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24587: WERNER, ALFRED - Pascin
32343: WESLEY, THE REV'D JOHN, A.M. - A Collection of Hymns, for the Use of the People called Methodists, with a supplement
32810: WEST, BRUCE - Outrageously Yours: The Explosive West Letters
35258: WEST, CAPTAIN ELLSWORTH LUCE AND ELEANOR RANSOM MAYHEW - Captain's Papers: A Log of Whaling and Other Sea Experiences
40400: WESTBRIDGE, ANTHONY R. (ED) - Canadian Art Sales 2007-2008. [2009 Edition] Oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, sculpture and art books by Canadian artists sold at auction in Canada between August 1st, 2007 and July 31st, 2008
40401: WESTBRIDGE, ANTHONY R. (ED) - Canadian Art Sales 2008-2009. [2010 Edition] Oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, sculpture and art books by Canadian artists sold at auction in Canada between August 1st, 2008 and July 31st, 2009
40396: WESTBRIDGE, ANTHONY R. (ED) - Canadian Art Sales 2005-2006. [2007 Edition] Oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, sculpture and art books by Canadian artists sold at auction in Canada between August 1st, 2005 and July 31st, 2006
40398: WESTBRIDGE, ANTHONY R. (ED) - Canadian Art Sales 2006-2007. [2008 Edition] Oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, prints, sculpture and art books by Canadian artists sold at auction in Canada between August 1st, 2006 and July 31st, 2007
20267: WESTCOTT, W. WYNN (EDITED BY) - Collectanea Hermetica Volume IV. Aesch Mezzareph or Purifying Fire A Chymico-Habalistic Treatise Collected from the Kabala Denudata of Knorr von Rosenroth.
33130: WESTFALL, WILLIAM - Two Worlds The Protestant Culture of Nineteenth-Century Ontario
34754: WESTLAKE, DONALD E. - Brothers Keepers
19030: WESTMAN, BARBARA - The Beard and the Braid Drawings of Cambridge by Barbara Westman with Her Own Observations
40444: WESTON, EDWARD - Edward Weston Nudes Remembrance by Charis Wilson His Photographs Accompanied by Excerpts from The Daybook and Letters
19743: WESTROPP, HODDER M. - Handbook of Pottery and Porcelain or History of those Arts from the Earliest Period
39182: WETTON, C. - Historic Battleford Through the Years 1875-1955
37551: WETZEL, CHARLES M. - Trout Flies Naturals and Imitations
37522: WETZEL, CHAS. M. - Practical Fly Fishing Containing Modern Fly Fishing Methods The Fly Fisther's Entomology and Hot to Tie Flies Illustrated by the author
18163: FILEY/HOWARD/WEYERSTRAHS - 'Passengers Must Not Ride On Fenders'
33999: WHALEN, TERRY (EDITOR) - Essays on Canadian Writing, Number 31, Summer 1985'Literature of Atlantic Canada'
25002: WHALLEY, PETER - Broom Brush & Bucket The Good Old Days of Mrs. Beeton's Housewifery revisited by Peter Whalley
25104: WHALLEY, GEORGE - The Legend of John Hornby
8919: WHALON, MARK - Rural Peace
27429: WHARTON, GRACE AND PHILIP - The Wits and Beaux of Society With Illustrations from Drawings by H. K. Browne and James Goodwin (Two Volumes)
4074: WHEALE, K.C. - The Constitutional Structure Of The Commonwealth
31896: WHEELER, CHARLES E. - An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy
41800: WHEELER ( SYDNEY PHOTOGRAPHER) - St Thomas Hockey Team Champions Sydney Hockey League 1926, Group photo with individual portraits of players & coaches all identified
12709: WHELAN, HON. EDWARD - The Union of the British Provinces. A Brief Account of the Several Conferences Held in the Maritimes Provinces and in Canada, In September and October, 1864, on the Proposed Confederation of the Provinces,. . .
26789: WHERRY, JOESPH H. - The Totem Pole Indians
39139: WHIDDEN, JOHN (?) CLERK OF THE NOVA SCOTIA ASSEMBLY - Handwritten Letter to TW Harris Barrister Kentville from JE Whidden concerning a legal resolution between their clients
28365: WHIFFEN, MARCUS AND FREDERICK KOEPER - American Architecture Volume 1: 1607-1860; Volume 2: 1860-1976
41189: WHISHAW, FRED - A Lost Army A Tale of the Russians in Central Asia
38316: WHITAKE, REG - A Sovereign Idea Essays on Canada as a Democratic Community
12777: WHITAKER, W. DENNIS & WHITAKER, SHELAGH - Tug of War. The Canadian Victory that Opened Antwerp
11960: WHITAKER, W. DENNIS & WHITAKER, SHELAGH - Tug of War. The Canadian Victory that Opened Antwerp
21214: WHITAKER, W. DENNIS & WHITAKER, SHELAGH - Dieppe Tragedy to Triumph
36242: WHITAKER, JOSEPH - An Almanack For the Year of Our Lord 1891containing an account of the Astronomical and other Phenomena A Large amount of Information Respecting the Government Finances Population Commerce and General Statistics of the British Empire Throughout (cont.)
