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25800: EHLE, JOHN - Kingstree Island
40393: EHLERT, LOUIS - From the Tone World A Series of Essays Translated from the German by Helen D. Tretbar
36834: EHNMARK, ANDERS AND PER WASTBERG - Angola and Mozambique The Case Against Portugal
26601: EHRHARDT, ARNOLD - The Acts of the Apostles Ten Lectures
32025: EHRSTROM, INGA - Doctor's Wife in Greenland
26684: EID, NADINE - Le clerge et le pouvoir politique au Quebec
21948: EIKELMAN, DALE F. AND PISCAROTI, JAMES - Muslim Travellers Pilgrimage, migration, and the religious imagination
29541: EISLER, KEN - Inch Man
32680: EKSTEINS, MODRIS - Walking Since Daybreak A Story of Eastern Europe World War II, and the Heart of Our Century
14775: ELDERKIN, GEO. D. - The Finest of the Wheat Hymns New and Old Missionary and Revival Meetings and Sabbath-Schools for C. C. McCabe, Jno. R. Sweney, Wm. J. Kirkpatrick, The Whyte Brothers of Canada and F.A. Hardin
37193: ELDRIDGE, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - African Economic History [Volume 21, 1993]
29501: CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTIRC - Stains and How to Remove Them General Electric Home Appliances
21663: ELIADE, MIRCEA - The Two and the One
22372: ELIADE, MIRCEA - Bengal Nights
33785: ELIE, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts/ Le Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal: A Quarterly Review of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts [29 issuers M/1 - June/1969 through to M/29 - Winter/1976]
27972: ELIOT, T.S. - The Confidential Clerk A Play
39518: ELIOT, T.S. - East Coker a long poem by T. S. Eliot in Partisan Review Volume VII, No.3 May-June 1940
36341: ELIOT, SIR CHARLES - The East Africa Protectorate
41402: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Spanish Gypsy. A Poem
40506: ELIOTT, E.C. - Kemlo and the Gravity Rays
23901: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - Dangers and Duties A Tale
36167: ELLANGOWAN - Out of Door Sports in Scotland: Their Economy and Surroundings. Deer Stalking, Grouse Shooting, Salmon Angling, Golfing, Curling &c. with notes on the natural and sporting history of the animals of the chase, and estimates of their economic value.
6908: ELLIOT, ROBERT S. & MCNAIRN, ALAN D. - Reflections of an era. Portraits of 19th century New Brunswick Ships
10850: ELLIOT, ROBERT S. - Matchlock to Machine Gun. The Firearms Collection of the New Brunswick Museum
2590: ELLIOTT, SHIRLEY B. (ED. & COMPILED). - Nova Scotia Book of Days: A Calendar of the Province's History
5276: ELLIOTT, SHIRLEY B. - Nova Scotia in London a history of its Agents General 1762-1988
18989: ELLIOTT, J. R. - American Farms Their Condition and Future
25331: ELLIOTT, HARMON PARKER - Elliott Addressing Machine Co. Souvenir Book
26581: ELLIOTT, W. A. - Espirt de Corps A Scots Guards Officer on Active Service 1943-1945
31363: ELLIOTT, J.W. (SET TO MUSIC BY) - Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs
33359: ELLIOTT, ERNEST C. - Fifty Leaders of British Sport A Series of Portraits
35877: ELLIOTT, CHARLES(ED) - Athletics Arena International July 1973(Lynn Davies issue)
41353: ELLIOTT, SHIRLEY B. - Nova Scotia in London a history of its Agents General 1762-1988 [Signed]
37374: ELLIS, BRETT EASTON - The Informers
1574: ELLIS, MARY T. - Communings.
18521: ELLIS, WILLIAM DONOHUE - Land and the Inland Seas
38569: ELLMAN, RICHARD - Eminent Domain Yeats among Wilde Joyce Pound Eliot and Auden
18290: ELLMANN, RICHARD - Ulysses on the Liffey
3704: ELLS, MARGARET (PREPARED BY). - A study of early provincial taxation. Being a tabular statement of fiscal legislation in Nova Scotia between 1751 and 1815.
8997: ELLS, MARGARET AND D. C. HARVEY - A Calendar of the White Collection of Manuscripts in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia
2254: ELLS, MARGARET & HARVEY, D.C. - A Calendar of Official Correspondence and Legislative Papers Nova Scotia, 1802-15
39091: ELLSBERG, MARGARET R. - Created to Praise The Language of Gerard Manley Hopkins
26566: ELLSWORTH, E. E. (RETOLD BY) - Snow-White and Other Stories
20654: ELSLEY, EDWIN W. - The Novice's Guide to Electric Car Driving
38726: ELSOM, JOHN R - Lightning Over the Treasury Building or An Expose of Our Banking and Currency Monstrosity - America's Most Reprehensible and Un-American Racket
38230: ELTON, SARAH (EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - City of Words Toronto Through her Writers' Eyes
18985: ELWELL, EDWARD H - Portland and Vicinity With a Sketch of Old Orchard Beach and Other Maine Resorts
23857: ELY, RICHARD T. - The Social Law of Service
37677: ELY, E.C. - Anglers' Potpourri
40243: EMANUEL, WALTER - The Dogs of War Wherein the Hero-Worshipper Portrays the hero and Incidentally Gives and Account of the Greatest Dogs' Club in the World with Numerous Illustrations by Cecil Aldin
29342: EMBLETON, SHELIA; JOSEPH, JOHN E.; NIEDEREHE, HANS-JOESPH (EDS) - The Emergence of the Modern Language Sciences Studies on the Transition from Historical-Comparative to Structural Linguistics in Honour of E. F. K. Koerner Volume 1: Historiographical Perpsectives
25199: VAN EMDEN, RICHARD - The Trench Experiencing Life on the Front Line 1916
36013: EMDEN, PAUL H. - Behind the Throne
29407: EMERSON, L.O. - The Choral Tribute: A Collection of New Church Music, for Choirs, Singing Schools, Conventions, &C.
