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32261: - The Book of Common Prayer, with the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the Use of the Church of England [with] Hymns (2 volumes)
32341: - An Appeal to Matter of Fact and Common Sense or, A Rational Demonstration of Man's Corrupt and Lost Estate [bound with an] Address to such as inquire, What must we do to be saved?
32371: - Report of the Department of Mines, Nova Scotia. For the Year 1883
32388: - Report on Mines 1928(in 2 parts)
32413: - Come to the Canadian Lakehead
32542: - 100 Years of Art in Germany 1885-1985 Ingelheim am Rhein 28 April - 30 June 1985
32627: [LOCKHART, ARTHUR JOHN] - The Papers of Pastor Felix
32735: - Soviet Space Programs: Organization, Plans, Goals, and International Implications. Staff Report Prepared for the Use of the Aeronautical and Space Sciences United States Senate
32738: - Soviet Space Programs, 1966-70 [and] Soviet Space Programs 1971, A Supplement to the Corresponding Report Covering the Period 1966-70 [1 volume with supplement]
32739: - International Cooperation in Outer Space: A Symposium. Prepared for the Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences United States Senate
32748: - Aeronautics and Space Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress January 1971
34138: - List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals Atlantic Coast Including the Gulf and River St. Lawrence to Montreal
32756: - Mariner-Mars 1964 Final Project Report Prepared under contract for NASA by Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology (NASA SP-139)
32760: - Merchants Record and Show Window
32763: - Man on the Moon. A Picture Chronology of Man in Space Exploration. Collector's Edition
32766: - United States Aeronautics and Space Activities 1968 Report to the Congress from the President of the United States
32768: - la fete est dans l'air! 50 1939-1989 St-Quentin Ltee La Caisse Populaire
32770: - Histoire de la Caisse Populaire de Saint-Anslem 1941-1991 50 Anniversaire
32774: - 1963-1988 CP 25
32779: - 25 1961 1986 La Caisse Populaire de Cambellton Ltee
32785: - 50e anniversaire Caisse populaire de Saint-Ignace 1941-1991
32787: - La Caisse Populaire Baker-Brook 50 Ans 1937-1987
32788: - La Caisse Populaire de Saint-Louis Ltee 1938-1988 50 Ans!
32789: - La Caisse Populaire de St-Basile Ltee Un Demi-siecle ca se fete! 50e 1939-1989
32790: - La fete est dans l'air! 50 1939-1989 Le Comite du 50e
32794: - Cinquantieme Anniversaire de la Caisse Populair de Pokemouche Ltee 1939 a 1989
32799: - 1960-1985 Vingt-Cinquieme Anniversaire de la Caisse Populaire de Sheila Nouveau-Brunswick
32821: - Quebec The Good Roads Province
32823: - Consolidated Tours Maps of the Eastern States and Canada 1936
32825: - Canadian Art Magazine -Alex Colville Article
32826: - Le Bulletin des Recherches Historiques. Organ de Bureau des Archives de la Province de Quebec
32827: - Le Bulletin des Recherches Historiques. Organ de Bureau des Archives de la Province de Quebec
32840: - Mariner-Venus 1962 Final Project Report (NASA SP-59)
32841: - The First Man in Space. The Record of Yuri Gagarin's Historic First Venture into Cosmic Space (A Collection of Translations form Soviet Press Reports)
32849: - Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1964. Chronology on Science, Technology, and Policy (NASA Sp-4005)
32850: - Canada In Space
32853: - Lunar Science VII: Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Seventh Lunar Science Conference Sponsored by NASA through The Lunar Science Institute and The Johnson Space Center, March 15-19, 1976 (Volume I only)
32854: - Lunar Science VIII: Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Eighth Lunar Science Conference Sponsored by NASA through The Lunar Science Institute and The Johnson Space Center, March 14-18, 1977 (in 2 Volumes)
32874: - Harper's School Geography With Maps and Illustrations Prepared Expressly for this Work by Eminent American Artists
32891: - The New York Times Special Supplement Sunday, August 3, 1969 The Moon: A New Frontier With first color photographs from Tranquility Base
32893: - Space The New Frontier National Aeronautics and Space Administration
32894: - The Six Orbits of Sigma 7 Walter M. Schirra's Space Flight October 3, 1962
32924: - The Space Encyclopedia. A Guide to Astronomy and Space Research
32938: - Life in Space
32958: - The Kennedy Space Center Story
32964: - The Legendary Vostok
32965: - The X-15 Research Plane
32966: - Mercury Atlas MA-6
32967: - Mercury Project Summary Including Results of the Fourth Manned Orbital Flight May 15 and 16, 1963 (NASA SP-45)
32970: - Gemini Midprogram Conference Including Experiment Results Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas, February 23-25, 1966 (NASA SP-121)
32971: - Astronaut M. Scott Carpenter Aurora 7 May 24, 1962
32972: - Results of the Second U.S. Manned Orbital Space Flight May 24, 1962 (NASA SP-6)
32977: - Science
32997: - British and Continental Pictures, Watercolours and Drawings Wednesday 9 August 1995 at 2.00 p.m. and Thursday 10 August 1995 at 10.30 a.m.