38819: WHITAKER, REG AND GARY MARCUSE - Cold War Canada: The Making of a National Insecurity State, 1945-1957
41416: WHITE, H. ROY - A Year of Spiritual Valleys & Hilltops
38635: WHITE, JAMES - John Butler Yeats and the Irish Renaissance
2668: WHITE, L. G. 'BUD'. - Pictou Academy Gold Medallists
10594: WHITE, GLEESON (EDITED BY) - The Master-Painters of Britain:(in 4 vols)
15800: WHITE, CHRISTOPHER - Rubens and his world
17636: WHITE, JOHN (COMPILED BY) - Burke's Ballads
18493: WHITE, RANDALL - Ontario 1610-1985 A Political and Economic History Ontario Heritage Foundation Local History Series #1
19696: WHITE, CLINTON O. - Power for a Province A History of Saskatchewan Power
20658: WHITE, H. KELSEY (COMPILED BY) - An Index to the Songs, Snatches, & Passages in Shakespeare Which Have Been Set to Music
22784: WHITE, BARBARA B. (ED) - The Bradford Book of Collector's Plates The Official Guide to all Editions Traded on the World's Largest Exchange
25962: WHITE, WILLIAM C. - Canon Cody of St. Paul's Church
26002: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - Blazed Trail Stories and Stories of the Wild Life
26046: WHITE, W. L. - Queens Die Proudly
30083: WHITE, LEONARD - The Story of Gosport
31229: WHITE, MARIAN FRANCES (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - Not A Still Life The Art and Writings of Rae Perlin
31884: WHITE, E.W. - British Fishing-Boats and Coastal Craft Historical Survey and Catalogueof the Collection
32848: WHITE, ART - From Away, Here to Stay. Stories From the Valley
34840: WHITE, CHARLES E. JR. - The Bungalow Book
35106: WHITE, EDWARD A. - American Orchid Culture
37865: WHITE, REV. GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne; with Observations on Various Parts of Nature; and The Naturalist's Calendar
38874: WHITE, H. C. - Food and Natural History of Mergansers on Salmon Waters in the Maritime Provinces of Canada
6837: WHITEAVES, J.F(EDITOR) - The Canadian Naturalist and Quarterly Journal of Science with the proceedings of te Natural History Society of Montreal
1603: WHITEHEAD, RUTH HOLMES - Elitekey: Micmac Culture from 1600 A.D. to the Present
2247: WHITEHEAD, RUTH HOLMES - MicMac Quillwork. Micmac Indian Techniques of Porcupine Quill Decoration: 1600-1950
39251: WHITELAW, MARJORY (ED) - The Dalhousie Journals (Vol. III) - The Journal of George Ramsay, Ninth Earl of Dalhousie, during his years as Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia, 1816-1820
11284: WHITELAW, MARJORY (EDITED BY) - Letters from Nova Scotia. William Scarth Moorsom
1632: WHITELAW, MARJORY (ED.) - The Dalhousie Journals. (in 3 vols.)
