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FGN1-C-9: Georges Ohnet - Noir Et Rose
817F39: Amina Okada; Deke Dusinberre [trans.] - Imperial Mughal Painters
791J20: Thomas Okey - The Old Venetian Palaces and Old Venetian Folk
841T87: T. Okey - Paris and Its Story
836A28: Ben Okri - The Famished Road
843M10: Sepharial [Walter Gorn Old] - The Numbers Book: The Science of Numerology
634L1: Edmund Oldfield - A Topographical and Historical Account of Wainfleet and the Wapentake of Candleshoe
MOD8-A-2: Nick Oldham - Nightmare City
838W7: Cecilia Oldmeadow - Guttergrin the Gargoyle
728L9: William Oldys - The British Librarian Exhibiting a Compendious Review or Abstract of Our Most Scarce, Useful and Valuable Books
668H30: Antonio Olinto; Richard Chappell - The King of Ketu
805R20: Margaret Oliphant W. Oliphant - Memoir of the Life of Laurence Oliphant
847A14: Mrs Oliphant - Jeanne D&Apos;Arc: Her Life and Death
778A8: Laurence Oliphant - The Land of Gilead, with Excursions in the Lebanon
835B5: Mrs Oliphant - The Makers of Venice Doges, Conquerors, Painters and Men of Letters
837A17: Margaret Oliphant - The Makers of Venice: Doges, Conquerors, Painters and Men of Letters
833K21: Mrs Oliphant - The Makers of Florence
833K22: Mrs Oliphant - The Makers of Venice Doges, Conquerors, Painters and Men of Letters
LTH12-C-6: Mrs Oliphant - The Makers of Florence: Dante, Giotto, Savonarola, and Their City
828P4: Laurence Oliphant; Francoise Guizot - La Chine
794A35: Mrs Oliphant - Royal Edinburgh
780F48: Margaret Oliphant - Memoir of the Life of Laurence Oliphant, and Alice Oliphant, His Wife
816D71: Laurence Oliphant - The Russian Shores of the Black Sea in the Autumn of 1852
841F46: Mrs. Oliphant - The Makers of Venice: Doges, Conquerors, Painters, and Men of Letters
FGN22-B-13: Michel Oliver - La Cuisine Est Un Jeu D&Apos;Enfants
826B22: D. Oliver - Illustrations of the Principle Natural Orders of the Vegetable Kingdom
GEN22-C-8: Dr. N. T. Oliver - Wilkes&Apos;S Priceless Recipes a Valuable Collection of Tried Formulas and Simple Methods
676P57: Reverend George Oliver - The Symbol of Glory; Shewing the Object and End of Freemasonry
676P52: Rev. G. Oliver - The Book of the Lodge, and Officer&Apos;S Manual; with the Ritual of Foundation, Building, Furnishing, Dedicating, and Consecrating Lodges, Installations, Masonic Funerals and Work; to Which Is Added a Century of Aphorisms, Calculated for General Instruction
GEN35-I-18: Robert Tarbell Oliver - Communication and Culture in Ancient India and China
848T46: John W. Oliver; George Scott-Moncrieff - The Saltire Chapbook: Volumes One, Four, Five, Six, and Seven
GEN32-H-10: Anthony Oliver - The Victorian Staffordshire Figure
852B20: Captain Pasfield Oliver - The Memoirs and Travels of Mauritius Augustus Count de Benyowsky in Siberia, Kamchatka, Japan, the Liukiu Islands and Formosa
849P34: Edith Olivier - Mary Magdalen
842P32: [Abbe Olivier] - Memoirs of the Life and Adventures of Signor Rozelli
844B38: Rev Canon Ollard - Personal History of the Oxford Movement
844N12: Sidney Leslie Ollard - Emily Grante Crosse: A Memoir
GEN26-I-1: Peter Ollerhead - Making Cars at Crewe
696P5: Edmund Ollier - Cassell&Apos;S History of the United States
819F7: Edmund Ollier - Cassell&Apos;S Illustrated History of the Russo-Turkish War
GEN14-D-12: Alfred Ollivant - Bob Son of Battle
752L3: George Ollyffe - The Madness of Disaffection and Treason
704P5: Joseph Olshan - Clara&Apos;S Heart
GEN21-G-17: Charles Olson - Human Universe and Other Essays
851W45: The Organising Committee for the XIV Olympiad - The Official Report of the Organising Committee for the XIV Olympiad
829B69: John Campbell Oman - The Mystic, Ascetics, and Saints of India
791A57: Charles Oman - Castles
850T51: Carola Oman - Nelson
759A32: Sir charles Oman, Major-General Sir Benjamin D'Urban, William Grattan, Jack Weller, Donald D. Horward - Napoleonic Library: Wellington&Apos;S Army 1809-1814 the Peninsular Journal, 1808-1817 Adventures with the Connaught Rangers, 1809-1814 Studies in the Napoleonic Wars Wellington at Waterloo Napoleon and Iberia
837J12: Charles Oman - English Church Plate 597-1830
847A68: C. P. A. Oman - Eastwards, or Realities of Indian Life
791A14: George W T Omond - Liege and the Ardennes
851B58: George W. T. Omond - Belgium
791A28: G W T Omond - Bruges and West Flanders
846B78: George W. T. Omond - Belgium
835A66: Napoléon - Une Lettre inDite de Napolon a Champagny, Ministre Des Relations ExtRieures (Collection de la Fondation Napolon)
708P36: Michael Ondaatje - Anil&Apos;S Ghost
843A79: Oliver Onions - Widdershins
835J38: Oliver Onions - The Work of Henry Ospovat
852M22: Cas Oorthuys; Alan Bullock [intro] - Oxford in Focus
777P17: Iona Opie; Peter Opie - The Classic Fairy Tales
622M39: A. P. Oppe - The Drawings of Paul and Thomas Sandby in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle.
