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149893: BEATY David - The Proving Flight
126524: DAICHES David - Fletcher of Saltoun Selected Writings
138601: WILLIAMS David - Practise to Deceive
50429: COOMBS David - Seven Theorems in Search of the European Parliament
117701: BRAMWELL David, BRAMWELL Zoe - Flores Silvestres de Las Islas Canarias
48765: WILLIAMS David - George Meredith His Life and Lost Love
123042: COLVIN David - Aubrey Beardsley a Slave to Beauty
135678: STOREY David - A Temporary Life
119182: RICHARDS David - Heigh-Ho! Reflections at Eighty
117097: HAMMOND-TOOKE David - The Roots of Black South Africa an Introduction to the Traditional Culture of the Black People of South Africa
144354: GARRIOCH David - The Huguenots of Paris and the Coming of Religious Freedom 1685-1789
138603: WILLIAMS David - Treasure by Post
171272: ROBERTS David - Egypt Yesterday and Today Lithographs and Diaries by David Roberts R.A.
97200: RAMSBOTHAM David - Prisongate the Shocking State of Britain's Prisons and the Need for Visionary Change
163250: MORRELL David - The Last Reveille a Novel
80906: HARRIS David - A Society of Signs
117869: SELBOURNE David - Left Behind Journeys Into British Politics
139509: NEWSOME David - A History of Wellington College 1859-1959
106244: WRAGG David - The World Sea Power Guide
165618: JONES David - The Bankers of Puteoli Financing Trade and Industry in the Roman World
106737: WOOTTON David - More Than a Touch of Poetry Landscapes by Charles Knight Rws Rol 1901-1990
166294: KNOWLES Dom David - The Historian and Character and Other Essays
124173: SANDON David, SANDON John, SANDON Henry - The Sandon Guide to Royal Worcester Figures 1900-1970
132730: O'CONNOR David - Ancient Egyptian Society
156464: BELL David - Psychoanalysis and Culture a Kleinian Perspective
144053: ROSENBERG David - A Life in a Poem Memoirs of a Rebellious Bible Translator
171773: CAUTE David - The Dancer Defects the Struggle for Cultural Supremacy During the Cold War
168037: HUSSEY David - Coastal and River Trade in Pre-Industrial England the Bristol Region 1680-1730
103824: MASSON David - De Quincey English Men of Letters
138598: WILLIAMS David - Dead in the Market
159380: HOWARTH David - The Sledge Patrol
126212: HOLBROOK David - Object Relations
145265: LOTH David - The Erotic in Literature a Historical Survey of Pornography As Delightful As It Is Indiscreet
171736: KYNASTON David - The City of London Volume I a World of Its Own 1815-1890, Volume II Golden Years 1890-1914, Volume III Illusions of Gold 1914-1945, Volume IV a Club No More 1945-2000
167570: VEREY David - Gloucestershire 2 the Vale and the Forest of Dean the Buildings of England
141102: SEVERN David, KIDDELL-MONROE J. - Hermit in the Hills
139061: WAKEFIELD David - The French Romantics Literature and the Visual Arts 1800-1840
168006: COHEN David - Churchill and the Royals
164585: THOREAU Henry David, CRUICKSHANK Helen - Thoreau on Birds
137904: CHANEY David - The Cultural Turn Scene Setting Essays on Contemporary Cultural History
137951: HOWARTH David, NORVAL Aletta J. [Editors] - Angelaki 1: 3 Reconsidering the Political
164129: CASTRONOVO David - Beyond the Gray Flannel Suit Books from the 1950s That Made American Culture
160595: SYRETT David - The Battle of the Atlantic and Signals Intelligence U-Boat Situations and Trends 1941-1945
157767: THEWLIS David - Shooting Martha
104567: GRANT David - Waes
169471: DUNSTER David - Arups on Engineering
140601: GENTLEMAN David - David Gentleman's London
154926: CRYSTAL David - Language Death
152842: REMNICK David - Resurrection Struggle to Build a New Russia
150980: BLUNT Gwilym David - Global Poverty Injustice and Resistance
149925: BRAUND David, HALL Edith, WYLES Rosie - Ancient Theatre and Performance Culture Around the Black Sea
