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77336: SEEGAL, DAVID - Victories & Foibles Some Western Haiku
63251: SEELY, JAMES - Great Bordeaux Wines
73268: SEGAL, ALAN F. - Paul the Convert
33746: SEGALL, JEFFREY - Joyce in America: Cultural Politics and the Trials of Ulysses
74013: SEIBERLING, GRACE - Amateurs, Photography, and the Mid-Victorian Imagination
66581: SEIDL, C. - Lectures on Schumpeterian Economics Schumpeter Centenary Memorial Lectures, Graz 1983
71620: SEILER, KARL - Introduction to Systems Cost-Effectiveness
75971: SEINER, WILLIAM - Investment Trusts: American Experience
78680: SELDEN, JOHN - Fleta, Seu Commentarius Juris Anglicani Sic Nuncupatus, Sub Edwardo
71214: SELIGMAN, EDWIN R. A. - Essays in Taxation
67453: SELL, FRIEDRICH L. - Contagion in Financial Markets
65512: SELLEKAERTS, WILLY (ED. ) - Econometrics and Economic Theory Essays in Honour of Jan Tinbergen
65513: SELLEKAERTS, WILLY (ED. ) - Economic Development and Planning Essays in Honour of Jan Tinbergen
71608: SELTEN, REINHARD (ED) - Game Equilibrium Models II Methods, Morals, and Markets
75898: SELTZER, LAWRENCE H. - Interest As a Source of Personal Income and Tax Revenue
74743: SELZ, PETER - John Altoon
75382: SELZ, PETER - John Altoon
65597: SEMMLER, WILLI - Financial Dynamics and Business Cycles New Perspectives
78630: SEN, AMARTYA K. - On Ethics and Economics
68898: SEN, ANINDYA - Industrial Organization
71034: SENGUPTA, SANKAR S. - Operations Research in Sellers' Competition a Stochastic Microtheory
68550: SENGUPTA, JATI K. - Optimization Techniques in Quantitative Economic Models
73817: SENILLE, CAROLE - E. Goerg.
71588: HARVARD ECONOMIC SERVICE - Weekly Letters Vol. 1-9
57887: SETFORD, DAVID F. - Pablo Picasso a Vision
67615: SETTERFIELD, MARK - Growth, Employment and Inflation Essays in Honour of John Cornwall
42805: SEVERIN, MARK F - Engraved Bookplates European Ex Libris 1950-70
70785: SEVIN, CHARLES H. - Marketing Productivity Analysis
66818: SEWELL, M. J. - Maximum and Minimum Principles a Unified Approach with Applications
77203: SEXTON, JOHN - Listen to the Trees
56782: SEYMOUR, CHARLES - Notre-Dame of Noyon in the Twelfth Century: A Study in the Early Development of Gothic Architecture
75479: SHACKLE, GEORGE L. - Business, Time, and Thought Selected Essays
78238: SHACKLETON, ERNEST HENRY & HUGH ROBERT MILL - Shackleton the Polar Journeys: The Heart of the Antarctic; the Story of the British Antarctic Exepdition 1907-1909
78613: SHAFAREVICH, I. R. - Collected Mathematical Papers
73664: SHAFTON, LORI - The Coffeehouses of Prague
72379: SHAH, IDRIES. - The Wisdom of Idiots
55392: SHAH, IDRIES. - World Tales. The Extraordinary Coincidence of Stories Told in All Times in All Places.
66632: SHAH, ANWAR - Fiscal Incentives for Investment and Innovation
72208: SHAH, I - Tales of the Dervishes Teaching Stories of the Sufi Masters over the Past Thousand Years
65491: SHAHAN, ROBERT W. - Essays on the Philosophy of W.V. Quine
60067: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Petruchio's Speech from 'the Taming of the Shrew' Printed on Phoenix Broadsheet No. 32 for Bill Maynard
72057: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies a Facsimile Edition
71320: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Poems of William Shakespeare
58663: SHAKYA, TSERING - The Dragon in the Land Snows a History of Modern Tibet Since 1947
66491: SHANE, SCOTT ANDREW - A General Theory of Entrepreneurship the Individual-Opportunity Nexus
76255: SHANKER, S.G. - Gödel's Theorem in Focus
69863: SHANKER, STUART G. - Wittgenstein and the Turning Point in the Philosophy of Mathematics
66538: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL - The Peirce Seminar Papers an Annual of Semiotic Analysis, Vol. 1
72202: SHARAR, ABDULHALIM - Lucknow, the Last Phase of an Oriental Culture
68980: SHARMA, SOUMITRA - John Maynard Keynes Keynesianism Into the Twenty-First Century
74547: SHARMA, CHANDRADHAR - A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy
69915: SHARP, WILLIAM - Sospiri de Roma
51681: SHARPLES, R. W. TRANS. - Alexander of Aphrodisias Quaestiones 1. 1-2. 15
48943: SHARPLESS, F. PARVIN - The Literary Criticism of John Stuart MILL
66668: SHAVIRO, DANIEL - Do Deficits Matter?
