The Furtive
1626: ROBERTS, SIR. CHARLES G.D. (SELECTED & EDITED) - Poems of Wild Life. Selected and edited by Charles G. D. Roberts, M.A.
4502: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - A Sister to Evangeline Being the Story of Yvonne de Lamourie, and how she went into exile with the villagers of Grand Pre
40297: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - New York Nocturnes and Other Poems
33343: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The House in the Water A Book of Animal Stories
2000: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Heart of the Ancient Wood
36757: ROBERTS, BRIAN - Cecil Rhodes and the Princess
42010: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Book of the Rose.
37512: ROBERTS, DONALD V. - Flyfishing Still Waters
1503: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE - The Golden Highlander or the Romantic Adventures of Alastair MacIver. By Theodore Goodridge Roberts. With a frontispiece in full color by H. G. Edwards
1507: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE - The Leather Bottle (Signed by author)
1990: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Forge in the Forest. An Acadian Romance
2661: ROBERTS, HARRY D. WITH MICHAEL O. NOWLAN - The Newfoundland Fish Boxes: A Chronicle of the Fishery
5778: ROBERTS, MARY ANNE - Houses of Old Toronto.Paintings by William Roberts. Text by Mary Anne Roberts
11560: ROBERTS, ADAM (EDITED BY) - The Strategy of Civilian Defence Non-violent Resistance to Aggression
13559: ROBERTS, LESLIE - Noranda
16372: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Songs of the Common Day and Ave! An Ode for the Shelley Centenary
20615: ROBERTS, CHARLES, G. D. - Tides [A poem in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine May 1885, to October 1885 Volume 30]
20616: ROBERTS, CHARLES, G. D. - The Slave Woman [A poem in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine May 1884, to October 1884 Volume 28]
20617: ROBERTS, CHARLES, G. D. - Canada [A poem in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine November 1885, to May 1886 Volume 31]
22474: ROBERTS, GILDAS - Chemical Eric A witches' brew of sex, drugs, phoney mass-media personalities, and skulduggery at a Canadian university
22641: ROBERTS, LESLIE - There Shall Be Wings A History of the Royal Canadian Air Force
26171: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE - Comrades of the Trails With illustrations and decorations by Charles Livingston Bull
26173: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE - Tom Akerley. Related by Captain Theodore Goodridge Roberts. Illustrated by Ernest Fuhr
27035: ROBERTS, JOHN A. - Cariboo Chronicles Williams Lake Golden Jubilee 1929-1979
28475: ROBERTS, STEPHEN H. - The History of French Colonial Policy 1870-1925
30693: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE - When a Sailor is Tough. [Short Story in] Blackwood's Magazine No. 1458 April 1937 Vol. 241
30959: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - InThe Silence. [&] In The Unknown Dark [&] The Iron Edge of Winter [&] The Lord of the Glass House[&] MacPhairsson's Happy Family [&] Melindy and the Lynxes (Six short stories)
30960: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Antlers of the Caribou. [&] Back Swamp [&] Grey Lynx's Last Hunting[&] On the Roof of the World [&] The Sentry of the Sedge-Flats (Five short stories all illustrated by Paul Bransom).
30961: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Isle of Birds [&] Little Bull of the Barrens [&] The Theft [&] Torpedo in Feathers [&] A Tree-Top Aeronaut [&] The Tunnel Runners (Six short stories all illustrated by Paul Bransom).
30962: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - A Digger of Tupes [&] The Feud [&] King of Beasts [&] The Leader of the Run [&] Red Dandy and MacTavish [&] With His Back to the Wall (Six short stories ).
30963: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE - Fear of Home [&] Johnny Shark [&] Strangers in Bully Bay [ 1p. poem] Withy and Holly: A Gypsy Carol (Three short stories illustrated by Cyrus Cuneo)
30966: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Eyes in the Bush [&] Hood and Claw [&] The Pool [&] The Runners of the High Peaks [&] The Shadows and John Hatch [&] The Trail of the Vanishing Herds [Six short stories]
30967: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - In The World of the Ghost-Lights [&] The Invaders [&] The Spotted Stranger [3 short stories illus. By Paul Bransom]
30968: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Bear Who Thought He Was a Dog [&] A Master of Supply [&] The White Wolf [3 short stories illus. By Paul Bransom]
30969: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - A Harassed Householder [&]In The Year of No Rabbits[&] Ishmael of the Hemlocks [&] Keepers of the Nest. [4 short stories illus. By Paul Bransom]
2007: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Prisoner of Mademoiselle. A Love Story
40238: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Barbara Ladd
40241: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Secret Trails
1986: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Backwoodsmen
4511: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Neighbors Unknown
31251: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE & STEPHENS, ROBERT NEILSON - A Soldier of Valley Forge: A Romance of the American Revolution. With a frontispiece in full colour from a painting by Frank T. Merrill
31157: ROBERTS, THEODORE GOODRIDGE & STEPHENS, ROBERT NEILSON - A Soldier of Valley Forge: A Romance of the American Revolution. With a frontispiece in full colour from a painting by Frank T. Merrill
40457: ROBERTS, LESLIE - From Three Men History of the Dominion Rubber Company, Limited
19850: ROBERTS, HARRY D. WITH MICHAEL O. NOWLAN - The Newfoundland Fish Boxes: A Chronicle of the Fishery
40242: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - In the Morning of Time
41631: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Ave an Ode for the Centenary of the Birth of Percy Bysshe Shelley, August 4th, 1792 [Signed presentation copy]
40578: ROBERTSON, MANNING AND N.K. ROBERTSON - Approach to Architecture
881: ROBERTSON, REV. JAMES - History of the Mission of the Secession Church to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island from its Commencement in 1765.
