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796A25: Therese de Dillmont - Encyclopedia of Needlework
796A26: Therese de Dillmont - Encyclopedia of Needlework
744P4: Wentworth Dillon - The Poetical Works of the Right Honourable Wentworth Dillon Earl of Roscommon
MOD3-C-2: George Dilnot - The Lazy Detective
MOD12-H-11: George Dilnot - Tiger Lily
637C22: W. H. Dilworth - The Life of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick&Apos;S, Dublin
LTH30-I-5: Thomas Dilworth - The Young Book-Keeper&Apos;S Assistant
841F58: S. S. Van Dine - The Canary Murder Case
841P44: S. S. Van Dine - The Dragon Murder Case
803R20: S. S. Van Dine - The Garden Murder Case: A Philo Vance Story
810A71: Isak Dinesen - Last Tales
764L9: Alfred Dinsdale - Television Seeing by Wire or Wireless
704L8: Alfred Dinsdale - Television Seeing by Wire or Wireless
GEN39-D-31: Elizabeth Diplock - A Brief Statement of the Religious Experience of Miss E Diplock of Claygate Farm, Shipborne, Kent
783F20: Henry Dircks - Worcesteriana: Affording Historical, Biographical, and Other Notices Relating to Edward Somerset, Sixth Earl and Second Marquis of Worcester, Inventor of the Steam Engine; and His Immediate Family Connections.
853B52: [Rudolf Dircks] - Sir Christopher Wren A. D 1632-1723 Bicentenary Memorial Volume
783R35: Henry Dircks - The Life, Times and Scientific Labours of the Second Marquis of Worcester
622L21: Henry Dircks - The Life, Times and Scientific Labours of the Second Marquis of Worcester : To Which Is Added, a Reprint of His Century of Inventions, 1663, with a Commentary Thereon
824J13: M. Jules Nora [Directeur] - Le Rire Belge: Journal Humoristique Nos. 9 to Nos. 58
837W38: Kelly's Directories, Ltd. - Kelly&Apos;S Directory of Birmingham, Stafford, Warwick and Worcester
GEN15-F-21: David Diringer - The Illuminated Book Its History and Production
852N14: Rudolf Dirks - Sir Christopher Wren A.D. 1632-1723
MOD11-F-17: Thomas M. Disch - The Genocides
810P20: Thomas M. Disch - The Prisoner
804R31: A Disciple - In the Hours of Meditation
802F7: Robert Dismoor - Incidental Poems Accompanied with Letters, and a Few Select Pieces, Mostly Original, for Their Illustration, Together with a Preface, and a Sketch of the Author&Apos;S Life
678L7: John Disney - A Second Essay Upon the Execution of the Laws Against Immorality and Prophaneness
848G15: John Disney - Memoirs of Thomas Brand-Hollis, Esq. F.R. S. And S. A
837M19: Francis Disney; Donald L. Long - Heritage of a Prison H.M. P. Shepton Mallet 1610-1985
FGN12-C-17: Dialecticae Disputationes - Dialecticae Disputationes
746P24: Benjamin Disraeli - The Infernal Marriage
SET11-E-2: Benjamin Disraeli - The Bradenham Edition of the Novels and Tales of Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield
GEN25-F-14: Benjamin Disraeli and William Edmondstoune Aytoun - Ixion in Heaven and Endymion
816D7: Benjamin Disraeli - Lothair
850B18: Benjamin Disraeli - He Works of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield
837G32: Benjamin Disraeli; Philip Guedalla - Vivian Grey; the Young Duke; Popanilla and Other Tales; Contarini Fleming; Alroy; Henrietta Temple; Venetia; Coningsby; Sybil; Tancred; Lothair; Endymion and Falconet
807R82: Benjamin Disraeli - Disraeli&Apos;S Novels
841T32: Earl of Beaconsfield [Benjamin Disraeli] - Novels and Tales by the Earl of Beaconsfield
GEN9-C-8: Isaac Disraeli; Earl of Beaconsfield [Benjamin Disraeli] (ed.). - Amenities of Literature the "Chandos Classics" Consisting of Sketches and Characters of English Literature
681P10: Benjamin Disraeli; Philip Guedalla - The Young Duke