841B53: Adolf Paul Oppe - Sandro Botticelli
MOD9-F-21: E Phillips Oppenheim - And Still I Cheat the Gallows
841G36: E. Phillips Oppenheim - General Besserley&Apos;S Puzzle Box, Stories; General Besserley&Apos;S Second Puzzle Box, a Series of Stories
766R36: E. Phillips Oppenheim - A Monk of Cruta
827F58: E. Phillips Oppenheim - The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton
766R37: E. Phillips Oppenheim - Selected Works by E. Phillips Oppenheim
766R38: E. Phillips Oppenheim - The Traitors
827J13: E Phillips Oppenheim - Madame & the Channay Syndicate
647P23: Carl Oppenheimer - Die Fermente Und Ihre Wirkungen
849N25: The Author of 'Handley Cross: or, The Spa Hunt'; [Robert Smith Surtees] - Hawbuck Grange: Or, the Sporting Adventures of Thomas Scott
GEN17-B-5: William Dana Orcutt - The Book in Italy
828B45: Baroness Orczy - Sir Percy Hits Back: An Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel
840G31: Baroness Orczy - Leatherface: A Tale of Old Flanders
756R52: Baroness Orczy - The Elusive Pimpernel
820B9: Baroness Orczy - The Elusive Pimpernel
790J38: Baroness Orczy - El Dorado, a Story of the Scarlet Pimpernel
823F38: Baroness Orczy - The Emperor&Apos;S Candlesticks
840B67: Baroness Orczy - Petticoat Government
840G32: Baroness Orczy - The Honourable Jim, a Romance
790A48: Baroness Orczy - Petticoat Rule
841N11: Baroness Emma Orczy - The Scarlet Pimpernel
828W59: Baroness Orczy - A Child of the Revolution
688P25: Baroncess Orczy - The Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel
688P17: Baroness Orczy - Lady Molly of Scotland Yard
801F9: District General at the Ordinance and Survey Office - Gloucestershire Properties Ordinance Survey Map
798P12: Mathieu Orfila; John Augustine Waller - A General System of Toxicology, or, a Treatise on Poisons, Drawn from the Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal Kingdoms, Considered As to Their Relations with Physiology, Pathology, and Medical Jurisprudence
852N39: Iris Origo - The Merchant of Prato
FGN21-I-6: Salustiano Orlando - Codigo Commercial Do Imperio de Brazil
629P24: Pierre-Joseph of Orleans - Histoire Des Revolutions D&Apos;Angleterre Depuis le Commencement de la Monarchie
GEN20-B-9: Frederica St. John Orlebar - The Adventures of Her Serene Limpness the Moon-Faced Princess, Dulcet and Debonaire
FGN19-D-5: O Felley Fro Rachde [Oliver Ormerod] - O Full True Un Pertikler Okeawnt
GEN31-H-8: Eleanor A. Ormerod - Handbook of Insects Injurious to Orchard and Bush Fruits with Means of Prevention and Remedy
631P30: George Ormerod - Miscellanea Palatine: Consisting of Genealogical Essays Illustrative of Cheshire and Lancashire Families, and of a Memoir on the Cheshire Domesday Roll, Compiled from Original Authorities
782R66: G. Wareing Ormerod - Annals of the Teignbridge Cricket Club
819B38: G. W. T. Ormond - Bruges & West Flanders
830F44: Rev. George Ornsby - Sketches of Durham: Being an Attempt to Indicate to the Stranger Some of the Most Prominent Objects of Interest in That Place and Neighbourhood
828B35: Sir William Orpen - An Onlooker in France 1917-1919
832P20: Captain C. W. J. Orr - The Making of Northern Nigeria
GEN17-B-4: Mr Monro S. Orr - The Alphabet Set Forth in Six and Twenty Pictures
638P6: Leslie Orrey - Bellini
832A38: Alastor [James Orton] - Excelsior" of the Realms of Poesie
MOD1-F-26: Poul Orum - The Whipping Boy
812D58: George Orwell - Critical Essays
790L8: George Orwell - Animal Farm
850M27: George Orwell; John Parker; G. D. H. Cole; Francis Williams; Harold J. Laski; Mary Sutherland - Victory or Vested Interest?
811F31: George Orwell - The Road to Wigan Pier
849B74: George Orwell; Reginald Reynolds - British Pamphleteers Volume One
850F25: George Orwell - Shooting an Elephant and England Your England
823P14: George Orwell - Animal Farm a Fairy Story
781P30: George Orwell - Animal Farm
757R41: George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four
853F14: George Orwell - Critical Essays
853F33: George Orwell - Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays
806P3: George Orwell - Animal Farm
817A22: Squire Osbaldeston; E. D. Cuming [ed.] - Squire Osbaldeston: His Autobiography
GEN31-E-9: Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell - All at Sea a Social Tragedy in Three Acts for First-Class Passengers Only
837P34: Captain Sherard Osborn - Japanese Fragments, with Facsimiles of Illustrations by Artists of Yedo
831W12: John Osborne - The Entertainer
852T49: W. A. Osborne - The Visitor to Australia
GEN9-D-10: George Arnold Osborne - A Sketch of the Parish of Prestbury
802F19: John Osborne - Look Back in Anger
688P16: Charles Osborne - Swansong
787R10: Irene Osgood - The Indelicate Duellist
GEN18-E-7: F. P. B. Osmaston - Cromwell a Drama in Five Acts
842B55: Ossian; James Macpherson - The Poems of Ossian
FGN9-E-7: Martha Ostenso - Vildgaes
849T42: Theo Osterkamp - Du Oder Ich: Deutsche Jagdflieger in HHen Und Tiefen
