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452: FRATER ACHAD (CHARLES STANFIELD JONES), - Collected Cosmological Qabbala of Frater Achad
450: FRATER ACHAD (CHARLES STANFIELD JONES), - Q.B. L. Or the Bride’S Reception.
451: FRATER ACHAD (CHARLES STANFIELD JONES), - The Egyptian Revival Or the Ever-Coming Son in the Light of the Tarot.
179: AGNES ARBER D.SC., F.R.S. J. W. VON GOETHE (TR. ARBER)., - Natural Philosophy of Plant Form & Goethe's Botany: An Attempt to Interpret the Metamorphosis of Plants & Fragment: Tobler's Ode to Nature.
217: SHEIK HABEEB & MABEL L. AHMAD., - Collected Sheik & Mabel Ahmad: The Mysteries of Sound & Number, the Hidden Mysteries of Number, Sound & Number, the Law of Destiny & Design
402: D. DAVIDSON & H. ALDERSMITH ., - The Great Pyramid Its Divine Message. [Subtitle]: An Original Co- Ordination of Historical Documents & Archaeological Evidences
159: H. S. BELLAMY & P. ALLAN., - The Calendar of Tiahuanaco: A Disquisition on the Time Measuring System of the Oldest Civilization in the World
380: ALVIDAS., - Science & Key of Life.
9: W. S. ANDREWS, ET AL., - Magic Squares & Cubes.
183: ANONYMOUS., - Ancient Records: The Secret Law, the English Alphabet, the Arabic Numerals, the Zodiac, Blessings of Israel.
224: ANONYMOUS., - Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses.
34: ANONYMOUS (HUGH ROSCOE)., - Apocalypse of the Golden Mean.
488: ANONYMOUS (?SEPHARIAL?)., - Rubber
226: ARCHBISHOP F. H. DU VERNET, D.D., - Spiritual Radio: The Creative Thought & Energy of the Radio Mind in Tune with the Universe.
187: PSEUDO ARISTOTLE., - Secreta Secretorum (Secret of Secrets): Three Prose Versions
154: ARTHUR HARRY CHURCH, M.A., D.SC., - On the Relation of Phyllotaxis to Mechanical Law
28: GEORGE S. ARUNDALE., - The Lotus Fire: A Study in Symbolic Yoga
424: WILLIAM LILLY TO ELIAS ASHMOLE., - William Lilly's History of His Life & Times from the Year 1602 to 1681.
167: EDWIN D. BABBITT., - The Principles of Light & Color: Including Among Other Things the Harmonic Laws of the Universe, the Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force, Chromo Chemistry, & the General Philosophy of the Fine Forces
463: AMEDEO BABBO., - The Astrological Calculator
200: MRS. L. DOW BALLIETT., - Collected Mrs. L. Dow Balliet: Philosophy of Numbers, Their Tones & Colors. Number Vibration in Questions and Answers, a Textbook. The Day of Wisdom According to Number Vibration. Vibration: A System of Numbers As Taught By Pythagoras. Nature's Symphony.
494: BALLIETT, MRS. L. DOW., - Vibration of the Speaking Voice, a Comprehensive Method. & Beyond Sight (a Story).
146: FRANZ BARDON, - Complete Works of Franz Bardon
151: FRANZ BARDON., - Questions & Answers.
149: FRANZ BARDON, - The Practice of Magical Evocation: Instructions for Invoking Spirit Beings from the Spheres Surrounding Us.
150: FRANZ BARDON, - The Key to the True Kabbalah: The Kabbalist As a Perfected Sovereign in the Microcosm & the Macrocosm
148: FRANZ BARDON, - Initiation Into Hermetics: A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice
510: LUMIR BARDON AND DR. M.K., - Memories of Franz Bardon
127: SAM BARTOLET., - Eclipses & Lunations in Astrology.
37: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 1 Course Manual
38: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 1 Lecture Notes
39: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 2 Course Manual
40: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 2 Lecture Notes
41: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 3 Course Manual.
