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28643: CHAPMAN, J.K. - Gagetown: As We Were A Short History with Illustrations
5227: CHAPMAN, J.K - River Boy Returns
13091: CHAPMAN, HARRY - In the Wake of the Alderney. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 1750-2000
13092: CHAPMAN, HARRY - In the Wake of the Alderney. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 1750-2000
15288: CHAPMAN, J.K - River Boy Life along the St. John
25090: CHAPMAN, PAULINE - Madame Tussaud In England Career Woman Extraordinary
28218: CHAPMAN, GRAHAM ET AL - Monty Python's The Life of Brian (of Nazareth) together with Monty Python's Scrapbook
30130: CHAPMAN, PAUL - Submarine Torbay
30178: CHAPMAN, J. K. - River Boy at War
33037: CHAPMAN, HARRY - Sketches of Old Dartmouth
33083: CHAPMAN, RAYMOND - Forms of Speech in Victorian Fiction
34333: CHAPMAN, FRANK M. - The Warblers of North America
35845: CHAPMAN, CURRIE WITH RANDY STARKMAN - On the Edge The Inside Story of the Canadian Women's Ski Team
36539: CHAPMAN, HARRY (ED) - The Mustard Seeds The Journey of Dartmouth Churches
36871: CHAPPELL, MISS CONSTANCE(ED) - The First Fifty Years 1895-1945 The Training and Work of Women Employed in the Service of the United Church of Canada
3535: CHAPPELL, MYRTLE - The Chignecto St. George and Fenwick Mines
18781: CHAPPELL, WILLIAM (WRITTEN AND DECORATED BY) - Fonteyn Impressions of a Ballerina With 40 Studies by Cecil Beaton Published for the First Time
32800: CHARLEBOIS, LOUISE - La Premiere caisse populaire acadienne 1936-1986
40516: CHARLES, JOHN W. (ED) - News from the Rare Book Room 17 June 1978
26394: CHARLES, EDWIN - Some Dickens Women
30507: CHARLESTON, R. J.; AYERS, JOHN - Meissen and Other European Porcelain Oriental Porcelain
40733: SAILOR CHARLEY - Life in A Whaler; or, Perils and Adventures in the Tropical Seas
2732: ZONTA CLUB OF CHARLOTTETOWN - Outstanding Women of Prince Edward Island
19035: DE CHARMOY, COZETTE - The True Life of Sweeney Todd (a collage novel)
35375: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The Saint Steps In
41485: CHARTERS, SAMUEL B. - The Country Blues
22823: CHARTERS, JIM - Annie & Gladys Longard: Nova Scotia's Badminton Legends
41601: CHARTRAND, RENE - The French Soldier in Colonial America
23526: CHARTRAND, RENE - Canadian Military Heritage Volume 1 (1000-1754)
40409: CHASE, W. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Carte de visite of Rev. Edward Sullivan Died Jan. 31st., 1871. age 43 years
12262: CHASE, A.W. - Dr. Chase's Recipes; or, Information for Everybody: An Invaluable Collection of About Eight Hundred Practical Recipes . .
35043: CHASE, MARY ELLEN - A Goodly Heritage
41499: CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANÇOIS-AUGUSTE - Genie Du Christianisme ou Beautes De Religion Chretienne (9 volumes)
41422: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - Old Ship Prints
34528: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - Whalers and Whaling The Story of the Whaling Ships up to the Present Day
31710: CHATTINGTON, SIR BASIL - Kalev Mark Kostabi. The Early Years
26451: CHAUVELOT, ROBERT - Mysterious India Its Rajahs-Its Brahmans-Its Fakirs
12467: CHEN, KING C. - Vietnam and China, 1938-1954
40476: CHENEY, C.R. & BRIDGETTE E.A. JONES - English Episcopal Acta II Canterbury 1162-1190 (together with) English Episcopal Acta III Canterbury 1193-1205
31003: CHESTERTON, G.K. - The Resurrection of Rome
25246: CHETHIMATTAM, JOHN B. - Consciousness and Reality An Indian Approach ot Metaphysics
4715: CHEVALIER, H. EMILE - Adventures By Sea And Land of the Count DeGanay; or, The Devotion and Fidelity of Woman. An Episode of the Colonization of Canada. Translated from the French of H. Emile Chevalier
40612: CHEVALLIER, GABRIEL - Clochemerle
12108: CHEYNEY, EDWARD P. - Law in History and Other Essays
41600: CHIARAMONTE, LOUIS J - Craftsman-Client Contracts Interpersonal relations in a Newfoundland fishing community
39812: CHIARAMONTR, LOUIS J - Craftsman-Client Contracts Interpersonal relations in a Newfoundland fishing community
11729: CHIASSON, FATHER ANSELME - History and Acadian Traditions Of Cheticamp. Translated from the Third Edition by Jean Doris Le Blanc
34530: CHIASSON, FATHER ANSELME - L'histoire des tapis 'hookes' de Cheticamp et de leurs artisans Projet de'La Societe Saint-Pierre'
32138: CHIERICHETTI, SANDRO (ITALIAN TEXT BY) - Masterworks of Sicily
18179: CHILD, PHILIP - The Village of Souls Drawings by W. Roloff Beny
36836: CHILD, DAPHNE (SELECTED, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY) - A merchant family in early Natal Diaries and letters of Joseph and Marianne Churchill 1850 to 1880 With a narrative of pioneering travels to Potchefstroom and the Soutpansberg
