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11220: BELL, W. A. - Carboniferous Rocks and Fossil Floras of Northern Nova Scotia. Geological Survey Memoir 238
36949: BELL, KEN & MORTON, DESMOND - Royal Canadian Military Institute 100 Years 1890 - 1990
831: BELL, W. A. - The Pictou Coalfield, Nova Scotia
2984: BELL, D.G. (ED.) - The Newlight Baptist Journals of James Manning and James Innis
3568: BELL, WINTHROP PICKARD. - A Genealogical Study [Two Volumes] Genealogy of the Bell, Allison, Pickard and Burpee families.
6887: BELL, MICHAEL [SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY] - Painters In A New Land. From Annapolis Royal To The Klondike
9845: BELL, MICHAEL [SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY] - Painters In A New Land. From Annapolis Royal To The Klondike
10284: BELL, DAVID G. & E. CAROL ROSEVEAR - Guide to the Legal Manuscripts in the New Brunswick Museum
12072: BELL, RALPH P. & BARNJUM, FRANK J.D. - The Pulpwood Embargo a Much Misrepresented Issue. A Reprint of An Interchange of Open Letters to the Press
12713: BELL, KEN AND C.P. STACEY - 100 Years The Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1983
12956: BELL, KEN AND CELIA FRANCA - The National Ballet of Canada A Celebration with photographs by Ken Bell and a Memoir by Celia Franca
15254: BELL, KEN - The Way We Were
17691: BELL., SIR CHARLES - The Hand Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Designs
28292: BELL, ALAN WITH DRAWINGS BY SHIRLEY BELL - Common Australian Birds
30927: BELL, MICHAEL - Romancing the Stone. The Lithographs of Frederick Hagan
32433: BELL, CATHERINE D. - Sydney Stuart; or, Love Seeketh Not Her Own
38297: BELL, WINTHROP PICKARD - A Genealogical Study - Genealogy of the Bell, Allison, Pickard and Burpee families Volume II- 4 large genealogical charts in slipcase
40664: BELL, ALEXANDER GRAHAM - Saving the Six-Nippled Breed: Mr. Bell's Last Contribution to Science, with An Introduction by Mrs. Bell
41063: BELL, MACKENZIE - Charles Whitehead: A Forgotten Genius. With Extracts from the His works, and a new Preface
39127: BELL, GRAHAM - Building Your Own Boat
38574: BELL, IAN F.A. (ED) - Ezra Pound: Tactics for Reading
40439: BELL, CHARLES NAPIER - The Old Forts of Winnipeg (1738-1927)
41123: BELL, MACKENZIE - Spring's Immortality and Other Poems
26138: BELLA, LESLIE - The Christmas Imperative Leisure, Family, and Women's Work
36984: BELLAMY, KATHRINE E. - Weavers of the Tapestry (Signed by author)
38643: LA BELLE, JENIJOY - The Echoing Wood of Theodore Roethke
41276: BELLISS, G.E. & CO. - Illustrated Catalogue of Direct-Acting Electric Light Engines,Centrifugal Pumping Engines, Srteam Launch & Torpedo Boat Machinery,Forced Draught & Ventilating Fan Engines, Patent Air-Compressing Machinery, Auxiliary Machinery for Ships, Steam Boilers, &c.
36861: BELLIVEAU, JOHN EDWARD - The Headliners Behind the Scenes Memoirs
5040: BELLIVEAU, JOHN EDWARD - Running Far In. The Story of Shediac
32150: BELLIVEAU, JOHN EDWARD - 'Crackie' The Sumner Family Business Dynasty
35778: BELLIVEAU, JOHN EDWARD - Little Louis and the Giant K. C.
20322: BELLIVEAU, JOHN EDWARD - Moncton Club Founded 1901 A History 1909-1979
37945: BELLMAN, DAVID - Mount Royal Montreal
37202: BELLWOOD, PETER - First Farmers The Origins of Agricultural Societies
2724: BELMORE, ELEANOR M. - Caribou Gold Mines 1864-1990
36708: BELSEY, HUGH - Thomas Gainsborough A Country Life
41469: BEMBO (PIETRO). - Epistolarum familiarium libri VI. eiusdem, Leonis X. pont. max. nomine scriptarum, lib.XVI. (2 volumes in one)
24661: BEMMANN, HELGA - Wer schmeist denn da mit Lehm? Eine Clarie-Waldoff-Biographie
36983: DE BENEDETTI, GEORGE J. & LAMARCHE, RODOLPHE H. (EDITED BY) - Shock Waves. The Maritime Urban System in the New Economy
12708: BENEDICT, MICHAEL (EDITED BY) - Canada At War
34915: BENEDIKT, MICHAEL - For An Architecture of Reality
11504: BENES, PETER & BENES, JANE MONTAGUE (EDITORS) - Itinerancy in New England and New York. The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife: Annual Proceedings 1984
21011: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - The Ballad of William Sycamore 1790-1880
32559: BENJAMIN, MARINA - Rocket Dreams. How the Space Age Shaped Our Vision of a World Beyond
35903: BENJAMIN, R. ALLEN (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Photograph of Maple Leaf Club Party at Palmers in Waverly, Nova Scotia, c. 1950
41595: BENN, BRUCE & DEEPAK KAMRA (EDITED BY MARC DENHEZ) - How to Plan for Renovation: Canadian Case Studies
35888: BENN, JOHN - A Common Sight Prints and Poems by John Benn
9687: BENNET, THOMAS - An Answer to the Dissenters Pleas for Separation, or an Abridgement of the London Cases; Wherein The Substance of those Books is Digested into Short and Plain Discourse
32499: BENNET, A. B. WITH HEISLER, GARNET - Duelling Dories 50 Years of International Dory Racing in Nova Scotia
3149: BENNET, JIM. - A Man for Dalhousie: Henry Davies Hicks
19196: BENNETT, MARGARET - The Last Stronghold Scottish Gaelic Traditions in Newfoundland
784: BENNETT, E. M. GRANGER. - A Straw in the Wind
21883: BENNETT, ANNA GRAY - Five Centuries of Tapestry from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
