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41206: JOHNSON, LEO A. - History of the County of Ontario 1615-1875
40735: JOHNSON, ROSSITER - The Hero of Manila Dewey on the Mississippi and the Pacific
16667: JOHNSON, LEO A. - History of Guelph 1827-1927
19403: JOHNSTON, C. M. - The Head of the Lake A History of Wentworth County
992: JOHNSTON, A. J. B. - Defending Halifax: Ordnance, 1825-1906
5309: JOHNSTON, A.J.B. - Religion in Life at Louisbourg 1713-1758
9514: JOHNSTON, DOUGLAS M - The Theory and History of Ocean Boundary-Making
9820: JOHNSTON, HON. J.W, - Letter to the Granville Street Church, Halifax, N.S.
11822: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM D - The Story of Montague
15707: JOHNSTON, IAN G. - Changes in the Island Landscape
17978: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM VICTOR - Before the Age of Miracles Memoirs of a Country Doctor
18524: JOHNSTON, C. M. - Brant County A History 1784-1945
21227: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Navigator of New York
29487: JOHNSTON, ALEXANDRA F. AND ROGERSON, MARGARET (EDS) - Records of Early English Drama Introduction The Records (in 2 vols)
29717: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - Travelers Five Along Life's Highway Jimmy, Gideon Wiggan, The Clown, Wexley Snathers, Cap. Sloan
29855: JOHNSTON, GRANT - A Compass of Open Veins a Collection of Poems by Grant Johnson
29857: JOHNSTON, GRANT - A Compass of Open Veins a Collection of Poems by Grant Johnson
29858: JOHNSTON, GRANT - A Compass of Open Veins a Collection of Poems by Grant Johnson
32076: JOHNSTON, BASIL - Ojibway Heritage
35656: JOHNSTON, CHARLES M., AND WEAVER, JOHN C. - Student Days: Student Life at McMaster University from the 1890s to the 1980s
36313: JOHNSTON, A.J.B - The Summer of 1744 A Portrait of Life in 18th-Century Louisbourg
9967: JOHNSTON, MAC - Corvettes Canada. Convoy Veterans of WWII Tell Their True Stories
2635: JOHNSTONE, WM. E.(COMPILED BY) - Life of Rev. Dr. John and Mrs. Geddie and Early Presbyterian History 1770-1845
31040: JOHNSTONE, TONY - The Life & Thoughts of Tony Johnstone
37800: JOHRI, MAJOR SITA RAM - The Indo-Pak Conflict of 1965
29628: JOLLY, DAVID C. - Antique Maps Sea Charts City Views Celestial Charts & Battle Plans Price Guide and Collectors' Handbook for 1983
29632: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPLIED & ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts, Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1992 Volume 10
29634: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts, Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1991 Volume 9
29635: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts and Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1987 Volume 5
29636: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts and Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1990 Volume 8
29637: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts and Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1986 Volume 4
29639: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts and Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1985 Volume 3
29641: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts and Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1984 Volume 2
29642: JOLLY, DAVID C. (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts and Battle Plans Price Record & Handbook for 1988 Volume 6
13767: JONAS, GEORGE - A Passion Observed A True Story of a Motorcycle Racer (Signed)
36271: JONES, H. A. - The War in the Air Being the Story of the Part Played in the Great War by the Royal Air Force Volume 2 (volume 2 only)
39912: JONES, FREDERICK - Edward Feild Bishop of Newfoundland 1844 - - 1876
4971: JONES, ELIZABETH - Gentlemen and Jesuits Quests for Glory and Adventure in the Early Days of New France
8655: JONES, THELMA - Once upon a Lake The Story of Minnetonka And Its People
11261: JONES, D(OUGLAS) G. - Butterfly On Rock
11283: JONES, SONIA - It All Began with Daisy
14365: JONES, TED - All the Days of His Life A Biography of Archdeacon H.A. Cody
16368: JONES, JAMES - Dishonest Criticism: Being a Chapter of Theology on Equivocation and Doing Evil for a Good Cause
23088: JONES, THOMAS - A Diary with Letters 1931-1950
24670: JONES, N. S. CAREY - The Anatomy of Uhura An Essay on Kenya's Independence
26452: JONES, IFAN HUW - Mygun Gyda'r Meddyg Atgofion Deugain Mlynedd
26775: JONES, PAGE HELM - Evolution of a Valley the Androscoggin story
28613: JONES, IRIS SANDERSON - Country Roads of Ontario
29690: JONES, D. G. ET AL (EDS) - ellipse 5 automns 1970 autumn
29691: JONES, D. G. ET AL (EDS) - ellipse 4 ete 1970 summer
30045: JONES, GEOFFREY P. - Defeat of the Wolf Packs
31501: JONES, ARTHUR F. - The Art of Paul Sawyier
33571: JONES, SIR HENRY - Browning as a Philosophical And Religious Teacher
37343: JONES, DAVID LLOYD - Architecture and the Environment Bioclimatic Building Design
28479: JONES, A.H.M. AND ELIZABETH MONROE - A History of Ethiopia
22490: JONG, ERICA - Parachutes & Kisses
25902: DE JONG, MEINDERT - The Big Goose and the Little White Duck
33870: JONSON, BEN - Bartholomew Fair
10754: JORALEMON, IRA B - Copper The Encompassing Story of Mankind's First Metal
36499: JORDAN, DAVID - Wolfpack The U-Boat War and the Allied Counter-Attack 1939-1945
27433: JORDAN, ELIZABETH - Three Rousing Cheers An Autobiography
31847: JORDAN, ALFRED AND TEETZEL, M. D.(EDS) - Fifth American Tourney Held at the American House Boston, Massachusetts October 12 to 23, 1922 for the Checker Championship of America and $1250.00 in Prizes
20768: JOSEPH, H. W. B. - Lectures on the Philosophy of Leibniz
35235: JOSEPH, FRANCIS - Collecting Carlton Ware
30475: UNIVERSITE SAINT-JOSEPH/SAINT JOSEPH'S UNIVERSITY - Album Historique Publie a l'occasiondes fetes du 75e anniversaire 13-14 Juin 1939/Historical album Published on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary June 13-114 1939
30536: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - The Destruction of the Jews
583: JOST, A. C. - Guysborough Sketches and Essays
26524: JOURDAIN, M. - English Interiors in Smaller Houses From the Restoration to the Regency, 1660-1830
36489: JOURDAN, PHILIP - Cecil Rhodes His Private Life by His Private Secretary
25460: NUMISMATIC JOURNAL - The Picus 1996 The Annual Journal of the Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society
11833: DE JOUVANCOURT, HUGUES - Cornelius Krieghoff
33678: JOWETT, GEORGE F. - Strong Man Stunts Made Easy!
