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594: MURPHY, J. M. - The Londonderry Heirs: A Story of the Settlement of the Townships of Truro, Onslow, and Londonderry
2902: MURPHY, GEORGE H. - Shakespeare and the Ordinary Man
5357: MURPHY, ARTHUR - The Story of Medicine
9160: MURPHY, NOEL M - Newfoundland and Labrador Vacation Guide 1983 to the Happy Province
12892: MURPHY, FRANCIS (SELECTION & CATALOGUE) - Willard Leroy Metcalf A Retrospective
20165: MURPHY, CLARE M.; GIBAUD, HENRI; AND DI CESARE, MARIO A. (EDS) - Miscellanea Moreana Essays for Germain Marc'hadour Moreana 100: Volume XXVI Melanges Marc'hadour
24378: MURPHY, ARTHUR - Three Weeks After Marriage: A Comedy in Two Acts
28036: MURPHY, MIKE - Ned 'n' Me
30048: MURPHY, WILLIAM SCANLAN - Father of the Submarine The Life of the Reverend George Garrett Pasha
30744: MURPHY, J. ELMER - A Newspaperman Remembers
18968: MURPHY, WILLIAM S. - The Genesis of British War Poetry
32829: MURPHY, RAYMOND, WITH WILLIAM R. SMALZER - Grammar is Use Intermediate with Answers
38628: MURPHY, WILLIAM M. - Yeats Family and the Pollexfens of Sligo
6234: MURPHY, MICHAEL (EDITED BY GERALD S. MOORE) - Pathways Through Yesterday
1687: MURRAY, W. H. H. - Daylight Land. The Experiences, Incidents, and Adventures, Humorous and Otherwise, which befel Judge John Doe, Tourist, of San Francisco; Mr. Cephas Pepperell, Capitalist, of Boston; Colonel Goffe, the Man from New Hampshire, and divers others,
23470: MURRAY, HILDA CHAULK - More Than Fifty Percent Woman's Life in a Newfoundland Outport 1900-1950
36511: MURRAY, JOAN - Part 1 The Isabel McLaughlin Gift 1 Decemeber 1987
6640: MURRAY, JOAN - The Best of the Group of Seven With an Essay by Lawren Harris
37784: MURRAY, DAVID - Colonial Justice Justice, Morality, and Crime in the Niagara District, 1791-1849
3800: MURRAY, REV. JOHN - The History Of The Presbyterian Church In Cape Breton
4630: MURRAY (HARLOW), GRACE & UPDATED BY AUDREY HARLOW - The story of Bridgewater Nova Scotia From the earliest days to Centennial Year, 1967
6187: MURRAY, JOAN & KURELEK, WILLIAM - Kurelek's Vision of Canada
6706: MURRAY, JOAN - The Art of Tom Thomson
15232: MURRAY, E.M. - A Brief History of Dalhousie University and a Short Story of the Centenial Celebration of the 'Little College' September 1919
27720: MURRAY, E. G. D. (ED) - Studia Varia Royal Society of Canada Literary and Scientific Papers
29502: MURRAY, JOAN - Jane Dixon A Stitcher in Time
2335: MURRAY, FLORENCE J. - At the Foot of Dragon Hill
31146: MURRAY, MARISCHAL - Union- Castle Chronicle 1853-1953
33418: MURRAY, HILDA (OF ELIBANK) - Echoes of Sport
35846: MURRAY, J. ALEX (EDITED BY) - Sports or Athletics: A North American Dilemma
504: MURRAY, JEAN M. (ED.) - The Newfoundland Journal of Aaron Thomas, Able Seaman in H. M. S. Boston
22897: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Pencillings Little Essays on Literature
34789: PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES-PROVINCIAL MUSEUM - British Columbia Heritage Series, Series 1, Our Native Peoples, Volume 2, Coast Salish
34790: PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES-PROVINCIAL MUSEUM - British Columbia Heritage Series, Series 1, Our Native Peoples, Volume 4, Haida
34791: PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES-PROVINCIAL MUSEUM - British Columbia Heritage Series, Series 1, Our Native Peoples, Volume 5, Nootka
34792: PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES-PROVINCIAL MUSEUM - British Columbia Heritage Series, Series 1, Our Native Peoples, Volume 7, Kwakiutl
30628: MUSGRAVE, CLIFFORD - Royal Pavilion An Episode in the Romantic
26875: MUSKIE, STEPHEN O.(PHOTOGRAPS & TEXT) - Campobello: Roosevelt's 'Beloved Island'
12293: MUSSER, BENJAMIN - Poems 1930-1933
24003: MUSTON, ALEXIS - The Israel of the Alps; A Complete History of the Vaudois of Piedmont, and their Colonies: Prepared in Great Part From Unpublished Documents. . . With Numerous Illustrations [2 volumes]
15627: MUTWA, CREDO - My People The Incredible Writings of Credovusa'Mazulu Mutwa
23432: MYERS, ANNA BALMER - Rain on the Roof
28208: MYERS, JANE (ED) - Stuart David Graphic Work and Related Paintings with a Catalogue Raisonne of the Prints
33253: MYGATT, GERALD (COMPILED BY) - Soldiers' and Sailors' Prayer Book A non-sectarian collection of the finest prayers of the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths, for the men and women of The United States Army The United States Navy The United States Marine Corps, (cont.)