2218: ROBERTSON, MARION - King's Bounty. A History of Early Shelburne Nova Scotia. Founded in 1783 by the Port Roseway Associates Loyalists of the American Revolution
3490: ROBERTSON, MARION - Trinity United Church, Shelburne, N.S.
5747: ROBERTSON, HEATHER - A Terrible Beauty: The Art of Canada at War
6616: ROBERTSON, MARION [COMPILED BY] - Old Settlers' Remedies
6654: ROBERTSON, NANCY - J.E.H. MacDonald, R.C.A.,1873-1932
10123: ROBERTSON, ELLISON - Cape Breton Island Sketchbook
10516: ROBERTSON, ALLEN B. AND CAROLENE E.B.(EDITED BY) - Memoir of Mrs. Eliza Ann Chipman, Wife of The Rev. William Chipman, of Pleasant Valley, Cornwallis
13577: ROBERTSON, PETER - Relentless Verity Canadian Military Photographers since 1885 / Irreductible verite Les Photographes Militaires Vcanadiens Depuis 1885
17965: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - The History of America. To which is Subjoined, A Disquisition On Ancient India. In Two Volumes
24980: ROBERTSON, A. FRASER - Mark Hamilton's Daughters
25406: ROBERTSON, HEATHER (ED. AND COMPILED BY) - A Gentleman Adventurer The Arctic Diaries of R.H.G. Bonnycastle
6202: ROBERTSON, MARION - The Family of Donald McKay. The MacKays and McPhersons
29995: ROBERTSON, MARION - The Chestnut Pipe Folklore of Shelburne County
38329: ROBERTSON, REV. JAMES - Our Lord's Teaching
32720: ROBICHAUD, NORBERT, ARCHEVEQUE DE MONCTON - Circulaire au Clerge (3 issues 1942-44)
32723: ROBICHAUD, NORBERT, ARCHEVEQUE DE MONCTON - Lettre Pastorale de Son Excellence Mgr Norbert Robichaud Archeveque de Moncton (Volume 1, #4)
37579: ROBICHAUD, MARIE-COLOMBE - 100 petites histoires du passe pour conserver notre langue et notre culture acadienne
39271: ROBINSON, GEOFF AND DOROTHY - It Came by the Boat Load. Essays on Rum Running
2765: ROBINSON, BERTON - Nova Scotia: Three Hundred Years in Education
9439: ROBINSON, J. LUKIN - Reports Of Points Of Practice, &c, &c., &c. Determined In Chambers By The Judges of the Courts of Queen's Bench And Common Pleas. 2 Volumes
14502: ROBINSON, LARRY & GOYENS, CHRYS - Robinson For The Defence
19320: ROBINSON, MARION O. - Give My Heart The Dr. Marion Hilliard Story
19538: ROBINSON, S. G. B. - Do Not Erase The Story of the First 50 Years of OSSTF
19559: ROBINSON, JAMES A. - Alexander Portrait of Field Marshal Viscount Alexander Governor-General of Canada on his farewell to arms
27246: ROBINSON, GILLIAN - Island Memories Photographs of Prince Edward Island, 1890-1920
27686: ROBINSON, JOAN - Essays in the Theory of Economic Growth
28467: ROBINSON, SIR JOHN - A Life Time in South Africa Being the Recollections
28819: ROBINSON, JOHN - Grammar of History, Ancient and Modern; with Questions for Exercise;By Which Means History Ma be Practically Taught in Schools
32887: ROBINSON, HONOURABLE C. W. - 61st Annual Report of the Crown Land Department of the Province of New Brunswick for the year ended 31st October, 1921
35461: ROBINSON, E. B. F., B.A. - The True Sphere of the Blind
35709: ROBINSON, GEOFF AND DOROTHY - The Nellie J. Banks
39367: ROBINSON, NEIL. - To The Ends of the Earth. Norman McLeod and the Highlanders' Migration to Nova Scotia and New Zealand
17668: ROBINSON, GEOFF AND DOROTHY - Duty-Free A Prohibition Special
38027: ROBINSON, ERNEST FRASER - The Halifax Disaster December 6, 1917
755: ROBINSON, CHARLOTTE GOURLAY - Pioneer Profiles of New Brunswick Settlers