32998: - English and Continental Furniture, Paintings and Decorative Objects Including a Selection from the Estate of Frederick McLean Bugher, The Collection of Charles and Amy Paterson, The Property of a European Collector and Various Sources [cont]
32999: - Odon Wagner Gallery Catalogue of Spring Summer Exhibition of Fine Paintings of the Nineteenth Century
33000: - Fine 19th and 20th Century British Drawings & Watercolours November 1 - December 13, 1980
33001: - Henry Moore Etchings and Lithographs Sculptures April 3-29, 1976
33002: - European and American Paintings and Prints Sale No. 454 To Be Sold At Auction June 16, 1982 at 2:00 p.m. precisely
33003: - American Paintings and Sculpture Sale No. 497 To be Sold at Auction on Wednesday, June 1, 1983 at 6:00 p.m. precisely
33004: - Victorian and Continental Furniture and Decorations Sale 1397 August 16, 1991
33005: - American and European Paintings and Prints To be Sold at Auction Wednesday, May 4, 1983 at 1:00 P.M. Sale 3323P
33006: - American and European Paintings To Be Sold at Auction Tuesday, August 16, 1983, at 1:00 P.M. Numbers 1 to 379 Sale 3338P
33007: - American and European Paintings To Be Sold at Auction Thursday, July 21, 1983, at 1:00 P.M. Sale 3371P
33008: - Selected American and European Paintings and Sculpture To Be Sold at Auction Thursday, November 8, 1984, at 7:30 P.M. Numbers 2001-2248 Sale 3482P
33009: - Ballet, Theatre and Music-Hall Material Thursday, 29th October 1981 at 11 am and 2.30 pm precisely
33010: - Ballet and Theatre Material and Related Reference Books Thursday, 4th March 1982 at 10.30 am & 2.30 pm precisely
33011: - Dance, Theatre, Opera, Music Hall and Film Costume and Décor Designs, Books, Photographs, and Prints
33012: - Dance, Theatre, Opera and Music Hall Costume and Décor Designs, Books, Posters, and Prints
33013: - Catalogue of Theatre, Ballet and Music-Hall Material
33014: - An Extensive Collection of Playing Cards from the 17th to 20th Century
33015: - Catalogue of Order, Medals and Decorations Comprising Fine Campaign Medals from 1793 and Groups and Pairs
33016: - Photographic Images and Related Material
33017: - Photographic Images and Related Material
33026: - Papiers Peints Anciens du XVIIIe et du XIXe siecles Collection de la Maison Follot, Dimanche 7 fevrier 1982 a 15 h et lundi 8 fevrier 1982 a 11 h, Sporting d'Hiver, Monte Carlo
33027: - Euorpean Ceramics English, German, French and Other Continental Porcelain and Pottery, Wednesday, June 13, 1979 at 2p.m. and Thursday, June 14 at 10:15a.m. and 2p.m. (Sale Number 4262)
33029: - Fine Jewellery including Property from an Estate, Property from the Estate of Michael Kurz, Property from an Ontario Estate, Property from a Montreal Estate, Property Sold for a Benefit of a Charitable Foundation, Tuesday, May 18, 1993 at 7 pm
33036: - Rapport des Deliberations du Congres Mondial d'Aviculture Ottawa-Canada du 27 Juillet au 4 Aout Dix-Neuf Cent Vingt-Sept
33245: - The Tract Primer
40462: (BRITISH EMPIRE) - The Round Table A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Empire Vol.1 November MCMX No.1
33353: - The Friend o' Man A Book For Everybody Who Owns or Wishes to Own A Dog
33475: - Canada 1940 The Official Handbook of Present Conditions and Recent Progress
33477: - Chamber's Educational Course: Rudiments of Knowledge
33504: - Catalogue of the Chateau de Ramezay Museum and Portrait Gallery Exhibited by The Antiquarian and Numismatic Society of Montreal
33555: - Mount Stephen Club, Montreal
33582: - Five Centuries of Drawings The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts October-November 1953
33605: - The Living Bible (Paraphrased)
33639: - Albert H. Robinson (1881-1956) September 10 - 24 1994
33641: - Ethel Seath (1879-1963) A Retrospective Exhibition September 10 - 26 1987
33647: - Christie's in Canada. A Catalogue of Fine Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings by Canada Artists To be offered at Auction. .