38758: MYLES, ASHLEY E. - Theatre of Aristocracy A Study of W.B. Yeats As a Dramatist
41028: NADEL, IRA B. - Various Positions A Life of Leonard Cohen
28712: NAFTEL, WILLIAM D. - Prince Edward's Legacy The Duke of Kent in Halifax: Romance and Beautiful Buildings
35347: NAKAMURA, TOSHIO (ED) - Cesar Pelli Architect
38684: NANNY, MAX - Ezra Pound: Poetics for an Electric Age
33276: NANSEN, DR. FRIDTJOF - Farthest North Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship 'Fram' 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Month's Sleigh Journey by Dr. Nansen and Lieut. Johansen (in 2 vols)
28359: NARAMORE, EARL - Handloader's Manual A Treatise on Modern Cartridge Components and their Assembly by the Individual Shooter into accurate Ammunition to best suit his various purposes
11905: NASGAARD, ROALD - Gerhard Richter Paintings
8781: NASH, E. GEE - The Hansa its History and Romance
15721: NASH, JOSEPH - The Mansions of England in the Olden Time
36346: NASH, M. D. - Bailie's Party of 1820 Settlers A collective experience in emigration
22479: NASMITH, COL. GEORGE G. - Canada's Sons and Great Britain in the World War A complete and authentic history of the commanding part played by Canda and the British Empire in the World's Greatest War
34118: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN AND H. L. MENCKEN - The American Credo: A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind
36353: NATHAN, MANFRED - Paul Kruger His Life and Times
30133: NATKIEL, RICHARD & ANTONY PRESTON - Atlas of Maritime History
25311: NAUGHTON, GABRIEL - Chardin
36920: NAUGHTON, GABRIEL - Chardin
28783: O'NEAL, WILLIAM B.(EDITED BY) - The American Association of Architectureal Bibliographers Papers, Volume VI, 1969
40211: NEALE, E. R. W. - Pleasant Bay, Inverness and Victoria Counties, Nova Scotia : Map with Marginal Notes
35385: NEALE, E. R. W. AND H. WILLIAMS (EDITED BY) - The Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper Number 4: Collected Papers on Geology of the Atlantic Region [Hugh Lily Memorial Volume]
36743: NEAME, L.E. - Fifty Years of Progress The Development of Industry in Natal
36600: NEAME, L.E. - Some South African Politicians
1014: NEARY, PETER AND PATRICK O'FLAHERTY (EDITED & INTRODUCED BY) - By Great Waters: A Newfoundland and Labrador Anthology
19634: NEARY, PETER AND O'FLAHERTY, PATRICK - Part of the Main An Illustrated History of Newfoundland & Labrador
23344: NEARY, PETER AND O'FLAHERTY, PATRICK - Part of the Main An Illustrated History of Newfoundland & Labrador
23497: NEARY, PETER (ED.) - The Political Economy of Newfoundland, 1929-1972
33087: NEARY, PETER (ED.) - The Political Economy of Newfoundland, 1929-1972
23473: NEARY, PETER (EDITED BY) - White Tie and Decorations Sir John and Lady Hope Simpson in Newfoundland, 1934-36
40097: NEATBY, HILDA - So Little for the Mind (Signed by author)
30895: NEATBY, LESLIE H - The Search for Franklin
41431: NEEDLER, G.H. (EDITED BY) - Poems of John Galt
32993: M'NEEL-CAIRD, ALEXANDER - Mary Stuart Her Guilt or Innocence An Inquiry into the Secret History of Her Times
36140: NEF, EVELYN - John Ulric Nef 1899-1988
25579: NEGRU, JOHN - The Electric Century An illustrated history of electricity in Canada The Canadian Electrical Association 1891-1991
13633: NEIL, SAMUEL - Epoch Men, and the Results of Their Lives
38644: O'NEIL, ELIZABETH MURRIE (ED) - The Last Word Lettrs Between Marcia Nardi and William Carlos Williams
6104: O'NEILL, MORA DIANNE - J. Frederic McCulloch Art Gallery of Nova Scotia 5 November - 4 December 1988
33644: O'NEILL, MORA DIANNE (CURATOR) - Robert Petley Recollections of Nova Scotia
39874: O'NEILL, PAUL - The Seat Imperial Bay Bulls Past and Present
10540: NEILL, ROBIN - A new theory of value The Canadian Economics of H.A. Innis
14995: O'NEILL, MORA DIANE (GUEST CURATOR) - At the Great Harbour 250 Years on the Halifax Waterfront
27277: O'NEILL, MORA DIANNE - Gordon Roache: Retrospective 6 October to 12 December 1990
28898: O'NEILL, PATRICK B. (ED) - A Checklist of Canadian Copyright Deposits in the rights Museum 1895-1923 Volume 2-Insurance Plans
29067: O' NEILL, PATRICK B. (ED) - New Canadian Drama-2
31022: NEILL, STEPHEN CHARLES AND HANS-RUEDI WEBER (ED) - The Layman in Christian History A Project of the Department on the Laity of the World Council of Churches
29260: O'NEILL, PATRICK B.(EDS) - A Checklist of Canadian Copyright Deposits in the British Museum 1895-1923 - Volume IV - Part I Sheet Music: A-P and Part II Q-Z and indexes (2 volume)
1702: O'NEILL, PAUL. - The Oldest City The Story of St. John's Newfoundland (Volume One only)
39875: O'NEILL, PAUL - Breakers Stories from Newfoundland and Labrador
28500: O'NEILL, MORA DIANNE & STONE, CAROLINE - Two Artists Time Forgot Deux artistes oubliees par l'histoire Frances Jones (Bannerman) & Margaret Campbell MacPherson
40081: O'NEILL, MORA DIANNE - Reinvention. The art and life of HM Rosenberg
40743: O'NEILL, PATRICK B.(EDITOR) - A Checklist of Canadian Copyright Deposits in the British Museum 1895-1923 - Volume II - Goad Insurance Plans
27361: NEILLANDS, ROBIN AND DE NORMANN, RODERICK - D-Day, 1944 Voices from Normandy
30228: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - By Sea and Land The Royal Marines Commandos A History 1942-1982
21342: NELSON, MICHAEL - Captain Blossom in Civvy Street
28737: NELSON, THOMAS B. & . LOCKHOVEN, HANS B - The World's Submarine Guns (Machine Pistols) Volume I
31214: NELSON, COLLEEN HELGESON - The Downy Waterfowl of North America
31822: NELSON, ROBERT ESQ. - A Companion For the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England; With Collects and Prayers for Each Solemnity
32339: NELSON, JOHN - Extract from the Journal of John Nelson: Being an Account of God's Dealing with Him from his Youth to the Forty-Second Year of his Age. Written by Himself. To Which is Added an Account of his Death.