6951: ROBSON, SCOTT & MACKENZIE, SHELAGH - An Atlantic Album. Photographs of the Atlantic Provinces, before 1920
38597: ROBSON, MICHAEL - The Franciscans in the Middle Ages
18884: ROBSON, SCOTT; MACKENZIE, SHEILAGH; BISHOP, HENRY & BOYD, FRANK (CURATORS) - The Past in Focus A Community Album Before 1918 (together with) A Black Community Album Before 1930
39592: ROBSON, WILLIAM - James Chalmers Missionary and Explorer of Rarotonga and New Guinea
36000: ROBSON (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Photograph of Two Young Victorian Ladies, Christmas, 1898, Windsor, Nova Scotia
41209: ROCHE, REGINA MARIA - The Children of the Abbey, a Tale (3 volumes bound together)
33808: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Lark Ascending
19115: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Low Life A Comedy in One Act
19116: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Come True
24343: ROCHE, REGINA MARIA - The Children of the Abbey A Tale
40288: ROCHFORT, JOHN A. - Business and General Directory of Newfoundland 1877: Containing Classified Lists of the Business Men of St. John's and the Leading Towns and Districts of the Colony, with Appendix Containing Local, Governmental and Other Information of a General Character
33283: RODEN BROS. LIMITED, TORONTO, ONTARIO - Rich Cut Glass Catalogue Reprint and Price Guide, 1917
25438: RODGERS, EUGENE - Beyond the Barrier The Story of Byrd's First Expedition to Antarctica
41022: RODNEY, WILLIAM - Joe Boyle King of the Klondike
27880: RODRIGUE, GEORGE AND FREUNDLICH, LAWRENCE S. - Blue Dog Paintings by George Rodrigue
24212: ROE, JOSEPH WICKHAM - English & American Tool Builders The men who created machine tools.
27478: ROE, REV. E. P. - Opening a Chestnut Burr
37777: ROEBER, A.G. - Palatines, Liberty, and Property German Lutherans in Colonial British America
30483: ROEDER, HELEN (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY) - The Ordeal of Captain Roeder From the Diary of an Officer in the First Battalion of Hessian Lifeguards during the Moscow Campaign of 1812-13
40486: ROGERS, NORMAN MACLEOD - Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville
871: ROGERS, FLORA SMITH - Trinity United Church Charlottetown, 1809-1964 'How the Lord Brought it to Pass'
2100: ROGERS, JENNIE. - Fundy Driftwood.
5540: ROGERS, JOSEPH S. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Rogers' Photographic Advertising Album (Halifax 1871)
10764: ROGERS, R. VASHON - Law and Medical Men
17767: ROGERS, SAMUEL - The Pleasures of Memory
20198: ROY ROGERS(INTRODUCTION BY) - Legends of the West A Collection of U.S. Commemorative Stamps
23831: ROGERS, SAMUEL - Recollections
24992: ROGERS, DAVID - The Bodleian Library and Its Treasures 1320-1700
33888: ROGERS, IRENE L. - Walks in Charlotte Town
19202: ROGERS, COLONEL H. C. B. - The Mounted Troops of the British Army 1066-1945
23750: ROGERS, COLONEL H. C. B. - Weapons of the British Soldier
40768: ROHAN - Confessions of a Dealer
34299: ROHNER, RONALD P. - The People of Gilford: A Contemporary Kwakiutl Village
31321: ROHRBOUGH, FRED W. - Eastern Canada and Isles of France (Travel and Adventure)
39018: ROHWER, JURGEN - The Critical Convoy Battles of March 1943 The Battle for HX.229/122
15961: ROLAND, ALBERT E. - Geological Background and Physiography of Nova Scotia.
