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41829: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Adrift on an Ice-Pan
263: GRENFELL, WILFRED T - Adrift on an Ice-Pan
37873: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Labrador Looks at the Orient Notes of Travel in the Near and the Far East with illustrations
41830: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Northern Neighbors. Stories of the Labrador People.
40631: GRENFELL, ANNE AND KATIE SPALDING - Le Petit Nord or Annals of a Labrador Harbour
41174: GRESLEY, REV.WILLIAM (ED) - The Baron's Little Daughter, and Other Tales, In Prose and Verse
16770: GRESSWELL, PETER - Week-end Golfer
39199: GRETTON, VICE-ADMIRAL SIR PETER - Crisis Convoy The Story of HX231
12995: GRETZKY, WAYNE & REILLY, RICK - Gretzky An Autiobiography with Rick Reilly
13452: GREYSMITH, BRENDA - Wallpaper
30259: GREYSMITH, BRENDA - Wallpaper
21305: GRIERSON, HARRIET - A Willing Victim
23054: GRIERSON, HERBERT J. C. (EDITED , WITH AN ESSAY) - Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems of The Seventeenth Century Donne to Butler
26414: GRIERSON, EDWARD - Dark Torrent of Glencoe
21866: GRIFFA, GIORGIO MARIA - Acquarelli
15287: GRIFFIN, WILLIAM T. - You're on the Miramichi
30439: GRIFFIN, WILLIAM T. - You're on the Miramichi
35427: GRIFFIN, LEONARD; PHOTOGRAPHY BY MICHAEL SLANEY AND LEONARD GRIFFIN - The Fantastic Flowers of Clarice Cliff A Celebration of Her Floral Designs
29874: GRIFFITH, FULLER - The Lithographs of Childe Hassam a Catalog Bulletin 232
25111: GRIFFITHS, MAJOR ARTHUR - Wellington His Comrades and Contemporaries Thw Wellington Memorial
26302: GRIFFITHS, N. E. S. - Penelope's Web Some Perceptions of Women in European and Canadian Society
31172: GRIFFITHS, N E S - The Splendid Vision: Centennial History of the National Council of Women of Canada, 1893-1993
34535: GRIMBLE, ARTHUR - A Pattern of Islands
10590: GRIMSDITCH, HERBERT B (FOREWORD BY) - Masters of Painting William Hogarth
32750: GRIMWOOD, JAMES M. (PREPARED BY) - Project Mercury A Chronology
31201: GRIN, MOISEI - At The Map of The USSR
39157: GRINNELL, ELIZABETH (ED) - Gold Hunting in Alaska As told by Joseph Grinnell
28715: GRINSELL, LESLIE V. - Barrow, Pyramid and Tomb Ancient Burial Customs in Egypt, The Mediterranean and the British Isles with 150 illustrations
1569: GRISDALE, RIGHT. REV. J. (LORD BISHOP OF QU'APELLE) - Sermon Preached ... in St. John's Cathedral, Winnipeg, on the 9th of August, 1899. Opening of Provincial Synod Rupert's Land
13848: GRISSON, MICHAEL ANDREW - Southern By the Grace of God
18605: GROL, LINI R. - Tales from the Niagara Peninsula Told and Illustrated with Freehand Scissor Cuttings by Lini R. Grol
26207: GROMYKO, ANATOLY AND HELLMAN, MARTIN (EDS) - Breakthrough Emerging New Thinking Soviet and Western Scholars Issue a Challenge to Build a World Beyond War
37351: GRONBECK-JONES, DAVID - The Centennial Definitives of Canada
26527: GRONBERG, T. A. (ED) - Manet A Retrospective
16400: DE GROOT, ROY ANDRIES - Feasts for All Seasons
12264: GROSER, WILLIAM H. - Men Worh Imitating or Brief Sketches of Noble Lifes
22032: GROSER, REV. JOHN - Does Socialism Need Religion?
30194: GROSSFELD, STAN - The Whisper of Stars A Siberian Journey
19665: GROULX, LIONEL - Roland-Michel Barrin de La Galissoniere 1693-1756
38969: HALIFAX STUDY GROUP (MARXIST-LENINIST) - New Infantilism The 'New Communist Movement'in Canada A criticl exposure of Caanda's ultraleft groups-CCL, In Struggle, etc.
22031: GROVE, J. W. - Regional Administration An Enquiry into the Regional Organisation of Central Govermnent
22519: GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON. - Works by A. Y. Jackson From The 1930s
22266: GROVES, J. WALTON - Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of Canada
34512: GRUBB, EDWARD, M.A. - What is Quakerism? An Exposition of the Leading Principles and Practices of the Society of Friends as Based on the Experience of 'The Inward Light'
27642: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Emmett Hall Establishment Radical
34956: GRUENEBAUM, THOMAS - Zeitgeist: Paintings by Thomas Gruenebaum
32405: GRUTMAN, JEWEL H. - The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle
32615: GRYLLS, DAVID - Guardians and Angels: Parents and Children in Nineteenth-Century Literature
38313: GRZIMEK, BERNHARD AND MICHAEL - Serengeti Shall Not Die
38404: GUARIGLIA, JUSTIN - Shaolin Temple of Zen
34080: GUDGEON, CHRIS - Out of This World The Natural History of Milton Acorn
30340: GUDJONSSON, ELSA E - An Icelandic Bridal Costume from About 1800
34387: GUEDALLA, PHILIP - The Missing Muse and Other Essays
21644: GUENTHER, HERBERT V. - The Tantric View of Life
33587: GUERIN, THOMAS - Feudal Canada The Story of the Seigniories of New France
33261: GUERRINI, ANITA - Experimenting with Humans and Animals From Galen to Animal Rights
41102: GUEST, WILLIAM - A Young Man's Safeguard in the Perils of the Age
27544: GUEST, BILL - Canadian Fiddlers
38655: GUGELBERGER, GEORG M. - Ezra Pound's Medievalism
32035: GUILLET, EDWIN C - Pioneer Arts and Crafts
32238: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Inns and Taverns Volume One Ontario, with Detailed Reference to Metropolitan Toronto and Yonge Street to Penetanguishene
37224: GUILLOUX, LOUIS (PREFACE DE) - Merveilles des chateaux de Bretagne et de Vendee
21006: LE GUIN, URSULA - Wild Angels
21636: LA GUMA, ALEX - In the Fog of the Season's End A Novel
22288: GUNARATNA, V. F. - Buddhist Reflections on Death
21: GUNDY, H. PEARSON. - Early Printers and Printing in the Canadas
2086: GUNDY, H. PEARSON (EDITED BY) - Letters of Bliss Carman.