FGN11-F-2: J. Fr. Ostertag - Der Petrefakten-Sammler Zugleich Eine Einfuhrung in Die Palaontologie Fur Seminaristen, Gymnasisten Und Realschuler
833A13: Bob Ostin - Fingertip Fantasies
839F36: Felix L. Oswald - Summerland Sketches, or Rambles in the Backwoods of Mexico and Central America
848P13: Felix Oswald - Alone in the Sleeping-Sickness Country
799R10: Ryokichi Otani; Kazue Sugimura - Tadataka Ino the Japanese Land-Surveyor
844T17: George Ottley - A Bibliography of British Railway History
618M8: Thomas Otway; Montague Summers (ed). - The Complete Works of Thomas Otway
622P10: Thomas Otway; Dr Johnson - The Works of Thomas Otway, Consisting of His Plays, Poems, and Letters. With a Sketch of His Life, Enlarged from That Written by Dr. Johnson
SET57-H-1: Thomas Otway; Montague Summers (ed) - The Complete Works of Thomas Otway
612M1: Thomas Otway; Montague Summers (ed). - The Complete Works of Thomas Otway
SET12-D-3: Thomas Otway; Montague Summers - The Complete Works of Thomas Otway in Three Volumes
779P62: Ouida - Two Little Wooden Shoes
674K7: Hermon Ould - Between Sunset and Dawn. A Play in Four Scenes
831F36: Marthe Oulie - Decoration Egeenne
769R12: Marthe Oulie; Paul Chack - Jean Charcot
699P7: Sir William Ouseley; W. A. Clouston - The Bakhtyar Nama: A Persian Romance
GEN20-B-11: Committee on Alleged German Outrages - Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages. Together with Appendix to the Report
832G22: Richard Outram - Exsultate, Jubilate
852W55: George Outram - Legal & Other Lyrics
837J22: Dr. J. Overbeck - Pompeji in Seinen, Gebauden, Alterthumern, Und Kunstwerken
819A7: GH Overend; William Minet; Isaac Minet - History of the French Church at Dover
806A31: J H Overton - The Nonjurors: Their Lives, Principles, and Writings
785F5: Robert Overton - Queer Fish
610M17: Robert Overton - Queer Fish: Character Sketches
FGN21-B-10: Ovid - Des Publius Ovidius Naso Lehrbuch Der Liebe
849T20: Ovid - Ovid&Apos;S Epistels: With Hist Amours Translated Into English Verse
627P6: J. H. Owen - War at Sea Under Queen Anne 1702-1708
852T51: Trefor M. Owen - Welsh Folk Customs
823F18: D. Gareth Owen - Come Wind, Come Weather
785A2: Roderic Owen - Tedder
GEN22-H-8: Frank Owen - Tempestuous Journey: Lloyd George, His Life and Times
837F14: William Owen - Owen&Apos;S New Book of Roads: Or, a Description of the Roads of Great Britain
LTH11-C-13: Thomas Owen - The Reports of That Late Reverend and Learned Judge, Thomas Owen Esquire; One of the Justices of the Common Pleas
788R69: George A. Owen - A Treatise on Weighing Machines
779R4: Rosamond Dale Owen - My Perilous Life in Palestine
EXP3-B-21: W Owen - The Tradesmans Director or the London and Country Shopkeepers Useful Companion
813J28: Richard Owen - The Life of Richard Owen
847T19: J. A. Owen; G. S. Boulger - The Country Month by Month
LTH9-D-7: Thomas Owen - The Reports of That Late Reverend and Learned Judge, Thomas Owen One of the Justices of the Common Pleas Wherein Are Many Choice Cases, Most of Them Throughly Argued by the Learned Serjeants, and After Argued and Resolved by the Grave Judges of Those Times with Many Cases Wherein the Differences in the Year-Books Are Reconciled and Explained
LTH8-E-15: Miss Owenson, Lady Morgan - The Princess and the Missionary
819A24: Wa-Sha-Quon-Asin (Grey Owl) - Tales of an Empty Cabin
754R56: William Oxberry - Encyclopoedia of Anecdote, Containing Anecdotes of Illustrious and Eccentric Characters of All Nations
810D73: W. Oxberry - The Actor&Apos;S Budget of Wit and Merriment
GEN2-D-13: Rev. Ashton Oxenden - Cottage Sermons or, Plain Words to the Poor
607P5: Elsie Jeanette Oxenham - The Girls of Gwynfa
566L42: Elsie J Oxenham - The E J Oxenham Omnibus
810D37: Elsie Jeanette Oxenham - Maidlin to the Rescue
LTH5-B-21: John Oxenham; [William Arthur Dunkerley] - The Hidden Years
GEN25-H-17: Members of the University of Oxford; W. Sanday - Studies in the Synoptic Problem
840B27: University of Oxford - Report and Evidence Upon the Recommendations of Her Majesty&Apos;S Commissioners for Inquiring Into the State of the University of Oxford Presented to the Board of Heads of Houses and Proctors December 1, 1853
842B3: The Earl of Oxford and Asquith - Speeches by the Earl of Oxford and Asquith
825B5: The Earl of Oxford and Asquith - Fifty Years of Parliament by the Earl of Oxford and Asquith
843W23: A. W. Oxford - Notes from a Collector&Apos;S Catalogue
842B23: The Earl of Oxford and Asquith - Memories and Reflections 1852-1927 the Earl of Oxford and Asquith
832M27: A. J. Giles; C. W. Strange; Edward C. Alden; Oxford and District Grocers' Association - The Federation of Grocers&Apos; Associations of the United Kingdom. Nineteenth Annual Conference Held at Oxford, July 5-9, 1909. Official Programme & Souvenir Presented to the Delegates, with Compliments of the Oxford and District Grocers&Apos; Association.
