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179648: ZONCA Vincent, GLADDING Jody - Lichens Toward a Minimal Resistance
133660: WAITE Vincent - Shropshire Hill Country
179112: GABRIELSEN Vincent, PAGANINI Mario C.D. - Private Associations in the Ancient Greek World Regulations and the Creation of Group Identity
156068: SHEEAN Vincent - Between the Thunder and the Sun
163277: SHERRY Vincent - The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the First World War (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
159116: DE POMPEIS Vincenzo - La Maiolica Italiana Di Stile Compendiario I Bianchi Volume I [&] Volume II
155700: BAYLEY Viola - Paris Adventure
170222: MEYNELL Viola - Francis Thompson and Wilfrid Meynell a Memoir
155702: BAYLEY Viola - Jersey Adventure
161231: HUISMAN Violaine, CAMHI Leslie - The Book of Mother
174225: POWELL Violet - A Substantial Ghost the Literary Adventures of Maude Ffoulkes
117292: WYNDHAM Violet - The Protestant Duke a Life of the Duke of Monmouth
180440: WYNDHAM Violet - Madame de Genlis a Biography
122022: NEEDHAM Violet - The Woods of Windri
172320: CONOLLY Violet - Soviet Tempo a Journal of Travel in Russia
178843: MARIAN Viorica - The Power of Language Multilingualism Self and Society
160611: VIRGIL, HUXLEY H.H. - Virgil Georgics I & IV
153408: VIRGIL - Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera Tomus Primus [&] Tomus Secundus
178480: VIRGIL, DUNCAN Gulielmi - P. Vergilii Maronis Opera Interpretatione Et Notis Illustravit Carolus Ruaeus Jussu Christianissimi Regis Ad Usum Serenissimi Delphini. .
178111: VIRGIL, MYNORS R.A.B. - P. Vergili Maronis Opera
178112: VIRGIL, CLAUSEN W.V., GOODYEAR F.R.D., KENNEY E.J., RICHMOND J.A. - Appendix Vergiliana Recognovervent Et Adnotatione Critica Instrvxervnt
137160: GRAHAM Virginia - Consider the Years 1938-1946
120902: WOOLF Virginia - Contemporary Writers
180395: WOOLF Virginia, EMRE Merve [Editor] - The Annotated Mrs Dalloway
173449: NICHOLSON Virginia - Millions Like Us Women's Lives in the Second World War
166320: WOOLF Virginia, SCHULKIND Jeanne - Moments of Being Autobiographical Writings
168722: MORICONI Virginia - Black Annis
179521: WOOLF Virginia, NICOLSON Nigel, TRAUTMANN Joanne [Editors] - The Letters of Virginia Woolf Volume I 1888-1912 (Virginia Stephen), Volume II 1912-1922, Volume III 1923-1928, Volume IV 1929-1931, Volume V 1932-1935, Volume VI 1936-1941
149794: CAPUTO Virginia - The Children's Senator Landon Pearson and a Lifetime of Advocacy
179520: WOOLF Virginia, OLIVIER BELL Anne - The Diary of Virginia Woolf Volume I 1915-1919 [&] Volume II 1920-1924
161982: SURTEES Virginia - A Second Self Letters of Harriet Granville 1810-1845
177358: COX Virginia, SAMPSON Lisa, WAINWRIGHT Anna - Drama Poetry and Music in Late-Renaissance Italy the Life and Works of Leonora Bernardi
156206: WOOLF Virginia, BELL Julian [Illustrator] - The Widow and the Parrot
151270: MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN Field-Marshal Viscount - El Alamein to the River Sangro Normandy to the Baltic
179014: SAMUEL Viscount - Memoirs by the Rt Hon Viscount Samuel
180450: CUNNINGHAM of HYNDHOPE Admiral of the Fleet Viscount - A Sailor's Odyssey the Autobiography of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope
90712: VAUGHAN Viscount - Selected Verses
176237: FRENCH OF YPRES Field Marshal Viscount - 1914
180628: SACKVILLE-WEST Vita - Saint Joan of Arc
135541: Arbor vitae - Obrazy Z Dejin Ceského Loutkárství Ke 40. Výrocí Zaloå¾Ení Muzea Loutkárských Kultur V Chrudimi
108143: GOLDANSKII Vitalii - Selected Abstracts
76556: RIBEIRO Vitorino - Coleccao Vitorino Ribeiro Gravuras
78988: ROMANI Vittoria - Primaticcio Tibaldi E la Questione Della Cose Del Cielo