8773: EMETT - Sidings, and Suchlike
12516: EMMERSON, J. RANDALL - Emmerson's Guide to the Maritimes Canada's Atlantic Provinces
35191: EMMERSON, J. RANDALL - Emmerson's Guide to the Maritimes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 1965
41062: EMMERSON, GEORGE S. - John Scott Russell A Great Victorian Engineer and Naval Architect
39386: EMMONS, FREDERICK - The Atlantic Liners 1925-70
41642: EMMOTT, NORMAN - One Foot on the Ground
38509: EMPSON, WILLIAM - Seven Types of Ambiguity A study of Its Effects in English Verse
34252: EMRYS, DAVID - Rhymes of The Road
35145: EMSLEY, SARAH BAXTER - St. Paul's in the Grand Parade
35146: EMSLEY, SARAH BAXTER - St. Paul's in the Grand Parade
16588: EMSLIE, B. LESLIE - Artificial Fertilizers Their Nature and Use
16814: ENDERS, JODY - The Medieval Theater of Cruelty Rhetoric, Memory, Violence
19338: ENGEL, MARIAN - Monodromos
40536: ENGEL, - Bear (Preview copy) - uncorrected, advance proof)
8875: ENGELS, F. - The Condition Of The Working Class In England
19088: ENGERT, GAIL (CURATOR) - Voricism and its allies
25020: ENGHOLM, FREDERICK WALDERMAR (VAL) - The Story of H.M.S. Victory A Ship Unsurpassed in Naval History
35495: ENGHOLM, FREDERICK WALDERMAR (VAL), (LATE R.N.); STEWART, KAY (ILLUSTRATED BY) - The Story of H.M.S. Victory A Ship Unsurpassed in Naval History
2260: ENGLAND, GEORGE ALLAN - Vikings of the Ice. Being the Log of a Tenderfoot on the Great Newfoundland Seal Hunt
16792: ENGLAND, ROBERT - The Central European Immigrant in Canada
40014: ENGLAND, GEORGE ALLAN. - The Greatest Hunt in the World.
26467: ENGLISH, JOHN - Years of Growth 1948-1967
8951: ENGSTRAND, STUART - Son of the Giant
41621: ENNIS, JOHN LOU - Adapting to a Changing Situation in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland
16258: D'ENTREVES (ED. WITH INTRO BY) - Aquinas Selected Political Writings
18897: EPICTETUS - Enchiridion ex Editione Joannis Upton Accurate Expressum
38640: D'EPIRO, PETER - A Touch of Rhetoric Ezra Pound's Malatesta Cantos
10609: VAN EPPS, MARGARET T. - Nancy Pembroke in Nova Scotia
26299: EPPS, BERNARD - The Outlaw of Megantic
31082: EPPS, BERNARD - The Outlaw of Megantic
25300: ERBEN, WALTER - Joan Miro 1893-1983 The Man and His Work With a commentary on Miro's late works and notes on his paintings by Hajo Duchting
36236: ERDMAN, DAVID V. (ED) - A Concordance to the Writings of William Blake( in two volumes) Volume I; A Concordance to the Writings of William Blake Volume II
7060: ERHARD, NANCIE - First in Its Class The Story of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron
12014: ERHARD, NANCIE - First in Its Class The Story of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (Limited Edition)
37220: ERLANGER, PHILIPPE (PREFACE DE) - Merveilles des chateaux de Bourgogne et de Franche-Comte
29059: ERLENDSSON, GUDBRANDUR - Markland Remembrance of the Years 1875-1881
11606: ERMAN, DON - Legends of the Bridal Chamber {And Other Poems}
37913: ERMATINGER, C.O. - Canadian Franchise and Election Laws. A Manual for the Use of Revising Officers, Municipal Officers, Candidates, Agents. and Electors
8676: ERNST, MORRIS L. & SCHWARTZ, ALAN U. - The Right To Be Let Alone
22200: ERNST, MORRIS L. - Untitled The Diary of My 72nd Year
22201: ERNST, MORRIS L. - Touch Wood A Year's Diary
36982: ERNST, GEORGE - New England Miniature A History of York, Maine
29057: ERSKINE, ANTHONY J. - Buffleheads
40382: ERSKINE, ANTHONY J. - Atlas of Breeding Birds of the Maritime Provinces
22723: ESBEREY, JOY E. - Knight of the Holy Spirit A Study of William Lyon MacKenzie King
25162: D'ESPOUY, H. - Fragments D'Architecture Du Moyen Age et de la Renaissance D'Apres Les Releves & Restaurations Des Aciens Pensionnaires De L'Academie De France A Rome
30498: ESTABROOKS, B. H. - A History of The Anglican Churches in Westmorland Parish 1772-1991
36494: ESTERHUYSE, J.H. - South West Africa 1880-1894 The Establishment of German Authority in South West Africa
27318: TROIS-ETOILES - The Member for Paris: A Tale of the Second Empire
40744: ETTLINGER, JOHN R.T. & O'NEILL, PATRICK B.(EDITORS) - A Checklist of Canadian Copyright Deposits in the British Museum 1895-1923 - Volume I - Maps
40742: ETTLINGER, JOHN R.T. & O'NEILL, PATRICK B.(EDITORS) - A Checklist of Canadian Copyright Deposits in the British Museum 1895-1923 - Volume III Part I - City and Area Directories. Part 2 Telephone and Miscellaneous Directories (2 vols)
37670: EVANOFF, VLAD - How to Make Fishing Lures
37206: EVANS, IFOR L. - Native Policy in Southern Africa An Outline
10085: EVANS, BARBARA - Caduceus in Saigon A Medical Mission to Viet-Nam
32674: EVANS, VALERIE (ED) - We that are left..Remember New Brunswickers in the Air Force
6240: EVANS, DOROTHY - No Other Teacher Is You
12955: EVANS, A. MARGARET & C.A.V. BAKER - Century One A History of the Ontario Veterinary Association 1874-1974
13636: EVANS, POWYS - Fifty Heads
14663: EVANS, J.H. - Ornamental Turning: A Work of Practical Instruction with Numerous Engravings and Autotype Plates