75615: SHAW, GRAHAM KEITH - Introduction to the Theory of Macroeconomic Policy
67397: SHAW, G. K. - The Keynesian Heritage
44910: SHAW, ROBERT - Robert Shaw's Work in Progress: A Collection of His Poetry Written in the Years 1965-1974
68946: SHAW, G. K. - Rational Expectations an Elementary Exposition
78417: SHAW, DAVID W. - Sea Wolf of the Confederacy the Daring CIVIL War Raids of Naval Lt. Charles W. Read
44966: SHAW, ROBERT - Private Time, Public Time
70641: SHAW, WILLIAM HOWARD - Value of Commodity Output Since 1869
51319: SHAW, BERNARD - Music in London
44952: SHAW, ROBERT - Wrath Valley Anthology
53922: SHAW, IRWIN - The Young Lions
56609: SHAW, FREDERIC - Little Railways of the World
56983: SHAW, M. M. - Nine Thousand Miles on a Pullman Train an Account of a Tour of a Railroad Conductors from Philadelphia to the Pacific Coast and Return
75356: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Two Plays for Puritans
77553: SHEAD, NORMAN F. - Scottish Episcopal Acta Volume I
66951: SHEARMAN, A. T. - The Development of Symbolic Logic a Critical-Historical Study of the Logical Calculus
68822: SHEFFRIN - Rational Expectations
69791: SHEFFRIN, STEVEN M. - The Making of Economic Policy History, Theory, Politics
44626: SHELDON, ALLEN - Ducking out a Fable
78717: SHELL, HARVEY - Is It Ivory?
71182: SHELL, KARL ED. - Essays on the Theory of Optimal Economic Growth
49234: SHELLARD, DR. DOMINIC - Kenneth Tynan a Life
51071: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - The Esdaile Poems
51103: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - Rosalind and Helen: A Modern Eclogue : With Other Poems
70170: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - Poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley
74990: SHELTON, AUSTIN J. - The Igbo-Igala Borderland Religion and Social Control in Indigenous African Colonialism
44538: SHELVOCKE, GEORGE - A Voyage Round the World by the Way of the Great South Sea, Perform'd in the Years 1719-1722 in the Speedwell of London
48933: SHENNAN, J. H. - The Parlement of Paris
65626: SHEPARD, LAWRENCE - The Securities Brokerage Industry Nonprice Competition and Noncompetitive Pricing
76290: SHEPHERD JR. , MASSEY HAMILTON - History of St. James' Church Chicago
48128: SHEPPARD, FRANCIS - London: A History
69903: SHERARD, ROBERT - Twenty Years in Paris
74477: SHERBORNE, MICHAEL - H.G. Wells
63098: SHERIDAN, RICHARD - The School for Scandal
69836: SHERMAN, ROGER - The Regulation of Monopoly
67842: SHERMAN, HOWARD J. - The Business Cycle Growth and Crisis Under Capitalism
71064: SHERMAN, HOWARD J. - Profits in the United States an Introduction to a Study of Economic Concentration and Business Cycles
52162: SHICKELL, EDWARD HAMPTON - Bookplates for Libraries
54124: SHIEL, M.P. - Shapes in the Fire
54126: SHIEL, M. P. - The Pale Ape and Other Pulses
54234: SHIEL, M. P. - The Invisible Voices
54242: SHIEL, M. P - Prince Zaleski
77942: SHILS, EDWARD - Tradition
77941: SHILS, EDWARD - Selected Papers of Edward Shils (3 Volumes) the Intellectuals and the Powers: Center and Periphery: The Calling of Sociology and Other
52146: SHIMIZU, YUTAKA - Nara Picture Books
75175: SHIMOMURA, JUNICHI - Art Nouveau Architecture Residential Masterpieces, 1892-1911
43420: SHINE, JOSEPH - Santa Fe: 1987 Motive Power Pictorial
78361: SHINGLETON, ROYCE - John Taylor Wood Sea Ghost of the Confederacy
78419: SHINGLETON, ROYCE - High Seas Confederate the Life and Times of John Newland Maffitt
64310: SHIONOYA, YUICHI - Innovation in Technology, Industries, and Institutions Studies in Schumpeterian Perspectives
72300: SHIPLEY, THORNE - Classics in Psychology
50595: SHIPPEN, BILL - Burlington Northern Santa Fe 1998/1999 Motive Power Annual
