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34530: BRAYBROOKE M - Christian Jewish relations: a new look
56952: BREACH B - Melbury Abbas: a narrative history of a Dorset parish
52343: BREALEY M - Bedford's victorian pilgrim: William Hale White in ontext (Studies in Christian history and thought)
43621: BREARLEY C - Does God approve of war?
43699: BREARLEY C - Reclaiming church: applying 1st century principles to 21st century church problems
43568: BREAUX M - Identity theft: reclaiming who God created you to be
27031: RAHMAN M VERHOEVEN R & BREBBIA - Advances in fluid mechanics IV (Fourth international conference 2002 in Ghent)
26757: BREBBIA C A, TADEU A & POPOV V - Boundary elements XXIV: Twenty-fourth International Conference on Boundary Element method incorporating Meshless Solution Seminar
30707: BRECHT B - Caucasian chalk circle (A modern play)
34338: BRECHT M - Martin Luther: the preservation of the church 1532-1546 (Vol 3 of biography)
51733: BRECKNELL D - This is Holy Week
2448: BREDERO A H - Bernard of Clairvaux: between cult and history
53646: BREESE H - Recollections: Henry Breese (1894 - 1972) with contributions from Frederick (1866 - 1945) his father, James (1924 - ) his son and the Revd Bernard Snell (1856 - 1934)
37197: BREIER M A - Aleph-zero
2456: BREMNER J G - Infancy
56889: BREMOND H - Histoire litteraire du sentiment religieux en France: Volume I L'humanisme devot (1580 - 1660)
56890: BREMOND H - Histoire litteraire du sentiment religieux en France: Volume II L'invasion mystique (1590 - 1620)
45579: BRENAN G - Spanish labyrinth: an account of the social and political background of the Spanish civil war
61080: BLAIR M & BRENDEL D - CHILD OF WOE: an autobiography (title page signed by author)
27253: BRENDON P - Motoring century: the story of the Royal Automobile Club
41795: BRENNAN P - Power in rite: celebrating RCIA
80996: BRENNAN R - Describing the hand of God: divine agency and Augustinian obstacles to the dialogue between theology and science
80194: BRENNER A - Feminist companion to the Latter Prophets
80195: BRENNER A - Feminist companion to Exodus to Deuteronomy
80196: BRENNER A - Feminist companion to the Hebrew Bible in the New Testament
80190: BRENNER A - Feminist companion to Ruth
80193: BRENNER A - Feminist companion to Samuel and Kings
80199: BRENNER A - Judges: Feminist companion to the Bible (Second series)
37457: BRENT C H - With God in the world: a series of papers by Charles Brent, Bishop of the Philippine Islands
37725: BRENT C H - Adventure for God (Bishop Paddock lectures 1904) by Rt Rev Charles H Brent [Bishop of the Philippine Islands]
2461: BRENT C H - Inspiration of Responsibility: and other papers
2462: BRENT C H - Mount of Vision: being a study of life in terms of the whole
7367: FUNCK-BRENTANO F - Luther: translated from the French by EF Buckley
27198: BRERETON J - The British soldier: a social history from 1661 to the present day
74485: BRESTIN D - Woman's journey through Esther: 8 lessons on faith exclusively for women
2464: BRETHERTON J - Purpose of prayer: popular treatment of the philosophy of prayer
58971: HUTTERIAN BRETHREN - Chronicle of the Hutterian brethren (Volume I)
44405: HUTTERIAN BRETHREN - Gospel in Dostoyevsky: selections illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg
56888: BRETT L F X - Redeemed creation: sacramentals today
23491: BRETT D - C R Mackintosh: the poetics of workmanship
48884: BRETT M G - Biblical criticism in crisis?: the impact of the canonical approach on Old Testament studies
33620: BRETT B - Modern sea power [outsize book: 240mm x 313mm]
51719: BREVINT D - Saul and Samuel at Endor or the New Waies of Salvation and Service which usually temt Men to Rome and detain them there Truly Represented and Refuted As also A Brief Account of R F his Missale Vindicatum or Vindication of the Roman Mass
49984: BREVINT D - Christian sacrament and sacrifice by way of discourse, meditation and prayer upon the nature, parts and blessings of the Holy Communion
83403: BREWER J S - Monumenta Franciscana: scilicet I-Thomas de Eccleston de Adventu Fratrum Minorum in Angliam; II-Adae de Marisco Eistolae; III-Registrum Fratrum Minorum Londoniae (Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores)
82345: JENNER Brian - Coal strike: Christian reflections on the Miners' struggle
53261: BRIAN R E - Covering up Luther: How Barth's christology challenged the Deus Absconditus that haunts modernity
61417: BRIAULT M - POLYTHEISM AND FETISHISM (Catholic library of religious knowledge XVIII)
38195: BRICE S - Law relating to public worship with especial regard to matters of ritual and ornamentation, and to the means for securing the due observance thereof...
2479: BRIDGE D - More than tongues can tell: reflections on charismatic renewal
2482: BRIDGE T - Urban life and ministry (CMS 8)
2478: BRIDGE D - Looking at leisure
41632: BRIDGEMAN C T - Jerusalem at worship, part one: Holy Week and Easter Western and Eastern services, description and time-tables with appendices on Jewish and Samaritan Passovers, Moslem Nebi Musa Feast
33470: BRIDGER F - Diana phenomenon (GP75)
16413: BRIDGER F - Why can't I have faith?: working out belief in the post-modern world
28767: BRIDGES G F - Oxford Reformers and English church principles: their rise, trial, and triumph
48452: BRIDGES R - Achilles in Scyros
2485: BRIDGES R - Spirit of man: an anthology in English & French from the philosophers and poets made in 1915
14609: O'BRIEN W B - Vital issues (Council for the Defence of Church Principles, leaflet No 10)
36764: O'BRIEN J M - Nahum (Readings: a new biblical commentary)
14608: O'BRIEN W B - Cowley Father's Letters
51645: O'BRIEN R B - John Bright
26790: O'BRIEN J M - Nahum (Readings: a new biblical commentary)
26791: O'BRIEN J M - Nahum (Readings: a new biblical commentary)
38224: BRIENEN F - What does the Lord require?: a new anthology of prayers and songs for worship and mission
2489: BRIERLEY P - Vision building: knowing where you are going
30965: BRIERLEY P - Christian England: what the English Church Census reveals
43381: BRIERLEY M - Public life and the place of the church: reflections to honour the Bishop of Oxford
2496: BRIGGS G W - Daily Reading: for school and home
22457: BRIGGS A S A - Dictionary of twentieth century world biography
46941: GILL C & BRIGGS A - History of Birmingam (2 volume set) Vol I Manor and borough to 1835/Vol II Borough and city 1865-1938
25193: BRIGHOUSE D - Financial services environment: an advanced guide to financial institutions and their regulation
41808: BRIGHT W - Law of faith
49736: BRIGHT B - Sharing Christ: giving the eternal gift (Signature Series)
30470: BRIGHT L - Theology in modern education: a creative encounter
2512: BRIGHT W - Age of the Fathers: Chapters in the History of the Church During the Fourth and Fifth Centuries Vol I & Vol II
41812: BRIGHT W - Lessons from the lives of three great fathers: with appendices
10007: BRIGHT B - Witnessing without fear
61447: SWANSTON H & BRIGHT L - HISTORIES l: JUDGES, 1 & 2 SAMUEL, 1 & 2 KINGS & RUTH (Scripture discussion commentary 3)
2514: BRIGHT W - Chapters of early English church history: third edition revised & enlarged
2503: BRIGHT J - Early Israel in Recent History Writing: a study in method (Studies in Biblical Theology 19)
2502: BRIGHT J - Covenant and promise
49702: BRIGHT B - Journey home: finishing with joy
52722: BRIGHT J - History of Israel
2509: BRIGHT J - Jeremiah (AB)
36126: BRIGHT W - Notes on the Canons of the First four General Councils
2517: BRIGHT W - Some Aspects of Primitive Church Life
61452: BRIGHT L et al - PAUL II: 1 CORINTHIANS, 2 CORINTHIANS, PHILIPPIANS COLOSSIANS, PHILEMON (Scripture discussion commentary 11)
2507: BRIGHT J - History of Israel (OTL)
41802: BRIGHT W [KIDD B J] - Letters of William Bright: with an introductory memoir by P G Medd
2520: BRIGHTMAN F E - Liturgies Eastern and Western being the texts original or translated of the principal liturgies of the church, edited with introductions and appendices...former work by C E Hammond - Volume 1 Eastern Liturgies [Syrian, Egyptian, Persian, Byzantine]
48170: BRIGHTON A - Francis Bacon
2522: BRILIOTH Y - Three lectures on evangelicanism and the Oxford Movement together with a lecture on the theological aspect of the Oxford Movement & a sermon preached in Fairford Church on 11 July 1933
2524: BRILIOTH Y - Eucharistic faith and practice Evangelical and Catholic
28733: BRILL F - Fiction reading tasks for the literacy hour in year 4 (Lessons in literacy 1) (Photocopiable)
41769: BRILLANT M - Eucharistia: encyclopedie populaire sur l'echaristie
2526: BRIMER J W & BRIMER S - Morning Assembly Book
30457: BRIN G - Studies in Biblical law from the Hebrew Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls (JSOT Supplement series 176)
31024: BRINDLEY D - Stepping aside: a guide to leading Christian conferences and retreats
81156: VAN DEN BRINK, G - Almighty God: a study of the doctrine of divine omnipotence (Studies in philosophical theology)
45761: BRISCOE D S - Fresh air in the pulpit: challenges and encouragement from a seasoned preacher
43721: BRISCOE J - By hook or by crook: how God shaped a fisherman into a shepherd
50776: BRISCOE S - Apostles' Creed: beliefs that matter
27691: BRISTOW J A B [IARIGAI] - Advances in printing science and techology: proceedings of the 24th Research Conference of the International Assoc of Research Institutes... London, Sept 7-10, 1997
40124: BRISTOW J - Sexual sameness: textual differences in lesbian and gay writing
61012: BIBLE AND BRITAIN - BIBLE AND BRITAIN: being a pageant of the bible in two parts: Pt I - The bible in England, Pt II - The bible in the world
7974: GREAT BRITAIN - Arms control & disarmament: developments in international negotiations
56885: BRITON F - By-and-by: a thrilling tale
58327: BRITTAIN V - Testament of friendship: the story of Winifred Holtby
2541: BRITTAIN F - Bernard Lord Manning: a memoir
54289: BRITTON J H - Abraham Joshua Heschel and the phenomenon of piety
47457: BRIVIO E - Guide of the Duomo of Milan
51894: ROGER Bro [Schutz] - Passion d'une attente
32016: ROGER Bro - Wonder of a love: a letter from Brother Roger of Taize
51819: BRO B - Stupeur d'etre
11489: LAWRENCE Bro - Practice of the Presence of God: the best rule of a holy life being conversations and letters
11488: LAWRENCE Bro - Practice of the Presence of God: being conversations and letters of Nicholas Herman of Lorraine
51818: BRO B - Surpris par la certitude (Tome II A cause de nous)
51895: ROGER Bro [Schutz] - Amour de tout amour: les sources de Taize
16058: RAMON Bro - Hidden fire: exploring the deeper reaches of prayer
33923: RAMON Bro - Listening heart: seven days with the seven churches of the Apocalypse
16056: RAMON Bro - Deeper into God: handbook on spiritual retreats
16053: RAMON Bro - Fulness of joy: presence of God in human life
26432: RAMON BRO - My questions, God's questions