33648: - group of seven Vancouver Art Gallery 1954
33671: - Christopher Pratt. Galerie Godard Lefort April 15 -May 1, 1970
33674: - cornelius krieghoff 1815-1872
33683: - David Milne 1955 - 6
33685: - David Milne 1882-1953. An Exhibition Prepared to Mark Canada's Centennial Year, 1967
33686: - The National Gallery of Canada Catalogue of Paintings
33690: - Joseph Plaskett and His Paris- In Search of Time Past
33696: - Heroes of the Cross William Burns.Gimour of Mongolia.Hudson Taylor Series 3
33708: - Canadian Art ( Magazine) Vol. I, No. I Oct-Nov 1943 through to Vol. XIV, No.4, Summer 1957 [the first 58 issues, complete run]
33720: - Barbara Hepworth The Tate Gallery 3 April - 19 May 1968
33722: - Twentieth-Century German Art in Berlin The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Le Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal August 9 - September 10, 1967
33727: - Impressionism Its Masters, its Precursors, and its Influence in Britain
33831: - Camden Miscellany XXXI [Camden Fourth Series Volume 44]
33833: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 18]
33834: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 19]
33835: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 20]
33836: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 21]
33838: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 23]
33839: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 26]
33840: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 28]
33841: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 29]
33842: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 30]
33843: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 31]
33844: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 32]
33846: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 34]
33847: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 35]
33848: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 37]
33849: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Sixth Series Volume 1]
33850: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Sixth Series Volume 2]
33925: - Specimens of China Brought to the Colonies by the Early Settlers, Particularly the Loyalists,Collected for The Museum of King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia, and Presented in Memory of Haliburton Weldon, by His Mother
33945: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 24]
33946: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 25]
33947: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 36]
33948: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 38]
33949: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 39]
33950: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society [Fifth Series Volume 40]
34054: - A Guide to Irish Bibliographical Material A Bibliography of Irish Bibliographies and Sources of Information
34132: - MacKenzie's Five Thousand Receipts in all the Useful and Domestic Arts: Constituting A Complete Practical Library
34135: (GIB, ADAM) - The Present Truth: A Display of the Secession-Testimony: int the Three Periods of the Rise , State, and Maitenance of that Testimony; in the Three Periods of the Rise, State, and Maintenance of that Testimony (volume I only)
34154: - Correspondence Relating to the Settlement of Claims Arising out of Transactions at Fortune Bay and Elsewhere. (In Continuation of United States No.2 (1881)[C.-3059]1881) Canada -Newfoundland
34165: (EVANS, SIR FRANCIS) - Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 22 February 1895; - for 'Copies or Extracts of Correspondence which has passed between the Imperial Government and the Government of Newfoundland
34170: - The Aldine The Art Journal of America, Volume 7 [Issues 1 to 24]
34294: - Peace and the Management of Fear: The Conversion of Feath into Understanding and Appropriate Actions
34340: - Historical Album of Sainte Anne de Beaupre
34397: - Famous Water-Colour Painters. 1. -Frank Brangwyn, R.A.
34424: (GOV'T OF GREAT BRITAIN) - Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 21 April 1863; - for, A ' Copy of all the Correspondence between the Secretary of State for the Colonies and The Governor General of Canada,
34440: - The Cripple of the Railroad. In Three Parts from the London Edition. (bound together with) The Boy Who Loved the Bible(by the author of The Holy Child Jesus
34469: - Pumpkin Pie ABC
34470: - Monsieur et Madame de Ramezay recoivent Commemorative Programme of the Historical Ball of the 250th anniversary of the Chateau de Ramezay
34471: (HORTON, WILLIAM S.) - William S. Horton ( 5 small catalogues from different exhibitions at the Vose Galleries of Boston )
34472: - The Second Annual 'Pink Sale' P.W. Ellis & Co. Limited
34494: - Pitseolak
34505: - Admiralty Navigation Manual Volume I 1938
34520: - The History of the Jews, From The Call of Abraham, To The Birth of Christ (vol. I only)
34555: S.G.(WITH AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY) - Services For the Day of Atonement
34561: - The Salzburg Everyman The Play of the Rich Man's Death (an English translation of Hugo Von Hofmannsthal's :Jedermann')
34596: - Universite D'Ottawa: Un Heritage Pour Demain/University of Ottawa: A Tradition For Tomorrow
34612: - A New Manual of Devotions [In Three Parts]
40461: (BRITISH EMPIRE) - The Round Table A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Empire Vol.1 February MCMXI No.2
34778: - A Book of Ballads
34798: - Robin Annual 1967
34810: - A World of Good Eating A Collection of Old and New Recipes From Many Lands Tested in the Kitchen of a New England Housewife and Published for the Enjoyment of Many American Families
34811: - The National Presto Cooker
34812: - A Campbell Cookbook Cooking with Soup 608 skillet dishes, casseroles, stews, sauces, gravies, dips, soup mates and garnishes
34873: - Stillpoint: Dance Photographs by Ronald Compton
34877: - Das Papierstammbuch: 275 Jayre Hannover Papier [with English text translation pamphlet laid in]