11411: WHITELAW, WILLIAM MENZIES - The Maritimes and Canada Before Confederation
11125: WHITLOCK, F.A. - Death on the Road A Study in Social Violence
41835: WHITMAN, DAVE - Lost in the Woods The Lure and History of Roxbury
16727: WHITNEY, HARRY - Hunting with the Eskimos The Unique Record of a Sportsman's Year Among the Northernmost Tribe-The Big Game Hunting, The Native Life, and The Battle For Existence through the Long Arctic Night
23336: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Snow-Bound A Winter Idyl
26036: WHITTIER, HENRY S. - The Other Watch
27456: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier Complete in Two Volumes
28284: THINKS-I-TO-MYSELF WHO? - Thinks-I-To-Myself: A Serio-Ludrico, Tragico-Comico Tale; written by Thinks-I-to-myself Who? Two Volumes in One
40697: THINKS-I-TO-MYSELF. WHO? - Thinks-I-to-Myself. Serio-Ludicro, Tragico-comico Tale;
31194: WHYTE, JON (ED) - Beyond Exceptional Pass
8368: WIBERG, HUGH - Backyard Vegetable Gardening
10693: WICKENDEN, JAMES - Beyond the High Savannahs
41839: WICKES,GEORGE - Americans in Paris
32118: WICKLAND, CARL A. - The Gateway of Understanding
12730: WICKS, BEN - Nell's War Remembering the Blitz
30240: WICKS, BEN - When the Boys Came Marching Home True stories fo the men who went to war and the women and children who took them back
30241: WICKS, BEN - The Day They Took the Children
40090: WIDDOWSON, JOHN - If You Don't Be Good. Verbal Social Control in Newfoundland
35816: WIDGERY, CHARLES - The St. Mary's and Other Waters Fishing Tales Told Out of School
28798: WIEGER, DR. L. - Chinese Characters Their origin, Etymology, History, Classification and Signification. A Thorough Study from Chinese Documents
42090: VAN DE WIEL, DEBI - Faces of Fate The Evacuation of Children from Great Britian During World War II
31288: WIEN, FRED - Rebuilding The Economic Base of Indian Communities: The MicMac in Nova Scotia
8633: WIGAN, EVE - The Tale of Gordano
20934: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - A Child's Journey with Dickens
40766: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Birds' Christmas Carol
41216: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Timothy's Quest A Story For Anybody, Young or Old, Who Cares to Read it
28952: WIGGINS,THE REV.R.B. - The Divine Love, and The Divine Forgiveness, Illustrated, In Two Sermons
17997: WIGGLESWORTH, ARMAND F. - Anecdotes of Queens County Nova Scotia
33856: WIGLE, RANDY - Broad Liberalization Based on Fundamentals: A Framework for Canadian Commercial Policy [Paper 2 of Canada in the 21st Century: I. Scene Setting]
10783: WIGLE, REV. HAMILTON - Cameos. Being Over One Thousand Practical Illustrations
7564: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER. - Poems of Passion and Pleasure
18243: WILD, REV. JOSEPH - The Lost Ten Tribes
35251: WILD, ROLAND - Arctic Command: The Story of Smellie of the Nascopie
24611: WILDENSTEIN, DANIEL (TEXT BY) - A Loan Exhibition of Degas for the Benefit of the New York Infirmary April 7-May 14, 1949 at Wildenstein
40504: WILDER, F.L. - How to Identify Old Prints
40601: WILDER, F.L. - How to Identify Old Prints
11401: WILDER, HARRIS HAWTHORNE - History of the Human Body
12678: WILENSKI, R.H. - Modern French Painters
35474: WILES, R. M. - Freshest Advices Early Provincial Newspapers in England
28576: WILGUS, A. CURTIS - Histories and Historians of Hispanic America
22021: WILKEN, ROBERT L. - The Land Called Holy Palestine in Christian History and Thought
13322: WILKES, DEBBI AND GREG CABLE - Ice Time A Portrait of Figure Skating
14241: WILKIE, JIM - Metagama A Journey From Lewis to the New World
33070: WILKIN, KAREN (EDITOR) - Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey
4013: WILKINSON, ANNE - Lions in the Way. A Discursive History of the Oslers
8895: WILKINSON, BURKE - Uncommon Clay The Life And Works Of Augustus Saint Gaudens
15923: WILKINSON, PAUL & QUARTER, JACK - Building a Community -Controlled Economy: The Evangeline Co-operative Experience
25585: WILKS, BRIAN - The Life & Times of Jane Austen
14702: MILLAR. WILL - Children of the Unicorn the Story of the Irish Rovers
19594: WILLAR, STEVE - And Then the Truth
13775: WILLARD, MADELINE DEADERICK - The King's Highway A Romance of the Franciscan Order in Alta California
22580: WILLETT, T. C. - A Heritage at Risk The Canadian Militia as a Social Institution
40565: BEMROSE WILLIAM - Manual of Wood Carving with Practical Instructions for Learners of the Art, and Original and Selected Designs
37333: WILLIAM STEVENS FIELDING, THE EIGHTH PREMIER OF NOVA SCOTIA (1884-96), - Two signed letters from William Stevens Fielding concerning the application of Alexander McNeil for a Fellowship in International Law to the Division of International Law of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
37332: WILLIAM STEVENS FIELDING, THE EIGHTH PREMIER OF NOVA SCOTIA (1884-96), - Appointment of Alexander McNeil, Barrister to be a Commissioner for giving relief to Indigent Debtors, . . . signed by William Stevens Fielding and Malachy Bowes Daly and dated 14th of February 1892
38538: O'DONNELL. WILLIAM H.(ED) - Literatim Transcription of the Manuscripts of William Butler Yeats's The Speckled Bird
23774: WILLIAMS, JAY - The Wicked Tricks of Tyl Uilenspiegel
37483: WILLIAMS, A. COURTNEY - Trout Flies A discussion and a dictionary
2462: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY. - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry: 1914-1984 Seventy Years Service.
