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75607: FISHER, IRVING - The Making of Index Numbers a Study of Their Varieties, Tests, and Reliability
50721: FISHER, RAYMOND H. ED. - The Voyage of Semen Dezhnev in 1648
76188: FISHER, IRVING - Recherches Mathematiques Sur la Theorie de la Valeur Et Des Prix
76202: FISHER, FRANKLIN M. - A Study in Econometrics: The Demand for Electricity in the United States
64611: FISHER, FRANKLIN M. - Aggregation Aggregate Production Functions and Related Topics
68918: FISHER, DOUGLAS - Monetary and Fiscal Policy
49054: FISHER, JIM - The Ghosts of Hopewell Setting the Record Straight in the Lindbergh Case
64604: FISHER, FRANKLIN M. - Industrial Organization, Economics, and the Law
69034: FISHER, DOUGLAS - Macroeconomic Theory a Survey
49594: FISHER, JOHN H. - View Larger Image John Gower: Moral Philosopher and Friend of Chaucer
68271: FISHER, TIM - Managerial Economics a Game Theoretic Approach
78601: FISHER, LOREN ED. - Ras Shamra Parallels. The Texts from Ugarit and the Hebrew Bible - Vol. 1. (Analecta Orientalia 49)
76824: FISHER, M. R. - Business Savings and Profits in the Light of the Permanent Income Hypothesis
76828: FISHER, M. R. - A Sector Model the Poultry Industry of the U.S. A.
76947: FISHER, WALTER D. - Estimation in the Linear Decision Model
77753: FISHER, ELIZABETH - Doll Stuff
70937: FISK, GEORGE - New Essays in Marketing Theory
72100: FISKE, RICHARD - The Volcano Letter
51004: FITHIAN, PHILIP VICKERS - Journal & Letters of Philip Vickers Fithian
65936: FITZGIBBONS, ATHOL - The Nature of Macroeconomics Instability and Change in the Capitalist System
73625: FIXICO, DONALD L. - An Anthology of Western Great Lakes Indian History
73572: FLAHERTY, GLORIA - Shamanism and the Eighteenth Century
78465: O'FLAHERTY, DANIEL - General Jo Shelby Undefeated Rebel
69442: FLANAGAN, OWEN J. - The Science of the Mind
72151: O'FLANAGAN, J.RODERICK - Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of Ireland: Two Volumes
75823: FLATTER, RICHARD - Hamlet's Father
72229: FLEMING, PETER - Bayonets to Lhasa
65586: FLEMING, J. MARCUS - Essays on Economic Policy
76959: FLEMING, W. H. - Discreet Approximations to Some Continuous Dynamic Programming Processes
45381: FLEMING, DONALD - Fiat Lox of Baffled at the Board
66411: FLETCHER, GORDON A. - Understanding Dennis Robertson the Man and His Work
44510: FLEURIEU, CHARLES - A Voyage Round the World, Performed During the Years 1790-92 by Etienne Marchand
73975: FLINT, MARGARET A. - Chronology of Illinois History, 1673-1954
66543: FLORENCE, PHILIP SARGENT - Use of Factory Statistics in the Investigation of Industrial Fatigue
64165: FLORENS, JEAN-PIERRE - Microeconometrics Surveys and Applications
67660: FLORIO, MASSIMO - The Great Divestiture Evaluating the Welfare Impact of the British Privatizations, 1979-1997
77998: FLOUD, RODERICK & PAUL JOHNSON - The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, Volume 1
68777: FLOUD, RODERICK - The Economic History of Britain Since 1700 3 Volume Paperback Set
64838: FLOYD, JOHN E. - World Monetary Equilibrium International Monetary Theory in an Historical-Institutional Context
78131: FLYGARE, WILLIAM - The Will to Bondage
69041: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM & STANLEY L. ENGERMAN - Without Consent or Contract (3 Volume Set) Vol. I: Markets and Production Vol. II: Conditions of Slave Life and the Transition to Freedom Vol. III: Evidence and Methods
67979: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM - The Fourth Great Awakening and the Future of Egalitarianism
75766: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM - Den Fjarde Vackelsen Och Jamlikhetens Framtidsutsikter
