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LTH27-A-8: Osmund Airy - Charles II
FGN11-F-12: Mademoiselle Charlotte Aisse - Lettres Portugaises Avec Les Reponses Lettres de Mlle Aisse Suivies de Celles de Montesquieu Et de Mme Du Deffand Au Chevalier D&Apos;Aydie, Etc
783P7: George Aitchison - Unknown Brighton
GEN33-D-5: Eha [Edward Hamilton Aitken] - The Tribes on My Frontier an Indian Naturalist&Apos;S Foreign Policy
816D60: George A. Aitken - The Life and Works of John Arbuthnot
790A41: Carlo Menger; R. Broglio D'Ajano and N. Bonelli [trad.] - Principii Fondamentali Di Economia Politica
LTH30-F-14: Mark Akenside - The Pleasures of Imagination to Which Is Prefixed a Critical Essay on the Poem
689P5: [Mark Akenside] - The Pleasures of Imagination. A Poem.
723L4: Mark Akenside - The Voice of Liberty or a British Philippic a Poem in Miltonic Verse
842P24: [Mark Akenside]; [John Armstrong] - The Pleasures of Imagination and the Art of Preserving Health
LTH6-B-15: Mark Akenside - The Poems of Mark Akenside
LTH26-E-17: Mark Akenside - The Pleasures of Imagination
652L3: John Yonge Akerman - Spring-Tide or the Angler and His Friends
793P8: John Yonge Akerman - An Introduction to the Study of Ancient and Modern Coins
822J27: G.P.V. Akrigg - Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton
MOD6-F-18: Boris Akunin - The Winter Queen
852B14: Ryunosuke Akutagawa; Dorothy Britton; E. G. Seidensticker - Tu Tze-Chun
850F12: Field Marshal The Viscount Bernard Montgomery of Alamein - The Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G.
834B26: Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein - El Alamein to the River Sangro
826A60: Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein - El Alamein to the River Sangro
MOD1-E-26: Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein - Normandy to the Baltic
826J21: Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein - Normandy to the Baltic
724P40: Antoine Alar - Les Allumettes D&Apos;Amour Du Iardin Delicieux de la Confrairie Du S. Rosaire de la Vierge Marie
692L19: Antonii Augustini [Antonio Augustin y Albanell] - Archiepiscopi Tarraconensis Dialogorum Libri Duo de Emendatione Gratiani
848N6: E. Maria Albanesi; [Effie Adelaide Rowlands] - Susannah and One Other
GEN28-C-8: Albert Alberg - Woodland Notes Tea-Time Tales for Young Little Folks and Young Old Folks
MOD4-I-2: Susan Wittig Albert - Love Lies Bleeding (1997), Lavender Lies (1999), Mistletoe Man (2000), Bloodroot (2001), Indigo Dying (2003), a Dilly of Death (2004), Dead Man&Apos;S Bones (2005), Bleeding Hearts (2006), Spanish Dagger (2007)
FGN21-D-2: Joannes Alberti - Glossarium Graecum in Sacros Novi Foederis Libros
GEN24-B-1: William Albery - A Parliamentary History of the Ancient Borough of Horsham 1295-1885
849T46: Contess Albrizzi; Count Cicognara - The Works of Antonio Canova in Sculpture and Modelling, Engraved in Outline by Henry Moses with Descriptions by the Countess Albrizzi and a Biographical Memoir by Count Cicognara
GEN35-E-4: Deborah Alcock - The Czar a Tale of the Time of the First Napoleon
820F10: Marianna Alcoforado; Edgar Prestage [trans.] - The Letters of a Portuguese Nun
770R97: Louisa M. Alcott; Daniel Defoe; Max Pemberton; John Buchan; Frances Jenkins Olcott - Assorted Works of Children&Apos;S Literature
839T47: Louisa M. Alcott - Good Wives: A Story for Girls. Being a Sequel to "Little Women.
841M15: Louisa May Alcott - Rose in Bloom
GEN30-C-5: Edward Alden - Alden&Apos;S Oxford Guide
845P4: Edward C. Alden - Fifty Water-Colour Drawings of Oxford
616C19: J. W. Alderson; A. E. Ogden - The Halifax Equitable Benefit Building Society
831W16: Cecil Aldin - Just Among Friends, Pages from My Sketch Book
838B45: Cecil Aldin - The Mongrel Puppy Book
831A68: Cecil Aldin - The White Puppy Book
832F27: Cecil Aldin - The Black Puppy Book and the White Puppy Book
832F28: Cecil Aldin; Richard Waylett - Puppy Tails
GEN30-B-14: Cecil Aldin - A Gay Dog
783F51: Richard Aldington - Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry
830W22: Richard Aldington; Various - Fifty Romantic Lyric Poems
819P16: Richard Aldington - The Eaten Heart
767R15: Richard Aldington - Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry
849M14: Richard Aldington - The Colonel&Apos;S Daughter
811A8: Richard Aldington - Wellington: Being an Account of the Life and Achievements of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
793L18: Richard Aldington - Love and the Luxembourg
788R75: Harry G. Aldis - A List of Books Printed in Scotland Before 1700
GEN26-A-10: Harry G. Aldis - A List of Books Printed in Scotland Before 1700
849W26: Brian W. Aldiss; Mayo Mohs; Judith Merril; Jerry Pournelle; Kenneth Bulmer; Various - Twenty Four Works of Science Fiction
767P37: Brian Aldiss - The Magic of the Past
849W24: Brian Aldiss - Thirteen Works of Science Fiction by Brian Aldiss
808D41: Brian Aldiss - Enemies of the System: A Tale of Homo Uniformis
763A3: Brian W. Aldiss - Barefoot in the Head: A European Fantasia
800A62: Brian Aldiss - Somewhere East of Life
MOD7-D-21: Brian W. Aldiss - A Soldier Erect, or, Further Adventures of the Hand-Reared Boy
842W24: Cyril Aldred - Jewels of the Pharaohs Egyptian Jewellery of the Dynastic Period
842A42: Cyril Aldred - Akhenaten and Nefertiti
842B40: Cyril Aldred - Old Kingdom Art in Ancient Egypt and Middle Kingdom Art in Ancient Egypt
842B37: Cyril Aldred - Akhenaten Pharaoh of Egypt-a New Study
LTH8-F-13: Henry Aldrich - Artis Logicae Rudimenta with Questions on Aldrich&Apos;S Logic
790P26: Henry R. Aldridge - The Case for Town Planning
834G47: Reginald Aldridge - Ranch Notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Territory and Northern Texas
722L11: Mateo Aleman - Primera Y Segunda Parte de Guzman de Alfarache
843J9: Boyd Alexander; Herbert Alexander - Boyd Alexander&Apos;S Last Journey
754L15: William Lindsay Alexander - A Discourse of the Qualities and Worth of Thomas Chalmers
823F6: Joan Butler [Robert William Alexander] - Full House
774A75: Henry Alexander - The Place-Names of Oxfordshire: Their Origin and Development
821A16: Dorothy Alexander; Elizabeth Sterling; Mary Lee Smith - Dance Recital: Atlanta School of Ballet
GEN20-D-20: George Alexander - The George Alexander Birthday Book
642C38: J. J. Alexander; W. R. Hooper - The History of Great Torrington in the County of Devon
818B26: A. Alexander - The Pirates&Apos; Hoard a Story of Hidden Treasure
GEN1-D-9: Russell George Alexander - Poems
MOD4-F-15: David Alexander - The Death of Daddy-O
658L7: W Alexander - A Journey to Beresford Hall the Seat of Charles Cotton Esq the Celebrated Author and Angler
613L7: Lieutenant Boyd Alexander - From the Niger to the Nile
MOD1-A-10: David Alexander - The Death of Daddy-O a Marty Land Mystery
848G32: Francesca Alexander; John Ruskin (Ed.) - Roadside Songs of Tuscany
GEN39-D-32: A. Alexander - Modern Gymnastic Exercises Part I Elementary
830G19: Lloyd Alexander - The Town Cats and Other Tales
811A20: John T. Alexander - Catherine the Great: Life and Legend
804J49: Arsène Alexandre; Walter Shaw Sparrow - Jean-Dominique Ingres: Master of Pure Draughtsmanship
FIN3-F-2: Victor Alexandrov; Roy Monkcom - The Kremlin Nerve-Centre of Russian History
MOD8-I-6: Sherman Alexie - Reservation Blues
599P14: Arthur M Alexrad - Jane Austen&Apos;S Sanditon a Village by the Sea
FGN21-H-2: Vittorio Alfieri - Opere Scelte Di Vittorio Alfieri
781F24: Vittorio Alfieri - Vita Di Vittorio Alfieri Da Asti
724P11: Vittorio Alfieri; Charles Lloyd - The Tragedies of Vittorio Alfieri
823A76: Vittorio Alfieri - Vita Di Vittorio Alfieri Da Asti
GEN9-D-23: Elizabeth M Alford - The Fair Maid of Taunton a Tale of the Siege
832G11: Violet Alford - Peeps at English Folk-Dances
839T16: Henry Alford - The Abbot of Muchelnaye Sonnets Etc.
842F22: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate
FIN4-B-9: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - Lyrical Poems
844B75: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet Laureate
LTH15-F-13: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - Collection of British Authors: Tauchnitz Edition, Vol 2317: Becket; the Cup; the Falcon; Harold & Queen Mary
739L2: Alfred, - The Death of Oenone
GEN23-D-4: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Death of Oenone, Akbar&Apos;S Dream and Other Poems
565L6: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Princess a Medley
723L7: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - A Welcome
723L8: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - A Welcome
LTH11-E-12: Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet Laureate
760R76: Nelson Algren - Nelson Algren&Apos;S Own Book of Lonesome Monsters
825F13: Monica Ali - Alentejo Blue
708L38: Monica Ali - Brick Lane
825A27: Monica Ali - Brick Lane
825W5: Monica Ali - Alentejo Blue
823F321: Alice and Claude Askew - The Tempting of Paul Chester
852W5: Dante Alighiei; Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The New Life
850T45: Dante Alighieri - Dante&Apos;S Divine Comedy: The Purgatorio
831W57: Dante Alighieri; Henry Francis Cary - The Vision; or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, of Dante Alighieri
843A63: Dante Alighieri; Henry Francis Cary [trans] - The Vision or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise (the Divine Comedy)
797J8: Dante Alighieri - The Paradiso of Dante Alighieri
849W29: Dante Alighieri - The Vita Nuova and Canzoniere of Dante Alighieri
852A67: Dante Alighieri; Kenneth Mackenzie - The Divine Comedy
835A4: Sir Archibald Alison, Bart. - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in Mdcclxxxix to the Restoration of the Bourbons in Mdcccxv
821F13: Archibald Alison - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in M. Dcc. LXXXIX. To the Restoration of the Bourbons in M. Dccc. XV.
SET60-G-1: Sir Archibald Alison - History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in Mdcccxv to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in Mdccclii
SET38-D-1: Archibald Alison, F.R.S.E. Advocate - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution M. Dcc. LXXXIX. To the Restoration of the Bourbons in M. Dccc. XV.
