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5511: [DOLCE, LODOVICO]. - Lettere di diversi eccellentiss[imi] huomini raccolte da diverse libri: tra le quali se ne leggono molte, non più stampate, con gli argomenti per ciascuna delle materie, di che elle trattano, e nel fine una tavola delle cose più notabili, a commodo de gli studiosi.
5480: [LANDO, ORTENSIO]. - Sermoni funebri de vari authori nella morte de diversi animali.
5772: [REPUBLIC OF WEST FLORIDA]. - The Courier.
5352: [CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH]. - The Illustrated London News.
5137: [INSTITUT D'EGYPTE (1798-1801); INSTITUT DE FRANCE]. - Memoirs relative to Egypt written in that country during the campaigns of General Bonaparte, in the years 1798 and 1799, by the learned and scientific men who accompanied the French expedition.
5861: [JUVENILE]. - The robins and other stories.
623: [VERLAINE, PAUL]. - Verlaine Ed. Henri Maisongrande.
5587: [MALO, CHARLES]. - Paris et ses environs: Promenades pittoresques.
108: [ANTHOLOGY]. - Poeti minori del trecento Ed. Natalino Sapegno.
155: [CHANSONS DE GESTE]. - Le Roman de Helcanus Ed. Henri Niedzielski.
655: [REYNARD THE FOX]. - Le Roman de Renart Ed. Henri Rey-Flaud and André Eskenazi.
2770: - Macrocosmos: a poem.
5637: [ZAKARIAN, TOMAS]. - The gods of the Egyptians: the creation.
5485: [CHOISEUL, ETIENNE-FRANÇOIS, DUC DE]. - Memoire historique sur la negociation de la France et de l'Angleterre Depuis le 26 mars 1761, jusqu'au 20 septembre de la même année....
4104: [WILLIAMSON, JOHN]. - A treatise on military finance.
4417: [PASINI, GIUSEPPE]. - Dizionario delle favole per uso delle scuole d'Italia ove compendiosamente descrivesi tutto ciò che è necessario, non solo alla intelligenza de' poeti, ma de' quadri ancora, e delle statue, i di cui soggetti sono cavati dalla storia politica
5577: [ANTHOLOGY]. - English Lyrics.
5696: - The Newest, best, and very-much esteemed book of knowledge ...
2433: [JOHANNES DE LAET.]. - Persia, seu regni Persici status, variaque itinera in atque per Persiam: cum aliquot iconibus incolarum.
2480: [ABRAHAM ISRAEL, ILLUSTRATOR.]. - Passover Haggadah.
5862: [DICTIONARY]. - Illustrated pronouncing pocket dictionary of the English language.
5070: [TILL EULENSPIEGEL]. - Ulenspieghel : van Ulespieghels leven en schimpelijcke wercke en wonderlycke avontueren die hi hadde want hi en liet hem gheen boeverie verdueren.
5674: [ABU SHE YING ; PENGCUO LANGJIE BIAN]. - Donggar Cave Murals in Ngari Prefecture [Zhongguo Xizang Ali Dongga bi hua].
5401: ACHILLINI, CLAUDIO (1574-1640). - Rime e prose : in questa nuova impressione accresciute di molti sonetti & altre compositioni non più stampate ; con aggiunta di diverse bellissime lettere di proposta, e risposta del medesimo autore.
5178: EL-ACHIRIE, HASSAN. - Le temple de Dandour, volume I: Architecture.
5840: ACKERNECHT, ERWIN H. - Medicine & Ethnology: selected essays.
197: ADAM, ANTOINE, ED. - Les Libertins au XVIIe siècle.
5753: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY. - United States Land Office certificate printed on vellum and finished in manuscript, signed.
3990: ADAMS, W H DAVENPORT . - The valley of the Nile : its tombs, temples, and monuments.
2669: ADAMS, GEORGE P. - Man and Metaphysics.
3441: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT. - The land of the Nile; or, Egypt Past and Present.
4476: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT. - The Valley of the Nile : its tombs temples and monuments.
4763: AESOP. - Fábulas de la vida del sabio y clarísimo fabulador Isopo : con las fábulas, y sentencias de diversos, y graves autores....
3799: ALBEE, HELEN R. - The Gleam.
5813: ALCOTT, WILLIAM A., EDITOR; THOMAS H. GAULLAUDET. - American Annals of Education Volume VIII, number 1
5935: ALFIERI, VITTORIO (1749-1803) ; GIOSUÈ CARDUCCI (1835-1904). - Satire e poesie minori di Vittorio Alfieri.
4252: ALFIERI, VITTORIO (1749-1803); GIUSEPPE MAZZATINTI (1855-1906). - Lettere edite e inedite ...
4255: ALGAROTTI, FRANCESCO, CONTE (1712-1764) ; EMILIE DU CHATELET. - Il Newtonianismo per le dame; ovvero, Dialoghi sopra la luce e i colori ...
5976: ALHOY, MAURICE; LOUIS HUART; CHARLES PHILIPON; HONORÉ DAUMIER; GAVARNI. - Le Musée pour rire, par tous les caricaturistes de Paris
2780: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. - Information.
4708: AMES, WINISLOW. - Drawings of the Masters: Italian Drawings.
