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390H: KAVANAGH, JAN - Ozzie's Egg Contest
046695: KAVANAGH, MARTIN - The Assiniboine Basin
42912: KAY, SHIRLEY - Portrait of Ras al Khaimah
37180: KAYE, SAMMY - Dusty Manuscripts - 3 Record Set (World is Waiting for the Sunrise, We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye, There But for You go I, My Son, I Still Love You, Down Among the Sheltering Palms)
18829: KAYE, GERALDINE - Where is Fred?
26064: KAYE, SAMMY - Until Tomorrow (Sheet Music)
43694: KAYIRA, LEGSON - The Looming Shadow
42734: BIL KEANE - Eggheads
41372: JANET KEAR - The Mute Swan (Shire Natural History)
44404: KEAY, WANDA - Walk on the Wild Side
22730: KEDDELL, GEORGINA M. - Muskeg Maze
41687: KEDDELL, GEORGINA - The Newspapering Murrays
24564: KEEBLE, PETER (EDITOR) - Decide Weed Lick Two Rum-mumber (The Side We'd Like to Remember) - Centennial College Yearbook 1976-77
37168: KEEGAN, JOHN (INTRODUCTION BY) - The History of World War II - A Wall Chart
047171: KEEN, M.J.; WILLIAMS, G.L. (EDITORS) - Geology of the Continental Margin of Eastern Canada (Geology of Canada No. 2)
22014: KEENAN, CHARLES J. - Environmental Anarchy - The Insidious Destruction of Social Order - A Legacy of the Sixties
27542: KEENAN, CHARLES J. - Environmental Anarchy: The Insidious Destruction of Social Order a Legacy of the Sixties
14618: KEENAN, MARTHA - The Mannerly Adventures of Little Mouse
40872: KEENE, RAYMOND D. - How to play the King's Indian, Saemisch Variation
046257: KEENE, JOHN HARRINGTON - Boys Own Guide to Fishing - Tackle Making and Fish Breeding
44151: KEENE, DAY - The Brimstone Bed
35963: KEENEY, MANN, BURPEE - Pressure Treated Timber Foundation Piles
19363: KEINZLEY, FRANCES - Illusion
29862: KEITH, W.J. - The Rural Tradition: A Study of the Non-Fiction Prose Writers of the English Countryside
40844: KEITH, J. ANDREW - Nyotekundu Sourcebook (2300AD)
40832: KEITH, J. ANDREW - Nyotekundu Sourcebook (2300AD)
36120: KELF, RON; KELF, KRIS - Country Western Line Dance Library Vol. IV
36121: KELF, RON; KELF, KRIS - Country Western Line Dance Library Vol. I
36119: KELF, RON; KELF, KRIS - Country Western Line Dance Library Vol. II
047132: KELL, RONALD - The Postal History of the District of Assiniboia, 1882-1905
36348: KELLER, C. L. - U. S. S. Shenandoah
42260: KELLER, LACOMBE, LEE, WATSON - Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery
047035: KELLER, BETTY; LESLIE, ROSELLA - Bright Seas, Pioneer Spirits: A History of the Sunshine Coast
44398: KELLER, BETTY - On the Shady Side: Vancouver, 1886-1914
046696: KELLOGG, LOUSIE PHELPS (EDITOR) - Early Narratives of the Northwest 1634-1699
31244: KELLY, WALT - Pogo Possum #11
43444: KELLY, JOHN; CLEGG, CHRIS (EDITORS) - Autonomy and Control at the Workplace: Contexts for Job Redesign
42890: KELSEY, SHEILA (EDITOR) - The Lives Behind the Headstones
046244: KELSON, GEO. M - The Salmon Fly: How to Dress it and How to Use it
047346: KELVER, GERALO O. (EDITOR) - Major Ned H. Roberts and the Schuetzen Rifle
047347: KELVER, GERALD O. - Schuetzen Rifles, History And Loadings
046476: KEMPSTER, BEA - Brighten up the Daisies
046290: GARY KEMSLEY - A Taupo Fishing Guide
24548: KENDALL, WILLIAM J. - Hi-Fi Handbook
32872: KENDREW, W. G.; KERR, D. - The Climate of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory
044983: KENDRICK, JOHN - The Men with Wooden Feet
046720: KENDRICK, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - Voyage of Sutil and Mexicana, 1792: The Last Spanish Exploration of the Northwest Coast of America (Northwest Historical) [Idioma InglÚs]: 16 (SPAIN IN THE WEST)
24531: KENNARD, COLERIDGE - Public Gardens
37927: KENNAWAY, ERNEST - Some Religious Illusions in art, literature, and Experience
43664: ROGER KENNEDY - Mission: The History and Architecture of the Missions of North America
045301: KENNEDY, MICHAEL - The Sea Angler's Fishes
045032: KENNEDY, DES - The Passionate Gardener: Adventures of an Ardent Green Thumb
047309: KENNEDY, MONTY - The Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks
44570: KENNEDY, DES - Heart and Soil - The Revolutionary Good of Gardens
