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QD1584: GERALD R. FORD AUTOGRAPH ON COVER TIME MAGAZINE 1976. - Time Magazine August 9, 1976.
103274: - The Mentor, January 1929. (Magazine)
103273: - The Mentor, October 1927. (Magazine)
103269: - The Mentor, May 1927. (Magazine)
103270: - The Mentor, September 1927. (Magazine)
312256: - Swedish Evangelical Mission Congregational Church, Fiftieth Anniversary 1895-1945.
103271: - The Mentor, November 1927. Magazine)
312283: - A History of the Philosophical Society of Texas 1837 - 1987.
500401: - Journey to Texas 1833
312254: - The Southwestern Historical Quarterly. April 1964.
124808: - Mother Goose Rhymes.
500350: - Highways & Byways of the Mississippi Valley
310810: - Roof over Britain. The Official Story of Britain's Anti-Aircraft Defences 1939-1942.
311263: - Of Maps and Mapping.
103275: - The Mentor, December 1928. (Magazine)
QD519: - Kommando. Hitler's Special Forces in the Second World War.
500028: - Hard Choices.
500281: - Wings over America Bergstrom Field
124693: - Tales of the Wichitas.
121953: - Andersonville Prison and Captain Henry Wirz Trial.
312487: - The Legend of the Lone Ranger Storybook.
QD1943: - The Adventures and Recollections of General Walter P. Lane, a San Jacinto Veteran, Containing Sketches of the Texian, Mexican, and Late Wars, with Several Indian Fights Thrown in.
123848: - Oatmeals. The New Old-Fashioned Way to Eat.
500628: - The New Texas School Reader
123815: - On My Honor. Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting for.
500559: ABBOTT, GREG - Broken But Unbowed
103929: ABEL, ANNIE HELOISE, EDITOR. - Tabeau's Narrative of Loisel's Expedition to the Upper Missouri.
310169: ABERNATHY, FRANCIS EDWARD, EDITOR. - Hoein' the Short Rows.
310170: ABERNATHY, FRANCIS EDWARD, EDITOR. - Paisanos. A Folklore Miscellany.
310177: ABERNATHY, FRANCIS EDWARD, EDITOR. - Observations & Reflections on Texas Folklore.
124104: ABRAMSON, JEFFREY. - Minerva's Owl. The Tradition of Western Political Thought.
124915: ABZUG, ROBERT H. - Inside the Vicious Heart. Americans and the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps.
312616: ACKERLEY, J. R. - My Dog Tulip. Life with an Alsatian.
310394: ADAIR, A. GARLAND, EDITOR. - Texas Heritage Featuring the United States and Confederate States. Texas Senators and Other Texana.
313883: ADAMS, FRANKIE V. - Soulcraft. Sketches on Negro-White Relations Designed to Encourage Friendship.
QD1039: ADAMS, J. Q. - Arms and the Wizard. Loyd George and the Ministry of Munitions, 1915 - 1916.
104029: ADAMS, RAMON F. , EDITOR. - The Best of the American Cowboy.
500014: ADAMS, RAMON FREDERICK. - The Cowman Says It Salty.
310782: ADAMS, RAMON F. - More Burs Under the Saddle. Books and Histories of the West.
QD2023: ADAMS, RAMON F. - The Old - Time Cowhand.
313190: ADAMS, ANDY. EDITED BY WILSON M. HUDSON. - The Corporal Segundo.
122786: ADAMSON, GIL. - The Outlander.
123058: ADAMSON, GIL. - The Outlander.
310747: ADCOCK, THOMAS. - Grief Street. A Neil Hockaday Mystery.
125383: AGEE, JON. (SIGNED) . - Nothing.
311575: AGOR, WESTON H. - The Chilean Senate. Internal Distribution of Influence.
500242: ALBERT, SUSAN WITTIG. - Hangman's Root. A China Bayles Mystery.
123381: ALDRIDGE, ALAN AND WILLIAM PLOMER. - The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast.
500571: ALDRIDGE, ALAN - The Ships Sea
500421: ALESHIRE, PETER - Cochise the Life and Times of the Great Apache Chief
310309: ALEXANDER, E. P. - Iron Horses. American Locomotives 1829-1900.
124363: ALEXANDER, BOB. - Winchester Warriors. Texas Rangers of Company D, 1874 - 1901
122404: ALEXANDER, BOB. - Dangerous Dan Tucker. New Mexico's Deadly Lawman.
123916: ALEXANDER, BOB. - Winchester Warriors. Texas Rangers of Company D, 1874 - 1901.
500428: ALEXANDER, BOB. - Lynch Ropes & Lang Shots
QD1754: ALLEN, WARREN DWIGHT. - Philosophies of Music History.