23840: ROLFE, FR.(FREDERICK BARON CORVO) - Don Tarquinio A Kataleptic Phantasmatic Romance
27492: ROLFE, WILLIAM J. (EDITED WITH NOTES BY) - Selected Poems of Thomas Gray
40066: ROLFE, HEDLEY - Water Down My Neck Memoirs of an Outport Doctor
22899: ROLLESTON, T. W. - Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race
8282: ROLLESTON, T.W.R. - The Tale of Lohengrin Knight of the Swan after the Drama of Richard Wagner Presented by Willy Pogany
38166: ROLLMAN, HANS - Laurence Coughlan and The Origins of Methodism in Newfoundland
38017: ROLPH, WILLIAM KIRBY - Henry Wise Wood of Alberta
29696: ROMAN, CATHERINE - Bang for a Buck
5838: ROMBOUT, LUKE (EDITOR) - Vancouver: Art and Artists 1931-1983
25440: ROMER, JOHN & ELIZABETH - The Rape of Tutankhamun
29581: ROMILLY, SIR SAMUEL - Memoirs of The Life of Sir Samuel Romilly, Written by Himself, with a selection fro His Correspondence (In Three Volumes)
14103: ROMPKEY, RONALD - Labrador Odyssey. A Journal and Photographs of Eliot Curwen on the Second Voyage of Wilfred Grenfell, 1893
26314: ROMPKEY, RONALD - Grenfell of Labrador A Biography
40096: ROMPKEY, RONALD - The Story of Labrador
40067: ROMPKEY, WILLIAM (EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION) - From the Coast to Far Inland collected writings on Labrador
39004: RONSLEY, JOSEPH - Yeats's Autobiography Life as Symbolic Pattern
11229: ROOKE, CONSTANCE - fear of the open heart essays on contemporary writing
19305: DE ROOS, FREDERICK FITZGERALD - Personal Narrative of Travels in the United States and Canada in 1826 With Remarks on the Present State of the American Navy
14059: ROOTLAND, NANCY - Anne's World, Maud's World: The Sacred Sites of L.M. Montgomery Text and Photographs: Nancy Rootland
21835: DE ROPP, ROBERT S. - Sex Energy The Sexual Forces in Man and Animals
37520: ROSBOROUGH, E. H. 'POLLY' - Tying and Fishing The Fuzzy Nymphs
12455: ROSBOROUGH, JAMES DOUGLAS - Confessions of a Boatbuilder
36350: ROSE, ALEX - Who Killed the Grand Banks? The Untold Story Behind the Decimation of One of the World's Greatest Natural Resources
40073: ROSE, CLYDE (ED) - Baffles of Wind and Tide A Selection of Newfoundland Writings
12775: ROSE, A.H. AND O.H. LINDQUIST - Insects of Eastern Spruces, Fir and Hemlock
20175: ROSE, REBEKAH - 1996 Edition Collectible Vehicle Auction Results & Collector's Guide
27494: ROSE, RAY CLARKE - At the Sign of the Ginger Jar Some Verses Gay and Grave
28725: ROSE, ALFRED (COMPILED BY) - Register of Erotic Books Vel (sub hac specie) Dubiorum: Opus Bibliographicum Et Praecipue Bibliothecariis Destinatum (in two volumes)
38350: ROSE, J. HOLLAND ET AL - The Cambridge History of the British Empire Volume Six Canada and Newfoundland
15777: ROSEBERY, LORD - Napoleon The Last Phase
36019: ROSEBERY, LORD - Chatham His Early Life and Connections
36878: ROSENBAUM, S.P.(ED) - The Bloomsbury Group A Collection of Memoirs, Commentary and Criticism
36693: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - Chardin
40069: ROSENBERG, NEIL V. (ED) - Folklore and Oral History Papers From the Second Annual Meeting of the Canadian Aural/Oral History Association at St. John's, Newfoundland October 3-5, 1975
26826: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Cubism and Twentieth-Century Art
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31823: SINDING, PROFESSOR PAUL C. - History of Scandinavia, From the Early Times of the Northmen and Vikings to the Present Day
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18589: SKELDON, SYLVIA (TEXT BY) - Toronto Calling 1976 Olympiad For the Physically Disabled August 3-11, 1976 Photography by Ted Czolowski
25943: SKELTON, OSCAR DOUGLAS - Life and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Illustrated with PhotographsI (Two volumes)
28973: SKELTON, ROBIN - Openings
37720: SKELTON, ROBIN - Selected Poems 1947-1967
26013: SKENE, WAYNE - Fade to Black A Requiem for the CBC
18515: SKENNERTON, IAN D. - An Introductin to British Grenades
35795: SKIDMORE, COLLEEN (EDITED BY) - Women in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. This Wild Spirit
40621: SKINNER, V.M. & OTHERS - Tumble-Toes
25923: SKINNER, ROSS M. - Accounting Standards in Evolution
26606: SKINNER, TINA - Designer Fabrics of the Early '60
27310: SKINNER, REV. JOHN - Songs and Poems, by the Rev. John Skinner with a sketch of his life by H. G. Reid
27023: SKIRA, ALBERT - Lautrec
22911: SKJONSBERG, ELSE - Change in an African Village Kefa Speaks
7322: SKORNIA, HARRY J. - Television and Society: An Inquest and Agenda For Improvement
9594: SKRIGIN, GEORGE - war and stage
12283: SKRINE, PETER N. - The Baroque Literature and Culture in Seventeenth-Century Europe
37561: SKUES, G. E. M. ('V. C.': VAL C. CONSON' OF THE FISHING GAZETTE) - Silk, Fur and Feather: The Trout-Fly Dresser's Year
18077: SKVORECKY, JOSEF - Dvorak in Love A light-hearted dream
16937: SLADEN, DOUGLAS B. W. - In Cornwall and Across the Sea with Poems Written in Deconshire Etc.