38245: JOYCE, J.G. AND H.A. HOSSE - Civic Parties in Canada
12748: JOYNER, GEOFFREY [EDITOR] - Canadian Art At Auction 1968- 1975. A record of Sotheby Parke Bernet (Canada) Inc. Sales May 1968 - May 1975
1279: JOYNER, GEOFFREY [EDITOR] - Canadian Art At Auction 1975-1980. A record of Sotheby Parke Bernet (Canada) Inc. Sales October 1975- May 1980
12620: JOYNER, J. BROOKS - Marion Nicoll R.C.A.
19535: JUDD, W. W.; SPEIRS, J. MURRY (EDS). - The Naturalists's Guide to Ontario
28024: JULIER, GUY - The Thames and Hudson Encyclopaedia of 20th Century Design and Designers
39870: JUNTAO, WU (TRANSLATED BY) - Tu Fu - A New Translation
33832: JUPP, PETER (EDITED BY) - The Letter-Journal of George Canning, 1793-1795 [Camden Fourth Series Volume 41]
26913: JURY, WILFRID AND ELSIE - Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons
29947: KAHN, V. - La Defense du Fianchetto de la Dame dite 'Ouest-Indienne'
36623: KAHN, DAVID - The Codebreakers The Story of Secret Writing
9669: KAHNWEILER, DANIEL-HENRY - Juan Gris His Life and Work Translated by Douglas Cooper
26209: KALEDIN, EUGENIA - Mothers and More American Women in the 1950s
26688: KALEDIN, EUGENIA - Mothers and More American Women in the 1950s
38984: KALIM, M. SIDDIQ - The Soul's Habitation Yeats's Approach to Shelley
34063: KALK, EISSE - Bouwmeesters met draagvlak Architectenbureau Van Stigt
14808: KALKWARF, ALICE - Crete's Pioneer Museum The Maples
31119: KAMM, ANTONY - The Last Frontier The Roman Invasions of Scotland
35511: KAMM, MINNIE WATSON - Two Hundred Pattern Glass Pitchers
35512: KAMM, MINNIE WATSON - A Second Two Hundred Pattern Glass Pitchers
35513: KAMM, MINNIE WATSON - A Third Two Hundred Pattern Glass Pitchers
35514: KAMM, MINNIE WATSON - A Fourth Pitcher Book
35515: KAMM, MINNIE WATSON - A Fifth Pitcher Book
35516: KAMM, MINNIE WATSON - A Sixth Pitcher Book
35517: KAMM, MINNIE WATSON - An Eighth Pitcher Book
24540: KANDINSKY, WASSILY - On the Spiritual in Art
5705: KANE, PAUL. - Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America from Canada to Vancouver's Islandand oregon Through the Hudson's Bay Company's Territory and Back again
20306: KAPLAN, HERBERT H. - The First Parition of Poland
29020: KAPLAN, LAURIE (ED) - Persuasions The Jane Austen Journal No. 24 2002
29037: KAPLAN, LAURIE (ED) - Persuasions The Jane Austen Journal No. 27 2005
29021: KAPLAN, LAURIE (ED) - Persuasions The Jane Austen Journal No. 20 1998
16579: KAPP, YVONNE - Eleanor Marx (2 volumes)
35013: KAROL, K. S. (TRANLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY ARNOLD POMERANS) - Guerrillas in Power: The Course of the Cuban Revolution
37422: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh Canadians
1949: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh American Legends. Photographs and Commentary by Yousuf Karsh
9194: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh Canadians
30870: KATCHER, PHILIP - The American Soldier: U.S. Armies in Uniform, 1755 to the Present
10425: KATZ, RICHARD - Solitary Life
21905: KATZ, FRIEDRICH - The Ancient American Civilisation
35212: KATZ-MARKS, MARIANN - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Majolica
35972: KATZ, LEO - Bad Acts and Guilty Minds Conundrums of the Criminal Law
10862: KATZ, MICHAEL B - The People of Hamilton, Canada West Family and Class in a Mid-Nineteenth- Century City
9858: KAUFMAN, DAVID/MICHIEL HORN - A Liberation Album Canadians in the Netherlands 1944-45
30176: KAUFMAN, STEVE AND YOGI - Silent Chase Submarines of the U.S. Navy
32083: KAUFMAN, WILLIAM I. - The Nut Cookery Book
37970: KAUFMAN, JEFFREY A. - Privacy Law in the Private Sector. An Annotation of the Legislation in Canada (2 volumes)
25832: KAUFMANN, J. E. AND H. W. - Hitler's Blitzkrieg Campaigns the Invasion and Defense of Western Europe, 1939-1940
7190: KAVANAGH, L. V. - History of Golf in Canada
39280: KAVANAGH, PETER - John Buchanan The Art of Political Survival
23087: KAVOLIS, VYTAUTAS - History on Art's Side Social Dynamics in Artistic Efflorescences
35529: KAWIN, BRUCE F. - How Movies Work
38704: KAYE, JACQUELINE (ED) - Ezra Pound and America
38936: KEALY, J.D.F. & RUSSELL, E.C. - A History of Canadian Naval Aviation 1918-1962
1706: KEAN, CAPTAIN ABRAM - Old and Young Ahead A Millionaire in Seals being The Life History of Captain Abram Kean
11491: KEARLEY, WADE - The People's Road On the Trail of the Newfoundland Railway
