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876Z27: Jane Lahr [ed]; Lena Tabori [ed] - Love: A Celebration in Art and Literature
787L12: J R Ainsworth Davis [Ed] - Science in Modern Life
902F49: Anthony Harding [ed.] - Classic Car Profiles: Nos. 1-96
856A16: Peter Willis [ed.] - Furor Hortensis: Essays on the History of the English Landscape Garden in Memory of Hf Clark
GEN2-B-9: Rosaline Masson (Ed) - In Praise of Edinburgh an Anthology in Prose and Verse
830G12: L. W. Harrows (ed) - Oriental Rugs in Private Collections
833G5: Arthur John Hawkes (Ed.) - Lancashire Printed Books: A Bibliography of All the Books Printed in Lancashire Down to the Year 1800, Based Upon an Exhibition of Early Lancashire Printed Books Held in the Wigan Reference Library, During May, 1925, Under the Auspices of the Wigan Public Libraries Committee.
GEN9-E-20: W. King (ed.) - The Rossall Register, 1844-1889
885Z8: Nicholas Canny [ed]; P. J. Marshall [ed]; Judith M. Brown [ed]; W. M. Roger Louis [ed]; Andrew Porter [ed]; Robin W. Winks [ed] - The Oxford History of the British Empire
894F46: Andrew Lang [ed.] - The Blue Fairy Book
882F18: William Rhind [ed.] - Sketches of the Past and Present State of Moray
827G30: Miriam Gross (Ed.) - The World of Raymond Chandler
898F67: Ralph Hall Caine [ed.] - The Children&Apos;S Hour: An Anthology of Poems, Stories, Sketches, Etc
614M15: Kenneth R. Andrews (ed.) - The Last Voyage of Drake & Hawkins
870Q20: T. W. Sanders (ed.) - Amateur Gardening for Town and Country. Volume XXI.
789F50: Roland E. Dangerfield [ed.] - The Aeroplane Spotter
848F12: Stebbing Shaw [ed.]; Samuel Egerton Brydges [ed.] - The Topographer for the Year 1790 and 1791; Containing a Variety of Original Articles, Illustrative of the Local History and Antiquities of England
GEN1-D-7: Bertram Dobell (Ed) - The Partiall Law a Tragi-Comedy
796F36: J. E. King [ed.] - Inventory of Parochial Documents in the Diocese of Bath and Wells and the County of Somerset
867A13: Paul Carus [ed] - The Monist: A Quarterly Magazine Devoted to the Philosophy of Science
900Z46: Andrew W. Tuer [ed] - Stories from Old-Fashioned Children&Apos;S Books: Adorned with 250 Amusing Cuts.
848N13: Charles Holme [ed.]; Frederick Wedmore [intro.] - English Water-Colour with Reproductions of Drawings by Eminent Painters
GEN1-B-28: Maud Sellers (Ed) - The Acts and Ordinances of the Eastland Company
896Z53: T. R. Smith [ed] - Poetica Erotica: A Collection of Rare and Curious Amatory Verse
GEN3-B-19: Frances Eliza Kingsley (Ed) - Charles Kingsley: His Letters and Memories of His Life
664L2: Wyndham Lewis (Ed) - Blast War Issue Review of the Great English Vortex No 2 July 1915
829G9: A. H. Halsey (ed.) - Traditions of Social Policy, Essays in Honour of Violet Butler
630M20: R. Simpson (ed.) - Memorials of St. John at Hackney Part III.
856F21: William Illingworth [ed.] - Testa de Nevill Sive Liber Feodorum in Curia Scaccarii. Temp. Hen. III. & Edw. I.
SET56-I-1: O. G. Crawford (ed); Roland Austin (ed) - Antiquity: A Quarterly Review of Archaeology: Vols 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
881Z21: H. Avray Tipping [ed] - Gardens Old & New the Country House & Its Garden Environment
764R44: Autrey Nell Wiley ed. - 1940 Rare Prologues and Epilogues 1642-1700
645C8: William Le Hardy (Ed); Geoffrey Reckitt (Ed) - County of Buckingham Calendar to the Sessions Records
890F22: Andrew Lang [ed.] - The Orange Fairy Book
839W41: Harry Golding [ed.] - Verses for Children
893Q38: Marie Lesoway [Ed.] - The Definitive Harry Potter Guide Books Series: Books 1-4
841N15: J. H. Adeane (ed) - The Girlhood of Maria Josepha Holroyd [Lady Stanley of Alderley]. Recorded in Letters of a Hundred Years Ago: From 1776 to 1796
639K18: E. H. Thrushton (ed.) - British Sports and Sportsmen Breeding Agriculture Country-Life Pursuits [1931] British Sports and Sportsmen Modern Commerce Transport Motoring and Aviation [1933]
GEN1-D-13: A. L. Haydon (Ed) - Rovering a Weekly Paper for Young British Manhood
829F12: Major-General Sir Arthur B. Scott [Ed.]; P. Middleton Brumwell [Compiled] - History of the (12th Eastern) Division in the Great War, 1914-1918
GEN40-B-8: George P. Morris (ed.) - The New York Mirror and Ladies&Apos; Literary Gazette
834G40: Harry Quilter (Ed.) - The Universal Review
878F39: Graham Greene [ed.]; Hugh Greene [ed.] - The Spy&Apos;S Bedside Book
854T2: J. E. Taylor [ed.] - Notes on Collecting and Preserving Natural-History Objects
854B37: John Signer [ed] - New Short Stories 1945-1946
883Z8: Florence M. Gladstone [ed] - Aubrey House Kensington 1698-1920
883M41: Andrew W. Tuer [ed.] - Stories from Old-Fashioned Children&Apos;S Books
856B100: E. E. Rich [ed] - Journal of Occurrences in the Athabasca Department by George Simpson, 1820 and 1821 and Report
842F19: H. W. Dulcken [ed.] - Dalziels&Apos; Illustrated Arabian Nights&Apos; Entertainment
879F60: Ernest Blezard [ed.]; Marjory Garnett; Ritson Graham; Tom L. Johnston - The Birds of Lakeland
644C7: Joseph Jacobs (Ed) - Epistolae Ho-Elianae the Familiar Letters of James Howell
838F38: Willy Storrer [ed.]; Felix Durach [ed.]; Wilhelm Keller [ed.] - Individualitat; Vierteljahresschrift Fur Philosophie Und Kunst
765A56: John M. Gray [ed.] - George Manson and His Works
821A23: Mona Wilson [ed.] - Johnson: Prose and Poetry
794A32: P F M Fellowes [ed.] - Britain&Apos;S Wonderful Air Force