103522: ALLEN, RICHARD SANDERS. - Revolution in the Sky: Those Fabulous Lockheeds - the Pilots Who Flew Them.
121401: ALLEN, JOHN. - Rabble - Rouser for Peace. The Authorized Biography of Desmond Tutu.
310760: ALLEN, HERVEY. - Toward the Morning.
123211: ALLEN, HOLLIS G. - The Lost Battalion.
122541: VAN ALLSBURG, CHRIS. - The Z Was Zapped. A Play in Twenty-Six Acts.
122915: ALLSBURG, CHRIS VAN. - Probuditi !
311395: ALLSBURG, CHRIS VAN. - The Wretched Stone.
121542: ALLSBURG, CHRIS VAN. - Bad Day at Riverbend.
123209: ALTER, JUDY AND JOYCE GIBSON ROACH. - Texas and Christmas. A Collection of Traditions, Memories, and Folklore.
124109: ALTHER, LISA. - Blood Feud. The Hatfields & the Mccoys the Epic Story of Murder & Vengeance.
312020: L'AMOUR, LOUIS. - The Hills of Homicide.
QD1817: ANDERSON, CHARLES C. - Deep Creek Merchant. The Story of William Henry Pete Snyder.
103249: ANDERSON, CHARLES B. - Bookselling in America and the World. Some Observations & Recollections.
310174: ANDERSON, JOHN Q. - Texas Folk Medicine. 1, 333 Cures, Remedies, Preventives, & Health Practices.
123088: ANDERSON, MASTER EDWARD CLIFFORD. W. STANLEY HOOLE FOREWORD AND AFTERWORD. - Florida Territory in 1844. The Diary of Master Edward Clifford Anderson, Usn.
124840: ANDERSON. , M. T. (SIGNED) . PETRA MATHERS ILLUSTRATOR. - Strange Mr. Satie.
QD890: ANDREWS, RALPH W. - Indians As the Westerners Saw Them.
125519: ANGELINA COUNTY HISTORICAL SURVEY COMMITTEE. BOB BOWMAN, EDITOR. - Land of the Little Angel: A History of Angelina County, Texas.
QD851: ANGLE, PAUL M. , EDITOR. - Pioneers. Narratives of Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning 1825 - 1865.
QD1925: ANGLE, PAUL M. , EDITOR - Pioneers. Narratives of Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning, 1825 - 1865.
QD83: ANGLE, PAUL M. - One Hundred Years of Law. 1828 - 1928.
122427: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH. - In a Pumpkin Shell. A Mother Goose ABC.
122426: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH. - Morning Is a Little Child.
123001: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH. - Love Is a Special Way of Feeling,
122438: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH. - A Slice of Snow. A Book of Poems.
123774: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH. - Childhood Is a Time of Innocence.
122204: ANONYMOUS. - Lives, Adventures, Exploits of Frank and Jessie James.
QD1071: APULEIUS, LUCIUS. (RETOLD BY WALTER PATER) . - The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche.
313942: APY, DEBORAH. ILLUSTRATED BY MICHAEL HAGUE. - Beauty and the Beast.
123691: ARAGON, CARLA. KATHY DEE SAVILLE, ILLUSTRATOR. - Dance of the Eggshells. Baile de Cascarones.
123475: ARCHER, JULES. - The Plot to Seize the White House.
312402: ARCT, B. - Prisoner of War. My Secret Journal.
121655: ARCT, B. - Prisoner of War. My Secret Journal.
124228: ARIENS, MICHAEL. - Lone Star Law. A Legal History of Texas.
122389: ARMSTRONG, FRANK H. , EDITOR. - The Lst Cavalry Division and Their 8th Engineers in Korea. America's Silent Generation at War.
311443: SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF ART. - Dr. Seuss from Then to Now.
QD611: ASIMOV, ISAAC. - Isaac Asimov Presents the Best Science Fiction Firsts.
QD610: ASIMOV, ISAAC. - Fantastic Voyage II. Destination Brain.
122029: ASKINS, COLONEL CHARLES. - The African Hunt.
311457: MISSISSIPPI VALLEY HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review. A Journal of American History. September 1962.
311458: MISSISSIPPI VALLEY HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review. A Journal of American History. March 1962.
123021: THE TEXAS STATE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. - The Southwestern Historical Quarterly. January, 1967.
123717: SAYERSVILLE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. - Sayersville Historical Association Bulletin. Number 9, Spring 1991.
311459: MISSISSIPPI VALLEY HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. - The Mississippi Valley Historical Review. A Journal of American History. March 1961.
123292: ATKINS, ACE. - Infamous.
