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2472: AHEARN, ALLEN AND PATRICIA - Book Collecting. A Comprehensive Guide. 1995 Edition.
1015: ALDERSEY-WILLIAMS, HUGH - The Most Beautiful Molecule
721: ALDRIDGE, JAMES - Mockery in Arms
354: ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Jagger. Unauthorized.
1496: ANDERTON, STEPHEN - Urban Sanctuaries : Peaceful Havens for the City Gardener
2496: ANGELOU, MAYA - Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well
2494: ANGELOU, MAYA - Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well
2454: ARISTOPHANES - Five Comedies. Translated from the Greek, with a Foreword, Introductions to Each Comedy, and Notes By the Translator. Illustrated By Laszlo Matulay.
2525: AVI - The Man Who Was Poe.
2475: BABCOCK, MARY REYNOLDS. - First Aid for Flowers. Mary Reynolds Babcock. Her Notes. Introduction By Beatrice P. Hendrix.
541: BACON, LEONARD - Animula Vagula.
2409: W.W. ROUSE BALL - A Primer of the History of Mathematics
2275: BALZAC [HONORE DE BALZAC] - Eugenie Grandet
362: BARKER, CLIVE - Sacrament
125: BARNES, LINDA - Steel Guitar
491: BASCH, RACHEL. - Degrees of Love
2347: BATCHELLER, FRANCES N. ET AL - Handbook on Gesneriads (African-Violets, Gloxinias and Their Relatives) Plants & Gardens Vol. 23 Spring (May) 1967.
951: BAWDEN, F.C. - Plant Viruses and Virus Diseases
676: BEAHM, GEORGE, EDITOR. - The Unauthorized Anne Rice Companion
1221: BECHTELER, W. (EDITOR) - Transport of Suspended Solids in Open Channels : Proceedings of Euromech 192, Munich - Neubibiberg, 11-15 June 1985
1816: BEEBE, WILLIAM - The Log of the Sun. A Chronicle of Nature's Year.
542: BENEDICT, MADELINE - Sudden Door
497: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT. - Selected Works of Stephen Vincent Benet. Vol. Ii : Prose.
2259: BENTON, JOEL - Emerson As a Poet
1678: BERLIOCCHI, LUIGI - The Orchid in Lore and Legend.
591: BERNARD, APRIL - Blackbird Bye Bye.
1661: BLACKSTONE, BERNARD - Virginia Woolf. Writers and Their Work : No. 33.
2353: BLAKE, JOHN B. - Short Title Catalogue of Eighteenth Century Printed Books in the National Library of Medicine.
1735: BLOCK, ROBERT - Collecting Early Machine-Made Marbles : The M.F. Christensen & Son Company and Christensen Agate Company
1356: BLOOMFIELD, ARTHUR - A Bibliography of Internal Medicine : Communicable Diseases
792: BOGEN, NANCY - Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home
147: BOVA, BEN - Orion and the Conqueror
376: BOWEN, CATHERINE DRINKER - Francis Bacon. The Temper of a Man.
522: BOWER, MURIEL - Foil Fencing. Wm. C. Brown Sports and Fitness Series.
1591: BOYD, ERNEST - Literary Blasphemies
1527: BRAITHWAITE, RICHARD BEVAN - Scientific Explanation. A Study of the Function of Theory, Probability and Law in Science. Based Upon the Tarner Lectures 1946.
1342: BROOKES, MARTIN - Get a Grip on Genetics (Get a Grip on. . . Series)
1547: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Sonnets from the Portugese
1243: BURCKHARDT, JACOB - Rubens. Complete Edition with One Hundred and Forty Plates, Four in Full Colour, and a Selection from the Painter's Correspondence.
1763: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Cimarron Rose
589: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Cadillac Jukebox
1343: BURNIE, DAVID - Get a Grip on Evolution (Get a Grip on. . . Series)
1937: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The Cream of the Jest. Introduction By Harold Ward.
2541: CAMPBELL, KILLIS - The Mind of Poe and Other Studies
103: CANFIELD, DOROTHY - Seasoned Timber
2135: CAUTHEN, IRBY B., JR.; DAMERON, LASLEY J. - Edgar Allan Poe : A Bibliography of Criticism, 1827-1967 (Bibliographical Society Ser. )
1487: CAVENEY, GRAHAM - Screaming with Joy : The Life of Allen Ginsberg
2530: CHANCE, TERI DUNN - How to Eradicate Invasive Plants
957: CHAO, PATRICIA - Monkey King
2490: PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN - Die Zukunft Des Menschen [L'avenir de L'homme, the Future of Man]
1895: CLARKE, W.W. - Pennsylvania Beekeeping. Circular 544.