78043: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM - Railroads and American Economic Growth: Essays in Econometric History
65486: FOGELIN, ROBERT J. - Evidence and Meaning Studies in Analytic Philosophy
69778: FOLBRE, NANCY - Women's Work in the World Economy International Economic Association (Vol. 101) (Issues in Contemporary Economics)
68472: FOLBRE, NANCY - Women's Work in the World Economy International Economic Association (Vol. 101) (an International Economic Association Books)
68454: FOLBRE, NANCY - Women's Work in the World Economy International Economic Association (Vol. 101) (an International Economic Association Books)
66742: FOLDVARY, FRED E. - Dictionary of Free-Market Economics
77577: LUCIA BOSCOLO FOLEGANA - Del Canto Corale Alla Musica Policorale
57934: FOLEY, KATHY KELSEY - Edward Weston's Gifts to His Sister
59163: FOLEY, WILLIAM E. - The Genesis of Missouri from Wilderness Outpost to Statehood
65989: FOLMER, HENK - Frontiers of Environmental Economics
70553: FOMBY, THOMAS B. - Studies in the Economics of Uncertainty in Honor of Josef Hadar
75513: FONER, PHILIP S. (ED). - Karl Marx Remembered Comments at the Time of His Death
78489: FONTAINE, CORBIN DIANA - A Life of Matthew Fontaine Maury
72601: LA FONTAINE, JEAN DE & NORMAN R. SHAPIRO - La Fontaine's Bawdy of Libertines, Louts, and Lechers
72159: JEAN DE LA FONTAINE - The Complete Fables of Jean de la Fontaine
74108: FONVIELLE, LLOYD - Walker Evans
74480: FOOT, MICHAEL - H.G. The History of Mr Wells
63308: FORBES, PATRICK - Champagne the Wine, the Land, the People
77952: FORBES, THOMAS ROGERS - Surgeons at the Bailey English Forensic Medicine to 1878
44953: FORBES, PETER - Aerial Noctiluca
65240: FORD, J. L. - Choice, Expectation and Uncertainty
72794: FORD, THOMAS - A History of Illinois
44714: FORD, THOMAS K. - The Bookbinder in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg. An Account of His Life & Times, & of His Craft
75637: FORD, J. L. - G.L. S. Shackle the Dissenting Economist's Economist
76625: FORD, J. L - Long and Short-Term Interest Rates
70735: FORD, J. L. - Long and Short-Term Interest Rates an Econometric Study
78207: FOREMAN, AMANDA - Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire
44501: FORGUE, NORMAN - Poorer Richard
44491: FORGUE, NORMAN - Fwg Tributes
49230: CHARLES R FORKER - Skull Beneath the Skin the Achievement of John Webster
63244: FORSELL, MARY - Berries Cultivation, Decoration, and Recipes
71482: FORSYTH, ANDREW - Theory of Differential Equations
67193: FORSYTH, A. R. - A Treatise on Differential Equations
76825: FORSYTH, F. G. - A Further Study of the Productivity of Large and Small Farms in Cambridgeshire
76832: FORSYTH, F. G. - A Statistical Study of the Productivity of Cambridgeshire Farms
78108: FORTUNE, STEPHEN ALEXANDER - Merchants and Jews the Struggle for British West Indian Commerce, 1650-1750
68435: FOSS, NICOLAI J. - Resources, Technology and Strategy
66702: FOSS, MURRAY F. - The U.S. National Income and Product Accounts Selected Topics
68020: FOSS, MURRAY F. - Price Measurements and Their Uses
65773: FOSSATI, ELRADO - The Theory of General Static Equilibrium
51597: FOSTER, H. LINCOLN - Cuttings from a Rock Garden Plant Portraits and Other Essays
69681: FOSTER, JOHN - Evolutionary Macroeconomics
66509: FOSTER, JOHN - Applied Evolutionary Economics and Complex Systems
78055: FOUCAULT, MICHEL - The Order of Things an Archaeology of the Human Sciences
76673: FOULKE, ROY - A Theory of Corporate Net Profits
76672: FOULKE, ROY - A Study of the Concept of National Income
76674: FOULKE, ROY - Peaks and Valleys in Wholesale Prices and Business Failures