23309: KEARNS, LIONEL - By the Light of the Silvery McLune: Media Parables Poems Signs Gestures and Other Assaults on the Interface
40688: KEARY, A. - Cissa's Black Cat and A Little Yellow Shoe
29322: KEATES, JONATHAN - The Complete Guide to The Shakespeare Country
5397: KEATING, BERN - The Grand Banks
34885: KEDLESTON, MARQUESS CURZON OF - Tales of Travel
10473: KEEFER, JANICE - Constellations
10854: KEEFER, T.C - Philosophy of Railroads and other Essays
37568: KEEN, JOSEPH - Flourescent Flies
41622: KEENAN, ALAN - Democracy in Question. Democratic Openness in a Time of Political Closure
41013: CHRISTMAS KEEPSAKE - Ye Christmas Chant A Carol of Coventry
31199: KEETON, PROFESOR G.W. & JOHN CAMERON (EDITED BY) - The Trial of Gustav Rau, Otto Monsson and William Smith The 'Verronica' Trial
37881: KEETON, GEORGE W. - Trial by Tribunal A Study of the Development and Functioning of the Tribunal of Inquiry
18423: KEIL, DORIS PARKIN - The Ploughboy and the Nightingale
41368: KEIM, DE B. RANDOLPH - Keim's Ilustrated Hand-Book. Washington and Its Environs: A Descriptive and Historical Hand-Book of the Capital of the United States of America
8901: KEIR, DAVID AND BRYAN MORGAN, EDS. - Golden Milestone. 50 Years Of The A A
22189: KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE (ED. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - Speeches and Documents on International Affairs 1918-1937 (2 volumes)
30531: KELCHNER, JOHN WESLEY - The Holy Bible Masonic Edition (together with) A Description of King Solomon's Temble and Citadel and the Tabernacle in the Wilderness
22650: KELDER, DIANE (ED) - Stuart Davis
37724: KELEMAN, PAL (TEXT BY) - Folk Baroque in Mexico Mestizo Architecture through the Centuries
30005: KELL, RICHARD - Control Tower
42009: KELLAND, OTTO - Dories and Dorymen
33492: KELLAND, OTTO P. - Anchor Watch Newfoundland Stories in Verse
2729: KELLER, W. PHILLIP - Under Wilderness Skies. Photographs and line drawings by the author
25848: KELLER, BETTY - Pauline A Biography of Pauline Johnson
28765: KELLER, HELEN - The Story of My Life with her Letters (1887-1901) AND a Supplementary Account of Her Education , Including Pasages From The Reports and Letters of Her Teacher Anne Mansfield Sullivan by John Albert Macy
20869: KELLEY, DONALD R. - Renaissance Humanism
28923: KELLOGG, REV. ELIJAH - Elm Island Stories The Ark of Elm Island
33249: KELLOGG, ELIZABETH (TEXT BY) - The Town on the Beautiful River. Etchings by E. T. Hurley
41187: KELLOGG, ELIJAH - The Young Deliverers of Pleasant Cove
42159: KELLY, WILLIAM WITH NORA HICKSON KELLY - Policing the Fringe: A Young Mountie's Story; Policing in Wartime: One Mountie's Story;My Mountie and Me: A True Story (in 3 vols)
5805: KELLY, GEMEY - Backgrounds: Ten Nova Scotian Women Artists
5809: KELLY, GEMEY - Donald Cameron Mackay
5810: KELLY, GEMEY - Aileen Meagher: A Retrospective
9773: KELLY, JUNE - Another Side to Russia An Artist's Impression
5814: KELLY, GEMEY - Arthur Lismer: Nova Scotia, 1916-1919
21180: KELLY, VELMA (COMPILED BY) - The History of St. Thomas Church '1879-1979'
23684: KELLY, W. A. - The Library of Lord George Douglas (ca. 1667/8?-1693?): An Early Donation to the Advocates Library
28126: KELLY, MAURICE - View from the Forum A History of Rome to A. D. 410
34953: KELMAN, JANET HARVEY - Stories from Chaucer Told to the Children
23053: KEMP, MARTIN - Leonardo
41213: KEMPIS, THOMAS A (ABRIDGED, AND PUBLISHED IN ENGLISH BY THE REV. JOHN WESLEY,A.M.) - The Christian's Pattern; Or, A Treatise on the Imitation of Christ
40102: KENDERDINE, G. - Views of Saskatchewan
27328: KENEALY, ALEX - The Letters of alphonse 'Member of the French Journalism'
12243: KENJI, SHIMADA (TRANSLATED BY JOSHUA A.FOGEL) - Pioneer of the Chinese Revolution Zhang Binglin and Confucianism
13044: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - Russia and the West under Lenin and Stalin
39787: KENNEDY, JOHN C. - Holding the Line Ethnic Boundaries in a Northern Labrador Community
42022: KENNEDY, J. DE N. - History of the Department of Munitions and Supply Canada in the Second World War (in 2 vols) Vol.I Production Branches and Crown Companies;Vol.II. Controls , Service and Finance Branches, and Units Associated with the Department
1780: KENNEDY, W.T. & O'HEARN,PETER. - Academic Arithmetic, being part four of the Progressive School Series of Arithmetics.
5091: KENNEDY, BETTY - Hurricane Hazel
7699: KENNEDY, W. P. M. - The Constitution of Canada: An Introduction to its Development and Law.