114773: HUTCHISON David - Film Magic the Art and Science of Special Effects
141893: ELY David - The Tour
156036: MASTERS David - With Pennants Flying the Immortal Deeds of the Royal Armoured Corps
156020: JACQUES David - Fisherman's Fly and Other Studies
147192: HOWELL David - Empires in Collision the Green Versus Black Struggle for Our Energy Future
153450: MORPHET David - St John's College Cambridge Excellence and Diversity
137221: PARTINGTON David - Archive Air-Britain CIVIL Aviation Historical Quarterly No 1 2 3 4 1982
157020: METZER David - The Ballad in American Popular Music from Elvis to Beyoncé
170542: HOCKNEY David - David Hockney on Photography
166566: BREWER David - Greece the Decade of War Occupation Resistance and CIVIL War
166631: VEREY David - Gloucestershire the Cotswolds the Buildings of England
165809: PARK David - Spies in Canaan
164544: POWNALL David - Stagg and His Mother
167389: NEVIN David - Meriwether a Novel of Meriwether Lewis and the Lewis & Clark Expedition
167407: STEVENSON David - The Hunt for Rob Roy the Man and the Myths
169227: SOUTHWOOD David - Milnerton Market 1999-2009
164103: DREW David - The Lost Chronicles of the Maya Kings
169841: JAMES David - Property and Its Forms in Classical German Philosophy
169866: TOWNSEND David - Queering Medieval Latin Rhetoric Silence Subversion and Sexual Heterodoxy (Cultures of Latin)
169890: SHIELDS David, SALERNO Shane - Salinger
166715: ROBERTS David - The Holy Land 5 Parts 1 Jerusalem, 2 Galilee and Lebanon, 3 Judea and Jordan River, 4 Samaria and Idumea, 5 the Desert
170886: FIELDING David, FIELDING Sue - Borneo Jewel in a Jade Rainbow Letters and Legends from North Borneo Sabah
152799: MIDDLETON David, DOUCET John P. - Dense Poems and Socratic Light the Poetry of John Martin Finlay (1941-1991) [&] with Constant Light the Collected Essays and Reviews with Selections from the Diaries Letters and Other Prose of John Martin Finlay (1941-1991)
145204: FERGUSSON David - The Providence of God a Polyphonic Approach
144509: OWEN David - Nuclear Papers
156125: BROWN David - The Divine Trinity
143729: VANDERMEULEN David - Fritz Haber 2 Les Héros
168100: LOYN David - Butcher & Bolt Two Hundred Years of Foreign Engagement in Afghanistan
152553: WATKIN David - Radical Classicism the Architecture of Quinlan Terry
122389: GREEN David - Fabric Printing and Dyeing a Practical Handbook
147234: RUNCIMAN David - The Politics of Good Intentions History Fear and Hypocrisy in the New World Order
53786: LOTH David - Lafayette
141524: COLTART David - The Struggle Continues
154341: WALLIAMS David, DA COSTA Rica, ROSS Tony - La Increible Historia de Los Amigos de Medianoche
169968: SMILEY David - Albanian Assignment
165254: GASCOYNE David - Journal 1936-37 Death of an Explorer Léon Chestov
161122: OWEN David - Riddle Mystery and Enigma Two Hundred Years of British-Russian Relations
164694: ROWLAND David - The Cambridge Companion to the Piano (Cambridge Companions to Music)
145131: HARRIS David - Sierra Leone a Political History
166459: STOREY David - This Sporting Life
143876: FINKEL David - The Good Soldiers
82743: CASTRONOVO David, GROTH Janet - Critic in Love a Romantic Biography of Edmund Wilson
155814: MILLER David, STRAEHLE Christine - The Political Philosophy of Refuge
148071: GENTLEMAN David - My Town an Artist's Life in London
171381: GILMOUR David - The Long Recessional the Imperial Life of Rudyard Kipling
171383: GENTLEMAN David - David Gentleman's Paris
167759: ALLEN David - Every Citizen a Statesman the Dream of a Democratic Foreign Policy in the American Century
160969: KATZ David - Grammar of the Yiddish Language
141741: STAFFORD David - Spies Beneath Berlin
148139: LIPSEY David - The Secret Treasury
158906: SIMPSON David - Romanicism and the Question of the Stranger
