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776R36: W. H. G. Kingston - Old Jack & the Two Supercargoes
790A31: Maxine Hong Kingston - The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
627C5: W. H. G. Kingston - A Popular of the British Navy from the Earliest Times to the Present
847A66: William Henry Giles Kingston - The Young Rajah: A Story of Indian Life and Adventure
823A4: W. H. G. Kingston - Voyages and Travels of Count Funnibos and Baron Stilkin
787J14: Alfred Kingston - A History of Royston Hertfordshire, with Biographical Notes of Royston Worthies, Portraits, Plans, and Illustrations
825A71: Samuel Kinns - Graven in the Rock; or, the Historical Accuracy of the Bible Confirmed, by Reference to the Assyrian and Egyptian Monuments in the British Museum and Elsewhere
844W32: David Kinsella - Allard
844F39: Rev. W. M. Kinsey [William Morgan Kinsey] - Portugal Illustrated; in a Series of Letters
852A46: Rudyard Kipling - Limits and Renewals
852A44: Rudyard Kipling - Debits and Credits
752R53: Rudyard Kipling - Under the Deodars
752R55: Rudyard Kipling - A Fleet in Being
752R57: Rudyard Kipling - The Light That Failed and the Day&Apos;S Work
653M22: Rudyard Kipling - The Five Nations
796A4: Rudyard Kipling - The Five Nations
781P1: Rudyard Kipling - Puck of Pook&Apos;S Hill
657P13: Rudyard Kipling - The Seven Seas
657P18: Rudyard Kipling - Limits and Renewals
GEN19-I-4: Rudyard Kipling - Letters of Travel (1892-1913) and Limits and Renewals
843M24: Rudyard Kipling - Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses
GEN25-G-6: Rudyard Kipling - The Seven Seas
636C33: Rudyard Kipling - The Drums of the Fore and Aft; without Benefit of Clergy
852A43: Rudyard Kipling - Kim
852A45: Rudyard Kipling - A Diversity of Creatures
809J38: Rudyard Kipling - Le Second Livre de la Jungle
GEN26-C-24: Rudyard Kipling - Many Inventions and Life&Apos;S Handicap Being Stories of Mine Own People
GEN28-D-15: Rudyard Kipling - The Five Nations
GEN21-C-2: Rudyard Kipling - Limits and Renewals
852A42: Rudyard Kipling - Traffics and Discoveries
GEN30-D-27: Rudyard Kipling - The Five Nations
838M32: Rudyard Kipling - The Works of Rudyard Kipling
849T38: Rudyard Kipling - Rudyard Kipling&Apos;S Verse
755P27: Rudyard Kipling - The Five Nations
755P28: Rudyard Kipling - The Seven Seas
723P17: Rudyard Kipling - The Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling
GEN28-C-25: Rudyard Kipling - The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories
823B48: Rudyard Kipling - The Complete Stalky & Co
572L19: Rudyard Kipling - Puck of Pook&Apos;S Hill
846T93: Rudyard Kipling - Humorous Tales from Rudyard Kipling
GEN26-C-23: Rudyard Kipling - Stalky and Co. And Debits and Credits
838M2: Rudyard Kipling - Captains Courageous a Story of the Grand Banks
LTH27-E-13: Rudyard Kipling - Mine Own People
853A15: Rudyard Kipling - Actions and Reactions; a Day&Apos;S Work
780F51: Rudyard Kipling - Toomai of the Elephants
790P18: Rudyard Kipling - All the Puck Stories
853A17: Rudyard Kipling - Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories; the Phantom &Apos;Rickshaw & Other Eerie Tales; Under the Deodars; the Story of the Cadsbys
852A47: Rudyard Kipling - Puck of Pook&Apos;S Hill
GEN10-C-22: Rudyard Kipling - The Brushwood Boy
LTH18-F-5: Rudyard Kipling - Puck of Pook&Apos;S Hill
657P7: Rudyard Kipling - Wee Willie Winkie, in Black and White, Soldiers Three, the Phantom Rickshaw, the Story of the Gadsbys
766R11: Rudyard Kipling - Puck of Pook&Apos;S Hill
GEN16-B-3: Rudyard Kipling; Edward German - The Just So Song Book
852W25: Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book
755P23: Rudyard Kipling - Six Rudyard Kipling Novellas and Short Stories
755P25: Rudyard Kipling - A Fleet in Being Notes of Two Trips with the Channel Squadron
849W56: Rudyard Kipling - Kim
834B4: Rudyard Kipling - A Song of the English
832W43: Rudyard Kipling - Lippincott&Apos;S Monthly Magazine the Light That Failed
846A74: Rudyard Kipling - Collected Verse
GEN23-E-17: Rudyard Kipling - Many Inventions
732K19: Rudyard Kipling - Thy Servant a Dog
852A41: Rudyard Kipling - The Works of Rudyard Kipling
GEN34-F-10: Rudyard Kipling - Soldiers Three the Story of the Gadsbys in Black and White
LTH26-B-5: Rudyard Kipling - Collected Verse of Rudyard Kipling
SET52-H%26I-1: Rudyard Kipling - The Bombay Edition of the Works of Rudyard Kipling in Twenty-Five Volumes
GEN33-F-9: Rudyard Kipling - Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