122315: ATKINSON, DEBORAH TURRELL. - Fire Prayer.
310658: ATKINSON, RICK. - An Army at Dawn. The War in North Africa, 1942-1943. Volume 1.
QD1047: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS. - Watchfires. A Novel of the CIVIL War.
QD1676: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS. - Exit Lady Masham.
311182: AUDUBON, J. J. - Favorite Animals of America.
QD275: AUSTIN, MARY. - The Land of Little Rain.
123124: VARIOUS AUTHORS. - The Big Book for Peace.
123382: VARIOUS AUTHORS. - The Big Book for Peace.
122990: AVI. - The Book without Words. A Fable of Medieval Magic.
123285: AVI. - Crispin: At the Edge of the World.
310753: AVRICH, PAUL. - Sacco and Vanzetti. The Anarchist Background.
121532: AYERS, BRADLEY E. - The Zenith Secret. A Cia Insider Exposes the Secret War Against Cuba and the Plot That Killed the Kennedy Brothers.
122118: BACH, L. S. - Going Home. A Pow's Journey Back from Germany.
QD910: BACON, MARGARET HOPE. - Rebellion at Christiana.
122293: BADEN, MICHAEL AND LINDA KENNEY. - Remain's Silent.
125520: BAGUR, JACQUES D. (SIGNED) . - Antebellum Jefferson, Texas: Everyday Life in an East Texas Town.
313964: BAIGENT, MICHAEL. - The Jesus Papers. Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History.
313613: BAILEY, ANNE J. , EDITOR. - In the Saddle with the Texans. Day - by - Day with Parson's Cavalry Brigade, 1862-1865.
123005: BAILEY, ANNE J. - The Chessboard of War. Sherman and Hood in the Autumn Campaigns of 1864.
122210: BAKER, NICHOLSON. - Human Smoke. The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization.
312185: BAKER, JAMES ROBERTS. - Fuel - Injected Dreams.
QD270: BALCH, FREDERIC HOMER. - The Bridge of the Gods. A Romance of Indian Oregon.
125514: BALL, EVE. - Ma'Am Jones of the Pecos
310670: BALLOU, M. M. - Footprints of Travel. F
500409: BALTIMORE. - The Battle of Jackson, May 14, 1863
123034: BANG, MOLLY. - Nobody Particular. One Woman's Fight to Save the Bays.
312948: BANG, MOLLY. - The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher.
122418: BANG, MOLLY. - The Buried Moon and Other Stories.
313542: BANKS, LYNNE REID. - The Magic Hare.
312175: BANNING, KENDALL. - Submarine! the Story of Undersea Fighters.
121502: BARKER, EUGENE. - The Life of Stephen F. Austin. Founder of Texas. 1793 - 1836.
313695: BARKER, CICELY MARY. - A World of Flower Fairies.
122156: BARKER, CICELY MARY. - Flower Fairies of the Spring.
122157: BARKER, CICELY MARY. - Flower Fairies of the Summer.
122158: BARKER, CICELY MARY. - A Little Book of Old Rhymes.
123831: BARKLEY, MARY STARR. - A History of Central Texas.
QD1316: BARLONE, D. - A French Officer's Diary (23 August 1939 to 1 October 1940) .
122685: BARNES, PETER W. AND CHERYL SHAW BARNES. - Marshall, the Courthouse Mouse, a Tail of the U.S. Supreme Court.
313520: BARNES, THOMAS G. , EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION. - The Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts.
500512: BARNES, CHERYL SHAW. - Alexander, the Old Town Mouse.
311470: BARNES, ANNIE MARIA. - Izilda: A Story of Brazil.
122241: BARNETT, CORRELLI. - The Desert Generals.
310821: BARNS, FLORENCE ELBERTA. - Texas Writers of Today.
122838: BARTLETT, ALLISON HOOVER. - The Man Who Loved Books Too Much. The Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession.
123032: BASS, DONNA. BRUCE MCNALLY ILLUSTRATOR. - The Tale of the Dark Crystal.
121560: BASSETT, LISA. - Very Truly Yours, Charles L. Dodgson, Alias Lewis Carroll.
125404: BATE, W. N. (SIGNED) . - Frontier Legend. Texas Finale of Capt. Wm. F. Drannan Pseudo Frontier of Kit Carson.
QD926: BAU, JOSEPH. - Dear God, Have You Ever Gone Hungary? Memoirs by Joseph Bau.
QD2034: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES. - Flowers of Evil.
311008: BAUER, CHARLES J. - So I Killed Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth.
313164: BAUM, ROGER S. - The Silly Ozbul of Oz and Toto.