28487: EVANS-PRITCHARD, E.E. - The Position of Women in Primitive Societies and Other Essays in Social Anthropology
28488: EVANS-PRITCHARD, E.E. - Social Anthropolgy
28489: EVANS-PRITCHARD, E.E. - The Nuer A description of the Modes of Livelihood and Political Institutions of a Nilotic People
36075: EVANS, MILLIE AND MULLEN, ERIC - Tracks in the Snow
19662: EVANS, GEORGE H. - Through The Corridors of Hell
36320: EVANS, MILLIE AND ERIC MULLEN - Our Maritimes
34577: EVEREST, ALLAN S. - Henry Delord and His Family
34578: EVEREST, ALLAN S. - Our North Country Heritage Architecture Worth Saving in Clinton and Essex Counties
34581: EVEREST, ALLAN S. - Briefly Told Plattsburgh, New York, 1784-1984
34583: EVEREST, ALLAN S. - North Country Pioneer Pliny Moore of Champlain, New York
34586: EVEREST, ALLAN S.(EDITED BY) - The Journal of Charles Carroll of Carrollton as one of the Congressional Commisioners to Canada in 1776
22802: EVERS, JO - Evers' Standard Cut Glass Value Guide
19103: EVERSON, R. G. - A Lattice for Momos with Illustrations by Colin Haworth
34115: EVES, GEORGE R. - Two Religions-One Church: Division and Destiny in the Anglican Church of Canada
41969: EWARDS, JONATHAN (EDITED BY PAUL RAMSEY) - Freedom of the Will
12984: EWART, JOHN E. - Canada and British Wars
41197: EWING, JULIAN H. - Benjy in Beastland
1956: EWING, JULIA HORATIA - A Flat Iron For a Farthing. Or, Some Passages in the Life of an Only Son with Twelve Illustrations by Mrs. Allingham
7541: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA. - The Story of a Short Life Illustrated by Gordon Brown
9494: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Canada Home. Juliana Horatia Ewing's Fredericton Letters 1867-1869
41191: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Melchoir's Dream, Brothers of Pity, and Other Tales
41173: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Madam Liberality
10240: EXCELL, E.O. - Triumphant Songs No.2.
34863: EXPROPRIATION LETTER TO A MR. GEORGE REDDEN, WINDSOR, N.S. 1895. - 2 page manuscript letter on the letterhead of 'Office of Town Clerk & Treasurer, Windsor, N.S.' dated 26 July 1895
38835: MINISTERE DES AFFAIRS EXTERIEURES (ED.) - Documents on Relations Between Canada and Newfoundland Volume 1 1935-1949; Volume 2, Part I- 1940-1949 Confederation (2 volumes)
9972: EYLAND, CLIFF; KELLY, GEMEY & TOWNSEND-GAULT, CHARLOTTE - Atque Ars. Art from Mount Allison University 1854-1989
34963: VAN EYLL, KLARA - 400 Jahre Papiermuhlen An Der Strunde: Eine Historische Bilddokumentation [1582-1982]
11127: EYTAN, WALTER - The First Ten Years A Diplomatic history of Israel
36161: FABRICIUS, JOHAN - The Pike Beelzebub Two Variations on a Theme One in Major and One in Minor
19808: FAEGRI, KNUT - Norges Planter Blomster og Traer I Naturen Med et Utvalg fra vare Nabolands Flora Tegninger av Henning Anthon Bind 1 (volume 1 only)
39741: FAGAN, BONAVENTURE - Trial The Loss of Constitutional Rights in Education in Newfoundland and Labrador: The Roman Catholic Society
36827: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - Iron Age Cultures in Zambia (Kalomo and Kangila) Volume One
36838: FAGE, J.D. - Ghana A Historical Interpretation
37778: FAGGETT, HARRY LEE - Black (and Other) Minorities in Shakespeare's England
40606: FAIRCHILD, ALICE BELL - First Poems May 1955
21760: FAIRFAX, PASTOR REV. DONALD - Victoria Rd. United Baptist Church Celebrating our 145th Anniversary 1844-1989
26868: FAIRHALL, DAVID - Russia Looks To The Sea A study of the Expansion of Soviet Maritime Power
26620: FAIRHOLT, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Rambles of an artist: being Papers on Art, in relation to Antiques, Paintings, Art-Decorations, and Art-Manufacture
24265: FAIRLEY, BRYANT; LEYS, COLIN; SACOUMAN, JAMES (EDS) - Restrcturing and Resistance from Atlantic Canada
5191: FALCONER, REV. DR. J.W & REV. DR. W.G. WATSON - A Brief History of Pine Hill Divinity Hall and the Theological Department at Mount Allison University
34227: FALCONER, DICKSON M. (EDITOR) - British Columbia: Patterns in Economic, Political and Cultural Development, Selected Readings
33595: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - Early American Silver for the Cautious Collector
42176: FALK, LORNE (INTRO) - The Second Link Viewpoints on Video in the Eighties
18822: FANNING, J. T. - A Practical Treatise on Hydraulic and Water-Supply Engineering: Relating to the Hydrology, Hudrodynamics, and Practical Construction of Water-Works, in North America with Numerous Tables and Illustrations
41131: AUNT FANNY - Grasshopper Pop-Guns: Being The Fifth Book of the Series
41108: AUNT FANNY - One Big Pop-Gun. Being The Second Book of the Series
39729: FARDY, B.D. - John Cabot The Discovery of Newfoundland
32629: FARDY, B.D. - Under Two Flags: The French-English Struggle for Newfoundland 1696-1796
10711: FARIS, JAMES C. - Cat Harbour. A Newfoundland Fishing Settlement
2224: FARIS, JAMES C. - Cat Harbour. A Newfoundland fishing settlement.