33782: SLADEN-SMITH, F. - The Poison Party: A Burlesque Comedy in One Act
40722: SLADER, LT.-COL E.M. - From the Victorian Ear to the Space Age
32730: SLAGER, URSULA T., M.D. - Space Medicine
35107: SLATE, GEORGE L. (EDITOR) - The Lily Yearbook of the North American Lily Society A Handbook of Lily Culture Number Sixteen 1963
19709: SLATER, J. HERBERT - Illustrated Sporting Books. A Descriptive Survey of a Collection of English Illustrated Works of a Sporting and Racy Character
28077: SLATER, LYDIA PASTERNAK - Before Sunrise Poems by Lydia Pasternak
31611: SLATER, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Jimmy Kelly's: The Montmartre of New York
26279: SLAVIN, MORRIS AND SMITH, AGNES - Bourgeois, Sans-Culottes, and Other Frenchmen Essays on the French Revolution in Honor of John Hall Stewart
34663: OLD SLEUTH - Tracked On A Wheel; or , Bicycle Jim's Great Chase. A Thrilling Narrative
27918: SMALL, INA & MUTIMER, ERNIE - Ina of Grand Manan A Stranger from Away
40310: SMALLEY, REV. WILLIAM C. - Come Wind, Come Weather
17829: SMALLEY, GEORGE W. - London Letters and Some Others [in two volumes]
39809: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH R. - Newfoundland Miscellany 1
11142: SMALLWOOD, JOSEPH R. - The Face of Newfoundland
40060: SMALLWOOD, PREMIER JOSEPH R (INTRO BY) - Newfoundland Canada's Happy Province
566: SMALLWOOD, J. R. (ED.) - The Book of Newfoundland. (Volumes 1 & 2)
32562: SMALLWOOD, BILL - Abuse of Power. The Acadians
37689: SMALLWOOD, J. R. - The New Newfoundland: An Account of the Revolutionary Developments Which Are Transforming Britain's Oldest Colony from 'The Cinderella of the Empire' into One of the Great Small Nations of the World
38576: SMALLWOOD, J. R. (ED.) - The Book of Newfoundland (Volumes 1 & 2)
36475: SMALLWOOD, J. R. (ED.) - The Book of Newfoundland. (Volumes IV)
17641: SMALLWOOD, J. R. - The New Newfoundland: An Account of the Revolutionary Developments Which Are Transforming Britain's Oldest Colony from 'The Cinderella of the Empire' into One of the Great Small Nations of the World
38240: SMART, TOM (CURATOR) - Artists in a Floating World The Marion McCain Atlantic Art Exhibition
23312: SMART, CHRISTOPHER - A Song to David and Other Poems
26623: SMART, TOM - Connexion XXII 'An Exquisite Corpse'
38725: SMIDT, KRISTIAN - The Importance of Recognition Six Chapters on T.S. Eliot
23754: SMILES, SAMUEL - Selections from Lives of The Engineers with an Account of ther Principal Works
13381: SMITH, DOROTHY BLAKEY (EDITED BY) - The Reminiscences of Doctor John Sebastian Helmcken
13599: SMITH, BRIAN (PHOTOGRAPHY BY) - Dalhousie University: A Time to Remember
39239: SMITH, J. HAMBLIN - A Treatise on Arithmetic Adapted to Canadian Schools by Thomas Kirkland and William Scott
19283: SMITH, WM. H. - Smith's Canadian Gazetteer Comprising Statistical and General Information Respecting All Pars of the Upper Province, or Canada West: Distance Tables; Government and District Officers and Magistrates in Each District; List of Post Offices, (cont)
41516: SMITH, BILL & SELINA SKIPWITH - A History of Scottish Art
834: SMITH, MARILYN GURNEY - The King's Yard: An Illustrated History of the Halifax Dockyard
1945: SMITH, ELEANOR ROBERTSON. (ED.);COMPILER/WRITER- JOANNA HYDE HAEGHAERT. - Lost Mariners of Shelburne County. As Inscribed on the Fishermen's Memorial, unveiled 1990, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
38005: SMITH, GOLDWIN - Canada and The Canadian Question
35389: SMITH, H. M. SCOTT - The Historic Houses of Prince Edward Island
41487: SMITH, J.D. AND LEN GUTTERIDGE - Jack Teagarden The Story of a Jazz Maverick
6415: SMITH, NICHOLAS - Fifty-two Years at the Labrador Fishery
1008: SMITH, J. HARRY - Newfoundland Holiday
1782: SMITH, T. WATSON - History of the Methodist Church within the territories embraced in the late conference of Eastern British America, Including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Bermuda [2 vols]
39303: SMITH, RICHARD K. - The Airships Akron & Macon Flying Aircraft Carriers of the United States Navy