650M25: W. P. W. Phillimore (ed.) - Index to Wills Proved and Administrations Granted in the Court of the Archdeacon of Berks 1508 to 1652
889F34: Charles Knight [ed.] - Half-Hours with the Best Authors
788F40: John W. Walker [ed.]; Margaret I. Walker [ed.] - The Church Plate of Berkshire
883Z19: John Lorne Campbell [ed] - Highland Songs of the Forty-Five Duain GhaoeIdlhealach Mu Bhliadhna TheaoeRlaich
855A65: Reginald Foskett [ed.] - The Zambesi Journal and Letters of Dr John Kirk 1858-63
868M14: A. H. Thomas [ed.] - Calendar of Early Mayor&Apos;S Court Rolls, and Plea and Memoranda Rolls, Preserved Among the Archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall: A.D. 1298-1412
859M39: Hippolyte Philémon Deroisin [ed.] - Fragments Economiques de Marcel Roulleaux Publies Par Ses Amis
SET20-B-2: W. Braithwaite (ed.); James Braithwaite (ed.) - The Retrospect of Medicine a Half-Yearly Journal in Seventeen Volumes
849N16: The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies [Percy Gardner ed.]; J. R. Jones - The Journal of Hellenic Studies. Volumes I, III - VI, VIII, with Part of Volume VII, and a Numismatic Index
FGN12-C-18: St. Bernard [J.M. Manternach ed.] - Sermones de Tempore
844B52: Jean Mistler [ed] - Napoleon Et L&Apos;Empire 1769 1815 1821
858M25: Sandra Billington [ed.]; Miranda Green [ed.] - The Concept of the Goddess
GEN2-F-3: Professor J. Wortley (Ed) - The Horse Its Treatment in Health and Disease with a Complete Guide to Breeding Training and Management Divisional Volume 1
881F35: Samuel G. Green [ed.] - Pictures from Bible Lands
887M4: Sir George Bromley [ed.] - A Collection of Original Royal Letters, Written by King Charles the First and Second, King James the Second, and the King and Queen of Bohemia: Together with Original Letters, Written by Prince Rupert, Charles Louis Count Palatine, the Duchess of Hanover
848T7: Charles Buxton [Ed] - Memoirs of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, Bart
856N11: Duncan Crow [ed.] - German Afv&Apos;S of World War II
870A34: Elena Crippa [ed] - Frank Bowling
857M16: R. R. Darlington [ed.] - The Publications of the Pipe Roll Society, Volume LXXVI: The Cartulary of Worcester Cathedral Priory (Register I)
859N35: Graham Green [ed.]; John Marks [ed.] - Night and Day
850B59: Rev. Robert Aris Willmott (ed.) - The Poets of the Nineteenth Century
850N20: Henry Grove; Thomas Amory [ed,]; Samuel Chandler - A System of Moral Philosophy; a Vindication of the Old Testament, in Answer to the Misrepresentations and Calumnies of Thomas Morgan, M.D. And Moral Philosopher
SET49-50-E-1: C. H. Hunter Blair (ed) - Archaeologia Aeliana or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity
SET63-I-1: LNR (ed) - The Books and Its Missions
781F4: Hugh Tinker [ed.] - Burma, the Struggle for Independence 1944-1948
808D57: Mrs Archibald H Christie (ed) - Embroidery: A Collection of Articles on Subjects Connected with the Study of Fine Needlework
634C14: Norman Preston (Ed) - Wisden
854A2: Robert Blythe [ed.] - The St Frank&Apos;S Jubilee Companion: A Symposium to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Creation of St Frank&Apos;S
861A33: SC Hall [ed.] - The Book of Gems: The Modern Poets and Artists of Great Britain
628M31: Leslie Stephen (ed.); Sidney Lee (ed.) - Dictionary of National Biography Volume I: Abbadie Anne Volume II: Annesley Baird Volume III: Baker Beadon Volume IV: Beal Biber Volume V: Bicheno Bottisham Volume VI: Bottomley Browell Volume VII: Brown Burthogge Volume VIII: Burton Cantwell Volume IX: Canute Chaloner Volume X: Chamber Clarkson Volume XI: Clater Condell Volume XII: Conder Craigie Volume XXXV: Maccarwell Maltby
630M25: Robert E. Mack (ed.) - The Golden Treasury of Art and Song
GEN9-F-3: Charles Baker (ed.) - Bibliography of British Book Ilustrators 1860 - 1900
641C37: Mary Howitt (Ed) - Pictorial Calendar of the Season Exhibiting the Pleasures, Pursuits, and Characteristics of Country Life for Every Month in the Year and Embodying the Whole of Aikin&Apos;S Calendar of Nature
866A41: Henry B Wheatley [ed] - The Book-Lover&Apos;S Library
632M36: Anthony Leahy (ed.); John Tait (ed.) - Occasional Publications 13 Studies on Ancient Egypt in Honour of H.S. Smith.
890Z5: Roger Zelazny [ed] - Nebula Award Stories 3
901Z24: Stanley Weston [ed] - Boxing Illustrated Wrestling News
843F13: Frederic Shoberl [ed.] - The World in Miniature Switzerland; Switzerland
817B62: Beverley Nichols [ed.] - A Books of Old Ballads
LTH28-F-6: William Michael Rossetti (Ed) - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore
857M5: Paul N. Hasluck [ed.] - House Decoration: Comprising Whitewashing, Paperhanging, Painting
903M3: Alan Ross [ed.] - London Magazine: Volume 25, No. 1 & 2, April/May 1985
792F19: John Eadie [ed.] - The Illustrated National Family Bible
832A11: George Armstrong [ed.] - The Magic Wand Year Book 1947-1948
834A1: Richard Garnett [ed.] - The International Library of Famous Literature
866B93: C. L. Wrenn [ed] - Beowulf with the Finnesburg Fragment
857W55: Henry S. Lunn [ed.] - How to Visit Northern Europe
843A29: E. V. Lucas [ed.] - Her Infinite Variety: A Feminine Portrait Gallery
SET22-D-2: Erich Heller (Ed) - Studies in Modern European Literature and Thought
626C43: Right Hon. Sir Arthur Otway (Ed) - Autobiography and Journals of Admiral Lord Clarence E. Paget, G.C. B.