817B46: Charles Oxley - Bristol: The Quiet Survivor
852N11: James E. Oxley - The Fletchers and Longbowstringmakers of London
825B37: M . A. Oxon - Spirit-Identity
841P18: Moysheh Oyved; [Edward Good] - The Book of Affinity
829B20: Madame Yukio Ozaki - Romances of Old Japan
774L5: Jacques Ozanam - L&Apos;Usage Du Compas de Proportion Expliquie Et Demontre
656P8: F. P. - A Letter to Both Houses of Parliament on the Subject of Their Present Proceedings Against the Roman Catholicks of England
825A88: H. Paasch - From Kell to Truck" Marine Dictionary in English, French, and German
840B64: Peter G. Pace - The Architecture of George Pace 1915-75
GEN9-F-5: Otto Pacht; J. J. G. Alexander - Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Volume 2, Italian School
823F41: Frank L. Packard - The Red Ledger
739P10: Lewis Padgett; [Henry Kuttner]; [C. L. Moore] - Tomorrow and Tomorrow the Fairy Chessmen
GEN30-A-8: Thomas Fairbairn James Pagan and James H Stoddart. - Relics of Ancient Architecture and Other Picturesque Scenes in Glasgow Thirty Drawings by Thomas Fairbairn
841A83: Thomas Nelson Page - The Old Gentleman of the Black Stock
LTH28-H-6: Gertrude Page - Two Lovers and a Lighthouse
787R2: L. B. Page; H. F. A. Hoskins - Memorandum of Provisions in Acts of Parliament Relating to Other Companies and Bodies Inserted for the Protection of or Which May Affect the Interests of the Great Western Railway Company
823A82: Alice M. Page - The Finding of Angela
804D8: David Page - Chips and Chapters: A Book for Amateur and Young Geologists
833J3: William Page; Rev. H.E. Salter; Mary D. Lobel; Alan Crossley - The Victoria History of the County of Oxford
FGN20-H-1: Louis-Antoine Garnier-Pages - Histoire de la Revolution de 1848
841F26: Vernon Lee [Violet Paget] - Ariadne in Mantua: A Romance in Five Acts
LTH6-E-18: Sir James Paget - Clinical Lectures and Essays
771A60: William Churne [Frances E. Paget] - The Hope of the Katzekopfs
610P11: Reverend Francis Edward Paget - The Hope of the Katzekopes or Sorrows of Selfishness
747P41: Guy Paget - The Autobiography of &Apos;Sir&Apos; Bernard Montgomery Hunt Terrier
816A77: Francis E. Paget - Tales of the Village First Series and Second Series
790F10: Major Guy Paget - The Melton Mowbray of John Ferneley (1782-1860)
LTH18-D-1: Elma K. Paget - The Story of Bishop Patteson
GEN39-C-30: James Paget - Lectures on Surgical Pathology
786L17: Pagnerre - Le Petit Poucet Revue de la Litterature Des Theatres Et Des Modes
792P29: Marcel Pagnol - Le Temps Des Amours Souvenirs D&Apos;Enfance
FGN11-E-14: Edouard Pailleron - Le Theatre Chez Madame and la Souris
786L11: Edouard Pailleron - La Poupee
GEN1-B-23: Albert Bigelow Paine - Mark Twain&Apos;S Notebook
780P34: Thomas Paine - A Sammelband of Five Thomas Paine Pamphlets Including Common Sense
765P18: William Hunt Painter - A Contribution to the Flora of Derbyshire
791P2: Imre Pal - Descriptive Geometry with Three-Dimensional Figures
800J12: Chuck Palahniuk - Snuff
785P7: Jean-Baptiste de la Curne de Sainte-Palaye - Memoirs of the Life of Froissart
GEN1-C-13: William Paley - Horae Paulinae; or, the Truth of the Scripture History of Saint Paul Evinced
849B85: William Paley - The Works of William Paley
815A39: William Paley - Concise Admonitions for Youth
856B30: F. A. Paley - A Manual of Gothic Architecture
833A18: William Paley - Natural Theology or Evidence of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity Collected from the Appearances of Nature
779P5: Francis Palgrave - The Rise and Progress of the English Commonwealth
LTH31-H-11: Francis T Palgrave - The Treasury of Sacred Song
755L1: Francis Palgrave - Conciliatory Reform a Letter Addressed to the Right Hon Thomas Spring Rice M P on the Means of Reconciling Parliamentary Reform to the Interests and Opinions of the Different Orders of the Community
641L21: Francis Turner Palgrave - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
FIN3-A-10: Francis T. Palgrave - The Golden Treasury
832W36: Francis Turner Palgrave - Handbook to the Fine Art Collections in the International Exhibition of 1862
845G31: Francis T. Palgrave - The Golden Treasury, Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language and Arranged with Notes
852W64: Francis Turner Palgrave - The Golden Treasury
805J25: Francis Turner Palgrave - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems
800J35: Bernard Palissy; Anatole France - Les Oeuvres de Bernard Palissy
708L6: Andrea Palladio - I Quattro Libri Dell&Apos;Architettura
809A19: Peter Simon Pallas; et al. - Voyages En Siberie, Extraits Des Journaux de Divers Savans Voyageurs
790L12: Peter Paul Pallet - Bath Characters or Sketches from Life
842W89: Marco Pallis - Peaks and Lamas
841B23: Marietta Pallis - The General Aspects of the Vegetation of Europe
FGN1-F-2: Mme Bury Palliser - Histoire de la Dentelle Traduit Par la Comtesse Gedeon de Clermont-Tonnerre
GEN34-E-6: Mrs Bury Palliser - History of Lace
GEN2-B-17: Minnie Pallister - Gardener&Apos;S Frenzy Being an Alphabet of the Garden
734P29: Johannes Hendricus van der Palm - Bijbel Bevattende Alle de Boeken Des Ouden En Nieuwen Verbonds
765R40: A. H. Palmer - 1895 the Life of Joseph Wolf
GEN26-H-14: Alfred Neobald Palmer - A History of the Old Parish of Gresford in the Counties of Denbigh and Flint Introduction
GEN25-F-21: Wm. T. Palmer - The English Lakes
852T17: William T. Palmer - Odd Corners in the Yorkshire Dales: Rambles, Scrambles, Climbs and Sport
638L17: Alfred Neobard Palmer - The History of the Parish Church of Wrexham Being the Second Part of &Apos;a History of the Town and Parish of Wrexham&Apos;
794F11: A. H. Palmer - The Life of Joseph Wolf, Animal Painter
SET41-G-2: Arnold Palmer - Recording Britain
831A80: Herbert Edward Palmer - The Judgement of Francois Villon
655P22: Herbert Palmer; William Reyner; Christopher Tesdale - The Necessity and Encouragement, of Utmost Venturing for the Churches Help: Together with the Sin, Foll, and Mischief of Self-Idolizing. Applyed by a Representation of 1. Some of the Most Notorious Nationall Sins Endangering Us. 2. The Heavy Weight of Wrath Maifested in Our Present Calamities. Yet Withall, Gounds of 3. Confindence, That Our Church Shall Obtain Deliverance in the Issue. 4. Hopes That the Present Parliament Shall Be Still Imployed in the Working of It. All Set Forth in a Sermon, Preached to the Honorable House of Commons, on the Day of the Monthly Sollemn Fast, 28. June, 1643. Babylons Ruining-Earthquake and the Restauration of Zion. Delivered in a Sermon Before the Honourable House of Commons at Margarets Westminster, at Their Publique Fast, August 28. 1644. Hierusalem: Or a Vision of Peace. In a Sermon Preached at Margarets in Westminster, Before the Honourable House of Commons at Their Monthly Fast, Aug. 28. 1644.