5916: SMITH, FRANCES K. (INTRO. BY MICHAEL BELL) - Andre Bieler: An Artist's Life and Times
6326: SMITH, H. M. SCOTT - The Historic Churches of Prince Edward Island
7178: SMITH, NORA ARCHIBALD. - Kate Douglas Wiggin as Her Sister Knew Her
9442: SMITH, WILLIAM L. - The Practice In Proceedings in The Probate Courts Of Massachusetts. With an Appendic of Uniform Forms and Rules Approved by the Supreme Judicial Court. Fifth edition Revised By Arthur Lord
9477: SMITH, LAWRENCE R - A Survey of the Derivational Postbases of Labrador Inuttut (Eskimo)
9648: SMITH, RICHARD HENRY - Expositions of the Cartoons of Raphael
11119: SMITH, HARRY D - Through dirty windows
11253: SMITH, A.J.M. EDITOR - The Canadian Century English - Canadian Writing Since Confederation
16111: SMITH, LOUISA HUTCHINGS - Bermuda's 'Oldest Inhabitants' Tales of Plant Life
18421: SMITH, DONALD A. - At the Forks of the Grand 20 Historical Essays on Paris, Ontario Illustrated by John Pickell. Volume 1 only
18677: SMITH, HARRY W. - Michael and the Mary Day
19063: SMITH, DOUGLAS - Thaw (wood engravings by Susanne Gauthier)
20296: SMITH, GOLDWIN - Reminiscences Edited by Arnold Haultain
22942: SMITH, BRYDON (ORGANIZED BY) - James Rosenquist The National Gallery of Canada 24 January-25th February 1968 La Galerie nationale du Canada du 24 janvier au 25 fevrier 1968
23825: SMITH, PETER C. - Impact! The Dive Bomber Pilots Speak
26325: SMITH, GOLDWIN - Oxford and Her Colleges A View from the Radcliffe Library
26574: SMITH, J. CALVIN - Harper's Statistical Gazetteer of the World. Particularly Describing the United States of America, Canada. New Brunsewick, and Nova Scotia. Illustrated by Seven Maps
26878: ROLAND. A.E. AND E. C. SMITH - The Flora of Nova Scotia [Part II]The Dicotyledons. Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science, Vol. 26 Parts 4, 1969.
27308: SMITH, ALEXANDER - Poems
27330: SMITH, ALEXANDER - Edwin of Deira
27336: SMITH, FRANCIS S. - The Young Magdalen; and Other Poems
27617: SMITH, ALBERT J. - Applied Graphology A Textbook on Character Analysis From Handwriting For the Practical Use of the Expert, the Studet, and the Layman Arranged in Form for Ready Reference To which is added and Appendix containing a Complete Compilation of the (cont.)
28398: SMITH, W.E. (COMPILED AND EDITED) - 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron AAF -CBI-WWII
28775: SMITH, SEBA - 'Way Down East, or Portraitures of Yankee Life
29096: SMITH, PHILIP - Harvest From the Rock A History of Mining in Ontario
29732: SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH - Too Soon the Curtain Fell A History of Theatre in Saint John 1789-1900
40477: SMITH, DOROTHY HALL (SELECTED BY) - The Tall Book of Christmas
30819: SMITH, MARJORIE E. - God Have Mercy on Me! From the Diaries of a Lost Soul
31515: SMITH, ELIZABETH - 'A Woman with a Purpose' The Diaries of Elizabeth Smith 1872-1884
32830: SMITH, LORRAINE C., AND NANCY NICI MARE - Concepts for Today. A High Intermediate Reading Skills Text
33692: SMITH, FRANCES K. - Andre Bieler in Rural Quebec
34369: SMITH, H.M. SCOTT - A Light in the Field Lighthouses, Fishery Buildings, Barns and Mills of Prince Edward Island
35294: SMITH, ARTHUR BRITTON (DRAWINGS BY JOHN W. MCKAY) - Legend of the Lake The 22-Gun Brig-Sloop Ontario 1780
39248: SMITH, FRANCES K. (INTRO. BY MICHAEL BELL) - Andre Bieler: An Artist's Life and Times (signed)
27464: SMITH, HORACE & JAMES - Rejected Addresses: or, The New Theatrum Poetarum
1127: SMITH, HARRY JAMES. - Cape Breton Tales
12663: SMITH, JAMES F. - The History of Pugwash [with] Index to The History of Pugwash Compiled by C J Stevens (2 Volumes)
39057: SMITH, C. FOX - Sea Songs and Ballads 1917-22 with Six Illustrations by W. Phil Smith
368: SMITH, GOLDWIN. - The Political Destiny of Canada with a Reply by Sir Francis Hincks.
25602: SMITH, WALDO E.L. - The Navy Chaplain and His Parish
1089: SMITH, JOSEPHINE - Perth-on-the-Tay: A Tale of the Transplanted Highlanders.
