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38060: MACINNES, TOM - Complete Poems of Tom MacInnes
9041: MACINNIS, JOE - The Breadalbane Adventure
13333: MACINNIS, JEFF WITH WADE ROWLAND - Polar Passage The Historic First Sail Through the Northwest Passage
1652: MACINNIS, JOE. - The Search for the Breadalbane
1861: MACINTOSH, CLAIRE HARRIS - Attune With Spring in Acadie Illustrated by Marjorie Hughson Tozer
5241: MACINTOSH, J.J - A Brief History of the Nova Scotia Command of the Royal Canadian Legion
33303: E. MACINTOSH (PHOTOGRAPHER) - No. 23 Detachment R.C.A.F. Flight 16, University of Toronto, May 1943 [Royal Canadian Air Force]
2318: MACINTYRE, N.CARROLL. - The Life and Times of Detective Peter Owen Carroll.
11583: MACINTYRE, WENDELL - 32 Ceilidhs: Wandering Among Literary Idols and Charming Places
16558: MACINTYRE, GERTRUDE ANNE, ED. - Perspectives On Communities: A Community Economic Development Roundtable
20169: MACINTYRE, N. CARROLL - The Life and Adventures of Detective Peter Owen Carroll
26417: MACINTYRE, DUGALD - Highland Naturalist Again A gamekeeper's observations & discoveries
36450: MACINTYRE, WENDELL - 17 Doors to Prince Edward Island and a Window on Cathay
3793: MACIVOR, MR. D. S. ET AL. - Some North Cumberlandians at Home and Abroad Past and Present.
38182: MACKAY, CHARLES(ED) - The Illustrated Book ofScottish Songs From the 16th to the 19th Century
122: MACKAY, DONALD C - Silversmiths and Related Craftsmen of the Atlantic Provinces
5972: MACKAY, ALLAN HARDING & TOWNSEND-GAULT, CHARLOTTE - Some Critical Countenances: An Extended Drawing. Informal portraits by Allan Harding MacKay in Collaboration with Charlotte Townsend-Gault
11386: MACKAY, R.A & E. B. ROGERS - Canada Looks Abroad
13246: MACKAY, DONALD - The Asian Dream. The Pacific Rim and Canada's National Railway
18842: MACKAY, J. (BENTLEY, D. M. R., ED.) - Quebec Hill; or, Canadian Scenery. A Poem. In Two Parts.
19638: MACKAY, JAMES - Railway Antiques
23148: MACKAY, JAMES A. - Commonwealth Stamp Design 1840-1965
25992: MACKAY, CLAIRE (TEXT BY) - The Toronto Story
29445: MACKAY, R. A. - The Political Ideas of William Lyon MacKenzie
35020: MACKAY, HUGH - The Divinity and Distinct Personality, of the Son and Holy Ghost, Asserted and proved , in Opposition to Unitarianism, in all its Forms: Together with A Brief Review of the Method By which Mr. Whitefield, of the Dundee Tabernacle,
35068: MACKAY, DONALD - The Square Mile Merchant Princes of Montreal
4906: MACKAY, DONALD C. - Silversmiths and Related Craftsmen of the Atlantic Provinces
9982: MACKAY, DONALD - Anticosti The Untamed Island
13506: MACKELLAR, DOROTHEA - A Sunburnt Country
2160: MACKENZIE, MICHAEL - Reflections of Yesteryear: True Stories Old and New
9337: MACKENZIE, JEAN KENYON - The Traders Wife
9595: MACKENZIE, MICHAEL - Tracks Across the Maritimes
15234: MACKENZIE, A. STANLEY - Dalhousie University Halifax, N.S.