156556: VOAS David - The Bad News Bible a Narrative Version Drawing on the King James Bible the New Testament
165571: BIRD David - Dating and Interpreting the Past Essays in Honour of Brenda Dickinson
28482: GARNETT David - The Sons of the Falcon
163154: BROOKS David - The Second Mountain the Quest for a Moral Life
76196: PAROISSIEN David - Dickens Studies Newsletter Vol XIV No 4 December 1983
76197: PAROISSIEN David - Dickens Studies Newsletter Vol IX No 2 June 1978
164024: HAJDU David, CAREY John - A Revolution in Three Acts the Radical Vaudeville of Bert Williams Eva Tanguay and Julian Eltinge
164600: HEMPTON David - The Religion of the People Methodism and Popular Religion 1750-1900
147157: CAMERON David, JONES Dylan - Cameron on Cameron Conversations with Dylan Jones
168783: BRAINE David - The Human Person Animal and Spirit
170946: STEVENSON David - With Our Backs to the Wall Victory and Defeat in 1918
76191: PAROISSIEN David - Dickens Quarterly Vol XVIII No 1 March 2001
156879: MARSH David - Giannozzo Manetti the Life of a Florentine Humanist
171678: MITCHELL David - The Bone Clocks
142775: HARRIS David - My Country Tis of Thee Reporting Sallies and Other Confessions
146784: MAYERS David - America and the Postwar World Remaking International Society 1945-1956
92559: MILLER David - The Waters of Marah
140796: FRASER David - Wars and Shadows Memoirs of General Sir David Fraser
137223: PARTINGTON David - Archive Air-Britain CIVIL Aviation Historical Quarterly No 1 2 3 4 1980
171674: KINCH David, MUHLKE Christine - Manresa
63027: DELMAN David - Death of a Nymph
142946: VANDERMEULEN David - Fritz Haber 3 Un Vautour, C'Est Déjà Presque Un Aigle
124327: CHANDLER David - A History of Cambodia
167137: BROWN David - God and Grace of Body Sacrament in Ordinary
157205: ROLF David - The Bloody Road to Tunis Destruction of the Axis Forces in North Africa, November 1942-May 1943
128258: HOLBROOK David - Dylan Thomas the Code of Night
54030: MARTIN David - David Martin Recent Paintings 8 February - 1 March 2008
149678: WORRALL David - Celebrity Performance Reception British Georgian Theatre As Social Assemblage
115519: TREMAYNE David - Nigel Mansell
128999: PRYCE-JONES David - Treason of the Heart from Thomas Paine to Kim Philby
165906: MARTIN David - Christianity and the World Secularization Narratives Through the Lens of English Poetry 800 Ad to the Present
167142: CANNADINE David - Trafalgar in History a Battle and Its Afterlife
168296: LINLEY David, GLEESON Janet, BALDWIN Jan - Design and Detail in the Home
168428: KIM-CRAGG David - Water from Dragon's Well the History of a Korean-Canadian Church Relationship
159145: MOODY A. David - Ezra Pound Poet Volume III the Tragic Years 1939-1972
147450: HELWIG David - A House in Memory Last Poems
123992: WHITEHEAD David - The City of Worcester
149370: SHEPHERD David - An Artist in Africa
171729: KYNASTON David - The Chancellor of the Exchequer Offices of State
145104: DUFF David - Alexandra Princess & Queen
92008: MILLER David - Darkness Enfolding
159275: MITCHINSON David - Henry Moore Prints and Portfolios
148573: LONG David, WILSON Peter - Thinkers of the Twenty Years' Crisis Inter-War Idealism Reassessed
171542: MARTIN David, JOHNSON Phyllis - The Struggle for Zimbabwe the Chimurenga War
62842: CANNADINE David - In Churchill's Shadow Confronting the Past in Modern Britain
165113: LEEMING David - Tales of the Earth Native North American Creation Mythology
143068: BURNETT David - Persephone a Delphic Spring
113741: STANFORD David - Norfolk Churches
147594: SNELLGROVE David, RICHARDSON Hugh - A Cultural History of Tibet
170933: RATTRAY David - A Soldier-Artist in Zululand William Whitelocke Lloyd and the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879
118446: POLLARD David, PARPWORTH Neil, HUGHES David - Constitutional and Administrative Law Text with Materials