51892: ROGER Bro [Schutz] - Unanimite dans le pluralisme
51893: ROGER Bro [Schutz] - Son amour est un feu
34467: ROGER Bro [Schutz] - Festival... ta fete soit sans fin (English edition)
2546: BROCK P - Don't preach at me like that! handbook for preachers: a summons to the preached-at
4547: CLUTTON-BROCK A - Studies in Christianity
26507: BROCK C - Guidelines on the Lord's Supper
2548: BROCKETT J - No free lunches (economic & political tensions in todays world)
2550: BROCKINGTON L H - Critical introduction to the Apocrypha
49191: BROCKWELL M W - Leonardo da Vinci: illustrated with 8 reproductions in colour (Masterpieces in Colour)
49925: CHURCH A J & BRODRIBB W J - Agricola of Tacitus: with revised text, english notes and map
51636: CHURCH A J & BRODRIBB W J - Agricola and Germnay of Tacitus and the dialogue on oratory (translated into English with notes and maps)
14902: BRODRICK G C - Memorials of Merton College: with Biographical Notices of the Wardens and Fellows by the Hon George C.Brodrick
80493: BRODRICK J - Procession of saints
80962: BROGDON L - Companion to Philemon
21828: BROMILEY G - Historical theology
6597: BROMILEY G W - Thomas Cranmer: Archbishop and martyr
21827: BROMILEY G W - Introduction to the theology of Karl Barth
57898: LEWIS T P & BROMLEY A G - Victorian book of cakes: recipes, techniques and decorations from the golden age of cake making
82787: BROMLEY D G - Politics of religious apostasy: the role of Apostates in the transformation of religious movements (Religion in the Age of Transformation)
82816: BRONK R - Romantic economist: imagination in economics
32366: BRONOWSKI J - Visionary eye: essays in the arts, literature, and science
35106: BRONTE E - Peculiar music: poems for young readers chosen, introduction and annotated by Naomi Lewis
27203: BROOK S - Oxford book of dreams
27319: BROOKE M Z - International management: a revue of strategies and operations
12329: BROOKE W T - Old English Psalmody: from the accession of Edward VI to the restoration of Charles II 1547-1660
2565: BROOKE C - Medieval Church & Society: collected essays
39094: BROOKE S A - Sermons preached in St James's Chapel, York Street, London
58933: BROOKE C - Rise and fall of the medieval monastery
2573: BROOKE R B - Coming of the Friars
2572: BROOKE R - Rupert Brooke: the complete poems
21843: BROOKE Z N - English church and the papacy: from the Conquest to the reign of John
59461: BROOKE C et al - David Knowles remembered
81995: BROOKE Z N - Prospects of medieval history: inaugural lecture selivered at Cambridge 17 Ocotber 1944
56561: BROOKE S A - Milton (Classical Writers)
37420: BROOKE S A - Fight of faith: sermons preached on various occasions
37730: BROOKE S A - Life superlative
39095: BROOKE S A - Sermons preached in St James's Chapel, York Street, London Second Series
34568: BROOKE A E - Critical and exegetical commentary on the Johannine Epistles (International Critical Commentary)
51062: NASHBROOK J & BROOKES P - Life as it could be: when self help isn't enough
80513: PEARL C & BROOKES R S - Wegwijs in het jodendom
30157: BROOKNER A - Brief lives
82475: BROOKS N - Early history of the Church of Canterbury (Studies in the Early History of Britain)
83370: GEISLER N L & BROOKS R M - When skeptics ask: a handbook on Christian Evidences
37848: BROOME J H - Pascal
23903: BROOMFIELD G W - Chosen people, or The bible, Christianity & race
41575: BROOMFIELD G W - John, Peter, and the Fourth Gospel
2587: BROOMFIELD G - Constitutional Episcopacy
2588: BROOMFIELD G - Constitutional Episcopacy
2589: BROOMFIELD G - Towards freedom
40502: BROSS B - Pleasures of love
32874: MICHAEL Brother - Living in Christ: the text of a paper read in July 1974 at the York Conference of Anglican Religious Communities (Fairacres Publ No 45)
2594: BROTHERS J - Readings in the sociology of religion
8515: HALLORAN J D & BROTHERS J - Uses of sociology
30958: BROUGH G H - Private Limited companies: formation and management
25555: BROUGHTON S - Library and information organizations and networks handbook
56559: BROWN I - Theatre 1954 - 5
16491: BROWN S H - Rise up shepherd: a Christmas spiritual arranged by Sebastian H. Brown (Oxford Choral Song T63 - two part)
28413: BROWN D - Newman, a man of our time: centenary essays by Henry Chadwick, Anthony Kenny, Robert Runcie et al
49245: BROWN I - I give you my word
2668: BROWN R E - Virginal conception and bodily resurrection of Jesus
2670: BROWN R M - Observer in Rome: a Protestant report on the Vatican Council
2671: BROWN R R - Bigger than Little Rock
31362: BROWN R E et al - Peter in the New Testament: a collaborative assessment by Protestant and Roman Catholic scholars
44938: LAUZUN-BROWN W - Useful information for the home
30809: BROWN M - How to study successfully for better exam results (Overcoming common problems)
30433: BROWN D - Tradition and imagination: revelation and change
29635: BROWN S - Origins of Christianity: a historical introduction to the New Testament
44017: BROWN E F - Pastoral Epistles (Westminster commentary)
2618: BROWN G - Decay of marriage: as seen by a divorce lawyer
2612: BROWN D - Word to set you free: living faith and biblical criticism
2678: BROWN W - Mind and personality: an essay in psychology and philosophy
2679: BROWN W - Personality and Religion
2625: BROWN J A C - Social psychology of industry
2608: BROWN D - Invitation to theology
54870: BROWN R - Group processes
25743: BROWN L et al - International handbook of women's studies
59030: BROWN M G - Illuminated chronicle: some light on the dark ages of Saint Milburga's lifetime
53850: BROWN S - Sumptuous and richly adorn'd: the decoration of Salisbury Cathedral Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England
57305: BROWN G & R - Mere grain of sand: the extraordinary story of Britain's most remarkable spiritual healer
55374: BROWN D - Through the eyes of the saints: a pilgrimage through history
61580: BROWN, Graham - WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE BRETHREN?: a survey of local churches in 1998-1999
58854: BROWN J - Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews
58855: BROWN J - Discourses and sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ (3 volume set) No additional UK postage. Overseas postage will be 15.
24252: BROWN C - New international dictionary of New Testament theology 3vols trans with additions and revisions from 'Theologisches Begriffslexikon sum Neuen Testament' indexes in ea vol, cumulative index in vol 3 [UK post 7.50]
54816: BROWN R - Prejuicio su psicologia social
2681: BROWN W E M - Polised shaft: studies in the purpose and influence of the Christian writer in the Eighteenth Century (espec. Hervey, Cowper & Gilpin)
55708: BROWN D - New threshold: guidelines for churches in their relations with Muslim communities
14792: BROWN F B - Religious aesthetics: a theological study of making and meaning [Studies in literature and religion]
35423: BROWN S - Religious painting: Christ's passion and crucifixion [over 100 colour illustrations]
1835: BROWN P - Augustine of Hippo: a biography
25492: BROWN A N - Proceeds of crime: money laundering, confiscation and forfeiture
32423: BROWN P - Authority and the sacred: aspects of the Christianisation of the Roman world
2667: BROWN R E - Priest and bishop: biblical reflections
82619: BROWN R E - New Testament essays
25530: BROWN W J - GCSE law
52810: BROWN R M - Gustavo Gutierrez: an introduction to liberation theology
23532: BROWN R - Winning experience - in sport - in business - in life
56883: BROWN R - Marriage annulment in the Catholic Church
22199: BROWN W A - Creed for free men: a study of loyalties
82459: BROWN P - Rise of Western Christendom (Making of Europe)
32152: NAPIER C N & HAMILTON-BROWN J - New workbook on rural evangelism
2663: BROWN R E - Jerome Biblical Commentary [no UK postal surcharge]
61584: BROWN J - JOURNEYING THROUGH LENT TOWARDS EASTER: course for personal or group use (This joyful season)
50275: BROWN R M - Theology in a new key: responding to liberation themes
40624: BROWN D - Dictionary of life: biblical wisdom for everyday living
80059: BROWN R E - Biblical exegesis and church doctrine
80060: BROWN R E - Recent discoveries and the biblical world
80495: BROWN J - Christian journal or common incidents: spiritual instructors being a series of meditations on a spring, summer, harvest, winter and sabbath day
2596: BROWN A B - Universal light: a statement of the Quaker faith
2621: BROWN I - Shakespeare
2610: BROWN D - Newman: a man for our time Centenary Essays
2606: BROWN D - Divine Trinity
2601: BROWN D - All their splendour: world faiths, a way to community
59475: BROWN J - Exposition of the epistle to the Galatians
2645: BROWN R E - Be my disciple: following Jesus in a secular world
2632: BROWN K B - Point Counter, Signs of Life & Inside Out 3 vols in slipcase (Mental Touchstones for the searching of the spirit)
44120: BROWN L - Psychology of religious belief
44076: BROWN R M - Persuade us to rejoice: the liberating power of fiction
80984: BROWN N R - For the nation: Jesus, the restoration of Israel and articulating a Christian ethic of territorial governance
33590: BROWNE T - Religio Medici and other essays - pocket edition - edited with an intro by D Lloyd Roberts (Stott Library)
2694: BROWNE L E - Ezekiel and Alexander
2702: BROWNE T - Religio Medici edited and annotated by James Winney
2699: BROWNE R E C - Ministry of the word
2697: BROWNE L E - Where science & religion meet
2690: BROWNE G F - What is the Catholic Church in England: a lecture (Church Historical Society XXVIII)
24603: BROWNE T - Religio Medici edited from the manuscript copies & the early editions by J-J Denonian
21890: BROWNE T - Religio Medici and Christian morals edited by WA Greenhill
2703: BROWNE T - Religio Medici & Christian morals: ed with intro Geoffrey Keynes
56881: BROWNE T - Browne's religio medici and Digby's observations
34317: BROWNE H - Darkness or light: an essay in the theory of divine contemplation
2687: BROWNE G F - Conversion of the Heptarchy: seven lectures given at St Paul's
2688: BROWNE G F - Glastonbury: an address given by the Bishop of Stepney on Tuesday August 3, 1897 in the ruined choir of the Abbey (Church Historical Society XXX)
34274: BROWNE T - Religio Medici, and, Hydriotaphia (urn-burial) introduction by Charles Whibley
34313: BROWNE R - New Years guift: an hitherto lost treatise by Robert Browne in the form of a letter to his uncle Mr Flower, written December 31 1588 (old style) and now first published, edited by Champlin Burrage
2686: BROWNE G F - Conversion of the Heptarchy: seven lectures given at St Paul's
46267: BROWNE H B - Theological anthropology: dialectic study of the African and liberation traditions
2712: BROWNING R - Poems and plays of Robert Browning Vol 1: 1833-1844 (EL Poetry and Drama)
47939: BROWNING R - Asolando; fancies and facts
2709: BROWNING E B - Selection from the poetry of...