812D50: Rudyard Kipling - Plain Tales from the Hills, Soldiers Three, and Other Stories
755P17: Rudyard Kipling - Stalky & Co
852A48: Rudyard Kipling - Letters of Travel
757R1: Rudyard Kipling; Walter de la Mare - St Andrews: Two Poems
844B70: Rudyard Kipling - From Sea to Sea and Other Sketches Letters of Travel
641P24: Rudyard Kipling - Wee Willie Winkie
846W34: Rudyard Kipling - The Works of Rudyard Kipling
FGN21-B-3: Rudyard Kipling - Le Livre de la Jungle
841B85: Rudyard Kipling - A Song of the English
FGN12-B-1: Rudyard Kipling - Le Livre de la Jungle with le Second Livre de la Jungle
LTH11-B-18: Rudyard Kipling - Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses by Rudyard Kipling
842B4: Rudyard Kipling - Macmillan&Apos;S Pocket Kipling
851A33: Rudyard Kipling - Rudyard Kipling&Apos;S Verse
840T69: Rudyard Kipling - The New Army in Training & the Fringes of the Fleet
811C27: Rudyard Kipling - Departmental Ditties and Other Verses
752R59: Rudyard Kipling - Kim
813A5: Rudyard Kipling; Edward German - The Just So Song Book
845B1: Rudyard Kipling - Kim
GEN38-C-2: Rudyard Kipling - Debits and Credits
832W64: Rudyard Kipling - Humorous Tales from Rudyard Kipling
838W41: Rudyard Kipling - Debits and Credits
823A75: Rudyard Kipling - East of Suez: Being a Selection of Eastern Verses from the Poetical Works of Rudyard Kipling
775J10: Rudyard Kipling - Selected Short Stories of Rudyard Kipling: Soldiers Three, in Black and White, Under the Deodars, Phantom Rickshaw, Wee Willie Winkie
639P22: Rudyard Kipling - The Five Nations
838W42: Rudyard Kipling - Three Works by Rudyard Kipling
814J67: Andrew Kippis - A Narrative of the Voyages Round the World Performed by Captain James Cook Volume I
SET40-A-1: Andrew Kippis, D.D., F.S.A. - Biographia Britannica: Or, the Lives of the Most Eminent Persons Who Have Flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the Earliest Ages, Down to the Present Times: Collected from the Best Authorities, Both Printed and Manuscript and Digested in the Manner of Mr Bayle&Apos;S Historical and Critical Dictionary
796A82: Mary Kirby; Elizabeth Kirby - The Talking Bird; or, the Little Girl Who Knew What Was Going to Happen
826B25: W. F. Kirby; R. Bowdler Sharpe; W. R. Ogilvie-Grant; Henry O. Forbes; Richard Lydekker - Lloyd&Apos;S Natural History
843N19: Mary Kirby; Elizabeth Kirby - The Story of Benvenuto Cellini the Italian Goldsmith
847B45: W. F. Kirby - European Butterflies and Moths
813D41: Mary Kirby; Elizabeth Kirby - Stories from the Classics Adapted for the Young
842W7: William Kirby; Thomas Rymer Johns (ed.) - On the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God in Two Volumes
831M17: R.S. Kirby - Kirby&Apos;S Wonderful and Scientific Museum: Or Magazine of Remarkable Characters; Including All the Curiosities of Nature and Art, from the Remotest Period to the Present Time, Drawn from Every Authentic Source. Illustrated with Elegant Engravings from the Most Singular and Valuable Collection of Prints and Drawings Extant.
841M13: William Kirby - The Golden Dog (le Chien D&Apos;or) a Romance of the Days of Louis Quinze in Queb„É‚©C
812J20: F.M. Kircheisen - Napoleon
FGN20-I-7: Philostorgius Kirchengeschichte - Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller Der Ersten Drei Jahrhunderte
FGN20-I-6: Theodoret Kirchengeschichte - Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller Der Ersten Drei Jahrhunderte
764L17: H Kirchenhoffer - The Book of Fate Formerly in the Possession of Napoleon Late Emperor of France and Now First Rendered Into English from a German Translation of an Ancient Egyptian Manuscript
844g49: Thomas Kirk - The Forest Flora of New Zealand
LTH11-B-2: Henry Kirke - Miscellanea
808D59: F. B. Kirkman; F. C. R. Jourdain - British Birds
817B61: Richard Head & Francis Kirkman - The English Rogue Described in the Life of Meriton Latroon, a Witty Extravagant: Being a Complete History of the Most Eminent Cheats of Both Sexes
847W18: F. B. Kirkman; B. A. Oxon [eds.] - The British Bird Book, an Account of All the Birds, Nests, and Eggs Found in the British Isles
712P11: F. A. Kirkpatrick - South America and the War Being the Substance of a Course of Lectures Delivered in the University of London, King&Apos;S College Under the Tooke Trust in the Lent Term 1918
848M26: A. Mary Kirkus; Patience Empson [ed.]; John Harris [ed.] - Robert Gibbings: A Bibliography. With a Chronological Checklist and Notes on the Golden Cockerel Press.