24292: MACKENZIE, IAN - British Prints Dictionary and Price Guide
31019: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - My Life and Times Octave Six 1923-1930
31020: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - My Life and Times Octave Seven 1931-1938
33096: MACKENZIE, DAVID - Inside the Atlantic Triangle. Canada and the Entrance of Newfoundland into Confederation, 1939 - 1949
35157: MACKENZIE, JOHN AND MARJORIE - Ontario in Your Car
35158: MACKENZIE, JOHN AND MARJORIE - Quebec in Your Car
19941: MACKENZIE, LEWIS - Peacekeeper The Road to Sarajevo
14619: MACKENZIE, HARVEY - 'Hie out of the heat' with Harvey
3515: MACKENZIE, A. A. - The Irish in Cape Breton
26101: MACKENZIE, SHELAGH AND ROBSON, SCOTT (EDS) - Halifax Street Names
11022: MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER - Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence, through the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; in the Years 1789 and 1793. With A Preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of that Country
29574: MACKEY, GORDON - Random Sketches A Collection of Short Stories
36103: MACKIE, ALEXANDER - MacAulay's Milton Edited to Illustate the Laws of Rhetoric and Composition
35266: MACKINNON, WAYNE E. - The Life of the Party. A History of the Liberal Party in Prince Edward Island.
2312: MACKINNON, WAYNE E. - The Life of the Party. A History of the Liberal Party in Prince Edward Island
3477: MACKINNON, REV. ARCHIBALD D. - A History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton
3739: MACKINNON, J.G. - Old Sydney. Sketches of the Town and its People in Days Gone By.
11952: MACKINNON, REV. CLARENCE - Reminiscences
480: MACKINNON, IAN F - Canada and the Minority Churches of Eastern Europe, 1946-1950
22172: MACKINNON, FRED R. - Reflections 55 Years in Public Service in Nova Scotia
37910: MACKINTOSH, C.H. (ED) - The Canadian Parliamentary Companion and Annual Register, 1881
6136: MACLACHLAN, MARY E. - Carol Fraser Paintings and Drawings: 1967 - 1977
27770: MACLAINE, CRAIG AND BAXENDALE, MICHAEL S. - This Land is Our Land The Mohawk Revolt At Oka
2878: MACLAREN, GEORGE - Antique Furniture by Nova Scotian Craftsmen
5260: MACLAREN, GEORGE - The Romance of the Heating Stove
9955: MACLAREN, ROY - Canadians Behind Enemy Lines 1939-1945
13145: MACLAREN, ROY - Canadians on the Nile 1882-1898 Being the Adventures of the Voyageurs on the Khartoum Relief Expedition and Other Exploits
22570: MACLAREN, ROY - Canadians Behind Enemy Lines 1939-1945
35805: MACLAREN, GEORGE - Nova Scotia Furniture
35804: MACLAREN, GEORGE - Antique Potteries of Nova Scotia
33018: MACLAUGHLIN, REV. THOMAS - The Scottish Highlands Highland Clans and Highland Regiments Portraits, Clan Tartans, Views, Armorial Berrings, Etc. [8 volumes]
9617: MACLAY, EDGAR STANTON (ASSISTED BY BARRETT PHILIP) - The Life and Adventures of 'Jack' Philip Rear-Admiral United States Navy
27173: MACLEAN, TERRY AND MCMASTER, JUDY - The Cabot Trail 1932-1992
4639: MACLEAN, J.P - First Annual Gathering of the Clan MacLean Association of North America, held in the City of Chicago, June 12-16,1893
13411: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - The Guns of Navarone
13574: MACLEAN, R.A. - Bill Fraser, Mountie
16160: MACLEAN, TERRY - Louisbourg Heritage From Ruins to Reconstruction
16874: MACLEAN, RONALD - The White Horse Inn A Romance of the '45
27657: MACLEAN, VIRGINIA - Much Entertainment A Visual and Culinary Record of Johnson and Boswell's Tour of Scotland in 1773
31389: MACLEAN, ALLAN C. - The First Hundred Years: 1877-1977 Tabernacle United Church of Canada Belleville Ontario
32030: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Captain Cook
35350: MACLEAN, R.A. - Bill Fraser, Mountie
3755: MACLEAN, ANGUS HECTOR. - God and the Devil at Seal Cove
3380: MACLEAN, RAYMOND A.(EDITED BY) - History of Antigonish (2 volumes.)