42: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 3 Lecture Notes
43: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration: Gann 4 Course Manual
44: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 4 Lecture Notes
45: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 5 Course Manual.
46: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 5 Lecture Notes
47: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 6 Course Manual.
48: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 6 Lecture Notes.
49: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 7 Course Manual.
50: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 7 Lecture Notes.
51: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 8 Course Manual
52: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 8 Lecture Notes
53: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. Gann 9 Course Manual
54: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. Gann 9 Lecture Notes
55: DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. The Complete Course Manuals. Course Manuals for Gann 1 Through Gann 9
56: JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN & DR. JEROME BAUMRING., - Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material. The Complete Lecture Notes.
540: GRAHAM HANCOCK & ROBERT BAUVAL, - The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind.
231: GEORGE BAYER., - "Money" Investing in Stocks, Trading in Commodities, Or the Time Factors in the Stock Market.
391: GEORGE BAYER., - Gold Nuggets for Stock & Commodity Traders.
436: GEORGE BAYER., - Preview of Markets, Vol. I, Nos. 1-10.
437: GEORGE BAYER., - The Collected Works of George Bayer: 9 Books in 2 Hardcover Volumes.
63: GEORGE BAYER., - George Wollsten: Expert Stock & Grain Trader.
64: GEORGE BAYER., - Turning Four Hundred Years of Astrology to Practical Use & Other Matters.
390: GEORGE BAYER., - Stock & Commodity Traders Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Secrets of Forecasting Values, Especially Commodities, Including Stocks
6: COLONEL ROBERT S. BEARD., - Patterns in Space.
114: ERIC TEMPLE BELL., - The Magic of Numbers.
210: LEO BERNART., - Ogilvie's Astrological Birthday Book.
25: LOUISA S. COOK & B.W. BETTS., - Geometrical Psychology: Or the Science of Representation
152: MAX BORN., - The Constitution of Matter: Modern Atomic & Electron Theories
161: CHARLES P. BOWDITCH., - The Numeration, Calendar Systems & Astronomical Knowledge of the Mayas .
496: DONALD BRADLEY., - Stock Market Prediction: The Historical & Future Siderograph Charts & Software.
191: ROBERT BROWN., - Researches Into the Origin of the Primitive Constellations of the Greeks, Phoenicians & Babylonians & the Law of Kosmic Order: An Investigation Into the Physical Aspect of Time.
104: TONS BRUNES, - The Secrets of Ancient Geometry & Its Use
121: BOZENA BRYDLOVA., - Io Unveiled: The Brydlovan Theory of the Origin of Numbers
361: OLIVER BYRNE., - A Short Practical Treatise on Spherical Trigonometry.
124: LARS A. CARLSON., - Why Life Exists: & Allied Subjects
119: J. W. T. CARRINGTON., - Number Key to Ancient Wisdom.
512: HENRY CASPER, - Pax Tecum: Or Peace & Relaxation Through Technique & Truth
513: PAUL CHOISNARD, - The Proofs of Astral Influence on Man.
182: A. H. CHURCH., - Colour: An Elementary Manual for Students
464: RAWN CLARK, - A Bardon Companion.
132: J. CLAUDEL., - Handbook of Mathematics: For Engineers & Engineering Students
137: ZEN MASTER FOYAN TRANSLATED BY THOMAS CLEARY., - Instant Zen: Waking Up in the Present
490: LEO CLEMENT, - The Ancient Science of Numbers.
405: ROBERT COLLIER., - The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East.
103: W. J. COLVILLE., - Essential W.J. Colville: Kabbalah: The Harmony of Opposites, a Treatise Elucidating Bible Allegories & the Significance of Numbers. Ancient Mysteries & Modern Revelations.
416: P. CONOR REILLY, S. J., - Athanasius Kircher: Master Or a Hundred Arts 1602-1680
419: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS., - The National Astrological Journal 1933-1966.