40481: BROWNING E B - Poems in 4 volumes
45611: BROWNING R - Poems of Robert Browning 1842 - 1864: dramatic lyrics and romances, men and women, and dramatis personae
45610: BROWNING R - Poems and plays of Robert Browning 1833 - 1842
27261: BROWNING D C - Everyman's dictionary of quotations and proverbs
2710: BROWNING R - Balaustions Adventure: including a transcript from Euripides
36421: BROX N - Concise history of the early church
2734: BRUCE F F - Second thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls
2737: BRUCE M - Catechism simply explained
31218: BRUCE A B - Apologetics, or, Christianity defensively stated (International Theological Library)
31025: BRUCE F F - Philippians: a Good News bible commentary
30799: BRUCE F F - Commentary on the Book of the Acts: the English text with introduction, exposition and notes
60687: MACNAUGHTON P & BRUCE H - Together for festivals: new resources for the festival calendar (Together with children)
52264: BRUCE F F - Secret Gospel of Mark
47881: BRUCE F F - Epistle to the Hebrews: the English text with introduction, exposition and notes (NICNT)
2738: BRUCE M - Science of Prayer
59446: BRUCE F F - Mind for what matters: collected essays
80065: BRUCE F F - International Bible commentary with the New International Version
35998: BRUCE F F - Commentary on the Book of the Acts: the English text with introduction, exposition and notes (New International Commentary on the New Testament)B
2725: BRUCE F F - Epistles to the Colossians to Philemon and to the Ephesians (NICNT)
52222: BRUCE F F - Teacher of righteousness in the Qumran texts
37539: MACNAUGHTON P & BRUCE H - Together through the bible: resources for all-age worship
58387: BRUCE F F - Pauline circle
80061: BRUCE F F - Epistle to the Hebrews (NICNT)
50674: BRUCE F F - Book of the Acts - revised edition (New International commentary on the New Testament)
34147: BRUEGGEMANN W - Texts that linger, words that explode: listening to prophetic voices
2751: BRUEGGEMANN W - Texts under negotiation: Bible and post modern imagination
81059: BRUEGGEMANN W - God of all flesh and other essays [essays republished in revised form from Festschriften]
81028: BRUEGGEMANN W - Role of Old Testament theology in Old Testament interpretation and other essays
2750: BRUEGGEMANN W - Interpretation and obedience from faithful reading to faithful living
25414: BRUEGGEMANN W - Bible makes sense
81060: BRUEGGEMANN W - Social criticism and social vision in Ancient Egypt [essays republished in revised form from Festschriften]
44332: BRUEGGEMANN W - Inscribing the text: sermons and prayers
34700: LEVY-BRUHL L - Ethics and moral science
28186: BRUMFIT C - Work of the Council of Europe and second language teaching (review of ELT)
35482: BRUMMER V - Wijsgerige theologie in beweging: een selectie uit de essays (Utrechtse Theologische Reeks 14)
2753: BRUMMER V - What are we doing when we pray: a philosophical inquiry
81895: KNIGHT B & PRIDEAUX-BRUNE K - Yours is the Glory: patterns of prayer in Toc H
2755: BRUNER F D - Theology of the Holy Spirit: the Pentecostal experience and the New Testament witness
2768: BRUNNER E - Justice and the social order
67757: LUTHI W & BRUNNER R - Sermon on the mount
2774: BRUNNER E - Our faith: translated by JW Rilling
28760: BRUNNER E - Eternal hope
2757: BRUNNER E - Church in the new social order: an address delivered to the National Congress of the Free Church Federal Council, Cardiff on 26th March 1952
40406: BRUNO L A - Gibeon
2781: BRUNOT A - St Paul and his message (F&FB)
57681: LA BRUYERE J de - Characters translated by Henri van Laun introduced by Denys C Potts
46791: BRUYERE J de la - Caracteres: ou les moeurs de ce siecle
30468: BRYAN F C et al - Concerning believers baptism
2786: BRYAN Z - Prayer for Children 2
4854: BRYANT C - Psychology of prayer: expression of a growing faith (with) Of doubt and unknowing by M Welch (Guild of Pastoral Psychology Lecture 153)
50610: BRYANT A - Macaulay
2797: BRYANT C - Depth psychology and religious belief
2802: BRYANT C - Possible dreams: a personal history of the British Christian Socialists
2803: BRYANT C - Reclaiming the ground: Christianity and Socialism [written in memory of R H Tawney]
25396: BRYDEN J et al - World (Standard Grade Modern Studies)
36427: BRYDITZKI V V - Selling of Jesus [The confessions of a Christian Bookstore owner]
2814: BRYERS B - To them that obey: an account of the development of the work of the Friend's Evangelistic Band
61664: BUBER M - Paths in Utopia translated by R F C Hull
58277: BUBER M - Eclipse of God: studies in the relation between religion and philosophy
2827: BUBER M - On Zion: the history of an idea (orig pub 1952 as Israel & Palestine: history of an idea)
2817: BUBER M - Biblical Humanism: eighteen studies edited by Nahum N Glatzer
21095: BUBER M - Kingship of God
2816: BUBER M - Between man and man: trans by RG Smith
36805: BUBER M - Dialogisches lebel: gesammelte philosophische und padagogische schriften
40600: BUCELII F G [BUSSELL F G] - Itinerarium Rutilianum
35911: BUCHAN W - New domestic medicine, or, a treatise on the prevention and cure of diseases.. with an appendix.. to which has been added the memoirs of the life of Dr Buchan... by William Nisbet
2830: BUCHAN J - King's Grace 1910-1935
24798: BUCHANAN C O - Development of the new eucharistic prayers of the Church of England (GLS20)
2840: BUCHANAN C O - Latest Anglican Liturgies 1976-1984
55959: BUCHANAN C - Justin Martyr on baptism and eucharist (Joint Liturgical Studies 64)
30050: BUCHANAN G W - Book of Daniel
29311: BUCHANAN C O - Supplement for 1976-8 to recent liturgical revision in the C of E (GMW14C)
24275: BUCHANAN C O - Revising the ASB (GW107)
2835: BUCHANAN C O - Further Anglican Liturgies 1968-1975 (with two extra charts Extra Charts E1 Development of the first eucharistic prayer in Enga; E2 Development of a third form in Aus5; E3 Eucharistic prayers of Hippolytus; C Proper prefaces; D Other propers
24368: BUCHANAN C - Infant baptism and the gospel: the Church of England's dilemma
58852: BUCHANAN C O - Latest Anglican Liturgies 1976-1984
55960: HOLETON D & BUCHANAN C - History of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultations 1983 - 2007 (Joint Liturgical Studies 63)
56880: BUCHANAN C - Evangelical among the Anglican liturgists
8277: BUCHANAN C O - Policies for infant baptism (GW 98)
80421: HOLETON D & BUCHANAN C - History of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultations 1983 - 2007 (Joint Liturgical Studies 63)
14862: BUCHANAN C et al - Reforming infant baptism with Clifford Owen and Alan Wright
8180: BUCHANAN C O - Baptismal Discipline (GBMW3)
8234: BUCHANAN C O - Inaugural Services (GBMW32)
8246: BUCHANAN C O - Kiss of Peace (GBMW80)
48042: BUCHANAN E S - Gospel of St John...from the Huntington Palimpsest [unjudaised version] deciphered and translated from the oldest latin text [bound with] Euangelium sec. Iohannem...e codici rescripto tarragonensi [sine judaizantium emendationibus] extractum et translatum ab texto latino omnium antiquissimo
8297: BUCHANAN C O - Supplement for 1973-4 to recent liturgical revision in the Church of England including the Church of England (Worship and Doctrine) Measure (GBMW14A)
8298: BUCHANAN C O - Supplement for 1974-6 to recent liturgical revision in the C of E (GMW14B)
51549: BUCHANAN C - Bishop Hugh - with affection: a retirement tribute by some of his friends
81091: BUCK J M - Reframing the house: constructive feminist global ecclesiology for the Western Evangelical Church
40636: BUCK F - Liebe Gottes beim Propheten Osee
56876: BUCKINGHAM [GRENVILLE R P] - Memoirs of the Court of George IV 1820 - 1830 (Volumes I & II): from original family documents
24812: BUCKLAND A - Record of Ellen Watson [incl. her life and work in South Africa]
28066: BUCKLEY A - Multinational finance
29439: BUCKLEY M - Commune: a novel
27991: BUCKLEY M - Woman's man & family portrait
83029: BUCKMINSTER J S - Sermons by the late Rev. Joseph S Buckminster with a memoir of his life and character
31609: BUDD S - Sociologists and religion (Themes and issues in modern sociology)
38151: BUDDE K - Immanualzeichen und due Ahazbegegnung Jesaja 7 (Reprint from Journal of Biblical Literature Vol LII, Part I, 1933)
2867: BUDGE J - Glimpses of George Fox and his friends
48937: PRINCE J D & BUDGE E A - Assyrian primer and Assyrian texts: inductive method of learning the cuneiform characters and reading the inscriptions
2871: BUHLMANN W - Chosen peoples
2872: BUHLMANN W - Coming of the third church: analysis of the present and future of the church
3924: CHURCH BUILDING - Issues 36,37,38,39,40 & 47 Nov 1995 - August 1996 & Sept 1997
40203: BUIT M du - Geographie de la terre sainte in 2 vols 1. Text 2. 18 loose leaf maps
52316: BULKIN V - Novgorod the Great: many faceted Russia: stone architecture
25312: RYAN H & BULL J - Changing families, changing communities: researching health and wellbeing among children and young people
2884: BULL P B - Threefold Way: an aid to conversion
2879: BULL H P - Character of the priestly life (FCP papers 1)
2881: BULL N J - People of God (Dramatic Bible Readers)
2876: BULL G, Bp of St David's - Works on the Trinity: Volume III ONLY Judgment of the Catholic Church... (LACT)
30021: BULL G, Bp of St David's - Harmonia Apostolica: or two dissertations...the doctrine of St. James on Justification... [spine: On Justification Part I] AND Examen Censurae or an answer...on Harmonia Apostolica to which is added An Apology in answer to T Tully...2 vols [spine: Justification Pt I / Pts II & III] (LACT)
37617: BULL P B - Instructions on the atonement
37618: BULL P B - Missioner's handbook: a guide for missioners, evangelists, and parish priests
2887: BULLEN A - More assemblies for young people
2889: BULLETIN - Bulletin of the Confraternity of Unity: number XI Michaelmas 1930
2888: BULLETIN - Bulletin of the Confraternity of Unity No xiij SS Peter & Paul 1931 Whither goest thou?