2581: FARISH, JAMES C. - Yarmouth 1821
37576: FARISH, JAMES C. - Yarmouth 1821
9428: MOWAT. FARLEY - A Whale for the Killing
38458: FARLEY, A.L. - Atlas of British Columbia People, environment, and resource use
38918: MOWAT. FARLEY - The Grey Seas Under
34813: FARMER, FANNIE MERRITT - Food and Cookery For the Sick and Convalescent
11196: FARNALLS, PAUL L. - Memoirs of Life in Alberta Part 1 Early Experiences of Pioneering in Alberta Part II Some Organizations Important in the Development of the County and the Writer's Interest in Them
34671: FARNHAM, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Avoiding Losses/Taking Risks: Prospect Theory and International Conflict
12235: FARNINGHAM, MARIANNE - Life Sketches, and Echoes From the Valley. Second Series
17609: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The Honourable Mr Tawnish A Romance
7743: FARRAR, GILBERT P. - Catalogs, Booklets, and Folders, Parts 1-2.
30724: FARRAR, FREDERIC W. - St. Winifred's or The Word of School
2903: FARRINGTON, S. KIP. - The Trail of the Sharp Cup. The Story of the Fifth oldest trophy in international sports.
9305: FARRINGTON, S.KIP, JR - Fishing the Atlantic Offshore and On
31372: FARRINGTON, E.A. - Clinical Materia Medica Being A Course of Lectures Delivered at the Hahnemann Medical College, of Philadelphia
34736: FARROW, G.E. - The Wallypug of Why
20485: FARTHING, RIGHT REV. JOHN CRAGG - Recollections of the The Right Rev. John Cragg Farthing Bishop of Montreal, 1909-1939
22582: FAUGHNAN, THOMAS - Stirring Incidents in the Life of A British Soldier An Autobiography
38637: FAULKNER, PETER - Yeats & The Irish Eighteenth Century
35552: FAUSTER, CARL U. (COMPILED BY) - Libbey Glass Since 1818 Pictorial History & Collector's Guide
8678: FAWCUS, ARNOLD - Swing Into Skiing. Illustrated by Tyler Micoleau
20489: FAY-HALLE, ANTOINETTE; MUNDT, BARBARA - Porcelain of the Nineteenth Century
29612: DE LA FAYETTE, MADAME - The Princess of Cleves ( in Two Volumes )
21926: FAZZIOLI, EDOARDO - Chinese Calligraphy From Pictograph to Ideogram: The History of 214 Essential Chinese/Japanese Characters
38488: FEA, ALLAN - Picturesque Old Houses Being The Impressions of a Wanderer off the Beaten Track
39622: FEASBY, W.R. - Official History of the Canadian Medical Services 1939-1945. Volume Two Clinical Subjects Illustrated with Paintings and Photographs by Canadian War Artists and Photographers
21109: FEASBY, W.R. - Official History of the Canadian Medical Services 1939-1945. Volume One : Organization and Campaigns. Illustrated with Paintings and Photographs by Canadian War Artists and Photographers
26016: FEDER, ALISON - Margaret Duley: Newfoundland Novelist A Biographical and Critical Study
8756: FEDERN, KARL - Dante and His Time
39088: FEIRER, JOHN L. - Cabinetmaking and Millwork A comprehensive guide to the materials, tools, machines, and processes used in building furniture, cabinets, and interiors
29119: FELDMAN, MILDRED L. BOS - The Role of the United States in the International Telecomminucation Union and Pre-ITU Conferences
31659: FELLOWS, ROBERT F. - The New Brunswick Census of 1851:Charlotte County: Vol.I
32266: FELS, JULIE - Ontario Native Women A Perspective
38354: FELSENHART, J. - Les Colonies Anglaises de 1574 a 1660, D'Apres Les State Paperset Episode De L'Emigration Belge en Virginie
23456: FELTHAM, JOHN - Bonavista Bay Revisited
25695: FELTON, C. C. - Greece, Ancient and Modern. Lectures Delivered Before the Lowell Institute Two Volumes in One
22328: FENDI, PETER - Peter Fendi 40 Erotic Watercolors
2759: FENETY, G. E. - Life and Times of the Hon. Joseph Howe, (The Great Nova Scotian and Ex-Lieut. Governor) With brief references to some of his prominent contemporaries
26797: FENN, GEORGE - Rolls Royce
30291: FENNELLY, CATHERINE (ED) - Textiles In New England, 1790-1840
29186: FENSCH, THOMAS (ED) - Oskar Schindler and His List The Man, the Book, the Film, the Holocaust and Its Survivors
13638: FENSKA, RICHARD R - The Complete Modern Tree Experts Manual
26568: FENTON, JAMES - Leonardo's Nephew Essays on Art and Artists
25807: FERBER, LINDA S. (CURATOR0 - A Century of American Illustrations
41981: FERGUSON, LIONEL - Into The Blue The Lake Tana Expedition 1953
5802: FERGUSON, BRUCE AND GILLES TOUPIN. - Bruce Parsons: A Model of Reality
5806: FERGUSON, BRUCE - Stephen Cruise
7359: FERGUSON, GERALD (ED.); RONALD PAULSON; GAIL R. SCOTT. - Marsden Hartley and Nova Scotia.
15408: FERGUSON, JULIE H. - Through a Canadian Periscope The Story of the Canadian Submarine Service
21124: FERGUSON, JOHN - Bibliotheca Chemica A Biblography of Books on Alchemy, Chemistry, and Pharmaceutics (in 2 vols)
28099: FERGUSON, RUSSELL (EDITED BY) - At The End of the Century. One Hundred Years of Architecture
28812: FERGUSON, D. C. - The Lepidoptera of Nova Scotia Vol. XXIII-Part 3
29999: FERGUSON, JOHN AND CHISHOLM, KITTY - Political and Social Life in the Great Age of Athens
34177: FERGUSON, GEORGE V. AND F. H. UNDERHILL - Press and Party in Canada: Issues of Freedom Being the Seventh Series of Lectures Under the Chancellor Dunning Trust Delivered at Queens University at Kingston, Ontario, 1955
3033: FERGUSON, C. BRUCE (HISTORICAL SKETCH BY) - 1850 Centennial 1950 A Century of Service to the Public. Nova Scotia Savings, Loan & Building Society
1362: FERGUSSON, CHARLES BRUCE (ED.) - Clarkson's Mission to America: 1791-1792
1389: FERGUSSON, C. BRUCE. - Mechanics' Institutes in Nova Scotia. No. 14.
