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065867: GERALD HARRISS - Shaping the Nation: England 1360-1461
044389: HARRISS, JOHN - Capitalism and Peasant Farming: Agrarian Structure and Ideology in Northern Tamil Nadu
059466: HARROD, TANYA - The Crafts in Britain in the Twentieth Century
019407: BERGQUIST, ERIC HARRY & LUNDH, ARNE - Strangnas Domkyrka En Bilderbok
060894: HART, JOHN - Herodotus and Greek History
058668: TINDAL HART, A. - The Life and Times of John Sharp, Archbishop of York
057560: CYRIL HART - The Danelaw
057009: TINDAL HART, A. - The Life and Times of John Sharp, Archbishop of York
056919: RICHARD HART - Ecclesiastical Records of Egland, Ireland, and Scotland from the Fifth Century Till the Reformation
056841: BROOK-HART, DENYS - British 19th Century Marine Painting
054488: HART, KEVIN - Morning Knowledge
054484: KEVIN HART - Young Rain
054185: HART, DAVID A. - Trading Faith: Global Religion in and Age of Rapid Change
049817: H. ST J. HART - A Foreword to the Old Testament
063548: HART, TREVOR - Between the Image and the Word: Theological Engagements with Imagination, Language and Literature (Routledge Studies in Theology, Imagination and the Arts)
039669: HART, A. TINDAL - The Man in the Pew 1558-1660
038302: HART, WILLIAM D. - Edward Said and the Religious Effects of Culture
035047: HART, A. TINDAL - The Country Priest in English History
032244: HART, CHARLES WILLIAM MERTON;PILLING, ARNOLD R. - The Tiwi of North Australia
030776: HART, JOHN - Herodotus and Greek History
063525: HART, KEVIN; WHISTLER, DANIEL; RAMEY, JOSHUA; DUNLAP, AARON; MACKENDRICK, KARMEN; BROGLIO, RON; BARBER, DANIEL COLUCCIELLO; MORTON, TIMOTHY - Glossator Volume 7: Practice and Theory of the Commentary: The Mystical Text Black Clouds Course Through Me Unending
020647: HART, C. R. - The Early Charters of Northern England the North Midlands
019104: HART, HAROLD - Growing Food for Health and Pleasure: A Comprehensive Guide to Practical Organic Gardening
054359: HARTE, JEREMY - The Green Man
031379: HARTE, BRET - Sandy Bar: With Other Sketches, Legends and Tales
064818: A. J. HARTHAN - The Birds of Worcestershire
057188: MAYR-HARTING, HENRY - Religion, Politics and Society in Britain 1066-1272
062234: HARTLAND, EDWIN SIDNEY - Ritual and Belief: Studies in the History of Religion
027119: HARTLAND, EDWIN SIDNEY - Primitive Paternity: The Myth of Supernatural Birth in Relation to the History of the Family
065739: GEORGE T. HARTLEY - Some Notes on the Parish of Lapley-Cum-Wheaton-Aston in the County of Stafford
058100: ELIZABETH HARTLEY - Constantine the Great : York's Roman Emperor
057066: HARTLEY, BRIAN - Rome and Her Northern Province
044761: HARTLEY, LODWICK - William Cowper: The Continuing Revelation an Essay and Bibliography of Cowperian Studies from 1895 to 1960
034563: HARTLEY, EDWARD - Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929
020697: HARTMANN, GUNTHER - Kunst Der Welt in Den Berliner Museen
063042: FRANZ HARTMANN - The Life and the Doctrines of Philippus Theophrastus, Bombast of Hohenheim Known by the Name of Paracelsus
056820: HARTMUT LEHMANN, AND JAMES VAN HORN MELT - Pietism in Germany and North America 1680-1820
040489: HARTOG, PAUL A. (ED.) - Orthodoxy and Heresy in Early Christian Contexts: Reconsidering the Bauer Thesis
066351: A. C. ZENOS; CHESTER D. HARTRANFT - The Ecclesiastical History of Socrates Scholasticus; the Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen Comprising a History of the Church a Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church Second Series Volume X
062641: CHARLES HARTSHORNE - The Divine Relativity: A Social Conception of God
062605: HARTSHORNE, CHARLES - Creative Experiencing: A Philosophy of Freedom
049914: JARED C. HARTT - Critical Companion to Medieval Motets (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music)
062472: HARVEY, A. E. - Theology in the City: A Theological Response to "Faith in the City"
059492: HARVEY, VAN AUSTIN - The Historian and the Believer: The Morality of Historical Knowledge and Christian Belief
058755: WILLIAM HARVEY - Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem: Structural Survey Final Report
058245: BARBARA F. HARVEY - Documents Illustrating the Rule of Walter de Wenlok, Abbot of Westminster 1283-1307
057638: JOHN HARVEY - English Mediaeval Architects: A Biographical Dictionary Down to 1550
064571: HARVEY, DAVID - The Condition of Postmodernity: An Enquiry Into the Origins of Cultural Change
066814: C. H. WARD-JACKSON; DENIS E. HARVEY - The English Gypsy Caravan: Its Origins, Builders, Technology and Conservation
045804: HARVEY, PAUL - The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
038815: HARVEY, VAN AUSTIN - The Historian and the Believer: The Morality of Historical Knowledge and Christian Belief
037799: HARVEY, A. E. - Demanding Peace: Christian Responses to War and Violence
037189: HARVEY, ANTHONY - By What Authority?: The Churches and Social Concern
036383: HARVEY, A.E. - Strenuous Commands: Ethic of Jesus
036315: HARVEY, A. E. - Promise or Pretence? a Christian's Guide to Sexual Morals
036057: HARVEY, A. E. (ED.) - Alternative Approaches to New Testament Study
030396: HARVEY, JOHN - English Mediaeval Architects: A Biographical Dictionary Down to 1550 Including Master Masons, Carpenters, Carvers, Building Contractors and Others Responsible for Design
020731: HARVEY, A. E. - Alternative Approaches to New Testament Study.