2890: BULLETT G - English Mystics
37619: BULLETT G - Testament of light: an anthology (One-volume edition)
82831: BULLEY K - Creative Ideas for All-Age Church: 12 through-the-year programmes for informal church services and special one-off events
82745: DRUMMOND A L & BULLOCH J - Church in late Victorian Scotland 1874-1900
40951: BULLOCK C - Lives of three bishops: James Fraser, Robert Bickersteth, James Hannington
37536: BULLOCK T - Reasoning of Christ and his Apostles in their defence of Christianity considered in seven sermons preached at Hackney in Middlesex... in 1724 to which is prefixed, a preface taking notice of the false representations of Christianity and of the Apostles reasoning in defence of it ...
56175: BULLOCK F J - Journey to the cross and beyond: stories from the Gospels of the passion and resurrection of Jesus
56176: BULLOCK F J - I was there: stories from the Acts of the Apostles as told by those present
56177: BULLOCK F J - A great and mighty wonder: stories form the Gospel narratives of the birth of Jesus as told by those present
56178: BULLOCK F J - Glimpses from the Old Testament as told by those present
40985: BULLOCK J F W - Daily lections in 3 vols: for every morning and evening throughout the year: Vols 1-3 (Saints of the Kalendar Jan-Dec) [1st issued as a set it its own right; planned as 6 volume set with other volumes]
39000: BULLOCK C H - Introduction to the Old Testament prophetic books
41004: BULSANO P A A - Institutiones theologiae theoreticae seu Dogmatico-Polemicae : concinnatae a reverendissimo vols 1-7 matching bindings (7th volume different title page Institutuiones theologiae dogmaticae generalis seu fundamentalis conscriptae...E Morandi 1897)
36285: BULST W - Come let us adore: forms of worship, biblically and liturgically and adapted to the seasons and feasts of the church year (for personal prayer or common worship)
26288: BULTMANN R - Primitive Christianity: in its contemporary setting trans by RH Fuller
23868: BULTMANN R - Johannine epistles (Hermeneia)
45739: BARTH K & BULTMANN R - Letters 1922 - 1966 edited by B Jaspert; translated and edited by Geoffrey W Bromiley
2900: BULTMANN R - Existence and faith selected translated and introduced by Schubert M Ogden
45297: BULTMANN R - Jesus Christ and mythology
45298: BULTMANN R - Theology of the New Testament [Two unmatched volumes]
80226: BUMPUS T F - Cathedrals and churches of Rome and southern Italy
56597: BUMPUS T F - Cathedrals of England and Wales (Second series)
49822: BUNKER L H - Natural law and science in the Bible
36825: BUNNETT B - Let God arise: making way for revival
57358: BUNSEN C C J - Constitution of the church of the future: a practical explanation of the correspondence with...William Gladstone on the German church, episcopacy and Jerusalem with a preface, notes and the complete correspondence
44137: BUNSON M E - We have a Pope: Benedict XVI
8281: BUNTING I - Preaching at weddings: (GW 74)
29860: BUNTING I - Preaching at communion (ii) (GW79)
47389: BUNTING K-D - Deutsches Worter-buch
26253: BUNTING I - Preaching at communion (i) (GW78)
47103: BUNYAN J - Pilgrim's progress: from this world to that which is to come delivered under the similitude of a dream by John Bunyan with eight coloured illustrations by Harold Copping
2929: BUNYAN J - Pilgrim's Progress
2937: BUNYAN J - Relation of the holy war: concerning the city or town of Mansoul besieged by Diabolus, and its final recovery by Emmanual
58365: BUNYAN J - Pilgrim's progress: from this world to that which is to come (with 100 illustrations by Frederick Barnard et al)
56214: BUNYAN J [Sharrock R] - Grace abounding to the chief of sinners and The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come
2936: BUNYAN J - Pilgrim's Progress: from this world to that which is to come, delivered under similitude of a Dream with illustrations by Harold Copping
49219: BUNYAN J - Pilgrim's progress (with 8 coloured plates and 47 other illustrations by Frederick Barnard, J D Linton, W Small etc engraved by Dalziel Brothers
20765: BUR J - How to understand the Virgin Mary
22180: BURDEN M - Woman scorn'd: responses to the Dido myth
34102: BURDON A - Preaching service - the glory of the Methodists: a study of the piety, ethos and development of the Methodist Preaching Service (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 17/Grove Liturgical Study 64)
37757: VAN BUREN P M - Theological explorations
52504: VAN BUREN P M - According to the scriptures: origins of the gospel and of the Church's Old Testament
19777: VAN BUREN P M - Secular meaning of the Gospel: based on an analysis of its language
56558: BURGE T - Science and the bible: evidence based Christian belief
2943: BURGE H M - Discourses and letters of Hubert Murray Burge: edited with a memoir by Lord Charnwood
38137: BURGE T - Lord for all seasons: meditative prayers on the Lectionary Readings Years A, B and C
2944: BURGE H M - Discourses and letters of Hubert Murray Burge: edited with a memoir by Lord Charnwood
12757: BURGES C - Confession of faith of the Assembly of Divines at Westminster from the original manuscript edited by S W Carruthers
81984: BURGESS N - Into deep water: experience of curates in the Church of England
52043: BURGESS F - English choir book for morning services
28769: BURGESS F - English gradual (2 volumes): Part I: The plainchant of the ordinary and Part II The proper supplement
28114: BURGESS G - Gambits
34552: BURGESS R - Book of blessings and how to write your own
5463: DE BURGH W G - From morality to religion (Gifford lectures 1938)
2952: BURGHARDT W J - Idea of Catholicism: an introduction to the thought and worship of the church
52112: BURKE T - Contribution of the Abbe Paul Couturier to the week of prayer for Christian unity: a paper given at the Worcester branch of the Newman Association in unity week 2003
55004: BURKE T - Forbidden texts on the western frontier: Christian Apocrypha in North American perspectives (Proceedings from the 2013 York University Christian Apocrypha symposium
30210: BURKE T P - Major religions: an introduction with texts
2960: BURKE P - Fragile universe: essay in the philosophy of religions (Lib of Philosophy & Religion)
57019: BURKE E - Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke 8 volumes No additional UK postage. For overseas please ask for a quotation
53257: BURKE T - Ancient gospel or modern forgery: the secret gospel of Mark in debate (Proceedings form the 2011 York University Christian Apocrypha Symposium)
11776: BURKE D - Creation and evolution (When Christians disagree)
80233: BURKES S - Death in Qoheleth and Egyptian biographies of the late period (Society of Biblical literature - Dissertation series number 170)
40956: BURKITT F C - Tatian's diatessarons and the Dutch harmonies: offprint from the Journal of Theological Studies, January 1924 (Vol. XXV, No 98): notes and studies
2964: BURKITT F C - Jewish and Christian Apocalypses (Schweich Lectures)
2963: BURKITT F C - Gospel history and its transmission
31167: BURLEIGH J H S [AUGUSTINE] - Augustine: Earlier writings selected and translated with introductions (Library of Christian Classics Vol VI)
30235: BURN A E - Introduction to the Creeds and to the Te Deum
57143: BURN J H - Day book from the saints and fathers (Library of Devotion)
2973: BURNABY J - Belief of Christendom: a commentary on the Nicene creed
2978: BURNET A W - The Lord reigneth (Russell lectures for 1944 on the Book of Revelation)
40988: BURNET G - Exposition of the XXXIX articles of the Church of England
59497: BURNETT R G - Christ down east
53256: BURNETT C M - Zionism through Christian lenses: ecumenical perpectives on the promised land
46084: BURNETT B B - Rock that is higher than I: autobiography of the Right Rev Bill Bendyshe Burnett
47382: BURNETT F H - Kleine Lord
2983: BURNEY C F - Book of Judges: with introduction and notes
2986: BURNEY C F - Outlines of Old Testament theology (Oxford church text books)
40968: BURNEY C F - Israel's hope of immortality: four lectures
36642: BURNIE J - Thou shalt not...: a collection of cartoons on biblical subjects
82828: BURNS S - Art of tentmaking: making space for worship
40482: BURNS R - Poetical works of Robert Burns in two volumes
40483: BURNS R - Poetical works of Robert Burns in 3 volumes
80234: BURNS R J - Has the Lord indeed spoken only through Moses: a study of the Biblical portrait of Miriam (SBL Dissertation series 84)
38524: BURNS S - Immersed in grace: exploring baptism (Church Times Study Guides)
81997: BURRELL M - Unification Church: an outline of its history beliefs and methods (Moonies)
2997: BURRIDGE W - New physiological psychology
53562: BURRIDGE R A - John: the people's bible commentary: a bible commentary for every dat (2008 Lambeth Conference Edition)
2998: BURROUGHS E A - Way of Peace: a study of the earliest programme of Christian Life
2999: BURROUGHS E A - Way of Peace: a study of the earliest programme of Christian Life
3001: BURROWS M - Dead Sea Scrolls
3002: BURROWS M - More light on the Dead Sea Scrolls: new scrolls and new interpretations
39714: KENT C F & BURROWS M - Proverbs and didactic poems
14897: BURROWS M - Collectanea: Second Series: edited by Montagu Burrows
54488: BURSTYN J N - Song cycle
39676: BURT D X - Pilgrim God: a preacher reflects on the story of Jesus
3014: BURTCHAELL J T - Living with grace
81587: BURTON E D W - Critical and exegetical commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians (International Critical Commentary)
25821: BURTON R - Love, war and fancy: the customs and manners of the East from writings on The Arabian Nights
3015: BURTON G E - Waiting Isle
8203: BURTON R - Discipline: the path to humanity (GS13)
40971: BURTON E D - Source book for the study of the teaching of Jesus: in its historical relationships
37700: BURTON P - Saint Augustine bishop and doctor: a historical study with map
36896: BURTON M - Unfaded garland: meditations on light and silence (Title page signed by author)
45011: BURY J P T - FRANCE 1814 - 1940
46917: BUSCH W - Bilderpossen: Katze und Maus/Der Eispeter/Krischan mit der Piepe/Hansel und Gretel
26854: BUSH R C - Religion in China
52086: BUSH R W - St Athanasius: his life and times (The Fathers for English Readers)
43631: BUSHELL S - Jesus in college: being a witness for Jesus @ college
3028: BUSHELL T L - Sage of Salisbury: Thomas Chubb 1679-1747
3030: BUSIA K A - Urban churches in Britain: question of relevance (World studies of churches in mission)
33606: BUSIGNANI A - Botticelli: the life and work of the artist illustrated with 80 colour plates
61801: BUSINGER L C - LIFE OF CHRIST adapted fron the original of L C Businger by John E. Mullett
59554: BUSS M J - Biblical form criticism in its context (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 274)
40974: BUSSELL F W - Christian theology and social progress: Bampton lectures for 1905
34307: BUSSELL F W - Religious thought and heresy in the Middle Ages
31947: BUSSELL F W - School of Plato: its origin, development, and revival under the Roman Empire
24176: BUTCHER V - Taking a year off
71561: BUTCHER A - STREET CHILDREN: tragedy and challenge of the world's millions of modern day Oliver Twists
80552: BUTIN P W - Trinity (Foundations of Christian Faith
45303: BUTLER J F - Holiness of beauty
43654: BUTLER E - Rotten state of Britain: who is causing the crisis and how to solve it
3061: BUTLER J - Works of Bishop Butler in 2 vols Vol 1: Sermons charges, fragments & correspondence Vol 2: Analogy of Religion...