21980: BENNETT, LYNN - Dangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters Social and Symbolic Roles of High-Caste Women in Nepal
22063: BENNETT, ANNA GRAY - Unfolding Beauty The Art of the Fan The Collection of Esther Oldham and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
23056: BENNETT, ETHEL HUME (CHOSEN BY) - New Harvesting Comtemporary Canadian Poetry, 1918-1938
24986: BENNETT-ENGLAND, RODNEY - As Young as You Look/ Male Grooming and Rejuvenation
27574: BENNETT, REGINALD R. - Medical and Pharmaceutical Latin for Students of Medicine and Pharmacy A Guide to the Grammatical Construction and Translation of Physicans' Prescriptions, Including Extensive Vocabularies and an Appendix Upon Foreign Prescriptions
27830: BENNETT, E. M. GRANGER. - Land for Their Inheritance
27831: BENNETT, E. M. GRANGER. - Short of the Glory
30468: BENNETT, IAN (ED) - Complete Illustrated Rugs & Carpets of the World
37150: BENNETT, RUTH GAUNT - Adventures as a Muskoka Maid
40159: BENNETT, PAUL W. - Vanishing Schools, Threatened Communities The Contested Schoolhouse in Maritime Canada 1850-2010
42086: BENNETT, PAUL W - The Grammar School Striving For Excellence For 50 Years in a Public School World
13541: BENOIS, ALEXANDRE - The Russian School of Painting with Thirty-Two Plates
9345: BENSON, D.W. & DODDS, G.D. - Deer of Nova Scotia
18074: BENSON, E. F. - The Life of Alcibiades
38949: BENSON, TED - One Track Mind Photographic Essays on Western Railroading
37547: BENTLEY, H. T. B. - The Angler's Make-and-Mend Book with illustrations by the Author and Diana Henshaw
17620: BENTMANN, VON REINHARD; LICKES, HEINRICH - Churches of the Middle Ages
18558: BERCHEM, F. R. - The Yonge Street Story 1793-1860 An Account from Letters, Diaries and Newspapers
13997: BERCUSON, DAVID J. - Maple Leaf Against the Axis Canada's Second World War
13098: BERCUSON, DAVID J. & HERWIG, HOLGER H. - Deadly Seas. The Story of the St. Croix, the U305 and the Battle of the Atlantic
20902: BERCUSON, DAVID - Significant Incident: Canada's Army, the Airborne, and the Murder in Somalia
28390: BERCUSON, DAVID J. - Blood on the Hills The Canadian Army in the Korean War
28088: BERESFORD-HOWE, CONSTANCE - The Unreasoning Heart
12618: BERGEN JR., JAMES A. - Price and Reference Guide to books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs
27497: BERGEN, PETER L. - Holy War, Inc. Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden
30555: BERGER, THOMAS R. - One Man's Justice A Life in the Law
32599: BERGER, THOMAS R. - Fragile Freedoms. Human Rights and Dissent in Canada
38470: BERGER, RAOUL - Executive Privilege: A Constitutional Myth
38818: BERGER, MONTY & BRIAN JEFFREY STREET - Invasions Without Tears The Story of Canada's Top-Scoring Spitfire Wing in Europe during the Second World War
38211: VAN DEN BERGH, DR. G. - Unity in Diversity A Systematic Critical Analysis of All Electoral Systems
31574: BERGIN, THOMAS GODDARD AND MAX HAROLD FISCH (TRANSLATORS) - The New Science of Giambattista Vico: Unabridged Translation of the Third Edition (1744) with the Addition of 'Practice of the New Science'
11396: BERKELEY, COMYNS; FAIRBAIRN, J.S., ETC. - Midwifery by Ten Teachers
42208: BERKOFF, MARSHALL R. (EDITOR) - Currier & Ives The New Best 50
9534: BERLO, JANET CATHERINE - The Early Years of Native American Art History. The Politics of Scholarship and Collecting
9300: BERNA, PAUL - The Knights Of King Midas. Illustrated by Brian Wildsmith
34041: BERNAL, MARTIN - Black Athena The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization Volume II The Archaeological and Documentary Evidence
24668: BERNHART, JOSEPH - Dutsche Madonnen aus zwei Jahrhunderten Zehn Farbige Tafeln und funf Ubbildungen im Tert Eingeleitet
29241: BERNIER, ANDRE - Le Vieux-Sillery
37904: BERNING, J.M. & SANDRAFOLD(EDS) - Gold Fields Collection Rhodes University Cory Library For Historical Research Register of Documents No.27
21341: BERQUIN, M. - The Children's Friend from the French of M. Berquin A New Translation, with Thirty Engravings from Original Designs Vol. 1
21552: BERRIGAN, DANIEL - Night Flight to Hanoi War Diary with 11 Poems
28184: BERRY, LLOYD E. (COMPILED BY) - A Bibliography of Studies in Metaphysical Poetry 1939-1960
38687: BERRYMAN, JO BRANTLEY - Circe's Craft Ezra Pound's Hugh Selwyn Mauberley
27493: BERTHOLDS, W. M. - Connor D'Arcy's Struggles
12731: BERTON, PIERRE - Vimy
42177: BESLER, BASILIUS - The Book of Plants The Complete Plates
29456: PARKES-BELLOC BESSIE - La Belle France
23839: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - Printing Book Collecting and Illustrated Books A Bibliography of Bibliographies (in 2 volumes)
10398: BESTON, HARRY - The St. Lawrence
33544: BESTON, HENRY - Northern Farm a Chronicle of Maine Illustrated by Thoreau MacDonald
28006: BETEILLE, ANDRE - Castes: Old and New. Essays in Social Structure and Social Stratification
11133: BETHELL, NICHOLAS - The Palestine Triangle The Struggle for the Holy Land, 1935-1948
20329: BETLEY, J. A. - Belgium and Poland in International Relations 1830-1831
32644: BEUHLER, RICHARD E. & PATRICK O'FLAHERTY (EDS) - Newfoundland Studies Volume 2 Number 2 Fall 1986
24854: BEURDELEY, CECILE - L'Amour Bleu