13126: GUNN, GERTRUDE E - The Political History of Newfoundland 1832-1864
8079: GUNN, ANGUS M. - South Africa A World Challenged
26267: GUNN, J. A. W. - Beyond Liberty and Property The Process of Self-Recognition in Eighteenth-Century Political Thought
15752: GUPTA, B.S. - A Glassy Essence A Study of E.M. Forster, L.H. Myers and Aldous Huxly in Relation to Indian Thought
28967: GURSTEIN, PENNY - Wired to the World, Chained to the Home: Telework in Daily Life
19058: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Solidarnosc: Prelude
19143: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Plummets and Other Partialities
5775: GUTHRIE, TYRON AND ROBERTSON DAVIES - Renown at Stratford: A Record of the Shakespeare Festival in Canada, 1953
6181: GUTHRIE, TYRON; ROBERTSON DAVIES & GRANT MACDONALD - Renown at Stratford: A Record of the Shakespeare Festival in Canada, 1953
6636: GUTHRIE, TYRON AND ROBERTSON DAVIES - Twice Have The Trumpets Sounded
34289: GUTHRIE, EDWIN R. - The Psychology of Human Conflict The Clash of Motives Within the Individual
36648: GUTSCHE, THELMA - No ordinary Woman The Life and Times of Florence Phillips
22403: GUTTERIDGE, DON - All in Good Time
39356: GUY, RAY - This Dear And Fine Country
11752: GUY, RAY - This Dear And Fine Country
10124: GWYN, RICHARD - Smallwood the Unlikely Revolutionary
27982: GWYN, SANDRA - Tapestry of War A Private View of Canadians in the Great War
7204: GWYN, SANDRA & MORAY, GERTA - Mary Pratt
41865: GWYN, JULIAN - Comfort Me With Apples The Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association 1863-2013
26937: GWYNN, ROBIN D. - Huguenot Heritage The history and contribution of the Huguenots in Britain
41204: HAANKEY, DR. WAYNE J. - Pantokrator, The Cosmic Christ: A Christian Theology of Nature
20792: HABAKKUK, H.J. AND M. POSTAN (EDITED BY) - The Cambridge Economic History of Europe Volume VI The Industrial Revolutions and After:Incomes, Population and Technological Change(I) (together with) Incomes, Population and Technological Change(II)- 2 vols.
38660: HABIB, M.A.R. - The Early T.S. Eliot and Western Philosophy
13357: HACKETT, W.T.C. - A Background of Banking Theory
16124: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W. - Highway of the Sun
26067: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Maiwa's Revenge; or, The War of the Little Hand
36118: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - The Brethren. Illustrated by Hookway Cowles
36120: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Eric Brightness. Full page illustrations from originals by Lancelot Speed
36121: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Allan and the Holy Flower. Illustrated by Hookway Cowles
36122: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Maiwa's Revenge or The War of the Little Hand. Illustrated by Hookway Cowles
36123: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Marie Illustrated by Hookway Cowles
36124: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Benita. An African Romance Illustrated by Hookway Cowles
36125: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Heart of the World. Illustrated by Hookway Cowles
36126: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Allan's Wife With Hunter Quatmain's Story A Tale of Three Lions and Long Odds
36127: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Finished. Illustrated by Hookway Cowles
33351: HAIG BROWN, ALAN R. - My Game-Book
34498: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - Bright Water, Bright Fish: An Examination of Angling in Canada
39192: HAIG, BRUCE (ED) - A Look at Peter Fidler's Journal Journal of a Journey over Land from Buckingham House to the Rocky Mountians in 1792&3 Southern Alberta Bicentennial
18300: HAJNAL, EDNA AND LANDON, RICHARD - Cooper & Beatty Designers with Type An Exhibition in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library University of Toronto January 15th to April 26th 1996
5923: HALE, KATHERINE - Historic Houses of Canada
12770: HALIBURTON, THOMAS C. - Sam Slick,The Clockmaker. The Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick, of Slickville
195: HALIBURTON, THOMAS C. - An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia, in two volumes Illustrated by a map of the Province, and Several Engravings
2073: HALIBURTON, T.C. - Nature and Human Nature. by the Author of 'Sam Slick, The Clockmaker.' (Two volumes)
2081: HALIBURTON, THOMAS C. - The English in America. By the author of 'Sam Slick, the Clockmaker', 'The Attache', 'The Old Judge', etc. (2 volumes)
2089: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER. (DAVIES, RICHARD,ED.) - The Letters of Thomas Chandler Haliburton
4518: HALIBURTON,. THOMAS CHANDLER - Sam Slick's Wise Saws And Modern Instances; Or, What He Said, Did, Or Invented [Two Volumes]
11160: HALIBURTON, E.D - Comments of a Columnist
11950: HALIBURTON, GORDON M. - Clansmen of Nova Scotia
20170: HALIBURTON, E.D. - My Years with Stanfield
32915: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER - The Clockmaker; or the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick, of Slickville in Three Volumes [First, Second & Third Series]
2074: HALIBURTON, T.C.(ED. & ARRANGED.) - Traits of American Humour, by Native Authors.
12445: HALIDAY, GEORGE V. AND W.E. SWAAANSON - Ship Repair and Alteration
36278: HALIFAX - Handy Map of Halifax
363: HALIFAX (EDWARD VII- MEMORIAL SERVICE PROGRAMME) - Memorial Service held by the Evangelical Alliance in St. Matthew's Church, Halifax, Friday, May 20th, 1910. Rev. Principal Pollok , Phd.