43609: KENNETT, FRANCES - Ethnic Dress : A Comprehensive Guide to the Folk Costume of the World
40187: KENT, ADALINE - Autobiography - from the Notebooks and Sculputure of Adaline Kent
045954: KENT, JOHN; MADSEN, PATTI MAGNANO - New Zealand's Top Trout Fishing Waters
25458: KENT, MARGARET - Autumn at Cherry-tree Farm
22506: KENT, MARGARET - Trees (The Children's Nature Series)
22507: KENT, MARGARET - Birds (The Children's Nature Series)
22508: KENT, MARGARET - Flowers (The Children's Nature Series)
22549: KENWORTHY, LEONARD S. - Social Studies for the Seventies
37022: KENYON, RON - The Magic Years
045767: KEPHART, HORACE - Sporting Firearms
42838: LUELLA KERR - Dance in the Cage of My Bones
43009: KERR, LILLIAN B. - Bibliography of Geology, Palaeontology, Industrial minerals, and Fuels in the Post-Cambrian Regions of Manitoba to 1950
43017: KERR, LILLIAN B. - The Stratigraphy of Manitoba with Reference to Oil and Natural Gas Possibilities Publication 49-1
37996: KERR, ALEXANDER E. - In the Last Analysis
37997: KERR, ALEXANDER E. - Mystery and Meaning in the Christian Faith
43008: KERR, LILLIAN B. - Bibliography of Geology, Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, and Industrial Minerals in the Post-Cambrian Region of Southern Manitoba to 1945
39964: KERR, PETER - Sex Differences in Mathematics in Scotland
047409: KESSLER, DEIRDRE - A Century on Spring Street: Wanda Lefurgey Wyatt of Summerside, Prince Edward Island (1895-1998)
20006: KESTEVEN, G. R. - The Reformation in England (Studies in English History)
045440: KESTING, TED (EDITOR) - Lowland Game Birds
16890: KETCHUM, RICHARD (EDITOR) - What is Democracy? - A Picture Survey of World Democracy
43229: PHIL KETTLE; LESLIE KETTLE - Grandma Kettle's Pies and Cookies
41843: JOAN KEY - The Third Radfords: A Pioneer Adventure
41900: JOAN KEY - The Third Radfords: A Pioneer Adventure
44268: KEY, RAY - Woodturning with Ray Key: Techniques - Tools - Projects
2849: KEYS, ROBERT - Fix it Yourself
35437: KHADEM, RIAZ - Shoghi Effendi in Oxford
22340: KHANTIPALO, BHIKKHU - The Dharma-Flavour
34344: KHEMANANDA, K. - Know Not a Thing - Insights Into Dynamic Mediation
047546: KHUMALO, FRED; HARPER, PADDY; KUNENE, GUGU - The Lighter Side of Life on Robben Island: Banter, Pastimes and Boyish Tricks
25193: KHURI, FUAD ISHAQ - Tents and Pyramids: Games and Ideology in Arab Culture
40360: KIDD, THOMAS - History of Richmond Municipality - History of Lulu Island (up to 1898) and Occasional Poems
43075: KIEL, RICHARD; VERMEEREN, DOUGLAS - How to Take Over the World and Maintain it
045955: KIELY, MARGARET LET - Coattails
25811: KIERANS, ERIC - Globalism and the Nation-State
046095: KILBURN, JIM - The Compleat Kilburn
43042: KILBURN, L. C. - Geology of the MacBride Lake Area Publication 55-2
37959: KILGOUR, BETTY - Sumbawanga Safari
25453: KILMER, YOUNTS, BRADY - The Role of Potassium in Agriculture
046739: KIMBLEY, LAUREL; CANNIN, JO-ANN - Hastings and Main: Stories from an Inner City Neighbourhood
26437: KING, FREEMAN - Nature Rambles with Freeman King
28700: KING, FREEMAN - Nature Rambles with Freeman King
37981: KING, FREEMAN; BENNETT, WINNIE - A Pocket Guide to Trees and Shrubs for Cubs and Scouts
37699: KING, STUART - Lake of the Woods - History and Heritage
35034: KING, NANCY - Giving Form to Feeling
41896: ALBERT E KING - My Journey from Coast to Coast: Dr. Bert King's Story
41435: KING, FAY - Friends of the Bushveld
43468: KING, WILLIAM; FULLENWIDER, ELMER - The Pacific Northwest
045035: KING, JULIUS - Mild Animals
046043: KING, W. ROSS - The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada
14240: KING, STEPHEN; STRAUB, PETER - Black House
40956: KING, BRAD; JORDAN, MEG - The Power of Japanese Red Reishi
047748: KING, R. T. (EDITOR) - Every Light Was on: Bill Harrah and His Clubs Remembered
047366: KING, FRANCIS - Satan and Swastika - The Occult and the Nazi Party
047089: KING, DAVID WOOSTER - Living East
045296: KINGFISHER - Trout-Flies
046464: KINGSBURY, NOEL - New Small Garden: Contemporary principles, planting and practice
044997: KINGSLEY, GEORGE H. - Notes on Sport and Travel
30975: KINKEL, C. - Whisperings of Love