064271: HARVEY, ANDREW - Son of Man: The Mystical Path to Christ
022245: HASEL, GERHARD F. - New Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate
037909: GROTE-HASENBALG, WERNER - Carpets of the Orient: A Short Guide
066159: HASKETT, EDYTHE RANCE - Grains of Pepper: Folktales from Liberia
061715: HASKINS, EKATERINA V. - Logos and Power in Isocrates and Aristotle
055959: HASKINS, SUSAN - Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor
062982: HASKINS, CHARLES HOMER - The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century
035325: HASKINS, SUSAN - Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor
022293: HASKINS, JAMES - The Methodists
045249: RICHARD HASLAM - Powys (Buildings of Wales)
060304: HASS, ANDREW; JASPER, DAVID; JAY, ELISABETH - The Oxford Handbook of English Literature and Theology
063503: HASS, ANDREW W. - Hegel and the Art of Negation: Negativity, Creativity and Contemporary Thought (Library of Modern Religion)
053662: HASS, ANDREW W. - Auden's O: The Loss of One's Sovereignty in the Making of Nothing
050087: HEATHER WALTON; ANDREW HASS - Self/Same/Other: Re-Visioning the Subject in Literature and Theology
062880: HASS, LAWRENCE - Merleau-Ponty's Philosophy
022084: HASS, ILSE - Die Protestantische Christenheit in Der Volksrepublik China Und Die Chinaberichterstattung in Der Deutschen Evangelischen Missionsliteratur
044245: HASSELT, CARLOS VAN - Gravures Sur Bois Clairs-Obscurs Gravures Sue Bois Imprimees En Couleurs de 1650 a 1800 Provenant de Collections Hollandaises
060342: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - A History of English Christianity 1920-2000
059530: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - A History of English Christianity, 1920-1985
047546: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - A History of African Christianity 1950-1975
036796: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - A History of African Christianity 1950-1975
035264: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - Robert Runcie
035082: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - A History of English Christianity, 1920-1990
034153: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - A History of English Christianity, 1920-1985
030534: HASTINGS, MACDONALD - Jesuit Child
026807: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - History of English Christianity, 1920-90
021398: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - African Catholicism: Essays in Discovery
052490: KIRSTEN HASTRUP - Other Histories
041108: HASTRUP, KIRSTEN (ED.) - Other Histories
040837: HATCH, JOHN - History of Britain in Africa
059899: STEPHEN HATCHER - A Primitive Methodist Bibliography Including Books by Primitive Methodist Authors, and Primitive Methodist Publications Plus Other Material Relating to Primitive Methodism
066691: HATCHETT, MARION J. - A Guide to the Practice of Church Music
045448: HATEGAN, VASILE - Fifty Years of the Romanian Orthodox Church in America
058897: [HATHERWAY] - The Appeal to Rome: A Letter from an English Clergyman to a Roman Catholic Friend
062126: HATLEY, JAMES; MCLANE, JANICE; DIEHM, CHRISTIAN - Interrogating Ethics: Embodying the Good in Merleau-Ponty
044185: HATLEY, VICTOR A. - The Church in Victorian Northampton: Visitation Records of Bishop Magee, 1872-1886
029611: HATTENDORFF, CLAUDIA - Kunstlerhommage: Ein Bildtypus IM 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert
037867: HATZFELD, E. (ED.) - The Strand Musical Magazine, a Musical Monthly, Volume IV July to December
064580: STANLEY HAUERWAS - Dispatches from the Front: Theological Engagements with the Secular
059905: HAUERWAS, STANLEY M. - Wilderness Wanderings (Radical Traditions)
063530: HAUFF, SIGRID - A Line in Three Circles: The Inner Biography of Robert Lax
029582: HAUGE, MARTIN RAVNDAL - Between Sheol and Temple: Motif Structure and Function in the I-Psalms
065175: HAUKE, CHRISTOPHER - Jung and the Postmodern: The Interpretation of Realities
045460: HAURCOURT, EDMOND - L'Histoire de la France Explique Au Musee de Cluny
061750: AUGUSTE HAURY - Cicero: Orationes in Catilinam
065802: GAYELORD HAUSER - The Gayelord Hauser Cook Book: Good Food, Good Health, Good Looks
021283: HAUSER, MARTIN - Auf Dem Heimweg: Aus Den Tagebuchern E. Dt. Juden 1929-1945
055845: A. HAUSRATH - A History of the New Testament Times
066684: HAUSSIG, HANS WILHELM - A History of Byzantine Civilization
055383: HAUSSIG, HANS WILHELM - A History of Byzantine Civilization
048039: HAUSSIG, HANS WILHELM - A History of Byzantine Civilization
028629: HAUSSIG, HANS WILHELM - A History of Byzantine Civilization
026227: HAUSSIG, HANS WILHELM - A History of Byzantine Civilization
066950: E. B. HAVELL - A Handbook to Agra and the Taj, Sikandra, Fatehpur-Sikri and the Neighbourhood
035303: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY - Loyal Responses or Daily Melodies for the King's Minstrels
066790: HAVINS, PETER J. NEVILLE - Otter in Britain
058395: WILLIAM HAWKE ET AL. - Report of the Lord's Work at the Bible Stand, Paris Exhibition, and at the Crystal Palace from May 1st 1866 to November 30th, 1867
061405: HAWKES, DAVID - Ideology (the New Critical Idiom)
053132: JACQUETTA HAWKES - Early Britain (Britain in Pictures)
052250: C. F. C. HAWKES - The Prehistoric Foundations of Europe to the Mycenean Age
052227: T. D. KENDRICK; C. F. C. HAWKES - Archaeology in England and Wales 1914-1931