128: EFFIE M. COOLEY., - Astrological Relation of Names & Numbers.
486: PAUL COUNCEL, - Your Stars and Destiny.
487: PAUL COUNCEL, - X Marks My Place. Showing the Right Locality for Health, Happiness, Success, According to Geographical Astrology.
153: A TRAINING COURSE TEXT., - Principles of Electricity: Applied to Telephone & Telegraph Work
507: WALTER CRUTTENDEN, - The Great Year. (Documentary)
448: WALTER CRUTTENDEN, - Lost Star of Myth & Time
412: NICOLAS CUSANUS., - Of Learned Ignorance.
72: PICKELL & DANIEL., - Pickell-Daniel Extension Course of Grain Market Analysis.
35: JOHN DAVIS., - The Measure of the Circle: Perfected in January, 1845
198: DR. JOHN DEE., - The Mathematical Dr. Dee: Hieroglyphic Monad: The Monad, Hieroglyphically, Mathematically, Magically, Qabalistically & Anagogically Explained. Mathmatical Preface to Euclid's Elements of Geometry. Private Diary & Catalog of Dee's Library of Ma
364: ROBERT DELUCE., - Rectification of the Horoscope: Practical Lessons, Tables & Illustrations
427: W. DERHAM., - Astro-Theology: Or, a Demonstration of the Being & Attributes of God from a Survey of the Heavens
421: DIDACUS PLACIDUS DE TITUS, MATHEMATICIAN TO HIS SERENE HIGHNESS LEOPOLD WILLIAM ARCHDUKE OF AUSTRIA, TRANSLATED BY JOHN COOPER, TEACHER OF MATHEMATICS., - Primium Mobile: With Theses to the Theory & Canons for Practice; Wherein Is Demonstrated from Astronomical & Philosophical Principles the Nature & Extent of Celestial Influx Upon the Mental Faculties & Corporeal Affections of Man; Containing T
80: WILLIAM DUNNIGAN, - Collected Works of William Dunnigan: Gains in Grains; New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks and Grains; Barometers for Forecasting Stocks; the One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks and Commodities
233: FAKIR CHANDRA DUTT., - Market Forecasting: A Scientific Exposition of the Influences of the Heavenly Bodies on the Fluctuations of Values
162: THOMAS M. EASLEY., - On the Elephant's Knee: Gurdjieffian Typology: Gurdjieffian Typological System
88: B. EDLIN., - Minor Swings of the Stock Market and Their Indications.
461: EDWARD PODOLSKY, M.D., - Doctor Prescribes Colors: The Influence of Colors on Health & Personality.
384: BETTY EDWARDS., - The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
115: ERNEST J. STEVENS, M. S., PH. D., - Vibrations: Their Principles, Light & Colors & Their Uses.
542: GRAHAM HANCOCK & SANTHA FAIIA, - Heaven’S Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization.
438: DANIEL T. FERRERA., - The Gann Pyramid: Square of Nine Essentials.
440: DANIEL T. FERRERA., - Studies in Astrological Bible Interpretation.
447: DANIEL T. FERRERA, - Wheels Within Wheels: The Art of Forecasting Financial Market Cycles.
495: DANIEL T. FERRERA, - W.D. Gann's Mass Pressure Forecasting Charts.
500: DANIEL T. FERRERA, - The Keys to Successful Speculation
181: TAYLOR FLICK., - The Three Circuits: A Study of the Primary Forces
414: FRANC C. HIGGINS, 32ND DEGREE., - Ancient Freemasonry, an Introduction to the Study of Masonic Archaeology
196: FRANK EARL ORMSBY, A MAGIAN MYSTIC., - The Law & the Prophets: A Scientific Work on the Relationship between Physical Bodies, Vegetable, Animal, Human & Planetary. A Scientific Work on the Relationship between Physical Bodies, Vegetable, Animal, Human & Planetary.