842B27: Benjamin Disraeli - The Bradenham Edition of the Novels and Tales of Benjamin Disraeli
842B25: Benjamin Disraeli - Sybil; or, the Two Nations
GEN34-F-3: Benjamin Disraeli - Alroy
837A12: Isaac Disraeli; B. Disraeli [ed.] - The Literary Character; or the History of Men of Genius, Drawn from Their Own Feelings and Confessions. Literary Miscellanies; and an Inquiry Into the Character of James the First
LTH16-C-13: Benjamin Disraeli; James Grant - The Young Duke: A Moral Tale, Though Gay. With Philip Rollo; or, the Scottish Musketeers
812J51: Benjamin Disraeli - Endymion
848B108: Benjamin Disraeli - Lothair
847A56: Benjamin Disraeli - The Infernal Marriage
812J5: Benjamin Disraeli - Endymion
GEN17-C-23: Right Honourable Benjamin Disraeli - Lothair
836M8: Isaac Disraeli; Benjamin Disraeli [ed] - The Calamities and Quarrels of Authors: With Some Inquiries Respecting Their Moral and Literary Characters, and Memoirs for Our Literary History.
656P6: A Dissenter - The Minister&Apos;S Reasons for His Not Reading the Kings Declaration, Friendly Debated
GEN37-C-17: A Lady of Distinction - A Guide to Matrimonial Happiness
834G54: P. H. Ditchfield - London Survivals: A Record of the Old Buildings and Associations of the City
841T86: P. H. Ditchfield - The Manor Houses of England
823B37: P H. Ditchfield - The Charm of the English Village
726P27: P. H. Ditchfield - The Story of the City Companies
785J17: P.H. Ditchfield - Vanishing England
755A9: Richard J. Diubaldo - Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic
851W37: John Dix - The Life of Thomas Chatterton
787P38: Maurice B. Dix - The Dartmoor Mystery
622M6: William Hepworth Dixon - Royal Windsor Volume I Volume II Volume IV
844M10: Major W. Broadfoot; W. J. Ford; Sydenham Dixon; et al. - Billiards
FIN1-E-13: Druid (Henry Hall Dixon) - Saddle and Sirloin: Or, English Farm and Sporting Worthies
SET33-I-1: William Hepworth Dixon - Selected Works of William Hepworth Dixon Her Majesty&Apos;S Tower, Free Russia and the Switzers
747P26: Elizabeth Isabella Georgiana Dixon - Journal of a Voyage from Sydney to London in the Barque &Apos;Standerings&Apos;
754P42: Charles Dixon - Our Rarer Birds Jottings About Birds
LTH17-E-17: William Hepworth Dixon - White Conquest
823B51: Helen Margaret Dixon - Crosspatch Marietta and Other Stories
824B46: Philip Dixon - Crickley Hill Volume One the Hillfort Defenses
803R19: Franklin W. Dixon - The Twisted Claw
848B78: William Hepworth Dixon - Robert Blake Admiral and General at Sea
LTH31-G-10: William Hepworth Dixon - Robert Blake Admiral and General at Sea
699P18: Richard Watson Dixon - Historical Odes and Other Poems
804D15: T. W. Doane - Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions
815B17: Claude Joseph Doat; H. G. Keene - The Kisses (Les Baisers) Preceded by the Month of May
758P8: Claude Joseph Doat; H. G. Keene - The Kisses (Les Baisers) Preceded by the Month of May
852T68: Michael Dobbs - The Final Cut
843A8: Michael Dobbs - Churchill&Apos;S Hour
837B11: Bertram Dobell - Sidelights on Charles Lamb
739L4: Bertram Dobell - Rosemary and Pansies
854A21: J Frank Dobie - Tongues of the Monte: The Mexico I Like
750P26: Bonamy Dobree - The Universities and Regional Life
LTH26-C-8: Austin Dobson - Collected Poems
816A75: Austin Dobson - Collected Poems
840M16: E. Dobson - A Rudimentary Treatise on Foundations and Concrete Works Containing a Synopsis of the Principal Cases of Foundation Works, with the Usual Modes of Treatment, and Practical Remarks on Footings, Timber-Planking, Sand, Concrete, and Beton, Pile-Driving, Caissons, and Cofferdams; with an Account of the New Mole Executed in Beton at the Harbour of Algiers.