5264: AMIOT DE VINCELOTTE, CHARLES-JOSEPH (1665-1735). - A parcel of land on the St. Lawrence. Autograph document, signed.
5876: AMUNDSEN, ROALD (1872-1928). - Roald Amundsen's "The North West passage"; being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship "Gjöa" 1903-1907.
5906: AMUNDSEN, ROALD (1872-1928). - My life as an explorer.
5835: ANAYA, RUDOLFO; AND SIMON J. ORTIZ. -  A Ceremony of brotherhood, 1680-1980.
2773: ANGELL, JAMES W. - The Recovery of Germany.
3827: ANGIOLETTI, G. B., AND PIERO BIGONGIARI. - Testimone in Egitto.
3846: ANSTEY, CHRISTOPHER. - The new Bath guide: or, Memoirs of the B-N-R-D family. In a series of poetical epistles ...
5032: ANTHES, RUDOLPH. - Mit Rahineh 1955 [and] 1956.
699: APOLLONIO, MARIO, AND OTHERS. - Storia letteraria d'Italia: Dante, Storia della 'Commedia' 2nd. Edition.
4774: ARIOSTO, LODOVICO. - [Opere] Orlando furioso ... delle annotazioni de' più celebri autori che sopra esso hanno scritto, e di altre utili, e vaghe giunte in questa impressione adornato, come nell'indice seguente la prefazione si vede.
5760: ARNOLD, MAGDA B. - Emotion and Personality. Volume 1: Psychological Aspects; Volume 2: Neurological and Physiological Aspects
5522: ARNOLD, XAVER; EDOUARD KNOLL; JOSEPH ANTON MESSMER. - Sammlung von Initialen Band I, herausgegeben von Arnold u. Knoll.
5129: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. - A handbook of the Egyptian rooms.
2794: ART EDUCATION MUSEUM OF TOYS, USSR ACADEMY OF PEDAGOGICAL SCIENCES. - Russian folk toys / Le jouet populaire russe / Russisches Volksspielzeug / Juguete popular ruso.
4898: ASHBURTON, ALEXANDER BARING, FIRST BARON (1773-1848). - He tells Twining about his apprehensions for peace in North America. Autograph letter, signed.
4692: AUDEN, W.H. - Dance of death.
2146: AUDOUIN, FRANÇOIS XAVIER. - Du commerce maritime, de son influence sur la richesse et la force des états, démontrée par l'histoire des nations anciennes et modernes; situation actuelle des puissances de l'Europe, considérées dans leurs rapports avec la France et l'Angleterre; réflec.
94: AUPAIS, GAUTIER D'. - Gautier d'Aupais Ed. Edmond Faral.
5839: VARIOUS AUTHORS. - Zombies, puff fish, frog skin, poison arrows, and more: a collection of 38 scientific papers on plant- and animal-derived toxins and their applications.
5160: BABCOCK, MALTBIE DAVENPORT. - Letters from Egypt and Palestine.
3572: BACON, EDWARD, ED. - The Great Archaeologists.
5147: BADAWY, ALEXANDER; ELIZABETH RIEFSTAHL . - A monumental gateway for a temple of Sety I: an ancient model.
5836: BAHTI, TOM. - Southwestern Indian Tribes.
5837: BAHTI, TOM. - Southwestern Arts & Crafts.
3268: BAIKIE, JAMES. - A history of Egypt from the earliest times to the end of the XVIIIth dynasty.
3292: BAIKIE, JAMES. - The story of the Pharaohs.
4832: BAIKIE, JAMES. - Egyptian Papyri and Papyrus Painting.
4683: BAIRATI, ELEONORA. - Piero della Francesca.
3579: BAKER, SAMUEL WHITE. - Ismailïa ; a narrative of the expedition to Central Africa for the suppression of the slave trade, organized by Ismail, khedive of Egypt.
3578: BAKER, SAMUEL WHITE. - The Nile tributaries of Abyssinia, and the sword hunters of the Hamran Arabs.
5944: BALLANTYNE, ROBERT M. - Hudson's bay; or, Every-day life in the wilds of North America, during six years' residence in the territories of the honourable Hudson's Bay Company ...
300: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Sarrasine, La Messe de l'Athee.
2583: BANKS, G.V. - Camus. L'Etranger. (Study in French Literature).
4997: BARBÉ-MARBOIS, FRANÇOIS, MARQUIS DE; JEANNE ANTOINETTE POISSON POMPADOUR, MARQUISE DE. - Lettres de Madame la marquise de Pompadour depuis MDCCLIII jusqu'à MDCCLXII, inclusivement. En deux tomes. ...
3573: BARBEAU, MARIUS. - Quebec: Where Ancient France Lingers.
4326: BARBEAU, MARIUS. - Totem poles of the Gitksan, Upper Skeena River, British Columbia.
4920: BARETTI, GIUSEPPE (1719-1789); SAMUEL JOHNSON. - The Italian library. Containing an account of the lives and works of the most valuable authors of Italy. With a preface, exhibiting the changes of the Tuscan language, from the barbarous ages to the present time.
4916: BARETTI, GIUSEPPE (1719-1789); SAMUEL JOHNSON. - An Introduction to the Italian Language Containing specimens both of prose and verse ... with a literal translation and grammatical notes, for the use of those who, being already acquainted with grammar, attempt to learn it without a master ...