8057: KENNEDY, SISTER JEAN DE - Biography of a Colonial Town. Hamilton. Bermuda 1790-1897
22218: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - The Airman and the Carpenter The Lindbergh Case and the Framing of Richard Hauptmann
24078: KENNEDY, GARRY N (INTRO BY) - NSCAD The Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
26240: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Orders from France The Americans and the French in a Revolutionary World, 1780-1820
31294: KENNEDY, DR. MARGARET F. - Flame of the Forests Canadian Presbyterians in India The Mission becomes the Church
35362: KENNEDY, W.P.M. & GUSTAVE LANCTOT (EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES) - Reports on the Laws of Quebec 1767-1770
27385: KENNEDY, REV. FR. P.J. (ED) - The Centenary of the Basilica-Cathedral of St. John the Baptist St. John's Newfoundland 1855-1955
38352: KENNEDY, SINCLAIR - The Pan-Angles A Consideration of the Federation
38824: KENNER, HUGH - The Poetry of Ezra Pound
3757: KENNICKELL, MARY - Beyond the Estate. Historic Buildings of Mount Uniacke
9047: KENNY, JAMES F. - Catalogue of Pictures Including Painting, Drawings And Prints In The Public Archives of Canada. Part I [1000 to 1700]
25038: KENNY, JAMES F. - The Founding of Churchill Being the Journal of Captain James Knight, Governor-in-Chief in Hudson Bay, from the 14th of July to the 13th of September, 1717
40726: KENNY, W.D. - An English Grammar; Adapted to the Comprehension of Young Persons, with Synatactical Observations fro more Advanced Students, Orthographical Exercises, Lessons on parsing Exercises, and Questions for Examination.
21410: KENT, DAVID A. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Household of God A Parish History of St. Thomas's Church, Toronto
39365: KENWORTHY, LT. COL. AUBREY SAINT - The Tiger of Malaya The Story of General Tomoyuki Yamashita and 'Death March' General Masaharu Homma
24889: KENYON, WALTER - Arctic Argonauts
39150: KENYON, WALTER - Arctic Argonauts Edited for the Press by M.T. Kelly
35023: M'KENZIE, THE REV. LACHLAN - 'Muckle Kate' (together with) 'Christ the Rock (two separately published pamphlets)
15651: KEOUGH, PAT & ROSEMARIE - The Ottawa Valley Portfolio
18428: KEOUGH, PAT & ROSEMARIE - The Ottawa Valley Portfolio
27825: KEPES, GYORGY (EDITED BY) - Structure in Art and In Science
32859: KEPES, GYORGY (ED) - The Nature and Art of Motion
29706: KER, REV. ROBERT (ED) - St. George's Parish Church, St. Catharines. Jubilee Celebration and Historic and Centenary Review
12131: KERIMOV, KERIM - Azerbaijan Miniature
28232: KERNAN, SEAN - Among Trees
21005: KERR, R. WATSON - War Daubs: Poems
3186: KERR, A. E. - The Post War Years 1945-1963. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. President's Convocation Address, May 16, 1963 and Highlights of the Development of the Period, By Faculties
5863: KERR, ILLINGWORTH H. - Gay Dogs and Dark Horses
16449: KERR, J. ERNEST. - Imprint of the Maritimes: Highlights in the Lives of 100 Interesting Americans whose Roots are in Canada's Atlantic Provinces
14228: KERR, J. LENNOX - Wilfred Grenfell: His Life and Work
41346: KERR, ALEXANDER EMART - Preface to Christmas
36942: KERRY, COLONEL A.J. AND MAJOR W.A. MCDILL - The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers 1749 to 1971 (3 volumes)
38210: KERSELL, JOHN E. - Parliamentary Supervision of Delegated Legislation The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada
29297: KERSHNER JR., FREDERICK (ED); KELLER, DAVID NEAL - Tocqueville's America The Great Quotation; Cooper Industries 1833-1983 (2 vol)
18815: KERSLAKE, JOHN - Early Georgian Portraits Volume 1:Text, Volume 2:Plates ( in 2 volumes)
18999: KESALL, MOULTRIE R. AND HARRIS, STUART - A Future for the Past
37482: KETTLE, PHIL AND DAVE TAYLOR - The Fishing Book Sportfishing in Ontario
31995: KEYSERLING, COUNT HERMANN - The Travel Diary of a Philosopher
34934: KEYSERLINGK, ROBERT WENDELIN - Fathers of Euope Patriots of Peace
26204: KHANGA, YELENA AND JACOBY, SUSAN - Soul to Soul A Black Russian Jewish Woman's Search for Her Roots
20077: KHANNA, BALRAJ - Kalighat Indian Popular Painting 1800-1930
33611: OMAR KHAYYAM - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam translated into English Verse by Edward Fitzgerald With Illustrations photographed From Life Studies by Adelaide Hanscom and Blanche Cumming
26201: KHEMANI, R. S. AND STANBURY, W. T. (EDS) - Historical Perspectives on Canadian Competition Policy
22289: KHIN, U BA - The Essentials of Buddha Dhamma in Meditative Practice
15420: KIDD, FLORA - To Hell or Melbourne
18839: KIDD, ADAM (BENTLRY, D. M. R., ED) - The Huron Chief
19677: KIDD, DUDLEY - Savage Childhood a Study of Kafir Children
34455: KIERSTEAD, JAMES LORIMER - Kierstead My Art and Thoughts
5895: KIERSTEAD, JAMES LORIMER - Kierstead My Art and Thoughts
10157: KILBOURN, ELIZABETH; NEWFELD, FRANK; ETC. - Great Canadian Painting. A Century of Art
30237: KILGOUR, DAVID - Betrayal The Spy Canada Abandoned
11553: KIMBALL, ARTHUR G - Crisis in Identity and Contemporary Japanese Novels
13792: KIMBALL, JUDGE R.E. - The Bench The History of Nova Scotia Provincial Courts
6330: KIMBER, STEPHEN - Net Profits The Story of National Sea
34526: KIMBER, STEPHEN - Loyalists and Layabouts The Rapid Rise and Faster Fall of Shelburne, Nova Scotia:1783-1792
40287: KING, REV. J. HARRY - The Hero of the Drama of Genesis. An Epic of Sacred Story
38194: KING, BASIL - In the Garden of Charity
35499: KING, A. F., BRUCKNER, W.D., ANDERSON, M. M., AND FLETCHER, T. P. - Field Trip B - 6: Guidebook Late Precambrian and Cambrian Sedimentary Sequences of Southeastern Newfoundland May 23-26, 1974 [Geological and Mineralogical Associations of Canada Joint Annual Meeting 1974, St. John's, Newfoundland]
3705: KING, D. EDWIN & J. GORDON QUIGLEY. - One Hundred and Fifty Years of the First Baptist Church Halifax, N.S. 1827 - 1927by Edwin D. King; 1927 - 1977 by J. Gordon Quigley
12813: KING, D. EDWIN & J. GORDON QUIGLEY. - One Hundred and Fifty Years of the First Baptist Church Halifax, N.S. 1827 - 1927by Edwin D. King; 1927 - 1977 by J. Gordon Quigley
16725: KING, MAJOR W. ROSS. - The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada, or Notes on the Natural History of the Game, Game Birds and Fish of That Country
26119: KING, SHIRLEY - Dining with Marcel Proust A Practical Guide to French Cuisine of the Belle Epoque with 85 Illustrations