769R68: J. C. Palmer - Thulia, Un Relato Del Antarctico
769A9: Robert Palmer - Letters from Mesopotamia in 1915 and January 1916, from Robert Palmer, Who Was Killed in the Battle of Um El Hannah, June 21, 1916 Aged 27 Years
810D17: Herbert E. Palmer - Cinder Thursday
844T45: Lucinda Prior-Palmer - Up, Up and Away
837P24: Barbara D. Palmer - The Early Art of the West Riding of Yorkshire
792F6: Herbert Edward Palmer - The Judgement of Francois Villon
840W39: W. M. Palmer - William Cole of Milton
845g12: A. H. Palmer - The Life of Joseph Wolf, Animal Painter
851T43: W. T. Palmer - English Lakes
802A1: W. T. Palmer - The English Lakes
MOD6-E-12: Frank Palmer - Bent Grasses a Jacko Inquiry
766P26: Herbert Palmer - Season and Festival
844A45: Huntley & Palmers - Huntley & Palmers Book Biscuit Tin Box
LTH18-E-17: Robert Paltock; A H Bullen - The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins
778L30: Robert Paltock - The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins a Cornish Man
668P24: Orhan Pamuk; Guneli Gun - The New Life
658P6: Orhan Pamuk; Erdag M. Goknar - My Name Is Red
675L2: Filippo Pananti; Edward Blaquiere - Narrative of a Residence in Algiers
792R40: C. L. F. Panckoucke - Bibliotheque Latine-Francaise
790J31: J.G. Pangborn - The World&Apos;S Rail Way: Historical, Descriptive, Illustrative
FGN9-A-8: Erwin Panofsky - Die Deutsche Plastik Des Elften Bis Dreizehnten Jahrhunderts
GEN36-F-12: Pansy - Ester Ried, Asleep and Awake and Little Fishers and Their Nets in Two Volumes
846M8: Mrs J. E. Panton - From Kitchen to Garret: Hints for Young Householders
846M7: Mrs J. E. Panton - From Kitchen to Garret: Hints for Young Householders
786F4: John Buonarotti Papworth - Poetical Sketches of Scarborough
782A47: George Frederick Pardon - Hoyle&Apos;S Games Modernised: Being Explanations of the Best Modes of Playing the Most Popular Games in Present Use with the Rules and Regulations
FIN1-E-16: Bernard Pares - The Fall of the Russian Monarchy
MOD6-I-18: Sara Paretsky - Burn Marks
MOD6-A-3: Sara Paretsky - Blacklist
807A64: Sara Paretsky - Toxic Shock
800F6: Ellis Peters [Edith Pargeter] - The Leper of Saint Giles
709L12: R B Pargiter; H G Eady - The Army and Sea Power
842M16: J. A. Paris - A Treatise on Diet
760R21: William Francklyn Paris - Decorative Elements in Architecture
FGN20-H-10: J. H. Reveille-Parise - Traite de la Vieillesse Hygienique Medical Et Philosophique
821P4: Sir Woodbine Parish - Buenos Ayres and the Provinces of the Rio de la Plata: From Their Discovery and Conquest by the Spaniards to the Establishment of Their Political Independence.
821A43: W. D. Parish - Domesday Book in Relation to the County of Sussex
821A42: W. D. Parish - Domesday Book in Relation to the County of Sussex
766R3: The Ministers of the Respective Parishes - The Statistical Account of Elginshire
770L6: The Parishioners - Illuminated Presentation Book Presented to the Reverend Benjamin Gibbons by the Parishioners of Lower Milton (Stourport)
600L5: Mungo Park - African Discovery a Narrative of Travel and Adventure in Central Africa
GEN30-D-12: Mungo Park - Travels in the Interior of Africa
653L7: Mungo Park - Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa: Performed Under the Direction and Patronage of the African Association, in the Years 1795, 1796 and 1797 [with] the Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, in the Year 1805
LTH22-C-4: Thomas Park - The Poetical Works of James Hammond, George Lyttelton, Cuthbert Shaw, Edward Lovibond, Thomas Penrose
842B60: Mungo Park - Travels in the Interior of Africa
699P3: Willie Park - The Art of Putting
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LTH12-E-18: Order of the House of Peers - The Tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, Before the House of Peers, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors; Upon an Impeachment by the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses in Parliament Assembled, in the Name of Themselves, and of All the Commons of Great Britain: Begun in Westminster-Hall, the 27th Day of February, 17th, and from Thence Continued by Several Adjournments Until the 23rd Day of March Following. & the Bishop of Salisbury&Apos;S, and the Oxford&Apos;S Speeches in the House of Lords, on the First Article of the Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell; Also the Bishop of Lincoln&Apos;S and Bishop of Norwich&Apos;S Speeches at the Opening of the Second Article of the Said Impeachment.
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652L9: John Penkethman - Artachthos or a New Booke Declaring the Assise or Weight of Bread Not Onely by Troy Weight, According to the Law, But by Avoirdupois Weight the Common Weight of England at What Price Soever, Not Exceeding Five Pound the Quarter of Wheate, Shall Be Sold in the Market and Conteining Divers Orders and Articles Made and Set Forth by the Right Honourable the Lords and Others of His Majesties Most Honourable Privie Councell
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848M27: Anon [Benedict Pictet]; Anthony Horneck [ed.] - An Antidote Against a Careless Indifferency in Matters of Religion: Being a Treatise in Opposition to Those That Believe That All Religions Are Indifferent, and, That It Imports Not What Men Profess. Wherein the Vulgar Objections of Atheists, Deists, Sceptics, Libertines, Latitudinarians, &C. Are Briefly Answered.