15080: CHIPMAN, NATHANIEL - Principles of Government: A Treatise on Free Institutions Including the Constitution of the United States
11650: CHIPMAN, B.W. - Nova Scotia Its Agricultural Resources
16530: CHIPPERFIELD, JOSEPH E. - Greeka Eagle of the Hebrides
13490: CHISHOLM, RICHARD STANFIELD (DUNC) - Decorated World War ll Airmen of Pictou County
5910: CHISHOLM, MICHAEL - Around the Bend: The Whimsical World of Michael Chisholm
42056: CHISHOLM, RICHARD STANFIELD (DUNC) - World War II Fallen Comrades Stellarton Nova Scotia
40251: CHISM, JAMES V. - Excavations at Loer Fort Garry, 1965-1967; A General Description of Excavations and Preliminary Discussions
31357: CHITTENDEN, FRED J. (EDITED BY) - The Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening A Practical and Scientific Encyclopedia of Horticulture (in 4 vols)
6499: CHITTICK, HATTIE - Hantsport The Smallest Town
41769: CHOGYAM TRUNPA, RINPOCHE - Visual Dharma Sourcebook II
42109: CHOULIARAKI, LILIE & NORMAN FAIRCLOUGH - Discourse in Late Modernity Rethinking Critical Discourse Analysis
11670: CHRISTIE, R.L, A.F. EMBRY, G.A. VAN DYCK (EDITORS) - Lexicon of Canadian Stratigraphy Volume 1 Arctic Archipelago (District of Franklin)
29298: CHRISTIE'S (CANADA) - Catalogue of Early Canadian Watercolours, Topographical & Historical Drawings Important Early Canadian Portraits & Fine Paintings & Drawings by Canadian Artists of the 19th & 20th Century [Sale No. 1]
39513: L. L. CHRISTMAS (PHOTOGRAPHER) - No. 4 Platoon. A. Cox 53rd Queens (vintage black & white photograph World War I)
14491: ST. JOHN. CHRISTOPHER - Ethel Smyth A Biography
33984: CHRISTOPHER, ROBERT J. - Robert and Frances Flaherty A Documentary Life, 1883-1922
28970: CHROUSOS, GEORGE P. ET AL (EDS) - Stress Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
12378: CHRYSOSTOM, JOHANNES. SAINT. - D. Ioan Chrystomi Episcopi Constantinopolitani commentarij, qui extant in sacrosanctu Iefu Christi Euangelium secundum Marcum & Lucam. [Bound with] In Sanctu Iesu Christi Euangelium secundum Ioannem comentarij, diligenter ab Arrianorum saecibus purgati, &
28953: WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH - The Minutes of Annual Conferences of the Wesleyan- Methodist Church in Canada, From 1824 to 1845, inclusive; With Many Official Documents and Resolutions not Before Published . To Which is Added The Marriage Act
3226: CHURCHILL, CHARLES - Memorials of Missionary Life in Nova Scotia
16163: CHURCHILL, CHARLES - The Poetical Works of Charles Churchill With Memoir, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. George Gilfillan
40556: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Closing the Ring ( Volume V of the Second World War Series
28149: CHUTE, REV. A. C. - John Thomas, First Baptist Missionary to Bengal. 1757-1801
3163: CHUTE, REV. A. C. - John Thomas, First Baptist Missionary to Bengal. 1757-1801
13080: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS - Epistolarum Ad Familares Libri XVI. Ad Optimus Editiones Collato
4636: CIRCLE, E.B. - House and Families of Halfway Brook and Otter Brook. Compiled by E.B. Circle of Middle Stewiacke United Church
26594: CLABBURN, PAMELA - The Needleworker's Dictionary
30292: CLABBURN, PAMELA (ED) - Working Class Costumes from Sketches of Characters by William Johnstone White, 1818
14162: CLANCY, PETER, JAMES BICKERTON, RODNEY HADDOW, IAN STEWART - The Savage Years The Perils of Reinventing Government in Nova Scotia
8753: CLAPP, GEORGE WOOD - The Life And Work of James Leon Williams
27028: CLARE, JOHN (EDITED AND WITH ANINTRODUCTION BY ANNE TIBBLE) - The Journal Essays The Journey from Essex
39795: CLARK, REX - Contrary Winds Essays on Newfoundland Society in Crisis
40298: CLARK, GERALD - For Good Measure The Sam Steinberg Story
21640: CLARK, TOM - The Last Gas Station and Other Stories
22033: CLARK, F. LE GROS AND TOMS, RICHARD W. - Evacuation Failure or Reform
27498: CLARK, THEKLA - Wystan and Chester A Personal Memoir of W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman
33237: CLARK, KATHLEEN M. - Christmas Tales to Tell
36847: CLARK, ANTHONY M. - Pompeo Batoni A Complete Catalogue of his Works with an Introductory Text
34216: CLARK, ELLA ELIZABETH - Indian Legends of Canada
34805: CLARK, HYLA M. - The Tall Ships A Sailing Celebration
35799: CLARK, ANDREW - A Keen Soldier The Execution of Second World War private Harold Prince
35897: CLARK, CECIL - B.C. Provincial Stories (in 3 volumes )
2119: CLARKE, GEORGE FREDERICK - Return to Acadia. An Historical Romance of the Eighteenth Century in what was later to be New Brunswick
3621: CLARKE, FLORA. - Sisters: Canada and India.