175557: NUTTON Vivian - Ancient Medicine
176131: VALE Vivian - The American Peril Challenge to Britian on the North Atlantic 1901-04
151688: MORGAN Vivien - Cross-Dressed to Kill
166392: GRAY Vivienne - The Character of Xenophon's Hellenica
179545: NABOKOV Vladimir - Lolita
115816: MAU Vladimir - The Political History of Economic Reform in Russia 1985-1994
176258: SAVCHENKO Vladimir, BOUIS Antonina W. [Translator] - Self-Discovery
138419: SLAPETA Vladimir - Bens Adolf Bens (1894-1982) Architektonicke Dilo
143209: LAHODA Vojtech - Zdenek Rykr a Tovarna Na Cokoladu
137235: LAHODA Vojtech, BYDZOVSKA Lenka, SRP Karel - Cerná Slunce
169627: GRBAC Voljen - Opatija the Pearl
165180: VOLTAIRE, CORNEILLE, MOLIERE, RACINE, et al. - Pieces Choisies Des Meilleurs Auteurs Francois Six Volumes
166502: VOLTAIRE - La Henriade Avec Les Variantes Nouvelle édition Ornée de Figures on Y a Joint L'Essai Sur la L'Essai Sur la Poésie épique Du Même Auteur & Diverses Pièces Concernant la Henriade
177956: GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von - Goethe's Correspondence with a Child for His Monument in Two Volumes
143130: HOFMANNSTHAL Hugo von - Dramen III
177955: [GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von], LEWES G.H. - The Life and Works of Goethe with Sketches of His Age and Contemporaries from Published and Unpublished Sources in Two Volumes
128637: DORING Monika von - Encyclopaedia Anatomica
146806: SAAZ Johannes von, KIRRMANN Ernest M. - Death and the Plowman or the Bohemian Plowman a Disputatious and Consolatory Dialogue About Death from the Year 1400
174470: SCHIRACH Ferdinand von - Coffee and Cigarettes Scenes from a Writer's Life
118843: RAUCH Georg von, JACOBSOHN Peter, JACOBSOHN Annette - A History of Soviet Russia
176545: HANS BUNGE Herausgegeben von - Ernst Scheel Fotograf 1903-1986
176165: LANG Jochen von - Bormann the Man Who Manipulated Hitler
142838: BARTETZZKY Arnold von - Das Grosse Zeughaus in Danzig Baugeschichte Architekturgesschichtliche Stellung Reprasentative Funktion Band 1 & 2
112154: GRIMMELSHAUSEN Christoffel von - Der Abenteuerliche Simplicissimus
177959: GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von, JAHN Otto [Editor], SLATER Robert [Translator] - Goethe's Letters to Leipzig Friends
130228: KLUCK Alexander von - The March on Paris and the Battle of the Marne 1914
176070: BISMARCK Otto von, BUTLER A.J. - Bismarck the Man and the Statesman Being the Reflections and Reminiscences of Otto Prince Von Bismarck Written and Dictated by Himself After His Retirement from Office Volume I [&] II
134057: MIKUSCH Dagobert Von - Mustapha Kemal between Europe and Sea
84636: GRIMMELSHAUSEN H.J. Chr. von, KELLETAT Alfred - Simplicianische Schriften Jubiläumsbibliothek Der Deutschen Literatur
172251: CLAUSEWITZ Carl von, FLETCHER Ian, GLOVER Gareth, HAUSMANN Franz Joseph, GILL John H., MAUDE F.N., NOEL Jean-Nicolas-Auguste, BRINDLE Rosemary, PETRE F. Loraine, RYAN Edward, SCHAUMANN A.F.L, SIBORNE - The Napoleonic Library 10 Volumes Campaign 1812 in Russia, Voices from Peninsula, from Corunna to Waterloo, Soldier for Napoleon, Jena Campaign 1806, with Napoleon's Guns, Napoleon and Archduke Charles, Napoleon's Shield and Guardian, on the Road Wit
50975: DROSTE HULSHOFF Annette Freiin von - Die Judenbuche Parnass Bücherei Nr. 2
152455: GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von - Poetische Werke 10 Bände
177954: [GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von], AUSTIN Sarah [Translator] - Characteristics of Goethe from the German of Falk, Von Müller, &C with Notes Original and Translated Illustrative of German Literature in Three Volumes