1353: HALL, E. FOSTER (EDITOR) - Heritage Remembered: The Story of Bear River
23949: HALL, HUBERT - Society in the Elizabethan Age
25717: HALL, CHALLIS A. - Executive Compensation and Retirement Plans Effects of Taxation
25994: HALL, ROGER AND DODDS, GORDON - Ontario Two Hundered Years in Pictures
26557: HALL, MATTHEW - A Doctor at War the Story of Colonel Martin Herford The most decorated doctor of World War Two
35040: HALL, CARRIE A. - The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America in Three Parts
37074: HALL, MICHAEL - Waddeson Manor The Heritage of a Rothschild House
9174: HALLAM, MRS. W.T. - When You Are In Halifax. Sketches of Life in the First English Settlement in Canada
17856: HALLAM, HENRY - View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages [3 volumes]
27828: HALLAM, ELIZABETH - The Chronicles of the Wars of the Roses
10399: HALLECK, FITZ-GREENE - The Poetical Works of Fitz-Greene Halleck
23973: HALLIDAY, HUGH - The Tumbling Sky
38453: HALLOWELL, JOHN H. (ED) - Prospects for Constitutional Democracy Essays in Honor of R.Taylor Cole
24622: HALPENNY, FRANCESS G. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Dictionary of Canadian Biography Volume V 1801 to 1820
22009: HALPERIN, DAVID M. - One Hundered Years of Homosexuality and Other Essays on Greek Love
25880: HALPERT, HERBERT & STORY, G.M. (EDITED BY) - Christmas Mumming in Newfoundland Essays in Anthropology' Folklore and History
9861: HAMBLETON, RONALD - Mazo De La Roche of Jalna
21550: HAMBURGER, MICHAEL - From Prophecy to Exorcism The Premisses of Modern German Literature
18156: HAMEL, REGINALD; JOHN HARE; PAUL WYCZYNSIK - Dicionaire pratique des auteurs quebecois
38783: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.6 and 7 June1963 Special Number William Empson
38782: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No5 February 1963
38781: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.4 November 1962 Special Number on T.S. Eliot
40260: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A magazine of poetry and criticism. No.24 December 1970
38780: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.3 Aug/Sep 1962
38779: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.2 June/July 1962
40452: HAMILTON, RICHARD - teknoligi < ide > konstverk Richard Hamilton
1675: HAMILTON, W. R. - The Yukon Story.
8297: HAMILTON, EDWARD JOHN - The Human Mind. A Treatise in Mental Philosophy
16158: HAMILTON, WILLIAM B. - Place Names of Atlantic Canada
18565: HAMILTON, GEORGE H. - Plants of the Niagara Parks System of Ontario With Keys and Illustrations for Identification
19739: HAMILTON, KENNETH - The Protestant Way
21080: HAMILTON, WILLIAM B. - The Macmillan Book of Canadian Place Names
22435: HAMILTON, G. ROSTREVOR - Poetry and Contemplation A New Preface to Poetics
23867: HAMILTON, ANGUS - Afghanistan
24728: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty The Making of a General 1887-1942; Master of the Battlefield Monty's War Years 1942-1944 (in 2 vols)
24968: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty The Battles of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
18813: HAMILTON, ADRIAN - The Infamous Essay on Woman or John Wilkes Seated Between Vice and Virtue ( in 2 vols)
36323: HAMILTON, ROBERT M. (COMPILED BY) - Canadian Book-Prices Current 1950-1955 Volume I
38793: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No13(3 pamphlets) The Garden in the Evening by Colin Falck, Appetites by Michael Fried, Pretending Not to Sleep by Ian Hamilton
38792: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.19 ( 3 pamphlets)Twelve Poems by A. Alvarerz; Tonight's Lover by David Harsent;The Art of Love by John Fuller
38790: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.18 April 1968
38789: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.15 April 1965
38788: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.14 December 1964
38787: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.11-12The Thirties - a Special Number
38786: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.16 October 1966
38785: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.9 October 1963
38784: HAMILTON, IAN (ED) - The Review. A Bi-monthly magazine of poetry and criticism. No.8 August 1963
40625: HAMILTON, HORACE E. - The Dry Scratch of Laurel
40693: HAMILTON, GAIL - Little Folk Life
28478: HAMMOND, R.J. - Portugal and Africa 1815-1910 A study in Uneconomic Imperialism
33365: HAMMOND, S.T. - Practical Dog Training; or Training vs. Breaking
2698: HANCOCK, LAWRENCE T. - The Story of the Maritime School of Social Work, 1941-1969.
13314: HANCOCK, LYN - Looking For the Wild (Signed)
23496: HANDCOCK, W. GORDON - So longe as there comes noe women Origins of English settlement in Newfoundland
39793: HANDELMAN, DON AND ELLIOTT LEYTON - Bureaucracy and World View Studies in the Logic of Official Interpretation
2353: HANINGTON, J. BRIAN - Every Popish Person. The Story of Roman Catholicism in Nova Scotia and the Church of Halifax 1604-1984 with original illustrations by Rand Gaynor and Derek Sarty
10132: HANKEY, DONALD - A Student in Arms Second Series
22682: HANKINS, JAMES ET AL (EDS) - Supplementum Festiuum Studies in Honour of Paul Oskar Kristeller
40512: HANKINSON, KEN - Fibreglass Boatbuilding For Amateurs
2953: HANNAY, JAMES. - The Story of Acadia
9497: HANNON, LESLIE F - The Discoverers An Illustrated History
4548: HANNON, LESLIE - Forts Of Canada. The Conflicts, Sieges and Battles That Forged A Great Nation
39872: HANRAHAN, MAURA - Through a mirror dimly Essays on Newfoundland society and culture
31632: HANRAHAN, MAURA - Tsunami The Newfoundland Tidal Wave Disaster
39882: HANRAHAN, MAURA(ED) - Through a mirror dimly Essays on newfoundland society and culture
29410: HANSEN, BEN (PHOTOGRAPHS BY) - Newfoundland and Labrador
34894: HANSEN, BEN - Newfoundland Portfolio
41527: HANSEN, GLENN & DR. W.G. MOFFATT - The Squared Circle Postmarks of Canada
23166: HANSEN, BEN (PHOTOGRAPHS BY) - Newfoundland
2715: HANSON, JOSEPH - A Defence of the Petitions for Peace, Presented to the Legislature. [with] A reply to the Real Writer, of a Pamphlet, entitled 'A Defence of the Petitions for Peace, &c.'