814J25: Eric Parker (ed.) - The Lonsdale Keeper&Apos;S Book
844W62: L. S. Colchester (ed.) - Wells Cathedral a History
898Q26: James Mason [Ed.] - The Great Triumphs of Great Men
875Z36: Joseph Hunter [ed] - The Great Roll of the Pipe for the First Year of the Reign of King Richard the First, A.D. 1189-1190
866A87: H K F Gatty [ed] - Aunt Judy&Apos;S Annual Volume for 1881
832A19: Dai Vernon [ed.] - Malini and His Magic
SET20-A-1: A. J. Finberg (ed.) - The Old Water-Colour Society&Apos;S Club First Annual Volume (X3) 1923-1924 Second Annual Volume 1924-1925 Third Annual Volume 1925-1926 Fourth Annual Volume (X2) 1926-1927 Fifth Annual Volume 1927-1928 Sixth Annual Volume 1928-1929 Seventh Annual Volume 1929-1930 Ninth Annual Volume 1931-1932 Fifteenth Annual Volume 1937 Sixteenth Annual Volume 1938 Issued Only to Members
832A29: Geoffrey L. Hudson [ed.] - British Military and Naval Medicine 1600-1830
848B81: John Betjeman (ed.); John Piper (ed.). - Murray&Apos;S Berkshire Architectural Guide
803D17: Laurence Hall Fowler (ed); Elizabeth Baer (ed) - The Fowler Architectural Collection of the John Hopkins University Catalogue
LTH28-F-13: J. Logie Robertson (Ed); Sir Walter Scott - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
840B42: A. Lindsay Kelly [ed.] - Kelly&Apos;S Directory of Herefordshire
887Z29: Edward Howell [ed] - Ye Ugly Face Clubb Liverpoole, 1743-1753 a Verbatim Reprint from the Original Ms. In the Collection of the Late Joseph Mayer, Esq. , of Bebington Cheshire
780F8: Eugene Jolas [ed.]; Robert Sage [ed.]; Elliot Paul [ed.]; James Joyce; William Carlos Williams; Gertrude Stein - Transition, an International Quarterly for Creative Experiment. Number 13, Summer.
780F54: Ram Chandra Palit [ed.] - The Great Contempt Case
780F55: Ram Chandra Palit [ed.]; Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice - The Great Contempt Case and Speeches by the Marquis of Lansdowne
848N26: Thomas Carter [Ed.] - Historical Record of the Twenty-Sixth or Cameronian Regiment
832A43: John Morley [ed.] - English Men of Letters: Milton; Hawthorne; Southey; Lamb
803D15: Cleveland Amory (ed); Frederic Bradlee (ed) - Cavalcade of the 1920s and 1930s: Selections from America&Apos;S Most Memorable Magazine &Apos;Vanity Fair&Apos;
630M38: F. Burlington Fawcett (ed.) - Broadside Ballads of the Restoration Period from the Jersey Collection Known As the Osterley Park Ballads
824A34: Edward Abbott Parry [ed.] - Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple
870M31: E. V. Lucas [ed.] - Another Book of Verses for Children
776F43: Ernest Edwin Speight [ed.]; Clara Linklater Thomson [ed.] - The First Book, Song and Story for Little Children
833M26: N.E.S.A Hamilton [ed.] - Illustrated with Coloured Quarto Maps. The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland; or, Topographical Dictionary of the British Islands. Comprising Above 30,000 Names of Towns, Villages, Parishes, Hamlets, Castles, Seats, and Other Natural or Political Divisions; with a Description of Their Churches, Schools, Antiquities, Manufactures, Progress, Railways, Etc. , Compiled from the Most Recent and Trustworthy Sources, and Corrected by Local Verification.
650C50: John Wm. Clay (Ed) - The Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Founded 1863. Incorporated 1893. Record Series. Vol. XL. For the Year 1908. Paver&Apos;S Marriage Licences.
820D2: H. C. Wylly (Ed) - The Sherwood Foresters: Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment
847N7: Charles Knight [ed.] - Half Hours of English History from the Roman Period to the Death of Elizabeth
887Q5: J. Logie Robertson (Ed); Sir Walter Scott - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
832A67: Alan Crossley [ed.] - A History of the County of Oxford Vol. XII
604C17: William Harcus (Ed) - South Australia: Its History, Resources, and Production
839F12: John William Carleton [ed.] - The Sporting Sketch Book: A Series of Characteristic Papers, by the Most Distinguished Sporting Writers of the Day
852M10: Sir George Clark [ed.] - The Oxford History of England
818B32: L. F. Salzman [ed.] - Sussex Record Society Vol XLVIII: The Town Book of Lewes 1543-1701
623M39: F. Jarry (ed.) - Gazette Nationale Ou Moniteur Universel Octobre, 1792.
831A100: Lady Newdigate-Newdegate [ed.] - Gossip from a Muniment Room: Being Passages in the Lives of Anne and Mary Fytton 1574 to 1618
795F38: Karl Boes [ed.] - La Plume, 172 Numero Special Consacre a Felicien Rops
817B10: Charles Holme [ed.] - Pen, Pencil and Chalk a Series of Drawings by Contemporary European Artists
817A10: Alan S. Cole [ed.] - Studies from the Museums: Embroidery, from the South Kensington Museum
LTH27-H-4: James Gairdner (Ed) - Historia Regis Henrici Septimi, a Bernardo Andrea Tholosate Conscripta; Necnon Alia Quaedam Ad Eundem Regem Spectantia
866F54: William Makepeace Thackeray [ed.]; Elizabeth Gaskell; Wilkie Collins - The Cornhill Magazine, Volumes XI and XII
GEN35-G-12: Stuart A. Pears M.A. (Ed) - The Correspondence of Sir Philip Sidney and Hubert Languet
829K3: E. W. Bovill [ed.] - Missions to the Niger
848A6: Thomas Miller [ed.] - Turner and Girtin&Apos;S Picturesque Views of English, Scotch, & Welsh Scenery, a Hundred Years Ago
858B2: H. F. Witherby [ed.]; F. C. R. Jourdain; Norman Ticehurst; Bernard W. Tucker - The Handbook of British Birds
856F24: William Illingworth [ed.] - Placitorum in Domo Capitulari Westmonasteriensi Asservatorum Abbreviato
787A20: William Robinson [ed] - Friends of a Half Century; Fifty Memorials with Portraits of Members of the Society of Friends 1840-90
875Z14: Richard Savage [ed], Sidney Lee - Catalogue of the Books, Manuscripts, Works of Art, Antiquities and Relics at Present Exhibited in Shakespeare&Apos;S Birthplace.
845T5: Brian Howells [ed] - Pembrokeshire County History Volume III & Volume IV
GEN40-C-14: Frederick Locker (ed.) - Lyra Elegantarium a Collection of Some of the Best Specimens of Vers de SociT and Vers D&Apos;Occasion in the English Language by Deceased Authors.
786A45: W. Shaw Sparrow (ed.) - The Spirit of the Age: The Works of Frank Brangwyn A.R. A.