1165: BARON C & BUTLER A - HIV & Aids in the community:
58130: BUTLER T C - Joshua (Word Biblical Commentary Vol 7)
3067: BUTLER S - Life and letters of Dr Samuel Butler: head-master of Shrewsbury School 1798-1836 and afterwards Bishop of Lichfield, 2 vol set
3060: BUTLER J - Studies subsidiary to Works of Bishop Joseph Butler edited by William Gladstone
3053: BUTLER D G - Rejoicing in our midst: religious festivals round the world
3042: BUTLER B C - God's kingdom future or present?: Drawbridge Memorial lecture 1977
3041: BUTLER B & T - Just mission
3040: BUTLER A J - Dante: his times and his work
3038: BUTLER A - Peoples Edition of the Lives of the Saints (in 12 parts this is Part XI)
3037: BUTLER A - Lives of the Fathers Martyrs and other principal Saints: (5 vol set) [cover title 'Butler's lives of the Saints']
54927: BUTLER B & T - Just spirituality in a world of faiths
51879: BUTLER J - Works of Joseph Butler containing Analogy of Religion and Sixteen celebrated sermons [title page of sermons reads ""Fifteen sermons preached at the Rolls Chapel to which are added six sermons preached on public occasions
30148: BUTLER W V - Winston Churchill: never surrender (Twentieth Century People)
3045: BUTLER C - Ante-Nicene Christianity: studies in comparitive religion
54926: BUTLER B - Open hands: reconciliation justice and peace work around the world
82795: BUTLER J - The Red Dean of Canterbury: the public and private faces of Hewlett Johnson
33062: BUTLER A - Lives of Patron Saints edited and with additional material by Michael Walsh
41376: BUTLER C et al - Towards unity in truth: a series of lectures given during Lent 1981 in Westminster Abbey by Christopher Butler, Henry Chadwick, Alan Clark, Edward Knapp-fisher and Robert Runcie
82457: BUTLER J T et al - Understanding the Word: essays in honor of Bernhard W Anderson (JSOTSS37)
58530: BUTLER J - Human nature and other sermons
27678: BUTLER A - Everyman's dictionary of dates
3073: BUTTERFIELD P D - How to make your confession: primer for members of the C of E
55372: BUTTERWORTH J - Reality of God: essays in honour of Tom Baker, Dean of Worcester, 1975 - 1986
3077: BUTTERWORTH G W - Church and Christian Science
3078: BUTTERWORTH G W - Church and Spiritualism
3079: BUTTERWORTH G W - Churches, sects and religious parties
26163: BUTTERWORTH - Butterworths house style guide
61822: BUTTERWORTH R - SPIRIT IN ACTION: papers read at the Second Catholic Dogma Course, Roehampton, 1967
3087: BUTTRICK G A - So we believe so we pray
3083: BUTTRICK D - Homiletic: moves and structures
38060: BUTTRICK D - Captive voice: the liberation of preaching
47769: BUXTEHUDE D [Ed M Dupre] - Fugue en UT majeure [Antholgie des maitres classiques de l'orgue]
3089: BUXTON E D - Prayer + Plus: prayers linked with Bible verses
3091: BUXTON R F - Eucharist and institution narrative: a study in the Roman and Anglican traditions of the consecration of the eucharist from the eighth to the twentieth centuries (Alcuin Club Collection no.58)
3092: BUXTON W - Anecdotes & Illustrations for Pulpit Use
43489: BUXTON G - Celebrating Life: beyond the sacred-secular divide (Faith in an Emerging Culture)
56963: BUYUKKOLANCI M - Life and monument of St John
29236: BUZAN T - Master your memory
23149: BUZAN T - Speed reading book
33619: BYFIELD M - Dolls' house dolls 1850-1900
39683: BYINGTON E H - Puritan in England and New England
3096: BYRD W - Mass for four voices: edited by Edmund H.Fellowes
3102: BYRNE L - Women before God
3099: BYRNE L - Sharing the vision: creative encounters between religious and lay life
3098: BYRNE L - Hidden journey: missionary heroines in many lands
28866: BYRNE J - Threshold of God's promise: an introduction to the Catholic Pentecostal Movement
80948: BRIERLEY M W & BYRNE G A - Life after tragedy: essays on faith and the First World War evoked by Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy
4609: COGGLE B J & BYRNES J P K - Christian social ethics
3110: BYROM J - Prayer the Passion of Love (FP 79)
3109: BYROM J - Prayer the passion of love
80223: BYRON R - First Russia then Tibet
67020: KOCH George Byron - COUNTRY-PARSONS ADVICE TO HIS PARISHONERS: a serious exhortation to a religious and virtuous life, last published 1680, now edited, revised and updated by G B Koch
46266: GRACE D & BYRON B - Thomas More: essays on the icon
48681: BYRON - Poetical works of Lord Byron
26856: BYWORTH C et al - Joining God's church: an introduction to 'On the way' (GW134)
8305: BYWORTH C - Using the Bible in Worship (GLS 11)
3121: CADBURY H J - Making of Luke-Acts
24665: CADBURY H J - National ideals in the Old Testament
39681: CADMAN W H - Last journey of Jesus to Jerusalem: its purpose in the light of the Synoptic Gospels
27797: CADOGAN J - Getting into exam survival
3124: CADORETTE C ET AL - Liberation theology: an introductory reader
81953: CADORETTE C et al - Liberation theology: an introductory reader
26169: CADOT O et al - European casebook on industrial and trade policy
29972: CADOUX A T - New orthodoxy of Jesus and personality
23906: CADOUX A T - Thought of St James
51341: CADOUX A T - Gospel that Jesus preached: and the Gospel for today
3129: CAFFAREL H - Body at prayer: an introduction
18599: CAHN Z - Philosophy of Judaism: the development of Jewish thought throughout the ages, the Bible, the Talmud, the Jewish philosophers, and the Cabala until the present time
3132: CAIGER S L - Lives of the Prophets: a thousand years of Hebrew prophecy reviewed in its historical context
3134: CAILLIET E - Clue to pascal (RBC 40)
48389: CAIN E - Grass grows by itself: meditating gently for self-acceptance
43543: CAIN M - Real life Jesus: meaning, freedom, purpose
56557: CAINE H - Master of man: the story of sin
50108: CAIRD G B - Language and imagery of the Bible
3148: CAIRD J - Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
3149: CAIRD J - University Sermons: preached before the University of Glasgow 1873-1898
3137: CAIRD E - Lay sermons & addresses delivered in the Hall of Balliol College, Oxford
34364: CAIRD E - Evolution of theology in the Greek philosophers (in two volumes) (Gifford lectures, Glasgow, sessions 1900-1 & 1901-2)
82393: CAIRD G B - New Testament theology completed and edited by L D Hurst
3136: CAIRNCROSS H - Ritual Notes: a comprehensive guide to the Rites and Ceremonies of the BCP of the English Church
3156: CAIRNS D S - Riddle of the World
3155: CAIRNS D S - Riddle of the World
59028: CAIRNS E E - Saints and society: the social impact of eighteenth century English revivals and its contemporary relevance
3152: CAIRNS D - Gospel without myth?: Bultmann's challenge to the preacher (Preacher's Library)
3157: CAIRNS W T - Religion of Dr Johnson and other essays
56556: CAIRNS D - David Cairns an autobiography
44535: TEASDALE W & CAIRNS G - Community of religions: voices and images of the parliament of the world's religions
12861: CAIRNS D S - Life and times of Alexander Robertson MacEwen professor of Church History, New College, Edinburgh
44855: CAIRNS I - Word and presence: commentary on the book of Deuteronomy (International theological commentary)
82339: CALAMARI B - Bible Companion [UK POSTAGE 4.50. Please request quotation for overseas]
38094: DOVE A & CALDWELL C - Out of the ordinary: calligraphy and meditations
3165: CALDWELL T - Wide House
3166: CALIAN C S - Where's the passion for excellence in the church?: shaping discipleship through ministry and theological education
56870: CALLAHAN D - Honesty in the church
61873: CALLAHAN D - GOD, JESUS AND SPIRIT: a symposium
54319: CALLAWAY G - Godfrey Callaway: Missionary in Kaffraria 1892 - 1942 his life and writings
3172: CALLOUD J - Structural analysis of narrative (Semeia Supplement 4)
46685: CALMETTE J - Dernieres etapes du moyen age francais
29085: CALNES R - Too many people (World in crisis series 1)
27270: CALTHORPE S J G - Cadogan's Crimea: illus G Cadogan
74199: CALVER C et al - Guide to evangelism
27983: TEARE R & CALVER S - Consumer marketing: a resource-based approach for the hospitality and tourism industries
44303: CALVER C - Dying to live: the paradox of the crucified life
31104: CALVERT M - God to enfold me: praying in the Celtic tradition
51160: CALVERT S et al - Going soft on cannabis
3176: CALVET J - L'Abbe Gustave Morel [English Text]
3186: CALVIN J - On God and man: selections from ""Institututes of the Christian religion"" ed by FW Strothmann
35332: CALVIN J - Commentary on the Psalms in four volumes (VOLUME I ONLY) (I-XXXIII)
57516: CALVIN J - Commentaries on the Book of Joshua translated from the original Latin and collated with the French edition
61884: CALVIN J - EZEKIEL I (Chapters 1-12) (Calvin's Old Testament Commentaries 18)
61885: CALVIN J - DANIEL I (Chapters 1-6) (Calvin's Old Testament Commentaries 20)
3181: CALVIN J - Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Hebrews and the first and second epistles of St Peter editors DW Torrance & TF Torrance
58848: CALVIN J - Commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles (2 volume set)
58849: CALVIN J - Commentaries on the Epistles to Timothy Titus and Philemon
58850: CALVIN J - Sermons from Job
57510: CALVIN J - Minor Prophets: Commentary 6
54256: CALVIN J - Calvin's commentaries: 7 The Gospels
61887: CALVIN J - Acts of the Apostles (2 volumes): Vol 1 1 - 13 and Vol 2 14 - 28 (Calvin's commentaries)
80735: CALVIN J - Calvin's tracts and treatises (3 volume set): Vol 1 On the reformation of the church; Vol 2 On the doctrine and worship of the church; Vol 3 In defence of the reformed faith Books weigh over 2 kilos so please ask for a quote for postage
23776: CALVIN J - Librum Psalmorum commentarius ad editionem Amstelodamsem accuratissme exscribi curavit A Tholuck (2 vols) Berolini,Gustavum Eichler/London
34081: CALVIN J - First epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians trans J W Fraser editors D W & T F Torrance (Calvin's Commentaries)
39223: CALVIN J - Minor Prophets: Commentary 6
39224: CALVIN J - Ezekiel and Daniel: Commentary 5:
57509: CALVIN J - Ezekiel and Daniel: Calvin's Commentaries 5:
51540: CALVIN J - Jeremiah 32:21 - Ezekiel (Calvin's Commentaries 6)
51539: CALVIN J [T H L PARKER] - Gospel according to St John (2 volumes): Vol 1 1 - 10 Vol 2 11 - 21 and the first epistle of John (Calvin's commentaries) [extra overseas postage required - two books]
26663: CALVO M A et al - Aventure Prets Methode de francais (livre photocopiable)
3189: CAMARA H - Conversion of a Bishop: an interview with Jose de Broucker
37670: CAMARA H - Desert is fertile
80899: BAEZ-CAMARGO G - Archaeological commentary on the Bible
3191: CAMBELL R J - New Theology
47113: CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge History of the Bible volumes 1, 2, 3 [complete set]
25353: UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge first certificate: examination practice 2
72103: SMITH-CAMERON I - Pilgrimage: an exploration into God
39614: CAMERON G G - Scots Kirk in London
54924: CAMILLE A - Rosary: mysteries of joy light sorrow and glory
23200: CAMILLERI J A - States, markets and civil society in Asia Pacific; The political economy of the Asia-Pacific region, Volume one
82311: CAMP J - Discovering bells and bellringing
82478: CAMPBELL D A - Framing Paul: an epistolary biography
44287: CAMPBELL J M - Being Biblical: how can we use the bible in constructing ethics today?