3598: SMITH, JAMES F. - The History of Pugwash
37588: SMITH, EDWARD H., SOULE, FLOYD M. & MOSBY, OLAY - The Marion and General Greene Expeditions to Davis Strait and Labrador Sea Under Direction of the United States Coast Guard 1928-1931-1933-1934-1935 Scientific Results Part 2 Physical Oceanography
42226: SMITH, MRS J. STEWART (WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED WITH PEN, PENCIL, AND CAMERA) - The Grange of St Giles The Bass: And The Other Baronial Homes of the Dick-Lauder Family
18286: SMITH, G. Y. - Seek and Save The History of 103 Rescue Unit
40997: SMITH, JAMES F. - A Friendly Church on the Corner. A History of First Baptist United Church, New Glasgow
34619: SMITHIES, PHILIP - The Architecture of the Halifax Piece Hall 1775 - 1779
36112: SMOLLETT, T. - Humphry Clinker
26828: SMYLY, JOHN AND CAROLYN - Those Born at Koona
40417: SMYTH, T. TAGGART - 'The First Hundred Years' History of The Montreal City and District Savings Bank 1846-1946
12960: SMYTH, FREDERICK - Brethren in Chivalry 1791-1991
34287: SMYTH, ETHEL - Beecham and Pharaoh [Includes] Thomas Beecham (Fantasia in B# Major) and Egypt before England's Exodus (A Fragment of Autobiography)
34345: SMYTH, ETHEL - What Happened Next
42140: SMYTHE, DONALD - Guerrilla Warrior The Early Life of John J. Pershing
31111: SNAITH, J. C. - The Unforeseen
32289: SNAITH, STANLEY - The Inn of Night
38829: SNEAD, SAM;DOUG FORD;BOB ROSBURG - The Kaye Golf Trilogy (in 3 vols) The Driver book by Sam Snead, preface by Byron Nelson;The Wedge book by Doug Ford, preface by Julius Boros;The Putter book by Bob Rosburg, preface by Bill Casper, Jr.
22487: SNELL, F. J. - Primer of Italian Literature
21904: SNELLGROVE, DAVID - Buddhist Himalaya Travels and Studies in quest of the origins and nature of Tibetan Religion
30125: SNEYD-KYNNERSLEY, E. M. - H. M. I. Some Passages in the Life of One of H.M. Inspectors of Schools
6743: SNIDER, C.H.J. - Tarry Breeks and Velvet Garters Sail on the Great Lakes of America, in War, Discovery, and the Fur Trade, under the Fleur-de-Lys
25445: SNODIN, MICHAEL - English Silver Spoons
31495: SNOW, KATHLEEN M. - Maxwell Bates. Biography of an Artist
15570: SNYDER, L. L. - Arctic Birds of Canada
16524: SNYDER, ROBERT (DOCUMENTED AND EDITED BY) - P. Buckminster Fuller An Autobigraphical Monologue/Scenario
35227: SNYDER, JEFFREY B. AND LESLIE BOCKOL - Majolica American & European Wares With price Guide
26837: SOAMES, MARY - Winston Churchill His Life as a Painter A Memoir by his Daughter
15796: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - The James Thrall Soby Collection of works of art pledged or given to The Museum of Modern Art
24547: SOBY, JAMES THRALL (CURATOR) - Art in Progress A Survey Prepared fo the Fifteenth Anniversary of The Museum of Modern Art, New York
24618: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Paintings and Prints Georges Rouault
26846: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Juan Gris
42128: MARINE HIGHWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY (COMPILED BY MEMBERS) - All Through The Year (local poetry from this part of the Eastern Shore)
18500: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Profiles of a Province Studies in the History of Ontario A collection of essays commissioned by The Ontario Historical Society to commemorate the centennial of Ontario
25927: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Profiles of a Province Studies in the History of Ontario A collection of essays commissioned by The Ontario Historical Society to commemorate the centennial of Ontario
27487: NEW YORK GRAPHIC SOCIETY - Fine Art Reproductions of Old & Modern Masters A Comprehensive illustrated Catalog of Art through the Ages
27775: THE FARADAY SOCIETY - The Mossbauer Effect
27936: THE SETS IN ORDER AMERICAN SQUARE DANCE SOCIETY - The Caller/Teacher Manual For The Basics Program of American Square Dancing
2864: BLOMIDON NATURALISTS SOCIETY - A Natural History of Kings County
13867: ATLANTIC GEOSCIENCE SOCIETY - The Last Billion Years A Geological History of the Maritime Provinces of Canada
15698: SUMMERSIDE UNITED BAPTIST HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Church is Planted Summerside United Baptist Church 1868-1988
30820: SOKOLSKY, A. P. - The Modern Openings in Theory and Practice Their Influence on the Middle Game
1552: SOLLOWS, ATLANTA S. - Climb the Rigging
22300: SOLOMON, MICHAEL - Magadan
10437: SONMOR, JEAN - Burned by the Rock Inside the World of Men's Championship Curling
14585: SUTTON AND SONS - The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers from Seeds and Roots
41033: ISAAC ERB & SONS - New Brunswick Museum, St. John, New Brunswick
21776: SOON, TEOH ENG - Malayan Buddhism A Critical Examination
15648: SORLI, SCOTT, (EDITED BY) - Practice Practise Praxia Serial Repetition, Organizational Behaviour, and Strategic Action in Architecture
35623: SOTHEBEY PARKE BERNET, INC. AUCTION CATALOGUE - Fine Americana [Auction Catalogue]
36275: SOTHEBY'S - The Barry Halper Collection of Baseball Memorabilia The Early Years September 23-29, 1999 (3 volumes in slipcase)
35428: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Important Paperweights from the Collection of Paul Jokelson, New York Auction Friday, December 2, 1983 at 10:15 a.m.