21509: BEVAN, RUTH A. - Marx and Burke: A Revisionist View
18056: PUMPHREY BEVAN - Through the Years A Miscellany of Memoirs
1832: BEZANSON, W.B. - Stories of Acadia. Birch Bark Series
2879: BEZANSON, W. B. - The Romance of Religion: A Sketch of the Life of Henry Alline in the Pioneer Days of the Maritime Provinces
1836: BEZANSON, W.B. - Stories of Acadia. Part Four. Birch Bark Series
31749: BHADURI, ARTHUR - The Key to Health
30677: BHERER, HAROLD; GAGNON, SYLVIE; ROBERGE, JACINTE - Wampum and Letters Patent Exploratory Study of Native Entrepreneurship
21602: BHIKKU, KHANTIPALO - What is Buddhism An Introduction to the Teachings of Lord Buddha with Reference to the Belief in and the Practice of those Teachings and their Realization
36077: BIALOSTOCKI, JAN AND WALICKI, MICHAL - Malarstwo Europejskie w Zbiorach Polskich, 1300-1800
34336: BIANCO, PAMELA - Flora A Book of Drawings With Illustrative Poems by Walter de la Mare
34745: C.B.{CYRIL BIBBY}(EDITED BY) - The First Fifty Years A Brief History of Kingston Upon Hull Training College 1913-1963
35838: BIBLY, T. & RIDGWAY, R. B. - The Book of Quadrupeds, For the Instruction of Young People
2091: BICE, CLARE - Hurricane Treasure written and Illustrated by Clare Bice
27510: BICKERSTETH, REV. E. H. (ED) - The Shadow of the Rock, and other poems
11990: BIDWELL, R.G.S. - The Rivendell Eagles The Life and Times of the Eagles of Wallace, Nova Scotia with illustrations by R.B. Dickie
31149: BIELER, LUDWIG - Ireland Harbinger of the Middle Ages
18544: BIESENTHAL, LINDA - To Market, To Market The Public Market Tradition in Canada Photographs by J. Douglas Wilson
22005: BIGANDET, RIGHT REVEREND P. - The Life or Legend of Gaudama The Buddha of the Burmese With Annotations The ways to neibban, and Notice on the Phongyies or Burmese Monks In Two Volumes (volume 1 only)
23859: BIGELOW, POULTNEY - Genseric King of the Vandals and First Prussian Kaiser
18892: BILL, ALFRED H. - Astrophel Or the Life and Death of the Renowned Sir Philip Sidney
20538: BILLARD, ALLAN - Banook Canoe Club- Voices from Our Past A Celebration of our First Hundred Years
20402: BILLINGS, ROBERT WILLIAM - Architectural Antiquities of the County of Durham
22234: BILLINGTON, ELIZABETH (SELECTED AND EDITED) - The Randolph Caldecott Treasury
42040: BINFO(ED) - Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
6319: BINGAY, GEORGE - The County Court Manual Being a Collection of the Statutes Relating to the Practice, Procedure and Jurisdiction of the County Courts of Nova Scotia, with Notes; Etc.,
31630: BINGER, CARL - More About Psychiatry
26322: BINGHAM, CAROLINE - The Stewart Kingdom of Scotland 1371-1603
40104: BINNEY, MARCUS (TEXT BY) - Country Manors of Portugal A Passage through Seven Centuries
19499: BINNIE, JOHN F. (ED) - Transaction of the American Surgical Association Volume the Thrity-Fourth
36753: BINNS, C.T. - The Last Zulu King The Life and Death of Cetshwayo
38827: BINSTOCK, JUDAH - Casino Administration the House and the Player
33046: BINSWANGER, HARRY - The Biologica Basis of Teleological Concepts
3018: BIRD, RICHARD W. - Coins of New Brunswick. Volume III, Canadian Numismatic History Series
5664: BIRD, MICHAEL AND TERRY KOBAYASHI - A Splendid Harvest: Germanic Folk and Decorative Arts in Canada
1818: BIRD, W.R. - Chignecto
2130: BIRD, WILL R.(ED.) - Atlantic Anthology
9463: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - Ontario Fraktur. A Pennsylvania-German Folk Tradition in Early Canadian
37368: BIRD, T.H. - A Hundred Grand Nationals
5184: HYDE. SUSAN AND MICHAEL BIRD - Hallowed Timbers The Wooden Churches of Cape Breton
1110: BIRD, WILL R. - Off-Trail in Nova Scotia
39024: BIRD, H.E. - Chess Novelties and Their Latest Developments with Comparisons of The progress of Chess Openings of the Past century and the Present Not Dealt With in Existing Works
2208: BIRD, WILL R. - Off-Trail in Nova Scotia (Signed by author)
2737: BIRD, W.R. - No Retreating Footsteps The Story of the North Novas
34978: BIRKETT, JENNIFER (TRANSLATOR) - The Body and the Dream: French Erotic Fiction 1464-1900
30460: BIRKS, MICHAEL - Gentlemen of the Law
9245: BIRMINGHAM, MAISE - Sleep in a Ditch
25909: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - Real Lace America's Irish Rich
18177: BIRNEY, EARLE - Turvey A Picaresque Novel
22675: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Collected Poems of Earle Birney (in 2 vols)
27261: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Rugging and the Moving Times Poems New and Uncollected 1976
27755: BIRNEY, EARLE - Words on Waves selected radio plays of Earl Birney
28652: BIRON, MICHEL ET AL - Regard Sur Les Collections De La Bibliotheque Nationale Du Quebec
4948: BISHOP, HENRY & BOYD, FRANK (CURATORS) - A Black Community Album Before 1930
3159: BISHOP, REV. R.H. - Five Smooth Stones From the Brook or My Last Message to the World
9422: BISHOP, ROY L - Joseph Everett and the King's College Observatory
9423: BISHOP, ROY L. - An Eighteenth -Century Nova Scotia Observatory
10407: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - The Courage of the Early Morning a son's biography of a famous father. The story of Billy Bishop
30173: BISHOP, ARTHUR - Salute! Canada's Great Military Leaders from Brock to Dextraze