27515: KING, MOSES (ED) - The Poets' Tributes to Garfield A Collection of Many Memorial Poems with Portrait and Biography
30264: KING, DONALD - Samplers
40532: KING, AMABEL - The New Crusaders and Other Poems
15104: KINGSELY, CHARLES - The Greek Heros
7631: KINGSFORD, WILLIAM. - The Canadian Canals: Their History and Cost, with an Inquiry into the Policy necessary to Advance the Well-Being...Province
19533: KINGSFORD, THE REV. MAURICE ROOKE - The Life, Work, and Influence of William Henry Giles Kingston
23212: KINGSLAND, MRS. BURTON - Etiquette for All Occasions
40264: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
38022: KINGSLEY, GEORGE HENRY - Notes on Sport and Travel with a Memoir by His Daughter Mary H. Kingsley
11324: KINGSLEY, GEORGE - The Social Choir. Designed For A Class Book, or the Domestic Circle. Consisting of Selections of Music From The Most Distinguished Authors,..Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Auber, Boieldieu, Rossini, Beethoven, and Weber
22848: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Andromeda, and Other Poems:
27570: KINGSLEY, FLORENCE MORSE - Stephen A Soldier of the Cross
34773: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Poems
29715: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H. G. - Michael Penuyne; or, Fisher Life on the Cornish Coast
40730: KINGSTON, W.H.G. - My First Voyage to Southern Seas A Book for Boys
16197: KINSELLA, W.P. - Two Spirits Soar. The Art of Allen Sapp The Inspiration of Allan Gonor
8766: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
8768: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Dead King
13448: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Traffics and Discoveries
16329: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Absent-Minded Beggar
20903: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Certain Maxims of Hafiz
29748: KIPLING, RUDYARD - St. Nicholas for Young Folks Conducted by Mary Mapes Dodge for February 1898, containing How the Rhinoceros Got His Wrinkly Skin by Rudyard Kipling
29749: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Everybody's Magazine for October contains Rudyard Kipling's New Short Story of the South African War complete in this issue and 15 articles and stories superbly illustrated Vol III No. 14
35459: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Recessional
41661: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A Song Of The English. Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson
15239: KIRBY, JAMES (EDITED BY) - The Lower Canada Law Journal [ Vol. I to Vol. IV. 1865 to 1868 in 3 volumes]
18530: KIRBY, MICHAEL J. L. - Navigating Troubled Waters A New Policy for the Atlantic Fisheries Highlights and Recommendations Report of the Task Force on Atlantic Fisheries ( 2vols)
18531: KIRBY, MICHAEL J. L. - Navigating Troubled Waters A New Policy for the Atlantic Fisheries Report of the Task Force on Atlantic Fisheries
34070: KIRBY, R (ED) - First Encounter a journal of the arts
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35605: LAIDACKER, SAM (COMPILED BY) - Auction Supplement to the Standard Catalogue of Anglo-American China from 1810 to 1850 [During the Period From June, 1944 to February, 1949]]
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28684: LOOMER, L. S. - Allinghams
42026: LOOMER, RALPH (ET AL) - Falmouth United Baptist Church History
25437: LOOMIE, CHAUNCEY C. - Weird and Tragic Shores The Stories of Charles Francis Hall, Explorer
9093: LORD, BARRY - The History of Painting in Canada. Toward a People's Art
14720: LORD, PHILLIPS H. (COMPILED BY AS SETH PARKER) - Seth Parker's Hymnal
34632: LORIMER, JAMES (FOURTH EDITION BY RUSSELL BELL) - A Hand-Book of the Law of Scotland
40662: LORIMER, GEORGE HORACE - Letters from a Self-Made Merchant To His Son Being the Letters written by John Graham, Head of the House of Graham & Company, Pork-Packers in Chicago, familarly known on 'Change as 'Old Gorgon Graham,'
35571: LORING, D. H., AND NOTA, D. J. G. - Morphology and Sediments of the Gulf of St. Lawrence [Bulletin 182]
2598: LOSIER, MARY JANE WITH RESEARCH BY C. PINET - Children of Lazarus: The Story of the Lazaretto at Tracadie
35160: LOTZ, JIM - A Century of Service Canada's Armed Forces from the Boer War to East Timor
29534: LOTZ, JIM - Sharing a Lifetime of Experience: The CESO Story
19628: LOTZ, JIM AND MCKENZIE, KEITH - Railways of Canada
25110: LOUDON, WILLIAM JAMES - Sir William Mulock A Short Biography
25556: LOUDON, W.J. - The Small-Mouthed Bass
25007: LOUGHLIN, DAVID - The Case of Major Fanshawe's Chairs
39509: LOUYS, PIERRE - Aphrodite Moeurs Antiques
25956: LOVEGROVE, F. FRANCIS - Ruminations
33468: LOVELACE, JAMES C. - The Flip Side of the Air War
22508: LOVELL, GEORGE - Conquest and Survival in Colonial Guatemala A Historical Georgraphy of the Cuchumatan Highlands, 1500-1821
28928: LOVELL, MARY S. - The Sound of Wings The Life of Amelia Earhart
10512: LOVESEY, DOROTHY MAY - To be A Pilgrim A Biography of Silas Tertius Rand, 1810-1889 Nineteenth Century Protestant Missionary to the Micmac
30077: LOW, A. M. - The Submarine at War
41551: LOWE, SUE DAVIDSON - Stieglitz A Memoir/Biography
39790: LOWE, MICK - Premature Bonanza Standoff at Voisey's Bay
4850: LOWE, WINNIFRED - History of Moser's River and Other Stories
25903: LOWE, FRANK - I Beg to Differ A Collection
26026: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Cathedral
27479: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Cathedral
28067: LOWER, ARTHUR R.M. - This Most Famous Stream The Liberal Way of Life
30205: LOWIS, COMMANDER GEOFFREY L. (COMPILED FROM MANY SOURCES BY) - Fabulous Admirals and some Naval Fragments Being a Brief Account of some of the Froth on those Characters who enlivened the Royal Navy a Generation or Two Ago
5419: LOWNDS, RUSS - The Sea, Ships and Sailors Stories of the Sea in and Around Nova Scotia
4829: LOWNDS, RUSS (ED) - Samuel Cunard Bicentennial 1787-1987
32165: LOWREY, CAROL AND BOYLE, RICHARD J. (ESSAYS BY) - Dialogues with Nature: Works By Charles Salis Kaelin (1858-1929)
25121: LOWTHER, WILLIAM - Arms and the Man Dr. Gerald Bull, Iraq and the Supergun
8048: OGILVIE FLOUR MILLS CO. LTD. - Ogilvie's Book For A Cook. A Selection Of Recipes And Other Things Adapted To The Needs Of the Average Housekeeper..