7721: WILLIAMS, FREDERICK LAKE. - An Historical and Topographical Description of the Municipium of Verulam; (see note for full title.)
8688: WILLIAMS, LEONARD - Challenge To Survival A Philosophy of Evolution
10442: WILLIAMS, JOSEPH J. - Hebrewisms of West Africa From Nile to Niger with the Jews
12676: WILLIAMS, IOLO A - Early English Watercolours and Some Cognate Drawings by Artists born not later than 1785
13528: WILLIAMS, LEONARD - Challenge to Survival A Philosophy of Evolution
17776: WILLIAMS, MARTHA MCCULLOCH - Field-Farings A Vagrant Chronicle of Earth and Sky
17902: WILLIAMS, W. JOHN E. - Ralph Pickard Bell A Biography
18399: WILLIAMS, THOMAS, J. - 'Ici On Parle Francais' A Farce, in One Act
18868: WILLIAMS, FRANCIS - War by Revolution
22145: WILLIAMS, MATTIEU - A Vindication of Phrenology with a portrait of the author and 44 illustrations
22151: WILLIAMS, W. MATTIEU - A Vindication of Phrenology with a portrait of the author and 44 illustrations
26258: WILLIAMS, NOEL T. ST. JOHN - Redcoats and Courtesans The Birth of the British Army (1660-1690)
29975: WILLIAMS, FRANCIS S. - Le Grand-Pere et Ses Quatre Petits-Fils. Livre de Lecture, A L'Usage des Ecoles
34560: WILLIAMS, STEPHEN W. (APPENDIX AND NOTES BY) - The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion:or, A Faithful History of Remarkable Occurrences in the Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams
34592: WILLIAMS, H. - Geology of Belleoram Map-Area, Newfoundland
35423: WILLIAMS, PETRA; LAYOUT AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS FOR THE TEXT BY MARGUERITE R. WEBER - Staffordshire Romantic Transfer Patterns Cup Plates and Early Victorian China [2 volumes]
35896: WILLIAMS, FRANCES FENWICK - Viking's Rest A Story of the Land of Evangeline
18869: WILLIAMS, FRANCIS - Ten Angels Swearing or Tomorrow's Politics
39120: WILLIAMS, GLYN - Voyages of Delusion The Northwest Passage in the Age of Reason
1015: WILLIAMSON, EILEEN M. - Outport: A Newfoundland Journal
6763: WILLIAMSON, MONCRIEFF - Island Painter. The Life of Robert Harris (1849-1919)
5570: WILLIAMSON, MONCRIEFF - Robert Harris 1849-1919: An Unconventional Biography
6521: WILLIAMSON, MONCRIEFF - Robert Harris 1849-1919
34401: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Village Book
25091: WILLIAMSON, GORDON - Loyality is My Honor
27937: WILLIAMSON, NIGEL - Journey Through the Past The Stories Behind the Classic Songs of Neil Young
34251: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Linhay on the Downs
39567: WILLIAMSON, JAMES A. - Sir John Hawkins The Time and the Man
37594: WILLIAMSON, J. A. - The Voyages of John and Sebastian Cabot
13386: WILLIAMSON, JAMES A - A Short History of British Expansion (in 2 vols) The Old Colonial Empire;The Modern Empire and Commonwealth
32039: WILLIE, J. G.; SCICLOUNOFF, P.; RAYNER, N. C. - Catalogue of Jewellery The Properties of Deceased Estates The Properties of Noblemen and Ladies of Title and other owners comprising a wide variety of Jewels set with precious stones including many examples of famous makers which will be sold by (cont.)