4448: BARETTI, GIUSEPPE ; LUIGI PICCIONI, ED. - La frustra letteraria.
5645: BARNARD, LESLIE GORDON. - The immortal child: a Christmas letter to an unknown friend.
5612: BARNUM, REV. FRANCIS (1849-1921). - Grammatical Fundamentals of the Innuit Language as Spoken by the Eskimo of the Western Coast of Alaska.
2791: BARRACLOUGH, GEOFFREY (EDITOR). - The Christian World.
5928: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter and Wendy. Photoplay title "Peter Pan." Illustrated with scenes from the photoplay...
3226: EL BATRAWI, AHMED M. - Report on the Human Remains.
5632: BATTISTINI, ANTONIO (1941-2012). - Preziosi frammenti di vita: Antonio Battistini.
5726: BAYER, SHIRLEY A.; AND JOSEPH ALTMAN. - Neocortical Development.
5523: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY; C. LEWIS HIND. - The Uncollected Work of Aubrey Beardsley.
5722: BEATO, FELICE (AFTER). - Traditional Body Art on Ainu Men.
2802: A'BECKETT, GILBERT ABBOTT. - The Comic History of Rome.
5125: BEHAN, RICHARD J. - Pain: its origin, conduction, perception and diagnostic significance.
5551: DU BELLAY, JOACHIM; JEAN BERQUE. - Sonnets [de l'Olive] Pointes-seches originales de Jean Berque
1321: BELLOW, SAUL; TOMMY JOHN. - Mr. Sammler's Planet.
2755: BELOW, GEORG VON. - Probleme der Wirtschaftsgeschichte; eine Einführung in das Studium der Wirtschaftsgeschichte.
4554: BENDA, JULIEN; KAREL TEIGE. - Velká zkouska demokracií La grande épreuve des démocraties : povaha, historie a filosofická hodnota demokratických zásad
1930: BENNETT, PHINEAS, JR. (FL. 1760S). - Autograph document signed.
3952: BENNETT, IAN. - Book of Oriental Carpets and Rugs.
1602: BERNARD, ANTOINE. - Histoire de la Louisiane, de ses origines à nos jours.
4126: BERNI, FRANCESCO (1497-1535). - Rime e lettere ... aggiuntovi la Catrina, il Mogliazzo, il Dialogo contro i poeti, e le poesie latine.
2831: BERRIAULT, GINA. - Women in Their Beds : New & Selected Stories.
5915: BEST, GEORGE (D. 1584); VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON (1879-1962); ELOISE MCCASKILL; WILBERFORCE EAMES. - The three voyages of Martin Frobisher in search of a passage to Cathay and India by the north-west, A.D. 1576-8.
4208: [ARCADIA] CARLO INNOCENZO FRUGONI; FRANCESCO ALGAROTTI; SAVERIO BETTINELLI. - Versi sciolti di tre eccellenti moderni autori.
5878: BIBLE. [BRUCE ROGERS]. - The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testament. Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. King James version.
5603: CHURCH OF ENGLAND; BIBLE. - [The Andrews / Long Family prayer book] : The Book of Common Prayer [1682]; The New Testament... [1679]; The Whole Book of Psalms ... [1684].
2094: BIDDLE, CLEMENT. - Printed document, accomplished in manuscript and signed.
2371: BIDDLE, NICHOLAS. - Dizzy in Paris, the future Fed Chairman gets wind of a trade agreement, but Jefferson won't stand for it. Autograph Letter, signed.
5430: BIEBUYCK, DANIEL. - Lega Culture: art, initiation, and moral philosophy among a Central African People
4492: BIGI, EMILIO, ED. - Dal Muratori al Cesarotti, tomo IV : Critici e storici della poesia e delle arti nel secondo Settecento.
4223: BISSO, GIAMBATISTA (1712-1787). - Introduzione alla volgar poesia.
2882: BLACK, MATTHEW. - The Scrolls and Christian Origins: New Evidence on the Beginnings of Christianity.
4374: BLACKMAN, AYLWARD M. - The temple of Dendur. Temples immergés de la Nubie.
4947: BLACKMAN, AYLWARD M. - Luxor & its temples.
4627: BLAIR, EMMA H., ED. AND TRANS. - The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi Valley and Region of the Great Lakes as described by Nicolas Perrot, ... Bacqueville de la Potherie, ... Morrell Marston, ... and Thomas Forsyth.
2958: BLANAR, MICHAEL. - Early British Travellers in French Canada.
5608: BLOCKLAND, SARA. - De politiekapel van Suriname / The police band of Suriname.
4325: BLOOMFIELD, LEONARD. - Sacred stories of the Sweet Grass Cree.
5176: BLUM, LÉON (1872-1950); DAVID DUBINSKY. - L'Oeuvre de Léon Blum: Mémoires, La prison et le procés, A l'échelle humaine, 1940-1945.
4447: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI ; VINCENZO PERNICONE, ED. - L'elegia di Madonna Fiammetta, con le chiose inedite
3766: BOCCARDO, GEROLAMO, 1829-1904. - La terra e la sua progressiva conquista : storia della geografia e del commercio narrata in 21 lezioni.
2588: BOGIN, MAGDA. - Natalya, God's Messenger.
5955: BORDEN, JOHN. - Log of the Auxiliary Schooner Yacht Northern Light.