047330: KINLOCH, BRUCE - The Shamba Raiders: Memories of a Game Warden
046202: BALFOUR-KINNEAR, G. P. R. - Spinning Salmon
045797: BALFOUR-KINNEAR, G. P. R. - Flying Salmon
047531: KINRADE, LAURA W. - Half Pints
25878: KINSELLA, W. P. - Five Stories
19420: KIPLING, RUDYARD - His Apologies
044907: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Second Jungle Book
045305: KIPPAX, HORACE - Beginners' Aid to Easy Fly-Tying
047621: KIRBY, JOHN C. - The Signs of the Servant
29090: KIRBY, JOHN C. - A New Look at Worship
046649: KIRK, RUTH - Northwest Coast Indian Land and Life
047034: KIRK, J. P. - My Ain Folk Revisited
39207: KIRK, J. P. - This and That and Other Things
35400: KIRK, T. H. - Back to the Wall
40618: KIRK, DORIS C. - Goosegrass and Buttercups
046382: KIRKLAND, DAVIES - Inside Poetry
047223: KIRMAYER, LAURENCE J.; VALASKAKIS, GAIL GUTHRIE - Healing Traditions: The Mental Health of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
047916: KISHKAN, THERESA - Red Laredo Boots
31484: KISTIAKOWSKY, GEORGE B. - Photochemical Processes
25176: KISTRITZ, PORTER, RADCLIFFE, WARD - An Ecological Study of Surrey Bend
047922: KITCHEN, JOHN - By the Sweat of My Brow: The Life of a Newfoundland Logger
045295: KITE, OLIVER - A Fisherman's Diary
38123: KIYOSHI, KAWAGUCHI - A History of Tarumi
34106: KLAASEN, ROMAIN L. - Practising Real Estate Appraisal
43833: YVONNE MEARNS KLAN - The Old Red Shirt: Pioneer Poets of British Columbia (Transmontanus)
046087: KLAUSMEYER, DAVID - Unnaturals: A Practical Guide to Tying with Synthetics
28796: KLEIN, FELIX - The Diary of a French Army Chaplain
43149: KLEIN, JAMES; KEENE, JERRY - How to Find Gold
38162: KLEINFELD, JUDITH - Effective Teachers of Indian and Eskimo High School Students
37175: KLEMENTYEV, D.; VASSILYEVA, T. - What is Socialism
26362: KLEPSER, PRISCILLA - Green Pastures
25539: KLICKMANN, F. HENRI - 50 (Fifty) Old Time Songs Made Easy
32114: KLINKA, K.; NUSZDORFER, F. C.; SKODA, L. - Biogeoclimatic Units of Central and Southern Vancouver Island
43605: KLOTZ, HEINRICH - The History of Postmodern Architecture
046679: KLUCKNER, MICHAEL - Vanishing British Columbia
045889: JEROME KNAP AND DAVID RICHEY - Getting Hooked on Fishing - An Angler's Handbook
43309: TOM KNEITEL - Radio Station Treasury 1900-1946
35490: KNICKERBOCKER, NANCY - No Plaster Saint - The Life of Mildred Osterhout Fahrni
24659: KNIGHT, F. M. - But if Not
046272: KNIGHT, RICHARD ALDEN - Successful Trout Fishing
42661: KNIGHT, VICK; MOORE, JOHN - It's Our World
30391: KNIGHTS, WARD A. (EDITOR) - Pastoral Care in Health Facilities
36650: KNOTT, LEONARD L. - The Children's Book About Pulp and Paper
43323: KNOTT, LEONARD L. - The Children's Book of Trees
29736: KNOTTER, SONJA - The Three Little Clowns, The Naughty Little Duckling, The Little Tailor, Party in Animal Land, Peter the Squirrel
37442: KNOWLES, FRANCIS; VOLLRATH, LUTZ (EDITORS) - Neurosecretion - The Final Neuroendocrine Pathway
045130: KNOWLES, DEREK - Salmon on a Dry Fly
045134: KNOWLES, JOHN - Backcasts
43887: KNOWLES, C. W. (BILL) - According the Bill - The Times and Tales of C. W. (Bill) Knowles
046859: KNOX, JACK - On the Rocks with Jack Knox: Islanders I Will Never Forget
15275: KNUDSON, RICHARD L. - Classic Sports Cars
44062: KNUDSON, RICHARD L. - M G Record Breakers from Abingdon Photo Archive
27988: KNUTTGEN, HOWARD G. (EDITOR) - Neuromuscular Mechanisms for Therapeutic and Conditioning Exercise
39024: KOCH, PETER - Wood Machining Processes
23359: KOCH, EINRICH - The Mysteries of Vice Unravelled
047340: MORS L. KOCHANSKI - Northern Bushcraft: Expanded Edition
10670: KODAK - Kodak Plates and Films for Science and Industry
047449: KOEHLER, WILLIAM R. - The Koehler Method of Open Obedience for Ring, Home and Field,
044738: KOEHLER, WILLIAM R. - The Koehler Method of Open Obedience for Ring, Home and Field,
044740: KOEHLER, WILLIAM - The Koehler Method of Dog Training
41865: LALA HEINE-KOEHN - The Spell of the Chaste Tree
37392: KOGGIUNG, BUNKY - The Memories of Bunky Koggiung
40673: KOHLER, IVO - Experiments with Goggles (American Offprint No. 465)