809P24: Francois-Jules Pictet - Recherches Pour Servir a L&Apos;Histoire Et a L&Apos;Anatomie Des Phryganides
840A46: Anon. [Benedict Pictet]; Anthony Horneck [ed.] - An Antidote Against a Careless Indifferency in Matters of Religion: Being a Treatise in Opposition to Those That Believe That All Religions Are Indifferent, and, That It Imports Not What Men Profess. Wherein the Vulgar Objections of Atheists, Deists, Sceptics, Libertines, Latitudinarians, &C. Are Briefly Answered.
698P11: Colonel Thomas Picton - A Letter Addressed to the Rt. Hon. Lord Hobart, His Majesty&Apos;S Late Principal Secretary of State for the Colonial Department
806D46: Carl Pidoll; Anthony Powell (trans.) - Eroica: Nikolauz Zmeskall Von Domanovetz&Apos;S Reminiscences of Beethoven
805P18: G. W. Septimus Pieese - The Art of Perfumery, and the Methods of Obtaining the Odours of Plants; with Instructions for the Manufacture of Perfumes for the Handkerchief, Scented Powders, Odorous Vinegars, Dentifrices, Pomatums, Cosmetiques, Perfumed Soap, Etc.
840B50: Jan Pienkowski - Little Monsters
842A29: Carl Horton Pierce; William Pennington Toler; Harmon de Pau Nutting - New Harlem: Past and Present the Story of an Amazing CIVIC Wrong, Now at Last to Be Righted
839B66: John S. Piercy - The History of Retford in the County of Nottingham
675P16: G. D. Pierotti - IL Giardino Del Parnasol O Sia Raccolta Di Poesie, Fiori Dei Migliori Poeti Italiani Divisa in Cinque Eta, Nelle Quali Si Fi Conoscere Quali Sieno Stati, I Varj Stilii Della Poesia Italiana, Nel Corso Di Quattrocento Anni, Principiando Da Dante, Fino Al Metastasio
LTH19-B-19: Bernardin de Saint Pierre - Paul and Virginia: With a Memoir
825F15: DBC Pierre - Vernon God Little
743L42: D B C Pierre - Vernon God Little a 21st Century Comedy
842A54: Bernardin de Saint-Pierre - Paul Et Virginie
749P10: DBC Pierre - Vernon God Little a 21st Century Comedy in the Presence of Death
LTH9-C-5: Pierre Louys, Phillis Duveen, and Shane Leslie - The Twilight of the Nymphs
810A5: Jacques-Henri-Bernardin de Saint-Pierre; L. Aimé-Martin - Oeuvres Completes de Jacques-Henri-Bernardin de Saint-Pierre
844K1: Bernardin de Saint-Pierre - Paul and Virginia
850P4: [Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre] - Paul Et Virginie
FGN24-D-2: Alexis Pierron; Plutarch - Vies Des Hommes Illustres de Plutarque
853B4: Arthur T. Pierson - George Muller of Bristol
844B62: G. W. Septimus Piesse - The Art of the Perfumery and Other Methods of Obtaining the Odours of Plants
638C8: Terisio Pignatti - Pietro Longhi Painting and Drawings Complete Edition
831B16: Pigot and Co - Pigot and Co&Apos;S National and Commercial Directory
LTH7-D-1: Richard Pigot - The Life of Man Symbolised by the Months of the Year in a Series of Illustrations and Pourtrayed in Their Seasons and Phases with Passages Selected from Ancient and Modern Authors
837J1: Charles Pigott - The Jockey Club; or a Sketch of the Manners of the Age
FGN21-B-12: Philippe Piguet - Monet Et Venise
820B61: Oliver G. Pike - Birdland: A Book for Young People
791A20: Josephine Pike - Bruges: A Sketch-Book
811D41: H. W. Pike - The Wise Beasts of Hindustan
822P23: W. T. Pike - Sussex in the Twentieth Century. Contemporary Biographies.
828M9: G. Holden Pike - Golden Lane. Quaint Adventures and Life Pictures. By G. Holden Pike. With an Introductory Chapter on the Costers and Mr Orsman&Apos;S Work. By the Right Hon. The Earl of Shaftesbury, K.G.
848W28: William Pile, Ltd. - Sutton, Carshalton, Wallington and District Directory
844B34: William Pile - Directory for 1938
LTH28-H-11: Matthew Pilkington - A General Dictionary of Painters Containing Memoirs of the Lives and Works of the Most Eminent Professors of the Art of Painting, from Its Revival, by Cimabue, in the Year 1250, to the Present Time.
795J4: Stephen Pilkington - With a Gun to the Hill
798L9: M Pilkington; H Fuseli - A Dictionary of Painters from the Revival of Art to the Present Period
GEN31-B-6: M . Pilkington; revised by Henry Fuseli - A Dictionary of Painters from the Revival of the Art to the Present Period
LTH7-D-4: Matthew Pilkington; Allan Cunningham (Ed) - A General Dictionary of Painters Containing Memoirs of the Lives and Works of the Most Eminent Professors of the Art of Painting, from Its Revival by Cimabue, in the Year 1250, to the Present Time.
LTH28-A-10: Rev. M Pilkington - The Gentleman&Apos;S and Connoisseur&Apos;S Dictionary of Painters a Complete Collection and Account of the Most Distinguished Artists Who Have Flourished in the Art of Painting
837W20: T. Dundas Pillans - 1913 the Real Martyr of St. Helena
FGN9-G-12: Edmond Pilon - Dans Les Jardins Et Dans Les Villes
807F14: Edmond Pilon - J. -B. Greuze Peintre de la Femme Et de la Jeune Fille Du Xviiie Siecle
LTH13-F-5: W Pimblett - In Africa with the Union Jack
665H7: Louis Ellies Du-Pin - Histoire de L&Apos;Eglise Et Des Auteurs Ecclesiastiques Du Seizie&Apos;Me Siecle
726K11: Sarah Pinborough - A Matter of Blood
MOD7-G-10: Chapman Pincher - Too Secret Too Long
MOD7-G-4: Chapman Pincher - Inside Story
SET29-H-6: Peter Pindar - The Works of Peter Pindar Esq.