848G38: Archibald Alison - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in Mdcccxv
LTH20-E-9: Archibald Alison - Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste. In Two Volumes
SET21-D-2: Archibald Alison - History of Europe in Nine Volumes
GEN3-A-6: Henry Alken - British Sports 1821
MOD8-F-4: Stella Allan - No Marks for Trying
753P2: Archibald Allan - The Pool: Or, Musings of a Maniac and Other Poems
MOD5-B-4: Stella Allan - A Mortal Affair
MOD11-B-8: Stella Allan - An Inside Job
769R15: Jean-Etienne Martin-Allanic - Bougainville Navigateur Et Les Decouvertes de Son Temps
786L12: Roger Allard - Le Bocage Amoureux Ou le Divertissement Des Amants Citadins Et Champetres
852A11: Alexander Allardyce - Memoir of the Honourable George Keith Elphinstone
852W67: Ted Allbeury - The Crossing and the Judas Factor
788F17: Robert Allbut - Rambles in Dickens&Apos; Land
788R71: W. J. Alldridge - The Goldsmith&Apos;S Repository
730P7: William Allen; T. R. H. Thomson - A Narrative of the Expedition Sent by Her Majesty;S Government to the River Niger in 1841. Under the Command of Captain H.D. Trotter
791F14: Grant Allen - Belgium: Its Cities
840M17: C. Bruce Allen; John Weale - Cottage Building or Hints for Improving the Dwellings of Working Classes and the Labouring Poor with Notes and Additions by John Weale and Other Authors
843B54: J. Romilly Allen - Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times
GEN27-C-11: James Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
835P48: James Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
630P13: Thomas Allen - History of the County of York
GEN17-G-2: Robin Bush & Gillian Allen - The Book of Wellington the Story of a Market Town
GEN26-C-16: James Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
724P30: B. C. Allen - Dacca
GEN9-B-27: James Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
MOD7-I-6: Thomas B. Allen; Norman Polmar - Merchants of Treason America&Apos;S Secrets for Sale
816B37: James Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
853N50: J. A. Allen; R. J. Kirk - The Principles of Mink Ranching
806P20: Edward Heron-Allen - A Manual of Cheirosophy Being a Complete Practical Handbook of the Twin Sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy by Means Whereof the Past, the Present, and the Future May Be Read in the Formations of the Hands. Preceded by an Introductory Argument Upon the Science of Cheriosophy and Its Claims to Rank As a Physical Science
742P55: [Mary L. Allen] - Five-O&Apos;Clock Tea
779R22: James Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
697L26: James Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal
GEN14-B-9: Janes Lane Allen - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
774A47: M L Allen - Savouries and Sweets Suitable for Luncheons and Dinners
853F38: Daphne Allen - The Birth of the Opal: A Child&Apos;S Fancies
774A27: M. L. Allen; Aunt Chloe - Three Cookery Books: One Hundred and One Methods of Cooking Poultry with Hints on Selection, Trussing, and Carving; Savouries and Sweets Suitable for Luncheons and Dinners; Breakfast Dishes for Every Morning of Three Months
818B40: Charles Allen - Plain Tales from the Raj: Images of British India in the Twentieth Century
847F4: Thomas Allen - The Panorama of London, and Visitor&Apos;S Pocket Companion, in a Tour Through the Metropolis
844T101: Walter Allen; Nellie Kirkham; Aubrey de Selincourt; Reginald Turnor - Vision of England Series: Black Country, Derbyshire, Isle of Wight & Sussex
842B49: Joseph Allen - Life of the Earl of Dundonald Rear-Admiral of the United Kingdom and Admiral of the Red
794R9: Sir Peter Allen; Graham Robson - Transport Pioneers of the Twentieth Century
757R17: Isabel Allende - The House of the Spirits
FGN1-E-10: Richard Allestree; Jo. Langford - Holl Ddyled-Swydd Dyn Angenrheidiol I Bob Teuluoedd. Ynghyd a Dwywolder Neillduol Ar Amryw Achosion a Gyfiethwyd Yn Gymraeg Gan
828F2: Richard Allestree - The Works of the Learned and Pious Author of the Whole Duty of Man
812F11: Richard Allestree - The Whole New Duty of Man, Containing the Faith As Well As Practice of a Christian
GEN25-H-6: George Alley - Observations on the Hydrargyria or That Vesicular Disease Arising from the Exhibition of Mercury
835M14: Mrs. Lang [Leonora Blanche Alleyne]; Andrew Lang [ed.] - The All Sorts of Stories Book
831A71: Mrs. Lang [Leonora Blanche Alleyne]; Andrew Lang [ed.] - The Book of Saints and Heroes
814D7: Mrs. Lang [Leonora Blanche Alleyne] ; Andrew Lang (Ed) - The Red Book of Heroes
848G24: Helen Allingham; Marcus B. Huish - Happy England
822F12: William Allingham; Richard Doyle - In Fairyland: A Series of Pictures from the Elf-World
754A10: Helen Allingham, Marcus B. Huish - Happy England
GEN21-F-9: H. Allingham and E. Baumer-Williams [editors] - Letters to William Allingham
844g19: Helen Allingham; Marcus B. Huish - Happy England
816A39: H. Allingham; D. Radford - William Allingham: A Diary
789P44: Margery Allingham - The Beckoning Lady
844B46: William Allison - Memories of Men and Horses
824A59: Henry Allnutt - Our Flower Garden, How We Made the Most of It; with Instructions As to the Construction of Miniature Ruins, Etc. , for Fern Cases
818A63: V.M. Allom - Ex Oriente Salus: A Centenary History of Eastbourne College
848B30: Thomas Allom; Leon Galibert - Constantinople Acienne Et Moderne Comprenant Aussi Les Sept Eglises de L&Apos;Asie Mineure
812C29: Miriam Allott; J. I. M. Stewart; Lettice Cooper - Writers and Their Work: No. 124 Elizabeth Gaskell; Writers and Their Work: No. 156 Thomas Love Peacock; Writers and Their Work: No. 15 George Eliot
854B72: Chris Van Allsburg - Just a Dream
789F35: Bruce Allsopp - Possessed: A Historical Novel
754L17: H Almack - A Plea for Deacons
FIN2-F-9: E M Almedingen - The Empress Alexandra 1872-1918
GEN32-E-13: E. M. Almedingen - Out of Seir
848A26: [John Almon] - A Postscript to the Letter, on Libels, Warrants, &C. In Answer to a Postcript [Sic] in the Defence of the Majority, and Another Pamphlet, Entitled, Considerations on the Legality of General Warrants
725L15: John Almon - Anecdotes of the Life of the Right Honourable William Pitt
SET59-C-2: John Almon - New Foundling Hospital for Wit Being a Collection of Fugitive Pieces in Prose and Verse Not in Any Other Collection and an Asylum for Fugitive Pieces in Prose and Verse Not in Any Other Collection with Several Pieces Never Before Published
645P29: [John Almon] - The New Foundling Hospital for Wit. Being a Collection of Fugitive Pieces, in Prose and Verse, Not in Any Other Collection. With Several Pieces Never Before Published
MOD12-H-16: David Almond - Clay
MOD4-I-4: David Almond - The Fire-Eaters
MOD6-F-23: David Almond - Secret Heart
MOD3-A-10: David Almond - The Fire-Eaters
763P40: L. C. Alrington; E. Alabaster - Through the Dragon&Apos;S Eyes
848T56: Joseph Alsop; Stewart Alsop - We Accuse! the Story of the Miscarriage of American Justice in the Case of J. Robert Oppenheimer
821B52: Albrecht Altdorfer - Little Engravings Classical & Contemporary
730P2: Johann Georg Altmann - Etat Et Delices de la Suisse, Ou Description Helvetique Et Geographique Des XIII. Cantons Suisses Et de Leurs Allies
FIN2-D-5: Iperide Alverno - M. 9: Un&Apos;Aeronave Italiana Durante la Grande Guerra
665L10: Pierre Philippe Alyon - Cours Elementaire de Chimie Theorique Et Pratique Suivant la Nouvelle Nomenclature
827W25: Jorge Amado - Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon
FGN19-C-4: Imbert de Saint-Amand - Les Souveraines Des Tuileries Histoire Du Chateau
807F41: Imbert de Saint-Amand; Thomas Sergant Perry [trans.] - Citizeness Bonaparte
807A76: Imbert de Saint-Amand - The Happy Days of the Empress Marie Louise
807A75: Imbert de Saint-Amand - Marie Louise and the Invasion of 1814
808F44: Imbert de Saint-Amand; Elizabeth Gilbert Martin [trans.] - Marie Louise, the Island of Elba, and the Hundred Days
807A77: Imbert de Saint-Amand - The Court of the Empress Josephine
812A21: Imbert de Saint-Amand - The Wife of the First Consul
803D14: Eric Ambler - Een Smerige Geschiedenis
791A64: Eric Ambler - Passage of Arms
FGN1-B-12: Francis Ambriere - Le Caire Alexandrie Et Leurs Environs
GEN38-D-10: J W Ambrose - The New Tourist&Apos;S Guide Through North Wales Giving a Full Description of Everything Worthy the Attention of the Tourist in That Romantic and Interesting Country, Together with Correct Routes from Bangor to the Most Attractive Places in the Neighbourhood
EXP3-D-10: H R H Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi - Farther North Than Nansen Being the Voyage of the Polar Star
708L16: L S Amery - The Problem of the Army
799R11: Alicia Amherst - A History of Gardening in England
852F29: Nicholas Amhurst - Terrae-Filius; or, the Secret History of the University of Oxford
GEN35-F-1: Edmondo De Amicis - Holland
734L17: Kingsley Amis - The Green Man
774R73: Martin Amis - The Information
585L2: Kingsley Amis - My Enemy&Apos;S Enemy
MOD4-F-5: Martin Amis - Night Train
583L10: Kingsley Amis - The Alteration
757P20: Kingsley Amis - The Old Devils
597K14: Kingsley Amis - Take a Girl Like You
597K16: Kingsley Amis - Jake&Apos;S Thing
MOD6-F-8: Kingsley Amis - The Green Man
MOD6-G-20: Kingsley Amis - The Folks That Live on the Hill
583L9: Kingsley Amis - On Drink
578L25: Kingsley Amis - The Alteration
MOD12-F-3: Martin Amis - Other People: A Mystery Story
597K17: Kingsley Amis - Luck Jim&Apos;S Politics
597K19: Kingsley Amis - The Pleasure of Poetry
793P32: Kingsley Amis - The Green Man
578L24: Kingsley Amis - Girl, 20
578L27: Kingsley Amis - Girl, 20
853W60: Kingsley Amis - Difficulties with Girls
MOD9-H-12: Kingsley Amis - A Look Round the Estate, Poems 1957 - 1967
MOD7-F-12: Kingsley Amis - The Old Devils
MOD4-D-10: Kingsley Amis - The Green Man
843T93: Martin Amis - Other People: A Mystery Story
826B67: Kingsley Amis - The Old Devils
MOD4-G-1: Kingsley Amis; Zachary Leader - The Letters of Kingsley Amis
829W16: Kingsley Amis - Lucky Jim
829W17: Kingsley Amis - The Old Devils
719P5: Martin Amis - Success
MOD1-B-11: Kingsley Amis - One Fat Englishman
MOD13-E-6: Kingsley Amis - The Anti-Death League
800F44: Kingsley Amis - The James Bond Dossier
578L22: Kingsley Amis - I Like It Here
581L7: Kingsley Amis - Difficulties with Girls a Novel
581L23: Kingsley Amis - I Like It Here
583L15: Kingsley Amis - The Green Man
MOD14-H-9: Martin Amis - Night Train