121415: BAUM, L. FRANK. MICHAEL HAGUE ILLUSTRATOR. - The Wizard of Oz. 100th Anniversary Edition.
122257: BAUM, L. FRANK. MAXFIELD PARRISH ILLUSTRATOR. - Mother Goose in Prose.
122362: BAUM, ROGER S. - The Silly Ozbuls of Oz.
122409: BAUM, ROGER S. RONIT BERKOVITS ILLUSTRATOR. - Toto in Candy Land of Oz.
123851: BAUMAN, JON R. - Santa Fe Passage.
123814: BAY, AUSTIN. - Ataturk.
123870: BAY, AUSTIN. - Ataturk.
312764: BEDFORD, ANNIE NORTH. - Walt Disney's Mary Poppins.
123793: BEGAY, SHONTO. - Maii and Cousin Horned Toad. A Traditional Navajo Story.
77071: BELDEN, GEORGE P. - Belden, the White Chief; or, Twelve Years Among the Wild Indians of the Plains.
QD124: BELL, NANCY. - Biggie and the Mangled Mortician.
310127: BELL, NANCY. - Biggie and the Poisoned Politician.
310435: BELL, J. SNOWDEN. - The Baldwin Locomotive Works. The Development of the Eight Driving Wheel Locomotive.
313989: BELLAMY, DAVID. - The River.
122482: BELLI, MARVIN M. WITH MAURICE C. CARROLL. - Dallas Justice. The Real Story of Jack Ruby and His Trial.
123610: BENJAMIN, MELANIE. - Alice, I Have Known.
125509: BENN, JAMES R. - The Blind Goddess. A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery.
311491: BENNETT, PATRICK. - Talking with Texas Writers Twelve Interviews.
123054: BENSON, MICHAEL. - Who's Who in the Jfk Assassination. An a to Z Encyclopedia.
122248: BERGERON, ARTHUR W. , JR. - Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units, 1861 - 1865.
QD1049: BERGERON, ARTHUR W. , JR. - The CIVIL War Reminiscences of Major Silas T. Grisamore, C.S. A.
310350: BERKELEY, EDMUND AND DOROTHY SMITH BERKELEY. - George William Featherstonhaugh. The First U.S. Government Geologist.
103917: BERNIER, OLIVIER. - Lafayette. Hero of Two Worlds.
500151: BERRY, MARGARET C. - Brick by Golden Brick: A History of Campus Buildings at the University of Texas at Austin, 1883-1993
310156: BERRY, ROTHA MCCLAIN. - Swift Deer-the Navajo.
122097: BERRY, STEVE. - The Third Secret.
122099: BERRY, STEVE. - The Romanov Prophecy.
122738: BERRY, WILLIAM A. WITH JAMES EDWIN ALEXANDER. - Prisoner of the Rising Sun.
313290: BERRY, A. J. - Henry Cavendish. His Life and Scientific Work.
124939: BERRY, STEVE - The Venetian Betrayal
122044: BERRY, STEVE. - The Templar Legacy.
125217: BERTRAND, HELEN. (SIGNED) . - Dear Charlotte.
124254: BICKNELL, ANNE GUTHRIE. - Flower Folk.
123417: BILDNER, PHIL. C. F. PAYNE, ILLUSTRATOR. - Turkey Bowl.
121501: BINKLEY, WILLIAM C. - The Texas Revolution.
122772: BIRD, KERMIT MOLYNEUX, EDITOR. - Quill of the Wild Goose. CIVIL War Letters and Diaries of Private Joel Molyneux, 141st Pennsylvania Volunteers.
310228: BISHOP, CURTIS. - Lots of Land.
311859: BISHOP, CURTIS. - By Way of Wyoming.
122612: BJORK, CHRISTINA AND INGA-KARIN ERIKSSON. - The Other Alice. The Story of Alice Liddell and Alice in Wonderland.
311904: BLACK, LIONEL. - Arafat Is Next!
121615: BLAIR, WILLIAM ALAN, EDITOR. - A Politician Goes to War. The CIVIL War Letters of John White Geary.
311693: BLAKE, MICHAEL. - Airman Mortensen.
310282: BLAKE, WILLIAM. - Jerusalem.
QD664: BLANCHARD, PETER, EDITOR. - Markham in Peru. The Travels of Clements R. Markham, 1852 - 1853.
122489: BLOCK, LAWRENCE. - The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams.
500537: BLODGETT, DOROTHY BLODGETT, TERRELL SCOTT, DAVID L. - The Land , the Law, and the Lord: The Life of Pat Neff
311540: BLOUNT, MARGARET. - Animal Land. The Creatures of Children's Fiction.