37489: KOLAR, CEDOMIR - Ships of Stone in the Adriatic
23856: KOLASINSKI, ANDREW - Island Angler's Guide to Bass Fishing in British Columbia - Smallmouth and Largemouth
045374: KOLASINSKI, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Island Angler's Guide to Saltwater Shore Casting
22275: KOLENDA, KONSTANTIN (EDITOR) - Organizations and Ethical Individualism
046105: KOLLER, LARRY - The Complete Book of Fishing Tackle
24337: KOLSON, CLIFFORD; KALUGER, GEORGE - Clinical Aspects of Remedial Reading
38023: KOOY, DOUG - Caught in the Crossfire
046892: LESLIE KOPAS - Bella Coola Country
40312: KOPPELMAN, RAY - Exploring Chemistry Experiment Manual
046447: KOSTASH, MYRNA - The Doomed Bridegroom
047528: KOSTEK, M. A. - Looking Back - A Century of Education in Edmonton Public Schools
43825: KOTHE, WILLI - Struck Down But Not Destroyed
23852: KOUHI, ELIZABETH - North Country Spring
37522: KOURNOSSOFF, MIKHAIL V. - What Price Glory
41089: KOVAC, ELSIE HERRANEN - Memories of Grandmother Manda
41386: MARTIN LOUIS KOVACS - Ethnic Canadians: Culture and Education (Canadian plains studies)
37628: KOVANOV, V. V. - In the Name of Life
42096: KOVINICK, PHIL - The Woman Artist in the American West 1860-1960
42083: KOVINICK, PHIL - The Woman Artist in the American West 1860-1960
046830: KOYCZAN, SHANE; GAUDIN, GARETH; SMITH, JIM - Silence is a Song I Know All The Words To
37107: KOZHEVNIKOV, ALEXEI - Living Water
6846: KOZLOW, MARK - The Gunfighter and the Tong Boss
43201: KRAAL, EDMUND G. R. - Reed's Practical Mathematics Series - Vol. 6 Electrotechnology for Marine Engineers
44481: KRAFT, JOY W. - The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden (Images of America)
37641: KRAJINA, V. J. (EDITOR) - Ecology of Western North America
41924: KRAKEL, DEAN - James Boren - A Study in Discipline
41923: KRAKEL, DEAN - Tom Ryan - A Painter in Four Sixes Country
044888: KRAMER, DONALD; O'CONNELL, VICTORIA - Guide to Northeast PacificRockfishes - Genera Sebastes and Sebastolobus
44346: KRASS, ALFRED C. - Evangelizing Neopagan North America
044883: KRAUSE, JAMES ALLAN - Destination Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada: Its History, Character, Attributes & Industries
047610: KRAUSE, JAMES ALLAN - The Life and Times of the Comox Valley Region of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
42706: KRAWCHUK, PETER - Interned Without Cause
40389: KRAWCHUK, PETER - The Life and Work of Matthew Shatulsky
43938: KRAWCZYK, BETTY - Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch
045450: KREH, LEFTY - Tips and Tricks of Spinning - Fresh and Salt Water
045459: KREH, LEFTY - 101 Fish: A Fly Fisher's Life List
045452: KREH, LEFTY - Saltwater Fly Patterns
045457: KREH, LEFTY - Fly Cating with Lefty Kreh
42853: KREISEL, HULL, HARLOW, ET AL - Klanak Islands - a Collection of Short Stories
044836: KRESS, W. JOHN; HACHADOURIAN, MARC - Botanica Magnifica: Portraits of the World's Most Extraordinary Flowers and Plants (Natural History)
43154: KRISTENSEN, JACOBSEN, ERIKSEN - Otology in Cats and Dogs
39549: KROEHLER - Our Dad - His Career and His Philosophy
044751: VON KROGH, HENNING (COMPILED BY); SHEPHERD, GEORGE - Kootenay Fly Tying - A Practical Introduction to the Art of Fly Tying
40405: KROLL, BARRY M.; WELLS, GORDON - Explorations in the Development of Writing: Theory, Research and Practice
046765: KROMER, RAY - Sixty Sporting Years
32242: KROPP, E. - The Teacher of Jesso-Craft
046864: KROTO, H. W. - Molecular Rotation Spectra
25398: KRUM, JOSEPHINE R. - Hand-Built Pottery
41507: KRUTWIG, R. J. - Kendo Im Bild
43933: KRYWULAK, TIM - Fuelling Progress - One Hundred Years of the Canadian Gas Association
40130: KULICH, BIRTHE; BERARDUCCI, JOE - Windsong Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs Book 4 I's the B'y That Builds the Boat
40129: KULICH, BIRTHE; BERARDUCCI, JOE - Windsong Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs Book 1 Windsongs (for Kids Instruction)
39380: KUNZE, SBAROUNIS, AMRHEIN - The March 27, 1964, Alaskan Earthquake
43036: KUPSCH, W. O. - Ordovician and Silurian Strtigraphy of East Central Saskatchewan
36019: KURTH, BURTON; MCMANUS, MILDRED - Little Songs for Little People