4899: WILLIS, JOHN - A History of Dalhousie Law School
22136: WILLIS, PROF. A. E. - Human Nature or Men and Women exposed Treating of every Characteristic, both Good and Bad, of the various Types of Man and Woman as They Exist, and as Manifest in Every-Day Life, Giving 'The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth'
26004: WILLIS-O'CONNOR,COLONEL H. (AS TOLD BY) - Inside Government House
23767: WILLIS N.P. & BARTLETT, W.H. - Canadian Scenery, Illustrated. From Drawings by W.H. Bartlett (2 volumes)
19094: WILLISON, I. R., (ED) - The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature in 5 Volumes Volume 4 1900-1950 (Volume 4 only)
37143: WILLISON, J.H. ET AL (EDS) - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals
12481: WILLISTON, FLOYD - Through Footless Halls of Air The Stories of a few of the Many Who failed to return
18123: WILLMOT, ELIZABETH A. - Faces and Places Along the Railway
37381: WILLOUGHBY, MALCOLM F. - The U.S. Coast Guard in World War II
12449: WILLOUGHBY, HAROLD R. - Codex 2400 and Its Miniatures
35615: WILLS, GEOFFREY - English and Irish Glass
10069: WILLSON, BECKLES - Canada
17906: WILLSON, BECKLES - The New America A Study of the Imperial Republic
27135: WILLSON, BECKLES - The Life of Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal (in 2 vols)
38109: WILLSON, BECKLES - Lord Strathcona The Story of His Life
41688: WILLSON, BECKLES - The Life of Lord Strathcona & Mount Royal G.C.M.G.,G.C.V.O. (1820-1914)
37106: WILSON, ROBERT S. (ED) - An Abiding Conviction Maritime Baptists and Their World
36660: WILSON, GEORGE HERBERY - The History of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa
37485: WILSON, DERMOT - Fishing the Dry Fly
1540: WILSON, HELEN DACEY. - More Tales From Barrett's Landing: A Childhood in Nova Scotia
5741: WILSON, JOHN FRANCIS - The Migration of Skivins
5749: WILSON, PAT AND KRIS WOOD - The Frenchy's Connection The Pottersfield Guide to Second-Hand Clothing Stores in the Maritimes
6370: WILSON, BECKLES - Nova Scotia: The Province That Has Been Passed By
6913: WILSON, MILTON [EDITED BY] - To Everything There Is A Season. Roloff Beny In Canada.
11556: WILSON, ETHEL - Lilly's Story
13004: WILSON, MARTHA - Penitent Earth Poems
13005: WILSON, MARTHA - Testament Sonnets
13380: WILSON, ALAN - John Northway A Blue Serge Canadian
15432: WILSON, LAWRENCE M.(COMPILED BY) - This Was Montreal in 1814,1815, 1816 and 1817
17659: WILSON, DOROTHY CLARKE - Bright Eyes The Story of Susette La Flesche, an Omaha Indian
22381: WILSON, EDMUND - A Piece of My Mind Reflections at Sixty
23186: WILSON, R. C. H. (ED.) - Health of the Northwest Atlantic A Report to the Interdepartmental Committee on Environmental Issues
23599: WILSON, ANGUS - The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling His Life and Works
23896: WILSON, GUY - The Three Vital Moments of Benjamin Ellashaye & Other Stories
24235: WILSON, MARGERY - Charm
24700: WILSON, WILLIAM R. A. - Journeys of the Kit-Kat Club in England
24792: WILSON, REV. ROBERT - Rays of Light from Bible Lands: Embracing Historical Sketches for The Five Great empires of Antiquity, Egypt, Nineveh, Babylon, Tyre and Persia, Whose remarkable career and complete overthrow attest to the truths of Sacred Story. Also a Graphic (cont.)
27344: WILSON, GEORGE ALBERT - Versatile Verses
27924: WILSON, COLIN - The Essential Colin Wilson
27925: WILSON, COLIN - Introduction to the New Existentialism
27926: WILSON, COLIN - Religion and the Rebel
29296: WILSON, GERRY AND HEDBERG, A - Physiology of Ice Hockey- A Report
29309: WILSON, PROF. DR. DONALD W. - The Long Journey from Turmoil to Self-Sufficency
32906: WILSON, J. TUZO - I. G. Y: The Year of the New Moons
38652: WILSON, F.A.C. - Yeats's Iconography
37798: WILSON, ANNA MAY - A Star in Prison: A Tale of Canada
35331: WIMSATT, GENEVIEVE - A Well of Fragrant Waters A Sketch of the Life and Writings of Hung Tu
30865: WINCHELL, N.H. - 1898-1900 The Geology of Minnesota. Vol. V. of the Final Report Structural and Petrograhic Geology of the Taconic and Archean
11684: WINCHESTER, CLAERNECE & P.R. BIRD (EDITORS) - The Queen Elizabeth The World's Greatest Ship