161285: SANCHEZ David - All Day Is a Long Time
125060: CRAIG David - The Real Foundations Literature and Social Change
139402: EATWELL David, COOPER-SMITH John H. - Live Steam Locomotives and Lines Today
130661: BEARD David, GLOAG Kenneth, JONES Nicholas - Harrison Birtwhistle Studies
131241: WILLIAMSON David - A Most Diplomatic General the Life of Lord Robertson of Oakridge
142692: SALLY David - One Step Ahead Mastering the Art and Science of Negotiation
143995: BARBER David - Secret History
164513: NICHOLLS David - Haiti in Caribbean Context Ethinicity Economy and Revolt
105079: AUSTIN David - A Clear Calling
169193: ROLLASON David, HARVEY Margaret, PRESTWICH Michael - Anglo-Norman Durham
141056: VISE David - The Bureau and the Mole the Unmasking of Robert Hanssen, the Most Dangerous Double Agent in Fbi History
163676: FRENCH David - British Economic and Strategic Planning 1905-1915
142947: VANDERMEULEN David - Fritz Haber 4 Des Choses a Venir
162367: FRASER David - Knight's Cross a Life of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
161928: JABLONSKY David - Churchill the Great Game and Total War
96761: BALDWIN David - Royal Prayer a Surprising History
96285: CAUTE David - The Demonstration
96140: CRAWFORD David - The Hawks Cricket Club the First 50 Years
94493: HORNUNG David, GLOVER Michael - The Theatre of Manufactured Landscapes
87125: AYERST David, FISHER A.S.T. - Records of Christianity Volume II Christendom
83440: STONE David - Fighting for the Fatherland the Story of the German Soldier from 1648 to the Present Day
64450: MORRIS David - A Name Dishonoured
156241: POLE David - Aesthetics Form and Emotion
164445: PROFUMO David - The Weather in Iceland
120392: LOADES David - The Politics of Marriage Henry VIII and His Queens
171677: MITCHELL David - Black Swan Green
157386: HARE David - We Travelled Essays and Poems
171606: CASTRONOVO David - Blokes the Bad Boys of British Literature
129586: MASON David - Verdun
169478: GRIMALDI David, ENGEL Michael S. - Evolution of the Insects
112301: YOUNG David - Haydn the Innovator a New Approach to the String Quartets
142419: JONES David - The Anathemata Fragments of an Attempted Writing
154219: ELYAN David - Serendiptious Tales
152722: CAIRNS David - Berlioz the Making of an Artist 1803-1832
154623: VINCENT David - A History of Solitude
146916: COVENTRY David - Dance Prone
133526: LEWIS David - The Man Who Invented Hitler
142300: CONOLLY David - The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy
169481: HARRISON K. David - When Languages Die the Extinction of the World's Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge
154363: GILMOUR David - The Last Leopard a Life of Giuseppe Di Lampedusa
147933: THOMSON David - Woodbrook
159212: GEORGE David - Hackney by Night
122341: TOVEY David - George Fagan Bradshaw 1887-1960 Submariner and Marine Artist and the St. Ives Society of Artists
171756: CARLTON David - Anthony Eden a Biography
165344: NOY David - Foreigners at Rome Citizens and Strangers
142479: VERNEY David - The Joyous Patriot the Correspondence of Ralph Verney 1900-1916
148335: HALBERSTAM David - War in a Time of Peace Bush, Clinton and the Generals
129504: CORDINGLY David - The Maritime Compendium an Encyclopedia of Designs and Motifs
134745: ARMITAGE David - Greater Britain 1516-1776 Essays in Atlantic History (Variorum Collected Studies)
169559: MACGIBBON David, ROSS Thomas - Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland from the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century in Five Volumes
129443: PELLY David - Refit Volume Five 2004
144897: RATTRAY David - How I Became One the Invisible
147174: FRUM David - Comeback Conservatism That Can Win Again
146570: BALSELLS David, FONTCUBERTA Joan, FORMIGUERA Pere, NARANJO Juan, TERRÉ Laura - Introduccion a la Historia de la Fotografia a Catalunya