121984: BLUNT, WILFRID SCAWEN. - Secret History of the English Occupation of Egypt. Being a Personal Narrative of Events.
500519: BLYTON, GRID - The Magic Faraway Tree
310226: BOATRIGHT, MODY C. - Folk Laughter on the American Frontier.
102904: BOATRIGHT, MODY C. J. FRANK DOBIE, GENERAL EDITOR. - Gib Morgan. Minstrel of the Oil Fields.
QD1351: BODE, WINSTON. - J. Frank Dobie: A Portrait of Pancho.
500560: BOESSENECKER, JOHN. - Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, the Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde
122095: BOLTON, HERBERT EUGENE. - Rim of Christendom. A Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino, Pacific Coast Pioneer.
121447: BOLTON, HERBERT EUGENE. - Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century. Studies in Spanish Colonial History and Administration.
QD103: BOND, MARSHALL, JR. - Gold Hunter, the Adventures of Marshall Bond.
103942: BONE, JOHN HERBERT ALOYSIUS. - The Indian Captive: A Narrative of the Adventures & Sufferings of Matthew Brayton, in His Thirty-Four Years of Captivity Among the Indians of Northwestern America.
124819: BONEY, F. N. - Rebel Georgia.
313030: BOROWITZ, ALBERT. - The Jack the Ripper Walking Tour Murder.
311145: BOURGEOIS, FLORENCE. - Trailer Dog Trix and Nancy.
313977: BOWEN, GARY. - Stranded at Plimoth Plantation 1626.
122167: BOWERMAN, GUY EMERSON, JR. EDITED BY MARK C. CARNES. - The Compensations of War. The Diary of an Ambulance Driver During the Great War.
313191: BOWMAN, MARTIN W. - Home by Christmas? the Story of Us Airmen at War.
500455: BRACKEN, HARRY M. - The Early Reception of Berkeley's Immaterialism 1710-1733.
310451: BRACKENRIDGE HOSPITAL OF AUSTIN, TEXAS. - The Good Life in Austin. A Brief History of Brackenridge Hospital.
500615: BRACKENRIDGE, WILLIAM M. - Helldorado
314020: BRADBURY, RAY. - Ahmed and the Oblivion Machines.
103810: BRADFORD, SAX. LESLEY BIRD SIMPSON. - Spain in the World.
QD538: BRADFORD, JAMES C. - Captains of the Old Steam Navy. Makers of the American Naval Tradition 1840-1880.
312019: BRADLEY, DAVID. - No Place to Hide.
121938: BRADLEY, JAMES. - Flags of Our Fathers.
121642: BRADLEY, JAMES. - Flags of Our Fathers.
124396: BRADLEY, JAMES. - The Imperial Cruise
313372: BRADY, JAMES. - The Coldest War. A Memoir of Korea.
121921: BRAITHWAITE, BARBARA. - A History of Richardson (Texas) .
123271: BRANDS, H. W. - American Dreams. The United States Since 1945.
312815: BRANDS, H. W. - Lone Star Nation.
50009: H. W. BRANDS. - The Strange Death of American Liberalism.
124026: BRANDS, H. W. - The Murder of Jim Fisk for the Love of Josie Mansfield.
310779: BRASHER, REX. - Secrets of the Friendly Woods.
313075: BRAZIEL, KAY PINCKNEY AND DOROTHY BRAND SMITH. - Texas in Children's Books.
121801: BRAZOS. - Life of Robert Hall: Indian Fighter and Veteran of Three Great Wars Also Sketch of Big Foot Wallace.
QD1108: BREIHAN, CARL W. - The Killer Legions of Quantrill.
312446: BRETT, JAN. - The Twelve Days of Christmas.
314015: BRETT, JAN. - The Hat.
121349: BRETT, JAN. - Daisy Comes Home.
121566: BRETT, JAN. - Armadillo Rodeo.
121568: BRETT, JAN. - The Umbrella.
122337: BRETT, JAN. - Daisy Comes Home.
313979: BRETT, JAN. - Berlioz the Bear.
122687: BRETT, JAN. - Hedgie Blasts Off.
313910: BRETT, JAN. - On Noah's Ark.
313805: BRETT, JAN. - Berlioz the Bear.
500609: BRETT, JAN (SIGNED) . - The Night Before Christmas
500608: BRETT, JAN (SIGNED) . - Honey... Honey... Lion
QD714: BREUER, WILLIAM B. - J. Edgar Hoover and His G-Men.
124822: BREWER, J. MASON. (SIGNED) . - The Word on the Brazos.
500642: BRICE, DONALY E. - The Great Comanche Raid
310426: BRICKER, RICHARD W. - Wooden Ships from Texas. A World War I Saga.