37225: CAMPBELL R J - Life of the world to come
41700: CAMPBELL J E - Varied harmonies to well-known hymn tunes: for unison singing
58846: CAMPBELL I - Peace in believing: a memoir of Isabella Campbell of Fernicarry, Rosneath, Dumbartonshire
23456: CAMPBELL D A - Call to serve: biblical and theological perspectives on ministry in honour of Bishop Penny Jamieson
54614: CAMPBELL W H - Lessons on the Apostles' Creed
22317: CAMPBELL E - Fabulous gift; inspirations on silence and solitude
3209: CAMPBELL A - Listen for a change: making marriage work
3211: CAMPBELL A V - Dictionary of pastoral care (NLPC)
61910: CAMPBELL M - HENRY PURCELL: glory of his age
37223: CAMPBELL D - Puritan in Holland, England, and America: an introduction to American history, in two volumes
52443: CAMPBELL O W - Shelley and the unromantics
51959: CAMPBELL R J - Thomas Arnold
3218: CAMPBELL A V - Rediscovering pastoral care
80268: CAMPBELL B L - Honor, shame and the rhetoric of 1 Peter (SBL Dissertation Series 160)
74166: CAMPBELL C L - Preaching Jesus: new directions for homiletics in Hans Frie's Postliberal Theology
58418: CAMPBELL R J - Christianity and the social order
61904: CAMPBELL C A - PHILOSOPHICAL LECTURE NOTES (for the use of students in the Logic Ordinary Class at Glasgow University)
3239: CAMPBELL T - Specimens of the British Poets: with biographical and critical notices and an essay on English poetry
3236: CAMPBELL R J - Livingstone
36039: CAMPELL J - Three New Testament studies republished & presented to him by his friends
3244: CAMPENHAUSEN H von - Tradition and life in the Church: essays and lectures in Church History
24676: CAMPENHAUSEN H von - Virgin birth in the theology of the ancient church (Studies in Historical Theology 2)
82449: CAMPENHAUSEN H von - Fathers of the Latin church
82450: CAMPENHAUSEN H von - Fathers of the Greek Church
61919: CAMPION C T - ALBERT SCHWEITZER: Theologian, Philosopher,Musician, Doctor
56192: BAUM G & CAMPION D R - [Commentary] De ecclesia in mundo huius temporis: Pastoral constitution on the church in the modern world promulgated by Pope Paul VI December 7, 1965
41737: CAMPLING C - Food of love: reflections on music and faith
3254: CAMUS J P - Spirit of St Francois De Sales: edited and newly translated with an introduction by C F Kelley (Inner Life Series)
61928: ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA - MORE THAN WORDS: a resource book for parish education
484: ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA - Book of Alternative Services
81835: ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA - An Anglican basis for inter-faith encounters
58842: CANDLISH R S - Exposition of I John
33878: DE CANDOLE - Helps to preaching at the Parish Communion
83271: CANER D F - History and Hagiography from the Late Antique Sinai (Translated Texts for Historians Volume 53)
30974: CANFIELD J et al - Chicken soup for the Christian family soul: stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit
3258: CANHAM E - Praying the bible
3259: CANHAM E D - Commitment to freedom: the story of the Christian Science Monitor
3260: CANICE Fr - Mary: a study of the mother of God
47338: CANNAN J - Hamish
30953: CANNAN E - Churches of the South Atlantic Islands: 1502-1991
51260: CANNAN E - Review of economic theory
82666: CANNAN E - Churches of the South Atlantic Islands 1502-1991
51887: CANNE J - Necesssity of separation from the Church of England proved by the Nonconformists' principles edited for the Hanserd Knollys Society by Charles Stovel
24880: CANNING A S G - Macaulay essayist and historian
81058: CANNON M E - Land full of God: Christian perspectives on the Holy Land
3265: CANT R - Christian Prayer
3267: CANTON W - Childs book of Saints (EL)
80265: CANTOR P A - Creature and creator: myth-making and English romanticism
48235: BROOKE J & CANTOR G - Reconstructing nature: engagement of science and religion (Gifford lectures)
37263: CAPES W W - Roman history: the early empire from the assassination of Julius Caesar to that of Domitian (Epochs of Ancient History)
59044: ADAMS D & APOSTOLOS-CAPPADONA D - Art as religious studies
3282: CAPRIO B - Experiments in prayer
37265: CAPRIO B - Experiments in growth (spiritual growth, that is)
3283: CAPRON F H - Anatomy of truth
58152: MARRYAT Captain [Frederick] - Peter Simple in three volumes [bound as two] illustrated edition [R W Buss]
83331: CAPUTO J D - Folly of God: a theology of the unconditional
3285: CARAMAN P - Saint Angela: the life of Angela Merici Foundress of the Ursulines (1474-1540)
55444: CARBERRY J J C - Mary queen and mother: marian pastoral reflections
56553: CARDEN A - Puritan Christianity in America: religion and life in seventeenth century Massachusetts
72622: SUHARD Cardinal - RESPONSIBLE CHURCH: selected texts ...compiled by Olivier de la Brosse
33042: WISEMAN Cardinal - Real presence of the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the blessed Eucharist, proved from scripture
82032: WISEMAN Cardinal - Real presence of the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the blessed Eucharist, proved from scripture
37266: CARDWELL E - Two books of common prayer set forth by authority of Parliament in reign of King Edward Sixth compared with each other
33940: CARDWELL R - Twenty masses for under-twelves
42070: CARDWELL R - Helping children to pray
3298: CARDWELL R - Fifteen celebrations for under twelves: family services for school and parish
3300: CAREERS - Careers in Library / Information Services your questions and answers
26263: CAREERS - Careers in languages your questions and answers
3299: CAREERS - Careers in Complementary Medicine your questions and answers
51094: CAREY K - Starseed transmissions
58843: CAREY W - Enquiry into the obligation of Christians to use means for the conversion of the heathen
21968: CAREY G - Gate of glory
23101: CAREY D - Medical negligence litigation
3319: CAREY W - Conversion, catholicism, and the English Church
3321: CAREY W - Good-bye to my generation
35336: CAREY G - My journey, your journey: the Archbishop of Canterbury, with Simon Mayo, Lord Soper, and many others, explores the Christian faith
3322: CAREY W - Sin, suffering and sorrow
3331: CAREY W J - Prayer and some of its difficulties
3324: CAREY W J - Have you understood Christianity
3308: CAREY G - New Archbishop Speaks
3326: CAREY W J - Life in Grace
3327: CAREY W J - My ideals of religion
61970: CAREY G - BIBLE FOR EVERDAY LIFE: levant to life in today's world
82005: CAREY G - Bridge or cul-de-sac? the role of the Anglican Communion in world-wide Christianity (Nineteenth annual lecture)
43736: CARKHUFF R R - Art of helping
3334: CARLETON J G - Prayer book psalter with intro & marginal notes (arranged in parallel columns)
44199: CARLEY K W - Book of the Prophet Ezekiel (Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible)
23854: CARLEY K W - Ezekiel among the Prophets: a study of Ezekiel's place in prophetic tradition (SBT 2/31)
57954: CARLILE W & CARLILE V W - Continental outcast: land colonies and poor law relief
49512: CARLISLE T J - Eve and after: Old Testament women in portrait
82536: PEEL A & CARLSON L H - Cartwrightiana (Elizabethan nonconformist texts volume 1)
56552: CARLTON C - Charles I: the personal monarch
45102: CARLTON C - Charles I: the personal monarch
59125: CARLYLE T - Life of John Sterling
55449: CARLYLE T - Past and present (World's Classics)
60754: BARTLET J V & CARLYLE A J - CHRISTIANITY IN HISTORY: study of religious development
52709: CARLYLE T - Critical and miscellaneous essays: collected and republished by Thomas Carlyle in five volumes, volume III and IV only
57820: CARMELITE - Mount Carmel: a review of the spiritual life - vocations issue (Vol 60 No2 April - June 2012) a quarterly review of the spiritual life by the Teresian Carmelites of the Anglo-Irish Province
56867: CARMEN - Spellbound
82307: CARMICHAEL A [HAZARD] - I come quietly to meet you: an intimate jouney in God's presence devotional readings arranged by David Hazard
3338: CARMICHAEL J - Short history of the Russian Revolution
43782: CARMODY D L - Responses to 101 questions about feminism
30086: CARNEGY P - Christianity revalued: a selection from articles which first appeared in The Times (authors include R C Zaehner, F R Barry, C F D Moule, H A Williams, Kenneth Leech)
3341: CARNEIRO F L L et al - International Offshore Engineering proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Offshore Engineering held at COPPE Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil Sept 1995
25329: ASKEW S & CARNELL E - Transforming learning: individual and global change
57977: CARNELL E J - Burden of Soren Kierkegaard
24519: CARNELL G - Bishops of Peterborough 1541-1991
28045: ASKEW S & CARNELL E - Transforming learning: individual and global change
3342: CARNEY M - Score of saints
3343: CARNLEY P - Structure of resurrection belief
3372: CARPENTER W B - Truth in Tale: addresses chiefly to children
3354: CARPENTER J E - Life in Palestine when Jesus lived: a short handbook to the first three gospels
3363: CARPENTER S C - Church in England 597-1688
44625: CARPENTER E - Cantuar: the Archbishops in their Office
26851: CARPENTER E - Archbishop Fisher: his life and times
29298: CARPENTER J E - Johannine writings: a study of the Apocalypse and the Fourth Gospel
58420: CARPENTER S C - Church and politics
23941: CARPENTER E - Common sense about Christian ethics
24523: CARPENTER J E - Theism in medieval India (Hibbert lectures 1919)
56255: CARPENTER S C - Parson's defence
3371: CARPENTER W B - Thoughts on prayer
37615: CARPENTER S C - House of pilgrimage: sermons preached in the Temple Church
3353: CARPENTER J - Gore: a study in liberal Catholic thought
3365: CARPENTER S C - Eighteenth Century Church and People
40986: CARPENTER J E - Bible in the nineteenth century: eight lectures
42328: CARPENTER S C - Duncan-Jones of Chichester