38113: BISHOP, ARTHUR - Courage at Sea Volume III Canada's Military Heritage
16941: BISSELL, CLAUDE T. - University College A Portrait 1853-1953
31517: BLACK, J. L. - G.-F. Muller and the Imperial Russian Academy
39661: BLACK, EMMA - Impressions of Moray
29837: BLACKALL, W.G.(PENCILLED BY) - The Charm of Oxford Containing Twenty-Seven Pencil Drawings
22062: BLACKBURN, STUART H. - Singing of Birth and Death Texts in Performance
23848: BLACKBURN, GEORGE G - The Guns of Normandy. A Soldier's Eye View, France 1944
12692: BLACKBURN, GEORGE G - The Guns of Victory A Soldier's Eye View, Belgium, Holland, and Germany, 1944-45
34544: BLACKBURNE, SIR KENNETH (FOREWORD BY) - The Romance of English Harbour
22146: BLACKFORD, J. P. - Phrenology: The Science of the Mind The Student's Enchyridion
22153: BLACKFORD, KATHERINE M. H. AND NEWCOMB, ARTHUR - Analyzing Character The New Science of Judging Men, Misfits in Business, the Home and Social Life
18597: BLACKSTOCK, C. M. - All the Journey Through
19693: BLACKSTOCK, MARGARET, (ED.) - One Day at a Time The Autobiography of Robert John Renison
19121: BLACKSTONE, BERNARD - Virginia Woolf A Commentary
26955: BLACKWELL, C.G. HALDANE - The History of Woodlawn Church 1884-1984
29444: BLACKWOOD, DAVID (INTRO BY) - Newfoundland and Labrador
39825: BLACKWOOD, DAVID & DE VISSER, JOHN - David Blackwood
21288: BLADES, KENT - Net Destruction The Death of Atlantic Canada's Fishery
19107: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - Pays Voiles Poemes
22933: BLAIS, ROGER A. - Technological Entrepreneurship in Canada A Canadian Academy of Engineering Background Report
12185: BLAKE, JEREMY (MEASURED, DRAWN & PRESENTED BY) - La Falsa Prospecttiva in Italian Renaissance Architecture
14577: BLAKE, LILLIAN SHERWOOD - Human Interest Poems
20377: BLAKE, PETER - Form Follows Fiasco Why Modern Architecture Hasn't Worked
22026: BLAKE, KATHLEEN - Play, Games, and Sport The Literary Works of Lewis Carroll
33088: BLAKE, RAYMOND B. - Canadians at Last Canada Integrates Newfoundland as a Province
23551: BLAKE, RAYMOND B. - Canadians at Last Canada Integrates Newfoundland as a Province
2625: BLAKELEY, PHYLLIS R. AND JOHN R. STEVENS. - Ships of the North Shore (Pictou, Colchester and Cumberland Counties).
870: BLAKENY, DR. C. H. - The Story of a Business and its Founders
9865: BLAKENY, DR.C.H. - 'Bits And Pieces'. Rambling Through Britain, France, Italy and Switzerland
12904: BLANCHARD, J.HENRI - Rustico Une Paroisse Acadienne De L'Ile Du Prince-Edouard
37535: BLANCHARD, GORD. - Angle on Angling
5556: BLANCHARD, PAULA - The Life of Emily Carr
12854: BLANCHARD, J.-HENRI - The Acadiens de L'Ile-Du Prince-Edouard
32361: BLATHERWICK, F. J. - Canadian Orders, Decorations and Medals
34981: BLAZIER, WENDY - Ray Leight: Out of Line
26469: BLISS, MICHAEL - Years of Change 1967-1985
39470: BLISS, MICHAEL - Harvey Cushing A Life in Surgery
41270: BLISS, DOUGLAS PERCY - A History of Wood-Engraving
28226: BLOCH, MAURICE - From blessing to violence History and ideology in the circumcision ritual of the Merina of Madagascar
40359: BLODGETT, JEAN - Augustin Anaittuq
5578: BLODGETT, JEAN; HOUSTON, JAMES; ET AL - Port Harrison/Inoucdjouac.[Sculpture] The Winnipeg Art Gallery November 20th, 1976 - January 23rd, 1977
24544: BLODGETT, JEAN - Grasp Tight the Old Ways Selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art
39631: LE BLOND, MRS. AUBREY (MRS. MAIN) - Adventures on The Roof of the World
25502: BLONDIN, ROBERT - The Solitary Slocum
36447: BLOOM, ALLAN (EDITED BY), WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF STEVEN J. KAUTZ - Confronting the Constitution The Challenge to Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson, and the Federalists from Unitarianism, Historicism, Marxism, Freudianism, Pragmatism, Extistentialism
42181: BLOOM, GLEN A.; FALVEY, EMILY; GIANNI, BENJAMIN & SINCLAIR, CATHERINE - Contemporary Art Collection [with] Firestone Collection of Canadian Art
19798: BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT - The Farmer's Boy; A Rural Poem
24032: BLOUIN, GLEN - Weeds of the Woods Some Small Trees and Shrubs of New Brunswick
29426: BLU,M, FANIEL - A Pictorial History of the American Theatre 100 Years-1860-1960
38715: BLUMENAU, LILI - The Art and Craft of Hand Weaving including Fabric Design
35434: BLUMENSTEIN, LYNN - Bottle Rush U.S.A. [The Story of Our Historic Past Through Bottles]
22548: BLUNDELLE-BURTON, JNO. - The Silent Shore or The Mystery of St. James' Park
42199: BLUNT, WILFRID - Tulipomania
15952: BLUNT, A. W. F. ( BISHOP OF BRADFORD) - The Gospels and the Critic
28093: BLUNT, ANTHONY; LAING, ALASTAIR; ETC. - Baroque & Rococo Architecture & Decoration
34442: BLUNT, REGINALD - By Chelsea Reach: Some Riverside Records
36547: BLUNT, SIR ANTHONY (GENERAL EDITOR) - Gold Boxes and Miniatures of the Eighteenth Century The James A. De Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor
22139: BOARDMAN, A. - Defence of Phrenology: Containing, I.-An Essay on the Nature and Value of Phrenological Evidence; II.-A Vincidation of Phrenology Against the Attack of Dr. John Augustine Smith; III.-A View of Facts Relied on By Phrenolgists as Proof that (cont.)