197: FRANK EARL ORMSBY, ED. ET AL ., - Planets & People: The Great Year-Book of the Heavens, All About Stars & Mysteries from the Sun, 1896, 1897. The Great Year-Book of the Heavens, All About Stars & Mysteries from the Sun, 1896, 1897
480: FRED WHITE, PROFESSOR WESTON & L. EDWARD JOHNDRO (CONTRIBUTORS)., - The Adept: The American Journal of Astrology, a Monthly Journal Devoted to Teaching & Demonstrating the Truth of Astrology, Established 1898.
505: FRED WHITE, PROFESSOR WESTON, W. D. GANN, SEPHARIAL, - The Earliest Financial Astrology Manuscripts
122: FREDERICK BLIGH BOND, F.R.I.B.A. & THOMAS SIMCOX LEA, D.D., - Gematria: A Preliminary Investigation of the Cabala
503: ALFRED FRIEDMAN., - Lecture Notes from Baumring’S Investment Centre Seminars.
428: WRITTEN IN FRENCH BY JAMES GAFFAREL, - Unheard-of Curiosities: Concerning the Talismanical Sculpture of the Persians; the Horoscope of the Patriarkes; and the Reading of the Stars.
392: WILLIAM DELBERT GANN., - Collected Writings of W.D. Gann, Volume Iv: The Complete Commodity Market Courses
59: WILLIAM DELBERT GANN., - The Collected Writings of W.D. Gann, Volume Ii: The Master Time Factor: No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Stock Market Forecasting Courses
60: WILLIAM DELBERT GANN., - Collected Writings of W.D. Gann, Volume Iii: Master Mathematical Formula, Calculators & Astrological Writings
61: WILLIAM DELBERT GANN., - Complete Collected Writings of W.D. Gann. In 5 Volumes
58: WILLIAM DELBERT GANN., - The Collected Writings of W.D. Gann, Volume I: Marketing Brochures, Interviews, Annual Forecasts & Trading Records
393: WILLIAM DELBERT GANN., - Collected Writings of W.D. Gann, Volume V: Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods, & Trend Indicators
129: E. L. GARDNER., - The Web of the Universe.
460: KENNETH WILLIAMS & MARK GASKELL, - The Cosmic Calculator. 5 Volumes.
376: KENNETH R. WILLIAMS & MARK GASKELL., - The Cosmic Computer Course, Book 1.
377: KENNETH R. WILLIAMS & MARK GASKELL., - The Cosmic Computer Course, Book 2.
378: KENNETH R. WILLIAMS & MARK GASKELL., - The Cosmic Computer Course, Book 3.
382: MICHAEL J. GELB., - How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Everyday Genius
112: MATILA GHYKA., - The Geometry of Art & Life.
408: JOSEPH & FRANCIS GIES., - Leonardo of Pisa & the New Mathematics of the Middle Ages.
362: GEORGE F. GILLETTE., - The Rational Non-Mystical Cosmos: The Mysticism of Science Exploded
166: GODFREY HIGGINS, ESQ., - Anacalypsis: An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis; Or , an Inquiry Into the Origin of Languages, Nations, & Relations.
385: HANS KAYSER - TRANSLATORS ARIEL & JOSCELYN GODWIN, - Textbook of Harmonics - 1st English Translation
485: FLAMMARION & GORE, - Popular Astronomy: A General Description of the Heavens.
482: GREGORIUS, - The Master Key of Destiny.
156: D. W. HERING E. N. GRISEWOOD., - Story of Force & Motion.
387: W. H. GROVES., - The Rational Memory.
227: FRANK CHANNING HADDOCK., - Power of Will.
536: JOHN BURKE & KAJ HALBERG, - Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty : Understanding the Lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders.