36839: NELSON, NICI(ED) - African Women in the Development Process
34820: NEMIFOFF, DIANA - Roland Poulin Sculpture
25540: NEMIROFF, DIANA - Canadian Biennial of Contemporary Art Biennale Canadienne D'Art Contemporain
32057: NEMNI, MAX AND MONIQUE - Young Trudeau Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944 Volume One
18911: NEPOS, CORNELII - Excellentium Imperatorum Vitae Ex Editionr Oxoniensi Fideliter Expressae
28175: NERET, GILLES - F. Leger
30871: DER NERSESSIAN, SIRARPIE - Armenian Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery
39222: NESMITH, J.H. (INTRODUCTION BY ANNE S.K. BROWN) - The Soldier's Manual, For Cavalry, Artillery, Light Infantry, and Infantry Embellished with Twelve Plates, Representing Different Volunteer Corps, in the First Division Pennsylvania Militia
12643: NETBOY, ANTHONY - Salmon the World's Most Harassed Fish
38748: NEUMAN, SHIRLEY - Some One Myth Yeats's Autobiographical Prose
36552: NEUMARK, S. DANIEL - Foreign Trade and Economic Development in Africa: A Historial Perspective
33440: NEVILL, RALPH - English Country House Life
28758: NEVILLE, JOHN - Hydraulic Tables, Coefficients, and Formulae for Finding The Discharge of Water From Orifices, Notches, Weins, Pipes, and Rivers
15819: NEVINSON, HENRY W. - Farewell to America
2804: NEVITT, JOYCE. - White Caps and Black Bands. Nursing in Newfoundland to 1934
11228: NEW, W.H. - Articulating West essays on purpose and form in modern Canadian Literature
19158: NEW, W. H. - Articulating West Essays on Purpose and Forum in Modern Canadian Literature
9756: NEWBIGIN, MARION I. - Canada The Great River, The Lands and the Men
26910: NEWBURY, C. W. (ED) - The History of the Tahitian Mission 1799-1830 with supplementary papers from the correspondence of the missionaries
16542: NEWBY, P. H. - Coming in with the Tide
9417: NEWCOMB, SIMON - Popular Astronomy. With One Hundred And Twelve Engravings, And Five Maps Of The Stars
11147: NEWCOMB, MAUDE - Nova Scotia in Grandfather's Day
39082: NEWCOMB, RAYMOND LEE - Our Lost Explorers: The Narrative of the Jeannette Arctic Expedition As Related by the Survivors, and in the Records and Last Journals of Lieutenant De Long
19882: NEWELL, MAJOR H. A. - Three Days at Agra
19884: NEWELL, MAJOR H. A. - Benares The Hindus' Holy City
31827: NEWELL, JOHN R. - William Stark Newell (1875-1954) Shipbuilder of Maine
32623: DIOCESAN SYNOD OF NEWFOUNDLAND - Synod Service of Thanksgiving, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Sunday, November 25th. 1973, 11:00 a.m. Diocesan Synod of Newfoundland Fiftieth Biennial Session Marking One Hundred Years of Synodical Church Government
39442: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - The History of Photography from 1839 to the present day
15787: NEWHOOK, CLE - mostly in rodneys
12105: NEWLOVE, JOHN - The Cave
39062: NEWLOVE, JOHN - What They Say
27668: NEWMAN, PETER - The Theory of Exchange
33812: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - University Sketches
33816: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY - The Second Spring: A Sermon
35456: NEWMAN, REV. SAMUEL - The Parish Apprentice; or John Winzer, the North Devon Puritan
19410: NEWNHAM, W. T. AND NEASE, A. S. - The Professional Teacher in Ontario The Heritage, Responsibilities, and Practices
12200: NEWTON, E.P.(FOREWORD) - Historical Notes of Saint James Parish Hyde Park-On-Hudson Hyde park-On-Hudson New York
22811: NEWTON, PAMELA - the cape breton book of days a daily journal of the life and times of an Island
23612: NGO, XUONG & GUAY, MARCEL - Indochinese Refugee Experience Refugees from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in Nova Scotia
9447: NICHOL, J.P. - Views of the Architecture of the Heavens. In a Series of Letters to a Lady
18195: NICHOL, B. P. - On the Merry-Go-Round
8477: NICHOLAS, GEORGE (SECRETARY OF STATE) - Thirteenth Report To The Legislature Of Vermont Relating To The Registry And Returns Of Births, Marriages & Deaths For The Year Ending December 31st, 1869
23416: NICHOLL, LOUIS TOWNSEND - The Blood that is Language
38484: NICHOLLS, DAVID - Three Varieties of Pluralism
10000: NICHOLSON, C.M - Realism and Hope Sermons from a Past Moderator
12273: NICHOLSON, L.C.C. - Jamaica Temporary Rubber Datestamps 1881-1938
19446: NICHOLSON, G. W. L. - Keep Your Forks Fifty Years at Red Pine Camp
35181: NICHOLSON, NICK & MARILYN AND JIM THOMAS - Rookwood Pottery Identification & Value Guide
4967: NICHOLSON, COL.G.W.L - More Fighting Newfoundlanders. A History of Newfoundland's Fighting Forces in the Second World War
29014: NICHOSON, NIGEL - The World of Jane Austen
40323: NICKERSON, ERDIE M. - The Antics of a Cock-a-witter
40324: NICKERSON, ERDIE M. - Sequel ofAntics of a Cock-a-witter
36683: NICKERSON M.H. - Songs of Summerland And Other Poems, to which are Added Rymin' Remarks of Men and Things By Thomas Cod
17809: NICOL, ERIC (EDITED BY) - Dickens of the Mounted The Astounding Long-Lost Letters of Inspector F. Dickens NWMP 1874-1886