581L18: Kingsley Amis - My Enemy&Apos;S Enemy
581L19: Kingsley Amis - My Enemy&Apos;S Enemy
588K19: Kingsley Amis - Dear Illusion
588K21: Kingsley Amis - Difficulties with Girls
585L1: Kingsley Amis - The Anti-Death League
729L3: Kingsley Amis - The Old Devils
805D40: Kingsley Amis - We Are All Guilty
832G18: Kingsley Amis - Stanley and the Women
829W18: Kingsley Amis - I Want It Now
588K18: Kingsley Amis - Mr Barrett&Apos;S Secret and Other Stories
739L6: Kingsley Amis - The James Bond Dossier
MOD4-I-9: Kingsley Amis - The Folks That Live on the Hill
597K11: Kingsley Amis - The Evans Country
597K12: Kingsley Amis - A Look Round the Estate
790R52: Kingsley Amis - I Like It Here
MOD2-A-8: Kingsley Amis - Girl, 20
603K5: Kingsley Amis - Collected Poems 1944-1979
853W61: Kingsley Amis - The Old Devils
756A27: Kingsley Amis - The Darkwater Hall Mystery
849B25: Gage D. Amitie - The Northern Tourist
848A53: Jost Amman - Kunnst Vnd LehrbuoeChlein FuoeR Die Anfahenden Jungen Daraus Reissen Vnd Malen Zu Lernen. Arinnen Allerley Art Lustige Und Artliche FuoeRstellung Von Mans Und Weibsbildern, Desgleichen Von Kindlein, Thierlein Und Andern Stucklein. Allen Liebhabenden Jungen Dieser Kunst Zum Besten Am Tag Geben Durch Jos. Aman Von ZuoeRych
620L14: Reginald Fraser Amonoo - La Fortune Du Theatre Cornelien En France Sous le Consulat L&Apos;Empire Et la Restauration These Presentee Par M. Reginald Fraser Amonoo En Vue Du Doctorat D&Apos;Universite de Paris
804P8: Giuseppe Amorosi - Repertorio Giudiziario
774R11: Martha Babcock Amory - The Domestic and Artistic Life of John Singleton Copley
821A41: Paul Amsinck - Tunbridge Wells, and Its Neighbourhood, Illustrated by a Series of Etchings and Historical Descriptions
798F51: Roald Amundsen - Die Eroberung Des Sudpols
761A61: Anacreon, Thomas Stanley [trans.], A. H. Bullen [ed.] - Anacreon
815A11: Anacreon; James Usher [ed.] - The Odes of Anacreon
811D11: Mulk Raj Anand - Indian Fairy Tales
645P6: Angel Anaya - An Essay on Spanish Literature, Containing Its History, from the Commencement of the Twelfth Century, to the Present Time; with an Account of the Best Writers, in Their Several Departments, and Some Critical Remarks: Followed by a History of the Spanish Drama, and Specimens of Some of the Writers of the Different Ages
831B68: The Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland - Peeblesshire an Inventory of the Ancient Monuments
FGN1-B-14: Frederic Ancillon - Tableau Des Revolutions Du Systeme Politique de L&Apos;Europe Depuis la Fin Du Quinzieme Siecle
826J19: Hans Andersen - Stories from Hans Andersen
839J22: Hans Christian Andersen - The Snow Queen
831A50: Hans Andersen - Hans Andresen&Apos;S Fairy Tales
820P24: Hans Christian Andersen; Charles Boner - Tales from Denmark
825W27: Hans Andersen; E. Lucas - Hans Andersen&Apos;S Fairy Tales
834G43: Hans Christian Andersen - Hans Andersen&Apos;S Fairy Tales
838W11: Hans Andersen - Hans Andersen&Apos;S Fairy Tales
831A21: Hans Andersen - Hans Andresen&Apos;S Fairy Tales
779L4: H C Andersen; Louis Demouceaux - Nouveaux Contes
838W16: Hans Christian Andersen - Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen
813A70: Hans Andersen - Stories from Hans Andersen
838F24: Hans Christian Andersen; H. W. Dulcken [trans.] - Fairy Tales and Stories
629P26: William Anderson - Tales of Discovery, Enterprise, & Adventure. For the Young
753L9: James Anderson - Observations on the Means of Exciting a Spirit of National Industry Chiefly Intended to Promote the Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures and Fisheries of Scotland
MOD13-E-4: Poul Anderson - Twilight World
796R6: Edward L. Anderson - Curb, Snaffle and Spur
762R64: William J. Anderson; R. Phene Spiers; William Bell Dinsmoor - The Architecture of Ancient Greece: An Account of Its Historic Development
669L6: James Anderson - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons
739P15: Poul Anderson - Tau Zero
843T24: William Anderson - Green Man: The Archetype of Our Oneness with the Earth
837J10: R.M.C. Anderson; Sir William R. Morris - The Roads of England
850B77: Poul Anderson; Larry Niven; Mark Adlard; William Gibson; Eric Brown; Isaac Asimov; C. J. Cherryth; Ursula K. Le Guin  - Science Fiction Paperbacks
851T48: Robert Anderson - Deeside
755P63: William Anderson - Japanese Wood Engravings Their History, Technique, and Characteristics
811D20: J. H. Anderson - Precis of Great Campaigns 1796-1815
783J5: Alan Anderson - The Tragara Press: 1979-1991
837W9: Lin Anderson - Sins of the Dead Are All Consuming
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753L15: Anon - The Petition of the Gentlemen and Students of the Universitie of Cambridge... Upon the Arrival of That Newes to Them of the Bishops Late Imprisonment
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747L3: Anon - Forbidden Fruit [Luscious and Exciting Story and More Forbidden Fruit]
659L6: Anon - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old Testament and the New: Newly Translated out of the Original Tongues: And with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. By His Majesty&Apos;S Special Command. Appointed to Be Read in Churches the Vinegar Bible
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705L21: Anon - An Answer to a Late Pamphlet Entituled Character of a Popish Successor
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709L11: Anon - A New and General Biographical Dictionary Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons
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631L25: Anon - Notes on the Gezira Irrigation Project
655L26: Anon; Henry Care - An Address to His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Right Reverend the Bishops, Upon Account of Their Late Petition. By a True Member of the Church of England. With Allowance. [with] an Answer to a Paper Importing a Petition of the Archbishop of Canterbury; and Six Other Bishops, to His Majesty, Touching Their Not Distributing and Publishing the Late Declaration for Liberty of Conscience. With Allowance.
GEN32-G-3: Anon - Report of the Committee of Council on Education (England and Wales)
EXP2-F-7: Anon - Usage de Globes- Handwritten Workbook
784R7: Anon - The Gentleman, Merchant, Tradesman, Lawyer and Debtor&Apos;S Pocket Guide
673L6: Anon - The Revolter a Trage-Comedy Acted between the Hind and Panther
772R33: Anon - An Account of the Roman Antiquities Preserved in the Museum at Chesters, Northumberland
645L6: Anon - Jones&Apos; Views of the Seats, Mansions, Castles, &C. Of Noblemen and Gentlemen, in England; Accompanied with Historical Descriptions of the Mansions, List of Pictures, Statues, Etc, and Genealogical Sketches of the Families, of Their Possessors; Forming Part of the Generally Series of Jones&Apos; Great Britain Illustrated.
773R3: Anon - Eikon Basilike: The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie
FGN11-D-7: Anon - Nuovo Metodo Per Apprendere Agevolmente la Lingua Latina
794R55: Anon - Illustrated Catalogue of the Loan Exhibition of English Decorative Art at Lansdowne House
GEN22-G-1: Anon - Cat and Dog Stories As Told to One Another
GEN30-F-18: Anon - Who Was Who 1916 - 1928
FGN12-A-4: Anon - Collection Des Goncourt Dessins Aquarelle Et Pastels Du XVIII SiCle
655L25: Anon - Reflections Upon the New Test, and the Reply Thereto with a Letter of Sir Francis Walsingham&Apos;S, Concerning the Penal Laws Made in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.
FGN10-G-6: Anon - Magnifique Ensemble de Meubles Et Objets D&Apos;Art Francais Collection Monsieur Akram Ojjeh
LTH9-B-15: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer
GEN35-C-5: Anon - An Historical Description of Westminster Abbey, Its Monuments and Curiosities
807R16: Anon - Preliminary Discourse Read in the Cortes at the Presentation of the Projet of the Constitution
LTH20-A-9: Anon - Grants of Manors and Lands in Wales and England from James I to His Son Prince Charles
LTH18-F-3: Anon - Robert the Deuyll a Metrical Romance from an Ancient Illuminated Manuscript
FGN12-C-10: Anon - Amor Und Komus
FGN11-B-9: Anon - La Technique Des Travaux
GEN34-C-8: Anon - The New Album of Folkestone Views
769R33: Anon - Le Dictionnaire de la Marine a Voile
774L1: Anon; Joannis Baskerville; John Baskerville - He Kaine Diatheke Novum Testamentum
788R73: Anon - The Insignia and Plate of the Corporation of the City of Westminster
GEN20-C-10: Anon - The Humorous Works of the Late Gifted Hopkins
600L10: Anon - The Siege of Troy Containing I. An Account of the Parentage, Birth and Glorious Actions of Hercules of Greece II. How Hercules Strangled Two Serpents in His Cradle, That Had Killed His Brother. III. How Hercules Conquered Two Giants, and Rescued the King of Troy&Apos;S Daughter, by Killing a Sea Monster. IV. The Greeks Declare War Against the Trojans, and Besiege the City of Troy, Which Lasted Ten Years. V. The Destruction of Troy by the Strategem of a Wooden Horse. VI. Athenor Escapes from the Vengeance of the Greeks, and Settles in Italy VII. Brutus, Son of Athenor, Accompanied by an Army, Land in Englandm, and in a Bloody Battle, Albion, the King, Is Slain and Gog and Magog Taken Prisoners. VIII. Brutus, After Conquering Albion, Causes London to Be Built, &C. &C.
SET36-G-1: Anon - The Archaeological Review Vol I (March - August 1888) Vol II (Sept 1888 - February 1889) Vol III (March - July 1889) Vol IV (August 1889 - January 1890)
804R3: Anon - Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Lords Committees
LTH18-C-25: Anon - The New Week&Apos;S Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lord&Apos;S Supper As Recommended and Appointed by the Church of England Consisting of Meditations and Prayers and a Companion at the Altar
LTH3-B-14: Anon - Casual Letters from Jan - Dec 1926
GEN33-F-19: Anon - A Complete Collection of Junius&Apos;S Letters, with Those of Sir William Draper
790R74: Anon - Designs on Life: Edward Bawden
770L5: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer
GEN34-B-2: Anon - Miscellaneous Reports 1863
816F6: Anon. - C1900 the Weekly Telegraph Gardening Guide
770R94: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer
771R56: Anon - Leigh&Apos;S New Picture of London
778L27: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer
788R74: Anon - Catalogue of Silver Treasures from English Churches
777R17: Anon - 1786 Dictionnaire de L&Apos;Academie Francaise. Nouvelle Edition.