051862: ALEX D. HAWKES - Encyclopaedia of Cultivated Orchids: An Illustrated Descriptive Manual of the Members of the Orchidaceae Currently in Cultivation
038213: HAWKES, DAVID - Ideology
018044: HAWKES, TERENCE - Structuralism and Semiotics
030300: HAWKINS, D. J. B. - A Sketch of Medieval Philosophy
019020: HAWKINS, ANGUS, POWELL, JOHN - The Journal of John Wodehouse First Earl of Kimberley for 1862-1902
056649: IAN HAWKRIDGE; PETER HAWKRIDGE - Eastwood, St Ann's and New Rotherham
064897: ELLISON HAWKS - Bees Shown to the Children
047501: HAWLEY, CHARLES ARTHUR - A Critical Examination of the Peshitta of the Book of Ezra
041167: HAWTHORN, GEOFFREY - Enlightenment and Despair: A History of Sociology
063823: HAY, DAVID; JOAN HAY - Hilltop Villages of the Chilterns
045490: DENYS HAY - The Mediaeval Centuries
030059: HAY, DENYS - The Italian Renaissance in Its Historical Background
020621: MUNRO-HAY, S. C.;PHILLIPSON, D. W.;KACZMARCZYK, ALEXANDER - Excavations at Aksum: An Account of Research at the Ancient Ethiopian Capital Directed in 1972-4 by the Late Dr. Neville Chittick
018758: MUNRO-HAY, STUART - The Ark of the Covenant : True Story of the Greatest Relic of Antiquity
065214: HAYCOCK, DAVID BOYD - A Crisis of Brilliance: Five Young British Artists and the Great War
062581: HAYDEN, PATRICK - Hannah Arendt: Key Concepts
059525: ROGER HAYDEN - The Records of a Church of Christ in Bristol 1640 - 1687
055387: HAYDEN, PETER - Biddulph Grange: A Victorian Garden Rediscovered
064637: HAYDEN, DOLORES - The Power of Place: Urban Landscapes As Public History
056657: HAYDON, COLIN - John Henry Williams (1747-1829): Political Clergyman: War, the French Revolution, and the Church of England (Studies in Modern British Religious History) (Volume 16)
044600: HAYES, HORACE - Points of the Horse: A Treatise on the Conformation, Movements, Breeds and Evolution of the Horse
042799: HAYES, MICHAEL A.; GEARON, LIAM - Contemporary Catholic Theology: A Reader
022497: PEIRCE, HAYFORD & TYLER, ROYALL - The Byzantine Works of Art
059554: MICHAEL A. G. HAYKIN - The First Counsellor of Our Denomination: Studies in the Life of Abraham Booth (1734-1806)
053319: ERIC HAYMAN - The Hidden Life of the Body of Christ
066241: HAYMAN, RONALD - Nietzsche: A Critical Life
052332: STEPHEN R. HAYNES - The Battle for Bonhoeffer: Debating Discipleship in the Age of Trump
047554: STEPHEN R. HAYNES - Prospects for Post-Holocaust Theology
064462: RHYS W. HAYS - The History of the Abbey of Aberconway 1186-1537
067082: H. R. HAYS - From Ape to Angel: An Informal History of Social Anthropology
065903: SIR WILLIAM HAYTER - William of Wyekham Patron of the Arts
063559: JEREMY HAYWARD - Warrior-King of Shambhala: Remembering Chogyam Trungpa
052245: JOHN HAYWARD (JOHN BRUCE ED.) - Annals of the First Four Years of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth
043228: HAYWARD, JOHN (BEER, BARRETT L. ED.) - The Life and Raigne of King Edward the Sixth
052751: ROSALIND SHAW; LARS WALDORF; PIERRE HAZAN - Localizing Transitional Justice: Interventions and Priorities After Mass Violence (Stanford Studies in Human Rights)
058066: RICHARD M. SOBERMAN; HEATHER A. HAZARD - Canadian Transit Handbook
038503: HAZARD, HARRY W. - A History of the Crusades Volume Four: The Art and Architecture of the Crusader States
040190: HAZELDINE, PETER - Raptures of the Deep
028845: CROSS, SAMUEL HAZZARD & CONANT, KENNETH JOHN - Mediaeval Russian Churches
058371: HENRY ERSKINE HEAD - A Letter Addressed to the Spiritual Peers in Parliament on Their Abuse of Prelatical Powers in Exacting Unlawful and Contradictory Subscription from Candidates for Ordination in the National Church
056745: R. E. HEAD - Royal Supremacy and the Trials of Bishops 1558-1725
021194: HEADLAM, ARTHUR C. - The Teaching of the Russian Church, Being Notes on Points on Which It Differs from the English Church
063767: HEADLEY, STEPHEN C. - The Hidden Ear of God: A Comparative Anthropology of Prayer in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism
043599: HEAL, SIR AMBROSE - Signboards of Old London Shops
052785: SUZETTE HEALD - Controlling Anger: Sociology of Gisu Violence
059792: HEALEY, JOHN - The Early Alphabet
032341: HEALEY, F. G. (ED.) - Preface to Christian Studies
059410: HEANEY, SEAMUS - The Cure at Troy Sophcles' Philoctetes
059373: SEAMUS HEANEY - The Burial at Thebes: Sophocles' Antigone
059032: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Aeneid Book VI
057185: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Beowulf (Bilingual Edition) a New Verse Translation
065824: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Death of a Naturalist
031406: O'HEAR, ANTHONY - Experience, Explanation, and Faith: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
057144: ALBERT F. HEARD - The Russian Church and Russian Dissent Comprisng Orthodoxy, Dissent and Erratic Sects
051726: ALBERT F. HEARD - The Russian Church and Russian Dissent Comprising Orthodoxy, Dissent and Erratic Sects
051393: GERALD HEARD - Social Substance of Religion
063063: THOMAS HEATH - A History of Greek Mathematics
041330: HEATH, ANTHONY - Rational Choice and Social Exchange: A Critique of Exchange Theory
040584: HEATH, PETER - Bishop Geoffrey Blythe's Visitations C. 1515-1525
063134: THOMAS L. HEATH - A Manual of Greek Mathematics
063133: THOMAS L. HEATH - Diophantus of Alexandria: A Study in the History of Greek Algebra
060618: HEATON, E. W. - Short Introduction to the Old Testament Prophets
046626: E. W. HEATON - The School Tradition of the Old Testament