34884: - Manual of Physical Training [Reprint 1908 with Amendments published in Army Orders to 1st December, 1914]
34900: - Pangnirtung Community Print Collection 2002
34901: - Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts
34912: - A Cycle of Song 6. Stories in Song. Part 1
30144: - Labrador and Hudson Bay Pilot. Comprising The Strait of Belle Isle to Button Islands and Hudson Strait and Bay
34957: - Contemporary Colombian Art December 12, 1980 - January 30, 1981
34958: - Alfredo Fortabat and Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Foundation Painting and Sculpture Award 1984
34959: - Citizens Plus: The Nishga People of the Naas River in Northwestern British Columbia
34960: - Kunstler im Rhein-Seig-Kreis: Wer sie sind und was sie machen
35018: (VIGER, D.B.) - Observations De L'Hon. D.B. Viger, Contre La Proposition Faite Dans Le Conseil Legislatif, Le 4 de Mars, 1835, De rejeter Le Bill De L'Assemblee, Pour la Nomination D'un Agent de la Province
35025: - Protest of the Free Church of Scotland. Illustarted by Subsequent Facts
35101: - The Gladiolus 1943 Eighteenth Annual Edition
35102: - The Gladiolus 1944 Nineteenth Annual Edition
35103: - The Gladiolus Twenty-seventh Annual Edition 1952
35104: - Coronation Year Book 1953 National Chrysanthemum Society
35105: - A Century of Progress 1855-1955 Choice Flower and Vegetable Seeds
35125: - Leica Photography Magazine, Volume 19, Number 1, 1966
35196: - Rules of the House of Commons of Canada Adopted July 10, 1906 With Appendix and the British North America Act, 1867, and Amending Acts
35270: - The Children of the Throne
35284: - The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money [Twelfth Edition]
35295: - Drawing & Design [Volume 1, Number 5, November 1926]
35296: - Drawing & Design [Volume 2, Number 7, January 1927]
35297: - Drawing & Design [Volume 2, Number 9, March 1927]
35298: - Drawing & Design [Volume 2, Number 12, June 1927]
35299: - Drawing & Design [Volume 1, Number 1, July 1926]
35300: - Drawing & Design [Volume 1, Number 2, August 1926]
35301: - Drawing & Design [Volume 2, Number 10, April 1927]
35302: - Drawing & Design [Volume 3, Number 13, July 1927]
35340: - Geological Survey of Canada [8 volumes -see individual titles below]
17747: - The Seven Great Hymns of the Medieval Church
35523: - The English Glass Bottle Through the Ages Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue The County Museum Truro, Cornwall 1st July to 30th September, 1976
35564: - The First Fifty Year of The Rhodes Trust and The Rhodes Scholarship 1903-1953
35575: - Photograph of the Captain, Officers and Engineers of the SS Chikahominy, Taken at New York, 10.4.03
35582: - Czechoslovakian Glass 1350 - 1980
35686: - Photograph of the Road and Railway Bridges, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, c.1910
35689: - Photograph of the Launch of S.S. Helvetia Built By Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co. Ld., Walker Shipyard, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Mar. 28th, 1911
35690: - Colourized Photograph of Woman Standing in front of Hebb Lake, Lunenburg Country, Nova Scotia, c.1925
35695: - Photograph of the Maritime Intermediate Intercollegiate Champions 1946 - 47 (Nova Scotia Agricultural College Basketball Team)
35856: - Flowers from Many Lands: A Christian Companion For Hours of Recreation
35857: - The Christian Chaplet: A Weath of Prose, Poetry, And Art
35871: - Among the Rockies Photographic Views of Magnificent scenery in the Rocky Mountians As seen between Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah, Along the Line of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad
42204: - Jennifer Hornyak Recent Major Works
31292: - Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society Volume 9, 2005
38681: - The Whole Mystery of Art Pattern into Poetry in the Work of W.B.,Yeats
33025: - Index to Vessels in the Record of the Shipping of Yarmouth, N.S. and its Appendix and Yarmouth Past and Present (Yarmouth Reminiscences) written in 1876, 1884 and 1902 by J. Murray Lawson, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
40463: (BRITISH EMPIRE) - The Round Table A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the British Empire September MCMXII No.8
39650: - Bishop of London visiting King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia 1910
36707: - Newfoundland and Labrador. Return to an Address of the Honourable House of Commons, dated 6 June 1828; for a Return of the Number of Civil Actions, and of Criminal Prosecutions, tried in the Supreme Central Court of Newfoundland,
40013: - One Show Interactive Volume I.
412: - Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society for the Year 1893-95. Volume IX
418: - Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society. Volume XVII
429: - Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society. Volume 32
23601: - Collections of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society. Volume 44
23649: - Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society Volume I, 1998
36021: - Masterpieces of Foreign Literature Comprising Schiller's Tragedies, Translated by S.T. Coleridge; Goethe's Faust; LA Fontaine's Fables; Picciola, by Santine
36056: - The Gilwell Book
36057: - The Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Handbook (1987-88; 1990-91;1991-92, 1992-93)
40787: - 'The Death of Lord Robert's Son'. A photograph of an reenactment of Frederick Hugh Sherston Roberts death done on stage with military band in an orchestra pit in the foreground
41976: - Friendship's Offering: A Christmas, New Year, and Birthday Present , for MDCCCXLVI
42256: - Prince Edward Island. Canada's Garden Province
40987: - General Radio Company Cambridge A Massachusetts December 1932 Catalog G
40995: - The 1901 Editions of the T. Eaton Co. Limited Catalogue for Spring and Summer Fall Winter (facsimile edition)
13472: - Souvenir of the Thousand Islands and the River River St. Lawrence. Comprising a short history of the survey and dividion of the Islands between Canada and the United States; . .