LTH18-E-13: Anon - Reports of the Delegates of the Hope Museum and Rothney Collection
LTH14-E-9: Anon - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
755L4: Anon - Remarks on a Letter to Sir John Barnard in Which the Proposals of That Worthy Patriot Are Vindicated
LTH11-F-21: Anon - The Politician&Apos;S Dictionary; or, a Compendium of Political Knowledge
LTH4-C-17: Anon - Historical and Romantic Legends of France
LTH14-E-14: Anon - The Prize Book
803R37: Anon - Views of Camden 1733-1875
601L5: Anon - Warning to the Whigs and to the Well-Affected Tories
714L31: Anon - The Queens Closet Opened Incomparable Secrets in Physick Cyrugery Preserving and Candying Etc.
781R15: Anon - The First Report of the Committee Respecting the Measures to Be Adopted for Increasing the Supply and Use of Fish
LTH9-C-25: Anon - The Child&Apos;S Companion, and Juvenile Instructor
GEN25-D-11: Anon - Brighton!! a Comic Sketch
LTH3-A-3: Anon - Pictorial London Views of the Streets, Public Buildings, Parks and Scenery of the Metropolis with Descriptive Text
714L28: Anon - The Queens Closet Opened, in Three Parts Part I Containing Above Five Hundred Choice Physical and Chirurgical Receipts
LTH3-F-24: Anon and B Disraeli - Uncle Tom in England or a Proof That Black&Apos;S White an Echo to the American &Apos;Uncle Tom&Apos; and Venetia
783L24: Anon - Musees Eglises Et Collections de Rome Et Des Etats Romains
807F26: Anon. - Napoleon Bonaparte and His Times. Including an Historical Sketch of the French Revolution and the Wars Subsequent on That Event.
807R25: Anon - Prussia and Saxony; or, an Appeal to the Good Sense of Europe
FGN20-A-8: Anon - The World of to-Day
GEN22-G-2: Anon - Souvenir of the Grand Demonstration at Hamilton Held on Thursday 28th August 1884 in Favour of the Franchise Bill
GEN36-F-21: Anon - Locomotive Valve Gears and Valve Setting
GEN36-I-13: Anon - Photograph Album of 48 Photographs Following a Journey from London to Algiers
600P21: Anon - A Specimen of Arbitrary Power; in a Speech Made by the Grand Seignior to His Janizaries
LTH3-F-19: Anon - The Court and City Kalendar; or, Gentleman&Apos;S Register for the Year 1766
LTH3-F-23: Anon - The Bijou; or Annual of Literature and the Arts
830B25: Anon - Census of England and Wales
GEN35-H-3: Anon - My Book of Pictures Tales for the Little Ones
GEN32-F-14: Anon - My Pets Animal Fun
770R4: Anon - Le Livre Des Enfants
LTH1-D-11: Anon - The Annual Biography and Obituary: 1835 and the Annual Biography and Obituary: 1836 Volumes XIX and XX
LTH2-D-28: Anon - A Short and Plain Instruction for the Better Understanding of the Lord&Apos;S Supper
778R36: Anon - The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the International Exhibition
690L8: Anon - An Abstract of Such Parts of the Acts of Parliament of &Apos;the Guardians of the Standard of Wrought Plate, Within the Towns of Sheffield and Birmingham,&Apos; As Particularly Relate to the Silversmiths and Plate-Workers in the Said Town of Birmingham,
788L9: Anon; Edmond Bohun; Lewis Morery; Le Clerk - The Great Historical Geographical and Poetical Dictionary
779R9: Anon - Savings and Savoury Dishes
FGN11-A-2: Anon - Bullarium Ordinis Ff. Minorum S.P. Francisci Capucinorum: Seu Collectio Bullarum, Brevium, Decretorum, Rescriptorum, Etc. Quae a Sede Apostolica Pro Ordine Capucino Emanarunt Sub Gubernio Reverendissimi Patris Bernardi Ab Andermatt Variis Notis Elucubrata a P. Petro Damiano a Munster Continuationis Tomus Tertius, Totius Operis Tomus Octavus Decimus, Continens Constitutiones, Brevia, Decreta Etc
LTH18-B-7: Anon - Catalogue of the Herald&Apos;S Visitations; with References to Many Other Valuable Genealogical and Topographical Manuscripts in the British Museum
GEN33-C-19: Anon - Oxford University Calendar for the Year 1907
LTH6-C-27: Anon - The Diadem a Selection of Poetry Chiefly Modern
791L1: Anon - The Journey of Dr Robert Bongout and His Lady to Bath
753L10: Anon - Observations Regarding the Salmon Fishery
LTH8-B-21: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer
748R36: Anon - A Compendious Geographical and Historical Grammar
SET29-H-3: Anon - Middlesex and Hertfordshire Notes and Queries
633L2: Anon - Interim Report of the Committee on Floods in Relation to Reservoir Practice
GEN27-G-14: Anon - Little Workers and at the Seaside
776R13: Anon - The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons of Great Britain
GEN26-D-15: Anon - The Monthly Army List for April, 1894
704L23: Anon - Omnia Comesta a Belo or an Answer out of the West to a Question out of the North
629L15: Anon - Concordantiae Bibliorum Utriusque Testamenti Veteris Et Novi
GEN37-E-15: Anon - Views of Fashionable Folkestone, Sandgate, Hythe and Neighbourhood
LTH18-F-15: Anon - A Practical View of Christian Education in Its Early Stages
776R9: Anon - The Allies and the Late Ministry Defended Against France, and the Present Friends of France
763L6: Anon - Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Campaign Kitchener Photographic Glass Slides
601L7: Anon - The Life and Death of William Wallis the Cobler of Glocester Together with Some Inquiring Into the Mystery of Conventicleism
FGN11-G-5: Anon - Rois Et Reines de France Depuis L&Apos;Origine de la Monarchie Jusqu&Apos;a Nos Jours
LTH16-A-4: Anon - The Imperial Family Bible
784L4: Anon - Picturesque Hong Kong 24 Views of Hong Kong Canton & Macao
GEN20-C-17: Anon - Guide to the Highlands of Scotland, Following the Principal Motor, Railway and Steamer Routes, and Indicating the Chief Tours from Each Centre
GEN18-G-1: Anon - Thrills of the Seven Seas
FGN10-C-10: Anon - Nouveau Paroissien Complet Contenant L&Apos;Office Des Dimanches Et Des Principales Fetes de L&Apos;Anee a L&Apos;Usage de Paris Et de Rome
LTH8-F-22: Anon - Friends&Apos; First-Day School Association Report of the Proceedings of a Conference of Teachers in Friends&Apos; First-Day Schools Held at Manchester, on the 16th and 17th of the Second Month
720L5: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church
LTH20-F-12: Anon - A Select Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions with Anecdotes of Distinguished and Extraordinary Persons
779R8: Anon - Economic Cookery
803R51: Anon - Census of England and Wales
GEN18-C-2: Anon - One Hundred Choice Hymns
GEN19-A-3: Anon - Reports from Commissioners. 1801-1826. Vol. 57. Revenue Arising in Ireland and Great Britain: Board of Stamps, London. 1826.
770R53: Anon - Sir Roger de Coverley
725L17: Anon - A Letter to Lord Mansfield a North Briton Extraordinary
625L13: Anon - Illustrations to Butler&Apos;S Hudibras Consisting of Sixty Portraits of Celebrated Political and Literary Characters, Impostors and Enthusiasts Alluded to in That Work
EXP3-C-1: Anon - Life High & Low
LTH3-D-8: Anon - The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holydays Throughout the Year
GEN17-B-17: Anon - Minutes of the Proceedings Taken Before the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Argyleshire Roads Bill
LTH20-A-3: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland
LTH17-B-4: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church the Whole Book of Psalms Collected Into English Metre a New Version of the Psalms of David, Fitted to the Tunes Used in Churches
LTH9-A-6: Anon - Ducatus Lancastriae Calendar to the Pleadings from the Fourteenth Year to the End of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth Volume Three
772L6: Anon - A Brief Account of the Earthquake the Solemn Event Which Occurred Near Axmouth Devonshire on the 25th December 1839
FGN11-E-8: Anon - Regia Parnassi, Seu Palatium Musarum in Quo Synonyma, Epitheta, Periphrases, Et Phrases Poeticae
565L1: Anon - La Dote Di Susetta Romanzo Francese Della Fine Del Secolo XVIII
LTH16-D-9: Anon - Victorian Photograph, Carte de Visite, and Photograph Postcard Album
730L1: Anon - La Sainte Messe
769R35: Anon - Recueil de MMoires, Rapports Et Documents Relatifs a L&Apos;Observation Du Passage de Venus Sur le Soleil
784R11: Anon - Icones Veteris Testamenti
724L28: Anon - Ratio Constiutae Nuper Reipub. Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae, Una Cum Insulis Aliisque Locis Ejus Ditioni Subjectis, Penes Dom. Protectorem & Parlamentum in Qua Ostenditur, Constitutionem Hanc Non Modo Priorum Mutationum Rationibus Convenire, & Exillis Necessario Sequi; Sed Iis Etiam, Quae a Parlamento & Exercitu Delarata Palam Atque Acta Sunt, Prorsus Esse Consentaneam. Quae Quidem Sensus Atque Judiciuro Hominum Complurium Est, Qui Per Has Omnes Rerum Inclinationes Ac Motus, & Dei & Patriae Causae, Fideles Atque Integros Se Praestitere.
628L14: Anon - Ephemeris or Leaves from Ye Journall of Marian Drayton
771A40: Anon. - Sights in Autumn
756A58: M. [anon.] - Myself
EXP3-A-2: Anon - Les Delices Des Pais-Bas Ou Description Generale Des Ses Dix-Sept Provinces, de Ses Principales Villes & de Ses Lieux Les Plus Renommez Dans la Situation Ou Ils Se Trouvent Depuis la Paix de Ryswyck.