617C28: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century by Austin Dobson with Fifty Illustrations by Hugh Thomson
LTH1-C-16: William T. Dobson - Royal Characters from the Works of Sir Walter Scott, Historical and Romantic
GEN2-B-3: Austin Dobson - Poems on Several Occasions
641L8: William T Dobson; Sir Walter Scott - Royal Characters from the Works of Sir Walter Scott, Historical and Romantic
843A20: Austin Dobson - Fanny Burney (Madame D&Apos;Arblay)
GEN34-D-9: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the XVIII Century
GEN21-E-22: Austin Dobson - Proverbs in Porcelain to Which Is Added &Apos;Au Revoir&Apos; a Dramatic Vignette
829B48: William Dobson - Kunopaedia: A Practical Essay on Breaking or Training the English Spaniel or Pointer
817F16: Austin Dobson - The Story of Rosina
851W21: G. Dobson; H. M. Grove; H. Stewart - Russia
843W62: Austin Dobson - The Story of Rosina and Other Verses
764P21: Austin Dobson - Collected Poems
817F15: Austin Dobson - The Story of Rosina
GEN34-D-10: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the XVIII Century
815F56: Austin Dobson - The Story of Rosina
803D4: Austin Dobson - Proverbs in Porcelain to Which Is Added &Apos;Au Revoir&Apos; a Dramatic Vignette
779R21: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
GEN36-I-10: Austin Dobson - The Story of Rosina and Other Verses
841B82: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
847A35: Austin Dobson - Thomas Bewick and His Pupils
632L2: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
GEN37-F-8: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
GEN30-E-15: Edward Dobson; Edited by Alfred B. Searle - A Rudimentary Treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks and Tiles
GEN40-C-23: Austin Dobson - The Story of Rosina and Other Verses
803D10: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
841T78: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century
815F59: Austin Dobson - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the XVIII Century
830A16: E. L. Doctorow - Novels by E.L. Doctorow
767A20: E L Doctorow - The Book of Daniel
848A50: [Stephen Dodd] - History and Description of Woburn and Its Abbey
852W8: George Dodd - Pictorial History of the Russian War 1854-5-6
637C23: Rev. William Dodd - Thoughts in Prison: In Five Parts. Viz. The Imprisonment. The Retrospect. Public Punishment. The Trial. Futurity. By the Rev. William Dodd, LL. D. To Which Are Added His Last Prayer, Written in the Night Before His Death; the Convict&Apos;S Address to His Unhappy Brethren: And Other Miscellaneous Pieces. With an Account of the Author, and a List of His Works.
LTH12-C-23: William Dodd - Thoughts in Prison
LTH7-E-4: William Dodd - The Visitor by Several Hands
702L20: George Dodd; Charles Babbage - The Curiosities of Industry and the Applied Sciences
842F31: Henry Dodd - The Handwritten Book-Keeping Records of Henry Dodd
716L2: William Dodd - Reflections on Death [with] Thoughts in Prison
LTH31-E-4: Philip Doddridge - The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul
783F9: Philip Doddridge - Some Remarkable Passages in the Life of the Honourable Col. James Gardiner, Who Was Slain at the Battle of Preston-Pans, September 21, 1745.