19294: BOBO, J. B. - Modern Coin Magic
8665: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - The Most Pleasant And Delectable Questions of Love
26464: BOCKING, RICHARD C. - Mighty River A Portrait of the Fraser
34018: BODDAERT, FRANCOIS (PREFACE DE) - Gerard Titus-Carmel Feuilles, Jungles & autres frondaisons peintures et oeuvres sur appier
24160: BODEY, HUGH AND HALLAS, MICHAEL - Elementary Surveying for Industrial Archaeologists
37763: BODIN, JEAN (ABRIDGED AND TRANSLATED BY M.J. TOOLEY) - Six Books of the Commonwealth
14260: BODO, PETER - The Atlantic Salmon Handbook An Atlantic Salmon Federation Book A Compact Guide to All Aspects of Fly Fishing for the King of Game Fish
5317: BOGAARD, PAUL A (EDITOR) - Profiles of Science and Society in the Maritimes prior to 1914
20150: BOGGS, DR. JEAN SUTHERLAND - Listening to Picture 1964-65 CBC Radio-Trans-Canada Matinee
5659: BOGGS, JEAN SUTHERLAND - The National Gallery of Canada
33092: VON BOHM-BAWERK, EUGEN - Shorter Classics of Eugene Von Boeh-Bawerk Volume I
41045: BOILEAU, JOHN - Samuel Cunard Nova Scotia's Master of the North Atlantic
979: BOILIEU, LAMBERT DE (ED. BY THOMAS F. BREDIN) - Recollections of Labrador Life
18654: DU BOIS, VOCTOR D.; DUPREE, LOUIS; ETC. - Churches and State The Religious Institution and Modernization
35098: DU BOIS, W. E. B. (EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JULIUS LESTER) - The Thoughts and Writings of W. E. B. Du Bois: Volume Two The Seventh Son [Volume Two only]
2200: BOLGER, FRANCIS, (ED.) - Spirit of Place. Lucy Maud Montgomery and Prince Edward Island
2942: BOLGER, FRANCIS W. P. AND EPPERLY, ELIZABETH R. (EDS.) - My dear Mr. M: Letters to G. B. Mac Millan. From L. M. Montgomery.
9803: BOLGER, W.P - The Years Before 'Anne'
12927: BOLGER, FRANCIS W.P. (EDITED BY) - Canada's Smallest Province A History of P.E.I.
31416: BOLMAR, A. - A Selection of One Hundred of Perrin's Fables, Accompanied with a Key;
26653: BOLON, CAROL R.; NELSON, ROBERT S.; SEIDEL, LINDA (EDS) - The Nature of Frank Lloyd Wright
6198: BOLT, DAVID (ED) WITH INTRODUCTION BY HUGH MACLENNAN - The Inner Ocean Paintings and Drawings by Ron Bolt
9754: BOLT, DAVID (ED) WITH INTRODUCTION BY HUGH MACLENNAN - The Inner Ocean Paintings and Drawings by Ron Bolt
41823: BOLTON, REGINALD PELHAM - An Expensive Experiment The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario
30596: BOLTON, GLORNEY - Petain
38822: BOLY, JOHN R. - Readng Auden The Returns of Caliban
28178: BONAFFINI, LUIGI (ED) - Dialect Poetry of Southern Italy Texts and Criticism (A Trilingual Anthology)
20192: BONAR, MARJORY (ED). - Andrew Alexander Bonar, D. D. Diary and Letters
19333: BOND, COURTNEY C. J. - City on the Ottawa A detailed historical guide to Ottawa, the Capital of Canda
982: BOND, NELSON(COMPILED AND ANNOTATED BY) - The Postal Stationery of Canada: A Reference Catalogue.
35115: BONDA, H. J. - A Free, Balanced and Extensive Trade with Free Convertibility of Currencies by Means of Goods Currencies
34467: BONE, JAMES - The London Perambulator
26673: BONGIE, L. L. - The Love of a Prince Bonnie Prince Charlie in France, 1744-1748
26860: BONGIE, L.L. - The Love of a Prince Bonnie Prince Charlie in France, 1744-1748
41044: BONING, RICHARD A - 17 Minutes to Live
20829: BONJOUR, ADRIEN - The Digressions of Beowulf
27402: BONNARD, BRIAN (EDITED WITH NOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS BY) - The Island of Dread In the Channel The Story of Georgi Ivanovitch Kondakov
27247: BONNAULT, CLAUDE DE - Histoire du Canada Francais (1534-1763)
31479: BONNICI, PETER - Visual Language: The Hidden Medium of Communication
39054: DE BONO, EDWARD - The Use of Lateral Thinking
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6778: BOUCHARD, DAVID - If you're not from the prairie
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29592: BOURINOT, ARTHUR S. - Discovery
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36883: BOVA, BEN (ED) - Analog Yearbook
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40633: GOVERNMENT OF GREAT BRITAIN. - An Act to extend to Newfoundland the Provisions of an Act passed in the Fifty-second Year of his present Majesty's Reign, for permitting the Exportation of Wares, Goods, and Merchandize, from any of his Majesty's Islands in the West Indies..
1227: GOVERNMENT OF GREAT BRITAIN. - An Act to allow certain Articles to be exported from Gibralter & Malta . . . in Return for British American Fish.
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36209: CAMERON, RALPH - Heather on Fire The Rural Development Council Story
36325: CAMERON, AUSTIN W. - Mammals of the Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
38455: CAMERON, SILVER DONALD - Seasons in the Rain An Expatriate's Notes on British Columbia
13605: CAMERON, JAMES M. - Albion Lodge of Free Masons 1838-1963 New Glasgow-Nova Scotia
10301: CAMERON, JAMES D. - For the People A History of St. Francis Xavier University
15407: CAMPAGNA, PALMIRO - Storms of Controversy The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed
30473: CAMPAGNA, PALMIRO - Storms of Controversy The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed
2690: CAMPBELL, BERTHA J. ET AL. - Springhill: Our Goodly Heritage: History, Happenings, Homes
2728: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS - McGillivray Lord of the Northwest
38144: CAMPBELL, JOHN FRANCIS - A Short American Tramp in the Fall of 1864 by The Editor of 'Life in Normandy'
9324: CAMPBELL, DUNCAN - History of Nova Scotia, for Schools
41001: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS - The Silent Songs of Mary Eleanor
29808: CAMPBELL, CHRISTINE A. (COMPILED AND RESEARCHED BY) - Native Council of Nova Scotia The History and Achievements of the N.C.N.S.
36487: CAMPBELL, DOUGLAS F. (EDITOR) - Banked Fires - The Ethnics of Nova Scotia
37192: CAMPBELL, ROBERT MALCOLM - Grand Illusions: The Politics of The Keynesian Experience in Canada, 1945-1975
1124: CAMPBELL, DUNCAN - Nova Scotia, in its Historical, Mercantile and Industrial Relations
2964: CAMPBELL, MARGARET I. - No Other Foundation. The History of Brunswick Street United Church with its Methodist Inheritance
3965: CAMPBELL, DUNCAN - History of Prince Edward Island
5737: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS - The Saskatchewan Illustrated by Illingworth H. Kerr
5829: CAMPBELL, HENRY C. - Early Days on the Great Lakes: The Art of William Armstrong.