17801: MACLEAR, REV. G. F. - Conversion of the West, The Celts
39539: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - America was Promises
41051: MACLELLAN, JOHN (ENTIRELY REVISED BY) - Logan's Complete Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe and a selection of Marches Quicksteps, Laments, Strathspeys Reels & Country Dances followed by Piobaireachd Exercises & the Famous Piobaireachd Cha Till McCruimein(MacCrimmon will never return)
10919: MACLENNAN, MUNRO - Seven Caesars' Ransoms. A Dramatic Poem In 3 Acts
26514: MACLENNAN, HUGH (TEXT BY) - Mia and Klaus Quebec
33117: MACLENNAN, JEAN M. - From Shore to Shore The Life and Times of the Rev. John MacLennan of Belfast, P.E.I.
41616: MACLENNAN, JENNIFER - 100 Years of Scotsburn. A Century of Growth and Innovation
2658: MACLEOD, C. I. N. - An T-Eilthireach: Original Gaelic Poems and Melodies
5319: MACLEOD, C.I.N - Highland Scottish Folklore & Beliefs
14737: MACLEOD, MARGARET ARNETT (CHOSEN AND EDITED BY) - Songs of Old Manitoba with Airs, French and English words and introductions
29058: MACLEOD, MARY K. AND ST. CLAIR, JAMES O. - No Place Like Home The Life and Times of Cape Breton Heritage Houses
42162: MACLEOD, G.E. MALCOM & ROBERT E. BLAIR - The Canadian Education Association The First 100 Years
20299: MACLEOD, MARY K. AND ST. CLAIR, JAMES O. - Pride of Place The Life and Times of Cape Breton Heritage Houses
14040: MACLEOD, MARY K. - Whisper in the Air Marconi The Canada Years, 1902-1946
36532: MACLEOD, LOIS - An Unofficial Person of History: Winthrop Pickard Bell
37215: MACLEOD, KEVIN S. - A Stone on Their Cairn Clach Air An Carn A Cape Breton Saga
6417: MACLEOD, MALCOLM - Nearer than Neighbours Newfoundland and Canada Before Confederation
22193: MACLURE, MILLAR - George Chapman A Critical Study
31694: MACMASTER, MARION (EDITOR) - The Schools of the Glens. A history of the one-room schools of Lochiel and Northeast Kenyon of Glengarry County and the fringes of Prescott County by the teachers and students of those schools
5088: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD - There Go the Ships
6327: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD - Tales of the Sea
24848: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD - Head-Waters of Canadian Literature
28085: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD - Late Harvest
820: MACMILLAN, CYRUS - Glooskap's Country and Other Indian Tales Illustrated by John A. Hall
2235: MACMILLAN, DR. C. LAMONT - Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor
2985: MACMILLAN, REV. JOHN C. - The History of The Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island from 1835 till 1891.
4726: MACMILLAN, REV. JOHN C - The Early History of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island
6457: MACMILLAN, CYRUS - Glooskap's Country and Other Indian Tales Illustrated by John A. Hall
14136: MACMILLAN, CYRUS, NEIL MACLEOD, D. SYLESTER MACINNIS - Report of the Royal Commission on Education in the Province of Prince Edward Island
14982: MACMILLAN, KEITH & BECKWITH, JOHN - Contemporary Canadian Composers
25106: MACMILLAN, DONALD B. - Four Years in the White North
25490: MACMILLAN, MONA - The Land of Look Behind A Study of Jamaica
31691: MACMILLAN, NEIL DONALD - The Kirk in Glengarry
37848: MACMILLAN, MIRIAM - Green Seas and White Ice Far North with Captain Mac
2133: MACMILLAN, DR. C. LAMONT - Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor
36939: MACMILLAN, MARGARET, MARJORIE HARRIS AND ANNE L. DESJARDINS - Canada's House Rideau Hall and the invention of a Canadian home
24351: MACNAMARA, JOHN - Names for Things A Study of Human Learning
34056: MACNAMARA, JOHN - Through the Rearview Mirror Historical Reflections on Psychology
13020: MACNEICE, LOUIS - The Strings are False. An Unfinished Autiobiography
24945: MACNEIL, ALISON F. - The Bremen Method of Portrait Sculpture
40677: MACNEIL, RITA (SONGS BY) - Born A Woman
31673: MACNEILL, IAN - The Battle for Salt-Bucket Beach
5204: MACNUTT, W. STEWART (ED. BY A.W. TRUEMAN) - New Brunswick and Its People The Biography of a Canadian Province