9298: CLARKE, PAULINE - Torolv The Fatherless
12311: CLARKE, JOHN - An Introduction to the Making of Latin: Comprising, in an Easy and Compendious Method, The Substance of The Latin Syntax; with Proper English Examples in one column, and the Latin Words in another
15127: CLARKE, PETER - On the Ice
32003: CLARKE, GEORGE FREDERICK - Six Salmon Rivers and Another
32926: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Exploration of Space
32927: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Promise of Space
39317: CLARKE, HENRY S. STANLEY(COMPILED BY) - A History of the Clarke Family To which The Pedigrees of the Stanleys, of the Raikes, and of the Bechers are added
39925: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Execution Poems
13616: CLARKSON, STEPHEN & MCCALL, CHRISTINA - Trudeau and Our Times. Volume I: The Magnificent Obsession. Volume II: The Heroic Delusion [2 Volumes]
29429: CLAUDEL, PAUL - le monde de vezelay
29237: CLAVET, ALAIN (PREPARED BY) - Researcher's Guide National Photography Collection
29654: CLAXTON, WILLIAM J. - Half-Hours with Great Writers
29454: CLAY, BERTHA M. - Thrown On the World
42030: CLAYTON, WILLARD PARKER - Whatever Your Will, Lord A Brief History Written in Commemoration of the 139th Anniversary of Emmanuel Baptist Church Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
5207: CLAYTON, DEIDRA - Eagle The Life and Times of R.Alan Eagleson
24006: CLAYTON, J. DOUGLAS - Ide and Flame Aleksandr Pushkin's Eugene Onegin
28498: CLAYTON, J. DOUGLAS - Ice and Flame Aleksandr Pushkin's Eugene Onegin
38503: CLEARFIELD, ANDREW M. - These Fragments I Have Shored Collage and Montage in Early Modenist Poetry
9146: CLEARY, JON - The Safe House
11552: CLEAVER, CHARLES GRINNELL - Japanese and Americans Cultural Parallels and Paradoxes
23590: VAN CLEEF, EUGENE - Trade Centers and Trade Routes
39362: CLEGG, ANTHONY - The Mount Royal Tunnel 'Canada's First Subway'
11197: CLEMENT, WALLACE - The Struggle to Organize Resistance in Canada's Fishery
37577: CLEMENTS, LEWIS (WILDFOWLER) - Modern Wildfowling. by 'Wildfowler' of 'The Field'
28265: CLEVELAND, CECILIA - The Story of a Summer; or, Journal Leaves from Chappaqua
39967: CLEVER, GLENN (ED WITH AN INTRODUCTION) - The E.J. Pratt Symposium
19794: CLIFFORD, NICHOLAS R. - Retreat from China British Policy in the Far East 1937-1941
28901: CLIFFORD, DEREK - Collecting English Watercolours Including 243 Monochrome Plates and Thirteen in Colour
15299: CLIFT, DENISON - White Terror of the Atlantic
31427: CLIFTON-MOGG, CAROLINE AND FEETHAM, PIERS - Displaying Pictures and Photographs A Complete Guide to Framing, Arranging and Lighting Paintings, Prints and Photographs
6642: CLIMO, LINDEE - Chester's Barn
25691: CLINE, BEVERLY FINK - Louisa Clark's Annual 1841 Life & Literature in British North America by a Lady Writer Residing in the Town of Goderich Canada West
41220: M'CLINTOCK, LETITIA - The Cottagers of Glencarran
35063: M'CLINTOCK, CAPTAIN - A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions A Voyage of the 'Fox' in the Arctic Seas
13508: CLIPPINGDALE, RICHARD - Laurier His Life and World
40646: CLIPPINGDALE, RICHARD - Robert Stanfield's Canada Perspectives of the Best Prime Minister We Never Had
28538: CLOUZOT, HENRI - La Manufacture de Jouy et la Toile Imprimee au XVIII Siecle
25660: FREDERICTON CURLING CLUB - A Century of Curling in Fredericton, New Brunswick 1854 - 1954
27603: CLUNN, HAROLD P. - The Face of London The Record of a Century's Changes and Development
23071: CLUTTON-BROCK, ELIZABETH - Woman of the Paddle Song
39309: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's Historical Motor Scrapbook
35918: CN (CANADIAN NATIONAL) - Canadian National Photograph of First Railway Locomotive in Canada, Inaugurated 1836, Operating Between St. John and Laprairie
35917: CN (CANADIAN NATIONAL) - Canadian National Photograph of an Intercolonial Railway Locomotive
35916: CN (CANADIAN NATIONAL) - Canadian National Photograph of the Locomotive Samson Hauling Bride's Coach on Display at World's Fair
35910: CN (CANADIAN NATIONAL) - Canadian National Photograph of the Maritime Express (Intercolonial Railway), Wentworth Valley, Nova Scotia, c. 1900
41278: WILLIAMS PERRAN FOUNDRY CO. - Illustrated Catalogue of Pumping and Winding Engines, and Other Plant Used for Mining Purposes, Horizontal , Fixed, and Portable Engines, Cornish and Other Boilers, General Machinery, manufactured byWilliams Perran Foundry Co.
16740: DAVIS & LAWRENCE CO. - Perry Davis' Pain Killer Almanac 1915
16766: NORTHROP & LYMAN CO. - Northrop & Lyman Co's 1910 Almanac and Guide to Health
28375: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET & CO - The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books and Manuscripts Part I Printed Books A-B
28376: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET & CO - The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books and Manuscripts Part II Printed Books C-E
28377: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET & CO - The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books and Manuscripts Part III Manuscripts and Autograph Letters of the 12th to the 20th Century
28593: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET & CO. - Western Illuminated Manuscripts the Property of the John Carter Brown Library, Providence, Rhode Island and Comprising the bequest of John Nicholas Brown and Louisa Dexter Sharpe Metcalf including The Ottobeuren Gradual and Sacramentary, circa 1164 (cont)
28822: CAPITOL PUBLSIHING CO - Who's Who for Denver and Colorado A Reference Work
33317: SERVICE ARMAMENT CO. - Service Armament Co. Catalogue
35491: SOTHEBY & CO. - A Catalogue of Early Canadian Glass and Portneuf Pottery from the Collection of Hilda and Kelvin Spence of Como, Quebec Which Will Be Sold by Public Auction
39770: ROLLAND PAPER CO. - Christmas Greetings 1938 ( Christmas Keepsake)
4576: COADY, M. M. - Masters of Their Own Destiny.The Story of the Antigonish Movement of Adult Education Through Economic Cooperation
297: COAKER, HON. SIR W. F. (ED.) - Twenty Years of the Fishermen's Protective Union of Newfoundland from 1909-1929.