20031: HANSON, JIM (ED) AND HAMMERSCHMIDT, PETER (ED) - The Past, Present, and Future of the Milita
20032: HANSON, JIM (ED) AND MCNISH, SUSAN (ED) - Canada's Strategic Interests in the New Europe
9663: O'HARA, MARY - The Son of Adam Wyngate
34777: O'HARA, ELIOT - Watercolor at Large
42202: HARB, ANTOINE KHOURY - The Maronites History & Constants
27349: HARBAUGH, HENRY - Poems
37111: HARBRON, JOHN D - The Longest Battle The Royal Canadian Navy in the Atlantic 1939-1945
25977: HARBRON, JOHN D. - This is Trudeau
13446: D'HARCOURT, RAOUL (EDITED BY GRACE G DENNY AND CAROLYN M. OSBORNE) - Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques
15795: HARDING, VANESSA & MATCALF, PRISCILLA - Lloyd's at Home Part One The Background Part Two The Buildings
28136: HARDING, NEIL (ED) - The State in Socialist Society
28435: HARDING, ANNELIESE - John Lewis Krimmel Genre Artist of the Early Republic
1048: HARDY, CAPTAIN CAMPBELL. - Forest Life in Acadie: Sketches of Sport and Natural History in the Lower Provinces of the Canadian Dominion.
10518: HARDY, THOMAS - An Tuiuir Choigreach. Le Tomas Hardy Eadar-theangaichte le E.G. MacFhionghuin
22513: HARDY, THOMAS - Under the Greenwood Tree or The Mellstock Quire A Rural Painting of the Dutch School
28239: HARDY, J. C. - A Catalogue of English Prose Fiction mainly of the eighteenth century from a private library
35693: HARDY, A. L. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Shore Road with Railway Causeway in Background, Allendale, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, c.1925
29617: HARE, JOHN AND WALLOT, JEAN-PIERRE - Les Imprimes dans le Bas-Canada 1801-1840 Bibliographie Analytique 1. 1801-1810 (this vol only)
34255: HARE, KENNETH - London's Latin Quarter
42145: HARLEY, J.B. - The New Nature of Maps Essyas in the History of Cartography
41355: HARLEY, DAVID A. - the Cabot Trail Photographs by Warren Gordon M.P.A. Text by David A. Harley
38221: HARLOW, DR. C.M. - A Doctor's Way to Health and Fitness
39187: HARLOW, FREDERICK PEASE - The Making of a Sailor or Sea Life Aboard A Yankee Square-Rigger
38227: HARMER, ROOKE & CO. INC. - British America Cape of Good Hope Great Britain (Part One) The Collection of Mr. John Morton of New York offered by his order
39737: HARNETT, H.G ET AL(COMMISSIONERS) - Royal Commission on Municipal Government in Newfoundland and Labrador
34601: LEWIS HAROLD (EDITED BY) - Photography Year-Book 1951
40547: HARPER, J.M. - Champlain A Drama in Three Acts With an Introduction entitled Twenty Years and After
5896: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Krieghoff
14444: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Krieghoff
15134: HARPER, KENN (EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION) - Christmas in the Big Igloo true Tales from the Canadian Arctic
29369: HARPER, JOHN WARREN - The Rose
33287: HARPER, RUSSELL J. AND PETER WINKWORTH - Exposition D'Estampes En L'Honneur de C. Krieghoff 1815-1872: Exhibition of Prints in Honour of C. Krieghoff 1815-1872
38654: HARPER, GEORGE MILLS AND WALTER KELLY HOOD(ED) - A Critical Edition of Yeats's A Vision (1925)
41652: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Everyman's Canada Paintings and Drawings from the McCord Museum of McGill University
12657: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Painting in Canada: A History
38629: HARPER, GEORGE MILLS - 'Go Back To Where You Belong': Yeats's Return From Exile
38627: HARPER, GEORGE MILLS - Yeats's Quest For Eden
38625: HARPER, GEORGE MILLS - W.B. Yeats and W.T. Horton: The Record of An Occult Friendship
31478: HARRIGAN, JOHN E. AND PAUL R. NEEL - The Executive Architect: Transforming Designers Into Leaders
9288: HARRINGTON, LYN AND RICHARD - Covered Bridges of Central and Eastern Canada
34142: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL - The Prime Ministers of Newfoundland
37385: HARRINGTON, KEVIN - Changing Ideas on Architecture in the Encyclopedie, 1750-1776
4792: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL FRANCIS - Sea Stories from Newfoundland Illustrated by H.B. Goodridge
39792: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL F - Prime Ministers of Newfoundland
41754: HARRIS, FREDERICK - My World of Japanese Art
40094: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Stories from Uncle Remus With the A.B. Frost illustrations
2366: HARRIS, REGINALD V. - The Church of Saint Paul in Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1749-1949
5367: HARRIS, REGINALD V. - The Trail of Christ From A Legal Viewport. With the Author's Compliments
11586: HARRIS, LESLIE - The University of Prince Edward Island 'Ten Years Later'
11610: HARRIS, RICHARD COLEBROOK - The Seigneurial System in Early Canada A Geographical Study
13114: HARRIS, PIPPA (EDITED BY) - Song of Love The Letters of Rupert Brooke and Noel Olivier 1909-1915
14450: HARRIS, MICHAEL - Lament For An Ocean The Collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery A True Crime Story
14637: HARRIS, GEORGE H. - The President's Book The Story of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
15218: HARRIS, PROFESSOR D. FRASER - Edward Jenner and Vaccination
16811: HARRIS, MARGORIE - The Canadian Gerdener's Guide to Foliage & Garden Design