LTH8-F-2: P Doddridge - Family Expositor or a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament with Critical Notes
699L13: P Doddridge - The Family Expositor or a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament
LTH6-C-21: Philip Doddridge - Some Remarkable Passages in the Life of the Honourable Col. James Gardiner
838F10: James Dodds - The Fifty Years&Apos; Struggle of the Covenanters, 1638-88
829B21: James Dodds - Record of the Scottish Settlers in the River Plate and Their Churches
825A73: Walter Phelps Dodge - The Real Sir Richard Burton
841P46: David Dodge - Death and Taxes
841P5: David Dodge - Bullets for the Bridegroom
841G24: David Dodge - Angel&Apos;S Ransom
841T21: David Dodge - Hooligan
774F19: C L Dodgson; Sidney Herbert Williams; Falconer Madan; Roger Lancelyn Green - The Lewis Carroll Handbook
623P24: George Bubb Dodington; Henry Penruddocke Wyndham - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis: From March 8, 1749, to February 6, 1761. With an Appendix Containing Some Curious and Interesting Papers, Which Are Either Referred to, or Alluded to, in the Diary
852P42: George Bubb Dodington; Henry Penruddocke Wyndham - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis: From March 8, 1749, to February 6, 1761
846T28: Matilda Lees Dods - Handbook of Practical Cookery
839F8: Robert Dodsley; John Hill - The Oeconomy of Human Life
823A10: Robert Dodsley - The Economy of Human Life
823J7: Robert Dodsley - The Oeconomy of Human Life
618P14: [Robert Dodsley] - The Oeconomy of Human Life. Translated from an Indian Manuscript, Written by an Ancient Bramin. To Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Manner in Which the Said Manuscript Was Discovered. In a Letter from an English Gentlemen Now Residing in China to the Earl of E****
LTH23-C-5: Michael Dodson - The Life of Sir Michael Foster, Knt. Sometime One of the Judges of the Court of King&Apos;S Bench and Recorder of Bristol
830P12: Edward Dodwell - A Classical and Topographical Tour Through Greece, During the Years 1801, 1805, and 1806
837W14: Paul Doherty - 2012 the Straw Men
808F36: Paul Doherty - The Gates of Hell
807A50: Paul Doherty - The Plague Lord
808D8: Paul Doherty - The Death of the Red King
824A8: John Sweet Doidge - Sharpened Tools for Busy Workers
844P31: Richard Dolby - The Cook&Apos;S Dictionary, and House-Keeper&Apos;S Directory: A New Family Manual of Cookery and Confectionary, on a Plan of Ready Reference Never Hitherto Attempted
790R56: Charles Dollfus; Henri Bouche - Histoire de L&Apos;Aeronautique
790R57: Charles Dollfus; Edgar De Geoffrey - Histoire de la Locomotion Terrestre
783F40: Charles Dollfus; Henri Bouche - Histoire de L&Apos;Aeronautique
783F41: Charles Dollfus; Edgar De Geoffrey - Histoire de la Locomotion Terrestre Les Chemins de Fer
728L30: J G Dollman; J B Burlace - Rowland Ward&Apos;S Records of Big Game with Their Distribution, Characteristics, Dimensions, Weights and Horn and Tusk Measurements
728L31: J G Dollman; J B Burlace - Rowland Ward&Apos;S Records of Big Game
728L28: Guy Dollman; J B Burlace - Rowland Ward&Apos;S Records of Big Game African and Asiatic Sections
843T52: Alfred Dolman - In the Footsteps of Livingstone: Being the Diaries and Travel Notes Made by Alfred Dolman
848T37: W. E. Dommett - Aeroplanes and Airships
847T60: A Mere Don - Aspects of Modern Oxford
830W24: Christopher Donaldson - Save the Stour & Other Poems
GEN22-G-18: John Donaldson - Bayldon&Apos;S Art of Valuing Rents and Tillages
817J5: John William Donaldson - Varronianus
GEN27-I-14: John William Donaldson - The Theatre of the Greeks, a Treatise on the History of the Exhibition of the Greek Drama, with Various Supplements
806A38: John William Donaldson - Varronianus: A Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethnography of Ancient Italy and to the Philological Study of the Latin Language