36392: CARPENTER H J et al - I will run the way of thy Commandments (Composite presentation of sermon notes on the ten Commandments, Oxford 1956)
3348: CARPENTER E - Cantuar: the Archbishops in their Office
3362: CARPENTER S C - Church and people, 1789 - 1889: a history of the Church of England from William Wilberforce to ""Lux Mundi""
3382: CARR W - Ministry and the media
3383: CARR W - Pastor as theologian: the integration of pastoral ministry, theology and discipleship
80264: CARR D M - From D to Q: a study in early Jewish interpretations of Solomon's dream at Gibeon (Society of Biblical Literature Monograph Series)
54208: CARR B - What Australia means to me
62005: CARR S - DOWN TO EARTH: Christian Agriculture in Nigeria
55915: CARR W et al - New dictionary of pastoral studies
62004: CARR O C Jr - JESUS, DOLLARS AND SENSE: effective stewardship guide for clergy and lay readers
59508: CARR W - Brief encounters: pastoral ministry through baptisms, weddings and funerals (New Library of Pastoral Care)
48650: CARR W - History of Germnay 1815 - 1945
23909: CARR A - Horae Biblicae: short studies in the Old & New Testaments
3377: CARR H W - Philosophy of Benedetto Croce: the problem of art and history
3378: CARR J - St Clement, C.S.S.R.: patron of Vienna (1751-1820)
3384: CARR W - Priestlike task: a model for developing and training the Church's ministry
3373: CARR A - Church and the Roman Empire
3374: CARR A E - Transforming grace: Christian tradition and women's experience
28300: WALKER A & CARRAS C - Living orthodoxy in the modern world
46163: PETERMAN M B & CARRASQUILLO R - Production of high strength concrete
62010: CARRE A M - BAPTIZED IN CHRIST translated by S Wyn Griffiths
49905: CARRETTO C [Baird-Smith] - Selections from his writings arranged for daily reading (Modern spirituality series)
3390: CARRETTO C - Blessed are you who believed
82298: CARRETTO C - Why O Lord?: the inner meaning of suffering
51844: CARRETTO C - Desert dans la ville
51845: CARRETTO C - Au-dela des choses (Temoignages 13)
3389: CARRETTO C - And God saw that it was good
3401: CARRETTO C - Love is for living: trans by Jeremy Moiser
43751: CARRIER E T - Unveiled heart: Private prayers of the late Rev. Walter James
3406: CARRINGTON W L - Healing of marriage: a practical handbook of marriage counselling
30630: CARRINGTON P - According to Mark: a running commentary on the oldest gospel
35881: CARRINGTON P - Early Christian church: Volume I: The first Christian century
3410: CARRITHERS M et al - Founders of faith
58582: CARRITHERS M - Buddha (Past Masters)
47995: CARROL L - Alice au pays des merveilles
3420: CARROLL R P - Wolf in the sheepfold: the bible as a problem for Christianity
45741: CARROLL R P - When prophecy failed: reactions and responses to failure in the Old Testament prophetic traditions
3415: CARROLL L - Hunting of the Snark: an agony in eight fits
58922: CARROLL R P - Radical clashes of will and style: recent commentary writing on the Book of Jeremiah (JSOT 45 (1989) 99 - 114)
3416: CARROLL L - Phantasmagoria: and other poems
44887: CARROLL L - Through the looking glass: and what Alice found there
36578: CARROLL R P - Jeremiah: a commentary (Old Testament Library)
47738: CARROLL W - Twelve studies for pianoforte
59469: LAWSON G & CARSON A - Expositions of Ruth and Esther and God's providence unfolded in Esther
58844: CARSON D A - Farewell discourse and final prayer of Jesus: an exposition of John 14 - 17
43369: CARSON D A - Collected writings on scripture
3429: CARSWELL C - Savage pilgrimage: a narrative of DH Lawrence
81999: CARTER C S - Hospitality or exclusion? the significance of the Confirmation Rubric
3442: CARTER T T - Life and Letters of Thomas Thellusson Carter: Warden of the House of Mercy, Clewer Hon Canon of Christ Church, Oxford and for thirty-six years rector of Clewer
58419: CARTER H - Church and the new age
57782: CARTER C E - Emergence of Yehud in the Persian period: a social and demographic study
59503: CARTER H - Methodist: a study in discipleship
3441: CARTER T T - Lent Lectures: delivered at All Saints' Margaret Street 1860 to 1866
3439: CARTER T T - Harriet Monsell: A Memoir
12080: CARTER S [arr C Bolton] - Lord of the Dance: SATB arranged by Cecil Bolton
3430: CARTER C S - English church in the eighteenth century
3433: CARTER H - Methodist: a study in Discipleship
38889: GORDON-CARTER G - Amazing journey: the Church of England's response to institutional racism: a report on the development of the Committee for Minority Ethnic Concerns (CMEAC), the former Committee on Black Anglican Concerns (CBAC). A personal perspective... (GSMisc 702)
82522: CARTER W - Matthew and the margins: a socio-political and religious reading (JSNTSS 204)
50787: CARTER S - St Andrew's: the story of a bookshop 1957 - 1997
57327: CYPRIAN ST Bishop of Carthage - Treatises of S Caecilius Cyprian translated with notes and indices [bound with] Epistles of S Cyprian with the Council of Carthage on the Baptism of Heretics to which are added the extant works of S Pacian, Bp of Barcelona with notes and indices (Library of the Fathers...)
36104: CYPRIAN St Bp of Carthage - Treatises of S Caecilius Cyprian translated with notes and indices (Library of Fathers...)
56527: CARTHUSIAN - Call of silent love: Cathusian novice conferences
28974: CARTHUSIAN - From Advent to Pentecost: Carthusian Novice Conferences tr by C Brett
19587: CARTHUSIAN - Prayer of love and silence trans by a monk of Parkminster
41503: CARUANA S - Notes on alcohol and alcoholism
53589: CARWARDINE R - Trans-atlantic revivalism: popular evangelicalism in Britain and America 1790-1865
58439: CARY P - Jonah (SCM theological commentary on the Bible)
58040: CARY N R - Christian criticism in the twentieth century: theological appraoches to literature
62051: CARY L - MYSTERIES OF CHRIST (Fairacres Publications 84)
41256: CASE S J - Studies in Early Christianity
83409: CASEMENT P - On learning from the patient
44478: CASEY M - Aramaic sources of Mark's Gospel (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series 102)
57606: CASEY M - Aramaic approach to Q: sources for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke (Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series 122)
82437: CASEY G - Night Horizons
24054: CASH W W - Missionary church: a study in the contribution of modern missions to Oecumenical Christianity
3466: CASSAN S H - Lives and memoirs of the Bishops of Sherborne and Salisbury: from the year 705-1824 Rivingtons 1824 366pp half leather binding onto marbled boards rubbed with wear on edges and slight fraying at head/tail of spine
3467: CASSELL - German and English Dictionary
58350: CASSELL - Cassell's children's book of knowledge (set consisting of volumes 1 - 7 plus index) [no additional postage for UK: oveseas please ask for quotation]
3468: CASSERLEY J V L - Apologetics and evangelism
80261: CASSIDY R J - Society and politics in the Acts of the Apostles
49856: CASSIDY M - Prisoners of hope
30421: CASSIDY S - Light from the dark valley: reflections on suffering and the care of the dying
54006: CASSIDY J F - Glad man of God: St Philip Neri
49864: CASSIDY M - Passing summer: a South African's response to white fear, black anger and the politics of love
26007: CASSON M - Enterprise and competitiveness: a systems view of international business
40671: CASTEEL J L - Spiritual renewal through personal groups: edited with an introduction and interpretation
3480: CASTEEL J L - Rediscovering Prayer
80260: CASTEL F - History of Israel and Judah in Old Testament times
40152: CASTEL F - ""Dio Disse..."": I primi undici capitoli della Genesi: parola di Dio, miti dell'Antico Oriente e tradizioni d'Israele
54260: CASTELLI E A - Imitating Paul: a discourse of power
3481: CASTELLI J - Bishops and the bomb: waging peace in the nuclear age with the text of the Bishops' 1983 Pastoral Letter
54983: CASTELO D - Confessing the Triune God (Wesleyan Doctrine Series 3)
62085: CASTLE T - YOUNG PEOPLES MASS BOOK: the complete Order of Mass together with the three eucharistic prayers for children
62077: CASTLE T - TREASURY OF CHRISTIAN WISDOM two thousand years of Christian lives and quotations
34004: CASTLE A - More quotes and anecdotes: the essential reference for preachers and teachers
35751: CASTLE B - Unofficial God?: voices from beyond the walls
38897: CASTLE T - Pastoral handbook
3485: CASTLE T - Basil Hume: A Portrait
3482: CASTLE A - More quotes and anecdotes: an anthology for parish & school
3489: CASTLEY P - Day by day through Lent
41314: GOLDSCHMIEDEKUNST CATALOGUE - Goldschmiedekunst: des 18. Jahrhunderts in Augsburg und Munchen
3490: CATALOGUE - Catalogue of British Official publications not published by H M S O 1994
82007: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE [BOATSWAIN T] - Byzantine world A.D. 330-1453 Chichester District Museum 11th July - 30th September 1978
54261: CATCHPOLE D - Quest for Q
50794: CATCHPOLE D - Resurrection people: studies in the resurrection narratives of the Gospels
45315: CATCHPOLE D - Jesus people: the historical Jesus and the beginnings of community
49449: WOODWARD B B & CATES W L R - Encyclopaedia of chronology: historical and biographical
51956: WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - Winchester Cathedral record 2008 No 77
51564: LIVERPOOL CATHEDRAL - Affirmations of those who call themselves Christian being the form and order of an act of worship: broadcast in the empire programme of the BBC 6 June 1937
56215: WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - Winchester Cathedral record 2006 No 75
59014: COVENTRY CATHEDRAL - Arts in Coventry Cathedral
54840: SALISBURY CATHEDRAL - Cathderal 750 [Salisbury Cathedral]
20573: WELLS CATHEDRAL - Wells Cathedral Chapter Act book 1666-83 ed with intro DS Bailey
41082: SALISBURY CATHEDRAL - Enthronement on Friday 24th May 1963 at 3.0 pm of the Right Reverend Joseph Edward Fison, DD, Lord Bishop of Salisbury + election papers
80076: LINCOLN CATHEDRAL - Statuta ecclesiae cathedralis lincolniensis