8674: WINCOR, RICHARD - From Ritual To Royalties [An Anatomy of Literary Property]
7016: WINE, CYNTHIA - Across The Table. An Indulgent Look at Food in Canada
40233: WING, CHRIS - Alexander Graham Bell at Baddeck. A picture history written and illustrated by Chris Wing
30118: WINGATE, JOHN - The Fighting Tenth The Tenth Submarine Flotilla and the Siege of Malta
9012: WINGFIELD-STRATFORD, ESME - Before The Lamps Went Out
12236: WINKS, WILLIAM EDWARD - Lives of Illustrious Shoemakers
28428: WINKS, ROBIN W. - The Blacks in Canada: A History
12534: WINSHIP, GEORGE PARKER - Gutenberg to Plantin An Outline of the Early History of Printing
31271: WINSOR, NABOTH - A History of Education in Greenspond, Newfoundland (1816-1979)
15840: WINTEMBERG, W. J. - The Middleport Prehistoric Village Site
19330: WINTEMBERG, W. J. - Roebuck Prehistoric Village Site, Grenville County, Ontario
40093: WINTER, MILO - Billy Popgun Illustrated by the Arthur
20805: WINTER, J. R. - Federal-Provincial Fiscal Relations and Maritime Union Report Prepared for the Maritime Union Study Maritime Union Study Commission d'etude de l'union des Provinces Maritimes
30395: WINTER, JOHN STRANGE; CROMPTON; FRANCES E.; MRS. MOLESWORTH - A Christmas Fairy and Other Stories
30233: WINTON, JOHN (CHOSEN AND EDITED BY) - The Submariners Life in British Submarines 1901-1999 An Anthology of Personal Experiences
24203: WISE, TERENCE - European Edge Weapons
26758: BERCUSON DAVID J.& S.F. WISE (EDS) - The Valour and the Horror Revisited
31825: WISE, DAVID A. (ED) - Pensions, Labor, and Individual Choice
31826: WISE, DAVID A. (ED) - Topics in the Economics of Aging
22987: WISE, S. F. - Canadian Airmen and the First World War The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force Volume 1
17971: WISE, S. F.;DOUGLAS, W. A. B.; GREENHOUS, BRERETON; ETC. - The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force; Vol 1: Canadian Airmen and the First World War; Vol 2: The Creation of the National Air Force; Vol 3: The Crucible of War 1939-1945 [3 volumes]
39226: WISE, KELLY (ED) - Portrait:Theory Photographs and Essays by David Attie, Chuck Close, Jan Groover, Evelyn Hoffer, Lotte Jacobi, Gerard Malanga, Robert Mapplethorpe and James Van Der Zee
16769: WISEMAN, THOMAS - A Game of Secrets
36403: WISMER, LESLIE E. - Marry Harry A Play Based On Women's Liberation Movement
36408: WITEMEYER, HUGH (ED) - The Correspondence of Ezra Pound Pound Wiliams Selected Letters of Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams
38972: WITEMEYER, HUGH - The Poetry of Ezra Pound Forms and Renewal, 1908-1920
8076: WITHER, GEORGE - Poems By George Wither
22278: WITHERS, HARTLEY - Poverty and Waste
1761: WITHROW, W.H. - Valeria, The Martyr of the Catacombs. A Tale of Early Christian Life in Rome
5598: WITHROW, WILLIAM. - Contemporary Canadian Painting
26097: WITHROW, ALFREDA - Nova Scotia's Ethnic Roots
36533: WITHROW, ALFREDA - One City Many Communities Halifax Regional Municipality
38300: WITHROW, WILLIAM H. - A Popular History of the Dominion of Canada
8675: WITTENBERG, PHILIP - The Law Of Literary Property
27256: WITTKOWER, RUDOLF AND MARGOT - Born Under Saturn The Character and Conduct of Artists: A Documented History from Antiquity to the French Revolution
18344: WIX, SAMUEL - Scriptural Illustrations of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England, with a Practical Comment upon Each Article; Affectionately Intended to Promote Religious Peace and Unity
38838: WIX, EDWARD - Six Months of a Newfoundland Missionary's Journal, from February to August, 1835
31364: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Trouble Down at Tudsleigh (short story) in the Strand Magazine, May1935.
30299: WOLFE, IDA F. (ED) - Album of Odd Fellows Homes
14234: WOLOSCHUK, MICHAEL - Family Ties: The Real Story of the McCain Feud
17726: WOLSESLY, FIELD-MARSHALL VISCOUNT - The Decline and Fall of Napoleon
40790: PORT WILLIAMS WOMEN'S INSTITUTE. - 'The Port Remembers'. The History of Port Williams and Its Century Homes
2844: WOOD-HOLT, B.(INTRODUCTORY NOTES & EDITED BY) - Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick: Saint John City and County from the British Conquest to 1839.