37055: LUARD, LIEUT.-COL. JOHN - A History of the Dress of the British Soldier, From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
23560: LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN - Mr. Gladstone and the Nationalities of the United Kingdom. A Series of Letters to the 'Times' With Rejoinders by Mr. J. Bryce, M.P. and Letters in Support by The Duke of Argyll, Dr. John Beddoe, &c. Followed by 'Gylfa: the Scir of the Ivel Valley,'
31144: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The Blackwall Frigates with Illustrations and Plans
34393: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The Last of the Wind Jammers (2 Volumes)
34456: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The China Clippers With Illustrations and Plans
34464: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The Log of the Cutty Sark
34466: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The Western Ocean Packets
41635: LUCAS, C.P. - A History of Canada 1763-1812
28726: LUCAS, JAMES - Kommando German Special Forces of World War Two
7227: LUCAS, REV. D. VANNORMAN - Australia and Homeward
21819: LUCAS, NORMAN - The Lucan Mystery
26274: LUCHAIRE, ACHILLE - Social France at the Time of Philip Augustus
41653: LUCK, JOHN (COMPILED BY) - Newmarket Centennial 1857-1957
23065: LUCKETT, RICHARD - The White Generals An Account of the White Movement and the Russian Civil War
32044: LUCKEY, CARL F. - Collecting Antique Bird Decoys An Identification and Value Guide
34569: LUCKYJ, NATALIE - Visions and Victories: 10 Canadian Women Artists 1914 - 1945
30361: LUDLAM, W. - The Rudiments of Mathematics: Designed for the Use of Students at the Universities Containing An Introduction to Algebra, Remarks on the First Six Books of Euclid, The Elements of Plane Trigonometry
7056: LUDWIG, JACK - Five Ring Circus The Montreal Olympics
15833: LUDWIG, EMIL - Mackenzie King A Portrait Sketch
36602: LUGARD, LORD (WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY MARGERY PERHAM) - The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa
13187: LUGRIN, N. DE BERTRAND - The Pioneer Women of Vancouver Island
17680: LUKNITSKY, PAVEL - Nisso A Novel
39918: LUMSDEN, IAN - The First Decade 1964 - 1974 A Retrospective Survey of Works Acquired by Confederation Centre Art Gallery Select by Mr. Ian Lumsden
25993: LUNDELL, LIZ (TEXT BY) - The Park and Its People Algonquin
39784: LUTZ, MAIJA M - Musical Traditions of the Labrador Coast Inuit
15618: LUXTON, NORMAN KENNY - Tilikum Luxton's Pacific Crossing Being the journal of Norman Kenny Luxton, mate of the Tilikum, May 20, 1901, Victoria, B.C., to October 18, 1901, Suva, Fiji
24923: LYDE, L.W. (EDITED BY) - The Age of Drake ('Sea Dog' Readers)
36921: LYLE, T. KEITH. CYNTHIA DOUTHWAITE & JILL WILKINSON - Re-educative Treatment of Suppression Amblyopia
5352: LYNCH, THOMAS G - The Flying 400 Canada's Hydrofoil Project
5219: LYNCH, THOMAS G. - Canada's Flowers. History Of The Corvettes Of Canada 1939-1945
9916: LYNCH, THOMAS (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - Canada's Navy A Wing's Magazine Commemorative Issue
9966: LYNCH, THOMAS G. [EDITED BY] - Fading Memories. Canadian Sailors and the Battle of the Atlantic
15724: LYNCH, JOHN - Spain Under the Habsburgs Volume Two Spain and America 1598-1700
20295: LYNCH, MACK (EDITOR) - Salty Dips Vol.1. Timed to Honour the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Navy
33033: LYNCH, F.C.C. - The Resources of Nova Scotia Compiled for the Use of Settlers and Investors from Material Supplied Mainly by Federal and Provincial Services
5312: LYNCH, THOMAS G & LAMB, JAMES B - Gunshield Graffiti Unofficial Badges of Canada's Wartime Navy. Illustrations by L.B. Jenson
38946: LYNCH, THOMAS (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - Canada's Navy A special edition of Wings Magazine
38945: LYNCH, THOMAS (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - Canada's Navy A special edition of Wings Magazine
9918: LYNCH, MACK (EDITOR) - Salty Dips Vol.3 'Did We Say All?'