17912: HARRIS, CARRIE J. - Mr. Perkins, of Nova Scotia; or The European Adventures of a Would-Be Aristocrat
21481: HARRIS, JOSEPH - Essay on the Use of Nitrate of Soda for Manure and the Best Mode of its Employment
25251: HARRIS, JOHN - The Artist and the Country House A history of country house and garden view painting in Britain 1540-1870
28028: HARRIS, MICHAEL - Unholy Orders Tragedy at Mount Cashel
31030: HARRIS, JOHN (ED) - Farewell to the Don The Journal of Brigadier H. N. Williamson
37046: HARRIS, RICHARD - Creeping Conformity: How Canada Became Suburban, 1900-1960
39586: HARRIS, REV. W.S. - Capital and Labor
41325: HARRIS, FRANK - Montes The Matador & Other Stories
15148: HARRISON, ROYDEN (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY) - The English Defence of the Commune 1871
27172: HARRISON, RAYMOND O. - The Technical Requirements of Small Museums with an Appendix on Small Art Gallery Requirements by A. F. Key
28582: HARRISON, J. CLEMENT - Five Hundred Years of the Printed Bible An address delivered on December 6, 1962, in the Hunt Botanical Library, Pittsburgh
31341: HARRISON, J. CLEMENT - Five Hundred Years of The Printed Bible An address delivered on December 6, 1962, in the Hunt Botanical Library, Pittsburgh
35469: HARRISON, G. B. - The Wanderings of Ulysses
5607: HARRISON, TED - The Last Horizon: Paintings and Stories of An Artist's Life in the Yukon
41295: HARROP, SYLVIA (WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF JOAN STUBBS) - The Merchant Taylors' School for Girls, Crosby One Hundred Years of Achievement, 1888-1988
29661: HARROP, LES & JULIAN GITZEN (ED) - Helix Number 17- 1984 English Poetry in the Eighties
29662: HARROP, LES (ED) - Helix Number 18- 1983
36624: HARROW, SUSAN - The Material, the Real, and the Fractured Self Subjectivity and Representation from Rimbaud to Reda
8945: HART, RICHARD - A Winter's Journey
23434: HART, RICHARD - Papers on Identity Contemporary Poetry XXII
30330: HART, GEORGE EDWARD - The Story of Old Abegweit A Sketch of Prince Edward Island History
25805: HARTE, BRET - Gabriel Conroy A Novel
23628: HARTEN, JURGEN AND ROSS, DAVID A. - German Art of the Late 80's Deutsche Kinst der spaten 80er Jahre Binationale Amerikanische Kunst der spaten 80er Jahre American Art of the Late 80s German Art of the Late 80s
33516: HARTFIELD, GEORGE - Horse Brasses
27807: HARTIGAN, LYNDA - Made with Passion
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18003: HUNKIN, HARRY - There is no finality. . The story of the Group of Seven
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17740: HUNT, LEIGH - The Seer, or, Common-Place Refreshed (in two volumes)
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26153: HUNT, RUTH - East Wind The Story of Maria Zeitner Linke as Written by Ruth Hunt
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39101: HUNT, WILLIAM R. - Stef A Biography of Vilhjalmur Stefansson Canadian Arctic Explorer
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37525: HUNTER, W. A. - Fisherman's Knots & Wrinkles Comprising: Knots, Splices, etc., and How to Make Them. Fly-Dressing: A Simple Emthod, Net-Making for Amateurs, Modelling Fish in Plaster. Hints and Wrinkles.
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19865: HYDE, REV. ALVAN - Memoir of Rev. Alvan Hyde, D. D. of Lee, Mass.
27894: HYDE, CHRISTOPHER - The Icarus Seal
25995: IBBITSON, JOHN - Promised Land Inside the Mike Harris Revolution
31848: IBSEN, HENRIK - John Gabriel Borkman. A Pay in Four Acts
25928: IDEN, PETER - Toronto Birdfinding Guide
205: AUTHOR NOT IDENTIFIED - Jubilee of Acadia College and Memorial Exercises
27434: IGLAUER, EDITH - The Strangers Next Door
23786: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry
36203: ILLA, M. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Photograph of the Lord Kelvin in Havana Harbour, Cuba, c. 1935
28827: IMBRIE, JOHN & NORMAN NEWELL (EDITORS) - Approaches to Paleoecology
13310: IMLACH, PUNCH. & YOUNG, SCOTT - Heaven and Hell in the NHL. Punch Imlach's Own Story
30998: IMRE, VARGA AND ALLANDO KIALLITASA - Permanent Exhibition of Imre Varga
16635: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET (CANADA) INC. - Sale 44 Canadian Paintings, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints and Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries 26th and 27th May, 1981
27541: THE DOLLY MADISON DOLL CO. INC. - The Dolly Madison Doll Co. Inc.(Catalogue)
16634: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET (CANADA) INC. - Sale 37 Canadian Paintings, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints and Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries 11th and 12th November, 1980
22578: PRINCESS PATRICIA'S CANADIAN LIGHT INFANTRY - The Cyprus Album Comprising a Record of Service of Second Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and The Canadian Contingent United Nations Force in Cyprus 1972-1973
3119: NOVA SCOTIA BUREAU OF INFORMATION - Where to Stay in Nova Scotia. 1948
41701: INGERSOL, L.K.(EDITOR) - The Grand Manan Historian No.XVI The Ships of Grand Manan 1784-1972
2331: INGERSOLL, L.K. - On This Rock. An Island Anthology
5330: INGERSOLL, L.K - Techniques in Local History