35556: SOTHEBY'S - Sporting Guns, Arms, Armour and Militaria
37936: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO. - Sale 63 Decorative Works of Art and Painting June 21st and June 22nd, 1982. Canadiana June 23rd. 1982
12745: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Canadian Painting, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints and Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. .Tuesday, November 11th.1980. . .Wednesday, November 12th. 1980 [Sale 37]
12738: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Canadian Painting, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints and Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. .Tuesday, May 3rd, 1983 . . .Wednesday, May 4th, 1983 [Sale 70]
12747: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Sotheby's Canadian Heritage Auction.Tuesday, May 5th .1981. . .Wednesday, May 6th. 1981 [Sale 37]
12743: SOTHEBY'S TORONTO - Canadian Painting, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints and Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. .Tuesday, November 10th.1981. . .Wednesday, November 11th. 1981 [Sale 52]
22057: SOUBIRAN, ANDRE (TRANS. BY MALCOLM MACCRAW) - The Good Doctor Guillotin and His Strange Device
12815: SOUCOUP, DAN - The Maritime Book of Days
33078: SOUCOUP, DAN - Edwardian Halifax: Postcard Glimpses of an Era 1900-1920
20979: SOUCY, DONALD AND PEARSE, HAROLD - The First Hundred Years: A History fo the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
12703: SOUTHAM, NANCY (EDITED BY) - Remembering Richard. An informal portrait of Richard Hatfield by his friends, family and colleagues
27952: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Spanish Ballads and the Chronicle of the Cid
35100: SOUTHWICK, JESSIE ELDRIDGE, B.L.I. - The Emerson Philosophy of Expression An Application to Character Education
29338: SOUTHWORTH, EMMA D. E. N. - Retribution. A Tale of Passion
37413: SOYHAN, CIHAT - Turk Cini Sanati Turkish Tile Art
25468: SPALDING, THOMAS ALFRED (RETOLD BY) - The Story of Sinbad the Sailor
5177: SPALDING, JESSE III - War Years Of Canada's Bluenose
25402: SPARKES, R. F. - The Winds Softly Sigh
36697: SPARLING, MARY(INTRO) - The Roles of Documentary Art in Understanding A Cultural Heritage: Proceedings of a Conference
5575: SPARLING, MARY (EDITED,WITH CATALOGUE DESCRIPTIONS BY SCOTT ROBSON) - Great Expectations: The European Vision in Nova Scotia 1749-1948
23371: SPARROW, JOHN - Sense and Poetry Essays on the Place of Meaning in Contemporary Verse
18691: SPARSHOT, F. E. - Looking for Philosophy
14437: SPARSHOTT, FRANCIS - The Theory of the Arts
18717: SPARSHOTT, F. E. - An Enquiry Into Goodness and related concepts; with some remarks on the nature and scope of such enquiries
34576: SPAVEN, F.D. N. - Arisaig to Mallaig Facets of Landscape and Life on the Morar coast
38223: SPEARE, JEAN E. (EDITED BY) - The Days of Augusta
29653: SPEARE, ELIZABETH GEORGE - The Witch of Blackbird Pond
34411: SPECTOR, GEORGE (PUBLISHED BY) - The Kent Collector Vol. XIV, No., Summer, 1987
33187: SPEED, MARJORIE - From Washdays to Watercolours A Guide to Creativity for Teachers
10347: SPENCE, HILDA & KELVIN - A Guide to Early Canadian Glass
18005: SPENCE, HUGH S. - Feldspar
30838: SPENCE, RUTH ELIZABETH - Prohibition in Canada. A Memorial to Francis Stephens Spence
9407: SPENCER-COOPER, COMMANDER H. - The Battle of the Falkland Islands Before and After
11470: SPENCER, CHARLES - The World of Serge Diaghilev
13095: SPENCER, ANN - Alone at Sea The Adventures of Joshua Slocum ( Signed by author)
19457: SPENCER, EDMUND; ZITNER, S. P. (ED.) - The Mutabilitie Cantos
31785: SPENCER, J.B. (EDITOR) - The Agricultural Gazette of Canada Vol. 2 No.5

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