5972: BOSWELL, JAMES; JOHN WILSON CROKER, EDITOR. - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. including A Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides... A new edition with numerous additions and notes
5647: BOSWORTH, NEWTON. - Hochelaga depicta, or, The history and present state of the island and city of Montreal.
5216: BOULANGER, ROBERT. - Egyptian painting and the ancient East.
3107: BOWMAN, A. K., ED. - Oxyrhynchus Papyri 45 3209 3266.
5781: BOYD, E. - Saints and saint makers of New Mexico.
3429: BREASTED, CHARLES. - Pioneer to the Past : The story of James Henry Breasted.
4857: BREASTED, JAMES H., JR. - Egyptian Servant Statues.
452: BRECHT, BERTHOLT. - The Threepenny Opera Trans. Desmond Vesey; with an introduction by Eric Bentley.
4700: BRETTELL, RICHARD R. - French salon artists, 1800-1900.
2490: GREAT BRITAIN. - An act for regulating the fur trade, and establishing a Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction within certain parts of North America.
4885: GREAT BRITAIN. - An Act to amend the Act for the Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies [1 & 2 Vict. c. 19]
5601: BRIZZI, BRUNO, AND OTHERS. - The Pigorini Museum.
2784: BRODERSEN, ARVID. - The Soviet Worker: Labor and Government in Soviet Society.
5710: BROUGH, ROBERT B.; GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. - The Life of Sir John Falstaff. Illustrated by George Cruikshank. With a biography of the knight from authentic sources.
3565: BROWN, MARK D. - Intradiscal Therapy: Chymopapain or Collagenase.
5921: BROWN, R. N. RUDMOSE (1879-1957). - Spitsbergen: an account of exploration, hunting, the mineral riches & future potentialities of an Arctic archipelago,
3545: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT. - Sonnets from the Portuguese.
4777: BRUNET, JACQUES-CHARLES. - Manuel du libraire et de l'amateur de livres....
4981: LA BRUYÈRE, JEAN; HENRI VAN LAUN, TRANS. - The Characters. Newly rendered into English
5143: BUBERL, PAUL; THEODOR GRAF. - Die griechisch-ägyptischen Mumienbildnisse der Sammlung Th. Graf.
1326: BUCHNER, FRANZ. - Personality and Nature in Modern Medicine.
5594: BÜCHNER, GEORG; GERHARD SCHMID, EDITOR. - Woyzeck: Faksimileausgabe der Handschriften.
5993: BUCKINGHAM, JOHN SHEFFIELD, DUKE OF. - The works of John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave, Marquis of Normanby, and Duke of Buckingham. In Two Volumes.
5869: ARISTOTLE; OCTAVIUS FREIRE OWEN; EDWARD WALFORD; JOHN GILLIES; R.W. BROWNE; THEODORE ALOIS BUCKLEY. - [Selected Works] Rhetoric and Poetics; Organon; Nicomachean Ethics; Politics and Economics.
5151: BUDGE, ERNEST ALFRED THOMPSON WALLIS. - Excavations made at Aswân by Major-General Sir F. Grenfell.
3801: BUDGE, ERNEST ALFRED WALLIS. - The sarcophagus of Anchnesraneferab, Queen of Ahmes II, King of Egypt.
4942: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS (1857-1934). - The Mummy A Handbook of Egyptian Funerary Archaeology
5903: BUDGE, ERNEST ALFRED WALLIS. - The book of the dead. Facsimile of the Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum.
5330: BUISSON, F. - Dictionnaire universel de commerce, banque, manufactures, douanes, pêche, navigation marchande ; des lois et administration du commerce: auquel on a joint l'explication des changes, monnaies, poids et mesures des diverses nations commerçantes ...
3111: BULOW JACOBSEN ADAM, ED. - Oxyrhynchus Papyri 49 Graeco Roman Memoirs Pt 49 .
5829: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Pilgrim's Progress.
5701: GALERIE ROBERT BURAWOY. - Mélanésie.
2878: BURCKHARDT, JACOB. - The Age of Constantine the Great.
4583: BURGESS, GELETT (1866-1951). - Theory of Nonsense: typed letter, signed.
314: BUTLER, PHILIP. - Classicisme et baroque dan l'oeuvre de Racine.
4502: BUTLER, JOSEPH. - The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature. On Personal Identity. On the Nature of Virtue.
4698: BYRON, JOHN. - Portrait of a Chinese Paradise: Erotica and Sexual Customs of the Late Quing Period.
5926: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON, BARON (1788-1824). - Collection of Works.
4335: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH. - Figures of Earth : A comedy of Appearances
5564: CAMFIELD, WILLIAM A. - Francis Picabia: his art, life and times.
4297: CANTÙ, CESARE. - L'abate Parini e la Lombardia nel secolo passato.
4096: CAPART, JEAN ; MARCELLE WERBROUCK ; TRANS. BY WALLACE E. CALDWELL. - Thebes; the glory of a great past.
5172: CAPART, JEAN. - Lectures on Egyptian Art.
3493: CARRINGTON, RICHARD. - The Tears of Isis.
5487: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI; JEAN-PAUL SARTRE. - D'une Chine à l'autre.
233: CARTIER, NORMAND R. - Le Bossu desenchante: etude sur Le Jeu de la feuillee.