17529: KURTH, MCMANUS, CARMACK - Sing Me a Song
30350: KURTZ, C. M. - Track and Turnout Engineering
41198: KUSIAK, PAULINE - Culture, Identity, and Information Technology in the 21st Century: Implications for U. S. National Security
43940: KUYEK, PARENT, DARCY, BRISKIN - Strong Women Strong Unions - Speeches By Union Women
26869: KUZMICH, NATALIE - Musical Growth - A Process of Involvement
40791: KVERN, LEE - The Matter of Sylvie
046945: VAN KYKE, THEODORE S. - The Still-Hunter
045422: KYLLOE, RALPH - Fly Fishing the Great Western Rivers
047652: KYSER, KURT (EDITOR) - Fluids and Basin Evolution (Short Course Series Volume 28)
046855: VAN DER LAAKEN, ELSA M. - A Point of Reference
046050: WASZCZUK; LABIGNAN - Canadian Sportfishing
047673: LABRON, WILLIAM - Billy the Conventry Kid - Recollections of a Rascal
047540: LACENDRE, BARNEY; SALWAY, OWEN (AS TOLD TO) - The Bushman and the Spirits
046057: LACEY, ROBERT - Great Tales from English History
24673: LADNER, T. ELLIS - Above the Sand Heads
37919: LADNER, T. ELLIS - Above the Sand Heads
33787: LAF - Eggbert's Advice to the Love-Born
046241: LAFONTAINE, GARY - The Dry Fly: New Angles
10142: LAFOREST, SERGE - Le Cirque De Gaunce
38210: LAGENDIJK, A. - Van de Willem III tot de Willem Ruys
045896: LAI, DAVID CHUENYAN - The Forbidden City Within Victoria
44119: LAI, CHUENYAN DAVID - Land of Genghis Khan: The Rise and Fall of Nation-States in China's Northern Frontiers (Western Geographical Series, V. 30)
37706: LAIDLAW, MURRAY - Danger! Do Not Shake the Coconut Tree
046009: LAING, HAMILTON M - Allan Brooks: Artist Naturalist
047635: LAING, CATHERINE M.; MOULES, NANCY J.; MCCAFFREY, GRAHAM; FIELD, JAMES C. - Conducting Hermeneutic Research: From Philosophy to Practice
35100: LAIRD, A. BONNET - My Part of the Country
32407: LAIRD, DON - A Reflection of Tears
34139: LAJEUNESSE, RONALD A. - Political Asylums
44181: LAKE, ELIZABETH - Siamese Counterpart
17175: LAKIN, RITA - A Summer Without Boys
42887: LALONDE, CHRISTINE - Beauty in a Common Thing: Drawings and Prints by L.L. Fitzgerald = La Beaute Dans Une Chose Ordinaire: Les Dessins Et Estampes de L.L. Fitzgeral
41168: LAM, MRS. P. C.; WOO, KENNETH - My Walk with Jesus - A Personal Testimony to the Power of Jesus
046093: LAMB , W. KAYE - Canada's Five Centuries
044651: LAMB, CURT - Homestyles: How-to projects, room designs, and awareness activities that build feelings into your home
045171: LAMB, DANA - The Fishing's Only Part of It
44579: LAMB, ANDY; HANBY, BERNARD - Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Encyclopedia of Invertebrates, Seaweeds And Selected Fishes
045217: LAMOND, HENRY - The Sea-Trout - A Study in Natural History
38350: LAMONT, A. G. W. - Guns Above Steam Below in Canada's Navy
30621: LAMPI, LEONA - At the Foot of the Beartooth Mountains - A History of the Finnish Community of Red Lodge, Montana
12255: LANCIONI, ENRICO - The History of the Popes
045683: LAND, DAVID M. - Once-Upon-A-Tyne - The Angling Art and Philosophy of Thomas Bewick
046498: LANDALE, ZOE - Harvest of Salmon: Adventures in Fishing the B.C. Coast
046389: LANDALE, ZO╦ - Colour of Winter Air
31921: LANDE, RICHARD - Rail Freight Contracting
43879: LANDE, LAWRENCE M. - A Man Called Job
045451: LANDERMAN, RICHARD - The Fly Rod Chronicles - A Collection of Essays on the Quiet Sport of Fly Fishing
41836: LANDSBERG, HERRAD OF - Hortus Deliciarum (Garden of Delights)
44467: LANDY, ROBERT J - Drama Therapy: Concepts and Practices
047275: LANE, FREDERICK A. - The Magnificent Mariner
38677: LANE, STEER, WRIGHT - Land of Shining Mountains
33480: LANE, M. TRAVIS - Night Physics
41461: LANE, STEER, WRIGHT - Land of Shining Mountains
39363: LANE, STEER, WRIGHT - Land of Shining Mountains
045154: LANE, PATRICK (EDITOR) - Mocambo Nights: Poetry from the Mocambopo Readings
046371: LANE, PATRICK - The Bare Plum of Winter Rain
046372: LANE, PATRICK - Albino Pheasants
044843: LANE, JOSCELYN - Lake and Loch Fishing for Trout
20646: LANG, D. (EDITOR) - Report of a Leadership Symposium, June 1981, Royal Roads Military College
43618: LANG, MARGARET - Along the Way...