692L33: Anon - An Authentic Account of the Conduct of the Young Chevalier from His First Arrival in Paris After His Defeat at Culloden to the Conclusion of the Peace at Aix-la-Chapelle
723L9: Anon - The Fall of Veii
SET45-B-2: Anon - Catalogue of Highly Important Japanese Illustrated Books and Drawings from the Henri Vever Collection: Part I, Part III and Final Part
833K17: Anon. - The Brewer a Familiar Treatise on the Art of Brewing
783F27: Anon. - English, Scotch and Irish Coins, a Manual for Collectors
LTH11-B-25: Anon - The National Songster
767R18: Anon - The Edinburgh Almanack and Scots Register
777R24: Anon - Commemoration in 1888, the Defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588
678L3: Anon - The History of Witches Ghosts and Highland Seers Containing Many Wonderful Well-Attested Relations of Supernatural Appearances, Not Published Before in Any Similar Collection. Designed for the Conviction of the Unbeliever, and the Amusement of the Curious
FGN11-B-3: Anon - Collection de Madame de PolS
LTH18-A-5: Anon - Instructions to Her Majesty&Apos;S High Commissioners and Protocols of Conferences Held at Washington between February 27 and May 6 1871
778R52: Anon - Savings and Savoury Dishes
LTH4-E-12: Anon - The Baroness. A Tale. Dedicated to the Daughters of Rank and Affluence in Great Britain
778R58: Anon - The Recipe Book of Atora
778L26: Anon - The Book of Common Prayer
789L7: Anon - The Terrific Register: Or, Record of Crimes, Judgments, Providences, and Calamities
EXP3-F-4: Anon - The Ladies Dispensatory, Containing the Natures, Vertues, and Qualities of All Herbs, and Simples Usefull in Physick Reduced Into a Methodicall Order, for Their More Ready Use in Any Sicknesse, or Other Accident of the Body
798R44: Anon - Reports of the Royal Commission Into the Depression of Trade and Industry
LTH7-F-16: Anonymous - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
LTH26-C-16: Anonymous - The Court and City Register; or, Gentleman&Apos;S Complete Annual Calendar for the Year 1786
787F52: Anonymous - Pictures of Travel in Far-Off Lands: A Companion to the Study of Geography. South America
776F46: Anonymous - Adventures Ashore and Afloat
768A22: Anonymous - Games of Skill and Conjuring: Including Draughts, Dominoes, Chess, Morrice, Fox and Geese, Conjuring, Legerdemain, Tricks with Apparatus, Tricks with Cards, Boat-Building, Modelling, Deaf and Dumb Alphabet, Riddles, Acting Charades, Puzzles and Paradoxes, Useful Amusements, Shows, Model Stage, Tinselling, Etc Ect.
852F41: Anonymous - A Hundred Anecdotes of Animals
GEN27-C-10: Anonymous - A Treatise on Mensuration
LTH6-A-1: Anonymous - Convito Armonico: A Collection of Madrigals, Elegies, Glees, Canons, Catches and Duet, Selected from the Works of the Most Eminent Composers, and for the Most Part Compressed Into Two Lines for the Facility of Accompaniment
GEN3-A-10: Anonymous - A Collection of the Public General Statutes Passed in the Tenth Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth
848F24: Anonymous - The Letters of Tim. Tunbelly, Gent. Free Burgess, Newcastle Upon Tyne
788R76: Anonymous - The Holy Bible and the Book of Common Prayer
776P49: Anonymous - New Gleanings from Gladstone
769A5: Anonymous - Livres Anciens
770A35: Anonymous - The Coronation of H.M. King George VI and H.M. Queen Elizabeth 1937: An Album to Contain Player&Apos;S Coronation Series of Cigarette Cards
775F15: Anonymous - Sinks of London Laid Open: A Pocket Companion for the Uninitiated
LTH14-D-18: Anonymous - The Proceedings Against Sir John Fenwick, Bar.
SET33-D-5: Anonymous - Learscailioct Eireann Survey of Ireland (Ordnance Survey)
653M35: Anonymous - Medallic Illustrations of the History of Great Britain and Ireland Plates XXI-XXX Medallic Illustrations of the History of Great Britain and Ireland Plates XXXI-XL
830F18: Anonymous - El Globo. Costumbres, Usos Y Trajes de Todas Las Naciones. America.
752R38: Anonymous - The Royal Album of London Views, with Map and Index
LTH29-D-4: Anonymous - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by His Majesty&Apos;S Special Command. Appointed to Be Read in Churches
748R35: Anonymous - A Compendious Geographical Dictionary
797F4: Anonymous - A Short Account of Wormington Parish and Church, Gloucestershire
703P1: Anonymous - Anno Regni Georgii III. Regis Magnae Britanniae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, Tricesimo Secundo. At the Parliament Begun and Holden at Westminster, the Twenty-Fifth Day of November Anno Domini 1790, in the Thirty-First Year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &C. And from Thence Continued, by Several Prorogations, to the Thirty-First Day of January 1791; Being the Second Session of the Seventeenth Parliament of Great Britain
838F20: Anonymous - A New Guide to the City of Edinburgh
807R83: Anonymous - The United Service Institution Record No. 7: The Twenty Sixth Annual Report of the Council
LTH8-E-11: Anonymous - The Cottager&Apos;S Friend and Guide of the Young for the Year 1837 Volume I and Volume 1838 Volume II
629C9: Anonymous - Les Nuits Parisiennes, a L&Apos;Imitation Des Nuits Attiques D&Apos;Aulu-Gelle; Ou Recueil de Traits Singuliers, Anecdotes, Usages Remarqyables, Faits Extraordinaires, Observations Critques, Pensees Philosophiques, &C. &C. Nouvelle Edition Corrigee & Augmentee.
GEN3-A-1: [Anonymous] - The Nation&Apos;S Pictures
FGN22-C-1: Anonymous - Delices de L&Apos;Ame Fidele Ou Recueil de Pieux Exercices
700P22: Anonymous - The Song of Songs
792R64: Anonymous - Uppingham School Roll 1880-1921
GEN9-E-6: Anonymous - Aunt Louisa&Apos;S Coloured Gift Books. Bible Picture Book
849F9: Anonymous - --oe Complete Pictures of the Eight Noble Steeds
796R30: Anonymous - Small Arms Training Volume I, Pamphlet No. 13 Grenade
LTH15-B-1: Anonymous - A Collection of the Public General Statutes Passed in the Fifth Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth
LTH14-F-25: Anonymous - The Unfortunate Lovers or the History of Argulas and Parthenia.
776P41: Anonymous - Defence of the Realm Act in Ireland
GEN9-F-20: Anonymous - The Child&Apos;S Companion, and Juvenile Instructor
777P50: Anonymous - Arabische Nachte Erzahlungen Aus Tausenduneine Nacht
LTH29-F-21: Anonymous - A Cabinet of Portraits Consisting of Distinguished Characters, British and Foreign: Accompanied with a Brief Memoir of Each Person
SET7-B-6: Anonymous - The Child&Apos;S Companion and Juvenile Instructor January-December 1845
SET6-D-3: Anonymous - The Youth&Apos;S Magazine or Evangelical Miscellany
GEN9-F-4: Anonymous - The Thespian Dictionary; or, Dramatic Biography of the Present Age
747R38: Anonymous - The Flowers of Anecdote, Wit, Humour, Gaiety & Genius
794J8: Anonymous - Bristol and Its Environs, a Descriptive Poem
GEN24-C-18: Anonymous - Memorials of the Reverend George Paterson
GEN3-B-16: Anonymous - The Encyclopaedia of Anecdote and Wit an Extensive Collection of Tales, Anecdotes, Witticisms, Epigrams, Bon-Mots, Jests, Curious Relations, Laughable Stories, Acrostics, Anagrams Etc.
760R71: Anonymous - Streewalker
LTH29-E-15: Anonymous - Christmas Improvements; or Hunting Mrs P.
831F10: Anonymous - A Photo Album of British Pub Signs and Exteriors
751R12: Anonymous - Modern Boy&Apos;S Book of Racing Cars
751R58: Anonymous - Midsummer Holidays at Briar&Apos;S Hall, or, Summer Mornings Improved
717P15: Anonymous - Why Are We Still at War? or, the American Question Considered; in a Series of Essays Rejected by the Journalists As Unpopular
GEN17-A-8: Anonymous - Report and Appendix. Volume I
GEN15-D-21: Anonymous - The Menageries. The Natural History of Monkeys, Opossums and Lemurs
MOD2-G-9: Anonymous - The Age of Neo-Classicism
LTH28-A-2: Anonymous - Nineteenth Century Personal and Business Expenditure Ledger.
GEN26-E-12: Anonymous - London Diary
853W53: Anonymous - The Bookworm an Illustrated Treasury of Old-Time Literature
GEN27-A-5: Anonymous - The Balmoral Series of Half-Bound Account Books: Handwritten Bible Passages
LTH7-C-4: Anonymous - The Lady of the Lake: A Romance, in Two Volumes Founded on the Poem So Called by Walter Scott
SET17-E-2: Anonymous - Deadwood Dick 12: Flying Floyd&Apos;S Great Leap 13: Buckhorn Bill and the Moonshiners 14: Gold Rifle and Tiger Track 19: Rosebud Rob and the Man from Texas
773F24: Anonymous - The Devil Upon Crutches in England, or Night Scenes in London. A Satirical Work. Written Upon the Plan of the Celebrated Diable Boiteux of Monsieur le Sage.