031409: HEATON, E. W. - The Hebrew Kingdoms
017961: HEAVENRICH, HERBERT S. - In Search of the Sacred: Dr. Eva Fleischner, a Pioneer Catholic Theologian Whose Search Led Her to Leadership in the Ongoing Process of Ending Catholic-Christian Anti-Judaism
041761: HEAWOOD, RICHARD; HOWARD-DAVIS, CHRISTINE - Old Abbey Farm, Risley Building Survey and Excavation at a Medieval Moated Site
060221: HEBBLETHWAITE, PETER - John XXIII: Pope of the Council
063853: HEBBLETHWAITE, BRIAN; HENDERSON, EDWARD - Divine Action: Studies Inspired by the Philosophical Theology of Austin Farrer
042744: HEBBLETHWAITE, PETER - John XXIII: Pope of the Council
038787: HEBBLETHWAITE, MARGARET - Basic Is Beautiful: Basic Ecclesial Communities from Third World to First World
034212: HEBBLETHWAITE, BRIAN; HEDLEY, DOUGLAS (EDS) - The Human Person in God's World : Studies to Commemmorate the Austin Farrer Centenary
017912: HEBBLETHWAITE, BRIAN - Evil, Suffering and Religion
027101: HEBDITCH, SAMUEL - Our Times and Our Churches, a Paper Read at the Autumnal Meeting of the Congregational Union of England and Wales, Hull, October 1864
063891: REGINALD HEBER - Sermons on the Lessons, the Gospel or the Epistle for Week-Day Festivals and on Other Occasions Preached in the Parish Church of Hodnet, Salop Vol. III
064908: HEBERLEIN, ANN - On Love and Tyranny: The Life and Politics of Hannah Arendt
031955: HEBERT, GABRIEL - Fundamentalism and the Church of God
052625: TOBIAS HECHT - Minor Omissions: Children in Latin American History and Society
044657: HECKER, JULIUS F. - Religion and a Changing Civilisation
053881: MARK PATRICK HEDERMAN - The Haunted Inkwell: Art and Our Future
043779: HEDLEY, BISHOP - Religion for Children, an Address Delivered at the Opening of the School at Aberkenfig, Glamorganshire, May 6, 1879
040811: HEDLEY, BISHOP - Sermon Preached at the Funeral of the Right Rev. Thomas Joseph Brown, Bishop of Newport and Menevia
064564: HEELAS, PAUL - Religion, Modernity and Postmodernity
065562: HEERMANN, INGRID - Form Farbe Phantasie Sudsee-Kunst Aus Neubrittanien
053205: ANNEMARIE SCHWEEGER-HEFEL - Afrikanische Bronzen
031439: SCHWEEGER-HEFEL, ANNEMAREIE (ED.) - Plastik Aus Afrika
024958: HEFFER, SIMON - Power and Place; the Political Consequences of King Edward VII.
063583: HEFLING, C. C. - Jacob's Ladder: Theology and Spirituality in the Thought of Austin Farrer
022487: HEFT, JAMES L. (ED.) - Faith and the Intellectual Life: Marianist Award Lectures
055925: HEGARTY, NEIL - Story of Ireland: In Search of a New National Memory
062155: MARTIN HEIDEGGER - The Basic Problems of Phenomenology
058788: HEIGHWAY, CAROLYN M. - Gloucestershire & Cotswolds - Anglo-Saxon Gloucestershire
065080: FRIEDRICH HEILER - The Gospel of Sadhu Sundar Singh
036783: HEILER, FRIEDRICH - Prayer: A Study in the History and Psychology of Religion
035390: HEILMAN - Synagogue Life: A Study in Symbolic Interaction
051368: BETTY HEIMANN - Indian and Western Philosophy: A Study in Contrasts
057181: HEIMBECK, RAEBURNE S - Theology and Meaning: A Critique of Metatheological Scepticism
022646: HEIN, MARTIN - Weichenstellungen Der Evangelischen Kirche IM 19 Und 20 Jahrhundert; Beitrage Zur Kirchengeschichte Und Kirchenordnung
017893: HEINE, SUSANNE - Christianity and the Goddesses : Systematic Criticism of a Feminist Theology
026400: HEINRICHS, WOLFHART (ED.) - Studies in Neo-Aramaic
049472: DONALD S. HEINTZELMAN - A Guide to Hawk Watching in North America
065901: KAHLER, HEINZ & MANGO, CYRIL - Hagia Sophia
061581: HEINZE, RICHARD - Virgil's Epic Technique
038924: READ-HEIRMERDINGER, JENNY; RIUS-CAMPS, JOSEP - The Message of Acts in Codex Bezae: A Comparison with the Alexandrian Tradition: 2 Acts 6. 1-12. 25 from Judaea and Samaria to the Church in Antioch
062943: LOTHAR HEISER - Nikolaus Von Myra: Heiliger Der Ungeteilten Christenheit
041531: HEISKANEN, VERONICA STOLTE - Social Structure, Family Patterns and Interpersonal Influence
050903: RICHARD P. HEITZENRATER - Diary of an Oxford Methodist Benjamin Ingham 1733-1734
060617: HELE - The Pious Christian's Daily Preparation for Death and Eterrnity for the Use of Persons in Lingering Sickness or Under Sorrow and Affliction
060275: DESMOND KING-HELE - Erasmus Darwin
064863: HELENIUS, TIMO - Ricoeur, Culture, and Recognition: A Hermeneutic of Cultural Subjectivity
031450: HELLICAR, A. G. - Sermons on Special Occasions
063940: HELLIER, CHRIS - Monasteries of Greece
033778: HELLINGA, LOTTE - Caxton in Focus : Beginning of Printing
042075: HELM, P.J. - Exploring Saxon and Norman England
066565: EDWIN L. MINAR; F. H. SANDBACH; W. C. HELMBOLD - Plutarch's Moralia IX with an English Translation
065170: HELMHOLZ, R. H. - Marriage Litigation in Medieval England
061942: HELTZEL, PETER G.; YONG, AMOS - Theology in Global Context: Essays in Honor of Robert C. Neville
028192: HEMMENS, H. L. (ED.) - Ter-Jubilee Celebrations 1942-4
056996: HEMPHILL, SAMUEL - The Diatessaron of Tatian: A Harmony of the Four Holy Gospels Compiled in the Third Quarter of the Second Century
044956: HEMPHILL, BASIL - The Early Vicars Apostolic of England 1685-1750
042754: HEMPHILL, BASIL - The Early Vicars Apostolic of England 1685-1750
031742: HEMPHILL, SAMUEL - The Diatessaron of Tatian: A Harmony of the Four Holy Gospels Compiled in the Third Quarter of the Second Century
029844: HEMPHILL, BASIL - The Early Vicars Apostolic of England 1685-1750
045973: HERROD-HEMPSALL, W. - The Beekeeper's Guide
14130: HERROD-HEMPSALL, W. - The Beekeeper's Guide.