047852: LANG, CATHERINE - O-bon in Chimunesu: A Community Remembered
047841: LANGE, OWEN S - The Wind Came All Ways: A Quest to Understand the Winds, Waves, and Weather in the Georgia Basin
20863: LANGFORD, MICHAEL J. - Providence
42868: WAYNE NORTON; TOM LANGFORD (EDITORS) - A World Apart: The Crowsnest Communities of Alberta and British Columbia
43804: LANGLOIS, W. J. (EDITOR) - Sound Heritage Vol. 3 No. 2
24861: LANGSTON, DONNA - Kaida - Poems About Womanhood, Working
42646: LANGSTON, LAMOINE - A History of Masonry in New Mexico 1877-1977
045202: LANK, DAVID M - Audubon's Wilderness Palette: The Birds of Canada
39012: LANK, H. H.; WILLIAMS, E. L. - The Du Pont Canada History
18951: LANSING, JACK - Run Away
44083: WALTER LANZ - Along the Dempster: An Outdoor Guide to Canada's Nothernmost Highway
41506: LAPIERRE, LAURIER L. - The Apprenticeship
37065: LAPOINTE, SUZANNE - A Guide to Home Freezing
046145: LAPSLEY, PETER - River Trout Flyfishing
42645: LARGE, R. G. - History of Tyee Lodge No. 66
046103: LARGE, R. G. - Prince Rupert a Gateway to Alaska
045854: LARGE, R. G. - Prince Rupert - A Gateway to Alaska and the Pacific - Volume Two
35613: LARIAR, LAWRENCE (EDITOR) - You've Got Me in a Hole
17648: LARKIN, H. J. - Bonsai Culture for Beginners - Miniature Trees in Containers
785H: LARKIN, R.T. - Black Magic
044635: LAROCQUE, EMMA, LEVEZ - Off the Beaten Path : Discovering Powell River and the Upper Sunshine Coast
38022: LAROCQUE, EMMA LEVEZ; BROWN, ALLAN; MORRISON, JANET; PANKRATZ, NICOLE - Many Voices : Music and the Arts in Powell River
41162: LAROCQUE, EMMA, LEVEZ - Off the Beaten Path : Discovering Powell River and the Upper Sunshine Coast
046481: LAROCQUE, EMMA LEVEZ - Off the Beaten Path - Discovering the Campbell River Area
047242: LARSBACK, DIANE - Raven's Heart
43441: LARSEN, EGON - Men Who Fought for Freedom
046031: TODD E.A. LARSON - The History of the Fish Hook in America: An Illustrated Overview of the Origins, Development, and Manufacture of the American Fish Hook - Volume 1: From Forge to Machine
19123: LARSON, ETHEL - Pioneer of the North - The Story of Rolla and Elsie Richmond
30851: LATHROP, SLACK, DRAPER - The Villano Project
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37136: LEFAVRE, JEAN - Yo -San
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046237: LEISER, ERIC - The Book of Fly Patterns
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28175: LENNOX, JOY I. - Join the Dots to the Inner Life
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40002: LENOTRE, G. - The September Massacres
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28205: LESHKEWICH, STEPHEN DANIEL - Chromatic Chronicles
28206: LESHKEWICH, STEPHEN DANIEL - Chromatic Chronicles
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43747: LESLIE, SUSAN (EDITOR) - In the Western Mountains - Early Mountaineering in British Columbia (Sound Heritage Vol. 8, No. 4)
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40774: LEWIS, ROGER; THOMAS, CRAIG; WAGNER, M. J. - Scourge From The Deep (#40 An Underwater Sourcebook For Champions)
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10118: LIMAT, MAURICE - Mephista et La Croix Sanglante