23721: INGLE, STEPHEN - Socialist Thought in Imaginative Literature
35452: INGOLD, GERARD; SELMAN, LAWRENCE H. AND POPE-SELMAN, LINDA (EDITED BY) - The Art of the Paperweight Saint Louis
24845: INGOLFSRUD, ELIZABETH - All About Ontario Cupboards
42150: INGRAHAM, MARY KINLEY - Seventy-Five Years Historical Sketch of the United Baptist Woman's Missionary Union in the Maritime Provinces of Canada
27322: INGRAHAM, REV J. H. - Th Pillar of Fire; or, Israel in Bondage
29452: INGRAHAM, REV. J.H. - The Throne of David From the Consecration of the Shepherd of Bethlehem to the Rebellion of Prince Absalom
29610: INGRAHAM, REV. J. H. - The Pillar of Fire: or, Israel in Bondage
39191: INGRAM, GEORGE C. - The Rebuilding of Prince of Wales Fort 1742-1771 and Other Papers Relating to the History of Prince of Wales Fort
38128: INNES, HAMMOND - Harvest of Journeys
13353: INNES, HAMMOND - High Stand
15487: INNES, HAMMOND - The Conquistadors
36674: INNES, HENRY - Goldsmith's Natural History, With Notes from All the popular Treatises That Have Been Issued Since the Time of Goldsmith: Collected with the utmost care: Combining A Mass of Information and Reference:
41326: INNES, ARTHUR D. - A Class Book of the British Commonwealth in Three volumes (bound together in 1 volume)
10905: INNIS, MARY QUAYLE (EDITED BY) - The Clear Spirit Twenty Canadian Women and Their Times
27632: INNIS, HAROLD A. - The Fur Trade in Canada An Introduction to Canadian Economic History
41265: INNIS, HAROLD A. - Roman Law and the British Empire
40498: THE LUNAR SCIENCE INSTUITUTE - Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Seventh Lunar Science Conference Sponsored by NASA through The Lunar Science Instutitue and The Johnson Space Centre March 15-19 1976 Part II (Part II only)
36506: IRELAND, LEROY - The Works of George Inness. An Illustrated Catalogue Raisonne
3984: IRLAND, FREDERIC - The Trout of the Nepisiguit
36288: IRVING, HENRY - Souvenir of Becket by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. First Presented at the Lyceum Theater, 6th February, 1893, by Henry Irving
22104: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Old Christmas
22486: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Alhambra
17603: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Salmagundi: or, The Whim-Whams and Opinions of Launcelot Landstaff, Esq. and Others
36154: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Abbotsford, and Newstead Abbey
23892: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle With Drawings by Arthur Rackham
40804: IRWIN, E.H. RIP - A Complete Guide Lighthouses & Lights of Nova Scotia
39588: IRWIN, VIOLET - The Shaman's Revenge
15014: ISHIKAWA, EISEI, M.D., SWAIN, DAVID L. (TRANSLATED BY) - The Impact of the A-Bomb Hiroshima and Nagaski, 1945-85
21533: ISHMAEL - The Temperance Question, Discussed Pro and Con From a Rational Standpoint in Connection with the 'Permissive Bill,' of 1878
23734: VAN ISHOVEN, ARMAND - Messerschmitt Bf 109 at War
41816: ISLEY, J.L.. (CHIEF JUSTICE OF NOVA SCOTIA) - In the Supreme Court of Canada On Appeal From the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in Banco Between: Frederick Brown and Blanche Appellants (Defendants) and Margaret Williams and Hazel Reid Respondents
11639: D'ISRAELI, I. - Curiosities of Literature
36837: ISSAWI, CHARLES - Egypt in Revolution An Economic Analysis
7741: ONE WHO HAS SEEN IT. - Other Fools and Their Doings, or, Life Among the Freedmen.
12428: ITALIANO, CARLO - The Sleighs of Old Montreal
35215: IVANKOVICH, MICHAEL - Collector's Value Guide to Early Twentieth Century American Prints
33883: IVES, EDWARD D. - Lawrence Doyle: The Farmer-Poet of Prince Edward Island A Study in Local Songmaking
38927: IVES, EDWARD D. - Larry Gorman the man who made the songs
11298: IVISON, STUART & ROSSER, FRED - The Baptists in Upper and Lower Canada before 1820
36894: IWAN-MULLER, E.B. - Lord Milner and South Africa
497: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume V, No. 1.
498: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume V, Nos. 2 and 3. April-July, 1905
10628: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Volume 1, No.4
10633: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume VI, No. 4
3036: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume VI, No. 2. April, 1906
3035: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume V, No. 4
34844: JACK, RONALD J. (ED) - Canadian Military Biography Volume 1 No.1 Summer 1989
34846: JACK, RONALD J. (ED) - Canadian Military Biography Volume 1 No.3 Summer 1990
496: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume IV, No. 2.
36210: JACK, ROBERT (FOREWORD BY VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON) - Artic Living The Story of Grimsey
500: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume VI, No. 3 July, 1906
495: JACK, DAVID RUSSELL (ED.) - Acadiensis: A Quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces. Volume IV, No. 1.
22212: JACKMAN, SYDNEY W. (ED.) - The English Reform Tradition 1790-1910
42215: JACKSO, ANNA & JAFFER, AMIN - Encounters The Making of Asia and Europe 1500 - 1800
5617: JACKSON, SARAH - I'm Flexible: I Don't Mind Friendly Criticism.