175610: FABER DU FAUR Christian Wilhelm von, NORTH Jonathan - With Napoleon in Russia the Illustrated Memoirs of Faber Du Faur 1812
153621: LUCADOU Julia von - The High-Rise Diver
165189: GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von - Les Affinités électives Traduit de L'Allemand Three Volumes
173023: BREDOW Ilse Countess von - Eels with Dill Sauce Memories of an Eccentric Childhood
177659: WILAMOWITZ-MOELLENDORFF U. von, LLOYD-JONES Hugh - History of Classical Scholarship
125461: CHAMISSO Adelbert von, LOEWENSTEIN-WERTHEIM Leopold von - Peter Schlemihl
177957: GOETHE Johann Wolfgang von, SCHILLER Johann Christoph Friedrich von, SCHMITZ L. Dora [Translator] - Correspondence between Schiller and Goethe from 1794 to 1805 Translated from the Third Edition of the German with Notes in Two Volumes
178309: MULLENHEIM-RECHBERG Baron Burkard von, SWEETMAN Jack [Translator] - Battleship Bismarck a Survivor's Story
137753: HESBERG Henner von, ZANKER Paul - Storia Dell' Architettura Italiana Architettura Romana le Citta in Italia
179307: HALLER Albrecht von, BONNET Charles, SONNTAG Otto [Editor] - The Correspondence between Albrecht Von Haller and Charles Bonnet (Studia Halleriana I)
175433: DE VRIEND, H.J. - The Old English Medicina de Quadrupedibus
180499: HOLLAND Vyvyan - Son of Oscar Wilde
160436: REES Vyvyan - South-West Wales a Shell Guide Part of Dyfed the Old Counties of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire a Shell Guide
168796: BRENDON Vyvyen - Children of the Raj
153425: BAIN F.W. - A Digit of the Moon a Hindoo Love Story
74320: ELIOT Charles W. - English Poetry Volume II from Collins to Fitzgerald
139255: BENT R. W. - Automobile Maintenance 500 Questions and Answers
170511: DOMVILLE-FIFE Charles W. - Epics of the Square-Rigged Ships Autobiographies of Sail
179887: HECTOR Kevin W. - Christianity As a Way of Life a Systematic Theology
151476: PAUKEN Thomas W. - The Thirty Years War the Poltics of the Sixties Generation
125734: MOODY T. W., MARTIN F. X. - The Course of Irish History
176073: CHAMBERS R.W. - A Record of Those Members of University College London and of University College Hospital and Medical School Who Were Killed or Who Died on Service 1914-1919 Volume I Abbati to Lintott [&] Volume II Lister to Wynne
158464: BARKER John W. - The Pro Arte Quartet a Century of Musical Adventure on Two Continents
66012: BOUSSET W., MORRISON W.D. - Jesus
166009: YOUNG John W. - Britain France and the Unity of Europe 1945-1951
170831: SELBY LOWNDES H.W., FAIRFAX-BLAKEBOROUGH J. - The Hunting and Sporting Reminiscences of H.W. Selby Lowndes
171970: MULLER James W. - Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech Fifty Years Later
168872: COOKE E.W., FINCH Roger - Shipping and Craft a Facsimile Edition with Descriptive Notes by Roger Finch
175183: GLARE P.G.W. - Oxford Latin Dictionary Volume I a-L [&] Volume II M-Z
173915: WARD A.W., WALLER A.R. - The Cambridge History of English Literature 11 Volumes End of the Middle Ages, Renascence and Reformation, Prose and Poetry North to Drayton, Cavalier and Puritan, Age of Dryden from Steele and Addison to Pope and Swift, Age of Johnson the Nineteenth
103837: PAUL Herbert W. - Matthew Arnold English Men of Letters
103762: ECCLESTONE A.W. - Henry Manship's Great Yarmouth
176604: BAIN F.W. - A Digit of the Moon a Hindoo Love Story
170986: BOVILL E.W. - The England of Nimrod and Surtees 1815-1854
126750: ANDREWS O.W. - Seamarks and Landmarks Being Leaves from the Log of Surgeon Captain O.W. Andrews
146822: TOBIN Ronald W. - L'Aventure Racinienne Un Parcours Franco-Américain
73801: CUMMINGS Charles W., HARKER Lee A. - Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Update I.