312491: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL. - Jamestown 1544-1699.
500032: O'BRIEN, TIM. - The Nuclear Age.
310275: O'BRIEN, TIM. - July, July.
310712: O'BRIEN, TIM. - July, July.
124805: BRIGHT, ROBERT. - Miss Pattie.
311425: BRIGHTON, RAY. - Port of Portsmouth Ships and the Cotton Trade 1783-1829.
121507: BRITTON, HELEN H. , BETTY WILKE HUDMAN AND EVELYN M. KING. - One Hundred Head Cut out of the Jeff Dyke Herd, Catalog of an Exhibition.
500408: BROCH, THEODOR - The Mountains Wait
313818: BROILI, JUNE. - Easy Cookin' in Nevada & Tales of the Sagebrush State.
312063: BRONTE, EMILY JANE. - Gondal's Queen.
310198: BROOKE, L. LESLIE, ILLUSTRATOR. - The Golden Goose Book. A Fairy Tale Picture Book.
QD1131: BROOKE, GEORGE M. , JR. - John M. Brooke. Naval Scientist and Educator.
313209: BROOKS, STEWART M. - Our Assassinated Presidents. The True Medical Stories.
121973: BROOKS, GERALDINE. - People of the Book.
311319: BROOKS, VAN WYCK. - The Times of Melville and Whitman.
312361: BROOKS, ELSTON. - The Man Who Ruined Football.
122997: BROWN, HARRY JAMES. EDITOR - Letters from a Texas Sheep Ranch. Written in the Years 1860 and 1867 by George Wilkins Kendall to Henry Stephens Randall.
122085: BROWN, WALT. - The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald.
500154: BROWN, DEE. - The American West.
123091: BROWN, DAN. - The Da Vinci Code. Special Illustrated Edition.
500554: BROWN, MARGARET WISE. - A Pussycat's Christmas
122822: BROWN, KATHRYN. - Muledred.
125413: BROWN, WILLIAM RICHARD. EDITED BY BARBARA WILLIS (SIGNED) . - An Authentic Wagon Train Journal of 1853. From Indiana to California.
313410: BROWN, JOHN HENRY. - Life and Times of Henry Smith, the First American Governor of Texas.
121948: BROWN, DAN. - The Da Vinci Code.
312538: BROWNE, LINA FERGUSSON. - J. Ross Browne. His Letters, Journals, and Writings.
121865: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. - Kenneth Millar / Ross Macdonald. A Checklist.
124340: BRUCE, FLORENCE GUILD. - Little of Six - Shooter Junction.
123969: DE BRUHL, MARSHALL. - Sword of San Jancinto. A Life of Sam Houston.
123344: JEAN DE BRUNHOFF. - Babar and Father Christmas.
QD1443: BRYANT, BILLY. - Children of Ol' Man River. The Life and Times of a Showboat Trouper.
QD1539: BRYANT, BILLY. (EDITOR, MARTIN RIDGE) . - Children of Ol' Man River. The Life and Time of a Showboat Trouper.
310006: WILL BRYANT. - Blue Russell.
123300: BUCHANAN, THOMAS G. - Who Killed Kennedy?
311014: BUCHANAN, THOMAS G. - Who Killed Kennedy?
121682: BUCHANAN, A. RUSSELL. - David S. Terry of California. Dueling Judge.
123951: BUENGER, WALTER L. - Secession and the Union in Texas.
QD1760: BUKOFZER, MANFRED F. - Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music.
110041: BULLOCH, JAMES D. - The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe. Or, How the Confederate Cruisers Were Equipped. (2 Volumes)
124065: BUNTING, EVE. MICHAEL DOOLING, ILLUSTRATOR. - Walking to School. A Story from Northern Ireland.
122132: BUNTING, EVE. LEUYEN PHAM ILLUSTRATOR. - Can You Do This, Old Badger?
QD1311: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Pilgrim's Progress and the Life & Death of Mr. Badman.
102513: BURGESS, ANTHONY. - On Going to Bed.
123664: BURGESS, THORNTON/ - Picture Story Book.
QD858: BURGESS, ANTHONY. - But Do Blondes Prefer Gentlemen? Homage to Qwert Yuiop and Other Writings by Anthony Burgess.
123833: BURNS, ZED H. - Confederate Forts.
QD950: BURR, A CONNECTICUT PASTOR. - Ecce Coelum or, Parish Astronomy in Six Lectures by a Connecticut Pastor.
312482: BURTON, VIRGINIA LEE. - Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.
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R: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
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500459: GIBBON, EDWARD, ( 7 VOLS. COMPLETE-ALL FOR $99 ) - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
500460: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
500461: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
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313029: GRAFTON, SUE. - "E" Is for Evidence.