8160: COAKLY, GREENSPUN & GERARD. - The Day The MGM GRAND Hotel Burned.
28797: COALES, JOHN (ED) - The Earliest English Brasses Patronage, Style and Workshops 1270-1350
23952: COBB, JAMES F. - Stories of Success, as Illustrated by the Lives of Humble Men Who Have Made Themselves Great
11126: COBBAN, HELENA - The Palestinian Liberation Organisation People, Power and Politics
19377: COBURN, KATHLEEN - In Pursuit of Coleridge
37169: COCHRAN, BENTE ROED - Printmaking in Alberta, 1945-1985
13099: COCHRANE, JEAN - The One-Room School In Canada
21300: COCHRANE, ERIC - Florence in the Forgotten Centuries 1527-1800 A History of Florence and the Florentines in the Age of the Grand Dukes
1803: COCKBURN, ROBERT & GIBBS, ROBERT. - Ninety Seasons. Modern Poems from the Maritimes.
26295: COCKLOFT, JEREMY - Cursory Observations Made in Quebec Province of Lower Canada in the Year 1811
9624: COCKSHOTT, WINNIFRED - The Pilgrim Fathers Their Church and Colony
23753: CODE, DAVID E. AND CARLOLINE URSULAK (ED) - Leaner and Meaner: Armed Forces in the Post Gulf War Era
37319: CODY, HENRY JOHN - Manuscript letter to Castell Hopkins from Henry John Cody written on 'St. Paul's Church' letterhead , dated April 21 1921
2727: CODY, H.A. - Songs of a Bluenose.
25584: COE, RALPH T. - Lost and Found Traditions Native American Art 1965-1985
32679: COETZEE, J. M. - Disgrace
10341: COFFIN, CAPTAIN JAMES DOANE - Journal of the Margaret Rait 1840-1844
20689: COGGESHALL, KENNETH M. - The Modern Electroplater
40029: COGGESHALL, GEORGE - History of the American Privateers The United States and the War of 1812 at Sea
41742: COGGON, ALLAN F. - From Wings Parade to Mandalay An Autobiography
24612: COGNIAT, RAYMOND (TEXT BY) - A Loan Exhibition of Paul Gauguin for the Benefit of the New York Infirmary April 3-May 4, 1946 at Wildenstein
1581: COGSWELL, FRED. - In Praise of Chastity. (Chapbook No. 12).
1950: COGSWELL, FRED. - Immortal Plowman.
27795: COGSWELL, FRED (ED) - The Atlantic Anthology Volume 2 Poetry
11532: COHEN, HERMAN - The Spirit of Our Laws British Justice at Work
13297: COHEN, REUBEN - A Time to Tell The Public Life of a Private Man
26252: COHEN, EDGAR H. - Mademoiselle Libertine A Portrait of Ninon de Lanclos
38525: COHEN, EDWARD H. - Works and Criticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins A Conmmprehensive Bibliography
36466: COHEN, MAJOR E.L. (EDITOR IN CHIEF) - The Connecting File Vol. XXVII No.1 Spring - Summer 1955 The Royal Canadian Regiment
27065: COHRS, J. SHIRLEY (ED) - Birding Nova Scotia
13351: COISH, CALVIN - Season of the Seal The International Storm Over Canada's Seal Hunt
26386: COISH, CALVIN - Distant Shores Pages From Newfoundland 's Past
6602: COLBY, CHARLES W. - Canadian Types Of The Old Regime 1608-1698
29734: COLBY, REGINALD - Mayfair A Town Within London
42038: COLCHESTER, NOVA SCOTIA. - Colchester Women Biographical Sketches
38496: COLE, CAPTAIN V. D. (ED) - The Patrician 1969 Vol. XXII Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Allied with 3rd Bn The Royal Green Jackets
31661: COLE, DOUG - Rhodes Scholars of Newfoundland
38177: COLE, MARGARET - The Story of Fabian Socialism
22043: COLE, G. D. H. - British Labour Movement-Retrospect and Prospect
22768: COLE, CAPTAIN V. D. (ED) - The Patrician 1974 Vol. XXVII Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Allied with The Royal Green Jackets
22769: COLE, CAPTAIN V. D. (ED) - The Patrician 1973 Vol. XXVI Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Allied with The Royal Green Jackets
22770: COLE, CAPTAIN V. D. (ED) - The Patrician 1972 Vol. XXV Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Allied with The Royal Green Jackets
22771: COLE, CAPTAIN V. D. (ED) - The Patrician 1971 Vol. XXIV Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Allied with The Royal Green Jackets
22772: COLE, CAPTAIN V. D. (ED) - The Patrician 1970 Vol. XXIII Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Allied with The Royal Green Jackets
22773: COLE, CAPTAIN V. D. (ED) - The Patrician Vol. XXII- 1971 Journal of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Allied with The Royal Green Jackets
28201: COLE, SYLVAN JR.(ED) - Raphael Soyer fifty years of printmaking 1917-1967
30954: COLE, ANN KILBORN - Fine Food, Wine, and Pickled Pine The Story of Coventry Forge Inn
36024: COLE, HENRY (EDITED BY)) - The Works of Thomas Love Peacock Including His Novels, Poems, Fugitive Pieces, Criticisms, Etc (in 3 vols)
10654: COLEMAN-COOKE, JOHN - Discovery ll in the Antarctic The Story of British Research in the Southern Seas
20820: COLEMAN, D. C. - Courtaulds An Economic and Social History, Vol. 1 The Nineteenth Century Silk and Crape,Vol.II Rayon (in two volumes)
23085: COLEMAN, B. I. (ED.) - The idea of the city in nineteenth-century Britain
27900: COLEMAN, DANIEL - White Civility The Literary Project of English Canada
25904: COLES, ROBERT - Anna Freud The Dream of Psychoanalysis
15314: COLEY, G.E. ALTREE - Look, --Ye Blind! Many people are asking: How can the New Order be established? This book answers that question
10313: COLLARD, ELIZABETH - Nineteenth-Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada
9456: COLLARD, ELIZABETH - The Potters' View of Canada. Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth-Century Earthenware
26263: COLLARD, EDGAR ANDREW - Montreal: The Days That Are No More
30290: COLLARD, EILEEN - Early Clothing in Southern Ontario
40623: ORDNANCE COLLEGE - Notes on Electricity and Service Electricial Apparatus
16796: COLLIER, MARK AND MANELY, BILL - How to read Egyptial hierglyphs a step-by-step guide to teach yourself
26816: COLLIER, GRAHAM - Form, Space, and Vision discovering design through drawing
32903: COLLIER, BASIL - The Battle of the V-Weapons 1944-45
34280: COLLIER, JOHN - Green Thoughts
39214: COLLING, HERB WITH CARL MORGAN - Pioneering The Auto Age
39849: COLLINS, HAROLD - Always A Straight Shooter
36823: COLLINS, WM. W. - Free Statia Reminiscences of a Lifetime in the Ornage Free State
3634: COLLINS, LOUIS W. - In Halifax Town On Going For A Walk In Halifax, Nova Scotia.