GEN37-I-13: Anonymous - Aunt Louisa&Apos;S Nursery Favourite
LTH12-F-3: Anonymous - Moral Amusement; or, a Selection of Tales, Histories, and Interesting Anecdotes; Intended to Amuse and Instruct Young Minds
LTH13-C-7: Anonymous - The Youth&Apos;S Instructor and Guardian for 1844 Vol. 8 New Series
760R80: Anonymous - Early Japan Heian
751R6: Anonymous - Modern Boy&Apos;S Book of Racing Cars
FGN19-G-5: Anonymous - Recueil D&Apos;Dits, Dclarations, Arrts, Et Autres Pices, Concernant la Rgie Du Droit Sur Les Cartes
GEN23-B-9: Anonymous - Description of the Banquet Given in Honour of Sir Robert Peel
811D75: Anonymous; J. Friedrich Hering - Journal of an Officer in the King&Apos;S German Legion
GEN33-C-11: Anonymous - The New Album of London
828F28: Anonymous - The Black Warrior; or, the Saxon&Apos;S Revenge
643M8: Anonymous - Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) an Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London Volume II. West London. Excluding Westminster Abbey
643M9: Anonymous - Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Hertfordshire
848P33: Anonymous - A Complete History of England, by Question and Answer, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Beginning of the Year 1788. Extracted from the Most Celebrated English Historians, Particularly Rapin, Tindal, Hume, and Smollet; and Calculated for the Instruction and Entertainment of the Youth of Both Sexes
823F42: Anonymous - Musae Anglicanae Sive Poemata Quaedam Melioris
816F27: Anonymous - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administrations of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David
791R9: Anonymous - A Catalogue of Rare Dutch Pamphlets
LTH25-E-9: Anonymous - The Cabinet of the Arts a Series of Engravings by English Artists
812D2: Anonymous; Francois-Thomas Delbare - A Relation of the Events of the Last Campaign of Buonaparte
GEN9-F-25: Anonymous - Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Public Health Acts (Amendment) Bill (H.L. ): Together with the Proceedings of the Committee. Minutes of Evidence. By the Select Committee on the Public Health Acts (Amendment) Bill
840N6: Anonymous; [John Campbell] - Jethro: A System of Lay Agency, in Connection with Congregational Churches, for the Diffusion of Gospel Among Our Home Population
GEN19-I-3: Anonymous - Ecclesiastical Map of the South of England
LTH26-E-15: Anonymous - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin
GEN18-B-4: Anonymous - Demobilisation Supplement to the Auxiliary Patrol List
825A62: Anonymous - Days with Sir Roger de Coverley
764R57: Anonymous - The Book of Table-Talk
LTH26-A-8: Anonymous - Handwritten Early Victorian Account Book
GEN40-E-2: Anonymous - Who Was Who 1929-1940
GEN27-I-17: Anonymous - Printing in the Twentieth Century
750R16: Anonymous - The Modern Boy&Apos;S Annual
617P30: Anonymous - Summer Songs of Country Life
830F33: Anonymous - Practical Economy; or, the Application of Modern Discoveries to the Purposes of Domestic Lif
843F4: Anonymous - The Royal Kalendar: Or, Complete and Annual Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America. For the Year 1805
831P6: Anonymous - The History and Antiquities of Winchester
790A40: Anonymous - IL Corrispondente Triestino: Ovvero Lettere Istruttive Per la Giovent Bramosa Di Applicarsi Al Commercio, Composte Da Un Negoziante
696P13: Anonymous - Portfolio of 30 Coloured Illustrations to the Little Flowers of St. Francis
LTH12-A-1: Anonymous - Furniture Designs
820A6: Anonymous - Days with Sir Roger de Coverley
GEN32-G-12: Anonymous - Map of England and Wales
791P16: Anonymous - Three Essays: I. Learning and Science; II. Science and Language; III. Language and Poetry
LTH26-C-2: Anonymous - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England
SET43-H-3: Anonymous - Our Own Country in Six Volumes
790R28: Anonymous - Collected Works from the Royal Geographical Society
LTH15-B-8: Anonymous - The Wit&Apos;S Magazine July - December 1784
GEN22-H-19: Anonymous - Scrapbook
774F40: Anonymous - Pictures Exhibited in the Royal Reception Rooms of the Art Galleries of the Glasgow International Exhibition 1901
834G57: Anonymous - The Gallery of British Artists Consisting of a Series of Engravings of Their Most Admired Works, with Illustrative Descriptions
834G58: Anonymous - The Art-Journal
834G53: Anonymous - Swiss Pictures, Drawn with Pen and Pencil
702P3: Anonymous - A 1920s Photo Album
GEN26-E-19: Anonymous - Reports of Special Assistant Poor Law Commissioners on the Employment of Women and Children in Agriculture
842F43: Anonymous - The Polite Arts, or, a Dissertation on Poetry, Painting, Musick, Architecture and Eloquence
LTH19-C-11: Anonymous - British Public Characters of 1798
LTH3-F-17: Anonymous - The Gipsies
846F21: Anonymous - Pharmacopoeia of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
FGN19-C-7: Anonymous - Supplement Au Nouvel Abrege Chronologique de L&Apos;Histoire de France
FGN21-C-1: Anonymous - Ethices Compendium in Usum Juventutis Academicae Auctius & Emendatius Editum Cui Accedit Methodus Argumentandi Aristotelica
LTH22-D-13: Anonymous - A Biographical Memoir of the Much Lamented Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales and Saxe Coburg Illustrated with Recollections, Personal Anecdotes, and Traits of Character, Not Generally Known, from the Most Authentic Sources
GEN31-B-10: Anonymous - The Connoisseur
833F54: Anonymous - The Marn&Apos;LL Book; Some Particular History, Some General Topography, a Number of Photographs, and Some Maps, of the Blackmore Vale
GEN30-F-7: Anonymous - Sermons on Various Religious and Moral Subjects, for All the Sundays After Pentecost with Illustrations
715P4: Anonymous - Recueil de Diverses Pieces Publiees Pour la Traduction Du Nouveau Testament, Imprimee a Mons; Contre Ceux Qui En Ont Interdit L&Apos;Usage, Ou Combatu Les Passages. Auquel on a Ajoute Ce Qui a Este Publie, Pour Les Evesques D&Apos;Alet, de Pamies, D&Apos;Angers, & de Beauvais.
838F22: Anonymous - Anno Regni Georgii III. An Act for Repairing, Altering, and Improving the Parish Church of Saint Bridget, Otherwise Saint Bride, in the City of London; and for Providing a Workhouse for the Same Parish.
644P32: Anonymous - A Picture of Lisbon, Taken on the Spot; Being a Description, Moral, CIVIL, Political, Physical, and Religious, of That Capital, with Sketches of the Government, Character, and Manners of the Portuguese in General
FGN11-F-3: Anonymous - Le Langage Des Muets Ou Les Promenades Angloises
GEN10-C-1: Anonymous - The Parish Register of Wimbledon, Co. Surrey
806D5: Anonymous - The Arabian Nights
GEN26-G-23: Anonymous - The Children&Apos;S Delight Picture Book
600C31: Anonymous - The Poet&Apos;S Ramble After Riches. With Reflection Upon a Country Corporation. Also the Author&Apos;S Lamentation in the Time of Adversity.
LTH26-C-4: Anonymous - The Picture Book of Collections from Victorian and Albert Museum
SET3-A-1: Anonymous - The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland 1123-1493
FGN13-A-3: Anonymous - Dizionario Di Cultura Universale E Della Lingua Parlata
830F2: Anonymous - Pompei
761A22: Anonymous - The Wine and Spirit Merchant. A Familiar Treatise for Practical Men, on the Management of Wines and Spirits in All Their Varieties, with an Appendix, Showing the Simplest Way of Gauging and Fixing Casks and Other Vessels without the Aid of Special Instruments.
LTH7-D-7: Anonymous - The Panorama of the World, or an Enquiry Into the Manners and Customs of the Principal Foreign Inhabitants of the Globe
643M7: Anonymous - Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) an Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London Volume II. West London. Excluding Westminster Abbey
786P5: Anonymous - The Life and Amours of Charles Lewis Elector Palatin
720P20: Anonymous - The Patriot; or, the Irish Packet Open&Apos;D
769A72: Anonymous - The Twenty-Thousand-Pound Widow
843F2: Anonymous - The Royal Kalendar: Or, Complete and Annual Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America. For the Year 1799
809P9: Anonymous - History of Napoleon I. Compiled from the Most Reliable Authorities, French and English
776F16: Anonymous - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments
768P40: Anonymous - Charades, Enigmas, and Riddles
775F18: Anonymous - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to London and Its Environs
853F39: Anonymous - The Musical-Box Annual: Tune and Rhyme for Nursery Time
783R4: Anonymous - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Hereford, Worcester, the New Forest and the Thames
GEN27-A-2: Anonymous - Public Primary Instruction in Paris
831F23: Anonymous - Henry Herbert Wills Physics Laboratory
848F25: Anonymous - Memoirs of the Life of Lord Lovat; a Candid and Impartial Account of the Behaviour of Simon Lord Lovat
792P46: Anonymous - History of the Town of Cirencester, in the County of Gloucester, with an Account of the Public Buildings, Institutions, Roman Antiquities, &C
756R2: Anonymous - Kelly&Apos;S Map of the Suburbs of London
847F5: Anonymous - The Tourist in Wales, Comprising Views of Picturesque Scenery, Towns, Castles, Antiquities, Seats of the Nobility, Gentry, &C
765R23: Anonymous - Picture Show Annual
782P46: Anonymous - The Useful Arts Employed in the Production of Food
846F20: Anonymous - The Modern Family Cook; or, Housekeeper&Apos;S Instructor
776P14: Anonymous - Defence of the Realm Act in Ireland
842W79: Anonymous - Selections from Little Comments on Great Texts
818F37: Anonymous - Wigan County Council Chamber Opened October 30th, 1890
822F3: Anonymous - Recreations in Natural History; or, Popular Sketches of British Quadrupeds
852F13: Anonymous - A Hand-Drawn Sketch Book of Archaeological Artefacts
LTH13-C-18: Anonymous - Der Freundschaft Geweihet
LTH30-B-5: Anonymous - Illustrations to the Bible
LTH10-F-11: Anonymous - The Monograph a Serial Collection of Indexed Essays
840P30: Anonymous - A Vindication of the Conduct of the Late House of Commons, with Respect to the Great Constitutional Question Agitated Immediately Before Its Dissolution
843F3: Anonymous - The Court and City Register for the Year 1756; Rider&Apos;S British Merlin: For the Year of Our Lord 1756
795J25: Four Graduated [Anonymous] - The Old Quadrangle Edinburgh University MCM-MCMV
843F5: Anonymous - The London Calendar, or Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the Year 1791
LTH15-A-1: Anonymous - Desultory Remarks on the Letters of Eminent Persons Particularly Those of Pope and Cowper
785F42: Anonymous - Concilia Provincialia, Baltimori Habita an Anno 1829, Usque Ad Annum 1840.
FGN20-D-4: Anonymous - Le Manuel Des Malades, Ou Recueil de Lectures Edifiantes a L&Apos;Usage Des Malades, Des Viellards Et Des Infirmes
LTH19-F-9: Anonymous, Junius - The Letters of Junius
GEN10-B-17: Anonymous - The Children and the Robin, Harriet Gray, and Other Stories
LTH26-C-1: Anonymous - A Weeks Preparation Toward a Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper After the Warning of the Church for the Celebration of the Holy Communion in Meditations and Prayers for Morning and Evening, for Every Day in the Week Also Some Meditations to Live Well After the Receiving the Holy Sacrament
LTH30-F-6: Anonymous - The Court-Register and Statesman&Apos;S Remembrancer
813D35: Anonymous; Laurence Housman - Stories from the Arabian Nights
818F35: Anonymous - Swanage, Corfe Castle and Neighbourhood: The New Collotype Album of Picturesque Views
LTH15-A-3: Anonymous - Calendar of the Journals of the House of Lords
846F27: Anonymous - The Hand-Book of Cookery
GEN1-F-13: Anonymous - Departmental Committee Appointed to Inquire Into Matters Affecting the Currency of the British West African Colonies and Protectorates Minutes of Evidence
FGN21-A-3: Anonymous - Sancti Hieronymi Operum: Volumes I-III
FGN11-C-5: Anonymous - La Mode Feminine 1795-1900 and 1900-1920
814D24: Anonymous; Laurence Housman - Stories from the Arabian Nights
785P39: Anonymous; [John Campbell] - Memoirs of the Duke de Ripperda
GEN37-B-7: Anonymous - Pictures for Little People
818F3: Anonymous - Parts I Have Played Mr Martin Harvey
GEN35-D-17: Anonymous - A Legend of Old Lincoln
773P19: Anonymous - Willis the Pilot; a Sequel to the Adventures of the Swiss Crusoe Family
833G50: Anonymous - Lars Porsenna
846P38: Anonymous - A New System of Practical Domestic Economy; Founded on Modern Discoveries, and the Private Communications of Persons of Experience
848F21: Anonymous - The Life and Character of the Late Lord Chancellor Jefferys
702P2: Anonymous - Medical Guide to the Hot Mineral Baths of Bath, with Extracts from the Report of the Special Commission of the Lancet
799R28: Anonymous - Painting As a Pastime
848P4: Anonymous - The English Revolution
753R32: Anonymous - Handwritten Arithmetic Manuscript
781R30: Anonymous - The Life of Henri Masers de Latude, Who Was Imprisoned Thirty-Five Years. To Which Is Added Some Account of the Bastille
833F8: Anonymous - The Popular Educator
845W41: Anonymous - Lives of Remarkable Youth
GEN14-B-17: Anonymous - Collection of Plates
847F13: Anonymous - Papers Connected with the Industrial Conference Held at Naini Tal
LTH2-D-22: Anonymous - Public Characters of 1802-1803
792R27: Anonymous - Meyer&Apos;S Lexikon
757A34: Anonymous - The Battle of Britain August-October 1940 an Air Ministry Account of the Great Days from 8th August-31st October 1940
641C15: Anonymous - Standing Orders and Regulations for the Army in Ireland
798R74: Anonymous - Catalogue of the Highly Important Collection of Modern Pictures of James Price
LTH31-D-8: Anonymous - Views of the Creation
LTH31-D-9: Anonymous - England Delineated: A Geographical Description of Every Country in England and Wales
833F21: Anonymous - My Contributions to Punch
FIN2-F-2: Anonymous - Secret Memoirs of the Court of St. Cloud in a Series of Letters from a Gentleman at Paris to a Nobleman in London
852A20: Anonymous - Chronicles of Saint Mungo
SET31-F-1: Anonymous - A New and General Biographical Dictionary; Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation, Particularly the British and Irish from the Earliest Account of Time to the Present Period Wherein Their Remarkable Actions and Sufferings, Their Virtues, Parts, and Learning, Are Accurately Displayed with a Catalogue of Their Literary Productions
845T40: Anonymous - Farmer Goodall and His Friend
799J15: Anonymous - Mackenzie&Apos;S Five Thousand Receipts in All the Useful and Domestic Arts
763A62: Anonymous - Observations Sur Les Arts, Et Sur Quelques Morceaux de Peinture Et de Sculpture, ExposS Au Louvre En 1748
761R1: Anonymous - Etiquette ApprouvE Pa Sa Majest L&Apos;Empereur Pour L&Apos;Introduction Et la Presentation a la Cour Imperiale Du Japon
831F42: Anonymous - Scrapbook of Watercolour Fabric Illustrations
848G7: Anonymous - The Secret History of K. James I. And K. Charles I. Compleating the Reigns of the Four Last Monarchs.