65949: FOURCANS, ANDRE - Currency Crises a Theoretical and Empirical Perspective
59298: FOUREST, H. P.; WATSON, KATHERINE - Delftware Faience Production at Delft
56419: FOWBLE, E. MCSHERRY - Two Centuries of Prints in America, 1680-1880: A Selective Catalogue of the Winterthur Museum Collection
76273: FOWLER, HENRY W. - Contributions to the Biology of the Philippine Archipelago and Adjacent Regions
49314: FOWLER, DON D. - A Laboratory for Anthropology Science and Romanticism in the American Southwest, 1846-1930
76071: FOX, CIV CEDERING - Color Poems
68622: FOX, KARL ET AL. - The Theory of Quantitative Economic Policy with Applications to Economic Growth and Stabilization
64398: FOX, MERRITT B. - Finance and Industrial Performance in a Dynamic Economy Theory, Practice, and Policy
71944: FOX, JOSEPH - The Natural History of the Human Teeth
71945: FOX, JOSEPH - The History and Treatment of the Diseases of the Teeth, the Gums and the Alveolar Processes
70730: FOXALL, GORDON - Corporate Innovation Marketing and Strategy
72647: FOXE, JOHN & JOHN HAZEL SMITH - Two Latin Comedies Titus Et Gesippus and Christus Triumphans
72908: FRAIBERG, LOUIS - Psychoanalysis & American Criticism
74310: FRAMPTON, KENNETH - American Masterworks the Twentieth-Century House
73198: FRANCE, R. T. - Gospel Perspectives Studies of History a
77496: FRANCE, ANATOLE - La Vie Literaire
53606: FRANCES, MAUK - The English Text of the Ancrene Riwle Edited from Cotton Ms. Titus D. XVIII
69452: DI FRANCIA, GIULIANO TORALDO - The Investigation of the Physical World
74446: FRANCIS, LEE - Native Time an Historical Timeline of Native America
74797: FRANCOIS, MONIQUE-MARIE - Le Vieillard Au Fin Sourire Une Famille. Cinq Cents Ans de Petite Histoire Dans la Grande
57421: FRANK, DR. PHILIPP AND DR. RICHARD V. MISES - Die Differential Und Integralgleichungen Der Mechanik Under Physik
64370: FRANK, ROBERT H. - Distributional Consequences of Direct Foreign Investment
66358: FRANKEL, JEFFREY A. - The Internationalization of Equity Markets
66676: FRANKEL, JEFFREY A. - The Regionalization of the World Economy
64728: FRANKEL, JEFFREY - Regionalism and Rivalry Japan and the U.S. In Pacific Asia
73958: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - Painter of Rural America: William Sidney Mount
55932: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - William Sidney Mount
75062: FRANKFURTER, FELIX - The Business of the Supreme Court
48464: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Sir John Franklin's Journals and Correspondence: The First Arctic Land Expedition 1819-1822 [with] the Second Arctic Land Expedition 1825-1827
77804: FRANKLIN, MICHAEL J. - British Biscuit Tins, 1868-1939 an Aspect of Decorative Packaging
62012: FRANKS, NORMAN - Claims to Fame the Lancaster
68749: FRANSES, PHILIP HANS - Time Series Models for Business and Economic Forecasting
68903: FRANSMAN, MARTIN - Visions of Innovation the Firm and Japan
73037: FRANTZ, A DOLF INGRAM - Half a Hundred Thralls to Faust
68327: FRANZESE JR, ROBERT J. - Macroeconomic Policies of Developed Democracies
78118: FRASER, J. T. - Time, Order, Chaos Interdisciplinary Studies: Study of Time Volume IX
42645: FRASER, JAMES - John Depol a Celebration of His Work
73147: FRASER, ALEX W. - Gravestones of Glengarry Volume I (Williamstown) and Volume II
78477: FRASSANITO, WILLIAM A. - Gettysburg a Journey in Time
69304: FRAUENTHAL, JAMES C. - Mathematical Modeling in Epidemiology
74510: FRAZIER, WILLIAM - Copy of a Journal by William Frazier, Esq. Of Virginia of His Journey in the Year 1843
78461: FREEDMAN, LAWRENCE - Official History Falklands (Two Volumes)