16940: JACKSON, ALICE F. - Redgauntlet Retold for Boys and Girls Illustrated by Monro S. Orr
17805: JACKSON, ALICE F. (RETOLD FOR CHILDREN BY) - Nicholas Nickleby For Boys and Girls
22914: JACKSON, ANDREW AND SANGER, MATTHEW - When Worlds Collide: Implications of International Trade and Investment Agreements for Non-Profit Social Services
28419: JACKSON, THOMAS - The Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism A Brief Sketch of The Ride, Progress,and Present State of the Wesleyan-Methodist Societies Throughout the World
29989: JACKSON, MARION E. (CURATOR) - Ruth Weisberg Paintings Drawings Prints 1968-1988
40620: JACKSON, G.G. - Off by Train
37851: JACKSON-STOPS, GERVASE (COMPILED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - An English Arcadia 1600-1990 Designs for Gardens and Garden Buildings in the Care of the National Trust
27978: JACKSON, ANTHONY - The Future of Canadian Architecture
39691: JACKSON, C. IAN ( EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION) - Letters From the 49th Parallel, 1857-1873: Selected Correspondence of Joseph Harris and Samuel Anderson
27156: JACOB, YVES - Jacques Cartier De Saint-Malo au Saint-Laurent
22829: JACOBS, LARRY - Big Little Books A Collectors' Reference & Value Guide
26869: JACOBS, MICHEL - The Study of Colour With Lessons And Exercises Volume I Arranged For Instruction Of Teachers, Artists, Students, and Parents
27504: JACOBS, JAY - Gastronomy
4651: JACOBS, DR. MAXWELL RALPH - Eucalypts for Planting
26306: JACOBSEN, C. G. - Soviet Strategy-Soviet Foreign Policy Military Considerations Affecting Societ Policy-Making
31859: JAFFE, MICHAEL (SELECTION AND CATALOGUE BY) - Jacob Jordaens 1953-1678
21712: JAMES, T. G. H. - Howard Carter The Path to Tutankhamun
6200: JAMES, GEOFFREY (FOREWORD BY) - A Certain Identity 50 Portraits by Sam Tata
10813: JAMES, P.E. AND G.J. MARTIN - The association of American Geographers The First Seventy- Five Years 1904-1979
13024: JAMES, F.C. - On Understanding Russia
22552: JAMES, FRED - Canada's Triumph Amiens-Arras-Cambrai August-September-October 1918
22779: TALMAN. JAMES J. - Huron College 1863-1963
23705: JAMES, TERRY & FRANCES ANDERSON - In Praise of Oxen
27462: JAMES, MARION - Ethel; or The Double Error
28433: JAMES, C.C. - A Bibliography of Canadian Poetry (English)
30659: JAMES, JOHN ANGELL - The Young Man from Home
32397: JAMES, WALTER H., S.B., AND MYRON W. DOLE, S.B. - Mechanism of Steam Engines
33738: JAMES, HENRY - Literary Criticism: Essays on Literature, American Writers, English Writers
34145: JAMES, TERRY & BILL PLASKETT - Buildings of Old Lunenburg
8089: JAMES, P.D. - Innocent Blood
41931: JAMES, R. WARREN - Wartime Economic Co-operation. A Study of Relations between Canada and the United States
1104: JAMESON, MRS. - Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada (in two volumes).
33090: JAMIESON, J. W. - Theodore Roosevelt on Race, Riots, Immigration and Crime
22319: JAMISON, JAMES BLAINE - Organ Design and Appraisal
32625: JANES, PERCY - The Picture on the Wall. A Novella
9615: JANET, PAUL - The Theory of Morals
36381: JANEWAY, JAMES - Invisibles, Realities, Demonstrated in the Holy Life and Triumphant Death of Mr. John Janeway, Fellow of King's College in Cambridge
32961: JANEWAY, J. J., D. D. - The Internal Evidence of the Holy Bible or The Bible Proved From Its Own Pages To Be A Divine Revelation
27060: JANNES, ELLY (TEXT BY) - Nomads of the North
37903: JANSEN, DR. THE HONOURABLE E.G. (STATEMENTS BY) - Native Policy of the Union of South Africa
25665: JANZEN, REINHILD KAUENHOVEN AND JOHN M. - Mennonite Furniture A Migrant Tradition (1766-1910)
35451: JARGSTORF, SIBYLLE - Paperweights
25776: JARRELL, RICHARD A. AND GINGRAS, YVES - Building Canadian Science The Role of the National Research Council
28417: JARRELL, RICHARD A. - The Cold Light of Dawn: A History of Canadian Astronomy
3685: JARVIS, JULIA. - Three Centuries of Robinsons. The Story of a Family
10855: JARVIS, ALAN (EDITED BY) - Douglas Duncan A Memorial Portrait
25062: JARVIS, ALAN - The Things We See Indoors and Out
21830: JASCHOK, MARIA - Concubines and Bondservants A Social History
42205: JAVORSKI, MARY - The Canadian West Discovered an exhibition of printed maps from the 16th to early 20th centuries
18672: JAY, ERIC G. - New Testament Greek An Introductory Grammar
28561: JAY, RICKY - Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women
38543: JAY, GREGORY S. - T.S. Eliot and the Poetics of Literary History
40495: HALIFAX JAYCEES - Taste of Nova Scotia
34485: JEAN-AUBRY, G. - Joseph Conrad Life and Letters [in two volumes]
29513: JEANNERET, MARCH - History's Mysteries
36705: JEEVES, ALAN H. - The Struggle for the Gold Mines' Labour Supply 1890-1920
18303: JEFFARES, A. NORMAN - W. B. Yeats Man and Poet
10044: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Gamekeeper At Home Sketches of Natural History And Rural Life With Illustrations by Charles Whymper
7313: JEFFERSON, JOSEPH - The Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson
20376: JEFFERSON, ALAN - The Complete Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Guide
36398: JEFFERY, LAWRENCE - Four Plays
27292: JEFFERYS, CHARLES W. - Dramatic Episodes in Canada's History
5857: JEFFERYS, CHARLES W. - Dramatic Episodes in Canada's Story
42105: JEFFREYS, THOMAS - The Conduct of the French With Regards to Nova Scotia; From its first Settlement to the present Time
12758: JEFFS, H - 'J.B.' J. Brierley His Life and Work
24498: JENKINS, W.H & L.A. PALMER(EDS) - The Acadia Athenaeum February 1889 Vol.XV No.4
24499: JENKINS, W.H & L.A. PALMER(EDS) - The Acadia Athenaeum April 1889 Vol.XV No.6
33830: JENKINS, T. A.(EDITED BY) - The Parlimentary Diaries of Sir John Trelawny, 1858-1865 [Camden Fourth Series Volume 40]
32907: JENKS, C. WILFRED - Space Law
39908: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Eskimo Administration: llI. Labrador
39910: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Eskimo Administration: V. Analysis and Reflections
39909: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Eskimo Administration: lV. Greenland
10465: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Eskimo Administration: ll. Canada
22799: JENNESS, D. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18 Volume XIII: Eskimo Folk-Lore Part B: Eskimo String Figures Southern Party-1913-16
23712: JENNESS, DIAMOND - The Indians of Canada
24704: JENNESS, STUART E.(EDITED AN DANNOTATED BY) - Arctic Odyssey The Diary of Diamond Jenness, Ethnologist with the Canadian Arctic Expedition In Northern Alaska and Canada, 1913-1916
39040: JENNESS, STUART E.(EDITED AN DANNOTATED BY) - Arctic Odyssey The Diary of Diamond Jenness, Ethnologist with the Canadian Arctic Expedition In Northern Alaska and Canada, 1913-1916
13804: JENNESS, DIAMOND - Eskimo Administration: 5 volumes I. Alaska
38008: JENNINGS, SIR IVOR - Party Politics Volume II The Growth of Parties (volume II only)
7216: JENNISON, GEORGE. - Noah's Cargo: Some Curious Chapters of Natural History.