28996: LYNDON, MARY - Perpetuum Mobile A story of the novels and aesthetics of Michel Butor
20812: LYNN, JAMES H. - Public Finance in the Maritime Provinces A Report Prepared for the Maritime Union Study Maritime Union Study Commission d'etude de l'union des Provinces Maritimes
36716: LYONS, J.B. - Surgeon-Major Parke's African Journey 1887-89
21312: LYSAGHT, A. M. - Joseph Banks in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1766 His Diary, Manuscripts, and Collections. With a foreword by the Hon. Joseph Smallwood
34737: LYTTELTON, LUCY (COMPILED BY) - A Book of Wild Things
22090: LYTTLE, RICHARD B. - The Golden Path The Lure of Gold Through History with Illustrations by the Author
16137: LYTTON, SIR EDWARD BULWER - Eugene Aram. A Tale. Frontispiece by Hablot K. Browne
24809: LYTTON, LORD - The Rightful Heir A Drama, in Five Acts
36930: MAASDORP, GAVIN & A.S.B. HUMPHREYS(ED) - From Shantytown to Township An Economic Study of African Poverty and Rehousing in a South African City
23701: MAASS, WALTER B. - Country Without a Name Austria under Nazi Rule 1938-1945
1858: MAC DONALD, H.M. (EDITED , WITH INTRODUCTIONS AND ANNOTATIONS) - The Clarsach An Anthology of Scottish Verse
2827: MAC KENZIE, DAVID - Inside the Atlantic Triangle. Canada and the Entrance of Newfoundland into Confederation 1939-1949
1236: MACASKILL, WALLACE R. - Out of Halifax: A Collection of Sea Pictures
36774: MACASKILL, WALLACE R. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Wallace R. MacAskill Photograph of 'Grand Pre, N.S.', c. 1930
36096: MACAULAY, LORD (THOMAS BABINGTON) - The History of England from the Accession of James The Second (2 volumes)
41844: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - Lays of Ancient Rome
39625: MACAULAY, LORD. - Critical and Historical Essays Contributed to the Edinburgh Review (In two volumes).
32460: MACAULEY, ROBERTA HASKINS - My Hope-Chest of Dreams
32557: MACAULEY, ROBERTA HASKINS - My Hope-chest of Dreams
4840: MACBEAN, ALLISTER W.D. - The Inverness and Richmond Railway
27408: MACBEATH, GEORGE AND GOODING, S. JAMES (EDS) - Basic Museum Management
4993: MACBETH, JACK - Ready, Aye, Ready An Illustrated History of the Royal Canadian Navy
30771: MACBETH, REV. R. G. - The Burning Bush and Canada
33269: MACBETH, REV. R. G. - The Selkirk Settlers in Real Life
5150: MACCABE, EDDIE - Profile Of A Pro: The Russ Jackson Story
28672: MACCABE, EDDIE - Jeux du Canada Games The Official Retrospective of the Canada Games 1967 to/a 1992
8899: MACCARTHY, FIONA - All Things Bright And Beautiful Design In Britain 1830 to Today
13152: MACCOLL, RENE - Roger Casement A New Judgment
13670: MACCULLOCH, PATRICIA BREDIN - My Fling on the Farm
17632: MACDERMOT, H.E. - Sir Thomas Roddick His Work in Medicine and Public Life
17633: MACDERMOT, H.E. - Sir Thomas Roddick His Work in Medicine and Public Life
33505: MACDERMOT, H. E. - A History of The Montreal General Hospital
33497: MACDONALD, JAMES S. (HISTORIAN) - Annals North British Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia with Portraits and Biographical Notes 1768-1903
14655: MACDONALD, ANY - Bread & Molasses. The countless crazy capers of a poor Cape Breton coal miner's son in the hungry thirties
38241: MACDONALD, D.R. - Eyestone
41241: MACDONALD, PETER V. - More Court Jesters Back to the Bar for More of the Funniest Stories from Canada's Courts
6127: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary Of Canadian Artists. Volume 5 Nadeau-Perrigard
1994: MACDONALD, H.M. - Memorable Years. A Century Of Education In The County Of Antigonish.
2320: MACDONALD, H.M. - Down Memory Lane. Being Gems of Antigonish.
2683: MACDONALD, ANGUS L. - Speeches of Angus L. Macdonald
4915: MACDONALD, H.M - It Happened in Nova Scotia Ten Stories From The Past
5292: MACDONALD, KENNETH - Port Morien Pages from the Past
5510: MACDONALD, MALCOLM. - Down North
5633: MACDONALD, THOREAU - Notebooks
6123: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary Of Canadian Artists. Volume 1 A-F
6162: MACDONALD, THOREAU - Notebooks
6404: MACDONALD, H.M - A Scottish Ceilidh at The Gathering of the Clans in Nova Scotia
6438: MACDONALD, E.M. - Recollections Political and Personal
8840: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At The Back Of The North Wind
9653: MACDONALD, GEORGE - St. George and St. Michael. A Novel. Illustrated
10401: MACDONALD, R. ST.J.(EDITED BY) - Current Law and Social Problems,Volume ll
14118: MACDONALD, CLYDE F. - Artisans in Stone of Pictou County
14730: MACDONALD, JAMES S. (COMPILED BY) - Annals North British Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia For One Hundred and Twenty-five Years From Its Foundation, 26th March, 1768, to the Festival of St. Andrew, 1893
19759: MACDONALD-SMITH, IAN - A Scape to Bermuda
20020: MACDONALD, BRIAN (ED) - The Canadian Strategic Forecast 1989
20023: MACDONALD, BRIAN (ED) - A Grand Strategy for the United States?