73315: FREEDMAN, DAVID - Brownian Motion and Diffusion
75944: FREEMAN-GRENVILLE, G. S. P. - The Medieval History of the Coast of Tanganyika
52222: FREEMAN, ARTHUR - Assays of Bias
66381: FREEMAN, RICHARD B. - The Black Youth Employment Crisis
66452: FREEMAN, RICHARD B. - The Welfare State in Transition Reforming the Swedish Model
73304: FREEMAN, P. R. - Table of D and B
66371: FREEMAN, RICHARD B. - The Youth Labor Market Problem Its Nature, Causes, and Consequences
73942: FREEMAN, I. M. - The Devil's Disciples Masters of Illusion
69655: FREEMAN, CHRISTOPHER - Long Waves in the World Economy
58502: FREEMAN, JAMES A. - Milton and the Martial Muse Paradise Lost and European Traditions of War
73356: FREEMAN, EUGENE - Philosophy of Time
78303: FREEMAN, DOUGLAS - A Calendar of Confederate Papers. With a Bibliography of Some Confederate Publications
73684: FREIDEL, DAVID A. - Maya Cosmos Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path
70506: FREIDENFELDS, JOHN - Capacity Expansion Analysis of Simple Models with Applications
64516: FREILBERGER, PAUL - Fuzzy Logic
73203: FRENCH, A. D. WELD - County Records of the Surnames of Francus, Franceis, French, in England A.D. 1100-1350
71486: FRENCH, PETER - Studies in Essentialism
69737: FRENKEL, JACOB - Fiscal Policies and the World Economy
66425: FRENKEL, JACOB A. - International Aspects of Fiscal Policies
75699: FRESE, MICHAEL - Success and Failure of Microbusiness Owners in Africa a Psychological Approach
50146: FRETWELL, BARRY - Clematis
78351: FREUD, MARTIN - Glory Reflected
72961: FREUD, ANNA - Difficulties in the Path of Psychoanalysis
71983: FREUD, SIGMUND - Collected Papers
67130: FREUDENTHAL, HANS - Mathematics Observed
64929: FREUDENTHAL, HANS - The Concept and the Role of the Model in Mathematics and Natural and Social Sciences
72033: FREUND, GISELE & RICHARD ELLMAN - Three Days with Joyce
77945: FREUND, PETER G. O. - Quanta Collection of Papers Dedicated to Gregor Wentzel
60108: FREUNDLICH, AUGUST - William Gropper: Retrospective
64626: FREY, BRUNO S. - Economics As a Science of Human Behaviour Towards a New Social Science Paradigm
67804: FREY, BRUNO S. - Inspiring Economics Human Motivation in Political Economy
76042: FREY, BRUNO S. - International Political Economics
71525: FRICKEY, EDWIN - Production in the United States 1860-1914
70799: FRIDAY, FRANK A. - The Elements of Probability and Sampling
74932: FRIED, CHARLES - An Anatomy of Values Problems of Personal and Social Choice
55746: FRIEDLAENDER, WALTER - David to Delacroix
48837: FRIEDLAENDER, WALTER - David to Delacroix
51442: FRIEDLAND, ROGER - The Fellowship the Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship
68585: FRIEDLANDER, ANN FETTER - The Interstate Highway System a Study in Public Investment
68555: FRIEDMAN, BENJAMIN M. - Economic Stabilization Policy Methods in Optimization
66391: FRIEDMAN, BENJAMIN M. - Financing Corporate Capital Formation
66383: FRIEDMAN, BENJAMIN M. - Changing Role of Debt and Equity in Financing United States Capital Formation
68825: FRIEDMAN, JAMES - Oligopoly Theory
66382: FRIEDMAN, BENJAMIN M. - Corporate Capital Structures in the United States
77502: FRIEDMAN, MILTON & ANNA J. SCHWARTZ - Monetary Trends in the United States and the United Kingdom Their Relation to Income, Prices, and Interest Rates, 1867-1975
78637: FRIEDMAN, MILTON - A Monetary History of the United States 1867-1960
78638: FRIEDMAN, MILTON & ANNA J. SCHWARTZ - Monetary Statistics of the United States Estimates, Sources, Methods
72324: FRIEDRICH, CASPAR DAVID VON - Das Gesamte Graphische Werk. , Nachwort Von Hans H. Hofstätter
73160: FRIEDRICH, CARL JOACHIM - The Philosophy of Law in Historical Perspective