28685: COLLINS, W.H. (DIR) - Geological Survey Summary Report, 1924, Part C
33286: COLLINS, CLARISSA W. - Leaves and Mosaics: Sketches, Prose and Verse
33289: COLLINS, CLARISSA W. - Mexican Vignettes
34921: COLLINS, JOHN - Post-Impressionist Masterworks from the National Gallery of Canada
28701: COLMAN, HENRY - European Life and Manners; in Familiar Letters to Friends (in 2 volumes)
36898: COLSON, ELIZABETH AND MAX GLUCKMAN(ED) - Seven Tribes of British Central Africa
13751: COLTON, REV. WALTER - Deck and Port; Or, Incidents of a Cruise to California. With Sketches of Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Lima, Honolulu, and San Francisco
23009: COLTON, TIMOTHY J. - Big Daddy Frederick G. Gardiner and the Building of Metropolitan Toronto
34556: COLUM, PADRAIC - Dramatic Legends and Other Poems
17802: COLWELL, PEARCY ROBERT (SELECTED AND EDITED BY) - The Poems of William Morris
20167: COMBE, GEORGE (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH) - On the Functions of the Cerebellum by Drs. Gall, Vimont, Broussais,Roget,Rudolphi, Prichard,Tiedemann (bound with) Also Answers to the Objections Urged Against Phrenology by George Combe and Dr. A. Combe
20358: COMBE, GEORGE - Moral Philosophy: The Duties of Man Considered in His Individual, Social, and Domestic Capacities
22121: COMBE, GEORGE - The Consititution of Man, Considered in Relation to External Objects Illustrated with Twenty Engravings.
41199: COMBE, GEORGE (WITH NOTES , AN INTRODUCTORY ESSAY, AND A N HISTORICAL SKETCH: BY ANDREW BOARDMAN) - Lectures on Phrenology; including its application to the present and prospective condition of the United States
21700: COMBER, LEON - The Traditional Mysteries of Chinese Secret Societies in Malaya
37854: COMBER, W.M. - Wilfred Grenfell The Labrador Doctor
5192: COMEAU, AMBROISE - The Oldest Parish in Canada
5825: COMFORT, CHARLES FRASER - Artist at War
26948: COMFORT, CHARLES(DIR) - Robert et Sonia Delaunay
5382: COMISH, SHAUN - The Westray Tragedy A Miner's Story
7464: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE - The Empire of Reason: How Europe Imagined and America Realized the Enlightenment
20808: MARITIME UNION STUDY COMMISSION - The Report on Maritime Union Commissioned by The Governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Maritime Union Study Commission d'etude de l'union des Provinces Maritimes
38183: CATALOGUE COMMITTEE(COMPILED AND EDITED BY - RALPH FREIBURG CHAIRMAN)) - Atwood's Catalogue Of Unites States and Canadian Transportation Tokens
41484: WAWOTA UNITED CHURCH HISTORY COMMITTEE - Remember When The History of the United Churches of Wawota and adjacent Districts
6207: NEW HORIZONS BOOK COMMITTEE - Celebrating New Horizons The History of New Horizons on Prince Edward Island 1972- 1992
21535: COMPILED BY THE CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE - Immaculate Conception Parish Centennial 1875 1975
28650: AMERICAN TYPE FOUNDERS COMPANY - Supplement to the American Line Type Book Showing Specimens of Up-to-Date Type and Decorative Material Brought out since the Type Book was issued
40600: CANADIAN CAR & FOUNDRY COMPANY - Mining Equipment Catalogue Builders of Mine and Industrial Cars Steel Foundry Products Incidental to Mine Operations
41336: UNIVERSAL MOTOR COMPANY - Boats Today Vol.III 175 Boat Designs
37223: CONCHON, GEORGE (PREFACE DE) - Merveilles des chateaux d'auvergne et du Limousin
35407: CONEY, MICHAEL; ILLUSTRATED BY CHRISTINE RICHARDS - Forest Ranger, Ahoy! The Men - The Ships - The job
41554: FREEWILL BAPTIST GENERAL CONFERENCE (COMPILED BY ORDER OF) - The Psalmody: A Collection of Hymns for Public and Social Worship.