2303: ENDANGERED SPECIES COALITION - The Endangered Species Act Protects Us. Going on the Offensive. Communicating a Winning Message for Strengthening the Endangered Species Act.
1879: COLLINS, HUNT (ED MCBAIN, EVAN HUNTER] - Tomorrow and Tomorrow. [Pyramid Giant G214]
1506: CONNER, WENDY SIMPSON - The Beaded Lampshade Book : Techniques for Beadlovers (the Beading Bks. )
1638: COOLEY, MARTHA - The Archivist. A Novel.
486: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - From Potter's Field
782: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Point of Origin
596: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - From Potter's Field
2381: COULTER, JOHN M. AND COULTER, MERLE C. - Where Evolution and Religion Meet
730: COWAN, JAMES. - A Troubadour's Testament
1778: COX, JEFF. - Landscaping with Nature. Using Nature's Design to Plan Your Yard.
1892: COX, JEFF. - Landscaping with Nature. Using Nature's Design to Plan Your Yard.
2345: COX, IAN. EDITOR - The Scallop. Studies of a Shell and Its Influences on Humankind
1916: CRAMPTON, HENRY EDWARD - The Doctrine of Evolution. Its Basis and Scope.
2154: CRAVEN, WES - Fountain Society
1062: CUNY, HILAIRE - Louis Pasteur. The Man and His Theories.
918: CURTIS, OTIS F. AND CLARK, DANIEL G. - An Introduction to Plant Physiology.
2103: DANTICAT, EDWIDGE - The Farming of Bones.
223: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The White Mice.
771: DEIGHTON, LEN - Spy Line
2514: DEJERINE, J. AND GAUCKLER, E. - The Psychoneuroses and Their Treatment By Psychotherapy.
546: DICKINSON, EMILY - Love Poems
263: DREW, MARY FRANCES, TRANSLATOR. - The Passion Play of Ober-Ammergau. The Great Atonement at Golgotha.
1991: DRYDEN, JOHN. EDITED BY MAY ESTELLE COOK. - Palamon and Arcite Or the Knight's Tale from Chaucer.
2295: DUKE, JAMES A. - Chemical Composition of Belizean Plants Discussed in Rainforest Remedies: One Hundred Healing Herbs of Belize
1789: DUNNETT, NIGEL AND KINGSBURY, NOEL - Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls
1951: VAN DYKE, HENRY. - The Blue Flower
502: VAN DYKE, HENRY. - Music and Other Poems
1729: ECOTT, TIM - Vanilla : Travels in Search of the Ice Cream Orchid
346: EDMAN, IRWIN - Candle in the Dark. A Postcript to Despair.
2498: ELLIOTT [J.C. POLLOCK] - Cold Cold Heart. A Novel.
1318: EMERSON, R.W. - Essays. Second Series. (American Classic Series)
525: EMERSON, EDWIN, JR. - A History of the Nineteenth Century Year By Year. Volume Three. [1857-1900]
2015: ERLANGER, MICHAEL - Shake Well Before Using. Poems By Michael Erlanger.
787: ERMATINGER, EMIL - Dichtung Und Geistesleben Der Deutschen Schweiz. Eine Neue Schweizerische Literaturgeschichte.
2515: NAN FAIRBROTHER - Men and Gardens. A Rare and Enchanting Book That Celebrates the Enduring Place of Gardens in Man's Life and Traces Their Changing Forms and Uses in Different Lands and Different Ages.
2544: SCHELLING. FELIX E. - Elizabethan Drama 1558-1642 [Volume Two ]
495: FERRINGO, ROBERT. - Dead Man's Dance
631: FEUER, LEWIS S. - Einstein and the Generations of Science
2109: FIELD, EUGENE - Second Book of Tales.
1854: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE - The Bookshop. A Novel.
901: FORD, RICHARD - Women with Men
906: FORD, RICHARD - Women with Men
905: FORD, RICHARD - Independence Day
2116: FORMAN, HENRY JAMES - The Enchanted Garden.