2246: FERGUSSON, NORMAN H. - The Story of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. From the Formation of the Old Union in 1895 to the 1980s
6846: FERGUSSON, CHARLES BRUCE. - Nova Scotian Institute of Science
9052: FERGUSSON, CHARLES BRUCE (EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION) - The Diary of Simeon Perkins 1804-1812
14302: FERGUSSON, BRUCE - Joseph Howe of Nova Scotia
27358: FERGUSSON, BERNARD (ED. WITH PREFACE BY) - The Business of War The War Narrative of Major-General Sir John Kennedy
11962: FERGUSSON, C. BRUCE (PREFATORY NOTE BY) - Inventory of Manuscripts in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia
19420: FERNALD, C. H. - The Grasses of Maine. Designed for the use of the students of the Maine State College, and the farmers of the State.
19362: FERNS, JOHN - Lytton Strachey
25545: FERNS, H.S. & B. OSTRY - The Age of Mackenzie King The Rise of the Leader
30916: FERRARI, ENRIQUE LAFUENTE (HISTORICAL AND CRITICAL STUDY BY) - Goya The Frescos in San Antonio De La Florida in Madrid
39201: FERRER, EUGENIO PEREZ (TEXT BY) - Cuba Perla Del Caribe
23436: FERRIL, THOMAS HORNSBY - Words For Denver and Other Poems
22672: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS (ED) - Documents in Canadian Art
27641: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS - The Gold Crusades A Social History of Gold Rushes, 1849-1929
41847: FETHERSTONHAUGH, R.C. - The Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1933
29175: FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY (ED) - The Irish Ancestor Vol. XII, Nos. 1 and 2, 1980
29180: FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY (ED) - The Irish Ancestor Vol. IX, No. 1, 1977
29184: FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY (ED) - The Irish Ancestor Vol. V, No. 2, 1973
29185: FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY (ED) - The Irish Ancestor Vol. V, No. 1, 1973
29188: FFOLLIOTT, ROSEMARY (ED) - The Irish Ancestor Vol. IX, No. 2, 1977
18516: FFOULKES, CHARLES; HOPKINSON, CAPTAIN E. C. - Sword, Lance& Bayonet A Record of the Arms of the British Army & Navy
38550: FIBICHER, BERNHARD (PREFACE) - Ex Aequo 24 artistes suisses a St.-Imier
38551: FIBICHER, BERNHARD (ED) - Tabula Rasa 25 artistes dans l'espace urbain de Bienne
21972: FICINO, MARSILIO - The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 5 being a translation of Liber VI
16219: FIELD, RICHARD S. - Richard Halimton Image and Process studies, stage and final proofs from the graphic works 1952-82
25916: FIELD, COL. CYRIL - The Mastery of the Sea
35436: FIELD, ANNE E. - On the Trail of Stoddard Glass
5666: FIELD, RICHARD HENNING - Spirit of Nova Scotia: Traditional Decorative Folk Art, 1780-1930
11758: FIELDING, TOM - The History of Tom Jones A Foundling. With Illustrations by G. Spencer Pryse
12489: FIFIELD, LIONEL R - Infections of the Hand
38989: FIFOOT, C.H.S. - Judge and Jurist in the Reign of Victoria
18111: FILBY, JAMES - Credit Valley Railway 'The Third Giant'
18438: FILEY, MICHAEL - A Toronto Album Glimpses of the City That Was
19479: FILEY, MIKE - Trillium and Toronto Island
25986: FILEY, MIKE - Toronto Sketches 5 'The Way We Were'
25991: FILEY, MICHAEL - A Toronto Album Glimpses of the City That Was
6398: FILLMORE, ROSCOE A - Green Thumbs The Canadian Gardening Book
2574: FILLMORE, CHARLES L. - The Streets of Truro: Location and Origin of Names
4985: FILLMORE, NICHOLAS - Maritime Radical The Life and Times of Roscoe Fillmore
28796: FILSER, NATHALIE(CURATOR) - Art nouveau en projet Art Nouveau in Progress
16894: FINCH, ROBERT - A Century has Roots A Masque Preformed at Hart House Theatre to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Foundation of University College Toronto, in 1953
35001: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Patrick Caulfield [Penguin New Art 2]
10604: FINCK, HENRY T. (EDITED BY) - Fifty Songs by Franz Schubert for Low Voice
31728: FINDLAY, ARTHUR - The Rock of Truth or Spitiualism The Coming World Religion
31807: FINDLAY, ARTHUR - The Unfolding Universe or The Evolution of Man's Conception of His Place in Nature
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27875: FRANCIS, DICK - Banker
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5462: FULFORD, ROBERT - Harold Town Drawings with an Introduction and Text by Robert Fulford
21406: FULLER, J. G. - Conversations Between Two Laymen, on Strict and Mixed Communion; in which the principal arguments in favour of the latter practice, are stated, as nearly as possible, in the words of its most powerful advocate, the Rev. Robert Hall (cont.)