MOD4-A-1: Alfred Kisubi - Time Winds
837A7: G. W. Kitchin - Winchester
742P2: William Kitchiner - The Art of Invigorating and Prolonging Life, by Food, Clothes, Air, Exercise, Wine, Sleep, &C. . and Peptic Precepts, Pointing out Agreeable and Effectual Methods to Prevent and Relieve Indigestion, and to Regulate and Strengthen the Action of the Stomach and Bowels
838T10: Rev. A. L. Kitching - On the Backwaters of the Nile: Studies of Some Child Races of Central Africa
832F11: Rev. A. L. Kitching - On the Backwaters of the Nile: Studies of Some Child Races of Central Africa
650M7: Fred. W. Kittermaster - Shropshire Arms and Lineages: Compiled from the Heralds&Apos; Visitations and Ancient Mss.
650M10: Fred. W. Kittermaster - Warwickshire Arms and Lineages: Compiled from the Herald&Apos;S Visitations and Ancient Mss.
853B40: John Kitto - The History of Palestine from the Patriarchal Age to the Present Time
850B50: John Kitto - Daily Bible Illustrations: Being Original Readings for a Year
830M14: J. V. Kitto - St. Martin-in-the-Fields the Accounts of the Churchwardens 1525-1603
771A65: Fred G. Kitton - Phiz" (Hablot Knight Browne) a Memoir Including a Selection from His Correspondence and Notes on His Principal Works
625P45: Henri Klee; P. H. Mabire - Manuel de L&Apos;Histoire Des Dogmes Chr„É‚©Tiens
805A18: Paul Klee - Paintings, Drawings, and Prints by Paul Klee
GEN20-H-6: E. Klein - Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory
839T4: Rev F. A. Klein - The Religion of Islam
817J43: Brigitte Klesse; Axel von Saldern - 500 Jahre Glaskunst
851K13: Otis Adelbert Kline - The Port of Peril
MOD2-B-16: Penny Kline - Feeling Bad
749R34: Karl Kling - Pursuit of Victory: The Story of a Racing Driver
790R72: Francis D. Klingender - Art and the Industrial Revolution
708P1: Julius Klinger - Das Weib IM Modernen Ornament Ein Vorlagenwerk Fur Alle Gebiete Des Kunstgewerbes
822A24: Jerry Klink - The Mighty Cortez Fish Trap
GEN15-A-4: Verlyn Klinkenborg - The Drake Manuscript in the Pierpont Morgan Library Histoire Naturelle Des Indes
FIN2-F-6: Fredriech Gottlieb Klopstock - The Messiah. Descriptive of the Principal Events Attending the Passion and Crucifixion of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
MIN2-B-3: F G Klopstock - Miniatur Bibliothek Der Deutschen Classifer Klopstock&Apos;S Messias
GEN26-G-12: H. Knackfuss; Translated by Campbell Dodgson - Monographs on Artists Durer
854W4: H. Knackfuss; Various - Seven Volumes of Kunftler Monographien
779A53: Bettina L Knapp - Machine, Metaphor, and the Writer: A Jungian View
794J11: John Leonard Knapp - The Journal of a Naturalist
702P28: Arthur May Knapp - Feudal and Modern Japan
760L17: John Leonard Knapp - The Journal of a Naturalist
MOD1-B-23: Matthew Kneale - When We Were Romans
843B20: S. G. C. Knibbs - The Savage Solomons As They Were & Are
764L12: Charles Maxwell Knight - Gunmen&Apos;S Holiday
SET19-E-1: Charles Knight - Cyclopaedia of Biography
LTH30-D-4: Charles Knight - William Caxton, the First English Printer a Biography
849T30: Damon Knight; Keith Laumer; Daniel Galouye; Sarban [John William Wall]; Mark S. Geston; Vincent King; Sir John Hackett; Patrick Tilley; William Clark - A Collection of Science Fiction Novels from Sphere Books Ltd.
830P28: W. Knight - Scenes and Incidents of Missionary Labour
GEN25-G-9: Sir Philip Sidney Knight - The Defence of Poesie
815A31: Charles Knight - William Shakespeare: A Biography
777R7: Captain Brooke-Knight - The Captain&Apos;S Story, or, Jamaica Sixty Years Since
SET48-I-1: Charles Knight - London
GEN15-E-2: C. E. Knight - Dinarbas: A Tale. Being a Continuation of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia.
794A1: Francis A. Knight - The Rambles of a Dominie
841T48: Miss Cornelia Knight - Autobiography of Miss Cornelia Knight, Lady Companion to the Princess Charlotte of Wales. With Extracts from Her Journals and Anecdote Books.