109738: WOLSTENHOLME G. E. W., CAMERON Margaret P. - Ciba Foundation Symposium on Hypertension Humoral and Neurogenic Factors
162573: THROWER Norman J.W. - The Three Voyages of Edmond Halley in the Paramore 1698-1701 [&] Porfolio of Maps
178409: HERREN Michael W., BROWN Shirley Ann - The Sacred Nectar of the Greeks the Study of Greek in the West in the Early Middle Ages (Kings College London Medieval Studies II)
156459: ANDERSON G.W. - A Critical Introduction to the Old Testament
171901: BENNETT Edward W. - German Rearmament and the West 1932-1933
180641: TUCHMAN Barbara W. - The Guns of August
31574: ASSINK J.W., BRINK W.J. van den - Contaminated Soil First International Tno Conference on Contaminated Soil 1985
169451: BASTIEN Joseph W. - Mountain of the Condor Metaphor and Ritual in Andean Ayllu
153484: KEETON George W. - Shakespeare and His Legal Problems
171813: EISDELL MOORE P.W., BINGLEY D.A. - A Great Run One Hundred Years with the Pakuranga Hounds 1872-1972 a History in Two Parts Part I the Story of the Run, Part II Facts Figures and Fancies
75752: NEILSON-JONES W. - The Growing Plant
162861: PHELPS W. - The History and Antiquities of Somersetshire Being a General and Parochial Survey of That Interesting County to Which Is Prefixed an Historical Introduction with a Brief View of Ecclesiastical History... In Two Volumes
164766: AMMEN C.W. - The Complete Handbook of Sand Casting
165243: CUNNINGHAM W. - The Growth of English Industry and Commerce During the Early and Middle Ages
172696: KAEUPER Richard W. - Bankers to the Crown the Riccardi of Lucca and Edward I.
136110: KITCHIN G.W. - A Charter of Edward the Third Confirming and Enlarging the Privileges of St Giles Fair Winchester A.D. 1349
157012: HASS Andrew W. - Sacred Modes of Being in a Postsecular World
180290: HARL Kenneth W. - Empires of the Steppes the Nomadic Tribes Who Shaped Civilisation
153370: COATES George W. - The Moses Tradition
175869: EWALD Paul W. - Evolution of Infectious Disease
178828: GREG W.W. - The Editorial Problem in Shakespeare a Survey of the Foundations of the Text
178765: DANIEL Keith W. - Francis Poulenc His Artistic Development and Musical Style (Studies in Musicology)
177873: STRACHAN Arthur W. - Mauled by a Tiger Encounters in the Indian Jungles
172739: SOUTHERN R.W. - Saint Anselm and His Biographer a Study of Monastic Life and Thought 1059- C. 1130
89317: MACKLIN Herbert W. - The Brasses of England the Antiquary's Books
139758: ANDERSON Charles W. - The Political Economy of Modern Spain
169480: HAMILTON Roy W. - Gift of the Cotton Maiden Textiles of Flores and the Solor Islands
180394: LEVINE Lawrence W. - Black Culture and Black Consciousness Afro-American Folk Thought from Slavery to Freedom
128706: BALL Alan W. - Somerset Illustrated
172687: GOUGH J.W. - Fundamental Law in English Constitutional History
162466: HADDAD William W. - The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Arab Press the First Three Decades
177226: SLOTKI Israel W. - Kings Hebrew Text and English Translation with Commentary
170224: WILSON H.W. - Ironclads in Action a Sketch of Naval Warfare from 1855 to 1895 Volume I.