SET1-B-7: Peter Pindar - The Works of Peter Pindar Esq with a Copious Index
LTH19-D-11: John Wolcot (Peter Pindar) - The Works of Peter Pindar Esq.
GEN1-B-12: Peter Pindar - Odes to Kien Long, the Present Emperor of China; with the Quakers, a Tale; to a Fly, Drowned in a Bowl of Punch; Ode to Macmanus, Townsend, and Jealous, the Thief-Takers; to Celia. - to a Pretty Milliner. - to the Fleas of Teneriffe. - to Sier William Hamilton. - to My Candle, &C. &C. &C.
LTH3-C-10: Peter Pindar - The Poetical Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. A Distant Relation to the Poet of Thebes Advice to the Future Laureat; an Ode the Louisiad, an Heroi-Comic Poem. Canto the Third and Fourth Odes of Importance Etc. Odea to Kien Long, the Present Emperor of China, and a Complimentary Epistle to James Bruce, the Abyssinian Traveller
812P21: Pindar; Gilbert West - Odes of Pindar, with Several Other Pieces in Prose and Verse, Translated from the Greek. To Which Is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Olympick Games
SET4-G-5: Peter Pindar - The Works of Peter Pindar
837P1: Peter Pindar; [John Wolcot] - The Works of Peter Pindar
LTH12-E-8: Peter Pindar; John Walcot - A Rowland for an Oiiver; or a Poetical Answer to the Benevolent Epistle of Mr Peter Pindar Also the Manuscript Odes, Songs, Letters, Etc. Of the Above Mr Peter Pindar Now First Published by Sylvanus Urbans
FGN9-G-8: Pindar and W. G. Cookesley - Pindari Carmina Ad Fidem Textus Bockhiani Pars Prima Continens Odas Olympicas
EXP1-F-4: Disegnati da Bartolomeo Pinelli - Raccolta Di Costumi Antichi
MOD13-I-7: F B Pinion - Hardy the Writer
661L4: John Pinkerton - A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in All Parts of the World
839M24: Harold Pinter - Landscape and Mac
MOD7-I-21: Harold Pinter; John Fowles - The Screenplay of the French Lieutenant&Apos;S Woman
818B30: Harold Pinter - The Caretaker & the Collection and the Lover
843J21: Harold Pinter - Plays: Three
831B8: Harold Pinter - Moonlight
631L11: Vivian de Sola Pinto - Two Poems
FIN4-A-3: Hesther Lynch Piozzi - Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson
807J23: Amy Pirnie - Lesser Creatures
FGN1-F-13: Alexis Piron - Oeuvres de Piron
FGN11-I-6: Clemente Piselli - Compendio Della Vita, Virtu&Apos;, E Doni Del Ven. Servo Di Dio P. Francesco Caraccioli
693L10: Lucien Pissarro; Alan Fern (Ed) - Notes on the Eragny Press and a Letter to J.B. Mason
836P17: Ippolito Desideri of Pistoia; Filippo de Filippi; C. Wessels - An Account of Tibet the Travels of Ippolito Desideri of Pistoia, S.J. 1712-1727
727K20: Annabel Pitcher - My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
829M23: BB [Denys Watkins-Pitchford] - The Sportsman&Apos;S Bedside Book
799R41: H. Watkins-Pitchford - Besieged in Ladysmith
841B17: Mrs. Emma Raymond Pitman - Lady Missionaries in Foreign Lands
746R17: Mrs Emma Raymond Pitman - Garnered Sheaves
827W64: William Pitt - The Celebrated Speech of a Celebrated Commoner
835B25: Lieut-Colonel P. W. Pitt - Royal Wilts
GEN2-D-24: J. N. Ungoed Pitt - Curiosities of Heredity "the Hapsburg Lip
848G9: William Pitt; Thomas Pitt; William Grenville - Letters Written by the Late Earl of Chatham to His Nephew Thomas Pitt, Esq. (Afterwards Lord Camelford) Then at Cambridge
637L15: William Pittis - The History of the Present Parliament and Convocation with the Debates at Large Relating to the Conduct of the War Abroad
821P18: [William Pittis] - Memoirs of the Life of Stephen Fox
764P15: J. Pittman; Colin Brown; Charles Mackay - The Songs of Scotland, a Collection of One Hundred and Ninety Songs
783R24: J. Pittman; Colin Brown; Charles Mackay - The Songs of Scotland
681P11: Rene-Charles Guilbert de Pixerecourt - L&Apos;Homme a Trois Visages, Ou le Proscrit, Drame En Trois Actes, En Prose Et a Grand Spectacle; Represente, Pour la Premiere Fois, Sur le Theatre de L&Apos;Ambigu-Comique, le 14 Vendemiaire an X
821P46: J. R. Planche - An Old Fairy Tale Told Anew in Pictures and Verse
837B20: C. Digby Planck - History of the 7th (City of London) Battalion the London Regiment
640M1: Colin W Plant; Bernard Skinner - Larger Moths of the London Area
815D6: David Plante - The Darkness of the Body
818J29: David Plante - Figures in Bright Air
MOD13-F-12: David Plante - Slides
MOD12-I-26: David Plante - The Darkness of the Body
818B13: David Plante - Slides
800R1: Alan Plater - Doggin&Apos; Around
800R2: Alan Plater - Close the Coalhouse Door
854T13: Sylvia Plath; Frieda Hughes - Sylvia Plath: Drawings
810F47: Sylvia Plath; Aurelia Schober Plath [ed.] - Letters Home: Correspondence 19501963
704P32: Plato; K. A. Matthews - Lysis a Dialogue of Plato the First Prospectus of the Fulcrum Press Announcing the Publication of Lysis a Dialogue of Plato
751R19: Plato; Shane Leslie - Plato&Apos;S Symposium or Supper
744L11: Plato; Shane Leslie - Plato&Apos;S Symposium or Supper
GEN35-D-20: William Platt - Tales of the Mountains; or Soujourns in Eastern Belgium
825A10: Richard Platt - The Ordnance Survey Guide to Smugglers&Apos; Britain
762P46: Edmond Plauchut - Les Races Jaunes Les Celestes
843g8: Titus Maccius Plautus; Bonnell Thornton - The Comedies of Plautus, Translated Into Familiar Blank Verse Volume the First; the Comedies of Plautus, Translated Into Familiar Blank Verse Volume the Second
740P41: Robert Player - The Month of the Mangled Models
600M23: Robert Lambert Playfair - The Scourge of Christendom: Annals of British Relations with Algiers Prior to the French Conquest. By Lieut. -Colonel R.L. Playfair H.M. Consul-General at Algiers Author of &Apos;Travels in the Footsteps of Bruce,&Apos; (Murray&Apos;S) &Apos;Handbook to the Mediterranean,&Apos; (Murray&Apos;S) &Apos;Handbook to Algeria and Tunis,&Apos; Etc. With Illustrations.