39482: - My Book of Story Pictures
37239: - RCN Photograph of Two Canadian Sailors from HMCS Swansea Looking at the Hans Egede Statue at Nuuk, Greenland, c. 1950
41064: - Photograph of Halifax N.W. Arm, Tower from Pier
37742: - King George VI & Queen Elizabeth with Prime Minister MacKenzie King in the back ground (Canada)
37126: - Photograph of Group with Victory Bond Flag in Office with Posters 1940's
37718: - Charlie Tanner 1904-1982 Retrospective 22 March to 30 April 1984
37716: - The Trafalgar Tavern
37715: - B. C. Binnings: Drawings October 24-December 9, 1979
37713: - The Definitive Stamps of the Reign of King George VI
41071: - Photograph of Annapolis Basin , Pleasure Boats, Pier
41069: - Photograph of Digby looking toward Digby Pines (Sticker reads Digby along water front Pier Gap)
3701: - Gateway to the Valley. Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada
37712: - Australian Postage Stamps The Early Commonwealth Period and the Kangaroo and Map Series
37711: - Australian Postage Stamps The Early Federal Period 1902 to 1912-1913
37710: - The 1913-14 Recess-Printed Series and the King George V Sideface and Pictorial Definitive Stamps
37709: - The Definitive Stamps of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-65
37708: - The Commemorative Stamps of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952 to 1959
33235: - C. A. S. C. Supply Officers Training School, Camp Borden, Aug 1940
37707: - Australian Commemorative and Air Mail Stamps 1927 to 1951
37706: - The Postage Due Stamps of Australia 1890-1961
41182: (ILES, GEORGE - TEXT BY) - Wild Flowers of America Flowers of Every State in the American Union by a Corps of Special Artists and Botanists Approved by the Leading Artists of America and Europe and Endorsed by University Botanists of Both Continents
41549: - Map: County of Cumberland,, Nova Scotia. 16' x 13' [Plate 51] Single sheet with some topographic detail
25535: - Newfoundland Studies Volume 3 Number 1 Spring 1986
41872: - Landmarks of Canada. A guide to the J. Ross Robertson Canadian Historical Collection in the Toronto Public Library
14249: - Newfoundland Business Directory and Buyers' Guide
36191: - The Charlottetown Area Profile
35836: - The People's Gallery of Engravings. Dedicated to the Queen
3698: - Great Village History Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Great Village Women's Institute 1920 -1960
19854: - New Brunswick Historical Society No.18
39295: - Igloo Life A brief account of a primitive Arctic tribe living near one of the most northern trading posts of Revillon Freres
37129: - Ten Photographs of the Sinking of the HMS Sidon (P259) Portland Harbour (England) 1955 [10 black and white photographs showing various stages of the sinking]
10043: - From White-Caps To Contrails. A History of a Modern Air Formation. 880, Vu-32, 406, 423, & 443 Squardon
38309: - The Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps 1806-1948( Volume II) The Empire in Africa
14163: - The Baptist Year Book of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island 1876
6445: - Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society. Volume XV
5239: - The Maritime Medical News. A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery Vol. V111- No.12.
37260: - Photograph of R.C.N. Naval Fire Service, fire engine made into a Christmas float with one Santa Claus and five clowns.
40424: - Ye Pictou Water Works in ye Olden Times - Printed black & photograph on card stock
41068: - Photograph of Halifax N.W. Arm looking toward the Dingle from the northwest(sticker reads North West arm Tower Halifax)
41150: - Annual Report of the Superintendent of Education on the Common, Academic, Normal and Model Schools in Nova Scotia for the Year Ending October 31st, 1874
40771: I M R - Items of Ancestry by A Descendant
38623: - The Key to Saint John, New Brunswick: Highway and Railway Bridges The Western Approach to City Over Reversing Falls Rapids Saint John, New Brunswick
37808: - Catalogue of Paintings, Drawings, Etchings and Lithographs
37013: - Standing Orders and Regulations for the Army in Ireland
36993: - The Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting Vol. 8 No.2 (May, 1970)
36989: - The Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting Vol. 3 No. 1 February, 1965
36990: - The Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting Vol. 6 No. 2 (May, 1968)
36991: - The Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting Vol. 6 No. 4 (November, 1968)
36992: - The Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting Vol. 7 No.2 (May, 1969)
41712: - Sailing Directions For theCoast of Spain & Portugasl, From Cape Ortegal to the Strait of Gilbraltar
14779: - The Hymnary of The United Church of Canada Authorized by The General Council
37289: - RCN Photograph of the Royal Canadian Air Force Supply Vessel 'Malahat'
37290: - RCN Photograph of the Royal Canadian Air Force Supply Vessel 'Malahat'
37295: - Photograph of the Annapolis 'Tigers' Valley [Nova Scotia] 1948-1949, 1949-1950 & 1950- 1951
37251: - RCN Photograph of Minister of National Defence Brooke Claxton Reviewing Sailors on Parade, c. 1950
36922: - Cape Breton Chorale Scotland Tour July 2nd - 14th (1997)
29785: - Twenty-Fourth Annual Report of the Nova Scotia Hospital for Insane. For the Year 1881
10792: - Historical Trails Through Port Maitland, Beaver River, Short Beach, Sandford, Darling's Lake. Compiled by High Hopes Seniors Club
35520: - Canadian Numismatic Association 17th Annual Convention Nova Scotian Hotel Halifax Nova Scotia
41923: - Report of the Royal Commission Respecting the Coal Mines of the Privince of Nova Scotia 1925
40704: - View from Citadel Halifax, N. S. (of the Wellington Barracks)
38951: - Early Tintype of Charlotte Street, Sydney Nova Scotia (c.1862)
41952: - Report of the Royal Commission on the Relations of Capital and Labor in Canada. Evidence- Nova Scotia
39079: - Advice to the Officers of the British Army: With the Addition of Some Hints to the Drummer and Private Soldier
39078: - Regulations for the Exercise of Riflemen and Light Infantry, and Instructions for their Conduct in the Field