388: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Thais
494: FRANCIS, DICK. - Comeback
124: FRANCIS, DICK - Come to Grief
1738: FREE, MONTAGUE - All About African Violets. The Complete Guide to Success with Saintpaulias.
2267: FREUD, SIGMUND. TRANSLATED BY MARIE BONAPARTE. - L'avenir D'une Illusion. Traduit de L'allemand Par Marie Bonaparte . [Plus Ephemera]
1747: FRIEND, ROBERT G. M. - Growing Orchids in Your Garden
1903: FROST, ROBERT WITH LOUIS UNTERMEYER - The Letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer. With Commentary By Louis Untermeyer.
2058: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Lady's Not for Burning
1726: GAL, EDWINA VON - Fresh Cuts : Unexpected Arrangements with Branches, Buds and Blooms
456: GALSWORTHY, JOHN. - Swan Song
455: GALSWORTHY, JOHN. - Plays
1183: GAUMANN, ERNST. (AUTHORIZED ENGLISH EDITION BY WILLIAM B. BRIERLY) - Principles of Plant Infection. . a Text-Book of General Plant Pathology for Biologists, Agriculturists, Foresters and Plant Breeders.
526: GECKELER, EDWIN O., M.D. - Fractures and Dislocations for Practitioners
2442: GILBERT, SUZIE - Flyaway. How a Wild Bird Rehabber Sought Adventure and Found Her Wings.
2502: GILL, ERIC - Autobiography. Quod Ore Sumpsimus. . .
1717: GILL, EVAN - Eric Gill. A Bibliography.
2529: GILLMAN, JEFF - The Truth About Organic Gardening. Benefits, Drawbacks and the Bottom Line.
2528: GILLMAN, JEFF - The Truth About Garden Remedies. What Works What Doesn't and Why
2542: GITLIN, JANE - Fire Places. A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces and Stoves Indoors and out.
1040: GOLDBLATT, PETER - The Woody Iridaceae. Nivenia, Klattia & Witsenia. Systematics, Biology & Evolution.
732: GOLDSTEIN, LISA - Walking the Labyrinth
2470: LAWRENCE AND NANCY GOLDSTONE - Slightly Chipped. Footnotes in Booklore.
539: GORDON, NEIL - Sacrifice of Isaac
1084: GOUDGE, EILEEN - Thorns of Truth
136: GOWING, NIK - The Loop
2437: GRAFTON, SUE - S Is for Silence
1760: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Rainmaker
212: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Chamber
1826: HANSEN, WALLACE R. - The Geologic Story of the Uinta Mountains [Geologic Survey Bulletin 1291]
553: HANSEN, BROOKS - The Chess Garden Or the Twilight Letters of Gustav Uyterhoeven.
1845: HARNER, JAMES L. - English Renaissance Prose Fiction, 1500-1660: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism (1984-1990)
1209: HARRIS, THOMAS - Hannibal
1037: HARRISON, JANIS - Roots of Murder
1831: HARVEY, MILES - The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime
564: HARVEY, ANDREW, EDITOR - The Essential Mystics. The Soul's Journey Into Truth.
1934: HASKELL, ARNOLD L. - Ballet Panorama. An Illustrated Chronicle of Three Centuries. With 158 Illustrations from Prints, Drawings and Photographs.
1619: HAWKSWORTH, FRANK G. DELBERT WIENS, JOHN A. MUIR, SIMON F. SHAMOUN, LAURA E DEWALD, IGNACIO VAZQUEZ COLLAZO - Mistletoes of North American Conifers. General Technical Report of the Rocky Mountain Research Station : Gtr-98 [Usda]
632: HAYWARD, MILDRED - Miracle at Sea and Other Poems
2412: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - Select British Poets, Or New Elegant Extracts from Chaucer to the Present Time, with Critical Remarks. [Suppressed First Edition]
2489: HENDERSON, D.K. AND GILLESPIE, R.D. - A Text-Book of Psychiatry for Students and Practitioners [Oxford Medical Publications] with Related Ephemera.
2546: HENRY, DIANA - Roast Figs Sugar Snow. Food to Warm the Soul. Updated Edition with New Recipes.
368: HENRY, MARGUERITE - All About Horses.
1877: HERBERT, FRANK - The Dragon in the Sea
2408: HICKS, AARON J. AND KATY LYNN, EDITOR - Orchid Seed Germination Media. A Compendium of Formulations.