126293: HUGHES David - The Major
147952: THOMSON David - Woodbrook
171183: PRICE David - Mosquito Men the Elite Pathfinders of 627 Squadron
139747: CRANE David - Men of War Courage Under Fire in the Nineteenth-Century Navy
156174: HARVEY David, WILKINS John - The Rivals of Aristophanes Studies in Athenian Old Comedy
125529: GARNETT David - No Love
169425: RANAN David - Double Cross the Code of the Catholic Church
163514: STOREY David - Flight Into Camden
163515: STOREY David - A Prodigal Child
163516: STOREY David - Radcliffe
163517: STOREY David - Pasmore
131598: CHARLESTON Davina - Victorian Secrets an Anthology of Victorian Erotica
151646: GRUBB Davis - Shadow of My Brother
151652: GRUBB Davis - The Watchman
151642: GRUBB Davis - A Dream of Kings
151647: GRUBB Davis - The Barefoot Man
151648: GRUBB Davis - The Golden Sickle
151645: GRUBB Davis - One Foot in the Grave
151651: GRUBB Davis - The Voices of Glory
154854: ADES Dawn - Dali the Centenary Retrospective
135400: HENDERSON Dawn - Debrett's Register of Yachts 1985
133298: MACLEOD Dawn - Oasis of the North
170524: ADES Dawn - Art and Power Europe Under the Dictators 1930-45
154482: WINN Mary Day - The Macadam Trail Ten Thousand Miles by Motor Coach
140508: LEWIS C. Day - Word over All
56121: LEWIS C. Day - Word over All
125563: MUSSET Alfred de - Premieres Poesies 1829-1835 [&] Poesies Nouvelles 1836-1852 [&] Contes Et Nouvelles
94547: MONCAN Elise de - Boutiques Royales Ou L'Art de Vivre Comme Un Prince
56492: LOO G. Hulin de, MICHEL Edouard - Early Flemish Paintings in the Renders Collection
105455: BURGH F. de, STONEMAN Walter - Rosemary
105523: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Provincial Life Volume IX Lost Illusions Volume II a Provincial Great Man in Paris
73914: CREVECOEUR Hector St John de, CUNLIFFE Marcus - The Divided Loyalist Crevecoeur's America
160822: MAUPASSANT Guy de - Bed 29 and Other Stories
151183: DE B**** M. L'Abbe de - Les Fruits Amers Du Philosophisme Ou Vie Et Fin Tragique de F... D... Docteur En Droit Tome I-II
105485: MONTAIGNE Michel Eyquem de, COTTON Charles, HAZLITT William Carew - Essays of Montaigne Volume V.
105341: BALZAC Honore de, WALTON William - The Human Comedy Scenes of Private Life Volume II the Memoirs of Two Young Wives
137047: SOUZA-BOTELHO Adelaide-Marie-Emilie Filleul marquise de - Adele de Senange Ou Lettres de Lord Sydenham En Deux Volumes
170881: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA Miguel de, ROBINSON W. Heath - The Adventures of Don Quixote of la Mancha
143038: SAINT-SIMON Duc de, NORTON Lucy - Historical Memoirs of the Duc de Saint-Simon a Shortened Version Volume III 1715-1723.
150728: BALZAC Honore de, HUNT Herbert J. [Translator], HUGHES Shirley [Illustrator] - Cousin Pons
105522: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Provincial Life Volume IV Eugenie Grandet
169315: BALZAC Honore de, WORMELEY Katharine Prescott [Translator] - La Comedie Humaine of Honore de Balzac 38 Volumes
136766: CERVANTES Miguel de - Novelas Ejemplares Poesia [Volume III]
141637: REGNIER Henri de - Les Rencontres de M. De Breot
105330: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Provincial Life Volume X Lost Illusions the Two Poets a Provincial Great Man in Paris the Trials of an Inventor Volume III
152869: MADARIAGA Salvador de - On Hamlet
169934: CRESPIGNY Sir Claude Champion de - Forty Years of a Sportsman's Life
105325: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Parisian Life Volume XI the Petty Bourgeois Volume II
105332: BALZAC Honore de, WALTON William - The Human Comedy Scenes of Parisian Life Volume V the Poor Relations Second Episode Cousin Pons
105511: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Country Life Volume I the Country Doctor
120625: GRUBEN Herve Baron de - The Germans at Louvain