89: HENRY HALL., - How Money Is Made in Security Investment: Or a Fortune at Fifty-Five
14: EDWARD HALL., - The Rediscovery of Truth: By the Solar and Other Spectra
454: JAY HAMBIDGE., - The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry
456: JAY HAMBIDGE, - Dynamic Symmetry in Composition
459: JAY HAMBIDGE, - Dynamic Symmetry: The Greek Vase
457: EDITED BY JAY HAMBIDGE, - The Diagonal
453: JAY HAMBIDGE, - Collected Works of Jay Hambidge
538: GRAHAM HANCOCK., - The Sign & the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Arc of the Covenant.
539: GRAHAM HANCOCK., - Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth’S Lost Civilization.
541: GRAHAM HANCOCK., - The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection between Earth & the Red Planet.
543: GRAHAM HANCOCK., - Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization.
544: GRAHAM HANCOCK., - Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.
125: O. HASHNU HARA., - Psychiscopy.
190: HARLAN TRUE STETSON, MIT., - Sunspots and Their Effects.
79: HENRY HOWARD HARPER., - The Psychology of Speculation: The Human Element in Stock Market Transactions
193: JOHN HAZELRIGG., - Astrosophia, Being Metaphysical Astrology. Astrosophic Principles. Astrosophic Tractates Or Stellar Hypothesis.
194: JOHN HAZELRIGG., - Sun Book Or, the Philosopher's Vade Mecum & Fundamentals of Hermetic Science.
91: HENRY ANSLEY, "JACKASS OF THE PLAINS"., - I Like the Depression.
422: HENRY COLEY, STUDENT IN THE MATHEMATICKS & ASTROLOGY., - A Key to the Whole Art of Astrology.
109: HERMANN L. F. HELMHOLTZ, M. D., - On the Sensations of Tone: As a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music
144: HERMANN HESSE., - The Glass Bead Game: Magister Ludi
97: WARREN HICKERNELL., - What Makes Stock Market Prices.
532: RICHARD C. HOAGLAND., - The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever.
386: M. L. HOLBROOK, M.D., - How to Strengthen the Memory: Or Natural & Scientific Methods of Never Forgetting
174: VINCENT FOSTER HOPPER., - Medieval Number Symbolism: Its Sources, & Influence on Thought & Expression
229: THOMAS JAY HUDSON., - The Law of Psychic Phenomena.
363: ISIDORE KOZMINSKI, D.SC., - My Key Treatise.
441: FRANKLIN PAUL JACKSON., - The I-S Method: Individual Stock- Intermediate Swing
185: MICHEL JACOBS., - The Art of Composition: A Simple Application of Dynamic Symmetry
368: JAGADGURU SWAMI SRI BHARATI KRISHNA TIRTHAJI MAHARAJA, SHANKARACHARYA OF GOVARDHANA HATHA, PURI., - Vedic Mathematics: Or 'sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae from the Vedas'
444: JAIN, - The Book of Magic Squares, Volume 1.
445: JAIN, - The Book of Magic Squares, Volume 2.
446: JAIN, - The Book of Magic Squares, Volume 3.
455: JAY HAMBIDGE, EDITED BY MARY C. HAMBIDGE, - Practical Applications of Dynamic Symmetry
526: JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, - Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date. <
527: JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, - Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions.
528: JOHN MAJOR JENKINS., - Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time.
529: JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, - Izapa and the Galactic Alignment in 2012. Dvd Lecture.
530: JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, - The Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time. 2 Dvd Set.
531: JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, - Tzolkin 2: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies.
395: JOHN HEYDON, A SERVANT OF GOD, & A SECRETARY OF NATURE., - The Holy Guide: Leading the Way to the Golden Treasures of Nature
3: JOHN O'NEIL., - Night of the Gods: An Inquiry Into the Cosmic & Cosmogonic Mythology & Symbolism, 2 Volumes.
201: L. EDWARD JOHNDRO., - Collected L. Edward Johndro: The Stars, How and Where They Influence. The Earth in the Heavens. A New Concept of Sign Rulership. Astrological Dictionary & Self-Reading Horoscope.
491: L. EDWARD JOHNDRO, - Johndro’S Collected Articles, 1930’S.