2270: HICKS, AARON J. [WITH A CHAPTER BY SCOTT STEWART] - Asymbiotic Technique of Orchid Seed Germination. With Chapter on Symbiotic Germination.
2262: HICKS, AARON J - Orchid Seed Germination Manual. A Tool for the Hobbyist.
932: HIGHFIELD, ROGER AND CARTER, PAUL - The Private Lives of Albert Einstein
1792: HILLERMAN, TONY - Sacred Clowns
598: HILLERMAN, TONY - Finding Moon
205: HILLERMAN, TONY - Coyote Waits
340: VON HILLERN, WILHELMINE AND SAFFORD, M.J. - On the Cross. A Romance of the Passion Play at Oberammergau (1902).
1377: HINEY, MARY JO - The Beaded Object : Making Gorgeous Flowers & Other Decorative Accents
1608: HIX, JOHN - The Glass House
2520: FREDERICK HOBBS - Authentic Libretti of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas As Presented By the O'oyly Carte Opera Company During Their American Season [the Gilbert and Sullivan Library]
1313: HOFFMAN, DANIEL. - Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe
2435: HOLLANDER, ERIC - Obsessive-Compulsive Related Disorders
2078: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - Over the Teacups
1995: HOUSMAN, A.E. - A Shropshire Lad
582: HOYT, ERICH - The Earth Dwellers. Adventures in the Land of Ants.
1498: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY - Gray & His Poetry (Poetry & Life Series)
1925: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY - Birds and Man.
2220: HUDSON, W.H. - Green Mansions
353: HUNTER, EVAN [ED MCBAIN] - Privileged Conversation
514: HUNTER, EVAN [ED MCBAIN] - Criminal Conversation
2399: HUXLEY, THOMAS H. AND WM. JAY YOUMANS MD - The Elements of Physiology and Hygiene. A Text-Book for Educational Institutions.
1875: ILLMAN, PAUL E. - The Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook [Practical Flying Series]
920: IMMS, A.D. - Outlines of Entymology
1839: JAMES, THEODORE JR. - Seaside Gardening
773: JANSON, H. FREDERIC - Pomona's Harvest. An Illustrated Chronicle of Antiquarian Fruit Literature.
1085: JOHNSON, GREG - Invisible Writer. A Biography of Joyce Carol Oates.
118: JORDAN, MILDRED - Asylum for the Queen
2467: KATHARINE KYES LEAB, DANIEL J. LEAB, MARIE-LUISE FRINGS, ABIGAIL LEAB AND KATHLEEN THORP, EDITORS. - American Book Prices Current 1997 Volume 103 the Auction Season September 1996- August 1997
2535: JARVIS KEILY [EDGAR ALLAN POE] - Edgar Allan Poe. A Probe.
1394: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Stone Kiss
1112: KELLOGG, MINNIE D. - Flowers from Mediaeval History
580: KILWORTH, GARRY D. - Angel
1743: KING, ROSS - Ex-Libris
355: KING, LAURIE - To Play the Fool
153: KING, STEPHEN - Rose Madder
1966: KITTO, JOHN, D.D. - The Court of Persia, Viewed in Connection with Scriptural Usages. Revised By Daniel P. Kidder.
858: KOEPPE, CLARENCE EUGENE - The Canadian Climate
2500: KOONTZ, DEAN - Dragon Tears
1764: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Sole Survivor
2499: KOONTZ, DEAN - Strange Highways
151: KOONTZ, DEAN - Dark Rivers of the Heart
152: KOONTZ, DEAN - Strange Highways
200: KOONTZ, DEAN - Dark Rivers of the Heart
408: KRIST, GARY - Bone By Bone. Stories.
1969: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia. Last Essays of Elia. Popular Fallacies. [the Nelson Classics] with Ephemera.
1926: CHARLES LAMB. - Charles Lamb. Selections from His Letter, Essays and Verses. [Little Masterpieces]
1384: LAMBIRTH, ANDREW [YEATS] - W.B. Yeats. A Biography with Selected Poems.
2255: LEFFMANN, HENRY - A Compend of Medical Chemistry Inorganic and Organic Including Urinary Analysis. [Blakiston's Quiz Compends]
2181: LEONARD, ELMORE - Be Cool
2316: LEWIS, JOSEPH - Lincoln the Soldier
1014: LEWIS, JIM - Why the Tree Loves the Ax
1651: LINDER, DAVID H. - A Monograph of the Helicosporous Fungi Imperfecti. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 16: 227-388, 1929.