19073: NICOL, ERIC - The Clam Made a Face
28301: NICOL, JOHN - The All-Red Route From Halifax to Victoria in a 1912 Reo
30647: NICOLLE, DAVID - The Mongol Warlords Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Hulegu, Tamerlane
15935: NICOLLS - Nicolls's Concise Guide to the Navigation Examinations All Grades Volume I and Volume II
6380: NICOLSON, REV. A.W - Memories of James Bain Morrow
28676: NIEDEREHE, HANS-JOSEF AND KOERNER, KONRAD (EDS) - History and Historiography of Linguistics Papers from the Fourth International Conference on the History fo the Language Sciences (ICHoLS IV) Trier, 24-28 August 1987 (in 2 vols)
20691: NIEMZOWITSCH, A. - The Prazis of my System Illustrated by 109 games from my contests with many illustrative articles and introductory talks and 132 diagrams a Text-Book on Practical Chess
25594: NIGRO, AUGUST - Wolfsangel A German City on Trial 1945-48
37135: NIKIFORUK, ANDREW - Saboteurs. Wiebo Ludwig's war Against Big Oil
23447: NOEL, S.J.R. - Politics In Newfoundland
9950: NOLAN, BRIAN & BRIAN JEFFREY STREET - Champagne Navy Canada's Small Boat Raiders of the Second World War
10805: NOLAN, BRIAN - King's War Mackenzie King and the Politics of War 1939-1945
26801: NOMA, SEIROKU (TEXT BY) - Yokoyama Taikan (1868- )
34103: NOONAN, GERALD WITH MARGARET LINLEY AND MIGUEL MOTA (EDITED BY) - Guide to the Literary Heritage of Waterloo and Wellington Counties from 1830 to the Mid-20th Century An Historical Bibliography of Authors and Poets
9277: NOPPEN, LUC - 'One of the most beautiful chapels in the land' In The National Gallery of Canada
23844: NORBY, M. O. - Soviet Aerospace Handbook
27753: NORBYE, JAN P. - German Car Illustrations by Pierluigi Pinto
40604: NORDHOFF, DR. HEINZ - Communications and Understanding
38338: MACKAY NORMA - Victoria County Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter Cape Breton Nova Scotia (tourism booklet)
13122: NORMAN, JANE MARGARET - Loran Arthur DeWolfe and the Reform of Education in Nova Scotia 1891 - 1959
38546: NORMAN, CHARLES - The Case of Ezra Pound
8649: NORMANTON, HELENA - Trial of Alfred Arthur Rouse
40445: NORTH, ARTHUR TAPPAN - The Theatre Building The Influence of Construction on Operation and Value
36082: LORD NORTHCLIFFE - At the War
41955: NORTHRUP, W.B. (CLERK OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS) - Official Report of Evidence Taken During Session of 1921 Respecting Future Fuel Supply of Canada By a Special Committee of the House of Commons
28788: LORD BISHOP OF NORWICH - A Commentary on the Book of Psalms in which their literal and historical sense, as they relate to King David and the people of Israel, is illustrated; (in 2 vols)
26646: NORWOOD, CAROLINE B. - Life on Brier Island Stories and Photos About the Place and People and the Boats
1022: NORWOOD, ROBERT - The Man of Kerioth
1435: NORWOOD, ROBERT. - Mother and Son.
1576: NORWOOD, ROBERT - Bill Boram
1898: NORWOOD, ROBERT - The Piper and the Reed
1974: NORWOOD, ROBERT - The Modernists
11981: NORWOOD, ROBERT - Increasing Christhood
5291: NORWOOD, CAROLINE B - Life on the Tusket Islands Stories and Photos Showing Life on the Tusket Islands Then and Now
1053: NORWOOD, ROBERT - The Piper and the Reed.
37133: NOSEWORTHY, LESLIE H. - Let There Be Light Paintings and Drawings by Leslie H. Noseworthy
26863: NOVAK, BARBARA - American Painting of the Nineteenth Century Realism, Idealism, and The American Experience
25166: NOVARRA, HEINZ J. - Die deutsche Luftrustung 1933-1945 Band 1: Flugzeugtypen AEG-Dornier; Die deutsche Luftrustung 1933-1945 Band 2:Flugzeugtupen Erla-Heinkel; Die deutsche Lustrustung 1933-1945 Band 3: Flugzeugtypen Henschel-Messerschmitt; (cont.)
21774: NOVIKOFF-PRIBOY, A.(TRANSLATED BY EDEN AND CEDAR PAUL) - Tsushima: Grave of a Floating City
247: NOWLAN, ALDEN. - Campobello: The Outer Island
1931: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Smoked Glass
3573: NOWLAN, ALDEN. - Smoked Glass
13720: NOWLAN, ALDEN - miracle at indian river/ stories by alden nowlan
24288: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Double Exposure
29401: NOWLAN, ALDEN - The Wanton Troopers A Novel
34822: NOWLAN, MICHAEL O. - The Knights of Columbus in New Brunswick A Century of Service 1904-2004
10122: NOWLAN, ALDEN - The Gardens of the Wind
1425: NOWLAN, ALDEN A. - Wind in a Rocky Country.
13719: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Nine MicMac Legends Illustrated by Shirley Bear
33977: NOWOSAD, FRANK - Ciccimarra: A Biography
32622: NUNN, PAMELA GERRISH - Victorian Women Artists
8062: WORLD WAR I NURSE - 'My Beloved Poilus'.
5075: NUTT, ELIZABETH STYRING - 'Significance' or Flower Drawing with the Children
22070: NUTT, HANS WITH HARRIS, LARRY AND TAYLOR, BRIAN - Escape to Honour The gripping true story of Hans Nutt, a young German who escaped from the Nazis to join the French Resistance and work as a British spy.