175091: HOYLE R.W. - The Estates of the English Crown 1558-1640
177052: BEBBINGTON D.W. - The Nonconformist Conscience Chapel and Politics 1870-1914
125858: GIULIANI Rudolph W., KURSON Ken - Leadership
119581: DAVIDS Rhys T. W. - Sacred Books of the Buddhists Vol 3 Dialogues of the Buddha Part 2
156435: KIRKALDY Adam W. - Labour Finance and the War Being the Results of Inquiries Arranged by the Section of Economic Science and Statistics of the British Association of Science During the Years 1915 and 1916
177067: TRAVERS Morris W. - A Life of Sir William Ramsay Kcb Frs
156621: LAW Ricky W. - Transnational Nazism Ideology and Culture in German-Japanese Relations 1919-1936
165830: YOUNG John W. - The Foreign Policy of Churchill's Peacetime Administration 1951-1955
179188: PAUL Harry W. - The Edge of Contingency French Catholic Reaction to Scientific Change from Darwin to Duhem
177983: BEBBINGTON D.W. - The Nonconformist Conscience
177986: BUCHNER W., SCHLIEBS R., WINTER G., BUCHEL K.H., TERRELL David R. - Industrial Inorganic Chemistry
180439: DERRY John W. - Castlereagh
180164: WOOLDRIDGE S.W., GOLDRING Frederick - The Weald New Naturalist No. 26
180169: JONES J.W. - The Salmon New Naturalist Monograph No. 16
146318: ANDERSON C.W. - Apostles of Certainty Data Journalism and the Politics of Doubt
174680: GLARE P.G.W. - Oxford Latin Dictionary Fascicle I-VIII
153919: WADDINGTON C.W. - Indian India As Seen by a Guest in Rajasthan
83129: OLIVER Bruce W. - Fraternal Relations between the Provincial Lodges of Devon and Somerset in 1834 Brother Newbolt and a Masonic Anecdote
156511: UNDERHILL James W. - Ethnolinguistics and Cultural Concepts Truth, Love, Hate and War
172718: OLIVER Robert W. - International Economic Co-Operation and the World Bank
162275: HAYS Rhys W. - The History of the Abbey of Aberconway 1186-1537
178070: GRANDSEN K.W., HOWELL Jim, KING Jenny, LOVEDAY John, MOLE John, MAUNSELL Robin, RIVIERE M.V.B., SISSON C.H. - Mandeville Press 8 Volumes the Last Picnic, Five Poems for Christmas, Letting the Dark Through, from the Old Foundry, the Tales of Rover, the Middle-Distance, Late in the Day, the Corridor
141324: COCKERILL A. W. - Sons of the Brave the Story of Boy Soldiers
178571: BOYD A.W. - A Country Parish Great Budworth in the County of Chester New Naturalist No. 9
103438: YOLTON John W. - The Blackwell Companion to the Enlightenment
147182: GRANT Ruth W. - Strings Attached Untangling the Ethics of Incentives
152638: GRITSCH Eric W. - Luther's Works Volume 41 Church and Ministry III
103633: MALLALIEU J.P.W. - On Larkhill
153143: DUNNING R.W. - A History of the County of Somerset Volume III Victoria County History
80417: SAUNDERS J.W. - A Biographical Dictionary of Renaissance Poets and Dramatists 1520 - 1650
174637: DIXON R.M.W., AIKHENVALD Alexandra Y. - The Amazonian Languages (Cambridge Language Surveys)
180296: BECKETT Ian F.W. - The British Army a New Short History
118765: HALL F.W. - A Companion to Classical Texts
177647: RICH R.W. - The Training of Teachers in England and Wales During the Nineteenth Century
171310: THOMPSON M.W. - The Decline of the Castle
178151: BURKHARDT Richard W. - The Spirit of System Lamarck and Evolutionary Biology
177279: PURVIS Alston W. - Goed Fout Grafische Vormgeving in Nederland 1940-1945
137153: HOLDER R.W. - A Dictionary of American and British Euphemisms the Language of Evasion Hypocrisy Prudery and Deceit
175479: DUNNING R.W. - A History of the County of Somerset Volume VI Andersfield Cannington and North Petherton Hundreds Bridgwater and Neighbouring Parishes (Victoria County History)
100221: PREVITE-ORTON C.W. - A History of Europe 1198-1378