979: LINSCOTT, GILLIAN - An Easy Day for a Lady
2375: LOOS, ANITA - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The Illuminated Diary of a Professional Lady.
554: LOVETT, SARAH - Dangerous Attachments
2457: LUBBOCK, PERCY - Roman Pictures
559: MACKAY, BARRY KENT - The Birdwatcher's Companion
1961: MAGRIEL, PAUL, EDITOR. - Isadora Duncan
2451: MARTIN, GEORGE R.R. - The Armageddon Rag
720: MATHER, LINDA - Blood of an Aries
225: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET. - The Moon and Sixpence.
226: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Catalina. A Romance.
2532: DAMIAN MCELRATH [RICHMOND WALKER] - Making the Little Black Book. Inside the Working Manuscript of Twenty-Four Hours a Day.
1050: MCGREGOR, H.R. - Schrodinger's Baby
138: MCMILLAN, TERRY - How Stella Got Her Groove Back
2462: MEREJKOWSKI, DMITRI. BERNARD GUIBERT GUERNEY [TRANSLATOR]. - The Romance of Leonardo Da Vinci. Translated from the Original Russian of Dmitri Merejkowski.
2373: MERTINS, LOUIS AND ESTHER - The Intervals of Robert Frost. A Critical Bibliography. With an Introduction By Fulmer Mood.
1543: METZGER, DEENA - The Other Hand
1265: MILES, HENRY - The Later Work of Titian
1856: MILLER, JONATHAN AND BORIN VAN LOON - Darwin for Beginners
2447: CHAMPLAIN SILK MILLS - The Handbook of Spun Silk. Containing the Essential Facts About Its Nature and Uses, Together with a Reference Table of Comparative Sizes.
1977: MILTON, JOHN. WILLIAM ALLAN NEILSON, EDITOR. - Milton's Minor Poems. L'allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus and Lycidas. [the Lake English Classics]
2057: MILTON, JOHN - L'allegro and Il Penseroso
1917: MOORE, SAMUEL AND KNOTT, THOMAS A. - The Elements of Old English. Elementary Grammar and Reference Grammar.
1600: MOORE, SUSANNA - In the Cut: A Novel
1601: MOORE, SUSANNA - In the Cut : A Novel
2332: MOREY, GEORGE W. - The Properties of Glass [American Chemical Society Monograph Series No. 77].
2091: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Hide and Seek.
826: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Old Mandarin. More Translations from the Chinese.
2137: MULLER, MELISSA; KIMBER, RITA (TRANSLATOR); KIMBER, ROBERT (TRANSLATOR) - Anne Frank: The Biography. With a Note By Miep Gies.
2356: MUNSON, GORHAM B. - Robert Frost. A Study in Sensibility and Good Sense. [the Murray Hill Biographies]
1025: ALFRED DE MUSSET - A Door Must Be Either Open Or Shut. A Proverb.
2355: MYERSON, JOEL - Ralph Waldo Emerson. A Descriptive Bibliography. [Pittsburgh Series in Bibliography]
1393: NATHANSON, VIRGINIA - The Pearl and Bead Boutique Book.
577: NEVILLE, JILL - Swimming the Channel
2107: NICOLSON, NIGEL - Virginia Woolf (Penguin Lives Series)
1695: NORTHEN, HENRY AND NORTHEN REBECCA - Ingenious Kingdom : The Remarkable World of Plants
1952: NORTON, A.P. AND INGLIS, J. GALL - A Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (Epoch 1950)
1490: NOWAK, JOANNA; RUDNICKI, RYSZARD M. - Postharvest Handling and Storage of Cut Flowers, Florist Greens and Potted Plants
2352: NURMI, MARTIN K. BENTLRY, G.E. - A Blake Bibliography. Annotated Lists of Works, Studies and Blakeana.
1206: PARKER, ROBERT - Sudden Mischief. A Spenser Novel.
1207: PARKER, ROBERT - Hush Money. A Spenser Novel.
1208: PARKER, ROBERT - Perish Twice
1116: PARKER, DOROTHY - Sunset Gun
135: PARKER, ROBERT B. - All Our Yesterdays
206: PARKER, ROBERT - Double Deuce
2404: WALTER PATER [LUSIUS APULEIUS] - The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche. Re-Told By Walter Pater from "the Golden Ass" of Lucius Apuleius.