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38466: GORDON, WILLIAM REED - Keuka Lake Memories 1835- 1935 The Champagne Country
11424: GOREY, EDWARD - Amphigorey Also
11429: GOREY, EDWARD - Gorey X 3 Three Stories with Edward Gorey Two were written by Edward Lear, One by Peter Neumeyer
11434: GOREY, EDWARD - Categor Y
28584: GOREY, EDWARD - The Gilded Bat
33067: GOREY, EDWARD - Amphigorey Too
30453: GORKI, MAXIM - Fragments from my Diary
30528: GORKY, MAXIM - Twenty-Six Men and A Girl and Other Stories
30671: GORKY, M. - The Artamonovs
10388: GORMAN, MICHAEL M. - Managing Database Four Critical Factors
26400: GORMAN, HERBERT - The Scottish Queen
34688: GORSKY, BERNARD - Moana (Vastness of the Sea)
12420: GOSLEY, G.S. - The Story of the Dartmouth Park
989: GOSLING, W. G. - Labrador: Its Discovery, Exploration, and Development
34016: GOSNELL, R.E. - The Year Book of British Columbia and Manual of Provincial Information
26770: GOSSAGE, CAROLYN - Greatcoats and Glamour Boots Canadian Women at War (1939-1945)
13635: GOSSE, PHILIP HENRY - The Monuments of Ancient Egypt, and their Relation to the World of God
22036: GOSSMAN, L. - Industrial Management-The Socialist Way An Essay designed to provoke discussion
20443: GOTCH, J. ALFRED - The Growth of the English House From Early Feudal Times to the Close of the Eighteenth Century
30623: GOTCH, J. ALFRED - Old English Houses
4664: GOTTESMAN, DR. ELI - Who's Who in Canadian Jewry Compiled and Prepared by The Canadian Jewish Literary Foundation for the Jewish Institute of Higher Research of the Central Rabbinical Seminary of Canada
34106: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS - LaFayette in America 1777-1783
41962: GOUDGE, M.F. - Limestones of Canada Their Occurences and Characteristics Part II Maritime Provinces
2418: GOUDIE, ELIZABETH. - Woman of Labrador
15325: GOUDY, FREDERIC W. - Typologia Studies in Type Design & Type Making with Comments on the Invention of Typography the First Types Legibility and Fine Printing
36968: GOUGH, JOSEPH - Fisheries Management in Canada 1880 - 1910
16251: GOUIN, JACQUES & BRAULT, LUCIEN - Legacy of Honour The Panets, Canada's Foremost Military Family
19537: GOULD, ALLAN - Scarborough An Economic Celebration
19773: GOULD, F. J. - Life and Manners A Volume of Stories suitable for the Moral Instruction of Children
25758: GOULD, ED - Entertaining Canadians Canada's International Stars 1900-1988
31189: GOULD, ALLAN (ED) - The Great Big Book of Canadian Humour
12749: GOUMA-PETERSON, THALIA (EDITED AND CURATED BY) - Miriam Schapiro: A Retrospective, 1953-1980
39705: GOUNDREY, JANE, JOHN GOUNDREY, JANET O'BRIEN, IAN PENNEY, LOIS BROWN, MACK FURLONG - Bias in Newfoundland Textbooks An Evaluation of English, History and Geography Texts used in Grades 7-11 of the Newfoundland School System 1975-76
37433: GOURLAY, JIM (ED) - Missed Opportunities The Angler's Guide to Non-Traditional Sport Fishes in Nova Scotia
41332: CANADIAN GOV'T - Navigation Canals Rideau Trent Quebec St. Peters
31636: GOV'T OF CANADA - Sessional Papers Volume II No.21 Report of the Royal Commission on the Liquor Traffic in Canada Index to Report of Commission , Index to Report of Rev. Dr. McLeod Index of Appendices to Report
37813: GOV'T OF CANADA - Report Pursuant to Resolution of the Senate to the Honourable The Speaker by The Parliamentary Counsel Relating to the Enactment of the British North America Act, 1867, any lack of consonance between its terms and judicial construction of them and cognate
40984: CANADIAN GOVERNMENT - Defence of Canada Regulations (Consolidation) 1941
1216: NOVA SCOTIA GOVERNMENT. - Historic Nova Scotia.
342: GOWANLOCH, JAMES NELSON. - A Study of Some of the Reactions of the Whelk Buccinum Undatum.
343: GOWANLOCH, JAMES NELSON. - Notes on the Occurence and Control of the Trematode. Gyrodactylus, Ectoparasitic on Fundulus.
6078: GOWANS, ALAN. - Building Canada. An Architectural History of Canadian Life
24581: GRABOWSKY, ADOLF - Adolf Grabowsky Gott und der Zauberer Ein Mythos
37177: GRACES, DONALD E. - Sir William Congreve and the Rocket's Red Glare [History Armes Series No. 23]
874: GRAHAM, ROSEMARY. - Flying O'Flynn
4017: GRAHAM, JOHN F - Fiscal Adjustment and Economic Development A Case Study of Nova Scotia
5119: GRAHAM, HARRY ['COL. D. STREAMER'] - Across Canada to the Klondyke. Being the Journal of a Ten thousand Mile Tour through the 'Great North West,' July 19th-October 13th, 1900
8864: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAME - The Conquest Of New Granada Being The Life Of Gonzalo Jimenez De Quesada
9427: GRAHAM, ALLAN, ED. - Island Prose and Poetry: An Anthology
9677: GRAHAM, FRANK W. - 'We Love Thee Newfoundland' Biography of Sir Cavendish Boyle, K.C.M.G., Governor of Newfoundland, 1901-1904
11797: GRAHAM, ROBERT J.; KENNEDY, EARLE K. & BECKER, J. RICHARD - The Currency and Medals of Prince Edward Island
18507: GRAHAM, W. H. - Greenbank Country Matters in 19th Century Ontario
27959: GRAHAM, DOMINICK & SHELFORD BIDWELL - Tug of War The battle for Italy, 1943-45
33115: GRAHAM, ROGER - Old Man Ontario: Leslie M. Frost
33435: GRAHAM, JOSEPH A. - The Sporting Dog
33233: GRAHAM, E. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Doctor's Lake, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia c.1920
38384: GRAHAM, E (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Acadia Senior Girls Basketball Team Inter-Class Champions, 1930-31 (Photograph)
41908: GRAHAM, GEORGE FARQUHAR - The Songs of Scotland Adapted to Their Appropriate Melodies Arranged with Pianoforte Accompaniments by G.F. Graham, T.M. Mudie, J.T. Surenne, H.E. Dibdin, Finaly Dun, &c (3 vols in 1)
34247: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Fun O' The Fair
39422: GRAINGER, J. K. (EDITED BY) - The Transcript's day-by-day History of the Second Great War 1939-1945
40356: GRANASZTOI, PAL - Beautiful Hungarian Towns Through the Eyes of an Architect
40357: GRANASZTOI, PAL - Budapest vu par un architecte
12482: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. - Bloody Victory Canadians and the D-Day Campaign 1944
13435: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. AND MORTON, DESMOND - A Nation Forged in Fire Canadians and the Second World War 1939-1945
19992: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. AND BERCUSON, DAVID J. - War and Peacekeeping: From South Africa to the Gulf-Canada's Limited Wars
25447: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. - The Generals. The Canadian Army's Senior Commanders In The Second World War
29052: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - Who Killed The Canadian Military?