105157: WALTON W. - The Revolutions of Spain from 1808 to the End of 1836 with Biographical Sketches of the Most Distinguished Personages and a Narrative of the War in the Peninsula in Two Volumes
155141: HARDING E.W. - The Flyfisher and the Trout's Point of View New Light on Flyfishing Theory and Practice
178505: FORREST G.W. - Selections from the State Papers of the Governors-General of India Volume I Warren Hastings Introduction [&] Volume II Warren Hastings Documents
172004: YOUNG John W. - France the Cold War and the Western Alliance 1944-1949 French Foreign Policy and Post-War Europe
157161: KEMSLEY W., RIESCO M.R. - Scottish Lion on Patrol Being the Story of The15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment 1943-1946
179278: CHAPMAN R.W. - Jane Austen Facts and Problems
150799: NASH Paul W. - Folio 50 a Bibliography of the Folio Society 1947-1996
157536: SYMONDS R.W. - English Furniture from Charles II to George II
167216: TURNER G.W. - The English Language in Australia and New Zealand
123284: SEARS Stephen W. - World War II the Best of American Heritage
179174: LOMAX Derek W., OAKLEY R.J. - The English in Portugal 1367-87 Extracts from the Chronicles of Dom Fernando and Dom Joao
158825: GATZKE Hans W. - Stresemann and the Rearmament of Germany
149676: WITKIN Robert W. - Adorno on Popular Culture
152637: FORELL George W. - Luther's Works Volume 32 Career of the Reformer II
152639: GRITSCH Eric W. - Luther's Works Volume 39 Church and Ministry I.
130260: SERGEANT Philip W. - Rogues and Scoundrels
171969: MULLER James W. - Churchill As Peacemaker
171505: STONIER G.W. - Rhodesian Spring
179854: EDBURY Peter W. - The Kingdom of Cyprus and the Crusades 1191-1374
175230: SHEPPARD F.H.W. - Survey of London Volume XXXV the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden
175231: SHEPPARD F.H.W. - Survey of London Volume XXXVI the Parish of St. Paul Covent Garden
175243: SETON-WATSON R.W. - A History of the Roumanians from Roman Times to the Completion of Unity
174335: RYDELL Robert W., KROES Rob - Buffalo Bill in Bologna the Americanization of the World 1869-1922
73802: CUMMINGS Charles W., HARKER Lee A. - Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Update II
177665: BENNETT J.A.W., GRAY Douglas - Middle English Literature
150303: BEAUMONT Cyril W. - A Short History of Ballet
180486: BENNETT J.A.W., SMITHERS G.V., DAVIS Norman - Early Middle English Verse and Prose with a Glossary
180484: THOMPSON R.W., THOMAS Gay [Illustrator] - Home in Ham
146189: CUNNINGHAM J.W. - The Velvet Cushion
174664: KRUMMEL D.W. - English Music Printing 1553-1700
170146: HEFNER Robert W. - Indonesian Pluralities Islam Citizenship and Democracy
115950: DEGENHARDT Henry W. - Revolutionary and Dissident Movements an International Guide
142268: HOLDER R.W. - Eleven Months in Malaya
179050: POLLARD A.W., REDGRAVE G.R., JACKSON W.A., FERGUSON F.S., PANTZER Katharine, RIDER Philip R. - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England Scotland and Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640 in Three Volumes
134965: ALDISS Brian W. - Airs of the Earth
177072: ROSSITER Margaret W. - The Emergence of Agricultural Science Justus Liebig and the Americans 1840-80
175754: WHATLEY Charles W. - Farming and Foxhunting
162749: HOUGHTON W. - British Fresh Water Fishes
173099: MILES Professor A. E. W. - The Accidental Birth of Military Medicine the Origins of the Royal Army Medical Corps
178885: WINTERBOTHAM F.W. - Secret and Personal
159620: BLUNT Robert W. - For Money and Elders Ritual Sovereignty and the Sacred in Kenya
176822: WAKEFIELD W. - The Happy Valley Sketches of Kashmir and the Kashmiris
105281: FARRAR F. W. - The Life and Works of St Paul
174686: ALLEN Robert W. - Churchill's Guests Britain and the Belgian Exiles During World War II