83: C. S. JOHNSON, C. P. A., - A New Technique of Stock Market Forecasting.
118: PROF. JOS. RODES BUCHANAN, M. D., - Periodicity: The Law of All Life
110: JULIA SETON SEARS, M. D., - Your Aura & Your Keynote.
176: GEORGE ADAMS KAUFMANN., - Space in the Light of Creation: A New Essay in Cosmic Theory
212: H. J. KERNS., - The Prophetic Time of the Ages from Adam to the Millennium According to Scriptures, Gematria, & Astronomy; Biblical-Logical-Awakening & Secrets of Wisdom, the Measuring Rod of Time & Space.
398: WILLIAM KINGSLAND., - Physics of the Secret Doctrine.
411: FELIX KLEIN., - Lectures on the Icosahedron & the Solution of Equations of the Fifth Degree.
81: NIKOLAI D. KONDRATIEFF, - Long Waves in Economic Life
410: BROWN LANDONE., - Your Electronic Body & the Electronic Potentials of Food.
75: JAMES MARS LANGHAM., - Cyclical Market Forecasting Stocks & Grains.
443: LUDWIG B. LARSEN., - Key to the Bible and Heaven, the Mystery of the Ages Revealed & Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom.
117: JOHN C. LAURIE., - The Science of Numerology Through the Law of Vibration.
189: ANNIE BESANT & CHARLES LEADBEATER, - Occult Chemistry: Investigations By Clairvoyant Magnification Into the Structure of the Atoms of the Periodic Table & of Some Compounds.
101: L. DON LEET., - Causes of Catastrophe: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tidal Waves, & Hurricanes.
497: SIR GEORGE CORNEWALL LEWIS., - An Historical Survey of the Astronomy of the Ancients
160: J. NORMAN LOCKYER., - The Dawn of Astronomy: A Study of the Temple Worship & Mythology of the Ancient Egyptians
483: RICHARD LYNCH, - The Path to Wisdom.
184: M. MANILIUS., - The Five Books of M. Manilius: Containing a System of Ancient Astronomy & Astrology, Together with the Philosophy of the Stoics
404: CLARENCE C. MARKER., - The Intrinsic Harmony of Number, Parts I-4. Part 1. The Magic Squares of Benjamin Franklin. Part 2. The Magic Squares of the Fifth & Seventh Orders. Part 3. Magic Squares of the Orders Three-Six-Nine & Twelve. Part 4. The Auxiliary Square.
90: RICHARD MARTIN., - An Introduction to Trend - Action: A Scientific Method of Forecasting.
498: LEIGH J. MCCLOSKEY, - Tarot Revisioned.
423: GEORGE J. MCCORMACK, - Long-Range Astro-Weather Forecasting. A Private, Comprehensive Technical Instruction Course.
471: LOUISE MCWHIRTER, - The Mcwhirter Theory of Stock Market Forecasting
219: MARK MELLEN., - Winning Bets & Hot Tips on How to Pick Winners.
133: GEN. O. M. MITCHEL., - Planetary & Stellar Worlds.
76: HENRY LUDWELL MOORE., - Collected Works of Henry Ludwell Moore: Economic Cycles Their Law & Cause. Generating Economic Cycles. Forecasting the Yield of Cotton
96: WILLIAM C. MOORE (MARKET EXPERT), - Wall Street: Its Mysteries Revealed, Its Secrets Exposed.
95: JAMES P. MORTON., - When to Sell to Assure Profits.
82: S. A. NELSON., - The Abc of Options & Arbitrage.
228: HENRY CORNELIUS AGRIPPA VON NETTESHEIM., - The Philosophy of Natural Magic: Book I of Three Books of Occult Philosophy.
188: WILLIAM ROMAINE NEWBOLD., - The Cipher of Roger Bacon.
370: ANDREW P. NICHOLAS., - The Circle Revelation.