1149: MACNUTT, W. STEWART - Days of Lorne: Impressions of a Governor-General from the Private Papers of the Marquis of Lorne 1878-1883 in the possession of the Duke of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, Scotland
31209: MACOUN, JOHN - Manitoba and the Great North-West:The Field for Investment; The Home of the Emigrant, Being a Full and Complete History of the Country
37122: MACPHAIL, ANDREW (ED) - University Magazine Vol.XII, No.1
29286: MACPHARLAIN, CALUM - Am Brathrachan Beag Air a Dheasachadh a Chum Feum Luchd-ionnsachadh Na Gaidhlig
39832: MACPHERSON, LAN (EDITED BY) - The Atlantic Provinces
39938: MACPHERSON, ALAN G.(ED) - Four Centuries and the City: Perspectives on the Historical Geography of St. John's
16713: MACPHERSON, KEN - Frigates of the Royal Canadian Navy 1943-1974
30342: MACPHERSON, F. ELWOOD - Maritime Anecdotes in Lighter Vein
31162: MACPHERSON, K.R. - Canada's Fighting Ships
9969: MACPHERSON, KEN & MILNER, MARC - Corvettes of the Royal Canadian Navy 1939-1945
38112: MACPHERSON, KEN - Minesweepers of the Royal Canadian Navy 1938-1945
2167: MACPHIE, REV. J. P. - Pictonians at Home and Abroad: Sketches of Professional Men and Women of Pictou County - Its History and Institutions
40487: MACPHIE, JOHN PETER (1854 - 1931) - Black & white portrait of John Peter MacPhie
83: MACPHIE, REV. J. P. - The Homeland of the Bible: Travels and Studies in the Holy Land and Egypt.
1728: MACQUARRIE, J.R. - Lansdowne (Battery Hill, Wilkins Grant, Upper New Lairg) Sketches
2713: MACQUARRIE, JOHN R.(A COMPILATION BY) - Malagash Salt Dedicated to the Salt of the Earth People
14255: MACQUARRIE, JOHN R.(A COMPILATION BY) - Malagash Salt Dedicated to the Salt of the Earth People
9724: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - 'Goodbye Piccadilly'
15429: MACQUEEN, ANGUS JAMES - Memory is My Diary Volume 1: The First Thirty 1912-1942
36664: MACQUOID, PERCY - A History of English Furniture including the Age of Oak, The Age of Walnut,The Age of Mahogany & The Age of Satinwood
29449: MACQUOID, PERCY - Sir Walter Scott's Bridal of Triermain: with fourteen illustrations designed expressly for The Art-union of London
3522: MACRAE, MARION (&) ADAMSON, ANTHONY - Cornerstones of Order Courthouses and Town Halls of Ontario, 1784-1914
10703: MACRAE, MARION AND ANTHONY ADAMSON. - The Ancestral Roof Domestic Architecture of Upper Canada
14481: MACSKIMMING, ROY - Gordie A Hockey Legend An Unauthorized Biography of Gordie Howe
30804: MACSWAIN, J.M. - History of the Amherst Baptist Church 1809-1959 (With Additional Section B - Amherst Baptists, 1959-1977)
40257: MACSWEEN, R.J. - The Burnt Forest and other stories
40258: MACSWEEN, R.J. - Furiously Wrinkled A Novel (Signed)
29770: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 20 Winter 1974
29771: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 19 Autumn 1974
29772: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 18 Summer 1974
29773: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 16 Winter 1974
29774: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 15 Autumn 1973
29775: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 13 Spring 1973
29776: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 12 Winter 1973
29777: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 11 Autumn 1972
29778: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 9 Spring 1972
29779: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 8 Winter 1972
29809: MACSWEEN, R. J. (ED) - The Antigonish Review Number 7 Autumn 1971
22959: MACTAVISH, NEWTON - The Fine Arts in Canada
28204: MACTAVISH, NEWTON - Ars Longa
38235: MACTAVISH (J.WILLIAM CALDER) - Uncle Angus and the Canso Causeway
11250: MACULICH, T.D. - Between Europe and America The Canadian Tradition In Fiction
3731: MACVICAR, W. M. - A Short History of Annapolis Royal. The Port Royal of the French from its Settlement in 1604 to the Withdrawal of the British Troops in 1854
33084: MACVICAR, ANGUS - Secret of the Lost Planet
12555: MACWHIRTER, JOHN - Sketches From Nature
25109: DE MADARIAGA, SALVADOR - The Rise of the Spanish American Empire (along with) The Fall of the Spanish American Empire (2 vol.)