3922: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI. - The world of Henri Cartier Bresson.
2851: CASSON, STANLEY. - Greece and Britain.
5257: CASTIGLIONE, BALDASSARE (1478-1529). - Il Libro del cortegiano del conte Baldesar Castiglione.
5763: CAUDWELL, CHRISTOPHER (I.E., CHRISTOPHER ST JOHN SPRIGG). - Men and Nature: a study in bourgeois history
4823: CECIL [I.E., CORNELIUS TONGUE, 1800-1884]. - Hunting tours: descriptive of various fashionable countries and establishments, with anecdotes of masters of hounds and others connected with fox-hunting
3561: CERAM, C.W. - Hands on the Past Pioneer Archaeologists Tell Their Own Story
5586: FLORIAN (I.E., JEAN-PIERRE CLARIS DE FLORIAN, 1755-1794); MIGUEL DE CERVANTES. - Oeuvres de Florian. Don Quixote, Galatea, Fables, Theatres, Melanges, Numa Pompilius, etc.
335: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE. - Entremeses Ed. Miguel Herrero Garcia.
4434: CESAROTTI, MELCHIORRE. - Saggi sulla filosofia delle lingue e del gusto....
3392: CHAMISSO, ADELBERT VON. - Chamisso Werke.
5109: CHANDLER, RAYMOND. - Farewell, my Lovely.
5195: CHAPMAN, SUZANNE E.; WALTER MUIR WHITEHILL. - In tribute to Suzanne E. Chapman.
4143: CHARLES-ROUX, F. - Bonaparte, governor of Egypt.
135: CHARLES D'ORLEANS. - Poesies.
5705: CHEN, ZHENGXIONG; JILU ZHEN; MUSEUM OF FORMOSAN PRIMITIVE ART. - Formosan primitive art: masterworks from the Museum collection [Taiwan yuan shi yi shu jing xuan ji], volume 1.
5593: CHENG, LIYAO. - Private Gardens.
5514: CHESNEL, PAUL. - Histoire de Cavelier de la Salle. Explorations et conquéte du Bassin deu Mississipi...
4284: CHIARI, PIETRO. - La morte di Kouli-Kan Tragedia di lieto fine.
4759: DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS; ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO. - The Golden Age of Naples: Art and Civilization under the Bourbons, 1734-1805.
2630: CHIN, ANN-PING; FREEMAN, MANSFIELD. - Tai Chen on Mencius : Explorations in Words & Meaning.
4555: CHIRICO, GIORGIO DE (1888-1978). - Hebdomeros.
5616: CATHOLIC CHURCH. - Uffizio della Beata Vergine Maria, Uffizi de' morti, dello spirito S., della Croce, sette Salmi penitenziali, ed una Raccolta di divote orazioni con gli argomenti de' salmi.
4893: CATHOLIC CHURCH. - Pequeno livro da Missa e da Confissão, e outras devoçoes E dição feita Sobre a do Priori d'Abrantes
642: ROBERT DE CLARI. - La Conquete de Constantinople Ed. Philippe Lauer.
3308: CLARK, EDWARD L. - Daleth, or, The homestead of the nations. Egypt illustrated.
4079: [LA COMPAGNIE DU CASTOR] CLAUDE DE RAMEZAY, SIEUR NICOLAS DE LA LANOUILLIER, AND 9 OTHERS. - With the fur trade in crisis, La Compagnie du Castor shows signs of panic. Manuscript document, signed.
3114: COCKLE H., ED. - Oxyrhynchus Papyri 52 Graeco Roman Memoirs Pt 52.
5947: COEN, ANANIA ( 1757-1834). - [In Hebrew: Sefer Safah ahat: ve-hu leket be-seder a.b. mi-kol shorshe po
5952: COEN, ANANIA ( 1757-1834). - [In Hebrew]: Sefer Ruah hadashah... [BOUND WITH] Zemirot Yisrael... Ruach hadascià: seu, Nova methodus versificationis hebraicae.
4608: COLDEN, CADWALLADER. - History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada which are dependant on the Province of New-York in America...
3109: COLES R. A., ED. - The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, volume 47.
5677: WAHLERT MEMORIAL LIBRARY AT LORAS COLLEGE . - Printed Books, 1471-1500; an Exhibition Commemorating the UNESCO International Book Year.
3550: COLLUM, VERA CHRISTINA CHUTE. - Manifold Unity: The Ancient World's Perception of the Divine Pattern of Harmony and Compassion (Wisdom of the East Series).
5476: EUCLID.; VALERIO SPACCIUOLI; FEDERICO COMMANDINO . - De gli elementi d'Euclide libri quindici. Con gli scholii antichi tradotti prima in lingua latina da M. Federico Commandino da Urbino, & con commentarij illustrati et hora d'ordine dell'istesso trasportati nella nostra vulgare, e da lui riveduti.
5096: LE COMTE ST-GEORGES DUPRÉ, JEAN-BAPTISTE; PAUL DE RUPALLAY, EUSTACHE LAMBERT DUMONT, AND OTHERS. - Outfitting a beaver expedition from Montreal to Michigan. Manuscript document, signed.
4011: CONDER, C. R. - The Tell Amarna Tablets.
5713: CONGREVE, WILLIAM. - The Way of the World.