40635: CATHEDRAL - Cathedral Psalter: containing the Psalms of David: together with the Canticles and proper psalms pointed for chanting and set to appropriate chants [4vo edition Organ edition]
3494: CATHEDRALS - Cathedrals and Abbeys of Britain
47955: CATHER W - My mortal enemy (Virago modern classics)
64095: FOX Catherine - SCENES FROM VICARAGE LIFE or the joy of Sexagesima
71215: RUHLAND Catherine von - LOUDER THAN WORDS: an A-Z of Christian social action
28278: CATHERWOOD F - It can be done: the real heroes of the inner city
81920: ANGLICAN-ROMAN CATHOLIC - Gift of authority: authority in the Church III: an agreed statement by the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC)
23948: ANGLICAN ROMAN CATHOLIC - Three agreed statements of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission: Eucharistic doctrine, Ministry & Ordination, Authority in the Church
47452: ANGLICAN-ROMAN CATHOLIC - Mary: grace and hope in Christ
19350: CATHOLICISM - Catholicism to-day: letters reprinted from the Times with a special article and a leading article
62107: CATOIR J T - CATHOLICS AND BROKEN MARRIAGES [pastoral possibilities of annulment, dissolution, the Internal Forum]
28455: MOORE J & CATRON J - Pre-twentieth century short stories
23583: CATT H - Voting behavious: a radical critique
30905: CAUDWELL I - Ceremonies of holy church: simple explanations
40966: CAUDWELL I - Damien: the leper saint: 1840-1889 [Joseph de Veuster]
42150: CAUJOLLE M - Discover Lourdes English text lavishly illustrated in colour
54919: CAUSSADE J-P de - Fire of divine love
82773: CAUSSADE J-P de - Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence including also 'Spiritual letters' 'Ordeals of souls' 'Comfort in ordeals' & 'Spiritual counsels' trans from standard French edition of R H Ramiere by A Thorold, newly ed by J Joyce, with intro by D Knowles (Orchard Book)
57188: CAUSSADE J P de - Self abandonment to divine providence (also known as abandonment to divine providence) and letters of Father de Caussade on the practice of self-abandonment
44793: CAVAIGNAC E - Hittites (L'Orient ancien illustre 3)
10361: CAVALLINI G - Catherine of Siena (Outstanding Christian Thinkers)
62114: CAVANAGH J R - Fundamental pastoral counseling: technic and psychology [dustwrapper - counselling]
3635: CAVE S - Christianity and some living religions of the East (ST)
3634: CAVE S - Christian way: a study of N T ethics in relation to present problems
3637: CAVE S - Doctrines of the Christian faith
41603: CAVENDISH G - Life and death of Cardinal Wolsey ed Richard S Sylvester (EETS 243)
41883: CAVENDISH G - Life of Cardinal Wolsey and metrical visions from the original autograph manuscript with notes and other illustrations by Samuel Weller Singer in two volumes
53586: CAVINESS M H - Windows of Christ Church Cathedral Canterbury: corpus vitrearum medii aevi (Great Britain Volume II) No additional charge for UK postage
24513: CAWLEY F - Transcendence of Jesus Christ: a study of the unique features of his person...ref fourth gospel
74245: CAWTHORNE N - Victory in World War II: the allies defeat of the axis forces
62121: CAYCE C T & L - LOVE RELATIONSHIPS: a moving sea
80215: CAYROU G - Francais classique: lexique de la langue du dix-septieme siecle expliquant d'apres les dictionnaires du temps et les remarques des grammaires le sens et l'usage des mots aujourd'hui vieillis ou differemment employes
43750: COCHRANE CC - Gospel according to Genesis
14878: CECIL D - Oxford book of Christian verse
45150: CECIL D - Max: a biography
61005: BEVAN Cecilia - BOOK OF CATHOLIC PRAYERS compiled by Cecilia Bevan, page decorations by Elizabeth Atthill, wood engraving by Ken Thompson
81939: ST. CECILIA'S ABBEY [Ryde, Isle of Wight] - St. Benedict and the Isle of Wight: a history of the Nuns
23107: EUROPEAN PROCESS SAFETY CENTRE - Atmospheric dispersion
3652: CERAM C W - Picture history of archaeology
47119: CERAM C W - World of archaeology: pioneers tell their own story
54918: CERESKO A R - Introduction to Old Testament wisdom: a spirituality for liberation
62129: CERFAUX L - APOSTLE AND APOSTOLATE according to the Gospel of St Matthew
3656: CERFAUX L - Four Gospels: an historical intro, the oral tradition; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the apocryphal gospels
40179: CERFAUX L et al - L'Attente du Messie (Recherches Bibliques)
62136: CERULLO M - WHY DO THE RIGHTEOUS SUFFER?: when the real will of God is known, it becomes our reasoning power. This book is complete with a special anointed prayer cloth for personal ministry
38900: RUANE J M & CERULO K A - Second thoughts: seeing conventional wisdom through the sociological eye
82829: CHADWICK O - Spirit of the Oxford movement: tractarian essays
82579: CHADWICK O - Victorian Church: Part I and II - 2 Volume Set [No additional UK postage. Please contact us for overseas postage]
3678: CHADWICK O - Michael Ramsey: a life
3675: CHADWICK O - Hensley Henson: a study in the friction between church and state
82582: CHADWICK O - Victorian Church: Part I and II - 2 Volume Set [No additional UK postage. Please contact us for overseas postage]
58426: CHADWICK S - Humanity and God
29690: YARNOLD E J & CHADWICK H - Truth and authority: a commentary on the agreed statement of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission Venice 1976
3686: CHADWICK O - Spirit of the Oxford movement: tractarian essays
21497: YARNOLD E J & CHADWICK H - Truth and authority: a commentary on the agreed statement of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission Venice 1976
55441: CHADWICK W E - Pastoral teaching of St Paul: his ministerial ideals
22171: CHADWICK O - Hensley Henson: a study in the friction between church and state
21881: CHADWICK O - Victorian Church: Part I and II - 2 Volume Set [No additional UK postage. Please contact us for overseas postage]
59343: CHADWICK O - Western asceticism: selected translation with introduction and notes (Library of Christian Classics, Vol XII)
24824: DILLON M & CHADWICK N K - Celtic Realms
49911: CHADWICK O - Victorian Church: Part II [1860-1901]
82925: CHADWICK O - Victorian Church: Part II [1860-1901]
3676: CHADWICK O - History of the Church: A Select Bibliography
3661: CHADWICK H - Atlas of the Christian Church [Weighs 1.6kg so will incur additional shipping costs]
82580: CHADWICK O - Victorian Church: Part I and II - 2 Volume Set [No additional UK postage. Please contact us for overseas postage]
3670: CHADWICK O - Christian Church in the Cold War (PHC 7)
3679: CHADWICK O - Mind of the Oxford Movement
58529: CHADWICK S - Way of the cross
38432: CHADWICK O - Freedom and the historian: an inaugural lecture
29005: CHADWICK C K - Wassail bough: a Christmas mystery (Parish Plays No 55)
44676: CHADWICK O - Christian unity; Peter Ainslie memorial lecture
41263: CHADWICK S - Gospel of the cross
82559: CHAFIN K L - 1, 2 Samuel (Communicator's commentary)
56859: CHAGALL M - Bilder zur bibel
36417: CHALCRAFT D J - Social-scientific Old Testament criticism (Biblical Seminar 47)
24525: CHALMERS J - James Chalmers: his autobiography & letters by Richard Lovett
57368: CHALMERS T - Application of Christianity to the commercial and ordinary affairs of life in a series of discourses
3694: CHALMERS M J - Bible stories for children: a second book
51259: CHAMBERLIN E H - The theory of monopolistic competition: a re-orientation of the theory of value
62174: CHAMBERS P F - Anthology for Lent: devotional readings for each day
62159: CHAMBERS A - Man and the spiritual world: as disclosed by the Bible
82845: CHAMBERS F - Juliana of Norwich: an introductory appreciation and an interpretative anthology
3699: CHAMBERS H A - Descant Carol Book 3: a collection of well-known carols with descants
3705: CHAMBERS P - Made in heaven?: ministry with those intending marriage (NLPC)
62158: CHAMBERS A - Thoughts of the spiritual: or Echoes from a New Forest pulpit
82000: CHAMBERS R W - Bede (Annual lecture on a Master Mind 1936)
62157: CHAMBERS A - Our self after death
41265: CHAMBERS J D - Divine worship in England in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries contrasted with and adapted to that in the nineteenth
3706: CHAMPION L G - Baptists and Unity (Star books)
3707: CHAMPION S G - Eleven Religions and their proverbial lore: a comparative study
62178: CHAMPLIN J M - Proper balance: a practical look at liturgical renewal
38288: CHAMPLIN J M - Christ present and yet to come: the priest and god's people at prayer
3708: CHAMPLIN J M - Priest and God's people at prayer: the priest in a flexible liturgy
3709: CHAMPLIN J M - Through Death to Life: preparing to celebrate the Mass of Christian Burial
38436: CHAMPLIN J - Lord is present [America's leading liturgist explains how a Catholic parish comes alive though love and mutual service]
38408: CHAMPLIN J M - Living parish: a believing, caring, praying people
80243: CHANDLER A - Latter glory of this house: a history of two Christian Commonwealths in modern Britain, 1828-1980
3712: CHANDLER A - Ara Cceli: an essay in mystical theology
3713: CHANDLER A - Cult of the Passing Moment: some suggestions towards a theory of the spiritual life
42864: CHANDLER J S - History of the Jesuit mission in Madura South India in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
51258: CHANDLER G - Four centuries of banking: as illustrated by the bankers, customers and staff associated with the constituent banks of Martins Bank Ltd: Volume 1 The Grasshopper and the Liver Bird, Liverpool and London
50881: CHANDLER R - Life of William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester; Lord High Chancellor of England in the reign of Henry VI and founder of Magdalen College Oxford
3715: CHANDOS J - In God's Name: examples of Preaching in England from the Act of Supremacy to the Act of Uniformity 1534-1662 [available to UK addresses only]

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