9043: CAMPBELL, MARGARET KUHN - A Tale of Two Dykes The Story of Cole Harbour
9891: CAMPBELL, GRACE - Thorn-Apple Tree
12503: CAMPBELL, BRIAN (WITH A.J. B. JOHNSTON) - Tracks Across the Landscape The Sydney & Louisbourg Commemorative History
16223: CAMPBELL, FRANK - As The Fella Says
18588: CAMPBELL, MAJORIE FREEMAN - A Mountain and a City The Story of Hamilton
20431: CAMPBELL, STEWART; HARRINGTON, CHARLES F.; BLANCHARD, HIRAM - The Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia Third Series
20444: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell
22614: CAMPBELL, HELEN RICHARDS - from Chalk dust to Hayseed
26881: CAMPBELL, MARGARET KUHN - Fanny Foster Peter Kuhn and their Dyke Home
27624: CAMPBELL, SABINE (ED) - Home for Christmas Stories from the Maritimes and Newfoundland
29598: CAMPBELL, JOHN - The Primitive History of the Ionians
29827: CAMPBELL, JOHN M. (ED) - Prehistoric Cultural Relations Between the Arctic and Temperate Zones of North America Arctic Instutite of North America Technical Paper No 11
31205: CAMPBELL, D.A. ET AL (EDS) - The Maritime Medical News A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery (Vols. XV-XVI for years 1903-04 bound together-24 issues)
33607: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - Ian of the Orcades or The Armourer of Girnigoe
9243: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - Canada Painted by T. Mower Martin R.C.A. Described by Wilfred Campbell
36248: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - Gertrude of Wyoming and Other Poems
41125: CAMPBELL, CATHERINE HAYDEN - Thomas Cantley Remembered
37866: CAMPBELL, MORTON CARLISLE ET AL - Harvard Legal Essays Writen in Honor of and Presented to Joseph Henry Beale and Samuel Williston
7001: CAMPBELL, DOUGLAS F. (EDITOR) - Banked Fires - The Ethnics of Nova Scotia
39181: CAMPBELL, SUSAN - Fort William Living and Working at the Post
36531: CAMPBELL, EVELYN - The Halifax Library Association 1934-1974
1117: CAMPBELL, G. G. (EDITED). - Ensign Prenties's Narrative: A Castaway on Cape Breton
18591: CAMPBLEE, T.; CRONYN, VERSCHOYLE - London and Middlesex Historical Society Transactions1909-1911 (Part III)
32646: THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA - The Order of Consecration of The Reverend Canon George Feversham Arnold, MA, BD, to be A Bishop in the Church of God in The Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax,
3419: GOVERNMENT OF CANADA - Gazetteer of Canada Prince Edward Island.
19170: THE CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN CANADA (COMPILED BY) - Enkindled by the Word Essays on Presbyterianism in Canada
24722: COMMISSION OF CONSERVATION CANADA - Lands Fisheries and Game Minerals 1911
28699: ROYAL SOCIETY OF CANADA (LOCAL COMMITTEE) - Hand=Book For the Use of Members and Visitors Giving The Rules of the Society, Its History, And A Historical sketch of Montreal With Places of interest in Its Vicinity Montreal Meeting 1891
9665: CANAWAY, W.H - My Feet Upon a Rock
19691: CANDOW, JAMES E. ED. - Industry and Society in Nova Scotia An Illustrated History
31774: CANNON,DR. ALEXANDER - The Power of Karma In Relation to Destiny
31968: CANNON, ALEXANDER - The Invisible Influence A Story of the Mystic Orient With Great Truths Which Can Never Die
38237: CANTRIL, HADLEY - The Politics of Despair
34595: A 'CANUCK' (OF THE FIFTH GENERATION) - Pen Pictures of Early Pioneer Life in Upper Canada
135: CAPLAN, RONALD (EDITED BY) - Cape Breton Lives. A Book From Cape Breton's Magazine
19445: CAPON, ALAN R. - Stories of Prince Edward County Including a portfolio of Prince Edward County Portraits by Lloyd E. Thompson
40453: CARELESS, J. M. S. - Toronto to 1918 An Illustrated History
32872: CARELESS, J. M. S. - Brown of The Globe ( in 2 vols) Vol: One The Voice of Upper Canada 1818-1859; Vol. Two Statesman of Confederation 1860-1880
23243: CAREY, FRANCES AND GRIFFITHS, ANTONY - From Manet to Toulouse-Lautrec French Lithographs 1860-1900 Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum, 1978
15398: CAREY, ALICE - Clovernook or Recollections of Our Neighbourhood in the West
36089: CAREY, WINIFRED ROSE - Songs of Awakening
16821: CARIGNAN, PAUL - Beothuck Archaeology in Bonavista Bay
25042: CARLE, CLAUDE AND PERRAULT, GUY - Images du Vieux Quebec
8330: CARLETON, R. MILTON - Your Garden Soil How to make the Most of it
38275: CARLINE, RICHARD - Pictures in the Post The Story of the Picture Postcard and its Place in the hIstory of Popular Art
23811: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Critical and Miscellaneous Essays: Collected and Republished (in 4 vols)
31805: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Essay on the Portraits of John Knox. (Contributed to Fraser's Magazine). With the Six Original Plates, and Further Illustrated By Seventeen Portraits and Two Views
7576: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution A History (3 volumes)
1788: CARMAN, BLISS. - Pipes of Pan. Number 1 From the Book of Myths.
2428: CARMAN, BLISS - Pipes of Pan
2430: CARMAN, BLISS - Pipes of Pan. No. V. From the Book of Valentines.
10948: CARMAN, BLISS - Ode on the Coronation of King Edward
2016: CARMAN, BLISS. - The Selected Poems of Bliss Carman.