20038: MACDONALD, BRIAN (ED) - Space Strategy: 3 Dimensions
20043: MACDONALD, BRIAN (ED) - Canada, The Caribbean, and Central America
20044: MACDONALD, BRIAN (ED) - Airwar 2000
21258: MACDONALD, LARRY - The Bombardier Story Planes Trains and Snowmobiles
23423: MACDONALD, GEORGE F. AND INGLIS, RICHARD I. - The Dig an archaeological reconstruction of a west coast village
23741: MACDONALD, PETER (COMPILED, ED, AND WRITTEN BY) - Bristol 'The most beautiful, interesting and distinguised city in England.' A History
23990: MACDONALD, MAIRI A. - History of the Gaelic Society of Inverness from 1871-1971
26023: MACDONALD, GEORGE - The Gifts of the Child Christ Fairytales and Stories for the Childlike (in two volumes)
27375: MACDONALD, J.E.H. - The Barbados Journal 1932
27890: MACDONALD, WILLIAM - Believer's Bible Commentary New Testament
28113: MACDONALD, CAPT. JOHN A. - Troublous Times in Canada. A History of the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870
28620: MACDONALD, PETER V. - More Court Jesters Back to the Bar for More of the Funniest Stories from Canada's Courts
29288: MACDONALD, WEBSTER - Memoirs of a Maverick Lawyer (Be Jubilant My Feet)
30097: MACDONALD, GEORGE F. AND ALSFORD, STEPHEN - A Museum for the Global Village The Canadian Museum of Civilization
31614: MACDONALD, MALCOLM C. - From Lakes to Northern Lights
33523: MACDONALD, J.E.H. - J.E.H. MacDonald's West Indian Journal transcribed by Doris Huestis Speirs. ArtsCanada December/January 1972-1973 Voume XXIX, No. 5, Issues 174/175
33535: MACDONALD, THOREAU - Birds & Animals drawings by Thoreau MacDonald 2nd Series
33620: MACDONALD, THOREAU - The Group of Seven
34310: MACDONALD, REV. BRIAN D. (FOREWORD BY) - Clifton and Trinity United Church Photographic Directory
34828: MACDONALD, COPTHORNE - Bridging the Strait The Story of the Confederation Bridge Project
42255: MACDONALD, CLYDE F - More Murder Cases in Pictou County 1951-1978
2785: MACDONALD, DAVID - 'Power Begins at the Cod End' The Newfoundland Trawlerman's Strike, 1974-75
6124: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary Of Canadian Artists. Volume 2 G-Jackson
6125: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary Of Canadian Artists. Volume 3 Jacobi - Lismer
6126: MACDONALD, COLIN S. - A Dictionary Of Canadian Artists. Volume 4 Little-Myles
36145: MACDONALD, JOHN - The Arctic Sky: Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore, and Legend
41240: MACDONALD, PETER V. - Court Jesters Canada's Lawyers and Judges Take the Stand to Relate Their Funniest Stories
36678: MACDONALD, FRANK (COMMENTS BY) - Assuming I'm Right
39178: MACDONALD, JAMES(ED) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland with An Abstract of the Proceedings at Baord and General Meetings, and the Premiums Offered by the Society in 1908
38293: MACDONALD, HELEN C. - Cape Breton by the Sea A Collection of Cape Breton Poems
38289: MACDONALD, W. JAMES(COMPILED BY) - A Bibliography of the Victoria Cross
36367: MACDONALD, ANDY - Tell Pa I'm Dead
36645: MACDONALD COOPER, LOIS - Wartime Letters Home Canadian Red Cross Corps Overseas
38294: MACDONALD, HELEN C. - Songs of Old Cape Breton
39980: MACDONALD, A.A., O'FLAHERTY, P.A. & G.M. STORY (EDS) - A Festschrift for Edgar Ronald Seary Essays in English Language and Literature presented by colleagues and former students
37959: MACDONALD, REV. D. - Cape North And Vicinity including Pioneer families history and chronicles including Pleasant Bay, Bay St. Lawrence, Aspy Bay, White Point, New Haven and Neil's Harbour.
1145: MACDONALD, M. ELIZABETH AND DR. F. B. MACDONALD - To the Old and the New Scotland
2681: MACDONALD, BRUCE - The Guysboro Railway 1897-1939
40981: MACDONALD, HELEN B (COMPILED BY) - History Municipality of the District of St. Mary's History
12605: MACDONALD, MRS.LLOYD (MARGARET DICKIE) - Garden of Eden Then and Now
38901: MACDONALD, TOM - The Camp Cook Book
14119: MACDONALD, CLYDE F. - Faithful Services in WWI and WWII Veterans of Sunny Brae, Pictou County
29447: MACDONNEL, REV. GEORGE - Aid to Sacramental Communion
18504: MACDONNELL, URSILLA N. - Bulletin of the Departments of History and Political and Economic Science in Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada No. 49, Dec, 1924, Feb. 1925 Gibbon Wakefield and Canada Subsequent to the Durham Mission, 1839-42
1282: MACDOUGALL, J. L. - History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia
27337: MACE, RICHARD - The First Families A Tale of North and South
13106: MACEK, JOSEF - The Hussite Movement in Bohemia
6553: MACEWAN, PAUL - The Akerman Years. Jeremy Akerman and the Nova Scotia NDP 1965-1980
27260: MACEWAN, PAUL - Confederation and the Maritimes
2311: MACEWEN, PAUL - Miners and Steelworkers. Labour in Cape Breton
16479: MACEWEN, GWENDOLYN - Marking Time
19911: MACFARLAND, GRENVILLE S. - Oration A New Declation of Independence Delivered Before the City Govermnent and Citizens of Boston in Faneuil Hall, on the One Hundred and Thrity-Seventh Anniversary of the Declarationof Independence of these United States, July 4, 1913
39934: MACFARLANE, DAVID - The Danger Tree Memory, War, and the Search for a Family's Past
24144: MACFARLANE, J. A. (ED) ET AL. - The Presbyterian College Journal February, 1888 Volume VII Number 5
34324: MACFARLANE, WM. - Navigation for Fishing, Home Trade and Yachtmasters' Examinations
20301: MACFARLANE, JOHN & HUGHES, ROBBIE - Canada's Naval Aviators Enlarged and Revised Edition
36344: MACFARLANE, RICHARD - Canada's Newspaper Legend The Story of J. Douglas MacFarlane
38997: MACFARLANE, JOHN & HUGHES, ROBBIE - Canada's Naval Aviators
38706: MACGOWAN, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - The Letters of Denise Levertov and William Carlos Williams
23585: MACGREGOR, DUNCAN - The Loss of the Kent East Indiaman in the Bay of Biscay Narrated in a Letter to a Friend
27179: MACGREGOR, GEDDES - Scotland Forever Home An Introduction to the Homeland for American and Other Scots
28249: MACHRAY, ROBERT - The Night Side of London
5513: MACINNES, TOM - In the Old of My Age: A New Book of Rhymes

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