848F39: Anonymous - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha
LTH14-E-2: Anonymous - Our Own Country; Various Articles and a Scrapbook of English Places
SET1-E-3: Anonymous - Somersetshire Archaeological & Natural History Society Proceedings
756R29: Anonymous - Papers of the British School at Rome Volume I
846F19: Anonymous - The Little Book of Salads and Savouries and the Little Book of Simple Remedies
621C9: Anonymous - The Route Book of Devon, for Rail and Road, a Guide for the Stranger & Tourist. With Maps and Plans
788P20: Anonymous - The Rise and Fall of the Late Projected Excise, Impartially Consider&Apos;D
822F10: Anonymous - Childhood&Apos;S Golden Tales
832F37: Anonymous - A Book of Romantic Ballads
821F43: Anonymous - The Continental Tourist, and Pictorial Companion
GEN18-E-3: Anonymous - St. Peter&Apos;S College Register Radley 1847-1923
GEN30-I-3: Anonymous - Westland S. 55 Series 3 Helicopter Lecture Notes
LTH10-F-22: Anonymous - British Optical Association Library Catalogue Volume II
LTH30-D-16: Anonymous - IL Cristiano Vigilante Ossie Raccolta Di Varj Atti Di Pieta Per Esercizio Della Presenza Di Dio Col Modo Pratico Per Assistere Alla S Messa Ed Altre Preci
795R39: Anonymous - Round the Coast
757R4: Anonymous - Specimens of Printing Types
GEN19-H-22: Anonymous - Bobo&Apos;S Motor Car
GEN38-B-1: Anonymous - Spoon and Fork Department
GEN28-C-3: Anonymous - A Handbook of the Law Relating to Matters of Domestic Economy Including the Adulteration of Food and the Licensing Laws Nearly Five Thousand Items of Valuable Information Incidental to the Other
828F7: Anonymous - The Mysterious Penitent; or, the Norman Chateau. A Romance.
852F16: Anonymous - The Holy Bible
844F21: Anonymous - Darvel Nature Note Book; a Handwritten Journal with Botanical Illustrations
GEN14-E-10: Anonymous - Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education: With Appendices
GEN14-E-11: Anonymous - Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education: Correspondence &C
848F18: Anonymous - Memoirs of the Life of Lord Lovat
852P26: Anonymous - Everyman a Morality Play
805R45: Anonymous - The King&Apos;S Jubilee Speeches, Together with the Primate&Apos;S Address in St. Paul&Apos;S
804R69: Anonymous - Cheesemaking Bulletin No. 43
804P29: Anonymous; Thomas Scott - The Holy Bible; Containing the Old and New Testaments According to the Authorized Version
809P2: Anonymous - The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte Selected from the Most Authentic Sources
809P23: Anonymous; John Curling - Observations on the Campaign in the Netherlands, Terminated by the Battle of Waterloo, June 18th, 1815
804R30: Anonymous - Census of England and Wales 1911
809P3: Anonymous; Dr. Channing - The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Late Emperor of the French, Selected from the Most Authentic Sources
804R26: Anonymous - Album
SET1-B-3: Anonymous - The Dew-Drop: A Monthly Magazine for the Young
771A32: Anonymous; William R. Wilson [ed.] - Tale of the Disorder in H-Gen
841J8: Anonymous - The Adventures of Mr. Loveill, Interspers&Apos;D with Many Real Amours, Volume I
GEN28-A-6: Anonymous - The Friendly Story Book an Alderman Book
788F20: Anonymous - C1872 Rays from the East; or, Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures
GEN31-B-24: Anonymous - Census of Fifteenth Century Books Owned in America
852P49: Anonymous - A Warning to Youth. The Life and Death of Thomas Savage
713P17: Anonymous - First Report from Select Committee on Metropolis Improvement; with the Minutes of Evidence
831F19: Anonymous - The Album of Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury Views
LTH1-B-28: Anonymous - Bound Collection of Acts 1829-1889
788R59: Anonymous - Specimens of Ancient Church Plate; Sepulchral Crosses
GEN26-H-3: Anonymous - Teddy Tar and the Magic Needle
844P39: Anonymous - The Book of Common Prayer, the Holy Bible, Psalms
849F11: Anonymous - The Hare; or, Hunting Incompatible with Humanity
845W34: Anonymous - The Story of John Howard the Prison-Reformer
817F41: Anonymous - Report from His Majesty&Apos;S Commissioners for Inquiring Into the Administration and Practical Operation of the Poor Laws
832G4: Anonymous - Christmas Improvement; or, Hunting Mrs. P. A Tale, Founded on Facts. Intended As a Christmas Box for Those Who Wish to Begin the New Year without Her
788F27: Anonymous - Catalogue of the Montrose Library, Instituted 1785
848G49: Anonymous - Choice Notes from "Notes and Queries" Folk Lore
826J2: Anonymous; Eugene Mason - Aucassin & Nicolette
GEN39-E-21: Anonymous; James Mosley (introduction) - S. & C. Stephenson Specimen and Sale Catalogue 1796-1797
851P9: Anonymous; Andrew Lang - The Arabian Nights Entertainments
846F26: Anonymous - The Young Woman&Apos;S Companion; Being a Guide to Every Acquirement Essential in Forming the Character of Female Servants
770A17: Anonymous - Cathedrals
704P22: Anonymous - The Life of John Metcalf, Commonly Called Blind Jack of Knaresbrough, with Many Entertaining Anecdotes of His Exploits in Hunting, Card-Playing, &C, Some Particulars Relating to the Expedition Against the Rebels in 1745, in Which He Bore a Personal Share; and Also, a Succinct Account of His Various Contracts for Making Roads, Erecting Bridges, and Other Undertakings, in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, and Cheshire; Which, for a Series of Years, Have Brought Him Into Public Notice, As a Most Extraordinary Character
GEN32-F-5: Anonymous - Dates and Data Relating to Religious Anthropology and Biblical Archaeology (Primaeval Period)
831F44: Anonymous - Sample Book of 955 Silk Samples
848F43: Anonymous - A New Hierogliphical Bible
GEN28-E-2: Anonymous - Footsteps of the Reformers in Foreign Lands
657P4: Anonymous - The Tour of Doctor Prosody, in Search of the Antique and Picturesque, Through Scotland, the Hebrides, the Orkney and Shetland Isles
813J65: Anonymous - Frohe Kinderlieder
793R6: Anonymous - Half Hours in the Holy Land
852P29: Anonymous - Language of Flowers
646M2: Anonymous - Gladys of Harlech. An Historical Romance
803R17: Anonymous - English Scenery
GEN16-C-11: Anonymous - Third Annual Report of the Poor Law Commissioners for England and Wales
LTH6-A-2: Anonymous - Reports from the Commissioners Appointed by His Majesty to Execute the Measures Recommended by a Slect Committee of the House of Commons Respecting the Public Records of the Kingdom
802F34: Anonymous - Greenland&Apos;S Icy Mountains: Peeps at the Eskimos, Their Homes and Habits, with the Story of How the Gospel Was Carried to Them.
717P13: Anonymous - The Lords Protest, November 18, 1740. To Which Is Added, Considerations Upon the Embargo Laid on Provision of Victual. Also the Protests of Dec. 8. And 9. Jan. 28. And Feb. 3.
LTH23-B-17: Anonymous - Education Commission. Appendix. Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Commissioners
LTH23-B-18: Anonymous - The Psalter or, Psalms of David, Pointed As They Are to Be Sung or Said in Churches
GEN2-B-22: Anonymous - The New Irish Pulpit, or Gospel Preacher
GEN37-G-13: Anonymous - Catalogue of the Extensive, Important and Valuable Collection of Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, and Engravings of the Late Sir William Tite, C.B. M.P.
LTH11-E-6: Anonymous - The Correspondent, Consisting of Letters Moral, Political, and Literary
LTH2-E-11: Anonymous - A List of Eton College for 1885-1891
FGN1-C-7: Anonymous - Anecdotes Parisiennes
821F45: Anonymous - Motor Boat Expenses 1936
777P49: Anonymous - The Guards a Novel
786F1: Anonymous - Illustrations; Landscape, Historical, and Antiquarian, to the Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart ; Landscape Illustrations of the Novels of the Author of Waverley with Portraits of the Principal Female Characters
825F20: Anonymous - A Museum for Young Gentlemen and Ladies; or, a Private Tutor for Little Masters and Misses
SET41-F-3: Anonymous - The Publications of the Surtees Society Extracts from the Account Rolls of the Abbey of Durham Volumes 99, 100 and 103
FGN21-C-14: Anonymous - Souvenirs de Conferences: Prones Et Instructions
848G12: Anonymous - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin
838W71: Louis-Pierre Anquetil - Eight Works by Louis-Pierre Anquetil
FGN13-C-9: Pietro Ansalone - IL Tempio Del Maria Pietro Ansalone
826J18: Isabella Anscombe - Not Another Punk! Book
722L6: G K Ansell - The Stableman&Apos;S Course
844T59: Angelo Tito Anselmi - Carrozzeria Italiana: Advancing the Art and Science of Automobile Design
780F27: Antonii Anselmo - Commentaria Ad Perpetuum
829M26: Peter F. Anson - Fishermen and Fishing Ways
LTH3-E-8: George Anson - A Voyage Round the World in the Years Mdccxl, I, II, III, IV,
828M4: Brevet-Major O. H. S. G. Anson - With H.M. 9th Lancers During the Indian Mutiny. The Letters of Brevet-Major O.H. S.G. Anson. Edited by His Son, Harcourt S. Anson.