374: A. P. NICHOLAS, K. WILLIAMS, J. PICKLES ., - Vertically and Crosswise.
57: DR. JEROME BAUMRING & JULIUS J. NIRENSTEIN., - "Gann Harmony" the Law of Vibration. The Complete Course Manuals & Lecture Notes. The Complete Gann 1-9 Course Manuals. Compiled By Dr. Jerome Baumring with Notes on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material: The Complete Gann 1-9 Lecture Notes
12: CALVIN SAMUEL PAGE., - Rx the Life Atom: Key to Nature
220: SWAMI PARAMANANDA., - Essential Swami Paramananda: Faith As a Constructive Force & Other Works
211: A. E. PARTRIDGE., - Essential A.E. Partridge: Fortunate Hours & the Story of the Heavens
30: W. CHAS. PATTI., - Wrania: Mystic Astronomy, Uzican Science, the Mystic Pyramid; a Treatise to Higher Science
214: DR.GEORGE WASHINGTON CAREY & INEZ EUDORA PERRY., - Essential Carey & Perry: The Chemistry of Human Life & the Wonders of the Human Body & God-Man: The Word Made Flesh
87: PERSPECTIVES, NATIONAL GRAPHIC CO., - The Great Bull Market & Collapse.
180: EHRENFRIED PFEIFFER., - Formative Forces in Crystallization.
135: FRED G. PLUMMER., - The Last Change in the Earth's Axis.
158: HON. EMMELINE M. PLUNKET., - Ancient Calendars & Constellations.
397: RAMA PRASAD., - Nature's Finer Forces: The Science of Breath & the Philosophy of the Tattvas
134: RICHARD A. PROCTOR ., - Other Worlds Than Ours: The Plurality of Worlds Studied Under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches
84: EDWIN S. QUINN., - Action - Reaction Signals.
484: YOGI HARI RAMA, - Yoga System of Study.
449: FRATER ACHAD (CHARLES STANFIELD JONES) & WILL RANSOM, - The Anatomy of the Body of God.
215: RAPHAEL., - Raphael's Guide to Astrology & Raphael's Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic Magic.
420: RAPHAEL., - The Familiar Astrologer: An Easy Guide to Fate, Destiny & Foreknowledge; As Well As to the Secret & Wonderful Properties of Nature
472: RAPHAEL. (ROBERT CROSS SMITH), - Gann List Raphael: Raphael’S Mundane Astrology. Raphael’S Pythoness of the East. Raphael’S Book of Dreams. Raphael’S Book of Dreams.
473: RAPHAEL. (ROBERT CROSS SMITH), - Raphael’S Mundane Astrology, Or the Effects of the Planets & Signs Upon the Nations & Countries of the World.
474: RAPHAEL. (ROBERT CROSS SMITH), - Raphael’S Book of Fate: Whereby All Questions May Be Answered Respecting the Present & Future.
475: RAPHAEL. (ROBERT CROSS SMITH), - Raphael’S Book of Dreams, Being a Concise Interpretation of Dreams.
476: RAPHAEL. (ROBERT CROSS SMITH), - Raphael’S Pythoness of the East; Or, a Complete Key to Futurity.
221: WILLIAM REDDING., - Mysteries Unveiled.
111: OLIVER REISER., - The Alchemy of Light & Color.
113: REV. JAMES KING, M. A., - Cleopatra's Needle: A History of the London Obelisk, with an Exposition of the Hieroglyphics
415: THE REV. J. B. CRAVEN, D.D., - Count Michael Maier Life & Writings: 1568-1622: Doctor of Philosophy & Medicine, Alchemist, Rosicrucian, Mystic
426: REV. JOHN BARRETT, D.D., - An Enquiry Into the Constellations That Compose the Zodiac: And the Uses They Were Intended to Promote
396: RICHARD LAURENCE, LL.D., - The Book of Enoch the Prophet.
523: ROBERT M. SCHOCH, PH.D., - Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes & Ancient Civilizations.
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