11366: WOOD, GEORGE B. - A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine in Two Volumes
11403: WOOD, GEORGE B. - Introductory Lectures and Addresses, on Medical Subjects, Delivered Chiefly Before The Medical Classes of the University of Pennsylvania
13934: WOOD, ANTHONY - Nineteenth Century Britain 1815-1914
15620: WOOD, JOHN - Account of the Edinburgh Sessional School. and the other Parochial Institutions for Eeducation Established in that City in the year 1812 With Strictures of Eeducational in General
20316: WOOD, WILLIAM (ED. WITH INTRO BY) - Selected British Documents of the Canadian War of 1812 (in Three Volumes- Vol.3 in two separate books-Part I & Part II)The Publications of the Champlain Society
22461: WOOD, HERBERT FAIRLIE - The Private War of Jacket Coates
25281: WOOD, J. G. - Illustrated Natural History Mammalia
28219: WOOD, REV. J. G. - Homes Without Hands Being a Description of the Habitations of Animals, Classed According to Their Principle of Construction
30706: WOOD, MICHAEL - Domesday A Search for the Roots of England
31735: WOOD, ERNEST E. - The Glorious Presence A Study of the Vedanta Philosophy and its Relation to Modern Thought. Including a New Translation of Shankara's Ode to the South-Facing Form
38138: WOOD, RUTH KEDZIE - The Tourist's Maritime Provinces With Chapters on the Gaspe Shore, Newfoundland and Labrador and the Miquelon Islands
12968: WOOD, LIEUT. J.E.R.(EDITED BY) - Detour The Story of Oflag IVC. Drawings by Lieut. J.F. Watton, Border Regt.
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19157: WOODCOCK, GEORGE (ED) - Colony and Confederation Early Canadian Poets and Their Background
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39866: WOODFORD, PAUL - Charles Hutton 'Newfoundland's Greatest Musician and Dramatist,'1861-1949
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12648: WOODS, SHIRLEY .E. JR. - The Squirrels of Canada
18916: WOODS, KATE TANNATT - The Duncans on Land and Sea
19412: WOODS, SHIRLY E. JR. - Ottawa The Capital of Canada
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3790: WOODSIDE, WILLSON - The University Question Who Should Go? Who Should Pay?
38437: WOODSWORTH, JOHN (COMPILED , TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED BY) - Russian Roots and Canadian Wings Russian Archival Documents on the Doukhobor Emigration to Canada
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21566: WOODWARD, GEO. E. & THOMPSON, EDWARD G. - Woodward's National Architect; Containing 1000 Original Designs, Plans and Details, To Working Scale, for the Practical Construction of Dwelling Houses for the Country, Suburb and Village
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37185: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM DEPARTMENT OF WOODWORK - The Panelled Rooms: IV. The Waltham Abbey Room [Publication No. 166W]
37184: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM DEPARTMENT OF WOODWORK - The Panelled Rooms: V. The Hatton Garden Room [Publication No. 134W]
37183: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM DEPARTMENT OF WOODWORK - The Panelled Rooms: IV. The Inlaid Room from Sizergh Castle [Publication No. 116W]
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25790: WYKES, ALAN - Doctor Cardano Physician Extraordinary
30768: WYKES-JOYCE, MAX (ESSAY BY) - Kenneth Webb
40451: WYLLIE, W. L.; OWNE, C.; KIRKPATRICK, W. D. - More Sea Fights of the Great War Including the Battle of Jutland With 24 colour and 26 black and white plates by W. L. Wyllie
11531: WYLLIE, IAN - The Cuckoo
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33079: WYNDHAM, FRANCIS AND DAVID KING (EDITORS) - Bruce Chatwin: Photographs and Notebooks
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7183: YATES, EDMUND - Edmund Yates: His Recollections and Experiences. (2 volumes signed by author)
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20341: YEADON, MARINA CAVANAUGH - The Early Dwellings of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia 1754-1850 A Preliminary Guide to the Early Domestic Architectures of Mahone Bay and Area
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39411: SYDNEY ACADEMY YEARBOOK - Sydney Academy Record 1950
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28396: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - The Heir of Redclyffe (in 2 vols)