5440: COOK, JAMES. - Voyage dans l'hémisphere austral et autour du monde ... traduit de l'Anglois
5037: COONEY, JOHN DUCEY. - Amarna reliefs from Hermopolis in American collections.
5629: COOPER, HELEN A. - Eva Hesse: A Retrospective. Exhibition and Catalogue
3404: COQUEREAU, JEAN-BAPTISTE-LOUIS. - Mémoires concernant l'administration des finances, sous le ministere de M. l'abbé Terrai, controleur général.
5702: CORNELL, JOSEPH; SANDRA LEONARD STARR. - Joseph Cornell Portfolio.
5565: CORNET, JOSEPH ; WILLY KERR. - Art de l'Afrique noir au pays du fleuve Zaire. .
5651: CORNING, ERASTUS, JOHN A. DIX, AND OTHERS. - A $50,000 loan to the City of Albany to enlarge the Erie Canal. Printed document, accomplished in manuscript, signed and endorsed.
4206: DI COSTANZO, ANGELO (1507-1591) ; GALEAZZO DI TARSIA (1520-1553). - Le rime d' Angelo di Costanzo, Cavaliere Napoletano.... Si sono aggiunte Le rime di Galeazzo di Tarsia.
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5501: SYDOW, ECKART VON. - Kunst der Naturvölker. Afrika, Ozeanien, Indonesien.
5163: SYKES, CLEMENT A. - Service and sport on the Tropical Nile. Some records of the duties and diversions of an officier among natives and big game during the re-occupation of the Nilotic Province.
5776: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. - Fruit Gathering.
2231: TALMUD. - The Wisdom of the Fathers and its Classical Commentaries.
38: [CORNEILLE, PIERRE] TASCHEREAU, JULES-ANTOINE. - Histoire de la vie et des ouvrages de P. Corneille.
5932: DANTE ALIGHIERI; LODOVICO ARIOSTO; FRANCESCO PETRARCA; TORQUATO TASSO . - [I Quattro Poeti] Divina commedia; Orlando furioso; Canzoniere; Gerusalemme liberata.
5650: TAYLOR, EDWARD SAMUEL. - The history of playing cards, with anecdotes of their use in conjuring, fortune-telling, and card-sharping.
5524: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Poems.
4872: TERRAY, JOSEPH MARIE (1715-1778); MATHIEU FRANÇOIS PIDANZAT DE MAIROBERT (1727-1779). - Lettre de M Terray, excontroleur général, a M Turgot Ministre des finances. Pour servir de supplement a la correspondance entre le S. Sorhouet et M. de Maupeou Manuscript on paper.
5766: TESSMANN, GÜNTER. - Die Pangwe: völkerkundliche Monographie eines westafrikanischen Negerstammes; Ergebnisse der Lübecker Pangwe-expedition 1907-1909 und früherer Forschungen 1904-1907
5393: TESTI, FULVIO, CONTE (1593-1646). - Poesie liriche In questa nuova impressione rivedute, & emendate
3571: THACKERAY, LANCE, AND GEORGE ADE. - The light side of Egypt.
5494: THALBITZER, WILLIAM (1873-1958). - Die kultischen Gottheiten der Eskimos   Archiv für Religionswissenschaft vereint mit den Beiträgen zur Religionswissenschaft der Religionswissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft in Stockholm, vol. 26.
5821: THARP, LOUISE HALL. - The Peabody sisters of Salem.
5627: THILENIUS, GEORG. - Ethnographische ergebnisse aus Melanesien.
2656: THOMAS, DYLAN. - Under Milk Wood.
5767: THOMPSON, C.J.S. - The mystery and lore of monsters with accounts of some giants, dwarves, and prodigies
2577: THOMSON, IAIN. - Frank Lloyd Wright: A visual encyclopedia.
5814: THOREAU, HENRY D. - Walden, or life in the woods.
5900: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID. - The writings of Henry David Thoreau.
5801: THURBER, JAMES. - Fables for our time.
5679: THURSTON, ADA; CURT F. BÜHLER; . - Check list of fifteenth century printing in the Pierpont Morgan Library.
4736: TILT, CHARLES. - The boat and the caravan: a family tour through Egypt and Syria
5865: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The adventures of Tom Bombadil.
112: TOMMASEO, NICCOLO; RAFFAELE CIAMPINI. - I santi evangeli, col commento che da scelti passi de' padri de fra Tommaso D'Aquino Ed. Raffaele Ciampini.
2731: TOMPKINS, PETER. - Secrets of the Great Pyramid.
5628: TORDAY, EMIL; THOMAS ATHOL JOYCE; NORMAN H HARDY. - Notes ethnographiques sur les peuples communément appelés Bakuba, ainsi que sur les peuplades apparentées, Les Bushongo.
5879: TOWER, JOSEPH T. - The Catalogue of the Collection of Joseph T. Tower, Jr. Class of 1921 in the Institute of Geographical Exploration, Harvard University.
5780: TOWNSEND, CHARLES HASKINS (1859-1944). - Illustrations showing condition of fur-seal rookeries in 1895 and method of killing seals, to accompany report of C.H. Townsend, assistant, United States Fish Commission.
113: [BAUDELAIRE] TRAHARD, PIERRE. - Essai critique sur Baudelaire poète.