78253: SHIPTON, ERIC - Bookseller Image View Larger Image Land of Tempest: Travels in Patagonia 1958-1962
68492: SHIRAISHI, TAKASHI - Economic Institutions in a Dynamic Society Search for a New Frontier : Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association I
70732: SHIRRAS, G. FINDLAY - The Burden of British Taxation
76728: SHISKIN, JULIUS - Electronic Computers and Business Indicators
65723: SHONE, SIR ROBERT - Problems of Investment
66794: SHONE, RONALD - Economic Dynamics Phase Diagrams and Their Economic Application
70313: SHOUP, CARL (ED. ) - Fiscal Harmonization in Common Markets
66380: SHOVEN, JOHN B. - National Saving and Economic Performance
66365: SHOVEN, JOHN B. - Financial Aspects of the United States Pension System
77947: SHREWSBURY, J. F. D. - A History of Bubonic Plague in the British Isles
52265: SHRINER, ERNEST - All Is Fair in Love and War
66263: SHUBIK, MARTIN - The Theory of Money and Financial Institutions
66265: SHUBIK, MARTIN - The Selected Essays of Martin Shubik Political Economy, Oligopoly and Experimental Games and Money and Financial Institutions: A Game Theoretic Approach
70895: SHUBIK, MARTIN - Games for Society, Business and War Towards a Theory of Gaming
70889: SHUBIK, MARTIN, ED. - Essays in Mathematical Economics in Honor of Oskar Morgenstern
76680: SHUBIK, MARTIN - L'Oligopole Et Al Theorie Des Jeux
76916: L. S. SHAPLEY AND MARTIN SHUBIK - Ownership and the Production Function
76951: SHUBIK, MARTIN - Approaches to the Study of Decision-Making Relevant to the Firm
65971: SHUKLA, VIBHOOTI - Urbanization and Economic Growth
60965: SHUKMAN, HAROLD - The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Russian Revolution
45225: SHUMATE, ALBERT - A Financial Transaction between John J. Vioget & Alexander Rotschef 1852
71537: SHVYRKOV, YU. M. - Centralised Planning of the Economy
65490: SHWAYDER, D. - Stratification of Behaviour
66617: SHY, OZ - The Economics of Network Industries
44257: SIBERELL, LLOYD EMERSON - Miniatures to Murals a Brief Biography of Nathias Noheimer
68045: SIEBERT, HORST - Regional Environmental Policy the Economic Issues
78618: SIEGEL, CARL LUDWIG - Gesammelte Abhandlungen
78025: SIEGEL, C. L. - Lectures on Advanced Analytic Number Theory
74896: SIEGFRIED, WALTER - Views of My Home and Garden Winter-Spring-Fall Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year
48785: SIGMUND, PAUL E. - Nicholas of Cusa and Political Thought
78247: SIGURDARDOTTIR, PORUNN - Manuscript Material, Correspondence, and Graphic Material in the Fiske Icelandic Collection a Descriptive Catalogue
77782: SIGURDSSON, EFTIR HARALD - Kortasaga Islands Fra Ondverdu Til Loka 16. Aldar
77783: SIGURDSSON, EFTIR HARALD - Kortasaga Islands Fra Lokum 16. Aldar Til 1848
71281: SIJBEN, J.J. - Money and Economic Growth
70417: SILBERLING, NORMAN J. - The Dynamics of Business an Analysis of Trends, Cycles, and Time Relationships in American Economic Activity Since 1700 and Their Bearing Upon Governmental and Business Policy
72294: SILLITTO, R. M. - Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
67875: SILVER, MORRIS - Affluence, Altruism, and Atrophy the Decline of the Welfare State
72957: SILVER, ROLLO - Typefounding in America 1787-1825
73606: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Mound Builders of Ancient America the Archaeology of a Myth
75824: SILVETTE, HERBERT - The Doctor on the Stage Medicine and Medical Men in Seventeenth-Century England
63889: SIMKINS, MICHAEL - Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan
50840: SIMMONDS, PETER - Curiosities of Food
68706: SIMMONS, PETER J. - Choice and Demand
53649: SIMMONS, THOMAS FREDERICK ED. - The Lay Folks Catechism
63175: SIMMONS, AMELIA - American Cookery