GEN28-I-6: Charles Knight - The Works of William Shakspere Containing His Plays and Poems
821P23: [F. Knight; J. Rumley] - Knight and Rumley&Apos;S Heraldic Illustrations Specimen Crests and Fancy Gems
GEN24-D-4: Alfred E. Knight - Victoria Her Life and Reign
748P42: Robert Knight - The Plurality of Worlds the Positive Argument from Scripture with Answers to Some Late Objections from Analogy
846A61: Charles Knight - Old England: A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Baronial, and Popular Antiquities
833M2: Stephen Knight - Robin Hood: A Complete Study of the English Outlaw
GEN16-C-1: Charles Knight - Old England a Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Baronial, and Popular Antiquities
570W7: Professor Knight - Memoir of John Nichol Professor of English Literature in the University of Glasgow
766P31: Brigid Knight - Anne-Marie and the Pale Pink Frock
831B22: Messrs Knight, Frank & Rutley - Plan of Ockham Park Estate Surrey
846F49: Charles Knight - Old England: A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Baronial and Popular Antiquities
691P3: [Thomas Knight] - Jacob&Apos;S Return from London; or, His Ramble to Bath
643P42: Richard Payne Knight - A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, and Its Connection with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients. To Which Is Added an Essay on the Worship of the Generative Powers During the Middle Ages of Western Europe
712L4: John Henry Knight - Notes on Motor Carriages
620C7: Charles Knight - Half-Hours with the Best Authors. Including Biographical and Critical Notices, by Charles Knight. With Fifty-Two Illustrations by William Harvey
788R27: M. Forster Knight - Uncle Blunder&Apos;S Studio
809P17: Alfred E. Knight - Wellington a Record of a Great Military Career
712L3: John Henry Knight - Light Motor Cars and Voiturettes
732L2: Charles Knight - Half Hours with the Best Authors
845N9: Charles Brunton Knight; Sir John A. R. Marriot [Intro.] - A History of the City of York from the Foundation of the Roman Forstress of Eboracum A.D. 71 to the Close of Queen Victoria A.D. 1901
830P26: W. Knight - Scenes and Incidents of Missionary Labour
843M20: Charles Knight - Half-Hours with the Best Authors Including Biographical and Critical Notices
793R47: Francis A. Knight - The Sea-Board of Mendip
837F33: E. F. Knight - Rhodesia of to-Da: A Description of the Present Condition and the Prospects of Matabeleland & Mashonaland
752R62: G. E. O. Knight - Intimate Glimpses of Mysterious Tibet and Neighbouring Countries
625M5: Robert Parminter Knill; Thomas Hull - Loved and Chastened; Being the Autobiography of Robert Parminter Knill Minister of the Gospel. With Some Reminiscences of His Latest Days.
823P16: John Knittel - Nile Gold a Legend of Modern Egypt
849F36: John Knittel; Robert Hitchens [preface] - Aaron West
849T40: John Knittel - Midnight People
818A65: Edward Knocker - An Account of the Grand Court of Shepway, Holden on the Bredenstone Hill, at Dover, for the Installation of the Right Honourable Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston, As Constable of H.M. Castle of Dover, and Warden and Keeper of H.M. Cinque Ports, Etc. August 28, 1861
EXP3-G-4: Richard Knolles - The Generall Historie of the Turkes
831W17: Leonard L. Knott - The Children&Apos;S Book of the Saguenay
831M31: Rev. Robert Rowe Knott - The New Aid to Memory. Part the First: Containing the Most Remarkable Events of the History of England. Illustrated by One Hundred and Twenty Symbolical Engravings.
798J36: The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge - Useful and Ornamental Planting
GEN31-C-20: The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge - The Useful Arts and Manufactures of Great Britain.
851W28: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge - The Holy Bible Containing the New and Old Testaments
847G5: The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge - Useful and Ornamental Planting
LTH26-E-16: The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge - Trial of the Witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus
815A74: John Knowler - The Singing Lizard
843W41: John Knowles - The Life and Writings of Henry Fuseli
LTH26-F-6: James Sheridan Knowles - The Love-Chase a Comedy, in Five Acts
848A77: A. E. Knox - Ornithological Rambles in Sussex
GEN31-H-6: James Knox - Airdrie Bards Past and Present
755R58: J. Mason Knox - Team Spirit: The Administration of the 53rd Welsh Division During &Apos;Operation Overlord&Apos;
LTH12-E-3: Vicesimus Knox - Epistles, Elegant, Familiar, & Instructive. Selected from the Best Writers, Ancient As Well As Modern; Intended for the Improvement of Young Persons, and for General Entertainment Being a Proper Supplement to Extracts in Prose and in Poetry
838M28: Alexander Knox - Remains of Alexander Knox
600P23: William Knox - Considerations on the Present State of the Nation Addressed O the Right Hon. Lord Rawdon and the Other Members of the Two Houses of Parliament, Associated for the Preservation of the Constitution and Promoting the Prosperity of the British Empire.