12561: NYE, DAVID E - Image Worlds Corporate Identities at General Electric. 1890-1930
38243: OAKUM, JOHN - Oakum Pickings: A Collection of Stories, Sketches, and Paragraphs Contributed From Time to Time To the Telegraphic and General Press
28548: OASTLER, C. L. - John Day, the Elizabethan Printer
30347: QUAKER OATS - The First Hundred Years
32032: OBED, ELLEN BRYAN - Borrowed Black A Labrador Fantasy
25366: OBERHOLSTER, J. J. - The Historical Monuments of South Africa
23850: OBERMAN, HEIKO A. & THOMAS A. BRADY, JR.(EDITED BY) - Itinerarium Italicum The Profile of the Italian Renaissance in the Mirror of its European Transformations
26205: OCCLECHAW, MICHAEL - The Romanov Conspiracies
35243: JOHN ODELL (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - Digger Odell's Official Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine Price Guide [Volume 2: Bitters Bottles]
26769: OFF, CAROL - The Lion, The Fox & The Eagle A Story of Generals and Justice in Yugoslavia and Rwanda
10165: OGDEN, AUGUST RAYMOND - The Dies Committee A Study of the Special House Committee for the Investigation of Un-American Activities
28697: OGDEN, C.K. AND I.A. RICHARDS - The Meaning of Meaning A Study of the influence of Language upon Thought and of The Science of Symbolism
28698: OGDEN, C.K. AND I.A. RICHARDS - The Meaning of Meaning A Study of the influence of Language upon Thought and of The Science of Symbolism
24536: OGILVIE, CARL - Rhymes on the Rising Tide
37322: OGILVIE, WILL H. - Scattered Scarlet
23090: OGLE, E. B. - Long Distance Please The Story of The TransCanada Telephone System
29225: OHRN, ARNOLD T. (ED) - Tenth Baptist World Congress Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Jun 26-July 3, 1960 Baptist World Alliance
32146: OICKLE, VERNON - Life and Death after Billy Jane Hurshman-Corkum
8040: OKEY, THOMAS (TRANS.) - The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (I Fioretti di S. Francesco)
8734: OKEY, T. - Paris And Its Story
39879: OKIHIRO, NORMAN R. - Mounties, Moose, and Moonshine; The Patterns and Context of Outport Crime
39878: OKIHIRO, NORMAN R. - Mounties, Moose, and Moonshine; The Patterns and Context of Outport Crime
13883: OKO, ANDREW - Jan Gerrit Wyers 1888-1973
25218: OKO, ANDREW J. - The Prints of Carl Schaefer
13829: OLDENDOW, KNUD - Printing in Greenland
38624: OLIPHANT, DAVID & THOMAS ZIGAL (EDITED BY) - WCW & Others Essays on William Carlos Williams and His Association with Ezra Pound, Hilda Doolittle, Marcel Duchamp, Marianne Moore, Emanuel Romano, Wallace Stevens, and Louis Zukofsky
27561: OLIPHANT - 'Six Months Hence' Being Passages from the Life of Maria (Nee) Secretan
28910: OLIVE, W.H.T. - The Right Way On Adventures in the Klondyke of 1898
41490: OLIVER, PAUL - Blues Fell This Morning the meaning of the blues With a foreword by Richard Wright
12593: OLIVER, DOUGLAS - Return toTahiti Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage
18498: OLIVER, PETER - Public and Private Persons The Ontario Political Culture 1914-1934
21064: OLIVER, MICHAEL BRIAN - Poet's Progress: The Development of Alden Nowlan's Poetry
23295: OLIVER, PETER - G. Howard Ferguson: Ontario Tory
24595: OLIVER, SANDRA L. - Saltwater Foodways New Englanders and their food, at sea and ashore, in the nineteenth century
25303: DE OLIVERIA, NICHOLAS; OZLEY, NOCOLA; PETRE, MICHAEL - Installation Art with texts by Michael Archer
21631: OLMSTED, BILL - Blue Skies The Autobiography of a Canadian Spitfire Pilot in World War II
38732: OLSON, CHARLES - Causal Mythology
39148: OLSON, SIGURD F. - The Lonely Land
14505: OMETEV, BORIS & STUART, JOHN - St. Petersburg Portrait of an Imperial City
39880: OMOHUNDRO, JOHN T. - Rough Food The Seasons of Subsistence in Northern Newfoundland
41495: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Running in The Family
36966: ONG, AIHWA - Flexible Citizenship. The Cultural Logic's of Transnationality
5451: ONLEY, TONI - Onley's Arctic Diaries and Paintings of the High Arctic
14174: CANADIAN BARR ASSOCIATION -ONTARIO - Advocacy A symposium presented by The Canadian Bar Association-Ontario in colloraboration with The Law Society of Upper Canad celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Osgoode Hall 1982
22160: OPPENHEIM, JAMES - Behind Your Front
31249: OPPENHEIMER, J. ROBERT - The Flying Trapeze: Three Crises for Physicists
37388: FRIEDMAN AND NATHANIEL OPPENHEIMER - The Design of Renovations
40064: OPPERSDORFF, TONY - Coastal Labrador A Northern Odyssey
30156: ORAM, H. K. - The Rogue's Yarn
1677: ORCHARD, M. L. - The Time for the Sickle
37226: D'ORMESSON, WLADIMIR (PREFACE DE) - Les chateaux de l'Ile de France
140: ORMOND, DOUGLAS S. - The Roman Catholic Church in Cobequid, Acadie 1692-1755 & Colchester County, N.S. 1828-1978. Also Savage Island and the Kavanaghs 1778-1830
18814: ORMOND, RICHARD - Early Victorian Portraits Volume 1:Text, Volume 2:Plates (2 volumes)
31669: ORPEN, SIR WILLIAM (ED.) - The Outline of Art
19332: ORR, J. EDWIN - Always Abounding! A Pen Sketch of Oswald J. Smith
21177: ORR, ALEX S. - The Roseville Family An Historical Tale of the Eighteenth Century
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19492: PROULX, DAVID - Pardon My Lunch Bucket A Look at the New Hamilton…With a Bit of Old Thrown In
38157: PROULX, JEAN-PIERRE - The Military History of Placentia: A Study of the French Fortifications(together with) Placentia :1713-1811
14143: PROWN, JULES DAVID; ANDERSON, NANCY K.; ETC. - Discovered Lands Invented Pasts Transforming Visions of the American West