32806: - Report of Apollo 204 Review Board to the Administrator National Aeronautics and Space Administration
5956: - Guide to Glasgow and the Clyde, Including Loch Lomand, The Burns Country, Arran, The Trossachs, Etc. With Special Section for Motorists Plan of Glasgow and Maps of the Clyde and the West Highlands
40248: - Empire Day 1919
1214: - Dalhousie University Bulletin: 1929 Reunion Number
16714: - Annual Report of the Postmaster General. Year Ended 31st. March, 1856. Printed by Order of the Legislative Assembly
35939: - The Prince Edward Magazine Vol. 1 February 1900 No. 12
12971: - Celebrating Our Heritage: The History of Westville
29884: - Elementary Book-Keeping. Nova Scotia School Series
30945: (SCOTT, SIR WALTER) - The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French Revolution. By The Author of 'Waverley,' &c. (3 volumes in 2)
36598: - Emergency War Surgery NATO Handbook Canadian edition
36548: - Crowther of Syon Lodge Limited Antiques Decorations; Crowther of Lyon Lodge Limited Antiques Decorations First Supplement (2 volumes)
36946: - Maison Ad. Braun & Cie. Braun & Co Succrs. Fine Art Publishers. Direct and Unalterable Carbon Photographic Reproductions From the Original. Painting - Sculpture - Architecture and Other Works of Art Throughout the World
36947: - Maison Ad. Braun & Cie. Braun & Co Succrs. Catalogue of Religious Subjects
4771: - A Lion in Thistle A history of St. James' Anglican Church, Pictou, Nova Scotia
38903: - Catalogue of Canadian Hydrographic Service Nautical Charts Tidal and Current Publications Sailing Directions And Other Canadian Government Publications of Interest to Mariners
38282: - Baddeck Planning Area Municipality of the County of Victoria Land Use Bylaw
41224: - Photograph of men, women and children haying with wooden rakes
20349: - Sand Patterns, Winter 1977 Issue 20
41070: - Photograph of Digby waterfront (sticker reads Digby-Band Stand, Pleasure Boats, Gap,ect)
41155: - Annual Report of the Superintendent of Education on the Public Schools in Nova Scotia for the Year Ending October 31st, 1887
41152: - Annual Report of the Superintendent of Education on the Common, Academic, Normal and Model Schools in Nova Scotia for the Year Ending October 31st, 1878
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28649: ALMANAC - The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac for the United States, for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1865
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33980: ANGELE, DR. RER. NAT. HANS-PETER (COMPILED BY) - Dictionary of Chromatography English German French Russian Containing about 3500 terms
38928: ANGER, W. H. (COMPILED BY) - Your Own Lawyer and Conveyancer or Treasures of the Law Office
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10384: ANGLIN, DOUGLAS G - The St. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941 A Study in Diplomacy in the North Atlantic Quadrangle
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6086: ANGUS, MARGARET - The Old Stones of Kingston Its Buildings Before 1867
38391: ANGUS, MARGARET - Kingston General Hospital A Social and Institutional History
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42021: ANNETT, DOUGLAS RUDYARD - British Preference in Canadian Commercial Policy
41322: ANON - Flowers of the Holy Land Blumen Aus Dem H. Lande Fleurs De Terre Sainte
15194: ANON - Hunting People. Illustrated by Lionel Edwards, R.I.
40549: ANON (JOHN ROSS DIX?) - Pen and Ink Sketches of Poets, Preachers, and Politicians
392: ANONYMOUS - A Quaint Old Nova Scotian Judge's View of the Roman Governor's Question 'What is Truth?'
8094: ANONYMOUS. - Across Country. By 'Wanderer.'
10773: ANONYMOUS - The The Love of an Unknown Soldier Found in a Dug Out
13959: ANONYMOUS - The Diary of a Staff Officer (Air Intelligence Liaison Officer) AT Advanced Headquarters North B.A.F.F.1940
59: ANONYMOUS - The Story of the Bluenose Queen of the North Atlantic Fishing Fleet
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39868: BARBOUR, C. LIND - Coming Home
39676: BARBOUR, CAPTAIN JOB - Forty-Eight Days Adrift The Voyage of the 'Neptune II' from Newfoundland to Scotland
23548: BARBOUR, CAPTAIN JOB - Forty-Eight Days Adrift The Voyage of the 'Neptune II' from Newfoundland to Scotland
15418: BARCELO, MIQUEL - Paintings from 1983 to 1985 Miquel Barcelo
7756: BARCLAY, ROBERT. - An Apology for the True Christian Divinity, as the same is Held Forth, and Preached, by the People, called in Scorn, Quakers: Being a Full Explanation and Vindication of their Principles and Doctrines, by many Arguments, deduced from Scripture and . . .
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34817: BARKER, RALPH - The Royal Flying Corps in France From Bloody April 1917 to Final Victory
39466: BARKHOUSE, JOYCE - George Dawson the little giant
5295: BARKHOUSE, JOYCE - George Dawson the little giant (signed)
27114: BARKHOUSE, JOYCE - George Dawson the little giant
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12591: BARLOW, MAUDE & MAY, ELIZABETH - Frederick Street Life and Death on Canada's Love Canal
13216: BARMAN, JEAN - The West beyond the West A History of British Columbia
34297: BARMAN, JEAN, YVONNE HEBERT AND DON MCCASKILL (EDITED BY) - Indian Education in Canada: Volume 1: The Legacy [and] Volume 2: The Challenge [2 Volumes]
30666: BARNABY, KENNETH C. - Basic Naval Architecture
30725: BARNABY, S. W. - Marine Propellers
9989: BARNARD, MURRAY - Sea, Salt & Sweat. A Story of Nova Scotia and the vast Atlantic Fisheries
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2470: BARNES, LESLIE W. C. S. - Canada's Guns: An Illustrated History of Artillery
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36516: BARNES, BERTRAM HERBERT - Johnson of Nyasaland A Study of the Life and Works of William Percival Johnson, D.D. Archdeacon of Nyasa, Missionary Pioneer 1876-1928
16326: BARNES, MICHAEL - Fortunes in the Ground Cobalt, Porcupine & Kirkland Lake
23118: BARNES, DJUNA - Nightwood
32225: BARNES, MICHAEL - Gold in the Porcupine!