29467: CONGREVE, MR. - Love for Love, A Comedy. Marked wth the Variations n the Manager's Books, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane
29469: CONGREVE, MR. - The Way of the World. A Comedy. Marked wth the Variations n the Manager's Books, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane
36108: CONGREVE, WILLIAM - The Comedies of William Congreve in Two Volumes
37004: CONGREVE, COLONEL - The Details of the Rocket System:
37005: CONGREVE, LIEUT. COL. WILLIAM - An Elementary Treatise on the Mounting of Naval Ordnance:
16551: CONNAUGHTON, RICHARD - Shrouded Secrets Japan's War on Mainland Australia 1942-1944
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4844: DOWNEY, FAIRFAX - Louisbourg: Key to a Continent
39200: DOWNEY, FAIRFAX - Sound of the Guns The Story of American Artillery from the Ancient and Honourable Company to the Atom Cannon and Guided Missile
280: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE AND M. HAMILTON (EDS.) - 'And Some Brought Flowers' Plants in a New World
25152: DOWNING, TAYLOR AND JOHNSTON, ANDREW - Battle Stations Decisive Weapons of the Second World War
21658: DOWNS, ROBERT B AND MCCOY, RALPH E.(EDITED BY) - The First Freedom Today Critical Issues Relating to Censorship and to Intellectual Freedom
39016: DOWSON, ERNEST - The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson
804: DOYLE, ARTHUR T - Front Benches & Back Rooms: A Story of Corruption, Muckraking, Raw Partisanship and Intrigue in New Brunswick
15096: DOYLE, BRIAN - You can pick me up at Peggy's Cove
19534: DOYLE, JAMES - Annie Howells and Achille Frechette
23921: DOYLE, ARTHUR T. - The Premiers of New Brunswick
28026: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Conan Doyle Historical Romances. Rodney Stone, Uncle Bernac, Exploits of Brigadier Gerard, Adentures of Gerard
40245: DOYLE, A. CONAN - A Desert Drama Being The Tragedy of the Korosko with Thirty-Two full-page illustrations by S. Paget
37331: SIR CHARLES HASTINGS DOYLE - Manuscript letter from Hon. Sir Charles Hastings Doyle to His Honour The Lieutenant Governor Fredericton, [Lemuel Allan Wilmot,[New Brunswick], dated 14th of June, 1869
39696: DOYLE, MARJORIE M. - Newfoundlander in Exile The Life and Times of Philip Tocque (1814-1899)
27559: DRAKE, JOSEPH RODMAN - The Culprit Fay and Other Poems
34246: DRAKE, JOSEPH RODMAN - The Culprit Fay, A Poem
32771: DRAPEAU, OMAR - Au service de la population pendant un demi-siecle La caisse populaire de Balmoral 1940-1990
32988: DREVER, HELEN - Tales of Scottish Clans for Children (and Grown-ups)
9388: DREW, LIEUT-COLONEL GEORGE A - Canada's Fighting Airmen
36333: DREXLER, ARTHUR - Charles Eames Furniture from the Design Collection The Museum of Modern Art, New York
5678: DRISCOLL, BERNADETTE; PITSULAK, LYPA; ETC. - Baffin Island [Sculpture] The Winnipeg Art Gallery July 23- September 25, 1983
38631: O'DRISCOLL, ROBERT - Symbolism and Some Implications of the Symbolic Approach: W.B. Yeats During the Eighteen-Nineties
41974: DRIVER, OLIVE WAGNER - The Bacon-Shakespeare Mystery
39690: DROUIN-BRISEBOIS, JOSEE - Christopher Pratt All My Own Work
5740: DRUMMOND, DR. W. H. - Dr. W. H. Drummond's Complete Poems
11933: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM HENRY - The Great Fight Poems and Sketches. Edited, With a Biographical Sketch, by May Harvey Drummond With Illustrations by Frederick Simpson Coburn
18427: DRURY, ERNEST C. - The story of Simcoe County Land of Holiday and History
32732: DRURY, HONOURABLE C. M., MINISTER OF INDUSTRY - White Paper on A Domestic Satellite Communication System for Canada [Printed in French and English]
6741: DRYDEN, KEN - The Game A Thoughtful and Provocative Look at a Life in Hockey
25124: DRYERRE, REV. J. MELDRUM - Heroes and Heroines of the Scottish Covenanters
6252: DUBINSKY, J.L. - In and Out of Court
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22227: DUBY, GEORGES - The Knight The Lady and The Priest The Making of Modern Marriage in Medieval France
31799: DUCKWORTH, J. HERBERT - Autosuggestion and its Personal Application
38529: DUDEK, LOUIS (EDITED WITH NOTES BY) - Dk/Some Letters of Ezra Pound
11242: DUDEK, LOUIS - The First Person In Literature Six Talks For CBC Radio
21571: DUE, JOHN F. - The Intercity Electric Railway Industry in Canada
18540: DUFF, J. CLARENCE - Pen Sketches of Historic Toronto
34331: DUFF, JAMES H., ANDREW WYETH AND JAMES WYETH - An American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art, N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, James Wyeth
24918: DUFFERIN, MARCHIONESS OF AND AVA - My Canadian Journal 1872-'78 Extracts from my Letters Home Written While Lord Dufferin was Governor-General with Illustrations from Sketches by Lord Dufferin Portrait and Map
3383: DUFFUS, ALLAN; MACFARLANE, EDWARD; PACEY, ELIZABETH AND ROGERS, GEORGE - Thy Dwellings Fair: Churches of Nova Scotia: 1750-1830. (together with ) More Stately Mansions Churches of Nova Scotia 1830-1910 [2 Volumes]
38857: DUGMORE, A. RADCLYFFE - The Romance of the Newfoundland Caribou. An Intimate Account of the Reindeer of North America
41636: DULAC, EDMUND - Edmund Dulac's Picture-Book for the French Red Cross
32847: DUMBRILLE, DOROTHY - Deep Doorways (A Story of Life in Canada Between Two Wars)
36886: DUMINY A.H.(ED. WITH L.J.G.ADCOCK) - The Reminiscences of Richard Paver
31261: DUMOUCHEL, JACQUES - Albert Dumouchel Maitre Graveur
29663: DUNANT, SARAH - Snow Storms in a Hot Climate
32218: DUNAS, JEFF - Jeff Dunas
36503: DUNBAR, A.R. - A History of Bunyoro-Kitara
13914: DUNBAR, MOIRA AND KEITH R. GRENAWAY - Arctic Canada From the Air
39713: DUNCAN, NORMAN - The Cruise of the Shining Light
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2148: DUNCAN, NORMAN - The Cruise of the Shining Light
40643: DUNCAN, JAMES S. - Not a One-Way Street the Autobiography of James S. Duncan
3146: DUNCAN, EVA E (COMPILED BY) - Gazetteer of Nova Scotia: A Geographical Dictionary Giving Names and Locations of Places in Alphabetic Order
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42160: DUNCAN, NORMAN - Doctor Luke of the Labrador
39038: DUNCAN, NORMAN - The Best of a Bad Job A Hearty Tale of the Sea
22407: DUNCAN, SARAH JEANETTE (MRS. EVERARD COTES0 - Hilda A Story of Calcutta
39714: DUNCAN, NORMAN - Harbor Tales Down North
17831: DUNCAN, NORMAN - The Mother
2141: DUNCAN, NORMAN - Battles Royal Down North.