LTH19-F-2: Vicesimus Knox - Family Lectures or a Copious Collection of Sermons Selected from the Most Celebrated Divines on Faith and Practice
805D28: A E Knox - Autumns on the Spey
LTH1-D-25: A E Knox - Ornithological Rambles in East Sussex with a Systematic Catalogue of the Birds of That County and Remarks on Their Local Distribution
GEN33-C-3: Gustav Kobbe - New York and Its Environs
630C12: Alexander Koch - Alexander Koch&Apos;S Handbuch Neuzeitlicher Wohnungs-Kultur Das Vornehm-Burgerliche Heim
838G11: Charles Paul de Kock - Un Homme a Marier, Ou M. Frontin
848A63: Paul de Kock; J. Redding Ware - Neighbour Raymond
565L49: Charles Paul de Kock - Soeur Anne
LTH16-E-20: Paul de Kock; Eugene Sue - Dick&Apos;S English Library the Gogo Family, Andre the Savoyard and Madame Blue Beard
GEN35-E-22: W H Koebel - Madeira: Old and New
852M16: W. H. Koebel - Argentina: Past & Present
800F38: W. H. Koebel - South America
FGN1-B-23: P. Henrici Koenders - Concordantiae Sanctae Regulae Beatissimi Ac Deo Acceptissimi Patris Nostri Benedicti
772R3: Robert Koenig - Deutsche Literaturgeschichte
764P26: Robert Koenig - Deutsche Literaturgeschichte
609M9: Arthur Koestler - The Age of Longing
834M25: J. G. Kohl; Mrs. Percy Sinnett - Travels in Canada, and Through the States of New York and Pennsylvania. Translated by Mrs. Percy Sinnett. Revised by the Author. In Two Volumes.
839B27: M. Kohler - Pracht-Tier-ABC-Buch Mit Bildern Nach Aquarellen
771R14: Otto Koke - Ein Jahr Geht Geht Uber Die Heide
593E13: Pierre Kolbe (Peter Kolbe) - Description Du Cap de Bonne-Esperence : Ou L&Apos;on Trouve Tout Ce Qui Concerne L&Apos;Histoire Naturelle Du Pays; la Religion, Les Moeurs Et Les Usages Des Hottentots; Et L&Apos;Etablissement Des Hollandois
593L6: Peter Kolben; Mr Medley - The Present State of the Cape of Good-Hope or a Particular Account of the Several Nations of the Hottentots Together with a Short Account of the Dutch Settlement at the Cape Written Originally in High German by Peter Kolben Done Into English by Mr Medley
804A56: Eugen Kolisko - Reincarnation and Other Essays
770A44: Victor Kolpacoff - The Prisoners of Kolpacoff
851W51: National Olympischen Komitees - Die Olympischen Spiele 1952
597K5: Leopold Kompert; Alfred S Arnold (trans.) - Christian and Leah and Other Ghetto Stories
LTH10-E-3: Manuel Komroff - The Romances of Voltaire
FGN22-B-9: Dr Th. Dietrich und Dr J. Konig - Zusammensetzung Und Verdaulichkeit Der Futtermittel
760R69: Rene Konig - The Restless Image
788P9: Paul G. Konody; Maurice W. Brockwell; T. Leman Hare - The Louvre
787F56: Paul George Konody - The Uffizi Gallery. With Fifty Reproductions in Colour of Its Most Famous Pictures.
638P24: P. G. Konody; C. Geoffrey Holme; Charles Baudelaire - The Painter of Victorian Life
850W3: T. Leman Hare [ed.]; Paul G. Konody, Maurice W. Brockwell; F. W. Lippman - The National Gallery One Hundred Plates in Colour
EXP2-G-5: Konrad, von Scheyern Philosophus - Chronicon Originis Et Fundationis Monasterij Scheirn Ord S. Benedicti Frisingensis Diocesis in Superiori Bavaria Sif a F. Conrado Philosopho Ante Annos CCCC Eiusdem Monastery Monacho Conscriptum Nvnc Vero Quibusdam Additionibus Et Notis Auctum Luci Publicae Datum a P.F. Stephano Eiusdem Monasterij Abbate
810A53: Dean R. Koontz - Hanging on
MOD5-A-12: Dean R. Koontz - Phantoms
MOD5-G-4: Dean R. Koontz - Phantoms
678L26: Dean Koontz - Darkness Comes
MOD9-G-10: Dean R. Koontz - Darkness Comes
MOD9-B-5: Dean R. Koontz - Phantoms
776A43: Dean R. Koontz - Phantoms
GEN22-G-17: Edward Koppeschaar. - Evaporation N the Cane and the Beet Sugar Factory.