36162: YONGE, C. M. - The Sea Shore with 61 colour photographs by D. P. Wilson and others, 62 black-and-white photographs and 88 text figures
18503: YORK, VINCENT - The Sandy River and Its Valley
29910: CHRISTIES NEW YORK - Printed and Manuscript Americana and Candiana including the Collection of Voyages and Travels The Property of the Rt. Hon. Viscount Eccles
33119: YOSHIMURA, Y. - Japanese @ Once 1 Building up Conversation Practical example sentences and sentence patterns 2 Words & Expressions Various situations, like in a taxi, at restaurants and train stations 3 Grammar Focus Understanding and using Japanese grammar-a short cuts
39238: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON - By Canoe and Dog-Train Among the Cree and Salteaux Indians
15168: YOUNG, EWART (TEXT BY) - St. John's Newfoundland The Oldest City in North America Capital of Canada's Newest Province
25536: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON - Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Camp-Fires
189: YOUNG, JOHN. - The Letters of Agricola on the Principles of Vegetation and Tillage, Written for Nova Scotia, and Published First in the Acadian Recorder
593: YOUNG, GEORGE R(ENNY) - On Colonial Literature, Science and Education; Written with a View of Improving the Literary, Educational .... (vol. I)
6188: YOUNG, DEBORAH - Journeys Karen Leigh Casselman; Dawn MacNutt; Patricia Pollett McClelland
12441: YOUNG, JIM WITH JIM TAYLOR - Dirty 30
13174: YOUNG, CECIL J. 'CY' - Oakville's 100 Years 1857-1957
19275: YOUNG, SCOTT - Red Shield in Action. A Record of Canadian Salvation Army War Services in the Second Great War
23026: YOUNG, BRIAN J. - Promoters and Politicians: The North-Shore Railways in the History of Quebec, 1854-85
23571: YOUNG, EDWARD - Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality
25357: YOUNG, EDWARD - The Complaint, or Night Thoughts on Life, Death and Immortality to which is prefixed, A Short Account of the Life of The Author
31365: YOUNG, JOHN - Loch Lomond Side and Other Poems
31391: YOUNG, SCOTT - Sport Stories
31502: YOUNG, MAHONRI SHARP - Early American Moderns Painters of the Stieglitz Group
31511: YOUNG, DEANNA - Drunkard's Path
32420: YOUNG, SCOTT - Neil and Me
38276: YOUNG, WALTER D. - The Anatomy of a Party:The National CCF 1932-61
36111: YOUNG, EDWARD - The Complaint: or, Night Thoughts
31305: YOUNG, ARMINIUS - One Hundred Years of Mission Work in the Wilds of Labrador
38515: YOUNG, DUDLEY - Out of Ireland A Reading of Yeat's Poetry
42084: YOUNGER, ANDREW WITH ALLAN BILLIARD - Ribbon of Water The Shubenacadie Waterway From the Air
10965: YUNGFLEISCH, SIMON - A Scientific Hebrew Grammar for Beginners
26465: ZAHM, THE REVEREND J. A. - Through South America's Southland With an Account of the Roosevelt Scientific Expedition to South America Following the Conquistadores
41764: ZASLOW, MORRIS (EDITED BY) - The Defended Border Upper Canada and the War of 1812
16170: ZASLOW, MORRIS - The Opening of the Canadian North 1870-1914
27735: ZELLER, LUDWIG - Alphacollage
5642: ZEMANS, JOYCE - Christopher Pratt: A Retrospective
24977: ZIEGLER, MANO - Rocket Fighter The Story fo the Messerschmitt ME163
36011: ZIEGLER, TREACY - Out of the Darkness April 25- May18, 2002
3142: ZIMMERLY, DAVID WILLIAM - Cain's Land Revisited: Culture Change in Central Labrador, 1775-1972
18000: ZIMMERMAN, DAVID - The Great Naval Battle of Ottawa
6243: ZINCK, LEE - The Rooster Crows at Dawn My Eighty Years in the Nova Scotia Village of Blandford
1731: ZINER, FEENIE - Bluenose, Queen of the Grand Banks
38730: ZINNES, HARRIET (EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - Ezra Pound and the Visual Arts
42036: ZODROW, E.L. AND K. MCCANDLISH - Upper Carboniferous Fossil Flora of Nova Scotia In the Collections of the Nova Scotia Museum; with Special Reference to the Sydney Coalfield
33777: ZOLTVANY, YVES F. - The Government of New France: Royal, Clerical, or Class Rule?
38247: ZUCKERMAN, BERTRAM - The Kampong The Fairchilds' Tropical Paradise
28035: ZUEHLKE, MARK - Ortona Canada's Epic World War II Battle
16114: ZUILL, WILLIAM (COMMENTS BY) - Tom Moore's Bermuda Poems and Notes
16115: ZUILL, WILLIAM (COMMENTS BY) - Tom Moore's Bermuda Poems and Notes
38998: ZUKOFSKY, LOUIS - Autobiography
24575: ZULAIKA, JOSEBA - Terranova The Ethos and Luck of Deep-Sea Fishermen

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