4711: PROWSE, D.W., ED. - The Newfoundland Guide Book 1905, Including Labrador and St. Pierre
39591: PSALMS - The Psalms of David in Metre Translated and Diligently compared with The original Text and Former Translations More Plain, Smooth, and Agreeable to the Text, Than any heretofore
12573: PUBLIC GARDENS, HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA - The Halifax Public Gardens
38094: PRESBYTERIAN PUBLICATIONS - 1919 Catalogue of Church Sunday School & Y.P.S. Supplies
16113: 2HALVES PUBLISHING - Sporty Litle Field Guide to Bermuda for the Curious and the Confused
21561: PUCCI, IDANNA - The Epic of Life A Balinese Journey of the Soul
31407: PUDNEY, JOHN - Selected Poems
23147: PUGH, KENNETH W. - Canada Varieties of the Queen Elizabeth Era Part I-Basic Types; Part II-Major Varieties (2 volumes)
31907: PUGSLEY, WILLIAM H. LIEUT. - Saints, Devils and Ordinary Seamen. Life on the Royal Canadian Navy's Lower Deck
11595: PUGSLEY, WILLIAM H. - Sailor Remember
14208: PUIG, FRANCIS AND MICHAEL CONFORTI (EDITED BY) - The American Craftsman and the European Tradition 1620-1820
5647: PULFORD, EDWARD B. - Ken Tolmie The Bridgetown Series
27933: PULITZER, LOUISE AND JOSEPH (COLLECTED BY) - Modern Painting, Drawing and Sculpture An Exhibition Knoedler and Company, New York April 9 to May 4, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge May 16 to September 15, 1957
26972: PULKER, EDWARD - We Stand on Their Shoulders The Growth of Social Concern in Canadian Anglicanism
40850: PULLEN, H.F. - Atlantic Schooners. Drawings by Commander L.B. Jenson (Signed)
2624: PULLEN, H. F.; JOHN R. STEVENS. - The March of the Seamen; The Story of H. M. Armed Schooner Tecumseth
2938: PULLEN, REAR ADMIRAL HUGH F. - The Sea Road to Halifax. Being an account of the Lights and Buoys of Halifax Harbour. Drawings by Cdr. L.B. Jenson
3520: PULLEN, REAR ADMIRAL HUGH F. - The Sea Road to Halifax. Being an account of the Lights and Buoys of Halifax Harbour. Drawings by Cdr. L.B. Jenson
3948: PULLEN, H.F. - Atlantic Schooners. Drawings by Commander L.B. Jenson
20076: PULLINGER, KATE (ED) - A Gambling Box
18879: PUMPHREY, RON - The Last days of the Last Father
37878: PUMPHREY, GEORGE H. - Grenfell of Labrador. Illustrated with Photographs
41989: PUNCH, TERRENCE M. - Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853
41990: PUNCH, TERRENCE M. - Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853 Volume II
41991: PUNCH, TERRENCE M. - Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1751-1858 Volume III
9711: PUNCH, TERRENCE M - Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia
9973: PUNCH, TERRENCE - The Wests of Halifax and Lunenburg
9050: PURDY, HENRY - Prince Edward Island Sketchbook
11265: PURDY, ANTHONY - a certain difficulty of being. Essays on the Quebec Novel
16738: PUSHKIN, A. S. - Little Tragedies
40042: PUTNAM, DAVID BINNEY - David Goes to Greenland
7927: PYE, HENRY JAMES - Poems on Various Subjects In 2 vols
34361: PYE, E.A. - Red Mains'l
29659: QUASHA, GEORGE (ED) - America A Prophecy
18955: QUENNELL, PETER (ED. WITH A FOREWORD BY) - The Pleasure of Pope
2889: QUIGLEY, RICHARD F. - Ipse, Ipsa: Ipse, Ipsa, Ipsum: Which?
30137: QUIGLEY, DAVE J. - Under the Jolly Roger British Submariners at War 1939-1945
1799: QUIGLEY, JOHN GORDON.(EDITOR & HISTORIAN) - A Century of Rifles 1860-1960. The Halifax Rifles (RCAC) (M) 'Cede Nullis'
39615: QUILLER-COUCH, SIR AUTHOR - In Powder & Crinoline. Old Fairy Tales Retold by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch Illustrated by Kay Nielsen
24329: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - Biographical Essays
6238: QUINN, DAVID B - Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Newfoundland on the Four Hundredth Anniversary of his Annexation of the Island to the Realm of England
20051: QUINPOOL, JOHN - First Things in Acadia
12531: QUINTILIANUS, M. FABIUS - Institutionum oratoriarum libri duodecim Summa [bound with] Oratoris eloquentisimi declamationes undeviginti
27213: RABOTT, ERNEST - Pierre-Auguste Renior Art for Children
39542: DE RACINE, JEAN - Oeuvres Completes De Racine (2 vols)
1351: RACKHAM, ERIC N. (EDITOR). - Bass River Village History: Commemorating the Founding of Bass River 1765
31994: RACKHAM, ERIC N. - A Son of the Manse
296: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - In My Time: A Memoir (Signed)
1450: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - Footsteps on Old Floors. Six Tales of Mystery - three by land and three by sea..
4965: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - In My Time: A Memoir.
9485: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - Halifax: Warden of the North
30440: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - Ogomkegea The Story of Liverpool, Nova Scotia
1442: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - A Muster of Arms and Other Stories
2417: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - West Novas. A History of the West Nova Scotia Regiment
38747: RAFFEL, BURTON - Possum and Ole Ez in the Public Eye Contemporaries and Peers on T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound 1892-1972
36222: RAHMAN, M. (ED) - Ocean Waves Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Mathematical Modelling Proceedings of the Eleventh International Annual Conference of the Canadain Applied Mathematics Society held May 29-June 1, 1990, at the Halifax Hilton, (cont.)