69047: SIMON, HERBERT A. - Models of Bounded Rationality Vol I: Economic Analysis and Public Policy Vol II: Behavorial Economics and Buisness Organization
78404: SIMON, J. - Continuing CIVIL War
65163: SIMON, HERMANN - Price Management
66716: SIMON, JULIAN LINCOLN - The Great Breakthrough and Its Cause
78153: SIMON, JULIAN LINCOLN - The Economic Consequences of Immigration Second Edition
47755: SIMON, ALVAH - North to the Night a Year in the Arctic Ice
64087: SIMON, HERBERT A. - An Empirically-Based Microeconomics
65735: SIMON, JULIAN LINCOLN - Effort, Opportunity, and Wealth
72886: SIMON, JULIAN LINCOLN - The Economics of Population Key Modern Writings
76869: SIMON, HERBERT A. - On the Application of Servomechanism Theory in the Study of Production Control
66029: SIMONOVITS, ANDRAS - Mathematical Methods in Dynamic Economics
45337: SIMPSON, HERBERT - Floor Plan of a Legend
68374: SIMPSON, LORENZO C. - Technology, Time, and the Conversations of Modernity
64108: SIMS, CHRISTOPHER A. - Advances in Econometrics Sixth World Congress
77566: SIMS, LOWERY STOKES - Stuart Davis American Painter
69761: SINCLAIR, P. J. N. - The Foundations of Macroeconomic and Monetary Theory
69376: SINCLAIR, P. J. N. - Prices, Quantities, and Expectations Keynes and Macroeconomics in the Fifty Years Since the Publication of the General Theory
69153: SINCLAIR, P. J. N. - Taxation, Private Information and Capital
45188: SINCLAIR, SIR JOHN - Coffee: Hints Regarding Its Use and the Art of Making It
66028: SINGER, J. DAVID - Measuring the Correlates of War
51600: SINGER, CHARLES - A History of Technology
71181: SINGH, V. B. (ED. ) - Keynesian Economics a Symposium
66373: SINGLETON, KENNETH J. - Japanese Monetary Policy
68540: SINN, HANS-WERNER - Economic Decisions Under Uncertainty
48187: SISAM, KENNETH - Studies in the History of Old English Literature
44762: SISLER, REBECCA - Aquarelle! a History of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
50963: SITWELL, OSBERT - The Autobiography of Osbert Sitwell
72046: SITWELL, OSBERT - Pound Wise
53641: SKEAT, WALTER W. ED. - Langland's Vision of Piers Plowman
53648: SKEAT, WALTER ED. - The Romans of Partenay, or of Lusignen: Otherwise Known As the Tale of Melusine
51062: SKEAT, WALTER W. ED. - The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
44568: SKELTON, R. A. - Saxton's Survey of England and Wales with a Facsimile of Saxton's Wall-Map of 1583
49442: SKERPAN, ELIZABETH - The Rhetoric of Politics in the English Revolution 1642-1660
77357: SKINNER, DAVID - Wallpaper in Ireland, 1700-1900
44603: SKJEL, M. - Designer's One-Liners
75886: SKOLKA, J. V. - Compilation of Input-Output Tables Proceedings of a Session of the 17th General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income... Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
66612: SKOUSEN, MARK - The Structure of Production
77162: SKREBNESKI, VICTOR - Bravi Lyric Opera of Chicago
77389: SLATER, J. HERBERT - Round and About the Book-Stalls
71068: SLATER, DAVID W. - Consumption Expenditures in Canada
77881: SLAYTON, ROBERT A. - Back of the Yards the Making of a Local Democracy
67650: SLEMROD, JOEL - Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality
75974: SLOAN, LAURENCE - Security Speculation the Dazzling Adventure
76393: SLOAN, JEANETTE PASIN - Jeanette Pasin Sloan
63215: SLOANE, WILLIAM - Children's Books in England and America in the Seventeenth Century
72744: SLOCUM, JOHN - A Bibliography of James Joyce 1882-1941
65479: SLOTE, MICHAEL A - Reason and Scepticism
51701: SLOTE, MICHAEL A. - Reason and Scepticism
66396: SLOVIN, MYRON B - Interest Rates on Savings Deposits Theory, Estimation, and Policy
72369: SMALL, GEORGE - The Blue Whale