37172: CARMEN, W. Y., F.S.A., F.R., HIST.S. - Head Dresses of the British Army - Yeomanry
37171: CARMEN, W. Y., F.S.A., F.R., HIST.S. - Head Dresses of the British Army - Cavalry
21401: CARMICHAEL, ANDREW BLAIR - The Seven Theives in Six Books
27132: CARMICHAEL, LLOYD T. - Prairie Wildflowers
5401: CARNAHAN, PETER - Schooner Master A Portrait of David Stevens
42251: CARNEY, ANNE E. - Harrington Harbour Back Then
15079: CARON, ROGER - Bingo!
19717: CARPENTER, J. H. - The Badge and The Blotter A History of the Lethbridge Police
27265: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - The Alps, The Danube, and the Near East Switzerland, Czechoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Italy, Greece Turkey
27584: CARPENTER, WILLIAM B. - Animal Physiology
30502: CARPENTER, THOMAS - The Scholar's Spelling Assistant, wherein The Words are Arranged on an Improved Plan, according to their respective principles of acentuation; In a Manner calculated to familiarize the Art of Spelling and Pronunciation, to remove difficulties, (cont.)
32751: CARPENTER, M. SCOTT, ET AL. - We Seven by the Astronauts Themselves
33496: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - Canada and Newfoundland
38436: CARPENTER, JACK - Pendulum The Story of America's Three Aviation Pioneers: Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright, and Glenn Curtiss, The Henry Ford of Aviation
4054: CARR, GENE - Kid Kartoons
5909: CARR, EMILY - Hundreds and Thousands The Journals of Emily Carr
6606: CARR, EMILY - Pause. A Emily Carr Sketch Book
13204: CARR, MARY JANE - Young Mac of Fort Vancouver illustrated by Richard Holberg
18262: CARR, EMILY - Pause. A Sketch Book
26844: CARR, DAVID - An Introduction to Painting the Nude Anatomy-Form-Composition-Tone-Structure-Color
30158: CARR, WILLIAM GUY - By Guess and By God The Story of the British Submarines in the War
32291: CARRAD, H. L. - Practical Office Training
2986: CARRINGTON, PHILIP - The Anglican Church in Canada
13913: CARROLL, HON. MR. JUSTICE W.F.; MR. ANGUS J. MORRISON, HON. MR. JUSTICE C.C. MCLAURIN - Report of the Royal Commission on Coal 1946
19387: CARROLL, JOCK (STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY) - Glenn Gould Some Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man
18159: CARSE, ROBERT - The Seafarers A History of Maritime America 1620-1820
22306: CARSON, GERALD - The Old Country Store
39630: CARSON, LELAND H. - Martin Marprelate, Gentleman Master Job Throkmorton Laid Open in His Colors
39723: CARTER, ROGER - Something's Fishy: Public Policy and Private Corporations in the Newfoundland Fishery
8721: CARTER, GARY & JOHN HOUGH, JR - A Dream Season
24157: CARTER, CYNTHIA AND WEAVER, C. KAY - Violence and the Media
24202: CARTER, ANTHONY - World Bayonets 1800 to the Present An illustrated reference guide for collectors
27968: CARTER, BRIAN (EDITED BY) - The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
34719: CARTER, ERNEST F. - Practical 'Two-Rail' Electrification
5380: CARTER, GWENDOLEN M. - The British Commonwealth and International Security. The Role of the Dominions, 1919-1939
40770: CARTER, ROSE SUTHERLAND - Unto the Hills
36504: CARTER, DAVID G (CURATOR) - Robert W. Pilot Retrospective
6185: CARTIER, JACQUES(TRANSLATED BY JOHN FLORIO) - A Shorte And briefe narration of the two Nauigations and Discoveries to the Northwest partes called Newe Fraunce: [1580]
36409: CARTWRIGHT, A. P. - The Corner House The Early History of Johannesburg
41605: CARUANA, ADRIAN - The Light 6-Pdr. Battalion Gun of 1776
18172: CARY, JOYCE - The Captive and the Free
36646: CASALIS, E. - The Basutos or Twenty-three Years in South Africa
2042: CASEY, MARGARET J. - Down East Poems
909: CASHIN, MAJOR PETER (EDITED BY R. E. BUEHLER) - My Life and Times: 1890-1919
35448: CASPER, GERALDINE J. (INTRODUCTION AND CAMEO INCRUSTATIONS BY) - Glass Paperweights of the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum
25661: CASS, CAROLINE - grand illusions contemporary interior murals
14285: CASSELS, ROBERT - A Digest of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of Canada from the Organization of the Court, in 1875, to the 1st Day of May,1886
30682: CASSIDY, FRANK AND DALE, NORMAN - After Native Claims? The Implications of Comprehensive Claims Settlements for Natural Resources in British Columbia
34264: CASSIDY, FRANK (ED) - Aboriginal Self Determination: Proceedings of a Conference Held September 30-October 3, 1990
34565: CASSIDY, FRANK AND ROBERT L. BISH - Indian Government Its Meaning in Practice
23314: CASSIN, MAXINE - A Touch of Recognition
10869: CASSON, HUGH - Diary
31444: CASTLEBURY,JOHN (ED) - Windhorse Reader: Choice Poems of '93
37221: DUC DE CASTRIES (PREFACE DE) - Merveilles des chateaux de provence
41129: TRADE CATALOGUE - Typical Installations Test Data- Delta of Bethlehem H-Piling in Viaducts, Trestles, Bridges, Bridge Piers and Abutments, Piers and Wharves, Foundations and Trench Construction and Test and Load Data
41736: PECK & HILLS FURNITURE CO. TRADE CATALOGUE - Furniture of Distinction and Quality Trade Catalogue
41127: TRADE CATALOGUE - The Architectural and Building Catalogue
20227: ART CATALOGUE - Huxford's Fine Art Value Guide Vol II
29902: GUNTHERS OF CANADA TRADE CATALOGUE - Mele 1967-1968 Catalogue Our 110th Anniversary
35603: AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION AUCTION CATALOGUE - American Furniture: Lowboys, Highboys, Secretaries, Rhode Island Chests of Drawers, Rare Windsor Chairs, Mirrors and Fine Clocks, Also Sandwich Glass, Pewter & Brass, Lamps & Candlesticks, A Small Group of European Furniture
41000: IBM TRADE CATALOGUE - Composer Type Styles Portfolio
41813: ROYAL DOULTON CATALOGUE - The Charlton Collection Sale and Exhibition The Royal Doulton Figurine Event of the Year Takes Place August 3 through August 14, 1982
41343: VICTOR TALKING MACHINE COMPANY TRADE CATALOGUE - Victor Record Catalog 1928 with Biographic Material, Opera Notes, Artists' Portraits, and Special Red Seal and Green Sections For Current and Historic Red Seal Records
756: CATHERWOOD, MARY HARTWELL. - The Lady of Fort St. John.