663P29: Mary W. Doncaster - Luxurious Modern Cookery
816B51: Pier Luigi Donini - Antichita Romane
845A6: Colin Donister - The Magic Circle: A Catalogue of the Reference Library and Lending Library
731P11: Gaetano Donizetti - La Fille Du Regument Opera-Comique En Deux Actes
838W82: J. P. Donleavy - Schultz
GEN14-C-13: James Donn - Hortus Cantabrigiensis; or an Accented Catalogue of Indigenous and Exotic Plants Cultivated in the Cambridge Botanic Garden
LTH18-E-4: James Donn - Hortus Cantabrigiensis
616P34: James Donn; F. Purish; J. Lindley; G. Sinclair - Hortus Cantabrigiensis: Or, an Accented Catalogue of Indigenous and Exotic Plants Cultivated in the Cambridge Botanic Garden
776P60: John Donne - The Elegies and the Songs and Sonnets
842W71: John Donne; Geoffrey Keynes - An Anatomy of the World
838J12: T.E. Donne - The Maori Past and Present
838W1: John Donne - The First Anniuersarie, an Anatomie of the World, Wherein, by Occasion of the Untimely Death of Mistris Elizabeth Drvry, the Frailtie and Decay of This Whole World Is Represented
722L5: John Donne - Paradoxes Problems Essayes Characters Written by Dr Donne Dean of Pauls
832F17: T. E. Donne - The Maori Past and Present
848T10: John Donne - The Poems of John Donne Edited from the Old Editions and Numerous Manuscripts
LTH1-D-20: M L Victoire de Donnissan - Memoirs of the Marchioness de Larochejaquelein
757A60: Emma Donoghue - Room
SET41-H-2: Freeman O'Donoghue and Laruence Binyon - Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits [Complete 6 Volume Set] and Catalogue of Drawings by British Artists
718P21: Emma Donoghue - Room
795J3: Stephen Donoghue - Just My Story
794J32: E. Donovan - Descriptive Excursions Through South Wales and Monmouthshire in the Year 1804
GEN40-C-18: Michael Donovan - Domestic Economy Volume I - Brewing, Distilling, Wine-Making, Baking Etc. Volume II - Animal and Vegetable Aliments Used by the Various Nations of the World.
841T14: Margaret Doody - Aristotle Detective
630M19: John Doran - Memories of Our Great Towns with Anecdotic Gleanings Concerning Their Worthies and Their Oddities.
749P48: John Doran - Table Traits with Something on Them
782P45: Dr. John Doran - Table Traits with Something on Them
782R43: Claude-Joseph Dorat; Eric Sutton - Never Again! and Other Stories
723L2: Charles Joseph Dorat - Ma Philosophie
831A95: Claude Joseph Dorat; H.G. Keene [trans] - The Kisses (Les Baisers) Preceded by the Month of May
GEN23-H-5: Claude Joseph Dorat - The Kisses (Les Baisers) Preceded by the Month of May Illustrated with Original Copper-Plate Engravings After the Designs of C. Eisen and C.P. Marillier
816P2: Gustave Dore - The Legend of the Wandering Jew
807J20: Annabel Dore - The Great North Road
850T31: Robert Dorfman; Paul A Samuelson; Robert M. Solow - Linear Programming and Economic Analysis
FGN12-B-2: Roland Dorgeles - Les Croix de Bois
577L18: Attilia Dorigato, Giuseppe Mazzariol - Interni Veneziani
808J43: Charles Doris - Secret Memoirs of Napoleon
817B55: Ernest. W. Dormer - Gray of Reading
754A12: Dorothy and Mortimer Menpes - World&Apos;S Children
852F18: An Officer [Michael Dorset] - An Essay on Defensive War and a Constitutional Militia
GEN22-I-13: George a Dorsey and H R Voth - The Mishongnovi Ceremonies of the Snake and Antelope Fraternities the Stanley Mccormick Hopi Expedition
722P18: Robert Dossie - The Handmaid to the Arts
778L8: Fyodor Dostoevsky; Fiodor Dostoievsky - Le Crime Et le Chatiment
825A15: Aimée Dostoyevksy - Fyodor Dostoyevsky: A Study
GEN34-G-1: R. H. Dott and Robert H. Shaver - Modern and Ancient Geophysical Sedimentation
FGN12-C-11: Philippe-Antoine Merlin de Douai - Recueil Des Discours, Sur la Question de la Reunion de la Belgique a la France, Imprimes Par Ordre de la Convention Nationale.