844T2: Edward Koppeschaar - Evaporation in the Cane and Beet Sugar Factory
796J6: T. Korda - Photography Year Book 1935
MOD1-A-22: Cyril M. Kornbluth - Takeoff
FGN21-C-13: Theodor Korner - Korners Werke
846T50: Walter Koschatzky - Albrecht Durer: The Landscape Water-Colours
845T18: Dr Naum Kotik - Die Emanation Der Psychophysischen Energie
FGN13-C-5: August von Kotzebue - Menschenhass Und Reue
776R10: [August von Kotzebue] - The Indian Exiles
816D38: William Kotzwinkle - Doctor Rat
814A69: William Kotzwinkle - Elephant Bangs Train
FGN10-G-2: P. K. Kozlow - Mongolei, Amdo Und Die Tote Stadt Chara-Choto Die Expedition Der Russischen Geographischen Gesellschaft 1907-1909
850T27: Jacob Jan Krabbe - Historicism and Organicism in Economics: The Evolution of Thought
789A60: Fernando Krahn - How Santa Claus Has a Long and Difficult Journey Delivering His Presents
842B52: Herbert Kraus; Eric Weise - Two Expertises Relating to the Archives of the Teutonic Order and the Ancient Prussian Duchy
833W7: Hans P. Kraus - Sir Francis Drake a Pictorial Biography
851A8: Anton Kreuzer - Amerikanische Taschenuhren: Bande 1 Die Uhr Aus Der Fabrik Die American Waltham Watch Company (1850-1957)
814A68: Seymour Krim - Views of a Nearsighted Cannoneer
779R60: Seymour Krim - Views of a Nearsighted Cannoneer
832G19: G. Krishnamurti; Margaret Drabble - Women Writers of the 1890s
727K16: Giles Kristian - The Bleeding Land
836P16: William O. Krohn - In Borneo Jungles Among the Dyak Headhunters
791A58: Stefan Kruckenhauser - Snow Canvas: Ski, Men and Mountains with the Leica
LTH4-D-25: G D Krummacher - Israel&Apos;S Wanderings in the Wilderness by G D Krummacher from the German by the Translator of Elijah the Tishbite
763A42: F. A. Krummacher, C. Schmid - The Little Dove the Little Lamb
755P21: Ivan Krylov; W. R. S. Ralston - Krilof and His Fables
625M42: Natascha Kubisch; Pia Anna Seger - Ornaments Patterns for Interior Decoration
839B31: Henri Kubnick - L&Apos;Ours Brunet
769A1: Henri Kubnick - Charcot Et Les Explorations Polaires
FGN20-C-6: Maurice Kufferath - E Theatre de R. Wagner, de Tannhaseuser a Parsifal: Tristan Et Iseult
843W49: Alexis Kugel; Dr Koenraad Van Cleempoel; Jean-Claude Sabrier - Spheres, the Art of the Celestial Mechanic
811A70: Joachim Kuhn; W. H. Johnson [trans.] - Pauline Bonaparte: Napoleon&Apos;S Attendant Star
GEN20-I-8: H. Karl W. Kumm - From Hausaland to Egypt, Through the Sudan
844F25: H. Karl W. Kumm [Hermann Karl Wilhelm Kumm] - From Hausaland to Egypt, Through the Sudan
756A26: Milan Kundera - Identity
850M25: Stanley J. Kunitz; Howard Haycraft - American Authors, 1600-1900: A Biographical Dictionary of American Literature
LTH22-E-16: Hermann Kunst - Borland Hall and Olrig Grange
708L25: Hari Kunzru - The Impressionist
696L8: Hari Kunzru - The Impressionist
708L20: Hari Kunzru - The Impressionist
852T48: Grace H. Kupfer - Legends of Greece and Rome
829W7: Baron De Kusel - An Englishman&Apos;S Recollections of Egypt 1863 to 1887 with an Epilogue Dealing with the Present Time 1914.
849B39: Henry Kuttner; Richard C Meredith; David Drake; Walter Jon Williams; Ian McDonald - Science Fiction Novels
850N2: Kwasi Kwarteng - Ghosts of Empire: Britain&Apos;S Legacies in the Modern World
MOD1-F-20: Thomas Kyd - The Spanish Tragedy
841W50: K. Dept. C. C. & Co. L - Cambric Embroidered Allovers & Sets
GEN37-B-17: N. L. and S. - Fine Furniture
725L16: C O L - Martin Luther and the Devil or the Question Proposed Whether the Devil Was the Doctor of Divinity That Lectured Luther Into His Reformation?
804R34: W. W. L. - The Real Earth and Other Studies
FGN9-E-1: Pierre Ma√ɬęl - Mariage Mondain
851F21: M. Jules Labarte - Handbook of the Arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
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FGN9-H-12: Jean Lemoine and Andre Lichtenberger - De la Valli„É‚®Re „É‚Ä Montespan
781R25: Mark Lemon - Up and Down the London Streets
646P22: Mark Lemon; Frank Romer - The Rhine Boat, or, Lays of Many Lands; a Musical and Metrical Romance
FGN9-C-6: Miguel Lemos - L&Apos;Apostolat Positiviste Au Bresil.
LTH30-E-2: J. Lempriere - A Classical Dictionary; Containing a Copious Account of All the Proper Names Mentioned in Ancient Authors; with the Value of Coins, Weights, and Measures, Used Among the Greeks and Romans; and a Chronological Table.