2140: JENSON, L.B. - Vanishing Halifax
5527: JENSON, L. B - Country Roads: Rural Pictou County, Nova Scotia
8996: JENSON, L.B. - Nova Scotia Sketch Book
3780: JENSON, L.B - Fishermen of Nova Scotia
16200: JENSON, LATHAM B. - Tin Hats, Oilskins & Seaboots A Naval Journey, 1938-1945 (Signed)
25509: JEROME K. JEROME - Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the DOG)
15838: JESSOME, PHONSE - Murder at McDonald's The killers next door
30243: JETT, DORA CHINN - In Tidewater Virgina
33331: JOB, HERBERT K. - Among the Water-Fowl Observation, Adventure, Photography. A Popular Narrative Account of the Water-Fowl as Found in the Northern and Middle States and Lower Canada, East of the Rocky Mountains
7054: JOBB, DEAN - Calculated Risk Greed, Politics, and the Westray Tragedy
9161: JOBB, DEAN - Bluenose Justice True Tales of Mischief, Mayhem and Murder
10902: JOBB, DEAN - Shades of Justice Seven Nova Scotia Murder Cases
14207: JOBE, BROCK W. [ET AL}; EDITED BY GERALD WARD - American Furniture with Related Decorative Arts 1660-1830 The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Layton Art Collection
27125: JOE, RITA - Lnu and Indians We're Called
41462: CHRISTMAS ANNUAL R.C.U. KNIGHTS OF ST. JOHN - Christmas Greetings of the Supreme Medical Examiner R.C.U. Knights of St. John
14488: CORNISH. JOHN - The Provincials
17694: JOHN, BISHOP OF FREDERICTON - The Book of Job, Translated from the Hebrew Text, With an Introduction, A Summary of Each Chapter, and Brief Notes in Explanation of Obsure Passages
28956: JOHN, LORD BISHOP OF TORONTO - A Letter To The Right Hon. Lord John Russell, on the Present State of the Church in Canada
20274: JOHN, LAURIE (ED) - Cosmology Now
25278: GARDAM. JOHN (ED) - The Commissionaires An Organization with a Proud History 1925-1998
27187: JOHN, KATHERINE - The Prince Imperial
6818: JOHNS, LINDA - touching water, touching light
30877: JOHNS, MARTIN W. - Bamboo Sprouts and Maple Buds Being Memoirs of a Life Begun in West China in 1913 and Transplanted to Canada in 1925
29656: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Johnson's English Dictionary The Words are Deduced from Their Originals; Explained in Their Different Meanings;' An Authorised by the Names of the Writers Who Have Used them and Their Pronunciation Accurately Marked
7996: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets: with Critical Observations on Their Works. Set of 4 volumes
10309: JOHNSON, ARTHUR LIVINGSTONE - The History of Canada Lodge
11402: JOHNSON, LAURENCE - A Manual of the Medical Botany of North America
12729: JOHNSON, LEONARD V. - A General for Peace
16857: JOHNSON, ANN DONEGAN - The Story of Nellie Bly
17621: JOHNSON, ADRIAN - America Explored A Cartographical History of the Exploration of North America
19458: JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY (ED. WITH INTRO BY) - Fanny Burney and the Burneys
21770: JOHNSON, UWE - The Third Book About Achim
21857: JOHNSON, DONALD MCI. - Bars and Barricades Being the Second Part of 'A Publisher Presents Himself'
22797: JOHNSON, LEONARD L. - Faith of Our Fathers The Story of the Diocese of Ottawa About the Building of the Diocese
22868: JOHNSON, DANA - Matchbox Toys 1947-1998 Identification & Value Guide
24099: JOHNSON, ESTHER BOROUGH (WRITTEN AND ILLUSTATED BY) - The Technique of Flower Painting in Oil, Water-Colour and Pastel
24897: JOHNSON, PAUL E. AND WILENTZ, SEAN - The Kingdom of Matthias
26479: JOHNSON, J. K. (ED) - The Letters of Sir John A. Macdonald 1836-1857; The Letters of Sir John A. Macdonald 1858-1861 (in 2 vol.)The Papers of the Prime Ministers
28499: JOHNSON, MARY - To Have and to Hold
30856: JOHNSON, PAUL; CONRAD, CHRISTOPH, THOMSON, DAVID (EDS) - Workers Versus Pensioners; Intergenerational Justice in an Ageing World
30857: JOHNSON, PHILIP & JOHN BURGEE - Philip Johnson/John Burgee Architecture 1979-1985
32755: JOHNSON, NICHOLAS L. - Handbook of Soviet Manned Space Flight. Volume 48 Science and Technology Series. A Supplement to Adances in the Astronautical Sciences
34034: JOHNSON, S. - The Rambler (in 3 vols)
34188: JOHNSON, PHILIP - The Good and the Bad: A Play in One Act
36542: JOHNSON, V EN. WILLIAM PERCIVAL - My African Reminiscences 1875-1895

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