020450: HERROD-HEMPSALL, W. - The Bee-Keeper's Guide.
022197: HEMPTON, DAVID - Methodism and Politics in British Society 1750-1850
057889: HEN, YITZHAK; INNES, MATTHEW - The Uses of the Past in the Early Middle Ages
061002: G. P. HENDERSON - The Ionian Academy
059835: HENDERSON, JOHN - A Directory of Composers for Organ
059284: PHILIP HENDERSON - William Morris: His Life, Work and Friends
064728: W. O. HENDERSON - The Industrial Revolution on the Continent: Germany, France, Russia 1800 - 1914
14800: HENDERSON, IAN - Myth in the New Testament.
054854: JOHN CORBET HENDERSON - Shropshire Its Early History and Antiquities Comprising a Description of the Important British and Roman Remains in That County Its Saxon and Danish Reminiscences the Domesday Survey of Shropshire and the History If Its Forests , Towns, Manors, Abbeys, Churches, Castles, and Great Baronial Houses
066238: HENDERSON, JOHN - Writing Down Rome: Satire, Comedy, and Other Offences in Latin Poetry
047316: HENDERSON, GEORGE A. - The Kirk of St. Ternan, Arbuthnott: A Scottish Heritage
063849: DAVID HEIN; EDWARD HUGH HENDERSON - Captured by the Crucified: The Practical Theology of Austin Farrer
038828: HENDERSON, HELEN W. - Dianne de Poytiers
037091: HENDERSON, PAUL; THOMAS, DAVID N. - Skills in Neighbourhood Work
059944: HENDRICKSEN, WILLIAM - A Commentary on Colossians
036552: HENDRICKX, HERMAN - Passion Narratives of the Synoptic Gospels
042735: HENDRIKSEN, WILLIAM - Philippians, Colossians and Philemon
042433: HENDRIKSEN, WILLIAM - New Testament Commentary: Exposition of I and II Thessalonians
020209: HENDRIX, SCOTT H. - Martin Luther
023203: HENDY, MICHAEL F. - Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire, 1081-1261
036250: HENERY, CHARLES R. - A Speaking Life: John Keble & the Anglican Tradition of Ministry & Art
034062: HENERY, CHARLES R. - A Speaking Life: John Keble & the Anglican Tradition of Ministry & Art
031028: HENERY, CHARLES R. - A Speaking Life: John Keble & the Anglican Tradition of Ministry & Art
048265: HENGEL, MARTIN - Judaism and Hellenism: Studies in Their Encounter in Palestine During the Early Hellenistic Period
032962: HENGEL, MARTIN - Judaism and Hellenism: Studies in Their Encounter in Palestine During the Early Hellenistic Period
056722: E. HENNECKE (R. MCL WILSON ED.) - New Testament Apocrypha (2 Vols)
030129: HENNECKE, EDGAR (SCHNEEMELCHER, WILHELM & WILSON, R. MCL. (EDS)) - New Testament Apocrypha
051730: HENNELL, MICHAEL - John Venn and the Clapham Sect
058990: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - Italian Gothic Sculpture
050908: JOHN WYNDHAM POPE-HENNESSY - Italian Paintings in the Robert Lehman Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
055300: HENRI D'HENNEZEL - Catalogue Des Principales Pieces Exposees Musee Historique Des Tissus
066160: R. O. HENNINGS - African Mornings
062371: HENNINK, MONIQUE; HUTTER, INGE; BAILEY, AJAY - Qualitative Research Methods
021816: FOCILLON, HENRI & ROSTOVTZEFF, MICHAEL IVANOVICH (EDS) - Dumbarton Oaks Papers, Inaugural Lectures, November 2nd and 3rd, 1940
037556: GREGERSEN, NILES HENRIK & GORMAN, ULF (EDS) - Design and Disorder: Perspectives from Science and Theology
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027413: COOPER, HOWARD & MORRISON, PAUL - A Sense of Belonging: Dilemmas of British Jewish Identity
060332: HENRY HOWARTH - The Liturgy As It Is, Illustrated in a Series of Practical Sermons
060063: HOWARTH, STEPHEN; WHEATLEY, JOSEPH - Historic Sail: The Glory of the Sailing Ship from the 13th to the 19th Century
056538: HOWARTH, GRAHAM - Colour Identification Guide to the Butterflies of the British Isles
032430: HOWEIDY, A. - Concise Hausa Grammar
065664: MARGARET HOWELL - Regalian Right in Medieval England
048416: PETER HOWELL - Butterfield Revisited-Studies in Victorian Architecture and Design
032271: HOWELL, ALLISON (ED.) - The Slave Trade and Reconciliation: A Northern Ghanaian Perspective
053911: HOWELLS, CHRISTINA - Mortal Subjects: Passions of the Soul in Late Twentieth-Century French Thought
036039: HOWELLS, W. W. - The Pacific Islanders
019853: HOWELLS, ROSCOE - Total Community; the Monks of Caldey Island
018696: HOWELLS, W. W. - The Pacific Islanders
065982: HERBERT HOWES - Turkeys and Geese
052623: DAVID HOWES - Cross-Cultural Consumption: Global Markets, Local Realities
050739: HOWES, F. N. - Plants and Beekeeping, an Account of Theose Plants, Wild and Cultivated, of Value to the Hive Bee, and for Honey Production in the British Isles
027016: HOWES, F. N. - A Dictionary of Useful and Everyday Plants and Their Common Names
065551: HOWLETT, BRIDGET (ED.) - Survey of the Royal Manor of Hitchin, 1676
046715: HOWLETT, JOHN HENRY - Instructions on Reading the Liturgy with Appendices on Misapplied Emphasis in Reading the Sacred Scriptures and on Pronunciation