843P44: Francis Douce - The Dance of Death Exhibited in Elegant Engravings on Wood with a Dissertation on the Several Representations of That Subject But More Particularly on Those Ascribed to Macaber and Hans Holbein
780R19: Francis Douce - Illustrations of Shakspeare and of Ancient Manners
792F46: Jerome Doucet - Contes de Haute-Lisse
LTH2-B-18: Charles S. Dougall - The Burns Country
789A13: Charles M. Doughty - Wanderings in Arabia
779P39: Charles M. Doughty - Wanderings in Arabia
844A65: Charles M. Doughty; T. E. Lawrence - Travels in Arabia Deserta
765R28: Norman Douglas - Together
844A23: Norman Douglas - Late Harvest
769R56: Norman Douglas - In the Beginning
819B16: Norman Douglas - Together
725L21: Mrs Douglas - The Life of Professor Gellert
GEN1-B-13: Robert B. Douglas - Sophie Arnould
801P47: George M. Douglas; James Douglas - Lands Forlorn a Story of an Expedition to Hearne&Apos;S Coppermine River
842N15: Norman Douglas - Fountains in the Sand: Rambles Among the Oases of Tunisia
780A4: Norman Douglas - London Street Games
748L24: Norman Douglas - D H Lawrence and Maurice Magnus a Plea for Better Manners
788J29: Mary Douglas - In Lionland, the Story of Livingstone and Stanle
844N16: Norman Douglas - Fountains in the Sand: Rambles Among the Oases of Tunisia
GEN30-H-7: David Douglas - Journal Kept by David Douglas During His Travels in North America 1823-1827
GEN30-I-8: James Douglas - Theodore Watts-Dunton: Poet, Novelist, Critic
829F56: George A. Douglas - Sunday Poems" by George A. Douglas
830P43: Robert K. Douglas - Society in China
844F4: Mrs. Douglas - The Life of Professor Gellert
786F52: Langton Douglas - A History of Siena
829F32: Lord Alfred Douglas - Sonnets & Lyrics
766A3: Norman Douglas - Alone
821A76: David C. Douglas - David Douglas Miscellanea
766A7: Norman Douglas - Birds and Beasts of the Greek Anthology
805J8: Charles Douie - Raynard, a Novel
785F40: Heinrich Wilhelm Dove; Edward Sabine [intro.] - Temperature Tables
839F27: Capt. F. B. Doveton [Frederick Brickdale Doveton] - Reminiscences of the Burmese War in 1824-5-6
GEN17-C-1: Lorenzo Dow - The Opinion of Dow; or, Lorenzo&Apos;S Thoughts on Different Religious Subjects, in an Address to the People of New England
745P44: Anthony Dowd - The Fine Press and the Bookbinder and Their Influence on One Collector
830B46: J. H. Dowd; Brenda E. Spender - People of Importance
LTH10-B-27: Edward Dowden - A History of French Literature
845B45: Edward Dowden - The Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley
GEN37-D-7: William Harris Dowding - To Freedom&Apos;S Lover and Other Pieces
823J13: Anonymous [William Dowling] - Poets and Statesmen; Their Homes and Haunts in the Neighbourhood of Eton and Windsor
GEN21-B-12: Henry G. Dowling - A Survey of British Industrial Arts
LTH6-D-16: William Dowling - Poets and Statesmen Their Homes and Haunts in the Neighbourhood of Eton and Windsor
803D18: Henry G. Dowling - A Survey of British Industrial Arts
GEN37-D-2: Eliza Down - Athelney and Other Poems
786F53: F. M. Allen [Edmund Downey] - Brayhard
GEN25-C-4: John Downie - Passages from Modern Authors for Class-Reading
GEN9-F-21: J. Downing - Letters of J. Downing, Major Downingville Militia, Second Brigade, to His Old Friend Mr. Dwight, of the New-York Daily Advertiser
GEN9-F-13: F. Gerald Downing - Has Christianity a Revelation?