39684: MADDER, C.V. - History 1895-1963 The Canadian Home and School and Parent-Teacher Federation
25628: MADEY, THEODOREE. & WILLIAM C. BROWN(EDITED BY) - History of Vacuum Science and Technology
8874: MADSEN, MARIUS - Shipwreck and Struggle
24494: GAELIC MONTHLY MAGAZINE - Fear na Ceilidh(vol1#1-Vol.2#8) 20 issues
32939: BY THE EDITORS OF LIFE MAGAZINE - Project Mercury
30787: MAGEE, JOAN. WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY JOHN S. DIETRICH, ET AL. - Loyalist Mosaic: A Multi-Ethnic Heritage
39717: MAGGO, PAULUS (EDITED , WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY CAROL BRICE-BENNETT) - Remembering the Years of My Life Journeys of a Labrador Inuit Hunter
40095: ARISTOTLE & JOHANN MAGIRUS - Corona virtutum moralium, universam Aristotelis svmmi philosophi ethicen exacte enucleans : variasq; enodationes, qvaestiones, obiectiones; & dilutiones, si qui vnquam, iucundiores & vtiliores ceteris Ethicis commentariis omnibus proponens
24647: LAMPUGNANI VITTORIO MAGNAGO (ED) - Ein Stuck Grosstadt als Experiemnt Planungen am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
4992: MAGUIRE, ERIC - Dieppe: August 19
41643: MAHADDIE, T.G. - Hamish The Memoirs of Group Captain T.G. Mahaddie S,DFC,AFC,CZMC,CENG,FRAES'The Story of a Pathfinder'
33200: MAHAFFY, REV. J. P. - Social Life in Greece From Homer to Menander
33326: MAHAFFY, J. P. - A History of Classical Greek Literature (in 2 vols) Vol. I The Poets; Vol. II The Prose Writers
15857: MAHAN, CAPTIAN A. T. - Admiral Farragut
31879: MAHAR, JAMES AND ROWENA MAHAR - Too Many to Mourn On Family's Tragedy in the Halifax Explosion
41686: MAHOMED, SAKE DEAN - Shampooing; or, Benefits Resulting From the Use of the Indian Medicated Vapour Bath, As introduced into this Country, By S.D. Mahomed, (A Native of India)
42188: MAHON, PATRICK - Store Three Projects by Patrick Mahon, texts by Robin Metcalfe, Tila Kellman & Shirley Madill
19673: MAHON, PEGGY - Changing Perspectives A Case Study of Intimate Partner Homicides
23724: MAHROOF, M. M. M. (ET AL) - An Ethnological Survey of The Muslims of Sir Lanka from Earliest Times to Independence
35009: MAILER, PHIL - Portugal: The Impossible Revolution?