38757: RAI, RAMA NAND - W.B. Yeats: Poetic Theory and Practice
40422: BOSTON AND MAINE RAILROAD - Seashore of New England
38634: RAINE, KATHLEEN - Death-in-Life and Life-in-Death: 'Cuchulain Comforted' and 'News For the Delphic Oracle'
42004: RAINNIE, BRUCE - Right Place, Right Time Sidney, Heather, Boomer and Me
38990: RAJAN, BALACHANDRA - The Overwhelming Question A Study of the Poetry of T.S. Eliot
25550: RALEIGH, LADY (EDITED BY) - The Letters of Sir Walter Raleigh (1879-1922) in 2 vols
16375: RAVEN RALPH - Golden Dreams and Leaden Realities.
26140: RAMELSON, MARIAN - The Petticoat Rebellion A Century of Struggle for Women's Rights
38731: RAMRATNAM, MALATI - W.B. Yeats and the Craft of Verse
15725: RAMSEY, JOHN FRASER - Spain: The Rise of the First World Power
23313: RAMSEY, T. W. - Endymion to Silver
26603: RAMSEY, WINSTON G. - The War in the Channel Islands Then and Now
27473: RAMSEY, MRS. V. G. - A Censer Poems
34168: RAMSEY, SAMUEL - The English Language and English Grammar An Historical Study of the Sources, Development, and Analogies of the Language and the Principles Governing Its Usages Illustrated by Copious Examples from Writers of All Periods
33788: RAND, R.E., A.S. MCDONALD, F.H. BEALS - One Hundred Years with Cornwallis Baptists Centenary of the First Cornwallis Baptist Church
21380: RAND, REV. S.T. - The Ninth Annual Report of the Committee of the Micmac Missionary Society, From September 30, 1857 to September 30, 1858 with an Original Poem by Rev. S. T. Rand
36459: RAND, JAMES H., JR. - Assuring Business Profits or How to Run Any Business on a Business Basis
1486: RAND, THEODORE H. - At Minas Basin and Other Poems
39680: RANDALL, GERALD A. - Handcuffs and Ploughshares A 30 Year History of Westmoreland Institution and Farming on Penitentiary Property at Dorchester, New Brunswick since 1880
2314: RANKIN, D.J. REV. - On This Rock
3746: RANKIN, ROBERT ALLAN - Down at the Shore. A History of Summerside, Prince Edward Island (1752 - 1945)
26342: RANNIE, WILLIAM F. - Saint Pierre and Miquelon
24149: RANSOM, P. J. G. - The Archaeology of the Transport Revolution 1750-1850
26633: RAO, PEGGY LANDERS AND MAHONEY, JEAN - At Home with Japanese Design Accents, Structure and Spirit
25784: RAPAPORT, DAVID (TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY BY) - Organization and Pathology of Thought Selected Sources
12552: RAPHAEL, MAX - The Demands of Art
11317: RASHEVSKY, NICOLAS - Looking at History through Mathematics
37584: RASKIN, SAUL - Pirke Aboth in Etchings
38935: RASKY, FRANK. - Gay Canadian Rogues. Swindlers, Gold-Diggers and Spies
31960: RASMUSSEN, A. H. - China Trader
21918: RATCLIFFE, MRS. - The Romance of the Forest: Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry in Two Volumes
27778: RATHER, L. J. - Mind and Body in Eighteenth Century Medicine A Stury Based on Jerome Gaub's De revinine mentis
34238: RATTRAY, W.J. - The Scot in British North America (in 4 vols)
15448: RAUD, VILLIBALD (COMPILED BY) - Estonia A Reference Book
36647: RAVEN-HART, MAJOR R. - Before Van Riebeeck Callers at South Africa from 1488 to 1652
12564: RAVISIUS, JOHANNIS TEXTORIS (1480-1524) - Epistolae
20823: RAWLS, WALTON - Wake Up, America! World War I and the American Poster
5266: RAWLYK, GEORGE A (EDITED BY) - The New Light Letters and Spiritual Songs 1778-1793
22631: RAWLYK, GEORGE AND QUINN, KEVIN - The Redeemed of the Lord Say So A History of Queen's Theological College 1912-1972
13563: RAWLYK, G.A - The Atlantic Provinces and the Problems of Confederation
450: RAWLYK, G. A. - Champions of the Truth: Fundamentalism, Modernism, and the Maritime Baptists. The 1987-88 Winthrop Pickard Bell Lectures in Maritime Studies
39278: RAY, G. WHITFIELD - Through Five Republics on Horseback being an Account of Many Wanderings in South America
29705: RAY, KRISHNA DAS - India: A Journey through the Ages
143: RAYBURN, ALAN - Geographical Names of Prince Edward Island
35226: RAYCRAFT, DON AND CAROL - Country and Folk Antiques with Price Guide
5568: RAYMOND, RICHARD L. - J. F. W. DesBarres: Views and Profiles
40734: RAYMOND, EVELYN - The Little Lady of the Horse
41399: RAYMOND, E.T. - Disraeli: The Alien Patriot
28450: RAYNER, D. A. - A Small Spark of Courage
36625: RAYSIDE, DAVID - Queer Inclusions, Continental Divisions Public Recognition of Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States
42074: RAZZOLINI, ESPERANZA MARIA - All Our Fathers: The North Italian Colony in Industrial Cape Breton
38471: REA, PHIL - How to Become a Millionaire Selling Remodeling I did it- and so can you!