30681: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. AND BOTHWELL, ROBERT - Pirouette Pierre Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Policy
40608: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. AND PETER NEARY(ED) - The Good Fight Canadians and World War II
16172: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - Who Killed Canadian History?
35273: LE GRAND, ANTONIUS - Historia Sacra
26298: GRANDBOIS, ALAIN - Born in Quebec A Tale of Louis Jolliet
37827: GRANDE, GEORGE K., LINDEN, SHEILA M. & HORACE R. MACAULAY - Canadians on Radar Royal Canadian Canadian Air Force 1940-1945
32952: DE GRANDMAISON, NICHOLAS - Landscapes and Views of Indian Life
37914: GRANT, REV. GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean. Sandford Fleming's Expedition through Canada in 1872. Being a Diary Kept During a Journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the Expedition of the Engineer-in-Chief of the Canadian Pacific and Intercolonial Railways
9818: GRANT, FRANCIS W - Adventures at Sea true gripping stories of men and ships
9819: GRANT, FRANCIS W. - Courage Below, White Wings Above True Tales of the Sea
10760: GRANT, G.M - Joseph Howe. Second Edition To Which is Added Howe's Essay on the Organization of the Empire
12954: GRANT, B.J. - Six for the Hangman Strange and intriguing murder cases from the New Brunswick Past
15908: GRANT, B.J. - Fit to Print. New Brunswick's Papers: 150 Years of the Comic, the Sad, the Old, and the Forgotten
23668: GRANT, DORIS - Your Bread and Your Life
27986: GRANT, JOHN WEBBER (ED) - Salvation: O the Joyful Sound The Selected Writings of John Carroll
28378: GRANT, COLONEL MAURICE HAROLD - A Dictionary of British Landscape Painters From the 16th Century to the early 20th Century
29109: GRANT, PETER - The Chapel of Trinity College
31952: GRANT, R. C. M. - The Story of Martintown
32393: GRANT, GEORGE PARKIN - English-Speaking Justice
21627: GRANT, JOHN N. - Black Nova Scotians
4894: GRANT, WILLIAM LAWSON - The Tribune of Nova Scotia A Chronicle of Joseph Howe
11680: GRANT, JAMES MACKAY - The Merchant of Marshy Hope
36063: GRANT, JOHN WEBBER (ED) - Salvation: O the Joyful Sound The Selected Writings of John Carroll
38319: GRANT, TED - This is Our Work The Legacy of Sir William Osler
26099: GRANT, JOHN N. - The Maroons in Nova Scotia
2351: GRANTMYRE, BARBARA - The River That Missed The Boat
12473: GRASSO, JUNE M - Truman's Two-China Policy 1948-1950
9092: GRATTAN, PATRICIA (CURATOR) - David Blackwood Prints 1962-1984
41298: GRATWICK, JOHN - Canadian Transportation Origins, Perspective and Prospects
11344: GRAVES, NANCY - The Sculpture of Nancy Graves A Catalogue Raisonne
38051: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Reluctant Genius The Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell
37139: GRAY, RICHARD & DAVID BIRMINGHAM(ED) - Pre-Colonial African Trade Essays on Trade in Central and Eastern Africa before 1900
41915: GRAY, FRANCIS W. - The Coal-Fields and Coal Industry of Eastern Canada. A General Survey and Description
5637: GRAY, BARRY. - Village Portraits. Ursula Heller
18816: GRAY, THOMAS - Poems and Letters by Thomas Gray
24316: GRAY, ERNEST (ED. AND NARRATED BY) - Man Midwife The Further Experiences of John Knyveton, M.D., Late Surgeon in the British Fleet, During the Years 1763-1809
27542: GRAY, THOMAS - Souvenir of Stoke Poges Church with Elegy written in a Country Churchard by the Poet Gray
32274: GRAY, MONSIGNORE E. D. (ERIC IDLE) - The Vatican Sex Manual (The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book)
32422: GRAY, ALEXANDER - Principles and Practice of Electrical Engineering
31680: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Mrs. King. The Life and Times of Isabel Mackenzie King
38054: GRAY, F.W. - Musings of a Maritime Miner/In War and Peace
34181: GRAYBILL, FLORENCE CURTIS AND VICTOR BOESON - Edward Sheriff Curtis: Visions of a Vanishing Race
42135: DE GRAZIA, ERIC GARBERSON ETAL - Italian Paintings of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
31775: DE GRAZIA, SEBASTIAN - Errors of Psychotherapy An Analysis of the errors of psychiatry and religion in the treatment of mental illness
28486: GREAVES, MARGARET - Regency Patron: Sir George Beaumont
34941: GREBING, HELGA - The History of the German Labour Movement A Survey with a chapter on Foreign Policy by Mary Saran
37897: GREEN, ROGER LANCELYN(CHOSEN AND ARRANGED BY0 - The Books of Nonsense by many authors
36819: GREEN, L.P. & FAIR, T. J. D. - Development in Africa. A Study in Regional Analysis with Special Reference to Southern Africa
42028: GREEN, JOAN - History of Immanuel Baptist Church Truro, Nova Scotia 1890-1990
11483: GREEN, ALICE STOPFORD - The Making of Ireland and its Undoing 1200-1600
12281: GREEN, JOSEPH - Come from Away
12576: GREEN, H. GORDON (EDITED BY ) - A Heritage of Canadian Handicrafts