313033: GRAFTON, SUE. - "F" Is for Fugitive.
313116: GRAFTON, SUE. - "K" Is for Killer.
500664: GRAFTON, SUE. - "a" Is for Alibi
313102: GRAFTON, SUE. - "G" Is for Gumshoe.
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123275: HART, BRIAN. - Then Came the Evening.
77089: HART, KATHERINE. - 19th Century Austin (Texas) .
121815: HARTE, BRET. ILLUSTRATED BY KATE GREENAWAY. - The Queen of the Pirate Isle.
123182: HARTOGS, DR. RENATUS, M. D. , PH. D. , AND LUCY FREEMAN. - The Two Assassins.
125426: HASSLER, WILLIAM WOODS - Colonel John Pelham
500440: HASSON, GERALD - Thunder & Clatter the History of Ship Building in Derry
123636: HATHCOCK, LOUISE. - Legends of East Texas.
123215: HATLEY, ALLEN G. - Reluctant Rebels. The Eleventh Texas Cavalry Regiment.
QD1914: ERNEST DUVERGIER DE HAURANNE. - A Frenchman in Lincoln's America. Huit Mois en Amerique: Lettres Et Notes de Voyage, 1864 - 1865.
313422: HAUSMAN, GERALD AND LORETTA HAUSMAN. BARRY MOSER ILLUSTRATOR. - Dogs of Myth. Tales from Around the World.
313717: HAUSMAN, GERALD. ILLUSTRATED BY CARA AND BARRY MOSER - Turtle Island ABC. A Gathering of Native American Symbols.
122790: HAWKE, ETHAN. - Ash Wednesday.
103918: HAWKES, JACQUETTA. - A Land.
QD394: HAYES, JOHN P. - James A. Michener. A Biography.
313220: HAYNES, SAM W. - Soldiers of Misfortune. The Somervell and Mier Expeditions.
123644: HAZEL, MICHAEL V. , EDITOR. - Stanley Marcus from a to Z. Volume II.
QD2048: HEARON, SHELBY. - Afternoon of a Faun.
QD2049: HEARON, SHELBY. - Owning Jolene.
QD2050: HEARON, SHELBY. - A Prince of a Fellow.
312567: HEDREN, PAUL L. , EDITOR. - The Great Sioux War 1876-77.
QD835: HEERWAGEN, PAUL K. - Indian Scout Western Painter. Captain Charles L. Von Berg.
121509: HEIFERMAN, RON. - Flying Tigers. Chennault in China. Ballantines Illustrated History of World War II.
QD1513: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Job: A Comedy of Justice.
310390: HEINSOHN, EDMUND. - Fifty Years. Courtroom Pulpit.
QD618: HEIZER, R. F. AND M. A. WHIPPLE. - The California Indians. A Source Book.
QD719: HEMPSTONE, SMITH. - Africa - Angry Young Giant.
310493: HEMPSTONE, SMITH. - In the Midst of Lions.
313505: HENDERSON, SHEILA. - The Littlest Longhorn. The Saga of Bevo.
313145: HENDERSON, BRUCE AND SAM SUMMERLIN. - 1: 33. In Memoriam: John F. Kennedy.
QD1038: HENDRICKS, THOMAS A. - Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thomas A. Hendricks (Vice President of the United States) .
QD1501: HENDRICKS, GEORGE. - The Badman of the West.
500009: HENDRIX, HOWARD V. - Better Angels : A Novel
125382: HENKES, KEVIN. (SIGNED) . - A Weekend with Wendell.
123718: HENKES, KEVIN. - Old Bear.
500007: HENSON, MARGARET S. - Juan Davis Bradburn : A Reappraisal of the Mexican Commander of Anahuac (Elma Dill Russell Spencer Series in the West and Southwest, No. 6)
312419: HENSON, MARGARET SWETT AND DEOLECE PARMELEE. - The Cartwrights of San Augustine. Three Generations of Agrarian Entrepreneurs in Nineteenth-Century Texas.
122454: HERRIOT, JAMES. RUTH BROWN ILLUSTRATOR. - The Market Square Dog.
QD251: HERSHKOWITZ, LEO (EDITOR) . - The Lee Max Friedman Collection of American Jewish Colonial Correspondence. Letters of the Franks Family (1733-1748) .
311031: HEUSSER, ALBERT H. - George Washington's Map Maker. A Biography of Robert Erskine.
121520: HEWLETT, MRS. MAURICE. - Our Flying Men
QD1114: HICKEY, DES AND GUS SMITH. - Seven Days to Disaster. The Sinking of the Lusitania.