42005: BARNETT, DONNA WITH TEXT BY ALLAN BILLARD - Waterfalls Nova Scotia's Masterpieces
35330: BARNETT, MORRIS - Yankee Peddler; or, Old Times in Virginia A Farce In One Act
33985: BARNETT, DONNA - River of Dreams: The Saga of the Shubenacadie Canal
30236: BARNETT, CORRELLI (ED) - Hitler's Generals
41024: BARR, ELINOR AND BETTY DYCK - Ignace a saga of the shield
13644: BARR, MRS. AMELIA E - Scottish Sketches
19326: BARR, MURRAY L. - A Century of Medicine at Western A Centennial History of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Ontario
41498: BARRERE, PIERRE - Nouvelle Relation de la France Equinoxiale [French Guiana]contenant la description des côtes de la Guiane; de l'isle de Cayenne. . .
39451: BARRETT, IRWIN R. - Wilderness Nova Scotia A Photographer's Journal
5640: BARRETT, HARRY B. - The 19th-Century Journals & Paintings of William Pope
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34378: BARRIE, JAMES M. - The Eternal Peter Pan Selections from Peter Pan and Wendy
30896: BARRINGTON, A. - A Treatise on Physical Geography, Comprising Hydrology, Geognosy, Geology, Meteorology, Botany, Zoology, and Anthropology
33593: BARRIS, TED - Deadlock in Korea. Canadians at war, 1950-1953
27192: BARRIS, THEODORE - Fire Canoe Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited
12768: BARRIS, TED - Behind the Glory (signed by author)
9441: BARRON, JOHN A. & O, BRIEN, A.H. - Chattel Mortgages and Bills of Sale. A Complete Annotation of the Statutes of Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, British Columbia, and the North West Territories,.. A New Edition of Barron on Bills of Sale
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13309: BARROW, CHARLES KELLY; SEGARS, J.H. & ROSENBURG, R.B. (COMPILED & EDITED) - Forgotten Confederates An Anthology About Black Southerners. Journal of Confederate History Series Vol. XIV
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11563: BARROWMAN, MARY ET AL (EDITORS) - Nursing Highlights 1934 to 1990 Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital
36650: BARSS, PETER - Images of Lunenburg County Organized with the Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University
1112: BARSS, PETER - Images of Lunenburg County
6345: BARSS, PETER - Older Ways Traditional Nova Scotian Craftsmen
33175: BARTER, JUDITH A. (ORGANIZED BY) - Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman
30785: BARTH, HENRY - Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa. From the Journal of an Expedition Undertaken under the Auspices of H.B.M.'s Government, in the Years 1849-1855
2569: BARTH, DR. (TRANS. FROM THE GERMAN OF). - The Weaver of Quellbrunn, or , the Roll of Cloth. A Story for Christian Children.
40055: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN - The Pocket Atlas of the World A Comprehensive and popular series of maps illustrating physical and political geography
34764: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN - The British Isles Pocket Atlas for Touring
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1375: BATES, WALTER (EDITED WITH NOTES BY W. O. RAYMOND). - Kingston and the Loyalists of the 'Spring Fleet' of A.D.1783. With Reminscences of Early Days in Connecticut: A Narrative. To Which is Appended a Diary Written by Sarah Frost on Her Voyage to St. John, N.B. with the Loyalists of 1783
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23489: BATH, LINDA HAYLEY - King's Cove Head the light tower 'a way of life'
9671: BATTEN, JACK - The Leafs in Autumn
29846: BAUCHMAN, ROSEMARY - Evelyn's Guiding Stars. The life story of professional astrologer Evelyn Hare
36031: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES(TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED BY PATRICK BARNARD) - The Language of Silent Things Selections from Baudelaire's Les Fleurs Du Mal
23927: BAUM, L. FRANK - The New Wizard of Oz
38512: BAUMANN, WALTER - The Rose in the Steel Dust An Examination of the Cantos of Ezra Pound
35650: BAUMGARTNER, ELIZABETH H. - The Burnap Collection of English Pottery at the Potsdam Museum
28154: BAUR, EDI - Zurcher Szenen. Bilder des Zürcher Theaterfotografen Edi Baur, 1950-1986 (Signed)
38231: BAXTER, JOAN - The Hermit of Gully Lake The Life and Times of Willard Kitchener MacDonald
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35830: BAYLEY, F.W.N. - The New Tale of a Tub, An Adventure in Verse. With Illustrations designed by Lieutenant J. S. Cotton, and Reduced From Aubry's Drawings
26395: BAYLIS, SAMUEL MATHEWSON - At the Sign of the Beaver Northland Stories and Stanzas
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38977: BEACH, JOSEPH WARREN - The Making of the Auden Canon
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20852: BEAL, JOHN ROBINSON - Pearson of Canada