39450: MAILHOT, JOSE - The People of Sheshatshit In the Land of the Innu Translated by Axel Harvey
18382: MAILINGS, MALACHI - The Last of the Lairds: or, The Life and Opinions of Malachi Mailings, Esq. of Auldbiggings
33966: MAILLET, MARGUERITE - Bibliographie des publications d'Acadie 1609-1990 Sources premieres et sources secondes
33995: MAILLET, ANTONINE - La Sagouine
27191: MAIR, CHARLES - Dreamland and Other Poems Tecumseh: A Dream
16199: MAJOR, KEVIN - As Near to Heaven by Sea: A History of Newfoundland and Labrador
39750: MAJOR, KEVIN (INTRO) - Visual Artists of Newfoundland and Labrador A Juried Exhibition in Print
10095: MAJOR, MARJORIE - From the Ground. . . the story of planting in Nova Scotia
21319: MAJOR, NORMA - Joan Sutherland
24229: MAJOR, J. KENNETH - Fieldwork in Industrial Archaeology
41192: MALAN, REV.A.N. - Lost on Brown Willy or The Print of the Cloven Hoof
22291: MALASEKERA, DR. G. P. - The Truth of Anatta
27032: MALAURIE, JEAN - The Last Kings Of Thule A Year Among The Polar Eskimos of Greenland
12182: MALCOLM, JANET - Diana & Nikon Essays on the Aesthetic of Photography
25886: MALCOLM, SIR IAN - Lord Balfour A Memory
25419: MALET, ORIEL - Letters from Menabilly Portrait of a Friendship
34897: MALHAM, REVEREND JOHN (REVISED AND IMPROVED BY) - Fox's Book of Martyrs: or, The Acts and Monuments of the Christian Church: Being A Complete History of the Lives, Sufferings, and Deaths of the Christian Martyrs; From the Commencement of Christianity to the present Period.( 2 vols in one)
37155: MALINS, EDWARD - Yeats and Music
34477: MALLALIEU, J.P.W. - 'Passed to You, Please' Britain's Red-Tape Machine At War
35062: MALLAN, CAROLINE - Wrong Time, Wrong Place? How Two Canadians Ended Up in a Brazilian Jail
35129: MALLARY, PETER T., PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM IMRIE - New England Churches and Meetinghouses 1680-1930
5163: O'MALLEY, MARTIN - Gross Misconduct The Life of Spinner Spencer
15844: MALLIN, S.B - Here To Zero An Exhibition by Stephen Horne at S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto
34705: MALLINSON, R.F. A. AND ROLAND GRUGEON - Timber Trade Practice
22102: MALLOWAN, AGATHA CHRISTIE - Star Over Bethlehem and other stories
13482: MALONE, RICHARD S. - A Portrait of War 1939-1943 (together with)A World in Flames 1944-1945 A Portrait of War: Part Two (2 vols)
23377: MALONE, MARVIN (ED) - The Wormwood Review Volume 10, Number 1 Issue 37
35071: MALONEY, TOM (EDITED BY) - The Picture Universe 25th Anniversary U.S. Camera 1961
31670: MANAS, JOHN H. - Life's Riddle Solved Through the Law of Metapsychosis
35780: MANAS, DR. JOHN H. - The Race Problem Segregation or Integration? Cosmic Laws of Evolution. The Great Controversy of our Time
11251: MANDEL, ELI - Criticism: The Silent Speaking Words Eight Talks for CBC Radio
29711: MANDEL, ELI AND PILON, JEAN-GUY (EDS) - Poetry 62
31892: MANDELBAUM, W. ADAM - The Psychic Battlefield: A History of the Military-Occult Complex
18248: MANDELKERN, SOLOMON; MARGOLIN, CURA F. (ED) - Veteris Testamenti Concordantiae Hebracae Atque Chaldaicae (two volumes)
22830: MANDEVILLE, A. GLENN - Price Guide Sensational '60s Doll Album
35559: MANLEY, CYRIL - Decorative Victorian Glass
41006: MANN, SUSAN - Margaret Macdonald Imperial Daughter
16149: MANN, THOMAS - Tho Holy Sinner
29254: MANN, GEORGE - Theatre Lethbridge A History of Theatrical Production in Lethbridge, Alberta (1885-1988)
13992: MANN, SUSAN [EDITED AND INTRODUCED] - The War Diary of Clare Gass 1915-1918
27346: MANNERS, R. RUTLAND - Pasco, A Cuban Tale and Other Poems with an Essay on Music Appended
8854: MANNIN, ETHEL - Land of the Crested Lion A Journey Through Modern Burma
7571: MANNING, REV. SAMUEL - Swiss Pictures: Drawn with Pen and Pencil.