785F41: Henrik Gustaf Soderbaum [ed.]; Jons Jacob Berzelius - Jac. Barzelius Bref
788F29: Beverley Nichols [ed.] - A Book of Old Ballads
789A37: C M Poulsen [ed.] - Flight and the Aircraft Engineer
789J26: Nolan B. Harmon (ed.) - The Encyclopedia of World Methodism
833J20: S. Louis Giraud [ed.] - Hans Andersen&Apos;S Fairy Tales
874V1: William Heaton [ed.] - Cassell&Apos;S Concise Cyclopaedia
833J18: S. Louis Giraud [ed.] - Bookano Stories Pictures No. 4
SET17-D-3: A. S. Peake (ed.); R. G. Parsons (ed.) - An Outline of Christianity the Story of Our Civilization
833J17: S. Louis Giraud [ed.] - Bookano Stories No. 1
LTH29-H-3: E.L. Blanchard (Ed) - The Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales in Two Volumes
796J25: Philip Gilbert Hamerton (ed) - The Portfolio, an Artistic Periodical Volume XX
883Z4: Walter Hutchinson [ed] - Hutchinson&Apos;S Story of the British Nation a Connected, Pictorial & Authoritative History of the British Peoples from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
826A47: Robert Cochrane [ed.] - Four Hundred Animal Stories
635M6: R. Bickersteth (ed.) - The Weekly Visitor, and Christian Family Reader. January to June, 1854.
GEN9-B-6: A. S. Turberville (ed.) - Johnson&Apos;S England an Account of the Life & Manners of His Age
634M16: H. J. Riddelsdell (ed.); G. W. Hedley (ed.); W. R. Price (ed.) - Flora of Gloucestershire Phanerogams, Vascular Cryptogams, Charophyta
782F26: Fred J. Chittenden [ed.]; Patrick Synge [ed.] - The Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening
SET65-B-1: Charles F Horne (Ed) - Great Men and Famous Women: A Series of Pen and Pencil Sketches of the Lives of More Than 200 of the Most Prominent Personages in History
807D53: Lesley Henderson (ed); John M. Reilly; Kathleen Gregory Klein - Twentieth-Century Crime and Mystery Writers
903Z8: Peter Owen [ed]; Michael Levian [ed] - Springtime 3: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry
628C22: L. G. Wickham Legg (Ed) - The Dictionary of National Biography
843W6: Henry Heathcote Stratham (ed.); Various - Plates from the Builder Magazine
638C23: Adolf Ebeling (Ed) - Deutsches Kunstler-Album. Mit Beitragen Lebender Kunstler Und Nichter
889Z5: Ethlyn T. Clough [ed] - Oriental Life an Account of Past and Contemporary Conditions and Progress in Asia, Excepting China, India and Japan
880F4: R. Bergau [ed.] - Wentzel Jamitsers Entwurfe Zu Prachtgefassen in Silber Und Gold
898Q12: John Noble [Ed.] - Official Handbook: History, Productions, and Resources of the Cape of Good Hope
860F1: Alfred de Wailly [ed.] - Nouveau Vocabulaire de L&Apos;Academie Francoise
818A43: Joseph F. McCrindle [ed.]; Other contributors - The Transatlantic Review
840B15: S. Louis Giraud [ed.] - Animal Life in Fact, Fancy and Fun
866B81: W. Lucas Collins [ed] - Ancient Classics for English Readers
LTH31-D-13: Samuel Smiles (Ed) - A Boy&Apos;S Voyage Round the World; Including a Residence in Victoria, and a Journey by Rail Across North America
850B29: Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth [ed] - The Bagford Ballads Illustrating the Last Years of the Stuarts
840A79: Andrew Reid [ed] - Vox Clamantium: The Gospel of the People
901Z9: Gina Pollinger [ed] - Alphabet Gallery an ABC of Contemporary Illustrators
825A64: Charles Holme [ed.] - Modern Pen Drawings: European and American
883Z42: Mrs Alfred Gatty [ed]; J. H. Ewing [ed] - Aunt Judy&Apos;S Annual Volumes
876Z31: Alan Bullock [ed] - The Twentieth Century: A Promethean Age
876Z32: Alan Bullock [ed] - The Twentieth Century: A Promethean Age
868F26: Reginald R. Sharpe [ed.] - Calendar of Letter-Books Preserved Among the Archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall: F, G, H, K, L
815F46: William Robinson [ed.] - Flora and Sylva. A Monthly Review for Lovers of Garden, Woodland, Tree or Flower; New and Rare Plants, Trees, Shrubs, and Fruits; the Garden Beautiful, Home Woods, and Home Landscape
759A36: Stephen Paget [ed.] - Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget
GEN9-A-4: Richard Atkinson (ed.); Philip Parker (ed.); Ian Harrison (ed.) - England the Photographic Atlas Edited by 2001 - London - Harpercollins 18" by 12. 5"; 775pp.
783F31: A. W. Cornelius Hallen [ed.]; A. H. Millar [ed.]; James Colville [ed.] - The Account Book of Sir John Foulis of Ravelston 1671-1707; the Compt Buik of David Wedderburne Merchant of Dundee 1587 - 1630, Together with the Shipping Lists of Dundee 1580-1618; Ochtertyre House Booke of Accomps 1737-1739
845N16: Thomas Roscoe [ed., trans] - The German Novelists: Tales Selected from Ancient and Modern Authors in That Language: From the Earliest Period Down to the Close of the Eighteenth Century. Translated from the Originals: With Critical and Biographical Notices
877M34: Martino Hagen [ed.] - Lexicon Biblicum
884F25: John Caesar Wilkes [ed.] - The Political Controversy: Or Weekly Magazine of Ministerial and Anti-Ministerial Essays
565W5: Norman Preston (Ed) - Wisden&Apos;S Cricketer&Apos;S Almanack
784A8: André L. Simon [ed.] - A Concise Encyclopaedia of Gastronomy: Section II, Fish
830F50: Frederick Arthur Crisp [ed.] - Visitation of England and Wales, Volume 13
864M17: E. E. B. Lacomble [ed.] - Perles de la PoSie FranAise Contemporaine
797A50: M. Vahl [ed.] - Greenland Volume I: The Discovery of Greenland, Exploration and Nature of the Country
847M23: John Walker [ed.] - A Selection of Curious Articles from the Gentleman&Apos;S Magazine
860N38: Josephe Vizzini [ed.] - Series I, III, V, VI of Bibliotheca Sanctorum Patrum
791L14: Charles Knight [ed.] - Half-Hours with the Best Authors
GEN39-E-28: Edward Farr (ed.) - A Memory Sheet of the Great Events of British History from the Roman Conquest to the Reign of Queen Victoria
851N12: A. Haupt [ed.] - Renaissance Palaces of Northern Italy and Tuscany
773F8: James Orchard Halliwell (ed.) - The Meeting of the Gallants at an Ordinarie
863N8: Emile Chassinat [Ed.] - MMoires PubliS Par Les Membres de la Mission ArchOlogique FranAise Au Caire
839B47: T. A. Coward [ed] - The Vertebrate Fauna of Cheshire and Liverpool Bay
900Z467: Andrew W. Tuer [ed] - Pages and Pictures from Forgotten Children&Apos;S Books
781F22: Edmund Hatfield [ed.]; Wynkyn De Worde - The Legend of Saint Ursula and the Virgin Martyrs of Cologne
848T21: James Maidment [ed.] - A New Book of Old Ballads
854N49: Lord Northampton [ed.]; Various - The Tribute: A Collection of Miscellaneous Unpublished Poems by Various Authors
899M1: W. Garrett Horder [ed.] - The Treasury of American Sacred Song with Notes Explanatory and Biographical
SET43-C-6: Robert Bell (Ed) - Poetical Works of John Dryden
831G23: Philip Bliss (ed.) - Reliquiae Hearnianae: The Remains of Thomas Hearne, M.A. , of Edmund Hall. Being Extracts from His Ms. Diaries, Collected with a Few Notes.