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37067: BEAN, TARLETON H. - Directions for Collecting and Preserving Fish
40431: DE BEAR, BERNARD - High Speed in Shorthand How to Attain it Liyhographed in Easy Reporting Style of Isaac Pitman's Shorthand by Al. Munro-Peebles, with key in Letterpress, counted for Dictation
23546: BEARCROFT, NORMA - Wild Horses of Canada
26133: BEARD, CHARLES A. AND WILLIAM - The American Leviathan The Republic in the Machine Age
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34913: BEATTIE, JOHN W.(ED) - The Gray Book of Favorite Songs ( A New Edition of Uncle Sam's Favorite Song Book)
20721: BEATTIE, JESSIE L. - Black Moses The Real Uncle Tom
26634: BEAUDIN, MAURICE (ED) - The Economic Region of Southwestern Nova Scotia
29419: BEAUDIN, MAURICE (ED) - The Economic Region of Northeast New Brunswick
29420: BEAUDIN, MAURICE (ED) - The Economic Region of Southwest New Brunswick The State of the Regions
1192: BEAUDRY, RENE - Les penitences publiques en Acadie
32345: BEAUGRAND, H. - La Chasse Galerie and other Canadian Stories
21260: BEAUMONT, K. M. AND ADAMS, H. C. V. - The Postage Stamps of Great Britain Part Three The Embossed Issues The Surface-Printed Issues of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII
19708: BEAVER, HAROLD - Pardoner's Tale
41249: BEAVERBROOK, LORD - The Divine Propagandist
29121: BEAZLEY, J. D. AND ASHMOLE, BERNARD - Greek Sculpture and Painting To The End of the Hellenistic Period
31176: BEBB, JAMES T - Ships and Seamen of the Western Ocean: A South Shore Odyssey
2748: BECK, J. MURRAY - The Government of Nova Scotia
14048: BECK, J. MURRAY - Joseph Howe [2 volumes] Conservative Reformer 1804-1848 [and] The Briton Becomes Canadian 1848-1873
23421: BECK, ANN - Medicine, Tradition, and Development in Kenya and Tanzania, 1920-1970
32005: BECK, L. ADAMS - Dream Tea
32006: BECK, L. ADAMS - The Perfume of the Rainbow And Other Stories
4595: BECK, J. MURRAY - The Evolution of Municipal Government in Nova Scotia 1749-1973
36755: BECKER, PETER - Rule of Fear The Life and Times of Dingane King of the Zulu
36723: BECKER, PETER - Path of Blood The Rise and Conquests of Mzilikazi Founder of the Matabele
20665: BECKETT, GILBERT ABBOTT - The Comic History of Rome
38541: BECKETT, SMUEL ET AL - Our Exagmination Round His Factification For In camination of Work in Progress with Letters of Protest by G.V.L. Slingsby and Vladimir Dixon
27685: BECKMANN, MARTIN J. - Dynamic Programming of Economic Decisions
10772: BECUSON, DAVID J - Blood on the Hills The Canadian Army in the Korean War
29204: BED-RAFAEL, ZION; LOBO, ROGERIO; SHOHAM, ZEEV (EDS) - The Third World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility Washington D.C., USA, June 20-23, 2002
29205: BED-RAFAEL, ZION; SHOHAM, ZEEV; FRYDMAN, RENE (EDS) - The Second World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility Paris, France, September 6-9, 2001
31584: BEDDOES, DICK - Pal Hal A Biography of Harold Ballard
7826: BEDE, CUTHBERT - The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, an Oxford Freshman with 100 Illustrations by the Author (in 2 volumes)
37180: BEDFORD, HERBERT - The Heroines of George Meredith [With 20 miniatures in colours]
32995: BEDFORD, GUNNING S., A.M., M.D. - The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics
37041: BEDFORD, HERBERT - The Heroines of George Meredith with Twenty Miniatures in Colours
15189: BEEBY, DEAN - Deadly Frontiers Disaster and Rescue on Canada's Atlantic Seaboard
3978: BEER, HENRY R - The Pictou Plantation: 1767
27932: BEER, ELIEENE HARRISON - Scandinavian Design Objects of a Life Style
39495: BEERBOHM, MAX - A Survey
40346: BEERY, JESSE - A Practical System of Colt Training; also the Best Methods of Subduing Wild and Vicious Horses with illustrations showing modes of procedure and the requisite appliances
9646: BEETON - Beeton's 'All About It' Books. All About Cookery. A Collection of Practical Recipes, Arranged In Alphabetical Order, And Fully Illustrated
17803: BEHN, APHRA (ATTRIBUTED TO) - The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and the Second Part The Confession of the New Married Couple
26305: BEICHMAN, ARNOLD AND BERNSTAM, MIKHAIL S. - Andropov New Challenge to the West A Political Biography
25333: BEITRAGEN VON, MIT - Richard Artschwager Zeichnungen/Drawings 1960-2002
38019: BELANGER, REAL - Wilfrid Laurier quand la politique devient passion
26180: BELASCO, WARREN JAMES - Americans on the Road From Autocamp to Motel, 1910-1945
6244: BELCHER - Belcher's Farmer's Almanac for the Maritime Provinces, Dominion of Canada, for the Year of Our Lord 1912.
6792: BELCHER - Belcher's Farmer's Almanac for the Maritime Provinces, Dominion of Canada, for the Year of Our Lord 1929.
27162: BELIAVANE, MARCEL - A Village in Transition Compton, Quebec, 1880-1920

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