69490: FRISCH, HELMUT - Theories of Inflation
76558: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Some Basic Principles of Price of Living Measurements Memorandum, Institute of Economics, University of Oslo, 25 June, 1953
70847: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Theory of Production
76556: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Partial Time Regressions As Compared with Individual Trends
76559: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Price-Wage-Tax-Subsidy Policies As Instruments in Maintaining Optimal Empolyment Memorandum, Institute of Economics, University of Oslo, 12, February, 1953
68985: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Theory of Production
76552: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Changing Harmonics and Other General Types of Components in Empirical Series
76551: FRISCH, RAGNAR - New Methods of Measuring Marginal Utility
70817: FRISCH, HELMUT (ED. ) - Schumpeterian Economics
76560: FRISCH, RAGNAR - A Survey of Types of Economic Forecasting and Programming and a Brief Description of the Oslo Channel Model Memorandum, Institute of Economics, University of Oslo, 13, May, 1961
76553: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Economic Planning and the Growth Problem in Developing Countries
76554: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Numerical Determination of a Quadratic Preference Function for Use in Macroeconomic Programming
76555: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Generaliteies on Planning
69018: FRISCH, R. & F. LONG - Economic Planning Studies
76557: FRISCH, RAGNAR - Work Done and Work Planned of Repercusion Studies at the University Institute of Economics, Oslo
72003: FROME, ALLAN - Our Appalachia an Oral History
70515: FROMM, GARY - The Brookings Model Perspective and Recent Developments
66357: FROOT, KENNETH A. - Foreign Direct Investment
60360: FROST, LOWELL C. - Poems of Hua Lo
66769: FROWEN, STEPHEN F. - Hayek the Economist and Social Philosopher a Critical Retrospect
73740: FRUECHTENICHT, DOROTHEA MARIE - The Study of African Negro Wood Carvings from Certain Tribes in French West Africa and the Belgian Congo Region a Study Submitted to Dr. Ulrich A. Middeldorf and the Faculty of the Division of the Humanities in Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Arts, Department of Art
45017: FRUGE, AUGUST - Harlan Kessel: Some Remarks About. Made on the Occasion of His Early Retirement from the University of California Press on 15 February 1985
49537: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - Can You Find Me a Family History
58838: FRYBERGER, BETSY G. - The Changing Garden Four Centuries of European and American Art
66609: FRYDMAN, ROMAN - Individual Forecasting and Aggregate Outcomes 'Rational Expectations' Examined
71652: FRYER, FORREST W. - An Evaluation of Level of Aspiration As a Training Procedure
75678: FU, TSU-TAN - Economic Efficiency and Productivity Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region
55755: FUCHS, RUDI - Flemish and Dutch Painting : From Van Gogh, Ensor, Magritte, Mondrian to Contemporary Artists
68212: FUHRER, JEFF - Understanding Inflation and the Implications for Monetary Policy a Phillips Curve Retrospective
53747: (COLANI, LUIGI) FUJIMOTO, AKIRA - Luigi Colani Part 2 for a Brighter Tomorrow
65563: FUJITA, MASAHISA - Economics of Agglomeration Cities, Industrial Location, and Regional Growth
75704: FUJITA, MASAHISA - Urban Economic Theory Land Use and City Size
78563: FULCHER, JANE F. - French Cultural Politics and Music from the Dreyfus Affair to the First World War