847W21: H. F. Witherby [ed.]; F. C. R. Jourdain; Norman Ticehurst - British Birds Volume XXXII an Illustrated Magazine
778A46: Dr Steuber [ed.] - Jildirim" Deutsche Streiter Auf Heiligem Boden Nach Eigenen Lagebuchaufzeichnungen Und Unter Benutzung Amtlicher Quellen Des Reichsarchivs
845T4: Maria Schofield [ed] - Decorative Art and Modern Interiors 1975/76 Volume 65
632M32: John Sacher (ed.) - The Postal Services of the Gold Coast to 1901
814A19: Julie Cummins [ed.] - Children&Apos;S Book Illustration and Design
SET4-E-2: Edgar Lucas (ed) - Modern House Building in Three Volumes
833B42: Andrew Lang [ed.] - Poets&Apos; Country
882Q17: H. B. Kendall [ed.] - Pictorial Sketches from Bible Lands
811F6: A. E. T. Watson [ed.] - Forty Articles from the Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes
823A19: Jack Cox [ed.]; Various - The Boy&Apos;S Own Paper Vol. 74 No. 4 - Vol. 75 No. 3; and Vol. 78, No. 7.
866B45: J. A. Owen [ed] - With the Woodland and by the Tide
844F10: Robert Dodsley [ed.]; Mark Akenside [ed.] - The Museum: Or, the Literary and Historical Register
881Z30: W. P. Pycraft [ed] - The Standard Natural History from Amoeba to Man
763A20: Charles Holme [ed.] - Old English Country Cottages
792A36: E R Appleton [ed.] - The Beacon Vol. I No. 6-11
858M32: Matthew Engel [ed.] - Wisden Cricketers&Apos; Almanack: 2005 and 2006
817J52: Gregor Grant [ed.] - Autosport: Britain&Apos;S Motor Sporting Weekly
833A57: Hector Hawton [ed.] - The Rationalist Annual 1954-67
858M16: John Lehmann [ed.]; Derek Parker [ed.] - Edith Sitwell: Selected Letters
799A33: Tom Hopkinson [ed.] - The Picture Post Vol. 44 No. 12
896M12: Sir John Hammerton [ed.] - The War Illustrated: Complete Record of the Conflict by Land and Sea and in the Air
623M33: Samuel Orchart Beeton (ed.); John Sherer (ed.) - Beeton&Apos;S Dictionary of Universal Information
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821P21: James Elmes - Metropolitan Improvements London and Its Environs in the Nineteenth Century
GEN27-H-16: Captain Pennell-Elmhirst - The Cream of Leicestershire Eleven Seasons&Apos; Skimming
796F1: Captain Edward Penell-Elmhirst - Best Season on Record
747P43: Captain Pennell-Elmhirst - The Cream of Leicestershire Eleven Seasons&Apos; Skimmings
804R41: The Hon. Mountstuart Elphinstone - The History of India
832A68: R.B. Pugh C.R. Elrington - The Victoria History of the Counties of England: General Introduction and General Introduction: Supplement 1970-90
796A18: Elsa and Ellic Howe - Pekingese Scrapook
LTH4-E-16: Henry Elsinge; John Doddridge; R C; Henry Scobell - Memorials of the Method and Manner of Proceedings in Parliament in Passing Bills Together with Several Rules & Customs, Which by Long and Constant Practice Have Obtained the Name of Orders of the House Gathered by Observation, and out of the Journal Books, from the Time of Edward 6. By H.S. E.C. P. (Henry Scobell) 1670 - London Arcana Parliamentaria or Precedents Concerning Elections, Proceedings, Privileges, and Punishments in Parliament Faithfully Collected out of the Common and Statute-Law of This Realm with Particular Quotations of the Authors in Each Case by R.C. Of the Middle Temple 1685 - London - M. Gilliflower the Opinions of Several Antiquaries Viz. Dodridge, Agar, Tate, Camden, Holland, Cotton, Selden Touching the Antiquity, Power, Order, State, Persons, Manner, and Proceedings of the High Court of Parliament in England (by Sir John Doddridge) 1685 - London - Matt. Gilliflower the Method of Passing Bills in Parliament Written by Henr
756A29: Peter Elstob - The Armed Rehearsal
853N51: Roy Elston - The Traveller&Apos;S Handbook to Venice and Venetia Including the Dolomites and Istria
855F5: Henry Elsynge - The Ancient Method and Manner of Holding Parliaments in England
GEN10-B-19: Oliver Elton - C.E. Montague a Memoir
846W36: Oliver Elton - A Survey of English Literature 1830-1880
1846B80: Oliver Elton - A Survey of English Literature 1730-1780
886Q14: Charles I. Elton - The Tenures of Kent
855M4: J. Frederic Elton; H. B. Cotterill [ed.] - Travels and Researches Among the Lakes and Mountains of Eastern and Central Africa
874P8: J. Frederic Elton; H. B. Cotterill - Travels and Researches Among the Lakes and Mountains of Eastern & Central Africa
844T29: G. F. Handel Elvey - Croquet: A Handbook on the Strokes and Tactics of the Game
896Z18: H. J. Elwes (Henry John Elwes); A. H. Henry (Augustine Henry) - The Trees of Great Britain and Ireland
848B4: Dudley George Cary Elwes - A History of the Castles, Mansions, and Manors of Western Sussex
752R61: Verrier Elwin - India&Apos;S North-East Frontier in the Nineteenth Century
762A51: Herbert Strang [George Herbert Ely, Charles James L'Estrange] - Humphrey Bold His Chances and Mischances by Land and Sea a Story of the Time of Benbow
872T30: Herbert Strang [George Herbert Ely, Charles James L'Estrange] - Burton of the Flying Corps
860A62: Ezra Stiles Ely - The Christian Freemen to Elect Christian Rulers: A Discourse
830W38: S. John Elyard - Some Old Wiltshire Homes with Short Notices on Their Architecture, History, and Associations
787P57: Thomas Elyot; Henry Herbert Stephen Croft - The Boke Names the Gouernour
803J3: Odysseas Elytis - Der Duft Des Mittagsmahls
831B4: Walter Emanuel - The Snob
876P24: Walter Emanuel - One Hundred Years Hence
897P17: Walter Emanuel - The Dog Who Wasn&Apos;T What He Thought He Was
805A16: Emma C. Embury - The Poems of Emma C. Embury
817A21: Walter Emden - Picturesque Westminster, Being a Collection of Sketches Illustrating Historic Landmarks and Places of Interest in the Ancient City of Westminster
856W29: Balthazard Marie Emerigon; Samuel Meredith - A Treatise on Insurances
840W18: R. W. Emerson - Tinies&Apos; Pop-Up Book of Prayers
LTH1-B-17: Ralph Waldo Emerson - A Tour on the Prairies by Washington Irving Representative Men
902T49: Ralph Waldo Emerson - Society and Solitude: Twelve Chapters
793P53: Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essays
694P3: Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essays
GEN34-I-4: Ralph Waldo Emerson - The Essays of Emerson
789A1: Ralph Waldo Emerson - Representative Men: Seven Lectures