125572: NIVERNOIS Louis Jules Henri Barbon Mazarini Mancini duc de - Fables by the Duke of Nivernois Translated Into English Verse
146693: NEMOURS Duchesse de - Memoires de Madame la Duchesse de Nemours Contenant Ce Qui S'Est Passe de Plus Particulier En France Pendant la Guerre de Paris [&] Memoire Touchant Les Afaires Du Cardinal de Retz Avec la Cour
138052: LOLME J.J. de - The Constitution of England or an Account of the English Government in Which It Is Compared with the Republican Form of Government and Occasionally with the Other Monarchies in Europe
145442: CRESCENZO Luciano de - Thus Spake Bellavista Naples Love and Liberty
166608: VERTOT Abbe de - Histoire Des Revolutions de Portugal Quatrieme Edition Revue & Augmentée
166686: SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine de - Le Petit Prince
150260: CUSTINE Astolphe Marquis de - L'Espagne Sous Ferdinand VII
150259: CUSTINE Astolphe Marquis de - La Russie En 1839
169241: FONTENELLE Bernard Le Bouyer de - Nouveaux Dialogues Des Morts Tome Premier [&] Tome Second [with] Histoire Des Oracles
169244: SALVANDY N.-A. de - Islaor Ou le Barde Chretien Nouvelle Gauloise
171341: BUFFON Georges-Louis Leclerc Count de, SMELLIE William, WOOD William - Natural History General and Particular Volume XX the History of Man and Quadrupeds (Birds 10)
158726: POUGY Liane de, ATHILL Diana - My Blue Notebooks
105501: BALZAC Honore de, FOSDICK Gertrude Christian - The Human Comedy Scenes of Private Life Volume III Modeste Mignon
149396: WIJS Poen De, REDEKER Hans - Poen de Wijs
171340: BUFFON Georges-Louis Leclerc Count de, SMELLIE William, WOOD William - Natural History General and Particular Volume X the History of Man and Quadrupeds (Quadrupeds 7)
171338: BUFFON Georges-Louis Leclerc Count de, SMELLIE William, WOOD William - Natural History General and Particular Volume XIII the History of Man and Quadrupeds (Birds 3)
171337: BUFFON Georges-Louis Leclerc Count de, SMELLIE William, WOOD William - Natural History General and Particular Volume XVII the History of Man and Quadrupeds (Birds 7)
107384: NERCIAT Andrea de, LESLIE Dudley - The Unexpected Love Lesson
138051: PRADT Dominique-Georges-Frédéric de Fourt de - Histoire de L'Ambassade Dans le Grand Duche de Varsovie En 1812 Cinquième Edition
171279: MAISTRE Xavier de - Voyage Autour de Ma Chambre Suivi Du Lepreux de la Cite D'Aoste Nouvelle édition D'Après Celle de Saint-Pétersburg (1812) Revue Et Augmentée
107741: SANT'ANNA Alfonso Romano de - Baroque the Soul of Brazil
105321: BALZAC Honore de, ARTOIS Mary W., SEDGWICK Jane Minot - The Human Comedy Scenes of Parisian Life Volume VIII the CIVIL Service Gaudissart II a Prince of Bohemia
166491: MAUPASSANT Guy de, BOYD Ernest [Translator] - The Collected Novels and Tales of Guy de Maupassant 8 Volumes Miss Harriett, That Pig Morin, Day and Night Stories, Mont-Oriol, the Horla, the Olive Orchard, a Woman's Life, Mademoiselle Fifi
105320: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham, WALTON William, ROBINS E.P. - The Human Comedy Scenes of Parisian Life Volume III the Poor Relations First Episode Cousin Bette Pierre Grassou the Girl with Golden Eyes Volume I.
105527: BALZAC Honore de, WALLS Thos. H., IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Philosophic and Analytic Studies Volume IV Gambara, Massimilla Doni, the Accursed Child
150274: MOLIERE Jean-Baptiste Poquelin de - Les Oeuvres de Monsieur de Molière Nouvelle édition Revue Corrigée Et Augmentée D'Une Nouvelle Vie de L'Auteur Et de la Princesse D'Elide. .
168735: VEN Hans van de - China at War Triumph and Tragedy in the Emergence of the New China 1937-1952
146202: SAINT-ALBIN J.S.C. de - Les Contes Noirs Ou Les Frayeurs Populaires Nouvelles Contes Aventures Merveilleuses Bizarres Et Singulières Anecdotes inédites Etc. .