24669: MANNING, REV. R. - The Celebrated Answer to the Rev. C. Lesley's Case Stated, Between the Church of Rome and the Church of England: Printed Word for Word, and Refuted Sentence after Sentence
26131: MANNING, CLARENCE A. (TRANS. AND INTRO. BY) - Taras Shevchenko The Poet of Ukraine Selected Poems
33828: MANNING, JOHN J., M.A., PH.D. (EDITED WITH AN ITRODUCTION BY) - The First and Second Parts of John Hayward's The Life and Raigne of King Henri IIII [Camden Fourth Series Volume 42]
2861: MANNION, JOHN J. - Irish Settlements in Eastern Canada: A Study of Cultural Transfer and Adaptation
39942: MANNION, JOHN J. - Point Lance in Translation The Transformation of a Newfoundland Outport
23445: MANNION, JOHN J (EDITOR) - The Peopling of Newfoundland Essays in Historical Geography
41443: MANNIX, GEORGE H. R.C.N., RET'D - 4760 Not Just the Story of a Number A Personal History
12327: MANNY, LOUISE - Ships of Miramichi
32062: MANTOUX, PAUL - The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century An outline of the beginnings of the modern factory system in England
39941: MANUEL, EDITH M. - St. Peter's Anglican Church Twillingate One hundred and Twenty-five year History 1845-1970 and in Addition Early History of the Church from 1813
36801: MARAIS, J.S. - Maynier and the First Boer Republic
36354: MARAIS, J. S. - The Fall of Kruger's Republic
3017: MARBLE, ALLAN E. - Nova Scotians at Home and Abroad. Biographical sketches of over six hundred native born Nova Scotians
3059: MARCH, WILLIAM. - Red Line. The Chronicle-Herald The Mail-Star 1875-1954.
3181: MARCH, WILLIAM - Red Line. The Chronicle- Herald The Mail-Star 1875-1954
23373: MARCH, RICHARD - The Mountain of the Upas Tree
38999: TAMBIMUTTU AND RICHARD MARCH(ED) - T.S. Eliot A Symposium
4014: MARCHAND, RICHARD (ED) - Eastern Horizons New Writing from Cape Breton
26155: MARCHAND, PHILIP - Marshall McLuhan The Medium and the Messenger
8584: MARCOSSON, ISAAC F. - Adventures in Interviewing
38592: MARCUS, PHILLIP L. (ED) - The Death of Cuchulain Manuscript Materials Including the Author's Final Text by W.B. Yeats
14288: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Rhymes and Verses Collected Poems for Children
34451: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Two Tales I. The Green Room II. The Connoiseur
34672: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe
27101: MAREVNA - Life With the Painters of La Ruche
39821: MARGARET, LEN. - Fish & brewis toutens & tales. Recipes and Recollections from St. Leonard's, Newfoundland
28669: MARION, JOHN L. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Sotheby's International Price Guide 1987-88 Edition (including 1986 prices)
37799: MARJOR-GENERAL MOULTON, J. L. (ED) - Brassey's Annual Defence and the Armed Forces 1973
22056: TWAIN MARK(ED. WITH AN INTRO. BY, A. GROVE DAY ) - Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii
38478: MARKEN, RON (ED) - Don't Steal This Book
32537: MARKS, RICHARD AND NIGEL MORGAN - The Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting 1200-1500
33380: MARKSMAN - The Dead Shot or Sportsman's Complete Guide Being a Treatise on the Use of the Gun
26662: MARLING, KARAL ANN - George Washington Slept Here Colonial Revivals and American Culture 1876-1986
18023: MARLOWE, J. I. - The Geology of Part of the Continental Slope near Sable Island, Nova Scotia
41315: MARMONTEL, M. - Belisarius. A Tale
2474: MARQUIS, T. G. - Canada's Sons on Kopje and Veldt: A Historical Account of the Canadian Contingents
30183: MARRIOTT, JOHN - Disaster at Sea
30284: MARRIOTT, JOHN - Disaster at Sea
17838: MARRUS, MICHAEL R. - Mr Sam The Life and Times of Samuel Bronfman
23579: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN - Poor Jack
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29543: MUNDWILER, LINDA - Double Feature
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14392: MURCHIE, JOHN (CURATOR) - Gary Wilson Landscape & Sentiment
29544: MURCHIE, J.C (FOREWORD/AVANT-PROPOS - Military Dictionary English- French French-English
40782: MURCHIE, JOHN - Donald Cameron MacKay Artist & Teacher. John James Cook Artist & Teacher
40781: MURCHIE, JOHN - Geoff Butler. The Angel Looks Series Paintings.Drawings. Objects 1990-1994
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2030: MURDOCH, REV. B.J. - The Menders
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38519: MURDY, LOUISE BAUGHAN - Sound and Sense in Dylan Thomas's Poetry
40290: MURPHY, W. LEO - Within Thy Heart

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