845A22: Walter B. Emery; H. S. Smith; A. Millard - Forty-Ninth Excavation Memoir: The Fortress of Buhen, the Archaeological Report
664L17: Emma, Lady Pender - Norman and English History During the 11th and 12th Centuries
826F10: Emma, Lady Pender - Norman and English History During the 11th and 12th Centuries
860P11: Charles Emmanuel - Four Works by Charles Emmanuel
FGN13-B-16: Emmanuel, comte de Las Cases - Memorial de Sainte-Helene
857B36: John T. Emmett - Six Essays
735P28: Robert Emmons - The Life and Opinions of Walter Richard Sickert
802R44: Lieut. George F. Emmons - The Navy of the United States from the Commencement, 1775 to 1853
847G13: Russian Empire - 1000 Rubles Russian Banknote
811A15: The Crown Prince of the German Empire and of Prussia - From My Hunting Day-Book
830G33: Walter Emsley - Lancashire Dialect and Other Poems Suitable for Recitation
818A84: George Emslie - The Last of the Wooden Walls of England
565L41: Louis Enault - Alba
901Z23: Enrique G. Encinosa; Hank Kaplan - Boxing: This Is It!
LTH5-F-17: William Enfield - A General Pronouncing Dictionary: Shewing at One View the Orthography, Explanation, Accentuation and Pronunciation of All the Purest and Most Approved Terms in the English Language
859M3: William Enfield - The Speaker: Or, Miscellaneous Pieces, Selected from the Best English Writers, and Disposed Under Proper Heads, with a View to Facilitate the Improvement of Youth in Reading and Speaking. To Which Is Prefixed an Essay on Elocution.
LTH10-D-6: William Enfield - The Speaker or, Miscellaneous Pieces, Selected from the Best English Writers, and Disposed Under Proper Heads, with a View to Facilitate the Improvement of Youth in Reading and Speaking
863F15: P. Ludovico Engel [Ludwig Engel] - Collegium Universi Juris Canonici
865N11: Carl Engel - Musical Myths and Facts
804R73: G. Engel - American Oats
804R71: G. Engel - A Kipling Appendix
690P9: [Lewis Engelbach] - Naples and the Campagna Felice in a Series of Letters Addressed to a Friend in England, in 1802
623M35: Wilhelm Engelmann - Mein Leben!
704L17: The New Zealand Institute of Mining Engineers - Minutes of Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute of Mining Engineers 1897
829F54: Church of England - Prayers in Use at Cuddesdon College
902Q7: George Allan England - The Golden Blight
817F28: The Church of England - The Thirty Nine Articles and the Constitutions and Canons of the Church of England
FIN3-C-11: The Church of England - The New Week&Apos;S Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lord&Apos;S Supper, As Recommended and Appointed by the Church of England.
840A52: G. Fuller England - Holiday Jottings in Northern France and Notes on Manorial Chapels
868F42: Church of England - The Church of England Magazine, Vols VI-IX
815P6: Barry England - Figures in a Landscape
778A22: Bishops' Conference of England and Wales - Declaration of the Catholic Bishops, the Vicars Apostolic and Their Coadjutors in Great Britain
630L25: Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Cambridge
LTH15-C-26: The United Church of England and Ireland - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointes As They Are to Be Sung or Said in Churches.
903P28: George Allan England - The Flying Legion
LTH6-C-1: George England; Alfred W. Pollard - The Towneley Plays Re-Edited from the Unique Ms. By George England with Side-Notes and Introduction by Alfred W. Pollard
784R2: Thomas R. England - The Life of the Reverend Arthur O&Apos;Leary
LTH16-B-18: The Church of England - The New Week&Apos;S Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lord&Apos;S Supper As Recommended and Appointed by the Church of England
879Z38: Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England - Rural Houses of West Yorkshire 1400-1830 Rural Houses of the Lancashire Pennines 1560-1760
823A59: Elsie Englefield - A Treatise on Pewter and Its Manufacture: Together with a Brief Account of the First of Brown and Englefield the Last of the Great General Pewter Manufacturing Firms of London
813D57: Douglas English - Photography for Naturalists
687L37: Isobel English - The Gift Book
749P11: Anne Enright - The Gathering
881T12: Anne Enright - The Gathering
MOD14-B-6: Anne Enright - The Wig My Father Wore
885T32: Harry Enterprise - Historical Traces of Saltwood Castle, Kent
844W70: Mrs. Steuart Er - Lady Diana Beauclerk Her Life and Work
FGN20-C-15: Erasmus - Eloge de la Folie
855P26: Desiderius Erasmus - Colloquiorum
646P11: Thomas of Erceldoune; Walter Scott - Sir Tristrem; a Metrical Romance of the Thirteenth Century
869Q10: Emile Erckmann; Alexandre Chatrian - The Conscript: A Tale of the French War of 1813
656L21: Emile Erckmann; Alexandre Chatrian - Waterloo Suite Du Conscrit de 1813
810J5: Emile Erckmann; Alexandre Chatrian - Madame Therese
876T1: Sampson Erdeswicke; Sir Simon Degge - A Survey of Staffordshire Containing the Antiquities of That County with a Description of Beeston-Castle in Cheshire
MOD7-G-11: Louise Erdrich - The Beet Queen
891Q16: Alan Ereira - The Invergordon Mutiny
810D81: Eric Parker, Leslie Sprake, et al. - Shooting by Moor, Field, and Shore
831B33: Eva Erleigh - The Little One&Apos;S Log Baby&Apos;S Record
816A73: Adolf Erman; Hermann Ranke [ed.] - Aegypten Un Aegyptisches Leben IM Altertum
802A34: Max Ernst - Une Semaine de Bont: Roman
842P8: Knight Errant; [Edward Dubois] - My Pocket Book; or, Hints for a Ryghte Merrie and Conceited Tour; in Quarto; to Be Called "the Stranger in Ireland," in 1805 Libel. Sir John Carr Against Hood and Sharpe. Report of the Above Case, Tried at the Sitting After Trinity Term, Before Lord Ellenborough and a Special Jury, on Monday, the 25th July, 1808
820B22: John Ackerson Erredge - History of Brighthelmston or Brighton As I View It and Others Knew It, with a Chronological Table of Local Events
768P54: Mrs Steuart Erskine - Lady Diana Beauclerk Her Life and Work
835M24: Mrs. Steuart Erskine - The Vanished Cities of Arabia
786F24: Mrs. Thomas Erskine - Wyncote
781F49: David Erskine, Lord Dun - Lord Dun&Apos;S Friendly and Familiar Advices, Adapted to the Various Stations and Conditions of Life, and the Mutual Relations to Be Observed Amongst Them.