17751: DUNCANSON, JOHN VICTOR - Nova Scotian Vessels Shipwrecked or Disabled in United States Coastal Waters 1875-1914
40736: DUNDAS, HON. MRS. - Wrecked, Not Lost: or, The Pilot and His Companions
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18572: DUNK, THOMAS W. - It's a Working Man's Town Male Working-Class Culture in Northwestern Ontario
37526: DUNLAY, THOMAS W. - Wolves for the Blue Soldiers Indian Scouts and Auxiliaries with the United States Army: 1860-90
11083: DUNLOP, ALLAN C. (EDITED BY) - A Preliminary Examination of the State of Religious Archives in Nova Scotia
26142: DUNLOP, MARILYN - Bill Mustard Surgical Pioneer
35153: DUNMORE, SPENCER - Wings For Victory The Remarkable Story of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada
19384: DUNMORE, SPENCER AND CARTER, WILLIAM - Reap the Whirlwind The Untold Story of 6 Group, Canada's Bomber Force of World War II
2211: DUNN, CHARLES W. - Highland Settler. A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Nova Scotia
2391: DUNN, LADY. - Remembrance 29th October 1958.
32885: DUNN, HON. A. T. - Forty-First Annual Report of the Crown Land Department of the Province of New Brunswick For the Year Ended 31st October, 1901
28749: DUNNE, BERT V. - Play Ball, Son!
40568: DUNPHY, CATHERINE - Morgentaler A Difficult Hero
34339: DUNSANY, LORD - If Shakespeare Lived To-day
34476: DUNSANY, LORD - A Night at an Inn
13747: DUPIN, LOUIS ELLIES (1657-1719) - De Antiqua Ecclesiae Disciplina Deissertationes Historicae, Excertae ex Conciliis Oecumenicis & Sanctorum Patrum ac Auctorum Ecclesiasticorum Scriptis
26963: DUPONT, JEAN-CLAUDE - Heritage D'Acadie
34101: DUPONT, JEAN-CLAUDE(SOUS LA DIRECTION DE) - Melanges en l'honneur de Luc Lacourciere Folklore francais d'Amerique
38712: DUPUIS, KATERI (TERI) , DON CAYEN AND THE FRENCH CANADIAN/ACADIAN GENEALOGISTS OF WISCONSIN - St. Louis Catholic Parish Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Repertoire of Baptists, Marriages, & Burials 1850-1920
22791: DURACK, MARY - To Ride a Fine Horse
11836: DURANT, JOHN - The Story of Baseball in words and pictures
29074: DURELL, CLEMENT V. - Advanced Algebra Volume I
15766: DURREL, LAWRENCE - Livia or Burried Alive
36872: DUSTON, MERLE - Radio Construction for the Amateur
42210: DUTTON, PAUL - right hemisphere left ear (Signed)
5561: DUVAL, PAUL - Ken Danby
5635: DUVAL, PAUL - The Art of Glen Loates
5662: DUVAL, PAUL; CINADER, BERNHARD; EBER, DOROTHY HARLEY & ROLOFF, HOWARD B. - A Heritage of Canadian Art: The McMichael Collection
6067: DUVAL, PAUL - High Realism in Canada
6094: DUVAL, PAUL - Canadian Art: Vital Decades The McMichael Conservation Collection
6113: DUVAL, PAUL - Canadian Water Colour Painting
6172: DUVAL, PAUL - The Tangled Garden The Art of J.E.H. MacDonald
6196: DUVAL, PAUL - A Vision of Canada The MacMichael Canadiana Collection
6735: DUVAL, PAUL - Group of Seven Drawings
9102: DUVAL, PAUL - The McMichael Conservation Collection of Art
9712: DUVAL, PAUL. - Ken Danby: The New Decade
29648: DUVAL, RENE - Deuxieme Recueil de Billets Hebdomadaries Publies dan L'Echo Abitibien brumes et frimas
29649: DUVAL, RENE - Trosieme Recueil de Billets Hebdomadaries Publies dan L'Echo Abitibien cataracteres
39668: DUVAL, PAUL (INTRO BY) - John Newman
23318: VAN DUYN, MONA - A Time of Bees
39003: DWIVEDI, A.N. - T.S. Eliot's Major Poems: An Indian Interpretation
15116: DWYER, MICHAEL J. - Over the Side, Mickey A sealer's first hand account of the Newfoundland seal hunt
27496: DWYER, JIM; KOCIENIEWSKI, DAVID; MURPHY, DEIDRE; TYRE, PEG - Two Seconds Under the World Terror Comes to America-The Consipracy Behind the World Trade Center Bombing
10801: DYER, W.S. - Minto Coal Basin New Brunswick
27696: DYER, COLIN - The Guild of Freemen of the City of London A record of its formation and history
33272: VAN DYKE, HENRY - The Spirit of Christmas
40482: VAN DYKE, HENRY - The Lost World A Christmas Legend of Long Ago
22915: DYKEMAN, FLOYD W. - Integrated Rural Planning and Development
35409: DYOS, H. J. AND MICHAEL WOLFF (EDITED BY) - The Victorian City Images and Realities Volume I: Past and Present and Numbers of People
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13345: EASTON, ALAN - Ships Against the Sea