72273: SMALL, ROBERT - An Account of the Astronomical Discoveries of Kepler
78234: SMILEY, DAVID - Arabian Assignment
71605: SMITH, R. ELBERTON - Customs Valuation in the United States a Study in Tariff Administration
50049: SMITH, GEOFFREY D. - The Joy of Wildlife Gardening
44155: SMITH, STEVEN E. - Thomas Bewick
52295: SMITH, GERARD C. - All at Sea
70947: SMITH, BRUCE - Propaganda, Communication and Public Opinion
75174: SMITH, EDWARD LUCIE - Art Deco Painting
74088: SMITH, ALEXANDER - North American Species of Mycena
37224: SMITH, ART - Pavement's End
44906: SMITH, WADDELL F. - Pony Express Versus Wells Fargo Express or Hoof Prints That Can Not Be Eroded by Time
75547: SMITH, JAMES GERALD - Economic Planning and the Tariff an Essay on Social Philosophy
51077: SMITH, CHARLES G. - Spenser's Proverb Lore
64759: SMITH, CHRISTINE - Location Analysis General Theory (Isard, Walter//Selected Papers of Walter Isard)
48320: SMITH, EDWARD - The Borderland in the CIVIL War
50305: SMITH, JAMES F. - Chrysanthemums
71030: SMITH, WARREN L. - Public Finance and Stabilization Policy Essays in Honor of Richard A. Musgrave
60590: SMITH, A. H. - The Place-Names of Gloucestershire
48261: SMITH, CYRIL EUGENE - The University of Toulouse in the Middle Ages
67003: SMITH, HENRY - The Economics of Socialism Reconsidered
66703: JAMES D. SMITH - Modeling the Distribution and Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth
76732: SMITH, BRADFORD B. - Factors Affecting the Price of Cotton
70069: SMITH, ROBERT PEARSALL - How Little Logan Was Brought to Jesus
78317: SMITH, ALEXANDER - Dreamthorp
70285: SMITH, VERNON L - Investment and Production a Study in the Theory of Capital-Using Enterprise
62011: SMITH, PETER C. - Stuka at War
69634: SMITH, N. CRAIG - Morality and the Market Consumer Pressure from Corporate Accountability
52407: SMITH, ART - Pavement's End
62768: SMITH, PHILIP - Greenberg's Enjoying Lionel Fundimensions Trains
74497: SMITHERMAN, P. H. - Uniforms of the Scottish Regiments
66682: SMITHIN, JOHN N. - Controversies in Monetary Economics Ideas, Issues and Policy
70318: SMYTH, R. L. (ED. ) - Essays in Modern Economic Development
70319: SMYTH, R. L. (ED. ) - Essays in the Economics of Socialism and Capitalism
70979: SMYTH, R. L. - Essays in Economic Method
58960: SNARRENBERG, ROBERT - Schenker's Interpretive Practice
64927: SNEED, JOSEPH - The Logical Structure of Mathematical Physics
55872: SNELGROVE, DUDLEY - British Sporting and Animal Prints 1658-1874
69000: SNOOKS, GRAEME - Economics without Time a Science Blind to the Forces of Historical Change
68968: SNOOKS, GRAEME DONALD - Longrun Dynamics a General Economic and Political Theory
77020: SNOW, ROBERT J. - A New-World Collection of Polyphony for Holy Week and the Salve Service Guatemala City, Cathedral Archive, Music Ms 4 (V. 9)
44986: SNOW, JAN C. - A Natural History of Socks
51393: SNOW, EDWARD - A Study of Vermeer
48693: SNOWDEN, WILLIAM - The Victory at Sea
64573: SNOWDON, BRIAN & HOWARD R VANE - An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics
66056: SNOWDON, BRIAN - Conversations on Growth, Stability and Trade an Historical Perspective
65875: SNOWER, DENNIS J. - Unemployment Policy Government Options for the Labour Market
75994: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH - Eighteenth Century Gold Boxes of Europe
77967: SNYDER, VIRGIL - Selected Topics in Algebraic Geometry
78155: SNYDER, KERALA J. - Dieterich Buxtehude Organist in Lubeck
41621: SOBY, JAMES - Juan Gris
77857: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Giorgio de Chirico
51481: SOBY, JAMES - The Early Chirico
71569: AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY - Combinatorial Analysis Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics Vol. X