27865: CATHERWOOD, MARY HARTWELL - The Story of Tonty
13123: CATLIN, WARREN B. - The Progress of Economics. A History of Economic Thought
28573: CATLING, THOS. (EDITED BY) - The Press Album Published in Aid of the Journalists' Orphan Fund
34438: CATONOY, NICHOLAS - Flux Alb
35030: CAUCHON, THE HONORABLE JOSEPH . LIEUTENANT -GOVERNOR. - Journals of the Legislative Assembly Second Session, Fourth Legislature, 44 Victoria
14996: CAVANAGH, PROF - The New Science of The Thumbs and Finger Nails
25507: CAVENDISH, SIR HENRY - Debates of the House of Commons in the Year 1774, on the Bill for Making More Effectual Provision for the Province of Quebec. Drawn up From the Notes of the Right Honourable Sir Henry Cavendish. . .Now First Published by J. Wright
19034: CAVERS, KEITH - A Vision of Scotland The Nation Observed by John Slezer 1671-1717
35323: CAYMMI, DORIVAL - Setenta Anos Caymmi
5618: CAZORT, MIMI (ED.) - Mr. Jackson's Mushrooms
10021: CECIL, RUSSELL L. - Colds Cause, Traetment and Prevention
13703: CECIL, DAVID - The Cecils of Hatfield House An English Ruling Family
40028: CELL, GILLIAN T. (ED) - Newfoundland Discovered English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630
2781: CELL, GILLIAN T. - English Enterprise in Newfoundland 1577-1660
22275: CELLINI, BENVENUTO ( EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS ) - The Life of Benvenuto Cellini Written by Himself (in 2 vols)
36139: CELLINI, BENVENUTO; (TRANSLATED BY C.R. ASHBEE) - The Treatises of Benvenuto Cellini on Goldsmithing and Sculpture
20806: THE ATLANTIC PROVINCES ECONOMIC COUNCIL RESEARCH CENTRE - Industrian Levelopment Policies in the Maritime Provinces A Report Prepared for the Maritime Union Study Maritime Union Study Commission d'etude de l'union des Provinces Maritimes
34865: HALIFAX RESCUE CO-ORDINATION CENTRE - The Mariner's Guide to Search and Rescue Halifax Search and Rescue Region
20612: CERWINSKE, LAURA - Tropical Deco The Architecture and Design of Old Miami Beach
24793: CHABOT, MERE MARIE-EMMANUEL - Nature et Raison Chez Ciceron
20603: CHABUT, ELAINE RICE - Preache Mike The Life of Dr. Merton S. Rice
11252: CHADBOURNE,RICHARD & DAHALIE, HALVARD EDITORS - The New Land and Studies in a Literary Theme
23317: CHADBOURNE, ALICE(AUGUSTA C. DAVIS) - Poems from Yare
21664: CHADDERTON, H. CLIFFORD - Hanging a Legend: The NFB's Shameful Attempt to Discredit Billy Bishop, VC
2783: CHADWICK, ST JOHN - Newfoundland: Island into Province
24623: CHADWICK, ST JOHN - Newfoundland: Island into Province
34290: CHAILLEY, JACQUES (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY HERBERT WEINSTOCK) - The Magic Flute, Masonic Opera: An Interpretation of the Libretto and the Music
40687: DU CHAILLU, PAUL - My Apingi Kingdom: With Life in the Great Sahara, and sketches of The Chase of the Ostrich, Hyena, &c.
33583: CHAMBERLAND, ABBE MICHEL, CURE - Histoire de Montebello 1815-1928
21809: CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM HENRY - A False Utopia Collectivism in Theory and Practice
41126: CHAMBERS, CAPTAIN ERNEST J. - A Regimental History of The Forty-Third Regiment, Active Militia of Canada 'The Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles'
37587: CHAMBERS, CAPTAIN ERNEST J. - The Royal North-West Mounted Police A Corps History
15360: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W - The Maid -at-Arms
34721: CHAMBERS, ROBERT - A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen ( in 4 vols)
36657: CHAMBERS, DAVID & BRIAN PULLAN (ED) - Venice A Documentary History, 1450-1630
6612: CHAMPION, HELEN JEAN - Over on the Island
40595: CHAMPNEY, ELIZABETH W. - Romance of the Renaissance Chateaux
40594: CHAMPNEY, ELIZABETH W. - Romance of the Feudal Chateaux
21783: CHAN, SHAU WING - Elementary Chinese
39564: CHAN, ANTHONY B. - Arming the Chinese The Western Armaments Trade in Warlord China, 1920-1928
33308: CHANCELLOR (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Photograph of the Staff at Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, October 1900
34818: CHANDLER, KEITH - Beyond Civiliation The world's four great streams of civilization
26339: CHANDLER, DAVID LEON - The Jefferson Conspiracies A President's Role in the Assassination of Meriwether Lewis
10599: CHANDRUANG, KUMUT - My Boyhood in Siam
12228: CHANG, K.C. - Art, Myth, and Ritual The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China
22054: CHANG, C. T. - Burma Road
26898: CHANNING, EDWARD; LANDING, MARION F. - The Story of the Great Lakes
40597: CHANTER, J.R. - Archaeology of North Devon (Extracted from Stewart's North Devon. (Extracted From Stewart's North Devon Hand Book)
13359: CHANTRAINE, POL (TRANSLATED BY DAVID LOBDELL) - The Living Ice: The Story of the Seals and the Men Who Hunt Them in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
295: CHANTRAINE, POL - The Last Cod-Fish Life and Death of the Newfoundland way of life
41115: CHAPIN, E.H. - Duties of Young Men
10918: CHAPLEIN, R.A. - Poetry Of The Heart: Or, Thoughts From The Soul: Together With Verses On Various Subjects
36525: CHAPMAN, HARRY - Dartmouth's Day of Anguish …the Explosion, December 6, 1917

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