803P14: W. J. Ansorge - Under the African Sun a Description of Native Races in Uganda, Sporting Adventures and Other Experiences
761P31: W. J. Ansorge - Under the African Sun a Description of Native Races in Uganda, Sporting Adventures and Other Experiences
848W41: David Thomas Ansted - The Geologist&Apos;S Text-Book
815P16: Christopher Anstey; John Anstey - The Poetical Works of the Late Christopher Anstey, Esq. With Some Account of the Life and Writings of the Author
765R13: [Christopher Anstey] - The New Bath Guide: Or, Memoirs of the B-N-R-D Family
641P32: [Christopher Anstey] - The New Bath Guide: Or, Memories of the B-N-R-D Family. In a Series of Poetical Epistles
LTH10-D-7: F Anstey - Voces Populi Reprinted from Punch First and Second Series
791L4: [Christopher Anstey] - The New Bath Guide: Or, Memoirs of the B-N-R-D Family
GEN2-F-4: Christopher Anstey; John Anstey - The Poetical Works of the Late Christopher Anstey, Esq. With Some Account of the Life and Writings of the Author by His Son John Anstey, Esq.
LTH7-E-10: F. Anstey - The Man from Blankley&Apos;S and Other Sketches [Reprinted from Punch]
645C16: [Christopher Anstey] - An Election Ball in Poetical Letters in the Zomerzetshire Dialect, from Mr. Inkle, a Freeman of Bath, to His Wife at Glocester: With a Poetical Address to John Miller, Esq. At Batheaston Villa.
825B49: F. Anstey - Mr. Punch&Apos;S Model Music-Hall Songs & Dramas Collected, Improved and Re-Arranged from &Apos;Punch&Apos;
689P6: [Christopher Anstey] - An Election Ball, in Poetical Letters from Mr. Inkle at Bath, to His Wife at Glocester: With a Poetical Address to John Miller, Esq, at Batheaston Villa
735P15: F. Anstey; [Thomas Anstey Guthrie]; Henrik Ibsen - Mr. Punch&Apos;S Pocket Ibsen
848F46: Christopher Anstey - The New Bath Guide: Or, Memoirs of the B-R-D Family in a Series of Poetical Epistles
GEN20-C-16: F. Anstey - The Man from Blankley&Apos;S (a Comedy of the Early Nineties)
691P19: Evelyn Anthony - The Occupying Power
MOD11-I-6: Evelyn Anthony; Evelyn Ward-Thomas - The Return
848F3: Charles Anthony - The Social and Political Dependence of Women
678P36: Evelyn Anthony - The Silver Falcon
807A12: Peter Anthony - A Town Called Immaculate
MOD5-F-25: Evelyn Anthony - Voices on the Wind
MOD11-I-10: Evelyn Anthony; Evelyn Ward-Thomas - The Malaspiga Exit
844W67: Societas Antiquariorum - Uetusta Monumenta Quae Ad Rerum Britannicarum
831B7: Ingenious Antiquary - The Noble Birth and Gallant Achievements of That Remarkable Outlaw Robin Hood
FGN1-C-1: Marie-Antoinette; M. Le Chevalier Alfred D'Arneth - Marie-Antoinette Correspondance Secrte Entre Marie-Therese Et le Cte de Mercy-Argenteau Avec Les Lettres de Marie-Therese Et de Marie-Antoinette
812J41: F. Antommarchi - The Last Days of Napoleon, Memoirs of the Last Two Years of Napoleon&Apos;S Exile
FGN19-E-11: Joannes Baptista Antonius - Oratio Gedeon Loudoni Caes. Avg. Supremo Belliduci Quum Albam Graecam Ottomanis Eriperet
789R2: George Antonius - The Arab Awakening: The Story of the Arab National Movement
FGN10-H-6: Hans von Aphelen - Dictionnaire Royal in Three Volumes Bound As Two
778A5: Pierre Mathurin de l'Écluse des Loges - Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune, Duke of Sully, Prime Minister to Henry the Great. Containing the History of the Life and Reign of That Monarch, and His Own Administration Under Him. Translated from the French, to Which Is Added, the Tryal of Ravaillac for the Murder of Henry the Great.
795J34: Hugh M'Diarmid - Penny Wheep
795J35: Hugh M'Diarmid - Sangschaw
797F40: 'Aurora Borealis' - Arctic Miscellanies. A Souvenir of the Late Polar Search. By the Officers and Seamen of the Expedition.
807A33: Patrick O'Brian - Blue at the Mizzen
LTH2-D-18: William M'Gavin - The Protestant, a Series of Essays on the Principal Points of Controversy between the Church of Rome and the Reformed. In Four Volumes (Bound in Two)
854W31: Musee d'Art Moderne; Robert Crumb - R. Crumb de L&Apos;Underground a la Genese
699L31: Joseph O'Connor - Desperadoes
774R75: A. 'Cordon-Bleu' - Economic French Cookery for Ladies
FGN19-D-2: Godefroi Comte d'Estrades - Lettres Memoires Et Negociations de Monsieur le Comte D&Apos;Estrades, Vols I-V
787F45: Max O'Rell [Leon Paul Blouet] - A Frenchman in America (the Anglo-Saxon Race Revisited)
825J12: Countess d'Aulnoy; J. R. Planche - Fairy Tales by Countess D&Apos;Aulnoy
830A45: Natalie d'Arbeloff - Scenes from the Life of Jesus
629L3: Madame d'Aulnoy - The History of the Tales of the Fairies Newly Done from the French
822A13: Peter O'Shaughnessy; Graeme Inson; Russel Ward - The Restless Years: Being Some Impressions of the Origin of the Australian
787L7: Henri D'Argis; Paul Verlaine - Sodome
840W1: E. A. D'Albertis - Una Crociera Sul Nilo
FGN22-E-8: Madame D'Epinay - Memoires Et Correspondance de Madam D&Apos;Epinay
823F23: Frank O'Rourke - The Bravados
784R26: M. l'Abbe de Pradt - Comparison between the Powers of England and Russia Pamphlet
SET4-C-3: Kelly's Directories - Kelly&Apos;S Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1944, 1955, 1956, 1957
817P6: l'Abbe Louis le Gendre - Les Moeurs Et Coutumes Des Francois Dans Les Differens Tems de la Monarchie
631C39: Aubrey O'Brien; Reginald Bolster - Cupid and Cartridges
631C41: Sir Desmond O'Callaghan - Guns, Gunners, and Others
657P16: Flann O'Brien; [Brian O'Nolan] - The Dalkey Archive
847W11: Edward Geoffrey O'Donoghue - Bridewell Hospital Palace, Prison, Schools
FGN22-D-1: Madame la Duchesse d'Abrantes - Memoires de Madame la Duchesse D&Apos;Abrantes
FGN22-C-7: J. H . Merle D'Aubigne - History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century Two Volumes in One
761R8: The Editor of 'Health & Strength' - Tumbling Tricks for Exercise and Entertainment
854W65: Edna O'Brien - Casualties of Peace
LTH6-D-8: St. John's College Members - The Eagle a Magazine, Supported by Members of St John&Apos;S College
FGN21-C-10: J.Barbey j'Aurevilly - Du Dandysme Et de Georges Brummell
854P2: L'Abbe de la Roche-Tilhac - Etat Des Cours de L&Apos;Europe Et Des Provinces de France Pour L&Apos;Annee M. Dcc. LXXXVI. Pubile Pour la Premiere Fois En 1783.
813J1: J.R. M'Culloch - The Principles of Political Economy: With a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Science
796F19: Sir Bernard D'Olier Darley - The Design and Construction of the Sarda Canal
754P11: Julia O'Faolain - Godded and Codded
776P43: Alfred O'Rahilly - The Case for the Treaty
683P2: Joseph O'Connor - True Believers
GEN32-A-8: Kelly's Directories Limited - Kelly&Apos;S Directory of Manufacturers and Merchants Including Industrial Services for Europe 80th Edition 1966-67 Volume II
786F7: M. L'Abbe; A. Egron - La Terre-Sainte Et Les Lieux IllustrS Par Les Apotres
GEN23-H-17: Baxter's - Baxter&Apos;S Library of Agriculture
797F26: Sir Francis Leopold M'Clintock - The Voyage of the Fox in Arctic Seas. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions.
754R27: Mrs. Arthur Bell (N. D'Anvers) - Representative Painters of the Xixth Century
GEN17-B-13: Kelly's Directories Limited - Kelly&Apos;S Manufacturers and Merchants Directory Including Industrial Services 1968-69 Volume II
LTH7-E-16: L'Abbe de Vertot - The History of the Revolutions of Portugal Fourth Edition Revised and Enlarged
776P53: Alfred O'Rahilly - The Case for the Treaty
GEN36-I-8: 'Fish-Hawk' [David K. Wolfe Murray] - Birds Through the Year
FGN9-B-9: Societe d'Editions - AcadMie Des Sciences Coloniales : Annales Tome IV : Concours Sur L&Apos; Amenagement Du Sahara
670H23: Andrew O'Hagan - Our Fathers
GEN26-B-6: Kelly's Directories Limited - Kelly&Apos;S Directory of Manufacturers and Merchants Including Industrial Services International 83rd Edition 1969-70 Volume II
623P16: Gilbert Abbott A'Beckett - The Comic History of England
LTH15-B-17: 'The Bar Harbour Nine' - An Idyll of Eden
618C14: Deacon Robt. D. M'Ewan - Old Glasgow Weavers: Being Records of the Incorporation of Weavers
LTH12-B-23: The Author of 'The Patriot Prince' [Harriette E Burch] - William the Silent: A Sketch of the Closing Years of the Life of the Prince of Orange.
761L1: Elliott O'Donnell - The Sorcery Club
768A8: Liam O'Flaherty; Gilbert Fabes - Six Cartoons by Alfred Lowe
688P19: Joseph O'Neill - Netherland
594C12: 'The Scots at Greenock' - Two Centuries of Shipbuilding
GEN31-E-7: Kelly's Directories - Kelly&Apos;S Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes
620L17: Francoise d'Aubigne Maintenon - Lettres de Mme de Maintenon, Precedees de Sa Vie Augmentees de Notes Historiques, Et de Notices Biographiques Sur Plusieurs Personnages Celebres Du Siecle de Louis XIV.
GEN19-B-1: Ingri & Edgar Parin D'Aulaire - The Lord&Apos;S Prayer
SET35-G-3: J. M'Gregor-Robertson - The Household Physician in Four Volumes

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