73079: LANDSBERGER / VON SODEN - Die Eigenbegrifflichkeit Der Babylonischen Welt / Leistung Und Grenze Sumerischer Und Babylonischer Wissenschaft Sonderausgabe: MCMLXV
70743: SODERSTEN, BO - A Study of Economic Growth and International Trade
65113: SOHN CHA, SANGHEE - The Economics of Household Consumption
78544: SOLEY, JAMES - The Blockade and the Cruisers ; Campaigns of the CIVIL War
49728: SOLLOGUB, VLADIMIR - The Tarantas Impressions of a Journey
68424: SOLO, ROBERT A. - Economic Organizations and Social Systems
68751: SOLO, ROBERT A. - Economic Organizations and Social Systems
48647: SOLOMON, SUSAN - The Coldest March: Scott`S Fatal Antarctic Expedition
70771: SOLOMON, MORRIS J. - Analysis of Projects for Economic Growth an Operational System for Their Formulation, Evaluation, and Implementation
61501: SOLOMON, MARTIN - Art of Typography
71098: SOLOMONS, DAVID (ED) - Studies in Cost Analysis
67639: SOLOW, ROBERT M. - Structural Reform and Economic Policy
76028: SOLOW, ROBERT M. - Monopolistic Competition and Macroeconomic Theory
73448: SOLOW, BARBARA L. - Slavery and the Rise of the Atlantic System
76918: R. M. SOLOW, J. TOBIN - Neoclasical Growth with Fixed Factor Proportions
73099: SOLVE, NORMA DOBIE - Stuart Politics in Chapman's Tragedy of Chabot
68528: SOMERMEYER, WILLEM HENDRIK - A Consumption-Savings Model and Its Applications
77179: SOMERS, PAUL M. - Illinois Central Streamliners 1936-1946
62764: SOMMER, CHARLES - American Flyer Ho Price Guide and Checklist
62789: SOMMER, CHARLES - American Flyer Ho Price Guide and Checklist
51830: SOMMERS, ROBERT - The U.S. Open: Golf's Ultimate Challenge
54900: SOMMERVILLE, E. - Experiences of an Irish R.M.
51612: SONNEMANN, ULRICH - Handwriting Analysis As a Psychodiagnostic Tool a Study in General and Clinical Graphology
55448: SOPHOCLES - Oedipus the King
48453: SOPHOCLES - Fabulae Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis
76639: SOUTER, R. W. - Land, Capital and Opportunity Cost
76640: SOUTER, R. W. - The Nature and Significance of Economic Science in Recent Discussion
51159: SOUTHERNE, THOMAS - Oroonoko
53709: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - Omniana or Horae Otiosiores
70049: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - A Tale of Paraguay
48164: SOUTHWORTH, SAMUEL A. - Great Raids in History from Drake to Desert One
44905: SOWERS, ROY - Almanack for Booklovers
45399: SOWERS, ROY - An Excerpt from the Book Catalogues of Roy Vernon Sowers
68340: SPALL, JAMES - Bayesian Analysis of Time Series and Dynamic Models
69276: SPANG-HANSSEN, HENNING - Probability and Structural Classification in Language Description
71066: SPANIER, EDWIN H. - Algebraic Topology
77405: SPARE, AUSTIN - The Golden Hind. A Quarterly Magazine of Art and Literature [Vol. 2, No. 7 April. 1924]
77406: SPARE, AUSTIN - The Golden Hind. A Quarterly Magazine of Art and Literature [Vol. 2, No. 8 July. 1924]
62727: SPARKMON, WILLIAM R. - The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway in West Virginia Huntington Division
78066: SPARROW, JOHN - Mark Pattison and the Idea of a University
53700: SPEARING, A. C. - The Gawain-Poet a Critical Study
44702: SPECK, R. S. - Certificate of Death M.M. S. Bell at California
72189: SPEKE, JOHN HANNING - Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile
69111: SPENCER, HERBERT - Herbert Spencer Structure, Function and Evolution;
72336: SPENCER, FRANK - Piltdown a Scientific Forgery
31885: SPENDER, STEPHEN - China Diary
68934: SPENGLER, JOSEPH J. - French Predecessors of Malthus
51129: SPENSER, EDMUND - Spenser's Minor Poems
51166: SPENSER, EDMUND - The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser
49949: SPERO, SIMON. - Worcester Porcelain the Klepser Collection
72965: SPERO, STERLING - The Black Worker the Nego and the Labor Movement
49210: SPEVACKMARVIN, - Isaac D'Israeli on Books Pre-Victorian Essays on the History of Literature
72743: SPIELBERG, PETER - James Joyce's Manuscripts & Letters at the University of Buffalo
48806: SPITZER, ALAN B. - The Revolutionary Theories of Louis Auguste Blanqui
71529: SPRAGUE, O. M. W. - History of Crisis Under the National Banking System
73780: SPRAGUE, MARSHALL - Greetings from Colorado
69081: SPRENT, PETER - Models in Regression and Related Topics
48653: SPRINGER, HASKELL - America and the Sea: A Literary History
48203: SQUIBB, G. D. - The High Court of Chivalry
76946: SRINIVASAN, T. N. - Investment Criteria and Choice of Techniques of Production
63178: ST. JOHN, JUDITH. - The Osborne Collectio of Early Children's Books 1566 - 1910, a Catalogue - Volumes 1 & 2
65871: STACEY, RALPH D. - Complexity and Management
62909: STACHEL, JOHN (ED. ) - The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein Volume I: The Early Years, 1879-1902
58698: STACK, NORMAN - United States Type Coins an Illustrated History of the Federal Coinage
50823: STADD, ARLENE - Cooking with the Ancients : Bible Food Book
45123: STAFFORD, WILLIAM - Purifying the Language of the Tribe
77027: STAIKOS, KONSTANTINOS - The History of the Library in Western Civilization from Minos to Cleopatra.
55848: STAINTON, LINDSAY - British Landscape Watercolours 1600-1806
72715: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1995
72716: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1996
72710: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1990
72711: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1991
72712: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1992
72713: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1993
72717: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1997
72718: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1998
72719: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 1999
72720: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 2000
72721: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 2001
74499: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 2002
74500: STALEY, THOMAS ED. - Joyce Studies Annual 2001
70813: STALEY, EUGENE - World Economy in Transition
76717: STAMP, SIR JOSIAH - The Statistical Verification of Social and Economic Theory
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67128: WAISMANN, F. - Ludwig Wittgenstein Und Der Wiener Kreis
44541: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD J. - Adventure in New Zealand from 1839 to 1844; with Some Account of the Beginnings of the British Colonization of the Islands
54251: WAKEFIELD, HERBERT - Ghost Stories
48711: WALCOTT, FRED G. - The Origins of Culture & Anarchy
71587: WALD, ABRAHAM - Selected Papers in Statistics and Probability
45042: WALDSEEMULLER, MARTIN - The Oldest Map with the Name America of the Year 1507 and the Carta Marina of the Year 1516
72196: WALDSEEMULLER, MARTIN - Cosmographiae Introductio
51073: WALEY, ARTHUR - Yuan Mei, Eighteenth Century Chinese Poet
65793: WALKER, DONALD A. - Equilibrium Introduction to Equilibrium in Economics
51503: WALKER, CHRISTOPHER ED. - Astronomy Before the Telescope
64136: WALKER, FRANCIS A. - Discussions in Economics and Statistics
78664: WALKER, ALAN - Franz Liszt, Vol. 1 the Virtuoso Years, 1811-1847
44455: WALKER, DALE L. - Jack London, Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
78307: WALKER, GEORGE - Aberdeen Awa' Sketches of Its Men, Manners and Customs As Deliniated in Brown's Book-Stall, 1892-4

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