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36463: ATLAS ASBESTOS COMPANY LIMITED - It Was in the Beginning
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40768: LONG, JAMES - 2nd ACR - Armored Calvary Regiment
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38405: LONGSON, ARLENE MARIE - Chilcotin Rose
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046519: LUARD, G. D. - Fishing - Fact or Fantasy
046523: LUARD, G. D. - Fishing Fortunes and Misfortunes
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44590: LUNA, LUIS EDUARDO; WHITE, STEVEN F. (EDITORS) - Ayahuasca Reader - Encounters with the Amazon's Sacred Vine
37541: LUND, ROALD G. - Our Enduring Heritage
31813: LUNDE, PAUL - Science: The Islamic Legacy
39764: LUNDINE, DAN - Signpost - A Prairie Town
046253: LUSCH, E. A. - How to Catch and Identify the Gamefish of Oregon
33878: LUTHIN, JAMES N. - Drainage Engineering
39558: LUTMAN, JOHN H. - The South and the West
43847: LUTZ, HERMANN - German-French Unity - Basis for European Peace
047114: LYALL, ARCHIBALD - Black and White Make Brown
22348: LYMAN, ALBERT JOSIAH - The Three Greatest Maxims of the World
047870: LYNAM, TERENCE - The BMX Bunch Turns Detective
42092: LYNCH, JAMES B. - Tamayo
045657: LYNCH, CHARLES - Fishing with Simon
33594: LYNCH, THOMAS G. - The Flying 400: Candada's Hydrofoil Project
044963: LYON, ANNABEL - Oxygen
22059: LYON, DORIS - Brush Stroke Workbook
047750: LYON, DANA - The Frightened Child / The Lost One
045233: LYON, G. F. - An Attempt to Reach Repulse Bay in His Majesty's Ship 'Griper'
38939: LYON, JIM; DUGGAN, BARBARA - The Port of Vancouver
046786: LYONS, CICELY - Salmon - Our Heritage
046311: LYONS, CICELY - Salmon - Our Heritage
046014: LYONS, NICK - 1,001 Pearls of Fishing Wisdom: Advice and Inspiration for Sea, Lake, and Stream
32162: DY LYS, CLAUDIA - Curious Sex Customs in the Far East
40701: LYSENG, RON - Three R's Three I's - Immigration Innovation Imagination - The Story of the Victoria-Albert School Community
36961: MACANULTY, COLIN - Venus Looking at the Moon
42553: MACARTHUR, IAIN C. - The Caledonian Steam Packet Co. Ltd.
43914: MACASKIE, IAN - The Long Beaches: A Voyage in Search of the North Pacific Fur Seal
20012: MACAULAY, ANGUS - Leonie and the Lion
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44351: MACBETH, R. G. - The Burning Bush and Canada
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32553: MACDONALD, BRIAN (EDITOR) - Canadians and Asia-Pacific Security
046539: MACDONALD, JAKE (EDITOR) - Casting Quiet Waters: Reflections on Life and Fishing
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41151: MACDONALD, WILSON - Greater Poems of the Bible
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40224: MACDONALD, DICK - Singing Headlines - News Highlights from Canada's Past as Interpreted in Song
046538: MACDONALD, JAKE - Lakes, Lures and Lodges: An Angler's Guide to Western Canada
046522: MACDONALD, ALEXANDER - On Becoming a Fly Fisherman
43526: GEORGE F. MACDONALD - Chiefs of the Sea and Sky: Haida Heritage Sites of the Queen Charlotte Islands
44516: MACDONALD, IAN; O'KEEFE, BETTY - Born to Die: A Cop Killer's Final Message
22893: MACDUFF, J. R. - The Story of a Dewdrop
36565: MACE, J. H. B. - What, Then, is the Gospel?