477: PATTERSON, RICHARD NORTH. - Eyes of a Child
1666: PATTERSON, JAMES - The Big Bad Wolf
1512: PEARSON, MICHENER, LAW, HARBAUGH, TRUMBOWER, LIAUTARD, HOLCOMBE, HUIDEKOPER, STILES, MOHLER AND ADAMS. - [Diseases of the Horse] Special Report on Diseases of the Horse.
1129: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Paolo & Francesca. A Tragedy in Four Acts.
1225: PIKE, DAVE - Indoor Bonsai. A Beginner's Step-By-Step Guide.
2080: PLATO, EPICTETUS, MARCUS AURELIUS - The Apology, Phaedro and Crito of Plato; the Golden Sayings of Epictetus; the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.
1333: POE, ROBERT - Return to the House of Usher
982: POLE, WILLIAM - The Theory of the Modern Scientific Game of Whist [Pole on Whist]
1012: POOL, RAYMOND - Flowers and Flowering Plants. An Introduction to the Nature and Work of Flowers and the Classification of Flowering Plants.
2534: PRINSEN, SHARLENE - Blind Devotion. Survival on the Front Lines of Post-Traumatic Stree Disorder and Addiction.
863: PROULX, E. ANNIE - Accordion Crimes
1077: RACHELWITZ, BORIS DE - Egyptian Art. An Introduction. Translated By R.H. Boothroyd.
1860: RAIN, PATRICIA - The Vanilla Chef.
1054: RAMSLAND, KATHERINE - The Vampire Companion. The Official Guide to Anne Rice's the Vampire Chronicles.
1075: RAWLINGS, RORY - Healing Gardens
2518: RENDON, JIM - Super-Charged. How Outlaws, Hippies and Scientists Reinvented Marijuana.
1830: RENSE, PAIGE - Gardens: Architectural Digest
1127: REYNOLDS, SHERI - Bitterroot Landing
2113: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - Rhymes of Childhood. The Poems and Prose Sketches of James Whitcomb Riley.
2531: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Diaries of a Young Poet. Translated and Annotated By Edward Snow and Michael Winkler
2432: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Der Neuen Gedichte Anderer Teil
2260: ROBERTS, KENNETH - Le Grand Passage [the Northwest Passage]. Translated from English By Pierre-Fancois Caille
1182: ROBIE, VIRGINIA - By-Paths in Collecting. Being Aids in the Quest of Rare and Unique Things Which Have Passed the Century Mark, Such As Old China, Furniture, Pewter, Copper, Brass, Samplers and Sun-Dials, with Comments on Their Age, Decoration and Value.
2480: ROBINSON, VICTOR, M.D. - The Story of Medicine
818: ROE, JILL - Angels Flying Slowly
469: ROGERS, SAMUEL - Dusk at the Grove
1017: ROSS, NANCY WILSON - The Left Hand Is the Dreamer
2391: RUDDOCK, E. H. - The Lady's Manual of Homoeopathic Treatment in the Various Derangements Incident to Her Sex. Eleventh Edition Thoroughly Revised and Improved.
2543: SALGADO, GAMINI - The Elizabethan Underworld
1414: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - Mcnally's Dilemma
148: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - Timothy's Game
149: SANDERS, LAWRENCE - The Seventh Commandment
1786: SCHENK, GEORGE - Moss Gardening. Including Lichens, Liverworts and Other Miniatures.
1523: SCHIMEL, LAWRENCE (EDITOR); GREENBERG, MARTIN H. (EDITOR) - Blood Lines: Vampire Stories from New England (the American Vampire Series)
1783: SELF, MARGARET CABELL - The Horseman's Encyclopedia
1281: SHARP, PAULA - Crows over a Wheatfield
401: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant. Vol. Ii. The Second Volume Containing the Four Pleasant Plays.
1742: SHIELDS, JODY - The Fig Eater
1551: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL - The Missing Piece (an Ursula Nordstrom Bk. )
2317: SKILTON, C.P. - British Windmills and Watermills. With 8 Plates in Color and 24 Illustrations in Black & White.
2479: SMART, W.M. - The Riddle of the Universe
2536: SMITH, C. ALPHONSO - Edgar Allan Poe. How to Know Him.