QD554: HICKS, FREDERICK C. - Arguments and Addresses of Joseph Hodges Choate. With a Memorial by Elihu Root.
310448: HIEB, DAVID L. - Fort Laramie. National Monument. Wyoming.
312404: HIGGINS, TRUMBULL. - Soft Underbelly. The Anglo-American Controversy over the Italian Campaign 1939-1945.
QD1020: HILL, HERBERT. - Black Labor and the American Legal System. Race, Work, and the Law.
312966: HILL, J. L. INTRODUCTION BY JIMMY M. SKAGGS. - The End of the Cattle Trail.
313123: HILL, RALPH NADING. - Yankee Kingdom. Vermont and New Hampshire.
124526: HILL, LESLIE D'ALLESANDRO (SIGNED) . - Fairies Have Wings, But Their Not Angels!
313606: HILL, DAVID LEE "TEX". - "Tex" Hill: Flying Tiger.
124577: HILL, JIM DAN. - The Texas Navy.
122617: HILLERMAN, TONY. - Hunting Badger.
122329: HILLS, KATHLEEN. - Past Imperfect.
103915: HILTON, H. W. - War over Half a Century Ago.
121535: HINCKLE, WARREN AND WILLIAM TURNER. - Deadly Secrets. The Cia-Mafia War Against Castro and the Assassination of J.F. K.
QD1576: HINE, ROBERT V. AND SAVOIE LOTTINVILLE, EDITORS. - Soldier in the West. Letters of Theodore Talbot During His Services in California, Mexico, and Oregon, 1845-53.
QD535: HOBBS, GEORGE W. AND BEN G. ELLIOTT. - The Gasoline Automobile.
122394: HODGE, FREDERICK W. AND THEODORE H. LEWIS, EDITORS. - Spanish Explorers in the Southern United States 1528-1543.
312422: HODGE, FREDERICK W. AND THEODORE H. LEWIS. - Spanish Explorers in the Southern United States 1528-1543.
310381: HODGSON, BARBARA. - No Place for a Lady. Tales of Adventurous Women Travelers.
QD927: HOEHLING, MARY. - Thaddeus Lowe. America's One-Man Air Corps.
QD1314: HOGG, O. F. G. - Clubs to Cannon. Warfare and Weapons Before the Introduction of Gunpowder.
310075: HOLCOMB, GEORGE L. AND HAROLD T. DAVIS. - Moliere--Resumes.
310578: HOLLOWAY, DAVID. - Stalin and the Bomb. The Soviet Union and Atomic Energy. 1939-1956.
500548: HOLM, JENNIFER L. - Penny from Heaven
QD1286: HOLMES, MICHAEL. - King Arthur. A Military History.
121650: HOLMES, ROBERT MASTEN. EDITED BY FRANK ALLEN DENNIS. - Kemper County Rebel. The CIVIL War Diary of Robert Masten Holmes, C.S. A.
122764: HOLMES, LINDA GOETZ. - Unjust Enrichment. American Pows Under the Rising Sun.
313911: HOLT, KIMBERLY WILLIS. - Waiting for Gregory.
122169: HOPEWELL, CLIFFORD. - Combine 13.
311921: HORAN, JAMES D. - The Great American West. A Pictorial History from Coronado to the Last Frontier.
QD721: HORN, CALVIN. - New Mexico's Troubled Years. The Story of the Early Territorial Governors.
123922: HORNFISCHER, JAMES D. - Ship of Ghosts.
500215: HORNFISCHER, JAMES D. - Neptune's Inferno. The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal.
QD1159: HOROWITZ, DAVID. - The First Frontier. The Indians & America's Origins: 1607 - 1776.
122270: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - Evil Star. Book Two of the Gatekeepers.
122272: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - The Devil and His Boy.
122297: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - Eagle Strike,
122668: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - Raven's Gate. Book One of the Gatekeepers.
122906: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - Evil Star. Book Two of the Gatekeepers.
500634: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - The Devil and His Boy.
122274: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - Evil Star. Book Two of the Gatekeepers.
122299: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - Ark Angel.
122247: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - The Killing Joke.
122670: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY. - Nightrise. Book Three of the Gatekeepers.
310641: HORWITZ, TONY. - Baghdad without a Map and Other Misadventures in Arabia.
123469: HOTCHKISS, JEDEDIAH. EDITED BY ARCHIE P. MCDONALD. - Make Me a Map of the Valley. The CIVIL War Journal of Stonewall Jackson's Topographer.
104037: HOURANI, ALBERT. - A History of the Arab Peoples.
311207: HOURANI, ALBERT. - A History of the Arab Peoples.
311296: HOUSE, BOYCE. - City of Flaming Adventure. San Antonio.

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