36183: MACE, LONA F. - Pic-A-Pocket - Jean Pocket Designs for the Home Sewer
18250: MACEWAN, GRANT - The Rhyming Horseman of the Qu'Appelle - Captain Stanely Harrison
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26901: MACFARLANE, D. H. - Mr. Mac's Memories of an East End Kid
045142: MACFIE, MATTHEW - Vancouver Island and British Columbia
31054: MACGAHAN, PAUL - Electrical Measuring Devices
046990: MACGILLIVRAY, ALLISTER (EDITOR) - The Nova Scotia Song Collection
22084: MACGILLIVRAY, ROYCE - The Mind of Ontario
29523: MACGRATH, HAROLD - The World Outside
045908: MACGREGOR, J. G - Father Lacombe
37144: MACGREGOR, ROY - Poli-Graphs
32758: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - MacGregor V.C.: Goodbye Dad Biography of the Man Who Won More Prestigious Awards for Valour than Any Other Canadian Soldier
047144: MACGREGOR, DAVID R - Merchant Sailing Ships, 1775-1815
046757: MACGREGOR, HALL, BENNETT, CALVERT - Canadian Art - Building a Heritage
43677: MACINNES, COLIN - Out of the Garden
41950: MACINNIS, LLOYD - The Don Messer Show - Souvenir Book
44533: MACINTYRE, D. E - Prairie Storekeeper
047685: MACK, CLAYTON - Grizzlies & White Guys: The Stories of Clayton Mack
046521: MACK, CLAYTON; THOMMASEN, HARVEY (EDITOR) - Bella Coola Man: More Stories of Clayton Mack
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29389: MACKAY, ANGUS M. - The Churchman's Introduction to the Old Testament
24118: MACKAY, DONALD B. - Design of Space Powerplants
36748: MACKENDRICK, W. G. - This is Armageddon
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22766: MACKENZIE, JEAN - Storm Island
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046745: MAWHINNEY, LOCK - A Treasure in a Field - A Personal Account of the Journey of L'Arche to the Comox Valley (1983-2002)
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30179: MCCABE, HUGH R. - Mississippian Oil Fields of Southweastern Manitoba
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44536: PAMELA MCCOLL - British Columbian Salmon - A Celebration of Paintings and Cookery
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26832: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID G. (EDITOR) - World War II Chronology (American Heritage Magazine)
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25490: MCDOWELL, JIM - Hamatsa - The Enigma of Cannibalism on the Pacific Northwest Coast
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12951: MCGIFFIN, LEE - The Mustangers
047054: MCGILL, MURRAY - Dead Birds Don't Sing But Witching Rods Talk
045764: MCGILLEN, PETE - Outdoors with Pete McGillen
046040: MCGILLEN, PETE - Outdoors with Pete McGillen
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045259: MCILHENNY, EDWARD A. - Traditional American Wild Turkey Hunting
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43467: MCINNIS, EDGAR - The North American Nations
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22079: MCINNIS, NELSON - I've Been to Yahk and Back
42843: MCINNIS, NADINE - Delirium for Solo Harp
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41970: PETER MCINTYRE - Peter McIntyre's New Zealand
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40893: MCKEE, SANDRA LYN (EDITOR) - Gabriel Dumont - Indian Fighter
34204: MCKEEVER, HARRY P. - Canaries on the Clothesline
41814: MCKENZIE, A. F. (DICK) - The Lansdowne Story
40875: MCKENZIE, BESSIE - Autobiography of an Enigma
40876: MCKENZIE, BESSIE - Autobiography of an Enigma
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44188: MCKINLEY, GEORGIA - The Mighty Distance
40972: MCKINNON, BARRY - The Carcasses of Spring
047527: MCKNIGHT, GEORGE - Sawlogs on Steel Rails
047878: MCKNIGHT, GEORGE - Sawlogs on Steel Rails A story of the 45 years of railway operations in the logging camps of the Port Alberni area
047888: MCLACHLAN, TOM; SKYE, KATE - Ruined By CIBC Dealer Plan: The Rise and Fall of Kay Motors
41457: MCLAREN, DUNCAN - Bush to Boardroom
30007: MCLAURIN, CAMPBELL - Without Reservations - Flying Around the World
28993: MCLEAN, TERRY - Paintings of the Canadian West
28992: MCLEAN, TERRY - Paintings of the Canadian West
43181: MCLEAN, BRUCE - A Union Amongst Government Employees - A Histroy of the B.C. Government Employees Union 1919-1979
44088: MCLEAN, ALLAN CAMPBELL - The Highlands and Islands of Scotland
37823: MCLELLAN, EVERARD A. - A Wee Touch of Cancer?
19093: MCLELLAN, DAVID - Ideology (Concepts in Social Thought Ser.)
39278: MCLELLEN, J. A.; AMES, A. F. - The Public School Mental Arithmetic
046537: MCLENNAN, JIM - Trout Streams Of Alberta: A Guide to the Best Fly Fishing
045785: MCLENNAN, JIM - Trout Streams of Alberta: A Guide to the Best Fly-Fishing
045560: JIM MCLENNAN - Water Marks
35870: MCLEOD, CARROLL - Dat H'ampire H'air Train Plan - The Story of Joe's Career in the R.C.A.F.
41008: GERALD MCLOUGHLIN - Nigerian Unity: In the Balance
40331: MCMENEMY, WILLIAM G. - The Place of the Circle in Elementary Geometry
045482: MCMULLAN, PETER - Casting Back: Sixty Years of Writing and Fishing
34571: MCNAB, JOHN - Our Priceless Heritage (Our Heritage and Our Faith)
44340: MCNAB, JOHN - Our Priceless Heritage (Our Heritage and Our Faith)
31732: MCNAMARA, EUGENE - Salt - Short Stories
23307: MCNAMEE, LUE - A Cart Full of Strays
19888: MCNAUGHTON, JOHN - Man - Jungle-wise and Otherwise (Challenge of Changing Conditions)
046807: MCNEIL, WILLIAM J.; HIMSWORTH, DANIEL C. - Salmonid ecosystems of the North Pacific
31711: MCNEIL, FLORENCE - The Rim of the Park
37934: MCNICKLE, DAN - Teaching And Hunting In East Africa

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