2537: SMITH, DAVE - The Essential Poe. [the Essential Poets Series]
2274: SMITH, ANDRE - The Scenewright. Illustrated By the Author.
426: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Art at Auction. The Art Market Review 1994-1995.
2540: STANARD, MARY NEWTON - The Dreamer. A Romantic Rendering of the Life Story of Edgar Allan Poe.
269: STANTON, FRANK L. - Comes One with a Song
2278: STARRETT, VINCENT, EDITOR - Fourteen Great Detective Stories. Edited with an Introduction By Vincant Starrett.
2312: STENN, KURT S., MESSENGER, A.G. AND BADEN, H. P. EDITORS - The Molecular and Structural Biology of Hair (Vol. 642)
2488: STERN, PHILIP VAN DOREN - The Pocket Week-End Book (Pocket Book #586)
1180: STEWART, JOYCE (EDITOR); GRIFFITHS, MARK (EDITOR) - Manual of Orchids (Royal Horticultural Society Ser. )
154: STINE, R.L. - Superstitious
805: STURGIS, MATTHEW - Aubrey Beardsley. A Biography.
2131: SURIANO, GREGORY R. - The Pre-Raphaelite Illustrators : The Published Graphic Art of the English Pre-Raphaelites & Their Associates with Critical Biographical Essays & Illustrated Catalogues of the Artists' Engraved Works
2306: SWAN, CLAUDIA - The Clutius Botanical Watercolors. The Flowers and Plants of the Reanaissance.
2453: TAUSSIG, F.W. - The Tariff History of the United States. A Series of Essays.
1824: TAYLOR, JANE - Climbing Plants [Kew Gardening Guides]
2335: TEHON, LEO R. AND HOMER L. JACOBS - A Verticillium Root Disease of American Elm (Bulletin 6)
2444: THOMAS DIXON, THOMAS LAMB - Prescription Formula for Eye Wash, Rx [Vintage Ephemera]
1900: THOMAS, ALAN G - Great Books and Book Collectors
1708: THOMPSON, ALAN REYNOLDS - The Anatomy of Drama
2320: THOREAU, HENRY D [COMPILED BY ARTHUR G. VOLKMAN] - Thoreau on Man and Nature
535: THURBER, JAMES - Thurber on Crime. Stories, Articles, Drawings, and Reflections on the Evil That Men and Women Do.
1939: TRITES, W.B. - The Gypsy
1577: TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers and Sons.
1449: TURNER, NANCY J. AND SZCZAWINSKI, A.F. - Common Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms of North America
2340: UNKNOWN - Photogravures of Nineteen Pictures in the Louvre
2417: VINCENT, JOHN H. AND JAMES R. JOY - An Outline History of Greece
2102: VINES, LOIS DAVIS - Valery and Poe. A Literary Legacy
748: VIRGIL. (C.W. BRODRIBB) - Virgil. The Georgics in English Hexameter
1329: VAN VLECK, SARITA - Growing Wings.
501: WALPOLE, HUGH. - Reading. An Essay.
2524: WALSH, JOHN EVANGELIST - Midnight Dreary. Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe.
2526: WALSH, JOHN EVANGELIST - Plumes in the Dust. Love Affair of Edgar Allan Poe and Fanny Osgood.
2539: WALSH, JOHN EVANGELIST - Poe the Detective. The Curious Circumstances Behind "the Mystery of the Marie Roget"
1911: WARD, BENJAMIN R. - Arnold's Essay on Wordsworth with Selections from the Poems of Wordsworth
2183: WARLOE, CONSTANCE - The Legend of Olivia Cosmos Montevideo.
561: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Who Called Themselves the Nimipu "the Real People". A Poem By Robert Penn Warren.
1311: WATSON, E.L. GRANT (EDITOR). - Nature Abounding. With Decorations By C.F. Tunnicliffe.
1213: WHITMAN, SARAH HELEN - Edgar Poe and His Critics
2328: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - Miriam and Other Poems
959: WILCOX, COLLIN - Calculated Risk
2516: ZDENEK DEYL, ED., WITH F.M. EVERAERTS, Z. PRUSIK, P.J. SVENDSEN - Electrophoresis. A Survey of Techniques and Applications. Part A. Techniques. [Journal of Chromatography Library Vol. 18]
256: ZOLA, EMILE - Germinal. Histoire Naturelle Et Sociale D'une Famille Sous Les Second Empire.

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