151194: SKEAT Walter W. - Pierce the Ploughman's Crede to Which Is Appended God Spede the Plough
178901: WINTERBOTHAM F.W. - The Nazi Connection
123929: ROBSON W.W. - The Signs Among Us and Other Poems
93828: MAJEWSKI W. - Jack the Distributor
92063: DALE Ronald W. - Windows on Mark an Anthology to Amplify the Gospel Readings for Year B of the Lectionary
86157: JOHANNSEN Robert W. - The Wicked Rebellion and the Republic Henry Tuckerman's CIVIL War Frank L. Klement Lectures No 3
82251: MACKINTOSH J.W. - The Hunts and the Hunted or Keep Swimming Soldier
175189: DIXON R.M.W. - The Languages of Australia (Cambridge Language Surveys)
153423: WARD Sir A.W., GOOCH G.P. - The Cambridge History of British Foreign Policy 1783-1919 Volume I 1783-1815
130259: SERGEANT Philip W. - Liars and Fakers
72617: JOHNSON R.W. - Shootdown the Verdict of K.A. L. 007
175162: ROSEMANN Philipp W. - Peter Lombard
179305: POLLARD J.W. - Evolutionary Theory Paths Into the Future
179154: BRADBROOK Frank W. - Jane Austen and Her Predecessors
134733: GREG W.W. - A Larum for London the Malone Society Reprints Volume 38
170966: STUMBLES A.R.W. - Some Recollections of a Rhodesian Speaker
80730: LANCASTER F.W. - Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and Practice
178304: O'MALLEY John W. - The First Jesuits
176257: CHAPMAN Hester W. - I Will Be Good
105949: HASLER P.W. - The History of Parliament the House of Commons II Members D - L.
177973: GREG W.W. - A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the Restoration Volume I Stationers' Records Plays to 1616 Nos. 1-349, Volume II Plays 1617-1689 Nos. 350-836 Latin Plays Lost Plays, Volume III Collections Appendix Reference Lists, Volume IV Introducti
127181: HERMON Lieutenant Colonel E.W., NASON Anne - For Love and Courage the Letters of Lieutentant Colonel E.W. Hermon from the Western Front 1914 - 1917
165613: HUMPHREY John W., OLESON John P., SHERWOOD Andrew N. - Greek and Roman Technology a Sourcebook Annotated Translations of Greek and Latin Texts and Documents
173916: WARD A.W., WALLER A.R. - The Cambridge History of English Literature Volume III Renascence and Reformation
169975: TROUP Major W. - Sporting Memories My Life As Gloucestershire County Cricketer Rugby and Hockey Player and Member of Indian Police Service
174718: EGERTON George W. - Great Britain and the Creation of the League of Nations Strategy Politics and International Organization 1914-1919
169976: UP DE GRAFF F. W. - Head-Hunters of the Amazon Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure
161904: DAVIS R.W. - Lords of Parliament Studies 1714-1914
135061: DYCKHOFF N.F.W. - More London Midland Steam in the North-West
122250: WINDAS Cedric W., LOTT LCDR Arnold S. - Traditions of the Navy
175417: SOUTHERN R.W., SCHMITT F.S. - Memorials of St Anselm Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi I.
180427: CHAMBERS R.W. - Thomas More (Bedford Historical Series)
137692: JUDGE Arthur W. - The Modern Motor Engineer Volume I-V
180036: LABARGE Margaret Wade - Simon de Montfort
171888: DAVIS Wade - Light at the End of the World a Journey Through the Realm of Vanishing Cultures
157973: LABARGE Margaret Wade - A Baronial Household in the Thirteenth Century
100868: LONGFELLOW Henry Wadsworth - The Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
159804: BROWN Nicholas Waldemar, REED Graham - London's Waterfront the Thames from Battersea to the Barrier
155244: PERCY Walker - Lancelot
151494: TAYLOR P. Walker - Murder in the Game Reserve
177444: RETTBERG Jill Walker - Machine Vision How Algorithms Are Changing the Way We See the World
167801: SMITH Helmut Walser - Germany a Nation in Its Time Before During and After Nationalism 1500-2000
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