025576: HOWORTH, HENRY H. - The Golden Days of the Early English Church, from the Arrival of Theodore to the Death of Bede
024391: HOWORTH, HENRY H. - Saint Augustine of Canterbury
034071: HOWSON, J. S. (ED.) - Essays on Cathedrals by Various Writers
060801: PETER HOYLE - Delphi
052166: R. W. HOYLE - Camden Miscellany XXXI (Camden Fourth Series, 44)
066734: MURRAY HOYT - The World of Bees
047844: HOZIER, HENRY M. - The British Expedition to Abyssinia
055586: FREDERIC HROZNY - Code Hittite Provenant de L'Asie Mineure (Vers 1350 Av. J.C. )
037492: HSIA, R. PO-CHIA - The World of Catholic Renewal 1540-1770
052312: PAULOS Z. HUANG - Yearbook of Chinese Theology 2018
056480: C. ANDRESEN HUBBARD - Fleas and Plague in Iraq and the Arab World
044664: HUBEL, REINHARD G. - The Book of Carpets
055825: PAUL HUBER - Icones Du Mont Athos
032127: NICOLAS, GUY; DOUMESCHE, HUBERT & MOUCHE, MAMAN DAN - Etude Socio-Economique de Deux Villages Hausa
042924: HUBNER, HANS - Law in Paul's Thought: A Contribution to the Development of Pauline Theology
024627: HUBSCHMANN, H. - Armenische Grammatik, Erster Teil Armenische Etymologie.
052902: JAMES EVEILLARD; PATRICK HUCHET - Croyances Et Rites Populaires
039024: HUCK, ALBERT - Synopsis of the First Three Gospels
065256: LYSIAE; CAROLUS HUDE - Orationes
059963: ROGER HUDSON - The Grand Tour 1592-1796
055406: KENNETH HUDSON - Industrial Archaeology of Southern England (Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, and Gloucestershire East of the Severn)
030368: HUDSON, KENNETH - The Fashionable Stone
027978: HUDSON, DONALD - Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Bearing of His Philosophy on Religious Belief
027335: HUDSON, KENNETH - Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Europe
042807: HUEBSCH, BILL - Vatican II in Plain English Vol 1: The Council
042806: HUEBSCH, BILL - Vatican II in Plain English: Volume 3, the Decrees and Declarations
060240: HUELIN, GORDON (ED.) - Old Catholics and Anglicans, 1931-1981
046390: HUELIN, GORDON (ED.) - Old Catholics and Anglicans, 1931-1981
031756: HUGEL, FRIEDRICH VON - Essays & Addresses on the Philosophy of Religion: Second Series
048268: MONTEFIORE, HUGH & TURNER, H. E. W. - Thomas and the Evangelists
030140: MONTEFIORE, HUGH & TURNER, H. E. W. - Thomas and the Evangelists
023668: MURRAY, HUGH ET AL. - York Through the Eyes of the Artist
061074: HUGHES, J. B. - The Register of Walter Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 1296-1321: Volume II
060956: HUGHES, J.B. - The Register of Walter Langton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 1296-1321: I (Canterbury & York Society) (Volume 91)
060724: JOHN WILLIAM HUGHES - A Course of Sermons for All the Sundays of the Year Founded on the Basis of the Sermons Preached at Golden Grove, Circ. Ad 1649 by Jeremy Taylor Dd Bishop of Down and Connor
063187: PENNETHORNE HUGHES - Witchcraft
056356: MARK HUGHES - The Story of Staffordshire
056201: HOWARD HUGHES - Ten Poems About Fathers
056125: H. TREVOR HUGHES - The Piety of Jeremy Taylor
055697: HUGHES, PHILIP - The Reformation in England III True Religion Now Established
055696: HUGHES, PHILIP - The Reformation in England II Religio Depopulata
055234: MARK HUGHES - The Story of Staffordshire
052097: JOHN R. BRYDEN; DAVID G. HUGHES - Index of Gregorian Chant, Vol. 1: Alphabetical Index Vol II: Thematic Index
051880: BORIS GASPAROV; OLGA RAEVSKY-HUGHES - Christianity and the Eastern Slavs: Vol. I: Slavic Cultures in the Middle Ages (California Slavic Studies)
049517: PATRICK HUGHES & IAN F. DAVIES - Highgate School Register 1833-1988
049171: HUGHES, ANSELM DOM - The Bec Missal
047762: HUGHES, H. MALDWYN - The Ethics of Jewish Apocryphal Literature
047537: KATHLEEN HUGHES - The Monk's Tale: A Biography of Godfrey Diekmann
040466: HUGHES, ALEXANDER J. - Oliver Quick and the Quest for a Christian Metaphysic
037807: HUGHES, PHILIP - The Reformation in England [Three Vol Set]
037037: HUGHES, GERAINT; PERCY-SMITH, JANIE; FOREMAN, ANNE - Community Profiling: Auditing Social Needs
036942: HUGHES, JUDITH M. - The Holocaust and the Revival of Psychological History
034525: HUGHES, ANSELM DOM (ED.) - The Portiforium of Saint Wulstan
065799: HUGHES, JONATHAN - The Religious Life of Richard III: Piety and Prayer in the North of England
030160: HUGHES, BILL; KING, PATRICK - Come out Writing : A Boxing Anthology
028290: HUGHES, GERARD W. - Walk to Jerusalem : In Search of Peace
027905: HUGHES, H. STUART - Consciousness and Society: The Reorientation of European Social Thought 1890-1930
062789: ANSELM HUGHES - Early Medieval Music Up to 1300: The New Oxford History of Music II
043300: HUGHEY, JOHN DAVID - Religious Freedom in Spain, Its Ebb and Flow
050881: HUGHSON, SHIRLEY - Spiritual Letters
053292: ROGER HULL - Eden Again: The Art of Carl Hall
036768: HULL, EDWARD - The Tractarians and the Prayer-Book; or, What Is and Is to Be the Church of England?