66763: FULLBROOK, EDWARD - Intersubjectivity in Economics Agents and Structures
74540: FULLER, J. F. C. - The Decisive Battles of the Western World
65920: FULLERTON, DON - The Distribution of Tax Burdens
69622: FUNKE, URSULA - Mathematical Models in Marketing a Collection of Abstracts
44530: FUNNELL, WILLIAM - A Voyage Round the World. Containing an Account of Captain Dampier's Expedition Into the South-Seas in the Ship St. George, in the Years 1703 and 1704
49435: FURDELL, ELIZABETH LANE - James Welwood Physician to the Glorious Revolution
53647: FURNIVALL, FREDERICK ED. - Child-Marriages, Divorces, and Ratifications
67946: GEORGE M. VON FURSTENBERG - Series on Capital Investment and Saving Vol. 1-3 Social Security Versus Private Saving, Government and Capital Formation and Capital, Efficiency and Growth
72483: FURTWANGLER, ALBERT - Assassin on Stage
78120: FYFE, W. S. - Metamorphic Reactions and Metamorphic Facies
69951: FYVIE, JOHN - Noble Dames and Notable Men of the Georgian Era
63375: GABLER, JAMES M. - Wine Into Words a History and Bibliography of Wine Books in the English Language
50781: GABLER, JAMES M. - Wine Into Words
78231: GAD, FINN & GORDON C. BOWDEN - History of Greenland, 1700-1782
48821: GADD, DAVID - Georgian Summer Bath in the Eighteenth Century
73249: GAHLEN, GUNDULA - Das Bayerische Offizierskorps 1815-1866
75830: GAIRDNER, JAMES - History of the Life and Reign of Richard the Third, to Which Is Added the Story of Perkin Warbeck, from Original Documents
70608: GALATIN, M. - Economies of Scale and Technological Change in Thermal Power Generation
55739: GALAVARIS, GEORGE - Icons from the Elvehjem Art Center
66723: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Economics of Innocent Fraud Truth for Our Time
68974: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - A Journey Through Economic Time
78083: GALBRAITH, K. JOHN - The Affluent Society
70023: GALE, NORMAN - Orchard Songs
69563: GALE, DOUGLAS - Money
69564: GALE, DOUGLAS - Money in Disequilibrium
66664: GALEOTTI, GIANLUIGI - Competition and Structure the Political Economy of Collective Decisions: Essays in Honor of Albert Breton
67395: GALLAGHER, LIAM A. - Speculation and Financial Markets (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics 2-Volume Set
76383: CARRIE SECRIST GALLERY - Amused Humor in Contemporary Art
57895: THE LEFEVRE GALLERY - Oil Paintings and Watercolours by Wassily Kandinsky
63286: GALLI, FRANCO - The IL Fornaio Baking Book Sweet and Savory Recipes from the Italian Kitchen
75785: GALLICO, CLAUDIO - Girolamo Frescobaldi L'Affetto, L'Ordito, le Metamorfosi
73073: GALLOWAY, DAVID - The Elizabethan Theatre III
52076: GALLUP, DONALD - On Contemporary Bibliography
72162: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Forsyte Saga
52565: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Man of Property
66006: GAMBLE, ANDREW - The Political Economy of the Company
48905: GAMBONE, ROBERT L. - Art and Popular Religion in Evangelical America, 1915-1940
73318: GANI, J. ET AL. (EDS) - Progress in Statistics
76486: GANSON, LEWIS - The Crabtree Connection
58984: GANZEL, DEWEY - Fortune and Men's Eyes the Career of John Payne Collier
68923: GAPINSKI, JAMES - Essays in Post-Keynesian Inflation
48422: GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON ED. - Notes of the Debates in the House of the Lords Officially Taken by Henry Elsing, Clerk of the Parliments, A.D. 1621
51547: GARDINER, LESLIE - Lunardi the Story of Vincenzo Lunardi
50056: GARDINER, JAMES M. - Magnolias
50055: GARDINER, J. M. - Magnolias Their Care and Cultivation
65769: GARDLUND, TORSTEN - The Life of Knut Wicksell