850T69: John Erskine - The Private Life of Helen of Troy
876P40: Sir David Erskine - Annals and Antiquities of Dryburgh, and Other Places on the Tweed
778R44: Mrs. Steuart Erskine - Beautiful Women in History & Art
856F49: Thomas Erskine - Armata: A Fragment
GEN14-C-6: John Erskine; Rev. Walter Macleod - Journal of the Hon. John Erskine of Carnock 1683-1687
FGN19-A-3: Karl Heintz Erzahlt - Vom Kamin, Der Ein Aussichtsturm Werden Wollte
887K3: Raymond Escholer; Paul-Andre Lemoisne - La Vie Et L&Apos;Art Romantiques Daumier Gavarni
848T80: T. H. S. Escott - Platform, Press, Politics & Play
882F27: James Esdaile, M.D. - A Facsimile of &Apos;Mesmerism in India and Its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine&Apos;
GEN39-B-16: Arundell Esdaile - A List of English Tales and Prose Romances Printed Before 1740
631C49: Sir Thomas H. Grattan Esmonde - More Hunting Memories
859B39: T. Esmonde - Disinterred from the Boke of a Monk of Garden Abbey
854F48: Isaac Espinasse - Reports of Cases Argued and Ruled at Nisi Prius, in the Courts of King&Apos;S Bench and Common Pleas
FGN22-B-7: Georges Frederic Espitallier - Aerostiers Et Aviateurs
774R47: Peter Beckford Esq. - Thoughts on Hunting in a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend
753R46: Peter Beckford Esq. - Thoughts Upon Hare and Fox Hunting in a Series of Letters to a Friend
LTH4-C-3: Thomas Moore Esq. - Irish Melodies with an Appendix, Containing the Original Advertisements, and the Prefatory Letter on Music
GEN35-E-14: Alexander John Evelyn Esq. - English Alice a Poem in Five Cantos
860N12: Samuel Foote Esq. - The Commissary. A Comedy in Three Acts. As It Is Performed at the Theatre in the Hay-Market
LTH11-F-11: Walter Scott Esq - Marmion; a Tale of Flodden Field
794R32: Willem Lodewyk Van-ess - The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte
844M18: G. W. Essex; Thomas Murphy - The Famous Thurstons, 1868-1968
837M11: Magnus Maclean [ed]; Dane Sinclair; W. B. Esson; et al. - Modern Electric Practice
LTH26-I-2: Augustus of Este - (As Manuscript) Documents Regarding the Claims of Augustus of Este to the Title, Dignities, and Rights of a Prince of the House of Hanover and Other Papers
854P4: Henri Estiene; Henri Estienne - Apologie Pour Herodote. Ou Traite de la Conformite Des Merveilles Anciennes Avec Les Modernes
723L12: Charles Estienne; Jean Liebault - L&Apos;Agriculture Et Maison Rustique de Maistres Charles Estienne Et Jean Liebault Docteurs En Medecine
777P56: Henri Estienne; Thomas Blount - The Art of Making Devises
869A46: Charles Estienne; Giulio Carlo Argan - Gaugin; Botticelli
FGN1-A-3: D.Guillelmo Estio - In Omnes Diui Pauli Apostoli Epistolas Commentaria
829B27: Santiago Estrada - El Hogar En la Pampa
831P21: C. Estrade - Broderies Hindoues
832P5: C. Estrade - Broderies Hindoues
832P3: C. Estrade - Broderies Hindoues
818A45: Aesop; et al.' Sir Roger L'Estrange - Twenty Four Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists
881Z23: Walter Crane etc - The Nature Book a Popular Description by Pen and Camera of the Delights and Beauties of the Open Air
855P31: George Etherege - The Works of Sir George Etherege
743L32: Sir George Etherege - The Works of Sir George Etherege Containing His Plays and Poems
839A13: An Old Etonian - The Alphabet Annotated for Youth and Adults in Doggerel Verse
826B26: Richard Ettinghausen - Persian Art
881P42: Euclid; Robert Simson - The Elements of Euclid
769L13: John Euller - Antarctic World
838W44: Euripides; Philip Vellacott (trans.) - Medea Hoppolytus the Bacchae
845N19: Euripides; Gilbert Murray [trans.] - Hippolytus of Euripides; Electra of Euripides; Rhesus of Euripedes
817F24: Euripides; Willem Canter [ed] - Euripidis Tragoediae Quae Extant, Cum Latina Gulielmi Canteri Interpretatione
849M20: Rev. John Chetwode Eustace - A Classical Tour Through Italy
613L5: Rev John Chetwode Eustace - A Classical Tour Through Italy an Mdcccii
844W74: G. W. Eustace - Arundel: Borough and Castle
718P14: John Chetwode Eustace - Classical Italy
867A14: Rev John Chetwode Eustace - A Classical Tour Through Italy an. Mdcccii
893T11: Rev. John Chetwode Eustace; Sir Richard Colt Hoare - A Classical Tour Through Italy, an. Mdcccii & a Classical Tour Through Italy and Sicily; Tending to Illustrate Some Districts, Which Have Not Been Described by Mr. Eustace in His Classical Tour
773P27: Bartolomeo Eustachi - Tabulae Anatomicae
840A51: H. St. C. Bowle Evans - A Treatise on Tea Manufacture and Tea Agriculture in Ceylon
620M18: Thomas Evans; R. H. Evans (revisor) - Old Ballads Historical and Narrative with Some of Modern Date, Collected from Rare Copies and Mss. Volume I- II Volume III-IV
878F1: Col. Albert S. Evans - Our Sister Republic: A Gala Trip Through Tropical Mexico in 1869-70
758P36: Joan Evans - A History of the Society of Antiquaries
MOD3-I-10: Donald D. Evans - The Logic of Self-Involvement
LTH10-F-3: Reverend Robert Wilson Evans - The Rectory of Valehead or the Edifice of a Holy Home
MOD11-E-7: Liz Evans - Don&Apos;T Mess with Mrs in-between
892T63: Nicholas Evans - The Horse Whisperer
893T2: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - Impressions of Theophrastus Such
788R87: Frank A. Evans - Pernicious Anemia
754R28: Rev W. E. Evans - The Songs of the Birds; or, Analogies of Animal and Spiritual Life
881V35: John Evans - The Juvenile Tourist or the Excursion Into the West of England; Into the Midland Countries, with Part of South Wales; and Into the Whole Country of Kent; Concluding with an Account of Maidstone and Its Vicinity. Interspersed with Historical Anecdotes and Political Extracts