23695: EASTON, STEWART C. - The Twilight of European Colonialism A Political Analysis
3674: EATON, REV. ARTHUR WENTWORTH - Genealogical Sketch Of The Nova Scotia Eatons
14236: EATON, ARTHUR WENTWORTH HAMILTON - Funny Epitaphs. Collected by Arthur Wentworth Eaton
26118: EATON, SEYMOUR (EDITED BY) - Robert Burns Rare Print Collection (in 8 parts)
26132: EATON, FLORA MCCREA - Memory's Wall The Autobiography of Flora McCrea Eaton
1814: EATON, FRANK H. - Elementary Practical Mathematics For High Schools
23274: EAYRS, JAMES - In Defence of Canada From the Great War to the Great Depression
24754: EAYRS, JAMES - In Defence of Canada Growing Up Allied
33093: EBELING, RICHARD M. (ED) - Global Free Trade: Rhetoric or Reality?Champions of Freedom Volume 20
15319: EBER, DOROTHY HARLEY - Genius at Work. Images of Alexander Bell
25277: EBERS, GEORG (RELATED BY) - A Question The Idyl of a Picture by His Friend Alma Tadema
28840: EBERSOLE, GARY L. - Ritual Poetry and the Politics of Death in Early Japan
33118: ECCLES, W. J. - The Ordeal of New France Part 1 of a four-part history of Canada
39485: ECCLES, AUDREY - Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Tudor and Stuart England
37233: VON ECKARDT, WOLF VON - Life For Dead Spaces The Development of the Lavanburg Commons An Architectural Proposal by Charles Goodman, FAIA
21349: ECKENHOFF, JAMES E. - Anesthesia from Colonial Times A History of Anesthesia at The University of Pennsylania
12602: ECKHARDT, FERDINAND & HUBBARD, R.H. - Walter Gramatte 1897-1929
11529: ECO, UMBERTO - A Theory of Semiotics
38979: EDELBERG, CYNTHIA DUBIN - Robert Creeley's Poetry A Critical Introduction
30086: EDELMAN, IAN - Gosport A Pictorial History
31973: EDGE, C. G. (ET AL) - The Impact of Systems and Computers on Management and on the Accountant
16808: EDGERTON, WILLIAM H. - How to Renovate Townhouses and Brownstones
38889: CANADA TRACKSIDE GUIDE EDITORS - Canadian Trackside Guide 1994
27097: EDLIN, HERBERT L. - The Natural History of Trees
34061: EDMISON, J. ALEX (ED) - Through The Years in Douro (Peterborough County- Canada) 1822-1967
1645: EDMONDS, ALAN. - Voyage to the Edge of the World
2348: EDMONDS, ALAN. - Voyage to the Edge of the World
30434: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - The Musket and the Cross The Struggle of France and England for North America
19723: BOARD OF EDUCATION - Syllabus of Physical Training for Schools
28836: INSTITUTE FRO INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION - The Durban Strikes 1973 ('Human Beings with Souls'
39727: EDWARDS, ENA FARRELL WITH R.E. BUEHLER - Notes toward a history of St. Lawrence
6780: EDWARDS, JOSEPH PLIMSOLL - The Public Records of Nova Scotia Their History and Present Condition
8737: EDWARDS, REV. GEORGE (EDITED BY) - The Pioneer Work Of The Presbyterian Church In Montana
13845: EDWARDS, J.M. - CWM Idwal Group with Illustratons by the Author Vol. I
21574: EDWARDS, E.D. - Chinese Prose Literature of the T'Ang Period A.D. 618-906 [2 volumes]
28303: EDWARDS, C. OLIVER - Old Paris From Saint-Julien -Le-Pauver to Saint-Medar
37326: EDWARDS, LIONEL - Horses and Ponies A Book of Sketches
41970: EDWARDS, JONATHAN (EDITED, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY PAUL HELM) - Treatise on Grace and other posthumously published writings
38518: EDWARDS, JOHN HAMILTON & WILLIAM W. VASSE - Annotated Index to the Cantos of Ezra Pound Cantos I-LXXXIV
42214: EDWARS, MARGARET BUNEL - Highlights from MacKay's History MacKay United Church 1875-1975
26726: EDWIN, RONALD - Clock Without Hands
31565: EGAN, CONSTANCE - Epaminondas Tries to be Brave
6413: EGGLESTON, WILFRED - Canada's Nuclear Story
13602: EGGLESTON, WILFRID - Newfoundland: The Road to Confederation
10899: EGGLESTON, WILFRED (EDITED BY) - Green Gables Letters From L. M. Montgomery to Ephraim Weber
29408: EGINGTON, P.G.M.CHAS. - Masonic Burial Services, and Regulations for Processions, compiled , arranged , amended, etc., at the Urgent Request of many Kentucky Brethren,
37230: EGOFF, SHEILA A. (COMPLIED BY ) - Canadian Children's books 1799-1939 in the Special Collections and University Archives Division The University of British Columbia Library A Bibliographical Catalogue

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