063266: ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT - Uber Die Freiheit Des Menschen
053497: DAVID HUME - A Treatise of Human Nature
035324: HUME, BASIL - The Mystery of the Incarnation
030828: HUME, [H. S.] - Das Diakonat Die Sieben Und Die Anderen Diakone
027577: HUME, DAVID (AIKEN, HENRY D.) - Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
058574: WILLIAM HUMPHREY - The Divine Teacher: A Letter to a Friend with a Preface in Reply to No. 3 of the 'English Church Defence Tracts' Entitled 'Papal Infallibility'
043435: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - The Divine Teacher, Letters to a Friend with a Preface in Reply to No. 3 of the 'English Church Defence Tracts' Entitled 'Papal Infallibility'
041586: HUMPHREY, CAROLINE - Karl Marx Collective: Economy, Society and Religion in a Siberian Collective Farm
040786: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - The Divine Teacher, Letters to a Friend with a Preface in Reply to No. 3 of the 'English Church Defence Tracts' Entitled 'Papal Infallibility'
036569: HUMPHREY, J. EDWARD (PATTERSON, BOB E. ED.) - Emil Brunner
032669: HUMPHREY, S. C. (ED.) - The Reordering of Churches: Papers Read at a Meeting of the Society on October 22nd, 1983
022978: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - Memoranda of Angelic Doctrine, Fasciculus Second. Or a Digest of the Doctrine of S. Thomas on the Sacraments
052143: R. A. HUMPHREYS - British Consular Reports on the Trade and Politics of Latin America 1824-1826
037318: HUMPHRIES, MICHAEL L. - Christian Origins and the Language of the Kingdom of God
052504: DAWN CHATTY; GILLIAN LEWANDO HUNDT - Children of Palestine: Experiencing Forced Migration in the Middle East
046304: POLLEN, JOHN HUNGERFORD & MACMAHON, WILLIAM - The Ven. Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, 1557-1595; English Martyrs Vol II
057135: NOREEN HUNT - Cluny Under Saint Hugh 1049-1109
065255: B. P. GRENFELL; A. S. HUNT - Hellenica Oxyrhynchia Cum Theopompi Et Cratippi Fragmentis
055111: HUNT, NOREEN - Cluny Under Saint Hugh 1049-1109
050266: DONALD HUNT - Samuel Sebastian Wesley
047511: HUNT, E. W. - Portrait of Paul
047264: HUNT, ERNEST WILLIAM - Dean Colet and His Theology
066844: TRISTRAM HUNT - The English CIVIL War at First-Hand
038555: HUNT, J. ERIC - English and Welsh Crucifixes 670-1550
034974: HUNT, MARY E. - Fierce Tenderness, a Feminist Theology of Frienship
032635: HUNT, ROBERT (ED.) - Personalities and Cultures: Readings in Psychological Anthropology
031870: HUNT, JOHN - Religious Thought in England in the Nineteenth Century
064381: ARTURUS S. HUNT - Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta Papyracea Nuper Reperta
030220: HUNT, J. ERIC - The Glass in S. Mary's Church Shrewsbury
018361: HUNT, JOHN - An Essay on Pantheism
061795: HUNTER, RICHARD L. - The New Comedy of Greece and Rome
061786: HUNTER, R. L. - A Study of Daphnis and Chloe
064821: JOHN HUNTER - Memorial Inscriptions in the Churchyard of Rattray
055770: JAMES HUNTER - The Diocese and Presbytery of Dunkeld 1660-1689 Vol. I & Vol. II
055199: JOSEPH HUNTER(ED.) - Ecclesiastical Documents Viz. I a Brief History of the Bishoprick of Somerset II. Chapters from the Library of Dr. Cox Macro
052197: JOSEPH HUNTER - The Diary of Dr Thomas Cartwright Bishop of Chester 1686
16469: HUNTER, WILLIAM B. (ED.) - The English Spenserians; the Poetry of Giles Fletcher, George Wither, Michael Drayton, Phineas Fletcher and Henry More.
037986: HUNTER, MICHAEL - Guide to Jeremiah
029796: HUNTER, DAVID G. - Marriage, Celibacy, and Heresy in Ancient Christianity : The Jovinianist Controversy
062730: HUNTER, ALASTAIR G - Christianity and Other Faiths in Britain
048308: HUNTINGFORD, G. W. B. - The Galla of Ethiopia the Kingdoms of Kafa Ad Janjero North-Eastern Africa Part II
064998: HUNTINGTON, WILLIAM; JOHN METCALFE - The Divine Meditations
055691: VEIKKO HUOVINEN - Tale of the Forest Folk
045253: HUPPERTZ, HUBERT - Ignaz Von Dollingers Lutherbild
16569: HURD, JOHN C. - The Origin of I Corinthians.
039155: HURD, JOHN COOLIDGE - The Origin of I Corinthians
031230: HURD, RICHARD (BREWER, SARAH ED.) - The Early Letters of Bishop Richard Hurd, 1739-1762
056989: STEPHEN A. HURLBUT - The Liturgy of the Church of England Before and After the Reformation Together with the Service of Holy Communion of the Episcopal Church in the United States
057384: HURLEY, MICHAEL - Irish Anglicanism 1869-1969; Essays on the Role of Anglicanism in Irish Life Presented to the Church of Ireland. .
024042: HURLEY, MICHAEL - Christian Unity: An Ecumenical Second Spring?
019991: HURLEY, MICHAEL - Irish Anglicanism 1869-1969; Essays on the Role of Anglicanism in Irish Life Presented to the Church of Ireland. .