165181: LAUZUN Gontaut Armand Louis Duc de - Memoires de M le Duc de Lauzun Tome Premier [&] Tome Deuxieme
161900: PARIS Henri Comte de - Au Service de la France Mémoires D'Exil Et de Combats
164158: MAUPASSANT Guy de, VIVAN Katharine - Une Vie
123008: MAUPASSANT Guy De - That Pig Morin and Other Stories the Novels and Tales of Guy de Maupassant III
105505: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Philosophic and Analytic Studies Volume II Jesus Christ in Flanders, Melmoth Converted, the Elixir of Long Life, Seraphita
128198: BREFFNY Brian de - The Houses of Ireland Domestic Architecture from the Mediaeval Castle to the Edwardian Villa
150506: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC Henri de, PIPER John - Paris Album
171339: BUFFON Georges-Louis Leclerc Count de, SMELLIE William, WOOD William - Natural History General and Particular Volume II the History of Man and Quadrupeds (the Earth 2)
140888: STAEL-HOLSTEIN Anne Louise Germaine Baronne de - Corinne Ou L'Italie
163732: MAUPASSANT Guy de, HOPKINS Gerard [Translator] - The Necklace and Other Stories
141938: SAINT PHALLE Therese De, WHITE Antonia [Translator] - The Candle
137331: SOUZA-BOTELHO Adelaide-Marie-Emilie Filleul marquise de - Eugene de Rothelin Tome Premier [&] Tome Second
86033: LUSSAN Marguerite de - Annales Galantes de la Cour de Henri Second Tome Premier [&] Tome Second
105514: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Military and Political Life Volume I the Chouans
105508: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Philosophic and Analytic Studies Volume V the Quest of the Absolute
105519: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Private Life Volume V: Albert Savarus, a Daughter of Eve
105517: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Military and Political Life Volume IV the Deputy from Arcis Volume II
105516: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Military and Political Life Volume IV the Deputy from Arcis Volume I.
105512: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Country Life Volume II the Village Cure
105504: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Philosophic and Analytic Studies Volume I the Magic Skin
105515: BALZAC Honore de, IVES George Burnham - The Human Comedy Scenes of Military and Political Life Volume III Z. Marcas, the Other Side of Contemporaneous History: First Episode Madame de la Chanterie; Second Episode the Novice
135359: DURFORT Claire de Durfort duchesse de - Ourika
138754: SADE Donatien Alphonse François Marquis de - The Bedroom Philosophers Being an English Rendering of la Philosphie Dans le Boudoir Done by Pieralessandro Casavini
105500: BALZAC Honore de, BURGAN J. Alfred, BREEN Peter P. - The Human Comedy Scenes of Military and Political Life Volume II a Passion in the Dessert, an Episode Under the Reign of Terror, a Dark Affair
145546: CASTRO Juan E. de - Writing Revolution in Latin America from Marti to Garcia Marquez to Bolano
165190: CREBILLON Prosper Jolyot de - Oeuvres de Crebillon Nouvelle Edition Corrigee Revue & Augmentee de la Vie de L'Auteur Three Volumes
81486: SAINT-AMAND Imbert de - Citizeness Bonaparte
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157885: BAINES Edward - Baines's Lancashire a New Printing of the Two Volumes of History Directory and Gazatteer of the County Palatine of Lanaster
122819: CHAMBERLAYNE Edward - L'Etat Present de la Grande Bretagne Sous le Regne de George I Ouvrage le Plus Exact & le Plus Ample Qui Ait Ancore été Publié Sur Cette Matière Où L'on Trouve Un état de L'Irlande... Une Description Des Etats Que la Grande Bretagne Possède En Améri
154452: PAICE Edward - Lost Lion of Empire the Life of Cape-to-Cairo Grogan the Life of Ewart Grogan Dso 1876-1976
162535: CHITHAM Edward - Ghost in the Water
170806: LEAR Edward - Edward Lear's Complete Nonsense
168581: FITTZGERALD Edward, BURNETT Virgil - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
129753: UPWARD Edward - The Night Walk and Other Stories
145189: DONNERSTEIN Edward, LINZ Daniel, PENROD Steven - The Question of Pornography Research Findings and Policy Implications
153126: HUGHES Edward - North Country Life in the Eighteenth Century Volume I the Northeast 1700-1750 [&] Volume II Cumberland and Westmorland 1700-1830
157481: ARDIZZONE Edward - The Young Ardizzone an Autobiographical Fragment
134538: SNIDERS Edward - Flying in Walking out Memories of War and Escape 1939-1945