71966: GARDNER, MARTIN - Wheels, Life and Other Mathematical Amusements
53718: GARDNER, MR. JOHN - The Construction of Christian Poetry in Old English
62740: GARDNER, ED - The Pennsylvania Railroad Timetables 1944 to 1946
73032: GARELLI, PAUL - Les Assyriens en Cappadoce
71422: GARFIELD, EUGENE - Essays of an Information Scientist Volume 1-8
75162: GARNER, PHILIPPE - The Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts, 1890-1940
75336: GARNER, PHILIPPE - Emile Galle
68893: GARNETT JR, ROBERT F - What Do Economists Know? New Economics of Knowledge
64535: GARONNA, P. - Economic Models of Trade Unions
44789: GARRETT, CHARLOTTE - Presences Poems
40966: GARRISON, WILLIAM - Thoughts on African Colonization
72125: GARRISON, WILLIAM LLOYD - The Letters of William Lloyd Garrison: Six Volumes I Will Be Heard!: 1822-1835
66712: GARROD, GUY - Economic Valuation of the Environment Methods and Case Studies
64528: GARVEY, GEORGE E. - Economic Law and Economic Growth Antitrust, Regulation, and the American Growth System
72581: GARVIN, JOHN - James Joyce's Disunited Kingdom and the Irish Dimension
51903: GASKILL, BILL - Frederick W. Beinecke a Monograph
77730: GASKILL, CYNTHIA - The Glamour of Childhood Days Alexander's Elegant Ladies
77685: GASKILL, CYNTHIA - Classic Plastic Dolls 1945 - 1965
77688: GASKILL, CYNTHIA - More American Dolls from the Post-War Era 1945-1965
77768: GASKILL, CYNTHIA - The Kewpie Kompanion a Kompendium of Kewpie Knowledge
77770: GASKILL, CYNTHIA - The Buggy Book a Pictorial Guide to a Century of Carriages
65955: GASSLER, ROBERT SCOTT - Beyond Profit and Self-Interest Economics with a Broader Scope
73827: GATCH, MILTON MCC - The Library of Leander Van Ess and the Earliest American Collections of Reformation Pamphlets
72687: GATES, ROBERT J. - Awntyrs Off Arthure at the Terne Wathelyne a Critical Edition
50737: GATTEY, CHARLES - Foie Gras and Trumpets
78614: GAUS, CARL - Untersuchungen Uber Hohere Arithmetik
71703: GAYER, ARTHUR D. - Public Works in Prosperity and Depression
68529: GEARY, R. C. - Europe's Future in Figures
76777: GEARY, R. C. - Determination of Linear Relations between Systematic Parts of Variables with Errors of Observation the Variances of Which Are Unknown
76773: GEARY, R. C. - Studies in Relations between Economic Time Series
72418: GEBHARD, ELIZABETH - Theatre at Isthmia
51492: GEELHAAR, CHRISTIAN - Klee Dessins
65777: GEEST, GERRIT DE & ROGER VAN DEN BERGH - Comparative Law and Economics
59007: GEISON, GERALD L. - Professions and the French State, 1700-1900
73979: GELB, A. , ET AL - Psychologische Forschung Zeitschrift Fur Psychologie Und Ihre Grenzwissenschaften
45343: GELDER, ROBERT VAN - An Interview with Archibald Macleish
74350: HENRY GELDZAHLER - Chihuly Color, Glass, and Form
64785: GELERNTER, DAVID - Mirror Worlds or: The Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox... How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean
70227: GELFAND, I. M. - Library of School Mathematics Three Volumes: Method of Coordinates, Functions and Graphs, Sequences, Combinations, Limits
72256: GELFAND, MICHAEL - Gubulawayo and Beyond Letters and Journals of the Jesuit Missionaries to Zambesia 1879-1187
72014: GELSINGER, BRUCE E - Icelandic Enterprise Commerce and Economy in the Middle Ages
44154: GEMINIANO, FOLGORE DA SAN - Of the Months: XII Sonnets
50316: GENDERS, ROY - Bulbs a Complete Handbook
51506: GENUTH, SARA SCHECHNER - Comets, Popular Culture, and the Birth of Modern Cosmology
52040: GENZ, MARCELLA D. - A History of the Eragny Press, 1894-1914
69659: GEORGE, DONALD A. R. - Surveys in Economic Growth Theory and Empirics
69090: GEORGE, FRANK HONYWILL - The Foundations of Cybernetics