4440: TRAVERSARI, GUIDO. - Bibliografia Boccaccesca I: Scritti inotorno al Boccaccio e alla fortuna delle sue opere.
4436: TRINTZIUS, RENÉ. - John Law et la naissance du dirigisme.
326: TRUC, GONZAGUE. - Pascal: son temps e le nôtre.
5727: TSCHICHOLD, JAN. - Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering: a handbook of type and lettering...
5800: TSCHOPIK, HARRY, JR. - Indians of North America.
5965: TUCCI, GIUSEPPE; R. MOISE. - To Lhasa and Beyond: diary of the expedition to Tibet in the year MCMXLVIII, with an appendix on Tibetan medicine and hygiene
5545: TWINE, LAURENCE [ELSTON PRESS]. - The Patterne of Painefull Adventures. Containing the most excellent, pleasant and variable Historie of the strange accidents that befell unto Prince Apollonius....
3582: TYNDALE, WALTER. - Below the Cataracts.
2897: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE. - Archaeologia Aeliana, Fifth series, volume XXVI.
2898: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE. - Archaeologia Aeliana, Fifth series, volume XXVII.
5615: ŠTYRSKÝ, JINDRICH (1899-1942); LENKA BYDZOVSKÁ; KAREL SRP. - Jindrich Štyrský.
5849: ULLENDORFF, EDWARD. - The challenge of Amharic.
5799: UNDERHILL, RUTH. - Workaday life of the Pueblos.
4718: UNDERWOOD, EDNA WORTHLEY. - Egyptian Twighlights.
5863: AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION. - Maddie and Lolly a sequel to Little Alice
4562: USPENSKY, MIKHAIL; THE HERMITAGE MUSEUM. - Classical Japanese Prints, 1760s - 1830s.
4703: VALLERY-RADOT, JEAN. - Drawings of the Masters: French Drawings from the 15th century through Géricault.
5136: VANCURA, VLADISLAV (1891-1942); KAREL TEIGE. - Pekar Jan Marhoul.
5194: VANDENBURGH, A. G. - Egyptology.
5540: VARENNIUS, JOANNES; ADRIEN AMEROT. - Libellus de accentibus [with] De dialectis Graecae linguae.
5856: VARGAS MACCIUCCA, MICHELE; [ORAZIO GIACOMO MARTORELLI]. - Dell'antiche colonie venute in Napoli: ed i primi furono i fenici; ed i secondi furono gli euboici.
4511: VASARI, GIORGIO, AND E. L. SEELEY. - Stories of the Italian Artists from Vasari arranged and translated by E. L. Seeley
4318: VAN DER VEEN, JAN. - Zinne-beelden, oft Adams appel. Verciert met seer aerdige Const-Plaeten musgaders syne oude ende nieuwe ongemeene bruydt-lofs ende zege-zangen.
80: GARCILASO DE LA VEGA. - Obras Ed. T. Navarro Tomas.
332: VEGA CARPIO, LOPE FELIX DE (LOPE DE VEGA). - Peribanez y el comendador de Ocana; La dama boba Ed. Alonso Zamora Vicente.
193: VERLAINE, PAUL. - [Fetes Galantes] Lumieres sur les Fetes Galantes de Paul Verlaine Ed. Jacques-Henry Bornecque.
1954: VERNER, COOLIE, AND BASIL STUART-STUBBS. - The Northpart of America.
4390: VERRI, ALESSANDRO ; GIOVANNI ANTONIO MAGGI. - Vicende memorabili dal 1789 al 1801.
4393: VERRI, ALESSANDRO. - Discorsi varj del conte Alessandro Verri pubblicati nel giornale letterario intitolato Il Caffè.
1603: VILLIERS DU TERRAGE, MARC DE. - Les Dernières années de la Louisiane Française.
630: VILLON, FRANÇOIS. - Oeuvres Ed. A. Lanly, A. Longnon and L. Foulet.
5770: [RAPHAEL]; VINCENZO VITTORIA. - Osservazioni sopra il libro della Felsina pittrice per difesa di Raffaello da Urbino, dei Caracci, e della loro scuola.
5127: VIZETELLY, FRANK M. - Preparation of Manuscripts for the Printer.
5596: VOIRON. - Histoire de l'astronomie, depuis 1781 jusqu'a 1811, pour servir de suite à l'histoire de l'astronomie de Bailly.
5953: VOLTAIRE, FRANÇOIS MARIE AROUET DE. - La Pucelle d'Orleans.... Suivie du Temple du Gout, &c.
5728: VROKLAGE, BERNARDUS ANDREAS GREGORIUS . - Ethnographie der Belu in Zentral-Timor.
5936: WAGNER, RICHARD; MARGARET ARMOUR; ARTHUR RACKHAM. - The Rhinegold & the Valkyrie. The ring of the Niblung, I
4246: WALPOLE, HORACE (1717-1797). - Private correspondence of Horace Walpole, earl of Orford. Now first collected.
2717: WALSH, MICHAEL. - The Triumph of the Meek : Why Early Christianity Succeeded.
5792: WARNER, ANNA. - Three Little Spades.
3388: WASHINGTON, GEORGE, EDITED BY SAUL K. PADOVER. - The Washington Papers : Basic selections from the public and private writings of George Washington.