42551: WARD Edward, CALLENDER Geoffrey - The Wooden World
130873: BARRON Edward - The Legislatorial Trial of Her Majesty Caroline Amelia Elizabeth Queen of England for the Alleged Crime of Adultery with Bartolomeo Bergami
170234: COSTELLO Edward, BRETT-JAMES Antony, MORRIS Thomas, SELBY John, PARKER Robert, MERODE-WESTERLOO Comte de, CHANDLER David, PARQUIN Charles, JONES B.T., SALE Lady, MACRORY Patrick, MAUNI Roger de, CLARK - Military Memoirs Series 6 Volumes Edward Costello Peninsular Waterloo Campaigns, Thomas Morris Napoleonic Wars, Robert Parker Comte de Merode-Westerloo Marlborough Wars, Charles Parquin Napoleon's Army, Lady Sale First Afghan War, Roger de Mauni Fran
134508: JONES Edward, WOODWARD Christopher - A Guide to the Architecture of London
154908: DE BONO Edward - The Mechanism of Mind
166338: HARVEY A. Edward - Technical Illustrating
54786: SMITH John Edward - A Catalogue of Westminster Records Deposited at the Town Hall Caxton Street in the Custody of the Vestry of St Margaret & St John
163103: CRANKSHAW Edward - Fergus Graham Unknown Painter
165275: LUCIE-SMITH Edward - John Kirby the Company of Strangers
154376: YOUNG Edward - Centaur Not Fabulous in Six Letters to a Friend on the Life in Vogue with the Life of the Author [Cooke's Pocket Edition of Sacred Classics]
158993: BAINES Edward - The History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster Volume I Chapter XVII Hundred of Salford Parish of Manchester
156482: GOODMAN Edward - Non-Conforming Radicals of Europe
137335: GRESWELL Edward - Harmonia Evangelica Sive Quatuor Evangelia Graece Pro Temporis Et Rerum Serie in Partes Qunique Distributa Editio Secunda
170155: DUNSWORTH Edward - Harvesting Labour Tobacco and the Global Making of Canada's Agricultural Workforce (Rethinking Canada in the World)
170207: HEATH Edward - The Course of My Life the Autobiography of Edward Heath
43128: GIBBON Edward and GUIZOT F.A. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire with Notes and a Memoir Illustrated Edition Volume 1 - 5
155452: BURNE-JONES Edward - Letters to Katie
124663: HOWARD Edward, HOWSE Arthur - Rattlin the Reefer Oxford English Novels
171799: HAMILTON Edward, BROOKS David - The Destruction of Lord Rosebery from the Diary of Sir Edward Hamilton 1894-1895
149600: GRIERSON Edward - The Fatal Inheritance Philip II and the Spanish Netherlands
169082: YOUNG Edward - The Works of the Author of the Night Thoughts in Four Volumes
152900: CLARK Edward,WHITFIELD Clovis - Caravaggio's Friends and Foes
114146: HOWARD Edward - The Brittish Princes an Heroick Poem
165186: KIMBER Edward - The Peerage of Scotland a Genealogical and Historical Account of All the Peers of That Ancient Kingdom. .
136789: NORMAN Edward - The House of God Church Architecture Style and History
152940: MacLYSAGHT Edward - Irish Life in the Seventeenth Century
165192: YOUNG Edward, PARK Thomas - The Poetical Works of Edward Young in Four Volumes
90781: GRIERSON Edward - The Imperial Dream British Commonwealth and Empire 1775 - 1969
82395: GARNETT Edward - Turgenev
129694: LOWBURY Edward - Thomas Campion Poet Composer Physician
167074: GUILLIANO Edward - Lewis Carroll a Celebration Essays on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
162304: PARRY Edward - Royal Visits and Progresses to Wales and the Border Counties of Cheshire Salop Hereford and Monmouth from Its First Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Friendly Visit of Queen Victoria
157182: McCOURT Edward - Remember Butler the Story of Sir William Butler
163048: NARES Edward - Heraldic Anomalies in Two Volumes
171633: FITZGERALD Edward, SHERRIFFS Robert Stewart, MAINE G.P. - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
170888: FITZGERALD Edward, WRIGHT William Aldis - The Letters and Literary Remains of Edward Fitzgerald in Three Volumes
163577: COKAYNE George Edward, GIBBS Vicary - The Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom Extant Extinct or Dormant Volume I Ab-Adam to Basing
163579: COKAYNE George Edward, GIBBS Vicary - The Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom Extant Extinct or Dormant Volume III Canonteign to Cutts
163580: COKAYNE George Edward, GIBBS Vicary, DOUBLEDAY H.A. - The Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom Extant Extinct or Dormant Volume IV Dacre to Dysart

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