834G36: Robert Playfair - Recollections of a Visit to the United States and British Provinces of North America, in the Years 1847, 1848 and 1849.
832W26: Isop [Ian Stanley Ord Playfair]; Ian Hay - The Horrors of Peace and Other Trifles
831P10: F. W. Pledge; Frederick William Pledge - Crawley: Glimpses Into the Past of a Hampshire Parish
784J25: Rev. W.C. Plenderleath - The White Horses of the West of England with Notices of Some Other Ancient Turf-Monuments
747P6: Samuel Plimsoll - Our Seamen an Appeal
844W38: Samuel Plimsoll - Cattle Ships Being the Fifth Chapter of Mr. Plimsoll&Apos;S Second Appeal for Our Seamen
824J27: Pliny, The Elder - C. Plinii Secundi Historiae Mundi Libri XXXVII
780F35: William Plomer - The Case Is Altered
GEN17-E-8: Henry R. Plomer - Robert Wyer, Printer and Bookseller. A Paper Read Before the Bibliographic Society, January 21st, 1895.
801A21: William Plomer - The Butterfly&Apos;S Ball and the Grasshopper&Apos;S Feast; the Peacock Party
734P45: William Plomer - Remarks When Opening the George Gissing Exhibition at the National Book League
768P2: Robert Plot - The Natural History of Oxford-Shire
822J8: Robert Plot - The Natural History of Oxford-Shire
713P18: Robert Plot - The Natural History of Stafford-Shire
825W52: Alpha of the Plough; Oliver Wendell Holmes; Charles Lamb - Collection of Four Illustrated Publications by J.M. Dent & Co.
LTH19-B-15: Alfred Chicele Plowden - Grain or Chaff? the Autobiography of a Police Magistrate
813A44: C. Chicheley Plowden - A Manual of Plant Names
840G1: Noël-Antoine Pluche; J. B. De Freval (Translator) - The History of the Heavens, Considered According to the Notions of the Poets and Philosophers, Compared with the Doctrines of Moses. Being an Inquiry Into the Origine of Idolatry, and the Mistakes of Philosophers, Upon the Formation and Influences of the Celestial Bodies.
823F20: T. Arthur Plummer - Death on Danger Hill
782P43: [Annabella Plumtree] - Domestic Management; or, the Healthful Cookery-Book
655P31: [Annabella Plumtree] - Domestic Management; or, the Healthful Cookery-Book. To Which Is Prefixed a Treatise on Debit, As the Surest Means to Preserv Health, Long Life, &C. With Many Valuable Observations on the Nutritious and Beneficial As Well As the Injurious Effects of Various Kinds of Food; Also Remarks on the Wholesome and Pernicious Modes of Cookery. Intended As an Antidote to Modern Errors Therein. To Which Is Added, the Method of Treating Such Trifling Medical Cases As Properly Come Within the Sphere of Domestic Management
776R50: Plutarch; John Langhorne; William Langhorne - Plutarch&Apos;S Lives
725P9: Plutarch; Jacques - Les Vies Des Hommes Illustres Grecs Et Romains, Comparees L&Apos;Une Avec L&Apos;Autre Par Plutarque de Chaeronee
797L12: Plutarch - Plutarchi Chaeronensis Moralia Quae Usurpantur
813A24: Plutarch - Plutarch&Apos;S Lives of Greek Heroes
796A64: Plutarch - Plutarchi Chaeronensis Varia Scripta Quae Moralia Vulgo Vocantur: Ad Optimorum Librorum Fidem Accurate Edita
688L18: Plutarch; Badius - Plutarchi Cheronei Et Aemilii Probi Illustrium Virorum Vite Cum Suo Indice Diligenter Recognite
702P12: Joseph Plymley - General View of the Agriculture of Shropshire; with Observations. Drawn Up for the Considerations of the Board of Agriculture, and Internal Improvement
772A61: Dorothea Moore; Lucy Laing; Doris Pocock; et al. - The Empire Annual for Girls
805P11: [George Pocock] - A Treatise on the Aeropleustic Art, or Navigation in the Air, by Means of Kites or Buoyant Sails: With a Description of the Charvolant, or Kite Carriage. And Containing Numerous Most Amusing and Interesting Anecdotes Connected with Several Extraordinary Excursions Both by Sea and Land
804A70: Frank Podmore - The Naturalisation of the Supernatural
843P8: Edgar Allan Poe - Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe
843F47: Edgar Allen Poe - Poe&Apos;S Tales and Poems
751R41: Edgar Allan Poe; Charles Baudelaire - Oeuvres En Prose
827W7: Edgar Allan Poe; James Hannay - The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe with a Notice of His Life and Genius by James Hannay and Many Illustrations Complete Edition.
844P22: Edgar Allan Poe - The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
770P51: Edgar Allan Poe; Charles F. Richardson - The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
845B59: Edgar Allan Poe; R. Brimley Johnson - The Complete Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe with Three Essays on Poetry
844F19: Edgar Allan Poe - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
FGN25-C-11: Edgar Allen Poe - Histoires Extraordinaires
851P5: Edgar Allan Poe; John H. Ingram - The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
804F40: Edgar Allan Poe; Charles Baudelaire [trans.] - Hop-Frog: Extrait de Nouvelles Histoires

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