19234: REA, VINCENT (COMPILED AND ORGANIZED BY) - Palmers' Yard and the Town of Jarrow
33137: REA, K. J. - The Prosperous Years: The Economic History of Ontario 1939-1975 (Book 3 of Ontario's Economic History Series)
5162: READ, KEN WITH MATTHEW FISHER - White Circus A Skiing Life with the Crazy Canucks
24551: READ, HERBERT - Naum Gabo Antoine Pevsner
24820: READ, HERBERT - Aristotles Mother An imaginary conversation
25458: READ, HERBERT - The Forms of Things Unknown Essays Towards an Aesthetic Philosophy
33650: READ, D.B. - The Canadian Rebellion of 1837
40265: READE, CHARLES - The Cloister & the Hearth A Tale of the Middle Ages
22283: READE, CHARLES - The Cloister and the Hearth A Tale of the Middle Ages
33873: REANEY, JAMES - Stick & Stones: The Donnellys Part One
26162: RECK, VERA T. - Boris Pil'niak A Soviet Writer in Conflict with the State
25562: REDDICK, DAVID V. - Fishing is a Cinch with the Inspiring Angler in Ontario and Quebec
31983: REDEKOPP, JEAN - A View From the Bucket
22129: REDFIELD, JAMES W. - Redfield's Comparative Physiognomy; or, Resemblance Between Men and Animals Illustrated by 330 Engravings
5973: REDGRAVE, FELICITY - Don Pentz: An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings
15384: REDMAN, STANLEY R. - Behind Open Gangway The Halifax Riots, 1945
35855: REDMOND, DR. GERALD (ED) - Edmonton '78 The Official Pictorial Record of the XI Commonwealth Games
8939: REED, EDWIN - Coincidences Bacon and Shakespeare
12206: REED, A.W.(COMPILED BY) - Concise Maori Dictionary
33600: REED, GORDON W. - The 20th Century Was More Than a Train
13863: REEDY, JEREMIAH (TRANSLATED FROM THE GREEK) - The Platonic Doctrines of Albinus
12324: REES, RONALD - Some other place than here St. Andrews and the Irish Emigrant
30767: REES, RONALD - St Andrews and the Islands
25887: REEVES, WILLIAM PEMBER - The Long White Cloud Ao Tea Roa
5074: REGAN, JOHN W - Sketches and Traditions of the Northwest Arm (Illustrated)
2170: REGAN, JOHN W. - Sketches and Traditions of the Northwest Arm (Illustrated)
41529: REID, DENNIS - The Group of Seven Selected Watercolours, Drawings, and Prints From the Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario
17864: REID, WEMYSS - Memoirs and Correspondence of Lyon Playfair First Lord Playfair of St. Andrews, G. C. B.
2352: REID, LEONARD M - Sons of the Hector
6515: REID, DENNIS - A Concise History of Canadian Painting
6718: REID, DENNIS - The Group of Seven
12655: REID, JOHN G. - The History of Mount Allison University 1839-1989
13497: REID, KENNETH (WITH AN APPRECIATION BY ) - American Etchers Vol.X Louis C. Rosenberg
19932: REID, ESCOTT - Time of Fear and Hope The Making of the North Atlantic Treaty 1947-1949
23903: REID, ALEXANDER - Rudiments of English Composition; Designed as a Practical Introduction to Correctness and Perspicuity in Writing, and to the Study of Criticism with Copious Exercises
24484: REID, CAPTAIN MAYNE - The Wood-Rangers
29031: REID, JOHN G. - Viola Florence Barnes, 1885-1979 A Historian's Biography
30207: REID, B. L. - The Lives of Roger Casement
30636: REID, FORREST - Illustrators of the Eighteen Sixties An Illustrated Survey of the Work of 58 British Artists
33689: REID, DENNIS - Bertram Brooker 1888-1955
34134: REID, CAPTAIN MAYNE - Quadrupeds What They Are and Where Found A Book of Zoology for Boys
38994: REID, B.L. - William Butler Yeats The Lyric of Tragedy
38810: REID, FORREST - W. B. Yeats A Critical Study
2266: REID, DENNIS - Bertram Brooker 1888-1955
40641: REID, ROBERT - Pipe-Major W Ross's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music Book 2
32223: REID, J. W. - Musings
20158: O' REILLY, KEVIN - Northwest Territories Postal Cancellations 1907-1986
25351: REILLY, WILLIAM J. - Marketing Investigations
35450: REILLY, PAT - Paper-Weights The Collector's Guide to Identifying, Selecting, and Enjoying New and Vintage Paperweights
6283: O'REILLY, J.A - The Last Sentinel of Castle Hill. A Story of Newfoundland
29963: REILSTAB, VON LUDWIG - Die Spanische Partie
28601: REINHARDT, CHAS. W. - Lettering for Draftsmen, Engineers and Students A Practical System of Freehand Lettering for Working Drawings
36916: REITZ, DENEYS - No Outspan
3523: REKSTEN, TERRY - Rattenbury
27474: RELLSTAB, LOUIS - Eighteen Hundred and Twelve; or Napoleon's Invasion of Russia A Historical Romance
35248: RENDALL, DAVID - Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide
9256: RENDELL, RUTH - A Sleeping Life
27833: RENDELL, RUTH - The Tree of Hands
27834: RENDELL, RUTH - Heartstones
41145: RENDELL, P.B. - 1836-1961 History of St. Thomas' Church
28363: RENDER, LORNE E. - The Mountains and the Sky
33318: RENDER, SHIRLEY - Double Cross: The Inside Story of James A. Richardson and Canadian Airways
14556: RENSE, PAIGE, ED. - Architectural Digest International Interiors A selection fo distinguished inerior design from four continents
25494: RENTON, ALICE - Tyrant or Victim? A History of British Governess
7426: RENWICK, W. L. - English Literature: 1789 - 1815.
36010: RESNICK, DON - Earth, Sea and Sky May23 - June 22, 2002
17731: LATHERN REV. J. - The Hon. Judge Wilmot: A Biographical Sketch
36274: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF KATHARINE BAETJER - European Miniatures in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
36259: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - English Portrait Miniatures [Revised Edition]
37623: REYNOLDS, NILA - Dream of Excellence
36257: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Wallace Collection Catalogue of Minatures
36887: REYNOLDS, JOSHUA - Seven Discourses Delivered in the Royal Academy by the President
18484: REYNOLDS, W .K. (ED) - The New Brunswick Magazine Vol.II. No.2
31828: REYNOLDS JR., R.S. - 'Opportunity in Crisis' The Reynolds Metals Story
22182: REYSS, PAUL - Etude sus Quelques Points de L'Histoire de la Tolerance au Canada at aux Antilles XVIe et XVII e Siecles Tehse Presentee a la Faculte de Theologie de L' Universite de Geneve pour Obtenir le Grade de Bachelier en Theologie

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