755P37: J. C. Lenehan - The Mansfield Mystery
MOD3-E-9: J. C. Lenehan - The Tunnel Mystery
688L19: Jacques Lenfant - Histoire Du Concile de Constance, Tiree Principalement D&Apos;Auteurs Qui Ont Assiste Au Concile
642C28: Jos. Joh. Lenhart - Carlsbads Memorabilien Vom Jahre 1325 Bus 1839
774A12: Florence Becker Lennon - Lewis Carroll
839P18: John Lennon - A Spaniard in the Works
LTH16-C-6: Lord William Pitt Lennox - Coaching, with Anecdotes of the Road
842M6: Lord William Pitt Lennox - Coaching, with Anecdotes of the Road
841T72: Lady Sarah Lennox - The Life and Letters of Lady Sarah Lennox 1745-1826
FIN1-D-11: Lord Willliam Pitt Lennox - Coaching, with Anecdotes of the Road
794J27: Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox - The Diary of Lord Bertie of Thame 1914-1918
848A54: Alexandre Lenoir - Nouvelle Explication Des Hieroglyphes, Ou Des Figures Symboliques Et Sacrees Des Egyptiens Et Des Grecs, Utile a L&Apos;Intelligence Des Monumens Mythologiques Des Autres Peuples
843T45: Alexandre Lenoir - Description Historique Et Chronologique Des Monumens de Sculpture, Reunis Aus Musee Des Monumens Francais
FGN22-F-8: G Lenotre - La Mirlitantouille: Episodes de la Chouannerie Bretonne
847W3: Rob Lensink - Notes on the Birds of Some Wetlands in Northeast Greece and Turkey
853B27: Arthur G. Lentz - United Stated Olympic Book
789A18: Bernard Chevallier; Michel Dancoisne-Martineau; Thierry Lentz; et al. - Sainte-H„É‚©L„É‚®Ne, „É‚ģle de M„É‚©Moire
GEN1-A-3: Lenygon and Co. - A Chart of the Arts in England from 1660 to 1800
823J10: Donna Leon - Acqua Alta
823J14: Donna Leon - The Anonymous Venetian
750P23: E. M. Leonard - The Early History of English Poor Relief
MOD7-B-19: Sam Leonard - A Difficult Trade the Baseball Mystery
823F40: John Leonard - Wyke Regis
832P21: Major Arthur Glyn Leonard - The Lower Niger and Its Tribes
779F13: Louis Leowe - Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore
797A52: Conte-Admiral R Lepotier - L&Apos;Aventure Aero-Polaire
676L2: John Heron Lepper; Philip Crossle - History of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons
751P11: Mikhail Lermontov; John Cournos - A Song About Tsar Ivan Vasilevitch His Young Body-Guard and the Valiant Merchant Kalashnikov
751L12: Gaston Leroux - The Phantom of the Opera
763R9: Gaston Leroux - The Floating Prison
SET26-C-4: Alain-Rene Lesage - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane in Four Volumes
FGN19-F-2: Alain-Ren Lesage - Oeuvres de le Sage
680P10: A. R. Lesage; Martin Smart - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillana
822B31: Lesage - The Adventure of Gil Blas of Santillane
SET25-B-3: Alain-René Lesage - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillana in Three Volumes
733P11: Alain-René Lesage - Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane
FGN24-H-1: Alain-René Lesage; Stendhal - Histoire de Gil Blas and de L&Apos;Amour
FGN11-C-12: Lesage - Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane
847g2: M. Le Sage [Alain-Rene Lesage] - The Devil Upon Two Sticks. Translated from the Diable Boiteux of M. Le Sage. To Which Are Prefixed, Asmodeus&Apos;S Crutches, a Critical Letter Upon the Work; and Dialogues between Two Chimneys of Madrid
618L15: Alain-Rene Lesage - The Bachelor of Salamanca or Memoirs of Don Cherubim de la Ronda
638P8: Alain-Rene Lesage - Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane
836P26: [Alain-Rene Lesage]; [Tobias Smollett] - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane
821A24: Madame Lescot - Un Peu, Beaucoup, Passionnement
743P31: Princesse de Lesignano - Les Constitutions de Tous Les Pays Civilises
780A25: Charles Leslie - A Short and Easy Method with the Deists; Wherein the Certainty of the Christian Religion Is Demonstrated by Infallible Proof, from Four Rules Which Are Incompatible to Any Imposture That Ever Yet Has Been, or Can Possibly Be in a Letter to a Friend, with a Letter from the Author to a Deist, Upon His Conversion by Reading His Book
777P21: [Charles Leslie] - A Short and Easy Method with the Deists a Short and Easie Method with the Jews the Truth of Christianity Demonstrated a Dissertation Concerning Private Judgment and Authority
790R26: Emma Leslie - At the "Sign of the Golden Fleece
610M8: Charles Leslie - A Short and Easy Method with the Deists a Short and Easy Method with the Jews
820P15: Shane Leslie - The Oppidan
783P1: George D. Leslie - Our River: Personal Reminiscences of an Artist&Apos;S Life on the River Thames
567L45: Joan Leslie - Kitty&Apos;S Chinese Garden
846P39: Miss Eliza Leslie - Directions for Cookery, in Its Various Branches
817A26: C. R Leslie - A Hand-Book for Young Painters
814D14: Penelope Leslie - Guy&Apos;S Duty