840W72: W. Scott Palmer (M. E. Dowson); A. M. Haggard - Michael Fairless Her Life and Writings
851T37: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Sign of Four
769P7: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Great Shadow
769P9: Arthur Conan Doyle - Rodney Stone
769P12: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Tragedy of Korosko
771R46: Arthur Conan Doyle - The White Company
LTH19-B-3: James E Doyle - A Chronicle of England B.C. 55- A.D. 1485
793J40: Roddy Doyle - The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
825F10: Roddy Doyle - The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
840A59: Arthur Conan-Doyle - Uncle Bernac : A Memory of the Empire
770R30: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Great Boer War
757L2: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Hound of the Baskervilles
793J53: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard
776P47: James Warren Doyle - A Defence by J.K. L. Of His Vindication of the Religious and CIVIL Principles of the Irish Catholics
825A21: Roddy Doyle - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
838P9: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Return of Sherlock Holmes
853A30: A. Conan Doyle - The Great Boer War: A Two Years&Apos; Record, 1899-1901
845M6: Richard Doyle - The Foreign Tour of Messrs Brown, Jones and Robinson: Being the History of What They Saw, and Did in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, & Italy
573L4: Richard Doyle - The Foreign Tour of Messrs Brown Jones and Robinson
787J27: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Parasite
844B11: Arthur Conan Doyle - The New Revelation
697L37: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Return of Sherlock Holmes Installments Taken from Strand Magazine
689L6: Richard Doyle; W Allingham - In Fairyland a Series of Pictures from the Elf-World
683L10: Richard Doyle; W Allingham - In Fairyland. A Series of Pictures from the Elf-World
LTH10-F-13: Richard Doyle; Percival Leigh - Manners and Customs of Ye Englyshe
843W15: Adrian Conan Doyle; John Dickson Carr - The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes
848G4: Richard Doyle - The Foreign Tour of Messrs, Brown, Jones and Robinson: Being the History of What They Saw and Did in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy
825J9: Roddy Doyle - A Star Called Henry
847W39: Richard Doyle - The Foreign Tour of Brown, Jones, and Robinson
839P8: Arthur Conan Doyle - Three of Them a Reminiscence
821P42: Arthur Conan Doyle - The White Company
758L7: Richard Doyle; W Allingham - In Fairyland
MOD3-F-6: Arthur Conan Doyle - Sir Nigel
816D20: Richard Doyle; J. Hungerford Pollen - A Journal Kept by Richard Doyle in the Year 1840
805J17: Richard Doyle; William Allingham - In Fairyland: A Series of Pictures from the Elf-World
765A30: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard
765A32: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Refugees: A Tale of Two Continents
765A34: Adrian Conan Doyle, John Dickson Carr - The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes
764A29: Richard Doyle - The Foreign Tour of Messrs Brown, Jones, and Robinson Being the History of What They Saw and Did in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy
827W52: Roddy Doyle - Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha
847B39: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Tragedy of the Korosko
844A63: Arthur Conan Doyle - Hound of the Baskervilles; the Gully of Bluemansdyke and Other Stories; the Firm of Girdleston: A Romance of the Unromantic
825J10: Roddy Doyle - Oh, Play That Thing
725P19: John Andrew Doyle - The Middle Colonies
783R46: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Green Flag and Other Stories of War and Sport
850A22: Arthur Conan Doyle; Hugh Greene [ed.] - A Study in Scarlet
841F24: Richard Doyle - The Foreign Tour of Messrs. Brown, Jones and Robinson: Being the History of What They Saw and Did in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, & Italy
GEN14-B-18: Arthur Conan Doyle - Micah Clarke
844A4: A. Conan Doyle - His Last Bow: Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
845W31: James E. Doyle - A Chronicle of England B.C. 55 - A.D. 1485
771R9: Richard Doyle - The Foreign Tour of Messrs Brown, Jones and Robinson
851P6: Arthur Conan Doyle - The Last Galley
820P17: Arthur Conan Doyle - His Last Bow Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
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600C30: John Duton - Neck or Nothing: In a Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord - Being a Supplement to the Short History of the Parliament. Also the New Scheme (Mention&Apos;D in the Foresaid History) Which the English and Scotch Jacobites Have Concerted for Bringing in the Pretender, Popery and Slavery. With the True Character or Secret History of the Present Ministry
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