25577: GREEN, HARVEY WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF MARY-ELLEN PERRY - The Light of the Home An Intimate View of the Lives of Women in Victorian America with illustrations from the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum
27238: GREEN, ROGER LANCELYN - The Story of Lewis Carroll
28626: GREEN, HOWARD AND SAWYER, DON (COMPILED BY) - The NESA Bibliography Annotated for Native Studies
31750: GREEN, MABEL CORELLI - Life in the Summerland Given from the Spirit World Through Inspirational Writing to Her Mother, Corelli Green
32734: GREEN, CONSTANCE MCLAUGHLIN, AND MILTON LOMASK - Vanguard A History. The NASA Historical Series
42069: GREEN, JACK P. AND PHILIP D. MORGAN - Atlantic History A Critical Appraisal
5670: GREENAWAY, CORA (CURATOR) - Interior Decorative Painting in Nova Scotia
30492: GREENBERG, KAREN J.; DRATEL, JOSHUA L. (EDS) - The Torture Papers The Road to Abu Ghraib
39008: GREENBERG, HERBERT - Quest for the Necessary W.H. Auden and the Dilemma of Divided Consciousness
17728: GREENBLATT, ROBERT B. - Search the Scriptures Modern Medicine and Biblical Personages
19508: GREENE, ALMA - Tales of the Mohawks Illustrations by R. G. Miller
19892: GREENE, ROBERT - Friar Bacon and Friar Bongay
20914: GREENE, MAX - The Kanzas Region: Forest, Prairie, Desert, Mountain, Vale, and River Descriptions of Scenery, Climate, Wild Productions, Capabilities of Soil, and Commercial Resources; Interspersed with Incidents of Travel (cont.)
21038: GREENE, SAMUEL S. - An Introduction to the Study of English Grammar
23703: GREENE, IAN (ET.AL.) - Final Appeal Decision-making in Canadian Courts of Appeal
26051: GREENE, MELISSA FAY - Last Man Out The Story of the Springhill Mine Disaster
32833: GREENE, MARION - Down River Lies the World
37387: GREENE, RUTH - Personality Ships of British Columbia Thirty-Seven illustrated sea tales of Canada's Western ships, carefully Researched for historical accuracy. Also Gerlad Rushton's Rushton's compact history of the Union Steamship Company of British Columbia
4758: GREENE, WILLIAM HOWE - The Wooden Walls Among The Ice Floes: Telling The Romance Of The Newfoundland Sea Fishery
25587: GREENFELD, HOWARD - Marc Chagall An Introduction with reproductions of the artist's work in color and black and white
11174: GREENHILL, PAULINE - True Poetry: Traditional and Popular Verse in Ontario
23169: GREENHILL, BASIL AND ANN GIFFARD. - Westcountrymen in Prince Edward's Isle. A Fragment of the Great Migration
41057: GREENHILL, RALPH - Engineer's Witness A Photographic Panorama of Nineteenth Century Engineering Triumphs
33719: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - 'C' Force to Hong Kong A Canadian Catastrophe, 1941-1945 [Canadian War Museum Historical Publication No. 30]
34654: GREENHOWE, JEAN - Making a Victorian Dolls' House
17932: GREENIDGE, GORDON & SYMES, PATRICK - Gordon Greenidge The Man In The Middle
42165: GREENIDGE, K.N.H.(ED) - Essays in Plant Geography and Ecology
41471: GREENLEE, WILLIAM BROOKS (TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY) - The Voyage of Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil and India From Contemporary Documents and Narratives
3744: GREENLEE, JAMES G. - Sir Robert Falconer. A Biography
6524: GREENOUGH, JOHN JOSEPH - The Halifax Citadel, 1825-60: A Narrative and Structural History
39298: GREENOUGH, SARAH & JUAN HAMILTON - Alfred Stieglitz Photographs & Writings
11173: GREENSTEIN, MICHAEL - Third Solitudes Tradition and Discontinuity in Jewish-Canadian Literature
15223: GREENWAY, HAROLD F. - Housing in Canada. (A Study based on the Census of 1931 and supplementary data) Census Monograph No. 8
7158: GREENWOOD, JOHN. - Shifting Perspectives and the Stylish Style: Mannerism in Shakespeare and His Jacobean Contemporaries.
21317: GREENWOOD, WALTER - Lancashire
41200: GREENWOOD, GRACE - Heads and Tails Studies and Stories of Pets
15077: GREER, ROSAMOND 'FIDDY' - The Girls of the King's Navy
18492: GREER, ALLAN - Peasant, Lord, and Merchant: Rural Society in Three Quebec Parishes 1740-1840
16773: GREGO, JOSEPH - The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow Being Anecdotes of the Camp, Court, Club, and Society 1810-1860
29725: GREGORY, G. - Economy of Nature Explained and Illustrated on the Principles of Modern Philosophy Volume II (volume 2 only)
32027: GREGORY, JOAN - Albert County Sketchbook
41719: GREGORY, DR. JOHN & LADY PENNINGTON - A Father's Legacy to His Daughters. with a Biographical Sketch of the Author. A Mother's Advice to Her Absent Daughters with An Additional Letter, on the Management and Education of Infant Children
35209: GREGUIRE, HELEN - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Granite Ware Colors, Shapes and Values [Volume 1 only)
39767: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Adrift on an Ice-Pan
39759: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON - What Christ Means To Me
6284: GRENFELL, SIR WILFRED - Forty Years for Labrador

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