789F9: George D. Leslie - Our River: Personal Reminiscences of an Artist&Apos;S Life on the River Thames
773R62: Charles Robert Leslie; Tom Taylor - Autobiographical Recollections
812A13: Major John H. Leslie - The Services of the Royal Regiment of Artillery in the Peninsular War 1808 to 1814
835M15: Norman Leslie; Andrew Lang [translator] - The Monk of Fife Being the Chronicle Written by Norman Leslie of Pitcullo, Concerning Marvellous Deeds That Befell in the Realm of France in the Years of Our Redemption, MCCCCXXIX-XXXI. Now First Done Into English out of the French by Andrew Lang
681L13: Ephraim Gotthold Lessing - Sammtliche Schriften
739P34: Doris Lessing - The Good Terrorist
823J15: Doris Lessing - The Cleft
756P53: Doris Lessing - A Ripple from the Storm Landlocked
824W43: Doris Lessing - The Story of General Dann and Mara&Apos;S Daughter Griot and the Snow Dog
737K6: Doris Lessing - Fourteen Poems
669P1: Leonardus Lessius - De Summo Bono Et Aeterna Beatitudine Hominis Quae Fides Et Religio Sit Capessenda Consultatio Disputatio de Statu Vitae Deligendo, Et Religionis Ingressu
FGN24-F-G: C. L. Lesur - Annuaire Historique Universel Ou Histoire Politique
725K20: Claire Letemendia - The Best of Men
843P36: W. R. Lethaby - Leadwork Old and Ornamental and for the Most Part English
833W17: W. R. Lethaby - Architecture, Nature & Magic
745P11: W. R. Lethaby - Form in Civilization Collected Papers on Art & Labour
838J1: Thomas Charles Lethbridge - News from Tili
788L3: Thomas Charles Lethbridge; Fred Tebbutt; John Gadd - Thomas Charles Lethbridge Fred Tebbutt Correspondence and Unpublished Manuscripts
834A43: Gulielmo Nanson Lettsom - Poema Numismate Annuo Dignatum, Et in Curia Canatabrigiensi Recitatum, A.D. Mdccc XVI, A.D. Mdccc XVII
FGN19-E-5: Francois Leuret - Fragmens Psychologiques Sur la Folie
FGN24-A-3: Jean Jacques Leveque - Les Annees Impressionistes
784R23: Charles Lever - Assorted Works by Charles Lever
816B24: Charles Lever - One of Them
783J29: Charles Lever - Confessions of Con. Cregan: The Irish Gil Blas
SET59-I-2: Charles Lever - Selected Works of Charles Lever
FIN2-C-17: Charles Lever - Harry Lorrequer
GEN21-I-7: Charles Lever - The Knight of Gwynne; a Tale of the Time of the Union
821B7: Charles Lever - Jack Hinton, the Guardsman
SET59-G-1: Charles Lever - Works of Charles Lever
694P34: Charles Lever - The Military Novels of Charles Lever
806R22: Charles Lever - Jack Hinton, the Guardsman
597P9: Charles Lever - Charles O&Apos;Malley, the Irish Dragoon
LTH25-H-5: Charles Lever - Our Mess Volume I: Jack Hinton, the Guardsman
SET42-D-1: Charles Lever - Selected Novels of Charles Lever
822F17: Charles Lever - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
822P16: Charles Lever - The O&Apos;Donoghue; a Tale of Ireland Fifty Years Ago
825W26: Charles Lever - The O&Apos;Donoghue
632L8: Charles Lever - Our Mess Jack Hinton the Guardsman
601M8: Charles Lever - The Daltons; or, Three Roads in Life in Two Volumes
LTH30-F-8: [Charles Lever] - Charles O&Apos;Malley, the Irish Dragoon
LTH7-B-13: Charles Lever - The Daltons or Three Roads in Life in Two Volumes
659L8: Charles Lever - Roland Cashel
632L6: Charles Lever - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
849B61: Charles Lever - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
SET55-D-3: Charles Lever - Selected Novels of Charles Lever
845B42: Charles Lever - Our Mess
817D22: Charles Lever - The Military Novels of Charles Lever
814A43: Denise Levertov - The Sorrow Dance
678P19: Pierre-Charles Levesque - Histoire de Russie
678L8: Pierre Charles Levesque - Historie de Russie
638M14: Michael Levey - The Later Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen
837F27: G. Murray Levick; D. G. Lillie - British Antarctic ("Terra Nova") Expedition, 1910, Natural History Report. Zoology. Vol. I. No&Apos;S 2 and 3. Natural History of the Adelie Penguin and Cetacea
600C9: Roberto Levillier - Coleccion de Publicaciones Historicas de la Biblioteca Del Congreseo Argentino Gobernantes Del Peru Cartas Y Papeles Siglo XVI Publicaton Dirigida Por D. Roberto Levillier
710P2: Benard Levin - A World Elsewhere
710P13: Benard Levin - Taking Sides
710P10: Bernard Levin - Hannibal&Apos;S Footsteps
710P5: Bernard Levin - Conducted Tour
844W7: Ira Levin - Rosemary&Apos;S Baby
709P42: Bernard Levin - Conducted Tour
714L8: Andre Levinson - Serge Lifar Destin D&Apos;Un Danseur
714L9: Andre Levinson - Bakst the Story of the Artist&Apos;S Life
817P12: Creswell Levinz - Les Reports de Sir Creswell Levinz, Jades Un Del Justices Del Common Bank, En Trois Parts: Commencant En le 12 an de Roy Chales II & Fini En le 8 an de Son Majesty William III

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