52346: GEORGE, J. N. - English Guns and Rifles
71202: GEORGIADIS, HOURMOUZIS - Balance of Payments Equilibrium
55940: GERDTS, WILLIAM H. - Lasting Impressions: American Painters in France, 1865-1915
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77172: HILE, STEVE - Rock Island Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
59826: HILER, HILAIRE AND MEYER - Bibliography of Costume a Dictionary Catalog of About Eight Thousand Books and Periodicals
70209: HILL, CONSTANCE - The House in St. Martin's Street
50142: HILL, LEWIS - Bulbs Four Seasons of Beautiful Blooms
49444: HILL, C. - A Nation of Change and Novelty Politics, Religion and Literature in Seventeenth Century England
51677: HILL, W. DOUGLAS P. - The Idylls of Theocritus in English Verse
72254: HILLABY, JOHN D - A Walk Through Europe
64132: HILLE, EINAR & ROBERT R. KALLMAN - Einar Hille Selected Papers: Classical Analysis and Functional Analysis
72959: HILLERBRAND, H. J. - Die Politische Ethik Des Oberdeutschen Taufertums
64951: HILLIER, BRIAN - The Macroeconomic Debate Models of the Closed and Open Economy
68551: HILLIER, F. S. - The Evaluation of Risky Interrelated Investments
55572: HILLIER, JACK - Suzuki Harunobu a Selection of His Color Prints and Illustrated Books
55574: HILLIER, JACK - The Japanese Picture Book: A Selection from the Ravicz Collection
55592: HILLIER, JACK - Suzuki Harunobu a Selection of His Color Prints and Illustrated Books
55601: HILLIER, JACK - The Japanese Picture Book: A Selection from the Ravicz Collection
44444: HILLIS, JOSEPH - Festival of Poems
60604: HILPRECHT, H. V. (ED. ) - The Babylonian Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania
71894: HILTON, KENNETH (ED) - The Econometric Study of the United Kingdom Proceedings of the 1969 Southampton Conference on Short-Run Econometric Models of the U.K. Economy
62710: HILTON, GEORGE - The Toledo, Port Clinton and Lakeside Railway
49621: HIMMELFARB, GERTRUDE - Marriage and Morals Among the Victorians
44739: HINES, LAURENCE - A Pilgrimage to Hingham
67897: HINICH, MELVIN J. - Ideology and the Theory of Political Choice
67127: HINKLE, ROSCOE C. - Founding Theory of American Sociology, 1881-1915
64133: HIRONAKA, H. & D. MUMFORD - Oscar Zariski Collected Papers
63292: HIRSCH, DAVID - Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden
69651: HIRSCH, BARRY T. - The Economic Analysis of Unions New Approaches and Evidence
64615: HIRSCH, ABRAHAM - Milton Friedman Economics in Theory and Practice
71696: HIRSCH, LEON V. - Marketing in an Underdeveloped Economy the North Indian Sugar Industry
75511: HIRSHMAN, ALBERT O. - The Passions and the Interests Political Arguments for Capitalism Before Its Triumph
64663: HIRST, KEITH EDWIN - Conceptual Models in Mathematics
53668: HITCHCOCK, ELSIE ED. - The Lyfe of Sir Thomas Moore, Knighte
73783: HITCHCOCK, PHIL - Jian Wang: Two Decades in America
51596: HITSCHMANN, EDUARD - Freud's Theories of the Neuroses
51114: HLLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, J. O. F. R. S. - Memoranda on All's Well That Ends Well, the Two Gentlemen of Verona, Much Ado About Nothing, and on Titus Andronicus
58131: HOBBS, ROBERT - Robert Smithon Sculpture
66750: HOBBS, JILL E - The Economics of Biotechnology
51716: HOBHOUSE, L. T. - Sociology and Philosophy
65046: HOBSON, JOHN ATKINSON - Confessions of an Economic Heretic the Autobiography of J.A. Hobson
71662: HOBSON, J. A. - The Industrial System an Inquiry Into Earned and Unearned Income
68410: HOCHBERG, HERBERT IRVING - Thought, Fact, and Reference the Origins and Ontology of Logical Atomism

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