061257: HURLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
053126: KATRINA SIGSBEE FISCHER; ALEX. A. HURST - Anton Otto Fischer: Marine Artist : His Life and Work
062204: HURTADO, LARRY W. - At the Origins of Christian Worship: The Context and Character of Earliest Christian Devotion
063720: HUSAIN, B. M. C. - Cheshire Under the Norman Earls 1066-1237
056310: HUSE, NORBERT; WOLTERS, WOLFGANG - The Art of Renaissance Venice: Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting, 1460-1590
040766: HUSENBETH, F. C. - The Difficulties of Faberism Being a Vindication of a Late Reply to the Rev. G.S. Faber's Supplement to His Difficulties of Romanism
040758: HUSENBETH, F. C. - The Roman Question: A Refutation of a Treatise Professing to Be the Truth About Rome
040632: HUSENBETH, F. C. - Defence of the Creed and Discipline of the Catholic Church Against the Rev. J. Blanco White's 'Poor Man's Preservative Against Popery' with Notice of Every Thing Important in the Same Writer's 'Practical and Internal Evidence Against Catholicism'
040596: HUSENBETH, F. C. - Faberism Exposed and Refuted and the Apostolicity of Catholic Doctrine Vindicated Against the Second Edition 'Revised and Remoulded' of Faber's 'Difficulties of Romanism'
028122: HUSENBETH, F. C. - The Life of the Right Rev John Milner, Bishop of Castabala, Vicar Apostolic of the Midland District of England
028805: HUSSAIN, NASSER - When Governments Break the Law : The Rule of Law and the Prosecution of the Bush Administration
038331: HUSSEIN, ABDIRAHMAN A. - Edward Said: Criticism and Society
061264: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - English Country Houses Open to the Public
060253: CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY - Harvington Hall, Near Kidderminster Worcestershire
028508: HUSSEY, J. M. - The Byzantine World
034642: HUTCHINGS, W. H. - Some Aspects of the Cross, Seven Discourses Delivered in Substance in S. Andrew's Church, Clewer During Lent, 1871
034432: HUTCHINGS, W. H. - Life and Letters of Thomas Theullusson Carter, Warden of the House of Mercy, Clewer
032818: HUTCHINGS, W. H. - Life and Letters of Thomas Theullusson Carter, Warden of the House of Mercy, Clewer
060209: F. J. WROTTESLEY: S. W. HUTCHINSON - Deanery of Trentham: Trentham Parish Register 1558-1744 Vol. I
054956: G. D. ARMOUR; HORACE G. HUTCHINSON - Pastime with Good Company
065794: HORACE G. HUTCHINSON - Big Game Shooting: First Volume
065109: HUTCHINSON, HAROLD F. - Henry V, a Biography
055092: R. E. HUTCHISON - A View of the Portrait: Portraits by Alexander Moffat 1968-1973
028196: HUTT, ANTONY - North Africa: Islamic Architecture
024193: HUTTEN, KURT - Seher Grubler Enthusiaste: Sekten Und Religiose Sondergemeinschaften Der Gegenwart
065852: IRMGARD HUTTER (ED.) - Byzanz Und Der Westen: Studien Zur Kunst Des Europaischen Mittelalters
033644: HUTTER, IRMGARD - Early Christian and Byzantine Art
023220: HUTTER, IRMGARD - Early Christian and Byzantine Art
063511: WILLIAM HOLDEN HUTTON - Oxford University College Histories: St. John Baptist College
045910: HUTTON, SAMUEL KING - An Eskimo Village
034756: HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN - William Laud
028573: HUTTON, VERNON W. - 'High Church' What Is It? a Few Words Addressed to Thoughtful Protestants
018116: HUTTON, RICHARD H. - Cardinal Newman
060313: HUXLEY, DAVINA - Cretan Quests: British Explorers, Excavators and Historians
040153: HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY - Lay Sermons, Addresses and Reviews
062964: ALDOUS HUXLEY - The Devils of Loudun
034538: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - The Kingsleys: A Biographical Anthology
059309: ROBERT HUXTER - Jordans Meeting
066630: HUYGHE, RENE (ED.) - Larousse Encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval Art
028891: HUYGHE, RENE (ED.) - Larousse Encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval Art
065861: WENTWORTH HUYSHE - Dervorgilla, Lady of Galloway and Her Abbey of the Sweet Heart
037545: HUYSSTEEN, J. WENTZEL VAN - Duet or Duel?: Theology and Science in the Postmodern World
023454: HYAMS, EDWARD - Vin; the Wine Country of France
043731: HYATT, EDDIE L - 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity: A 21st Century Look at Church History from a Pentecostal/Charismatic Perspective
059741: HYDE, MAGGIE - Jung for Beginners
044557: HYDE, MATTHEW - Britain's Lost Churches: The Forgotten Holy Sites of Britain's Christian Past
044557: HYDE, MATTHEW - Britain's Lost Churches: The Forgotten Holy Sites of Britain's Christian Past
065697: FLORENCE B. HYETT - Fifty London Rhymes for Children
046573: ST GEORGE KIERAN HYLAND - A Century of Persecution Under Tudor and Stuart Sovereigns from Contemporary Records
042580: HYMAN, GAVIN - The Predicament of Postmodern Theology: Radical Orthodoxy or Nihilist Textualism?
023565: HYMAN, ANTHONY - The Coming of the Chip
031424: HYNDMAN, OONAGH (ED.) - Wartime Kent 1939-40: A Selection of Memories from the Bbc Radio Kent Series
061255: SANDERS, E. P., WITH BAUMGARTEN, A. I. AND ALAN MENDELSON (EDS) - Jewish and Christian Self-Definition; Volume II; Aspects of Judaism in the Graeco-Roman Period.
048708: MAVRODES, GEORGE I. & HACKETT, STURAT C. (EDS) - Problems and Perspectives in the Philosophy of Religion
044480: ARENKOVA, Y. I. & MEKHOVA, G. I. - Donskoi Monastery

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