896Z21: Ronald L. Evans - Handbook of Cultivated Sedums
MOD13-A-4: Nicholas Evans - The Horse Whisperer
830B48: Joan Evans - Art in Medieval France 987-1498
855T54: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe
675K6: Alan Evans - Thunder at Dawn
850A39: G Evans; TB Bagenal - The Observer&Apos;S Book of Birds&Apos; Eggs; the Observer&Apos;S Book of Freshwater Fishes
890T38: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - The Novels of George Eliot
824B2: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - Adam Bede
MOD3-A-1: Nicholas Evans - The Horse Whisperer
MOD2-F-5: Mary Evans - Jane Austen & the State
FGN1-E-2: Thomas Evans; Thomas Richards - An English and Welsh Vocabulary
SET37-D-2: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - The Works of George Eliot Cabinet Edition
MOD7-C-11: George Ewart Evans - Acky
MOD5-B-10: I. O. Evans - Jules Verne and His Work
853T8: John Evans - A Chronological Outline of the History of Bristol and the Stranger&Apos;S Guide Through Its Streets and Neighbourhood
732P25: Thomas Evans - Old Ballads Historical and Narrative
863F12: D. Evans; John S.C. Abbott; Isaac Harries; P. Doddridge - Y Cawg Aur, Yn Llawn O Ddwfr Pur, O Afon Bywyd; Y Fam Gartref; Neu Egwyddorion Y Ddyledswydd Famaidd Yn Cael Eu Hegluro; Sylwedd Pregeth; Dechreuad a Chynnydd Crefydd Yn Yr Enaid: Wedi Eu Hegluro Mewn Amrywiol O Anerchiadau Difrifol Ac Ymarferol
MOD2-E-23: John Evans - Halo in Blood
GEN23-I-13: George Eyre Evans - Cardiganshire: A Personal Survey of Some of Its Antiquities, Chapels, Churches, Fonts, Plate, and Registers
844B30: Sir Arthur Evans - The Shaft Graves and Bee-Hive Tombs of Mycenae and Their Interrelation
876P42: Rev. J. Evans - Letters Written During a Tour Through South Wales, in the Year 1803, and at Other Times; Containing Views of the History, Antiquities, and Customs of That Part of the Principality; and Interspersed with Observations on Its Scenery, Agriculture, Botany, Mineralogy, Trade and Manufactures
876P35: John Evans - The Juvenile Tourist: Or, Excursions Through Various Parts of the Island of Great-Britain; Including the West of England, the Midland Counties and the Whole County of Kent
815D16: Walker Evans - Havana 1933
838W28: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - Adam Bede
813F30: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - The MILL on the Floss
825A77: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - The MILL on the Floss
GEN28-C-14: Edmund Evans - Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes
831F28: Rev. John Evans; John Corry - The History of Bristol CIVIL and Ecclesiastical
899T17: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - Novels of George Eliot
851T64: Rear-Admiral E. R. G. R. Evans - South with Scott
882F15: A. H. Evans - A Fauna of the Tweed Area
874T43: Ivor H. N. Evans - Studies in Religion, Folk-Lore, & Customs in British North Borneo and the Malay Peninsula
875T60: John Evans - The Juvenile Tourist: Or, Excursions Through Various Parts of the Island of Great Britain
826A52: Edward Evans - Catalogue of a Collection of Engraved Portraits, the Largest Ever Submitted to the Public; Comprising Nearly Twenty Thousand Portraits of Persons Connected with the History and Literature of This Country. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. With an Enumeration of the Circumstances Connecting the Most Eminent Persons with the Various Counties of Great Britain, Preferments of the Clergy, &C. Alphabetically Arranged with the Names of the Painter and Engraver, and the Size of Each Plate
823P20: T. Wilson Evans - Rhwng Cyfnos a Gwawr
900Z1: Myfanwy Evans - Diggory Goes to Never-Never
896F34: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - The Novels of George Eliot
832W4: James H. Evans - Constructive Metalwork
852B40: John Evans - A Chronological Outline of the History of Bristol and the Stranger&Apos;S Guide Through Its Streets and Neighbourhood
SET11-B-3: [George Eliot] Mary Ann Evans - The MILL on the Floss
823B56: Charles Evans - Kangchenjunga the Untrodden Peak
846T77: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] - Novels of George Eliot
862M32: The Rev. William Sloane Evans - The Art of Blazon, with an Introduction on the Rise, Origin, and Progress of British Heraldry
GEN27-F-1: D. Morier Evans - The Commercial Crisis 1847-1848
876P43: Rev. J. Evans - A Tour Through Part of North Wales, in the Year 1798, and at Other Times; Principally Undertaken with a View to Botanical Researches in That Alpine Country: Interspersed with Observations on Its Scenery, Agriculture, Manufactures, Customs, History and Antiquities
855M22: Thomas Evans - Old Ballads Historical and Narrative
820B35: J.M. Evans Et Al. - Charles Frederick Clark a Brief Biography of a Great Character
GEN23-H-12: J. T. Evans - The Church Plate of Gloucestershire
823A31: W. Downing Evans - Lyra Silurum
856P2: John Evelyn; William Bray - Memoirs, Illustrative of the Life and Writings of John Evelyn, Esq. F.R. S.
884Z10: John Evelyn; Austin Dobson - The Diary of John Evelyn
855P24: John Evelyn; William Upcott - The Miscellaneous Writings of John Evelyn, Esq. F.R. S.
689L3: J Evelyn - Navigation and Commerce Their Original and Progress
843F33: John Evelyn; Geoffrey Keynes [ed.] - Memoires for My Grand-Son
855W67: John Evelyn; Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford - The Life of Mrs. Godolphin

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