5981: WASSÉN, S. HENRY; BO HOLMSTEDT; ANNA-BRITTA HELLBOM; VERNE DUSENBERRY. - Ethnos, volume 28:1 (1963). Contents: "The Use of Paricá...;" "Ceremonial Sweat Lodges...;" "The Creation Egg."
5846: WASSON, R. GORDON; MARIA SABINA. - María Sabina and her Mazatec mushroom velada.
5987: WASSON, R. GORDON . - The hallucinogenic mushrooms of Mexico and psilocybin: a bibliography.
5988: WASSON, R. GORDON ; ALBERT HOFMANN. - Notes on the present status of Ololiuhqui and other hallucinogens of Mexico [bound with] The active principles of the seeds of Rivea Corymbosa and Ipomoea Violacea.
4115: WATHEN, GEORGE W. - Arts, antiquities and chronology of Ancient Egypt : from observations in 1839.
3599: WAVELL , ARCHIBALD PERCIVAL . - Allenby in Egypt; being volume II of Allenby: a study in greatness
4964: WEBSTER, NOAH. - The elementary spelling book; Being an improvement on the American Spelling Book.
5379: WEEGEE (ARTHUR FELLIG). - Naked City.
3986: JAMES E. HARRIS ; KENT R. WEEKS. - X-Raying the Pharaohs.
5230: WEIGALL, ARTHUR. - The glory of the pharaohs.
3701: WEIGALL, ARTHUR. - Ancient Egyptian works of art.
3291: WEIGALL, ARTHUR. - The life and times of Akhnaton, pharaoh of Egypt.
4526: WELLCOME, HENRY S. - The Wellcome historical medical museum.
2899: WELLS, REUBEN FIELD. - With Caesar's legions: the adventures of two Roman youths in the conquest of Gaul.
5852: WERKMAN, HENDRIK NICOLAAS; JAN MARTINET. - 'Druksels' en gebruiksdrukwerk / 'Druksel' prints and general printed matter: een keuze uit de collecties van de Stichting H.N. Werkman, Amsterdam en het Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam / a selection from the collections of the H.N. Werkman Foundation, Amsterdam and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
3770: WETHEIMER, OSCAR VON. - Cleopatra: a royal voluptuary.
2881: WHITE, R. J. - Dr Bentley: A Study in Academic Scarlet.
4813: WHITE, ALMA. - My trip to the Orient.
5576: WHITNEY, HARRY. - Hunting with the Eskimos. A unique record of a sportsman's year among the northernmost tribe....
2721: WHITTING, PHILIP (EDITOR). - Byzantium : An Introduction.
5098: WICKSTEED, GUSTAVUS WILLIAM (1799-1898). - The Stink Bomb Incident in the Quebec Legislative Assembly Autograph letter, signed.
5341: WILDE, OSCAR; AUBREY BEARDSLEY, ILLUS. - Salomé: a tragedy in one act, translated from the French of Oscar Wilde, with sixteen drawings by Aubrey Beardsley.
4982: WILDE, OSCAR; AUBREY BEARDSLEY, ILLUS. - Salome: tragödie in einem akte
2729: WILKEN, ROBERT L. - The Land Called Holy : Palestine in Christian History & Thought.
3734: WILLCOCKS, WILLIAM, SIR. - The Nile in 1904.
4719: WILLCOCKS, WILLIAM, SIR. - The Nile Reservoir Dam At Assuan And After.
5834: WILLOUGHBY, CHARLES C. - Indian Masks.
3996: WILSON, ROBERT FORREST. - The living pageant of the Nile.
3904: WILSON, CHARLES W. - Sinai and the South, including a short description of the Negev.
5680: WINKLER, JOHANNES. - Die Toba-Batak auf Sumatra: in gesunden und kranken Tagen : ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis des animistischen Heidentums
5279: WINTER, NICOLAAS SIMON VAN (1718-1795); LUCRETIA WILHELMINA VAN MERKEN. - Tooneelpoëzy [Part I; bound with] Artemines.
2919: WISTER, OWEN. - Philosophy 4 : a story of Harvard University.
5188: WOLDERING, IRMGARD. - Gods, men & Pharaohs: the glory of Egyptian Art
5611: DEMOSTHENES; AESCHINES; LIBANIUS; HIERONYMUS WOLF. - Demosthenous, kai Aischinou, hoi Peri tes parapresbeias Kata Ktesiphontos, kai Peri tou Stephanou, logoi antipaloi [i.e., 'On the Embassy' or "Orationes de Falsa Legatione'].
3465: WOOD, W. S. - An eastern afterglow : or, present aspects of sacred scenery.
4421: WOODBRIDGE, FREDERICK J.E. - Nature and Mind.
5544: WYLDE, JAMES; HENRY BROUGHAM; RICHARD OWEN, AND OTHERS. - The circle of the sciences. With an introductory discourse of the objects, pleasures, and advantages of science.
2705: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY. - A precocious autobiography.
2764: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY. - Bratsk Station and other new poems.
4181: ZANOTTI, FRANCESCO MARIA (1692-1777). - Dell'arte poetica ragionamenti cinque.
4202: ZANOTTI, FRANCESCO MARIA (1692-1777). - Raccolta di alcune poesie volgari e latine.
4452: ZICCARDI, GIOVANNI. - Vita e arte nel Settecento.

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